Newspaper of Evening Star, August 7, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 7, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. CorxriL Proceeding!*? Board of Aldrr. w" ?The B !r"l met at the usual hour, Mr. Clnrk in the chair. The Chair laid before th* Board the follow ing eoirinunication? fr> in the Mayor: A eommnricat:on relating to grades in the Serenth W ird; referred. Aiso, a communication relating to the in strument.- :n the Purveyors office ; referred. A communication relating to the compensa tion of the Assistant Surveyor; referred. Mr. Houston, fr? *n the committee on finance, TeDarted a hill making appn priations to dr. fray the general expenses of the Corporation; p.i-sed. Mr Marks presented the petition of Charles F. Coleman; referred. Mr Marks al?o presented an net for the re lief ?,f Thomas W. Jones; passed. Mr Pe} ?per introduced a bill authorizing the rel yinjj of the gutter on the north side of I>str?->t fr ju Fifth to Sixth street west; parsed. Mr. Miller introduced a joint resolution in referoi. e to the construction f :? sewer in the Sec< nd W !-l Mr. Bns~y introduced a joint resolution au thorizing ~n adjournment over of the Board ; withdrawn. On motion, the coinm:ttec on claims were discharged from the fun her consideration of the petition oi'D Mecklin Mr . 1> <>vo introduced a hill making an an proptiation for t. .mining the sides and regu lating F street north. from Eighteenth to Twenty-First street west; passed. Mr. Busey introduced an act authorising an adjournment over of the Boards until the first Monday in September; passed. The chair 1 ti l before the board the report cf th2 Intendent of th.- Asylum; referred. T^eact from the board of Common Council to have the eurb stone set. and foot-way paved on I street south, from Seventh to Eighth street^ east, was pa-sod A bill from the same board for the relief of John Tra ler was referred \ resolution in relation to the opening and grau'Pg ot Massachusetts Avenue from Twelfth street *est, to the Northwestern boundary, was passed Mr Pearson, from the committee of claim?, introduced a bill for the relief of Mr Gw;nan; passed Mr Miller introduced a hill authorizing the removal and relaying of the footway in front of the school-house lot. corner of Fourteenth a?il tj streets west. referred. The police committee wire discharged from the further consideration of the r-solution re lating to the .-?ppointmt'iit of a police officer of th'.? Northern Liberties. The coinui.ltce on claims were discharged from the consideration of the petition of Jno Trader, petition referred to the committee on finance. Mr Dove, from the committee on improve ments, reported a bill authorizing the curb stones to be set. and the footways paved ?n F and I streets, in the First Ward The Board then adjourned. Common Council.?The Board met yester day at the usual hour. Mr. Clements presented the petition of Thos. Sh'-kell and others; referred. Mr AtLec. from committee on claims, re ported a bill repaying SI.96 to Messrs. Wright ?t Klopier. for taxes erroneously paid by them; pa*sed. Mr AtLee. from the same committee. nj>ort ed a bill remitting the fine imposed upon Ja cob 1: K ng for forestalling the market; which wa< recommitt?d. with instructions to pr cure the evidence of the market master, upon whoje evidence Mr King was flue 1. Mr Raff, from the committee on police, re ported a bill prohibiting the erection of Lorse t-oughs or racks upon any street less than hO f'eet wi le. Mr Llovd 'bjectcd to the passage on the ground thut there had already been lc0isla tion enouzh upon the subject. The bill was rejee'etl. Mr Bayne. from the comiaitt- ' on canals reporting a hill apor iciiting ?250 i ? repair the br. a h in ti e caual uer.r Twei:;h street ; passed The following bills from the B arl of Alder men were receive 1 and <iis;> stJ of. to wi:: B;!l appr ?pii~*.i, g ; . WMl ti ,ri >? -m across Tib'ji creek a>. its tutr.ince into ;ho oa na!; referred. Bid au horizing the curbstones to be s *t. Ac , *?n \ irgi:.i.s arena.', up ?n square 9 ?5. between Seventh ai d Eighth streets < a-t; pas-ed. Bill causi- g -\ itj3 or pens t? b-; erected at each m irke*. < r ihecir live .-took brought for sale, a i t appropriating ^1^0 far the pur pose, was taken up Mr. \\ alkcr o jected to the ellowance of dioves oi buli ?ck- t ? b<; brought into ma k t. Mr. Ab rt wis td the b.l! cou'd pis- 11 had a sister who was sev-rely brui.- d on i<ue occadon by a dangerous c >w ?h c!i had been brought to m .rkct I these pens w^rc erected such uccur.vnce w uid b s ohvitled. Mes-rs Waiker ~nd Bthlayer male a few remarks up >n the bdi; alter which it w.ts re (omnitti-d to be further perfeete 1. Mr k> ter>. on kav*. r. po.ted fr -m the pub lic sch'x l c mmit. e. :? bid c.- -ating the office of Sur,eri..ten<i- nt of 1'uO'i ? S"bo>ls. to be ap pointe.J by the B >ard < t J'iii-to- s, at a sala:v of per year Mr. L m *n!s d I not think it .i^ht th it the triplets riivii. . h i\ ? the ap|f>inting p .w -r. and m t > ai:,en 1 by ./ l-j'iig. "su! j<*jt t ? th" a >; r > of lue May r. Mr. Jefftjf- n t';'m;ht t sii""i jp, ofS 'er sh"u!d be regularly !je<oiu,??i, vi* "bvthe M'iy. r. with m ipfroi u o. tke Board?t A! dermva, ;.n t m ?vod an amendment to that effcct; but th-.' aiuenduietit of Mr. 01mt.?ts hai prior consul' ratiou. a>id it was adopted? yeas li. n -ys G. Mr Jefferson then m veil the adoption of lii- amendment at t?:e pr>(per pi ici. Mr. Abert stated that h* was tpo r-^l to the bill?a bill creating an . til -e should leiint ttic duties of the suae. It ilttiucd, he thought it w >uld embrace all the duties of, a:i I do aw y with the Board of Trustees altogether, 'l./e duties of su.-h an offi ,_?? ar?- hign y important, and reqaiie as imp *rtant qualitie itiou-t Such a man canuot in- obtai>.u I at the salary of S 1.3)0, nor leas tha i ooj to S- aOO. We need such a in in. but c um jt afford to have one in the pre at comliti- n of the city. 11 closed by moving to lay the whole bill on the table. Mr. AtL?e th -ught su 'i a person coul I be obt uned. i tie bill had been r? peatelly re quested by th >st interested in the schools, and he wished the hi.l woul I pass. The motion to I :y ?ui the table was di.