Newspaper of Evening Star, August 9, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 9, 1855 Page 4
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gvENiyG sTnr THE OLD DISPUTE OF THE KATYDIDS. ? T KM. IU4 MITt. Now, Katydids, I know it all. .' That Ion? dispute I've h*ard; I listened. neath the old peach tree. And heard It, every wo.d. Ye sat, a noisy little group. And told It all with zest ? Some "Katvdldn't" stoutly cried, And "Katydid'' the rest. Th<? little prudes?1 hoard thsm tell Tte atory o'er and o'er; And tbev. no doubt, have done the same A million time* before : How Katy went ad own the lane With oum I mu-,4 not name; And iiow he -is **d her cheeks and lips? Kow pray, was Kate to blaine ' 1 .n hat I T *"e always thought A k??s a harmless thin?, 0oprompt npon the maiden's cheek The ready blush to bring. Now. U It thought *o very bad Wtiere Katy'a home was bid f And don't they walk with. lovers there, Alone, a* Katy did ' H? kit* d her cheek, and Katy smiled; Her blushes went and came; He kissed her lips, and Katy kissed? Now, |*ay, wm Kate to blame ' But up there spiang a naughty elf. A jealous llffle sprite, Who came to watch poor Krity there, Benrath the stariy night. Away he ran with wicked *peed, And "Katydid" he cried? And '?Katydidul" loudly called The lover, by his side Awav thev weut?a train pursued, C^knowing what it meant, And "Katydidn't"?"Katydid," V pou the air they sent. And thus, for ages, they have been Disputing all the time. About that ki?s poor Katy yave? Sure, was It such a crime .' SutMAUT Pf.V18UirK.VT OP A PlCKPOfikt.? This looming, '.bout yj o'clock, Alfred Gray, an English pickpocket, moat skillful in h"in profession, wad caught in the act of picking the pocket of Ml-? Sarah Brown, residing iu Princeton, Mess., of a fortmonaie conta: ling nearly 512. It occurred oa tho corner of Broadway and Fulton street. Officers Galla gher and Tlanagan, of the re??erved corr?, nabbed the '? operator" just in time to use him dn.p the money lie was forthwith taken be fore Justice Connolly, at the Tombs, and from thence to the Court of Special Sessions. Judge Stuart presiding, where he was tried, con victed, and scnu-n od to Blackwell's I?lf*nd for si* months. Not over twenty minutes elapsed fn u? the timo of his arre.H till he was in the " Bl?ck Maria.*' on his way to the peni tentiary Ihis is quick work.?iV. 1". Express. A ilans Inst \sce ?Tho pulpit of tho Siuth Church was occupied yesterday fore noon and alternoon, by two brothers. Rev. Brow .i Emerson, son for pastor of tho Church, *nd Keul*ou K:r.or,'<.n. cf South Reading Tho former is iu i?is 7">ih year, and the latter in his blib, and Loth have been pastors of churches more than lutlfa century ruth. The entire ordinary services >t the Sabbath, with the additional labor of the adini.-ion clohuich uiemb-rs ami the aJmin'.otratku of the sacra ment, were conducted b y the two venerable pastors, indicating a rare degree ol'mental and physical vigor. The jonnger of the tw> being temporarily icdaputtd, the elder fcuitained tho greater purt of the labor.?gn/rtii Knitter, CtZ. Quick TVuek.?The other day, our friend Henry Lea, of Aiton. 111., cailcd on us, and gave us two fine ripe peaches, in primo oid?r, one thi early York and the other tho early Crawford. accompanied by this memorandum: TbIe,B? WJiehe* were growing on the farm of Dt L. b. Huil, near Alton, 111 , day btfort yesterday. 44 August 3," lfow would it have filled our fathers with wonder, to be told that the time would come when npc p^ache* could bo transferred, in good order, from the banks of tho Mi^Uaippi to Worcester, and -aiii more that it could be done in the incredibly short time above named' kVercejtei Daily t<py. What a Life ?A wretched specimen of hu 7 was ta'-e" to the Second District Sta tion Il u-e Thursday evening, whose history it written, w< old furnish a volume. She -'are her name a- Mary Ann Sherwood. Upward* of twenty years sirce ehe left this city with iiunr e Edwards, in what capacity may be ^e*Sb4' She was than a fair youi.g girl of !?, but already hardened in vice She lias returned to the city and h*s been commit ted for vagrancy. Even now she gives evi dences u talent that might have made her an ornament to ary tircle, tut alas f her life ha been worse than wasted, and ehe now begins to reap the fruits of her first false steps.?Al lmny Register. 1 ?A Leap for a AWtcii.?The Troy (N. T.) T?u*s states thut upon the trip of the DaplisL Habbath-s.-hool excursionist, from Try, oa nedneHay, a gentleman, standing npon oue ot trt ctrs, aco'irntallydn.ppod his watch?a valuable gold lever. It fell n|M<n tho ground bfcj-nle troc*. Withnni ? loom^nl'n htai tat ion, ho sprung after it. The alarm wa,' imine Jiately given that a man had fallen from tne ears and the train stopped as Soon a* p ?< * *! w..en gentleman returned to his fMjsition on the p.atforni, having g-cured his waicb, an i Buffered no inoon\enierioe from his jump other than the soiling of his clothing, by rolling over onco or twice in tho sand. rr a ! Tiruts letter frr>m St. Poter-burg states that the d:s?oy? ry ot the " in ft rjual ma chines bj tho Allied llvets, 1 ad caused uni versal ,1 saj iK intnieut. The itu^ian Govern ment were, h.-wover. about to organize a plan vf submarine warfare ?.a a large scale. The vest-e.s about to le employed can bo moved beneaih the surface, or even along the bottom of tue water, and they are to be employed by closing el-?e to the keel of the line-ofiattle thips, large causoa t onUining each a ton of eit r, "k*" tr"wi" ?? "< ?>j ?-!<.? "* ,? to gjve tho SULmarine boat and her crew viiiio ttdCkpo. ..hltlV ALS AT f&INC'Ii'/i i. KQTi;;.i't Crewns' lielel-I7. 