Newspaper of Evening Star, August 8, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 8, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCBPT SUNDAY,) Xl ike Star Building* .corner of Ptn$Uflvnnia attnue and Eleventh street, By W D. WALLACH, Will be served to subscribers by carriers at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agent*; pepers served In per kages at 37 jf cents per month. To mall subscriber* the sub scription priceU THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENTS in advance, TWO DOLLARS for six month., and ONE DOLLAR for three month*; for leu than three months at the rate of 12j< cents a week. lETSINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. tar JEWELRY. HSEMKEN, JEWELER. 330 Pennsylvania ? avenue, between 9th snd 10th streets, has just received a new supply of 'ichly-c hased Fruit and Leaf Jewelrv, consisting of Pin and Ear Rings; also, a variety of ma'/niticent Mosaic and Cameo Jewelrv. which heoffer*at prea'lvreduced prices. JO" Diamonds remounted, Jewelry of anv de scription made to order, Enameling done, Gold Pens repolnted. Coat of Arms and Cresse* engraved on stone and metal. Jy 31?tr | FAKIt lER WHITE SILPHI R SPRINGS A CARD ?Waving ?*n a communication cir culating in the newspapers throughout the country, to the effect that some malignant disease at this time prevails at the Fauquier White Sul phur Sprinrs, and in the vtclrltv, we think it proper and due to the proprietor^ of this watering place to state, that we reside at Warrenton, dis tent al*>ut six miles: that we have practised at these springs for the last sixteen or eighteen ye r*. and within that whole period we do not remem ber that neighborhood to have been more perfectly healthy and exempt from disease of every kind than at the present time The report referred to must have originated in a malignant design to injure the proprietors. JOHN A CHILI.ON.M D SAMUEL It FISHER, M D. jy 30?2w GLEN WOOD CEMETERY, Office No. 893 Pa. srr., corncr 10th street. (OVER THE SAV1XG*S BANK.) THIS CEMETERY i? laid out on the plan of the celebrated Greenwood, of New Vork, and situated on the high ground distant one and a quarter miles north of the Capitol?North Capitol street leading directly to the gateway This Company have secured a charter from Con gress, appropriating tinir ground forever to burial purpose*, making a fee title to the pun ba>er, and prohibiting all encroachments f 0111 legislation ?>r otherwise, which is of vast Importance to those who wish their dead to repose where they have placed them, for It has become a custom in all other cities when the burial ground become* valu able for other purj?ose?, to m-11 it, and throw the dead proiniMOusly into one large pit, and legal measures cr.r.not prevent it, as no titles are given to the gronrd. > B ?Othee open from 10 to 12 o '?lock a. m., where Pamphlets, containing the Charter, Bv I,aws. and a map of tb" grouud, arid all other in formation. can be obtained. All orders left with Mr. lames F Harvey. No. 410SeveBth street, or any other undertaker, will be promptly attended to. je IS?ly THE FAIQLIKR WHITE SLLPHlR SPRINGS ARE now open for the reception of Company and in a tar more attractive condition than thev ever have been. A gross misrepresentation against them-'?** having been published in the Petersburg Intelli gencer and Baltimore Sun to the effect that the> were closed for the seasou is now traced to an ir responsible source unworthy of notice. it is proper to state that there is no shadow of foundation for it The subscriber uusts that li^ will not be made the victim of such malignity; End the respectable journals which have given currency to the rumor by transferring it to their columns will disabuse the public mind through the same medium. ALEX. BAKER jy 13?2m COAL!coal: THE undersigned Is prepared to deliver COAL of the best quality, at *ti 50 r**r ton. H C. HAR tOVER, 3d street. 3d door souih of Fa. avenue. N B ? I give Jl,~lo pounus to the ton. jy 13? Im JOH.t a. aLVA5S. W1T.L1AX TtlOTCPSOa. ELVANS Ic THOMPSON, DEALERS IX HASDWASE, COACH Tr.DCillXCS, Ac., Ma. 3i6 Pennsylvania nveuue, ittwtcn Hinth and Trntk stt, Was.i>agto?, D. C. ROUSE FURNISHING HARDWARE. Britannia, German Silver. Albata and Sliver Pla ted. Tea, Table and Dessert Spoons Carvers and Forks, Steels, Knives with and with out Forks Brass. Britannia, Block Tin and Piated Candle stick*, Suovel and Tongs, Wallle irons, Sad Irons Maslin and Bell Metal Kettles, Furnaccs, Grid irons, Ovens. &c. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rural Cottage, Closet. Cupboard, Chest, Till, Pad and Trunk I.ocks Shuttle. Moor, and Blind H inges, Screw J, Cut and Wrought Nails, Bolts Brad's Shutter Screws and Stubbs, Door Springs, Handrail Screws, Doer Knobs Bell Pulls, boor Sheaves and Rail, Ac. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Hair Clot . Curled Hair, Moss, Gimps, Softiand Chair Springs Venitlan Blind Hooks. Rack Pulleys, Roller Ends Brackets, Furniture Nails Glue, Coffin Handles and Screws, Dlamccd Screw Plates, Ac. CARPENTERS' U">oD3. Pbne*. Saws, Drawing Knives,, Chisels aud Gou^ei., l'?ane irons Augers. Brace* and B;i j?, Boring .?!?< tJata. Ham mers, l.-tcLets, D?