-agrecd to?yeas 6. nays IJ Tae question then recurred ujion tho adop tion of Mr. Jefferson's amendment. Mr. Walker was oppo-vd to giving the Mayor a.iy ni >re p ?wer?he had enough al an i he t-iought that the M iyor himself would ratuer r.ot have any audiuon^l respon vSibilitj put upo.. U?m Mr. M Cutcheu thought the anxiety of the fentleman fr in the Seventh Ward (Mr. At ?ee) to na\?- tiii- bill pis-cd to-night fliat ttu Superintt. i: 1 . ' .?. i_rl> t be ei< ctcd <>n Wed MM* day. showed the individua: had alrealv been selected fortheofice. Ttiishec>-n eived an argument gainst the bill, lie wished competition fnui >ad f >r ?ujh an oflice. M.. AtLee r?.j>ell i trie insinuation. ?nd stateu that he was not rledged to vote for ar.y person, and kn?-w of no person who had any predilection? for the pi i f. *u I he th *ught he COU! 1 do hi- duties u tderoath c >i;scieut?ously. Mr. Lloyd had sucti confidence in toe Board of Trustee? that lie was willing thnt they should elect a supe int ud -at, fuby believin"' tb^y will act for the general b -ueflt of the city3 Mr. Jtff-jrsou thought that the officer should be ap[H>intcd as his amendment provided, and that tne Board oi Vruai-es migut be abolish ed. and a committee from en h ward might fulfil their duties. Mr. Ball made a few rem irks in favor of the bill, answering the objections ma leto the bill, but was in favor of competition fr ru We want a good mau. an l should discuss tne merits of each and every applicant. Mr R-:ff stated that *':hougu he was iu fa vor of the bill, y.-t did not desire to discu-? or vote upon it to uight. liis constituents were opposed t?it. ami bad told him So ile moved to 1.1 y the bill of tLe table, and that it be printed sj that more information upon the subject might be hai |.a motiou to lay on the table having just been voted on, this niotioii could not be entcr taired. j Mr J?lI?non e amtudmeat wu then voted nnon :?nd resulted in it* rejection?yeas 5, ?av? lo. J * ^r_ McCutchen move 1 an amendment to the off ,?t. that the Biard i f Trustees give n o r,Ce.iln ??w*pap?w, inviting applications ? >r the r-ffiie before such Superintendent shall bo elected. uud addressed the Board in sup port of (he amendment. Mr. Abtrt followed in opposition to the very sm*U compensation to he allowed ; some of the teaehers get ?900, ard tnis slight prepon derance. evinces a small appreciation of the talents and abilities of tho man who is to hold this < ffice. We are in debt?the Miyor is urging the settlement of the corporation's debt?, and here is a projiosition to increase the current cxpeii.-es of ihe city. The amendment of Mr. McCidchen was not ail >pted?jreas 10, nays 10. Air. McCutchen then moved to po?tpono the whole mutter until tho next meeting of thia Board. ? ^This motion was disagreed to?yeas 10, nays Mr McCutchen th?>n moved to strike out . ..00 and insert 51.500 as the compensation tor ?na superintendent. Mr. Ah* rt although wishing an increased -a iry, could not vote for this aruendiuo. t in the present state of the finances of tho city. He was opposed to the i.ffije. Mr. Lloyd stated the Trustees could find .i person who would perf >rm the duties of t.'ie office, and this w s no time to debate the question of salary. If an a I litional compen sation is hereatttr found nectssary, thfn wiil oe the time to argue the qusuon. II-j de manded the previous question, which he with drew, for? Mr. McCutchen, who would renew it, and who addressed the Board agaiu. in support of his amendment, and in deprecation of thheut by the previous question. The previous question was seconded?yea'' 11. nays 9. Mr. M-jt utchen then moved t?? adjourn; lost,. The main question was ordered to be put . The am ndm.'ct of Mr. McCutchen increas ing the salary, was lost. Mr. McCutchen then moved tola3'the whole upon the table until the next meeting | Here a question of order was raised, and pertinacious.y argued?3"me thinking that the previous question cut off all debate and mo tions; but the chair decided th it the previous question was upon the amendment, and not upon the bill | The motion to lay on the table until the next meeting was was agreed to?yeas 11. nays lu The following bills, <*c., were received from the upper B ?ard. A bill to set curbstones. Ac., on Twenty first street, between F and I street; passed. A bill to refund \V ui Gooner a portion of a wagon license; referred. A rc-o'utL-n that when the Boards adjourn it be until the first M nd ay of September next Mr. AtLee opposed and Mr. Onne favored t.i< passage of the lesolution. Tho resolution wa- passed to a third rea-lin" ?yeas 11, naj-s 10. Mr Clements ihen objected to the passage of the resolution, and mailo a few reniaik upon the subject. ihe resolution w is passed, however, by the same vote as to a third reading Mr. Baync then moved the reconsideration of the vote whereby the bill ero iting a supcr intendant. u., was laid on tiie table. Mr McCutchen moved to lay that motion on the table; lost. The motion to reconsider the previous ques tion Was <tem.inied aud seconded. Mr. McCutchen then movedt?*adjourn, lost. I he main question was then ordered to be pur. Mr. McCutchen then moved to adjourn. Another question of order arose. Mr. Clemenia stated the motion to bo out of order. i he (_ .iair ds^idc'l inat a mo.ion to adjourn is .i I ways n wd< r. Mr. Clements appealed from the docision tf the C^aiv. Mr. Jifforson stated that the gentleman was wrong in this instance. though usually <; ?rr<-t in hi-> 1 a:, usage, and that a m ti n >o adj.urn w.u paramount to everything, and w::- in order at *ny titne. Mr. Cte meats stated that the rule of tho Hocxseaf Representative* was, that wheu the m.ii.i que- iuu w.t- or le.ed to he put no motion wh il? ?er eoui l be entertained. ?Mr Je!i "-on .