Newspaper of Evening Star, 8 Ağustos 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 8 Ağustos 1855 Page 3
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.EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Thk C\*p-Mbetixo ?The profemors of re ligion at the Methodist Protestant cainp-meet in*. now in progress in Alexand ia county Va . near this city, had a delightful day yes ter Jay. a? many of those present manifested mueh anxiety about their souls. The services f the day at the stand, and the meeting for prayer in the different tents, were eagerly participated in by many for the first lime The number of preachers present has greatly increased Among them, we saw. in the evening, the Rev Messrs. Sutherland J T ?awai TK Wi,M'ilV- Ree?e' D D ' 1 I nH[?'TuuOIn^ ,M . ^,l90n' Shreere, fc D. Drinkhaus, Jo-iah Varden. Oliver Cox. and '? et'tbrook?all of whom Appeared to be acti?ely and earnestly engaged in tbe dis charge of their respective and exciting duties Tre disturbances of Snuday la*t around tbe camp were the work of a band of desperate rowdies and thimble-riggers. principally from Georgetown, where they have earned the titla ? ?f the 4'Forty Thieves'' by their many mis demeanors. These of Monday night wore also the work of an organised band of j^rsons. wjto. on that beat .1 poor nogro mer ciiesdy. and continued until a very late hour , -iuging \ulgar and blackguard songs. Blear ing. blackguarding, and blaspheming behind the tents but in the hearing of the frightened ladie-- therein, yet keeping themselves as far as possible fby -kulking in t he bu?hes) with out the rea.Ti of the respectable persons charged with maintaining order on and about the camp-ground and protecting the ladies and children gathered theru from the insults of w.wdy luffians Wo understand that warrants are l.eing sought for the following named of the gang : llesckiah Walker, two mm named Burr< ws. Griffith Dulany, and 2$ tniuel Burch. (a >n of Caleb Burch, ?r ) The names of others of them arc known, and they will to dealt with through the law, doubtless, as soon a* tbe citizens interested in the meeting leave the ground. In thecourse of Sunday, another disgraceful disturbance took place, in which two young men from Alexandria, named Hewitt and Low, or Lowe, were conspicuous. We un derstand that they. too, are to bo taught, by tbe intervention of the law, the necessity of conducting themselves like gentlemen at such places. The Editor of the Tki th ?" Why doycu not get into some busine-.-, Mr. Robertson ?*' sx:d a gentleman to this distinguished person age. ' Why don't I get into tome business t ' replied the gentleman in a tone ?.f intense sur prise. ?? why I've got plenty of business, and of a most important character." So it ap pears Our friend i? always busily engaged, effecting, according to bis statements. import ant ret rm.?socially, politically, and philan thropLally; ever insibting upon justice, pa triotism. and the praoti e ot morality. He has honored the Stir by making it the channel cf his iervid, nerv. us. mental emaraiius. In the prosecution of Lis extensive businem, he has furnished u? with another communication! and thus gives vent to bis grave and patiiotic view* com eming the welfare of the American people, over whom he watcher with intense solicitude : "Ooften<ng tbe dbciamour of tlie Na tional Intelligencer in reguard to tbe prin ciples set fjrth on The eastern w?r, I de sire that cur friend, (J. G.j shall have the benefit of it. so far I am Concerned, it is very dai gerou* ground for The rnited Stite* Government to attempt to walk on. We Tilt People desire only to bo let alone Ma-aging our own Affiires. Tnerc fure we cannot Sanction aught that would even lay us open to the Suspician of on our part with the Governments of the old w..r!d- For it is fen wn to us That when we Could not bo Cocquored by Ann* Art wa-< used and over One thou-and Millions ? f dollars has been expanded to agitate tbe question of Sla very so as to divide, then Cji quor u?. And incur own Country??wit ti Tne declaration of rny L tw giver and guide before th< m. To wit: 4- A Nation divided against itself, u \ 1 tall" M u.y proteasing to t?e Christiana, unite with our C- 111 men ei: iuy, to de-s*r . . glorious I nion, in the <1 '.ruction of ,t- ..;n would dis tr??y the last hoj.e of the Pi'i?.,t thr< 0 .bout the wuiid. ye; met- "f l>i9u a;.' low degree, unite their voices, pens. tiic-, and energy, t> do that which JuUu.* would quitii at doing ix he was low living among u.-, the People of tne United States. And he proved him-ell :? better man than many do. f,tr when he saw that his Master would not exercise hi- Divine power to escape fr w Lis persecutors, he came and threw down the money and ?aid '? I have betiayed innocent bi->od' ?do any of the Agi tators of this day who live off of the ex de - ment which is tending to destroy our L nio/i. act as well as be did f he repented, and except all the people repent that have aided the Con sniritors since 1M6. which met in Germany, They shall perish. For the wicked fb^ll be turned into heli with all th'.> Nations that for get God. Did not thoae Nations forg??t God when they agreed to do thus and so?In hope* ?>f destroying our Union ? And what Nutien Scorned to enter into the vile plot ' Russia, 'ntriarout rruH ami uncivilized Russia, Scorned to aid iu the overthrow of our Insti tutions, yet we are now called upon to aid in humbling our friend?The only Nation that has stood by us since the days 01 Washington. American citizen*! arc you prepared to enter into any plan to injure your true and faithful friend, The Russian Natio 1 ? If not. Sjorn all acts tending to lea i anyone to suppose you are iu favor of her humil'ttion under present existing Circumstances " Oa* Til at Ksuws ?James Robektsos. TnE Law.?Section seven of the act entitled ' An act to prevent nuisances," approved June 3. 1S53, is in these words: 44 And be it enacted, That it ^hall be the duty of the com missioners of improvements of this city tocause zanthum spinonuin. and every other species of thistle that may appear in the streets, alleys, aud vacant grouuds within their respective wards t-? be rooted up. destroyed, and entirely extirpated in the months of June and July of each year ; for which purpose a sum not ex ceeding ten dollars for ca.'h w.