Newspaper of Evening Star, August 7, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 7, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR, PUBLISHED EVERY AFTER SOU 51, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) Jt tkt Star Building*, romer of Pennsylvania uvenue and Eleventh street, By W. D. WALLACE, Will b? served to *nbs/-rlber* by carriers at 91X and A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the A cent*; papers served In packages at37)f cent* per month To mall subscribers the sub scription price is THREE DOLL A RS AND FIF TY CENTS a vear m advance. TWO DOLLARS for sit months, and ONE DOLLAR for three month* for less than three months at the rate of 12# cent* a wwk. H7" SINGLE COPIE9 ONE CENT. ' JEWELRY. HSF.MKEN, JEWELER. 330 Pennsylvania ? avenue. Mwwti <*h *nd 1<>th street*, ha* j>t*t received a new ^oppiv of 'if blv-chased Fruit and Leaf Jevrelrv,consisting of Pin and Ear Ring*; al*o. a variety of mamiti'ent Mosaic ar.d Canw Jwlrv, vhlch beotrer*af rreath reduced price*. "Diamond* remounted. Jewelry of any de scription uisde to ordi-r, Enameling done. Gold Pen* reported. Coat of Arms and Cresses en'j raved on stone ants metal. jy 31?tr FAUQUIER WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS A CARD?Having >een a commnnii ation ctr culat'n^ In the newspapers throughout the country, to the effect that some malignant disease at this time prevail* at the Fauquier White Sul phur Spring*, and in the vicinity, we think it proper and due to th<* proprietors of this watering place to *tate. that we reside at Warrenton. dis tant about six milts; we have practised at these springs for the la.*! sixteen or eighteen ye rs, and wMhin tha' whole period we do not remem ber that nei^tborhi'od to have been more perfectly healthy and exempt from disease of every kind tha > nt the present time . The report referred to mu?t have originated in a malignant design to injure the proprietor*. JOHN A. CHILLON, M D. SAMUEL 11 FISHER, M. D. jv no?2w CLENWOOD CEMETERY, Office No. Pa. nve., corner 10th street, (OVER THE SAVHG's BANK.) THIS CEMETERY is Inidouton the plan of the celebrated Greenwood, of New ^ ork. and nitua'ed on tbe high ground distant one and a quarter miles north - f the Capitol?Noitu Capitol street leading directly to the tateway. This t'ompMT have secured a ci .uterfrom Con gress. appropriating lh?ir i-rnimd forever to burial purposes, making a fee title to the purchaser, and pranibitmg all encroachment* f cm legislation or otherwise, which is of va-"t importance to tht;xe who wish their dead to rejose where they have placed them, for it has become a custom in all uther < itw> w hen the burial ground becomes valu able for other ptirpo es. to s?ll it. ai.d throw the d?*ad promisco'.isly into ore la?ge I it. and Iet?al measures cannot prevent it, as no titles a:e given to the ground. N B ?OiL- e open f'om 10 to 1*2 o'clock a. m., where Pamphlets, containing the Charter. By Laws. and a map of the ground, and all otner in formation. c:-n In obtained All orders l? ft with Mr. James F Ilarvey. No. 410Seventh street, or any other undertaker, will be promptly attended to. * je IS?ly THE FAUQUIER W1HTE SILPHFR SPRINGS \RE now op?n for rh<? reception of Company, and in a far more attractive condirion i ? ' than they ev> r hue b~en. fT", ?% A gross misrep esentatlon against fhem?^--i having been ttuldi-'hed in the Petersburg Intelli gencer and Baltimore Son to the effect that they w?r?-closed for the sea-on j* now traeed to an Ix iesj?onsihle source unworthy of notice. It is proper to state that there is no shadow of foundation for it. The s'.ib>?:rit>er trusts that he will not be made the victim of such m dignity; a: d the respectable journals whi^h have gi .en curren* y to the r imor by transferring it to their coi a inns will disabuse the public n:!nd through the game rr.tdium. ALEX. BAKER Jy l'j?2m tOAL:(UAL! THE nndersl^n?d Is prepared to deliver COAL of the best quality, at %f? 5?? :?er on H C HARKJVER, 3d sire**. "Id door south of Pa. avenue. N B ?I give tl.'ili! pouuds to the loa. Jy 13?Im JOHN E KLVAS*. WILLtAV TH0>"T*30S. tLVASS fc THOMPSON, DEALER." IS HAE!)?.'A?-~ C '121* TiMTiYINGS, &c., No. 3J?> Peuii .yl vauia avenue, hetwten Xtntk ar i T>nt\ ?o, Washington, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDWARE. Britannia. i^ern mi Silver. A'.<<ata and Silver Pla ted. Tea, J'jtjie and L'?>s-ri Spoons Carver^ and Fork*. SleaU, Satan aad with out Forks Brass. Britannia. Block Tin and Plr.ted Candle sticks. Shovel aud Tongs, Watlle Irons, Sad Irons Maslin a;:d Uell Metal Kettles, Furnaces, Grid iron*. Ovens, Ac. BUILDING MATERIALS. Ran! Cottage. Cl<? ? ?. Cupboard. Chest, Till, Pad ar.d Trunk l.<* ks Shuttl-. D'K?r. cr.d Wltnd Hinges Scews, Cut and M roti'^ht Nads, ;>r?!ts Brad's Screws and Stnbt>s, Door Springs, Handrail S revvs, Dooi K Bell Pulls. Door Sheaves utid Kail, Ac. CABINET MAKERS GOODS. Hair Cloth, Curled Hair, >!<**), tihaps, Sofa and Chair Srtrin^s Venltian Blir.d Hook . Ra"k Pulleys, Roller End>. Brackets, F .rnifre Nails Glne, Corli'i li .i.dle^ aad rkrews, D'.amocd Screw Plates, Ac. CARPENTERS* nt>ODS. Planes, Saws. Drawing Knives, Spoirstavce. 1'his'lsa' d ??ori^e*. Pi *.c Jrors Auger*. Bra- ^ ,.tid U u*. Hottng^lachines, Ham mers. Hatcijets. U-vtls Bevels. Sq ;ar??s, linages, Ac. BLACKSMITH ?V COACH MAK1 RS'OOODS. Black and Hr . S, rtn.r?, Felloes, Shafts. Suokwi, ll' l.i, Bows, Poles Sleigh R unr.ers. Silvered and Brass Bands. Stump Joints. St tiup Collars, Top Props Curtain l f.imj>s, In?id" Linings, Lining Silk>. l>ai!.a-h. Seanitn^ Cord* Tufts, Tnssels, H i'tons. Ta^ks. i-'ringes, Laces, and Plain a'id Enamelled Canvass Russia Da- a, Enamelled, Dash Leather, Ac. EL VANS & THOMPSON, Je !?6m $26 Pa avenue. AMERIC A N HOTEL, No. t?itt Pa nvnvt, b'twi-n 1^ and tt: i ttrtets, 8. HEFLEBOWER A L. T. LOVETT, rturntiuii. Jy 6?6m COFFIN WAREROOM, Ac. J WILLIAM PLANT A CO , UNDERTA ? KEKS?re?id< nre U- Sev? .i'h street, between <j a\d H str*ets. Interments pro? art d in any ground orceuiKtery. CoJius, Caps, Shrouds, Carriages, Hearse, a-id every article for interments of the oest qu;Uity f irnislied at short notice, oa the most re&svMiabie terms, aiid at all hours of the ni^ht Havine the exclusive right of C'ump's Patent Corj?se Preserver, we guarantee to keep the dead fur any leiigtii of time. jy 11?ly DENTISTRY. B DONALDSON, Den st, late of the lltm of Hunt Jt Doua*dson, continue mauiifa^ture a:;d .i>sert thox',' b-a.