Newspaper of Evening Star, August 2, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 2, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. ? ? - ? j LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. lrn!mrtCATi05.?We yesterday published an account of there having been found in the wood?, near the Washington and Piaoat&way r?ad. the head, leg. and ribs of a man, sup* Cased to be about thirty year* of age: the flesh aving been eaten fr?m the body, it was sup posed. by dogs or hogs. We have since learn ed that the remains have been identified a? tho?e of Dr Grant, of Baltimore, who was in Prince George's county with a view of pur chasing a farm. He had stopped at a public house kept by Mr. Sunrat, who identified the clothes. After leaving that place* he had tar ried at another house, kept oy a Mr Thorn, on the Piscataway road, and in whose com pany he was last *e<sn. In speaking of this subject, the AlexandriaGazette say*; '*W? are informed ?hat warrants have been issued for the arrest of two men suspected of haviug murdered the deceased. Dr Grant had a considerable amount of money with him at the time he was murdered, (of which fact there seems now to bo no doubt,) a fine gold watch, and other valuables, none of which have yet been found. We are also informed that toe deceased had a family who resided in Baltimore " Cow-ajtolt PEorRfcnixo*.?The field south of the windmill, in the Seventh Ward, is a general gathering place for the cows belonging to citizens in that part of Washington. As many as one hundred and fifty ther? emigre gate. They are characteristically peaceable among themselves, but, sometimes, like their milk in warm weather, their dispositions are soured by extraneous causes, and great, then, is the commotion among the animals. Such was the case on Tuesday morning. A dog in eearch of sport, seized on the fir?t object in his way?a cow's nose?for the gratification of bis propensity; and held on to it with his teeth. The quadruped thus circumstanced, lowed fur help, but, instead of her sister cow? coming to her rescue, they mshed upon the sufferer and her tormentor, as though they re garded the alarm given by her a; a challenge to battle. The unequal contest continued for some minutes, and ao furiously as to arrest the attention of many citiiens, who interposed and put an end to the conflict. The poor cow was shockingly gored, and ao much injured that she may oecome unfit for domestic use. Escape or a Thief, Ac.?Last night, Sir T. 11 Havener, whose residence is on C street, between Four-and-a-half and Sixth, found a man sitting on the floor in his room, examining the i>ockets of his (Mr. H.'s) pants with as much coolness as if they belonged to him. and he were in his own room, fortunately, all that he found was a few keys and ab->ut fitly eenta. The scamp is a stout, powerful man. and made his escape before Mr. B. could do anything toward securing him. He had entered the house through a front second story window, by means of a ladder brought from the stable a few yards below, and escaped through the back way. An attempt to rob was also made on the Ex change Hotel, three doors east of Mr. H.'s, which was a failure, and the watchman on that beat found the door of Mr. J. F. Er.nis's office, on Louisiana avenue, open at a very un usual hour ; he fa<tend it, and kept a look out on the neighborhood the remainder of the night. These occurrences all took place in the same neighborhood, and about the same time. Neglecting Duty ?Several citizens have complained to us of late of the difficulty thev have in inducing the scavengers of **ae city to attend promptly the calls ou Vnem. Him of the second Ward is uwst Complained of. so far. We are satisfied that community bave just ground of complaint against these public ser vants A wao*. of due energy and attention to business their part at this time is an in sufferable nuisance, as the weather is so op pressively hot and often so close that the taiVure of one of them to attend within twenty (tm hours after being ?? called in" profession ally. endangers the health of all the residents of the square. Wc trust that tho Board of Health will promptly l??ok into this matter, and take measures to prosecute any scavenger who fails to respond to calls made on him. so i^cg that hi-> offence becomes known to the public at larg<v through it* flagrant ranknees. Mctic?A Gallopade ?The evening being comparatively cool, and, therefore, pleasant, a very large company of adults and juveniles assembled yesterday on the Capitol grounds, to promenade and to listen to the delightful music of the Marine Band. who. on the occa sion. sere in most excellent tunc. The com pany were all listening to the enlivening sounds, when the deep rolling thunder, and the froquentl.y occurring lightning, cancel them to look overhead. Then they beheld the gathering of dark clouds, portending the coming rain ; and much alarm was expressed lest the gracious aqueous outpouring should act as a shower-bath. Before toe people there congregated had time to make go"d their es cape. down came the torrent, wetting them, for the greater part, thoroughly; while others, haviug been more eautiou- in starting home ward. had taken shelter in stores along the line of the avenue. It was a gallopade not mentioned in the programme. ? ?? Mart's Iistitltk?On the 27th of July, the distribution of premiums at this in stitution of learning, at Bryantown. Maryland, took place. Over two hundred invited guests were present, among whom was a large repre sentation from this city, includiug Professor J. A. luung, who ably conducted the vocal and instrumental music with which the exercises were interspersed. Mi-sAnna M Fitzpatrick, of Washington, was awarded the first premium in ramie?a silver medal; al.