*rd is hereby appropriated, payable out of the contingent faud placed from time to time iu the hands of the said commissioners for the casual repair of streets, removal of nuisances,'' A.-. It is n? w August; and we hear some complaints that thistle: are abundant iu certain sections of the city Mt sic?Of late, the canines, all over the city, have been amusing themselve" by bark ing and bowling, to the gr? at annoyance of our citizens. Occasionally, we hear the re port of a pistol, probably fired at those noc turnal di.-tu:beis of the public quiet, it would require a good many explosions of that kind, however, t? rid the community of tne sui piusage of "anim lis of the dog ^ind." But changing the subject: there was a happy re lief to dog barking aud howling last i.ight. Between eleven and twelve o'clock, the strains Sd * band enlivened several ueignboihexais ; aWl many of our citizens were uelightfully disturbed from tneir slumbers by the instru mental mei'Kly. Corporation Cases?S?domon Ilubbani. profanity, workhouse days: Cath'ne Goldin, ?trunk and dis<>r<leiiy, worahouse 60 days; Bridget Graney, profanity, fine and iwu. Bridget w*s also held to seeuiity for peace in a ca>e of assault: James If igan. as-aulting his wile, jail; Ana Ilagau. the wife of James, druuk i*'?d disoriit r y, workhouse 60 days; George Jammer., celling li juoi after 12o>luek J at mgnt, fined iUO and eu<u; Fd ward Jackson, keeping a dog without licet se, fine ami costs. The above eases were disposed of by J u*tiee Bites, and were anesteu by officers Wise, Simonds, and Stodlard, of ihe .?tn ana 7tu districts. Da .iel B<vwn, drtn't, workhouse 60 uay.*?committ^d by Justice Crundell. The Recetta.?According to previ' us an nouncement. the several boats euteredfor the race started this mamiug. As was reasonably anticipated, many persons line<l the wharves aud bid-tops to wat'*b the proceedings, while a nuin'>er of |>er-on' went Uown the rit'e*r in the steamer, on the trail of the racers. We shall to-morrow endeavor to furnish Ut par ticulars of tbe cont , -t. MECIA51CAL Cli - ?At a rsct 1 election of this association, the following officers wire elected: President, William Dow leu; Vice President, William Eaton; Recording Secre tary. Jacob Bontz : Financial Secret.wy. Cha*. Davis Treasurer, Wil.iam Uoddard, Th* Kunctls were last night, as hereto fore. greeted with a crowded auditory, at O ld Fellows' Hall. Their performances wcro re ceived with shouts of applause. The only danger to be apprehended from attending their entertainments is a sore throat from excessive laughter! The Wells children materially added to the pleasure of the occasion, and were received with repeated demonstrations of favor. ??? The Brotherhood or the Union, a benevo lent association, went on a pic-nic yesterday, to the White House. The company was just large enough to be comfortable on board the boat. They all spent their time pleasantly, and did not return until one o'clock this morn ing. We learn that there was a disappoint ment about refreshments, but this defect was supplied through the energy of the committee of arrangements, who deserve much crcdit for their efforts to make the trip pleasant and agreeable. - The Young Catholic's Friend Society will, to-morrow, make their excursion to the White House. The advertisement gives the particulars as to the time of starting. <frc. Tbe net proceeds are to be appropriated to benevo lent purposes, which should do an inducement on tbe part of the public to patronise the en terprise apart from the pleasure which the trip promise? to-afford. An Attraction.?This morning, about nine o'clock, after passing Seventh street, on the Avenue, we noticed a perfect rush of mer chants. salesmen, citizens, nnd strangers to the si lewalks and gazing toward the carriage way. Upon inquiry we learned that the cau?e of the commotion was an incoherent speech delivered by a wild colored woman, who had been drunk si! night, and was on her way to the work- , house. She was endeavoring to excite 6vmpa thy nmong those who had previously befrietid ed her. Thf.ft ?While Mr C. W. Flint was at Ar lington. on Mouday, attending the festivities, somebody stile hij horse and bu^gy. Tbe r?>gue w;b discovered, aud, having beeu hard pressed abandoned the property in the vit'i. ity of Hoover's farm, and inade good his escape. Burglary.?The dwelling of Mrs. Leake, on Twelfth street, between L and M, was en tered by burglars recently, and some articles of small value stolen. Watch Returns.?Jane Robertson, drunk and disorderly, workhouse thirty days; Johr. O'Dwjer, jr , vagrant, fine and security; Rob ert Kaywood, druuk aud disorderly, fine and costs; L. Bowen. drunk, workhouse thirty \ d ys. The Parliamentary Question. Washington, D C., Aug. 8, 1335. To the Editor of the Star : Sir :?In the Board of Common Council on Monday evening, the previous qucrtiou bavin been demanded and seconded, and the usua< formula "Shall the m tin question be now put ?" having been decided nffirins'ively. Mr M.'Cutchen moved that the B. ar i adjourn Mr Clements said that the motion was nut in order. The President was about to decide in his favor, but, on my representaiton of tht case, decided that the motion was in order. Mr. Clements appealed from the decision 1 stated that, according to the parliamentary usge of all legislative holies, a motion t?. adj .urn waj aiwiy* in order?meaning, ot c urse, whenever a member could be recog nised by the Ch >ir Mr Clements said that the rule of the ll-.use of Representatives wis, that when tue main question Lad been ordered to be put, no motion whatever could be entei taued; and that this the invariable prac tice of the H u-?e. The question on sustaining the decision of the President of the Board < t Coinm ii Council was lost by a tie vote?the President himself h iving, at his own requo-t. b en excused from voting in favor of hi* own decision. It would occupy loo much of your spaec t > city the post-ages of Jefferson's M mual. Cush isi^Manual. the Hu es of the i?a Houses ?