Newspaper of Evening Star, August 4, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 4, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAK. WASHIEQTOE CITY: SATURDAY AFTERNOON *? THE WEEKLY STAB, For the present week, is a capital number, being filled with accounts of the most interest ing events of the day, both domestic and foreign, together with short tales, anecdotes, Ac. Terms, $1.25 per annum, or three cents the tingle number. 0PIB1T OF THE KOEWDre FEE88. The Intelligencer, dicussitg the pestiferous affects of the labor of demagogues and specious, ?elfish and ignorant advocates of change for the sake of change only, says : " Self-interest, open or disguised, is the moving impulse of all huirsn action, whether in individual or communities; but it is not ?very individual, nor, in a government like ours, every separate community, that oan un derstand what would moat surely promote its own interest. An ingenious demagogue, who lives by popular excitement and who knows how to season his harangues with ' the whole sa'e swindling of rhetoric.' may succeed for a time in charming the ears of the groundling and in so confounding the distinctions between right and wrong as to make either apper.r the other, as may best suit his momentary pur pose ; but the time for reflection must come, when reason will resume its sway. Inen will the multitude everywhere listen to the calm and sober arguments of the statesman and pa triot. whose w.sdom has been gathered from history and experience, and who, seeing the n*?"r~' ce ?nonces of every ^reat po litical movement, ?? able to point out what may be sale'.y purc..ed and what had best be avoided, lie kn?>*s that the interest and happiness of him if and family are so inti mately connected and bl^ded with the inter est and happiness of all, that nothing whi?ih is destructive of the one can lead to the ad vancement o|' tho other. His advice, there fore. though it may procecd from the motive common to human nature, may be trusted, because, along with his own interest, we know it has Ween the result of a thorough consideration of that of the many. It is one of the grvrf objections to the progressive ??pint that it haa raised up so many pseu do-reformer , who taking advantage of the excitements inseper Sle from the rapidity of mod?rn discoveries in the arts and sciences, as e.t the possibility of eqnal improvement in those branches of hum in knowledge which are founded upon immutable and eternal Truth. They are for reforming religion Itself, fur tLrowing aside all revelation but that which is daily i*adu to themselves, ny a series of mygtineati< ns of which iliey pretend to be the chosen ap? st!es and expounders. They seite upon <- popular idea, and. retaining its name. give it a morning utterly at vaniteo wit'- ,v.c original irupresiio Thus for example, it is ?? favorite idea with tue uitiaens of the United I? ates that m:\n is capable of self-government. T'.ese rretei.ded mystical reformers, but in reality interested factionists, carry this doc trine t ? the extent of maintaining that all laws are an u-urp ,ti< n upon tne rights of individ unK that every man should be a law to him f< li"; and this tn< y arrogantly declaim to be the will of the C. ator. Is it wonderful that a lew deluded individuals should be founl in ever} ?cetion of this prosperous c,.. try ready to be!?ve a doctrine so flattering to their ownseit importance? Our Constitution teach es us a very different lesson. Under that. auveretgnity belongs to the whole, not to the indiviou ; and *s have still faith enough in that soveici^nity to believe that it will be pow erful enough to put d.?wn all partial competi tors." The L hion expa iates on thedifferent phase-* in Know Nothingism presents itself in different sections of the Union?in Now Eng land, Louisiana, Ohio, New York, Pjnnsylva and e'scwhere; holding do-trines in one section as it does, dire-tly antagonistic to those it hold: in the other section. The Union also rejoices over the prospect of st union ct the so loug divided Democracy of Jiew York. ? PERSONAL. .... santa Anna, it is reported, has lately purchased a considerable amount of real estate lc the city of New York, ir.e'udiug a magnifi cent private residence in the upper portion of that commercial metropolis. ....Judge Cotton, of Misoiscippi. has an nounced Ins ltuJiici alio not" Know Nothingism, and withdrawn l'r>m the canvass of the Mate Senate. ....Besides the l.iotf (terinans collected near .-aodga'e, Eugl.ind, thero are alio about l.NM) tr-wi-s at Dover?so that the foreign le gion now musters a force of 2,5o0 mon in a very respectable state of discipline. .... Litut. Col. Eragg?"little n?>re grape,* Hrai,g,:?is soj arning at Newport. ....Eeeause her lover was slightly cool, a youu^ woman in L w<-ll took some oil of cedar on Monday, wi*_h a view to commit suicide. Fortunately, it did not quite work, for the lover has b.en '? talked to," and promises to marry and make it ail right. This is the best way ....Hon. 'ti ilium L. Marcy, Secretary of btate who i: n w stopping at Willard's 11 .tel. Old Point, recently visited Portress Monroe, ana w..* received with a a'.ute of sixteen guns, lie also teviewed the troops. ....Harry Lehr (Brudder lloues) of Hun kers Opera tiouoe, is in thiscity, aud stopping at tb~ Potomac liouse. 