4 k. beowr V $ Md J stonf, Md , ui R AlWl, FL? HniU ,a Jw"?"v2C mNC c Cfflir?w, n j i ^ * Kok? Va a ^\v.,nVeWa' v v. ? B J^n*ton. Man p i 2L?i "v' N ^ Y J Twner. 111 ? i w i* J Cochran, ift ^ ? C ^ Norrfs. (> J > Waiony and raailly, a I. Wyr, Vi r W ?;w * '' L Nor'^ u ! LbA 1 Jacob. Va Hon J L Taj lor, O Willarde* Hetel-u.a. A j. c. willas? ? H u lnw' ^ J V s??ivan. K n Hon Mr M a*on. Va fi St'' N ^ ^ J fc">Kl*ion. do ? m, jB<5FT' ^ V ^ ??el;iaker. do Z d" %? * J II Hillboin, l*a ?i.,"? -Uck ? s ,Vw J ? Helf ? Iv, U ? " "vk " va ' K N*; ' J u <? ot ab4n, do . KirLwenti liease? j u a ? . M RInfold. NY i|{ Shek^'i Dr'0*' J 8arn on. Md W S o T King?ley, l'a uoa Ta*ii ti W (iulniard, .N V J Crrw., d!-'',ad ?? K?-ad. do RA Veivaipn vv K J R ot he DC j A Canted Vs U K Urt?th, Jr, Md w I nited States HelTT-a. c. HAcaaat WAUennisw. f' h^'?J Hamuu-t, NY I w /C.iV 11 Lnit* A do yW,^A? H ? Blair, Va > J 8 Ovra, Pa America. H.?el_^E,ow? A l0V1TT >\ F .Mi aJ, Va K q Swifr v? i> '|J }? i.ko*"1"?.? W U TaJbrt Vo j UMvtlEf p;? i " 3.' ' * T,pp,i> ? Miscellaneous. (\? <m ] By the Prrtideul oi ihe loilrd Stairs. IN pursuance of lamr, I. Fiakilin Pierce, President of the Uutcd States of America, dc hereby declare and make known that public sale* will be held at the undermentioned land offlces, In the TsKBtTORY of ?l*s*?oTA, at the time* herein designated, to -wit: At the land ofllce at BaowxsviLLE, cominenc Ing on Monday, the twenty-second day of Octoy.r next, for the disposal of fhe public lands situated within thr undermentioned townships and frac tional townships. exclusive of the islands in the Mississippi river, vii: North of the base lino and west of the fifth principal meridian. Frartionai townships one hundred and one. one hundred and two. one hundred and three, one hundred and four, on the main land, of range three. Township one hundred and one. and fractional township* on? hundred and two, one hundred nnri three, one hundred and four, and one hundred and live, on the main land, of range four. Townships one hundred and three! one hundred and four, and <u>e hundred and live, of range* fifty fix, and seven. Townships one hundred and one, one hundred and three, one hundred and four, and one hundred and live, of range eight Townships one hundred and one, one hundred and two, one hundred and three, and one hundred and five. of rang* nine. Townships one hundred undone, one hundred and two, one hundred and three, one hundred ar.d four, and one hundred and live, of range* ten. eleven, tuts I v., and thirteen. At thk same place, commencing on Monday, the fifth day of November next, for the of the public lands within the undermentioned tow n?hips, to wit North oj the baft Itnt and wist of the fif th principal mtridinn. Townships one hundred and one. one hundred and two. one hundred and three, one hundred and four, and one hundred and live, of range four tern. Townships one hundred and three, one hun dred and four, and oue hundred aud live, of rang* fifteen. Townships one hundred and one and one hun dred and live, of range sixteen. Townships one hundred and one oue hundred and two, and one hundred and three, of range serenter n. Townships one hundred and one, oue hundred and two. one hundred aud three, one hundred and four, and oue huudrtsl and tlve, of raises eigh teen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, and twenty two. _ At thk same pl*cr, commencing on Monday, the n int teenth d ij of No timber next, for tht disposal of the pnblic lands Within the foliowin" named townships, viz: North of tne base line and ict*t of the fifth principal meridian Townships one hundred and two. one hundred and three, one hundred and four, and oue hundred and live, of range twenty-three. Townships one hundred and one, one lutfidreti aud two. one hundred and Ihree. one hundredano four, and oue hundred and live, of ranges twnty f 'Wr. twenty-fire, twenty-six, twenty-seven, and twenty-eight. Townships one hundred and one. and one hun dred and live, of range twenty-nine. Townships one hundred and two anil one hun-' dr? d and live, of range thirty Townships one hundred and one. one lmmlrttf and two. and one hundred aud live, of rang* thirty-one. At the land offlcc at Wimisa, commencing 01 Monday, the twenty-ninth day of October next, f??r the'disposal of the public lands within the undermentioned townships and frictional town ships* exclusive of the Is I uids in the Mississippi river, to wit: North of the base line, and irest of the fifth prin - tip*! meridian. Fractional township one hundred and six, oi, the main laud, of raugcy?c?. Fractional townships one hundred aud six and one hundred and seven, on the main land of range *?.r Township one hundred and six, and fractional townships one hundred and seven and one hun dred and eight, on tlit main land, of range stt-en. Townships one hundred a id six and oue hun dred and -even, and fractional township one hun dred and eight, on the main la.'d, of ranges ti^hi and nin. Townships one hundred and six, one hundred and seven, and one hundred and eight, of range ten eitv.ti, tu-elct, thirteen, fourteen and fifteen. I ownship oue hundred and six, of ranire *ix teen. *? Townships one hundred aud six, one hundred and eight, one hundred and nine, and one hun dred and ten, of range seventeen. Townships one hundred and six, one hundred and seven, on* hundred and eight, one hundred a id nine, and one hundred and ten, of ran"e eighteen. ? At the ?ame place, commencing cn Monday, the twelfth day of Nor ember next, for the dis posal of the public lands within the foliowin" town?hi|w and parts of townships, viz : North of the base lint and west vf the fifth principal meridian. Townships one hundred and six, one hundred