>t Congress, ard other parliamentary author! lw. which ?how that Air. Clements s view wn wrong, especially since th y arc not explicit as t > the in itler iu con?n>w. rsy; but as to the jiructice ol the Houst; of K i.. resell tat ives there I ?.*:?u bo no doubt whatever. By reference \>< ] tiie proeeeding* of that bo-iy on the 22d of May, Is^l. (as reported in the National intel ligencer of tbe following day.) w ile the Ne braska bill was under consideration, it will he peiceived that the Committee of t'.e Whole reported the biil with a recommendation to trike out its enacting clause iir. Richard M u then d mat ded the previous question on agreeing to the recommendation ot the report. 1 will now quote from the proceedings : 44 The previous question- was then seconded, and the main question?viz., on striking out the cnaeting clause of the bill?oidered to be now put?yeas 117, nay^ D4. * " Mr. Sage movent that the Home adjourn', which motion did not prevail?yeas 6b, nav 121. " Xhe question was then taken on agreeing to the report of the Committee of the Wliol. to strike out the enacting clau-e of the bill. au l it was disagreed to?yeat. 97. nays 117 41 Mr. Richard, on then moved, as a substi tute for the biil, the bill which passed the Sen* ate with the exception of the Clayton proviso, and a few verbal jlt?.rations, and demanded the previous questiou " # * * # # 4; The main questior:?upon tho substitute? was then ordered to be now put?yeas 116, nays tM). ?' Mr. Morgan moved that the House ad journ. and on this motion demanded the yeas arid nays; which were not ordered. 44 Tne question was then taken viva voce, when there was only one response in the affir mative, which caused great laughter and clap ping of hands. 4The question then recurred on the substi tutc offered by Mr. Richardson, and it was agreed to by She following vote?yeas 11j, u;?ys M.'" It will thus be seen that, on this occasion, twice in succession the previous questiou was moved, seconded, and the main question or dered to be now put, and yet a m >tion to a 1 j .urn was iu each case received aad acted on oefore the main question actually was put. 1 am, veryrrespectlully. your obedient ser vant, Feud. Jefferson. The Panic at Portsmouth, W?We deeply sympathize with our . li..w-citizens of Noifolk. Portsmouth, and (Josport in their afflictions ; i>ct, it we are rightly informed by accounts to M>nday evening, their afflictions proceea irorn the fear of evils to come in far greatei degree than from the past or present positive inflictions of disease. In Portsmouth proper, with a population of It) 000, after thirty days' continuance of the fever in it; vicinity, there have been but six or seven deuhs proceeding from it; in U isport. the infeeled district, containing a population ot' 3,000, the/o nave been but thirty-one or ihirty-two deaths ; and in Norfolk, with a p -puialion of lii.000. there have been bur twelve deaths, all traceable to Oosport. and at la?t advices there were remaining but two or three cases. In all there have been about fifty-one deaths out of an aggregate popula tion of 32 000. At llosport where the disease took root, a een.-us was recently tuken of a row of six small two and-a-half-story houses, aud they were found to e iiitain iH?7 pcrs ins, and in the sec ond st?>ry of one of them was a pig-sty, and a cow had recently been stalled in the basement of another. A knowledge of these fa.'ts is profitable only as it tends to show the influ ence upon disea?e of uncleaniiness, sloth, and penury.?iViaf. Intelligencer. Another Accident from Kite Flying.? Another accident trom permitting children to fly kites Horn the tons of bouses occurred y??* t< ra?p morning iu North Bond ftreet by whie; ?t boy about twelve years oil, njmed Joi.n K<fc*us broke his arm. lie had got upon a she i ? n the yard of his father's house and let his kite go, and without looking where lie steppco walked i ff the front of the shed, falling head long to the ground. His rsght arm was bro ken above the oibow, aud his face and head were much bruised, though the distance he iell was only about twelve feet. The many a - i'Lnts occurring from the indulgence oi this sport do not seem to have any effect upon parents who allow their childre i to run into almost certain danger.?Bait Imcrtran. Cor* and Potatoes in Ohio.?The Cincin nati Enquirer says that the corn ai.d pota.o crops Were never so glorious as this seas r. Potatoes are so plentiful that thoy are expe -> el to be down to 12) $ents a bushel. ILr Letter treat Hem. Jehn Miner Botts, ef Virginia. Richmond, JulyO, 1S55. Messrs. Wm. S. Beers 4 Co : Gents?Consider ations of duty to the afflicted alone prompt me to send you this voluntary testimonial to tne great value of "Carter's Spanitk Mixture." for that almost Incurable disease. Scrofula Without being disposed or deeming It necessary to go Into the particulars of the case, I can say that the astonishing results that hare been pro duced bv the use or that medicine on a member of my own family, and under mv own observation and superintendence, after the skill of the best physicians had been exhausted and all the usifal remedies had failed, fully justify me in recom mending its use to all who may be suffering from that dreadful malady. I do not mean to say that it is adapted to all constitutions, or that it will afford the saint* relief in all cases; for, of course, I can know nothing about that?but of what I have seen of the effects, I would not hesitate to use It, in any and every case of Scrofula, with persons for whom I felt an interest, or over whom I could exercise influence or control. Respectfully, yours, Jno. M. Bottc. }D" Ayer's Cathartic Fills.?Pills that are Pills!?Pro*. Hatis, State Chemist of Massa chusetts, says they are the best of all Pills, and an nexed are the persons who certify that Dr. Hayes knows, vix : Lemuel Shaw, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Mass Emory Wajhbcis, Governor of Mass. VV. C. Plunkett, Lieut Gov. Mass. Edward Everett, Ex-Sec. of State and Sena tor U. S. Robert C. Winthrof, Ex-Speaker House of Reps , U. S A. Abbott Lawrencb, Minister Plenipo. to Grett Britain. t John B. Fitzfathice, Catholic Bi*hop of Boston. MEN THAT ARE MEN ! Among the diseases this Pill has cured with as tonishing rapidity, we may mention Costiveness, Bilious Complaints. 