^ f '? ffffi&SSk popt^Uin te.-th, with or w'ti.-mi gums, for ?[m? imeas of \Auich (m.ide deposited by the late tirin) wa* awarded lue drst premium at the Mevhaaics' Institute Fair, recently heid In this city. T'ue>e teeth are r-irved and shaded to suit each parti, alar case, and their resemblance to the natu ral or^aas ;s so jierfect as to deceive the most prac tised eye. j, Parth ular atten'ion also paid to Ailing and pre ?ervin^ the natural teeth. Charges moderate, and all^pemtlons warmnfei O?oe so-tttjwest corner of bevei.tb and I) streets. Eeatrance on D. n.ari'1?tjin R.' OESTISTRY. DR. MUNSON respe-tf iUy calls public atten tion to his nt w, fMient and yreat- - ly improved n f toxi t rsetting Ar-M^ t; 'lVeth. witL? C i-?.w U-ie.^QHW tbe very PERFECTION OF THE ART. i :,i* st,le of Teeth has tue foU wiair advantairfs over all others, \.t t (iHK AT SrRESGTH, CLEAN LINESS, CO.MFOK T aid BEAUTV, vieimr with Nature In these :e?pe*;u, and ta some others euellin,j. Public inspection 1j rcspfcctfully sol'c itod. P.eai?e call and see specimens.' CAl* fiON ?No other Dentist In the District cf Columbia has a right to make this style of teeth. N. B.?Teeth (tou.Hitutlonaiiy heaithy, plugged and warranted for life. otBc e and house .No. 5J9B E street, near the cor ner of Peuna. avesus and 11th street. ap Sri?tf All strangers vis.ting the C'tv should Hunter's Cata logue of the curiosities of the Patent Otlice. Al so ai* Oe-Ktripuor. of Powell * oreat Pictiut-s. Hi NTLK is to be see;) at IW> Tenth street, may 31?im* LAND WARRANTS. LAND Warrant* wanted at the highest rates by KELLER A Mr kLnnEV, tfth street, opr>oslte tbe Treasury. *?? t I m ? VOL. VI. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, AUGUST 7, 1 Sf>5. NO. 809. T?,_ WEBER'S R4!S'D. HI. old established and favorite band fur o,H.n'p mv,,C a<u*,!al '?r Excursions, Sere nades. Pic Nics Parties, Exhibitions, Ac., 4c. Orders mav be I,ft at Hilbu* A Hiu's Mmic De po. or at iLe residence of the leader, four doors jy iSm 11 eni?"On'sresidence, Navy Yard I'l^wlvr ? BAND FULLY ORGAN I ZED. ? |. 11% j now completed all mv arrangement* !> fN M ? r*te "RASS AND COTiI.I.O.N .. . .' am ?-'a:n al 'he service of the public tc ittend Eicundon Parties, Exhibitions, Wrades. ?and St-renaties. AH those in fa of c,t'w band are respectfully invited to en oarage our enterprise, here in Washington city. P ? -rv.i u . P P1SCHER. Leader. Band, under my direction, is regu lar!. mi .formed, and from a practice of over twen 'y venr* I can give satisfaction to every one Ke-'dence. Pennsylvania avenue, north side, be ^ n . h and 1 ra,h stri*et?, first door wot oi iron Hall. .nV?d,Tr>^ With Mews HUbu* * Hitz punctu illy attended to jy uZln^ PROSPERl'S CORNET BAND. TMIIS Band is suitable for any and all n'lrooves * and is warranted to give satisfaction to all those who may b* pleased to engage them, either as a Brass, Heed, or Cotillon Hand Any number of mu>icians to be had at the short est notice, by applying to t j FREDERIC PROSPER I, Leader, at laltav.dl's Store, opposite the n ? i _ Marine Barracks. J? ?,T?rde? 1<>ft at HilbusA liitz'sMusic De ;>ot will be promptly attended to may 25?Im A CARD. M*?J- ?Vk? 401 Pixth s(rpet) # <* and H streets, desires to inform tue citiztns of YV ashington and vicinity, that riivnT ni?.na,eti to ^lve Instructions'on ?fc?> 11ANO FORTE. She has taught music i t some of tLe principal cities of tue Union anu h.Ls testimonials showing that she !? fully com petent to d-.charge the duties of her profession to t he satisfaction of tho^e who may favor her with th^ir patronage. *I-1.' Wr: * j for ** l-ssons, at her residence, ct 31-at tl.e residence of her pupils je 12?eo?3m* f 1 "AIR ORNAMENTS^ SLMKEN. JElVELER, ? No. 21" Pa. av , he; 9th and 10th sts , is prepared lo make to order any device that ma be suggested such as Flower Bouquet*. Bracers Breast I'ins, Ear Kings, Chains. <"rouses. Kin'-- . Lhartela.ns, 4i:. Also, Jet Ornaments for sale" Li-v persons ir.. i rtl\ upon their own hair t>e in? u*ld: jy 31?tr PEEL'S LONDON CREEN GINGER WINL |\T AN U F ACTU R ED FROM FRENCli GRAPES, GREEN JAMAICA GINGER m !i?K OR AN G ES, Ac.?This delicious bev fr^* becomes the great-st favorite where ver ii i introduced. It 2* equally pjdatrble, more whole some, and not half lue price of ether foreign wine, Many physicians use it ex-luMvel,-, and ret0m mend it to ail twibled wiih Flatulency, sia. Debility, Cramps. Diarrhea a id Dv?en?erv I erson< subject t<> Chills, or living in district, where Ague or Cholera prevails, Bud its occasion al use a piwant aridadmirable preventive Mixed with a little iced-water. it forms the in wt refresh" trig and wholesome cooling drink in warm weataei tnat can be tak**n. Price 50 cents perbo'tle, ?5 per dozen. Country Druggists. Growers,4c., flndthh " !n" ar> advantageous audition to their stock it': a first rmtearticle, sells well, znd gives treat sail . factir-n ^ PTOTT & CO., Washington; PF? ? * hTtj hNS.AlraBdria; CISSEL.tieorget vn; J. UAI.MEK,Baltimore. j)V U LAST CHANCE. ?l there ?s In Washington, orre''?l * borhood > person who int-nas lo p ircha-?; Carper this fall is their time to buy it at. pric* certainly less than the same quality can '.?? purchased s;i weeks hence We a>-e witling for a few weeks longer to se! elegant best quality Imperial Ve'vet Carpeting-* - ?1 ^?. and b^s' :i r ord Tapestry Brussels at 1 l j .. will l?e worth V-' and ?l In th? fall Ai-io, Ingrain, Three-ply ar.d V'enitian in pro po*t!on. The prices at which we are n<>w ofTeriiif* Car pctlmrs are less than the sum*' goods woula'brini at auction in New '? ork to day Terms for the Goods, cash oh delivery. Just received and on sale L!nenSheets, rich anc suf>erior Flo?ir Oilcloth, also 10 drzeu low-priced ail in n?