and seven, on>- hundred and eight, one hundred and nine, and one hundred and ten, of ranges nineteen and twenty Townships one hundred and six, one hundred and -even, and one hundred and eight of ranges tw> nty-one aud twenty-two. Townships one hundred and ?!x, (except see tlons six, seven, eighteen, nineteen, and thirty, in the Lionel ago ieservation.) one hundred and seven, (excep. sections six. seven, eighteen, nine teen, thirty, and thirty-one, in the reservation ) and one hundr* 1 and eight, (except section thlrly onelp the reservation.) of range twenty-t hr*e. Township one hundred and eight, (except sec. tlons thtrty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three. thirty four. thirty-five. ind thirty-six, In the WTnneba^o reserve, of rang*; twenty-four. Townships one hundred and six, one hundred and seven, one hundred and eight, and one hun dred and nine, of ranges twenty-eight and twn'.u ninr. ' Townships one hundred and six, one hundred and uine, and one hundred and ten, of ran"e th'Tiy ' ? Townships one hundred and six, one hundr<-d and seven, one hundred and eight, oue hundred and nine, and one hundred and ten, of ratine thirty-one. At the land otlkv at IUd Wtwa, commencing cn Mondav, the twenty-ninth day of Ortoher !"y Ifce of the public lands within the following named townships and fractional townships, exclusive of the islands In the Missis sippi river, viz: Aorth of the base line and west of the fifth prtnripnl meridian. 1 ractlonal townships one hundred aud thirteen and one hundred and fourteen, on the main land of range fifteen. Township on-hundred and thirteen, and frac tional townships one hundred and lourtcen and one hundred and fifteen, on the main land, of raau'e si.eteeSt. ' Town*hip^ one hundred and eleven, one hun dred and tw-lve oue hundred and thirteen and one hundred and fourteen, and fractional township one hundred and liftoen, on the main laud, ol tunjr^e. st rtnteen and eighteen. ??rJr*nif!ipK.01,e h"mlr,*d eleven, one hun dred and twelve. one huridn-d and thirteen ? nd o!!e V^'h i- and fractional towiiship * fifteen, of ranges nineteen and Townsldp* one hundred and thirteen and one h.n.dred and fourteen, and fractional township one hundred and fifteen, of ranL'e twenty-one Tovnuthlp. one hundred and fourteen aud one Jl'dred and hfteen, of range twenty-two rtrliTn t l:i^,one h""??re?l and thirteen, one hun dred and fo trt-en. and one hundred and flfleen, of ran-^e twenty-three. ' hund^T^Vi^^ one hondred and thirteen and one hundred aud fourteen, ut range twenty-four aSSSS" ?ne hu,Klred aod elev". of range nn^r,h.eJa,ld "?e?atM.ssBApoLis, commencing North of the hast line and west of r\e fifth ~principal tnerid'nn. ? ini!;,1?niil.tOVi,Mlbif',on' Jl"ndred and sixteen and one hundred ami seventeen, west of the Fort Snelhny rescrvo, of range tw. nty-one Townships one hundred ard sixteen and one hundred and seventeen, of range twmty-tiro. Of u're aln v '?lace, for the disposal / i ? 1 1 e '?UuwiBg named town rS LVV^'?f the isljud^ "> Hie All?i?sipi.j thP potions situated W.ioin 'the former mill tan re^rve at Fort SneUing are to he sold ii accordance with the provision., of thea. t of Xthof Aug.isl 1SK, euli.led 44 An act to ie and deline the boundaries of ihe miluarv reseive at the St Peter's river, In the Territory of Minnesota, and which u.e not subject to pre emption claims, to wit: North of tne bate line and west of the fourth peineipal meridian. I factional townships tweiuy-seven and twenty eight, west of the Mississippi rivex, of rau- e twmty-two. , ' " townships twentv-seven, twentv eteht, ind tweory-nine, we< of the .Mississippi river, of ranges twenty-three ind twsnty-four. ? at Rapjdi?, commencing ^ lh/Jtftk Sor.mher next, fo7 n puLlir 1,1 tlic fo.'lowiug " townships and fractional townships, viz: i orth *f th* ban liHr ntut Wrst of the fourth * Principal mtrtdtnn. 'I'ownsiilC fh?rt ' ?n r u'^* tWl nty-eight. Townships th'liy ,Vix' LhiT** eight, of range thlty ' ^rty oJ^aVd fofty-tw^''of^f0rty'for,y Fractional Uiwuahip* ^fTrty-elrtt.'tklrMT ??n,> *??;: *">'?*?? a'a Af the fcinflnfireat ?tiilwatik, commencing on Monday, the twelfth day of November n< rt for the disposal of the public lands witliin the i*rmantloued township* and fractional town jw. t? wit: North af thi base I ine and wcit of the fourth ? principal meridian \ Fractional township forty-one, west of the Pi. .Croix river, of range sixtetn. Fractional township forty-one. west of the St Croix river, and township forty-two, of range Mcemteen. 7 ? Fractional townships forty, west of the St Croix river, and township forty-one and forty-two. of range eighteen. Fractional township* thirtv-eight. thlrtv-nlnc. and forty, west of the St. Croix river, of r?ng? nineteen. Inland on lot six. of section thirty-two, in town ship twenty-nine, of range tventy-trto. Township fortv, of range tieenty-seren Lands appropriated by law for the use of sclipols. military and other purposes, icill be excluded from the sales. The offering of the above lands will be commen ced on the davs appointed, and wBl proceed in the order in which they are advertised, with all con venient despatch, lintil the whole shall have boen offered and the sales thus cloned: but no sale shall 1 e kept open longer than two weeks, and no pri vate entry of anvof th^lands will be admitted un til after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under my hand, at the city of Washing ton. this twentieth dav of July, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and tiftv-iive FRANKLIN pierce. By the President: JOHN HOOl), Acting Commissioner of the General Land Office NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to ;mv of the lands within thetownships and part.