Newspaper of Evening Star, August 9, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 9, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Thr Re8\tta?The steamer Mount Ver non started from her wharf, yesterday morn ing. with about three hundred persons on board, anxious to witness the great Regatta, which w?? announced to take place that day The following were the rules of the rac agreed upon by the contesting boats : I. The entrance fee to be paid by each U shall be ten dollars. ' Uoat 2 The boats .hall start from their mooring "'J ^ A?enal wh*rf< ? 'enith ? nd a half apart, at precisely nine ?>'J on ,hf W 2? , * Au?u8t ? run to fori Washington, .round '.be buoy at -at 5te^re^rB the P?'nt "f starting. ?ae signal for starting shall be given from thr shore by the diaoharge of a gun. * race 10 the mm ef and the second boat in tb e ra io to receive the sum of $23.34. 4. Any boat running against another, or in *.?y.w*y disabling her; or any bor.t usiujr ar I?,ea1n* 10 her *D race, shall forte a Ail claim to the prise*. 5. Where boats are nearin'^ each other on different tuck*, the boat h> ving the greatest space must change her ooi'.rse. At precisely 9 o'clock, tho gun fired at the Arsenal wharf annor\nce(j the starting, and the boats whit h Were entered, being situated opposite the bu<-,y ln the river, near the Ar leual wharf, r'oout a length and a half apart, glided out ir. the following order : No. 1. Martha. No. 2. General Jackson. No. 3. Will Watch. No. 4. La ly Gay Spanker. No. 5. Skipper. , No. 6. Know Nothing, of the Navy Yard. N". 7. Know Nothing, of Alexandria. The boats went down with an excellent brene. and turned the judges' b^at, opposite the wharf at the fort, in the following order : Tim* of arrival. Know Nothing from Navy Yard 10:29:30 Lid; Gay Spanker 10:34 00 Martha 10:39:15 Will Watch 10:47:00 Gtn Jackson 10:52:00 Knuw Nothing, from Alexandria.. .10:58:30 Skipper 11:00:30 The Know Nothing, having an excellent jtart. led on the return, with the wind, and Ciim- in sihead, a.* was generally expected. The five boats which arrived first were the fol lowing : Know Nothing, of Navy Yard 12:11 00 Lady Gay Spanker 12:30:00 Martha 12:38 00 Will Watch 12:52 00 Know Nothing, of Alexandria 1:00:00 .The prixes were given to the winning boats which received frora the spectator repeated ehetrs. Atthe commencement of the race, the Will Watch was the favorite at two to one against the field. Lady Gay Spanker had some friends who bet freely upon her against all ex cepting the winning boat. The Martha wm net neglected by her friends, but came in third, much to their disappointment. The wharves ana surrounding hill tori on the marg n of the Potomac were thronged with spectators, eager witnesses of the exciting con test, while numerous sailing craft, kearirg their human freight, skimmed the surface of the water. It was indeed a beautiful scene, lkuing was very active; although from tnu immense superiority of speed manifested b" the passage down of the Know Nothing, the result was as expected. The contest for the iec<>nd bjst was quite stirring, and competent judges say thai the Lady Gay Spanker, (who yon the second prise,} is abie to beat the , Kr. w Nothing, wilh ih? same amount of can foss. This affords another opp rtunity for a taa between the two. The owners of the Know Nothing, of Wash ington. understanding that those of the Martha and Lady Gay Spanker, respectively, are not satisfied with the raoe, are willing to gratify them with another trial, staking from >100 to 5500 >n the superiority ol' the victorious Know Nothing, which made the tin*e to and from Fort Washington (said to be thirty miles) in three hours and eleven minutes Tbe day after the race of last year, in which the Will Watch was the winner, a blacksmith at the Navy Yard -a>d that he could plan and construct a boat to eclipse that vessel ; and the result of yesterday jnakesgood his remark. Mosqcitoss.These troublesome insect", small a.- they are, occasion much trouble, pain, and scratching to the largest and strongest human frame. Though the public at large eanwot describe fully their natural history, they well know from experie ace the chief char acteristic of the '* varmint;" and so do the nleasurers at Cape May, as appears by the fol low ing extract from a letter addressed. August 6. to the Baltimore American : 14 We have but one subject of interest here now. It is not the surf?not the promenade? not the last bop, nor even the next one?but the m<?*quitoes. They are in everybo^r's xaouih, literally a4 well as figuratively. mapTng the best tempered people peevish, and the cross unbearable. Sineo la?t evening, the breeza has been blowing across the land, imaging with it myrisds of these pests; long, gaunt, muscular, grey-backed fellows, who alight on you without a word of warning, send an itching agony through your body, and leave behind them an irritation which requires hours to soothe. Along the beach they are especially numerous, and preparing for the bath is accomplished at a lets both of blo<Hl and temper, it is a war of ontranee between the visitors and thei-e natives of tbe soil, with all the chances in favor of the latter. Brave men and fair ladies seem dispo*>d to give up the contest and by before their minute as sailants." ? ? Not a Sca-Sebpbnt.?In these days of mar vel and humbug almost every locality must have its wonder, whether a negro with horns, a- in Louisiana, or a sea-serpent in the placid Silver Lake, (which turns out to bo a log ) The Lest we can do in this vicinity is to show a hen with four legs?a double chicken in all respects excepting the head and wings, and which lays two eggs a day! The bird is the property of Mr John Kichey. But there was a fish?not a sea-serpent?in the market-house this morning, which attracted attention, more on account of its singular shape than for its file. It was a sail-water stranger, the fir.