Newspaper of Evening Star, August 7, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 7, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W ASHINGION_CITY: *FFST>AY AFTFRNOO* An*n?t 7. AovrBT'.fJicMKSTS should be hand' d in by 12 o'clock, M , otherwise they may not ap pear MM&. the next d y A?;t?IT< FOR THE STAR. The following reruns are authorized to con tract for tii6 pal/lie at ion of advertisement* in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmer, N. W. corner of Third ami Chestnut streets. Nc v York?S. M Pettihsill Sl Co., Nassau ?trcet. Boston? V. B. Pai.*t*r. Seollay:s Building. Ucf' '>wiug to the moving of r.ur newspaper j>re?s to its present locati n. and the changing r>f the engine ar.d the ,-hafling to adapt it to the r.ew press-room, we shall he compelled to ?ieper.<l upon the hire of laborers for a few *lar^ for the '? power" ncec.-.-ar} to print our paper. Jiub.-cribers receiving their papers H>mewhflt later than usual in the meanwhile will, th* rcfore, know the causc of the delay ^PIEIT 0? TITS K0HNI7TG P2ES8. The / Hion showers compliments, with a lavi-h hard, on Senator C. C. Clay, of Ala bama. the occasion being it* republication of an earnest a::d able anti-Know Nothing letter fr-ni that gentleman's pen. It j?!so rejoices over the signal defeat of the Know Nothings in North f ar<>linu and Tciocsucoj and i* equaiiy d-.-lighted with the tone of the resolu tions ft the recent Vermont Denio^rnti" State Convi uiu n. a? with the detenuinatioa of the 8trai-h.-v>ut Whigs of the district of Louisiana represented in the Inst Centres* by Hon. The- ! odore G Hunt, who ha.- been renominated by the know t^un a candidate against I that gent'eman The 1/tii Ihq. nc<-r -ays of it.- p iMtioa <>n the Whce'er slave-abduction case : ''Bty.nd the expression of our opinion on the -ubjeet we hav?- rai l but little ab"Ut tl.e dcci-iou of Judge h mc i;i the ca-e of Wheel -i-iv- . taken or reduced from him on his Jas-a^ tisi*. u^u Philadelphia; but even the litti*> that we ai i sa^ ha- brought u| ?n us 11? c aidn.dvi ir.oiis oi s.uie of our omit uijKMari'..-. We do nut mean, ii an help it. to be drawn int > argument mi this subject; nor ara we very J >u .u- our readei* uaw acknowledge, to lean u j oil others lor ?upp rt ot any oniun i: we xr>ay torm ou passing occurrences. aim u_h i alw ys gratified t*> find that our views are in | couHiit with thoj-e ot the c< moderate. the di. ;; tirested, and peace-loving members of the press . r of the community. Our sole object in -ay i:.g a word Ujw n the exciting t .pics wbi?-h are - > acrimoniously di*cu->ed in many resp? table j urna's ol the North and S >uth h: - been, u j:?iblc. t > pooihe the anger of b* :b ; and for tlii- j?urp? -e aloriewe have g^n ? -r.1I.3- copied? 'uieliiucs Wita a c >mmeuda iory whatever has been .-aid ou the one side la initiation of tbe other, if h..s gratified u- to observe tLaf somt of the lead ing j. nrnais of eaeh of the contending sections have .-?< tui- .i to be actuated by ihe same mo tive.- which have ail ail along governed our ? ?wu e .urn; and we have generally taken occasion i.. ,..ii| such co- |?erati >n in ttrm- of Cordial welcome." L-' Accounts from Havana. August 2. rep resent su^ais a.-tive. I.itea 10], yellow ??.. Al-i'a-i-es scarce: h Id at 5], Freights had de clined. iixchange better. ti-"InviiWof the epidemic prevailing in Portsmouth. Virginia, to-morrow will be ol? i-eiv ed heie a^aday'.i humiliation and prayer. PERSONAL. ....Wc ltarn from a j a?eng'-r from Port-1 m. utl. Vit., hho arrived this morning, th it John Pendleton, car Ui>f.s clerk of the L. ^ shiji Pent s'.Ivania. d.ed t:n Mondav. ? f the ltilow F.v-r. ....ihe Itev. Mr ."licer, of B:ilti!!:ore, I reached at tbe Visitor s Church, Capo M ty. O': Sunday m< r;:ii.g, to a Krge congreg..tio,:. 1 h? ^ermuu was suited to the day an<i the p i: ihe Rtv gtnth man t >uehiugup"U ??t ti ni -les of dis-ifiati >n practiced 1 ere ia his a. ual ii:.nk manner. S .mc malieious wug ffct a rum.'r adoat that a ball was to be held at ? b. Mount Vernon that night. The t..ry gave n- to ma: v -triclure; until it w;i> found out t!:a? i Hi\ Mi Ball w to preach there, Wii'.n ttn j k"S wa- properly appreciated ? %..ilon. Joliu u. l):??aon. who has been it p p- int* i to sn?- .1 th?* Hon. A II. Keeder. as ii.ven ; ? i Kan- is. is now .>11 1 jiajt Lake liuf.erior country. Am. ng th. gue-ts at the Er-d S-j!phur (Va.? tarings, are tbe Hon J. C. I' bbtn. and aI-'u. 1 aoma? II. Bayly. ir.>ni tiie Aceoni ic. ... ? i Li: flilo ir.xpr?l-?- ut nr- .b-?liua K <?i idi: g*. i-. r Speakerof th- v at I S House of Representative?. Hi' ha' ? ???Ihe L'?-:- ? -r^tt-? of the fir-t <!'-trict of M -o-rijf i l.ave rominatei! ii<,n (^uitm.-'ti for 1 oi.^re.-.- 1ft ha.* accepted the nomination. ....Feurmi--ionari<?. Rev. Mr Seymonr wi'e .-1 led fi m New York, ye?;, rdav in ihe Ui-.,;y l.-iw f-r_the Marine.- - I iand . *J ' "0 arc the fir.-i ia:;-iona. 3 e\eraent tni th?*r. The Im'Ian Wab.?Cy a telegraphic dis patch fr in St. Louis, dated tin n.b inst., we l?arn tiis?*. 011 the l?i:b of July the Omaha In di.ii-- y'ta. kid the combined lorce.-j of ti e Sioux. Ohaynos. ar.d Apaches, and defeated the.;: afu-r a serious conflict, killing and wounding many. Logan. tLc rbitf of tbe Om.tba . was lain Tbe dis( -il:h also says, that advices from Fort I ni- a >tate that the Indian.- in that neighborhood show signs of inutility Tbe fiorcnuMBl Iroopa foa FmiI Tmqv m ar* rii < d The K^xky Exr'nTTioN?l>EP\r.Tt kc or OTHER MtHREItS 01- TBI. Pv iiT^ ? Re? tfTIO* or Cot. Kim.iev at Grevtown?The brig O^ean Bird lefi New Vork ye sterday for S in Juan with a of the Kinney expedition? auiong them r.d Voui g. l*fe of Texa-, and 3lr 1.1-wcMey n. formerly editor of tbe Amer ican Sentinel M r K ib r.s ' ipf Swift, arid ^tberj of the ex j ?dition id- !rft here today in ?l:e >!e ?ru er <?e oge l.iw for Niearagut via A eir.wall. The oih? r steamer refused t > ell them tickets. Mr. N< la- th?