11 ueumatttm. Drojmy, Heartburn, Headacne arising from a l'oul Stomach, Nausea, Indigestion, Morbid inactio?i of the Bowels and pain arising therefrom. Flatu lency, Loss of Appetite, all Ulcerous and Cutane ous Diseasesvwhich require an evacuant medicine, Scrofula or King's Evil. They also by purifying the blood and stimulating the system, cure riian complaints which it would not be supposed the: could ?ach ; such as Deafness. Partial Blind Neuralgia and Nervous Irritability, Derangeineni of the Liver and Kidnevs, Gout, and other kin dred complaints arisii./ from a low state of the body or obstructions 01 its functions. They an* the best Purgative Medicine ever discovered, and you will hut need to use them once to know it. Prepared by DR. J. C AVER, Lowell, Mass and sold by every respectable drucyist. Sold by Z. D. GILM AN, Wast ington, O. M LlNTHlCL'M. Georgetown; JAMES COOK A <lO.| Fredericksburg. 1e 17?2m 1H7" More Evidence.?We have Just been in formed by a gentleman from the country with n large family that he has had a great manv attack ? f Summer Complaint, but not in one instance ha he failed in making a perfeet cure in less Ihan 2 ho rs, with BAKER'S PREMIUM BITTERS !Ie believes ;Jso, that S50 would not have raid hi doctor's bill wituout the ilitters. He says ne neve intends to do without it in his family. His nam will t>e used if required, but not wishing it pub lished. 6 1 Price 50 cents per bottle. To be had of CHAS. STOTT A CO , Wash insrton, D. C : CANBY A HATCH, and SETIi s."HANCE, Baltimore; and by Druggists every where. eo3t 117" Premiums at the Fairs?WhltHiurst' -?till in the ascendant.?The juries of each of th u.ts fairs at Baltimore, Richmond, and New York awarded their hightest premiums to J . II. W fo. f heir superiority of Photographs, Stereoscopes am Oa^uereotypes exhibited. Mr. VV. also received two medals at the World - Fair. London, and a premium at Crystal Palace New York Also, the first awards of the Maryland Institut for three years past. Whitehurst's Gallery in this city is on Pa. ?v~ aue, betweeen Four-and-a-half and Sixth street* feb 17 1 IT" Or. Hoot land's Celebrated German Jitters.?Weak, nervous, depressed in spirits, and a prey to innumerable mental, as well a* pliy ??ical evils, the victim to dyspepsia, is indeed :'t . object of comraisseratiou. Yet it is absurd fo .!iu to desnair We care not how weak. low. aervous, and irritable he mav be. tb~ cordial di.-i of ii GOT LAND'* GERMAN BITTERS prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson-, Philadelphia, ar -rronger than tne many-headed monster, which i ?reying upon his body and on'.nd; and if h chooses to try them, we will insure a speedy curt See advertisement. je 7?3m ICT* Noah Walker A Marble Halt Clothing Emporium, under Browns' Hotel, re spectfully announce that their display of Sprin: and Summer C) vhing is now ready for inspe. tio:. c>mprising an assortineut of Coats. Vests anc Pantaloons of the newest and riche?t design* ii material, trimming and workmanship. To" gen ilemen who study excellence w:th economy Ii. f ishionntile articles of dress an opportunity for se I'-cting is offered from one the largest and uiom attractive sto?-k of goods #ver offered in this city a' a very reduced scale of prices. ap f~ ID* ?t'" D- Gilmau, OrnjjisI, lias removed lo.Vi- Seventh street, opposite ?he Patriotic Itank and is now prepared to fill all orders for Medicln Paints, Oil and Glass on accommodating term Strict attention will be paid to physician's tire script Ions at all hours of the day and night. Th> night bell is on the right of the store door. ap 14 MARRIED. On the 7th instant, bv the Rev. G. W. Samp ,son, Mr COFFER MAY HUGH to Miss ANN t. HRADLEY, both of Virginia. On the 7th instant, at M. E. Chun h South, b Rev lav A. Duncan, Mt H F. ZIMMERMAN to Miss SARAH VIRGINIA CALDWELL, a! of this city. DIEU. On the <-th ins'ant, FRANCIS IGNATIU? PEEROE, in the 48th year of his age The friends of the family are respectfully invi led tantfend his funeral at' 1 o'clock p m onto, morrow, the 0th instant, from the residence of W T. Herron. 76 Fayette st., Georgetown * At ? o'clock p. in., on Tuesday, the 7tli instant SAK .11 GEORGIAN A, the lovely infant daugh ter of George II and Susan S. Varnell, aged 2. months and 4 days; granddaughter of 3 L ami Sarah Bo-an, of this city. ' So fades the lovely blooming tiow'r. Frail smiling solace of an hour ? So soon our transient wishes 11 v, And pleasures only bl>om to die." Funeral at 8^ a m , Thursday, the Jth inst at No. 287 Fourth street, near II, to which the friends of the family are invited. (city papers please copy.) OFricucc.. Treasury Department, Aug. 3, 1855 Notice is hereby given to holders of stock of th. loan authorized by the act of 1*4(5, redeemable o and after the 12th November 1B56, that the whol or any part of that stock will be purchased by thi department at any time previous to the 3titli Ni vember next, for which 3 per cent, premium wl. ??e paid in addition to the sums expressed in th certificates And to the holders of the stocks of the othe' loans of the L'nlied States, that purcba es of th -amp to the amount of 81,310,000 will also l>e mad d ;ring the same period at the following rates : For stock of the loan of 1842, a premium of 1' per cent ; for !>tock t f the loans of lb47 and 1S4B,. premium of 15 per ccnt ; and Tor stock issued uu der the act of 1850, commonly called Texas-in demnity stock, a premium of 0 per cent. Interest will also be allowed, at the rate stipu la;ed in the certificates, from the 1st July last t< the day of settlement here, with one day in addi tion. to enable the Treasurer's draft to reach thi party. " Certificates transmitted to this department un d< r the present notice should be duly assigned t the United States by the party entitled to recelvt the purchase-money. Payment for these storks will be made by draft upon the assistant'treasurers at Boston. New YorV or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. J AMES GUTHKIE, au 1?dtNov3'J Secretary of the Treasury. ICE?ICE?ICE ! tiHARLES WERNER, on Pa. avenue, oppo / site Browns' Hotel, will keep, throughout th* season, an ample supply of Pettiooiie's best ICE which he will sell, on call, in any quantities, a the lowrst possible rates nun dtScp 3" CCRE FOR HOT WEATHER. 