-t of the kind, perhaps, which bad ever been cap tured in the Potomac and brought to Wash ington for salj. Old fishermen, however, cx presst* 1 no astonishment. It was, in fact, nothing more than a tlai-fi-h, of large pro portions. resembling somewhat a l<>ng-handled irJ'Qg pan. or a flounder with tbe aidition ot ? broom-tick for a tail. It was an est ray in our watew fo'm Virginia, although we can not suspect that the prevalence of the yellow fever had anything to do with its coming hith ?rward. ? The fi*h was cut up and sold in pieces, it Dtjug said that the meat, after undergoing the ordeal ot the culinary utensil to which we have likened it, is a delicate and pleasant food. t Ek wakk or Colxtkr*kits ?It appears from the Baltimore papers that a jeweller in Balti more on Monday received in payment for his , wares three five dollar bank notes, which turned out to be counterfeits. Two of the Cotes purport to be on the City Bank of New llaven. The vignette contains a representa tion of the Yale College buildings, dated Maich 4. Is54, signed by F. Bradley, cashier; E C. Kead, president, and payaole to J. E. Tur field. No. 2.888. The third note purports to be on the Farmers' Bank of Vermont, No. 1 14H. letter A, dated September 1*54, made payable to E. II Murr: Stephen C. Bull, cai-trier. and C. P. Austin, president. We publish the above for the benefit of our merchants and other citiiens, as. when coun terfeits are circulated in other cities, sjme of them find their way to Washiugtvu, which is frequently the case. No svociso will be allowed on the grounds attached to the Executive Mansion during the evenings when the Marine Band performs at that piacr ; the same rule als-j applies to tbe Capitol grounds. Mary ladies ha?e com plained of persons standing near th-jm puffing the Mckeniug smoke of country rolls in their faces The officers and Auxiliary Guard re quest gtMtlem?n to leave their stumps outside on those occasions, and expert that gentleman will comply cheerfully. Gallantry should be I allowed to preponderate over their puffing . yaysnii'm. Etoaob y 0UR Messengers.?Hitherto the Captain of t he Auxiliary Guard has been kind ??>?gb to permit prisoners who have friends to employ persona not connected r k Saar^? to find them and inform them of thej j arr#st Persons thus engaged, hare been paid by the prisoner or his friends for Errand service. But the meannes* of one P erson this morning, not the prisoner, for he generous, but his friend, has induced the captain to deny the privilege. Therefore it is necessary for those who do not wish to go to the farm, to engage their messengers before they are arrested. Riot.?Yesterday, a fight occurred at the steamboat wharf between a number of young men who were assembled at that point to wit ness th'j return of the boats engaged in the rnce. A considerable quantity of blood was *iost by some, and others were bruised and scratched. Officers were on the spot at the lime, but up to ten o'clock this morning we heard of no arrests. Other officers than those present have decided to take the matter in hand, and it is probable that some of the par ties concerned will be made to pay dearly for their sport. Corporation Cases, Ac.?Robert Cross threats of violence ; security for peaco. Mrs. E. Binsed, assaulting and attempting to throw boiling water on a little girl; security for peace. J. M Burke, harboring a femaW .ani mal of the doe kind ; fined 510 and cost*. Daniel Schneider, indecent exposure ; work house 60 days. S. F. Thomas, do ; 30 days. John Barry and Michael Keating, (boys,) ma licious mischief; security for peace. Those cases arc given us in the fifth district. New Order of Bbqoars.?Last night, a stout whijc iellow was found by tho guard gi?in? from door to door, ringing the bells, and begging from the inmates ot the houses. They warned him, and then kept a lookout on his movements. At two o'clock this morning he was caught in the aet of ringing a door-bell, and taken to the guard-house and sent to the farm. A Fixe Specimen.?On opening one of our Southern exchange papers, this morning, out 1cw a full-grown mosquito, which had had a free passage by water, coach, and railroad. His residence in the midst of us, however, was of short duration, lie found no cordial wel come. and, as soon us possible, was killed, lie was no curiosity. Watch Retcrns.?Alex. Morrison, drunk in the stieet; fine and costs. Jno. AlborUon, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 30 day^. W. B. Sheets, do; do Tub Farm advertised for sale on Saturday, the 11th inst., forming one of Ball's Cross Roads, in Alexandria County, is certainly worthy of the attention of any of our citizens deserving a residence in the country. Tuo land lays beautiful?entirely clean of stone? and a tract of wood land, forming a beautiful oak grove; the whole land laying in an un broken gradual decent to the South, from back to front. It ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, Aug. 9, 1855. The County Court still continues in session, doing, however, no business meriting special notice. Our new steamer, Alice C. Price, after hav ing been thoroughly examined by the United State? Inspector for this district, and pro nounced al right, started this morning on her usual route. Some recent repairs have made t'lis boat still more worthy the public patron age. An old citigcn deservedly esteemed among cur people, named Geerg-i C. Marked, yester day attempted suicide. Fortunately he wa.-< unable to make a fatal wound, and being dis covered. surgical assistance was promptly rendered, and he is n>w doing well. The in firmities of age giving rise to a loss of intellect, are assigned as a cause for t .is lamentable act. The 44 heated term"' is still upon us; yet Alexandria continues healthy. The vigorous sanitary measures of the two months past, has doubtless been one great means, under Provi dence, of .