Newspaper of Evening Star, August 7, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 7, 1855 Page 4
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G">ItfG HOME We *a'd that 1h?? day* were evil. We felt that thev might be few, For low v.^is our fortune* level, And be&vy the winter ^rew ; But one who bad no pov^ensiotl looked up to the azure dome. And said. In his simple fashion, '?Dear friend*, we are going home 4*Thi* vorld i* the same dull market That wearied its earliest *as>e ; The t- me< to the wise are dark yet, And so hath heen many an a^e. Awl rich grow the toiling nations, And red ;rrow the haf'le spears, Aad dr^rv with desolations Roil onward tuc laden )ear. ??What need of the changeless story Which time ha'h so often told, rh* spectre that fallows glorv. The canker that cone's wi'h gold? That wisd rn. a id strength and honor, Must fade like th<* fa' s-a foam, And de<itu t? tta? only winner? But. frier.d>. we are going Lome. ''The homes we had hoped to rest in Wereoj?*n to sin and strife. The <1. earns <?o r youth were blessed in, \\ ere not f ?r the wear of life ; For e*re ran dark^'i t!:f rottag?, As wel: a.s the palace hearth, And birthrights are sold for pottage, But never redeemed on ear.h. The sorinjjs have qone by In sorrow, The s immers were grieved away, Arni ever we ft i ed to morrow, And ever we blamed to-da . in depth* w tkh h the seareher sounded. On tii'i which the hi jIi heart elouib, Have tod ami trouble abounded : L'at, friends, we are going home. Our fa th wa? the bravest builder, Bi t found not a s'oiie of t?:>t; Or love was the fairest gilder, But lavished its wealth on dust. Ar.d time hath the fanric shaken, Fortune the t'ay hath shown. For much ihev have caauged aud taken. But nothing that was our owu, The light that made us b? >er, The j at as which so P'.any choose. Th<* ^lrt? there was l'.nml ho place for. The itches weO'.uld uot use; The heart tbat n jjf. vvas wintry, 1 o ind sup'.mer in strainaad tone; W ith these our i^in aad country, Dear fViends, we are going home. Bequcs's in Old Times. In the will of Kdinoi .1 E irl of M ircli, 'lat J A 1>. 1380. is the fell ?v;n.; it.-m: * To the .sin-* Abbey of \Vigni'T), 1 g.vo a lar^" cr>*?s if gid, set with stone?, with :i TC:i>.'k oi cro*: of our L -r 1; a h me of St Bihard the C afessor, bi>!.?p of Chiche.-ter, .iii i the finger of St. T.iouias tla Cunleicwc, b sh> p of ilcrei'oitl. ;iu.l tue reii^ucs of St. TL taas, bishop of CAut^rburj l.i the will ot Uijh. larl oi S:afforJ, dated l&v is a- follo ws : '? lu tn. I '*di that six large tapers be p!a?e<l ?ib.ju: my hearse, and four iuoitars of wax, but I de-ire that no horse or atuis bj offerc-i at my lttuerul. ar.d no prayers be sail thervnt excepting by eccltsisuoa, my ailies and fitc..os. Also, 1 will th.'t oue huuJr.d r-oor men bJ cljtucd in wLko, with a cros-- b-i hiau aad bu'.'ore on tu^ir garuient, ea li of t. e n tocairy a orch ao well on the vispers as en my burial day.'' From tne will of 6ir Lewis Clifford. Knight: *? At the bagiuaiug, 1. tao.-t unaoithy and <<? -i s traitor, XCCjiuaiend aiy wret-hci si. *'u! s->ul w'u lly to the grave and to the uier y ot t|>.? blessed Trinity, and my wrercht i cariK-.i i a.oyi.e; to be butted in tne tartue:t corner vl t-i. church yard, ia which pati.-h a:y wre^ bed s'.ui depart .-in froia n>y b>Kly. An i I , ia_, at. I charge my executoie. as tney wilt a.:sw : before Gol, m.d as my whole tiust ' i this u.att-r is ia tueai t a. on my stinkia^ c ?rriion be u< ither !a;d eljth of gold n <r ef fcilk. but a bl t?-k c!o*hand a taper at aty ne-d. a-id .moth* r at toy feet; ao stone a>r other tiding wtb?rcby a.ty man tn.:y lii!"W (wittc) e:c *: y stinking carr.< n li'jtn. (liir^ith. )*' ia that of \\.titer of Looiiffell. IL.-igLt. d'.tuJ I'.t'J. in: '? i tviil that my make au e?tato in tvj acres of land, more or le?s. lying ?n tl.e parish of Ea. twell, ia n field ea.l d Calig ord, at,.a ;hc same i.i fee tia:; le t? or feui h 'j.> st n n. to 4b: use a id behoof of the eburca of ?actwcll aforesaid, in rwempoase of a certain aanua1. icat ot two pounds of w ix by mo wr^.tod aad detained fruia tiie said church a^au^t my conscience." Froia the wnl of sir Thoa:is Cumberworth, dr.t^d l-t.50 " X: u-te. I xiS: my sow'.e to (*-vl my Loide aijd my red mptor a id my wrecLide bjdy to b?? b-^ryed tu achitio?a abroad or shirt?with out any kjr>le?ehe?t er eof&a?irt tLie nortue jI j of the paroeh kirke of S*>iueretby. But 1 will tny kysie b>- ia ide and atiind by, and at lay boreal!, gill it to L in that flils my gt aft*. ' (If.ave.) In-? latt'-r cxtract is in the orthography of th? uii^iaai Tae o'hers arc dr.ajed up ia tha. ot ilic preie^t d ?.}. Btt5i> Peop? e??ta-ly, the orgmi t. ana mu..y b.itid musicians, hive been the bc?t n.c e!^?s of their time; juI a schoolmistress in L ? c.l 'I ?!i w tfeat two boys vt-.t. g :?! a tc rueroi the i ?oni iuste = i Oi ru .^ing. altiiougb n T^rson u-;u^ his??e coo:d uot detect ihr- .-iigbtest sound, l'roi >a:.ders-*n. v?..o w?s blind, c >ul i in a few mo ments teli how in.:ny p? ixjls we:e ia a mixed company, mi l of eaeb sox. A o.ini Frea -h lauy c?uid dance in figu>>) dances, sew, and thread hi t wn Lcedle. A blird mac Mi Der byshire. England, has actually be. n surveyor and planner of roa Is, hi-< tar gui.iing hitn to the distance as accurately as mo eye of other;; *:.d the ate jus.i-a Fieldiiig, who w\j blind. ?ir wai". iag into a ro"?a for the fir<ttiine, after tpeuking a few wonls, s.iid. "This r K>m is ao .ut twenty two foot long, eighteen ?.dc, t'lid twelve h;gli;'' all of which wa? revealed t.i Lim vith u- curacy though the aicuiuai of bis ear. .?UOYtMfcATa i)? OCIL1PI hTfcAMKKS. Leavts For Van Washington,, Bremen........New York..Jmy 1 Asia... ....... Liverpool Boston July ai A?1el Havre New York..July'."l ID" The Calitoruia -?teim--r* Jeave New YcrX on t>.e 5ta and atth of e?r'a rrr "?h. ARK1V.VL8 AT fHlNCU>.Ui HOTELS. "rewn?' liaiel -r. r. Sc. x. lloWll. S A Kiddle aad family, NY Mis* L Smith, do J H tianiiltnn, NC C Clifton A. lv, Ala fe C vlott Pa W F Owens, do W W Collins, do C R r'avnter. Uei K K I'ayater, do S a Johnson, do A. Mrth?rsOii. do F. L Hewitt, Va T Welch, O Misa I. VYelch, do r? li Manttum, NC K 11 W hue, do K S Alvord. Ind W Sin^od, () J B Friend k ladv, Va F A Jirawner, Md ?