-tate i tLa: tho rule of this '? a: i was that a motion to adj iurn was al ways in order. Ihe C. ir asked to be excused from Voting, a'ld the yeas and nays were taken, and Le w :s excu.-"d?yeas 13. n-iys 7. Tae d visi >u of iuc C.iair was not sustained ?y m- 10. nays It). fhe mot' >u to reconsider was then agreed to ?j?'a-> 12. aays 9 M . AtL e then moved the previ -u< ques tion oa the p is-age of :he bill, and it was sec ondei. and the main question ordered. J he bil. was then pas ed bv the following v ?le : Ve?s?M ".-rs. W ilker, B 11 M:Cutchen, C "aienis B Jdwin, Peters, Bohl iver, Buff, B yne, Veuable. L'oyu, AtLee, Pumphny. an>l the President?14 N*v?Messrs A ?ert. Fuller, Fisher, Orme. Jeffe'son. and Towles?6. Mr. Co me it* off tv 1 a resolution pr oviding t >r ad'iiiional windows in th.; Coui.cil charn b r. A motio* to refer was lost, and the reso lution was adapted. ^ Mr. Abert presented tie petition of James Curie; referrel. Mr. P>'t -r-1 off red a resolution instructing t'le Register to present two copies of the Cor poration Laws tto the Congresai ?i:al Library; ?4;-d an amen Ilu nt |?1 icing one in the ilou?e L.'rary a id too otner in the Law L bra y, o ing neceptcd ; p*s? <1 Mr I'tft r- ?l>w a rts >!ution request i.ig tue .>? yo- to i't juiro viiether the con t: i-tor iur k oping loe pumps in the Filth U lhI in order, ha< done nis duty in a proper manner. The foil >wing bills were received from tho B >ard of Aldermen ; A bill to eau?e the foot pavement in front of the s.^nool hou.-e nt the corner of Fourteonth ui>d <i -trects to be relaid ; referred. A bill aumoriziug an npplic itiou to C mgress f '? 'he construction ot a .-ewer on Fourteenth stieet. from Pennsylvania avenue to Franklin Squar?>; parsed. A bill ai>propriating 550 to relay the gutter on 1) street, from Fifth to .S xth street; passe A oill apj.ropriatmg to trim the side* and regu'ate F street ; i a-^ed. The bid paying Mrs B 11 Cheever S425 for damages occasioned to her premises by eh ing? of gr.'de on K ?freet, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets, which was laid over at the last meeting, was taken up Discussion ensu 1. from which it appoared tb it the city has a right to cVauge the gra les of a:iy street; that the builders of this prop erty knew where the gride was to be; that they ?? squatted'' in this location, and soutc of the owners sold out at a great sacrifice in c<>usequenee of the appreheuUed change of g'a ??>; i^at if this precedent were established whole squares would petition for appropria tion- upon the ? iuie principle, which could not b< rightful y turned aside. ?The bill was rejected?yeas 6. nays 13. A motion to reconsider and lay on the table prevailed. Ihe act imposing a special tax for cchool purposes was taken up. Mr. ??rine moved to a?lj >urn; lost. Mr. Orrae then moved to postpone tho con sideration of the subject until next uieclin '; agreed to. f.'.e act appropriating S100 to pay if. Saun ders lor d ?w.iges occasioned by change ?,f grade on K street, between Twelfth anil "Thir teenth streets, was postponed. Mr McCutchen offered two reFolutions?one for an additional police officer; referred, and tho other requesting inf>rmation from the M iyor in regard to unpaid taxes; passed. Mr. Jefferson desire i that tho revised rules of the B >ard bo taKen up for consideration. Mr Bohlaycr moved to a Ijjurn; lout. After a desultory discussion? Mr. Walker moved to aJj >uru; lost. Mr. Huff had permission to withdraw certain papers from the files of this Board. ihe report of the committee on rules was ag iin sought to be taken up, but the Board adjourned. Ihe Kcvkels?Overflowing '?Thcsal<?on o. Old tijwa was uot only fidod. but in ny persons were unable to obtain an en trance such was the desire to witness the per tjrmaiices o! the \\ ells children aud the Kun kid Nightingale Opera Troupe last night, they having opened, at that time, their series of popular entertainments. This evening they preaeat another rich programme. Thf. Ueo vtta.?To-morrow is the day ar sig.icd fur tu? boat race, about which t:.c c.\ cit iu<ut is <?n the ioorenf. We repeat what wo .-Hated ywterdny. that the contestant* f<?r the prise will start at W o'clock iu the morning, the steamer Mount Vernon following thtni to F?>r1 Was-hington, in order thai the passengers thereon may have every opportunity to witness the stirring in cident*. The last named Vessel his been ex* pressly chartered by the enterprising pr?jej tor of the Reditu, Air. Win. L. Joi ,es, who h*s fixed the price of passage at the reason able sum of fiftycents. The steamer will stop at Alexandria f< r passengers, both going and returning. A Regatta on such an extensive scale will be a novelty on the Potomac river; and hence it is reason ib!e to presume that thousands of person:* will avail themselves of the opportu nity afforded to witness the race. Seotritv kor Pea< e.?Yesterdiy ftftcmoon quite a crowd assemble! in and ah >uf the 'Pice of Justice G 'dd; rd to hear a case decided that was thought to be serious. A young man n - mod George B< irdsley was fitting ne u in ? j i?tioe : his clothes were bioo ly, and indicated that hn h-?>d received a severe wound, and the bands and patches upon his hen I d 'notiu* in what particular part ot his person. Several young women were fitting around, one of whom, M ?ry 1?< iseler, w -s charged with hav ing ii.Hi ted the wound. Mr Carrigan appeared as counsel for the defence. From the eviden e it appeared th it Beardsley bad entered a h >use claimed by Mary llci-slur a- her properly, and tint ho r fused to leave when ordered from the prem ises by her hou-e-keepcr or agent. Miry llcia-ler came in, a conflict ensued be tween her an I Beardsley. in which tiis head was cut, one party says, with un axe; the ot cr contends it was di>ii? wit 1 a eonch-sh?d'? Justice Goddard held Mary Heisler to se euri'y tor peace. A w errant having beeu Lta led by another party against Ioatliley hi was also held to security !