^ecuriug this great blessing. Vigi lance on the part of the authorities an 1 citizens is demanded to remove every cause of disease, and prominent among the preventitive mea sures which prudence suggest*, is the imme diate establishment of a quarantine upon ves sels from the yellow fever district oejow. It will be too late to regret when the evil is done. The excursion of the Washington Young Catholics Friend Society, which passed here this morning, took on board a large number of cur people, who will spend a merry day with them at the White House. Ami. RicnMOsn Invention.?We learn that an ingenious German of this city has invented a headstcud which, in view of the mosquitus that arc to come, and the hot weather that h is come, is one of tho most useful inventions of the yenr. The frame of the bedstead contains machinery, at once simple and efi'ect tive, which being wound up, will put in oper ation a fan or fans, suspended above the sleep er. When wound up, the machinery will move the fans from seven to twelve hours with rapidity, regulated at pleasure by the occu pant of the bed, creating a brisk and stirring breeze, or gentle soothing zephyr. The stead are made at from $5 to ^iOO. The inventor, we understand, has left for Washington, to procure a patent, which will, without doubt. Krove profitable, particularly in the South.? ichmond Diipatck. The Cocntrv Seat of a Dicpaultkr.?The m.insion of Mr. Tuekerman, the railroad de faulter, at Newton, Massachusetts, is very coolly said to bo all that a poet could wish. It is situated a little east of the Nonuntum House, on the bank of Charles river, shaded by lofty trees, and surrounded by adorned gardens and shrubbery. It is just the place tjr a man of wealth and sense ; and whatever people may siy of its late owner as a financier, no one will deuy him taste in the matter of a a country seat. Ontario Ship Canal.?Tho latest develop ment of Western enterprise is a project for tho construction of a Ship Canal from Georgian Bay to Luke Ontario, across the ne^k of the peninsula formerly occupicd by the Indian confederacy known as the Six Nations. Geor gian Bay is a Lake connectcd with Huron and about half its size. Were a ship canal con structed from it to Lake Ontario, vessels might go directly through it from Lakes Michigan and Superior, avoiding all the circuitous nav igation of Lake Huron, Detroit river, Lake Erie and the Welland canal. ?3?^ good anecdote is current about the first interview between the two allies at Wind sor When the French pajty had retired to their apartments, Empress Eugenie remarked ibut the queen, making every allowance to the Guelph features, was not at all handsome; but Napoleon replied sternly, " She has seven children!'' At the same time Prince Albert expressed his admiration of Eugenie's beauty to the (jueen, and Victoria turned proudly round, saying. '? She has no children Excitement in Kansas ?A telegraphic dispatch dated St. Louis. Aug. 8, says: Advices f?om Kansas mention the existence of great xcitemcut concerning the new Gov ernor. The legislature distrusts the s ound ness of Mr Dawson on the slavery question, and a petition was being signed by the mem bers a-kin? the President to appoint Acting Secretary Woodson, should Mr. Dawson de cline the appjintmeut. Ey*Emigration to Wiscoufin has again has become quite an epidemic in Kentucky and Southern Ohio. From Cincinnati many I^rsonsof wealth and enterprise arc driven away by the illiberal legislation of Ohio <n the tiubjeot of taxable property. The Ken tucky emigrants go to Wisconsin to eugage in the business of stock raising. Migration from Kentucky to Wisconsin is a singular feature, but the Cincinnati Gazette says it is a reality. Pricks op Provisions.?A heavy provision dealer of New York, just returned from an ex tensive business tour in th? Weet, says there are " no two ways about it, prices have got to come down; not oulv flour, but provisions of all kinds will soon be liwpr than they ha\e been for sever*! years," CTThf Marhl* Hall Clothing Emporium Browns' Hotel Bnlldlng, offer unusual Induce ments to purchasers of Ready-made Clothing for Gentlemen and Boys' wear. In order to present our customers with a stock of Goods not to be eg nailed for the coming seasons, our present stock of Coats, Vests and Pantaloons will be sold at pri ces that cannot tail to please. Cashmerett, Drap De Eta, Cassimeree, Alpaca, Drillings. Linens, Marseilles, Ac., of superior Cut and workmanship. au 9 NOAI1 WALKER A CO. ID* Strengthen the Stomach.?The grand desideratum of promoting health at this season ?>f the year is to relieve the stomach of all impurities, to invigorate, to arouse the liver from torpidity, and to from the bowels all unhealthy secre tions. ITiis should be done by some gentle med icine that, in its action, will not debilitate the sys tem. impair the nerves, or becloud the natural spirits, for which purpose we know of no remedy ever yet invented toat can begin to approach in ef ficacy the celebrated PREMIUM BITTERS, manufactured from purely vegetable substances, bv Elijah Baker, or Richmond city, and sold throughout the country bv apothecaries generally These Bitters are peculiar to the summer and fall diseases of a Southern climate, and, when taken accordinu to directions, are a sure cure for Dyspep sia, Diarrhcra, Dysentery, Cramp, Cholic, Cholera Morbus. Ague and Fever, Sour gtomach, Nervous Headache, and almost every other affection aris ing from impurity of the blood or disordered stom ach. To those who have not yet tested the superi ority of Baker's Premium Bitters, as a family medicine, over all others known to the civilized world, we say lose no time in doing so, as they will afford almost instant relief. Try them by all means. Price 50 cents per bottle. To be had of CHAS. STOTT A CO., Wash ington. D C jCANBY A HATCH, and SETH 8. HANCE, Baltimore; and by Druggists every where. eo3t ITT" Letter from Hon. John Minor Botts, of Virginia. Richmond, July#, 1855. Messrs. Wm. 8. Beers A Co.: Gents?Consider ations of duty to the afflicted alone prompt ine to : end you this voluutarv testimonial to the great value of ''Carter's Spanish Mixture," for that almost incurable disease, Scrofula. Without being disposed or deeming it necessary to go Into the particulars of the case, 1 can say that the astonishing results that have been pro duced by the use or that medicine on a member of my own family, and under my own observation and superintendence, after the skill of the best physicians had been exhausted and all the usual remedies had failed, fully justify me in recom mending its use to all who may be suffering from that dreadful malady. I do not mean to say that It Is adapted to all constitutions, or that It will afford the same relief hi all cases; for, of course, I can know nothing about that?but of what I have seen of the effects. 