-o, the highest testimonial of the institute?a beautiful gold medal and diploma At the close of the pro ceedings. Miss Fitzpatrick, having graduated, delivered a farewell address to the teachers and scholars, which, owing to the language in which it was clothed. *nd the feeling manner in which it was rendered, brought tears to the eyes of the greater number of thos-j who were present. Rev. John Donelau followed in a tew appropriate closing remarks. Everybody wm evidently delighted with the proceedings TnE New Drive.?The superintendent of the publ ic grounds in the vicinity of the Presi dent s Mansion, has thrown open the south square to the public, its improvement being sufficiently completed. This is the large pub lic lot immediately south of the Executive Mansion, extending down to the river's shore. It i.= much the largest finished reservation in Washington, and is prepared with serpentine drives, as well a< tho necessary foliage and walks, which (the connecting drives) arc per haps a mile in length. One enjoys there ne cessarily all the breeze that may nearly always be found in the immediate vicinity of the river. It can hardly be long before our fellow citizens, who nde on horse-back or sport equi pages. will avail themselves frequently of the comfort and pleasure to be found in this iiew public square. Market Thieves?A poorcolored man who had sold his chickens in the market, but who could not count his money, asked a young scamp to count it for him. that he might make a correct return to his employer. The fellow took the money out of the roll, and, instead, gave the countryman some pieces of paper wrapped in the old cover. Officer Cox and his partner arrested the scamp, and made him re fund. Another dealer had a basket of eggs stolen from him bv a respectable looking man, who is known to tho owner of the eggs. It is to be hoped that this was done by mistake, and that the basket and contents will be re turned ??? Drowned ?A colored man, employed on one of the schooners at the wharf, was yesterday alteruuon suddenly missed by the master of the vessel; he having fallen, accidentally, into the river while the captain was below. The dsccased was a slave, and ao highly esteemed that his employer determined to take the body to Virginia, to be buried by hi- acquaintances and friends. It wa* placed in a close box, and packed with ice for preservation Batetkg ? Hothiiig more contributes to health than the bath, and certainly at this s.ajoa it is refreshing The batb house, No. &0 C street, in the rear of the National hotel, ia an old and popular establishment; and we ere pleased to l? arn that Mr* Saunders wiil continue to keep it open fur the at wminoda tion of those who desire to avail themselves of f ;he remedial ageat. Requisition.?Yesterday, Officer Tyler ar rived in tbil city from Virginia with a requisi tion for the man arrested at the railroad de E?t by Chief of Polioe John Davis and Offiocr emble as a fugitive from justice. He was deliverd to Officer Tyler, who left this morning, with bis prisoner in custody. We have beer informed that stolen property has bcon found in his possession. 1 ? ? Pilfers*i.?Another bundle of calico was offered for sale, yesterday by a little boy to * lady. The price asked' for the entire piece wm only twenty-five crenta, which was so cheap that the lady concluded the goods to be stolen, and turned the bundle over to officer Wollard. who has left it at the office of Justice Smith to be identified. Merchants should be careful with their goods at the present time, when so many pilferers are about the city. Scdden Death.?We were informed yester day of the sudden death of a lady who resided in the fecund Ward, near Thirteenth street Pic was a married lady, and was in good health while in company with her husband the evening previous, but was found dead in her house yesterday morning. Several ladies were in search of the ooroner, but we have not heard of any inquest. Mrs. Anderson, a young married lady, wife of Mr. Anderson, attached to the papor and stationery establishment of Messrs M' Sped den A Baker, of this city, died suddenly at Mrs. Beck's boarding house yesterday morn ing, and beforo the arrival of her husband, who had been sent for when she was taken ill. It is understood that she has been suffering for some time with a disease of the heart-. Criminal Cocrt.?This morning, the court granted a hew trial in the case of George Rag lan. who was recently convicted of the murder of Francis Fitzpatriek: but he will not be again arraigned until the next term, te which, after disposing of a few petty cases, an adjournment has taken placc An Owner Wanted.?A large carpet bag containing a quantity of clothing, books, Ac., was found last night in the Fifth Ward and conveyed to the central guard house, where it will remain until called for by the owner. The books are generally publications of the Cath olic Church; and the name of " Patrick Rync" is written on the blank pages. Assault, Profanity. Ac.?Joseph Thomas wa< arrested by officer Mitchell for an assault and open profanity, lie was held to security for peace in the Lnited States case, and paid fine and costs in the corporation case. Pat ri?*k Callalan, running carts without license. $ 10 and costs. Excursion.?The Young Catholic Friend'. Society's excursion to the White House is an nounced for Thursday next, the 9th of August. The Watch Returns were blank this morn ing, and there was only one lodger in the guard-house. [COMMUNICATED. Editor of the Star: Will you, through your valuable journal, call the attention of the police to the nightly assemblage of boys in the neighborhood of F and Eleventh streets, whose conduct and language are such as not to pro mote the cause of good morals, and to prove a sad annoyanco to the citizens of that neigh borhood. Z. [communicated. Nuisance. To Hon. John T. Tourers, Mayor, i\e.: Sir: My object in addressing you is to rail your attention to a pestilent nuisance which i in the heart of the city, and which calls for immediate abatement if we hope to escape the cholera and tho yellow fever. What I call your attention to are the heap* of garbage on Twelfth street, between F and E streets. Now sir. it seems to me that your officials?ih' health officers and police of the ward?ought not to wait for a notification or information from a citizen to remind them of their obvi ous duty. The law should, if it does not. re quire them to take cognizance of nuisances; and yet such a thing seems never to be thought of. "Here, in the middle of the ninetcentl century, the streets of the American capita' are reeking with filth, while the citizens an groaning under the weight o? taxes to piy th' officials. Is it not disgraceful to the city an ' country ? With the example of a world-wid* reputation which Mayor Wood has acquired, by giving his attention to these 14 small mat ters." before you, I have been hoping tha you would be moved by emulation to give at tention to them. A Citizen. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, August 2. 1855. Our city this morning is as quiet as a mouse trap. A perfect dearth of every description of news of a public character prevails. Thi monotony, we suppose, will be disturbed for & few days after the Mayor's proclamation shall have been made ordering an election to fill the vacancy in the Board of Aldermen. We shall probably then have served up quite a warm dish of politics of the genuine and arti ficial American stamp, over which to regal< ourselves until the election is over, and par ties settle down into their usual quiet again. We were visited again last night by a h?*vy fall of rain, accompanied by heavy thunder and vivid flashes of lightning. John Garrett, Esq., of our city, who was re cently appointed clerk of the penitentiary in place ol Mr. King, resigned yesterday, and the place was filled by the appointment of Mr. Frank Hare, of your city. The flour and grain market remains quiet. The former is held this morning at for new. and 59 50 for old standard brands. Wheat Sl.6iaSl.75 for white and red, but little ar riving except in wagons. No corn offuring. Spectator. Fatal Accident on the Hudson Rivkr Railroad.?As the 11 o'clock train from Poughkcepsie of this morning was passing Burnhaiu's. a brakeman named James Fitz gerald was instantly killed, by incautiously exposing himself while passing beneath the bridge. It would appear that he had gone on top of the car for the purpose of taking in the bell rope, aud observing some people on the road with whom he was acquainted, ho amused himself by making signs to them, for getting his close proximity to the bridge. A moment after his head came in contact with the arch, fracturing his skull, and causing im mediate death. The deceased was quite a voung man, and leaves a wife and child in Poughkeepeie.?N. J". Tribune of Yesterday. ID- To Mothers and Women Generally.? No Blkkding, Vomiting, Purging, or Blis tkrijio.?My Electric Oil is a perfect charm In its action upon the absorbents, which It excites to take up and carry out of the system all swelling* and allays all pains. You may physic till you art |>oor as a snake, and still the swellings remain All local derangements require a specific applica tion. My Electric Oil is that very beautiful rem - edy, good for little children, as well as old people, and it pleas** everybody. Coine and see what & cure was just made in a distinguished family in Walnut street Price 50 cents and SI See my written name, Professor De Grath. South Eighth street, Philadelphia, on all the bottles. Messrs. Stott i Co. alone have retailed about S'iUO worth in a few days?and some of the most wonderful cures have been made here in Wash ington that was ever known. jy 31?at 1^ A Phenomena In Medicine?Bronchi tis, Cough. Dyspepsia, Liver Complaints, Scrof ula. Ac. For all diseases of the Female System it stands pre-eminent. A Clergyman just informs us it has cured him of Bronchitis of a desperate character?particulars hereafter. HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINCTURE? By its mild action on the stomach, liver and kid neys, will cure Dyspepsia, Cough, Asthma, Bron rhlal and Lung Affections, Pains In the Back, Side and Breast, Consumption. Scrofula, Rheu matism, Gout, Neuralgia, Fistula, Bowel Com plaints. Piles, Worms and Nervous Debilities? with all disease* arising from impure blood^and is the greatest female medicine aver known. This Invaluable medicine Is working wonders upon the human frame. Sold by MORTIMER A MOWBRAY, 140 Bal timore street. Baltimore: 304 Broadway, New York, CHAS 8T0TT A CO , J B MOORE, D B CLARKE. CLARKE A BOWLING, W. EL LIOT. and H McPHERSON, Washington: also, bv R ft F CI9SELL, Georgetown; C C BER R Y, Alexandria, and by Dnigguu everywhere. . .?J ~ O* Arff'i Cathartic Pills.?Pt/is mrt PtllsHates, State Chemist of Massa chusetts, an they are the best of all Pills, and an nexed are the persons who certify that Dr. Hayee knows, viz: Lexcel Shaw, Chief Justlca of theSaprema Court of Mass. r.xo^T WasHbueh, Governor of Mass. W. C. Plchkett, Lieut. Gov. Mass. Edwaed Eveeett, L~-Sec. of State and Sena tor U S. Robert C. Wistheof, Ex-Speaker Housaof Reps , U S. A Abbott Laweesci, Minister Plenlpo.toGrtat Britain. IJohkB. Fitzfatkice, Catholic Bishop of Boston. MIS THAT AE* ! Among the diseases this Pill has rured with as tonishing rapidity, we may mention Cos'iveness, Bilious Complaints, Rheumatism, Dropsy, Heartburn, Headache arising from a foul Stomach, Nausea, Indigestion, Morbid inaction of the Bowels and pain arising therefrom, Flatu lency, Los* of Appetite, all Ulcerous and Cutane ous Disease*, which require an evacuaiit medicine. Scrofula or King's Evil. They also by purifying the blood and stimulating the system, cure many complaints which it would not be supposed they could reach ; such as Deafness, Partial Blindness. Neuralgia and Nervous Irrltablli'y, Derangement of the Liver and Kidneys, Gout, and other kin dred complaints arising from a low state of the body or obstructions of its functions. They are the best Purgative Medicine ever discovered.'and you will but n?ed to use them once to know It. Prepared by DR. J. C. AVER, 1/oWell, Mass., and sold by every respectable druggist. Sold bvZ D. OILMAN, Washington, O. M L1NTHICUM, Georgetown; JAMES COOK k CO., Fredericksburg" je 17?3m JET Letter from Hon. John Minor Botts, ?