Newspaper of Evening Star, 4 Ağustos 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 4 Ağustos 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. local Intelligence. A Sc??*?In our brief account of the ex cursion of the National Guard yesterday, we neglected to mention that, among the hun dreds composing the company. were Col. H?c kie, the commander of the District of Colom bia regiment; Major Bacon, paymaster, and representatives from nearly all of our line inil it, rv companies. We presume that those who participated in the entertainment, will, if they have not al ready done co, each for himself or herself, re late privately to their friends some of the inci dentr. of the trip, which, according to our in formation, were not all of a delightful charac ter. It may be repeated, that, insteod of the company visiting Piney Point on Thursday, and returning by midnight, they were detained until Friday, near noon, from reaching the Washington wharf; right glad, doubtless, to be *gain restored to land. It should be remembered, by the way, that the arrangement* of the National Guard were excellent, but the "slow boat" spoiled the sport. Having reached Piney l'oint. stopping there a short time, and while on the "homeward" track, many of the pleasure party were at tacked with sea-sickno?s; and any one who had seen or experienced the effects of it, may im agine the scene presented. It is unnecessary to say that they did not "sit like Patience on a monument," smiling at the dashings of the watery expanse spread out before them! In stead of tue glow of the rose on the cheek of beauty, there was an ashy paleness ; the voice of laughter was not heard, but groans and la mentations; nor were the "sterner sex," us they are stereotypedly called, in a condition to fight the battles of their country. A rickly looking party it was throughout, excepting, of course, the oifieers of the boat and their men, and persons of the male kind whose stoma -hs were proof against the heaving intluence of the billows, and the rocking of the steamer. As to the dresses of the fair?white when they embarked?the washer-woman can pas-* an opinion upon them They were draggled worse than the costume of the interesting jiiaog latly, who, as tradition says, once en deavored to wade across the Potomac, but was wet ahovf the ankles in the fruitless effort. There was a good deal of rain on the river, which acted, occasionally, as a shower-bath. If it w?< a plcasurt excursion homeward, we are inclined to think, according to tho nana tiv? of an informant, it was a decided failure. What added to the ui -comfort wns the giving out of provisions, and a consequent reduction of "rations." Nothing need b" said about the sleeping accommodations. E\ cry one for himself, and the planks of the steamer for all. It is not probable that the majority of those who composed that party desire ever again to be placed in a similar fix." It was an event 4? long to be remembered"?a prominent fea ture in the extended list of excursions which have taken place during the present season Ths Cixp-Meiti.16.?The camp-meeting now progressing in the woods of Col. Win. Minor, Alexandria county. V'a , is. so far. attended principally by families identified with the Protestant Methodist Church. Among the families camping there are those.of the Kev. Mr Lipscomb. Mrs. Wren, Mr. Hunter, and t'thers. of Fairfax county; Col. Win Minor. Dr. Wunder. W. I). Waliach, R. L. Brockett. Charles Smoot. John McCorinick, Smith Minor. Mr. Lemon. Mr. Newton. Major Win. D Nutt, and others, from Alexandria city and county. There aie also commodious and well appointed boarding-tents, in charge of persons from Washington ana Alexandria, Lr the accommodation of visitors troui these citic and other strangers. Tho preachers, too. have a fine tent. Of the clergymen on the ground, we n->tieed. last night, tho Rev Messrs. Lips.'omb, l>rnk haus, Murray. Sutherland. 6h reeves, and others. I he Semion of last night wns preached by the Rev. Mr Shreeves, to au an lience as attentive as we ever saw a congregation anywhere. So far, few have l-eeu upon the ground, except tluxo deeply interested in the cau?e of religion, which serves to render it peculiarly inteiesiingtothe friend ,Z th*t cau.-e. The j>vint at which it is held is a Leautifu! grove, on a crowning and gently sloping hill, at (be baie of whioh there is a copious spring of pure, co< 1. and sparkling water?a spot on which, in the list twenty years, similar religious festivals have frequent ly beeu held. The weather is charming, iu deed, and all on the ground are arjoyirg tiiem eelves with great xest. The Rev. Messrs. Stockton ami Webster, of Baltimore, eminent Protestant Methodist divines, are expected to be there and preach to-morrow. The latter, we understand. <>ffi -iated at a camp-meetiugin the same grove twenty years ago to-morrow. The Gkuxly Bi.ak.?Since our recent an nouncement that a grimy bear, from the Rocky Mountains. wn<to be seen at the grounds of the Smithsonian Institution, hundreds of 1'ivera of z <o!ogic.?l specimens havo resorted thither to gratify tbeir taste, and to a<lmire the fii.e proportions of the distinguished stranger. But, unfortunately, they happened to be a little too lale ; the animal, after luxu riating at that depository of art anl science, was transferred to the farm of the Insane Asylum, where there was already a large c 1 loction of undomesticated quadrupeds. We ?lu not wish to be understood a- sayiug there w.*s anything mentally wr>?ng with the bear, altuough his affection not uufrequently leads b ux to hug more earnestly than is compatible With human pr<?priety or comfort. We learn that au oficer connected with the t-m.thsonian Institution ha- been considerably aanoyed by visitors, who so frequently ask him "where's tho be:ir, sir?" "Its r.ot kare " '-Where is it?" "Goue to ttie In eane Asylum." " Wl at! is it craxy?" asks an aged matron, iu ton.g of surprise. 