Newspaper of Evening Star, August 6, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 6, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. The Regatta, which is announced for Wed nesday. the 8th instant, promises to be a bril liant "affair. The following boats constitute the contestants for the prize. namely: Know Ifolhing. of the Navy Ynrd ; Will Watch, Gen eral Jackson, Know Nothing of Alexandria, Martha. Skipper, and Lady Gay Spanker In order to render the arrangements com plete. the boats entered for the match will *:.?rt precisely at 9 o'clock, and the steamer Mount Vernon, which has been engaged for the accommodation of those who desire to wit' ness the sport, will follow shortly thereafter, in proper time to witness the entire chase; round trip tickets to and from Alexandria, fifty cents. We learn that a large number of bets have been made, including one of five hundred dol lars. between the Know Nothing, built at the Washington Navy Yard, and the W ill Watch, ?hc latter the winning boat of last year. There is a good deal of cxcitement relative to the contemplated regatta, as it will be the largest known to our citizens, and on the Po tomac river. We anticipate the attendance of thousands of persons to witness tho innocent and stirring sport. Cahp Meeting.?The attendance at the e imp ground of the Methodist Protestants, on Sunday. was large, person* from the three neighboring cities resorting thither, either to participate in the religious observances, or from motives of curiosity. We are sorry to have to add that no little rowdyism was manifested on the road from Ball's Cross Roads up to the Camp ground. Little tents were pitched on the road side for the sale of fire-water, and were liberally pat ruuized by those who went to the meeting lor a spree The consequence was, that there were sundry fights, from which blacked eyes, bloody noses, and barked shins were the re mits. With one exception all was quiet and orderly on the Camp ground, and the visitors wore remarkably attentive to the interesting and imposing services. We hear that meas ures were to-day taken to cause the indictment, in Alexandria. ?>f every person who can be identified in cuttiug up shindies, yesterday, on the road or in the vicinity of the religious as semblage. Serves 'em right! L*rgk Fcsrral ?A friend, who wis in Alexandria, Virginia, yesterday afternoon, informed us that he there witnessed some of the proceeding* attending the death of a col ored person They who followed tho remains to the grave composed a procession extending the length of three squ ires of streets, and it is estimated that at least a thousand colored persons were in the line (including a benevo lent society of females) though at the time rain was heuvily falling. ?>ur informant says that they were all remarkably well dressed, and that never bef>re had he witnessed a more orderly funeral, in which either whites or blacks took a part. This was in a slave comnunity. The spectacle was well calcu lated to give the lie to the Munchausen mis representations of mawkish *4 philanthropists," UKallcd, at the North, concerning the colored population of the slaveholdir.g States. Non-Residents ?Now that tho officers of the police department appenr to be executing laws which have been so seldom enforced that few of our citizens kn< w of their existence, we think we shill serve them by calling their at tention tosectiou 11 of the act approved May 31, 1*>27. entitled ?? an act concerning free negroes, mulattoes. and slavos." Pers >ns who wish to hire servants, should be cautious that they do n >t make theuirelves liable to the fine imp sod in this section of thelsiw. Free colored per sons coming to thi> city have to comply with the law betore they can be legally employed 1 y at.y citizen. Ma;iy < fiend against this law ignorantlv. Waylaid and Beaten.?Yesterday four gentlemen in a hack reluming from the camp meeting were waylaid ou the road, their horses stopped, acd an att ick in wle upon them in the carriage. One of the gentlemen. Mi 8ewll, wa* badly beaten ; the party attacked another. Mr Ellsworth, who was struck hi the lueuth with the handle of a whip. TLe at tacking party appeared to have a particular desire to injure him. one of them crying. " kill him' kill him !" Mr. Ellsworth made his es cape by displaying his agility. The name.-of the attacking party are known, we are ii:e formed, and proper measures will be resorted to by the waylai l to bring them all before the court in the county where the offence was committed. The Ktskels open their series of concerts acd other entertainments at Odd Fellows' Hail, this evening A talented, respectable, and funny set of fellows they are; delighting au ditors with their melouy, and making that popilar place of amusement ring with shouts ff excessive laughter. There is no more pop ular troupe anywhere than the Kunkels, a reputation which they deserve as much ou ac count of their private, gentlemanly bearing, as for their varied talent. The public, conse quently. appreciate th'in and are always de lighted to have them in their midst, especially jluring dull times. The Yellow Fevek?We learn that during the past week about fifty persons arrived in this city from Portsm outh. Ooeport, and Nor folk. to avoid the yellow lover now prevalent at those places It is said that a few individ uals, who theie contracted the disease, have died iu Now York Philadelphia, and Balti more, respectively. All persons arriving at these cities and Richmond are examiued by the proper quarantine or health officers, and their physical condition severally certified. Thi* is with a view tu guard the public against the possibility of contagion. The Boose Clib will give their first grand s iree and pic-nic at Spring Gardens, formerly occupied by A Favier, situated ou M street, between .Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets, to-morrow, commencing at four o'clock in the afternoon Tickets, admitting a gentleman and ladies, fifty cents. The committee are determined to admit no improper persons to the grounds in order that the entertainment may be of unalloyed pleasure to the friends ami patron- of the club. We d??ubt not that all the participants will have a g?*>d time. The Cosceet of tho Marine Band, on tho President's grounds, on Saturday afternoon, was largely attended; but before the last pa triotic tune, usual on such occasions, was play ed. the company separated; the tlouls gath* r ing in blackness, portending rain, and warn ing the mu.-ic-loviug promenades that, if tiiey tarried much longer, they would be subject to a drenching, like that which those at the Cap itol grounds, on Wednesday afternoon, so dis agreeably experienced. Cape May Exitrsw*.?In another portion of t??-day's Star we give the particulars of the accident to the Steamer General McDonald, on Saturday night. It was a relief to the friends ot the party of fifty who left ih scity on Satur day afternoon to join iu the excursion, to learn that they were not on board <it the time of the s*d occurrence, they being at Newcastle, awa.ting the arrival of the ste.nnboat. Almost a Fire?On Saturday night the gxrds disp.ayeiin the window of the millinery establishment on Pennsylvania avenue, south fide, between F.?ur and-a-half and Sixth sts., accidentally took fire, and caused some little excitement for a time in that neighborhood. The flames were extinguished before any con siderable loss was suffered by the proprietress. Heavy Rains.?On Saturday evening be tween eight and nine o clock, we were visited with raius, the heaviest, perhaps, o4" the sea Son . and on Sunday afternoon, there was a re sumption of the liberal outpouring of the clouds Notwithstanding, the temper ittue hasnU been very sensibly cooled Fire.?The alarm of fire ab<>ut 12 o'clock on Saturday night, was caused by the discov ery of lire in a building near the Circle, in the First Ward, belonging to Mrs Mickum. The flames were fortunately extinguished in time to prevent mu 'b damage being done. I) i f. iii S ?We every day receive oom municatuna on the subject of dry pumps In all such cases, complaint should be made to the ward commissioner, or in case of his reiu i4 to ftttva* to to tfet J"?!*" T" White Horse.?The Brother Boodofthe Inion (a beneficial aa?ociation) make an exoufsion down the Potomac to the above navihon, to-morrow; a fine stoamer oaring been engaged for the purpose On the . . as at the Pavilion, tbe excursion wwill hare an opportunity of " tripping it on the light fantastic toe,'' to the music of an excellent cotillon band The boat will leave the wharf at 2 o'clock, and the Navy Yard at returning at a seasonable hour. GuAar?ILTfLAnfY The Montgomery v, L e?1, Rl,ey commanding, paraded Mr Mi l? ,attend tbe funeral ^ luImkJr r ?k p0111""' deceased, who was a Thh talk.^. ^?rpS V the time of hi* "anV withinTwe bUri?d b' iWszKSr ,le ~ ,ftJ!Uirf'J|Uniman' keeping open his tavern fo^trial 0 ^ night" is ruled Philip Parker, colored, was arrested by dfawir oTm' t 8tealiDS mo?^ frotn the f Mrs Lewis store in the Fifth " ard He was sent to jail by Justice Bates. . Cr^PT.rRK or Shine-The police officers, we hirt J - ,V? Caftu;^ *bout one hundred an.f .!?? aniuials of the hog kind" within a few days pas., which were suffered to run at large contrary to the corporation statute. A ? | COMMUNICATED. nf"L -, 08 ,F'8.A"c*-?When ihe fathers ni,ri?^ Ve y W.Cre- ?visin8 means to sccurcThe purity of water in its wells and springs it was suggested that the usual mode of sinking wells or pits for the reception of night soil would be injurious to water, and should be guarded hfbitinl' t)AcCurd,nfIy- 8Jaw "??enacted pro hibiting the use of such wells or sinks, and providing that the night soil should be rr ceived iu boxes above the surface of the tin i A, ?re reU,nCtl until they were filled. the contents then to be removed to a dis tance in order to avoid a nuisance. This law still exist* Only think of the night soil some 5(1 000 beings preserved in boxes, above ground, without cover or lid ! As bad as this may appear, there are other features still more revolting. The great demand for vegetables Jo supply the rapilly increasing population has sorely troubled some of our gardeners, as they have to pay from thirty-seven to fiftv ceuCs per load for stable manure. On experi ment however, it has been ascertained that night soil will produce more and larger veget ables than other manure, and, inconsequence there is a great demand for the article; s<> much so that some streets are almost unpayable from the stench exhaling from the deposit* therein or near by. This t-bould be remedied by se eding a remote pla-e of depo-it, where fami lies will not be daily reminded of the great discovery in horticulture, or they will become so disgusted with the continual stench th .t their stomachs will revo!t at the very idea. 1? it not possible to go back to the good old plan a:.d use of stable manure to cnrich the ground for vegetables to bo consumed by man. and to use the other article-on the meadows in order grow hay for h >rse.s cows, Ac. ? I) > try. Mr ft or. to have some plan adopted to remedy the evil. If Wj ennot h .to fine vegetan s without this horrid stuff, do advise th-m to ?S. ' Ut i! an<1 8uWii,> that we shall not know what we are eating; as after all there u a good deal in that. *#* Watch Rarrass.?Mary Kclegan, d u 1 and di-jrderly. di-missed; Alex, Egle'toa fighting at the fire. jail. There were no ca r lagt night. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Georgetown, August 6. 