<>r peace. Juggling ron the Fres.?Yesterday. an .'musing sc 'n<* ?*.? -urred iu the vLd.d'y of .lu t ;c Go t iard'sofhrc while the trial of B'-ard-ly and Mary liii-sler w >s progressing Th" par fits coneorntd were constables and po.ic" of ficers. The matter at i--ue w. wh*< was en titled to "a// tm eo*tv * ' One claimed th m. another denied his right, a vl a third came in and exhibited a pre-is;ued warrant in ihe same case Hard word- were u-ed hi d the parties grew very warm, but luckily 1 o V.iows were iufiietcd Police ofii -i rs an; -e l vted from among tho county "fh :ers and a o ? aid by the C*rjx>ration. They can s >ive United States warrants and obtain th.' t'<: s ;>.i 1 by the Government, but ; re foriddd n t irve civil warrants. Ciunty Consliblcs arc ('??;muis?iooed by the Court They can d-? < ivil ou-iness. and serve United States war:ant . 1 ut do no Corporation busines* l> iu* ? ;h"V g ?t no pay for such service The United Sta. *s warrants payiig th" be-t to all p:?rlie?, ::re f v juently b >nes of contention anv-ug !?. -era. The Bex Franklin Target Company and the party of ladies and gmticmcn with them Arlington Spring, y -.-terday. had a very raTry time, and returned at an early h ur this morning, d? lighted with their trip Pros peri's full band was with th< ;n. and perform ?< ?me of their fi e-t pieces. The target firing, tho new feature, came off. and Mr. Cross w??n i iie breastpin, and them ? l.dlion was award'd to Miss Jane C ?rnwa!5. It is s in! thai this w is tnc large-i p Tty ever taken to the sprii g. nid it is doubtless true, n- the young iu ? >i a prising the corp.- arj very p ipul.i! in t.iii ?:ty Mary Kilegan was. this morning, s t.t to il by JusticeG -diarl for unmercifully beat ing her children aad threatening to burn h -use .-he lived in. Si.-e was c en d lined .t i y te neighbors, who declared that they c >u ; h irdly sleep fi?r the ii' ise she mad^* ;i ni rht .- ie was distiiis cd from the guard-hou-?* <>n -> i.wJay n; rni on her premise to con luet ; i t elf proj erly ; but il lasted only a sh >u | t aie A Large Party of Germans, of both sexes. r? paired, ye.-tor t iy a.t -rn v>n. to the P..rl-:, to ?ii -y th< ui-TiVf in so : ii iiiti reour^e. A fine ? ii': 1 o!' music was iu attenda v.'c, anl -i.c e > npaay. am n^ other tilings. ? nj ?;.'? ?! ?h< -n ?dv with da ring. Sp-i crr - w re in i Mi l t >as.s druun.; <n.c of wni -h w ? greeted v? .tli epoutjncou-ou'hUi'.'i--app'au*' und m. 'i;u ;:isui. It wa- with rcfere:i ? ? to t ? the. u ? h d ling of the co.i?titm i ?r. ol the Ui.i' dStiti , .and the protection of the tl wai.h a I n\\ d the grove. Sodden Death at Gorikjssvili.f.?A negro n an. oelongit.g to Mr. King, if C r l-i -< iii ? V i . wa? taken ? ck ycsUrt iy morning b t ? e I lybreak, and after r?*.tt suffering f<>r .-iv urs did!. When the cars left, the po^t ni- r ?? m examination was about to b'j hei i to .? e if them in had b en pois>ried. It was -up p sod. however, that the man had died ? t A iatic choltra. MlKi.hant** Fxciiange.?This institut 'n his. we leu in, tiius lar proved beneti-?a!iy to t . .>e who compose it- membership. W j per c i\.- hy n public notice, that a mertin^; i- to ? c hel I thi* evening, at H o'clock, at toe Ex change rooms. C vRi-knters. Attend!?The mem' crsMi'th" il ai.-c Carp..ut?'r> S >cie y wiU do well lo ?, ad ? lie advertisement ad tressed to them in this d 'V s Star. Watch Rf.T' rnn?Harriet Lawrence, c 1 orcd. uisordvily in the streets: security a.:d ? t . JJj" Letter from lion. Joiin Minor Ilot'.s, ci Virginia. RtriiMoan, Jnlv9, 1HV> M??Msr?? Wm.S Beer* \ ?-o : tients?Consider a' of dntv to the alil-> falone prompt i?if io s-vul yon tlils voluntnrv Hrttinmnial to tii?* i;reat Vitloe of '^C'trtir'x Sfnimsfi M' rttir-for Ih t? al nost, Scrofu'^i Without beiugdisposed or deeming it neces^an to <;o into the particulars of the rav, I ran say th it the astonishing results that have l>een pro duced by lh?* use t?f tiiat medicine on a r?" uihcr of my own fatnilv, and under my own observation and superintend?*nr-?}, after the skill ol the best physicians had lieen exhausted and all th'- uvual remedies Lad failed, fully justify me in reeoin tnendinx its use to all who may be Muttering from that dreadful malady. I do not mean to say that it 's adapted to all constitutions, or that it will ail'ord the same relief in all cases; for, of rourse, 1 can know nothing about that?but of what I have seen of the etfects\ I would not hesitate to use it, in any and every < a -e of Scrofula, with persons for whom 1 felt an interest, or over whom I could exen:ise influence or control. Respectfully, yours, Jno. M Botts. *'IJ~ More Evidence.?We have just be<?ri in formed bv a gentleman from the country with a l, family that he has had a great many attacks r{ Summer Complaint, but not in one instance ha* he failed in making a perfect cure in less than >4 l o irs, with KAKKK S PRKMIUM H1TTKKS. H> tielleves also, that S-*" would not have paid his do -tor's bill without the Bitters He .says he never intends to do without it in his family His name will be used if required, but not wishing it pub lished . Price 50 cents per bottle. To be had of CHAS. STOTT & CO , Wash ington. P C.; CANBY y HATCH, and SKTH S. HANCE, Baltimore; and by Druggist* every where. eo^t I?jf" Prrminins at the Fair*?Whiteliurrt's still ia the ascendant.?The juries of each of the late fairs at Baltimore. Kichiuond. and New York, awarded their hightest premiums to J. 11. W. for ih<.ir supcriority of Photographs, Stereoscopes and Cu 'uereotypes exhibited. .'dr. W.aLso received two medals at the World s Fair. Loudon, aud a premium al Crystal Palace, New York. Also, the first awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past. Whitehuret's Gallery in this city is on Pa ave nue, betweeen Four-and-a-haJf and Sixth streets. feb 17 UJ- Noah Walker Ac t'?., Marble Hall CI .thing Emporium, under Browns' Hotel, re sp.'. tfully announce that their display of Spring and Summer Clothing is now ready for Inspection tomprising an assortmeut of Coats, Vests and Pantaloons of the newest and richest designs in material, trimming and workmanship. To gen tle.uen who study excellence with economy in ta^aionable articles of dress an opportunity for se lcriin;' is otl'ered from one of the largest and most attractive stock of goods ever ottered in this citv at a very reduced scale of prices. ap 17 I.J- /. I). tiilman, Ums?itt, lias removed to i>i~ Seventh street, opposite the Patriotie Bank, and is now prepared to fill all orders for Medicine PaiuU, Oil ana Glass on accommodating terms.