- I nited Sta'is Agent at Turk"? l.-i. 11 i. joined'b ex . li ? . ta.-re a:.d j r?>eee led it to >-*n .loan. 1 tr? Evening Post coni-ins letter- lr<m the Ki?n?\ ?- * j?tlition. The Colonel wa- eu'liusi a.-ti iily rreeiwd by the inhabitants of Grey town. lie ba.i an interchange of conrte.-ies with th?- Briti-h auth.?rifies. and attended a ball pv " by the inhabitants in hi- honor. Tae exy- litn r.i-ts were all in gf?od hea'thand spirits. A letter from >-in Jo<? -ays that twenty ot Leon, s recruit> who joined tiie Walker expe dition .*4 ! 'i.t.T'Aiir'b lied to t'o^t't Ki"a bad be< n taken b_. t'h mera s troj s '.*h'? invaded th? territory fortaat porp>?c. t'o-ta Rieabad denia-.ilel aj apol ?.<y for tha inva-ion. the restoration ;>i* th?- priaoncrs and the delivery ?>f tbe authorities who ordered the invasion, otherwise, a t'orae of 1.54M) rr? o; - would be march 1 to Granada to ?li<*ta'e t? rms. A levy ? f 'M)0 men had been ordered. ? ?".m*:kn Growth.?The present population of M 1 waukie. Wh.. i- M. I4i>. wid-h is an in rrvx-e 11.' Mure than in the last five Th" |i >pulation of Milwaukee, the city an l c- uniy. 1- now in IMOit amount ed to only JV J'-t itu bl..?2?)V?on theOnon da^a Bank at Syracuse, New York, altered from ID s. have been put in circulation Tbty are exceedingly well executed The amount <d'money sent to Ireland froi^ the l uittd States in !Sa4 w.ip ? 1,730.090, or nearly eight million dollars, which ia one million and a half more than iu WASHINGTON NE\7S AND GOSSIP. The New York Evening Po?t and Gov. lieeder.?The friends of the New York Evn in? Post, notwithstanding its infidelity to ra :ny of the cardinal principles of the Consti tution, have, for many years, claimed especial consideration fur that paper by reason of its stern and n<wi-comproini.-ing opposition to aM kind.* of official extravagance and peculation on the part of officers of the Federal Govern ment. The Post ha* been held up a? a jour nal which never failed to rebnke the official conduct of any Government ofiicer, who used hi* public position to advance his private pe cuniary interests. Recent events have shown, however, that hatred of Franklin Pierce is stronger with the Pott than its assumed devo tion to official integrity and economy in those who hold subordinate positions in the Govern ment. ihat paper o| August 3.1, in commenting upon an article of Monday last iu the Star, of which the following is an extract? u For reasons not to be considered in a hasty paragraph, because they are connected with every item of the history of the organization and growth of the Territory of Kansas, a dead tock has occurred between the representatives of the people of that Territory and the Gover nor. The whole legislative' business of the Territory had been brought to a st.and-.;iil" says: ?? Let us state this *. tse in another form. A Kand of thieve* visit a plantation of Uncle Sam > one dark night, and attempt to plunder it. They encounter at the <satt one of tj,irh Sim v servants, who resirts them; tiny strug gle: the servant is not strong en >ugh*to take tin in to j ?il without he'p, ar.d the thieves are not str>ng enough to prosecute their villainy while the servant resists them. Thr help doe l ot come ami tb^y are brought to ;t dead-lo- k. What should wo think ot the writer who sh<>uld dismt > v it,at servant, and say ht v tt sr fulness ir'.s gone, because he wa^ unable to get along h iimoniously wi?b who were irying to rob the p!aee ? We should say that such a master was not worthy of having a faithful servant, and we should naturally sus pect that he had some unexplained eomp/iritq vi'h the robbers which rendered a faithful ser vai t rather a stumbling block than otherwise to hi: purposes.*' Now, it w<>uld rather seem that, according to the articles of association of the proprietors of Pawnee City," of which G ?vernor Rcedci is one. as pointtd out iu the Washingt ju Union of the ?*>'h instant, the case of the Evening Pc.'t, :'3 sl.i'ed above, shun'd be applied ii. thi- form. The " band of thieves * are Ilceder. Montgomery. Johnson & Co. The "planta tion of I r.cle Seal" i- the military reserva tion at F.^rt Riley. The "servant of Uncle tarn encountered at the gates," who re-is? the plunderers, is the Prcsideut of the 1 uiteu States. And ire should hardly think that the ??master, of that servant (who are the peo ple in the President s ca^e) would co, demii the ? servant, and say "his usefulness wa gone, because he was to cct alon" bar c o moniousiy wdh those who were trying to r 1 the place If they did, we should say th< people could not appreciate, md were "no; worthy of having a faithful servant ' And "we h -uld naturally suspect" that eveiv newspaper which, like the Evtnin~ Po t shoi'Id a-sail the "servaiit for his conduct ?? had xoni< unexplained comp!aHy with thi rohbr rt.'~ It rau-t be remembered that the re-cr\ ;:tion up which Governor Reeder hit- attein;'.?d t-- lay out Pawnee City and sell 1-ts. is much the absolute, unconditional property t : toe Government, a- i Lafayette Square, it. tl Is eity, or as are th?? Capitol Ground N ?v what would be said, if the Secretary of the Interior should, in d-fiai cj of 1 iw. organz< ? company for tiie purpose of laying off ar.u selling building lot- in Lafayette Square, o. the Capitol Grounds' And yet t) at is lI.t very conduct t ju lucent tig Post approve- 1: may be. however, that the Post lj.i-cs its ap proval upon Mr. Scwerd s "? highe, /,</<?" basi That pajK r, in another part ot tisc article uj> n which we are- commenting says : "It has he? n pr?tr n led that Reed'-r has been removed for -j ' ulaiing in lands. This we undertake to ay i- tot .