* of townships above enumerated is required to es tablish the same to the satisfaction or the register and receiver of Che proper land otlire, and mak* payment thereof as soon as practicable nfter <??? nig this ttotict, and l?efore the day appointed for the commencement of the public sale of the land embracing the trart claimed 5 otherwise sncl. claim will be forfeited. JOHN HOOl), Acting Coumiimioner of General I.and Office. Jy 'lu?lawl3w Information for Travelers. 3Y RAILROAD DIRECT TO THE WEST HP? _ Time between Washington and Wheeling bat 1>X heart! Running Time between Washington and Cincinnati 27 hears !! THROUGH TICKETS AND BA?if?AGK CHICKS TO BE HAD IS WASH INS TON. The Baltimore and ohiu ram. ROAD having greatly Improved its Western connections, now offers the fullest inducements to Travellers between WASHINGTON, BALTI MORE, and all portionsof the WEST, NORTH WEST, and the SOUTHWEST. Theconnection betweoplie Trains from Wash ington and the Trains bound West from Haiti more is always promptly made at the Washington Junction (lately called the Relay House) ?> miles from Baltimore. This is the onlv change of car required between Washington and the Ohio river Kaggage is checked through to Wheeling at th<; \V asnington Station, and rechecked and trans ferred there, ^with the passengers) without cliarge. for tho?6 holdiD^ Through Tickets for pointa Lp vo id The connecting Trains leave Washiij-'Um dally at ? a. m. and \% p. m. On Sur.days allli; Latter hour only. At WHEELING connection Is made with the trains of the CENTRAL OHIO RAIL ROAD, running from Bella're. on the Ohio, nev \\ heeling, through Cambridge, Zaiiesville. ami Newark, to COLUMBUS. These trains connccf ..t Newark with thecarsof theNewark. Manstiehl and Sandusky Railroad for Si-ndosky, Toled.. Detroit. Chicago. St. Louis, etc. At COLUM BIS the (.*. O Railroad lra!n? rr.n nectwith the fast trains of the Little Miami Rcil road to Xenia, Cincinnati, Louisville, etc A * XENIA (on Little Miami Railroad) connection is formed with the trains through Dayton, to Indian* apolis, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Ro k Island, St. Louis, etc. JO* Passengers holding Through Tickets for Memphis, Vicksburg, Natchez, Net* Orient* ptc.,whichare<ilHu.solciat Waxhinifton?nr^ trnis ferrrd at Cincinnati to the Mail Steamers on th Ohio. Tickets for Evansville. Cairo, and St Louis are sold bv this route. ilV* I' or CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to loiedo. Detroit. Chicago, etc., tickets ar? sold. When the Ohio is navigable between Wheeling and W.-ilsville (forty miles) whero a eonneerto" with the Cleveland and Pittsburg Rail,cud i made. Travelers are requested to notice that while thi^ 1* tie only route affording Through Tickets and C becks in Washington, it is also the shortest most speedy, and direct to nearly all the ieadin points in the great West. The distan-e rr.u-t H ashington to Cincinnati is but 6.53 mil**, b?',n/ about I(Jb miles shorter than bv anv other route ' FARE, BY TIIROV Jit' TICKET, PROV U ASHINGTON To Whaling. 99 ColiW bus, * :j Ko: Dayton, *15 50; Cincinnati, ?:? Louisville, Dy railroad. S18 Co, by Cincinnati. ?18 (Mi; Indianapolis, *17 5o; Clete land. *i'2 5*); Toledo, .?lj HI; Detroit. gl.? ?.*?? Chicago, $20US and S19 50: St Louis, *23 ib tu d S-i. Memphis, $2i$; New Orleans, jt.jl; ???>? FOR FREDERICK AM) HARPER * FERRY. MART1NSBURG, CUMBERLAND BERKLEY SPRINGS, BEl3FORI) SPRINGS PIEDMONT, OAKLAND, *nd FAIRMOUNT p.-issengers may l?ave Washington at 6 a. r>. . IJtf P m. For the minor way stations betwei 1 Hait.more and \V heelhig, take Gam. train from V\ ashlntiton. 117*For trains to and from Baltimore, Anapoli? etc., see special advertisements. ID" For further information, Through Ticket ,rvi*PiP y to THOMAS II ^ARSONS. A t:;' at Washington Station. ' JOHN H. DON FT Master of Transportation, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, iiaalicce may 3?tf ORANGE fc ALEXANDRIA RAILROAJI. Ul I <i 11 EAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINEf ^ VX1C !/, betWTOn WASHINGTON and [)l>TH c?.? ALEXANDRIA, GOK DONSNILLE and RICHMOND?no night. l!n ? on ^unday. I/?*ave Washington V before 3 o'clock a in I.nave Alexandria % ?? 7 ?? a ,u L?ive Washington x " 7 " p iij Lca?e Alexandria % " s w p Jjj 1 PARK? MY Nlr.HT LINE. From w uiuiugtou and Alexandria, to Gor d.?nsville ' , From Gordonsville to HiVhinrind.**.".!!" i raveier* will find the morning line thechi v est. most pleasiiia ami extwviitioiis route to f< Greenbriei White Sulphur. Fauquier White ?"i. nhur, Warm. Hot, Alum and Ctpon Springs Va.-renton, Charltfttsville, Staunton.; Winchester, IL*rriiionburg, I^exin"ton W*\- \ Brld*e> L^y/N^nCkat;7Mid .. FiHIS JT XOHIIHC LIHI: r rnin Alexandria to ^\arreaton, - - jtj Gordous;?Jar. - i 5.1 CharlotUioViiic, - < r>0 Stauntonf - - fc o'J Mrasb.i^, . . 3 -y \v Inchester, ? - ? 50 Luray, - - . 4 ? New Market, - 5ii be at the Depot of the Washington Ka^oad to convev p.v.senge? and baggage .0 the St^K for ALI XANDRIA, a distance cf 6 mues, ailuw lng ample time for meals. W. VANDEGRIFT. -to" Gen. Supt. T'l.f,f f?^?"<;'l,VKR STEAM BOAT CApI\NamJKLKBAKeVLICE? PKICB' ? it ? (c ? (S ?< ?t ? ?? ? t* it II SiTcr?' L- MacLodoc'"?vroL?, ,SS: On FRIDAY MORNINGS-ForChapel Po'nt Sd Cone?' Lf'oaardlown. p??ey Point, Salary s' ^"rn'?f)-Leavp Cms chodoc, Cnrrioman, and ttox ' The A. c Price will call at the usual landings J when signals are made iMding? By order of the Board: A,,,and,.., je lu?tf ' Wrr\r;^??V'> cOWS?C<'Ti?o *. LACH TRAIN OF CARS A It It Iv ing in Washington Alexan^ ^-V "la ? 1 he Steamers THUS. CO I . JL-? A , or ''Eorge WA>aiNaT<J^Sns^7 I Tc7" ft?F A*I^ rW ' rdLn f tLrir Mri wal ? C 01 IU~ nl KALS furnished on the boats Phe Boats connect witb rifl the trains from tt.i "n?7ir-? 