1 woi Id not hesitate to use it, in an v and every case of Scrofula, with persons for whom I felt an interest, or over whom I could exercise Influence or control. Respectfully, youre, Jso. M. Botts. if"/- Ayer's Cathartic Pills.?Pills that are Puis'?Prof. Hayes, State Chemist of Masf.a < buserts, says they are the best of all Pills, and an nexed are the persons who certify that Dr. Hayes knows, viz: Lemuel Shaw, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Mass. K*obt Washburn, Governor of Mass. W. C. Plcnkett. Lieut. Gov. Mass. tinwARD Everett, Ex-Sec. of State and Sena tor U. S. Robert C. Winthrop, Ex-Speaker of Reps., U.S.A. Abbott Lawrence, Minister Plenlpo. to Great Britain. t J o h n B. Fitzpatrick, Catholic Bishop of Boston. men that are men ! Among the diseases this Pill has cured with as tonishing rapidity, we may mention Costiveness, Bilious Complaints. Rheumatism. Dropsy, Heartburn, Headache arising from afoul Stomach, Nausea, Indigestion, Morbid inaction of the Bowels and pain arising therefrom, Flatu lency. Loss of Appetite, all Ulcerous and Cutane ous DLseasesj which require an evacuant medicine, Scrofula or hint's Evil. They also by purifying the blood and stimulating the system, cure many complaln's which it would not be supposed they ? ould reach ; such as Deafness. Partial Blindness, Neuralgia and Nervous Irritability, Derangement cfthe Liver and Kidneys, Gout, and other kin dred complaints arising from a low state of the body or obstructions of its functions. They are the best Purgative Medicine ever discovered, and yon will but need to use them once to know It. Prepared by DR. J. C. AYER, Lowell, Mass., rnd sold by every respectable druggist. Sold by Z. D OILMAN. Washington, O. M. I INTHlCUM, Georgetown; JAMES COOK A CO., Fredericksburg. Je 17?2m jp" Premiums at the Fnlrs?\\ hitehurt t'* still in the ai?ccndant.?The juries of each of the late ffclrs at Baltimore, Richmond, and New York, awarded their hightest premium-' to J. H. W. for their superiority of Photographs, Stereoscopes and Da^ucreotypes exhibited. Mr. \V. also received two medals at the World'* Fair, London, and a premium a' CTystal Pala. e. New York Aiso, the first awards of the Maryland Institute f?.r three years past. Whitehurst's Gallery In this city is on Pa. ave ifli?. beiweeen Four-and-a half and Sixth streets, feb 17 JET- Dr. Hoofland's Celebrated German Bitters.?Weak, nervous, depressed In spirits, and a prey to innumerable raqptal. as well as phy sical evils, the victim to dyspepsia, is irid?H-a an object of commlsseration. Vet it Is absurd for him to despair. We care not how weak, low. n -rvous. and irritable he may be, the cordial prop eities of HOOF LAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia, are stronger than the many-headed monster, which is preying upon his body and mind; and if he cl ooses to try them, we will insure a speedy cure. See advertisement. je 7?3m Z. D. Oilman. Drnggist, has removed to Seventh street, opposite the Patriotic Bank, and is now prepared to fill all orders for Medicine Paints, Oil and Glass on accommodating terms. Strict attention will be paid to physician's pre scriptions at all hours of the day and night. The night bell Is on the right of the store door, ap 14 MARRIED. On the 7th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Dodges, JOHN P. INGLE, Esq. to Mrs. ELIZA B. BA KER, all of Washington. On the 7th instant, in Georgetown, by the Rev. .Mr. Norwood, Mr. JOHN T WHITAKER, jr , of Washington, to Miss ELIZA JANE CRAIG, cf Georgetown. A CARD.?The subscriber Informs his friend* -* *- and the public that he is now able to attend tc his business. He can be found at his old stalls. Centre Market, ready to wait on them, as hf always has done heietofore. The best of BEEF always on hand. JNO. WALKER. Jy25?tf Victualler. v NATIONAL MEDICAL COLLEGE, WASHINGTON, D. C. Til E thirty-fourth annual course of Lectures will commence on MONDAY, the 22d of October, 1S55, and end on the 1st March, 1856. faculty. Thomas Miller, M. D., Professor of Anatomy and Physiology. Wm. P. Johnston, M. D., Professor of Obstet rics, and Diseases of women and children.? Joshua R iley, M. D., Professor of Materia Med ics, Therapeutics and Hygiene J no. Fred. May, M. D., Professor of the princi ples and practice of surgery. Grafton Tvlek, M. D., Professor of Pathology and practice oi medicine, and of clinical med icine. Lewis H. Steiner, M. D., Professor of Chemis try and Pharmacy. Edward M. Scott, M. D., Prosector and De monstrator. THOMAS MILLER. M D.,Dean. Like most similar institutions in Europej the de<ks from which the regular lectures are given, and the words for clinical instruction aie under the smie roof, The entire expense for full course lectures. 00 Pra tical Anatomy by the Demonstrator.... 10 00 Matriculating fee, payable only once 5 00 Graduating expenses 25 00 Admission to the medical and surgical clinic with out charge. The lectures will be given in the afternoon and evening, thereby enabling those engaged in busi ness dr*rlng the morning hours to attend. For further information address THOMAS MILLER, M. D., Dean of the Faculty. N. B.?Medical students desiring situations as resident student in the Washington Infirmary, (which Is the clinical department of the National Mi dlcal College.) are requested to make applica tion by letter to Joshua Riley, M. D., Curator of the Washington Infirmary, who wiU give any in formation that may be desired. it is unnecessary to state the great advantages of a residence in a hospital for tllnlcal instruction. Those miking early application will have prece dence. Six are to be chosen before the 1st of Oc tober. jyi>?eotNovl SILVER WARE. HSEMKEN, 330 Pa. avenue, between 9th and ? loth streets, offers his large stock of puie Silver Ware, consisting of Coffee and Tea Sets, complete, Sugar Bowls, Cream Goblets, Cups, Sihmhis and Forks, and a magnificent assortment of richly chased fancy silver ware suitable for gifts, at reduced prices. Persons in want of any of the above article^are Invited to call. Being mostly of our own manufacture, we war rant it sterling. tfj- Silveiware of any design made to order at short notice. Particular attention is paid in get ting up Testimonials, Premiums, Ac. au 1?tr WANTS. TTITANTED?A GOOD NURSE WHO CAN * come well recommended. Also a cood h .Apply at No 415 Tenth street b*we?n G