*vels Revels. Squares, Guages., Ac. BLACKSMITH A COACH MAKERS'GOODS. Black and Bright Sprln s. Axles, Felloe*, Shafts, Spokes, IIub-?, Poles Sleigh K uiiiiers. Silvered arid Brass Bands, Stcmp Joints, Stamp Collars. Top Props Cartaln Frames, l^impn, Insid-* Linings, Lining Silks, Damas'i, Seaming Coids Tufts, Tses-ls, Buttons, Tacks, Fringes, Laues, and Plain and Enamelled Canvass Russia Duck, Enamelled leather. Da?h Leather, 4c ELVANS A THOMPSON, je 1?4m Pa. avenue. A&IEBICAN K 0 1 ? L , No. 436 Pa arenue, between 4^ and 6th streets, P. HEFLEBOWER A L. T. LOVETT, raoratCToas. jy g?6m COFFIN WAREROOM, Ac. J WILLIAM PLANT A CO., UNDERTA ? KER>?residence lia Seventh street, between G and H streets. Interments procured in any ground or cemetery. Coffins, Caps, Shrouds, Carriages, Hearse, and every article for interment* of the best quality furnished at shoit notice, on the most reasonable turns, and at all hours of the night. Having the exclusive right of Crump's Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to keep the dead for any length of time. jy i 1?ly DENTISTRY. D B. DONALDSON. Dentist,lateof the firm of Hunt A Donaldson, continues to ^ mannfart'1-e and insert tnose bea-.itifnl ?8 Porcelain i^-eth, with or without gums, for specimen* of which (made and deposited by the late tlrin) was awarded the first premium at >^he Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently held in wis city. Th?*se teeth are carved and shaded to suit each particular case, and thei. resemblance to the natu ral organs L* so perfect as to deceive the most prac tised eye. Particular attention also paid to filling and pre serving the natural teeth. Charges moderate, and all operations warranted Office southwest corner of Seventh and i> streets. Eeatrance oaD. mur^l?5m DENTISTRY. DR. MUNSON respectfully calls public atten tion to his new, patent and great- , ly IMPROVED method of setting Ar-/" tukial Teeth, with Csotinoma Gum," the very PERFECTION OF TliK ART. Tutm style of Teeth has the following advantages over ail others, vis: GREAT STRENGTH, CLEAN LINESa, COMFORT aud BEAUTY, vieing with Nature In these respect*, and In some others excelling. Public Inspection Is respectfully solic ited. Please call an4 ?ee specimens CAUTION ?No oiner Dentist la the District of Columbia Las a right to make this style of tutu. N B.?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged and warranted for lift:. Office and house No. E street, near the cor ner of Penna. a ven ae and illh streei. ap -M?tf 4 LL STRANGERS A visiting the City should see Hunter's Cata logue of the curiosities* of the Patent Office. Ai ?o. his DejMrriotion of Powell s Great Pictures. HUNTER Is to be seen at U>0 Tenth street, may 31?3m* LAND WARRANTS. AND Warrants war ted at the highest rates by ^ KELLER A McKENNEY, 15th street, opposite the Treasury. I VOL. VI. WASHINGTON, D. C? WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8, 1855. NO. 810. WEBER'S BAND. THIS old established and favorite band fur nish music as usual for Excursions, Sere nades, Pic Nics, Parties, Exhibitions, Ac., Ac. Orders may be left at Ililbus A Hitz's Music De pot, or at the residence of the leader, four door* east of General Henderson's residence, Navy Yard j y 23?2ra FISCHER'S BAND FULLY OKH AM /.ED. HAVING now completed all mv arrangement.' for a tlrst rate BRASS AND COTILLON BAN D, I am again at the service of the public to l'tend Excursion Parties, Exhibitions, Parade Pic Nics, Balls and Serenades. All those in fa vor of citizens' Wand are respectfully Invited to en courage our enterprise, here in Washington city. P. FISCHER, Leader. P. S.?This Band, under my direction, is regu larly uniformed, and from a practice of over twen ty ye >rs I can "lve satisfaction to every one. Residence, Pennsylvania avenue, north side, be tween Ninth and Tenth streets, llrst door west of Iron Hall. Orders left with Messrs. Hllbus A Hltz punctu ally attended to. jy 14?-1m* PROSPERIS IUR.NET BAND. THIS Hand Is suitable for any and all purposes. and is warranted to give satisfaction to all those who may be pleased to engage theni, either is a Brass Reed, or Cotillon Band. Any number of musicians to be had at the short est notice, by appl\inir to FREDKRIC PROSPER I, Leader, at Taltavull's Store, opposite the Marine Barracks N B ?Orders left at Hi bus A Hitz's Music De jot will be promptly attended to. 2J?4 in may A CARD. \TFS. E. PHILLIPS, No. 401 Sixth streef itl between G and H streets, desires to inforrr the citizens of Washington and vicinity, th?t she is now prepared to give instructions on the PIANO FORTE. She has taught music in -ome of the principal cities of tne Union anil ha* testimonials showing that she is fully com petent lo discharge tbe duties of her professiot. to the satisfaction cf those who may favor her wi'b their patronage Terms: *10 for ill W?ons, at her residence, tr Sit at the residence of her pupils. je 12?eo3m* FANCY HAIR ORNAMENTS. *T SEMKEN. JEWELER, lis No 33'? Pa. av . bet 0th and 10th sts., is prepared to make to oraer anv device that ma> \te suggested such as Klow^r Bouquets. Hrucelets Breast Pius, Ear Rings, Chains, Crosses, Rings Chartelains, Ac. Also, Jet Ornaments for sale Persons may rely upon their own hair be Ingused. jy 31?tr PECL'8 LONDON GREEN GINGER WINt MANUFACTURED FROM FRENCt 1TI GRAPES, GRKKN JAMAICA GINGER SEVILLE ORANGES. Ac ?Th?s delicious bev erage become* the greatest favorite wherever it 1 introduced, it is equally palatable, more whole some, and not half tee price of other foreign wlM 1 Manv physicians use it exclusively, ana rocom mend it to all troubled with Flatulency Dyspej sia, Debility. Cramps. Diarrhoea and Dysentery Persons suoject to Chills, or living in distrir'i where Ague or Cholera prevails, tind its occasion al use a pleasant and admirable preventive. M ixe. with a little iced-water, it forms the most refresh Ing and wholesome cooling drink iu warm wee the. that can be taken Price 5>j cents per bottle, 85 per dozen. N. B. Country Druggists. Grocers, Ac , findthi Wine an advantageous addition to tneir stock, it't a tirsi rate article, sells well, and gives great satis faction A-eats, STOTT A CO., Washington; PEEf A STF YENS, Alexandria; CISSEL,Georgetoun; J. BAi MKR, Baltimore. Jy6?tf LAST CHANCE. I F there is in Washington. Georgetown or neigh borhojd a person who Intenas to purchase : Carpet this fall now is their time to buy it at i. price certainly less than the same