1S55. Wo would advice the people of the District generally, and Georgetown in particular, to s cure a copy of the second annual rej?ort of the Pa-esident, Engineer, and Directors of tb ? Metropolitan Railroad, which has just been published. This report ah< ws that great care and precision has been observed in its prep tr aUun. and we feel confident that the amount <o statistical, and other information which it | Contains, will convince the most skeptical among us if they wdl give it a fair and care iul perusal, of tbe absolute nccoa-i'y of thii road to the future prosperity of both cities ? Georgetown and Washington. We may hcie atiter give some of its leading features. '^^ie eamp-meeting, which commences in Montgomery county, Md., on the 17th in..taut is aiitaiy beginning to attriCw the attention ot a Urge number of uur xM thodist fiiei.ds We are informed that twoc -mpaaics are going f.oiu our city?one from the Dumbarton street c.lurch, and the other from lae west George town st-.tion. ? As ttie t?ll is rapidly approaching, we w iuld advue all our merchants, dry goods and oth. rs. who may wish to let the public know their business location, to select the Evenio " Stir as their adve.Using medium. The circulation the Star in our c ty being at lea-t four times as di-.y other newspaper pubh.-hed in the D^tnct, and bting diligeotly sought alter daily by b.-th friends and iocs, and read by almost everybody, old and young, male and female, white and colored, persons living m town and out in the cuuutry, it necetsa r ly follows that is not only the sure, t, but decidedly the cheapest method thcycau adopt to inlorm the public where to find them, and tr.eir kinds of merchandise Anv a iveriise nients left at No 160 iirrlge streot. will be fjrwarded to the Star ofl5c j without deiay. ^ Sl'ECTATOR. Extraordinary Case ?John Blattner and Louisa Koch were brought down to the poli.-e otfice last evening, from their residence at tne corner of Ninth street and Lafayette avenue, having been arrested for the ill-treatimnt and attempt to starve a little son of Blattner. a?ed eight or nine years, calling himself Eranx Blattner. It appears that the mother of the boy died a -hort time since, leaving by will all her prop erty, consisting of a small share of real estate to little Franc. Shortly after the death, the woman, Louisa Koch, was brought up to the house and took up her residence with Blatt ner. It was then determined by the man and woman to get Franz out of the way, and se cure the real estate for themselves. The way to accomplish tnij villainous purj?ose was to starve hitn to death. Accordingly, he was fastened up in a room with his hands tied behind his back, where, at the time of his discovery, he had been con fined for tbe space of two days, without having h id a morsel to eat or drink. He would proba bly have suffered a horriblo death had it not have been for the watchfulness of the persons living in the neighborhood, who, suspecting the case, informed the police, ard had the house entered and searched. Little Franz wa overjoyed at his release. Blattner and his par-imour were lodged in the calaboose, and will be dealt with as they deserve to-day. It i* difficult to imagine a nr>re unnatural or inhuman case.?$t. Louis JJrmucrat, August 1. Heirs of John Smith Wanted.-The cool erf thing we have encountered this hot seasm is a notice in the Philadelphia Bulletin, adver tising for t he heirs ot John Smith. It is stated that one John Smith, who was born, says a contemporary, in 1697, and died in 1806, (whioh would make the said John 109 years of a*e at the time of his death,) loft a snug little fortune o: . 2, ?0,000, for whioh heirs are now wanted. It is sai I mat a meeting of the Smiths, inter ested in this fortune, i? arranged to come off in August, at a point near Philadelphia. It is believed that, except the Persian army under Xerxes, tl.e worldhas not seen *o large an assem bly as ti:o call upon the Smiths will bring to gether. The question of supplying such a mul titude, is already beginning to excite serious apprehensions. Our Philadelphia contempo rary does well, however, in warning tbe Smiths not to bs too sanguine of making their fortunes at the proposed convention. It is estimated, that it all the Smiths attend, and the two mil lions and a half aie divided equally among them., each individual Smith will receive about half a dollar.?Riehmnd Dispatrh. Approi'rutei.t Namcd.?The amount of food '?, J j? onti Week ar the hotel at Old Poii.frOjiufoit, Va., is as fall ws 21 barrels flour, 105 hams, 2,100 pounds beef; 1,050 pound ; butter, 420 gallons milk; 1100 dozen eggs, bekides U ft ? iir Ayer*? Cathartic Pills.? Pills that are Pills!?Prof. Hayes. State Chemist of Massa chusetts, uyi they are the best of all Pills, and an nex ?d are the persons who certify that Dr. Hayes knows, Tlx: I.kxcil SnAw, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Mass. r.xoRv Waihbpm, Governor of Mass. W. C. PLCjtKKTT, Lieut. Gov. Mass. Edward Evkrktt, Ex-Sec. of State and Sena tor U S. Hubert C. Winthrop, Ex-Speaker House of Rep*., U. S A. Abbott Lawrikci, Minister Plenlpo. to Great Britain. tJoHnB. Fitzpatricx, Catholic Bishop of Boston. MSN THAT ARK MRS ! Among the diseases this Pill has cured with as tonishing rapidity, we may mention Costiveriess, Bilious Complaints. Rheumatism. Dropsy, Heartburn, Headache arising from a foul Stomach, Nausea, Indigestion, Morbid inaction of the Bowels and pain arising therefrom. Flatu lency, Loss of Appetite, all Ulcerous and Cutane ous Diseases, which require an evacuant medicine, Scrofula or King's Evil. They also by purifying the blood and stimulating the system, cure many complaints which it would not be supposed they could reach ; such as Deafness. Partial Blindness, Neuralgia and Nervous Irritability, Derangement of the Liver and Kidneys, Gout, and other kin dred complaints arising from a low state of the l>ody or obstructions of Its functions. They are the best Purgative Medicine ever discovered, and you will but need to use them once to know it I Prepared by DR. J. C. AYER, Lowell, Mass , And sold by every respectable druggist. Sold by Z D.GILMAN, Washington, O. M. I.INTHICUM, Georgetown; JAMES COOK A CO., Fredericksburg. je 17?'2m Cjr" Letter from Hen. John Minor Botts, of Virginia. Richmond, July 9, 1855. Messrs. Wm. S. Beers & Co : Gents?Consider ations of dutv to the afflicted alone prompt me to *.