41 It's (fat there to be taken care of, and to I>3 kept out of harm's w iy. The polite and accom modating janitor, scarcely fieed from this dia logue. is again interrupted by a nurse and half a dozen small children, who come to see the bear Explanations are again to be made, and replies given to very many questions. A retreat from such annoyances is next to im possible, and his patience is subjected to a t.ial which would require the nerve of the sternest philosopher to preserve. But still he must be interrogated, both on the grounds and in the streets, until he exMaimi, "I wish I had never seen the bear, I'm *orry it was ever brought here !" " Will itcome back again ?" calmly inquires a precocious youtti. while the crowd, winch the interrogatory ha.-summoned, breathlessly await the reply. Tuis i? t?w much?an oral attack which Job himself, be fore his affliction with 4- boils, ' could not have borne ! ?? The bear !" " tne bear !" nothing bat ?? the bear !" Truly, old Bruin is highly honored. We have heard of people being 4*cro?s a* a bear with a sore head;" and it is reasonable to presume that any person approached with such showers ?>f questions concerning the Rocky Mountain animal, would be in a simi lar predicament; although the eontr-ry is ol course the fact regarding the janitor of the Smithsonian Institution. Excuasios*.?The fiist grand prixe excur sion of the Hen Franklin Target Company, will take place on Monday, at Arlington Springs. A full cotillon and military band ha? been engaged for the occasion. Prixes are to be shot tor . a magnificent medallion for the ladies, and a valuable breastpin for the gentlemen. Boats will run all day from the Fourteenth street bridge to Arlington and back The Empire Club, too. will, on Monday, give an excursion and pic-nic. going to the Wnite *I oust, having chartered the steadier George Washington for the occasion. The best cotil lion mu-ic has becu engaged, a welcome piece of news to the lovers of dancing. For the particulars, we reter th?:ae inter ested in there excursions to our aivertising columns .i Co&o*eb's IxgrxsT.?A new born white fa male infarf was found on the gruuu H of the Washington City Ornhan Asylum, by ono of ti,e male orphans A jury wa* summoned by nfieer Handy, Justice Goddard acting as coroner. After hearing the statements of the witnesses, the jury decided that the child wiJ b>m alive, but died from violence at the Lauds oi s/iae per-on or persons unknown The child had beeu put through a hole in the fence 4yu>g the night. tefCcitlvlr?iT' Ed!nondV..residin? in our "is k 11 i?iri Alexandria, \ irginia, committed thi^Lf^ 7**t*rdmy between 1 and 2 o'clock in ,1r!nl ?rn?0n <?currence, as might nat *P?cted, occasioned muoh sensation n In ' community. hialiWrMJiu*** TM uniTer?'ij esteemed for bis liberality and courteous bearing. Several mmuted before the sad event a gentleman of Washington conversed with him at his office floor, but perceived nothing in his manner that indicated mental disease. He was, as usual, calm, and seemed to be cheerful. After the two had parted company. the Doctor swallowed, it is said, six grains of strychnine, and imme d!?tai{ 7r! k- t0 ? " hoine' 9eversl 4uares hla where he was taken ii- ii? course of a few minute?, died, lie leaves an interesting family, to whom he th.? ? ? ^ indulgent. It is supposed that pecuniar?losses superinduced the dread ful deed of self-destruction. i MrCIM^iI?"~Ye8^rd*^ morTlin5. nn old man .f7' emPl?y?<l ?t the Navy Yaid to prepare the fires and oil the machinery in the engine room, was unfortunately caught in the ?dlKnv7{h?Zd ?nC ?fhifl le^ *>?dly crush ' "? as *? rPD(lcr amputation nece^ry. which was performed last evening. It is leared that the accident will result fa tally, because of the age of the sufferer. At ?i,inlmZ? occurrence he was engaged in ?rivr- j machinery, when the signal was fcncj, and engineer, without being aware of his presence turned the steam on, with the effect above related. The sufferer is said to be "ixty-s.x years of age The operation wa.s performed by Dr. Berry, one of the most skill lul surgeons ,n Washington, assisted by Drs. weahedarS?mme9' Th6 patient is doi,-K Toe Editor or the Truth thus discoarseth on foreign affairs : In the National Irtelligencer of July 30, K^o, is a long article headed The eastern war. a trueJover of God, an<1 a man of peace, l warn the American Government not to In carried away by any such Sentiments as is therein expressed, for if you do you will end it- I his war is a war for principle, yet selfidi interest was at the foundation of it. When ;'^.,E:rn^ror ?f the French found the war n [^ people boiling over he sought ar. ?atlet to their hot blood, and to aid in Crush |?? LlJeral principles, ue Joined with Eng land. Our Step Mother, to humble Kus.ia. then crush American Institution-, and set un Monarchal Governments in the New World as they have in the Old. hut God is at the helm, and he will rule the Storm, so therefore let u mind our own business, and we will find enough to do without interfering with the af fairs of other Nations. Let us remember the warning voice of Washington, and act out the principles of Jefferson, and seek to do what we know to be right in God's sight, and he will bless us so that this continent will yet contain at east one thep^nd million of inhabitants ..njoying that happiness designed for our raec. with the privilege of worshipping God. accord Slk,'-WnT,Iilli *o wit lu Spirit and t Vf ia i I1 4' Sn<*h is my prayer, to My God, who is my friend and only guide '"vr "u ? r a tbuk fbi*?> to Max n asbington, July 30, 1855. Lafatitte Sqitare.?Repeated applications having been made to tbe Commissioner of Pub lic buildings to have Lafayette Square kcLt open, until 10 o'clock at night, tor the public accommodation, and the Secretary of the In tel lor having authorised him to employ ? watchman tor that purpose, the square will ho open every night until that hour, except on ra.ny everMiigs. when no one wuid be dis posed to visit it for recreation. Cextre Market ?Wo think that never be fore was a more plentiful, superabundant sup ply of vegetables and fruits displayed in thi* c.ty than durmgthis morning. The market pre niises not being sufficiently large for all'the dealers, inauy of them had to string their sup plies along the line of the Avenue, extenJiiL Si tir westward as Eleventh street. Th<> priee" were moderate. Butter and eggs, however inaintain their former rates. Nineveh.?John W. Veitch, of Alexandria r iir.ty \ p.. request us to say (hat fiudinu Know ^oinogi-in antigonbtic tj the tiu principhs civil an.; r?ii^ious liberty, he lia:* i n> iuie l to withdraw from all connection with it, an J bj this publj^Htion hereby wa-hes nis hands of it. ita purposes, obligations anJ practices.