quality can l> purchased six weeks We are willing fur a f. w weeks longer to scl elegant best quality imperial Velvet Carpetings a' $1 50. and best 3 cord Tapestry Brussels at l.I2#^ will t>e worth $2 and 81 62.5$ in the fall Also, Ingrain, Three-ply and Vecitiar. In pro po.tion. The prices at which we are now offering Car petings are less tban the same goods would brin^ at auction in New l ork to-day Terms for the Goods, cash on delivery. J :ist received and on sale Linen Sheets, rich and superior Floor Oilcloth, also 10 dozen low-prired; all ir. new and beautiful designs, and very cheap Also, in store an elegant stock Linen Sheetings Pillow Linens, I'able Damasks, in cloths, nap kins ind pieces Splendid assortment bathing and toilet Towels, both 10 lgli and soft .Marsei'.i* ({uilts, both colored and white, Al lendale do. for summer use. Also. Dimities in great variety. And all other F urniture Dry Goods necessary for the comfort and convenience of housekeeping, at very low prices. CLAGETT, DODSON A CO. Jy y ?d2w JUST RECEIVED PER SCHOONER Fairfax, from New York? IM barrels brown Sugar *0 do powdered. hard and soft crushed Sugar 200 do Coii'iectlcut river Herrings, bright and handsome 45 boxes scalded Hei rings J15 barrels M .ckerel, No. 3 . 12-5 packages fresh Tea 75 boxes ground Coffee 900 sacks tine and G. A Salt 50 boxes fresh Salad Oil 30 boxes t'heese lOO boxes dark Soap 125 dozen brooms Co dozen Cords and Lines 100 gross Mat' bes 4o dozen Buckets SOUO pounds hoft shell Almonds louopounds Cream Nuts 125 bushels Ground N uts 3 quarter casks old Martell Brandy 2 do Port Wine, pure juice lo barrels old Family Whiskey 75 boxes Tobacco. For sale by MURRAY A SEMMES. au 1?3tA<w6t LAND WARRANTS BO LOUT at the high est rates. Sight drafts remitted to persons at a distance sending me Warrants, on any city they may des ignate. Stocks bought and sold on commission. HAMILTON G. FANT. Banker, 432 Pa avenue, Washington, D. C. Jy IS?ImeoAWSit (Intel) LAND WARRANTS LOCATED. 1MIE subscribers will locate Land Warrant^ either in Ohio. Indiana, illinoisor Iowa, aud and give a correct description of tbe laud locati*d If, u|K>n examination, this description proves in correct, they will themselves take the land, giviug for it another warrant for the same quantity. One of the tirm resides in the West, and wili ^lve the business his itersonal superintendance. MILLER A BROWN, ?th at., opposite Post Odlue, Washington Jy 13?eo3m SUMMER RETK.fc.AT. ?LAKISTON S PAVILION will be open fo. J the reception of visitors on the 5th of July. The proprietor's table will be sup plied with the delicacies abounding in the waters adjacent to Blakiston's Island. He hopt his endeavors to please will insure him a share vt patronage from those seeking health or a little ^niet from city bustle , Tbe Steamers Maryland, Osceola, and Alice C. Price stop regularly at his landing. Tims. For one mouth &J0 00 For one week or more, per day 1 00 For a shorter time, per day l vj A good band of Cotillon Music is engaged for the season from Washington. GEORGE W. BLAKISTON, Je 23?2m* Proprietor. BOOT AND SHOE STORE REMOVED. / 'EORGE BREMER has removed his well sJ known Gentlemen's BOOT AND, SliOE Store and Factory from 11th street,] between Pa. avenue and E street, to Pa.| avenue, afew doors above Willards' Hotel. He is prepand in his new premises to give satis faction to all. G B has by dint of great care in purchasing hi* stock, employing none but A No. ) workmen, ami by his capacity to flt his customers so as to have his work set very easy on th? Toot, wille ltalk ways exhibits ihe most fashionable style, earnui ii reputation in his business seeond to that of no otLer custom-work boot and shoe makit in the Union. He solicits the patronage of all. and bis terms will be most reasonable to all. Jy tf?tf 11 lis well. Hi ONE HUNDRED MORE OF those superior Magnolia Hams, and proba bly all that will be received this season, thev are cured In Maryland according to the old home stead receipt, the quality of which Is unsurpassed if equalled, by any other ever Introduced here To be had only at my store. Also. a fresh lot of that peculiarly fine selected and standard Black Tea at SO rents a pound, which I have introduced. It Is soid only by mvself and is now extensively known in the Dist irt New corners and others who have not ve' used it are re ferred to the 1 ading members of the Faculty of %\ tshinglon and Georgetown. Samples furnished gratuitously. Bay Water at 25 cents per bottle, or *2 75 per doren For bathing purposes it is as cheap at common spirits. Mint, Lavender, and Blackberry Cordials, the very articles for the prevailing epidemic. Maple Sugar, Fresh Prunes, Ac , with unsur passed varieties of choice family Groceries Z M P KING, jy .f ew Btep* northeast Jackson Statue, ? ASH Y GOODS, TOILET ARTICLES, tee. \\f 'nviteattention to our large stock of Combs ff Brushes, I'omadt!*, Kxtracts, Cologne. B.n \> ater, Ac., which we are prepared to offer at greatly reduced prices Also, constantly on hand a general assortment of I* ancv Goods, Fans. Gloves, Hosiery, Ac to gether with a fashionable stock of millinenr, tc which additions are constantly beins/ mad- of th? ? lowest and most desirable styles The attentloi of the ladies is particularly Invited to this drpar* wfnt ol,r bnsinps?, Which is under the charge of ?lis# Thompson. HUTCHINSON A MUNRO. jv tf 31(1 Penn ave., between 9th A lOlhsts. SOMETHING TO Ol.u AN 1> VOUNG FKOFENSOK H OOD'S A 1 K .B E ST 0 R AT 1V E . ? i ? preparation, although less than two year> ?