ana H au ft?eo3t* WANTED^ LADY HAVING FURNI ? * lure complete for a house, wishes to rent it to rent it to some gentleman in office. who is de sirous of keeping house, for the lx>anl of two in the family, or wlilbe pleased to board a family on th<- most moderate terms at her house. Address "C B H." City Post Office. Also, an intelligent and active youth wishes a situation in a store. au <*_2t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY ? BR ICKMA kers. Off-bearers. Temperers and Laborers, to go inthe country. Enquire at No. 61 North A street, Capitol Hill, at 7 o'clock p in., on Friday the 10th instant. THOMAS E. KIRKLEY au 9?it* WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that " t?ey can*get a lot 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of #75?payable S3 a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Otilce 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall ap 8S?6m ~ ?% JOHN FOX, Sec. BOARDING. B OARDING?MRS DUVALL, No 331 Tenn s\ Ivania avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel: has several large and desirable rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, which she will rent with board at moderate prices. She can also ac commody si* or eight table boarders. D0ARD,1c.?MRS. BATES. ON THE S W. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street, is prepared toaccommodategentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. apg tf FOR SALE AND RENT. OOOMS FOR RENT?A PARLOR *AND lt; sfv< ral very pleasant furnished Chambers for rent, in a new brick house. Also, a small frame House for rent or for sale Title good. Apply to E. K. LUNDY. au s No. 46 Louisiana avenue. poR RENT?A LARGE FRAME HOUSE M. containing eight rooms, situated on D street, l>etween 11th and 15th. Enquire at Ginnaty's grocery store, or Mr. Clokey's, next door au 7?*Jt* POR SALE-A VERY DESIRABLE BUS ? mess stand ?That three-story brick building containing a store, and conveniently arranged dwelling. with large lot, situated in the central part of the city, a few doors north of Pa. avenue, on 11th ^trect To persons desirous of obtaining a valuable and fiermanent business location, or to capitalists seek ing urolitable investment in property which is yearly increasing in value, it offers a rare induce in?Pt to purchase. For terms, which will be accom mo iatine. ap l'lyto_ , J. C. McGUIRE, r a"? ' *w* Auctioneers. PUR RENT?THE NEAT AND CONVE l nient two story Frame House. No. 479 Thir teenth street, west side, between Pennsylvsnia av enue and D street. It is suitable for a small fam ily, and is in every respect a desirable residence Possession given immediately. Apply at the Star office. 'OR RENT?A FINE TWO-STORY brick House, situated on 4* street, between Penna venue and C street, adjoining Mr. Geo Parker's hnquire of Mr. GEO MATflNGLY, Island; or next door to the premises. au 1 tf 4 VALUABLE LITTLE FARM FOR SALE The subscriber will sell at private sale his lit nc F arm, known as Steeling Cottage, upon which be now resides, situated in Alexandria county, v a., near Ball s x Roads, four miles from (reor ^e tawu, six from Washington, eight from Alexan cna. and will be but one mile from the Loudon & Hampshire Railroad. The tract contains 4??W" acre.-15 of which is under heavy timber, the bal [ r nee is under ahiglistateof cultivation, with "ood i fencing and a never failing stream of water "run- I nia^; through tne place. The improvements are a very neat story and a half dwelling, with a brick cellar under it. and outhouses, con.-isting of a barn, ice house, meat bouse, corn house, hen house, kitchen, and house | for s-rvants. The yard is very large and shady, I and decorated with the most choice flowers, and a ! well of the most excellent water near the door, the back yard is enclosed by a beautiful cedar hed<n? j and the front by piling*. There is also a beauti- 1 fill chestnut grove standing In front of the yard.? The lauds adjoining are those of Col. W. Minor ! S. Minor, Dr. Wonder and Mrs. Gardner. Its lo- ! < atlrtn is convenient f*r churches, grist and saw mills, post office, &c. The above property po?s??s- i ses advantages which will be apparent to all woo ' to secure a pleasant jaH valuable country A 2prP*U Uareain may be had by an early applica tion. as I am desirous of moving to a larger farm, jy9?2aw1m MOSES A. FEBREY. DO! S \ I, K?TWO HUNDRED LOTS. J I Price $75 each. Two years' credit, or 10 |>er I cent, discount for cash. A pnly at the Union Land I Office, 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. jy 2r ?Jm LO T S FOR S A L E.?TWO OR THREE good Building Lots in a rapidly improving neighborhood for sale on ten years' credit. Apply to J. H. DRURY. Jyii-tf , I7<)R SALE ?A SMALL f RAME HOUSE ? and Lot, No. 50 Louisiana Avenue, Washing ton. It present* a rare opportunity to a person wishing 40 make a good investment. Also, a three-story Brick House-and Lot, No. 57 High street, Georgetown, Lot 26 feet front by 16tt j fset deep; will be sold low and on a long credit. Apply at 46 Louisiana avenue. jy 20?tf FOR REN T?A TWO-STORY FRAME House, with basement, situated on Prospect Hill, Georgetown, commanding a beautiful view cf tiie Potomac river. Apply to T. O. Donnoghue near the Catholic Church, or R. H. Trunnel, No. 73 Frederick street, Georgetown, D. C. Jy I* IjV?R KENT?SEVERALH ANDSOME PAR lors and Chambers, with Board. Also, Table and Transient Board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street. ap 9?tf GENTLEMEN'S UNDERGARMENTS. IXTEhave a large and line assortment of Silk, ?? Gauze, Merfno and Cotton Undershirts, lin en and cotton Drawers, While and colored Shirts, Hosiery, itc., which we are now offering at very low prices. WALL A STEPHENS, 322 Pa. ave., next door to Iron Hall. Jy 11?tf [New*] nnilis IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the sub IL scribe.