Newspaper of Evening Star, 1 Ağustos 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 1 Ağustos 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. The Pi'blic Schools.?By a vote of the Board of Trustees. medals, premiums, and di fd?uias were greeted to be distributed as fol ows: <?ne silver medal to the best scholar; in swarding this j rize. conduct, punctuality, im provement. and proficiency all taken into consideration. Five prrmiuuis to those pupils whose con duct has been roost exemplary. Five premiums to those pupils who have made such improvement and proficiency in study as may entitle them to be thus honora bly u?>ticed. A premium to_every pupil who has been punctually present every day throughout the school year. The names of those pupils not exceeding five, who have been most punctual in their attendance and faithful in the performance of their school duties will be honorably men tioned, having been absent fiom school during the year not over five days. In each department of the District school, five diplomas will be awarded to deserving pupils; in each male Primary four; and in each Primaiy three, in addition to the pre miums above named. Eight copies of Meyer's Universum, contain ing more than filty beautiful engravings, have been olaced in the hands of the trustees, by one of the earliest aud best friends of the pub lic schools, for piesentation ?* to the most meri torious pupils ir each of the district schools." For this prize, the name ot one pupil from the male an<l one from the female department are reported. The distribution of premiums, in accordance with the above, was continued last evening. An immense concourse of persons were present, filling the spacious floor ami gallery of the large lecture room of the Smithsonian Institu tion to overflowing. The M;iyor presided, as sisted by Dr. Charles W Davis, of the Board ?f Trustees. The exercises commenced with an appropriate prayer by R? v Mr. Sainson, followed by an eloquent address by Rev. Mr. Sunderland, which we hoj?e soon to see pub lished. with the other proceedings of these an niversaries. The distribution of premiums, wih occasional songs by the several schools an 1 pieces of music by the band, occupied the trustees till a late hour. Rev Mr. Samson, a trustee of Columbia College, was invited by the Mayor to aunounce the i.amc of the successful competitor for the highest honor open to all the principal schools, namely?a scholarship in Columbian College. Mr. Samson prefaced the announcement with a few brief remarks, setting forth the Jast and present condition of the college, welling upon the interest manifested by Washington. Jefferson, Madison, aud Monroe in the establishment here of a national insti tution. and the sanguines hopes which are now entertained that under the newly-elected and able corps of professors, with a president at its head who has a national reputation, that the institution will now receive the patronage and support of the citizens of Washington. The name of the successful pupil is F. Ma rion Bradley, of the fourth district school, who was selected by Dr. Miller. Dean of the Fa:ul tj of the National Medical College, after u careful examination ofthc pupils selected from the several schools, and an inspection of the teachers" monthly reports. Mr Richards, of the Union Academy. aLthe request of the male pupil* ??1 the fourth dinrict school, presented their teacher with several handsome volumes. Mr. Richards, in a lew brief remarks, spoke of the happy feeling ex isting between Mr Thompson and his pupils, and the pleasure which it gave him to be the medium of presenting t.? Mr. Thompson the gift of his pupils?referring, in conclusion, to tbe responsibilities and pleasures of the teach tr s Mr Thompson replied in a very suitable and appropriate manner. The following are the awards to the pupils of the third aud fourth district schools. THIRD DISTRICT SCHOOL. Senior Mule Deparim?nt. The silver medal tuMadison Davie. Meyer s Univer-uin to Madison Davis, the ?o?t meritorious pupil. Premium4 f>r oxempljry conduct to Madi son Davis. J Tucll, ff. H. Scott, G. Lewie, and J Smith Premiums for improvement and proficiency to J. Caliaghan, J W. Cu-tis. F. McCatharan, | J M Hcdrick. and C Mead Honorably mentioned?John Tucll. having lost but two days. Diplomas t<> deserving pupil;?J. Kelly.. W. E Poulson, P Smith, J Callaghan, aud J. Tucll. Junior Mule Department. The ? ilvcr medal to James M. Fowler. Premium-f>r exemplary conduct to J Birch, J Donohoo, J Berry, F U. Peters, and II Jfcycrs. Premiums for improvement toG Woodward, Nukes. E Cadle, C. Lusby. V. Roper. Diplomas to desrrving pupil--?Johu Birch, J. Barrett. J. Donohoo. B. Gates, and J. 1 iwlcr. F*ma!f Departm*nt. The silver medal to Rebecca St. John. Meyer's L niversum to Margaret E. Simonds. Premiums ior exemplary conduct to Martha E Thompson, Catharine Cook. Mary Jacobs, Virginia k Hall, and Margaret Felger. 1'rcuiium- for improvement and proficiency to Alice Mills, Mary J- Hall, brands R. Murphy. Georgiana Lewis, and Aun M. Pat terson. Diplomas to deserving Uolroyd, C Dixon, S. Davis, M E Pickett, and M. <Jate?. Honorably mentioned?Marg't E. Simonds, h&ving lost but two days. Male Prt nutry School. The silver medal to J. M- Sirams. Premiums fir exemplary conduct to G Bur J Anderson, E. Lewis, J. Murray, aud 1 M Kenney. Premiums lor improvement and proficiency to J. Jenkins, J L McFarlaud, J. C. Carter. J T Clarke, and E. Castell. Diplomas to deserving pupils?W. Suit, J. W oilfield, J. Shepherd, and T. Bean. Primary School J\'o. 1?Senior Department. The silver medal to Robert II Mitchell. Premiums for exemplary conduct to H Main, A. Higgins, C. A. Sage, M A. llill. and E. J. Co*>k. I remium- for improvement to M C. Taylor. C J. Erb. A E. Muckabee, C. A. Hunt, and A. Bradky. Diplomas to A. R. Cook. E V. Bates, and J- Missermus. Honorably mentioned?C. Dodge, having lost bat two days, aud W. A Dolge. three days. Junior