Newspaper of Evening Star, August 3, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 3, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WABHIlTOTOir CITY: FRIDAY AFTER !f AO 1? Aiti?l3. gy AnTEKTiSBMiwTS should be banded in bj 12 o'clock. M-, otherwise they may not ap pear until th? next day. agents for the star. The following persons are authorised to eon tract for the publication of advertisements in the Sutr: Philadelphia?V. B. Paxxkb, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S M. Pbttiscill A Co., Nassau Street. Boptor ? V B. Pilikk, Soollay's Building JOB PRINTING. We are moving our presses into a fine new press room, where we will have greatly in creased facilities for the c^ocution of Job Pbihtisg. 'Jur other facilities for the neat, expedition*, and economical execution of Job Printing, of almost erery description, have likewise been greatly extended of late. So we are now prepared to give satisfaction in that line to all. Counsel before the Court of Claims will find the Star office the beat place in Wash ington for the immediate and correct execu tion of their printing jobs. Give us a call. SPIRIT 0? THE MORNING PRESS. The Union is exceedingly gratified with the decision of Judge Lewis, of the U. S. Supreme Court of Pa., upon Passrnore Williamson'." pe tition tor a writ ol habeas corpus, through which he seeks to be released from the impri eonment he is now suffering, under the sentence ?t Judge Kane, for contempt in making his re turnoi answer in the Wheeler slave case. Jndgc Lewis decide* that his court has no power what ever to interfere the action of the U. S. District Court in punishing contempts, and quotes many law books to show that in such matters the State Courts and U. S. Courts arc wholly independent of each other. We find in the Union a contradiction, which we presume to 44 be by authority," of our statement made a day or two since, that the permanent Coicmiisioncrship of the General Land Office had been offered to Joseph S. Wil son. iisq , the accomplished ChiefClerk of that Bureau Nlt seems that the authority ou which we said so was erroneous. It is due to Mr. W. that we sbtmld add that it did not come from him. We rsrely make mistakes in such mat ters. very rarely, indeed, but the most careful are at times liable to error. We trust and be Leve that the lion. Mr Hendricks will make a ratisikctory Commissioner. He is competent to tha discharge of the duties of the position, and in the course of his service in Congress he de- I monstrate that .he is a man of integrity of purpob.i in all he does. The Union further says : In the year la^6, after all save one of the band of patr whose signatures are borne on the Declaration ot Independence had descen ded to the tomb, and the venerable Carroll alone remained am n?*the living, the Govern meut of the city of New York deputed a com mittee to wait ?.n the illustrious survivor, and obtain from him, for deposite in the public ha.'lof the city, a copy oi the Declaration of 177#. grated an.l authenticated anew with his ?ug:i m. nual. Tne aged L^triot yielded to the request, afld affixed, with hia own hand, to a copy of tha; instrument, the grateful, solemn, and pi us sup] lemental declaration which fol lows : 44 Graloful to Almighty God for the bless ings whicn, through Jesus Christ our L^rd. He has conferred on my beloved country in her emancipation, and on myself in permitting me, under c rcuinstances of mercy, to live to the aae ol>9years, and to survive the fiftieth year of/J-meticaii independence, ami certify by my present signature my tpprobrtion of the De claration of Independence, adopted by Con gress ort :he 4th oi July. 1776, which I origi nally enbeeribed on the 21 day of August of the -ameyear, and of which I am now the last surviving signer, .1 do hereby recommend to the present and futtU'e generations the princi ples of that important document as the best earthly inheritance their .incestors could be queath to them, and pray th at the civtl ami re figxou.% hherties they hare tecHred to my coun try rwiy U perpetuated to renuj'tst posterity and extended to the whole family of man. Cuaklk.h Caruoll of Carfo!l?oiu I Augcst 2, l?2t'>. The L'mon also publishes a letter from Governor I'ease of Texas, wherein that estimable ai d erudite gentleman, for such we know him tj be, takes very emphatic ^r^und against Know Nothingism. Tho Intelirgeneer says: 44 It is a source of deep regret to all calm, considerate love.s of la.r and order that recent legislation in me of our States has 90 utterly subverted, and indeed annihilated, tbe wise distinction heretofore made between the re spective provides of court and jury. That distinet;on, so !? ng recognised by tho common law of England, and adopted, with that law, as part of the law of onr country, has univer sally received the approbation ol men of learn ing ai.d experience; and tho growing disre ^*rrd of it is to be considered one of tbe atrong est indications of th<. bad remits flowing irom that reckless ?pirit ol pseudo-reform that evciywoiHe prevails That legal reform is desirable in Juany particulars is highly prob able ; b:r thetJ 1* reasjn U> fear that rcfoan ere, in their ea'urucas ?o improve tho legal edifice which ha* bee:? erected by tho labor and wisdom of agc?, ma>( their blindness, not only destroy its unsightly and useless part-, but also undermine weaken tho very foundation of its glory a.'Xi excellence. ?4 We have been led to tbe cotf.?ide?a?ion of this subject by observing rhst tho jurie* of Ma.