-o. The Presidtn* dare not a-si*rn .such a reason. The rer ot (? ?vcm> r Kecder's land specul'.tioi.s were as w II Inowtj in Warhin^tort eirhtce;> month a'/o. if now. It was known before he went that h" would ?p?'<*y?atc tvery officer sent '?n th" froti'icr wa-expe< ted to specuiate ; in deed the person whom the President has clit - s r. to -weed Governor Reeder i- a near kit -m-n nd the f ivorit? < lotion of one who Clde the w 1. -ie ot hi- 1 Willi a? foitnn ? ly V ulatirsg i.i lar ds while ?v.r< a territorial Governor. ThePresi lt would em. d.-spite the authoritative :>nuouneeiiient above, has as signed just -n< h h reason." The character of Govern'r Ree ler s lai.d .-pee ulation- was not known io U <i-hingt<>n eighteen month ago It is only recently that th ir extent and nature lia\e been understood by tlie I'residi nt. nnd it they had been known for months it /?? /* not tn June Jo. Isjj, tlutt the t jjtfanaiion of (rorernoi Pe>d> t fa\ received. Would the Post have had the 1'residcnt rem .v Governor lleoder without ing him an opportunity' to make any < xplanation of hi - case, or i'.v.y d'> fence 1 W uld it have tuo other jwrsons charged with complicity in the-c indelicate, improper an 1 illeg il speculations removed Se i'<?rc they have had time to m ike their de fviK*e ' But the Post . ays that it wa.- known b lore G overnor li' .:dcr " went taut h> would speculate Uy whom wa- it known ' N<. by tlie President, we arc willing t ? guarantee. I: the Cliicf Magistrate had received any in formation that >ueh were the intentions o' Goverre r It., he would not "have touched him with a forty tool pole The e-'xclusive in formation of the I'o+t seems to encourage the idea that ??it some unexplained complicity with the r?-l?l WM." I We do not suppose that yny .-en.-ihle man would insi-t t.iat because Governors of Territo ries had heretofore made money by meats of their cfiicial position, that President Pierce is biUt.d to t?derate such infidelity and impro priety in hi? appointees. At any rate, wha4 ever may be i^si-ted, we are certain that he will n<jt, no matter who is the officer, or how high he may be iu the confidence of the coun try. It the abolitionists wi?h to raise an i-sue with the President bccause he does not hesi tate to crush out corruption in high places. n.? b <dy will object. They will not deter us from denouncing the official ajts of Governor Reed er, for which he is removed, whilo we refrain fro?n ary imp achiueut of the motives or yur pottj which actuated him in their commission. "Catting it Fat."?Those interested in the well-being of the public schools of this city ?will do well to read and ponder on our report of the doings of the Council Board yesterday afternoon, on the bill to make a general super intendent of the schools, wherein they will see plainly that the only object which the Know ^olbuiga of the Councils had iu connection with the matter, was u> make for some one of their hungry partisans, in our own city, an office to reward his political labors?for they voted down a proposition to advertise for a ' proper person, so as to got the best possible | officer for the salary paid, como from where he .light; which should have boon done, as those ; vrhose children rely on our public schools for their education, well know. The debato de- ! > elopes the fact, it strike? us, that Mr. Coun- ' ?ilman AtLee?the gentleman who, not long 1 ince, so indignantly repelled the charge of j yinpathy with Know Nothingism?is fi-hiug ' ?r the place. The soundness of our judgment .1 the premises will, however, be tested at the ?xi meeting of the Board of Trustees, when lie election wiil probably be made. The idea >f devolving such duties on Mr. AtLoe is, to ay the least of it, an.u->iug. however unfortu iate its eonsuinmatiun might bo for the future ?i' the public school system of this city. The Elections-?Nothing has been received 1 ?ere from the elections that t *>k place yestcr- ' lay. up to the hour at which wc write thi oaragraph, (10 a m ,) though wc hope for >me inklings from Kentucky before we go to iprs>?. The oi ly district of North CaroHn.iyct j ,i doubt is the first, (Shaw's.) We still hold j 0 the opinion that l>r. Shaw has been re- \ lected, more especially as (he Know Nothings I ?.'ho were on the day before yesterday crow- | og over liis defeat by a majority of .'J'jO, now ! reely admit that Paine's election is a nritter ( ?f doubt. The Tennessee election tjuesti >11 is (?finitely settled. We have returns from ?>"> j 1 unties, redn -ing Gentry's aggregal ? gain t j ? The counties heard from embrace half :ic State, and we have every reason tjbe ". ve that t*ov. Johnson's gain in the rrruaiu ug half (principally in Ea-t Tennessee) wiil t b ast countcrbalanco that loss. His ma- j ?rity at the last election was tome 2,i00 votes. ; ?'he result in those States proves the evane ? ent eharacter of Know Xothingisin, as wJl ! * the amount of "cheek" the Know Not.ii.ig. re endowed with, as displayed by their aoti- | Ic -iion boasts. Zollikoffer and Rivers. Know Nothings, (the latter to succeed Stanton,) have j ertainly b?*en elected. P. S.?J list before going to press we received ? i dispatch from a reliable source, a^ follows: It.iLUiGH, N. C., Aug. t??10 p. m. The anti-Know Nothings have electe 1. cer linly. Branch, Ruffin. Wmslowo, and Ci.uge nd loel that Shaw and Clingm.u. h .jor. elected. though no returns have yet be? :? seceived here from Clingman's di.-trict. We ?!a-c no confidence in the Know Nothiug pr? ?*nded account* from the di-t Hit portions of ?>baw s district, published before ihey have ,eli.iti!e intelligence from the countri-s I; >i lering the liucof the Black water b< at srmtc. iv -rr i a- certainly been defeated by Read-:. vKnow Nothing,) and the few returns from the x'h district show a clo.