( Virginia. Richmond, July ft. 185.V Messrs. Wm. S. Beers Jt Co : Gents?Consider ations of duty to the afflicted alone prompt ine to send you this voluntary testimonial to tne great value of "Ca^rer.'j SvihUK rc," for that almost incurable disease. Scrofula Without beingdisposed ordeemine it necessary to go into the particulars of the case, I can sa< that the astonishing results that have been pro dueed by the use of that medicine on a member of my own family, and under my own observation and superintendence, after the skill of the best physicians had been exhausted and all the usual remedies had failed, fully justify me in recom mending its use to all who may be suffering from that dreadful malady. I do not mean to sav that it is adapted to a!1 constitutions, or that it will afford the same relict in all cases; for, of course. I can know nothing about that?but of what I have seen of the effe-'s 1 would not hesitate to use It, in any and even case of Scrofula, with persons for whom 1 felt aii interest, or over whom I could exercise intluenot or control. Respectfully, yours, Jxo M. Bott?. ID* Premiums at the Fair*?Whitehnr?t'? still in the ascendant.?The juries of each of th? late fairs at Baltimore, Richmond, and New York, awarded their hightest premiums to J. H. W. for their superiority of Photographs, Stereoscopes and Daguereotypes exhibited. Mr. W. also received two medals at the World'* Pair, London, and a premium at Crystal Palace. New Vork. Also, the first awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past. Whitehurst's Gallery in this city is on Pa. ave nue, betweeen Four-and-a-half and Sixth streets feb 17 ID* Noah Walker Ac Co., Marble Hall Clothing Emporium, under Browns' Hotel, re spectfully announce that their display of Spring and Summer Clothing is now ready for inspectior. Comprising an assortmeut of Coats, Vests and Pantaloons of the newest and richest designs in material, trimming and workmanship. To gen tlemen who study excellence with economy its fashionable articles of dress an opportunity for se lecting is offered from one of the largest and most attractive stock of goods ever offered in this city a' a very reduced scale of prices. &p (7 ID" Z. D. Gilmnn, Drng^ist, has removed to 5-2* Seventh street, opposite the Patriotic Bank ?nd is now prepared to till all orders for Medicin* Paints. Oil and Glass on accommodating term.* >trict attention will be paid to physician's pre -cri ptions at all hours of the dav and night. Th? night bell Is on the right of the store door. ap 14 liT" Dr. Hoofland's Celebrated Gerraui Hitters.?Weuk, nervous, depressed in spirits and a prey to innumerable mental, as well as phy jical evils, the victim to dyspepsia, Is indeed ar object of commlsseration. Yet it is absurd fo Mm to despair. We care not how weak, low nervous, ana irritable he mav be, the cordial prop Arties of HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTER* prepared by Dr. C M Jackson, Philadelphia, ar stronger than the manv-neaded mon ter, which i preying upon his bodv and mind; and If h' ctoo?e? to trv them, we will insure a speedy cure See advertisement. je 7?3m XLT" More Evidence.?We have iustbeon li formed bv a gentleman from the country with a large family that he has had a irreat manv attack. rt Summer Complaint, but not in one !nsfanr*ha he failed in making a i<erffvt cure in less than 2-i !.ours, with BAKER S PREMIUM BITTERS 'Ie believes also, that S50 would not have paid hi doctor's bill without the Bitters. He says he never intend* to do without it in his family His name will be used if required, but not wishing it pub lished. v Price 50 cents per bottle. To be had of CHAS. STOTT A CO . Wa*h lugton. D C ; CANBY A HATCH, and SETU S. HANCE, Baltimore; and by Druggists every, where. eo^t MARRIED. At Ocean View, near Hampton. Va , Julv 03d Lieut. A C GIL1.E.M.U S. Armv, to MARGA RET. daughter of C S Jones, Esq. On the 21'h Julv. bv Rev Stenb^ri P Hill, Mr JAMES OVERTON SANDERSON to ELLEN C. BARNES, all of this city * On the ii'th of June, in Mecklenburg countv. North Carolina bv Kev. H B. Cunnlgham. li F> Mr. J W. McGINN and Miss CHRISTIAN A HENDERSON. DIED. On the 1st August, G W. UTERMEIILE, Sr., in the 79th year of his aue. In Georgetown, on the 'id instant, LOUISA wife of Dr J B Gibbs, and daughter of the late John Burbridge, of Alleghany co., Md. VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT I Ls shall apply to the Department of the Interioi for the issue of a duplicate i^ind Warrant. No UK) iiio for 4(1 acres, supplemental to Warrant No 33.025 for 40 acres, issued to Pleasant Lac\. with; blank assignment on the back thereof, which wa purchased by me of the said Lacy, and forwarded to a gentleman in Washington City, on the 14ti> of May last, and which has not been received b\ him. G. D NEAL. Pittsylvania C. H., Va., June 16, 1&55. je "JO? Iaw6w# LIME ! LIME! LIME I Great reduction in price:?Best quality wood burnt Lime at EIGHTY cents per barrel. I am now selling the best quality of wood burnt I.ime in Washington at eighty cents per barrel at the kilns and eighty-live cents delivered in am part of the city. This is twenty-live per cent les. than the market price LAWTON P.HOOVER, Potomac Lime Kilns, one square south of tbt Lower Bridge. Georgetown. jy 16?eo3w (Union,Organ, Intel) C^OW LOST ?Strayed or perhapsr-rrr.T-?? J stolen aboid the middle of June, af, Dark Brown Cow, who has had a calf j by this time. One of her tars w> re toru by dogs, aud the other split. I will give S-5 to any me re II.rnni/ her to ine on 3d street, between G and H. jy 31?eo3t REDMAN BURKE pEMEMT. PLASTER HAIR, ic. Also, constantly on hand a splendid article of Cement, Plaster, Hair, Ac., all of which we ar. selling very cheap. LAWTON P. HOOVER, Potomac Lime Kilns one square south of th< Lower Bridge, near Georgetown. jy 16?eo3w (Intel,Organ,Union) JEWELRY. HSEMKEN, JEWELER, 330 Pennsylvania ? avenue, between 9th end 10th streets, ha just received a new supply of 'ichly-cbased Frul aud Leaf Jewelrv,consisting of Pin and Ear Rings; also, a variety of magnificent Mosaic and Came?. Jewelrv, which he offers at greatly reduced prices Diamonds remounted, Jewelry of any de scription made to order, Enameling done, Gold Pens repointed. Coat of Arms and Cresse* engraved on stone and metal. jy 3I-?