8AW L OEOR MOUNT VERNON N TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS p A !.? ,, round trip, >1; from Alexandria ? ' '* Xyi'vJi steamer THOAlAsJ;' ^ COLL\ ER leaves Washington at "ffl.?,! !?/?'L'" aria at o'clock. CoaclicS leave tiieTa^i.' the boat at 8* o'cloc*. Co^h fare *on< wishing the conches will 1?mv>> i j " wRk ?ieorre*A Tho.nas pTrker ^ H ? freshruents on the boat SAM'L OED.NEV,Cpuia. Information for Travelers. TO THE PUBLIC riMlK STEAMERS MOUNT TKRNON and 1 BA LTIMORE will stop at Al exandria. both dav and night, and, at the landings on the Potomac river: Fare by th<f?e boats, vi? : To Alexandria 90 12X To Marbury'a 100 To Cockpit Point.... 1 50 To<Juantico 1 30 To Sandy Point 150 To Aqula Creek SOU Excursion tickets to Aqula Creek and return, In cluding dinner or supper, *2. A deduction on this charge will be made to ?artie? of ten or more, wishing a daylight or moonlight Excursion. This will afford to our cltixens a pltasant recre ation from the heat and dast of the city at very moderate rates. L REYNOLDS, Captain. YVM. MITCHELL, Captain Either of the above boats can be chartered for Excursions, Towing, ftc., bv applying to GEO. MATT1NGLY, Superintendent of the Washing ton and Fredericksburg Steamboat Company. Jy 24?eo3w CANAL PAtiCT UNB TO POINT OF ROCKS. THE Canal Packet CONGRESS having beep thoroughly Repaired and in first rate order (the mac.hlnervilj^^?? 1 i being removed and bor*e power substituted) con tlnnes making her regular trips between George town and the above place. The Boat will leave the wharf of W. H. t H. G Klttcr for Point of Rocks on MONDAYS, WED NESDAYS and FRIDAYS at? o'clock a. in: and the Point of Rocks for Georgetown on TUES DAYS, THURSDAYS anil SATURDAYS at thf same hour, stopping at theditferent landings along the line for the reception and landing of passiengerf and freight, jfoinij and returning. The Boat will leave Georgetown at 7 o'clock a m., and arrive at the head o'the Great bails at Jl. Seneca at 1, Edward's FerryMonocacy 5^. Knowlan's Ferry 6, and Point of Rocks at 7 o'rl fc p. m. Returning, leave Point at 7 a. m., Know lan's Ferry at 7?, Monocacy Edward's Ferry 11, Seneca' 1, Great Falls 3# ian(* arrive at George town at 7 p. m. Passage through either way S2 Meals served r^ularly on board the boat at mod j erate prices. CHARLES MERRILL. Capt. )e 25?dtf THE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES 4T EA MLIt S. T E SHIPS COMPRISING TH are the ATLANTIC, Captain V?e&t, PACIFIC, Captaia Nye, BALTIC, Captain Comatock, ADRIATIC, Captain Grafton. These Shi ps have been buili by contact. ex pre*s ly for Government service; every care oas be^n taken In their construction. as in the engine*. U insure strength and spe*d; and their accommoda tions for passengers are unequalled for eleganot and comfc/L FRICS O? PAP3AfiK. From New York to Liverpool, In first cablUj ?12C SaMMt cabin, ------ 70 Exclusive use of extra slie state room?, - S M' From Liverpool to New York, - X30 and ?)T An experie?iccd?urgeon attached to each ship. No berth can be secured until paid for. For freight or passage applv to EDWARDK. COLLINS & CO., 56 Wall str*<t, New York. BROWN, &111PLEY A CO , Liverpool, E. G. ROBERTS A CO.. * 13 Kin: ?s Arms Yard, Loadon. JOHN Ml'NROM A CO., iW Rue Notre Damt' d<? Vl. toires, Paris. GLORGE H DRAPER, Havre. Ti>e owwv of these ship* v. ill not >>e arcoonta !.Ie for gold silver, bullion, specie, Jewelry, pre cious .>Wiies. or metals, unleiR bills of lailin.; are s'gned therclor, and the value thereof therein ex pwrwi. iiov ir??iy WASHINGTON BRANCH KAILKOAD. i Ci1"- jr^ C CHANGE OF HOURS.?On and after Moa V day, the 23d instant, the Trains will Lrave Washington at 8 and stf a. m., and 3 and 4>; p. m. On Sunday at p. m. Leave Baltimore at Ijtf and 9jtf a. m , and 3 and 5* p. m. On Sunday at IK a. m. ap 23?tr T H. PARSONS, Agent ALEXANDRIA ic WASHINGTON BOATS. f JMii: Steamer GKORGE WASHINGTON wll A lf av. at the following hours. ? jrjr"** fe. Fare 12* cents. jg?G?rX-C The THOMAS COLL'i F.R, when not other waj s engaged, will make trips on the route al al tenia!3 hours. Leave Wafching'.on at 6, 3, 0\, lljf, 2^, 4,5^. and 7. L?ave Alexandria at 7, 9, 19K, IX, 3jf, 4.X) rnd P. S.?The will leave Alexandria at 1J( f. m., or immediately on the arrival of the "ars. JV 7?d JOB CORSON, Caputs. TO ALL THAT VALUE TIIF.TIl SlfiHT. V, riSiiES locality attention to all that suffer with defective sight, caused by a<;e. sick ness and particularly froin jrlasae* iiijudiclouslv selected, to his sujierlor SPECTACLES and GLASSES can-l'ully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and brilliant transparency, suited precisely and beneficially to the wearer ac cording to tlje concavity or convexity of the eve Very numerous are this ill effects caused to the precious or^ran of sijfht IVom the commencement of using glasses In n^t l?eiiig precisely suited, by tbe use of au Optonuttr; aim the practice of many \ tan, enables him to measi;re the focal disease of the eyes, and such glasses that arc absolutely re <ju 1 r??'d will be furnished with precision and satis ia'tlon. J . T. acknowledges th* very liberal encourage ment already obtained, and further solicits the pa ? rc>u;ig<; of toose that have not yet availed them selves of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing tbe glasses In use, and stating bow many Inches they can read this print with their specta cles, can be supplied with such that will improve their si.'lit. Inanuierable testimoalals to be seen; and ief r enct^* ?lven to many who have derived the greatest ea*." at>d coinf irt fr<>tu his gla^s?i. Circulars to 1* had gratis, at his otlice. No. 512 Sewutii, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hail, up ntalrs Norfolk, September7.18M. Sir?The Spec tax Les you made for ine suit very well, seem to have iiaprov t*d my sight more than any other 1 Lave lan-iy tried. L1TT. W. TAZEWELL. 