Deyirtmeut. The siWer medal to Milton Meads, k Pr :ir.ium*for exemplary conduct to J. Ward, F M Vanse M. V. Cvllins. E. Collins, and C. H urley. Premiums for improvement and proficiency to E .1. Stanford. M. P. burch, S. Archer. P. Uiggus. and W E Ward. Premium fur punctuality to Zacbary T. Owens, having been punctually present every school day. Honorably mentioned?D. Callagban. Diplomas to deserving pupils?G. Porter, J. McGuigan. and M Sanderson. Primuiry School .Vo 2 The rilver medal to Mary A. Aukard. Premiums for exemplary conduct to M. Bart lett. M Simonds, E Berry, E Bird, and E. Gates. Premiums for improvement end proficiency to M Edelen. M o. Castell E. Gibbons. S. Mvers. and G. A. Jones. Diplomas toH Jacobs, J. Beach, and F. Ac i ton. Hor.arably mentioned?J. Walsh. having Vciiu absent two days, aud J Gates, five days. Margaret Mundle for good conduct. Juntoi Drpirtinent. The silver medal to \Vallacc Barron^ Premiums for g?"d conduct to A. \ an Ris wick. M Pusley, H. Gates, L- Brady, ani E. Willis Premiums for improvement and proficiency to J. W. Buckley, F M.Daniel, E Fugitt, C. B*nn. and A. Shaffer. Diplomas to deserving nupils. A W. W ilkin |ob, M. Dougherty, and N. Fowler Honorably mentioned?W. Beach, having lost but one day. J Woodward, four days, and J Bright, four aud a half days Primary School, A'o 3. * The Silvet medal to Amanda D Sanderson j>xeu"umt for exemplary $?a<iuct to Ox. C. Quigley, 8. F. Lewis, E. B Glasgow, C. Bla den, B. McFarland Premium# for improvement to C. Greenfield, M. A. Bright, C. C. Evan*, M. J Laughlev, 0. Jackson. Diplomas to C McHenry, J. Gales, W. Gor don. Honorably mentioned?Mary E. Pegg, W. Kennedy. Primary School No. 4. The silver medal to Miss Alice Griffiths. Premiums for exemplary deportment, to M. M. (ietiendanner, J. Bright, R. Applegate. M. Howe, and M. Evans. * Premiums for improvement and proficiency to A. R. Hardy, C. Getzendanner, II. Thomp son, C. Venablc, and R. A. Cook. Premium for punctuality to William Wrench, having been punctually present every day through the year. Diploma* to deserving pupils. M Robinson, J. Harbin, and 11. Marks Honorably mentioned?J. Acton, having lost but one and a half days, and J. Jesunot'sky. four days. Primary School No. 3. The silver medal to Patrick McNamore Premiums for exemplary conduct?H. Neal, E. King, M. Conner. R. Bealer, and W. Batc man. Premiums for improvement to M. D. Neal, P. Kanahan. M. A. McGraw. and M Barrett. Diplomas to W. Kalb, J. Kalb. and J. <>gk stine. FOURTH DISTRICT SCHOOL. Male Department. The silver medal to F. Marion Bradley. Meyer's Universum to R. C. Croggon. Premium for regular attendance to James H. Magee, who has not been absent a single session for two years. Premiums for exemplary conduct. II. S. Petty. T. Touney, J. J. Cook. E. J. Lynch. II. J. Strobel. Premiums for improvement and proficiency to L. W. Wright. P. W. Pearson, A. J. Brad ley. W G. Bird, W. Ashdown. Honorably mentioned for good conduct, reg ular attendance and application?J. Cooper, S. A. Emery, W. 1). Halliday, G. A Hintcn. Also, for good attendance and punctuality. P. W. Pearson and II. J. Strobel, who have lost ea<h only four and a half days since Septem ber la*t; also, S. A. Emery lost half a day since November, and W. H. Lusby one day in the .-ame time?chiefly l>y sickness. First diploma to F. W. Bitter for excellent reading; second, to A. V. Gray for improve ment in writing; third, to W. A. Ca?<ell for good conduct and application ; fourth, to W. H. Butler for improvement in arithmetic; filth, to G. A. Hinton for neat and correct writing. Female Department. Medal to Sarah E. Eckloff. Meyer's Universum to the most meritorious pupil. Mary E. Amidon. Premiums for exemplary conduct to Geneva Reed, A. A. Hercus, B. Beitzcll, Louisa Lee, M. Babbitt. Premiums for improvement and proficiency to Mary Pearson, S Barnhouse, S. Stewart, V. Harbaugh and L. Thomas. Premium to Sarah Eckloff, who has been punctually present every day during the year Diploma.* to deserving pupils C. Cranston. A. Greenwell. Mary Pullin. Mary Brumfield. and V. Jones. Honorably mentioned?Mary Amidon. Alice Hercus. Virginia Harbaugh, and V. Jones. Male Primary School. The silver medal to George Strobel. Premiums for exemplary conduct to T Adams. L. Cird. L. Compton, W. Dye, and J. Lewis. Premiums for improvement and proficiency to J. Jacobs. W Lynch, C. Beese E Reilly, C. Wright. Premium- for punctuality to L. Brahler. E. Brahler, C. Hugher having been present every day. Diplomas to deserving pupiis W Dye, W. Greenwell, E. Dacy, F. Osborne. Honorably mentioned?Chs Hughes, having lo-t but one day ; L Bird and J Babbitt, two and a half days; J. Lewis, four and a half days , C. llinton. five days Primary No. 1. Medal to Mary El!cn Scott. Premiums for good Conduct to J. White, A Scott. K P.timer, R Johi.j-on, W. Tuoiney. Premiums for improvement t? S R biuson V. Ford, W Eustace, T- Mortimer. X Em mons. Diplomas to deserving pupils. E Cranston. W. Knight, M. Palmer. Primary No 2 The silver medal to M. E. Thompson. Premiums for good conduct to C. Gladden E Cooper, W Hazard, J Ellis, C. Black and M Barnhousc. Premiums for improvement and proficiency to C. Black, S. Wade. L. Barnhouse. M Ar nold. K. Petty. Diplomas to E Ashdown, M. 0 Brien. and V. Deschard. Honorably mentioned, Lavinia Barnhouse, having lost but one day; Mary Thompson, four days. Primary School No. 3. The silver medal to Josephine Lee. Premiums forcorrect deportment toJ Lowry, M Branzell, M. Kidwell, L. Lenoie, and N. Allen. Premiums for improvement to L. Wilson, E. Warnich, A Furguion, A. Garner, and G. H irris. Diplomas to deserving pupils?W Mitchell, J. Bush, and M. King Honorably mentioned?Henry White, Viola Hawes. having lost but two days, and M Teas dale, three days. The Cami' Meeting.?As a matter of course thousands of our fellow citizens will visit the camp meeting which is to commence to-mor row afternoon in a forest on the lands