-tr FAUQUIER WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS VCARD.?Having seen a communication cir culating in the newspapers throughout th? country, to the effect that some malignant diseas at this time prevails at the 1'anquier White Sul- j phur Springs, and In the vicinity, we think it proper and due to the proprietors of this watering place to state, that we reside at Warrenton, dis tant about six miles: that we have practised at these springs for the last sixteen or eignteeu ye rs, and within that whole period we do not remem ber that neighborhood to have been more perfecth healthy aim exempt from disease of every kind than at the present time The report refsrred to must have originated in a malignant deeign to injure the proprietors. JOHN A. CHILLON, M. D. SAMUEL B FISHER, M D. jy 30?2w Memoirs of the countess of bles sing ton, by R R Madden, M. R I A , two vota, FRANC* TAYMJ* WANTS. 4 YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as Drfumikfr: can cut and fit, wishes to live with * private familv Cell at J AS CON ELY'S GrorTT, 351 Pa. avenue, next door to the carrier builders. su ??2t*

WANTED?A TEACHER WELL QUAL Ified to act as an a?1?*antlna Select Classl cal and Mathematical Academy. P. A.BOWF.N, JySl?dtf Georgetown. WAN t ED?EVERY BOD V TO KNOW that ff they can get a lot 44 feet front bv 130 fee* deep, for the low price of S75?navable M a montb **ithout interest Apply at the Union Land Office fthstrMt Odd Fellows' Hall * apae-Um JOHN FOX, Sec boarding. BOARDING ?MRS DUVAI.1.,Ni> .331 p?nn svlvanla avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel, ha? several large and desirable room*, suitable for families or single gentlemen, whirh she will rem with tK>ard at moderate price*. She can also ac commodate si* or eight table boarders. Jy 30?tr _____ Board, Ae.?mrs bates.on the s w corner of Pennsylvania avenne and 9th stree' is pre fared to accommodate gentlemen with room* with or without board. E?ery effort will be marff to render those comfortable who may favor he with their patronage. ap*?tf FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR RENT?A HOUSE, containing 7 rooms in a Hoe location, where there is a good op*n inct for ? small select school School Room Fur niture with *ome other for sale. Enquire at .H*> V ?.treet au 2 -eoivr F^OR RENT?THE NENT AND CONVE nient two story Frame House. No 479 Thir teenth street, west hide, between Pennsylvsnia av enue and D street. It Is suitable for a small f-in ilv, and is in ever)* respei-t a desirable residence Possession given immediately. Apply at the ^tar office. FOR RENT?A FINE TWO-STOKY brick House, situated on l.l$ street. i>e w?*en Pen - a 1 venue and C street, adjoining Mr. (i?-o Parker's Enquire of Mr. GEO MATTlNGLY, Ish-nd; or next door to the premises. au 1?tf For s a i. e-improved and unim proved Real Estate ?JF.NNINGS PlGOTT \ttorney at Law and Agent for Real Esta'e, ha? several small Houses and I.ots. and a number of inimnrored building Lots in different portions of 'he City, whtch he w'l!sell s?t moderate price* and on accommodating terms Pe^onw wishing to sell or buy may do well to give him a call. He will take charge of Re?l E?tate, attend to l"aslng, renting, &c., investigate titles, and at tend particularly to conveyancing. Otii~e5l7 Washington Library on 11th street, between C and D. ' an 1?iw A GOOD CHANCE.?For sale, a new two-story ?"a. brick house, containing six rooms and cellar, on 13 street west, near north L street, No 355 The ?erms will be made to suit the pur haser, by psy ing a small sum in hand Als?. two desirable vacant lots pleasantly loca ted For particular information. Inquire "on th* premises jy 31?3t* For sale?two hundred lots Price S?5 each. Two years' credit, or 10 pet S^ent discount for cash. Apply at the Union Land Office, 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. jy 28?im For sale?that large and weli built Frame Dwelling House, with a brick basement, No. 416. situated on the east side of ith street, between F and G, containing 10 rooms, .vlth porch and pautry in the rear. For terms, which will be easy, apply to CHARLES F. WOOD. 44?" Ninth street, between E and F at*. Jy 17?ectf \ VALUABLE LITTLE FARM FOR SALE 'I he subscriber will sell at private sale his tit le Farm, kn^wn as Sterling Cottage, upon which Ue now resides, situated hi Alexandria county, Va., near Hall's x Roads, four miles from Geor^e lown. six from Washington, eitjht froru Alexan dria, and will be, but one mile from the Loudon A Hampshire Railroad. The tract contains 4(>:{ acres iS of which is under heavy timber, the bal ance is under a high state of cultivation, with good fencing and a never failing stream of water run uiug through the place The improvements are a very neat story and a *ialf dwelling, with a brick cellar under It. and juthouaes, coiifistiug of a barn, ice bouse, meat bouse, corn house, hen bouse, kitchen, and bouse for servants The yard is verv lar^e and sLad ?. \nd debated with the most choice dowers, and a well of the most excellent water ii?ar the door, the oaok yerd's enclosed by a beautiful cedar hedge, iiid the front by palings There Is also a beauti ful chestnut grove standing in front of the yard The lands adjoining are thos? cf Col \V Minor S Minor, Dr. Wonder and .Mrs Gardner Its lo cation is convenient for churches, grist and saw iiiils, ,K>st office. Ac. The above property posses ses advantages which will be apparent to all who le.slre to secure a pleasant ana valuable country seat. A gTeat bargain may be had by an earh applica tion. as I am desirous of moving to a larger ferm. jy 9?2awlm MOSES A. FEBREY. For rent or sale on reasonable Terms ?A three-story Frame, with basement, >n New York avenue, between Fourth and Fifth streets west. Also, a three-story Frame, with back building on I street north, between Fourth and Fifth streets .vest. Applvto James W. Barker, residence on H stree* uortn, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets west. DICKSON A KING, ap S?Thtf Georgetown. IO T S FOR SALE ?TWO OR THRF.F -i trood Building Lots in a rapidly improving neighborhood for sale on tin years' crtdit Applvto