< nd you this voluntary testimonial to the great value of ?'Carter's Spanish Mixture," for that almost incurable disease. Scrofula Without being disposed or d,eeming it necessary to go into the particulars of the case, I can say 'hat the astonishing results that have been pro duced by the use or that medicine on a member of mv own family, and under my own observation md superintendence, after the skill of the best physicians had been exhausted and all the usual remedies had failed, fully justify me in recom mending Its use to all who may be suffering from at dreadful malady. I do not mean to say that It Is adapted to -*11 constitution*, or that it will aftord the same relief in all cases; for, of course, I can know nothing about that?but of what I have seen of the ^fi'ects, I would not hesitate to use it, in any a :id every se of Scrofula, with persons for whom I felt an interest, or over whom I couid exercise influence or control. Respectfully, yours, Jxo. M. Botts. IHT Premiums at the Fairs?Whiiehnrst'n ill in the a.scendant.?The juries of each of the late fairs at Baltimore. Richmond, and New York, awarded their hightest premiums to J II. W. for iheir superiority of Photographs, Stereoscopes and Oa^uereotypes exhibited. Mr. W also received two medals at the World's Fair, London, and a premium at CrystaL Palace, N ew ^ork. Also, the first awards of the Maryland Institute f?r three years past. Whitenursts Gallery In this city Is on Pa a ve il ie. betweeen Four-ahd-a-half and Sixth streets. feb 17 _ \\J- Noah Walker A- ic., Marble Hall Clothing Emporium, under Browns' Hotel, re ^;>e< tfullv announce that their display of Spring and Summer Clothing is now ready for insi?ec!ion < '!i!|>rising an assortment of Coats, V*e-.ts and Pantaloons of the newest and richest designs in material, trimming and workmanship. To gen lemen who study excellence with economy in fashionable articles of dress an opportunity fur se lf cting i? ottered from one of the largest and most attractive stock of goods ever offered in this < itv at a very reduced scale of prices. ap 17 1r7" Z. I). Gilmaii, Orujjyi&t, lias removed to V2* Seventh street, opposite the Patriotic Bank, i id is now prepared to nil all orders for Medii ine Paints, Oil and Glass on accommodating terms > rict attention will be paid to physician's pre scription* at all hoars of the day and night, i'ue night bell is on the ri^ht of the store door. ap 14 Dr. Hooflaud's Celebrated German Sitters.?Weak, nervous, depressed in spirit", a prey to innumerable mental, as well a? phy sical evils, the victim to dyspepsia, is indeed an ouject of commisseration. Vet it is ab- ird for Li in to despair We care not how weak, low, ,? tvous, ana irritable he m?v be, the cordial prop ? tics of HOOF LAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, f "-pared by Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia, are s onger than th(* manv-headed monster, v. hi( h i preying upon his body and mind; and if he chooses to try them, we will insure a speedy cure. See advertisement. je 7?3m MARRIED. On the -2d instant, by Rev. Mr. T?awrence, Mr. GEORGE F SHALL WOOD to Mis> SAR AH JANE BAY LV, all of this city. DIED. On the .1th Instant. F.STELLA, daughter of C J. and Martha Columbus, aged 11 months and 6 Am. * Oil the5th Inst., of consumption. .Mrs. RUTH A PEACO, relict of the late Wm. II. Ptaco. in the 33d vear of her age. On the 3d instant, ELDRED RAWLINS, a clerk connected with the General Post OtOee. (>n the 3d Instant, PERCY, youngest sun of Wm II and M. D. Gilman, age<t 16 mouths a.ul '.!?? days. On the Oth Instant, JULIUS JEREMIAII. son of Jeremiah and Celindra Peddicord. The friends of the family are ln.ited to attend I<Re funeral to-morrow at 11 o'clock, on south ?(? th street, No 513. * If ARY LYNDON; or, Revelations of a Life l'R- A Visit to the camp before Sebastopol New Hope; or, the Rescue. A tale of the Great Kanawha T'.ie Watchman, by the author of the Lamplighter Doesticks Clevr Hall, a new work, by Miss Sewell The Heiress of Haughton i rial and Triumph, or firmness in the household, by T. S Arthur The latest London Pa|>ers All the newest and most popular works constant 1} on band and for sale at JOE SHILLINGTON'S, Odeon Building, corner 4 if st. and Pa av. au 1?tf IMPORTANT NOTICE. 'I^O those of our friends and customers who 1 have so promptly come forward and settled their accounts as rendered to 1st July, we tendei our sincere thanks, and shall l?e ready at all tiu:e> to serve thein ujkhi the best terms, hoping thereby to merit an increased continuation of thtir patron age. To those who have neither settled, nor called to say when they can, we respectfully urge the neces sity of their doing so without further notice; as w.- must iusist upon all bills being closed in s jnie ii.inner during tLe month of August. COLLEY A SEARS, No 523 7th St., 3 doors north Pa. avenue jy *.53?eoft GREAT BARGAINS IN DRY GOODS. ? \ order to make room for ourextensive fall sup plies we shall commence to-day and continue until the last day of August, selling off oui entire st.ick of Fancy colored plaid, striped and figured Sitics. Bareges, Tissues, liawns. Scarfs, SHawls as. I Silk Mantillas, all at cost f ir cash, and all other Summer Goods at greatly reduced | rices, to close them out this season. We have also iri store very many desirable -taple a-tides, viz : S'ljrerline Linen and Cotton SheK itiL's, Table Diapers, Napkins. Toweling, Fine and medium Shirting Liuens and Cottons, all oi the best brands, fine White Flannels, plaid and pi rin Cambric, Dotted and plain Swis? Musi ins. V lar^e lot of Hosiery, Gloves and Embroideries, I dies and Gentlemen's Gauze Merino Vests, suitable for the present hot ueather. fjf" Purchasers are cordially Invited to call and examine for themselves, as we will otter all arti cles at less than former prices. COLLEY A SEARS, No. 5*23 Seventh st., north Pa. avenue, jy 3<)?ec'2w IUST RECEIVED AT SHILLINGTON'S t' Periodical Depot. Harper's Magazine for August Pi'tman's Magazine do Godey's Ladies' Book do Graham's Magazine do Household Words do Harper's new Story Book for August Frank Leslie's Gazette of Fashion do Panorama of Life and Literature, for July?a new magazine published by Little, Son A Co; Ballou's Dollar Monthly, Lor August New York Journal do Yankee Notions do JOE SHILLINGTON'S Odeon Building, cor. 4# st. and Pa. av. Jy 30 ICE -ICE?ICE : CMIARLES WERNER, on Pa. avsnue, oppo / site Drowns' Hotel, will keep, throughout tht season, an ample supply of Pettioone's best ICE which he will sell, on call, in any quantities, at the lowest possible rates mav 2ft?dtSej 30 NATIONAL HOTEL. WAVING leased the National Hotel, and in or 1 der tc enable It to be made more com I fon a tile, to alter, improve and ie-fmntsh. will be closed on the 1st of August, and re-*s"'l op* ned for the accommodation of the public on the at'th septembex ne*t. WM. Gl'Y. WAWTS. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?AN EXPE rienced American Nurse, to take charge of an Infant. Recommendation* required Apply at this office. >u 6 tf IITANTED?A BARKEEPER AND OYS ?T ter Sbucker at the Waverly House, Capitol Hill. Good reference required. au ??-it* P. A DkSAULES WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG Woman in a private family as Cook, would art as Chambermaid and do the plain sewing. The best of references as to competency can be produced. Apply at Mr. ROBERTSON'S Jew elry Store, between 6th and 7th sts., Pa. avenue, south side, opposite Brown*' Hotel. au ?>?It* WANTED?AN AMERICAN, GERMAN, or colored Woman to cook, wash and iron in a private family. Apply at No 8 A st. north, Capitol Hill. au_6 _lt# WANTED?A WET NURSE FOR A child seven months old. Apply at No. 355 Penna. avenue, near (Uh street. au 4?3t* Y T7" ANT ED?$800 IN CORPORATION OF VV Georgetown Stock, for which ntnetv-six cents to th ? dollar will be iriven in current funds by applvin^ to A. F. OFFUTT A CO., au 1?3t* Geoi^etown, D. C. WANTED?A TEACHER WELL QUAL ifled to act as an assistant in a Select Classi cal and Mathematical Academy. P. A. BOWEN, Jy 21?dtf Georgetown. WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that they can get a lot *21 feet front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of $75?payable S3 a month A'ithout interest Apply at theUnion Land Office 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. Bp28?6m JOHN FOX, Sec. BOARDING. _ HOARDING ?MRS. DUVALl .No 331 Penn sylvania avenue,opposite Brown's Hotel, has ?<cvenl large and desirable rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, which she will rent with board at moderate prices She can also ac commodate six or eight table l>oarders. jy :jtu-tf |?OARD.Ac?MRS. BATES,ON THE S W. ?3 corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Mb street, is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every efl'ort will be made to render tlios? comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap 6?tf TOR SALE AND RENT. 'IIWO OR THREE PLEASANT ROOMS, 1. with board, on Twelfth street. No. 512. near the Kirkwood House. au 1?3t# POR SALE?A TWO-STORY FRAME 1 House, containing four rooms, in front build ing, and four in the back, with a pas-age and cellar, is offered for sale It is situated in a good neighliorhood. being half square from the North ern Liberties' Market Louse. Enquire at this of ll- e. au 3?3t I^OR RENT?THE NEAT AND CONVE nient two story Frame House. No. 479 Thir teenth street, west side, between Pennsylvsnia av iue and r> street. It is suitable for a small fam ily, and i* in every respect a desirable residence. Possession given immediately. Apply at the **;ar oilice. |7?OR RENT?A FINE TWO-STORY brick 1 House, situated on 4J$ street, between Penna. avenue and C street, adjoining Mr. Geo Parker's, inquire of Mr. GEO AiATTlNGLY, Island; or next doer to the premises. au 1?tf P O R S A L E?IMPROVED AND UNIM 5. proved Real Estate.?JENNINGS PIGOTT Attorney at Law and Agent for Heal Estate, has - 'veral small Houses and Lots, and a nunrdter of unimproved building Lots in different portions of tie City, which he will sell at moderate prices and en accommodating terms. Persons wishing to voil or buy may do well to give him a rail. He will tal*e charge of Real Estate, attend to leasing, renting, Ac , investigate titles, and at tend particularly to conveyancing. Olil<-e 517 Washington Library on 11th stp*et, between C and D. au 1?Iw rjENTS REDUCED TO SUIT THE TIMES ik. $150 a year will be received for the rent of thorie new and convenient Cottages at Kendall tirrea, with two acres of groond. stable, wo->d shed. and other conveniences attached. Pump? of pure water are near the door, and communication is L d with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh -trects and Pennsylvania avenue, morning and af te^ -,<?on, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the Departments. T<? s*?c?tre the advant.ige of thi? greet reduction of rent, immed'ite rnpliration must be made to ?he i:r.(l< rsigned, either by letter or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys i i*< l* and the houses inspected at any time. Several of these residences will Ik sold on libe ral terms. WM. STICKNEY, No. 4. Kendall Green. N. B?Rents paid qua.terly is advance. ap 9?eotf POR SALE?TWO HUNDRED LOTS - Price #75 each. Two years' credit, or 10 j>er ??'?nt. dls< ount for cash. Apnlv at the Union Land * Office, 7th street, above Oad Fellows' lla'l. JV 2*? 