Strict attention will lie paid to physicluu s pre scriptions at all hours of the day and night. The night bell 1s on the right of the store door. ap 14 WANTS. \\TANTF.D IMMEDIATELY?Two or three '? Journeymen Painters None ne^ apply but experienced workman and of st^adv habits. Apply to JAMFS O BHYON, Pa. avenue, bet 19th and 13th sts , or D. b*tw 12th and 13thsis., No He}. au 7_ \\TANTED?A SITUATION AS A WET W Nurse, bv a youns and h?>al hv wman. whohaslos' herbab". The Ih-m references c in b'given Applv In Mrs. BARRY.on New Jer se- avenue. between M and N sts., w^i side au 7?2t* nriNTtp IMMEDIATELY?AN EXPE " rienced American Nnrse. to take charge of an infant. Recommendations required Apply at this office. au 0??tf llfANTKD?A BARKEEPER AND OYS * ? ter Shueker at the Waverly House. Capitol Hill. Go->d reference req 11!red. au 6?3t* P. A. DiSAULES. WANTED?A WET NURSE FOR A child seven months old. Apply at No. 3w Pi nna ?venae, ncarfith street. an 1?:*t* TTTANfRIMM IX OOR FOB ATI ON OP * V Georgetown Mock, for which t!lnetv-??ix cents to the dollar will be ?iv?*n 'n current funds by applying to A F. OFFUTT fc CO . au 4?0'* Georgetown, D. C. /ANTED?A SMALL, RESPECTABLE, ' convcni *nt in a good neighborhood, either in Georgetown or Washington The ten ant will be punctual and probably* permanent, and will t*ke possession in Octotier. Also, a respectable middle a^ed woman as ho'i-fk^eper and seamstress; services required im mediatelv*. Address "L," at this ullice. jy S?-2awtf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that they can get a lot 24 feet front bv I3ufeef deep, for the low price of ?T.'i?payable?:!a month wntiout interest. Applv at the Union Land Office 7th street. ul>ove Oda Fellows' Hall. ap'-tes?6tn JOHN FOX, Sec. \\ BOARDING-. Boarding.?mrs duvall.No :n? ivnn svlvania avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel, ha* several large and desirable rooms, suita>?'e f>r families or singlt gentlemen, which she will r**nt with ^oanl at moderate p ices She can also ac ? ominodate six or eight table board<-rs. j>' 30 -if jjoARI), Ac.?MRS B \TES, ON THE S. W ? ? comer of Pennsylvania avenue and tth s'reet. i prepared to accommodate genllemen with rooms, ?vifh or without board Everv effort will In- made io render those comfortable who may favor her with tl eir patro?age. an*??tf FOR SAL3 AND RENT. l^OR RENT?A LARGE FR*ME HOUSE J/ containing *?isiht room?. situa'ed on I) street. I'tAvcn lltli .'til 151 h Enquire at '?iiin;<tv"s ??ot: ry - ore. yr Mr Clokev'*, next door. au V LV>R SALE?Ti!E liUOI' WILL ^.L> Fl\ ? ti res of a K tkerv, now doing a lair business? iro.?d stand and a 1 w rent \i.-energetic |vr ? n couid in;, tinri . icarlv double tb^ bus i>-^s i .i'd rt'.t- -us j?ive?i f >; wishin g to sell l or ? Jdn -.s ap?>i. at itie >tar Uili an 7?\\ Th" ?t ? |,ViKS'LK?A VERY DESIRABLE l!U< ? iiiv .s ?T;?al three-story br'. k building ? ?ontainbig a -tore, and co.>v< nietttlv arranged 1 vetliuj. with It'^f 1 t. situated in the < entrai pirt of the cby. a few d *>rs noith of Pa. avenue, o i I llh street To per. on ? d >s;rous of ob'aining a valuable and -Kritrinen' b'l.sine<? lora*ion. cr to< apitalisU se.-k _ t"itit:il;le inv.-%t!?i'Mt in f ?perly which is , arlv iiK reasiug in value, it Olio's a rare induce ue-nt to purclras ? For terms, which will l>e ari nnmo lifing. ap ply to J C. MeOTIRK, aug 7?|w* AiHtiouecrv. rriwo OR THREE PLEASANT ROOMS S. v.'ii'i Doard. on Twelfth sirt*et. No.-?i J, near !I.e Kirkwood House. au 1?'?t* L^OIl RENT?THE NEXT \\*I) COWK r nient' Mm story Frame llutise. No I7U i l 'r t* eiilli strict, west side, between ?'en.isylvsni t ,tv .itd U street. Iti- suitable tor a small f.:n ?s/ ??. ? V ' ?. UK . Ul'.IV'/r ?*.?! II 1II| i|ll . i" i! aii'l is i:i evi ry resj>e.-t a d 'suable residMi Possesion jjiven iiiune'iia'ely. Ap,?ly- at the ? ar ottice. :,^!?R RENT?A FINE TWO-STORY br k 3 llo^.-e, situated on s?re?t, b?-1wc *;i l'e:| :i 'IVR'. and >' sir?'? '. utljoifiiil4 .Mr t'eii ".trker's l^n-{iilre of li GEO MATTINULY, I?ba4; or !ic?idoj-to the preiuises. a.i 1?tf r PRIVATE SILK ?SEVERAL FRNME I Hm.iv, 'iitable for large ?>r small families, ?"?nfiinin*/ frc* i I tt- In rooms cnch. on square m -li of s-ju.t.'eIm weea 4th ud5th streets, . id fronting .\la ach : i't> avence <t>id I street. V -no* made easy. Enquire on said - ^uare at No :.HV|. a I I?ot? A VALUABLE LITTLE EAR M FOR s.M.t, ? V Tiie snliscrilie' S'-ll at pri vate side his 1 jt --fi Farm, known as rlerling ujsui which !; ? now r?'s;de-j, siruated in Alev.uidria countv, > a., ni'.ir Hall's x Roads, four uui^s from'ieorge t wu, six fiO n Washington, eiiiht from Alexan <" a. and will be but one mile from the Loudon A Haiijpshire Railroad. The tract contains ;? r<- 15 of which is nnd^r henvv t'mlier, the bal :? ;cc und' r a highstateof c ultivatlon, withgi-nl rencinir and a never failitig stream of water nm through the place. I he improvements ar?* a verv n^at storv and a ? if dwelling, with a brick c< liar under it, and o'lthourcs, consisting of a barn, icehouse, uc-at i; ni corn hou^e, .icn house, kitchen, and I.o ,<e for servant. Tije vardb: v?:y larg?- and shady, >d decorated with the most choice tiovver-. and ? 'v II of fije most ex'vllent wa'er near the door, the b. "k yard is encloml by a b-autif il cedar h<d; e, and i! ' front by palings. Tiiere is als<~. a lj? auli I il > h - inut gro-.e si.Hiding in front of the yard. Tlie !ar:ds adjoining ar" tho f of Col. W Minor 8 Minor, Dr. Wonder and Mm Gardner Its lo Citi'ju is couve: r?'