*w and t?eaufif..l designs, and very cheai Also, in store ?.r. el^a.U st?K k Linen She?t!nt? Pillow Linens, fable Da:nask?, in clcths r.a i kins and pieces ' Splendid assortment bathing ar.d toilet Towels both ;ough and s"ft Marseilles guilts, Wh colored c.;id white. Ai lendale do. for summer ??e Also. Dimities in great variety. And all other Furniture Dry- Goods necessary fo the comfort and convenience of housekeeping ?? very iow prices. CLACETT, DODSON A CO )y 30?d2w JUS T RECEI V E D PER SCHOONER Fairfax, from New York? loii barrels brown Sugar 60 do powdered, hard and soft crushed Sugar 200 do Connecticut river Herrings, bright a id handsome 45 Ikix's s'-uld'-d Herrings <t 3> barrels .M >< kerel. No. J 12a packages fre>h i'ea 75 l>o\ts uiound CctTee 3tw sacks hue and 'J. A. Salt 50 boxes fresh Salad Oil 5o bo \es '' hee??e 1IK? Ik xesdark Sv;ap 1'J.j do/en brooriis (j > dn/.fi Cord ? and Lines list gross .Mat< iie? ?Itlilo/en B;i' ktts 2iKJ0 ix>unds soft >hell Almonds l(Wipounds Cream Nuts 12.} bushels Ground Nuts 3 quarter casks old Mart ell Brandy do Port Wine, pure juice 1" oarrels old Family Whiskey 75 boxes Tobacco For sale by MURRAY & SEMMES. au 1?>tVeo6t LA.NL> W ARRANTS BOl GUT at the~hidl est ntes. Sij;ht drafts remitted to persons at a distance sending me \Yarrauts, on any city they may d<? ignate Stocks bought and sold on commission. HAMILTON G FANT. Barker, 4JJ Ph avenue, Washington, D. C. Jy Is?iineoA.WS4t (Intel) LAND WARRANTS LOCATED. rPUE S'ibscribers will locate Laud Warrants , >n Ohio. Indiana. Illiuoisor Iowa, ar.d a- ii gi v; a corrtr: description of th? land locat^.^ If. u;kjii examination, tLis descrl|>tion proves in corr?*e|, they will themselves take the land, givii;g for it another warrant for the sarue quantity. One of the lirrn resides in the West, and will | give the business his superinteudance. MILLER A BROWN, <th st., opposite Post OMce, Washii'gton. Jy 13?eu3m B SUMMER RETREAT. LAKISTON S PAVILION will be op*n ?' I* tue reception of visitors on tue 5th of i > July. Tue proprietor's t.ib'e will be sup plied with tht d llcacie> abiiinding in the?WJiL waters adjacent t.? Blakl u ii's Island He bor es his endeavors to ph?ase will insure Dim a share of patronage from those seeking h'jaith or a little juief from city bustlr. The Sutinprs Maryland, Osceola, and Alice C. Price stop regularly at his landing. TKKXi. For one month uo For one wt ek or more, per day 1 For a shorter time, per day j -j'? A gv>^>d liand of Cotillon Music is en^a^ed for the s?-ason from Washington. GEORGE W. BLAK1STON, Je ij?2m* Proprietor. MOOT AND SHOE STORE REMOVED. 4 1EORGE BKKMER has removed liis well " k :owa Gentlemen's BOOT AND, MIOE St4irc anti Factory from ! 1 < h street,1 between i'a aven :e and E street, to Pa j avenue, a few doors above Willards' Hotel. He is p.epared in his new premises to give sa'is faction to all. G. B. has by dint of great care In purchasing hi> ",0/. * employing none but A No. 1 workmen, ai.J ov his i-apa' ity to tit his customers so as to have b.s work s*t very easy on the foot, while 1: all ways exhibits the ni'.'st fashionable style, tamed u rep itatlon In his business second to that 01 ito other custom-work boot and shoe nink.r in the Lnion He solicits the patronage of oil. and his terms will be most reasonable to ail Jy lb?If ft) ONE II 1'flf OR ED >1<}flE flF those superior Magnolia Hamx, and proba " " blv nil that will be received this M?**on. tb<?, are curcd in Maryland According to the old home stead receiot. the quality of wbich is unsurpassed if equalled. by any other ever introduced here. Ti be liad only at inv store Also, a fresh lot of thnf peculiarly fine selected and standard B!a< k Tea at.'JOcentsa pound,-wt ich I have introduced, li is sold oniyr by myself and is now extensively known in the Dist lot. NVm coiiiers and others who h-ivc not vet t*sed if t?r? re ferred to ll>e 1 nding members of the Facultv ci Washington and Georgetown. Samples furnished gratuitously. Hay Water at 25 rents per bottle, or *?? 75 per do/en For l athing purposes it is as cheap as common spirits. Mint, Lavender. and Blackberrv Cordials, the verv articles for the prevailing epidemic Maple Sugar, Fresh Prunes. Ate., with unsur passed varieties of choice family Groceries 7. M. P KING, Few steps northeast Jackson Siatue jy 2f??f FANi Y TOILET ARTICLES, \c. \VK inviteattentlon loour lane stork of Cr-mlm. ? * Brushes. Pomades. Bitiacts, Cologne. Bav Water, Ace . which we are prepared to offer at greatlv rvd icwt pri'-r?. ANo, coihtao!lv on hnnd a general assortment of r ancy Go- ds, I- ans, Oloves, Ho>iery, fee , to gether with n fj^hior.a'wle stock of r.iiilinerv. to which additi n? are constat tlv b- in" mad of IN newest n>?d most de<irnb| * stCles Tie uitentbu ot the 1 >d'es is rarieoJarlv invited to this d-part '"rnt "f.',ur which is under the- : ar; eof Miss rhcuipson. HUTCri'NFOV A- MlTNRO. jv?H 310 Peim a-,e.. lx_twe?n ' th ?V it".h <ts. SOMETHING Hi OLD AND \OLWG. I'KOFI NJstUl WHOD'8 H AIK P E T 0 R A t 1 V t . rIMlIS preparation. a.'thoujzh less than two vear> a before the public; owiug to iis wonderful cf reefs upon tiie human hair and sr.-ip. 1. is ; be.-d nbt.iii.ed a celebrity and ,ale perfectly mi paralleled. It has without t'ieordinary apj.ii inc. used for siifh purposes, v on Us wav, a: <1 be.-, beartily welcomed to most of the cities a\d ? ?w.i ">?he Lnited Stubs, the Canada*, ur.u trie \\ e ; I net:a. Islands \or is this result *iui>i t -in'' \vh? * I' IS remembered that its popularity is based upon its merits, Rolflv as tstab'isijpd l>\* actual test* I hat this preparation will actually Ke store i/m Hair to its Natural ? olor, produce a luii.ria i< growth ujon the heads of the bald, prevent to. nab from falling oil. and *.vhen u-.