1 linve tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr. Tobias, und tad their, of grea' assistance t: my sight, and eorre finding with his description of tLc focus. 1 recommend him a*a skillful opti cian. HENRY A. WISE. Mr. J . Tobtaf : Sir?The pair of Specta"!es you furui-bprl me yesterday are particularly satlsnir tory to rue. Tney are very C't-ldediy the liest I poh.^et;s, and I am the owner of eight or niae pair, carefully selected In different places and frcui op ticians i^r.immendf'd to me on account of Ihelt nrol'oesional st.tnillng in England, France and the i.'niteil Slates. I lia%*e bten alio pleased with your remarks and directions en the treatment ol tyM. for the purpose of preserving and Improv lug iho sight. Respectfully, yot^rs, CHA? CALDWELL, Professor of M. C., Louisville Ky. Lv^chbjrk, Nov U>, 1^51. Mr. John Tobias having furnished me with Glasses, by which 1 have b?-en greatly aided (mv vision having sufl'ered gristly from reading ..l ni^bt in my earlier life) ii aitords me the highe t pleasure to say tbat I consider him a skillfid pra<> tical optician, and well prepared to aid those who may titcd his professional services. WM. B ROUZ1E, Elder of Methodist Conference. WfmiHOTO*. N. C., Jan. 27. lhSl. Mr. J. Tobias : Dear Sir?I am happv to sav that the Spc? ta'. ies which I obtained from you last week are entirely satisfactory. F roni an inequal ity in the visual range of my eyes, 1 have hereto fore found ureat dittVculty in getting glasses of th" pr<<|s-r focal distance. It att'oids me pleasure t> stale t!iat, by the aid of your optometer, this dt31 culty has been happily obviated so that theglas^-s vou furnished me are decidedly the bc^t adapted to nay eyes uf any I have ever yet used. V ery respectfully, yours, P..'B. DRANK. Rector of St. James' Parish. Department of interior, May 7, 1853. | From natural defects and the unequal range of i my eyes, i have been compelled to use glasses fi?r several years. I have tried different opticians without'obtainlnK glasses perfectly fittea to my eyes, lr our months since Air. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, which 1 have found to serve me perfectly. By the use of his optometer he is enabled to adapt Glasses miuutely to the eye. 1 most c.heerfuiiy recommend Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to useglasses, and bear my teati mony as to his skill as an optician. HENRY E BALDWIN, Assist. Sec'y to sign Laad Wa.raatJ. jy l*-tf BRITTANNIA AND PLANISHED WAItK. rpEA and Coffee Urns, Coffee Greqnas, Coffee A Biggin*, Coffee Filters. CoU. epots, Teapots. Tea Sets, Egg Boiler^ Chailir,; Dlsh?s, Imperial Dish Covers, goup Tureens, Castors. Pitchers, Cups, Lamps, Candlesticks, Segar I>ampa, Spit toons, fcc., at the Housekeeper's Furnishing Store, 4f0 SeveutU street. GEO. FRANCIS. Medical. inhalation FOE TIB CUES OV ASTHMA aid C0H8UM PTIOV NEW AND TMRY WONDtKFVL Bmght U '.111 fis#r ?( the HUiUa I A WONDERFUL discovery has recently made by Dr. Curtis, of t&ls city. la the treat ment of Consumption, Asthma, ana all disease* }fthf Laan. Wf refer to Dr. CURTIS'S HY GHANA, or INHALING HYGEAN VAPOR AND CHERRY SYRUP. With this new me thod. Dr. C. has restored many aSicted ones to. health, a* ait evidence of which he ha* Innumera ble certificates Speaking of th? treatment, a phy sician remarks, "It Is evident that inhaling?con stantly breathing an agreeable, healing vapor?th? medicinal properties must come In dlrort contact with the whole ?rial curl tie* of the lungs, and thus escape the manv and varied changes prodceeO upon thein when Introduced into the stomach. and subject to the process of digestion." Ths H?t dr.a is fur sale at all the *>rugg2*ts throughout i*. country.?N. V. Duirkma* Jan. 14. The Inhaler is wore r.n the breast under the Lin en, without the least heat oi the body being sufficient to evaporate the dald Hundreds of crises of cures, like the followii^, might be named. One package of the Hvgeaia has cored it? ?' .he AtiUima oi sli year* standing. ^ J. F. KEE3BKKUY, F. M. of Duucannon, fa. 1 am cared of the Asthma of tea years' standing by Dr. Curtis'* Hygeana. MARGARET KASTON, Brooklyn, N. Y. iVUS. FAUL, of No. 5 H&mmond street, N. Y. was erred of a severe cat* of Broochitls by th< Hygeana. My sister Lcs bet a eared c,f a digressing coc&I* of several years' sending, and derided to be it ?ntrable by the r^v^'.ciar.a She wui sored in on? inomh by the Hygesna. J. H. GAUEERT, P. M. Rlcbrrcnd, Me. The Rev. Dr. CHKEVER. of New York. tsett 5es of our medicine in the following language: Nfw York, Nov. 15, 1S54. Dear Sir: I think highly of l>r. Curtls's Hygc ina as t remedy in di^^we* of the thront and lungs Having had some opportunity to testify n? eta- r cy, 1 am convinced that it i* a most excellent rero ??dy. both the Syrup and the inhaling application to the chert. Prof. S. CENTER writes us as follows r Gentlemen?1 have recently had occasion to test your Cherry Syrup and iiygean Vapor, inaras jf chronic sore throat, that had refined to yield ?> >ther foim> of treatment. and the result has satis ded me that, whatever may be the composition of your preparation, it Is no lm posit?,.but an ei.e?: ient remedy. I wish, for the saSH'ti ike afflict.d hat it might be brougLt with!