* and Bets ?Quite a number of yoUn ' nien are piepnnng their small crafts to follow in the wake of the regatta which is to come oil oa the Sth instant. Others are 44 shelling out their dimes in bets upon their favorites. AI. the boats entered are in excellent order, und the ^iilirg master of each is confident of su^ees-i " e hoP* ?bat no accident or unfavorable cir cumstance may occur to mar the pleasure of those concerned. OotltrCTTo*.?In the card of Baldwin Ji Penning, published in the Star of yesterda \ with reference to the Western Market, owir~ to a typographical error they were represented as paying they objected "very much to tho m-iKtm* of all those parts which the plans and mutual understanding do designate a horiiontal ones." The word 44 rnakitg' should | have been printed raling. Dofjs ?If the owners of dogs in the North ern Liberties have any feeling for sick people in that part of the.-ity. they will either silence tneir nightly howling canines by means of muizles or leiroving them to ?me locality where they can howl without disturbing or en uaiijjeiing tli? lived ol huiuau beings. Malicious Mischief. ? Many complaints aave been ma!e<f persons going about the city at night, amusing themselves by defacing and injuring puhlio and private property. bu7 unfortunately no one has yet b?-en caught in 'rV .ac'", fio ad 10 ,auke Pu?i*hment certain Ihe bridge over the canal at 14th street show marks of violence at the hands oi- tli* deKtruc tionisiJ. A Disappoi.xtke.xt.?We learn that many person- were offended by a failure to settle a little matter in the Sixth Ward last evening A large crowd hal assembled as spectators, but lefiior tueir hoiues, somegruuibling. otheis rejoicing. The police were also at hand. 1 iftii W ARti Police.?Justice Bates dis posed of the following cases yesterday : Mal tha Cansten, socur.ty for peace; Mary Mc Laughlin. a.-sault, dismissed j loni iiutler, as sault and battery, jail. Tom was also chrjrgcd with an offence which is always punished with severity, but the case was dismissed. ^ atch K etc it.\ k-?Tilt* docke.t at the guard house exhibited no cases for trial or publica tion this morning, and the magistrate and po I ice officer left for their wards well satisfied with the appearance of thing*. The rooms, beds, and bedding were all44 to let." eU L PEPPER CORRESPONDENCE. Ci LHErrER C II., August 3. lfciS. This pleasant village, the county seat ul Culpepper, though far inferior to many of it? sisterhood in beauty of situation and architec ture embellishment, yet in the salubrity of its atm <sphera. and the warm hearted sociability of its people is, by no means, behind the m.?st favored of its sisters ; the must ample accomo dation for the religious worship of four differ ent denominations, private dwellings of va rious style and finish, a sprinkling of stores, and quite a number of artisans in ti e va:i<?u^ branches of human skill, mako Culpernor Court House quite a pleasant dwelling plax. and few ever pass a day withiu its limit# with out t arrying away with them tho most favora ble notions of its people. Since the erection of the depot of tho Orange and Alexandria railroad, the village ha. thrown off its old and decayed appearance, and exhibit* a spirit of the age; excellent plank walks have been loid in many portions of the streets, au 1 the authorities are still at work iui proving the principal thoroughfares. - >? Waverly liouse, (newly built.) near the Uepol, is a neat, symetrical hotel, that would not be out of pUc? in the streets of Washing ton Its interior arrangements are with those of more extensive establishments Our old friend of the \ irgiuia Hou .w, M Mtllan, keeps yet that comfort of travelers, an old fashioned V irgiuia ion. Mr. Hill; ol the H avcrljTj U building a nu? residence adjacent to the village, and several ?mailer works are in progruss. The Star was, not long since. a welcome vis iter at manj of the doors of the denizen? of Culpepper, and under the new schedule, the enterprise of your indefatigable young agent, E. B Manry, will again give the people here the daily record of Washington and Alexandria news. Agens. Wabsiso to U\mbiib3.?The Paris corres pondent of the New York Evening Post writes a* follows in relation to the late Mr. Hope, about whom so much ha* been said since hi--* decease : ?? The estate of Mr. Hope, one of tho sons of the Amsterdam banker, is fa?t liqui dating, and to the horror of the Parisian' who worshipped at hi* Midas, it appears to be ra ther a small one?such an hnmhlo fortune us a de Rothschild or an Astor would regard as nothing ; for if tho heir receives several hun dred thousand dollars, it is all he will get /> pavvrr homm? ' What a lesson to the card player! Here is a inan who had $800.000 h year, and who felt a passion for gambling late in life?its gratification cost him nearly twelve millions of dollars, and left him after a brief gratification, (for he died at the age of fifty-two years,) with a shattered fortune. If these financial lords cannot safely play with such an edged tool, in Heaven's name what can the lower classes of money hope !" ty We are mu^h gratified to learn through a friend just from Portsmouth that the siekness which prevailed at Gosport (adjoining Ports mouth) has greatly abated, and has assumed so little of the epidemic form that confidence is restored. Very many citizens who had re paired to Old Point Comfort, so a? to be beyond the reach of the epidemic, have returned to their homos, and the Willard Hotel at that celebrated watering place, though having a very large number of guests sojourning there, has yet ample aid excellent accommodation* for a much larger number.?Union of to-day. A New Way to Cook Chickens.?The fol lowing is highly recommended: "Cut the chicken up, put it in a pan and cover it over with water; let it stew as usual, and when done make a thickening of cream and flour, adding a piece of butter and pepper and salt : have made and baked a pair of short c?kc? mad* as for a pie crust, but rolled thii. arm rut in small squares. This is much better .than chicken pie, and more pimple to make the crusts should be laid on a dish, and tho chioken gravy put over it while both aio hot.'' The McConnesville Enquirer chronicle* the doings of some miscreants near that place, \?hich lor wickedness 44 beats the devil." First tbey cat or sawed off the trees in a young ap?