-da-,a tonic a prince a ? ont:ui:al Bow of I be naturil t! iid tu-:s iei:d r the bail -.oft <?[ >s;; arj %v,,v destrov diseases of the *ca!p. a?.d ex:>el dandruff die cert:lic;?tes of d s.ingui -bed ;:intlnirw ii and ladies in every part of the country who have trifti it, therefore sj?>ak what they kuo-.v. m^st ful ? y attest. That by a propr r use of this He.stor.iih th" Lair can b-* mad - to attain a;ul retain its nat al col- r o almost any a re a'ott.-d to Lim aaits. by removing the cause of disea?<* from th sculn 110 matter how long standing the conrnr?em i. s iimonials <f the press and 'i>e ceitifir-ates o* nu merous respectable individ. N of s^xts t-, the use of tuis c .ratitfe, a> w-U as of the recoil me-ditto- , of editor.-, and ivrtim a:cs before ail i led to, can be b i,| of all a^enU. ^ HnooKFi^i o .Mass., Jan. 12, l-",1*. Pi'.or. Vmin?l??arSir?llavinir mad** trial r>f your Hair Restorative, it gives me rltp- ?" - >? s that iis flit-ct ha.-? b ?*? f-xc^ilent in rrniovin^ c l'r.ination, do.-iurull, and a constaui li-:idf n v c ' llLa%> ]*' h whli a i have oet-n irouol- d iVom childhood. :?nd has a] .o restored my hair \. i i- 1, wis b?coming uray, to its oritur;!. ol, I have i-.-d noot .ierar'icl-, with an? thins like the sa;n {'lea&ure and proiit. Vcurs, truly . J K BRAGG, I t. tor of Orthodox Chon !i llrnoklield Caki vlk. 1U., June27, IK:) 1 have used Prof o. J Wo .d ? Hair Mes -.^a tlv-?, and haveadt!'ircd its woaderfid etiv-ct hair was becoming, ;-s [ thov^bt. ('ur - ray; but bv the use of'-is '*!? ? -to'a* >?' '? I *. v.saiued iu 0'-<;inal e-?ior. and ! hav ? no ?4,i t,t. perintai^i.llyso. fflSi.NEv MHi '!r'". K?-Sena*?.?r I ? t<*s Pr.ot V. con Detr ^lr?.M ?? i , . , v iim-iced ot "OIBC three or four yea's - in- e, u:ul coa inerd to do -.o ur.t;i I l?vam<- qA'te b-.Id ; i,- " all the popular re>riedi~N of the day. but to no< r ? ct, rt la^t 1 was iniuccd to u?e vott celebrat- : 'l ur llestorative. ; ad am verv happy (a say It i* do!n-? Mondcrs i have now a liru erowth < ' yojng hair, and checrlullv recommend its um? to 111 similarly affllcUd A C WILLIAMSON, 1;>J Second street. Address ') J. WOOD ?V CO . Proprietors, 31* Broadway. New York, ami 111 Mark.-t s:reet, r-t I'Oubs, Mo C STO I'T &, CO , wholesale and retail A ?er~t. ashliigton. ? . \\ 1 *"* OT T ?V l^O.VS, Generu.1 Wholesale A -ent, PLlIadelpbla, Pa an l- iv OH. L. M. i'TFAILT.tti "RCaOFOLOUS A rjf OTF: ? For tkt r< rm'intn: Cure of COXSliT-IPTIO^ ati'i all ctK.r forms vf SC KOFULoUS UISiZASJJS. |^H It* Medicine is pr parvd by an em; uent r>Lu I *? sician of eighteen y irs practice in Nev/ Vori i :ity. during which tim- he i> js constan'iy !i j ?vith the moft unbounded succe?". and created un it a reputation in priva> practice, uneq ialltjd ir he history r.f m- d";ir ? Itac's iinmediat' i> upon '!ie b)ooel. cleaitsiii'/, it /?- ?>n s~.Il s' rof nuu.i ouun.' cr innour'tics. ren??v,;!i?i-_' ?! d. bv it< ma ri' pow ers, I \ VIGORA IF. Til K WlfOLE SVST ;n pris f of which, hundteds of re^pectabi- v. it' ies -es from ;iie doctor's private practice Lav-" <;:v n in their testim-uiy, Nufter!::r> from any scrofulous atfcction, to fail upo* iun.t md Titisfy tkunttlves. A Treatise on Scrofidous Diseases can be bsj gratis at PRINCIPAL DEPOT, WJ Broadway mi at Drug Stores ^enerw'ty CHARLES >T(>TT & C<?., Agents for Washliijjtcr DR. L. R. WRIGHT'S TASTE LE. S "LI J.U ID ?. A t (lARTIC." OH. FAMILY PHYSIC. ?pHlS sthe Bf.ST, CHEAPEST, and MOST I EFFICIENT CATHARTIC EVER OT'_ FERED TO THE PIJHLIC. It is TASTELESS, (tL.r by avoiding the mm j seating effect of Pills, oil. Senna, it-..) and ;?r<> i ic:ii?; no j^iipin-/ or other painful efi'evts. Unfile t!l other purgatives, it starches 10 ttr-.* b<itto:n of the dis? as *, tb'.rot^hly ck..asc, the stomach, a;:d e.ives the i>owels entirely fr? ? frott? costiveru -s NO FAMILY SHOL I.D BE WITHOUT IT. Ch'ldreu drink it read'ly n:id without forcit*? and NO MEDICINE IS MORE HIGH l.\ li |;' COMMENDED by the MEDICAL FACULTY. Give it a tri^l and then judge fo' yourselves. II tan be had wholesale ana retail at E. H. STA BLEll A CO S, Baltimore, or CilAS. STOTT 11 CO., \V ash'ugtou, D C. DR WRIGHT'S PRINCIPAL DEPOT, '. '3 ^r-wdway, where tbe doctor can lie consulted ially on diseases generally, from 12 to 2 p m without charge. je t3?dip t iddiAtiiis. (HAVE on hand some handsome li^ht and con venient family C.!Tnay?* and Du^ ^ies. A two horse Carriage and Ex--^i:?..^ press Wagon. Those d< sirous of purchasing mfy of the above described articles {.heap will do w? li to call on the sn'oscrioer immediately, as i am de termined to dtii low for caau, or on accommodat ing terms. All work warranted. Repairing done at *Le shortest notice and In the most approved manner. S. FLYNN, No. 01*5 D St., 12th and I >:h, Jy 9?1m opposite the Klrkwrod Houie I^iltMt II DKAU rt:xi iL.? froi.i t:.e several manufactories of Bausch. Ilardniu'ii Wa'ter and Contee, imported direct fi >ni tbe ma kers in Paris, by FKANCK TAYLOR. Jv* 25 H?> I lOlt THE SPitl.MJS!?Persons w-io contemplate a journey to the springs, sej-siu ?, mountains, or th*i country, sLonld not ne, jleci t<: call at 3i*? Pa. avenue, ana get th-:r stock of hair, tooth, nail, bathing and clothes Brushes. Lre > in?, side, puff. neck, tine and r-'xikei Coinljs. hue Pomatum, Hair Oil, Bay Water, Cologne. Ex