- before the public; owing to its wonderful r f rects upon the human hair and scalp, has alre?id< >btained a celebrity and sale i>erfectlv i>n l>a-alleled. It has without theordiiiarv appliam ised for such purposes, won iLs way, and bee ?eartily welcomed to most of th" cities and tow... in the United StaGs, the Canada*, and the We^ India Islands. Nor is this result surprisin" whe' i' is retne?nbered thst its popularity is l^e'd up- ? U merits, solelv as established by .??!.. I tev I hat this prej?aralion will actually Restore yra ?lair to its Natural Color, produce a luxuria. -r 'w;hu| on tne heads of the bald, prevent 11. ? air from falling off, and when used as a tonic a icle. produce a < ont'nual flow of the natural & ; iud thus rend r the hair soft glossy and wa> lestroy diseases of the scalp, ai.d expel dandruf cert of dis in^uisi-fd gentl+?iren at. ? adies in every part of the country who 1 ave tri? t, and therefore spe.ik what tlie> know. most f attest. That by a pro;vr use of this llestoratl he hair can be mad t?, attain a..d retain its nr.; il col-.r to almost any age alotted to hun.anit >v removing the ra ise of disease from the sr.:l;> 0 matter how long standing the concurrent tr unouials of tne press and the ceiliti ates of a ?rierons resper table individuals of both sex?s i he use of this curative, as well as of the rero'r. ? i.e dations of editors and ceniiicates liefore alii led to, can be had of all agents BKooKFiKt-b ^Mass , Jin |-2 l/ i ^ood?Dtar Sir?Having made trial o our Hair Restorative it gives me pleasure to vr hat Its effect has b en excellent in removin" in uaiiiuiation, dandruff, and a constant tendency t. itching, wi h whicn I have been troubled f.'on childhood, and has also re?tored my hair, whi?! wis Incoming gray, to its original*- olor ' I hav i-etl noother article, with anything like the san.. I pleasure and proflt. Yours, truly J. K. BRAGG, Pastor of Orthodox Church Brookfli Id Carlylk. Ill . June-27, ISVJ 1 have used Prof O J Wood's Hair Keston. tive, and have admired its wonderful effect M hair was becoming, as I thought, preina'ure! -'ray; but by tLo use of his "Restorative"' it h; resumed its original color, and i have no douh permanently so. SIDNEV BR EESF, Ex-Senator United States. W ood :?Dear Sir?My hair oomurnct' * . three or four years sin^e, aiul ron inutd to do so until I became quite bald I tri< til the Populur remedies of the duv. but to no el feet, at last I was induced to use your celebnit.-r Jlplr Restorative, and an? very happy to say it ) lolng wonder* I have now a tine growth < .oung hair, and cheerfully recommend its use t< .ill similarly afflicted A. C WILLIAMSON, 133 tSeconfl street. Address O. J. WOOD A CO.. Proprietors, 31C bioadway, New York, and ill Market street, St Louis. Mo C. STOTT 4 Cu i wholesale ar.d retail Agent. Washington. T. VY. D> O PT A SONS, General Wholesale Agent, Philadelphia, Pa. an I ?ly OH. i? il. H'KIUHT'5 OlfFAILIKO "SCK01 ULv?US ANTIDOTE,' For th* l'ermnnrrt Cure of C OX'S I' jVf PTIQ1\ nndull other forms of i>CROFULOL S Diseases. Mrdlclre Is prepared hy ?.n emlne'.-t Phy *? sirih.ii of?ighteen years practice in New Vo ?it/, during whu h time he has coustaiitiy used i with 'he most unbounded success, and created i.i it a reputation in private practice, unequalled'ii he history of m^dictne. It acts immediately up . ne b!o?;d, ulehi tug it from all scrofulous humor or impurities, renovating and, by its ma^ic pov ots, INVIGORATE THE WHOLE S? ; T];.\: in proof of which, hundrds of resjierUible wit ie-se:i fr>ufi the doctor's private practice have "iv -n in their testimony, und entreat.ttiose sufl'erliu t'rom any scrofidous affection, to call thei; iH'l satt.ify themselves. A Treatise on Scrofulous Diseasoe can be 1. i gratis at PRIN^IPAI- LEPOf, 4U9 Broadway ind at Drug Stores generally CHARLES STOTT A CO., Agents for Washington DR. L. U. V\ BIGHT'S TASTELESS " LIQUID i;Ai.iAJlTIC OK, FAMILY PHYSIC I1HIS is the BEST, CHEAPEST, and MOiSl EFFICIENT CATHARTIC EVLR OF FERED TO THE PUBLIC. It is TASTELESS, (thereby avoiding tfc? ?eating effect of Pills, Oil, Senna, Ac .) and prn lacing no griphig or other painful effects. Unlik II other purgatives, il searches to the bottoia o the dis'-aw, thoroughly cleaiu^s the stomach, ar.c leaves the bswels entirely free from costivene<s NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT I'J Children drink it readily and without forciir and NO MKUIC1NE IS MORE HIGHLY Rfri Commended bv the medical faculty Give It a trial and theu judge for yourselves It can be had wholesale ana retail at E. H . ST A tJLKR A CO.'S, Baltimore, or CHAS. STOT'j V. CO., WashlnL'ton, 1) C. DR. WRIUHT'S PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 4t. Iroadvvay. where the doctor can be consultei tally on diseases generally, from I'J to 2 p m. without charge. je i.3_on, ' CARRIAGES. (HAVE on hand some handsome light and con venient family Carriages and Bug- r jies. A two horse Caaiage and press Wagon. Those dttsirous of purchasiii'; <4.7 of the above described articles cheap will do wei to call on the subscriber immediate!). i am d. (ermiiied to sell low for cash, or on aixouunodu Ing terms All work warranted Repairing done at the s&ortest notice and in the most approved manner. S. I-LYNN, No. 305 D et., bet 12th and !Jth, Jy 8?lm opposite the Klrkwood H ouse DHAVI L>U PENCIL % from th . several manufactories of Bansch. Ilardmutt \N alter and Contee, imported direct ham the ma kers in Paris^ by FRANCK TAVLOR. Jy * Ho: FOB THE S?FKINtrS :?Persons wti.