/' iirawner, do H iireen. do J 11 Mure. I?a 1> llu_'h??s. Tern C F family, NF W L l'hinems T Roberts, N V J II Coop?r. Va W F, do Ij Carroll, do W 11 WaUon. do W illarii?* Hatel? J Hurts. Me B Fisher A lady, Va J A i>arter. hv P W stai liiipe, o BriiK kerb, tt', fa T i'oiiltney, Aid L D Sinif* ?n, la A C M ) era, I SA J F Grv~n. DC H J Beblien*. lady &. 3 daoghter*, i>a K.i.iJ.c. WILAIJ J Bi?hcp A lady, Va .Mi-N AI V Rcbb. do Hon B Brown, do C Knap, do Cup'. K> titer, do P Cook, do Col Ace crombie, USA A Worded. DC J N Alann. Va J Uirt, Md I'alted Mates llstel?a c. RtriiiT. T Kenen. Md W Randolph, Mi 5Jr? Morton Ky Mr Oakfoid, DC W Aiyers, ?d J W AL ler Va J Gav, N V Mis* Car? do R A Senders, Ky kirkwaed Haaae?i b A a. aiaawooa. Dr Hodyea. Md T Walker A dae^hter, R M Hubert* a lady, Pa (ia H Coaw.y A son. do C W Carpenter, lwT. A A Yates. Tex nurse A children, Md L. T Lcvett, Va American Ifotel J F Weil man. DC N Young, do G H Barton, Md C F Smith, do WT Klngsley. NY C G Mor;i?od, WA J I do R J Lynch, Pa 8 fc Smith. Md W H Morgan. DC C Brady, Pa H ii M Dulaty, Va M Hughes ?UKrMBOWKR A tOVXTT. Geo htir.kel, Op Tronpt Harry liehr. do Levi Brown, do J N Adams, do H K Johsuon, do W P Lehr, do T L Floyd do T Ahrend. do E T Herman, do J Wells and two chil . do ' J K Saarab, d* Medical. CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE THE GREAT PURIFIER OF THE BLOOD NOT A PARTICLK OP I* IT. AN INFALLIBLE REMEDY for Scrofula Kind's Evil, Rheumatism, Obstlnf-te Cutanc phi'ltfc Disorders, Lumbasro, Spiral Cm, plaint*, and all the diseases arising from an in Jndieions use of Mercury, Imprudence in Life or Impurity of the Blood. This valuable medicine, which become celebrated for the nnml^r of extno. ? dinary mre?, effected through !ts agency, lias hi duced the proprietors, at the t.rgent request of the i friends, to offer it ?o the public, Vhicb they iu wi h the ut W.t confidence in its virtues and won derful cilfBtivp projw?rti??s The following certil: ' '?elected from alar^e numl>er. are. however, v loader testimony than th?* mere word of the pr. nri'-tors: and are all from gentlemen w?il knovt i !n their localities, and of the highest resp^ta'uli ty, many of them rending in the city of Rich mond, Va. F. BOYDF.N, Ksq., of the Exchange Until. Richmond, known everywhere, says he h?* -e* i the .Medicine cal!t?d Cartkh's Spanish Mi;. ture, administered in over a hundred eases, Vi> nearly all the diseases for wbi<*h it i? ntoinmend ed. urttb the most astonishingly 'rood results. j|. says it is the most extraordinary medicine he h ? ever seen. AGUE a .YD fr.vt. r?G rf AT CURE.? ' hereby certify that for three years 1 had Atrue ai t ever of die most violent df *cript>sa. I had sc ?, Pbysfcians, took Iar^e quantities ofOuinin-' . lercury, and i believe a LI tiif Tonics! but all without permanent relief. At last I tri. <: Carter's Spanish Mixture, two bottl.-s ?>f whi. . effectually cured me. and 1 am happy to *a\ \ have had neither chills or i vers since. I cc? - s:der it the best Tonic in this world, a-:d the oi-i' medicine thai ever reached tnv n ? JOHN I.ONGDEN ukavfr Ditch, r.iaf Richmond, Va. '/UCK, Esq., now in tire city of Riefc and for many years in the Post ytlice. hai stlch cotiliden<e in the astonishing eliicacy of C?; ter's Spanish Mixture, that he has bought up wards of 5r> bullies, which he has yiven away to the atiiicl<'d. Mr. Luck savs he lias never kaowi. it to fail when taken according to directions. Dr. MINGE. a practising Physician, and fo merly of the City Hotel, in tire city of Richmond, says he has witnessed in a nnmWr of Instant the effects of Carter's Spanish Mixture, whiri. were most truly surprising He Bays in a cas^ <>f Consumption, dependent on the Liver, the ko< ejects were wonderful indeed. SAMUELM DRINKER, of the firinif lir - ker A 'I-ur >, Pi uinond. w ? ir>-d . f I Cotapluint of three years standin:;, by the use . ; two bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture. greatc v r e O F sc k o fli. A ?The Ko. tors of the Richmond Republican led a ser.n employed in their press room, cured ..f viol* S? .ofula, Combined with Rii 'umatisin. which . lirely disabled him from work Two bottles i. Carter's Spanish Mixture made a |?erfect cure him. and the Editors, i;i a public notice, sav tl. . ??cheerfully recommend it to all who are affilet? tl with ail;- disease of the blood.'' STILL ANOTHER cure OFSCRO FUL ' I had a vry valuable boy cured of sscrofiia b\ Carter's Spanish Mixture. 1 con*id?-r it trnl\ a valuable rre-diciire JAMES M. TAYLOR. C'? i d ",'or on tne ML. V. and P. K. K. Co.. Richmond. Va. SALT RHEUM OF TWFyTY YEARS STAXDIXU CURED?mr. JOHN Tlidill' SON. residing in the city rf Richmond, was c r< .1 by three bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, of Salt Rheum, which he had f?r neatly tweirv yi-ars, p;id which all the physicians of the ci:"y could not cure. Mr. Thompson is a well knov i merchant in tii^ city of Hi. .aoiid. and hi.s cure .s most remarkable. WM A. MATTHEWS, of Richmond. 1 <\ a servant cured of Syphilis, in the wcrrt forti:, bv Carter's Spanish -Mixture. He sr,ys Lcchrerl u y recomn:- :ds i?, a.nd cor. iders it a vrrry invulu^b. medicine. EDWIN BURTON, commissioner of the rev - nue, says Le has st*en the "ood effects of Cart * ? Spanish Mixture ia a number of Svphilitir and says it is a perfect cure for tha. horrifclu c i rase. WM. G. HARWOOD. of Richmond, cur ?d of old Sorts a:ul Ulcers, which disabi-d Lim from walking. Took a lew boitics of"s Sp ??>; h AIixt^s er.ibieJ.towUkwiii.outa.CiCi, In a short time pertinently cured. Principal Depots atM WARD,CLOSES; CC.. No. 'xs Maiiv.ii Lane. New \ork T. W DYOTT i SONS, No. 1?-J North Hc-x.'.d ?tre? % Philadelphia. BENNETT &. bl.KRS, No. 1^ Mala sire- !. Richmond, Va And for salebv ('KART^ES 8TOTT, WastSr" ton. 1?. C.; HENRY 1'l^L.L, Alexandria, ,.y Dru^istst vcywhec. Prlf ? l p<;r bc'.Le, cr rlz bottles for ?3. scp vil?ly : n H A L A T I IJ a Ton TI!* C~R8 OP ASTHMA A!fD COysUMPTIOr. ivrir a:-'o very wonderful ' a XT Gr -<x KT -A. aroBjiUt kotnc to the door ?f the MriJon ? A WONDHRFUL di'covery has recently be4 1 v ma !<? by Dr. Ci?r:is, rf tniscity, ia the tre.'" ir-nt of Conrimption, Ar-;b?::a, u-i'd aii disease of<h- Lu .^s Wer ferto Dr. CURTIS'S liV GEANA. or INHALING WVGEAN VAI'Oit AND CrhRftV S^ RUP. With this ne-v n.* Lod lir C. ua rer-tir* I tr ?nv n?B:c<'^d oni>s i ?> beali j an ev.denr*'of vhleli he ha.