'ihe Tcwier Mill Explosion. The particular- of the explosion of Garesche's Powder Works (mention of which was made in our telegraphic column, yesterday.) ha- e been received The drying house of the establish ment, which is located in Eden Park, was bl wn up, as is supposed, through thecareless V's v. a workman. The home contained about one and a half tons of powder, and the ?xplor.on aud concussion resulting were tre mendous. The house had been in operation fcr ab >ui forty years without ai. accident, and was considered the safest house at the works. All counec* d with its operations were killed, at once. 1 ucy were blown to atoms, and their rem.iins were i- und at various distances?frim forty to two hundred yard* from the house. Tnree ot the woikuien were Frenchmen, named Eugene Porete. J<>aeph Du Pcarce and Francis Pi.-ier. A b< y named John Pugh wasalio em ployed in the liou .e at the time?all were killed. I'be explosion of the dry-house rau-sd a mill, situated >.b?.ut t.iree hunired jards dis tant. to cxplo- e. la this mill four persons vert dan^ei u ly hint and two badly wound ed Petti M *Oiniew wa) thrown ahout forty jeet. an J. it is thought, will hardly recover. P*tlick Bui?. waa running fr> m the mill when the ilgiitnirg rod defended, fracturing his skull. Hi* rec very i* doubtful. Thoe. Mul len had his collarbone broken by the descent ct a piece ot timber. The ^ugif.-.-er, Mr. Mit- h* il, was seated at hifc post, reading his newspaper, when the ex Slos ??n to?-l' nla -e Ho saw a barrel of pjw er expioie, out eKap.-i with a few slight bruise*. The mill was torn to pieces. There were aboat 1.400 lb . of powder in it, which is less thun U'llal. The trcM arotni th<? drying house were blown cp by the roots, and one or two horses In the i ,'jgliboriiOod were killed. A nan sot connected with the mill is is said to have been killed, but this seems doubtful. Drs Aj?ew. liush. Wilson and Draper, from Wiiiningtou, are present. Tendering all the aid in their power to the wounded. Mr. tiaresche iaya the explosion must have been caused by ouj of the Frenchmen who worked in the paekicg room and was addict ?d to sm^ a pipe; Mr O. had cuutioncd him two weeks pievious about it. and told him to quit the pre mise*, or Quit his pipe; and he ?uppoeed until now that he hal abandoned the practice. Chilton, the eminent chemist, of Vew York, says the ailanthus tree ia not poison flis; or even injurious tj health. ?a?????* WASHINGTON 1TKW8 kWD OOSIIP. Kanaaa.?'The correspondent of the Journal of Comwurre, under data of Washington, July 31, says: " The removal of Gerarnor Reader from the office of Governor of Kansas was a foregone conclusion, if we may trust to public rumor* prevailing about the same time, with the declarations of Secretary Davis. His laud operations, according to those rumors, *?re not the chief cause of his removal,?and, as yet, the other Territorial officers who took part with him in the purchase of Indian reserves, have not been turned out." It will be recollected that when the Presi dent felt callcd on to fend to Governor Reeder the charges against him, made officially by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, which were so made shortly before Governor R. left Washington not long since, it was duly an oouDced and known to all that bis removal wad to be the penalty of his failure to elear them up satisfactorily. At the same time, a? all will remember, the other appointees of the President in Kansas were duly served with copies of the charges ?o made against them, individually, and were notified that they were expected to clear them up, under pain of re moval on ther failure to do so. Gov. Reeder'a reply having been received, and not proving satisfactory, he ha* been removed. The re plies of the other officers of the Territory are un derstood not to have been received as yet. We presume that their cases will not be acted un without the reception of their replios, until they may have had all the time to prepare them that can reasonably be granted. If they dcclino essaying to make satisfactory answers to Mr. Commissioner Manypenny's allegations of complicity in speculations in the lands of tho wards of the Government?the Indians? or essaying s j t.? do make a failure of it, they, too. will be removed. It is well known to all here that the President is determined to carry out his purpose of removing every man on whom speculation in the direct or indirect dis charge of hij public trust can be proved, or who mismanages tiie duties devolved on him. Not long since he caused his own nephew, who wa* United States dispatch agent at New York, 10 be removed for permitting letters to be put in the Government's dispatch bags that should have been sent across the ocean in the public mails. It will thus be perceived that he is no re.-pecter of persons in the discbarge of his duties, even where not to be must be peculiarly disagreeable. We are not charging that Gov. Retdcr and his" oC.'ial associates in Kansas defrauded or essayed to defraud Indians of that territory. Any speculations whatever in toe lands of the wurds of the government, or anything in their conduct that might be construod into availing iueuiselves ot their official positions to better their fortunes by speculation was wrong, and was setting an example, the evil consequences of whicn arc almost incalculable. The thought ful, and those who really de.-rire the well-being of our country, and that its government shall remain pure in all things, will (everywhere, when the Kansas slavery question and excite ment blows over,) applaud the President for the unflinching manuer iti which he has dis charged and will (in the cases of the other territorial officers) discharge his duty in this connection, in the face of his knowledge that all the demagogues throughout the non-slave holding States jptai.d ready to seize upon the fact of Gov. Reeder's removal when in the midst of a quarrel with the anti-abolitior.ists of the Territory (who were petitioning for his displacement on anoth< r ground) to get up the false cry that tho President is interfering to influence the character of the domestic insti tions of Kansas. In announcing his removal some days ago, we took occasion to explain that independent of the cau^e on which he had been displaced, the day for his usefulness in Kansas had de parted?that if the General Government hoped to discharge its duties as the guardian of the right.