contemplate a journey to the springs, sea-sid< inountaius. or the country, should not neglect i call at 3Ui Pa. avenue, ana get their stock of hail tooth, nail, bathing and clothes Brushes Dress ing, side, puff, neck, tine and pocket Combs, fin. Pomatum, Hair Oil, Bay Water, Cologne, Fx tract.-i for the Handkerchief, Soap, Toilet Box? and Powder, traveling, pic nic, work, and card baskets, Ac., at the Piano, Music, Stationery and Variety Store of J NO. F. KG LIS, :1U? Pa. avenue, betw. ?th and loth st?. Jy 18?tf | |\TEW WALTZ.?Just published by the sub "cnbers, the ,4.VIulti!lora Wain," composed and dedicated to Miss Sallle Drlsch, ot Leesburg, Va., by Prof. J. A. Young. . HILBUS A IlITZ if Minic Depot. DENTISTRY. DR. V. SHINN, Graduate of the Philadelphia College of Dental Surgery, respect fully Informs the residents of George-/fcdjSiSL town and its Tlclnlty that he has l?r?-<<Z7TTT^f ted himself amongst them for the pwposTof pmo tiling hie profession. OB e 181 Washington it., above Bridge street Georgetown, D C. je ^5?<UmAeolm* ' | EXCURSIONS, &C. DELIGHTFUL EXCURSION. The young catholic friend's so Cl ETY, Inform their friends ? and the public that they have cbar-^i(X^?*^33? tered the much eulogised steamer GEORGE ASH I \GT< ?N for tlieirannnal excursion tothe VVH TE HOUSE PAVILION, on Till RSDAN . 9th of Ausri t. far the benefit of said ociety, who clothe and school Dearly one hundred poor chil dren. The committee assure families and individual* who ina> favor them w:th their company, that no pains will be spared to insure their comfort aud pleasure. Webber's cotillion band is employed for the ser vice of those fond of the dance D'nner. supper, confectionery, Ac., furnished at moderate prices by an experienced caterer The boat will leave Georgetown at 7if o'clock Washington at 8 o'clock, Navy Yard at 8)$, and Alexandria at!? o'clock, A. M. The boat will make a second trip front the Washington wharf at i o'clock, P. M Returning will leave the White llo.ise at "> and 10 o'clock P M. Tit kefs edinitting a gentleman and two ladles or children. SI; to be had at the Music Store of J F. Ellis, Penn av , W A. Kennedy's book store, ;ind J F. Callan'sdrug store, Tth street, Wa?h ngton. J. L Kid well's drug store High street. ? 9eorjretowu, and fro n members of the committee ind society, and at the boat. Committee of ArTnn.%tmrnt?. R B Owens, Frank McNerhany, Peter McGinnis, Neill Kelly, .ewis Newton, Wm Fiahertv, t Eicht rn. Nicholas Callan. f Fendal Cain, Thomas H. Uurche, ieorge Savaoe. au 1- WSM&W *liAND CIVIC L MILITARY EXCURSION OF THK German Yagers, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, On MONDAY, August 13, ISM. 'fH?E YAGERS respectfully announce to their ? friends.civic and mllitarv, and m he public generally that their nert^E^f .\cursion will take place on MONL?A\ , August {ill. Tbe well known Steamer George Washington as been chartered for the occasion, and will lpak vo trips both ways, leaving the Steamboat wharf tt the morning at H o'clo< k. and I o'clock p m i ;i the evening the boat will leave the Pavilion a' and lu o'clock, touching each trip at Alexandra iilt and coming We'?er's superior Hand has been engaged for occasion Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gentle ?ati and ladies ; to l>e had of the Committee or a 'ie boat Refreshments to be obtained on board of the ?at hi d at the Whit?- House, at city prices. Ofd r*i't Kuppell, Sgt Scbinail, ? "orp Wahl. J Angerman, Peter Schwelier. au 3?6f EXCURSION TO "OUT n'tsHlXHTOX <J- WHITE HOUSE, On THURSDAY, Au?. 16, ul THK BgNEFIT OF THE MKTHOtllST EPISCO PAL C H U RCU, C A PI TOL HILL. IMIF. Steamer GEO. WASHINGTON having 1 b en chartered for the occasion jtA ~ rill le-<ve tne Wharf at 8 o'clockv?V ?recisely. A Marid of gnjd music will lie in attendance, nd everything that can conduce ?o the pleusur^ 4ncl comfort of the Company will be done An efficient caterer will be on the tioat to fur ii-h refreshments to those that may desire them The Boat will stop at the Navy \ ard also for ?av,?eii<iers. Tickets 5U cents?Children under 12 year3, 25 flits. Tickets <an be had at the Drig Store of Mr Mc hei-on, Capitol Hill andatthe Books'ore of W I Morrison &. Co ; Pa. avenue, or from either of ho Committee. Committee: Wm B Watigh, Mr Mart"1*!, Mr Jones, Kep Phillips. James Small wood au ec:it?!h GRAND FIREMEN'S AND CIVIC EXCURSION AND Pit NI*' OF THK Franklin FireCompar.y, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION '?"MlE members of the Franklin Fire Company I- take pleasure in announcing to jellT J\ the I*" ire men, their friends and mhlic ire nei ally tiiat they have c bartered me saf uid commodious steamer Geo. Washington, and >viilgi\ea tirand Excu'-ion and Pic Nictothe Will I K HOUSE PAVILION, on WEDNM D.X Y. A c'ust "Jvd The Company pledge the ir selves that no f"ouble >i e pense will lie spared to make 'his one of the u st pleasant, gay, and r'thrrche Excurs! hi of he season. A ce'ebrated Cotillon Band has * ien engaged lor the occasion. Dinner and Supper will be famished by an ex perienced caterer. For the accommodation of those person* who do .ol wish to spend the whole day clown the river he l?cat wiil make 'wo trips Leave Georgetown at 8 o'clock. Washington at ?, wtvy \ ard at 93%, Aleiiandriaat 10. Afternoon leave* Washington at 'J%, Alexandiia ?it :s% o'< lock. He-uriiing, will leave the White Hcjuse at G and md lti o'clock p m. Ti? kets, acinnttlng a gentleman and two ladies. ?M, to be h-id of the Committee of An ugetaenu, t:td at the boat ou the morning of the Excursion. C om ini ttet of Arran^'Wyitf. Rob't E Do\le, J Williamson, G K Crossfield, J B Medley, I. It Thomas, P J Newman, J M F Hough, Alex, J no T Couuilte, R Eckloff. au 3?law2wJtdtd MEDICAL DEPARTMENT OF GEORGE TOWN t OLLfclit, Corner of Fan I Twelfth sa.t Washington. r|MlE next Annual of Lectures will com I- menre on Monday, the 5th of November, and -nd in March following. faculty : \'oblk Young, M D-, Professor of Institutes and l'rac tice of M? dicine. i-'lodoarho Howard, M. D., Proffgsor of Ob Metrics and the Diseases of Woifjen and Chil dren. Ijiixson Kliot, MD, Professor of Anatomy, i ames E. AIorg w, M. D , Professor of Medical Jurisprudence aud Hygiene f M. Sn vDrr, M. D , Professor of Surgery. >CNj. F. Craig. M. D.. Profi*!?or of Medical Chemistry and Physiology ?jeo. C. Schaeffkb, M. D , Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. Iohsso.x V D Middlkton. M. D.,Demonstrator of Anatomy. iijj; ^or a full course .890 (>0 I at rlc ulation, paid only once. 5 (JO j iradiuUion... 