-'sochaaett* have l>eea not only at.tiling, them- lves of the p-.wer lately granted th<T*u by a'J aot of their Legislature which makes them ^vidgc* of both tne law and the tacu, but have ev.'tt usurped tho prerogative of tbe Su preme Ju-i viary, and have taken upon them selves to proMtUnce a regularly er acted and approved law ?<i l^eir Legislature uneonstitu . iaoaal. Ceriaialy su??tf 3" assumption of prwer cannot be sustained. If it could, instead of the three great ile|>ar*ment>? legislative, ex ecutive. a 1.d judicial, tho glory ot ou tcderal system and ot the governmental syljems of the several States?the |?eople of M t sa'busetts would {rfjiucss but two?tbe legislative ttfcpart ment being merged in the judicial, a;*d tne latter j xercued equilly by tbe regularly ai pointed judges of the highest appellate court n^Ufe' !*ara"'1 ia and by the mo*t illiterate uncultivated jurymen that ever 'it in solemn to uecide a ease *>f pet 'y ^ lurcacj. The trav?ru:rs in three cases unu" the prohibitory liquor law of 31as sachu?etts cero lately acquitted because, for sooth, the jur/ ?n each case believed the law to be unconstitutional. This, we presume and hope, holds good in criminal cases only, as in -Mar^.afid and some o.^er States^ otherwise there would be still greater reason to xe 'ret the ultra-riform mania. ?* Whether, in this particular o.,*e or in any other ^].ccial caje, tno verdict of tht> iury be a rational one, or: the merits of the iiqio* law or o! any other law, should not be eorsidtr^i. It is the general principle thai is to be deplored? the pnociple t jat lead:* to th? utter destruc tron c. useful and indispensable legal distinc tions It this principle be fully admitted, there can be no further use for judges in .our court, and nice legal questions need no long er puzzle t't mind* of learned counsel. L t us hope, for what we believe tbe best n-Tl , ?Ur c juntry- ?bich is so largely indebted for its prosperity to h just and proper administration of established i.?w, that this growing evil mjj be ch^cKe-i aaU tnu^upretn acy of the law vindicated." Niw Potatoxs, of excellent quality, are selling in New York at 52 a barrel, which was ^he pnee of a bushel a few weeks ago WASKUreTOM Hiwg AND GOU1P. How They Squeal!?The New York Expru end many of the minor Know Nothing news papers are bellowing at a greet rate over the removal of Know Nothings of all degrees from the service of the Government in this city, and in order to pretend the justify their complaints, they not only suppress the trnth bearing on this Action of the Administration, but tell any nimber of unbloshing and unmitigated false hoods to back their case. Thus, in their win nings they arer that the removals are made because the removed are American born and Protestant* in religion ! It strikes us that, with out contradiction, as there are notoriously com paratively few foreign born and Catholic per sons in the public employment here, the world comprehends the hollowness of this Know Nothing pretence to eheat it out of its sympa thy But there arc two things they fail to tell, which they all know to be true, and which en tirely disprove all they publish on the subject. First, that the removals are made because the removed have sworn to proscribe, whenever they can do so. every person, native or foreign born, Protestant or Catholic, who fails to bo with them in politics; and next, that the Know Nothings have rigidly observed thit repulsive and really anti-American oath wherever they have temporarily obtained power so to do, from Maine to California. They have not spared a single opponent any where in the Uuited States?not one. This truth is undisputed. No Know Nothing news paper in the United States has ever dared to deny it; and up to the time that it was dis covered that the present Administration were in earnest in tho purpose of physicking Know Nothingisin with its own nostrum (for improv ing the health of the body politic) every Know Nothing newspaper freely avowed that pur pose, as one of the chief of the ends nnd aim? of their political organization. "We are no prosjriptionist for political opinion's sake, and demise tho practice heartily. But, to our mind, the removal of men from the public em ployment who deliberately swear that thev will secretly labor to bring about the removal of every man, woman and child, high func tionary. clerk, mechanic, messenger, laborer and servant, of whatever religion and where cver born, who holds no sympathy with the Know Nothing political organization, is prop?r. Office-holders standing in such a position ought to be removed from the service of the Govern ment of the United States. Persons who take such oaths, or who, without taking their, labor to bring about the triumph of a **iiy sworn to and inflexibly carrying out the policy such proscription wherever they obtain the opportunity so to do, deserve rone of the sym pathy of honest and patriotic men when there coil of the weapon they are wielding against others knocks them over. It is not only extreme ly unmanly for the Know Nothing journals to be whining over the fate of their partizans who have thus been forced to swallow medicine they labor to force down the throats of others, but exceedingly hypocritical?exceedingly so! The Coast Survey.?A correspondent of the Organ presented the readers of that paper yesterday with statistics to prove the undue employment of persons of foreign birth iu the ?ervice of that branch of the business of the General Government. He omits, designedly of Crturse, to tell the whole truth; as to do so would be to defeat his purpose of deceiving the public into the idea that su large a pro portion ot foreign-born persons are unnecessa rily employed on the cua?t survey, and that the