- hath obtained from the Orphan's Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, letters of administration on the person al estate of Ann Morgan, lat? of Washington comity, deceased. All persons having claims aj.v.inst the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the twenty fourth day i of July next; they may otherwise by law be ex cluded from all benefit of the said estate. (iiveu under iny hand this 24th day of July, it55. NEAL MORGAN, jy law3w Administrator. j^OR SALE*?The subscriber has for sale a four horse Steam Engine, In good working order, as he has no farther use for it. It will be sold a bargain if called for at an early date He also wishes to employ a boy in his shop as ht Iper at the black and whitesmith business. One wao has been at the business would be preferred Apply on C street, between 10th and llth, Wash ington. C. BUCKINGHAM, au 7?w3w FIRST WARD LIVERY AND SALE STA BLES. 1.M announcing to the public of Washington that - 1 have taken possession, by purchase, of the above Stables, on G street, near tha War Department, (lately occupied b\ A Schwartz.) I wish "to inlorin? th -m that lt will be entirely conducted by myself, and that all orders left upon the premise* will be at'ended to punctually with elegant Carriages and careful drivers. The Riding School willbecon ducted by a professional equestrian and perfectly docile horses; having stated hours for laay eques trians, in private or public, as they may prefer. Particular attention will be paid to horses kept at Livery in his establishment. Persoiis requiring cyen barouches or family car riages, can Lie satisfactorily accommodated, a? well as those desiring riding horses for gentlemen or ladies. FRIEDERECK LAKEMEYER, jy 21?3m Agent. Sl'HUTTER be KAHLERT, \RTISTS, FRESCO, DECORATIVE, and every description of ORNAMENTAL PAINTING. Orders left with Baldwlifand Nenning, Archl teots, cornei Penn. avenue and llth street, will be promptly attended to. jy 11?lm* GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, rpilE next Annual Session of this Institution X will commence on Monday, September 3d. Punctual attendance is requested, ana application for admission mutt be early made. Catalogues, with course of studies and terms, to be had on application to the Principal, au 8?eotoeplO WILLIAM jTCLARK. BLANK BOOKS of all kinds and sUes for sale at unusually low prices. Jy W FKANCK TAVLOK. AUCTION SALES. By GREEN ft SCOTT, Auctioneer*. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT AT AUC tlea.?On TUESDAY, the 14th Instant. we Khali tell. In front of the premises, at C o clock p m , Lot No 31, In Square No 387, fronting 25 ft on D street south, between 9th and 10th sts. west, ninning back 120 feet to a thirty feet alley,contain ing 3,000 square feet This lot i* handsomely lo cated, and otfers an excellent opportunity to any person wanting a building lot in a pleasant neigh borhood, and almost in the immeaiate vicinity of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The street is graded and pavea Terms : One-third rash ; balance in I. 14 and 15 months, for notes bearing interest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN ft SCOTT, au f*?d , Auctioneers By GREEN ft SCOTT,-Auctioneers TWO.STORY FRAME HOUSE ft LOT at Anctlsa?On MONDAY, the 13th inst , we shall sell, in front of the premises, at <*# o'clk p an., west part of Lot No. 2. in Cabot's subdi vision of Square 677, fronting 12 feet on north G. between North Capitol and 1st streets east, with the improvements, which are a good two-story Frame Houne, ftc. Title ind'sptHable, Terms : Ojie- half cash ; the balance in f> and 12 months, th? purchaser to give notes for the de ferred pa>ments, bearing Interest from the day of the sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken The purchaser will be required to pay down 820 when the property is knocked nf GREEN A SCOTT, an 9? d Auctioneers. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer, QPLENDID CARRI AGE-llORSE, FINK French ( onpee, handsome doable seated Boggy, Single and Doable Harness.?On FRIDAY afternoon. August 10, at 5 o'clock, In front of the Auction Rooms, I shall sell, without reserve? One fine large gray carriage horse, seven years old. of superior style and action; and works kindly in single or double harness One handsome French Coupee One splendid two-seated buggy wagon Single and double silver-plated harness Buffalo Robe, Saddle and Bridle Cutting Box, ftc. The above are the property of a foreign minister who is leaving the country, and will positively be sold. Terms cash. J. C. McGUIRE, au d Auctioneer. By GREEN ft SCOTT, Auctioneer*. BUILDING LOTS at Auction?On FRI DAY, 10th Inst., at 6 o'cl'k. we shall sell, In front of the preinKfs, six handsome building Lots Nos. I, 1?, 18, 14, 12, and 3, in square No having a front on south Capitol street, between south K and L streets, twenty-six feet each, run ning back 104 feet 4 inches, containing 2,712 feet 8 Inches each. Title indisputable. Terms: One third cash ; balance lu 6, 12, and 18 months, for notes bearing interest from the day of the sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN ft SCOTT, aw 7?d Auctioneers. By WALL, BARNARD ft Co., Auctioneer*. SALE OF A VERY VALUABLE NEGRO Slave.?On SATURDAY, the llth of Au gust next at 10 o'clock, we shall sell in front of our Auction rooms, a very valuable slave named Da vid Said slave Is twenty-two years old, of very robust frame, and is perfectly healthly. Terms at sale. WALL. BARNARD ft Co au 3?d [Intell] Auctioneers. MARSHALL'S SALE. IN virtue of writ of Fiere Facias issued fron the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the Dis trict of Columbia for the county of Washington, and to me directed, I shall expose to public sale for cash, cn MONDAY, the 27th of August next, at the froat of the Court House door at 12 o'cloc* M., ike following property, viz : All that piece or parcel ef ground lying and being in the city of Washlagton. and known on theplat of said city as the west half of square No 733, being lots N >. 4. 5, ?, 7,3, 9. 10, II, 12. 13.14. and 15 in said square No. 753. together with all and singular the Improvements thereon ; seized and !evi?