J. H. DRURY. Jy 21-tf [j^OR SALE?A SMALL FRAME HOUSF and Lot, No. 30 Louisiana avenue, Washing ton. It presents a rare opportunity to a persor wishing to make a good Investment Also, a three-story Brick House and Lot, No. 51 High street. Georgetown, Lot 36 feet front by 101 feet deep; will be sold lo>v and on a long credit Apply at 46 Louisiana avenue. Jy ?tf FOR RENT.?A handsomely furnished Houw near the Public Department is ofiored for rent J o a responsible tenant the rent will be moderate I'be House contains a batn room and gas fixtures Enquire on the premises, No. 270 H street, jy 5?lm* FOR REN T-A TWO-STORY FRAME House, with basement, situated on Prospect Hill, Georgetown, commanding a beautiful view f the Potomac rlvtir. Apply to T. O. Donncghut near the Catholic Church, or R. H. Trunnel, No 73 Frederick street, Georgetown, D. C. jy H FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR lors and Chambers, with Board. Also, Table and Transient Board Inquire at Mrs SMITH'S, 233 F street. ap fr-t1 *o. 5*7] NEW SHOP. [Na. 5!>; 'HUE subscribers have entered into copartner * ship under the firm of Summers A Sessford at No. 5e7. Seventh street, Island, near Maryland Vvenue, for the purpose of manufacturing SAl> ULES, BRIDLES. TRUNKS, HARNESS, and everything in that line of business. Having laid in a good stock of materials, tbev desire to notif. their friends and the public generally, that they an ready to serve them with any articles in their'lin* at short notice, as good and as cheap as any othe^ establishment of the kind in this cltv. JAMES H SUMMERS. GEORGE A SESSFORD. Jy 22?2w FIRST WARD LIVERY AND SALE ST*. BLES. IN announcing to the public of Washington the' I have taken possession, by purchase, jf the above Stables, on G street, near he War Department, (lately occupied by A. Schwartz,) I wish to lororm^MM. 'hem that It will be entirely conducted by nmsell and that all orders left upon the premises will b> attended to punctually with elegant Carriages atw careful drivers. The Riding School will be con ducted bv a professional equestrian andperfecth docile he-see; having stated hours for lsay eques trlans, in private or public, as they may prefer Particular attention will be paid to "horses kep at Livery In his establishment. Persons requiring open barouches or family car rla^es, can ne satisfactorily accommodated, a? well as those desiring riding horses for gentlemet or iadies. FRIEDERECK LAKEMEYER, Jy 21?tm A^ent C WARRINER. WATCHMAKER, So. 330 Pa. avenue, betveeed 8tk and 10(4 ttrutt WASHINGTON, 0. 0. Pivoting, Jeweling, and every kind of repair* to Watches. jyl7-$m CHEAP MUSIC. /CONSISTING of Songe, Duets, Martha*.Qulak v> steps, Waltzes, Quadrilles, Polkas, Mazour kas, Schottishes, Gallops, Danoee, Guitar, Piano forte, Vocal and Gems of Beared Songs, all ttoa. the most celebrated authors, both ancient and modern. The above mualo will be sold at greatly reduced prices at BHILLINGTON'S Chsap Periodieal Depot, Odeon Building, corner Pa. av. and 4 st. jy w?<r AUCTION SALES. By GREEJV k SCOTT, Auctioneers BCGOY, ROtlAWIT AND HARNESS, Furniture, Groceries t?4 * l|tri at Aac Men.?On SATURDAY, the 41b Instant, we shall sell, in f'ont of our store, at 0 o'clock a. m . 11 *nr?* assortment of Purnlture ard a large and reneral assortment cf Groceries and Clpars At IV o'cUrk precisely we ?hsll srH a good bog? ?y and Harness acd a rood Rockawsv GREEN x SCOTT, au 9 ?d Auctioneers Ry J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. PVCELLENT FlR.IITl'RKaBd HOIS*, l-i hold Effdrh at Public Auction. ? On TUESDAY morning. August 7tb. at H'o'dnk. 1 ?ball *11, at the residence of a gentleman de tiining housekeeping. on tbe east side of loth ?t . .hree door* south of Pa. avenue, all hJs Furniteie ltd Effect*, viz: Ro-eword parlor Melodeon and Stool velvet covered Sofa ai>d peeler Chain Walnut carVid Reception chain, Whatnot French plate Maulel Mirnr, Chi.ia Vases \Iarble?top m%ewixd flsncy Tabb*, O t Hand?o<ne Oil Paintings Tap*?tJT, bru???e4? ai'd other Carpets oilcloth. Antral Lamps Window Curtain*. Miades. Ru^s tfabogaiiv hair spring So'a and Rocket Do marble top Sideboard Can* ?eat Chairs ulbirtg. breakf tst and o'her Table* Uauogan) French Bedsteads. \lattre?e* l?o dresliig Bureaus. Washstand* Uo'stersand PllovTs, Counterpanes, Blanket* ""liver-plated Tea Set, Cake Basket. Castois French Chfna dinnerw^d tra Ware Outclass Tumbler*. Wine?, Goblets Cutlery itefrlgerator, eook'ng d ?iher Move# Together with an excellent assortment ?f Kitch ?n Requisites and Hoi.sek?*pin<j Articles Term*: S'5 and under cash ; ovrr tLat sum a ?rvdit offii and "(I davs, fur satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. JAS C McGl'IRE. au 2?d Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. rRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE AID Heaatifally situated Building Lot o>> Third street west, between Pa. avenue aod street.?By virtue of a dee l in trust, bearing la*e on the 2fctb day of February. 1H53, and re orded in Liber J. A. S No 52, folios 302, 3t?i MM, the subscriber will sell at public sale. oi. WEDNESDAY afternoon, August 1st. 1855, a' o'clock p. m., on the premises. Lot >"o. 11, eservation No 11. fronting 25 feet on Third street wt*st, between Pennsylvania avenue and C strte north, by 150 feet deep, to a 35 feet alley The above property is eligibly situated In a most desirable part of tbe citv, rapidly enhancing in value, and offers a rare opportunity to persons desiring to build or Invest Term* cash ; and if not complied with tn three days after tbe sale the property will be resold, at the rink and expense of the purchaser, upon one week's notice. All conveyancing at the expense of purchaser CHARLES S WALLACH, Trustee JAS C. McGUIRE, Jy 12?-eoAds Auctioneer (17 The above sale Is postponed oat! MONDAY afternoon. August O^h. at o o'clock, at the same place CHAS. S WALLACH, Trustee JAS C. .McGUIRE, au 2?d Auctioneer. By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSE AMD LOT at Auctiou.? On TU ESDA Y. the .list Inst., we nhall sell, In front of the premises, at 6 o'clock P M , part of Lot 28, in Square No 515, fronting on 4th street west, between K and L streets north, on which is a good two-story Frame House, con taining five good rooms. The above described property is handsomely lo cated in a rapidly improving part of tbe city Terms S-UMi cash; balance in monthly payments of SS per month, satisfactory secured GREEN A SCOTT, Jv??