4 RNY'h ICE CREAMS, CAKE, and WA TER ICES, for which he was awarded a Medal by the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute is highly reconunenaed for the above. Will be ? to any part of the District free of charge, "?end your orders to 84 Bridge St., Georgetown Jv^-^rr ' pEMEXT, FLASTEll HAIR, Itc. Vy Also, constantly on hand a spiendid article of Cement* Plaster, Hair, Ac., all of which we are telling very cheap. LAVVTON P HOOVER, Potomac Lime Kilns one aquare south of ihe Lower Bridge, near Georgetown jy 16-eo3w (Intel,Organ,Union) w WANTS. ANTED IMMEDIATELY?Two or three Journeyman Painters. None need apply but e* perienced workmen and of steady habit* Apply to JAMFS O'BRYON, Pa avenue, bet. 12th and 13th sts.. or D, bHw. 12th and 13th sts., No. 300. au 7 "CTTANTRD?A SITUATION A* A WET

>V Nurse, by a young and healthy woman, who has lost her babv. The best references c*n be given Applr to Mrs. BARRY, on New Jer sey avenue, between M and N sts.. weal side au 7?2t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?AN EXPE rieuced American Nnn?e, to take rharge of an infant Recommendations required Apply at this office. au ft?tf ANTED?A BARKEEPER AND OYS ter Shucker at the Waverly House, Capitol Hill. Go^>d reference required. a? c?It* P. A. DkSAULES WANTED?A SMALL, RESPECTABLE, convenient House, in a good neighborhood, either in Georgetown or Washington. The ten ant will be punctual and probably permanent, and will take possession in October. Also, a respectable middle aged woman as housekeeper and seam-strws : services required im mediately. Address "L," at this office, jy 23?iawtf IirANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that t ? they can get a lot 24 feet front by 130 feet de*p, for the low price of ?75? payable ?3 a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. ap 28?6m JOHN FOX, Sec BOARDING. BOARDING ?MRS. M C. UREF.R, No. 5G1 Pennsylvania avenue, near the Capitol, has -vera! Iarr?? srd d?- :ia*.?*e r'->i.,s, suitable for . ..iniiors ? - ^cuiieiut-a, w uiCh she ^ .11 rent with or without board, at moderate prices. Also, ransient boarders can be accommodated with board bv the day or meal. Her table is at all time supilied with the best the market can afford, au 3?eo'iw (Bait Sun) Boarding.?mrs. duvall,no 331 Penn sylvania avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel, has .everai large and desirable rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen. which she will rent .vith board at moderate prices. She can also ac commodate six or eight table boarders. Jy 30?tf f>OARD,Ac.?MRS. BATES,ON THES. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and ftth street, is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with room*, vith or without board Every effort will be made 0 render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. apfi?tf FOR SALE AND RENT." ROOMS FOR RENT?a PARLOR AND ' several very pleasant furnished Cham tier* for .? nt, in a new brick house. Also, a small frame House for rent or for sale. Till* good. Apply to E. K LUNI>Y, au H No. 40 Louisiana avenue. LV)R RENT?A TWO-STORY AND ATTIC a Brick House, containing eight rooms and cel lar. o H street between 12th and 13th streets Apply to J. W. HARKER on H street, next to : ;e i.utheran Church. au S?eotf L^OR RENT?A LARGE FRAME HOUSE * containing eight rooms, sltua ed on D street, ?etween 14th and 15th. Enquire at Ginnatv's grocery ? ore. 01 Mr. Clokeys. next door. au 7?3t* [jlOR SALE?THE GOOD WILL AND Fix tures of a Kikery, n >wdoi. gafair business? 1 go xi stand and a low rent Any energetic per son cojld. in a short time, nearlx double th ? bus iness. Hood rea^ ns given for wishiug to sell For address apj>lv at the Star * ?tflce. au ~?WThS3t# rv>R SAT.F.?A VERY DESIRABLE BL'S * iness stand ?That three-story brick huildin* ontaintng a store, and co > vcnlentlv arntn?'-d i*i?Mn-_'. with lar_'e lot. situated in the central pan ->f tue r ry a fe?v doun noith of Pa. avenue ^n i Itii street 1 v t'.i ;?,}? desirous of obtaining a valuable arid ;riu ient business lo?-at ion, or to capitalists seek ing profitable invc-tment in property which is early increasing in value, it offers a rare inducc incut to purchase Fei term , uhich will l?e accommo lating. ai> >'lyto J C. UcGUIRE, aug 7?Iw* Auctioneers I^Ort RUNT?THE NK\T AND CONVE ? nient two Ftory Frame House, No. 479 Thir teenth street, v st side, between Pennsylvania av ??aue and D <tn*?t. It is suitable for a small f?u? ie. ami is la every respe t a desirable res'den ce. ?ossf-si,)u given immediately. Apply at tiie ;tar oiliec. l^??R KENT?A FINE TWO-STORY bri k ? House, situated on 4,^ sire?-t, !>e ween Pen- a. i venue and C streei, adjoin In. Mr. Oeo Marker's. Enquire of Mr. GEO M VTTINGLY, Island; or lextdojr to the premise*. au 1?tf jJIUVA E SALE ?SEVERAL FRAME l Houses suitable for large or small families, ont^ininjj from 4 to lo rooms each, on square ou h of Square 5'f, l>etween 4th and 5 th streets, t:d frontitig Alassachuaetts avenue and I street, ferrns iiiade easy. Enquire on said square at No M. au 4?eotf Kent* reduced to suit the SI5D a year will be reived for the rent of V'ose new and convenient Cottages at Kendall 'iree-K with two acres of ground, stable, wood ?jbed, aad other conveniences attached. Puinpeof pure wii.- dTv i.ear the door, and communication i s had with Georgetown by way of il and Seventh treel-. and Pennsylvania avenue, morning and af ernoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation ?f clerks in the Departments. To se? ure the advantage of this great reduction ?f rent, tmmediate application must b?. made to he undersigned, either by letter or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, wuere the keys may be bad and the houses Inspected at any time. Several of th>.se residences wdl be sold on libe ral erms. WM. STICKNEY, No. 4, Kendall Grew. !S U.?Keats paid qua.terly in advance. ap y c<>ti FOP. SALS?THAT LARGE AND WELL, built Frame Dwelling House, with a brit.k casement, No. 4iti. situa'ed ou the east side of ijth street, between F and G, containing 10 rooms, ?Vith porch and pamry In the rear. For terms, which will be easy, apr>!v to CHARLES F A.OOD. iNi^la stree t, between E and F sis. Jy 17?eotf F^OIt RKNT?A HOUSE, containing 7 rooms, in a flr.e location, where there Is a good open ing for a small select school School Koom r ur idture with ^ouie other for sale. Enquire at 396 C * treet. au i ?eo-^w OOll SALE?TWO HUNDRED LOTS. I Price $75 each. Two years' credit, or 10 per ent. discount for cash. Apply atthe Union Laud Office, 7th street, above Oda Fellows' Hail jy ?