tracts f.?r the Handkerchief, Soap, Toiitt Loves and Powder, traveling, pic nic, work, and card Baskets, ttc., at th? Piano, Music, Stationery aud Variety Store of J NO. F. ELLIS, JJO Pa. avenue, betw. y;h and 10th sis. Jy 18?tf "VEW WALTZ.?Just published by thesi.b i-^ scritiers, the ?'Muitltlora Waltz." comoosed and dedicated to Miss Sallie Drisch, of Lei*sburg, Va., by Prof. J. A. Young. In LRUS A HIT/ JV * Mmic Depot. DENTISTRY. DR. V. SHINN, Grauuate of the Fhiladelt hia College of Dental Surgery, respect fully informs the residents of George-i town and its vicinity that he has ioca 'ed himself amongst them for the purpose ol p. ao tisina his profession. Otnce 121 Washington st.. above Bridge ? tie-1, Ceorgetowa, D C. d.^wA-eolaj*' BRILLIANT SAILING MATCH. T1IK lovers of this beautiful and entertaining sport are hereby informed that tbe subscriber contemplates getting rp.on thesth of August, a GRAND REGATTA. Twj chased Etn?can Silver Goblets will con stitute tbe prizes. The most valuable to be award ed to thp mo t boat in tbe rn?v. The nest Vest 'o offthe secVnd p-emium The n:VcL i? to lie bet vren boat.* to Washington Georgetown and Alcxan'Ha^iioats having aerks overi? {? et are ineligible to enrty. T*>e proprle tors of boats must bear in mind that they ranuo' cater any boat not owned In the above places at this time. Many boat owners are now preparing for the sport to take pla^e on 'heSth August, and. from th; rp-mrent inter* *t tr.ken, if promises to 1* one cf the iroit entertaining and rtrktrcbt att'airs eve before offered lo tae lovers of boat chasing in this city The following craft have already entered for thf contest : KNOW NOTHING. \V11.L WATCH, (the light-heeied craft tha; b re .iff the pituUer butt season triumphantly.) SKIMMER. MARTHA. G \ KRA r. JACKSON. /. larizeaud -termer will be chartered f.v the wc -.>'.oii, in order to afford ,;il who d? >1k to .v :'ress luis beautiful sail ;ui opportunity to be ho'd all its vario is ir.Hdents. Owner* of boats, and ethers, desiring to ei.tej thtir c raft, or learn the manner and inbu'ion of the Regatta, or terms of entrv. can t,e ? niili-d in any manner bv calling at the City Rest j?ir..iit, cor uc of Pennsylvania avenoe and nth street. Tort W ashington will Ik- the distance designed hy tbe undersigned and retaining tc the j o;nt ol starii.r/. iT-:'-e of entrv to dcp*n?l "pon thenawtrrof con ta.u? WM. L. JONES. City Restaurant, cor. Pa. c.v. and 13'.h st. je ?iawtf ; ukiiL civic & ftlt ; ahy izcriisio:: OK 'iUE German Yager", TO THE WJT1TF IIOLSE /'J 1'IIIOX, On VlOMfAY, Aaisiisl l.>, i*.').:. r|M!'l \ AtiKllS respt iifuily anno .nee to their i- friends, civic and u:il.<arv, and _ ? ??. b?* aer.eralij their i.-? v! J hxcursiouvill take place on MON DA \ , August !3lli The well kiown Steamer Geor?e WaMiln^ton ha- i- tru chartered for tLe occasion. and wiil ir. k iwo trips both ways, bv .iti_r the Siear,vharf in i!.e n orning .:t * 'n ick, and I o'cl-nk p m. I i tbe evenin ' ;he hojt will leave (be Pavilion a* ard 1'io'cb* k. touching each t'ipat Alexandria go n r aril c~min?r. Weber s supeiior Land lias been enijagcd for the ?v?-a- icn Tii k-is O\E DOLL\R?admittlm; a ren'le iiia-i and Indies ; t'j ?je bad of the Committee or a' the boat. Refii-sbments to be obtained on board of tht boa.' d it ti,.r \Vliitf Hons**. ;5i ?->tv price*. Ord St>t Ruppell, Sjt .mmiiall. Corp Wiihl, J Aii^tiiuan, Peter Schweizer. an 3?Gt FIHoT fr?AIi? SC'IBVE ASD ?iC NIC Ol' THH BOONE CLUB, ON Tt E^IIAV, AIM ST 7, t-?5, AT I'tl!jVG ( (Fc.rni"riy o<cinii d bv \ Favier, i? iat' J or: M stre? t. liefw"t*n s<?ve!'f rifts r.nd Ei:'hte*?ntu ) rpilE KCON CLI \< take ?^r *! 11? nit .. en* ? li 'uucMig to ?ii?ir frii Is <ad tue gen ( t<T1 ?. ih.;t th^y it>#' "d jfl in? ?h?*Jr (.-rand ^ iir<^* and i'ic. M' ?t :he sbove named ; l~?.e corfin;e>ir iiijf *t 4 o'clock p. in. l*<'ii / d' -iroiis ? { rend; ri. :> this P?r. Nlc cne nf ui?n'Ji? cd plfasur' to ou fr>.ijs and ptt?Ton? ttie r.ur.ibe' ?: ke:s^vill V li;;i.t t. ?'irl t!;" <-??'ii :i \-v !? ?'.?? (S iciiil.- d^n ro ^xcount to permit a; v" ir:pr<<pL' r^r??? *< en :be Our rid Tiie xeii e < 1 t;e.*e!'* hav? I en tried at the low price ?59 cents, admlUiig a jertlmta and la di>.Mo. ComTii'.t'e of Arrnn^fments. i> 'I Wil^n, Tlios Hcwdnev, U L Mas ten Jv d NATIONAL SIEOII'AL COIXEUL, v.'ash ;,oton. e. r. rT1!!E. thirty-fourth annr.alcou'sr "f lectures will * con?ice on M< >NDA ^ the ud o: Oataker. 1^S5: u::d ei;d on the It Varch, fc-JS. FACULTY. Thoma? Miliar, M. 1) , Prrfessor of Anatcrr.y and Phy.iiology. WT~.. P. Joiinsto**, M. D., Professor of Obstet rics, and Diseases ol w.un?n and i bildren Joei'.n/. K ir.F.Y, M. D , Professor of Materia M -d ica Therapeutics and Hy r'i ?se J no. Frhh ^Iav, M. D., Prof-* ;sor of the princi ples and practice cf surj-erv rnji Tyler. M D.. Professor of Pat', ?'ojry ai>d practice ef nricii':ii:e. and of rlini: al om' ic4r.e. Lewis H. Stf'vkr. M I) , Professor of Chcmls tiy anJ Pharmacy. Edw.'kd M. Scott. M. D., Prose-'or and De in<>nstrai?ir THOMAS M1ELFR, M D Like most similar instiintions in Europe, tbe desks from which the re'iula' I?cttir< are ?iv?n, and the words for cliinial instruction aie under th' sa'"ie roof, I'bc f ? rpense for full lectnres. .*'* no Prartical Anatony b) the Demonstnltr,,.. in no I Matrii <.'? "in/ fee. ptyible<mly wee.. 5 uo Graduating expenses. ii5 00 i Admission to the medi si and surgical clinic w ith* i oat t iiarg?. T!.e lectares will lie ,'1ven in the afterroon and i evening, thereby enabling tho?e eigaued in buai ! ne-s durir^ the morning hour.-. !o attend. For f.irUi-r infoiiiiatiou iiildrr'ss THOAIAS MILLER, M D., Dean of the Faculty. \. 1?.?Medi"ai student-, tles'.riiii; s;ti:a,;'?ir^ resident stnd??nt in the Wash'ngton Iniismarv, (whieh is the clinical dejiartrotnt of the Naiional Medical Colleire.) are reo'iested to make ejipli :a tion bv let'er to Jo :uia Riley, M. D., CaiHtor of the Washington lulirirary, who v.*ill give any ::i forir.atioa ibat may l>e de-ire<t It i-; unM'f< ssarv to state the gr^at advantages of ;> residence in a'hospital for clinical instn-. ti?m. Those making early application will prece de!. j. Six are to be chosea before tbe 1st of ()c tubef. jy8?ootNovl 11. LINDSLEY, UEA1.KK l\s E":AT, v-JTATr. A^I? ??ANTI) wabea^tts, SAiyT HAUL. MIX. TERRITORY. rANDS BOUGHT AND Mll.U TilRDl.'GH i OUT THE TERRITORY. Taxes ,Mid. Collections m^de. Drafts cashed, and tue hi^hc>* Pri. -s ^1 veu for Land Warrants liovernment Lands located with much care, and .f desired, the profits and losnes shared equallv at the expiration of tive jears The Lamt a'that tiiiie to t e ?..ild, u.ilcf,s othervriseagr""d '.ipr-n. ???..! a:ie half of the current value ^f tbe Warrant at tue time of entry, and half of tli^ expense of locating ;?? he d?'di? t? d from the MlKiibd?