of Col. William Minor, iu Alexandria county, Vu. The distance is about Hi miles from the Vir ginia end of the long bridge, and the road is jut n-'W in capital order. A more convenient way to get there, (if some enterprising person would run a liuc of carriages from the Virginia end of the acqucduct at Georgetown to the camp ground, a distance of four miles,) would be to take the omnibus to Georgetown, then walk from the stand over the aqueduct to the starting point of the proposed line of coaches. We understand that quite a number of renowned Methodist Protestant Divines are to be in attendance, and that some fifty family and boarding tents are already being prepared; among them, tents for nearly all the families in the county attached to the denomination. For the benefit of those disposed to attend for a frolic, of whom, unfortunately, there are always too many in all cities, we have to say that the police regulations for the week arc in in very efficient hands, indeed ; while the country people in that particular locality (C>oney) are famous for having long been abou t?"> very ugliest customers that a stranger bent on a row can manage to pick up. Cauip meetings have been held in their neighbor hood almost annually for at least fifty years past, and while their courtesy aud hospitality to viritiug strangers who respect themselves and the rights of others is unbounded, they rarely fail to leave a lasting mark on the car ca?c of every wight who manages to render his presence on or near the camp ground a very decided nuisance. A word for the wise should be sufficient. We make these remarks in this connection, in order to save whole hides f?>r our city '? fast uns'' ambitious of going to camp meetings "on a bust." It should be remembered that when they feci called on thus to protect their wives, children, relatives and friends from insult and annoyance, they do it in companies of from twenty to one hun dred strong. We recollect one occasion on which some half a dozen city rowdies iusulted a young lady by lewd jesting in her hearing; wnen her male relatives to the number of thirty or forty, almost tore them to pieces be fore 'they could be persuaded by the elders of the large family kith on the ground, to let them go. Two of the party are maimed from that rencontre to this day, though it occurred years ago. We know that those having the meeting in charge will be glad to see all from a distance who may attend with proper ends in view. Cori'oratio* Cases.?Mary Hog, drunk, lying hi the streets. This woman would not givo her name, and Justice Bates committed her under the nauio of Mary Hog, from her "wallowing in the mireworkhouse thirty days J- Allen, keeping a dog without license; fined $?> and costs. Timothy Shannon, selling liquor on Sunday ; fined $20 and cost*. An appeal *?s takeu ia tliu catc. Compliment to Jcdge Waldo.?Yesterday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, interesting proceedings were witnessed in the Pension Office; the clerks and other persons employed in that bu reau having assembled to pay a deserved com pliment to Judge Waldo, in the presentation to him of a service of silver plate, consisting of six solid pieces, namely : A coffee pot. two ten pots, cream ewer, and slop bowl, wcighinc 20ft ounces, and costing S400. It is entirely plain, having no ornaments except at the l'eet. edges, and top, which are exquisitely chased, giving an elegant relief to trie whole. This beautiful present has been manufactured to order by M. W. Gait A Brother, of this city The first-named piece bears the following in scription : A memento of respect and friend ship from the clerks and other gentlemen in the Pension Office to the lion Loren P Waldo upon his retirement from office. Washington, August I. 1855. Mr. John Itnbb made the presentation si?ec eh, and was replied to in terms equally apposite and eloquent by the respcetcd recipient "f the honor. Jivenile Dishonesty.?Yesterday. !i.b\v, b 'tween seven and eight years of nge, offered to sell to a son of Capt. Lullay, who is about ihe lame size as himself, a piece of cali o, worth, probably, five or six dollars, for the sum of six and a (juarler cents! Another son, four years the senior of his brother, witnessing the proceedings, r.' once seized the good.-, which he carried to his father. The lad who hal offered the article for sale immediately tied, but. afterwards his broihcr cainc to the Captain's elder son and demanded the calico, saying if he did not surrender it he would be killed with a knife! Comment on these pro ce dir.^s arc unnecessary, as they sufficiently ??how a state of moial depravity painful to every reflecting mind. The bov to whom we first allude doubtless acquired ihe go.?ls dis honestly, and it may not be the first case <1 the kind with him. Capt. Lullay ha* been seeking to find the owner of the stolen article, and left it at this office for reclamation. The Exclusion of the National ari? to-morrow (Thursday) to Piney Point, ? oilers attraction to all classes?the invalid, business man. young and old, lad and lass."' The steamer Mount Vernon will convey the excur sionists ti> the Point, where they will remain a sufficient time to enable them to enjoy the delights of a pure salt water bath, feast on the aquatic delicacies, or mingle in the giddy mazes of the dance, to the excellent mus'e of l'rosperi's fine baud. The boat will leave the wharf at 7 o'clock, and return to the city by 1U o'clock at night. Another Excursion to C\pk Ma\ .?In or der to accommodate a number of persons who could not obtain tickets last Saturday, and many from Alexandria, who were too late for the cars, the Excursion is to be repeated. Passengers will leave the station in thiscity in the 4i o'clock train of cars, and return at ?'? o'clock Monday morning. The number of tickets is limited to fifty, and only >1 is charged for the round trip. The advertise ment in our columns furnishes the particular.