25 00 weincnstrator's ticket 10 0t> The Preliminary course will commence Octo ber 1st a d continue until November ?ih. Lecture.-, free to Medical Student* Tne Lectures will be delivered during theaf ernoon ai d evening. This time of lecturing has ?een customary it> tne College biu e its eNtablish nent, and is lound to be adv<intftgeoas to the stu triit FLODOARDO IIOWaKD, M D. Dean, No. &2 F sttxet north. _ au 4?! awtN ov5 THE WESTERN ACADEMY, Ctn'r SiVtnttfntk and j gtre'ts, Wa shington 1 SELECT SCHOOL will be opdn?d on the first Monday in September, for oo^'s. N umber limited io twenty-five. For particulars see circuiar* at the Booistore, or call at the School Room after August jy2t??codw# S. L. LOOM lis, A. M. JORDAN'S WHITE SL'LPHU R SPRINGS IFREDERICK COUNTY. VA.?.Opened on the 15th of J une. From Baltimore, W ash ington or C umberland in early morning trains to Harper's Ferry, thence by Winiih*i?ter? Railroad to Stephenson's depot; from depot lj$ miles in coaches to Springs In time todiH?same day. Rice's cotillon band engaged. SiUphur oaths. Medicinal effects of water well kn own E. C. it R. M. JORDAN A. BRO. Jy ft?ec6w DO YOC WANT FIRST RATH ICE cream T Go at once to A1CN T. Bridge street, iieorgetown, he was awarded 4 MEDAL by-the Metropolitan Mechanics' lustHu ie, forte* water inss, and c* rm may 2S--eo?f THE LAND OF GOLD? ^California urtveiled; Reality versos Fiction ( bv H. H Hrlper, 1 vol. fj/Xnck TAYL?OR au r r EVENING STAR. A DEATH-BED SKETCH. It wft? a lovely Southern spring day; the birds were sweet'y warbling their think* for genial warmth ; spring flowers lifted or the:r d.oopitig heads; and bright buds and blossom* met the eye everywhere; all nature Fmil.d u welcome upon the dawn of May. And yet, this bright, joyous sun was to east its ?etting .-h <dow-< over the cold remain* of one whose spirit wa? last amending to that re~t denial it here below ; over one wh<*?? all ol youth, happiness, and illusions of life, hai long been dead within her; whose last sigh was to be breathed to a cold ear ; whose lust word* would be listened to, not as a holy re membrance to be cherished in the heart! but as a topic of comment, when the voice tha ltered them was hushed forever, when be*u [ tiful eyes would look their Ia-t of earth a. d j meet t+ur-bedewed response to lull thei. | lids to otemal rest That lovely bead was i otee pillowed on a fond mother's breast; thai ' raveu h?ir, now moist with the dews of death, was once dear. cuil by curl, to a mother's pride; and those eyes, through which ih^oc lie light of her wa..u-g ju.ul, bow oft bad tbev loscd bentata a mother's passionate kiss ol I love : "liiat fjrd mother God had called unto him .-elf long ere sorrow and the world's contume ly i ai 1 tster.ed ou her yoar.g h*art;- long er. eo.dness of looks and taunting suspicions hm nvelopcd hct you.ig lite as with a funetal pail, Ir .m the cru*hi..g weight of which she uas but one refuge?tiio grave now yawnin^ to leceive her. It was indeed a lovely May morning, a day so bright it s^erne 1 to mock sorrow; a day that divested tb<* icy fingers of death of hnll ' ***** <? h 111, a day that evcu m^de that break i.?g heart cling to life, though to her life was out a burden. The clement is open, a?d the b iliuy air it wafted through it laden with the "lor of the wild jessamine, the favorite flower ?#f the t.a^iie giil w^ho reclines ou bercaueliol ieath ; h r shadowy hanis are cla-ped uvtr ti<; he rt that wi 1 ache, even unto the tbresb >11 of eteriiity ; h-r glorious ey?.s arc raised, ?ot in me udngless gaie, but ;u> though all le t <1 lite had si.uggieJ there in one ue p c>n : otratii n ot tiougl.i?a life's history i-< writ ten in that look. At toi.j ot w .ated youth, de ceived hopes, broken and also oi num .rics oi the p ?st yet burnt althoug . ae d.ikes ol death are fast falling on thcui - i tear of hereafter has haunted her rili >w ; tie has faith iu the premises of her Maker; oofearlu.y had she atontd on earth to drcau ilts future vengeance God had rea l her p aii.-guided heart Irotu its first t i it" la t p . g nd lie alone couid la b m its depths of *T ' a.ui pe. it- lice ; s ie is dying in w, et faith, iu ?le.-aed rcl incj on her tLviour'a merry 0.,ce m. re eyes are turned to earth. anl ? hey rest, on the sad f?>ce ot' her old hu.s $ e who aiunc of those mound her would f el her leatli a low. The pa-e hands are unclasped and the heart bounds in its treedoin. as -b'i gently lays theiu on her la.thfal friend, nd, tor the first l ine in ui.tuy days, her voice ? a hear J, as in its deep tones ol pathos she u.urinurs : ? *' tr< wi 11! Jfoou she wh-in you have loved ind oluu^ to through tu^aniue aud clouds, will j ' lo more, died of consumption, tue wor.d wi 1 ji*? it save you. will m >uru Ji? broken heart f'? the haiids wildly clasp her he'art? b?^ i> _li n^ a:.ce s;,c c t -warl- t:.e -t^rn of m .nocoU s at.d by Ker sido?-ris; aopela^-5 lock of ai.gui-h at "its ui yialding '-OidxMMi'j?a it'.l the ihrer>d yt t?ic it> severed? ue_brgi.- M y d iy soines uj,.ju all that rc in iiji- ? f'tLc lovely Lilla. The M.'v jin hjs set. the casement ia rinsed; t uttho periume Li..a so loved, lingers fra through he < ua;n'jci t"i death, ;?a tL -u/h in homage to one wh .so in miniate bouy no ?vi,tg hand will strew with tlowers. The -ame ?"v* ly foim reclines upon the c 'ueh. and the laveu ringlets Lali c ?aceal tue marble br? ;r; out the shadowy hands no longer press Uio heart: the closed lids, beneath wliich no more -liali fhme ih?