- and interest* of the Territory, Goveanor Reeder was uo longer the man for the occasion If a knowledge of the facts involved in the state of anarchy that hits for some time existad in ihe public flair* of Kausas, which should be Known to all readers of any newspapers what ever, be not-eutfti lent to couvince any sane man of the ueocfSity for selecting some other person as Governor of the Torritory, it strikes us that the followiug comments on the existing state of things there which we find in the New York Tutus, an ultra anti-Keeder-removal journal will opt.u tho eyes of the public to the hcllowness of anti-slavery jeremaids over the change made by tho President, by showing the pre-sing necessity for that measure of State : '?Porour own part we are not able to per ceive th<? wi-dom of the course which Gov. llceder has ?cen fit to pursue. Theoretically right in nearly ull his opinion, his action has been precisely that needed to deprive them of their weight. IK protested against the elec tion of members of the Lc^ sla'ure Ly the aruied invu.-dou, but neglectcd to declare the election r.ull. Proclaiming Kansas conquered by an aliefi mob, he abandoned the territory to the invaders and repaired to Washington, where be could neither do uor say anything whatever for its relief. And i.ow?declaring that he cannot recognize the assembly ut Shawnee as a Legislature, because it is ille gally assembled.?he doe* recognize it by treating their acts as legitimate, by receiving them, giving thtm consideration, and send ing in md^sages explaining the reasons for withholding from them his approval. Vetoing a legislative act is certainly a strange mode of iguoring the Legislature that passed it Ly receiving its enactments as Governor,? giving them due aud careful consideration, and sending in messages concerning them, he rcoognizes the la^ J J and legitimate existence of tne Legislature as perfectly anfl complete ly as possible. It mukes not the slighest diff erence whether he approves or disapproves its A veto recognizes the existence of a Legislature ju.-t as effectually as a message of approval. And so long as Gov. Reeder contin ues to send in messages vetoing the enactments of the Kans i Legislature, just so long will they have his own act* as evidence of their power to act, in opposition to his opinion that they are an illegal und non-cxUieut body. The Governor has shown, throughout his ad ministration, a vejy happy faculty of htulti fyi. g himself by just such discrepancies as these between his action* and his words. Kisft Carroll.?" We hope it will be borne in mind, and announced on all occasions, when quotations arc male, that Miss Anna Ella Car toll is a gi J-.nd daughter of Charles Carroll, of Carotltou, signer of the Declaration of lude } endence, neice of the Archbishop of this name, and daughter of ex-Governor Cat roll of Mary land." We extract the above budget of falsehoods from the New York organ of Cas^alli and other unnaturalized vagabonds and infidels who have undertaken to reform the institutions and Iawsof our country?the Crusader?with which Journal the lady in question has formed a scribbling connection, writing for it after the Miss llunkley-f&shion. Now, we have tho highest authority for stating that the Miss Anna Ella Carroll named above, is in no way connected with or related to the family of Charles Carroll, cf Carrollton, or with Archbishop Carroll. Ihe latter named was the cousin, and not the son of tha former, m the quotation would indicate Mis; Car roll never was a Catholic, and she is well known in this city, (where several years ago she conducted a school,) as the daughter of Thoe. King Carroll, Esq., of Baltimore, Md. The attempt to impose her upon the commu nity aa an original Catholic, and as a member of the highly respected family of Carrollton Carroll*, is like every other thing originating with the opponents of eiril and religions free dom. Will they have the honesty to " put history aright" in this case ? There never waa a clearer case of false pre tences than this effort to give consequcnce to the silly balderdash of Miss Carroll against a religious sect among us. It is, however, in capital keeping with the want of integrity of purpose which Know Nothingism so univer sally manifests. The Weather.?The record kept at the Smithsonian Institution shows the following condition of the weather for the month of July : Barometer. Thermomt ttr. Ruin. Mean Mr an Inches. ?Julyl 29.895 82.3 0 3? 5 2 29.972 80.1 3 30.124 78.3 4 30.021 74.0 0.217 5 30 063 76 6 6 29.974 76.6 0.648 7 29.963 67.6 0.410 8 30 189 70.S 9 30.202 72.3 1 0 30.028 73.0 0 226 1 1 29.955 75.6 1 2 29.923 77.6 1 3 29.839 76.8 0.060 1 4 29.986 78.0 15 30.199 80.0 16 30.274 80.8 17 30.158 84.6 1 8 30.048 84.0 1 9 29.958 + 86.5 0.320 2 0 29.933 84.0 0.050 2 1 29.969 75.2 0 035 2 2 2 3 30.119 77.6 0.070 24 30.042 84 5 25 30 035 83.6 0.030 26 30.002 79.5 0.270 2 7 29.931 84.3 0.195 2 8 29.902 82.8 0.250 U 29.990 82.1 30 29.918 81.5 0.300 3 1 29.965 78.6 Moan....30.002 78.65 4.056 The maximum temperature at 2 p. m. waa on the 19th, when the mercury reached 95 deg. > min.; the minimum on the 7th, at 7 o'clock *. m., 65 deg. The barometer varied from ?JO.252 to 29.S12, range 0 140. Southwest winds Prevailed. Work Performed in the General Land Offico.?The following is an exhibit of the work performed In the General Land Office luring the eight weeks ending on the 2Sth July, 1855 : .Sumber of letters examined and entered upon registers 5,746 Letters written 4 101 Jluinber of pages of record occupied therewith..... ' 2 74^ Patents engrossed 12,554 J'atents recorded 7,9H2 Patents transmitted " [45 l*ateuts examined !....!! . .22 92?