* of the contemplated excursion. Stealing.?Ann Barnes was arrested by of ficer W ise for stealing a pocket book contain ing eight dollars. Justice Craudell held her to security for her appearancc at the next term of the Criminal Court. George Smith was also arretted by the same officer for stealing a quantity of beef-teaks, pies. fuel, and soap, lie was held to security tor a further hearing The Kcnkels are Coming'?This old and p >pular corps of Ethiopian serenaders eoutcm pi ite visiting eur city during the coming week, is will be seen by reference to our advertising co'umns. The mere mention of this fact is -uScient. as this band is too well know a to re quire commendation at our hands. The Montgomery Guards are tomaketheir excursion to-morrow to the White lluu^e At their list one th?y had a gloriou- time, ard t!ure i??every probability they will enjoy thcui ? elves to an equal extent on this. The National Hotkl was clo-cd to dtty. n or ler to afford the new lessee, Mr. Willi im Guy. an opportunity to renovate thec?tub!i h mebt. It will bo re-openefl the 20th of Sep tenber. Watch Returns. ?Alary Butler, colored, drunk and disorderly ; work-house thirty days. Julia Queen, nou-resident; do. Tom Pr ictor, drunk and disorderly ; do. [COM M I.' SI CAT El?. Mr. Eoitor : Allow me, through the col iiMns of your paper, to correct an imprc-sion that the card of Messrs. Baldwin A Nenniug :s ealfulated to produce upon the citizens who ie? l interested in the subject of which they *pcak; On the Mftth of July, they published in th'j National Intelligencer a card, in which ih y object (as they profess great injustice would be done them) to the use of their plan f>r the erection of a Western Market upon what they choose to designate a hill-side; that it never was intended to be built upon -u -h a -ite, for it wu> drawn for a level mark. t. ami therefore could not be built upon that .?lie. N<w, in answer to that part of their c?r l. I will say the plan never was theirs, for it was furnished to them by the committee appointed by the Corporation, and they merely prepared the working plan according to the directions of said committee. Admitting that the plan was theirs, the bidders would like to bo in formed by the gentlemen, if it was not to be ( is they slate) built upon what they choose to designate the hill-side, where was it to In built ' for when they were invited to bid for tho erection of the said market that site only w:.s named to them The hill-side spoken of was adopted by joint resolution of the Boards of Aldermen and Common Council eight months before the above plan was arranged 1 think Messrs. Baldwin A Nenning have placed themselves in a dilemma, for if the plan w;;s not of their own origin, why undertake to it' If it was, why should architects, who profess to be catering something new in their line for the community, draw a plan right months after the site had been adopted wi oily unfit for the place designated by the resolution of the two Boards and ap proved by the Mayor ? The hill-side so much condemned by the above-named geutlciucn w;.s selected tor the very reason that the de scent was what the citizens supposed was needed about a market, that the gutters adja n .it thereto might be kept clean by the show er.- of rain, and not too flat, as many of the gu'ters are around our different markets. I w ill close bv simply stating that the fall of the great hill side is twenty inches to the one hun dred feet, or five inches to every twenty-five l'eit?-upposcd to be not too much by one who is not interested further than the Jt Public Goon. \vy To Mother*nnd Women Generally.? No Blekuisg, Vomiting, Purging, or Hlib tkuixg.?My Electric Oil Is a perfect charm In its action upon the absorbents, which It cxeites to take up and carry out of the system all swellings, and allavs all pai'.is. You may physic till you are poor as a snake', and still me swellings remain All local derangements require a specific applica tion. My Electric Oil is that very beautiful rem edy. good for little children, as well as old people, and it pleases everybody. Come and see what a cure was just made in a distinguished family in Walnut street. Price 50 cents and ?1. See rny written name, Professor De Grath, South Eighth street, Philadelphia, on all the bottles. Messrs. Stott 4 Co alone have retailed about 9^1*0 worth in a few days?and some of the mo*t wonderful cures have been made here in Wash ington that was ever known. jy 31?3t UK ST WARD LIVERY AX1> SALE STA BLES. IN announcing to the public of Washington thai 1 have taken possesion, by purchase, of the above Stables, on G street, near the War Department, (lately occupied by A. Schwartz.) I wish to infonn^^La^i^ the n that It will be entirely conducted by myself, and that all orders left upon the premises will be attcaded to punctually with elegant Carnages and cart ful drivers. The Riding School will l>e con ducted by a professional equestrian and perfectly docile horses; having stated hours for laav eques triaas, in private or public, as they may prefer. Particular attention will be paid to borses kept at Livery in his establishment Persons requiring open barouches or family car riages, can be satisfactorily accommodated, as well as those desiring riding' borses for gentlemen or ladies FR1EDERECK LAKEMEYER, jy 21?3m Aytnt. WANTS. W ANTED?A RESPECTABLE WHITE woman to take charge of a child two ynn old. and to do the plain sewing of a small family. Apply. With references, at No. rws, north C. be tween 3d and 4 % streets, south side, on Wednes day morning August 1st, between the hours of 9 and 10 o'clock. jy3l?2t# WANTED?A LOAN OF ONE THOUSAND dollar*, to be secured by a deed of trust on Real Estate. Particulars at CHAS WALTER'S Agency Office, 552 Seventh street, opp. Centre Market, jy a^-4t* WANTED?A TEACHER WELL QUAL iiled to act as an assistant in a Select Classi cal and Mathematical Acad cm v. P. A BOWEN, Jy*21?dtf Georgetown. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A MIDDI.E aged Woman, who can do the cooking, washing and ironing of a small family To one who can come well recommended as to character, ability, Ac., liberal wages will be given. Apply at SCHWARTZ & SON'S Jy ?eo3t Drug Store. YITANTED?a SMALL, RESPECTABLE, ?\ onveni^nt House, in a good neighborhood, either in George*own or Washington. The ten tin* will l>e pup'tual and probably peuuanent, and will take possession in Octoi?er. Also, a respectable middle aged woman !>s housekeeper and seamstress; services required im mediately. Address "L," at this office, jy U Mlf II/"ANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that *? they can got a lot Ot feet front bv 130 feet d- ?? ? for the low price ri $75?payable ?4a mouth ? .i'^t interest. Apply at the Viilon Land Office 7th vtreet, .?uove Odd Fellows' Hall. ap*<2o?Gin JOHN FOX, Sec. BOARDING. 1 HOARDING ? MRS. DUVALL,No. 331 lVnn ) s . lvauia avenue, opposite Browtrs Hotel. has several large anjl d?-sirable room-. suitaVle for families or single gentlemen, which ''lie will rent witli board at moderate prices. She can also ac i ommodate six or eight table boarders. jy 30-tf J?OARD.Ac ? MRS. HATES,ON THES W. L* corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street, i s prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will l>e made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap6?tf FOR SALE AND RENT. __ I^OR RENT?THE NEAT AND CO.NVE ? nient two-story Frame House, No. 179 Thir- \ ?eenth street, west side. between Pennsylvsnia av- : enue and 13 street, it is suitable for a small fain- | iIy. and is in every respect a desirable residence. Possession given immediately. Apply at the Star ot'ire. E^oil Ri:\T-A FINE TWO-STORY brick House, situated on 4 3< strert, between Penna avenue and C street, adjoining Mr. Geo Parker's. ! I'.nqui-e of Mr. (?EO. MATTINGLY. island: or , next door to the premises. an 1?tf FOR S A L E?IMPROVED AND UNIM- ; proved Real Estate?JENNINGS PIGOTT | Attorney at Law and Agent for Real Estate, has t several small Houses and l.ots, and a nutnljer of ! unimproved building l.ots in different portions of the City, which he will sell at moderate prices and <?ii ac< ommodating terms. Persons wishing to 1 *ell or buy may do well to give him a call. He will take charge of Ileal Estate, attend to leasing, renting, \c., investigate titles, and at tend particularly to conveyancing. Oifi ;,J7 Washington Library on llth ?treet. between C and 1). an i?Iw \<;ooi) CHANCE ?For sale, a new two-story b'ick house, containing six room* and cellar, on 15 street west, near north L street. No:<55. The terms will be made to suit the purchaser, by pay ing a sni.dl sum in hand Also, two desirable vacant lots pleasantly loca- i ted For particular information, inquire on the premises. jy 31?3t* I 'm!.: RENT?THREE ROOMS ON THE r second L'oor; unfurnished Price, S3 |>er | month For address apply at this office. jv 3(t?3t* i r*OR SALE?A LOT OF VALUABLESER I v tnts. voung. sound and healthy GEO T MASSEV. ^y :jt* 4'Js Thirteenth st. \ 4ti'K SALE-TWO HUNDRED LOTS I'ri'c ;<5 each Two y?ar>' < rtd;t, or 10 per cent for ca^h. Apply at the Union Land '>tU< e, 7<l street, above Odd Fellows' Hall, jy 'Jt?im IOTS FOR S A L E.-TWO OR THREE -< 'rood Building Lots in a rapidly improving neiguiKwh K>d for sale on t< nytr\'trtrln Apply to J. 11. DKL'RY. jy j???tr l^OK RENT A TWO-STORY HRH'K 8 Dwelling on II street, near 18tb street, No. *276, plea-antlv situated, with a tine enclosure and con venient outbuildings, furnished or unfurnished. Apply at the premises. jy lt>?W&Stf fcV>R SALE?A SMALL FRAME HOUSE A and Lot. No .>0 Louisiana avenue, Washing ton It presents a rare opportunity to a person wishing to make a good investment Also, a three-story Brick House and Lot, No. 57 High r-treet. Georgetown, Lot 'it) feet front by HHI fr?*t deep; will^n; sold low and on a long credit. Apph at 1?> Louisiana avenue. jy 2?i?tf "DENTS REDUCED TO SUIT THE TIM ES. IV ?150 a year will be received for the rent of those nt -.v and convenient Cottages at K-ndall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed, and other conveniences attached of pure water are nt ar the d or. and communication is had with Georgetown by wavof t. ami Seventh > ret ts and Penu'.tlvaala a ei*1!", morning and af ternoon. at ttie usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks iu the Departments To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent, tmmedidte npftlirntion must be m;:de to the unilers'gned. either by letter or at his house at Kendall Graen, after office hours, where the keys may lie had and the houses inspected at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on libe ral terms. WM STICKN EY, No. 4, Kendall Green. N. B?Rents paid quaterly in advance ap 8 -eotf I^OK RENT.?A handsomely furnished Hon?e near the Public. Department is offered fc-r rent To a resjionsible tenant the rent will be moderate. The House contains a bath room and gas fixt iris. Enquire on the premises, No. -70 11 street. Jy 5?lm* |M)K R E N T?A TWO-STORY FR AME I House, with basement, situated on Prospect Hill, Georgetown, commanding a beautiful view of the Potomac river. Apply to T O Donnoghue near the Catholic Church, or R H. Trunnel, No. 73 Frederick street, Georgetown, D. C. Jy 11 LVtRREN T?SEVER AL H ANDSOME PA R 1 lors and Chambers, with Board Also, Table and Transient Board. Inquire at Mrs SMITH'S, 233 F street. ap 9?tf IMPORTANT NOTICE. O those of our friends and customers who I- have so promptly come forward and settled their accounts as rendered to I st July, we tender our sincere thanks, and shall be ready at all times to serve them upon the l?est terms, hoping thereby to merit an increased continuation of their patron age. To those who have neither settled, nor called to say when thev can, we respectfully urge the neces sity of their doing so without further notice; as we must insist upon