>' Ittcmt 'J .i fversoai visbiug to hicate v?'arrants entirely on their ov. n a' count, the charge will be, for forty acres S!5; eighty af'res. one hundred and sixty acres, h25 ; and will rK -ive with their title, a plat and description of the .ind. KKPKKKNCKS: Minnesota?Gov. \\ lllis a. Oorman; E.t-Gov Alex. Ramsey; Hon. J T Ros>er, Sec. M. T.; Messrs. Ames A Van F.lteu, Attorneys at Law; Messrs. .Morton A Pace. Whciesale Drng^isfc;. Haltimore?W. P- Prestm, Esq., Attorney at Law; Richard C. Bowie, E?^., Com. IHerchant ; Messrs. Deur, Norris A Co ; Messrs. McCleese k Main Washington?Hon. W W. Seaton ; Hon. J. T. Towers, Mayor; lloa. Judge J. Bryan; J. C. C. Hamilton, Esq.. Attorney at Law; Col. W'm. Hie key; Col J. Riley; .Messrs. Taylor k Maurv; Messrs. Lewis, Johnson & Co, Bankers; U. C. Grammar, Esq., President Pa'iiotic lla. k. jy 17?eo3m TIIE WESTERN ACADEMY, Crnrr Sf.vt*tte?*k and I streets, Washington. A SELECT SCHOOL will hs? on??ned cn the lirst Monday In September, for boys. N umber limited to twenty-Jive. For particulars s-.e circulars at the Bookstore, or call at the School llooni after August vMd. Jy?eoOw# S. L. LOOMIS, A. M. JORDAN'S WHITE SULPHUR SPRI NC.S FFREDERICK COUNTY. VA.-Op.-ned on the 15th of J ane. F rom Baltimore, W ash- t_, in:;tonor Cuml>erlaiidinearlvmorningtrains to llar;ier's Ferry', thence "by Winchester?^ Rzilroad to Stephenson's depot; lrcm depot I % miles In ceaibes to Springs in time to dine same day. Rice's cotillon band engaged. SulpUui bathi. Medicinal effects of water well known E, C. A R. M. JORDAN A BRO. Jy 6?poow DO YOU WANT FIRST RATE H E cream ? Go at once to ARNY. Bridge street, Georgetown, he was awarded a MEjJAl. by me Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute,for :c;: crlaxs, water test, and caam may '<&?totf E V E XIN GST A R. T H U N DEB, AND TILT. [From S*!n Click's last book ] " He sailed a'id *rv-nt on. 4 Lo?k at the black roof *?f liis month said hp. ? and do yuu see the d- w-elaw; that ;? a great m-irk ! Tnen feel that 'ail: that is his rudder ?o steer by when swimming. It i3 different from M. ? ta of other dogs***the #>tr<^?<j?th of that j dnt is *u~ pri-ing, bet his chest. ?ir, hi4 chest. s*e h<iv. that Is formed on pnrfiOBc f?>r diving! It is shaped internally like a real's, and then, ob serve the spread of that, webbed !?) ??. ?nd thi [tower of tlivm paddles ! Th?-re air tw? kind of them. the sh <?gy and the long haired. bu I think tbo-e ;ib ?tfiyr om s are the handsome*' Tii'-y are V'-ry difii ult to be got now of t^r pure breed. I sent to the B.>v of Bulls f. t ? hi? one T? have tl.eiu in health j*. a inaM make them 5t- y out of doer? in all wcatii* r a d keep them c-?>i, a. d, ab >ve all, not feed them too high Silt tl.^h see pi* the lost 1 o . for tb<ia. iuty nra *?> lond ?f it. Singular that, ain't it' but a dog is natural, sir, and u ?ua.i ain't. " ? N-?w, you never ?uw a eoiu^b at th< faUc of a Newfoundland m*roti.;??t i?i Jonr ifo ile thiiihs *0o much of the shop I vt. i:i n y oj inini, the do*: is the 01 'y geP? t'cinaii tl ''lis. The one, ??#?? that lL< Indian isexfiret. who breeding ithd M kJ. ii iiiioi of o.i, blubber, and ic-herg*.* ?' L ?id. I wi h one of tJ'eiu had been th?r ?o IciVi- heard l.i ? . wouldn't he a harp tont itu '"- all lie in ult a considerable <>f lo:.;; y;irn of it. an I ad it w.:s >4 text be had oftt-11 cular^rd on. I thought lie never woul . ? tn led, I.11? like ???hi r ;<reaehers when h *ot iieated. -pit on the slut**. rub it nil our ind eyi htr it ut r a4.1 in. Tbii.l's I lo rnj - -eli". 1:1 {.lay you t bit. my bo/ '? ' Ex artijr," .-a - I : ' lii-re i-the same di - in do^s and Ji"Mi s a.^ there i.? in nrw. Some ar -iMtdc ly natire. find torn. vu.toa:: each i- know;. by nia breed.' '* ' T.ue." ;:?:d I.e. * vtry tue.* aod he stood op a lutie slrai^hter, a- if it did Li:n jh.J t< he ir a rt-p ibliean - iv th..t, lor hi* t ' oer ? . ?i L irl. A very just rein irk." said ne. ar, ' h ?y?d me ;:II ? *?? , .1* it l.e was rather :-ur .uis ?! ?l n y peiietralt->n. ??But the worst of ii.' c.v? I. ci<* that r hi^b-born brutt*. end a ui;h*b??d man ar n.v ^oiMi 1 ir o.-e ti.irg. A ptiint r will p?-u.i? t bin. i-i oued run?1 .- tier will *.*t ? 1 I u - d?^ fi.ji?t?.-d .1 X w ou .'ilerwtll but t .Sf a;?- th y ^ .twi i?r ' X w a iuVe i ? dun-, tt.d the U?":1 * ti*ioj tine. Ally i xpe t "t liiiii i> to iot at: i L?ok >ii: one J ;;? id I c u'd poii.t ut - ma do.i t eren 1 o ti a- l It lie w ite< a bixik. :.ud 1 brii-. ve a Svoieh oij . by ti ? nt!p of his tutor. Uid oue?; or n:akts a -petcii. y ??. .-ay. come t ?*, ti: t i veiv wll 1 ir a duke and -o oj. V? !l, . ma - ?j'i..- :? ".'t '|tiite st ii?rh br J. .-n:d h" is u 1. - i.e i.ett< r. a .d .-o ?^n. Uownwud \\ ueu you ,t 1 t? au <a I, wt y. h<* uiay be >d lv>r n t..i,.<j.* ' oa.i <<?.i .ti.i't (j i.iu .-ut u ??!???? ait. t dfii. tbl *. nn<l in tha w.ty y n ?u'dn't i^titfive the iiiijdi^e<?Cf uf UuLb horse . 1. ? b.ti.itu, an i t! in ?y?u th;. t ? ? aii *' ,vb i. '? ? it 1- !:a mil. c?i?" you, Mill be. ii.rt l.kioc i.'C ^'u ifA o; ueM* civvy th.t A Ur iv iu 1 ? ium, olid !? Lin; u:.ea*y. * fs s,i< b-'. tbv 'v -y o* ii.,n.u>; ti. c 'uven.ii'iji.l '?'ic 11 t* 'y ?.t d?-.a is v*.ry w ilU> L -v;.1 " 1! j 1 an .,'vJi-wo ' tt * i ?ic 1 i a ba- -arpi .-e i ti - 1 v o. d ? to "win 111 i n;. , s r? ? itmmt. n.ydci: r.- 'od i?u? f><}?orgc*. i-'vt"."... I ?ake :t i 1 .zi. Lti t y..u L:i;ow ii It Jf> ?- "*!?'. .. v-i . .tf.%ted ii. tiie Cei t.t vf t'le h.trlxr cf J' ?ii.ix. huj a p >ir<.iful batt< ry 1 ??. it. %::d bftria^k? f>r tlm ;a*e uimo-i. ti.>u ol truuj lutrt was a com pi y oi myrtgiuiint ^f.:t;ct- i t!?. re ut tlie time. *1 Uyik t 1* d . a- d ?> riz.'A1 terrL-r. caiitd Tilt, in tlie b > ,t "itii me. TLe iatter v.a- a v**tv ??