1m f O T S I OR S A L E.?TWO OR THREE u^j good Building Lots in a rapidly Improving neighborhood for sal" oa tm. yars' r'r>iit. Aptly to J. 11. DRURY. jy 2 J^OK SALE?A SMALL FRAME HOUSE I and Lot, No. 50 Louisiana avenue, Washing ton. It presents a rare opportunity to a person wishing to make a good investment. Also, a three-story Brick House and Lot, No. 57 H'gh stret, Georgetown, Lot feet front by 169 i-vt deep; will be sold low aod on a long credit. Apply at 48 Louisiana avenue. jy 20?tf I^O K II E \ T?A TWO-STORY FRAME I House, v.ith basement, situated on Prospect Hill, Georgetown, commanding a beautiful view of the I'otomar river Apply to T. O Donnoghue near the Catholic Church, or* R H Trunnel, No. 7.J Frederick street, Georgetown, D. C. Jy]* I^OR R FNT?SEVER A L HAN OHOM E PA R - lors and Chambers, with Board. Also, Table and Transient Board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, *33 F street. ap 9?tf No. 5?7] NEW SHOP. [No. 5*7 'IM1E subscril>ers have entered into cojwrtner X ship under the tlrm of Summers A Sessford. at No. 5^7, Seventh street, Island, near Maryland Avenue, for the purpose of manufacturing SAD DLES. LillDLES, TRUNKS,HARNESS, and everything in that line of business. Having laid iu a good stock of materials, they desire to notify their friends and the public generally, that they are ready to serve them with any articles in their line at short notice, as good and as cheap as any other establishment of the kind in this city. JAMES II SUMMERS. GEORGE A. SESSFORD Jy 22?2w CLOCKS! clocks: IF you want a good honest Clock?or e that will always give you the correct time, di op in at G FRANCIS, 490 Seventh street. He has t'l<?ck* that cannot oe excelled?handsome and good time keepers. He sells low, and every Clock Is war janted jy21 VIAKD.?The subscriber informs his friends and the public that he is now able to attend tc 'lis business. He can be found at his old stalls Centre Market, ready to wait on them, as he always Las done heretofore The best of BEEP' always on hand. JNO. WALKER, jy 23?tf Victualler. YTTATCIIES.?Our assortment of Watches' * V comprising all the more desirable style? and best makers, Is by far the largest ever offered to our customers. Purchasers in want of accurate time keepers, at low rates, would do well to examine our stock M W. GALT A BRO &15 Penn. av. between 9th and 10th streets. au 1?6t SILVER WARE. I F SEMKEN.330 Pa avenue, between 9t.i and I I. tilth streets, offers his large stock of pine Silver W are. consisting of Coffee and Tea Sets, complete, Sugar Bowls, Cream Goblets, Cups. Spoons and Forks, and a magnificent assortment of richly chased fancy silver ware suitable for gifts, at reduced prices. Persons in want of any of the above article? are in vited to call. Being mostly of our own manufacture we war rant It sterling. Silvei ware of any design made to order at short notice. Particular attention is paid in get ting up Testimonials, Premiums, Ac. au 1?tr lime: lime: lime: /^iREAT REDUCTION IN PRICE;?Best s-JT quality wood burnt Lime at EIGHTY cents per barrel. I am now selling the best quality of wood burnt Lime in Washington at eighty cents per barrel at the kilns and eighty-five cento delivered in any part of the city. - This is twenty-five per cent less than the market price. LAWTON P HOOVER, Potomac Lime Kilns, one square south of the Lower Bridge, Georgetown jy 10?e-ooW I Union, Organ. Intel) WJ IKE DISH COVERS, Round and Oblong, W '? 18'^-'^'aNCIS'S, I jy au ) | AUCTION SALES By WALL, BARNARD A Co , Auction* SALE OF A VERY VALUABLE NEORO Slurp?On SATURDAY, the 11th of Au gust next at 10 o'clock. we shall sell la front of oui Auction room*, a very valuable slave n?ra?l Da vid. S*ld slave 1* twenty-two v*ar? old, of very robust frame, and is perfectly hcalthly. nTerms at rale. w WALL. BARNARD * Co. au3?d [Intell] Auctioneer* By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. DirELLEJIT FURNITURE and HOUSE li hold Effdcts at Public Aactlon.?Or TUESDAY morning. August7th, *t 10 o'clock. I sLall sell, at the residence of a gentleman de ciinlni' housekeeping, on the east side of 10th at. three doors south of Pa. avenue, all his FurnItun and Effects, vii: Rosewood parlor Melodeon and Stool Crimson velvet covered Sofa and parlor Chairs Walnut carved Reception Chairs. Whatnot French plate Mantel Minor. China Vases Marhto-top rosewood fancy Table*, Ottomans Handsome Oil Paintings Tapestry, brussels and other Carpe<s Oilcloth, Astral Lamps Window Curtains, Shades, Rugs Mahogany hair spring Sofa and Rocker Do marble lop Sideboard Cane seat Chairs Dining, breakfast and other Tables Mahogany French Bedsteads. Mattresses Do dressing Bureaus, Washstands Roisters and Pillows. Counterpanes, Blankets Silver-plated Tea Set, Cake Basket, Castors French China dinner and tea Ware Cut-glass Tumblers, Wines, Goblets, Cutlery Refrigerator, cooking and other Stoves Together with an excellent assortment of Kitch' en Requisites and Housekeeping Articles Terms : S25 and under cash ; over that sum a credit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest. JAS C. McGUIRE, au 2?d Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. IIRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE AND Beaatifalljr situated Building Lot an Third street west, between Pa. avenae aad C street.?By virtue of a deed intrust, bearing date on the 2Hth day of February, 1*53, and re corded in Liber J . A. S. No. 52.' folios 3ttt, 303, OW, the subscriber will sell at public sale, on WEDNESDAY aAernoon. August 1st. 1KJ5, at 5% o'clock p in., on the premises, Lot No 11, in reservation No II, fronting 25 feet on Third street west, between Pennsylvania avenue and C street north, by 150 feet deep, to a 35 feet alley. The ahove property is eligibly situated In a most desirable part of the city, rapidly enhancing in value, and offers a rare opportunity to persons desiring to build or invest Terms cash ; and if not complied with In three days after the sale the property will be resold, at the risk and expense of the purchaser, upon one week's notice. All conveyancing at the expense of purchaser. CHARLES S. WALLACir. Trustee. JAS C. McGUIRE, jy 12?eoAds Auctioneer. {O* The above aale U postponed antil MONDAY afternoon, August 6th. at <1 o'clock, at the same place. CHAS. S WALLACH. Trustee JAS C. McGUIRE, au 2?d Auctioneer. MARSHALL'S SALE. [N virtue of writ of F lere Farias issued from the Clerk's otli e of the Circuit Court of the Dis trict of Columbia for the county of Washington, and to me directed. I shall expose to public sale for cash, on MONDAY, the 27th of August next, at the front of the Court House doer at 1< o cloc* M.. the following property, viz -. All that piece or parcel of ground lying aDd being in the city of Washington, and known on the plat of sa^d city as the ".vest half of square No. 751, being lots No 4, 5.6/7, S, 9 10. 