*d upon as the property of Jaines Crutchett. and sold to satisfy Judicial No. 58 to October lerm 1851, in favor of Charles N Noell aud Henry Decoursey J D HOOVER, Marshal for the District of Columbia au 2?d20t By GREEN ft SCOTT, Auctioneer*. SEVEN ACRES OF VALUABLE LAND in the District at Auction.?On THURS DAY , the ?th instant, we shall sell, at 5 o'clock p. in., oj the premises, seven acres and nine poles uf land, In Washington county, i.i the Dis trict of S -olaaabin about 1 w miles fVoiri the E&st eru Enukcb Bridge, on the Marlboro' and near the junrtiita ef the Piscataway K?>ad, adjoining the place called Good Hope. The land is in a yood state of cultivation, and very susceptible of im provement It has on it a dwelling house, ftc. Terms: One-third cash; balance In G and 12 months, the purchaser to give notes for the de ferred payments, bearing interest from the day of the sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN ft SCOTT, au 1?d Auctioneers. MARSHAL'S SALE. IN virtue of a writ of Fiere Facias issued from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the District of Colombia for the county of Washington and to me directed. 1 shall expose to public sale for cash on MONDAY, the 27th day of August next, at the front of the Court House door at 12 o'clock M , the following property, viz : Ad that part of lot No. 13, in square No 762, beginning for the said part of said lot at the northeast corner of said square, and rum^ng thei.ce north wvstwardJy with the line of Pennsylvania Avenue 22 feet. thence south westwardly 87 feet, together with all and singular the improvements thereon, seized and levied upon as the property of Horatia R Merry n:an, and sold lo satisfy Judicial No. 70, to Octo ber term 1851, in favor of Peter H Hooe ft Co. J D. HOOVER, Marshal for the District of Columbia, au 3?d2U OFFICIAL. Treasury Department. Aug. 3,1S55. Notice is hereby given to holders of stock of the loan authorized by the act of l^lfi, redeemable on and after the 12th November, 1856, that the whole or any part of that stock will be purr based by this department at any time previous to the 30th No vember next, for which 3 per cent, premium wi.l be paid in addition to the sums expressed in the certificates. And to the holders of the stocks of the other loans of the United States, that purchases of the same to the amount of #1,310.MJO will also be made during the same period at the following rates : For stock of tne l.->an of lf*42, a premftim of 10 per cent ; for stock cf the loans of I-*47 and IS48, a premium of 15 per cent ; and for stock issued un der the act of 1850, commonly called Texas-in demnity stock, a premium of ti per cent. Interest will also be allowed, at the rate stipu lated in the certificates, from the 1st July last to the day of settlement here, with one day in addi tion, to enable the Treasurer's draft to reach the party. Certificates transmitted to this department un der the present notice should be duly assigned to the United States by the party entitled to receive the purchiseimoney. Payment for these stocks will be made by drafts upon the assistant treasurers at Boston. New York or Puiladelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct JAMES GUTHRIE, au 4?dtNov30 Secretary of the Tteasury. United States Patent Office, > | Washington, July 30, 1855. \ ON the petition of Jamks Gamble and Joseph S. Hill, of Cincinnati, Ohio, praying for the extension of a patent granted to them on the 30th day of December, 1841, for an improve ment In -'apparatus for moulding candles''for se/en years rrom the expiration of said patent, which takes place on the 30th day uf December. Is55? It is. ordered, that the said petition be heard at the Patent Otllce on Monday, tne luth of Decem ber. 18*v5, at 12 o'clock, m"; and all persons are notified to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to die in the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to lie used at the hearing must be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rule* of the of fice, which will be furnished on application. The testimony in the *?**?* will be closed on the 30th of November; depositions and other papers relied upon as testimony, must be filed in the office on or before the morning of that day; the argu ments, if any, within ten day* thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published in the Union, Intelligencer, and Star, Washington, D. C.: Republican. Baltimore; Evening Argus, Philadelphia, Pa.; Scientific American, N. York; and Enquirer, Cincinnati, Ohio?once a week for three successive weeks previous to the 10th of December next, the day of hearing. S T SHUGERT, Acting Commissioner of Patents. P. S?Editors of the above papers willplaaM copy, and send their bills to the Patent Office, with a paper containing this notice. au 1?law3w ICE?ICE?ICE! CiBARLES WERNER, on Pa. avenue, oppo / site Browns' Hotel, will keep, throughout the season, an ample supply of Pettibone's best ICE. which he will sell, on call, in any quantities, n the lowest poealhle rates, may dtSep 30 REPORTED FOR THE ETE!VlIlo STAR ty telegraph office at Norfolk Ium ber closed. the operator having gone North Th service* of an operator cannot b? bad, ? there will be do telegraphio co'ininunic&tiot frum xhat point daring tbe prevalence of th ferer. Extenaive Fir*-Ciror? Riot. , St Job*s, N B , Aug 8.-A fire brok< out here this morning, which destroyed four teen house? before iu progress wai arretted The loss was bcirj but tbe amount Dot as certained. A riot occurred last night between some o the citisco" and member* of Howe'a Clreu Com pin j Many were wounded, but new killed. Death of a Veteran Officer Albasy. August 8.?Capt. Ford, formerii an officer of the army, died yesterday at Sack ctt's Harbor, at tbe adranoed age of 82 Baltimore Markets. Baltimoru, August 9?Flour is dull and un changed?no sales were reported Wheat prime white and red are unchanged; ordinary 3ualities hare declined 5c.. and the market i? epre>sed Corn is firm with an advance ol about 3c. for white, and le. for yellow. Hew Terk Market*. New York. Aug. 9.?Cotton is unchanged Flour in a trifle higher; sales of 7,600 barrel: at $8.12ia$8 37t. Southern is unchanged Wheat is* firm with an upward tendency? ?viles of 12.600 bushels. Corn is a trifle higher; >ales of 17.000 bushel*; western mixed at S7i Pork is unchanged, with a moderate demand at previous rate*, sales of 1.000 barrels. Stock Market. New Yoek. Augusts?Stock? are firm and generally unchanged. Ohio ?.'