-d Auctioneers The above sale is postponed until THURSDAY, the 2d ins'ant, same hour GREEN A SCOTT, au 1?"it Auctioneers By J C McCUIRE. Auctioneer. wjTOt'K* OF STOVES AMD TIN WARE, ? kc , at Auction?On FRIDAY morning. August 3d. at 10 o'clock, at the store of Mr. H. Llsberger. on Pennsvlvania avenue, between 19tu a d '20tb streets, I shall fell his stack in trade, con is ingof? Parlor, co iking, c batiber and hall Stoves Tin and Japanned Ware. Hollow Wa e Hardware, stovepipe, Cooking Utensils, Ac. Counteis. Shelving, and Fixtures. Terms: Under *2u cash; over S"J0 a c red! t of sixty end ninety daw for notes satisfactorily en dorsed. bearing lr-tereet. J. C. McGUIRE, au 1?d Auctioneer. By GREEN A SCOTT. Auctioneer*. SEVEN A< RES OF VALUABLE I.AMD in the Distri t at Aurtlon. - On THURS i D*Y, the Vh insta -t. we shall s?tl. at&oYloik p. in., on 'he prcnri'-ies seven acres and >nne po<*? of la..'', lying li Washington conntv, in tie l>ls trict of Columbia. about I ^ miles fr??-n the I!a~t ern rtrancb Bridge. on the Marlboro' and near the lunctlc.n of the Piscataway Road, adjoininj> the place called <>ood Hope The 1 ind is in a uood I *t*'te of cultivation, and verv suscentlble of im provement It has on it a d?ell'ng hou?e. Ac I Termc One-tbird ca^h; balance in 6 and 12 j months, the purchaser to gh'e notes for the dr ferred payments, bearing interest from the day of ! the sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken GKEKN A SCO TT, au 1?d Auctioneers. Bv GREEN A SCOTT. Auctioneers TWO TWO-STOKY FRAME HOUSES utid Lot at AU'-tioii?On TUESDAY, the 7th of August, we shall s^ll. in front of the prem ses, at 6 o'clock P.M .half of Lot! ln?quareN-> H'i, fronting 28 feet 9 Inches on I?th t^reet. w^t. between New York avenue ar>d K street north, running back 99 feet 9 inches, with the improve ments, which are two tood two-storv Frame Houses, containing three rooms each. Ac Ea h house will be sold separate with the lot on whicb it stands. Terms : One-third ca?h ; balance in six, twelve and eighteen months, for cotes bearing interest from dav of sale A deed given ar d a deed of trust taken GR?E.N A SCOTT, Jy 31?d Auctioneers. By GREEN A SCOTT. Auctioneers TRLttTEE'S sale of land in wash. ingtou County, District of ( olumhiu.? Hy virtue of a deed oi trust, dated November 3d K . D Ifc5l, and dulv recorded in Liber J AS. .No s9. folios 'i57, 25fe. 259 and 2t)u. one of the land records for Washington county, in said District, we will sell, at the auction rooms of Greeu A Scott la the cltv of Washington, on THURSDA Y, the id dav or August, 1*55, at 5 o'clock p m , Lot No itJ, in the sul?divislon of a pari of a tract of land called tiranbv, in the county of Washington, tht ?said lot containing live acres of land, more or less A plat of the subdivision w.ll be exhibited at the sale Terras: One-fifth cash, and the remainder in four equal payments, at one, two, throe and foui v ears, with interest, to be secured by a deed oi 'rust All conveyancing at purchaser's cost The above mentioned property is handsomeli ocated in a ver^ elevated po-ition, with a com manding view. aSout three miles from Washing on, northeast of the Capitol, on the new cut Bla lensburg road, past Mrs Pearson's Mill. W. C BKSTOR, ) .r , W. H. WARD, \ Trustees GREEN A SCOTT, Jy 80?eoAds A uctioneer ByC M BOTELFR. Auctioneer POSITIVE SALEOF A VALUABLE let at Auction.?On THUKSUAY afternoon. An ust 2d, at 6)tf o-clock, I shills^ll on the premier he wet! par' of lot No 1, in rv^uare No ?e?,fr??ni n;4l2feet 6 Inches on Sorb H street, lietwen Tenth and Eleventh ttiert e?at,depths feet,coi. fining 8,829 square f?et Terms: One-half cas i: b danr? on a credit o) ? and 12 months for note* Miring interest securvt. by deed on the property. C.UBOTELER, JyS5?eoAds Aueti neer BY J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM. proved Keul Estate.?By virtue ol s dee. ^f trust, bearing date tbe&ith dav of May, A L) 451. and July recorded in Liber J A S.. No 79 folios 212, 243, Ml, 215, and 246, one of the Uud records for Washington county, in the District ol Columbia, we will sell at public sale, in front ?i the premises, on T RID AY, the 3d day of AuguM If355, at6)i o'clock P. M., a r?art of lot No. 10, in >quare No 297, in the city of Washington, tn said liistrict, and being described as follows: Be ginning on the line of South D street 6l feet and I inches from the southwest corner of said sqnarr, and running thence east ou the Hue of said streei Hi feet to the eastern line of Maid lot; thence north with said line 1U? feet; theuoe west 25 feet; and tbenoe south 100 feet to the place of beginning, with the improvements. Thelot is improved with a neat nottage house. Terms of sale: One third la cash ; tbe remain der in two equal payments at six and twelve months, with interest, to be secured bv a deed ot trust; the terms of aale to be oomplied with in lire days from the day of sale, and upon deAiuit there in tbe trustees reserve the right to resell the proa< so* at the ooot and risk of the first purchases. Ail ooaveyaaclng at puichaaer's oest. W. U WARD,) Tnieteta. J.Y.DAVIS, J. C. McGUIRE. ^ ykuctioBWl. telegraphic news, RIP0ITCD roi TUX EVENING STift. .'i ? . LA TIB I BOM ITTBOP1 New Tonic. August L>Tk?fUMMr Waab inpton bu arrived, bringing further umddU fr?n? Europe. Admiral Ntcbioof wal killed it S?.ba*topol ?luring the attack of Sebaatopol on the Uth of July. A correspondent of the London News writes, at that date : *? We are still fsr from ?he works of die enemy, and. a? spa* between us is swept io every direction by Fa?sian pr - jectilce. our approaches progress eery slowly " In the attaok on Neystadt by the Eng'.i h frigate Qarr'er, on the llth or June. fwrty* ?even Russian n vrchant ships wen? doetr yel, *iuvmntiiig in the agfregata to tw*r.ty ! :>nd tons i riie b>stiishjp Pacifij, fr n* Australia. at rivid at Plymouth on the *5-h tilt., vi:b oas uundred and fx"ly :i*ou:atd pouz3s (?; oC gcll il'.rt. Australia is qu'-d O >id coming iu aben ih?j s?iae rv?a?titi'>* at use*! The ia ge st^imship Great Ertsln hai cleared uith forty thousand ounces of g>ld. The United States ?urvctU' Jaaaeitjwn wee tt Madrid un the Uih of Joly. Progress of Ui9 E?