^. inum?r ' bie c?rt:Jeates. Spr*"i.:n^ of the treat-ncnt. tub" s.^Iku rern?.r>j, "it is tvid- ->t that lnhaliag?<jor - s'anL'v ?)i tth'n>f an agreeable, healing v. por? r/-d' .iivJ ,tat .. . ; ,,-or*.. in direct u ,iu : wl'h the who.'e rr-rlaJ e;-.V!f?".s <*f :h ? l?'np? ar. tL-:s i -"ape th* ?n"u yaad varied chonvej prMt-ft 1 upon them *~! ?a inttod : .edintothe t toniat 'i * ? ! j-ct to the proc?i.?a. of di ,{s'i'v.-' The h . a:ia Is for sale at a'l the Druf^fi' *s t**'c. 'hout ti. ecuntry.?iV. V dutchman ja?. U. " The Iciale* Is wor i on the bre^?'. rndrr the 1!. - en, without the !?*?: Inconv^ni^ire hr:.t , ; the body bf-lag sufBcient t > evaporate thf l?uid'. Hundreds cf cr.s<.= of cuitt, liL" t};e folic-*!. -. oui^ht be r^unjd. * (?ne pr kipecf the Hyj ^na has ctirirl inecZ tie AbIulji ol jii years .? undluc. J. I . K'-.rJ-BERilY, P. M. of D jnetn.ion, Pp.. I am enred of the As*' ma of tea year*' atanlis ? ky Dr. Curtl, j Lyg<'d..^. MARGARET EAtTON, Brooklyn. N. Y. MLS PAUL, of No 5 Hcmmend street. N. Y., wiu. cured of a severe coae cf Biouchitl* by Hy^eana. My sister ha- been cared of a di. fr< seln^ coti' h of several years' standing, and derided u? bo ii. ? curable by the physicians. Sue v. it cutui in moa.L by the 11 y^ ear a. j ii. GALDERT, p. M. Richmond. M?. TL- Rev. Br. CHEEVER. of New York, te;li fles of our medicine in the following iaujaia^e: New Youk, Nov. 1.1, ls&l. Dear Sir: I think hi Lly of I)r Curtis't Hv.' - Tna ss a remedy 'u diseases of Uie throat and lu'rv. Uavin^ hod soiue opportunity to testify its est - cy, I am convinced that it is a most excellent r t:: edy, btKh the Syrup aud the inhalin<; appLcailon to th? chest. Pr< f S. CENTER writes us 0B follows : G* .i"; men ?I have recently had or.^.sion tiS tt ViMir Ch*rrv S>tuj> and Hyi^esui Vapor, li ;t r. - of chronic sore t h:<.?<t, that had refused to yield ? other forms of treatment, and the renuit h:.* > ii ti-^1 me that, whatever may be the composition < x your preparation, it is no im2>ostt?;t an excel lent remedy I wish, for the t tie afflicted that it mi ;ht be brought wiihii; z o imjta .'fail. HR JC?HNS, one of the rr. -r. u ?. l'hybi cians in New \'ork writes ??? ftiiujfi: Dr Cruris?Dear Sir?Havlu* wi?ne?sed the excellent effects of your lly^eana o* Inhxling 11 , - ^ean Vajior and Cherry Syrup, lactw of ('hronie Itronchitis, and liein^ miicb ':i fa>sr of counter ir ri tat ion in affections of the throat. Bronchial tubes auditing*, 1 can therefore cheei/Ljily re< ? in-tieiui yonr Medicated Apnratus as bein? tn? m ist con venient and effectual mode of apdyiog anylhin : of the kind 1 liave ever seen. No do ibt thou.^uds of riersons may ?>e relieved, and many cured, bv a iu^ your medicines. I must here b?* allowed to coufesc that I am op nosed to prescribing or using secret compounds, but this little neatly coutrived article, anil its ef fects in tne cue 8lx>ve alluded to, have indue U me to sp?ak in its favor. You are at liberty to use this in any way yoa may think proper. Respectfully, yours, Ac., C. JOHNS, M D.. No. 609 Houston street, N. Y. Price three dollars a package. Sold by CURTIS A PERKINS and BOYD S PAUL, ISO Chambers st., N. Y. Four packages sent free to any part of the Unl Ufd fur tea dollars. N. B^?Dt. Curtis's HygeanalstheORIGlNAL and ONLY GENUINE ARTICLE; all other are base imitations, or rile and injurious counter feits. Shun them as you would POISON. For sale in Washington by CHAS. STOTT Pa^ avenue, near 7th street, and J B. MOOIIE, In the First Ward. niay ^ SHIRTS MADE TO ORDKR,?GeiillfciliBn'i b**st quality of Shirts mads to measure and wa :anted to It, at tlie lowest New York priees WALL Jc BTRPHENa. 30t Pa avenue, next to Iron Hart. Jj Medical. DOCTOR H UO FL A N D'? CELEBRATED GERMAN BITTEHS, ? Ht*PA?KT) BT or. C. M. JACKSON, Philadelphia. PaM r ? WILL KFFECTCALLT CTKR LIVER COMPLAINT, Qv ? PEPS IA, Jaundice, Chronic or t?cr*au* Debility, Dis eases of the Kidneys. and all Difasts arising from a Disordered Liver or Stomach. : a5 Constipation, Inward Piles, Fullness, or Hlcodto the Head. Acidity of the Stomach, Nau sea. Heartburn, Dinjiut for food, Fuiincs*, (r i WelpM In the Stomac h. SonrEroctat ion*, Sink > ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach. Swimming of the Head, Hurried and Difficult Breathing, Fluttering ot the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations when in a lving Posture, Dimness of Vision, Dots of AVebs before Ihe Sight, Fever and Dull Pain In the Head, Defi ciency of Perspiration, Yellowness rf the Sfcit: rtnd Fves, Pain in the Side. Hack. Chest, Limb* Ac., Sudden Flushes of Heat Burning In th?' F le*h. Constant I maginings of Evil, and great Depression of Spirits, f|1lTE PROPRIETOR, In calling the attention A of the Public to this preparation, does so with a feeling of the utmost confidence in its virtues and adaptation of it to the diseases for whi h it is recommended. It is no new and untried article, but one that has stood the test of a ten years' trial before the Amer ican people, and it* reputation and sale is unri valled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony in Ps favor given bv the most promi nent and well-known Physicians and individual -, in all p;>rts of the country is immense. The fol lowing from North Carolina is respectfully sub miited. referring any who may still donot, to th?? ?'Memorabilia.'' or Practical Receipt Book, for Farmers and Families, to be iad gratis of all the \ gents for the German Hitters. Principal Otflfe and Manufactory, 1'20 ARC1I STREET, 1 illLADEI.PHIA, PA. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. H". Smith, of Pine Hill, KicA moni County, Ar. C. Pink Hill, March 4, 1854. Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philacb l;>hia?Dear Sir: 1 'nave been a subject of Dyspepsia, in it.s worst form, for the last live years Su^h was my cond - lion for twelve months that the physicians end ;. 1 who saw me said 1 must die. While in this e< n dition I was carried to the watering places in Vir ginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina, b it \\j.s ??"t benefitted by any water to which 1 was taken. While on my way home I stopped a week at K nin erfordton, a small village hi North Carolina, f ? 