> ilntries posted in tract books 67 600 Acres of scrip issued 9,76s* Paid Off?It wili be a subject of congratu lation on the part of our fellow citizens of the district of Columbia to learn that the Secre tary of the Treasury has just paid, on behalf of the Government, the lust stiver of the me morable ? Holland Debt," originally contract ed by the three ciiics af the (then) District of Columbia, in aid of the construction of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, and subsequently tssuined by Congress. Th# Current Gperationa of the Treaaury Department.?On yesterday, the 3d of August there were of Treasury Warrants entered on ttie books of the Department? For the Treasury Department...* *41,643 38 e 5. . r Apartment 25.237 rt4 For tl? tustons. |3>383 25 War Warrants received and en 46,709 30 War repay warrant* received and entered g i)D ^upt of the Navy...:;;;;; 4,200 ?u The Election!. Enough has been heard from North Ca.o lina to render it certain that the Democrats gain in most quarter* of the State. We think that Mr. Korr (Whig) has beon defeated by bis Kn<-w Nothing competitor, pjid that Braneh iDeui.) succeeds Rodgers (Whig) by a very large majority. In on? of the two rouiait.i:, outricts which were seriously contested. u? Democrats (in Raleigh) claim that Shaw (Dem.) has teeu re-elected, and it is not known whether Puryear (Know Nothing) has been re-elected or not. Winslow (Dem.) suc ceeds Ashe (Dem.) in the Wilmington district l y a large majority, though iho Know Nothings ?elt very certain of defeating him. Though ?tjty entertained similar hopes in the district "f T. L Clmgman, (from which we cannot i ave reliable and conclusive news for Bome ?lays.) they ha\e probably been defeated there by a heavy majority. The district of Ruffiu (Dem.) re-elects him by a considerably in creased majority. The fjllowing are the returns ?o far re ceived : L. O'Brien Branch, the Democratic candi date in the Fourth Congre*ional district, ha< b ;en triumphantly elected over Ja*. B. Shcp ard, Know Nothing. Ilia reported majorities are as follows: Franklin 381, Uranville luO Johnson 200, Wake 466, Warren 666, Nash 1 000?total 2,813; but Orange gives 135 for Miepard, which reduces Branch's majority to -',678. In the last Congress this district was r presented by Hun S. H. Rogers. The olec t on of Mr. Branch is, therefore, a Democratic gain. Two counties in the FInt Congressional dis trict. have been heard from, which givu a >iuall increased majority for tho Democratic ' -ndidate (Dr. H. M Shaw) compared with the last Congressional vote, when Mr. Sha* was elected by 87 majority. in the Second District, Hon. T. M. Ruffin, ihe Democratic candidate, is undoubtedly re elected by a very heavy majority. in the Third District reports aro favorably t? the election kof Winslow, Democrat, over David Reid, Know Nothing. In the Fifth District it is rerported that Guil i?rd county ha.s given 1,550 majority for Ed win <* Reade. Know Nothing, over Hon. John Iwerr, anti-Knoiv Nothing W hig. Northampton county gi*e!j Shaw 213, and llertlord gives Paine an increased majority. Elizabeth city and one other precinct, of Pas quotank, gives Paine 197. Two oUier precincts to be hear<l from, which will inorease his ina j ?rity over 100. Camden district give* Paine an increased majority. The eouaty (of Cam den) wili not fall much short of the usu.%1 ma jority. The Know Nothings of the district are sanguine of Paine's election (" In a horn. Ed. The following, purporting to b? the return Lorn the Tennea;oe election, has also been re ceived : LouiSTittE, August fe-Qtyt t*tFna of the election held yesterday in Tennessee, for Gov ernor, members of Congress, Ac?? come for ward very slowly. At far as hoard from Gen try (Whig and K N ) for Governor gains 2, 400 rotes, and Johnson (Dem ) gains 537 Totes The majority for Johnson, (Dem.) in 1853, was 3.575, with which rote the above yoU is oom pared. Louisville, Aug. 3?Evening.?In twenty fire counties in Tennessee, Gentry, Whig and Know Nothing, for Governor, has a net gain of 1,500 votes as compared with the Governor's vote in 1853, when Johnson had 2,258 majority. Nashville, August 3.?Davidson oounty gives at least 1.200 majority for Gentry. It save 634 Whig majority in 1853. The Know Nothings have doubtless carried the State. We have to say that the statement that twenty-five counties heard from in Louisville yesterday, as it cannot possibly be true, dis credits thefce returns from Tennessee. Up to last night the result in some eight or ten coun ties (including Davidson) might have been known in Louisville. However, very recent advices leai us to have rinall hope of the elec tion of Johnson. So it is probable that these telegraphic dispatches, manufactured doubt less to effect Kentucky, and the elections to ; ake place on Monday, will prove to be guesses ?'near the mark." ASSEMBLY'S CHURCH^COR ner 5th and I street*. Rev. Andrew G. Cabothkks, Pastor, will preach to-morrow (Sab i>ath) at 11 a. ra. and 8 o'clock p m au 4?It# f-^J^VOUNG CATHOLIC'S FRIEND SO SsZZS clety.?The regular monthly meeting of *his Societv will be held at St. Matthew*' Church TO-MORROW (Sunday) EVENING, at five o'clock W.J. F1TZPATRICK, Sec. au 4?It .PUBLIC SCHOOLS.? Examination of Trackers.?An examination of candi dates for teacher* in the Public Schools will be held in the Aldermen's Room, City Hall, TUES DAY, the 7th Instant, at 4 o'clock p. m. By direction of the Committee: G. J ABBOTT, Secretary, au 