>le ? rchard?secondly, stuck iron spikes in the ground in a meadow which was ready for tho seytho?thirdly, let down the fences to two corn fields, and drove in a number of hogs nnd thirty hea l of cattle. This was dono to the property of a woman. tjT* The Greenbrier Era notices that Rev. ^ Black, a few days since, preached at Wil liam's river, in that county. It says that it w is the second sermon ever preached in that i eighborhood, though the settlement was made more than sixiy years ago. ccording to Aga=?iz, no fossil? of the r >o have ever yet been discovered by ~eolo ?.i*ts. lie thinks the creation of the plant is c >eval with that of man. iD" Ayer's Cathartic Pills?Pills that are /?W/j '-Prof Hayfs, State Chemist of Massa chusetts, savs they arc the best of all Tills, ami an nexed are the persons who certify that Dr. Haves know?, viz: Lemtel Shaw. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Mass. I'.mory W-vsiiBrRN. Governor of Mass. W. C Plcnkett, Lieut Gov. .Ma*s Edward Evep.ei r, Ex-Sec. of Siateand Sena tor U S. Robert C Wintiirop, Ex-Speaker Hoi^eof Reps , C s A. 1 Abboit La wrksck, Minister Plenlno to Great Britain. t J'Uis H. Fitzpatrici, Catholic Bishop of Boston. MEN THAT ARB MKM ? Among the diseases this Pill hat enred with as tonishing rapidity, we may mention CoRtiveness, Bilious Complaints. Rheumatism ?>ropsy, Heartburn. Headache arising from a foul stomach, Nausea, Indigestion, Morbid Inae'io of the Bowels and pan- arising therefrom, Flatu ?ncy Lost of Appetite, all Ulcerous and Cot me o'js Diseases, which require an evacuant medicia*-. vcrofula or hint's Evil. They also by purif\ing i e blood and stimulating the system, cure many complaints which it would not be supiHMied the? ? uld reach ; such a-? Deafness, Partial Blindness. .Veuraluia and Nervous Irritability, Derangement of the Liver and Kidneys, Gout, aud other k ti ilred complaints arising from a low state of the o'.dv or oostructlons cf its functions. They are U'e r?est Purgative Medicine ever discovered, an J v?u will but need to use tli> m once to know it Prepared by DR. J C IYER, Lowell, Mass , and -old by every respectable druggist. Sold bv Z 1) OILMAN, Washington, O. M f l.NTHlCUM, Georgetown; JAMES COOK it CO., Fredericksbur^. je 17?2m L r Letter from lion. John Minor Bolts, of Virginia. Richmond, July 9. .Messrs Wm S B*?t\ A Co : Gents?Consider ations of duty to the atHicted aione prompt me to end you this voluntary testimonial to the threat value of "Carter'* Spanish M>i-turefor that r*..:nost inerrable disease. Scrofula Without being disposed or deeming it necessary logo into the particulars of the ca?e, I can sa. :Lat liie astonishing results that have "oeen pro diced bv the use of that medicine on a member of my own family, and under my own observation and superintendence, after the skill of th<' bes' physiciaiis had i>een exhausted and all the usual uiocdi^H Lad failed, fully justify ms in recom mending its use to all who may be suffering from that dreadful nidiady. I do not mea.i to' ?ay that It Is adapted to at' ? (institutions. or ihat it will att'ord the same relief in all cases; for, of eot.rse, 1 can know nothing r.'oout that?but ol what 1 have seen of the elT< ';ts 1 would not hesitate to use It. in any ar.d every ease of Scrofula, with persons for whom I felt an interest, or over whom I could exercise influence or control. RespectfuLy, yours, J no. M Botti. ID" Premiums at the Fairs?White hnrst's stilt in the ascendant.?The juries of each cf the late fairs <o Baltimore. Richmond, and New York, awarded their hifchtest premiums to J . H . W. for tbeir superiority of Photographs, Stereoscopes and Daijuereotypes exhibited. Mr. W. also received tfc'o medals at the World's Fair, London, and a premium at Crystal Palace. New York. Also, the rirst awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past. Whiiehurst's Gallery in this city Is on Pa av.? nue, betweeen Four-and-a-half aud Sixth streets feb 17 " LD" Noah Walke.* it Co., Marble ilali Clothing Emporium, under Browns' Hotel, re sj?ectfully announce that their display of Spring and Summer Clothing is now ready for inspection comprising an assortment of Coats, Vests and Pantaloons of the newest and richest designs in material, trimming and workmanship. To gen tlemen who study excellence with economy in fashionable articles of dress an opportunity for se lecting is ollered from one of the largest and most attractive stock of <joods ever offered in this city at a very reduced scale of prices. ap 17 ID* D. Gilinun, Drnggist, has removed to5^ Seventh street, opposite the Patriotic Hank aud is now prepared to till all orders i'or Medicine l'aints, oil and Glass on accommodating terms **trictattention will be p^id to physician's pre M-rlptlons at all hours of the day and night Tho rd^ht bell is on the right of the "store door, ap 14 (17" Dr. Haufland's Celebrated German timers.?Weak, nervous, depressed In spirits, a..d a prey to innumerable mental, as well as t?hy si< al evils, the victim to dyspepsia, is indeed an object of commisseration. Yet it is absurd for him to despair. Wo care not how weak. low. nervous, arm irritable he may ln\ the cordial prop ?rties of HOOF LAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, prepared bv Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia, are stronger than the many-beaded monster, which is preying upon his body and mind; and if he ;hoose> totrv them, we will insure a speedy cure. See ^Mertisement. je 7?:tm More Evidence.?We hava just been in formed by a gentleman from the country with a large family that he nas had a great many attacks of summer Complaint, but not inoue Instance has he failed in making a perfect cure in less than *21 hours, with BAKER S PREMIUM BITTERS. He believe* also, that $50 would not have naid his doctor'* bill without the Bitters. He says he never intends to do without It lit his family His name will ?