-e con'e-t beiyrci i Scales (a:iti-K' ow Nothing) and Purye.'tr. KnowNothing ii We can :>fi\>rd to give the !:, .'uryear. as their defeat in N'.rtii Car iSir.a ha sten overwhelming. The anti-Know Nothing majority throughout the State w:ll graze ' lO.OOu! This beats Virginia all hollow ' Clerical Changes?Mr. T. M. Smith h - been promoted to be chief clerk ?.f th<- tin:, Auditor's office?-alary ~?2.000. W. l> Siio| - oc.d has been promoted to he th'rd classelurk !salary ??! >500) in the same office, vice T. M Smith promoted. W. B. Hart, late of the First Auditor s office, has been promoted to be second class clerk (salary 71 100) in pi:it ? <>f ?John S Lewis, trnni-ferred i > the vaean y in ihe Fifth Auditor's office esiu-'ed by the pro motion of W. T? Shepherd. Ramoved and Appcinteft.?A. wc antici pated in the ^tor i me days >in~c, the Pre i leut ye-t -rdoy afternoon rt move 1 ltinh Li iii re. Ks.j.. from his associate ju lg-hip in kui; i Territory and appointed Andr.vv B Moore, of Alabama, in his *tcad. The reason- f<?r ;!iis change having been before the publu i t me tiun', we need occupy no space in the Star's columns in accounting for it. Superintendents Appointed.?The follow ing api ointment.- of superintendent- of toe ?on>truction of public buildings, ju-f t'om ru need, have been male by the Se.reiary oj :.?e Treasury, viz Caleb ilarii- >n C<-;?ait. a i eiinti iident at Newark. N. -IMar us Br ? tt, at New Haven, Ct.; W. II Pettis, :'t F,i - :?lo, N V.; William Bart lay, of !h? L'^t: -?;t marine hospital Tho Secretary of the Treasury b ft \Y,< h :;gton. yesterday, for a brief soj >ur.i ; t <" :p ? M ty C? l. Peter (i. Washington, the A nt --cretary, has been appointed Acting ^ -.-r ? ryot the Trea ury, t;> servo du.injjfho i'< < o.ce ? f his chief. . Appointed ?M' Townsend Harris, of \<? ? i'o,k. hs been appoir.te i a United States t <p u'i ttcneral in Japan. List of Patents?issued from the I nited >iate* Patent Office for the week ending Au,. 7 !->0.0?each bearing that date : Jan.*.-* M-dvillo, of Rocbank Work.-, Great i>r:t.tin and Jo.- Burch, of Craig ilali, <?i j;tt i'>;itain.?For machine for printing textile la hi ics. Samuel W. Brown, of Lowell. 31 ats.?-1 < ?r I i oprovemeiit in gas regulators. J.icob Bu.-<cr, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For improvement ii; railroad signals. 1>. D. Badger, of New Vork, N V.?F. r ..lprovement in iron houses. Le ind r AVr. Boynton, of W^rt cstor, M ir.? ??' i improvement in michines for preparing i' ?ck>. onaid Bailey, of Winchester, Mass.?F* r i-nc scraper. John Broadbent, of Oak Grove, Ky.?For improvement in looms. j.imes Conner and Thos. Newby, of Rich mond. Ind.?For improvement in machine 1 ill-. il bert Cochran, of Cincinnati. 0.?For im proved me.h >d of hanging mill >to.,es. l?e?itr C. Cumings, of Fultor, N V ?For improvement i,. straw cujfcrs. Baniel Djulap, of Concord, N. H.?For iui ,?rov< d eu iter-he ad for irregular forms. Robt. W. Fenwick. of Brooklyn, N. Y. and ileir.hold Boeklen, of Jersey City, N. J ?For .inprovement in corn pluntecs. .\lden Graham, of Roxbury, Mass.?B'or im proved wrench. John N. Gatucwell, of Camden, S. C?For improvement in apparatus for discharging at mospheric electricity from telegraph wires. Pitentsd in England, Sept. It). 1854. A. F. Gray A: J. C. Fincher,of Thibodeaux, i t.?For gauge at'ashment for hand saws. Livcras Hull, of Charlestown, Mass.?For inprovement in braiding machines. John L. Irwin, of Franklin, Ala.?Fur im t roved mode of securing tyres upon wheels. Peter H. Jackson, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in ship's winches. William J. Mclntire, of New York, N. Y ? For improvement in propelling vessels by the I rect action of steam on the water. John G. McNair. of West Farms. N. Y.? l'or improvement in manufacturing carpets. I). W Perkins, of Rome, N. Y.?For im provement in dental chairs. Charles A. Postiej, of Philadelphia, Pu.? For improved machine for measuring and weighing grain. Charles E. Parker, of Boston. Mass., and Joseph Sauger, of Watertown, Mass. For improved mode of adjusting blinds to win dawr. Ac IJ E B^rkhurst, of Brunswick, Me ?For n... bine tor sawing lumber. Edward Page, of Worcester, Mass.?For im prt? v, uieut in molasses pitchers. Silai Q. Randall & Jamee JL. Jones, oi Rnekton, III.?For improvement in see l plant ers A mas a Stono. of Philadelphia, Pa.?For im provement in forming screw throats. Ac., in 'he necks of glass bottles and similar articles. Geo. W. Smith, of Nanticoke. N. Y.?For innnrovemcnt in tanning apparatus Addison Spoulding, ??f Lowell, Maw.?For improvement in the contraction of artificial legs. Wm. J. Temp.Ia, of Princ tin Mass.?For improved self-adjusting tongue iron Jimus M. Thompson, of Holyoke, Mas?.? For improvement in oil drp;en>. J no. 11. Tiy. of North Woburn. Mass.?For j improvement in the bed spring ofleather split- J ling machines. Wm. Van Anden, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y ? For sooke machine. A.Mi- in C ipron. of Attleboro", Jla^s., and ?Jos. S. I) >nni?-. of S tm^rville, Mam., assignors to themselves and ll-nry M. Richards, of At- , tleboro' aforesaid ?For improved inachiue for ' attaching hooks and eyes to cards ilalv 01 II tlvorson, of Cambridge, Ma?s., as-. ? or to Horace Barnes, of Boston. Mass ? For improvement in the manufacture of da guerreotype cases. Pliillipe Stenger, of Philadelphia, Pa., as signor to Pascal Yearsley, ??f same place.?For improvement in the manufacture of plate glass. Lotildi Koch, of New York. N*. Y.. assignor to Peter R. Sweeney nn l Michael Lacour. of - unc place.?For improvement in machinery ? or making paper pulp. d imes Smith, of Laurel, Md., assignor to '?jmseli and W ui. Bottcrill, id Howard county. .V i ?For improvement in temples for loom*. ?Wm. A. Rogers, of Deeatur, Ala. : or des-gn for labels on bottles an 1 jars. 7>r.n Car-ent Operations of the Treasury Department.?On p> sterday, the 5th of Augu-t, bore were of Treasury Warranto entered on he bool:s of the Deytrtment? ?'"o* I bo Treasury Pei?.;rt?ceot.... $11,500 00 f ur tie Custor.s 11 35y 31 F t lir> Interior Department .... A 551 5b War Warrants received and en tered 1 900 00 Drawn ca account of the Navy .. 12i?,705 *S2 GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE

Georgetown, August 7. 1S55. The break which occurred on our canal, near Meiver.-viile, on the night of the 1st of August, has considerably checked the trade herrm. This difficulty will, however, very 1 hi be rcuiived. We learned this morning 1 pi <> very reliable source, that the engineer ? C' rfident he can have the break sufli iently r- paired in ten days. ?ir two weeks ;.t I'- outs: it;, to permit n.avigation to be ie tirnod. We have been requested to make ? his statement for the jurposo of correcting 1 he unnecessary repoit, "that it w>.ul 1 re quire some three or f.jur weeks to repair it We have be .1 infoi med by tiic farmers that the report, which had been sown broadcast ver tli" country by portions of the public r1'1 "*< "Tha; Mr. Pe:ibody, the American mcr iiain in London. had written to certain Icntial friends on this side of the wat r in orming them that al! our surplus grain would o!_- iic.- (?'d in Europe," is already beginning ? ii ?luence the minds of many of the largest growers of wheat, and causing them to deter mine to hoid on to their crop-, under th<? ex jie ta'ion of realizing for them tho alrno.-t amine prices which in my obtained for their a?t. We t* 11 satisfied however, fom the ... iiJ.'Hce* t at .are teeming up fiooi every jU.rior, both ..t home and abroad, tfiat the yield if every description of breadstuffs wid 0 unusually heavy this s. .is?,n. and will even tually >? iti~ty all ?ui:h old f ^ic- in tr.t'l* that tiie ; arn was manufactured uu* of wh le e'oth by some sharp, unscrupulous, Yankee speu later, as a b.ut t ? cat ji s/tcicr*. lb'' p irtion oi the tow path of the canal wiiicfi lie.-, between Frc leri. k .-treet a.el ti.e o|ucduct is b.irg c tanged from the s 1.1th to the north si'l-s ?the canal. This improve* mciit ha< be< n upole at the r?-'jue-t ai.d cx ic? of (!."? owner-, of ihe prope.ty along ti e line of the original t .w path. between the abov? -named points and the canal and river, and is intended t? allow theni the uninier 1 up:til u.-c of the ground ; >riut?rly occupied as i t ?v path, which lies in front of their pre mises. \ ':?rge portion of it i-covered by the root f tii,; titti.dvo ii >ur Ciil!:- of M -sis. ? A Taylor, another by the bakery of Ihoiu 1- Brewu. L.-'j., and another p irtion, we earn, is very <'?m to lie occupied hy an rx ten-ive depot for Cumberland coal A ticorgct',wn correspondent states in the *Sai'im< re Sun of l'ri?i;?y last, ilia* the election to tiil 1 ie vacancy in > ur Board of Aldermen, wii! ake place on Fri l;iy. the 17th inst. We know not j- -it vcly where he derives his in it'i aii ii; a- y. t no proclamation to that ??<Te ?: has been tir: le by the Major. It may ? :t? 1 v be correct, i-or au^ht we kn>wt> trie contrary this correspomlent i- in tlic se > :et- ot the ca'j. iet. i iic health of oar town continue-- excellent. T; trade i.i Hour continue* light. No new has !???..n . tt '!?? 1 y t e\ ept what has hce:i manui - tur. i by our own mills. Held at S'J a -*.1 I'Ji tor iicv and old; small sales at these ! r" ^ !'?> of 2 0(?t> bu-hels of win-at <?;t c tl.'.ai. aL SI i0il ^1 SrE?'TAToR. ALEXANDRIA C< ?KKESPONDENCE. Alfxaxpru. Aug. 7 lu55 The quarterly term of < ur County Court commenced yesterday, but few case- of public interest were acted unon. \ " toy lay afternoon. Wm. Hough, a youth ?>' out. years, was drowned whilst b i'.,: at: in our canal. The deceased was 'he - ?: of Vm. .V Hough. J.itc of the Fairfax New, n I li'iudon t'hroaiele. but now couucct e I with the Baltimore American. serious aci-ident haj.^M'ned near the camp ground ?-n Sund ?y B nj. Wilmer. in theem ploy oi 31 ,'ssrs. Whr.lev. an l a small boy, the n of John Arnold, wcro thrown fiotn the t p ol an omnibus, ran over, and seriously injured. 1 he commercial intercourse hetweeu Alex .'.lio'ria and the iufected fever districts beiow dem-'nu. and we supp- -e will receive, the vig .1 nt iitti'iitiou of our Board of 11 alth. T; ? local editor of the Gaz tte tomes out tliis nior.dng, enjoining upon our public au Iborilic.- the establishment of a public P irk We are sntipfied that no iue^..>ure coulil by more popular or beneficial. Ami. Bkv. ake or thk Man who Nt ver Laughs In a sermon delivered by Rev Dr. Bellows, of N'etv York, before the Western I nitirianCon lorence, i - the fallowiug paragraph ? For my own part, I say it in a!! solemni ty, I have in ? d to become sincerely suspicious 01 tue piety ol ih'ise who do not love pleasure iii >.uy form. I cannot trust the man who n ;ver laughs; that is always sedate; that has no apparent outlets for those natural springs of sportivetiess and gaiety that are perrenial in the human soul. I know that nature takes ii -i revenge on such violence. I expect to lii.d secret vices, malignant sins or horrid dimes springing up in this hot-bed of confined a:r and imprisoned spate: and therefore it rives me a . incere moral g; at ification anywhere, iniil in any community, to see innocent pleas ures and popular amusements resisting the re li/ious bigotry that frowns so unwisely upon them. Anything is better than that dark, dead, unhappy social life?a prey to ennui and morbid excitement, which rt suits from un mitigated Puritanism, whose secoud crop is u-ually unbridled license and infamous folly."1 r,~zF A number of native Congocs?real Guinea negroes?arrived at Salem, Mass., a ft. w days ago. The Gazette