-t:ve 1 i'?!t ftlbiw that tlie <i ueral ha i ^iwu men utr wetka bci >re. Jle was .-lcU an ;<mu-ing crca tnre that h? .-o <i bc? j>:ut- uinver-ui i?T< ri'e, aid ?utt red to fi-tne jut > tlie b ?n-e. a jinv* ileve v;i:it h was uever ^raut- d lo iliis gf;t! - UI...I, v. on pi; 1 no regard to lite appu iraujc ? f ti'se. at, \.n.cti was u.l-o wet ,?nd dirty, ai d who wvs tn -.efore cx.'.uuel. *? * t o..S'jque..f .' wts. Thunder wasjia' ouf, ai.d ?vou d ?:ot a^ itiate with bi:u. ani f ev 1 ic tu-ok any lib :-y ue turucioa ui:o ai d puui.u.d b i.i severely. T..1-, Lowever i.? t.eve.-prt-ui>i? d 11 ?! ? in my prt-.-ei.cj, a* !.e kutw 1 wnui t uot -aftH, it. au.i theit fore, wb 11 they bvjtb a^c >mo ti.i^d me i:: n?y w,i'k>. ti.t big dog t >i ?j;it?.d bimaeif w.tli treatiig tii?* the uih.r *ita p:r?.ct i: dia rencc aod c.".? UMpt. L |t>ui ta.^etc is.on. T^u .dcr lay biv.vj in me b a., an?i cjinp?sed li:m?eif ti p, wliito t'.. iitt!c foii-.w. wh i was lull of life ai.U ai imiti a, . nd app.r. r.-d a if ho did rot kh ov what it ttos t-i c'ose bin ? y?s. .-\t up. Iook*o ? ;*.r the gunwale, ar.d ?e? tueu t ? c j y me iLin; ui.e rnm-ady 11?> watcLod tue iiKiti'iiis o? i:.j m-a .15 if ne u. dc.-t'oi what r*-t|!i :? d < f t'lL-m ?n i w ti* nuxious ih y ibou'd ctjiu themst-lv-a pr perly.' ???lie knew,' .aid I, -it was what saibri ca 1 tl e .' 1 Vciy guw/s id hi*, but lookiiig al. t t!^o ns ii b?- though the iiUenuplioa ve.y bail. ??'After b;ivin; u.ale my iuspcttion I rc *'tincd to th.- boa: { r the j uri"'St 01 rtc?x-sh 10.-t.i the t >w (, when I nJ.sscd the U.rn?r. 11.ui.der ?a' i.ose at my ht-els, and wbi u i wb'.sLl <? ?vi' the other hi- tail ,:i.J b okeJ up in my ; ;??. as ii be w?<ul 1 w,, never mu.d tL?t ! > .i.-h d >^, I am li? r a .i that i- tin i'_h. ?>r is tuere a..ythij gy -u Wa.;.t mo t > do f ?? ? Aa r calling in vain, I went b ick t<i the baria iis a. d i: ijuireti of ti e men for Tilt, but no one appeared to Lave aecu him or noticed bis motio: j '? 'Alter prranibu'atin<f the 1'ttle i.-land in vain, 1 bap, eutd Ij ^rk the sentry if be kuow whtr he Was. "' \ ?s, sir,' he is buried in ?he bench. '? ? Bui ie i iu th ; beach,' >ai 1 I. with ^n at anger. ? u ii?i.arcd t j kill iiiiu Xell iuj, sir, iffiuie Ii ltely.' ?? -That large do* did it, sir. He en ici i him dt wt. to the shore by ftlbj iug with aim pretending to cr? ue!i, and tlien iuu aat-r h :a; ai.d rctta 1 ti;:^. .and cjaxi. g bin: lo vb 1 ? him; and when l> g -t b??u 11 ear the bt.?.;it. be tin 'ttle-i biui in an instant. ;mi 1 then -crat "i ed a Lole 111 the sUing^s and buried him. cov ering him up W uh the gt&vel. Alter tiiu*, be Went into the wator, and with his paw* wash ed bis face and head, shook himself, am' ??. 1 t up to the b irraek>. You will find the te-ri r just duwj there, sir." "And ^ure enough there was the poor little fellow, quite dead, and yet warm. ' Iu liie meai.time. Thunder, who fc?? 1 watered ? ur iroce-diugs fn u? a di-tan-e, . ioon as be saw th? bod}* exhumed, fell a* if there v.a a ? mii-inaiai tl holding over bin self, p unged into t'ue barb?r, 1. <1 swam : ??>< >s > the town, tind hid b m- If foi st?a ra! ?.a;-:, until Le tliou^l.t tac ha l blown ?,v? r; aial then nppioachi d mo anxi u^ly and c iu tiously. le.-t be ih.^uld be apprehended nr I condemned. As 1 was unwilling to loee b th of my dogs, I was obliged to ovtrlook it, j?cd lake him ta k to ivy confidence. A strai,"o sto.y, atn't it, Mr. b ick ' '? * Well, it is,' says 1. ? but dags do ceitaia !y beat all ta'Uie, that's a fact.' " Lighting tue Lami s op Heaves.?I scud you (says a correspjndtni of the Kuick^ibo-'k ti) tue following utile ineilent fjr your " t b!e." It stiuik me as one of the m'j.-t ut iq"i explanations of electricie d phenomena I b:iva cvor heaid. A attle gill, tue idol of a trienl of ours, was sitting by tlie window c.113 cvoni- : during a violent tnuader storm.,y { striving to ;rapp!e boce proposition too str g for her childisa mind. Presently a smile >; tt iumph ut up ber features as she exclaimed^: "Oh, i kuow what makes the lightning: i s Crod lighting His lamp* s?nd throwilj ' ? matches dowu here!" THE WEEKLY STA2. Tfcla nc*U?t Family *ad Newa Journal?flan, taiula/ a graater variety of Intereatiac taadtar thai can be fo.rnd In aajr oUor?U pahh-ued on *?t*i dav morning t?n. single copy, pff l TO CLTM? Ftvecoptea ts Teaeoptaa * Twentv eeptca 15 <W ity C**H, IIT11UHT I* ACTAjrra irr l".n?lee?plea (>| wr?p;~*?) rr.n V prornred at the counter. Imm^ stdv after the la*u?- of iLt paper Prlr?-T?ti Cun. Po?TMAaT*m? who art a?acent* w<.ll heaUowa a comiriwlon of twenty per cent SCENE ON A STEA:t3?AT A fine weatorn fteaater. of tlia largest cl?>?, w t* pi nighirg her way d;wa st.%.:ui iri'b a *4 full head ' on. The time t t? ear'y morula*, th- *ni not jet coded bit* fi'-ry beatotf in the i!'ei"*cv waters of the Mi^ltfippi; a lew of the |i..wu ^r? wer<? a-tir. tini the b^at qui?*t a .'I >'i I, ?avc the regular *re?ui from her ii >n throat ?a ui ikii g fine bealway.^ Suddenly the ? n^iuc< r'e bell rung i-u' i most i'uri r ? a id alarming rummon*. win h. oeing tnnaiated iuto iho vernacular, aer.1 ">l"? her '' The m in of steam obeyed the n.irrl't^ ar.' I ?i(h his hand up >u the lever aaaiUu kDtu u ' y the next call It -<k>?i cnn.< 1' uJcr and 1 uder ye*? 2' J her!" ?? Soui'5 trouble ahead," tbeugli the civ {itteer: hut! a.dly had the i lea |?ac?cd U.4 a.'h .is n.iuJ. wneu the ho y hell ag*iu p al I i'?'ith? '? H ick her Steam vM let off in an iustmt. ar I i'.iiie: ?h* lever the m ?n commenced a >ri??'% ?ht ni^ne by hn d; bnt the w.;e< I h..J n- t yd ompleted the fir?t retr<v.aI* nrpu'iin arhe i a Under UllliuAluUuoU U??.leJ UUl U< c?a:vely? ?? ilo .theid !" " Slow her!" ? Park h r !** 4 Go ah. al !" Htvin.; -.Otywl ti?? roomand. ai.d ? ti^ ? I W..B ri^ht nt la?f, the 'nan it:" I ii ? post lor * liX'U'Tt .ii d Mcpf .ed ou: hj ju t * ruarda to ^e ? whit the t'ouhle !. t ? br.'B, then aaddealy tn?