. for c nircues, gnsi a ad taw mill v po-f cUce. i .? Tin- iboveproperlj* po???*s s. s au vantages which "ill '<c apparent to all who d jirc to s-^curc a pie: a*:' 3? a valuable conntry \ gr?*r.t bargain may be had by an "r>rl v appii.-a t ?n, as 1 ail dcsiro is of movin to a larg?-. farm. Jy 9?2ax; 1 in MOSES A. FE3REY II inn SALE?THAT I \R?iE AND WELL S' built J~ratne IHvclibig l* ise, wi*h a brick basement, No. 416. situated ou t!'e east sidt* of Cth s*;;*et, lielvcen F at 1 fi, < i^.-.ininij 10 rooms, with porcn and pan'ry lu th" rear For terms, which will be eas\ applv to CHARLES "F. WOOD, 418 Ninth street, between E and K sts. jy 17?. off CH)B RENT?A HOUSE,containing 7 roans P in a line h?caiion, where there is a good open ing for a small select school. School Room Fur niture witu ?ome other for sale. Enquire at :J1*? C street. aug?eo^w 1,1 OR is A L E? IMPROVED AND UNIM proved Real Estate.?JENNINGS P1G4.TT A'tonieyat Law and A^eut for Real Estate, has several small Houses and t.ots. and a nu'ttl t of unimproved building Lois in ditf'rent of tu?* Citv, which he will sell at moderate prices and on acconun<xlatiug terms. Pero is wishing to sell or buv may do well to give him a call. He will take ch-irge of ileal Estate, attend to leasing, renting, Ac . investigate titles, and at tend particularly to conveyancing. Ollice 517 Washington Library on 11th street. between C and D. au 1?iw j,'OR SALE-TWO HUNDRED LOTS I Price 375 each. Two years' credit, or !0 |**r ccnt discount for cash Apply at the Union Land Oiiice, 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall, jy 23?im | OTS FOR S A L E?TWO OR THREF. ^ood Building Lots in a rapidlv improving neighborhood for sale ou tm years' c, die Apply to J. ri DRURY. jy 21?tf L'OR SALE?A SMALL FRAME HOUSE ?- and Lot, No. 50 Louisiana avenue, Wrashii>g toa. it presents a rare opportunity to a person wishing to make a good investment Also, a three-story Brick House and Lot. No. 57 H:t?h street, Georgetown, Lot 26 feet front by I6tl feet deep; will be sold low and on a long cr<*dit. Apply at 46 Louisiana avenue. jy 20?If O R REN T?A TWO-STORY FR AMfj House, with basement, situated on Prospec t Hill, Georgetown, commanding a hetvitifid view of the Potomac river Apply to T. O Donnoghi.e near the Catholic Church, of R. H. Trunnel, No. 73 Frederick street, Georgetown, O. C. Jyn FOR RENT?8EVEllALH ANDSOME PAR lors and Cham'oeis, with Board. Also. Table ard Transient Board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street. ap??tf GEORVE F. KIDWELL ?c CO., DEALEBS IN ALT, 5IHD3 OF COALS ATD WOOD, FOURTEENTH STREET, (opfotite F.cmlc lin Enzin* Hovst,) have now on hand'every article in their line, which will be sold at prices to suit the times. They solicit a share of public patronage, pledging themselves to give satisfac tion to all. N B ? A raroo of White and Red Ash Coai (atloat) will be sold low if ordered from the wharf Jy iO?eolm* 1111E LA NO OF GULV : California unveiled; Kealiiv versus Fiction ; by H .^. Helper, 1 vol. FRANCK TAYLOR. au AUCTION SALES. By GRKF.N % SCOTT, Auctioneers Bl'ILDISO LOT* at .Wii.u ?On FRI DAY, 10?h inst , at fi oVl k we -b- 11 *e!l, In front of th? prenr?es six handsome I>u1!<lln? l.os N*<v?. J, I*? ?"? l-\ and 3, in square \'o (*!?>, having a front on south street. between south K and L street*. twenty-*!* Wt .-ach. run ning back IMfwt 4 inches, containing -2,<12 feet 5" Inrhn ea< h. Title indi-putable. Terms: One tnird cash; balance in 6, 12. and 18 month*, for notes bearing interest from the day of tl?e ?al? A deed given and a deed of trust taken. URL EN is. SCOTT, an 7?d Auctioneer*. By WALL. BARNARD 4 Co , Auctioneers. CAtft OF A VERY VALI'ABLR Slave.?On SATURDA V. the llt'j of A:i uu>t uexi a' 10 o'clock Uf shall sell in front of our Auction rooms, a very val table slave named Da rn! J4 id ^ave i< twenty-two yeaf* old, of very robust frame, *nd is perfectly he'altlnv. Terms at .kaie WALL BARNARD A Co a;i 3?d [Intel!] Auctioneers MARSHALL'S *Af E. IN virtue of writ of Fiere I*a ias issued from th C erk * oiJi e lfc? Circuit Court of ibe D.* trict ot Coluiubii for ?be cpunty of \\ aahingt> n, and to iue directed I shall cX-><r*e to pu' lie sa'e fo ca h. on MO.NUIY. the -Jllli of A??gu*t t.e\? at th> fr>nt of the Court House doo* at o fkr* M., he foil j win tf property. viz: All that pi""*or parcel cf ground uingand 1>?iu_r in the citv of tt a<hin?jto nnd known on the plat of ?a d Ht> as the west half of square No 73i. l?etn? lo?s No l, 3. G, 7. &.?? id. II. I', II, II. *nd 15 in saul square No -5-1. h-getber with ail and singular tbe improvements thereon ; ??i/<"d and levjed upo-i :n the projiertv of Jame* l rutchett,andaold to satisfy Judi ia No 5* to October term lwM. in favor cf Charles N Noell mid Henry Deconme?' J I) HOOVER, Marshal for th? District of Columbia, an 2?d-im ByORKKN A SCOTT. Auctioneers. SEVEN ACRES OF V ALL ABLE LAND in the Oitlri t at Am lion. On TIIl'RS I DAV, the 9tb in?taut, we shall se,.'l at .r? o'clock j n. m?. on the ptemise*. s^v. n a< re* and ni* [>oles j >:f ian<i, Ij^af In Wanhinitton rn mtv, in the ?M? ' (rict of Columbia al>??itf I k mii * from the F.a-t i <*rn ^Ira^b Brid'/e. on the Mnrlttoro* and ne-trthe ' /mctlon ff the Piscatawav R"?id. adjoining the place < slled Good Hope The land is in a good sf.te of cultivation, and very susceptible of lit { provement It has on it a duelling liouse. Ac I Terms. One-third cash; iialauce in 6 and 1*J j mon'bs, the purchaser to give notes for the de ' f?*rretl pavuients, -jearin^ interest from the day of I the sale A dre4 jlx en and d de? d of trust lakon OK HEN A. SCOTT, Ji'i I?4 Auctioneer llv ORI*FN A SCf)TT. Aocticneers 'IUAO TWO-STOIiV FRAME IIOl'SES * mi l Lot at \ucti >n.?On Tl'ESDAV. t^? i n ?if nu.uit. .s < o -.1 sell, in front of tL< j?retiii s -s. at 6 o'clock I' . half of I.ot 1. In square No frontii.