all bills being closed in some manner during ine month of August. COL LEY A SEARS, No. 5513 7th st., 3 doors north Pa. avenue, jy "23?eopt GREAT BARGAINS IN DRY GOODS. IN order to make room for our extensive fall sup plies we shall commence to-day and continue until the l;ist day of August, gelling off our entire stock of Fancy colored plaid, strijied and figured Silks. Bareges, Tissues, Lawns, Scaifs. Shawls and Silk Mantillas, all at cost far cash, and ail other Summer Goods at greatly reduced prices, to clo^e them out this season. We have also in store very many desirable staple articles, viz : Superfine Linen and Cotton Sheet ings, Table Diapers, Napkins, Toweling, Fine and medium Shirting Linens and Cottons, all of the best brands, fine White Flannels, plaid and plain Cambric, Dotted and plain Swiss Muslins. A large lot of Hosiery, Gloves and Embroideries, Ladies and Gentlemen's Gauze Merino Vests, suitable for the present hot weather. ? jr" Purchasers are cordially invited to call and examine for themselves, as we will offer all arti cles at less than former prices. COL LEY A SEARS, No. 52'i Seventh st., north Pa. avenue, jy 30?eo"Jw N?. .V?7] NEW SHOP. [No. 5**? f|AHK subscribers have entered into copartner A ship under the firm of Summers A Sessford, at No. ?>57^ Seventh street, Island, near Mainland Avenue, for the purrase of manufacturing SAD DLES, BRIDLES, TRUNKS,HARNESS, and everything in that line of business. Having laid in a good stock of materials, they desire to notify thur friends and the public generally, that they are ready to serve thein with any articles in their line at short notice, as good and as cheap as any other establishment of the kind in this citv JAMES H SUMMERS. GEORGE A. SESSFORD. Jy AUCTION SALES. By GKEK.N A SCOTT. Auctioneers. Two-story frame house a\dlot ?'A?ctUM:-0n TUESDAY. theJi.t in,i wo shall *11. la front of the premises. part of Lw in Square No. 515, fronting on 4th street west between K and L streets north, on which U a goo< two-story Frame House, containing five good room*. The above d*?cril>ed property I* handsomely lo fated in a rapidly improving fart of the city. Terms #400 rash; balance in monthly payment of ?*? per month, satisfactorily secured GREEN A SCOTT, \r~L Auctioneer* ?[/" The above sale li postponed until 1 111 RSDAY, the 2d instant, same hour . _ GREEN A SCOTT, -J?"!""'"*1 Auctioneer*. By J. C McCUlRE. Auctioneer. C|TOCK OF STOVES AND TIN H ARE ? .",5 Awcllon.?On FRIDAY morn>nr August 3d, at Id o'cloc k, at the store of Mr H I.isberger, on Pennsylvania avenue between 1WI and ?Kh streets, I shall sell his stock in trade consisting of? Parlor, cooking, chamber and hull Steves Tin and Japanned Ware. Hollow Ware Hardware. Stovepipe. Cooking Utensils, Ac. Counters, Shelving, and Fixtures Terms: Under f20 cash; over $20 a credit o: sirty and ninety days, for notes satisfactorily eu U'.rsed, bearing interest. J. C. McGUIRE, a" 1 ?d Auct' ^oeer. By GREEN A SCOTT. Auctioneer*. ^EVE.S A? RES OF VALUABLE LANE ^ in the Uis'rict at Auction. On THURS DAY, the 9tL instant, we shall sell, at 5 o'clocl p. m., on the premises, seven acres and nin?> pote of laud, lying in Washington county, in the Dis trict of Columbia, about ' V mil's fro.*, the Fast <?rt? Branch Bridge. on ihc ?i*nb< ?>' Did near tin junction ?.f tu? Piscataway Road. th< place called Good Hope. The ?ai.d is in e goo<l state of cultivation, and verv snsceptiblc of im provement It ha- u it a dweliing house, Ac. Terms: One-third cash; balance In 6 and 1; months, the purchaser fo give notes for the de< f- rred payments, ticarui^ interest from the day ol the sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN * SCOTT, an 1?d Au? ''.^ncers. By J C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. I^XECITOR'S SALE OF FIR.MTIRE i and Household Effects ?On THURSDAY morning. August 2d, at In o'clock, at the resi dence of the late Rev J \V. Wioans. on H street Utween 12th and Kith streets. I shall s*ll. ! v or der of the Orphan s Court, all his Household Ef fect, comprising? .Mahogany spring, parlor, and cane-seat Chairs u alnut centre Table, side Tables Mahogany spring-seat and cane-seat R'wkers Do match dining and breakfast Tallies Do Secretary and Bookcase, Loung?j Astral Lamp. Clock, Window Shades t'arpets, Oilcloth. Curtains Walnut and maple cottage Bedsteads l eather l>eds, Roisters and Pillows ^ ashstands. Toilet Sets. Looking-glasses Counterpanes, Blankets, Sheets, Ac. Cooking Stove and Fixtures. Kitchen Utensils. Ac. Terms : *20 and under cash; over sum a credit of fill and 00 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. 1* S ?The house is for rent Inquire next door J. R NOURSK. Executor. J AS. C McGUIRE. jy 31?d Ai'ct'Oi-eer. T Bv GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers UVO TWO-STORY I RAMI- HOUSES and Lot at Auction.?On TUESDAY, the <th ol August, we shall sell, in front of the premi ses. at ? o'clock P M , half of Lot4. in square No 1I2. fronting 28 feet 9 inches on 11th street, west, >?etween New York avenue and K street north, running back 99 feet 9 inches, with the improve ments, which are two good two-story Frame Houses, containing three rooms each, Ac. Each house will be sold separate with the lot on which it stands. Terms : One-thirdcash ; Iwlance in six. twelve and eighteen months, for notes Itearing interest from day of sale. A deed given ai'd a deed of trust taken GREEN A SCO TT, jy 31?d Auctioneers. By J C McGl lPF. Auctioneer TRl *T EE'S SALE OF VALIAIfLF. AND I Beautifully situated Buildins Lot o>i Thi<*! street west, between Pa. a\enue anil < street.?Bv ?irti.o of a d?ed n trust, -arbig date on "Mh dav f February, 1^53, re corded in Lit<er J. A. S. No. .V?. folios 9r*. ?H, the mWriber will sell at public sale, on wki?\i.sdav aftanwM, Aa^wt is?. |M^ ?