says : '? They had managed to acquire considerable knowledge of English, ami a reply of one of them to a questioner displayed a shrewdness wcrth men tioning. A spectator happened among other queries, to ask how they liked America. Congo immediately answered: '-Ah. me no like Merican land?cold morning, cold night, make uos? leak like a basket." The crowd shouted. :md Congo, showing his ivory, tumbled into the ship s boat to be conveyed to the vessel's side. Specie is m scarce in Schenectady that a man was arrested on suspicion of being a bank robber because he had three shillings and sixpence in his pocket. Whenever you find yourself in com pany with a man who is constantly hinting to treat, the very best thing you can do in to re-treat. irr Arfr'i Cathartic Pills.? Ptlh tknt mrt Pills'?Pior. Hate*. State Chemist of Ma?u chusett*. mvs they are the bent of all Pill*, and an nexed are the person* who certify that Dr. Hayes knows, viz: l.rxruL Shaw, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Mass. Emory WifHiril. Governor of Mass W. C. Plc*kktt, Lieut. Gov Mass. Edward Evk**tt, Ex-Sec. of Stateand Sena tor U. S. Hobkrt C. WiXTHROF, Ex-Speaker House of Row.. U. S. A Aj'ott La vkexci, Minister Plenlpo to Great Britain. fJotisB. Fitzpateice, Catholic Bishop of Boston. *E* THAT All f Amonj the disease* this Pill has rured with as tonishing rap'ditv. we may mention Costiven***s. llilious Complaints. Rheumatism. Dropsy, Heartburn. Headline arising from a frul Stomach, Nausea. Indigestion. Morbid inaction of the Bowels and pain arising therefrom. Flatu lency. Loss of Appetite, all Ulcerous and Cutane ous Diseases, which require an evacuant medicine Scrofula or Kiau's Evil. They also by purifying the blood and stimulating the system, cure many complaints which It would not l<e supposed they could reach ; snch as Deafness. Partial Blindness. Neuralgia and Nervot's Irritability, Derangement oftfcc Liver and Kidneys. Gout, and other kin dred complaints ariaiug from a low state of the l>odv or oostf.j tio:i? oi its functions. They are thebpst Purgative Medicine ever discovered, and you will but need to use thfin once to know it. Prepared by DR. J. C AVER, LoweU, Mass , ard sold bv every respectable druggist. Sold by 7. D. 'OILMAN, Washington, O M LINT1IICUM, Georgetown; JAMES COC?K A CO., Fredericksburg Je 17?2m OFFICIAL. Department o* Statk, \ Washington, Aug ltv35.f Th" following notice from th? ? - London Ga reite" of t!ie I7?h ultimo La-; beea offic ially com municated to this department fi?r the informal.on of the citizens of the United States: FoRlfJGN OFFICE. July 17. It is hereby notified that th'' Kitjht Honorable th?* Karl of Clarendon. K G., her Ma e?tv's prin cipal Seor*tary of Siatc for Foreign Alfiirs. Im re?eivd from the Lord-* Commissioners o th* Admiralty an orti< ial eominunlcatlon from Cap tain Thomas Bai'lic, K N . senior officer <>ft ,t Whi'" Sea squadron. ae*ln;r in th? name, si-id n the behalf of her Majesty a rd her allv, h ? im|* rial MajHt the Em|>eror of the Frew ^announc ing th?* fsnblisbment. on and from t' e 1Itb J ane. i~ o, of a strict blockade of the R tis?1an ports ai d plaees therein mentioned. and especially <>f ' * i>orts of Ar? hansel and One.;a, 1 y acom|>etei ' f ??v-e. whi' h < ouuuunication is to the follow ,n>. ?-tl- ct: ??It is hereby notified that on and after the llth da\ofJiin?*. ISij, all the Russian por's, roaOs. havens ai*d ? reek^ in the White sea. from Point Orlufka. in latitude 67 dev. || tnin 3<i sec. north longitude II deg il tnin. 1*2. sec east.toLaf* Kation-ki:i. in latit d?-ti7 <1e^ n ruin 30 seconds north. 1 >uji tide ; d*-o 4- inin. 1*2 see east, in - <1 iding esj.e; 'all.* the ports of Archangel and Onega. are pla<- d in a stale of strict blockade bv a coin;ent for' e of ht r lirituiiuic *hi|s and vessel- under ray o ders. And itisfuriher no titled lhai all the measures authorized bv the law of nations and .he r spectlve treitles between h- r Britannic Majesty and thc diflere t neutral poweis will t>e adopted and exerut-d with r.-*spec! to all w-sels which may attempt t-? violate li.e said blockade ? Da'? d on Iward of ber Britannic M3jestv'* sliip M?*ander, otf Archang. I. this llth June. I-V>. -? I'llOM AS IIAl I.I.I E. ''Captain, and the **tiu.r Orlicer of the White S<ia Squadtm And it is hereby further notified that ali meas ures authorize I bv tnc law of nations and the re sp ctive tr< .tiibetween her Majesty and his Ma jesty the Emj>eror cf the Freu h. an<l the different neutral powers. wiL adojited and executed on bebaif of her Ma esty and ??I her ally witu resjie"l to all vrs-els whicu may attempt to violate the said blockade >-^5>HOrsi; CARPENTERS' SOCIETY The members of this Society will j>lea>e rcoilect ttjat lis monthly me*-tiirg takes place at the Cii\ Hall. THIS EVENING, at i p. in. J. F. C. OFFLTT. an 7?It Secretary >? 7, S|N()TirK?Fiist Gmmd E/mrwoit ? ( r ia K /?' m- n.? 1'he membess ?>f tliis Cori s most re ?pectfialy announce to LLeir frit-lids au>l |iairo ?s that tn?-> wili j;ive an Excur si'>;ioti i ll L KSiJA A i^ustaJu. I'arti ular.s ifuture ad%erii.sem? nt Li*.ut. ROB T T. KNIGHT, an 7?tf Chairman of Com r.RCIIANTS" EXCHAN?.E.-There will a'^ of *n;* ^!er. bants' Ex. thalite Tilir* it.MNG. at ? o'tiock Th" members ar.- respe?-ifiillv requested to at tend. TilOS. MAGRUDER, Clerk 7?-It sf^^Sa'MON ASSOC! VTION ?A regular Jvi * iii-fitnj of the I tiioii AsrKx:iati. n will be he. 1 ai tiaiinony H^.1 'I'HIS (Tuesday) E\ E .\\i. A i ; isi 7tk, at 0 o'clock i'tin. i'.al atteiub'rice wi 1 be expected. By order: G. E. KIRK. Sec. a i 7?It '] '** i?LIC SCHOOLS.? E-ratniaaf ? n ^ of ?An evamiuation of candi dates for teachers .n the Publx S hools wi:I ie h< Id in iht- AhleriiK'n's Ro<>m.Citv Hall, Tl'ES 1>.\ ? . the ^t'i iii?\i it. at 4 o'clock p. m. Bv direction ?