-^ fret 9 lu? hes on I Ith stt*et. went. I>?-tween N vv Y?'k avenue and K street north, rsinniug Iwk W f?*et inches, with the i m prove ' nient-, wldch are two yood two-story Frame I lluns"s. couta'i in^ three rooms ea< h, Ac. la b i l;ous< will sold scj'iraie with the lot on whi !? ' it T? rms : Ono-thirdf a?h ; balance in six. twelve ;tt:<i cijhl^n months, for not??s liearlng Interest from d-*y of ~al** A dct-d ;'lv? ji and a deed nf trust taken & SCOTT, Jy>!?d Auctioneer* M \B"W?I \L'S N VLE. I\ viitne of a writ of F :ere facias issued from the Clerk ?> < IJii'e ?>f tbet irriiit Co ri f the ,,5-!rici <?' i ?l..mOiafortb**c?>iintyof Wjrshin^ton | hiiJ to me directed. 1 e\pt>?e to public s;ile ? for ca h on MONDAY, the -JTtb da\ v.?f August ; ii* it .it :hi-fr :n nt' :Le ?'ourt House door at It? i o'clock M fti." following property, mi : A:1 that pa.tofiotNo L J in st; jare No 70J. u^i.i>miii- for iLe viid jkirt < f said !?;i at t!.e iK.rtbf^t ?orncr of ??s.i i ? jiiarc. and r u'i.iny themenorth we>twardly v/:tli the o* V n is Ivania A.eiiue 'J"i fetl, t!;ence -wn'h 'wirillvs. feet, together wit ha., and sii i;irt'??? unjwoven.f nt*thereon, ?*'iztdand b'vicd upi?n :> t" t rop rt>' ?if ?!or.ttiu K \!eny man, and *oI I lo . ii- fy Juiicial No 70. to Octo ! ber term l*-5',i i favir of l'eter If Hie* A Co. J i? HOOVER, Marshal for the District of Columbia, an :i?d'it t ! linilLL MAW OF 0> R MER? IIANTi ? ar'icopf.'L: e <>f 1 .Mti.?ies:*.isd?e'.lusthej bare IT we < : k- than > ton.ers. ?i. FlADiCtS, , ?. >c ?e:stU -t^eet i-.rapn.1i ? ever\ tbiii/ In tbe way < f Housekei-i'in:' l);irdu itv. and al vi s ?" t.s ?lt" i.nt,. lie minks th tiaie< ar? certalnl pn? v. Tha nitb is he s?,:s uw, and "h" i" ? >ie -it ^ititii.. ? !o ?i;u!?*r.'tai .1 it it ' art ' lev. i?>w i>ri' *s. 'nd every edortto [leas* will suit purchasers, i;c is d" crtriined uat b;> CUiton??-:.s shall v. istieti iv lo A i !.?< *.S: I LUi aSI IK you wanl a u uie^t Cl?K-k?ot c wil; alway s vc . . . the < orr?\ t lime, di op in at >j F KAN CIS. l:?i Seveiitu street lit uas Clo< k. that cannot be excelled?haodsome and ^imkI timr keejs rs. lie sells low, and every Clock is war lan'ed jyil I'iill).?The *abscrit?er informs his friend a:-d thrt pi'iii > tb ? he Is m?wable to attend i his business He can Ik- found al his oldstaL '. Cfnlr* Market, ready to wai' on th? m as nt always I1.1. d< n 1 iierelofot" The best ??f ItEEF al wa ?.*.-? on band. J NO W A LK EK. jy Al? tf V icli:aller "VyrATt !I iS?Onr zssortmeut of Watches VV coiri(?ri>i .j all the more de-irahle ? ? V and lie>t m.ikeis, is far the largial ever oil'e.e. to our customers Puo uisers in want of accurate time keepers, a' low ratvs, would do wel: to examine oar stw k. M VN CALTABHO 3i5 Penn av. between -ttii and Joih streets ail 1?6t MIA ! X U Hit. Ill" SKMKEN, -Ho 'a. av? i ie, u*Hweni 9th and n? BRh *-tf??".?. oilers hi> lar .<? >!???, of Pint Silver Ware, cousistin;; of C??tl'?e and Tea S?-ts. coaipiete Sin/ar l?i>\v:s, 1'ream lioidets. Cups S:i..on" and I o?ks, and a uia^nitl* ent assortment of rn;l.i, (.sed fancy silver ware suitable for gifts, at r duccd prices. I**;rs >n- in want of any of the abc>ve articles &ie invited to call B'-ni^ nio^U/ of our own manufacture, we war rant it sterling. ' iU" Silveiware of any d'-sl^n made to order at Miort notic e Particular atleation is paid in get ting up Testimonials, Premiums, Ac. aa 1?tr UriHE Di + li * 4?\ LKS R. u< -land Oblong from 6 to 16 in bes. cheap, al <i. FRANCIS'S, Jy '20 IMii s?-ventb MARY LVNUJN; or. Revelations of a Life . A Visit to the camp 'wf .re S^r.tstopol New H<>; e; or. the tiescue A tale of iLe Great Kanawha The Watchman, by Ihe author of the lamplighter Uoe-ticks t'leve Hall, a new work, by Miss Jewell 'I he Heiress ,{ Haughton Trial and Triumph, or tirmnessin the household by T S. Arthur Tl-0 latest London Papers All tbe nev. j- t and most popular works constant ly on Lu.nd a:id for sale at JUF.SHILLINGTON'8, Odeou Uulldiug, corner 1^ st and Pa. av au 1?tf ~ ll'ST RECEIVED AT SHILLINGTOVS i' Perioi?i?*al Oepot. Harper's Magaziue for August Put man's Ma^a^ do tiodcy's L.adie> U<*'k do Graham's Magazine do Household Words do Harper's new Story Hook fir August Frank Leslie's ii;- e?teof Fashion do raiiordaiij. of Lii\ .nd Literature, for July?a new magazine published by Little, Son A Co; Ballou's Dollar Monthly, for August New York Journal do Yankee Notions do JOE SIIILLINGTON'S Odeon Buildiug, cor. 4^ st. and Pa. av. JY 30 FIRST WARD LIVERY AND SALE STA BLES. IN announcing to tbe public of Washington that 1 have taken possession, by purchase, of tbe above Stables, on G street, near the War Department, (lately occupied by A Schwartz.) 1 wish to iniorin< them that it will be entirely conducted by myarll and that all order:- left upon the premises will bt attended to punctually with elegant Carriages ana caretul drivers. The R iding Si hool will be con ducted by a professional equestrian and perfect) tlo -ile Lorses; having stated hours for lady eqot - trians, in private or public, as thev may prefer. Particular attention will be paid to horses kept at Livery in his establishment. Person* requiring open barouches or family car ria^es, can satisfactorily accommodated. a> well as those desiriny riding horses for gcntlemei or ladies. FRIEDERECK LAKEMEYER, Jy 21?3m SCHLTTER Ac KAHLERT. ARTISTS, FRESCO, DECOR ATI Vh), and j. \ every description of O K N A MENTAL PAINTING. Orders left with Baldwin and Nennlng, Archi tects. corner Penn. r.venue and llth stre^, will be promptly attended to. Jy 11? RIWtTKD FOR THE KTF^II^ ST AH. P kc .on Lcrunriu.K, Aug. 6.?T*i? Know N thtt? u?joiitjr >n the eily if l.brtO There aero riot? in tiic First and Eighth W ?r?i. Seveial peisons were killed and nay woanded. T*u biidi oi baildings firei. cxcit. m *i*l prevailed Tne Irib fin d in<m ?iiiuu??, an<l killed th? e AaiTKliii. An Iii<l.uian was bmgtd. NT r*l otln ra ki'l <d. and a uuu bt r * aj tur*d. The ui >b un rei t< w iris tLe Tiuu* office, but were ?tr*y< d tn?m farther \iolere* by ?jrcW from M s.