* dm <?aak of ail. DR JOHNS, one of the I'hvM cians in New York writes as fcL^Xa: Dr. Cchtis?Dear Sir? Having witnes-ed th? excellent effects of your Hygeana or Inhaling H; ^ean Vapor and Cherry S ynip, in cj'.e f CnronV Bronchia*. and being much in faroruf co'inter tr citation in affeetious of the throat, /iron hiai tuber and lungs, I can therefore cheerfuilv recommend your Medicated Ap&ratus as being the most ? . r. v-nient and effectual mode of applying anything of the kind I have ewi seen. No doubt thousand of may be relieved, and ma*iy cured, b^ Using your medicines. I n.list here be idiowed to conff*? that I am c>p j:os*?l to prescribing or usiu^ secret ccmix<und^. but this little neailv contrived article, una its et fects in the case above aliud>-d to, have ind'jce?l me to speak in its favor. You are at liberty to use this in any w?y yo nuay think proper. Ropeclfullv, y<vir*. Ac., C. JOHNS, Ai. C , No. C09 llo'Jnton street, N. Y. Price <L.'**e dollars a package. fsoky?y CURTIS A PKRKINS and COYD A PA U l7nly Chambers st., N. Y Four package.. se* * f,ee to any part of the U;il ted States for ten dollars. N. B.?l?i. Ci> U's ti vi^eenaisihe(>RI<i]NAi. and ONLY OENU1N1. ARTICLE; all c<ber^ .t.ebav imiUlior.s, cr vile and injurious coui-ttr feitr,. Shun them you would POISON. For sale in Washington by CI1AS. STOTT. l-a. avenue, near Tth street, acd J. !J. MOORE in the First Ward. rr-zy ti?Cm lAKTCK'S SPANISH MIXTURE. THE GREAT PURIFIER OF THE IJLOOD! nor A FAHTlCLS C?F M3*CtRT IS IT. AN INFALLIBLE REMEDY for Scrof.j'.a, King's Evil, Rheumatism. Obstinate Culai.? ous Eruptions, Pimples or Pustules on the fhce. Kioiehes, Doll*. Chronic Sore Kyes. Kin^ Wwn or Tettf?. Scald Head. Enlanrement and Pain of the Dune.* and Joiuis, Stubborn Ulcers Sv philitic Disorders, Lumbago, Spinai C*?a. j-laiiits, and all the disCtises arising from an in judicious use of Mercury, Imprudence in Life, or Impurity of the Blood. 'PHIS VALUABLE MEDICINE, which lias a become celebrated for ?h" ntimlier of extraor d.naiy cures, e'J'ecfd through its agency, has in duced the proprietors, at the urgent request of their friends, to of?er it lo the public, which they do with the utmc?t ronildence in its-virtus?. aa?l won derful curative properties. The following cc.lifl eate?, select'd lrt>m a lsrjc number, an*, however, stronger testimony than the mere word of the pro prietors: and are all from L'entlemen well kr.owu in their localities, and of the highest tvspwctabtli ty, many of them residing in' the ciiy of Rich, mond, Va. F. BOYDEN, Esq , of the Exchan^s Uc#e!, Richmond, known everywhere, says he has seen the Medicine called Cartrr s Spas'.sh Mii rriti:, administered in over a hui.dred case*. nearly all the diseases for which it is recommend ed, with the most astonishingly ^o<?d icMults sa>s it i? the most extraordinary medicine he has over seen. AGUE A XI) FE7EH?GREAT CUKE?I hereby certify that for three years 1 had Ague and Fever of the most violent description. 1 had sev eral l'hvsiciar*. took large quantities of Quinine, .Mercury, and I believe all the Tonics advertised, but all without permanent relief. At last 1 tried Carter's Spanisu Mixture, two bottles of whi< effectually cured me. and 1 am happy bo say I have baa neither chills or fevers since. I coo slder it the ijest Tonic in this world, and the ouiy medicine that ever reached inv case. JOIIN LONG DEN. ilzAviK Dii ca, near Rl'hmoud, Va. C. B. LUCK, Esq., now in the city of Rich mond, and ior maay >ears in the Post Office. b:is ? Ueh coiitidence in the astonishing eficat ycf Car ter s Spanish Mixture, that he bought up wards of 5c bcttles, which he has riven away to ? he afflicted. Mr. Luck says he has never kouva it to fail wh-r. taken according to directions. Dr. MIN G E. n practising Physician, and for meriy of the City Hotel, in the city of Richmond ?ays he has witnessed in a numW of Instaace the effctU of Carter's Spanish Mixture, wiiirh were most truly surprising. He says in a case of Consumption, dependent on the Liver, the > oc 1 effect.* were wo,nl indeed B AMU EL M. DRINKER, of the frm of Drii. ter <fe Morris, Rk hrr.ond, was cured of Liver ' oinplaint of three years standing, by the use of two Unties of Carter's Spanish Mixture. GllEAT CURE OF SCROFULA ?The Edi tors of the Richmond Republican had s servant employed in their press room, cured of violent Scrofuia. combined with Rheumatism, which en tirely di abled him from work. Two bottles of Carter's Spanish .Mixture made a j*-ifect cuie of Lim, and the Editors, in a public not'ee. say the*/ "cheerfully recommend it to all who are afSlcted with any disease of the bloe?d." STILL ANOTHER CURE O FSCRO fUL A. I had a very valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter's Spanish Mixture. 1 consider it tntly a valuable medicine. JAMES M TAYLOR, ci.? d.ictor on the R. F. and F. R. R. Co., Richmond Va. SALT RHEUM OF TWENTY YFARS ST AM) 1 NO CURED?Mr. JOHN THOMP SON , residing in the city of R ichmond. waseun-d by three bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, of >olt Rheum, which he had for nearly twenty years aud which aU the physicians of the cltv could not cure. Mr. Thompson is a well known merchant in the city of Richmond, and his cure is most remarkable. WM. A. MA rTHEWS. of Richmond, h?d a servant cured of Syphilis, in the worst form, by Carter s . pamsh M ixture. He says hechoerfudy recommends it, and considers it a very invaluobi medicine. EDWIN BURTON, comm.! ??sio&i r of the reve nue, says he has seen the good effects of C \rter's Spanish Mixture in a number of Syphiii 8 ca?rs, and says it U a perfect core for that huri \de di> ea:e. G. HARV^OOD, of Richn.ond, cured ?* ?** Sores and Ulcers, which disabled him from walking. Took a few loitlcs of Carter's Speni.