number so employed there may be taken as a criterion of the undue proportion of them employed in other branches of the public ser vice. Thus he refrains from saying that these foreigners by birth are almost all employed in the discharge of scientific and artistic duties, absolutely necessary in the prosecution of the iurvey of our coasts, but to perforin which, unfortunately, and to our national shame be it written, men aie very rareiy educated and otherwise trained in our country. Many of them are astronomical calculators, and thus pursue a business most intensely laborious upon the brain and requiring attainments of a high order, and scientific knowledge such as is possessed by perhaps not more than a dozen natives of the United States. Our ?OT?rnment is exceedingly fortunate in obtaining the s*.rWces of these gentlemen, who render, every one of theTU, a quid pro quo for all they receive from the treasCTJ of the Uni ted States for their services, without which, rendered by person* born abroad, (under the imperfect system of scientific education that up to this time has prevailed in this country) our oasts must go uciurveyed for ever ; more especially if Know Nothings should ever ob tain the control of its public affairs. The Commander F. J de CarvalhoKoreria, This distinguished gentleman, who took official leave of tho President, yesterday, with the view of leaving his position as the Minister Extraordinary of the Brazilian Government to the Uuited Stales to go to Europe, has been selected to represent his majesty the Emperor of the Brazils at tho Court of Victoria. /5o his absence from Washington is to be permanent, ram. temporary, as we thought yesterday. The ^ontlemao who succeeds him here, under an appointment Charge d'Affaires ad interim, the Chevalier Agui&r de Andrada, is his (Mo rcria's) brother-in-law. and is well known in Washington SAxriety, where hi.- fine jnanneis, intelligence, atu accomplishments, make him very popular. The new Brazilian Minister to London has had <iuiie a lengthy residence in Washington. iu the course of which he has made many friends and weil-wi*hert>, indeed, for his country, among the public men of the United State*, who have come, through iuter Couise with him more than in any other way, to appreciate the fao* that Brazil is rapidly be coming to SoUlh America. wha? our country is to America of th<* > vrib. JUis belecti^a a? the representative of his Government >lt the Epg lisb Court cannot fail to have excellent influ ence ?ot its interests in that quarter, if wc I judge from the effect of hfs so well known ur- ' bauiiy, devotion to the interests committed t ? his charge, ajud rare diplomatic qualities and attainments, in this quarter. Washington parts with him with regret. The Third aad Sixth Auditors.?Tho Third Auditor of the Treasury. Robert J. Atkinson. Esq., has g>*ce home to Ohio on a dying visit, and the Sixth Auditor, Wm. T. Phillips, Esq., of Virginia, Las gone t? the sea shore, accom panying thither a daughter in 7e,ry bad health. These two gentlemen Lave fairly earned high standing li?.is by their efficiency in the dis- ' charge of thsir official duties, and their urban ity aod intelligence as gentlemen. Mr. W. A. S Taylor, of the bureaa acts a? Third Auditor pro trm., Mr. Samuel S. Kind, the Chief Clerk, beirj an invalid. Judge Thomas J. Johnson, the Chief Clerk of the Sixth Auditor ! office, ;? Mditor fro tsm. of that bureau. The News from the Crimea.?The Asia bring? London dates to the 21st of July end from the Crimea, by telegraph, to the 20th of July. The news by the Washington embraces little additional. The advices make it e^i* dent that since the repulse of the attack of the Allies on the Malakoff and Redan on tho 18th of June, nothing whatever has been at I tempted by them. This state of inac tivity on their part for more than a month, and until they are brought into the most fatal season of the year for them, indicates even more inefficiency for effective and successful operation against the Russians than before. The news also tells of the " repulse" of the Russians in many night assaults; which, in turn, indicates that the beseiged are in a con dition to keep the allies constantly harassed for want of sleep. Troops hard pressed in a be sieged place, arc never in a fit condition tomake night sortie.', which are most effective mean?, indeed, of worrying out the strength uf be seigers. When the English press talk about the " repulse" of the Russians in such affair-*, it simply means that the Russians?having gained their object of forcing the Allies to put their troops in battle array?tukingthem from their necessary .sleep to that end?and having killed from u ?vore to five hundred men? or spiked more oar less of the besiegers' guns, retire within their own defences, for the most, part, unscathed. Every delay of grand re sults is disadvantageous to the allies, as will bo found ere the winter sets in. Important to Property Holder* in Wash ington.?We understand that recently a caae was submitted officially to the Attorney Gen eral requiring on his part a full investigation of the question of the validity of conveyances of government lots in the city of Washington by the Commissioner of Public Buildings, con cerning which doubt has been expressed here tofore, and that ho has come to the conclusion that the power to convey is vested in the Com missioner. Appointed.?The President has appointed Murray McConnel, of Illinois, to be Fifth Auditor of the Treasury, in the place of Jo siah Minot, appointed Commissioner of Pen sions. The Current Operation* of tho Treaaurj Department.?On yesterday, the 2d of August. ( there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department...