>f tue Conunittee : I A tfBOTT, Secretary. ah I?:V. (intcll) ? il PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD. f'2 ^1 ^ ' ' ?Vo i are hcreViy notified that tin ??I i'l' : ;la inoiithE. meeting will l>e held at t!ie ?J m Vrm.iryon l.onisiana avenue, Itctwecii 'i.h rind 7th ?'tree's, at 7 'j o'clock, the 7*h in^t.'.nt. !\i?. II McCU rCHI'.N, an 4?-It Secn*!ary. ? FARMERS \\l> OTHERS?At a Fail wliii ii will be ht Id otl the lb 1 lejin>*ite f.Tj ?. ? .d vreek. Pisra?a*jvay distr?? t. Pi iii. e *>e - ? ou'itv, Md . on TIIL'R^D/i V. !,t1i of Xu^ii^t, :.t which, anion: other t-lilies, th* Morgan horse % rung Gilford. Cows. She. p. ami I.oats, a pairof familycarr.a^ehorses, three eco:.d hand c.trrlag?*s, ao'l a variety in:{?le m-.'iits. will b?- -old to the highest bidder au 1-hv M IIOONFK "OLIVE" FOR VALF. pilK -ii'.'s< r'.lvr?, having no usr f"-.s.-iiil v? -il L vvi'irli Ims een thoroughlv repaired, fc. will sell ^ b;-r_'ain l?* any one wishing t i Stn nnrchttse bv calltim on C Mvers A Son, atttnir \Voo.i ind Coal ^ ^rd* No *2". Watt r st . i?ef.r^e town, U C. C. MVERS A ?U\. au 7?tf F^OR SAI>E??The subscriber has f..r ?-ale a f.?Lr horse Steam Engine, in tjotid wo-kin order, as lie has no fartuer iisj for it It will be sold a ija'gai.t f called tor at au earl" da e lie al>?? wi^h^sto employ a Ikjv in hit shop as helper ai 11thick and wliitesmitfi business One who has been Lit the business wo id lie pre'erred Apply on ?' s'a-et. '"etween I'.Hh and llta. Wash . . >:i i BLClvlNOHA.U. aa ;?w?w IITAIio BiftNAUk < a.. 11 Xuctieii .V ( amiiii-.sion Merchants, Corner of !?ih st vet and Fa avenue, (^outb >id 0 will, as usual, attei.d to all sales of Hou-ehold. Real Es ale. and Personal Property. Car'ii^t >. Horses. Ac .or goodsof any de-criptioncon-igned to them, on the most reasonable terms, and will give their personal attention All sales entrusted to them wiU 1?e attended tc with promptitude anil dispatch Li1?eral cash advances made on consignment WALL. BARNARD & C?E au 7?eolm (Intel) AiM'ti<)ne< rs. PURE BOSTON ICE. \ PLENTIFUL supply of the aljove indispen sable arti< 1' will !h_ kepi <.u hand throu^ howt the season, at the "Eldorado House," Pa a\enu between and IX streets, where fainiiie* resid ing in the neighborhood can be supplied in lar^c or small quantities, at the lowest rate* CLEMENT REVNOLUS. N. B?Choice Wines, Brandies. Cigars. &.<? D,nners. Suppers, Ac., supplied in good style. ra? usual, at shortest notice. au 7?eolm SELECT C LASSIC AL AND MATHEMAT ICAL ACADEMY rPHE duties of th s institution will be resumed X on Monday, September 3d of scholars being limited early applications from the former patrons of the School are particularly re quest* d. The Principal can be seen at his residence, No ftl West street. Georgetown., on and after the *2oth August. Terms: Per quarter, of 11 weeks. *14 oO. Freach and Drawing extra au 7?eotf P. A. BOWF.N, Principal. DRV GOODS. JUST received ai the Washington Store, No. 16 opposite Centre Market. 5u pieces beautiful styles Calicoes, cost 10 cents, for 6 k' Ginghams only 10 ceats Vard wide Lawns 6^ cents l>o do 4 cents Besides the above our entire stock of bummer Goods, consisting of plain and plaid Bereges, do. do. Challies, Grenadines, Barege Robes. Bare-e de I.alns, Lawns, Ac., will be sold wittiout re gard to cost. We are determined to disoose of them by the Ut September. Also, a good assortment of Domestic Goods, which we can sell as low as any house in the city '1 he ladies are solicited to call and examine the above goods. WASHINGTON STORK, No. 16, opposite the Centre Market. au 7?6t ODD FELLOWS' HALL. ELEVEHTH kWSVkl VISIT OF KHIEL'R OPERA TROUPE! Who. in addition to* km mm earful and p?r fertly organised htbiopUn Corp* of (OMEDIA^K, VO?ALIST?, A P\\< tR\ now include the highly celebrated infant prodigies THE WELLS CiilLDEE* This joint compilation render* iheii portraiture* L'NKqllAU.KD IN TA I.K.N T They will romnw-nrf on MONDAY F.VEN INU, A ut:(i?t li Admission TWKNTV FIVE CENTS Door* open at 7, commencing at fc, and conclu ding at Ifi o'clock ?u 1-* J NO T FORl>. Agent OFTIt I AL. T*KA?crf Dir/klTMMT, A?C 3. ISM No?k* is hereby given to holder* of stock of tb* !oan authorized by the art of ??-Ml. redeemable on ind after the litk Nnwnober, t?*, that the w hole or any part of that stork will pim ha-ed by this department at any lirw pre\ ?u? to .be:kth No ?stnber n^xt. for which .1 per cent premium w..l te paid in addition to the auras expressed iu the -ertiflcate*. And to the holdrrs of the stocks of the o;b?r loan* of (be L'nPed State*. that purr! a-e* of the ame to the amount of 11^10,1111 will also be made luring the same period at the following rate* For *!ock of the loan of 1-4*2. a premium of Id (cr cent ; for stock < f the li*r:> of NT and 154*, i premium of 15 per cent ; and for stock issued un 'ertbe act of 1-S*. commonly called Texas-in demnity stork. a premium of C j?r cent. Interest will also be allowed, at the rate stipu Jed in the certificate*, from the 1st July la-'to ilie day of settlement here, wiih one day in addt ; <>n. to enable the Tr??*urer's draft to reach tt? ,arty. Certificate* transmirted to thin dej?artment un ? er the present notice >Lo ild l?e duly assigned to ie Un:'?d State* by the j?arty entitled to receive :e pun has?-mouev. Payment f ?r these stock* will l?e made by drafts pon the assistant tr?usurer* at IkMaa, New \ ork < . Philad' Ipliia. a* the partie* entitled to receive the money may direct JAM KB GF Til KIR. a<i 1?dtN'oi30 r>ecretary of the Treasury S O^T.?A Lerk?-t, containing P F Ha<'m * Dag-ierreotvjit. with pencil and chain. t?e 1 ve*-n the Nj?w ^ afd and Ttb *t Five dollar* ?ward will lie given if l?-ft at SA>? L BACON A O S corner Ttb street aud Pa avenue au i??J". )IKV A. ?. KI'DtlOND'S VKW Gallery of pvi-o-r...., ,\rt and Photo - * grapiiiigisat No Jt'j Pa. avenue, north*"!