>>?i o'clock i>. in., ??n th** premises. Lot No. It. in reservation No. II. fronting -i5 t^t on Third stre?t west, between Pennsylvania avenue and C street north, by 15(1 feet deep, to _?f-et alley. The above property eligibly si uated in a most desirable part of the city, rapidly enhancing in value, and offers a rare opportunity to penious desiring to build or invest Terms cash ; and if not complied wi'h in three davs after the sale the tiro|>erty w'll >>e resold, at the risk and expense of the pufha-'.er, upon one w -ek's notice. x\ll conveyancing at the expense of purchaser. CHARLES S WALLACH. Trustee. J AS. C. McGUIRE, i y 12?eoAds Auctioneer Bv GREEN A SCOTT. Auctioneers IIRISTEE'S SALE OF LASD l> WASH. - in* ton < ouuty. District ol ( oluinbi >. By virtue of a deed ot trust, dated November o*i, \ 1) I-'??!. and duly recorded in LilierJ A S . No. folios 'iTtl. 25*. 'ii9 and 2T?u. one of the land reeord* for Washington county, In said District, we will sell, at the auction rooms of Green A S- ott in the city of Washington, on T.'IITFSDAY, the -rt dav or August, 1-55. at .*> o'do k p m.. Lot No !?. J.; J.fsfljdivi <?n f a part of a tract of land called Grant' *, i:i the couriy of V'ashington. tl-e said lot coc.taiinnz live acres of l ;nd. inoio or less A plat of tLe subdi.l-iar' v-'ill be exhibited at the sale. Terms: One-fifth cash, and the remainder in foureq ial payments, at on", t?*o, three and fnir vears, vith interest, to be secured by a deed of trust. All conveyain ing at purchaser's cost The above mentioned property is handsomely located in a very elevated position, withacom" inanding view, about three miles from V .. hing ton, northeast of the Capitol, on the new cut Bla densburg road, past Mrs Pearson's Mill. <V C BESTOR. W. H. WARD. J Trustees. GREEN A SCOTT, Jy 20?eoAds Auctio?eer. By C M BOTELER, Auctioneer ? )OMT I VE SALE.O F A VALUABLE lol at I. Auction.?On THURSDAY afternoon. Au gust 2d. at ti/g o'clock. I shall sell oti the premises the west pari of lot No. 1. in square No WW. frciit ing42feet t'? inches on North II street. i>etween Tenth and Eleventh street east, depth90feet,con taining 2.922 s(juare feet. Terms: One-half <-ash; balanct ?>n a credit of t> and 12 months for notes liearlng interest secured by deed on the property. C. M BOTELER, jy25?eoAds Auctioreer By J. C. .McGUIRE, Auctioneer J TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALIABLE Im proved Real Estate.?By virtue of a deed in trust bearing date the 20th day of Ma>. A. i? Is54, and duly recorded in Liber J A S .'.No 79. folios 235, *237, and 23?. one of the land records for Washington county, in the District of Colum bia, we will sell at public sale, in front of th? premises, on FRIDAY, the 3d day of August I*.>5. at G o'clock p in . a part of Lots Nos 10 ami II, in Square No 297. in the city of Washington in said District, and being described as follows Beginning on the line of south D street 56 feel and three inches from the southwest corner of said square, and running thence east with said street 25 feet, thence north 100 feet, thence west 25 feet, and thence south ltw feet to the place beginning, with the improvements. The said lot is well improved with a neat Cot tage House. Terms of sale: One-third In cash, and the re mainder in two equal payments at si* and twelve months, with interest, to be secured bv a deed f trust. The terms of the sale to be complied with In live dats, and upon default therein the Trustees re serve the right to resell the premises at the cost and risk of tne first purchaser.* All conveyancing at purchaser's . v/*t. W. H WARD, ?? . J.Y.DAVIS, {Trustees JAS. C. McGUIRE, Jy 20?eott Auctioneer j|rELK V. HSEMKEN. JEWELER. 330 Pennsylvania ? aveinie, between 9th and 10th streets, has just received a new supply of lichly-chased Fruit and Leaf Jewelry, consisting of Pin and EarRings; also, a variety of magnificent Mosaic and Cameo Jewelry, which he otters at greatly reduced prices. Diamonds remounted. Jewelry of any de scription made to order. Enameling done. Gold Pens repoiuted. Coat of Arms and Cresses engraved on stone and metal. jy 31 tr CLOCKS! CLOCKsT IF you want a good honest Clock?or ? that will always give you the correct time, diop in at G FRANCIS. 490 Seventh Ktreet. He has Clocks that cannot be excelled?handsome and good time I always give you the correct time, diop in at G N'CIS. 490 Seventh Ktreet. He has Clocks annot be excelled?handsome and good time keepers. He sells low, and every Clock is war ranted Jy21 OWARD'S II. S7~SUPREME-COURT Report^ vol 17, Just published and for ?alt* FHANCK TAYLOR. jy? WIRE DISH COVERS, Round and oblong, from (j to 18 inches, cheap, at , iW> G. FRANCIS'S, Jy ao 490 Seventh 11 telegraphic news REPORTED FOR THE EVENING j?T * *?. ARRIVAL OF THX STEAMER AHA. OSE WEEK LATER FROM~EUROPE. Halifax August 1.?The steamer A*ia tr rived here last night, but owing to a derange ment of the wires, her news oould not be tram mitted till to-day. She bring* Liverp-iol dat?i of the 21st ultimo. There is nothing of moment from tho teat ol war Mr Roebuck's motiun of censure on the Government had been defeated in the House of Commons by 100 majority. eonae<iueLlly th? P*lmest?.ii ministry still lives It is said that Sir William M lesworth u likcl} to fuccecd Lord J >hn Knsacll a* Cc Ionia Secretary. MARKETS. Ln trpool, July 21.?During the earl/ part "f tht week tho cotton market *a? .Jepr...*H under unfavorable Americau advices, bui sub sequently recovered and closed steadilv a: U*t week's rates Sales of the week i#0(J b.tie.. Bread -?tiffs were generally nuchangel ci? ec|?t corn which had defin ed 38 per cju rtcr, Tht we:ith> r was fawrab'e for the cr'>ps Tje Lon<t ? markets for p luce were un .?li*n<roi. M ?ut > easier. Oju >li j! ?jcJ at Vl. Am-ruau State *ecuritiea were nc* jilcct?"'. Affidavit of one of Wheeler's Slaver Xkw VoitK, Aob. 1.?The paper* ot tln? u?<?rning contain the affidavit of Jane John* n o?ie ol Mr. Wheeler's slaves, in whi:h h? >ute* that *he a'wsy? wished to be fr*o. am! hui determiucd to bo su whenever she came north. She made the first overtures to aria* r.