* $418 7i ' For the redemption of Stock 110 54 i For the Interior Department....? 8.823 Vi 1 For the C us tons 27,351 01 War Warrants received and en tered 21,673 39 War repay warrants received and entered 8,033 39 j Covered in from miscellaneous sources 1,443 9d j From Customs 42 73 | PERSONAL . ...Capt. Owens, of the late Kinney expedi tion. is at the Kirkwood Hotel. Commander de Figanise, Minister from Portugal is at Wil lard's. lion. W. L. Yancey and lady of Ala., ind cx-Gov. Thomas G. Pratt, of Md., are at Brown's. ....Joshua Evans, of Virginia, has received intelligence that an estate of SI.800.000 has been left in Wales, aud that he wa? one of the three heirs to it. The sum may reach S2, 500.000. ....Fanny Wallack was recently playing Juliet at Leeds, England, and just when sb-i had exclaimed, '-0, cruel poison!" a tall. lean, /aunt, sandy-haired mcdical student in tho Uge box. deeply absorbed in the scene, thru-t down his hat on his head with a convulsive ef fort. aud cried out in a voice of thunder?'Iveep him ui> Juliet, I'll run and fetch the stomurh. pump. " ....Another gentleman, Theodore G. Ma hew. of Edgartown, appointed by Gov. Gard ner to be a commissioner under the personal liberty law of Massachusetts, declines to serve, on the ground of its unconstitutionality. ....Gen. John Hodges died in Portamouth. Va.,on Wednesday, of disease of the heart, at the advanced age of sixty-six years and six months. ... .The following named gentlemen have been placed in nomination by the Democratic Convention of Baltimore. U3 candidate* to re present that city in the next House of Dele gates: John S. Wright, Robert M. McLane, John V. L. MoMahon. Hugh A. Cooj^r. Al gernon R. Wood, Hugh Bolton. Thomas W: fl ans, George Evans, Wilson C. M. Carr, AVil liam Devries. ... .Among the obituary notices of eminent persons reported by the last steamer is that of R.ear Admiral Sir William Edward Parry, the Arctic navigator from 1818 to 1820. lie died ou the 7th ult., at Ems, in Germany. Tennessee and North Carolina Elec tions.?The elections in each of these States took place yesterday, but up to the hour of going to press, two o'clock, the telegraph brings us no returns. The wires, we presume, are not in working order. This we regret; for in telligence concerning the contest is anticipated with much interest by our citizens at large. Geneva.?Mr. Greeley was quite delighted with Geneva, and in one of his letters nays: 11 I was not surprised to find quite a number of wealthy Americans settled here; for if I were condemned to live in any place I ever saw where my mother tongue is not spoken, 1 should not hesitate to choose Geneva. For here are combined the blessing of republican freedom and the nure health-giving breath of tho mountains: cere t^e tig-tree as well as ?he vine bears its fruit in the open air, Mdo by Mile with the apple and nearly every fruit of the temperate sonc: h?re Nature is prolific, enfranchised Man industrious, and squalid Provcrty hardly known: and I know no other city of equal importance which rivals this at once in grandeur of scenery and an abundance and variety of resources tor comfortable liv ing." _ . ii 11 i i??? A Toast bt a Printer ?At the Franklin festival, recently held in Lowell, the following -?entiictct proposed, and most heartily n - ' sponded to by the company: The Printer?the master vf &U Trades, lie beats the farmer with his fast Hot, Ih - car penter with his rule, and the mason in getting up toll columns. He surpasses tho lawyer and doctor in Amending to his case, and beats ! the oarson in the mana^mcftt ot the "Devil." ? O i Ljpln Norwicn, it, is stated that at Rose i Co s stone cutter's shop, while taking off the ' surface ?f 9 slab of Connecticut Riyer brown I stone, a live toud was found, which, on being ! j released from his long imprisonment, hopped ?iff unconcernedly! ? Potatoes.?From the present indication all over the country and Canada, potatoes will go a begging for buyers at 25 cents a bushel. They were sold ip thii city, yesterday, at 62i cents a bushel, from'w?'o;if. A decline from H.12J in ten days.?liochesUr Democrat, Monday. Rattlesnakes seem to abound iu southern Oregon. Three men recently went to the mountains where dens of these snakes were known to exist in large numbers, and in a short time killed sevon hundred of them. [yThe counsel for Passmore Williamson, charged with abducting Col. Wheeler's slaves at Philadelphia, on Wednesday applied to the Supreme Court for a writ of habeas corpus, with the view of bringing Williamson before that tribunal, but the wnt was refused. FAUQUIER CORRESPONDENCE. Wakkkhtow. Y?., Aug 2,1855. A pleasant'trip down the Potomac to Alex andria? a ride over the rough streets to the depot. AU aboard ! Whew?whew ' shuh? shuh??huh ! and wo are dashing over the Orange and Alexandria Railroad as swiftly as the iron-hone, goaded to its utmost speed, can carry cs. Down guide, through forest, over bridge, and past station, till, rumbling along the Warrenton branch, we draw up fox the day at the country town of Fauquier. A pleasant quiet little town is this sam?t Warrenton, ull embosomed in foliage?the emerald village of Virginia. Tall turrets ri?e through the green leave* from fine beautiful temples dedicated to the faith of the Ghnstian. and in the pleasant thoroughfares reigns ? look of quietness acd case that is auite refreshing after the din of city life. A superb court house, newly erected, a large number of stores, and some an neat, symetrieal r?-siJences as adorn the State, make up, altogether, ^pretty a country town a.