*! ?ruer of llth street. over i ord A Bro's Drigj Slore. Washington Picture* taken at 60 cent* and upwards. Mr* R. is a graduate of \\ hueburet'Kestablish ment. au ti? GEORGETOWN ( OLLEor, D C. f fMlE next session of this ln.tit..:ion will com - I. iif-iee on Mo.idaw the:td of S?-ntembe'. The |Mfnar?t<>rv department and collegiate course are iijth conducted by able and experienced Prof.**.. >-*, who devote tbems* Ives to the moral ana in ilectnul advancement of those confuted to their > are. A la rye and spa ions building has just l?een ompleted to be uwd exclusively for the accom modation of the you litter studeuU. Their dormi '<-rv, play grouad*. *: ,d? hall, class room*. Ac , .viU be entirely distin-,t font those of the o'ber studeets, and oaii ersenpei allv ..sni^ned will at tend them In their {tastiiites and preside over their studies. A ioi^iplete separation will thus l*e ?-f ffcteil lje*w<-eii the younger and oider students, the advantayea of whi?'h iutivt be apparent u> all fh<?-?- who liave th?* least experience in th^ educa tion ef voutb. TUe <?h?.??rvator\' of the College, its extensive Philosophical !?t?parat js. rich and vinedllkrari?>*. ?fid ?'ahinet ?.f din<- ai?. Oo'.?giril SfMiin^an and Sibils, aflord torii?- S:\df-iits of tbi* Institu tion advantages rartly to be met wjtb 11 A. MAUL*IUK. a.ifi?dim Pr?*sident UAItBftlfli S< OMBV <.x Marrow Po II. made, harry s tVir<?phero s. To^'h Brii-hes, i rte M'Hiniaes. l.ily \Vbite, Kmories, K'a*tie K hbwn and Cord. 1 an-. Cabas, fto., forfait?at e -.treinelv low prices, at a'???:k LAMM ONL"S, Ttb st. \\TATLR < (HII.KKS.?^umc < f 'be band VV Mimvst and best evervway til tie C'tv. w.ll l?? sold at reduced prices. Al*o. Douo'.e Ice Pitcher*, low-r than ever, at 'i e Housekeepers' Furaishinjf Store. 4!*' ??eventh ?street. ' O FKA.M1S. au I? t oAL'?t oal::?c oal ::: ?\ CARtiO of bestqualiiv White A-h Kr.thracite m. Coal, ejx *'7p, now afloat, soon *o arrive, for < bv the to-: or v.-s??-l h-ad \Z]T This de-i. ription of Coal ha* l*fd u??-d by b >!el* here, aiid pronounced to be of a uiost supe r..>r quality. We w ill deliver it from our wharf :?? fdmilies sn any j?art of the city, at Phiiadeipbm v hoiesale prices, oniv aildin^j the cost of carting J E SHIFLL'S* A CO . Corner Ninth and H street*, an 1?lw* (Intel) To the Families of the District. Johnson's Metropolitan Washing Machine!" MW IXVEXTIOS ?(PATENT JVsT 1SSCF.P ) ^F V r.ll A I. alrendv sold, giving entir'- -atisfac. 1 ? Ifcintathf pawLaw Pr' -eonh ?*?? Sav?s Time' I.Attok'" Tli*? .'dKTItOl'OI. I I'.vN WASHING MACHINi: does not and rmt (I'rom t!ie a.;.i?.^ru??iii of ;t* j>art?) injure ?? ??hes in i lie l?-ast. tho?|o| thek be of ilt?" luo>t d--li< ate<? xtur?-. whilst the dirt i^eetirelv a' dth' r o ijrulv r?-?iiovtd I ip^rienci-d ai d con.]*4int j:!??pronoum-e it the 1 ? %t ihin^ ?'f 'be k-id vet it. A Ijov ??r yi.l < un operate it with the jfieat. st ea*e. Call atid vret inl'urn ition Pie*e?t . :_*t !i< :??. (1A I" i' I'M V .N S Kuniisiimir Vtore. 9tb vi er' n^ar the Avenue aid W1.BI5S S??-iiiii 'urniujT Fa-torv. t? str??*t. iK-tv -. ?i bth and Tth. O-'ier <i po*- \v :1 '?e established so suou as ar r::nanii-at> an* J.-erfected ALHI'.KT .illl'ii!,*4. (cormr of ??th and H *?r?>ets. Island.) Sv=it Piopr.t tor for th?' l?:Mri? t of Columbia au 4?:f OISSOLLTION OF < OPARTNFR^UIP. f S'lII". roj'artn* r hip ber-tofo??.existingundertbe ? name ? f lit. K \ > A CocuttA wa* tt?i- aa dts s? Ivcd t>v mutual consent lluvnx Brass will ci-iitimie tLe t? isin?-ss Li the old land. No. !???> P.'iinsylvanla avenue. All jwrs.ins i;ide!>t?d to the e*tabliIhment wlU p! *a*e make pavment *o 'I Burns, who will pay all demands against th'' late ft hi 1!AKM<?N BTRNS ?.?:<? \r. COC11K AM W asIIISCTO*. Aujrwt 3. l!\j.?. ill/* The un1ep*jjjned res^eetfnlly recam? inends hi* former p.trt.ter ai.d friend t.? the pa tru.aire of hi* friend*, confident tliat b<s utmost (?'?iiitie^. a* heretofore, will In* exer'e/1 t.? ?lease. an 4?:lt GEO. W COCHRAN. M. A. TVSON A SIFTER'S FEMALE SElttlNARY F? K . PtJPILS, Fstrt*f, b't. ItSrA en f 13t4, H r|^iIE duties of this institution will resumed i on the ljth September, and. in connexion with the above, the}' wish also to inform their pa t ons and other* that tuey intend opening anen tablishtnent for boarding pupils on the 1st of No vimber nexi The latter i* sittia'ed on tue railroad and turn pike, sixteen miles from the city, and two south ??a>.t of laurel village For particular*, circulars may be had at the r?r:mipal bookstores 5u Wa-hihgton and Balu more. au 4?dltAeodtSeptl5 ptESCITI FOR THE tlllLDREV? A Toys in endless, variety and very cheap at au 4?;lt LAMfrOND'S, fth ? ? EFT MIS HOME OR FRIDAY. JILY *-i Howard Patton Lee, a -mail coio ed boy, very bright tud iutelii^eat. abttt nine years old Had on strij>ed Cloth Pa.:taloonsand brown Holland Sack Coat. Auy information in regard to him will be thankfully received at fiK. South C Island, by HANNAH PATTON au 4?3t* WPEt'lAL CARD.?A'tention is respectfully called to the Trustee's hale of two ?nug Cot tage Houses, on south I), between lith and 13th streets wett, to take place on the premises, on Friday afternoon, August 3d. at 6 o'clock. J. C McGUIMB, au -?d Auctioneer. ^OLTUERX Ql UilERLk REVIEW for July, 1^55. Co?T . International Law, l ue Jesuits H ? > Ai4X , Lainartiae Cnief Justice Taney on J * r.' ry Peier the Cireat. Cooutmcf iilest-lngton Homeopathy, Copper iu the L'. S. Massachusetts, Critic isms, Ac. Subscrijition, %.'? per annum. FRANCE TAYLOR. ^HIIIIA?bitIKIs. -w r have just received O a i^rge and fine assortment of Oenllemen's best Quality white and colored Shirts, which we will dispose of at the lowest New V ork prices WALL A STEPHENS, Pa aveau? next door to Iron Hail aua?tf