'ry the effect of some Chalybeate waf r in ti.;:' pfa' e. About the last of the week I wont into a drug store to get some medicine for mv child ar: i inyselT. Tut .e were several of the village ? ?I;\ ^: j < ian.s in the store, and one of tie-in seerfe <! to tal e j aire (Merest in mv raw. and. aft*-r asking n ? | ?o.u-o : ': ?ions. said he had been a dysivpfic a.*i i ! had i'*i ;i jre :ly benefitted bv the use of HOOl - J I.NND'S Gi'RMAN BITTERS, prej ,r-?i \ : ' von. and he insKted that I world trv the Hitter - | lie al?o railed tr.e nejt day at mv r.wm. r.'id u | s\:,-d ?o much tha* I would trv toeni that i aske 1 ? ' m toget me one tattle. Hedid it, and I I irienc.-d taking it as directed, ami I wa- more In*' - j etiti-il by it than all the water and medicine I La.I j ever taken. After reaching home one of mv neighbors came fo me for a prescription and medicine. (headvv ?wptie.) and I gave him nearly all the Hitters I 1 hid 1? ft, which effected much go >d in his ca* 1 ?Ie lias often called on me for more of the same ; kind of med!cin?, saving he was more In-nt aite.i by it than any other be had taken, but ! have n t b. en f0 any more for him or mvs' If sir -??; ! will you. therefore, please thip u.e a dozen ?..* more as soon as possible. Respectfully, yours, W SMITH. D R. HOOKER. Roger's Store. Wake Co., N . C.. OctoberS4, 1So3, says: ''Having experienced very ere;*.tbenefit from the use of IfoOFI?> \ ll'S GERMAN BITTER** in ?'hro? . Dysentery and fractional derangement < f 'he I.iver, and iUs Co i v <?? e/.'.>, i ?i, -itoi'S of obtaining a i^'iami 'v ofitforihe l>e:.ei;? i f u / ccmur.nuy. \ ou will, therefore, p.\ast? "Lei a lot, Ac., Ac. CERTIFICATE OF \VM. J, ATWOOD. Hcntsvillk, Yadkin Co.. N. C ) November 1st. ISS1} j Dr. C. M. Jack-on?Dear Sir: Allow iiie to ex press to you mv sincere thanks for your di -< over r of a medicine which, to say ti:- 1-a^t of it. Las ef irnt'd a cure that all oiher inedlcines, that 1 have tak?n. have enlirely failed tod >. HOOF LAND'S tiKRMAN BITTERS havecinnl rru< of the rno * stubborn ?A igwiltd of the rnu that, [><'rhaps. ever feil (o the lot of man. Myp^e i< not a stranger in this community, as I i m wc'l known In this and the surioant'i: ? counties, and cart tr ;ly s;iy taat rnv recovery itstoi'iidcii :..l iny f'ier.ds and relation", as I Vd tried ever^-thh ; u?iu^r.dtd. ajid uothing did any ;t" was prev.'Ld upon to trv i? Bi'tvts \ c-> it liberty to make any ?: of this t?rr.mrn!i. ? for t'.?e oenefit cf the aiflictcd, you im: thij:t ?er. Truly, yours, These bitters are verttn^le, they invff on*te and strengthen the systemf never pro frV'c it, and can be used for infants as well as aduiu,. Fcr sale by respectable dealers everywhere, rr i by 7,. IJ. 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A popular and co;?r;''? - ve J ruatise on the Duties a:;I Ca-valti-s m - gleand married Ufe?happy and fruit* a : mod ? of hxuringthcm? lrrel'.cito.uj a: ,-t n 'tTti' one?? itir ole/U-tru and removal,? ltnoe/ti ' hint; to o^e c; )U > .pbtting mat:inio v. tl : will owerc-nme objections to it; none, hovrt ver, suouJd tdk - this import nt step withca: flret cnsultlng I'-i page ?commer.tari?es on the diseabosand met . : ireatmeut of f males from fiJancy ti> old a-'e, ?:? L case graphically illustrated by civ.r.tir-il i?;hotn r-hic plate-!?ati vous debility, its causes a-d c::r -, by a Lroc<:-s3 at once no aim fie, safe, and efTr* vial that niilure is in.possible?rule.-; for da'ly manage ment?an essay on Sporinatorrhwa, wito r-t lical cV?He*vaticns on a safer and more s> f.ti n- xlo of trea'ment?precautionary Lints or. ti e eviia ri sultlng fr.>m emjilrical e?tn essay o.i all <li>eis-s arisiii--; from inHb-crt'ion, wl:"a plain a- -I ?oinple riiies iyy which all persons < hii cure tLt-n. selves wituont mercurj*?remedies t.?r tnrme s-.e]f iaflict .d miseries and disacpointed hop-* j^o un fortunately prevalent in the young. It is a fr.rth ful .tdvistrto the marr>d;:r>d thosecontcmp! -.tii.o matriage. lis perusal is partic.u.i.*i\ recomue n?l d t > r/'rsons entertaining st-cret doubts of thctr FAIIS, PERFUMERY, TOILET ARTI cles, Ac.?We have now in store a large vari ety of fine and common Fans. Harrison1* ?id Lu bin's celebrated Perfumery, Brushes, Combs, vis iting and playing Cards. Tooth Powders, Porte Monnaies, J->igar Ca?es. Card Cases, Baskets, Ac., we ?"VeU,n? out at iow prices to ?ait the time? at the Piano, Music, Stationery, and Ftncy Ooodi Store of JOHN F ELLIS, aw pt avtnu ?, bet tth tad Wth ?t?. my ^3?tf o ;dl parts? N. B ? Those who prefer may consult I)r. LA CKOI X upon any of the diseases upon which this book treats, either personally or by mail Medi ciiu sent to any part of the L'nion Jw:cordii4g to di -e tions, safely ;lacked and carefully secured from ;dl ob-ervation. Addr-ss Dr. M. B LA CROIX, No. 31 Maiden Lane, or Post Ouice Box 5T9, Albiinv, N. Y. 4D~ Ollite open daily from 9 a. m. to tf n. m., a ad on St'iidav from 2 until 5 p. m. iiJ" Oillce R hMOVED from No. 56 Bcave. st to -;l Ma dia Lane, Albany, N. Y. dec 7?y VVATtUES 1* JEWELRY. SILVERWARE, A-r. M? W? GALT &. BRO lire constiintly rcccivingr larye invoices of the above, end offer every article in their line at the lowest rates. UOLD AND SILVER WORK of every de scription made to order, nuch as TESTIMO NIALS, richly embeilLsbed. with appropriate de vfctS Ac TEA DlNNt'R SKK" Precious Stones set in every style, however elab orate. ARMS, CRESTS, MOTTOES, Ac cut oa stone. M. W. GALT A RRo , :?1 Pa. ae., tftween Ninth ai:d Tenth sU. Je 14?tf Miscellaneous. TltASUBT 0IFAKTXK3T, June 30, 1858. pi'OPOSALS will be rfrflwd at this depart , , m?nt un,?l the 27th day of August next, at 12 o clock, m., for furnishing (wrought, fitted, and delivered In a properstafeto put imothe build uv) all the material for the exterior walls of the south win? of the extension of the Treasury Department uilding. which will be either granite or marble as may here*ft?r 1* determined. The bidder whose bid is accepted, ?n have the Privilege of furnishing the material for (he <mtsMe of the re mainder of the building when ConjreM irrav have made the necessary appropriations for it* construc tion, provided that at that time it is deemed for the interest of the United States to give it to him The department reservirig the right to reject the proposals hereby invited, shouid tb? interest of the I'nited Stated require it. The stones must all lie wrought to the dimen sion*. sires, models,Ac., which tnay be furnished by this department, by which all measurements will be governed. /n ' '^e court or rear side of the exterior the walls will he piniTi ash'er, w?th plain window opening of equal height in the thr^e upper stories, and crowned wi'h a cornice similar to the fear of the present building, without the architrave and frieze. On the remainder of the exterior walls, the col umns and antae. their capitals and bases, the enta blature and balustrade, the window and doordres *c-istyle of architecture of the present building, so fir as ornament is concerned, will be preserved throughout, with the exception of the door and window openings, whit h may be varied, ere.