* one ux&y see in twelve months hence. The circulation of th# Star ha* suffered se verely in consequence of insularity in it* re ception, but under the new arrV?n??niente all will g,> right, and Warrenton, a.s well" ** the rest of your Virginia subscription, be regularly supplied. The Fauquier White Sulphur Springs be low are dull. They are fur from receiving that patronage to which the healthfulnes* of their location, the acknowledged virtue of their waters entitles them; but it is to be fanped?that this month will show better things, and the enterprising host of the well-kept ho tel be in some measure remunerated for his henvy outlay. The farmers in this neighborhood say that not more than half the ordinary wheat crop has been made this Feason ; but little wheat was sown, and they say the crop will full far below the average A<;exs. The Messrs. Willard, at Old Point.?A correspondent of the Richmond Enquirer writ ing from Old Point, p*ys the following compli ment to the Messrs. Willard, at present the proprietors of that delightful watering placu. Wc cordially endorse what he says of them : '? Mr. Caleb Willard is a prodigy in Lotel management. The quiet, amiable, and yet effective personal supervision that he bestows on all the movement* of this vast caravansary, secures comfort to every guest You should know that the Willard brothers are not mere speculators in hoteling?not simply men who have gone into it to take the money of the traveling public for such accommodation us th^y are only obliged to extend, but they are regular born and bred hotelistri, thoroughly learned and practical in all that concerns the government of a great Aineaican hotel. And this is t?e secret of the present unexampled success of Old Point Comfort under the genius i>f the Willaru*. They hate fixed the fact, f >r the first time, of a splendid Southern wa tering place, and the"** deserve the success which they are receiving.*' Germanic Relations.?The London Morn ing Chronicle publishes the text of an Austrian circular, dated June 28. to the Germanic Diet. The document speaks strongly for pea<*e. and also says that Austria will continue to hold the Principalities till j eace be restored Austria further asks the Germanic Confederation to maintain its present attitude. A telegraphic di-patch says the Diet has replied that present circumstances do not cail for fresh measures, and the Diet does not contemplate extending it* obligation? or engagements. It is stated in Vienna, that a better unde manding now exists between the Austrian a:.d Prussian Cabinets, and that their action in the Federal Diet will be identical. There is al^o a rumor?scarcely creditable however?that the Allies propose that the Crimea he given to Turkey, the Principalities to Austria, and Lombur ly to Sardinia. England and France to have contingent advantages. The pishing kumses* on Lake Superior may yet be sai 1 to be in its infancy, in conse quence of the difficulty, until this season, of freighting over the Falls. Now the canal is in operation. For several year*, however, it was carried on by the American Fur Company, who had five vessels engaged in the trade, while not in u^e freighting fur*. It wisknown in 1S40 they exported over 10,000 barrels, be sides 130 barrels of oil made from trying sis. quette, the fattest tish that swims, and are taken in abundance by seines, on the lake shore Another year will probably see hun dreds of fishermen at many jM.ints on the island. Is is the American Baltic. China.?The present condition of China is a melancholy demonstration of what conser vatism may do for a family. The lowest round on the social ladder is occupied by th<* oldest living nation?a nation that claims to be the only civilized. The poorest, classes in the neighborhood of Hong Kong, are selling their children for 21 cents each. This price applies to girls of 7 to 10 years, and the pur chaser must take her away at once and prom i?o support. They r<re chiefly employed ?s jervants. Older girls being morr or to speak -omm^rciirHy. "we quote girls from 7 to 10 years at 20 cents, 10 to lj years SI; 15 to 20 years are more in demand, and cannot be had under $70 to $100." ?5?** " There is a woman at the bottom of every mischief," said Joe. '? Yes," replied Charley, ,k when I used to s?ct into mischief my mother wa? at the bottom jf me." C^The Midlothian coal fields in Virginia have been on fire for two days. S*-^J^NOTICE.?Thf* Hoard of Directors of the Waj-hington Hu;lding Annotation will niwt THIS F.VF\I\<?, at 8 o'clock, in Union Academy, corner New York avenue and Uth street. J. P. DICKINSON, Pec. au 3?It* FIRST r.KAND BALL OF THE Season.?The members of the Terpsi chore Club moKt respectfully announce to tneir Friends and patrons that they will give their *ec ond Grand Annual Hall at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard on MONDAY' EVENING, Septem ber 24, 1&55. Particulars in future advertisement. au 3?3t* f r ATTENTION MONTGOMERY GUARD. m You are hereby notilied that a special nieet 17 ftling of the Company will be held on SAT -illiL'RDAY EVENING, the 4th instant for the purpose of making arrangements for the fu neral of a deceased member, which will take place on SUNDAY' at 3 o'clock p. m. Punctual attendance js required. By order of C*|>t. Key; au 3?2t \VM. O SULL1VAN, Sec. Sf-^^F.XCURSION.?The Excursion to the , VCS White House of the Brotherhood of the I Union will take place on TUESDAY", August7th ! 