4?3t (Intell) ? t, PRESIDENT S MOUNTED GUARD. ? A Attention.?You are hereby notitled that the i n reK"lar monthly meeting will be held at the .ii liL Armory on Louisiana avenue, between f?th and 7th streets, at7? o'clock, the 7th instant JNO H. McCUTCHEN, au 4?3t Secretary. Jf-^J^NOTICE.?The Books of the Columbus Building Association are yet open, and will remain open until August anth. 1855. Persons desirous to subscribe for shares can do ho by making application to the undersigned. G. A SC1IWARZMAN. Sec , No. 15 P. O. Depart , or 410 Ninth st jy 28?w3w >-~^FIRST GRAND BALL OF THE ~Season.?The members of the Terpsl ? bore Club most respectfully announce tu iheir friends and patrons that they will give their sec ond Grand Annual Kail at Odd Fellows' Hal1, Navv Yard oil MONDAY EVENING, Septem l?er al, 1955. Particulars in future advertisement. auJ 3t* ? ij ATTI ig rtj \ ou a ATTEN TION MON TGOM EK Y G U AK D. are hereby notitled that a special ineet of the Company will be held on SAT AY EVENING, the 4th instant, for tne purpose of making arrangements for the fu nerai of a deceased member, which will take place oa SUNDAY at 3 o'clock p. in. Punctual attendance is required. By order of Capt. Key : au 3?at WM O'SULLIVAN, Sec. Cf^^S^EXCURSION.?The Excursion to the White House of the Brotherhood of the L nion will take place on TUESDAY, August 7th lHi'5. Toe boat will leave the City Wharf at 9 o'clock p m.. Navy Yard a ^, and Alexandria at 3 ^. Tickets ONE DOLLAR For parti^'-lars see posters. au 3?3t* WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY - The monthly meeting of the Corps will be p held on MONDAY EVENING next, the *? tit a instant, at 6 o'clock, and It is expected that every member will be in attendance. By order of the Captain : au3?3t II F BEERS, Sec. TO FARMERS AND OTHERS -At a Fair which will be held on the Bel lenionte farm. Broad Creek, Piscatawn. district, Prince George's county, Md., on THURSDAY, 9;h of August, at which, among other things, the M'?r^an horse Young Gifl'ord, C.iws, Sheep, and Goats, a pair of family carriage horse*. three second hand carriages, and a variety of farming imple ments. will oe sold to the highest bidder, au 1?1 w HAIR BRUSHES, COMBS, Ox Marrow Po made, Barry's Trlcopherous. Tooth Brushes, PoTte Mouniaes, Lilv White, Emories. Elastic Uib'bon and Cord, Fans, Cabas. 4c., for sale at extre uiely low prices, at au 4 ?3t LAMMOND'S, 7th st. WA/SR COOLERS.?Some of the hand soi.ies* and best everyway in the city, will tie sold at reduced prices. Also, Douole Ice Pitchers, lower than ever, at the llousekeeJ^t/i' Furnishing Store. 490 Seventh street G. FRANCIS. au I? THE SPECTATOR. 'TMI IS new and popular journal contains, In to x da>'s Issue, a highly interesting biographical sketch of RACHEL! the irreat tragedienne, who is to visit this country in September It gives many facts never before published in America. i or vile at Shillington's, Buckingham's and Adamson's. au 4?It COAL!?COAL!!-COAL !!! V CARGO of ljeat quality White Ash Anthracite Coal, egg size, now ailoat, soon to arrive, for sale by the ton or vessel load JO" This description of Coal has been used by hotels here, and pronounced to be of a most supe rior quality. We will deliver it from our wharf to families in any part of the citv, at Philadelphia wholesale price*. om? adding the cost of carting. J. E SHIELDS A CO., Corner Ninth and li streets, au !?lw* (Intel) MADAME R.'S ARRIVAL. !\r.\DA\lE K. respectfully informs the public In 1*1 ceneral. that she will give information in all the affairs relating to life, he&lth, wealth, mar riages, love, journeys, law-suits, dillir ulties In business, absent friends. sickness, and death?and i * respect to all other subjects. She is also able to t ;11 tiie ages of persons by reading numbers. All t bose who wish to const'!* Madame R , will please c ad soon, as she will remain in the city but a short tiime. She can beconsulted at all hours, day and night. I ler name is ou the door?D street, threedoors from 'i'enth street, No 331. Ladies 5<) cents and gentle men the same. au 4?at* To the Families of the District. Johnson's Metropolitan Washing Machine!!! NEW INVENTION.? (PATENT JUST ISSUED.) SEVERAL already sold, giving entire satisfac tion to the purchasers price onlv ?9. Saves Time! Monky!! Labor'!! The METROPOL ITAN WASH ING MACHIN E does not and ran not (from the arrangement of its parts) injure clothes in the least, though they be of the most delicate texture, whilst the dirt is entirely andthor oughly removed. Experienced and competent judge's pronounced it the best thing of the kind vet out. A boy or girl can operate it with the Tea test ease Call and get information Present Agencies: HAUPTMAN'S Furnishing Store, 9tu street, near the Avenue; and WEBB'S Steam

turning Factory, G street, between 6th and 7th. other depots will be established so soon as ar rangements are perfected. ALBERT P DOUGLAS, (corner of 9th and B streets, Island.) Sole Proprietor for the District of Columbia. au 4?tf DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. 'IMIE copartnership heretoforeexisting under the L name of Bckns A Cochran was this daydls vlived by mutual consent Harmon Burns will continue the business at the old stand, No. 408 Pennsylvania avenue. All 'persons indebted to the establi?hment will plea.