11, 12, ?3, It. and 15 in said r^'iare No. <53. together with all and singular tLe improvements thereon: seized and levied upon as the property of Jamet> Cnitcbett. and sold to satisfy Judicial No 5n to Oc tober term 1-51. in favor of Charles N Ncell and Henry Decourseir J D HOOVER. Marshal for the District of Columbia, au 2?d20t By GREEN A SCOTT. Auctioneers. C<EVEN At RES OF VALUABLE LAND ^5 iu the District at Auction.?Or. THURS DAY, the 9th instant, we shall sell, at 5 o'clock p. m., on the |Meitil*t>. seven acres and nine jwles of iand. lying in Washington county, in the Dis trict of Columbia, about l)f miles from the East ern Branch Bridge. on the Marlboro' and nearthe junction of the Piscataway Road adjoining the place -billed Good Hope Tl:e land is in a ^ood state of cultivation. ai<d very susceptible of im provement It has on it a dvUlliit<r hous**. &c Terms: One-third cash; balance In 6 and 12 months, the purchaser to give notes for the de ferred payments, bearing interest from the day of the sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN A SCOTT, aa 1?d Auctioneers. By GREEN A SCOTT. Auctioneers rpuo TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSES X and Lot at Auction.?On TUESDAY, the 7th of August, we shall sell, in front of "he premi ses. at 6 o'clock P.M. half of Lot4, In square No 312, fronting 'Jb feet 9 Inches on I Ith street, west, between New York avenue and K street north, running back 99 feet 9 inches, with the improve ments, which are two yood two-story Frame Houses, containing three room* each, Ac. Each house will be sold separate with the lot on which it stands Terms : One-third cash ; balance in six, twelve and eighteen mouths, for notes bearing interest from day of sale A deed given ar.d a deed of trust taken GREEN A SCOTT, Jy 31?d Auctioneers. MARSHAL'S SALE. IN virtue of a writ of Fiere Facias issued from the Clerk's othce of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbiaforthecountyof Washington and to me directed. 1 shall expose to public sale for cash on MONDAY, the 27th day of August next, at the front of the Court House door a! It o'clock M , the following property, viz : All that part of l??t No. 13, in square No 702, beginning for the said part of said lot at the northeast corner of said square, and running thence north westwardly with the line of Pennsylvania Avenue 22 feet thence south westwardly 87 feet, together with all hihI Hingular the improvements thereon, seized and levi?*d upon as the property of Horatia R Merry man. and sold to satisfy Judictal No 70. to Octo ber term 1551, in favor of Peter H . Hooe & Co J. D HOOVER, Marshal for the District of Columbia an 3?dSUt * By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. WRUSTEE'S SALE OF A VALUABLE A Farm situated at Ball's Cross Roads.? By virtue of two deeds of trust, uuly made and re corded among the land record-, for Alexandria county* Virginia, and by instructions from the parties Interested, the subscriber will sell at public auction on SATURDAY, Augusl 11th, at 1 o clock P.M., at the auction rooms, a valuable tract of land, containing 1 22 acres, adjoining Ball's Cross Roads, sa'.d tract lieing a portion of the " Glebe Farru," formerly owned by Gen. J P. Yau Ness It is proposed to divide the farm Into four lots, each containing a fair proportion of open and wood land, and to be sold sejiaratelv, with the right to one-half the growing crop. One of the lots, con taining 31 acre*, has a good substantial farm house, overseer's dwelling, barn, and other out buildings on it. A plat of the subdivision may be seen at the Auction Rooms Terms : One-fourth cash; the residue in twelve and eighteen months, with Interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. JAS C. McGUIRE, Jy 31?eoicds Auctioneer. By QUEEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. INTENSIVE SALE OF CAR Rl AOUS. i i oachmakers* and Blacksmiths' Tools, Lumber, Shop Fixtures. lc.,ut Auction,? OaTUESDAY, the 21st instant, we shall sell, commencing at 10 o'clock a. m . at the Coach Factory of Messrs. Haslup and Weedin, at the corner of 9th and C streets, immediately west of the Centre Market. Washington, all the stock iu the establishment, viz: An assortment of Family Carriages, Coaches. Buggies, all well finished in the best style Several unfinUhed and second-hand Carriages, Buggies Also, the stock of Lumber, which is well sea soned; such as Spokes, Hubs, Fellows, finished and unfinished. Carriage and Buggy Wheels; hickory, ash and cherry iu the plank A large lot of Coachmakers' Tools, Benches and Veea A large lot of Tools In Blacksmith's shop, Bel lows, Anvils, Paints and Painting Apparatus A lar^e lot of Iron and Springs for Carriages With many other articles which we deem un necessary to enumerate. The aDove mentioned stock w.U positively be soid to the highest bidder. Terms: Under S50 cash; over fSO a credit of 2, 4, ar.d 6 months, for notes satisfactorily en dorsed, bearing Interest. ? GREEN A SCOTT, au 3?cods Auctioneers. WHILE MANY OF OUR. MERC HANTS are compiai n ng of dull times and tell n< they have more clerks than customers. G PR ANt' 1 > I'JO Seventh Street, is rapidly selling oil ex i-r y ibtiu In the way of Housekeeping Hardware, ai d al w?ys gets the money. He tfcinks t'.e tfnies art ccitainly improving. The Ualh is, ut mm it lew, and the'people are beginning to understand it. li good articles, low prices, and every effort to please will suit purchasers, he Is determined that hit cuDtQBwi ttytU Ik M?4t|e4. _ Jy ft * a REPORTED FOR THE ETEH(*? LATE* FROM CALIF#fillip ABBIVAL OF the fobthwut light N?W York, August 6.?The Northern Light arrived las: night without bring announced ow. i >ig U> thickness of the weather. She brings >an Fraocisoo date# to the 16th of July. and four hundred and thirteen passenger*. and $940, 035 in treasure. The parage from San Francisco wis made m nineteen days and twentj hours. The principal oonaignecs are D?ai * Co , ^?247,000 ; Metropolitan bank, $1fK> 000 . Well* A Fargo, 129.000, Ross. Falconer A Co., $?