*i used if required, but not wishing it pub lished. Price 50 cents per bottle. To be had of CHAS. STOTT 4 CO , Wash ington. D C.: CAN BY A HATCH, and BETH S. HANCE, Baltimore; aud by Druggists every where. eo3t VLL STRANGERS vlslung the City should see Hunter's Cata logue of the curiosities of the Patent Oiftce. Al so his Description of Powell's Great Picture#. HUNTER Is to be seen at 450 Tenth street, may Jl?dm* _ WANTS. 1 ?,f;T "prse fob a chiu ! B 01(1 Applvnt No 355 Penna avenue, near bth street ^ 3^ W A,NTEl>-*?*X? IN COR FOR AT ION OF Georgetown Stock, f?r which nlnetv-s;? cents to tho dollar will be eWen In rurrent fund* bv Applying to a. F. OFFUTT ft rr, nd OtorKWowjfp.'c I ABORERS WANTED?25 LaborerTwTnted r ??n ,he A,e**ndria nnd Wa>h ? .i^PP'y on ,he one mile j-rora the Bridge. au 4 ?t# VTrANTFD?\ BOY <>F INDUSTRIOUS ? T hat'its and pleasing address, about 12 or 14 \"ars of age. a* an assistant In a store Unexcep tionable references as to integrity and ueneral rno-al conduct required Address, In handwritiar tpplicant, giving real name, "L X I,," star *? au 4?It rno? of a, office IV'ANTKD?BY A YOUNG MAN AND IIIS ?. Xl*** *ituaM?n In a respeftable private fam ily. The man is fully competent to drive a car nage, and take charge of a pair ft horses, and If rpfjti 1 red, would assist in thegarden. The woman is an excellent rook, washer, and ironer, and can wait it table. Satisfactory reference as to charac ter and coi^etencv can l>e given. A line addressed ? w at Mrs Fierce'* snt ! ennsy Ivania avenue, will meet prompt attention au "i?vp? WANTED-A TEACHER WELL QUAL . J .. f.? 'irt ** an distant In a Select Classi cal and .Mathematical Academy lv*i_t.r P. A. BO WEN, jy -I?dtr Georgetown. VyANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that / f ?"?**" ?n cet a lot 24 feet front by 1:10 feet deep, for tne low price of *Tr>_pavable a month w thout interest. Apply at the Union Land Office <lh street. above Odd Fellows' Hall ?pa^_4im JOHN FOX. Sec. . BOARDING. J?OAUDIN<i._MRS. mjVALL.No 331 Penn ** svlvaniaavenue, opposite Brown s Hotel, has '??veral large and desirable rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, which she will rent v it.i board at moderate prices She can also ac commodate six or eight table boarders Jy 3!i?tf DOARI), Ac.?MRS. BATES,ON THES W ru??er of Pennsylvania avenue and Hth street I-prepared to accommodate ffentlemei: wi?h r *om> u ith or without board. Every effort will he made LVw'I'i comfortable who may favor her with the:r patronage 7 ap6-tf FOR SALE AND RENT. TU \>U I HKKK I'LEASAN 1 ROOMS. .> 1^1 V i iV?n TwelJ'ttl street, No. 51*2, near ?he Kirk wood House. aa j ji1 V,11 R R N T~A TWO-STORY i rame ? House, containing seven rooms situated on H, between 12th and 13th streets north. For fur ther particulars apply at J. VAN RISWICK'* of Uce. corner of 7th street and the Canal au 4?It* private s a l e .-several i rame "onses suitable for lar^e or -mall families containing from 4 to 1? rooms each, on square south of S.piareft!6, between 4th and -5 th streets and fronting Massachusetts avenue and 1 street* I errns made easy Enquire on said square at No ' an 4?eotf p V, K SAL E?A TWO-STORY F RAM K Mouse, containing four rooms, in front bin'd ini'. and in the hark, wiih a passage and cellar is ottered for sale. It is situated in ? .rood neighborhood. lieing half square from the North ern Libert ;e- Market house. Euqnire at this of d(*: au [ I^OR RENT?'THE NE\T AND CONVF. ? nient two story Frame House. No 4".9 Thir tee.iM. >treet. west side, between Pennsvlvsnia a\ **n,,e aiid D street. It is suitable for a imall fim il?\ and is in every respect a desirable residence * <?>session given immediately*. Apply at the Star office. pOR RENT-A FINE TU'O STOltV brfa c 1 House, vitiated on 4 s, >lieet, be'.ween P^ina i venue and C street. adjoining Mr Geo Parker s Enquire of Mr GEO MATTING LV, Island; or next door to the premises. au j_tf l^fJR SALE-IMPROVED AND UN1M i proved Real 1 ?JENNINGS PIGo IT ' Attornej at Law and \^eut for Real Esta'e. has s? versl small Houses and l ots and a n<iml>er of ?inmii.roved buildinc Lots in different riortlons of he', 'tv, whi< h he w>ll sell at mf?derLte pi and Oil acconuiiodatiu^ ttrms. I'er-??!is WMljii;-. to I ed <.i o.i, may J . well I v.? him a c.4i: He will take char^?> of Re^i E??a*<-, attend ' ica in_r r.-in;n?j, Ac., Invesii:?a'.e tiths. a.;d m- 1 'end particular!" to coiivevanclng. Oin::e 5I> Washington Libran- on ltth sheet, 1 between i' and I> a-, j _|W ' j fOK SALE TWO HUNDRED LOTS ?- I'.-lce *?:'> e^ch Two years' < r< dit. or to per cerit. disfo-nt for .ash. Apply atthe Union Land e. 7ih Street,alcove Odd Fellows' Hall. jy '??-?-tin 4 VALUARLE LITTLE FARM FOR SAI.E ^ i su?>scriher wilt sell at private sale his Ut ile I arm. *nowu as Steding Cottage, uin>n which ?ie now resides, situated in Alexandria rountv. >a near BaliS X Koad.s. tour milcsfrom (n-orue 'own. six from Washington, eight from Alexan dria. and will l?e but one mile from the Louaon 4 Uanip jire Railroad. The tract contains tuu i. r^s 15 of wni<-h U under heavy timber, the ance is under a high state of cultivation, with go?*l leucingand a never failing stream of watei rua uiuj through the place. The impiovemeuts are a very neat story and a ? iaif dwelling, v/ith a brick cellar under it, out house*, consisting of a bam. ice hou.?e in^a' '.'His- < < rn hoi:s.\ hen house, kitchen, and ho.^e ii?r?rwni* Tbryniif very larye and shady, and decorated wi;h th?- mostcnoice dowers and .? well <.r the m?jst excellent water near the door, the < !>^k \ .ird is enclosed by a beautiful ced.,r hed 'e .u.d tiiS front by palings. There is also h l?e,-utl ul chestnut gr.?ve srandinsr in front of the yard The lands .tdiolning are thosecf Col. \V Minor s \i -nor, l)r. Wonder and Mrs. Ga-dner Its lo ' at ion is conyeiiieit for churchy, ? i,s: anu sjw inills\ ;>out oihce, Ac. Tut abovep.opertv po>se-. ^es ad^iitagf-s which Will be appdrent to all who desire to s?^ure a | learaut ar.a valuable country A great >?ar?aln may i-e had by h oarly applica tion, as 1 am doflrous oi moving to a larger far??, Jy ii-'iiwlm MOSES A. i EiJREV. * I^i)R KENT OK SALE ON REASONABLE * 1 eims -A three-story Frair.e, with basement, on New N o,k avenue, between Fcurth and Fifth west. Al o, a three story Frame, with back building, on I street north, between Fourth and Fifth streets west Apply to W. Barker, residence on II street north, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets , DICKSON \ KING, UP ?' Thtf Georgetown. L'?