-?"?3m Lots for s a l e.?two or three good Building Lots in a rapidly improving iei^hhorhood fcr sale on ten years' credit. Apply to J H DRURY. Jy gi-tf tjV>R SALE?A SMALL FRAME HOUSE and Lot, No. 50 Luuisiana avenue. Washing* on. It presents a rare opportunity to a person ivishin^ to make a good investment Also, a thiee-story Brick House and Lot, No. 57 ligh street, Georgetown, Lot 26 feet front by 186 aet deep; will be sold low and on a long credit. Apply at 46 Louisiana avenue. fy 20?tf i^OR RENT ?FOUR NEW AND CONVE 1^ nient Brick Houses, brown mastick fronts, onta.r.uiL: parlors with marble mantels, dining oom, kite hen. servant's room, and tive chambers ach, and .ituated on Thirteenth street, Island, eai the public grounds.convenient to Pennsylva nia avenue and the Departments. Rent very mod rate. Apply at K. 11. Clarke's office, corner of >ixth stieet and Louisiana avenue, or at D. B. 'larkc's Dru> Store, Eleventh street, Island, mar 0?wtf l^OR REN T?T11 E TIIR EE STO R Y STOR E I and Dwelling, No. b6 Bridge street, George ;own, so long ocenpied as Emmert's Confection fry. Apply to ARN Y, next door. my25?-lawtf ^ JL1 OR KEN T?A TWO-STORY FRAME * House, with basement, situated on Prospect il ill, Georgetown, commanding a beautiful view f the Potomac river. Apply to T. O. l>onnoghut ear the Catholic Church, or R H. Trunnel, No .2 Frederick stieet, Gecrgeiown, D. C. Jy H ? l^OR RENT?SEVERAL HAN USOME PAR a lors and Chambers, with Board. Also. Table and Transient Board. Inquire a Mih. SMITH'S,233 F street ap??tf LAW PARTNERSHIP. Robert j. walker and louis janin have formed a co-partnership under the ttrm ?f '? Walker A Janin," for the management and ?rgumcnt of ca.<es in the Supreme Court of tht ! nited States. and before the Court of Claims at Washington City. Addies* Washington, D. C. may 10?eo3m GENTLEMEN'S UXDCRGAAME!ITI. WE have a large and flue assortment of Silk, Gauze, Merino and Cotton Undershirts, lin ? n and cotton Drawers, White and colored Fflirts, Hosiery, Ac., which we are now offering at verv low prices WALL A STEPHENS. 4?i Pa. ave.. next door to Iron Hfll. Jy U?U [Nfwsj, ! AUCTION SALES. By JAS. C. McGUlRE. Auctioneer CPLEKDID C ARRI AGE.HORSE, FINK ^ ^ Co?poe, kiidHBe <*akU ???ted J?**1*"' Htra?u.?On FRIDAY afternoon. August 1?, at 5 o'clock, In front of the Auction Rooms, I shall sell, without One line large gray carriage horse, seven mr< old. of superior style and action; and works kindly in single or double harness One handsome French Coupee One splendid two-seated buggy wagon Single and double silver-plated harness Buffalo Robe. Saddle ana Bridle Cutting Box, Ac. The above are the property of a foreign minister ,? l8ir?vi??g the countrv, and will positively be ??ld Terms cash J. C McGC IRK, au **?<* Auctioneer Bt JAS c McGUIRE, Auctioneer. mRl'ITEES SALE OF A TALUABLB * ?;?it?tted at Ball's Cross Road..-. two ?' dulv made and re coided among the land record* for Alexandria county* Virginia, and by instructions from the parties Interested. the subscriber will **ll at public auction on SA T U R DA Y, August 11th, at 4 o*clock 1 . M., at the auction rooms, a valuable tract of land, containing l?l acres, adjoining Ball s Cro?s Roads, said tract being a portion of the " Glebe Farm," formerly owned bi Gen. J.P Van Ness It is proposed to divide the farm into four lots each containing a fair proportion of open and wood land, and to be sold separately, ?ith the right to one-half the growing crop. One of the lots, con taining M acres, has a good substantial farm house, overseer's dwelling, barn, and other out buildings on It. A plat of the subdivision may be seen at the Auction Rooms. Terms: One-fourth cash ; the residue in twelve > and eighteen months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises JAS C. McGUIRE, Jy .J1?eoAds Auctioneer. By GREEN & SCOTT. Auctioneers. tEXTENSIVE SALE OF CARRIAGES. J ? oactniiakers' nud Blacksmiths' Tool*. *ho? t"l*ture?, Ac., al Auction.? (in rl KM)AV. the sltst Instant, we shall vll commencing at 10 o'clock a in., ii the Coach Factory of Messrs lla?lup and Weedin, at the corner of Uth and C stree s, immediately west of the Centre Market. Washington, all the stock In tne establishment, viz: An assortment of Family Carriages. Coaches , Buggies, ail well tinlshed in the hest style Several unhnished and second-hand Carriage* Buggies ^ ' Also, the stock of Lumber, which is well sea soned, such as Spokes, Hubs. Fellows, finished and unfinished ? "\ *?"*??; bickory. ash and cherry in tne |?Unfc A large lot of Co v bmakers' Tools, Benches and V ICtffl A large lot of Tools in Blacksmith's shop. Bel lows, Anvils. Paints and Painting Apparatus A large lot of iron and Springs for Carriages \\ ith many other articles which we deem un * ne<?'ssary to enumerate The above mentioned stock will positively be sold to the highest bidder. Terms: U nder sjo raj,h; over f50 a credit of V 4- u months, for notes satisfactorily en dorsed, bearing Interest ' GREEN A SCOTT, au 3?eois Auctioneer*. By GREEN A SCOTTTIuctioneers ,L0T% at Auction?On FRI . yA * , BUh Inst , ar G o'cl'k we shall sell, in front of the premises, six handsome building i.ois Nos I, 1? t?, 14. 12, ?nd 1. in square No 6<? I having a front on south Capitol stre-1, betwen 1 south K and L streets, twenty-six feet each, run ning back l?d feet 4 inches, containing 2,712 feet b inches eacn Title indisputable Teuns One third cash; balance in 6, 1*2. ard of thesale n?teS l,earin? interest from the da> A deed given and a deed f trust taken. GREEN A SCOTT, i _ au ~^ Auctioneers. By W ALL, BARNART* A Co., Auctioneers VI E OF A \ ERY VAL1 ABLE NEGRO V Slave Or, SATURDAY, the I Ith of Au gust next a^ 10 o'clock we shiil sell in front of our Auction rooms, a very valuable slave named Da vid S id slave is twenty two vears old. of very robust trame. and is perfectly healthy. Terms at sale. WALL, BARNaRD A To. au 3 d [Intell] 'Auctioneers. MARSHALL'S SALE. IN vir-.ue of writ of Ficre Farias issued from th* . 