*!. 000 ; N. Jacobs A Co., ?33.?00 Bank of Amer ica. S25.0OO , W. H. Dunbar. *23,000; W. Seligman A Co., $22,000, and others Captain Walker was at Kealjo, whither he retreated from San Juan de Sud. Captain Freneh arrived down by the laat steamer lr?m ?van Francisco, to join the government party. Major Kinney, with twenty-four followers, ar rived at San Juan on the 16th July, in the brig Huutress. of Philadelphia, and were en gaged in erecting building* there. Great dif sjtisfxction is said to exist among them. The brig llamlet of Wilmingt<<L. went a* and bilged at the harbor of ?an Ju*" crew were saved The mines of California wereyieldin than for several yeai> past Large quan of gold, it is said have been discovered ne* Paget s Sound The steamer Pacific f.,r Njc. iragua. had arrived upon the 2d of July; the John L. Stephens, from Pai..^*a, arrived on tho 13th. A serious dispute has arisen between the French Consul. Dillon, and Samuel Herman, of Louisiana. A duel is thought to be icevi tible. Two or three other duels have taken tiken place without fa'al results Twenty bouses in Kearney and Bush streets, iu San Francisco, weru destroyed by fire on the 4th. Loss $100,000. The new city government of San Fraueiaro has been organized. J. L. Barbeiu, of homestead raffle humbug, has been examined before the recorder, and dismissed. The weather was unusually hot. Capt. Dorain, of the British brig Xai* rene, was under arrest for abating three b .adding house ruliners who attempted to bourdhis v<.?. sol aud entice his crew away. The men were badly wounded. The captain has been held to bail In the suin of S6.000. A. A Cohen late re eiver of Adams A Co.'s acsets. and J. C. W<n?ds, a member of that firm, are charged with frauds to the amount of ^400,000, by Judge Chambers, who charges A.lams A Co. with having been ergaged for four years with palming off inferior dust on Pig?. Bacon A Co., and that regularly organ ized Lands and disguised accomplices Lave been maintained in various mining districts. By the way of A-'apubo, extraordinary news has reached S^n Francisco. Letters dated Acapulco, July 2. state that Santa Anna has resigned the Presidency, and that Aivjrcs and Coront'ort. with thirty thousand men, have marched on the capital. The dates from Mcxico, to the l'.MbJulv, make no mention of such " The Sierra Nevada arrived on the J Ph. cholera on board There had be^uthirty two deaths. The San Francisco ourket w^s quite light. There wa> an improvement in som*? articlrs. Tiic following are the latest q jototions: Hax ell 11 >ur, ?12, wheat, ?2; hams, lHi; syrup, adamantine ctndles. 374, butter. 50; ba con. 18; clear pf'rk, 12U13; Lakawana coal. lSa20. Fire and Lota of Life. New York. Aug. fl.?At a fire in Chatham treet. last night, two children of Mr. Isaac Jac ?bs were burned to death Mrs lieeht and her infant were severely burned. Mr Jacobs has been arrested on suspicion of firing the store The ir.sartnce was f 4.000. Bobbery. Saratoga. August 0?Robert Halsey, of Ithaca, has been robbed at Congress Hall, of Sy,on0 in railroad bonds, jcwelcry, and dia monds. The burglars have been arrested, but the property has not been recovered. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore. August 6 ? Wheat o|*ned i ?'ents better, and closed at about Saturday's trices Corn dull at VlaV7?; white V2aV3 'lour?100 bbls lln.ird street at fH 7o, mar ket from 12 to 2o cents better; 1.600 barrels City Mills aold ; the price has not transpired - - i , . i C. WARRINER. WATCHMAKER, Xo 330 Pa. arrmue, bf tweed 9tk 10?4 ttrteti, washimstom, d. e. Pivoting, Jeweling, and everjr kind of repair* to Watches. jy 17?Am ( HEAP MUSIC. CONSISTING of Soogu.Duets, Marete*, Quirk - I Meptt. Waltzes. <dua4rUle?. Polkas. Mazour kas, Schottishe*. Gallops, Dance*. Guitar, Piano forte, Vocal and Gems of Sacred Songs. all from the i most celebrated authors, both ancient and modern. The above music will be sold at greetlv reduced prices at SHILLINGTONS Cheap Periodical Depot, Odeon Building, corner Pa. av and 4* st Jy 25-tf * FIRST WARD LIVERY AND SALE MA. ILEA IN announcing to the public of Washington that I have taken possession. by purchase. of the at>ove Stables, on G street, near he War Department, (lately occupied by A Schwartz.) 1 wish to inform* them that It will be entirely conducted by myself, and that all orders left upon the premises wiU be attended to punctually with elegant Carriages and ? aref ul drivers. The Riding School wrlUbe con ducted by a professional equestrian and perfectly docile horses ; having stated hours for lady eques irians, In private or public, as the)- may prefer Particular attention will be i<aid to Lories kept tt Livery In his establishment Persons requiring onen barouches or fkmily car riages, can be satisfactorily accommodated, as well a? those desiring riding horses for gentlemen or ladies FR1EDERECK LAKEMEYER, Jy 21?3m Agent KtHUTTER * kAHLERT, VRT18TS, FRESCO DECORATIVE end every description of ORNAMLNfAL PAINTING. Orders left with Baldwin and Nenning, Archl ects. corner Penn avenue aud llth streK, will be promptly attended ??. if 11 ?tm* rHE LONDON STAGE, 4 vols, octavo, con taining about two hundred of the best plays d the language (exclusive of Shakspeare s ) A !ew sou or the above?second-hand copies, new jy 12?tf NEW JEWELRY? Just opened a ea?? of ver\ rirh Jewelry, conalsung of Diamond, Pearf, Opal, and Florentine Mosaic Brooches, Eanlngs, and Bracelets. Also, a beautiful collection ef the plainer stylee, which we offer much lower than the usual rates M. W. GAI T it BRO. ),1 penn av between 0th and 10th strews Jy 31?Ot _ _ OEH RES COMPLETES DE MOL1ZRC very numetOQt engiavlnge, SI ? Consusto, by Gtoige Sana, 3 vols, , sun# "^T fsasci IAT1-OS. tin

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