^e make payment to II. Burns, who will pay ail de.mands against the late firm. HARMON BURNS. GEO. W. COCHRAN. WASUtiNiiTON, August 3, 1855. [XZ7*" The undersigned respectfully reran* mends bis former partner and friend to the pa tronage of his friends, confident that his utmost abilities, as heretofore, will be exerted to please, au 4?3t GEO. W. COCHRAN. M. A. TYSON 4c SISTER'S FEMALE SEMItf ABY F0K JJAY PUPILS, Fstreet, btt. Vitk and 13th, Washington. HE duties of this institution will be resumed on the 15th September, and, In connexion with the above, they wish also to Inform their pa t ons a*nd others that they intend opening an es tablishment for boarding pupils on the 1st of No vember i?ext Tne lattvn la situated on the railroad and turn pike, sixteeh miles from the city, and two south east of Laurel village For pellicula.**' circulars may be had at the principal bookstv""** la Washington and Balti more. au 4?4?tAeodtSeptU> T> LIST or LETTXftl Remaining in tk? Pott Wntkingt on, DC, Angntt ?, 1&56 * [Ordered to advertised in the ? E?rn%ng Star," \greeabis to the following section of the Pout Office Lew?It being the newspaper having the Unrest circulation of any daily paper pub lished In Washington: Sac. 5. And b* it fmrtktr enncted. That the list of letters remaining uncalled for in any post office In any city, town, or village, where new* paper* shall be printed, shall, hereafter, be pub lished once only in the newspaper which, being issued weeklv, oroftener, *knll knr* tkt largest circulation within the range of the delivery of said office, to be decided by the postmaster at such office.] ?^Pereon* applying tor le?*rs to the fwllowlug list, will P>a*? Wf they ?r? A?TKSrtSR?. LADIES' LIST. Arnstmnc. Anal* Aleiender, Mr* Sere.'i Ball, Mr* Frani*? H Browa. Mr* Rmiu Bland, Mr* Suaan V f Blonnt. Mm Ellea Hlont, Mrs Ball. MIm Ann H>arber, Mr* Jo* W H inncn. Ml** H Hlak*. Mr* K B Kroden. Ml** Annie Bradley, MIm J an* A Br?w*Wr, M J Brxtnn, Kllfn B Mia* M*r(*r*t Berry, Mr* Ann R Clari.e, Alice frene. Mr* Mery Jans Clavtnn, Mr* Vtrrlula Carter, MiaCerro'ln* M Clieplu, MIm Mary a Ciprou, MI** Julia C ?ji?r, Mrs Lnulm W B in, Mr* Ann* Itent. Mr* Mary C I>*uni*oa, Mr* H B l?ari*, Mr* Catherine L lljiilap, Ml** Nenrey Deleny, Mr* T I. Dfrmut, Ml** Ann R Uarl*, Mr* Philip l>.'* tt, Mle* Jane Dally, Ml*a Ann DeM, Mr* K..;? iret Davie, Mr* Pauline W D '.erty, Mary K.inn, Mr* MaMlde 1 K<>rr??r, Mr* 8?.pliroBla F- ignaoc. Mr* Catharine Knu^rr'.llt, Martha A Fiaclier, Mr* Eve Forteey, Mle* Mary B Fi a*er, Marti * K P >i -eat, Mr* Julia Ann Ki-bery. Mr* M F Fotmiiie, Mr* Catharlue K How, Mr* Catherine llniK'r, M-* snsan Hartley, Mm Mary Joss*. Mrs CherluCts Jo*e<, Mtee Mery H J one*. Mr* Prancle* Jamee. Martha B Johaatoa. Mr* Albert S J on neon. Ml** Rachel Jobaaoa, Ml** Sophie Low, Mr* Mnaanneb Lien, Mr* Lewie F Lawtoo, Mergarete Lauder, Mr* Mery B Llurleey, Mtee Catharine I^eeebecher. Mr* Joxpklee I-armorer, Mr* Robert I.lira*, Mr* Theresa Moore, Mr* l.ednila MerUe. Mr* (%erlee Morria. Mlae Anne Me-iderllle, "Ha* M If Malt in. Ml** EMtebeth M?f!or?irk, Ml** B U. Nerhmy, Mlee Mery Magruder. Ml?e Sarah M- Mailer., Ml** Mergercte Ol rlen. Mlee Nency U Obrnne. ??r* Mery Price, Mr* S W Polk. Jane Pa'.ne, MI ?? Setae Pluamer, Ml** J<?eph!n? Philipe. Mr* 8 V Power, Miee Ann Rloherdaon, Mi?e Annls ^Tilth, M r* Jail* siemr?, Ml** Ju 'e Smith. Mia* LI trie P Hweeny, Mi<* blisa B Kpllmau. Mlae Catherine 8mld?nn, Mlee Mary Jane Borrell, Mr* B<*nriette Stewart, Ml** Jene Tamer, Mr* Henry W Tayler, Mr* Riiaebeti. Tli'ime*, Mr* Eliiar-iUi T ? n*ae, Mr* larch Taruer, Mr* suaee While, Mre Wel-h. Mre El'.I* E Wood, Hylvte Abu Alien, H P Alien, Ethau Allen, Fred P ArJlaon, <'tierlee Bull, W D Browne, Wm lUrnett, Wm Hoyd, Wm liooman, Thoe. ISagler, n Baxter, S A Brown, Richard Berry man. UHH Helden, Natlian Brown, N Foeter 1 K?i<1*iD, M Hurheltn A King Bailey, L C Hr?,ly, J no Ktrtlet. J no Brvce, Juo W S Bovl, Jamei B irtli. lie. J W Brown, Jno M U'owii, Juo K ??ryent, Jtnrs W Hnniard, H F Bay ?rd. IT M Koetwtck, H a Btown, Geo Bnwu, Q H Mutterfield, F B> rne, David Hi?liop. Dr B 'Ifler Dirld Hi .ice, D V ni^od. iir : Hi roll, Char!** IWrroft, A rah rote Boitar. Mon* OKNTI.KMKX'S LIST. GHmore. Andrew p Porter, H W 0 Uemei. Rllly PHIlipe, W 0 IIi.lit. Weeli.ngton Pflecer, Theo Higclnbothsm, W H Palget, T J Henry, Ha Harrla, 8 H Hodge*. 8 H Merhert, P A Merhtly, Michael Hoban, Fred-rick He?nan. Jem' ? ?sf t. Jam-* B Hall, Jacob Hell, Joe tf Hamilton, H W Mai r1*. H J Herring, Oeo C Hanar, F B Hud*"B. K P Perry. Ol !t J Perry. 8 C Porter, R H Parker, Mr P.x?l, J lift W Parker. J C (luiaiard. K A linen, W 8 Rohei :*. W R R<jee, Robert i hn ?), Rkii?l t R-"tiu, Mr Koll*, J?cob Rutherford, J Rekoube. Jno Hofcriittr, Anguat Raj, Jamee Johueon, Wm Johaeon Wm C Jouee, Wrn Jevine* Tho* 0 Joue*, Ce^it S Jones, M P J< haaon. J J Jobu?ou. Jeeee J*w*P. J J >hiMton, Jno H ln<l:n<oii, J^mea J-rb. e, F M John* >n, C A Ivey, Cl'meut Ref<l. J 'me* Ranb, Jno A R! Mle, Jno Ro.'kw?'l, Henry B Rush. ?>*?? W Hn?*ell. Gilbert C S Rxtid, F Ryoti, Daniel Straight. A J M?e>, Jo*, f-.ucialr. Wte blmaaon*. Ti.oe ftilwell. T H He-iy, tM-n'l KivanKrh. Tho* Kelly, R H Kuhn, X B t B'umentol>er,AeronK*-ck. J X* < '? urtr:?-y, Wm C ieman, Wm Ciiarter. - .in'l CooSre, Jnmea Ibrtta, Lt T u Cirnpbf-ll, Juo Caiacen. Jame* Oiiper, J< * %v Cotterell, Cept Jere Loug. Patrick Cither wood, H W l.amdaie, Dr P Cl.rk.DJ ? ? ',^>per. David I Crtwiotd, Adam Clmiiman. B B Pi.alap, 8 t. Drinkard, Col W R Little, A F I-^ughery, A S Marrav, Lawrence Mnrrieua, W C Mar'il, V. H ??.; ii. Van R fj-r*, J Th?* MMfMS% Tt",? Door. Wm Du Pont, Vf<-tor Duau, Th j? l> nelly. Saicuel !>i-ker, NHS U'j 1, Jecoh R Dint. Jo. M Diy. M*jor H DjcIi, D K Hti*. C... iixxC F..!*ton, Ju* t.! >v*r I, J U Eh irlion. K D I ialier, Wm I r a.