-pt those in the east endof the two wings. The sizes, shape, and dimensionsof the columns. antae, capitals, buses, and cross section of the entablature and balustrade will be the same as in the present building. I t ot granite, the shaft of the columns mav lie either in one or three pieces of equal length. The base and capital of the columns and antae will eas h be in on* piece. The architrave of theentab lature will extend in one length from centre to cen tre ?if antae or column, and those over the latter to be composed of but one block, with both sides arid hot loin wro-tglit. together with such parts of tl>" top as ma\ be required. Those over the antae, theou er fa/.' and the top and bottom ed^e. P>ie faceof the ashler must Ik* perfect! ,' wrought to the samjde, with all the necessary he-ids. re bates, returns, Ac., required. The beds, build*, ends, tVe., rough hammered to the so uare. AH re bates, mouldings,, ornamental and bevelled work must t*> t lean wrought, and agreeably to the direc tions given by the superintendent. If marble 1* used, the shaftsof the eolnmns may be in fo ir and live pieces; the architrave in one length from cent rc to centre of t he col .imnsor; but over the former may be composed of three wparate blocks, one laying flatwise, forming tlie underside and the first member on each edge: the oiher two standing on edge; forming the inside and o;.t*!d?* faces of the same. Those over the antae must be in one block. The measurement of the material and work de livered. and the payment thereon will mad'j agree ably to tue following form and schedule, and all bid* m i.-t be made accordingly. Seh-d l - <>r rule for the measurement of materials to he d'.'livt r<*d. viz : Cornier. p? r f >ot in leng'h. Including cost of slork. freight, and workmanship * Architrave over column, including cost of s; ? l\< igbt, and workmanship A r i'.i' raveovcr antae, including cost of stock, freight, and workmaaship Capital* of coliimns. each including cost of stork, freight, jind workmanship Capitals of antae, eacu. including cost of mock, freight, and workmanship Bases of antae. each, including cost of stock. freight, and workmanship.. Bases of column, each, inducing cost of stork. freight, and workmanship Shafts < f column, in one piece, including cost of stork, freight, and workmanship.. Shafts of column, in three or more pieces, including cost of stock, freight, and work manship I'lain si?*p>, (with a cross section of 1 7 by t-.Vj to; indie.,.) .^r foot in length, inclu ding cost of stoc*,freight, and workman ship Pf irius.:{ ft'fi wide, length not exceeding lt< feet. including stock, freight, and work iiiaiiship, superficial foot of surface seen For any greater width than y feet, up to 8 f Increase of price per suj?crficial foot for each additional 3 inches of width of All the other stones of the building whose wid'h d >es not exceed thr^e tunes their thickness will Le m "asured as follows : 1 in* stock in ail stones whose contents do not ex< r? d :;t) cubic feet, will be measured and paid for by the cubic contents, at per <: dfoic foot m For all s'unes exceeding 30 feet and not ex ceeding 7b cubic feet', for each additional fool in additional price of. per cubic foot. F.ira!l stones ex it ding 70 cubic feet Inccu t' its, fureach additional f. lit an additional price of, per cubic foot For stones cf greater width than three t'mes their thickness, there will be paid r.a additional j.rice of per cent for each additional three Inrhe:; in width. The work on the above will be measured and paid for by the superficial foot. For each super lit ia! Toot ci ilue hammered granite work.ce**a equal to ."No 1 hpinmering on Boston custom-house, per superficial foot ] Ao '2 hamm* ring on Boston custom-house, per sap rflcial fool *'0 > hammering on Boston custom-house. par sup-rficial foet INo 1 hammering on Boston cus'oro-hcit'e. per superficial root For all I* ds. build*, ends, backs. Ac., ham mered full to the square, as ordered, per superficial foot T-ch bidder to furnish a samnle?a cube of one foot r>[ the stone he proposes to d-.liver, *vith five fa<-i*. hammeied, giving on four sides his under standing of the ubc re four qualities of hammering; the'ifth side, his rough hammering; while the sirtt; may show the rough stock; and this will be u.-ed os a standard la judging cf the stock d?- I live red. 11 ol marble, the faceof the ashler must Ik* ham mered ii ih - most perfect manner, agreeably to a !?'. q i i of (he size above named, to be furnished by 111" >*idfl* r; and the surface seen will b- meas ured af'd paid for at j* per superflci:U foot Fot h imiu?.:iug of beds.buildi, bric ks, Ac., full \ l -arc, an per same, $ per superficial fo it. if the above Is sand rubbed. ner cent Is to he added. I'or hammering of channels and rebates, not ex- 1 Of ding 4 by a inches, cent additional oer lineal foot. * i or Larmnering of mouldings of one curve, ?? per ci. it. additional upon thecost of plain woik; of wwo curves, per cent, upon plain work, per su perficial loot. " l.ach arr's on SMine, cents per lin?al foot. ...or hammering bevelled work, per cent ad ditional to plain work; but to apply only to the part cut oil from the so uare work, and which is in no case to be tne.isiired in the plain work. t o: hammering of circular work, per cent. oddit*onul to plain work. A i..< ty | vr cent, of the amount of the work done a>.a material delivered, according to the contract p.-.ce, (s.nd amount to lie ascertained by the e.sti ii.ate.ut the superintendent appointed for tlial pur pose,,, wih paid from time to time as the work proceed*, and ten jwr cent retained until the com pletion of tLe contract and accptance of the work o-e.., oy the superintendent aforesaid. Contracts will be awa-ded only to master build ers or mechanics; and the assignment thereof ex ccpt by consent of tbe Secretary of the Treasury, Will be d forfeiture of tl.!j sjiinp '-very proposal must be accompanied by a writ ;>.n?;?arwle?' M4',R'd l,> ,wo ^pous,ole person*. r , , s.? b>"tlje district attorney or jud"e ? f the said district) that tt,e bidder w,U, When re qui.