>R :?Ai.E?Til AT i.ABGL AND WELI. ?- I i:J!t Frame JJwelilng House, with a brl< k >.?eiit, .No. lit>, i iftated on the east side of ?th ..ieet, Leiween F and G, containing iO rooms, wiih porch and pantry in the rear. For terms, which will be easy, apply to CHARLES F. WOOD. 14v Ninth street, between E and F ?ts. Jy 17?eotf ^OR RICNT?A HOUSE, containing 7 rooms, in a hue location, where there is a ^?n>d oi*n ;tig for a small select school. School Room Fur niiure with some other /or sale. Euquire at :T!*5 C street. au 2 ?eo'iw Lots for sal e.?two or three good Building Lots in a rapidly improving neighborhood for sale ou Un years' ere,tit Apply to J. H. DRURY. jy 21?tf i I ,^Oi: RENT?TH E THREE STORY STOR E ? and Dwelling, No. Rridge street, George town, so long occ lpied as Emmert's Coafecttoa ery Apply to A R N V, next door my 25?lawtf POR SALE.?A SMALL FRAME HOUSE 1 and Lot, No 60 Louisiana avenue, Washing ton. It presents a rare opportunity to a person wishing to nuke a g?od investment. Also, a three-siory Br'ck House and Lot, No 57 lUgb sireet, Georgetown, Lot 26 feet front by 1M f^t d? '???; will be sold low and on a long credit. Apply at 4fi Louisiana avenue. Jy 20?tf tH>R KENT.?A handsomely fumlr-hcd House ? near tLe Public Department is ottered for rent ' ?> a responsible tenant the rent will be moderate I h.* Hou?e contains n bath room and gas lixiures Enquire on the premises, No. 27u H straci. Jy 5?im* P o R R E N T?A TWO-STORY FRAME, with bii.sement, situated or Prospect Hill, Georgetown, commanding a tieautiful view of the Potomac river. Apply to T. O. Donnoghue near the Catholic Church, or R H Trunnel, No : i Frederick street, Ge<i.-gewown, D. C. Jy h For rent?sever a l han Dsoiu l pax ? lofa Chambers, with Board. Also. Table and Transient Board. Inquire al Mrs. SMITH'S, *33 F street. ap v?tf CLOCKS: (LOCKS'. . ou waiit a good hcaest Clock?or e that will wa?s y<m tlie corr<*t time, di op in at G. FRANCIS, 490 Seventh street. He has Clocks that cannot be excelled?handsome and pood time keeper*. He sells low, and every Clock is war ranted. jy '41 AUCTION SALES. By WALL, BARNARD i Co , Auctioneer* L*ALE OF A V FRY VAU A HI.P. KKUItO r? Slave.?On t>ATt'RDAV , ?b? 11th of An pn*t next at 10 o'clock. we shad sell in front of our Auction rooms, a very valuable ?lave nana?l Da vid f*-'id slave 1? twenty-two years old, of wrv robust frame, and i? perfectly healthly Terms at rale. WALL. BARNARD * Co. au 3?d flntell] Auctioneer* By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer Excellent furniture ?nd house i hol.l Effd< ts at Public Auction.?On TUESDAY morning. August 7th, at lOo'elnck. I shall aril, at the residence of a gentleman de clining housekeeping. on the east side of lt*h st . three doorssouth of Pa. avenue, ail his Furniture and Effects. viz : Rosewood parlor Meiodeon and Stool Ctiinson velvet covered Sofa and parlor Chairs Walnut carved Reception Chair*. Whatnot French plate Mantel Minor, China Vases Marble-top row wood fancy Tables. Ottoman* Handsome Oil Paintings Tapestry, brussels and other Car|?ts Oilcloth. Astral Lamps Window Curtains, Shades. Rugs Mahogany hair spring Sofa and Rocker l>o marble top Sideboard Cane seat Chairs Dining, breakfast and other Tables Mahogany French Bedsteads. Mattresses Do ' dressing Bureaus, Washstands Bolsters and Pillow*. Counterpanes. Blankets Silver-plated Tea Set, Cake Basket, Castor* French China dinner and tea Ware Cut-glass Tumblers, Wines. Goblets, Cutlery Refrigerator, cooking and other Stoves Together with an excellent assortment of Kitch en Requisite* ard Housekeeping Articles. Terms : and under ca*h, over tbat sam a credit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest. J AS. C McGUIRE, au 2?d Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. 'DRI STEF'S SALE OF VALUABLE A}0 1 Beautifully situated Building Lot on Third street west, between Pa. avenue and I' street.?By virtue of a deed in frust. 1?earlng d;ite on the 2*th day of Pelnruary, lhi3. and re corded in Li??er J. A. S No 5*2, folios 302, 3t0. 9M. the subscriber will sell at publ-c sale, on WEDNESDAY afternoon, August 1st. IKiS. at 53^ o'clock p. m . on the premises, Lot No 11, In reservation No 11. fronting *25 feet on Third street west, l*>tween Pennsylvania avenue and C street ajrtb, by 150 feet deep, to a 35 fe.-t alley. The altove property is eligibly situated In a mostdesirable part of the city, rapidly enuanciag in value, and otters a rare opportunity to person* desiring to build or invest Terms cash ; and if not complied with In three days after the sale the property will be resold, at the risk and expense of the purchaser, upon one week's notice. All conveyancing st the of ourr-haser. CHARLES S WALLACH. Trusiee JAS. C. McGUIRE, Jr 12?eo&ds Auctioneer \?j- The above sale is postponed uutii MONDAY afternoon, August 6th, at 6 o'clock, at the same place CHAS. S. WALLACH, Trustee JAS C. McGUIRE, au 2?d Auctioneer. ByGKEEN A SCOTT."Auctioneers. SEVEN ACRES OF VALUABLE LAND in the District at Auction. ?On THUKS DAY. the Dih instant, we shall s?ll, at 5 o'cl< k p. in., on the premise,. iev?r. a~r*-? ir.d nine pol?s of land, lying in Washington coui tv, in tl?o l?i* ;rict of Columbia, about IK mile* from tn?* Lant ern Branch Bridge, on the Marlboro' and near the ]tin< tlon of Ihe Piscatawtiy Road, adjoining the place called Good Hope The land is in a i:oc.d state of cultivation, and \?~y susceptible of im provement It has on it a dwelling Lou?.e, Ac Term*: One-third ea*h; balance in fi and 12 months, the purchaser to give notes for the de ferred payments. bearing Interest from the day of i he sale A dsed given and a deed of trust taken GREEN A SCOTT, au 1?d Auctioneers By GREEN A SCOTT. Auctioneer*. rjUVO TWO-STORY FRAME HOFSES 1 ati'l Lot at Auction.?OnTUKSDAY, the 7th of August, we shall sell, in front of the premi ses, at t> o'clock P.M . h.alf of l^ot i. in square No. fron!i>i>j 2*- feet 9 Iri" hes en itth ?tr<*el, west, lw-twee*n New Yoik avenue and n street north, running back 99 feet 9 ii.cht-s, w;ih the improve ments, which are two ycod two-story Fr?ii>>* H juses, containing three raoui? esch. A". Ea- n ho< c0 v iii be solel separate with the lot on which It stands. Terms ; One-lhirdcash: in six. twelve a?id e\ jKt*-.'n mouths, for aoies be-^ilu^ Int. re^t from day of sale A ri<?d yt-.?n ar.d ad^ed rf tiust taken. GREEN Hl SCOTT, Jv'll?d Auctioneers. >.i. .?