|i*? In Mexico ^HiLAUELPiiiA, August 2 ?Toe Kaati us hnt arrived, bringing accounts that J be Lrn.< rnvotatfoo ta pmgresairg. Gen W.U hid ..Hen back on Ma a-uor&a. 'he rev >!u tlx data iMIowing. Gencia: Vidally is mireLing f?*>m Monterey with two then* icd nan. T c :*&!! jf Matauiura< w is thought to be inevitable. The number of J a t-> dnrirg .ue l u: w e't previous to the sailing of the Ji ut'lus * two uui.drcJ ar.d serenty-Crc', in lui?ug ow fcur? Ired and seventy-throe by fever. From Havana. Nrw Tot*. Aug. 2.?Tbe Black Warrior trrived this uordiug with Havana da*e?u> tbe 23th of July Tbe pewi unimportant. Tea markets are unchanged. Tbe Empire City arrived pn the 27tb, an J sailed tbe same i.iy for AspinWJtll. There waa another arrival of Upopa on the 26 th. Aocfchnt New BEorouD Augnst 1 ?To?iiy, dating the launching of tbe ship Liaonaat, tbe nude:* pinning on one side gave way. causing tbe vra* el to keel over, throwing visiters on tbe dick to the ground, killing six persons and w\ u-d ing twenty or thirty, a>me of them, probab y, totally. lata from Oonnoii St. Loria, August 2 ?Ictelligeaer ha* been received ft\?m Council B'uff* to the i3'h July, ?t-tiug that greit excitement prerjis ia Jmaha city in consequence of the murder of the Omha chief, Logan, by the Sioux Indiaua. It is reported that the Omahas are aSout to join tbe Pawnees to war on the ?uux. Baltimore Market a Baltimore. Auzu?t 2 ?Floor?2 090 bar. red* City Mills una 000 barrel* H >wa ?! ntre*t a' f8 60, al?o 1 000 ?f the latter de!i*eiab!e 15th Sepiembeo, at Wheat ij firm at an advar.oe of 5o. or. qi*> tations of yesterday noon; reeeipts 15 D00 vu?LeU. C^rn unchanged; rediupts light. Few Tork Mark eta. New York. A?:B?t 2 ?Flour has adeaxce ? ?~>ne shilling. Wheat s, trifle higher ; ?oin lower' p'?i W and beef fit m, lard unchanged ; ?h:sky firrr. By J A? C MeOUIlE, AncMoneer TRt?TEK ? SXi.E OF A VALt ABLE ? Fara. eitaated ut Kall'slroes Kaads ? ily Virtue of two d>?d* of tr-iet, <1 ilv tn tde and re cord ed amoiiir fhe l.ind r*>rord? for Alexandr a cntinly, Vtr/lala. and ?>v Jo*truet1?n< frmi tSe partle* loterr?t? d. th- *nimrr\b- r will well ar pttdtc auction on SA I L' It UA\ , August Uth. at 4 o dxk P M., at the auction rooms, a valuaUir trac of land, containing 1*2 acre*, adj >?nln.- Bali's Cro.ta K>?d . fa d fact Uein^'a portion < f tte ?' Gietie ^ arm," furtnerlv owned br Oen J P Van N?^mi It ta propo??d to divde the farm Into four ! ??* ^rbcontanln^ a fair proportion of open and w ?od land, and to Oe ?old aeparatrlv. wttu the ri^ia to <>iir-half the growing crop. One cf tl<e lota, con taining 'M acres, l a* a ^ood aub"tantiai farm* hou?^. overa'rr's dwrllin^, earn, and other ant i?nlld:n,m on It. A pUt of tL?- suodlvislon may be ^oec at tba Auction Room* rnmi: Ow-fiurtb ca?h : the real due In twelve And *i h'een inontha, with lntbrea:, 07 a deed of i runt on tbe pre"? l^ea JA8 C McGVlRE, Jy 31?eoAda _ AucMoaaar LAST CHANCE* IF there is In \Va*hlnirton. Geo-fetewu ar neigh I borhood a u^raon who intrnda 10 H"raha-e a Carpet this fnll now la their time to buy It at a priie certainly leM tbau tbe aame quality' can ba purchased aix week* brace We are willing for a few weeks Ion per to atdl rlevant b*at qualftv Intper'al Ve'vet Carj^inva at SI 5u. and beat 3 cord Tapestry Rniaael* a' I will be worth fV and t i in the fall Al*o, Ingrain, Three-ply and Venlttan la pro 00 tlon. The prices at whlrb we are now offering Car petln^s are leaa than tbe same goads would bnug ?t auction In New 1 ork to dav Term* for tbe tiooda ra??j on d-llwery. Juat received and on aale Linen 8b?*ta, rich ard < perior Floor Oilcloth. aUo 10 d sen low-prl'wd, ill lu new and beautlf 1 dealgtu, and verv claap AlkO, In store an elt^ant atm k Uueo ftharilng*, Pllh.w l.lnena, Table Damaaka, la do hs nap tinid d pieces Stilend d assortment bathing and tollat Towels, >ofb ough and soft Marseille* t^ullu, both colored a Ltd white. A1 endale do for ?ummer um Alan, Dlnutie* In ^reat \~arletv And all other Furniture Dry Good* necaeaar, fot he comfort and convealenoe of housekeeping at ery low prices CLAGETT, DOD80.N A CO Jy 30 d2w \LL STRANGERS visiting the City abould **e Hunter'* Ceta J ?krueof tbe curiosities of the Patent Oftce Al ?o. his Description of Powell's tireat Ftcturas HUNTER is to be seeo at ?0d Tenth ?tr?et. may 3t?3m* VC ARD.?The subacrlber laforn^ hie friends and the public that he is noweffCe 10 aitrad to is bualneea He can be found at hla old etaUa Centre Market, ready to wall on them as be ?Iways ba* done heretofore Tbe beet of BEEF iwavs on Land JNO Wai .KEH. jy iS?lt V ietualler II ST REtEIVED AT MILLING TO* * ' 1'eriodtcnl Depot. .erper'a Mngszine for Auguat 'utman's Maira/ine do odev's Ladle* Book do >rauam'* Magazine do 1 ouaebold W orda do larper's new 0lory book for Auj^uet rank Italic'* liaxetteof Fa*bton do .'anorama of Life and Literature, for July?a naw magazine publlabed by Little. *on A Co; Jallou'i Dollar Monthly,fcr Aaruat \ew York Journal do t'ankee Notions do JOE SHILLINOTON'8 Odeon Building, cor 4j( at aAd Pa. av. Jy? ^TRAYEO OR STOI.E1V from tbe anbecil ^ ber, living on Waahlngton Bowle'a Farm, on the Washington and Baltimore Turnpike, a gray Mare with a brown atrlpeacro?? he *uoulders, and a buaby tall Sbe flings out aer bind legs when walking. I will give jR? re gard for tbe arreat and conviction at the thief, er a reasonable iwward for the horse Jy?-* DAVID DILLON_ HOWARD'S 17. B. ItPRCMI COURT Report*, va| 17, loat publlabed and for aaia by FRANC* TAYLOR. tr? CLOCKS: CLOCRRl f P you want a good booeMt Clock?or e that win ?*? alwuyegiveyow tbeoorreet time,d>ep laiat tt FRANCIS 4HO ttevenui atraet Re naa Clock. Aat oaoaot be eaeattad?baadaoasa e??i good Una Iff 7