-cd. if ills proposals be accepted, enter into a contra, t end bond, with proper Aud s. tfieient se C'luties hi the sum of ixfly thousand dollars, for l^efaitid 1 jierformance of the same, if for the whole worit, and of a projxirtionate amount if for a p.irt thereof. Any information touchin" the mat tei can be obtained by application to the Treasury ueiartment. J alsrt reived up to the afore said date lor furnishing and delivering at the site, b> the pert:h, the rough stone for the foundation cellar, and area wi-lls of said building, and must bj-ofthevery best de.vription for that pur,"^* aev y ill be required in such quantities and at such times as will be most for the convenience of die operation on the work, anu in quality, to the entire approval of the superintendent. 'Hie de partmeiu reserving the right to reject the proiKisals Ue.ebv invited if the interest of the United States s.ioirid require it. d1S?j;r:^U m,,st be*Pnt fo thi? department, , to ,lh? s'ljienntendent. under cover to the lrra>un-, (endorsed " Materials for ih Treasury Build* Hg Exttnsion") and Will wJw ati k- P- ot the last day .H?W?r fr ," tLe saine'in the Presence of the bidders, if any choose to attend. Knuuirer, Richmond, Va ; Sentinel, Alexandria. > a., intelligencer and Star, Washington, D. C > un and Republican, Baltimore, Aid.; Pennsvlva n?an Philadelphia; Day Book' and' Sun W N oik, 1 ost. Boston; Argus, Portland, Me.; Patriot Concord, N. II., and Argus, Albany. N. Y two times each w?*:k for sixty days Bill to be cent Secretary of the Treasury . ' t0 M?nt 10 A. H. BOWMAN Je a7-a?J^JIrC"nry BrilTTAlfNlA ANOPLAIf ISHED WAKE. TEA and Coflce Urns, CoiTee Greques, CoflV? r?9 l'8' o Filters, Coffeepots, Teapots, ^ Dishes, Imperial Uish Covers, Soup Tureens, Castors, Pitchers, Cups, Lamps, Candlesticks, Segar Lamps, Spit ?, atUie Housekeeper^FurnishingStwre, ^ Seventh street. GEO. FRANCIS, jya?tf T>LAMK BOOKS of all kinds and sUesfor sale at unusually low prices. )y W FRANCE TAYLOR. Information for Travelers. BY RAILROAD DIRECT TO THE WEST Time betweea Waskiaftoa and Wh??lli| bat 17# hoar*! Running Time between Washington and Cincinnati 27 hoars " THtortH TICKETS AXD IAOA1CI ClBCSS TO St Ha L' !R WAIHlXeTO.I. The baltimorITand ohio rah ROAD having gTeatlv improved Ms Western connections, now offers the fullest inducements to Traveller* between WASHINGTON, BAf.TI MOR K, and ail portion* of the WEST, NORTH W EST. and I he SOU TH W EST. Theconnection betwees (he Trains from Wash insrton and the Trains bound West from Haiti more is rlway* promptly made at the Wash ngton Junction (lately caUed the Relay Honse) 9 mile from Baltimore This!s the only change of car. required l>etween Wa?hinatoTJ and theOhioriver Hagpuif is checked through to Wheeling at th> ?\ ashinirton Station, and recbecked and trans ferred there. fwith the pasaeagrr*) without charge for those holding Through Tickets for point* 1-e vond. The connecting Trains leave Washington daily at a m. and 4,V p. m On Sundays at tb? latter hour only. At WHEELING dirtrt rimn*rtinn Is mad with the fain* of the CENTRAL OHIO RAIL ROAD, running from Bellaire. on the Ohio, ne? Wheeling, through Cambridge, Zanesville, and Newark, to COLUMBUS Tcese trains conne< at Newark with thecarsof the Newark, Manstield and Sandusky Railroad for Sandusky, Tol?*lo Detroit. Chicago. St. Louis, etc. At COLU M BUS the C. O. Railroad trains con nect with the fast trains of the Little Miami Rail road to Xenia, Cincinnati. Louisville, etc. A? \K\1A (on Little Miami Railroad)connection formed with the train* through Dayton, to Indian apolis, 'f'erre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Hot I Island. St f.ouis. etc. I ?7" Passenger* holding Through Tickets foi Memphis, Vieksburg, A'aukrz, X*u>* etc.. which are also sold at Washington?are Iran* ferred at Cincinnati to the Mail Steamers on th Ohio. Tickets for EvansviUe, Cairo, and >; Louis are sold by this route. JUT* For CLEVELAND, and via Clevelard tr Toledo. Detroit, Chicago, etc., tickcts are f-old when the Ohio is navigable between Wheelin and \Y ellsville (forty miles) where a connectio with the Clt-veUcd' and Pittsburg Rail/oad L nude Travelers are requested to notice that while tbi is the only route affording Through Ticket* an Checks in Washington, It is also the shortest most speedv, and direct to nearly all the k??tir> points in the irreat West The disttme froi; W asiiington to Cin- innali is fc.t tiSl mil**, bein. about M*t miles shorter than bv any other route' FARE, BV THROUGH TICKET, PRO.\ WASHINGTON :?To Wheeling, ?9 50; Co! an bus. ?13 ?5: bay ton. SJ3 30: Cincinnati, ? !?> w< Louisville, bv n?'lroEd. Si* 65, bv sieaicer fror Cincinnati. 318 UM; Indianapolis, *17 50; Ciev land. $I:J o4>; To!-do. S13 Mi; Detroit, f ii * Chicago, and $193); St. Louis. #?> fit* at S*-'.1): Memphis, *'$>: New Orleans, .? >!; ?-tc 'IT" FOR FREDERICK AND IIARPER> FKRP Y M \RTINSHURG. C UMBER 1.A \ * B .FKLL ,* SPRINGS. BEDFORD SPRING PIEDMONT. OAKLAND, and FAIRMOUN'l passengers may lej,ve Washington at 0 a in ?? [> m. For tne minor way stations bet\ve? La.'utiore ; ad V/heeling, take G a. m train froi Wash; 'n> ton. !I7" For trains to ar.d from Baltimore. AnarolS et< .. see sj?-< ;ai advertisements. ID-For further information. Through Ticket* ftc...apply to THOMAS li PARSONS, A er. at V? asnicgUu Statioa. JOHN H DONE, Master of Transoorta:ion, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Baltimore m?.v 3?tf ORANGE Jr ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. d HE AT SOUTHKR\ MAIL LIVE' TWICE d-?ilv between WASHINGTON ar.d the SOI'TH, r? a ALEXANDRIA, tiOK DONSV1LLK ai;d RICHMOND?so ci: Lt lirt on Si' Leave Washington X before 6 o'clock a m L?mv<? Alexandria ^ ?? 7 "am Leave Washington % "7 " pm Leave Alexandria ?? 8 44 p in P A KX?* BV NTGHT LISS. Fr-m Wa*Liryton and Alexandria, to Gcr dunsville..... ^3 j.-. From Gordons.iHe to Richmond 2 '25 Travelers will tlnd the morning line thechea; est. innst ple-sant at.d exp<"diti'?iis route to tie Greener.--p Sulphur, Fauquier ^Vhite S .1 phur, v. ? rm. Hot, Alnm an?l Capon Split ?