* ?ver-bu*y uell again w..s tieaid? " Saw her"' Bt'ore be could T>ut hi* hand1 upor ihr? cr? w, ih?- bell egain o. lerei, *? -t p ii. . * telr alio*, 44bark Ltr," *in' ? g> a.c?4 "? lucCead o1*"?, ahe i I ts?e erg*L w, r tto1 hi.<I'Vu. ?u*l Uitit ap:?lyii?? bis l. j* ; t > prnkioj-tuhe. be *1 ?r? --*1 thi p lot i i ? but pt -p. let n? turn for a n?"in.- .1 t t:;> l?i! >t. a;.ti ere what vraa p ?ing'ou tu ui- di>mi - 'Kill*. Tht-< gout' :u in bad been but a u-tt t nt? p?j?t. aid n ?t tin y our-, \ it ;ue b?ll coinmetKeJ its njyutciuu e . r ti.?i??, iul thi- *4.a.i;? Ia*>gw*ga ??f 'he >:e ? .?soil d hi< utteutlon, a .1 ha jinik '1 t .o ?nelus'i 'n tunt ?no* thiiiR w is w n * - t it.e -1me ni<>i mi.t tL tt . n?- i :eotica! li. i . t .''??r.-ed i?**;f up ?:i i ?t; ei? ;i.teer, ?? .j y ? . a :u< uth to hi* end of th ? rub \ th loti *i ^ ..??ii?rk-- weui up ai.i d w.i f nut! a '? u j '? Wl at in thuwdirr a?c y u ui->ut d trn thcr* f" ?? Wnit in thunil-r are yu ibrul a 'h i li ? vin^, I'ko tw ? Te--e t nb -u. i >>u. u .i * ail? ng.'.g'v.c..' h. t'l * " <? Dt< a i ?- t :r ? *v?. f-c tw .Ic w ut i-uajfli it1 v v.: ? .. 'i w i' h?w- ? Pilot?W it IjM yju to 41 it p her'* .-lI ? ? ? E..^i. .?\ u It I ? what dil y -u iin; i" 8 ?ell t'<?r wenty '.i.s? ? Pi t.?'?V ?' i..u t I " .1 S o ft ? tiu M " lie lii1. ? ' "J'.rl ii'tlik he! *i u !? ? C ? 1 y ?n- t* tti'l t ir i i>i. 1. z c ?i?iu'k ' DiUtiicymr n ?t ti ?ii a |. and } u e ?u-t l?- . , . *i ? |j-?t ? 1 ??? : I- ..?? . ?.k i ,*rn, 44 ? 11 K? It'e- " '? I * bit, UU'I 1 J b: i;.? j J 1' * ? ,.f hri Ui'^iver?Y >u ii?< d ii'?t t nuio y >u if * ? ?! .?ru here. l"il be up to ? nu ?? shtke.i. a^d then wo aaall mo who i? <.ru .ii .in ! who is n< t. X 'hi. h.i ki .(j an l fi!!i.i? hi I rx%:tru the attention ?'f < ffic is r.n J crew, aui a- :lt?' ; i ' ?u:' engineer, having ohtvim-d r?l. i. ui t h ilfwsiy down on tht: " boiicr dak," ;i?.*a it a-.<l elerk m ?te and itcaard. baike |a.r 1 eh::mt?eim?id, ali Li.-tcm d 10 iho arc in t of observation. ai?d ere the two : .*?* C'ia;d j ??rj is-u-?. they were d fca-l iul!, and ait iuvitli^itiun of the affiir was '.'lit . i iuto. While ail this wa* i;i pr-'jr. ncitli r h ?u. u >r b II b id been t >u*bed. hut the tin* ? : ^tilnr?Bi"eJ'i?l of ord-r* was ^ -in? o t t too iw? a.-fi-:aats. ab<>v ? mil h I w 'v rt? iaeditJtii( a iit'le iliurflf their "Wu. wV a that ?! th* ir priucipala bad b.iii s.iti.-fa -1 >t.,y ?:oi eiu.ied T"< mystery was ?ipr)ar *nt!y pan - lull t , but til* ? aptair l> thought him >f a p -a t>1.? a jjf. a-d -s p;>in^ into ? (Ua-m.u in i1:? ** social ball, kiokeil the d ?or op.i \u I t!ier-j st 1 a liiiny yoen/ Teaaes--e^ti wU> L; I etuo irked at M> nifiiii*, tue prcvioninitit'. very aelivcly engj^ed in j iktn,^ at a c >rd tli-if ran through t-.i* ro >iu in the lunher c ?r uer. S' iti-is him by ihe collar, th? c-nt in d" maded. ?? WLa: th.- mis"ni<-f re y"a .tbiut ? ' ?? Ab-u' ' ' cntvered tue you i;l uaer>j : , ??wr y i ?u'i y.'U see that 1 ai rio; n: tjr a* bo"t? ?" Palling the wr ? i*? cor I. 'h t w i- a'.l. Tnc FaBNri! Paoi? ?(itiKi5i].-.A P ii .- ioU *r ? ijr*:?-I uavj t ?u-<y ?v: . J *, pr>? ot'etawtiinui{ as practiced a .? It wr ?# on the p.-r-ui al .* y >aa{ Atne. i:ja, wh ?> itii'U'h wi'bi-J 'h<? b?iy pr ta | ??t<x-t> !y a* poar.ole, iu order its hs:i?i^ ? i,t h on*. Toe law i fju:r? s flint tw>?uiy-i iur h urs i lice of l..a U? i'.uo ' e ^iv?a t ; tin ? ?y the atte. It-? i Lvaician, o f ?r<: *ila r ? ?i lop-y or ? .; -:i>4ll h^ pra*ii 'J '[ le-i^ i of ti.a rcgu.atioa is t?> ^ive i*crtiibt} tu?t Icath h;f really t?ki:u p'ace, ltJi ja t I *^i uu t<uianur. l.ui. t m is in j r< i.;b t< I fiijueui h?y ii^ trj.ui;. an ^ac?jlet.t at < - - j ? i ?? jl.v-.u -c iu cases td'dcatii f.v>iu taaf Ji>is :i nintctercd witiU .y. their u?e of it uvu- J I - i *..t liie< I jus ice. Tit'yiuiic >fpreVlar? in this iniluce w is m loliow ?: Tee <?p*,j at i irst iliid two v.aia with bia prepantiea, n..a 5 .vethv?nto tuc |h>.i.-e < Ificer wkw w is pr j i .i, l? he t a )>< i-ubv quent'y ao ':yz a tv a : Oi|>t teiit *::?ea.iet. Iituelea-J trace Ut.?i ??a iioiled artiele sh<>uli 1 e i'<?tfad( lite < in >*? t <*r * ud be habit- t? ?ivt,e pun - tti. ? ii lieu.ibrou.h the carotid art .-iy a: 1 i<v iu i .< if a large yringe, lurni lied with . del*':?_d ?t oieock. l.j d ibtiu. a gallon oi" * red j. ltiiu which I have e.uce Karavd ! id pr ibu> y ihlorido ot tiuofjc tu bisv. At t e iccauie dicteuded, thi* fluiJ i? r.u .l.J w, < lapdlariee, marking iu p i?j-iga by a- b ?.e ? t vtntj lines, until gr.olUdliy a co... aei l c x>r;ionof tuc M?iu aaataed a cicar pearly a. rc uhich I was u.formed w?>u 1 alter a ; *a.? ic the ease with the *u?ile surt'ae ?. The ? ?? iy hen, after being washed ia C dogv w t r l .viug tac nustii.i and ears stuff ? 1 wtlu c >.t <n li .p d iu 3 >tuc ?*x'i*ct of a u.u* */ olo/, lli? u-.'.cka aud iiia painLcd, tue cyeh i Is ?tt?i gl. ? ironu of thu natural tu.- lc .;u I v.i ? ua.ds aud Ket c./ I iu *i!k glovc? .?i.d ' ? . ags, w.ia nrrita^ei w th I'et' cc3i tr ai er t el bei;.g l.ned w >t h lea 1, at'?l me wCt.T ?uc uaving the^rai cu of a ui couUi .itg j" is. Aud, ao our poor friend ?a t. iu. ;d to i.iim lUMiieg relatives. Tue une ;t ^ l - ?r tLat can led thi?, >jvk out alx t*a ctw?.r lm.rican eorpaea. Simple ,ii i.- tiu ^raee-f if ec ? 'tain^ it i* rery ej?i!y. For toat aud tbo tour co2 a. X ?eti?.v'o tue ilcuiand was twa th.Uixr.j i? i.:s [a r?-; y to tome ^ue-ii- n* a? to t^e i tfi a y Ilia ptoeetS tne cmhuliuer declared lb it uc bad knowu bo<iie8 preserved by it |*rtec. y luring five years, and he thougit .ne iiiiio *?>( its nation m.ght be exiAiuued g.^a. yb.y -1 that limit. Pathetic?Tue R^v. Mr. Simpii-.*. w'.a->, ay the wuy, hae a ho y harror oi gr . zl jithograpuy. t^.0"? describe* the 4,d?pari ' it & *? a^'nt." " Wfi.'t I ?-we ut . h ?m jf my Untuned friend, h? wu? ...? !a?t. 1 stood by his bcd??Je l .d ?aid. a ho waa too far gone to talk. Brother, i! y? u .? el liappy now, ji?t f^ueese my hn.nJ, and h? t[U09? it."