4 ierk"?? odi. e of the Circuit Court of the Dis trict ol Coluoibia for the cuuntv of l\ashiagt<>n ana to me directed I *h??l e*f>o.-e to public sale tor ca -ij, on MO \ I) \\ . the 'iTth of Au,ru?t iifj' at the friint of the Court Housofion at f'.oc' rg I M . he following nr..|wrty, viz : All that pi?^e <>r nar. ?.| ,,f ground King and Wing in the city of " iisl,iugu?.i ;jitd knov* ii on th?- plat ?.f ?a d city us the west half of square No 75*1. t?ein . lo?s No ,;,5'?V.11 '3, >?. '-nd 15 in ?td square No j3. tog-ther with all and singular improvements thereon ; seized and levied '-non i> the propertv of James Crutchett. and ?old t i'Ltisfi' Judicial No .V* t.< Octoiier t** n hm > Charted N NoeU and Henry Decuurse'v ' \r u , ^ J 0 HOOVER, au 3-d-JUt th" Distrlct of Columbia. By GREEN i SCOTT. Auctioneers. CEVEN AIRES OF VALUABLE LAND , . 'u District at Auction. On THURS DA\ , the SKh, we shall sell, at 5 o'clock p. m., on the premises seven acres and nine p >1 ??. o. lait^, lylcg m Washington conntv. in the Uis Met of Columbia about I * mil-s from the Hast t rr branch Uridine, on the \IanJK>ro" and near the junction of the Piscataway R >ad. adjoinliiii the place called Good Hope The land is In a good sjite of cultivation, and verv susceptible of iUl provement It has on it a house, Ac Terms; On^-thlrd cash; balance in Q and 12 months, the purchaser to give notes fc?r the de ferred payments, bearing interest from the day of f be safe. J A deed jrlven and a deed of trust taken GREEN A SCOTT, aiT * Auctioneer*. MARSHAL'S SALE. ?N virtue of a writ of i-'iere F'acias 4?s*ed from io <-lerk s? dice of the Circuit Court of the District ol Columbia for the county of Washington ?*nd to me directed, i sq?J1 expose~to public sale lor ca h on MONDAY, the 27th day of August next, at the front of the Co^irt House door .at 12 o clock M .the following property, vi*: All that part oi lot No 13 in square No beginning for Hit ^.i.d part of ; id lot at the northeast corner ci said squa.-e. and running thence north westwardiv with the line of Pennsylvania Avenue H f??-t thence south westwardly'6; f^et. together withalf and singular the Improvement- thereon, seized and levied upon as the property of Hontia R . Merry man, and sold to sati-fy Judicial No. 7lt. to Octo ber term lbo4. in fdVor of Peter H HooeACo J D HOOVER, Marshal for the District of Columbia au 3?42l t WHITE t OFFEE.?Sixty ba?_s prime white Cohee Just received and for sale b au6?eo3t __ MURRAY A SEMMES. YOUNG LADIES'CLASSICAL INSTITUTE. 4tr.i F. sirtf t, brticrtm 5:h nnd 6(Jb, (Removed jom No. 9 Indiana avenue ) STEPHEN H MilllCK, A. M., Peijicipal. fpHE next Academic year of this School, <form x erlv under the care of Rev. R \V Cushman, D. I).. but for the last two years in charge of the present Principal,) wiL comnveoce Monday, Sep teml?er 10. 1-35 Kxperienced teachers are em ployed in every department Every b anch of a solid and ornamental education is taught, and di plomas are given to those who complete the pre scrilted course. Circulars, giving further infoimation, can be ob tained at the bookstores and by application to the Principal. au 7?eo2ru GREAT BARGAINS IN DRY GOODS. |N Order to make room for our extensive fall sup * plies we shall coinmeuce to-day and continue until the last day of August, selling off our entir. stock of Fancy colored plaid, striped and figured Silks. Bareges, Tissues. Lawns, Scarfs, ShawK and Silk Mantillas, all at rost f'<r ra?*, and al. other Summer <>ouds at gr atly reduced Drices t< ? lose them out this season. F ' We have also in store very many desirable staph articles, via: Superfine Linen and Cotton Shei-i ings Table Diapers, Napkins, Toweling. Fi ? and medium Shirting Linens and Cottons, all? he best brands, line White Flannels, plaid and pUin Cambric Dotted and plain Swiss Muslins V la-ge lot of Hosiery, Gloves and Kmbroid*rie? Laaies and Gentlemen's Gauze Merino Vest* -?ui.abie for the present hot weather ?17" Purchasers ;<re cord ally invited to call and -xamine for themselves, as we will offer all arti cles at less than former prices. COLLEY A SRAR3. No. 523 Seventh at., north Pa. avenue jy 30?eo*2w avenue. M PUBLIC BATHS. RS SAUNDERS respectfully iuforms the public .hat the BATfTHOU&K, No 350 C ireet, in the rear of the National Hotel will be kept open for the accommodation of those who desiu *c. avail themselves of it* rem. dial agencv For the accommodation of ladies she ha- sei apart Monday and Thursda .- of each week b i ween the hours of 12 ro. and 6 p m , for their ex elusive use, at which times hey will receive the attention of co mpetent female attendants B?'h- * cent*?live t ckets for f 1 Thankful for the patronage extended to her late hu?band. ahe respectfully solicits its continuance. ?u 1?eo3t* telegraphic rows reported for the ivknino star. Thn Yellow r?v? at Got port. Ac XonroLK. Auf. 7.?'The deaths at Go-port far the last thirty-six boors h?r? b*to iii tocr. and the new cs-e* aboat twenty. Mri Barron (wife of Commodore B \rron ia failing. Cnanmodorv Barron and hi* two chil dren are also tick at the r.aval hospital Porto* month is nearly depopulated Dr.- Spratley .a.d Parker are down with the fever. Now all direct communication is cut iff fn?m the other ports. * Only two new caaes hare been reported at Norfolk. The Mayor of Portsmouth has appointed Wcdr esJ.?y as a day of fasting and prayer. The workmen at the nary yard are fast leaving. The brig William Pitt, from Baltimore to Boston, with a cargo of coal, pat in here last night leaking badly. The steamer Metam .ra. from Ssvani.ah for New York, also put in for repairs to her boiler. Further Particular* from Louiariilf Locisviiae. Aug 7?Alter our last dis patch the mob threatened to attack the Cath olic church, but were dissuaded from it by Mayor Barber. *? * Bishop Spauldiog publishes a card denying that arm* were concealed in the churrh a* had been aseerted. and disclaimed all connection with the late difficulties. The keys of the church were placed in the hands of the Mayor. (The last dispatch was dated at half j?art eleven last night (Tuesday.) It stated that all wa? then quiet. The military were under arms in the eighth ward.] Baltimore Market*. Baltimore. August 8?Fiour?Sales of City Mills at 58 62aS"v73 Wheat is uDchauifd. mIw of red nt S1 87; white at *1 Wa SI 93. Coru is tirui at 92*963. for white, aud ?