*grc w men at Bloodg<>od'? Hotel, who hnaMy ob tained aasiitinee for her. She ?tate* that no force wn- u?ed ; that she is happy and Com fortable, and would rather die thai; retain Ui i-lavory Baltimore Market*. Baltimore. August 1 ?Sales to-day of 1.700 bbls flour at $8 40 and 1.000 bblv Howard -troet deliverable in September at SS. Wh?"* nt 51.80a?l.y0; white era Wk-.alOoc.; yellow i>6c >r A CARD. RS E PHILLIPS. No W1 Slitu street, ?JA between G and H streets desires to Inform the citizens of Washington and virinly that she Is now prepared to give lnstpict'ons or* *he PIANO FORTE She has taught miiilc in some of the principal cities of the Union has testimonials showing that sue Is f^?4V com. latent to discharge the duties of h*r prores-'^n to the satisfaction of those who may favor her their patronage. Terms: f R; for 91 h-ssons. at her residence, or ?'2at the renideit.c of her pupils. je 1*2?eoJin* LAW PARTNERSHIP. Robert j walker and lolis janin have formed a co-partnership under .1 ? ^ , of 4- Walker & Janin,' for the mana^ and argument of rase* in the Supreme Court of the Unit d States, and before the Court of Claims at Wa?h:.m^ou City. Address Washington. D C. may 10?eoiim LAND W ARRANTS LO'ATFO._ I'HK sul?? ribers will locate Land W arrants A either lu Ouio. Illlnot-or Iowa. ai<d md give a earned d ? ration of the land located. If. i>(x>n -lamination, thn* description prov?s in coirtct, they will themselves takethe land, giving for it another varrant for the same quantity. One of the hrin rerldes In the went, and will give the buniness his ner?o"?* ? "Tlnreiidar.oe Mil L.EK A BROWN, 7th st .. opposite ?ost OlRce, Washington jy 13? ? MRRIIOFJ-CAKKIAGIJ. IH AVE now ot hand, and romcantly finishing, . a very large awtci*nt of Ph asure - ind Family C AKKI AUKS, of the atest ? fashi-n*, which 1 will sell a* low as the Mm* ^ua'ity of work can r?e sold la any of ?*?clp?i iaarket* of tt? UuiUd States. The subscribe- is now rivaling exclusively In Carriage* of hi* own manufacture, and all work *oW by him wil! he warranted, and compare favor iblf with any work in tuts market As I aJway Keep a lar^e assortment, I Invite purchasers and mim r w exam'- ? k before piirchat'ng else where. Carriages built to order. Old Ctniages taken In exchange, or repairtd at 'he cbor.cst notice. THOMAS YOUNG, Sign of the Golden Hnrse, No. Pa. avenue taiJ >j atreet may I?eo&u THE WESTERN AIADF>IY, C '*rr Fivntttnt'- rnd I gtrtsts, tT??\i igton . V?si-: KCT S^'iOOL will be opened on the llr>t ,V? -liy in S< ptember, for boy? N-imtjer limited to tven!y-Hv?. Ftir particulars sec jlrculars a* the Kooks'ore, or call at S- !. joi He ?m after August ^^d Jy ?.M?eol?w* S. L. LOt'MIS, A M. FAIR H'LL |tOAHDIVQ RHOOb FOR GIRLS, Snndy Spr .mf. Konicotntrf r?t>ar? rI^HE ninth term ot this ia-,".utlo? wHl c.?m 1 ineuce an the loth day of the ninth month vSept< *iber) ne^t. Circulars contain:!^ the needfnl 'nformatlon In regard to the sc hool ran be obtained ov those who desire it. by addressing, at <>in?-y pos? <?fice, Montiromcrv county, faryland.K S KIRK, or H. FAROUHAR K^ier to Jno. T. Towers, Lambert Tr?f. WD. Wailach. Je 30?'^awifw JORDAN'S WHITE SULPHUR 9PRI NGS KDF.RICK COUNTY. VA ?Opened< .oth of From BaltitiK1"*. Wash a. jtn oi j i.-'e. FrwlroIIuillFe*7>>a5T^j^r imitonoi t urn' :rland innarlvmonufirtrsins r'^ F>;rr\-. \?v Wlitch?K. ai?^AL ^1 KDKR1CK COUNTY. VA ?Opened o the i?U^c?_ '.3 i?u.rj?r'> Ferr>'. "by Wiuche* et? Railroad to Stepne'i?"*i's depot; from de|*>t I>; miles 1 coaches to Springs li. tin'? to dine ?lav Ki'-e s cotiilou ba..(< engaged. Sulphjr b?ths. M^dvlual ettect* ?f\<it?i we.I knew i liC.tP M. JORDAN A UR'J. Jy ft??>?aw BARGAINS. JELLING OFF T(? REDUCE STOl K ? La dies, now Is the time t? grt 'heap G'* >di? My stock consists of Straw Bonnets tap end rvvsb Ribbons, Laee*. Ldvings. Lmbr idenes, Flower*. Dress and i . n<-v <%!>? li. jids. Bitten*, ?imp, Gteves H*~ iery a. U Fancy Noi A TAIL, Pa avenue, b< rweeu lOthand ltth ate ?v K7?eo3' tHI AP .MUSIC. CONSISTING ofS ?n^-s. D'lets, Mar-. it.Qnlck > Htej?. WaiUfs <<'ii<irli,?*. Polkas Mazoi.r kas, Schottishes. Gall? ^ i?ti.< .-s, G<iitar P-st?o 'orte, Vocal and Gems of tiered Sonp?, all t wii the most celebrated m'i'tti bo*L ancient r nd modern The above music will be sold at greed\ reduced prlcea at SHILLINOTON S Cheap Peri^vlical T-epot, Odeon Building, corner Pa *v cd j y 25?tf FAUQUIER WHITE SlLPHl R VCARD?Having seen a cop.inunitaHoii cir culating in the ntws|?pr s thr^uguout the ?ountry to the eflect tbai some 1: a'. ^nant disease tt this tinif prevails al the fan, ler \\ hite Su'. I?hur Springs, and li. tht v^liilf we think .t proper and due to the , rop.rie'or* oi this wate ring ? lace to slate, that we reside art Warrent<->r dis tant about six miles; that we hrve practised at these springs for the last sixteen* reighteen ye r* and within that whole pei lod w. do not remem '*r that neighborhood to haveb-en uior* perftcilv health? and exempt from disease of every ki^d than at the present time The report referred to usuuk e originated in a uiallgnant design to injure the pro^i .tu?.s JOHN A. CHll.Lo.s.rJ d SAMUEL B FISHLR. M D jy :I0?2w District of t'elumbia. t t0 w(.. Washhi?to.iCociitt,( I HEREBY certify that James A Dean, of said said county, Nvught before roe the subscriber, a justice of the peaee in and for the said county, this -^th day of July, as es'ray, trespassing upon his enclosures, a dark browr horse about y or 10 years old, about U hands high, no shoes on his fore feet, the hind shoes much worn, switch tail, trots, eantere and paces No gear marks or or other percelvahle marks Given under my hand JOHN D. CLARK, J P The owner of the above described horse is re q tested to prove property, pay charges and take bitnawav JA8 A. DEAN, Jy 30?3t? Columbia Mills, Rock Cr?k ~~ICE-ICB?ICE I _ ?snicn ne win ru, "?? 4je lowest possible rales.

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