-*, Tli t I K" *om, Sampaou n ntiig>n. Patrick M>?r*lin>an, A >? * v, Maurice McCu'dy, C H Ferrer, M B McCiure. Dr Jewell, Claadlti* B 8w*n, s-m'l Jeuir* Ctiarle* ? SoL ifma^a, Ottmar Jobu*tOQ. Col A S 2 Shade, i*r Ntevene, J P Sturgeon, laaec H Stein, Julian St-wart, Jo* B ? ht^wart. J>iae* C Sar,'l? . *, J F Sroitti, Jtmet I. bynau. Jolia Snyder, J A Spivey, J (Jill 8*nd?r*, Mtj H 8lierkle*, Henry Btmtlier. HSU Sui Win. Frcnk 8li?e0ei, C-tpt F St ?n*en<j F.ederick 8amby, Denui* Sirne*. C N Sh i rett*, i. F Thompson. W H 1 Tnley. W O l ra?ty. aaniuel Tliotupkin*. K; bard Kn >ti. Jnmea H Raerftt. Geo M Keller Clia* H King, CI-: a'off Loring, Lt A Le?i*. Wm Llttl^f ird. Tbo. Lathaoi, E T I eviu. LC La font am. J D Luttrell, Ja* K Leeao.uer, b J Lane. C W Mackay, v\ R law i Tuplar, P Mot>re, Wm TU"iup*< a. Lew'* T Thompson. Jamee C Ttylor, J H C Throop, J V X Tyler Hugn M igiuder Rirbard Tn .ier, H L 1! it!iew?. John b Mari.n, Fayette Murrey, Ueo Mddleior t, K H M.Mi-'l, C ?i A H M|clt??ll, Adrlon Freuch, Jain'* H Fit/p .t-lr-k, Jamee Henrv F -ter. H t> McKii'ght, Jno Fr?ierlc M.-Crann J Towmend. E !) T.pfett, E I Talr >tt, Cba* ii Thiry, B Tlcma*. Captalu A* b-rt I Tlunee. > D,|.-*?* Tb"iu;<aoit, Allen Ve lenowatiie, T?oe McLery, Bdward or V*? lett. F A Whluker, W J Worxhligioa. a Fowler, Che* Fall*. A Or.-en, Wm Giai.din, W U Oe-lney, Tlio* R Or!c*by. Robert Gerald, r 8 Oui't'ier. Louis Guzman, Don A L Or ,Du, Jamee Oarltnd, H A Gardner, Capt F *??> ?r '?'IWitt ?s*?e, 0 It AU^Uai 1 McNalr, M iu 8 ^IcKalg. Col T J Nic. olae. R C Nev'.tt, R K Noble, R?v M Neb .nt J B Nevlu, J W .NeHletoL, Oeo B Ki. ,**oti. Oa*way Mch >'*on, C H Onderdaua, J O'Donnell, Jno O'Brien, Daniel Ward. Cept K Well*. M ci Wali.m*. M L M eile, L S Wila>?n, Joe G Wortblngton, J S Wliena, Jacvib Whlm*et, TqnimatL Wnrreo. Lt G K W alrh. Da rid Welch, Da rid Y-lee, Dr A \ ate*. Jno T Zeulact, T b JAMEM G. BKKR5T, P. M. PRESENTS FOR THE ( HILUI(E!? Toy* in endless variety and very cheap at au 4?3t LAMtoOXD'S, 7th st. Left his home oji friday, jllv 2?th, Howard Patton Lee, a small colored bov, very bright and*intelli^ent, about nine years o'nl Had on eiriped Cloth 1'antaloonsand brown Holland Safk Coat. Any Information in r?^ard to him will be thankfully received at'<23 South C St.. Island, by "HANNAH PATTON au 4?:tt# OFFICIAL* Trkascrt Depabtmisi, Aug. 3, 18i5. Notice is hereby given to holders of stock of the loan authorized by the act of lhl?, reaeemble on ai'd after the 12th November, 1S06, that the whole or auy part of that stock will be purchased by thu department at any time p;evious tothe3uth No vember next, for which 3 per cent, premium will be paid in addition to tne sums expressed in the certificates. And to the holders of the stock* of the other loans of the United States, that purchase* of the same to the amount of S1,31U,0UU will also be made during the sain? period at the following rates : For stock of the loan of 1&42, a premium of 10 per cent ; for stock cf the loans of 1M7 and IfelS. a premium of 15 per cent ; and for stock Issued un der the act of 1850, commonly called Tcxas-in demnity stock, a premium of 6 per cent. Interest will also be allowed, at the rate stipu lated in the certificates, from the 1st July last to the day of settlement here, with one day in addi tion, to enable the Treasurer's draft to reach the party. Certificates transmitted to this department un der the present notice r.hould be duly assigned to the United States by the party entitled to receive the purchase-money. Payment for these stocks will be made by drafts upon the assistant treasurers at Boston. New York or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHK1E, Secretary of the Treasury MEDICAL DEPARTMENT OF GEORGE. TOWN COLLEGE, Corner of Fand Ttrtlftk stsIVas/ktngtoH rpilE next Annual of Lectures will com . nie"ce ?" Monday, the 5th of November, and end in March following. raccltt: Noble \ ocno, M D., Professor of Institutes and Practice of Medicine. Flodoardo Howard, M D , Professor of Ob stetnes and the Diseases of Women and Chil dren . Johnson Eliot, M. D., Professor of Anatomy. Jambs E. Morgan, M. D , Professor of Medical Jurisprudence and Hygiene J. M Snyder, M. D , Professor of Sursrerv. Be.nj. F. Craig, M. D.. Professor of Medical Chemistry and Phvsiologv. Geo. C. Schaeffbr, M. D , Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. Johnson V. D. Middleton, M. D . Demonstrator of Anatomy. FEES : For a full course 980 Ou Matriculation, paid only once.. 5 U0 Graduation 25 00 Demonstrator's ticket 10 00 The Preliminary course will commence Octo ber 1st and continue until November 5th. Lectures free to Medical Students. The Lectures will be delivered during the af ternoon and evening. This time of lecturing has been customary In the College slnee its establish ment, and is found to be advantageous to the stu dent FLODOARDO HOWARD, M D , _r ^e*n? No. <J& F sirtet north au 4?iawtN ovj au 4?dtNov30 OD D FELLOWS' HALL ELETEHTH AinrUA L TIB IT OT KVHEBL'I OPERA TROUPE? Who. In Miditloo tot moot succn?ft?l arid per fortlr organtied Ethiopian Corp* of (OMKDIAM, VOI ALISTS, ft DAIK KRI, bow Include the highly celebrated Infant prodigies THE WELLS CHILD BEIT This Mnt combination render* their pcrtrtlfmen TNEqlJALl.ED IN TALENT. Thry will commence on MONDAV LVEN (NO, August 6th , AdmlmioB TWENTY FIVE CENTS. .4D#or* *P*" at 7, commencing ?t 8. acd !o? dlm< at 10 o'clock ? JNO T FORD, Agac MARSHALL'S otvrritaC Fiei* Farina Iwiml fh>m iIm ?a5T ?i ,b? Circuit Coot of the Dla trictof Columbia for the county of WasL.n-ton, and to me directed. I shall expo* to publi^ sale for caah, on MONDA\ . the 27th of Au uM next, at the front of the Court House door at It o'ekrk M.ibe folio wine property, via : All that rlrrr or pen*1 of ground fvlng and being t? the c;tvof W ashington. and known on the j lit of ?ai4| i-lty as the went half of square No. 7J1, Wiuv io?? Nr. t.,9. 