185-0 Ttoe U.a? will leave the City Wharf at t o'clock p m., Naw Y'ard'i#. and Alexandria at 3V Tickets ONE DOLLAR For particulars nee posters an 3?3t* WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY'. The monthly meeting of the Corps will be held on MONDAY EVENING next, the 6tu instant, at * o'clock, and U is expected that every member will be in attendance. Hy order of the Captain : B. F. BEERS, Sec. , iMFHir'^ CLUB.?The members of < J?fif*the Club are hereby ."otifiedjo Mtend a , regular monthly meeting TO-MORiw .. %*Q- 1 day) EVENING Aug. 3d. As business of importance will be brought ;ip, it Is earnestly hoped that every member will be punctual in his attendance. Bv order: S. ?. CULVER WELL, Sec. au 3?? a MEETING OF THE MERRY Bachelors, held on the evening of July 31, 1955, J no. N Clapham wzs expelled from the Club by an unanimous vol<?, for .non-payment of dues and fines. By Order of the Club: JNO D. BRANDT, au 1?0t* ^ Secretary. ?-2S>TO FARMERS AND OTHERS ?At a Fair which will be held on the Bel lemonte farm, Broad Creek, Piscataway district, Prince George's county, Md., on THURSDAY, 9th of August, at which, among other things, the Morgan horse Voung Gilford, Cows, 8he?p. and Goats, a pair of family carriage horse*, three second hand carriages, and a variety of farming Imple ments, willbe sold to the highest_bldder. au 1?lw MatrefoUta* jSffil!'<5*' -J - 0*?*a?T?W*^^0!, Tr*\&961 rIE Second Annuel Rep?\ distribution and Director. 1. - na &? Htortbolder,^* ^fi^dd^hXb x SecreUry or aend K J. W. DEEBIJE, Sec. poeteAce au &-law3w < _ ^ . A BARK CHANCE -For sale.a s mall stockof - --- mnA Tobacco, Mid store for rent It i? one of the bast bual?w stand in th? c1ty. and anv wishing to engage ia the btfalneas, the stock and inures will be soldchean. EnTSlreof GEORGE C/SlF.BF.L, 7th.brtw?? H and I streets. ?u s-d3t* $5 REWARD.?Strayed or stolen from near the residence of the subscriber, a vauag o'av HORSE, mane, tail and hind legs nearly white. Anv one returning the borwe to me. or b\ leaving information so I can get him 1 Will _ the above reward. JOSEPH R quINTER, ?ear the AOTMT o,' ^ ***? streets au 3?St* ICE CREAM DEPOT. rTJHE undersigned respectfully Informs theciti J. zens that he has opened a Depot at No. F street, between 13th and 14th streets, for the rale of ICE CREAM from the Mansion Farm and solicits a share of patronage. He will deliver the Cream in anv part of the city at $-2 per gallon Any one wishing to be nerved is requested to leave their orders at the above Depot uefore 1 o'clock p. m. ?u3-3t* CHARLES H. WEIGHT. 0^*0 FIREME1TS AHD CIVIC E1CUR?:*,S* ?3? FIC SIC or TRI Franklin Fire Company, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. THE members of the Franklin Fire Company take pleasure In announcing to _ ^ ^ the Firemen, their friends and theJjfcggC.* public generally that they have chartered the saf> and commodious steamer Geo. Washington, and will give a Grand Excursion and Pic Mr to the WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, on WEDNES DAY, August 22d The Company pledge themselves that no trouble or expense will "be spared to make this one of the most pleasant, gay, and teekerche Excursion of the season. A celebrated Cotillon Band has been engaged for the occasion. Dinner and Supper will be furnished by an ex perienced caterer For the accommodation of those persons who do not wish to spend the whole day down the river the boat will make two trips. Leave Georgetown at 8 o'clock, Washington ai 9, Navy Yard at Alexandria at 10. Afternoon leave* Washington at 2%, Alexandria at 3)f o'clock. Returning, will leave the W hlte House at 0 and and 1ft o'clock p m. Tickets, admitting a gentleman and two ladies. SI, to be had of the Committee of Arrangements, and at the boat on the morning of the Excursion Committee of Arr \ngemmt*. Rob't E Diyle, J Williamson, G R Crossfleld, J B Medley. L R Thomas, P i Newman, J M Y Hough, Alex Tait, JnoTCoumbe R Eckloff au 3?laW.JwA.dtd GRAND CIVIC & MILITARY EXCURSION or Tiia German Yagers, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILIOS, On MONOAV, August 13, 1**4. TjJj.* YAGERS respectfully announce to their friends, "-Me and military, and the public genera.,v that their next Excursion will take plat* W> MONl#Ai , August 13th ? The well known Steamer George Washington has I teen chartered for the occasion. and will make two trips both ways, leaving the Steamboat wharf in the morning at h o'clock. 1 o'clock p m. in the evening the boat will leave t*.e Pavilion at 7 ;ind 10 o'clock, touching each trip ai Alexandria going and coming. Weber's superior Band has been engaged for the occasion. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admit?in. a gentle man and ladies; to be had of the Committee or at the boat. Refreshments to be obtained on board of the boat and at the White House, at city prices. Ord Sgt Ruppell, Sgt Schtiial . Corp Wahl, J Angerman. Peter Sch welter. hu 3?lit MARSHALL'S SALE. IN virtue of writ of Fiere Facias Issued from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the Dis trict of Columbia for the county of Wa-shlntton. ind to me directed I shall expose to public sal. for cash, on MONDAY, the :i7th of August st the front of the Court Hnuse door at Tu o'clock M.,ihe following property. viz: All that piece c-r parcel of ground lying and being in the cltv of Washington, and known on the plat of said cltv is the west half of square No 753, being lots No*. I. 5. 