-7j Rcirsmr. ?"?} flVlE subscribers have entered Into cojiartm X sLip under the Kiin r<f Summers A: Sessford at No. >evciilii street. Maud, near MarvL ed Avenue, for the purpose of manufacturing S.A D DLES. BRfDLES, TRUNKS. HARNESS, and everything In that line of business. Having I a .<1 in a good sto< k of materials, ibej desire to *?o?if,? their friends and the public generally, that they art ready to serve thcin with an\ articles in tlivir line :,1 sboit notice, as yood .iiid as cheap as any other establishment ol'the kind in thiscit* JAMES II SUMMERS, GEORGE A. SESSFOKD Jy 22?2w JEWELRY. I I >l.MlvF.N. iFWF.l.ER. St* Pennsylvania 11* avenue, between 9th and lsnh streets. ba< just rec? iveu a n?w supply ni <ichly-?'has?-d Fn :t iind Leaf Jewelrv,consisting of Pin :.nd FarRinifs. also, a variety of iua^nin<eut Mosaic an?l ?'an?eu Jewelry, which he >tfeisat greatly reduced pri?-e? {jj* liiaittundii rernoanted. Jewelry of any d rcrlption tnade to ?-ider, Ena?in*iin^ done, Ooid ?'ens re|?oip.ted, t'oat of Arms and C leases engrivtd or. &toue and nru'tal. jy .11?tr I A t QL IER WHITE SI I.PMl II s?PRINt.S \t\A.KD.?Having seen a eoinmuulcai..^ e'.r- I - cuiating in the new>pat>ers throughout tne country, to the eflect that some malignant di* as' at this time prevails at the Faultier V. hite Sul phur Springs, and la the vicinity, we think it proper and a id to the proprietors oj thl> watering place to stale, taai '.ve re^iae at Warrent. n, dis tant about six miles; that ue have practised at these spring* for tne last sixteen or eigbtecu ye rs. and within tha' whole period we do not remem ber that neighborhood to have been more perfe- tlv healthy and exeu?i>t from disease of every kind than at the present thne Ti:e rejKirt referred to must have originated in a maXignaut d??ign to injure the i>roprietors. JOHN A CHILLON. M. D SAMUEL B. l'ISHER, M. D. Jy 30?2w riMUK IS TO GIVE NOTIt E. That the sub A scnl>er Lath obtained from the Orj ban ? Court of Wasbiagton County, in the District ot Columbia, letters of administration oil t he person al estate of Ann Morgan, late of Washington co inty, deceased All iterson- having clam ii^.iinst the said deceased, are hereby warned to t-vhibit the same, with the vouchers theioof, to the subscriber, on or before the tweaty fourth uay of July next; thev may otherwise by law be ex cluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given under my hand this 21th day of July, NEAL MORGAN, jv 25?lawtlw Administrator NATIONAL HOTEL. HAVING leased the National Hotel, and in or der to enable It to be made more com fortable, to alter, improve and re famish, it will be closed on the l?t of August, and rc-? opened for the accommodation of the public od the 2t?th Septemoer next WM GUY. jy 27?!0t* _____ C W A R R1N I; R. W A T f H M A K E K , iVi). 33o Pa. actna', biitee- d 9rA and 10IA tltcdi, wasmisovox, D. c Pivoting, Jeweling, asd every kind of regain to Watches. jyl7-5m A HEAP MUSIC. C10N81ST1N G of Sou^i, Duets, Marches,<4 ulck J steps, Waltic-, Quiirilie*. Po Las. Mazour l as, Schc'ttishes, Gallops, Dances, G .ltar, Piano forte, Vocal and <iems of r ?xred ^u.igs. all frou me most celebrated authors, both ancient and modern The above music will be sold at greatly reduced prices at SHli.LINGTON'S Cheap Periodical Depot, Odeon Building, corner Pa. av. and .)? *t Jy 25-tf NEW J E W I: L R Y ?J ust opened a case of very rich Jewelry, consisting of Diamond. Pearl Opal, and Florentine Mosaic. Brcsx nes, Earrings, and Bracelets. , , Also, a beautiful collection cf the plainer stv les, which we oiler much lower than the usjuI rates M. W. GAI.T k BRO 321 IVnn. av. between 9th and ICth streets. Jy 3i?tit El'VKLS t OMrLL'l'LS bt AfOLlLRE very numerous engrivIiiLjs. J*. 26 Consuelo, by George Sand, J vols, very uume rous engraving*, *1 Physiologic du Gout, par BrlUat-Savarln; very numerous engravingj, J7 cents. Jyj8 FRANCK TAYLOR DO VOl WANT FIRST RATE Hi cream * Go at on^e to ARN Y, street. Georgetown, he was awarded a M EDA I. by the Metr<>pe?litan Mechanics'Institute,tor ick cbk* u? waTB? icksj andcairj. ^row () TELEGRAPHIC news. REPORTED row tHI KVKWl!H? 1TAR. The fellow Fever. Koipolk. Au*n?t 4 - There it no abatement ?f the fever at Goapnrt and P -rtmonth Tb? eanitary remittor reports for the last t ?r#Bty. f-ur l;o?r*, endin* yesterday. ten new ease*, and ct^Lt deaths. Th? panic ia awful at Porta uiou .li 11.-. aud dry fooua utorea are cl. ,ed MV.4x.ut one-third of tha cititeca of tte town have left fur oUrcr part*. Many hare g?ne io Baltimore The diMs^ i0 Norfolk haa muoh aabjidcl but on? new ~?e having been reported to day?all confined to Barry'a row The board *** at tbo Macon House and tha Crawford h.ure hare left. Rains and hot tuna continue. North Carolina Election. V, bldox, Aug 4 ? Paine, Know Nothing. is re jfrrted to be clected to OngreM from this district by 300 majority. Pirate* Murdaring a craw in the Vnt In. din. Kaw York, Au? 4 ?The DaniaL bri* Jen n.-tte drifted ashore at Bahamas Ok the 14.a of July , nil the crew dead ; in(ip>Hil t) h it? been murdered by pirates, a sehocnor b i been aeen alongside of heron the pravioua day. Arrival of the Ariel New Vork. Aug 4 ?The ateamkhip Ariel has arrive*! from Havre, bringing axe >ng the ja ^rgera. Wm C. T ur??y. beaterof 4 v*tch '*? ant^ ^'r Brown, the American Consul at Bordeaux. ? Bal imore Markera i>ALTiMORB, August 4 ?Wheat opened at yesterday'* ra*es; fell ?fT 5c . anl el <*A JuT|. Hour steady; 6a>? of Howard street and City Mill* at 50 Sale* of 1 0(K? hbla II ward afreet, deliverable in all September, Coiu white tOaltfc ; ye'low 95c Oats 301:^., new; lull. Kye, new Maryland $la$l 02. N-iw Y?rk Xarke*?. N ew York. Aug 2 ? Whet? Pric-? era** ? sale* of 14.INHI bushels Soutbe.n v Lit *2 05 C?>m is a trifle lower : ?alca of 50 0?m >u ??"