*>. Warrenton, Chariottsville. Staunton. Strasht ?:% Winchester, Harrisonburg, I.esingto-, We r r Cave, Natural Bridge, Luray, NewM.ufc*, dlebtrrg, Ac. FAHKS BT KORNtyC LISS : Frem Alcsaudiia to Warrenton. - - jr-> (?, Gordonsville, - 3 Z \ CiarlottesviL'e, - 4 SO " Staunton, -' - 6 M " Strnsburg, - - 3 ? ' W Inchester, - - 3 VI " Luray, - . - 4 2,? " New Market, - 5 U) " Middleburg, - - 2 2.? OMNIBUSESardBAGUAGE WAGONS vi;; be at the Depct of the Washington Railtoad. to conyfy^ssfiioera and baggage to the Steam.k at. Tor ALEXANDRIA, a distance of 3 miles, allow ing atnplc time for meals. H W. VANDEGR1FT. Jy? Gon. Sup*. THE POTOMAC RIVER STEAM BO *n COMPANY'S STEAMER ALICE C. PRlCi: CAPT. SAMTEL RAKER. \VILL LEAVE WASHINGTON AT S?X v? oVlock h. m .and ALEXAN- _ -T*~" , DR !A at T o'clock, a. m.? On TUESDAY MORNINGS?For Matto Curriomaa, L. Machodoc, Piney Point. Kiiisal and Cone. On FRIDAY MORNINGS?For Chanel p0ln' Wicomico, Leonurutown. Piney Point, St.Marv'd. and Cone. *,n .V. KDNESDAY, /returning)?I^avc Cone a? 4 o'clock, a. in., for St. Mary s, Piney l'oisit. Leoaardtown. Wicomico, and Chapel IVint. On SATURDAY, (returning)?Leave Cone at 4 o'clcck. a. m . for Kin-a'p. Piney Point, L Ma chodoc, Cum>man, and Mattox. The A C. Price will call at the usual lar.dinrs on ih-i r(v? r when sig.iaL* are made. By o;Jer of the Fonrd: JAMliS P. SMITH, President. Alexandria, Va., Jane 1, 155J. Je lo?tT STEA>lDOATS CONNECTING ITH EACH TRAIN OF CARS ARP.IV ing in Washington *r Alexan- _ , ? w dria.?The Steamer* T1H.S. COL YER or GEORGE WA>fliNGT?)N will 1:1.1k, the above Conner*ioas, l?a?in r Washington aiB z m , for the (>ra:ige and Alexandria Cars, and cor. nect with tl-.e same train 0.1 cheir arrival. MEALS furuished 011 the bo-its. The Boajj connect with all the trains from Bai timore. SAM'L GEDNEY, Captain, may 17?tf ALEXANDRIA A WASHINGTON BOATS rpHE Steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON wil J leave at the following hour*. _ itfL" * Fare 1*2 Vf ci nts. The THOMAS COLLYER, when no: o.hci Ways engu^ed, will make trips on the route at al ternate hours. I^eavc Washington at G. 8, 9X, 11^, 2*, 4. and 7. Leave Alexandria at 7, 9,19^, IX, 3jtf, 4^, ant* ^1*. S ?The Boat will leave Alexandria at 1 \ j: m., or i.ainediaieiy 011 the arrival of the cars. Jy 7?d JOB CORSON , Captain. THE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL -ifiTttiL UNITED STATES AIL stk*mi:r ?- ; *! rpIiK ?HIPS COMPRISING THIS L1A1 X are the ATLANTIC, Captain West, PACIFIC, Captain Nye, BALTIC, Capfciin Comstock. ADRIATIC, Captain Graf'oa. These Ships have been built by contract, ex p -ess. ly for Government service; every care Las beer taken in their construction, as in the engine s. u insure strength and speed, and their accommod \ ?ioius for passengers are unequalled for tlc^anct and comfort. rates 07 passags. F rom New York to Liverpool, la first cabin, Second cabin, - <? Exclusive use of extra size state rooms. - From I,iverp<s3l to New York, - -?30 and ??& An experienced Surgeon attached to each sLip. No berth tan be secured until paid for. For freight or passage apply to illlwfeDI. COLLINS A CO., 56 Wall street, New Yo.k. BROWN, SHIPLEY 4 CO., Liverpoo. E O. ROBERTS ft; CO.. 13 King's Arms \ am, London. JOHN MUN ROE A CO.. afi Rue Notre Dame de* Victoires, Pari* GEORGE H. DRAPER, Havre. The ownci of these ships will not be account.1 tie for gold, sliver, bullion, specie, ieweiry, p.c clous stones, or metals, unlers bills of laoi'm are signed therelor, and the vaiae thereof therein ex pressed. nov 16? ly WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. C CHANGE OF HOURS.?On and afu-r Mob > day, the 'iJd instant, the Trair* will Ixsve Washington at 6 and a. m , sal 2 r.nd 4)4 p. m. On Sunday at 4 >4 p m Leave Baltimore at and 9ga n . and 3 tc 1 5K p. m ? On Sunday at4K a m ap83?ir T H PARSONS, Agant. Information for Travelers. TO THE PUBLIC. TBE f?TP.AMERS MOUNT TERNON and BALTIMORE will stop at Al- ~ eiandna. )><>tli da\ night, andg at the landing" on the Potomac river : Far* bv tb?*e boats, rlx : To Alexandria ..... ......?..#0 If To Marhurr'*-. I To Cockpit Point 1 50 To Uuantico.................????????????? 1 3? To Sandv Point,... 1 M To Aquia Cwk ? W Excursion ticket* to Aquia Creek and return. In cluding dinner or mipt?r, fi. A deduction on this charge vrt 11 W made to parti** of lea or more, wishing a davlight or moonlight Kicwtiaa This will: ff?rd to our cittzen* a pleasant recre ation from the beat aid d -at of the city at very moderate rate* I. R EYNOLDS, Captain MM MITCHELL. Captain. Either of the above boat* can V* f bartered foe F!rnr*lfla?, Twiij.fte , br spplving to GEO. MATTING!.Y. Supf*r1ntcndent of the Washing ton and F vdencksbnrg Me im boat Company, jy Jl?et.lw CANAL PACKET LINK TO POINT Of KOI KS. THE Canal Packet CONfiRRW bavin- Wn thoroughly repaired and pnt%aSW*-J.jjjjV in first rate order (the ma'h inert ^^SSS&EES tieing removed and horse power Miiftituied) c<>n Inue* making her regular trips between George town and the ahnve pla~e. The Boat will leave the wharf of V HAH Q Hitter for Point of Rock* on MONDAYS, AYKD \ ESDA YS and FRIDAYS at? o'clock a. m. *nd 'he Point of Rock* for Georgetown on Tt ES DAYS, THURSDAYS md SATURDAYS at tbe -am" hour, stopping at the d;fi?r? nt landing* alcng ? he line fvT the re. eption and landing of paasengers and freight, ?Pin and returning. The Boat will kave Georgetown at 7 o'clock a. in., and arrive at the bead of tbe Great Falls at 11, Seneca at 1. Edward'* Ferry -iH, MonocacvS)^, Kr.owlan's Fern 6. and IVint of Rocks at 7 o'cl k m. Returning, l^ave Po'it alia t: . Kn.>w lan'* Fetrr at 7Jg, Mou^x vy?, Edward * Ferry II, Seneca'1, Great Fall* 3*. and arrive*: Ueorjje own at 7 p m. Passage through either way ?2. Meal* served r?t'ii!*rlv on l?o*-d the boat at mod erate price*. CHARLES MERRILL, Oapt. je "i-">?dtf FOR JlOt NT TERN ON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS.?PARK, round; from Alexandria _ ?rll'"- ' ^ 5 cent* ?The stealer THOMAS COLLYER It 'V? Washington at S7 and A?e*an lr:a at !<>< o'clock Caarhe* leave the Capitol for he boat at o'clock. Coa? h f:;re 10 ceid* Per or.* wishing the i oaches will leave tbe.r res-:drv;* wvi'h George A Thomas Parker. Refreshments on the I Mat. o?.t ?tf SAM ?L G EDN EY. Captain. TO ALL THAT VALUE TK.