6.7.8, ?J. 1ft, 11, 12, 13,14. and 13 in said <quare No. 753. together with all and singular ti;e mprovements thereon ; seired and levied upon as he property of J allies Crutchett. and sold to satisfy ludiclal No. 5* to October term 1-51, in favoi it Charles N. Noell and Henrv Decournev J D HOOVER, Marshal for the District of Columbia au 2?d20t MARSHAL'S SALE. |N virtue of a writ of Fiere Facia? Issued from ? the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court oi the district of Columbia for the county of Washington itid to me directed. I shall expose to public sale 'or cash on MONDAY, the 27th day of Augusr text, at the front of the Court House door at 12 >'clock M . the following propertv, viz: All that ?art of lot No. 13, in square No 702. beginning for he said part of said lot at the northeast corner of Aid square, and running thence north westwardly vith the line of Pennsylvania Avenue 22 feet, hence south westwardly t>7 feet, together with all :nd kingtdarthe improvements thereon, seized and evled upon as the property of Horatia R Merry nan, and sold to satisfy J udicial No. 70, to Octo ber term 1851, in favor of Peter H. Hooe k Co. J D HOOVER. Marshal for the District of Columbia au 3?ditt SUMMER RETREAT. BLAKISTON'S PAVILION will be open for the reception of visitors on the 5th of lidy. The proprietor's table will be sup pled with the delicacies abounding in the> vaters adjacent to Blaklston's Island. He bops lis endeavors to please will insure him a dhart of -?atronage from those seeking health or a little <uiet from city bustle. The Steamers Maryland, Osceola, and Alice C. t*rice stop regularly at his landing. TBBltt. for one month ?1ti 00 ror one week or more, p?r <i*y ... 1 ?; For a shorter time, per day 123 A good band of Cotillon Music is engaged for he season from Washington GEORGE W. BLAKISTON, Je 23?"Jm* Proprietor. BRILLIANT SAILING MATCH. rHE lovers of this beautiful and entertaining sport are hereby informed that the subscriber on templates getting up, on the 8th of Augist, a GRAND REGATTA. Two chased Etruscan Silver Goblets will con titute the prizes. The most valuable to be award ed to the most rapid boat in the race. The next >est to bear off the second premium. The match s to be between boats belouging to Washington. Georgetown and Alexandria. Boats having deck* i*er 25 feet are ineligible to entry. The proprie yrs of boats must bear In mind that they cannot ?I'ter any boat not owned in the above places at his time. Many boat owner- are now preparing for th* iport to take place on the8th August, and . from the ipparent interest taken, it promises to be one of he most entertaining and rtektrekf affairs ever before offered to the lovers of boat chasing in thi* :itx The following craft have already entered for the jontegt: KNOW NOTHING. WILL WATCH, (the light-heeled craft that wreof the pitcher last seaaon triumphantly.) SKIMMER. MARTHA. GENERAL JACKSON. A large and beautiful steamer will be churter? d 'or the occasion, in order to afford all who desire o witness this beautiful sail an opportunity to be iold all its various Incidents. Owners of boats, and others, desiring to enter heir craft, or learn the manner and intention of he Regatta, or terms of entry, can be gratified in iny umuuer l?y calling at th? City Restaurant, cor ler of Peansylvaua 13lh "treet. Fort Waahingtoa will be tha distance designed >y the undersigned and returning to the point of City Restaurant, cor. Pa av. and 13th st. je 29?iawtf LIME ! LIME ! LIME! PtREAT REDUCTION IN PRICE!?Best Uf quality wood burnt Lime at EIGHTY cents wr barrel I am now selling the beet^jnallty of wood burnt ?ime in Washington at eighty eenta per barrel at he kilns and eighty-five cents delivered in any Murt of tha city, xhis ia twenty-five per cent less han the market price. LAWTON P.HOOVER, Potomac Lima Kilns, one square south of the jowar Bridge, Georgetown. Jy if ^ (VoioB,Or?aa,Iatel) ODD FELLOWS' HALL. - 1LXTXFTH AHJCUAL VttH Of KtNKKL'A OPERA TROUPE! Who. in eddlrten to a iru-tf ?av?rfal ltd her totfly orpn^ed J (UMEDIA>S. VOriLWTI,* DAK lRi bow include the highly celebrated infaet peedlgiei THE WILIS CHILIUH * Thii jolntcouibiMikM render* Lheer |artiillnn UNEQUALLED IN TALENT, Thn will commence on MONDAY tyjiN ING, August ttih Admia?ion TWENTY PIV? Door* open at 7, ?mm*? 't j ding ?t n? o'clock ?"d eenflu au 1?*? . J NO T. FORD, Agent between 4* and ?th aueau,, Ing. a large Mocking Bird, which doea no? sin* at present An* one warning the bird to ths Washington Hall Restaurant. at corner Cth street and Pa avenue, wlil rocclve the above reward, no 2?31* OTRAYEO OR ft T O L E N^>n \Vedn?adav ^ night. August let. lietween lti^ and 11 t'd'k, a roan Horse and four-wheeled Buggv which had been hitched on 4 If at., eeer corner of Pa avenue Any Information left nt SMITH'S Stables, lVtb <treet, will be suitably rewarded au 2?2t* 0*E CENT REWARD. ?Ranawny on th? 4th of July, my Approaltce Boy James Nich ols, aged I? years au 2?2t? GEORGE F D. SOPF.R pARRIAGES AND HORSES FOR SALE. V 1 vei>' ?? Buggy, two aenta /TV One very superior Prenrh Coupee A*>V One Hot* of great value, being young ganflc, and fast. One Bearskin Robe One flne set silver mounted double Haraeaa, but little worn. One flne Buggy Harness Apply to Mr CAL VIN, au i?3t? 411 Thirteenth street SPECIAL CARD?Attention la respectfully railed to the Trustee* rale of two mug Cot tage Houses, on south D. between 12th and 13th streets west, to take place on the premises, on Friday afternoon, Auguat 3d. nt 8 o'clock. J. C. McGUIRE, au 2?d Anctlan?y. S~OUTHERN QUARTERLY REVIEW foe July, 1855. Content*: International I4W, The Jesuits Russia. Lamartlne Chief Justice Taney on L'?ury Peter the Great. Countess of blesslngtOQ Homeopathv. Copper iu the U S Massachusetts. Criticisms. Ac. Subscription, So per annum au 2 _ __ FRANCK TAYLOR. Shirts-shirts?we bm jmtmeivfd a large and flne assortment of Gentlemen 'a be?< juality white and colored Shirts. which we wi.l dispose of at the lowest New York price* WALL A STEPHENS. 