-r? Prentice ard Purcdl, of ttic L ?aUville J ur; al The ie'u n* i.* the *?rc.-ae of the Kn. w Xothii.g tick?t tl.rougtou< lb - Sute I; is co?.eed i tual Cv*. k.. * X>tLii{, i> c.ccted iu th ? Xi^th C ngrejfional dial*let Tlc election ;n tbe t w..> opposite t L m ?lie p iiwd *.ff juicily Tie icsu'ts iav r the S.i w X t.ii. g-1 [Ihfc above d.sp t;b is from a K*-?w N >t.. u.e iu L ui-villr, n tci for ?* tifying ? he tiutli U> pa a e K . w Nothing ou.i se> u '.a*, life atid pcrs iial ?ig ts, it* c d lings ii' Ul i lh"ri'f'irc be recciwd with caution by ..hose deaiuu to see the truth iu print on su:h Ld.J |SE<VXD DtSTAT" H.J LonsviLLt, August 7.?The u.ob wai dif p rued this ui riiiog, alter turning the si^n uf ,uc Time* effl e. There was no is^ue of that, journal ilii? morning. About twenty person? were killed, and many were wonnded. Twelve building were bumcd. The first ah ft w fired by the fereiguers, at a distance from the poll?. of the scene- of the riot# are h .m i le Part* of human bodies are chfcrrmg .n he ruinj A large cr>wd is a* UKcourt-ioUiC, to which be dead bvdis have been conveycd The Te^er a*. Portsmouth Baltimore, Aug 7.?Th^ fever at Parts mouth i? increasing. and over hall the i^h .b i :u ts have fl--^ T* ? new ca^? h*?v? oerui red * Xo.i'olk Xue ui;ca?e is confined to to- iu teeted district. T'ie wiie of C*pt. liirron.of the Xavy, ill vrith fiver at Gv>?p >rt. All cuUiUia^ijati-u is cut < ff with Xorfolk The Portsmouth pa-??er?orf and mail* are transferred fr m the Baltimore i, at< th? -t.-amer Star wliieh takes them up tiic r T.-r ihout twonty miles. as t> connect with the ru lroad at Suffolk. Know Ifo'hing Con ca'ioa a* Springjeld. SpRiKcriEDD. Au^. 7.?T!?e c< uimr/ee of t iv* Kn< w Xothin^ Cot veuti n has r?*^rt d a a platform- I' allow* all i aturaliie I foreign ers, who are Prot? sta.?ts. to bee -me ui' mbeis ?; t(ir or^itiiati ?:<; it jTuteat*" afcamM tic im portation of foreign jauj-er* a?d en minals, U.d iu^iata UJ on the restoration of i-t Mi? scuri compr >iui?c. It a-*ert.- '.hat s a very is sectional and free l .rn is rat'i. al. It denounces tae X itiooal Administration ;is ii??etile to both the<i<* princi ples aud r? com\uci;d> a fusion ?f all parties ft overthrow it. Eeco -er^ of iirown?d E->iio?. Piiilapki.i*uia. Aup. 7 ?The b >J.t^ of Mr. I>engbi?!, the express agent, Kaio-ey, a J ilu.'he6, drowned by the injarv tj the steum o..t lien. M I, owin^ to th - ilis^n on ^afurd y uar? be..n tecoveoed, and i tken into Che.-t^r Tv- ? o;her bo ii-?. one of i colored mm. were fi u:'.J l ar I'e1 B.nk, w Jersey .-ujr , i- morning x<oai ub. a-a Xtw Yobk Aui'i t 7.?Tut H|a-u?f: p I *ed lit ite* h s airv-d f.xm: H ? ria wkj dates to tue 21 iu-tiut. S ?? i. wei ut of tha a -1 bor ? f II ViU4, tLi U- S eljOt? F Jaiont , ".'b;ch is bou..d i n i cru sc. All Well B^i.? a^sstlu.l. Xo utw< o: i ap rlauce calT m ?-? iiarke'. B vltimore. A? :u?t 7 ?C.ra lu'l; y Pow >lo.; wuiie. 'Jac. A ucat si tr* <idiu u?-iu ii.u?li. 111 .:l t"C opening r?<cS o( y -ler t >y F < ur? ? s l^s. Ci'y Milis or Aiowird ticet Lvl i ai ?6 7it S w a i. ^.ar^eti. Xfw Tokk. Ail,* 7.?F. ?ir ij dnlt, wi*'i a dec i . i? t n !c ;y: . 11% >h 4.7a0bils S> ut ? r at 7a H.i i in ff r, uut ??? t >!\ iiighet. Corn is ftm at , re. ijus .a---a St Ck &*. ?tt. X? w Voiik Auzu-t 7?^toi-ks sr? better, aioney i> Uuc^a .gt-i Virginia 5 iiV?8,. C WaKKINKR. WATtH?AlKli So. Ski Pa at?a ft, btu zd Wk and ilK* Hreits, WASUINfelua, D c Plvotine, Jewellni:, every kind t?f rer*trs ?aWaicM jy I?-3m ? HEAP MUSIC. t^O.N LISTING of Song . Durin, Marcbe?.y ulrk / steps, \N alt/e?. <4 iu Art ii**1*- Polkati. Ma/our ka>, !kliollUbeH. liallopt, L>an: ?*. 0>.llar. 1'iano orte, Voiai and Geuis of Sai_r?*I ail from ibe most celebrated author*, both ancient and modern. The above music will be M>ld at grvati v reduced prices at SHILLI.NOTOS S C'beap Periodical l>e|?ot, Odeon Building, corner Pa av and 4^ st Jy 25- tf THIE LONDON STAbt. 1 vol*. oct*o. con > Uiuiuy about two hundred of the best piavs d the lan >ua^e (eaelusiv?* of t^bakypeare h.) A IV w M*ts 01 tbe aoovc??ec<>ud-band eopl??. new jmr beiuj unobtainable?J"st import?l from l.on lou. Prfle 30 FKANCK TAVLOK. jy ia?tf THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. That the sub scriber hath obtained from tb^ Orphan * Court of Washington County, in tbe District of Columbia, letter* of administration on the rer*on al estate of Ann Morgan. lat?* of Washington omity, derraM d Ail inrMiu* having claims against the said deceased are hereby warned to eibibit the same, with the voucher* thereof, to ? ue subscriber, on or before tbe twenty fouriL day of Jnlv next; thev may otherwise by law be ex cluded from ail benefit of the said estate. liiven under mv hand this 24th dav of July, t?S5. NEAL WoRi.AX, jv-o?law3w Aduunlstrator LAW PARTNERSHIP. ROHF.RT J WALKER and LOt'l# JAN1.V have formed a co-partnership und<*r the lirni >f "Walker A Janin. for the manatrement and irjjunient of cases in the Supreme Court of the United Mates, and before the Court of claiaas at Washington City. _ Address Washington, D C. may 10?eo3n? PL BLIC BATHS. MRU 8AUNDKKS n-snectfullrJnfV>nnii the public ibat the BATH ? -treet. in the rear of the National Hoiel. will be kept open for the accommodation of tho* who Je.Mre io avail themselves ofjt-; re.n<,1^. ag^ For the accommodation of Ladies Hie L * ?et apart A;ondav and Thursday of eauh J* :w?en the hours of 12 m and ? p m ,*"*** ? elusive use, at which tim*? ihey wiU recede the attention of co i pe'ent female attendanuc SiBKle Bath, ? oeats?Uve tickets for ?I. Thankful for the patronage extended to ner late husband, she respectfully solicit, iu continuance. au I?eoJta Tjentlemen s t NDEROARMENT*. tl/Euave a large and tine assortment of Ml*, \V oauie, Merino and Cotton ,1JLU* u and cotton Drawers, White and oulored - hlrts, Hosiery, Ac . which we aie aow ( low prices. WALL* . . i n 3ti Pa ave , next door to Iron Hal. Jy ll-tf [News].