? 111. _ Frrak or ? Sailor ?In Philadelphia, on Tuesday aiu-rnoou. offiocr Sigmund arrested a man named Jauies Nowlio ou the charge of be ing adescrter from the U S. surveying sohocn cr Robert J. Walker. The officer took the prisoner before Aldermon Moore, who ordered him to be taken on board the ship. Officer Sigmund procured a b at. and when in the river, a short distance from shore, tbe sailor up set the boat, and mounted on the bott ut of it, where he (quietly looked on at the officer and boatmen, (neither of whom could swim,) plashing about in the water. A rope was thrown to them, when they were hauled on shore, and procuring another boat, started af ter the Jack Tar. who was floating down the river, re-arrested him, and conveyed him be fore Alderman Moore, who committed him U> prison. The Sea Sekpe*t is the Pacific.?Stories about sea serpents, both of fresh and salt wa ter, are remarkably plentiful the present sea son. We are afraid they are more plentiful than the serpents themselves. The Califor iiians are determined that tbe waters of the Pacific shall be honored with the visit of their majesties as well as those of the Atlantic; and the San Franei>e > Herald of the Ittth alt., states that tbe master of a schooner just ar rived at Snn Francisco, reported having seen, a few degrees eastwaid of the Sandwich Is lands. a sea monster "not less than eighty feet long, with a head like that of a c inm >n water snake, anl provided with huge in" with which it proceeded through the water with in credible speed. A Marble Qi arry Closed by a* Ava LiSCBE.?The Boston Traveler lean* through a private source that on the evening of the 10th ult.. shortly after the workmen of the Rutland Mtirble Company, in Rutland. Vt , had left the quarry in which they were em ployed, a huge mass of surface rock which overhung th.? pi:, fell, covering the entire pit and engine house to the depth of about twenty five feet with rocks, trees. and the dehrtt of the hill behind it. The engineer was passing out at the time, and hardly succeeded iu reach ing a plaet of safety before the pit was liter ally closed behind him. The extent of the damage is such that the o<>mpany will make no effort this season to rc-opeu the quarry. They will turn their at tention for the present to another, as yet, un tried quarry, which is in tbe immediate vici nity. fry-The Buffalo Express notices tbe arrival at tnat port, from the West, of a consignment of '? fifty-four barrels of peas.'' Not tuat there is anything mirinsically strange ab'<ut ]>ea.-: but then tbey were consigned to a coffee grinding establishment. Singular' BARGAINS IN LAC ES. RIBBONS, if. V|?0 THE LADIES ?I will commence this dav X to sell off mv stock at cost, to make room for Fall Goods. My stock consists of Straw and Gimp Bonnets, Bonnet and Sash Ribl>ons. Cap Trimming and Fancy Ribbon Laces, Embroid eries. Nets. Caps, Gloves, Ac 1 name in part ? Straw and Gimp Bonnets, l'-'Xc to $5 Straw Hats. Ca|>s and Gipsies Hornet, Cap and Sa?h Ribbons all prices Emb'd Setts from 45c to 115 Do Habits and Collars Do Sleeves. 12cents to 98 a pair Lace rmb d Sleeves and Collars Do Bands and Veils Do Habits, falls and caps Muslin do Edgings and Inserting* Cambric do do do do do Bands and Flounciugs Muslin do do do Lineu emb'd Handkerchiefs Plain and tiij'd Nett* And a lot of Dress Caps, which Will be sold cheap to close them out Perfumeries. Soaps, Combs, Brushes and a lot of Fancy Notions. A TATE, No. 314 Fa. ave., betw 10th and 11th sts. au 6?eo3t GREAT BARGAINS IN DRY GOODS. IN order to make room for our extensive fall sup plies we shall commence to-day and continue until the last day of August, selling oil our entire stock of Fancy colored plaid, striped and to^ured Silks. Bareges. Tissues, Lawns. Scarfs. Shawls and Silk Mantillas, all at roicjor ran*, and aU other Summer Goods at greatly reduced prices, ta [?lose them out this season We have also in store very many desirable staple articles, viz: Superttne Linen and Cotton SL**t lnir*. Table Diapers, Napkins. Toweling, Fine and medium Shirting Iiincnn and Cotton*. nil of the Lest brands, tine While Flannels, plaid and plain Cambric Dotted and plain Swiss Muslins. A lar-'e lot of Hosiery, Gloves and Embroideries, Ladies and Gentlemen's Game Merino Vests, suitable for the present hot weatber fT/- Purchasers are cordially invited to call and examine for themselves, as we will otter all artl "??""SUSSr Jt SKARS, No. 523 Seventh st., north Pa. avenue. Jy 30?eo2w ML A. TYSON * SISTER'S FEMALE SEMINARY F02L DAk PUPILS, Fstreet, bet. litk mmd 13lA, Was*i?fte? THE duties of this institution will be resumed on the 15th September, and. in connexion with the above, thev w ish also to inform their pa tions and others that they intend opening an es tablishment for boarding pupils on the 1st of No vember next Tbe latter is situated on the railroad and turti pike. sixteen miles from the city, and two south east of Laurel village For particulars, circulars may be had at tbe principal bookstores in Washington and Balti more. au 4?d' tAeodtSept 15 WALL. BARNARD a tO., Auction Jt ? ?minissiea Merckaiits, Corner of 0th street and Pa avenue. (?w>uthside) vill, as usual, attend to all sales of Houseboia, Real Es ate. aDd Personal Property, Carnages^ Horses. Ac ,or goods of anyde^rlptionoonslgMied lothem, on the most reasonable terms, .1 jivf their personal attention f, All sales entrusted to tbem will be attended to with promptitude and disps'en^ , . Liberal au 7?eolm Untel) Auctioneers ptJUEllOSTON ICE. Mil* ?tra^wK"iraE?*3<? Ins in the neighborhood can be supplied in large nr small quantities, at tbe lowest rate* or sm?" CLEMENT RE\ NOLD*. N. B ? Choice Wines, Brandies-Cigars. Ae Dinners, Suppers, Ac., supplied in isual, at shortest notice. ?u ,,u