322 Pa avenue, next door to Iron Hall. au 2?tf JUST KEt'f ITED PER SCHOONER Fairfax, from New York ISO barrels brown Sugar 80 do powdered, hard and soft crashed Sugar 200 do Connecticut river Herring*, bright and handsome 45 boxes scalded Herrings 35 barrels Mackerel. No 3 1'i.j packages fresh Tea 75 taxes ground Coffee 3?m Kacks flne and G A. Salt 50 boxec fr?sh Salad Oil 30 boxes Cheese " 100 lioxes dark Soap 125 dozen brooms 60 dozen Cord* and Lines 100 gross Matches 40 dozen Buckets 2uoo pounds toft shell Almonds I'Mi pounds Cmm Nut* 125 i.iut^ls Ground Nuts 3 quarter casks oid MarteH Bnndy 2 do Port W'lne. pure juke V baneia old Family Whiskey 75 boxes Touacco. For sale by MURRAY A SEMMES. au h?3tAeo6t XTHATCHES?Our assortment of Watches, V? comprising *11 the more desirable styles and l>e*t maker*. is by far ;be largest ever offered to our customers Purchaser*in want of accurate time keepers, at low rates, would do well to examine our stock M W.GALTARRO 3jt5 Penn av between i?th and loth streets au 1?fit All VI R IX* AK V II SKMKEN. 3311 Pa avenue, between 9th and lis itnh streets, offer* his large stock of puis Silver Ware, consisting of Coffee and Tea Seia, complete. Sugar Bowls, Cream Goblets, Cnp?, Spoons and Forks, and a magnificent assortment or richly chased fancy silver ware suitable for gifts, at Reduced prices Persons in want of any of the above articles arc Invited to call Being mostly of our own manufacture, we war rant it sterling. 117" Silveiware of anv design made to order at diort notice Particular attention is paid in gel ling up Testimonials, Premium*. 4c. au 1?tr ARY LYNDON ; or, Revt.'ation* of a Life. 1" A Visit to the camp before >ebastopol \ew Hope; or, the Rescue A tale of the Great Kanawha The Watchman, by the author of the lamplighter Doestick* LTleve Hall, a new work, by Miss Sewell rue Heiress of Haughton Trial and Triumph, or flrmneaaln the household, by T S. Arthur The latest .London Papers All the neweat and most popular works coostant y on hand and for sale at JOE SHILLING TON'S, Odeon Building, corner 4^ at. and Pa. a*. au 1?tf SOMETHING TO OLD AND VOl'NG PROFESSOR WOOD'S HAIE RESTORATIVE. THIS preparation, although less than two vear* before the public; owing to its wonderful ?f 'ect* upon the human hair and scalp, has already >btained a celebrity and sale perfectly an paralleled. It has without the ordinary appliance ised for such purposes, won its way, and been ieattily welcomed to most of the cities and towns ,n t La United States, the Cauadas, and the West IndianslandH Nor is this result surprising when it is remembered that Its popularity li based upon ;ts merits, solely as established bv actual tests. 1'hat this preparation will actually Restore grav Hair to its Natural Color, produce a luxuriant growth upon the heads of the bald, prevent the tialr from falling off. and when used as a tonic ar icle, produce * continual flow of the natural fluid md thus render the hair soft, glessv and wavv, ir->troy diseases of the scalp, and expel dandruff, he certificates of distinguished gentlemen and adies in everv part of the country who have tried t. and therefore speak what they know, most ftii y attest. That by a proper use of this Restorative he hair can be made to attain and retain its uatu ?al color to almost any ace slotted to humanity, >y removing the cauae of disease from the scalp? ?o matter how long standing ?the ?oncurrent les imonials of the press and the certificates of nil - nerous respectable Individuals of both sexes, to he use cf this curative, as well as of the recom mendations of editors and certificates before allu led to, can be had of all agents Bxooi r 1KLD, Ma?s . Jan. IS, 1855. Prof Wood?l?ear Sir?Having made tridl of rour Hair Restorative, it gives me pleasure to*ay hat its effect has b en excellent in removing in lamination, dandruff, and a constant tendency to tching, with which 1 have bee# troubled from rhildhood. and has also restored my hair, which A-a* becoming gray, to Its origiual co.or 1 hav? ised no other article, with anything like the >lea*ure and profit. ours, truly J K BRAGG. Pastor of Orthodox Church BrookSeld CaklTlI. 111., June *7. Ih63 1 have used Prof O. J. Wood's Hair K est oca lve, and have admired its wonderful effect My was becoming, as 1 thought, prematurely ;rav; but bv the use of his "Restorative" It has e?umed its original color, and I have no doubt termanenUy so. SIDNEY BRPF.bK, Ex-Senator United Statea P*o?. Wooo :?Dear Sir?My hair commenced ailing off some three or four years since, and con linied to do ao until I became quite bald 1 tried 11 the popular remediea of the day. but to no ef rrt, at last 1 was Induced to use your celebrated lair Restorative, and am verv happv to say It Is loing wonders I have now a fine growth of oung hair, and cheerfully recommend Tta use to 11 aimllarly afflicted A. C WILLIAMSON, 133 Second street Addrea* o J WOQD A CO.. Proprletore, 3!J iroadwav.'New Yorl, anU 111 Market ktre^t, Sr. iouia, Mo C. STOTT A CO , wholesale and retail Agent, Vashlngton T W DVOTT A SONS, General Wholenle igent, Philadelphia, Pa. an 1?ly r OST, O* THURSDAY MORMING, July Li *Kh, a Brass Scale, laid off in 1 in and Oth in. on one aide, and 1 In and S"th on de other aide; supposed to be lost nsar the V :apltol, on A street north. The finder, bvUxJ javlng it at the Star Office, will be eult'ably re ' an ^CITABLE FOR PRESENTS -AT LAM " MOND'S, 7th street, eaa be found ? large and ?autlful coUection of Fancy Notlona aadTmi, ad at vary low price*. *u I?3v

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