-I7 BIGHT. \TriSHt> toenll the attention to aW that snff-r \ T with defective sight, cauwd by a^e. stcfe u-ss and pariicularly from glass** injudiciously m-Im ted. to hi* Mj;>erior SPECTACLES ana uifissllS carefully ground by himself to a Itu* spherical accuracy. and brill .ant transparen* v, ulted precisely and l?et?efli tally to the wearer ac ?iding to the concavity or convexity of the e\e. Vers* numerous are the ill efi'ects can-ed to the I'er.iou* orgaa cf alght from the coaiUMrtmnt of using glasses in i.ntbiiiig precisely Milted, bf the use of an Ortom?t*r; and the practiceor many vars. enable* him to m? asure tbe fo> al disease of Ibe eve*, and such glassos that are nbsalutely re li^rod wiU be furnished w;th precision and satis faction. .I T. acknowledges the verv liberal enconrage n tut already obuincd. and further solicit* the pa tronage of thf>se that have not yet availed them selves of hi* aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing the gla*M:s In u*e, and s?uti.ig how many i;u he> they can read this print with th*-ir specta cles. can l^e supplied with such that will improve their alght. _ Innumerable testimonials to be seen ; and refer ences given to inanv who Lave derived the greatest ease and comfort from hi* Circulars to be Lad gratis, at his office. No 51"2 Seventh street, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hull, up stairs. Norfolk, September 7. '"M. Sir?The Speeta< les you for me suit verv ?.veil, tujdaeeiii to have improved uiy sight mere ibau any other I ?ave latel\ tr'?d. L!TT. W. TA7EWELL. I tried a r;i'r of S;?ctarles ob'iin?*d from Mr. Tobias, and tud them of irreat assistance to iiw siuat, and cor.-esfxni 'ing vu.l) his d?-cr puo?? ?f'hefoctu. 1 recomm< H ^skil' iu??i tl clan. HE'SRY A. WISE. Mr J Tobias : Sir?Th- |^irof <perta? ies vou furnished in*- ?esterdiy are ury to me. They are vrn Pf id?^lly tbe be?t I ,w.?s?-sr, and I an- tbe owner of eii:bt or ntne pair, aref. Ilv seler'?d in difl'er*i t plac?-s ard from op ticlans recommended to in- on a? count cf tb' ir nrofeeslonal standing in llngiind. Fr.ince ab-> 'b* United States. 1 have in-en ah>o pleaMfd with v'our remark* and directions on the treatment <A he eyes, for the purpose of preserving and iroprcT ;ng the sight. Respectfully, yonr*, CKAS CALDWELL, Professor of M C., Lcui- vllle, Ey LYTtcHurao. Nov 1?. In>1 Mr. John Tobias having furnished me with Glasses, hv which I have Or-en greatly aided (tny vision having suflered greatly from reading at light in my earlier life) it aM^rd? me the higbe*t pleasure to say that I consider h'm a skillful prac ical opt>eian. and well prepared to aid those who may need h!s professional services WM. K ROUZIE, ' Elder of Methodist Conference. Wiwisstos.N C ,Jan * Mr. J. Tobias : I'^ar Sir?1 am happv to pav that tbe Sptctacl?-s whl? h 1 o'jtalv-d fn>m von last **er-k are entirely salisfa* lory. From an inequal ity in the vi'ttal nn?r of my e%es, 1 have h?*eto ror.* found grciit diC'cultv in gttting glasses of tbe proper focal distance It arSrAs irt pleasure to ?state that, by the a:d < f VOt:r optom? er. this d'.? cultv h:ts be *n haj'pilv cliviafs so that i he glasses you ^ti*nbh*d me ar'"dM'd'^dlv t'.* ''est adapted io By eyes of any I have ever yet ux d. Very rcspectftilly, yours. K B DRANK, Rector of M Jaii:"*" Parish. Derortmert of Interior. May 7, 1SJ5 From natnrst defe?-ts and the unequal rar^enf mv eves, I have been compelled to use glasses f-?r severil years 1 have tried dtflerent MXlclan* without'obtaining glasses perfectly ttted to mv e.cs Four motiths s.nte Mr Tobias made tvo : airs especially* for me, v. hl< h 1 Lave found to ?rve me jierfis'tlv Fv the use of his optom* ier he i* enai-Ied to adapt Glasses minutely u- the evv. I m'wt cheerfully recon m? r.d Mr. Tohlas to ail having occasion to ure^Las^rs. and bear my UsU* ?LOnv as to his skill a* an optic ?an. HENK\ E BALDWIN, Assist, fecc'y to sign Land Warrants Jy FAIli HILL BOARDING &( liOOL frOR CIKLV S.yndy Sprtng, Mon'n mtry frssfy. Mi THE ninth ter-n of this Institution will com mence on tbe 10th day of the ninth month (September) ne<t. Circular* containing tbe needful information in reirard to the School < an b? obt^ ined bv those w I 0 desire it, by addressing, a: Olney Po t Office, Vlontgomery' oountv, Marvla-.d, K. S. KIRK-or \YM H. FAROUIlAR R-fer to Jno. T. Towers. Lambert Tr?-e. " U Wallarh. Je ????tow?w _ NOTICE TO THE CBEDITORS Of HALL At UKOT1ILK. E>ARUCH HALL, surviving partner of Isa?r J i Hall, hav::ig on the gstu day of Februv v.^ assigned to the und< r.-ign? d ali the ?Ux k 15 trade and"debts of the Brui of Hull & brother. U> ?V applied to the fuli satisfaction of certain debts, liabilities, and engagements of said lirm of Hall Sc Urother. and the surplus to pay end dist: biite rateably among such cf tbe remaining end- ^ Uors of sa>d trm as shall within six months ftom said it-th uay of February, 1^S5, execute and de liver to sa'd Baruch Hall full and absoljte re leases of all indebtedness to ttem respectively by -aid Baruch Hall, surviving partner as afores d i Notice Is therefore hereby given to such credi *? r* of said hi in of Hall A. Brother, or sa:d Baruch liall, suryivir.g partner, a* mav desire to partici pate in the beutriit of said assignment to rx?"cute <t.d deliver to said Baruch Hall ful ^nd absolute .flea^es as aforesaid, within tbe period of six months front said *>'h dav of February. 1-*5 RICHARD WALLACH," Trustee, je 11?eotAug*jt>th * KLLSL S EAGLE PLUMBING AND OAS FITTING DEPOT. THE subscnljer respectfully announces to his friend* and the public in general that he La* received the first lot of the *e.ebrated DODOE S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, which reef ? \? d the MLVLR MEDAL at the late Fairof the .Ve*i.?poUtan Mectauics' Insti tute, end is ..ovr p'- r an d to furnish all *ho nray favor him with a ' ail. His stock of GAS F IXTl" K ES are msurpsssed In the District With his corps of competent workmen her^des himself to fill anv orders in the PLUMBING AND GAS-FITTING line With promj and despatch. J]_7~ All work done ^vsrmnted to give complet* ' aaMrfartian. JOHN kF.ESE. may -I?tf corner st and Pa aivnne. ^ HOWARD'S U. B. MPRlMt*(OlhT Kcporta, vol 17, just pi.blUhed and for sai? by FRANCE TAYLOR ]y? Memoirs of thkcountf^sop bles slngtoo, by R R Madden, M R I A , twe voir fka> Jk tayloI 4

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