? . ,l firtr; . .lea ..f bbu. Beef is bnil ; sales of 150 bbl* Lnrd ?? uu changed. \\ hisky firm , &*lea of 100 bids. 8t-ek Market. nrw iork. August 4 ?Stocks Irreru'tr ? Cumberland *4; Canton 27J, Re?4tM?pr Erie 6i t New Vork central 9*>f. M PIBLIC BATH*. [RS SAINDF.RS resoectf.illv Inform -.3 I puodc. that the BATH llOUST, No C Street, in the rear of ,c Nvlonal Ho.el will hi k-t>t ojien for the at . omaaodtttoA of those w^?i 'Je?:re io avail them* Ives of I or the acrommodalioa of ,[,?? \% ?et apart Momlav and Tbursda. of .?*. h wr^k b-? t*een the hours of!" in and 6 p m . for their elusive u^. at -vii?,-h tfna^ (her will r^elvetaa attention of .-j.i.prtent female a't?"??l-uit? !*ingl*' Haiti, k.? cent*?Ave t cketo fetr 91 rha >kfiil for the patronageea'ended to u?*r l\ie husband. ?h ? re?pectfully solicits its cooti* ian c au 1?* SOMETHING TO OLD A\D VODXu. I'ROFEfcSUR WOO&'a _1I,W AIR RESTORATIVE. ? 4il^ Pr*"-i>ara,,on. although 1-ik than two venrs a. t?*fore thr uuhlic; owiug to Its ?f. fir ts u,->o.. the buiiiaii Lair and acalp. ha? -i-eauv "?.fa n^d a Cflebrit'* and vu> perf-ctlv' *?i jxiralleh-d It has wit bout tueordiuar. appli^n ? js.d for such pur^H*.^ Wou Its wjv. ain'. . ?.j, heart lit* w. <= loomed to most of th?- cltl.-s to??n^ ?n ih#? 1 nlt?yi states, tk^ Cans das. and tj* W'.s. India UlaifN. \o. is inlsres It su ,?n i.\j *-t-n it 1* rciiirmberr-d that Us iwpula-H) !? I'tw^l its merits, aoldv as establl.h-d bv -riuai u . ?'i:.t this p.vparatioo w??l artually ?. on? jra lia.r its Natural t.olor. a 1 ^ '^isitt jwth <ij.oii the l^ad.s of ia?.>rn> Lbe ? air from fallt!.. ??* ml he* u?e4as a tr*;i ? *r tl 'le. pr.nlace a ? o?ui? !l:-w * the m'nr i c-m arsd r<?nrt-r tie hair ofi. ?. a d vr^rv de-troy diseases of tfce s? alp, a..d vturl .1 lodn. j' ;h* "-e iitM'-K c*a. t: I laditts ,il ev* ? ; j ;.u of the roii!.'- * v _ > ha'. ? ?; ;-<J it. and therefor ^(Vttk v l at ?hev ku.-w. in.M ful ly a:t?-si That by ? pri?p. r us? #this Kotr.pi <w th"? h^h c^r L- to ittj'n and r^ta.u *?r. uan; rai rol. r t.? annost ?i.\ i' ttt#41? tiurxnliv by rei?.o% iiijx the oa i^e oi from - ?<alp? no um:<) r h.'W Iomj/ standing - tLe r oarnr.cnt timonials of t. ? pre^s and the certlfl. at*** of ?u ;a<:rous r^si?rtabir Individ of i?oib *???.* to ?h?? i:sr of tiil? oiratlv*, a* wril as of the r?*ou. me daMons of edi'ors and certificates before ailu ded to. can be Lad of all agents Rrv.*ri?ui,"MaM,J?a i?. *^> I'iJor \\ oo;.? L>?*ar Mr- nia.; ..Of your Hair Restorative, It giv^a me pteas?i*e to ?<av that !'< > fl??rt has h i n excellent in r*'mo\inj? n,. dainmat' i, dandruff, and a constant trnur ul ti to itrhini/, v.i'L whlrh I ha\* '>een ?ro?ibl?d fio.;1 fhildti Hid, and ban altc mtwed mr hair, wLlch was becoming trav, to Ita ori/ln-.lVolor 1 hav? us?-d no ottirr article, uith anithin,,? like the sa,...e pleasure and profit. Your?, truly . J ?v UHAi.i;, Pastor of Orthodox CLurrh Hr? ktlrid Carlylb. 111.. June ii, lSw,u I have ttsrd Frof O J Wo d s Hair Hesiora tlve, and Lav?- admired Its wonderful ^tfeei My tiair Wis Oecomicg, as I thought, pre.'iia'ureiy ^'ia\; out b. (he x.t-f of bis ? i(e?tora:'.v?" it has resumed Its oil^lual coi^r, and I havenod .ubt perm.u?euuy so. SIDXKV HRtJ>K, Ra-^eoator raited States. Pro*. Wood :? l>'?r Slr?.'dv Laircnxirencftf filli::>tt soaue tliir** r* f,->ur n r* siu e, ar?,* i f?n tirn?vf to ?io s.^ until i bnmn.t- ??a!'4 ? UJ ^ all itic | npi'lur it-r .till's of it* e.nv, bur to iio el? t?v , . a; last I wes tirflucsid tj use >our cvleiira'ea Hair Resuirative. tad am very happy t^? nay It is^ *?. i.adei>i i have now a fine lTowih of >o? ny hair, and ebet iluil; rectui.mend Ita use to all similarly &olU t< d A. 0 Wl I.LI AMSON. t'U xcosd strti t Addrev* ?> J WOOD A CO.. r-n^:e*ora ifl (?? .?-\dv.New Votk.aad '?4 .'lark. t s.tre?? St. LOiiis, Ma C STOTT Jt CO , wholesale and retail A^ent. Wtishifigtou ' ^ JD i OTT A SO.\3, Cirneral Wholesale \fjent, Philadelphia, l*a uu 1?ly FIKbT W ARU LIVtK\T^U NALt %1A ULLS IN aniiouiiclng to the public of Wa>Liatton tilt 1 h?\t takeu possession,by pun-hase, ? of the Stabirs, on G street, near ?he War De|iar*mept, (lately occupied by A. Scbws.-tz.) I wish *io 1 of.>nn '' /? Jh?'m that It will be eut.iely < endue'rd by lavself and that a!i aiders Irft ujv.u the pr> -nlsrs w.'.i be attended to punctually w ith elegant Carrlayi-s end t areful drivrrs. The' H iding Sibool will br (*tn du. ted a professional equestrian and pe'fuctiy docile horses , Iw 'ng stated hours for Udy ?aut* trians. in private or public, as thev inav prc/.r Particular attention w1ii be paid Ui horses kept -t !.'.very In bis establishment. ~ " ~ Person* rcpj.rtng ujea bai u?Lce orfs nlly car ila^-es. i?n sails/a. torlly a.?Hlt?l'tli^ as well as tho*? desir^ug riding tones ?of w<.. ?-tueu or ladies FR1KDKRKCK LAKLLMEVLR, Jy 21?3m A^eut M lll'TTIR A- KAI1LEHT, 4 RT1STS, FRKSCO, DECORATIVE, and . \ ever\ description of ORNAMENTAL PAINTIN? Outers left writh Baldwin and Nenni?u{, Atrhl :ee's, corner Peon avenu. and 11th atrae' w iJ] be prompt!vattended to JvU-irr* 'IMIE LONDON SIAUE 4 vols, octavo, cog A talninj* about two hundred of the best ? iars d the language (exclusive of Shakspearf- s4) A ew sets of tL?? above?second-hand copies new uier being unoo.aiiu.Ukv_hist Imported fiom l.on lon Pi ice *- 5u. FRANCK TAVLOR jy 136?tf Ur?t ILIi MANY OF Ol'R >11.Kt CAMS arc comphuning of dull times a>.d tell ?is .bee have more clerks than customers. <i FK \.NCIS, .Mi Seventh atrcet, Israpidlv ?eU;n^ <?? e..-i> tr n< in the way of Housekeeping Hardware, and al vti.vs the monev. He thinks the tin^s are certainly improving.' The fmil Is he sells io* ind the |?eople are beginning to tiadersiand It If ^oeni articles, low prices, ?na every edort to (4es ? ^nll suit purchaser*, he l? druixali^d .hat Li? < u>ton ers shall be satisfied j) tO LAW PARTNERSHIP. Robert j walker and louis jamn have fo;.s:ed a co-partnership under the firm af ''Walker A Janin,' for the mana*;emeni and iiyunient of cases in the Supreme Coi.rt of tha ''nited Statr.. *nd before the Court of Claim* at \Va*hiiii,-ton City. Address Washington, D. C. raav 10???o3m HtMOVAL. aar F BAYLY has removed to the corner cf TT ? 13th street and Pa. avenue, over R Twee d> "> Grocery Store, v. here he will i>e tisd to ?ea tiisfrlciids W.,J '?n?om,ri vrh< 'eant STATION ER a* FANCY ARTICLES AT COST PRICES jyi??-oil (Union, lntelll^eaicerANew*)

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