<se h aven-lit eyes, tell us of that aching heart's final rest. Xh': same stern eyes are bent unou her face, bu't the quiver of the lips tells that the 11- t.t of her ey^.s wont out hi - wralh. As he ^5:11 es upon tti;Li be lutnul br>>w. no long-r bear Ui^ the impress of her care and sufl.iio.', o.doii 4oeni0:ics i ,- bef rc his vish n; ne iociils bcr a.- s .e was a tew shut ye.'Ts a ? .; his ian< Vent cni.d-wn'e; he hi*r n9 >he Hooi in <{ulieiioonfi ie.;Cf. plighting her ueart, bo.iy ai t i?oui to Liiu; that ueart L' >ker, that body % >uld s.^11 by ciu-l; and he a :4et ?.d her soul's di coll inu.fTcreuce. A look Ot' oUK'tht.reu -igony steai^. tver his face, the knees bend, a,*<? tue piouu, -lero mau ^inks under tho weig'?:t of .-uoii meinoiies as her corpse alone c^ui'd awaken, it <i i sav mem oii.;s ! Wthere no remorse ? l>ii not a* ju.-i. g touscienco dt?ui md of him t account tor that young iile ? Did no voice ting m his ear, that to his .-;oiui*esa to bis seeking after his own. Woiidly p^caaures?to the lone liness ot hor fireside?to iiie a of a. I sytii }?.'hy?eould be la:d toe Mnt'orgiveu fault and ear<y death, and not t-i a perverted heart? Cou'd he fathom that young creature's yearn ings, <>h<4 ftuu, deprived iroiiL childhood of all tiouiu ties, bad tuined to huu to rey.aje ail iho had lost, or, her bitter sorrow when savo tUat she was cf..led by another nam:, and a rirg circled her linger, the saw he.s.Jf, as be fore, standing alone, Unprotected, her aid. nt faeltugs flung b^ck upon hur heart, depiived of all love, all .sympathy * Could he dare lo measura her temptations, when day alter da/ aooth01 lavished u|-on tier the at*.?Uiioa and devotion fc^ie had aban doned all bope of winuiag fr ia tue husband, who had sworn to s.'r^ngtten her witb hi, strength, love and watja over her * Or o >uld no judge hor sirug^les. ;\s siie felt hc?" young bnaoui gushing towards t^ie warm strttais *v genial u> her chilled heart, or her eudeavOr-i to content hertk.ii i.i bor uomof gioom A'i<i 1 snuu the ut u. .ments of a p/omiaed rest tor (be wearied spirit ? And theu, at la^t, that gentdc, loving heart, exhausted with the contest, broke, aud was speeoiugto its eternal re t, had he not denied a response to the last glance of numau anguisn bent upon him ? Wtll may his kceoa bend in rsmors^. ami well may he in hopeless despair, breatu iorth? ' Forgive, oh, forgive me, Lilla! you were guiltieas ! I alone was u.itruo to my trust." God have merey uj?on tbatcooaL<i?iice atriek ? n in .11, for ho needs it iu the hour of tell condemnatiou ! Gas CaitBojf.?The Scientific American for thisweek, s^ys : "In tue list of claims thi< week it will be observed that a pttont ha heen granted for the me of gas carbon iu th ; manufacture of iron. This substance i>? nAt ;? gins, as many may be \ed to suppose, for car bon cannot oe outlined in tu^t state, bat H merely tho nume for the quality of carbon, as it is a found in various conditions It is .found nearly pure bs the m ast brilliant id' all gems, the diamond; also as graphite, of which our common pensil* are made; as th. anthracite coal wbicu is used for cooking our food, wa.using our dweliifigs, and raising our steam, aslainp black for ia*nting. aud as char coal tor manufacturing purposes. The usca and combinations otcarbon arc, moreover, be yond deacriptiou. G.u carbon is the product of a alow deposition of carbon from ooal gas at a high temperature and is frequently tound lining gas retorts, aud fil.iugnp accidental As sures in them. It has a considerable resem blance to black lead, but is too hari to a streak upon paper. It has a in italic lu?trs, generally compact, but sometime* found in une fibres. It appears to us thM it must be exeellent for manufacturing iron, but it can not bt obtained easily, or at a low price. THE WEEKLY STAB. This exeeUeat Famll? u4 Newa 1 mining ? graaft (Itaadlauf Single eopj, par anaem TO CtVM. PIvtMpta W Ten eoplee 8 Twwit ropl?* ....1* 01 iCT Cam, iiTiiuHi m ADViici. C7 Htngle copies (in vrinm) eu be procured at the counter. ImmMUtrlv after the iseueef tbe paper. Price?Tent* Chits Poitmaitim who art a?ae*nu> will be allowed a commission of twenty per cent ^oieid* of a Yoanf Lady by Poison?Another Affair of Disappointed Love [Fmm the Rochester Union of Aug-inrt 3 ] A singular suicide b?ok place at the Kafle Hotel iu this city, jestei^ay. On W?-d?e*iay evening a young 1 ?dy came by cars fr oj Au burn. and took lodging* at the hotel. icutained in ber ro?tn during the night., and nothing ui.usual was discovered in her epj* ir mce and deportment Yesterday tnornng -he ate some toast. but did not got" tbe brei* "ast table. Some time towards noon she ca lei i he bell boy of the bount, and asked hi jo to lo some errands for her. He was ready to go, out sbe hesitated, he says, iu giving ber c*m oiands Finally. however. she summoned enough determination to tell bitn to purchised b?r a .an, some other articles, and thiee cents' wo'th ?f rat poison The boy bought the article* tinned, including the |K?i*?n. whieb be ob tained at a drug store. Tbe girl doubtless ook a portion of the poison imniedi >tely after it wa*t?keu to her. and at nooa was seited with vomiting, and called for me lical ai l l>r. Moore called, and su-pected. after inquir ing ber FTmpt'im'. that she had taken p i*>n. but she deuied the fact ao resolo'ely, tbiit sus picion was partially lulled. Her sufferings jecsme more intense a short time atter. an i lespito of medical aid. she expired in great agouy nt * lat-- hour I ist evening. Before ber death sue stated that her mn? was Caroline Biy'ey, and that her fa:lier Ah .er B.?yley. resides at Auborn Up to the .ast ru -incut of her life, she would not give my further account of herself thm name ml residence. She would not admit thst s!ie h d taken poison, or that she meditated self-de struction. Towards her la?t hour she begged tor med cine to relie%? her fr-m pain. The appearance of the young lady was ra ther fair. She is rather above medium s sc. .nid her hand' indicated that she had toiled Somewhat. Among h -r effect* were five shil lings iu money aud ?