<8 91c. for yellow New Maryland rye at 51 ??*! 02. New York karkett. New Yoek, Aug X?Cotton i? firm with a fair demand. Flour opened hetvy. but im uroved at the close; sales of 12<KM> bushel* State brands at 5*.25; Ohio f>9 W?; Southern ?*?10 37a5IO 75 Wheat is firm a. yesterday's rates. C?>rn is a trifle higher?aales of 66 000 nu.ohels ; mixed at Hfi. Pork is dull with a declining tendency : Mess (19.62 Stcck* are better. Money is active. F T QEOROE F. KIDWELL * CO., DIALER* IN ALL KINDS OF COALS AND W jOD, FOURTEENTH STREET, (trrttic P>*uk Itm Emgtn* How ? \ have now <n hand ever? article in their line. v. L'ch * <11 b< -?oid at prlc?* to Milt the tinted The. solicit a share of public t?atronage, pledging themselves to give satisfac tion to all N B ?A cargo of White and Red Ash Cotl (afloat) *111 be sold low If ordered from the wharf Jy at?eolme IMPORTANT NOTICE. O those of our friend- and customers who have so promptU com. forward and s?t:l?*d their accounts a* rendered to let July, we tender our hlncere thanks, and *hall >*? read .? at *11 tine** U? serve tltein upon the best terms, hoping tiwreby to merit an Increased continuation of their (airun To those who have neither settled, not called to *ay when thev can, w rrstwctf 11. uige t.'w ne?es sity of their doing so without farther no ice; as we inu?t insist upon all bills being closed i.i souie maimer durin. the month of August CO.-I.KV k SKARS, .\'o .VJ3 7th st., 3 door* north Pa av-nue jy 21?eoft \(ARI>.?The subscriber Informs h'? friends and the public that be is now able to attend to his business He can be found ^t his old "tails, Centre Market. readv to wait on i' em as be always ha* done heretofore Tbe b^st of HKLF alwa\s on hand. JNO WAl KKK. Jyai-tf Victualler._ Metropolitan Railroad Office, f Gkorgrtowt. Au*ust I *.m J rT,HF. Second Annual Report ??* the P'e-1?|-nt a and Directors is now rexd f-?r di?tr'b-.t oi Stockholder* can be supplied bv caltin on tbe < yivi?r or sending their address ?bro igb he |x>st otbee J W DhLBLK, Ser au 3?lawjw H . LINDSLEY, DIALER 1H R'tAL FTATT k*L -A *D WA*F ATTS, SAiyT PAUL, MIS TERRITORY Lands bought and soldthrough out THE TERRITORY*. Taxea paid, ollections made. Drafts cashed, and the highest Prices given for Land Warrants Goverr.n?ent I .ands l?"at?-<1 with much care and if desired, the profits and losses shared ?autlK at the expiration of Uve vears The l^and at that tim- to oe "-old. unless otherwise a;:r?ed u|?..n and ine half of the current value -f the at the time of entry, and half of tb- expense of locating 'O be deducted from the subs-fibers' Interest To persons wishing to locate Warrants entireL on their own &? count, the cha. je will be. for forty ?r res a 15, eighty acres. S*Jo, one hundred iud "ixty acres. *.??; and will re? -ive with their title, i plat and description of the .and KKKKR ts<?- . M'!tx*?oTA?Gov Willis A Gorman; Ei-Gor fclex. Uatnsey; Hon J T Rosier. Sec M T; \Lt->srs Ames V Van Eltet , Attorney* at Law: Vlessrs Morton a Pare. Whrlesale Druggists Baltimore?W P PresL-n. Ksq, Attorney at law, Richard C. Bowie, Ea^., Com Mrnliuit; Messrs. Deur, Norris A Co.; Messrs McCteeae 1 Ham Washing to*?Hon W. W Seaton ; Hon J r Towers. Mayor; lion Judge J Bryan, J C. J. Hamilton, Ksq . Attorney at; Co! \N m I lie key; Col J. Riley; Messrs Taylor A MAi; Messrs Lewis. Johnson A Co , Hankers; O. C. Li nun mar. Esq., President Patriotic Bank, jy 17??o3m SILVER WARE. H!*EMKEN, 331) Pa avenue, between 9th and ? ItKh streets, offers his larj:e *t? k of puie iilver Ware, consisting of Coffee and Tea Set*, ompletc S.i^ar Bowl*, Cream Goblets Cups, 4poon* and Fork- and a magnlftoesit assortment I richly c ht^ed fancy silver ware suitable for gifts, it reduced prices Perilous in waut of any of tbe above articles are nvited to call !i<-ing mo-tli of our own nrian'.ifkcture, we war ant it sterling. If/* Silveiwareof any design made to order at .bort noii<e Particular attention is paid ingot lug tip Testimonials. Premiums, Ac. an 1?tr KIRST WARD LIYLRY A*i>bALE SI A? BLEft. f\ announcing to the pi.olic of Washington that L I have Uiken p>sse?slon. b\ purchase. ^ >f the above Stables, on G street near Ajnk ae War Department, (lately oc< unied JJJr^l ^ ?y A Schwartz.) I wish to inform hem that It will be entirely conducted b\ myself, nd thai ail orders left upcii the premise* will be ittended to punctually * ith eWant Carriages and areful driver* The R'.ding & hool will be con tacted bv a professional equestrian and perfectly locile horses; having stated bout* for lauy equta nans, ki private or public, as they may prefer ' Particular attention will be paid to horses kept .t Livery In his establishment Persons requiring open barouches or thiml\ ear. iajres, can be satisfartorily accommodated a* v*-Il as those desiring riding horses for ^entlenien >r ladies. FR1EDERECK l.AREMEYER, Jy *21 ?3m Agent ftCHUTTER fc KAHLERT, VRTiSTS, FRESCO, DECORATIVE, and every description of ORNAMEKTAL ?AlNTiNG Orders Tefl with Baldwin and Nenntn?, vU, corner Penn avenue a?>d I lib street wiU be romptly attended to Jy II? m* c warainkr. VATClNAlBSr Vo 330 Pa attune. ?'* "UA straer., WASIISSVSS. D c Pivoting, Jeweling. ~d kind of retjalrs o Watches. Jy?7"*_ LI ME ! LIME! LIME: Go r iT REDUCTION IN PRICE!?I quality wood burnt Lime at LIGHT V - I am now seUlng the best qaalit* of wood burnt .inie in Washington at eighty cenu per barrel at oe kilns aud elghty-flve ce?ts delivered ia any .art of the city. This is twenty-live per cent leas nan the market price __ Lawtom p hooveh, Potomac Un.e Kilns, on* square aouth of he .ower Bridge, (ieorgetowu )j K>? (Uaion,Organ,Intel)