10, ll. 11, 13, 14, and it in sxid *^uare No. 753. together with all and siugular tie i in prove inenu thereon: adzed and levied upon a* I he property of J ante* Crutcbett, a -vd sold to sat in judicial No. 58 to October term ISM, In favor cf Char lea N N'oell and Henrv i>oc?iin?*.e J D HOOVER. Marshal for the District of Columbia. au 2?d2ut I MARSHAL'S SALE. N virtue of n writ of Fiere Fat Ins lasted fr the Clerk's udlce of the Ctirult Co*.rt of tl.e District of Columbia for the county of Washington and to me directed. I ahall ex pone to public sale ''T caali on MONDAY, the 27th da> of August next, at the front of the Court Houm door at li o'clock M . the following property, vi* : All that j>*rt of lot No. 13, in square No 762. beginning for said part of said lot nt the northeast corner of >aid souare. and running thence north wontwnrdly with the line of Pennsylvania Avenue 22 |e?t. thence aotith weatwnrdly 8; feet. together wi'h all and singular the improvements thereon. seized nr d levied upon na the property of Horatta R Merry rnan. and aold to satisfy Judiclal No. 70, to Octo ber term 1S54, in favor of Peter H H?e A Co J D HOOVER. Marshal for the District of Columbia au 3?d2M A RARE CHANCE?F or sale. a small stork of 'epar* and Tobacco, and s'orr for rert It la one of the best business stand in the city, and anv wishing to engage in the bus'.n-ss. the stock and Cxtures will be sold cheap inquire of GEORGE <5 SIEBEL, 7th, befwwtn II and I streets. 'au 3-djt# * > ARD.?Strayed or stolen from near nSZJSS**** the ""bucrlher. a voung trav HORSE. mane, tail and hind legs n?nrlv white. Anv one returning the horse to me. or by leaving information so I can tret him I will five (he above reward * JOSEPH R QUINTER. _ nf*r the corner of M and *Uth streets au 3?3t? ICE CREAM DEPOT. ^piIE undersigned respectfully Informs the cltl * lens that he has opened a Depot at No S66 ,%h ind ,4ll? streets, for the J i- : CREAM from the Mansion Farm, and solicits a share of patronage. He will deliver the Creain~|n any part of the city at ?2 per gallon Any one wishing to lie served Is miuested to leave their orders at the ? above Depot before 1 o'clock p m. au3?3t* CHARLES H. WRIGHT REWARD.?Lost, on Missouri aven'ie, y O between 4 k and fit I, streets, yesterday morr. Ing, a largo Mocking B<rd, which d bot s n^ at pre.^ent. Any one returning the bird to tha Washington Hall Restaurant, at corner 6th street and Pa avenue, wiil recclve the above reward . nu 2?3t* pARRIAUES AND HORStS FOR fcALE, A very fine Buggy, two seats r\ One very superior French Coupee andnfL>t,?rer ?f Sreat V*lu*' bela<f yoong. gvnhe" One Bearskin Rolw One One set silver mounted double Harn*as but little worn. ' One fine Buggy Harness Apply to Mr CAUVIN, aiii-3te 411 Thirteenth treet S^EnJl?A.L t Al^P*~Atte*f,cn >? respectfully called to the*! rustees sale of two ^ ic Cot tage Houses, on south D. between 12th and 13th i'hh1* T1' trt Uke P'*re on the T' on I nday afternoon. August Id. at * o ??. _ . J. C. AlcGt IRK, au Auctioneer JJOtTHERN QLAKTERL* RE\IEW i?r ^ July, !?55 Contents: I nternational Law, The Jeau.U Kussia. Lauiartine Chief Justice Taney on Usury Peter the Great, Countess of Ble simrton Homeopathy, Copper in the V ?* * Mmwnr husetts. Criticisms, 4c Sulmcription, fo per annum au 2 FRANC'.C TAVl/lR OHIRTS-SHIRTS?We have J Ifc ^.7^ * large and fine assortment of Gentian v? 's je^t ouallty white and colored Shirts, which vr. V^! dispose of at the lowest New Vork pro-** n WALL A STEPHENS. ... o ^ Pa av*nue- door to Iron iiaJ au 4?u A ?The subscriber informs his friers j^a. aad the public that he ? now able to atreid 10 Cen ^ f?"nd al Ll? "iu rulis. Centre Market, ready to wait on ttuin as be alwnvs has done heretofore The best of Li EF always on Land JNO. WALKER, Vtciualkr TTfATt HES ? Our assortment of V.'atrhes > r comprising aU the more detinbh* styt-, and best makers, U by far the lar-e t off-r.d to our customers Purchasers in want of accurate t'me keervrs. at low ntfi, would do well to exan iiie our ^vock wn M W.GALTABKO ? Perm av. between ?th at.d Ilith ?iroots au I?fit H SILVER WART. SEMKEN, 330 Pa. avenue, L -t* -^-n Vh 1 ,1 a a. inth struts, oflers his large stork of vhiio Silver \> are, consisting of Coffee and Tea ?>?? complete, Su ar Bowls. Cream Goblets Cuns ^nooasand F*yk*, and a magnificent -.??nrt.nent of nchlv chased fancy silver ware suitable for at reduced pticcs. ? ' invttedto i^rant ?f ^ ?f the bWp ?rttei? kr( ra'u iTiicTff ?f OUr ?Wn m*nuftrtupe . of anV made to order at short notice Particular attention is paid in "e? au 1P J esUmouiaLH' Premiums, k.c ,P 5 ?T' Rf>vrt*rtons of? Life wn hLe ca,nP k(rforf* Sevastopol New Hopc^or, the Rescue. A tale of the Gr*aT Doerticksrhmai1' b7 tLe autbor of the Lamplighter ZZ.Zgp M1~ Trial and ^riaaph, or firmness in the household, by T S. Arthur The latest London Papers 1? ?n 411(1 !nont poplar works constant, ly on hand and for sale at ? , JOE SHILLINGTON'S, a l 'J** corner 4jf st and Pa. av. COW LOST ?Strayed or perhaps stolen about the middle of June, Dark Brown Cow, who has had a calf by this time One of her ears wi re tornT^don! and the other split. I will give ss to any cnere turning her to me on 3d stre^. |>etween G'snd H jy31?eo3t REDMAN BL'RKE pEMENT, PLASTER HAIR, he. vv Also, constantly on hand a splendid article of Cement, Plaster. Hair, Ac., all of which we are selling very cheap. LaWTON P HOOVER Potomac Lime Kilns one square south of tha Lower Bridge, near Georgetown jyJfi-ooJw (Intel,Organ,Unlon) ?""x.s.t.w Harper's Magazine for August Putman's Magazine do Godey's Ladies' Book do Graham's Magazine do Household Words do Harper's new Story Book for August New "i ork Journal do Yankee Notions do JOE SHILLINGTON'S jy ao ? BulldlaK.cor ?. and Pa. t?. ICE?ICE ICE 1 ?ea*?, an amr.le supply of Petti toneT ? .1 r v 4-*. ^ FRANCIS*. " i^bevwt^ ,