>me letters O te letter -ives somethiug of a clu<* to the mystery at tending her sad end. It was written by a tem.ile cousin, named Decker, and allu les tu i misunderstanding that en-ted bet wee <i tr.e leceaaed and a young m in named Craig Xtiey had b?en under tngigem<-ut fir m ?r riage, but had bee >me a ieii iteJ aud thiscou -iii write* that she endeavored to reconcile Cra;g. Coroner Quinn came immediately aft r she died, and at once called a ju y of iuqu**t. After sitting sometime wiibout uiporia .i re sult*, the jury adjourned to meet again tha* eveuing. Drs K >binson aud Bly held a po?t m >r*em ex m nit.Mii an the b<?dy tbis m >rning. Th t . z imination prove 1 the f >ct beyond *1! qu s liou or probability of doub: that me deceased *n*th.iste. When the jury m?<?ts at 7 this cv nin$, tha result of the in li.t*l examinati >n will b laid before them Tbe physician* exprcsa the be lief that the deceased was not mire thin twenty years of age A telegraphic d.-<pi h w a sent to Auburn this moruing, but no au ?w?-r has been received. Tne following is * copy of one of the letters found among the effjets of the dc c iscf : Arm rs. July 21. lHii. Dear Cnroline : Mr Y >ung? toid me ttat you wa? in a b >wling sal ?>u Now. I w mt to knuw where yon are aui what you a e d >iug He say.; a geutleui ?n fr ?m there told h-m so. I hope^y u to be di^creM *11 your li.'e. .<s your cha?a.-t?;r is your all. Mr. Cmi^ *a- Lere t*o weeks sg'i to-day and siid be w <? goiu* t> .^j>eud ty ' -anbrtth in Syrs use. II * sii I tliat Crr.w.'or t was married to Be.sey P?ite., and g it a dollars with her. 11 ?p ? f y> u. a?il ? lid you w *uld have t?> in <rry up m a abort notice, or marry s one that w is :?-?t worthy of you. He sa:d tb*t he w>?uld atner m: ry a poor man'sdevi'. than a tich in in s >ool I told him lie w^uld never do better ;han ' go bark a? 1 maKe up friend^ with you. Now. just wiite to me, anl let lue know if be ha* called upon you. Mr. Stout said he called upou you and spent the cven:ug Tu?s letter le.-ivcs us all as well as usual, hoping it may bud you the same. From your Iri^nd and well wi her, Mrs. Lakiha A DacacR. Your mot'ier ha* been very Rick, bu i - n <w better. So more at present. (W. B.] A Mai>ma* \a ost in a Caowo?<tBKAT Con stei?>atio>" a*d AtAsreK?Narrow Escara L ist evening <* bout half | lit ten ?'el Mk. wf?i ? a party of ^eutlcmeii. numbering (*>tne or ten. were silting in the p>irtiiu of tbe Am ? icen H t?-l ci State street, m man nnin d L w isG-*olman who win stopping at the hotel. cau;e out i * the Lall into tbe otbee. an I rsked a k* utlen.a;i t show him where his jugul-tr vein was as he wanted to cut bis throat Ho had in his hand a pea kiute, not th - geiiUe ? man uoticiug a wildiiVss in tsoodinau * ey.-s, which evinced ui.iuiftakeable madoes?. g ?t out <n hi- w iy ?a ?oo.i as possible G xxican then started forw trd, striking himceli in tbe thn-at with the knife twi *o. After wn?ch be maJe a rush at th * party sitting in tbe porti | co. striking ri^bt aud left am >ng th m with the knife. They sprang to <tieir feet a >1 rau in all directi<Mif Oneyoun^; man in his pre* cipitnncy, fell over a wheel barrow, iija*<ng bis leg bally The others esc pel tu .e iuC toaately. The man now ?nc i by the (light of tb'>s<i he b:?d rushed up<<n. bi.-c:tme furious, and tingled out the proprietor of tbe house. Mr. Osteruout, and give Ln.? chase Mr. 0 rau down State street with the m id tnr.n at bis h^els. and ju?t at the eorner of State aud Ptfiirl str eet he iaii into the arms of a young man uaiuud James M is ten who was turning tbe corner Goo!in?u tt-tbbt-d M .steu in the arm. infli oing a saeht wound. He was then ariested and t"ken tv the s.?c-ir.d district station by offi ? r Gel :el Df Wilis e examined and dre?.-ed ti^ founds (jo>uuui had iudicted upon biu^eTf and pro:i< une> d them cot dangerons H'> thought ioo mnu was laboring under en attack ot mtma a po~ tu. An cum nution of the case was had be fore Justice Parsons, and G ?o<lman was com mitted to jail.?'Albany At la*, Augut PerfIDI PoiSBLD.? Auot'.f r Flag of True* Cast?Iu tbe Oi>urse of the a.teiu*?n on tho 3d of Ju!y an fcug.isH sUaui corvette ap - [H-oachei the harbor of Ku >mj, in Kaumi, % retired p.a *e ?>n the Abo district, and iu thb Julf of JJ itbnia. Six bo its, m irued by sea men, marines, aud several offi-era, and armed with giius, lett the m m-of-w?r. One uf taem, in order t> deceive the vigilance of the watch men of the jnnt, thought proper to hoist a white han ikerebief. to m ike it ap(*ear a fl ig of truce. B;ug inf ormed that the boats were approaching, the burgoina-tcr of Kuomo im mediately repaired to the ?hore with a white tlag in his hand The Jk^clish officer asked if there were auy soldiers in tbet'>aai| aud ou the mayor's refusal to ai.swer this question, he deinanle I tho surrender of al> the merehant niiD and all tbe ((oods ia the harnor to be de livered up to him. Directly alterwaids the English took to their arms, aud pointu-g tL ;r gun*, set about removiug from the port b??;u tbe ships and the goods Toey ma prepared to set on fire ra-.-h objects as I'icy conld not carry i ff Tae magistrate prote- e 1, but In Vidn a -*"-4 ,h? b#U fl,tu ?f "** t"'<" .r- ? <f, "v But m ib. mu-i U..U C" w ?*''***'J ?" uiehmeDt of wuiouil 6buiiv9r? lif,e.#!Uk the rpot, and fired a volley at tbe a.J b* Many of them were killed or wound-d, ta? rest took to flight, abandoning all the obj*ets they had seized, and ru?bed to their bo?ta. They tucceedad at length in regaining Ulo oorvettc. which remained at anchor. VT Dstw from Chin* eta?e taat tbousanda of tne lnbabitakta are daily dyi ig from tap ration, the rebels having cut off all aup|.U#4 Irum the river districu.