-.h Mixture, and was enabled to walk without a crutch, in a short time permanently cured. Principal Depota atM WARD,CLOSE ACO.. No. Maiden Lane. New York. W. DYOTT A SONS, No. 162 North Sccond street- Philadelphia. BENNETT A BEERS, No. 12S Main street Richmond, Va. And for sale by CHA R LES STOTT Wsshtrtir ton, D. C.; HENRY FEEL, Alexandria^ Druggists everywhere. ' ' Price per bctUe, or si* bottles for %S, |j u-tr *n?ob^ Q*xt 10 lron HaA1 ^ Medical. PR1V ATE MEDICAL TRUTIIB* > _ OH TBS PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW OF ?AEXIAVK, ?v M. B. LA ( tOIX, M. D., ALBANY, N T., ITT *? Parw u4 190 Fine. Pktia, u4 Celored Lithographs and Plates Price saly T??ty-f1n Cmm. Sni Frss *>/ fMMfi 10 aii parli ?/ Iks Paic* (CHEAPEST BOOK KVKR rfBUftlKD y' and containing nearly double the quantity of read >ag matter In that of the FIFTY CENT OR DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS It treat* on the PHYSIOL OGY OP MARRiA'.E, and the Secret Infirmities, and Disorder of Youth and1 Maturity. reeulting f*em ex. ~e*ses, which d?*troy the physloe' ard tncatal pow ' t* with Obeenratlnns ca I Marrtege. Its d-ilW s-d dismal acatlonr., tni 4y i?v 1 ? - __ _ A popular and c< t ?1ve Treatise cr. the Puties acd Carole# of sin ifleard married hi*?bsppy snd frultft:! aillanoes, mode of iiecuiinr. there? Infb^cltons and Infertile ones?their ol?vi:itlon and remond.? Import* ?* hlrts to tbos" r->nt?n. plating ?arrlmonv. that ?U1 overcame objoctlor.s to It; acue, h~wev? r, should take this important step wlthomind ooaf pa*es?cOHMneut&rlea on tb? d'.?i?w and n.edtcal l/valmcnt of females iron I ufai. y to eld age ea<*fc caee graphically lilustrau-d bt beau?.lfol liUHH;*a. phlc plate*?nerve ua debility, tta c*om and care, by a process at once an aitnpi?, saft?. ai>d etfniaal that Allure Is lmpoaalhle ruVes fo: dally n^x.acr* noent?an eaaay oa Sponr.*torrbea, with jprartVr U nb.ervatlons on a safer and more imoccvni! ri.od ? of treatment?precautionary hints on the evils re Kuiiln;; from empirical practice?an es~*v on all di.*ea*es arising from Indiscretion, with plain and simple rule* bv which all pernors can cure Ujtti selves w?thout mercury?remedi'** for tho?e self inflirted miseries and* disappointed hones so an forti natelv prevalent in the\o?ing. It is a trith* ful adviser to the marnrd and tb??secontemr!iiMng marriage. Its perusal is particulaflv r -commend ed to persons entertaining se ret doubts of ib<-!r physical condition, ai<d who are ccnsrto'.a of Lav. Ing br'r.-rded the health. bapplnes? and privilt g?ss to which everv human bemg is entitled. Price TWENTY-FIVE CENTS jer wt,? Five Conies for Ope li>ilhr. Mm ltd ire* of post age to all parts of t!>e I'nited States. N. B ?Those who prefer mat consult Dr. LA CROI X upon any of the disease* o;*?n \* Lkh this book treats, either personally or by mail Medi cine sent to any part of the Union a wording t? di rections, safely packed and carefully secured from inn Address I)r M B LA CROIX. No 31 Ma.drn Lan*. or P? st O? J? \ N V Jtj" (??<* open daily from u a. iu to Jl p m , artd or Sundav from S until 5 p m. JHT Offl'e RKMOVKDfrom No ? Hfamtl. to HI Maiden Lane, Alt uuy, Y. dec 7?y DOCTOR II O O I' L A .% 1) ' S CELKBR ATF.B GERMAN BITTERS, p*rr*r*n bt l>r. I. M. JAtKSON. Pliilsde'phin, Pa., wnt irrarrokiLT mt LI7EE COMPLAINT. DYSPFPilA, Jawa<f let, Ckronir or ffrrtom* P* '-tit'jr. D?l tatcf of Ikt K- <s<yt, ani nil ?>i*c4UM arjjise fro it a Li t?sr<lcr?d Liver cr Stomnck. i)ur a as Ccnstl(>ut.lon. Ii.u-ai-d Piles. Fmtn*^ or Blood to the 11 u.i. Actd/yof the !*ton?rh. Nau sea. H??irtbiim. DinguM "for food. Fullness, or Weight in thoStoma" li.Sour Erurtation?.J*'.iik Injr or Flutter'**; ?? *he Pit of the Stomach, hwimminjf of the fiend. H'T*?-d and Oitflr-olt Breatbinz. I'lutleriii^ot the Heart. Ch<*tnv or Sr.fl'ocatin<; Seusauon- when in a iyia: I'okturr, llimiwis of Vision. I)*-** of Wen*. Iiefurr th? Si^ht, r>'v> r and Dull I'aiu in the H??d, i>* & elenev of Prrs pi ration. Y?-llom:?-v? of th?* Skin and Eves. Paj:i in tbe Side, ilark Cb'?t. I.imba Ae.. Snddn. Fliwhes of H?it BnralK: In tbe Flesh. Constant lii.a^iiiin^s of Evil, and ? 'rat Depression of ?pirit*. T1HK PROPRIETOR, In callh? the a?trt;t1?ii of the public to this pn-parat?on. does so with a feeling or the u'm<M coohdwice in its virtue* at<d ad^j'lation of it to liie di?e<ises for which ll Is reommended. It is no new and nntried artlr'e bnt one that b it stood the test of n ten \ ears' trial Ijeforv the Amer ican pet>ple. and its reputation and sale 1* nnrl vnllca by any similar preparations eitant. The tf.-timouy in its favor jfiveu by tbe m??st promt* n? nt and well-known Physicians and it^l.vid'uus, in all parts of the country is jinoKns** Th? foi? lowing from North Car^'ina is r?*pe? sub inltt?*d. referrlnc any who mey still d?iuht. to tha "ilanorabllia. or Pra^tiral Ueroipt B<x>k. for Farmers ard Families, to be h id ftr?tis of all tha Aleuts for the (iern an Bitten*. Princ iital Olllre aud Manufortorv, l'*9 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA, FA. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. C$rtiJicaU ?/ Dr ir Swtfs.e; P?ni Hill, Kirk mend County. S. C. Pim Hill. March 4. 1*?4. D*. c. M. Jacasos, Philadelphia?l>ear Mr: 1 have been a subkit of l?ysi*psia, ia its worst form, for the last five years. Such was my condi tion for twelve months that ?he phvsiriaii>' i nd all who saw me said I must die. while In this con dition I was carried to the watering place* n Vir ginia. Tennessee, aud North Carolina, but was not betietitied by any Mater to which I was tak?ti While on my way home I sto^j-eda week at Rum* erfordton, small village in North Cat <iiua. to try the ell'ect of wire Chalyhee'e ua'er pface. About the last of the week I went htin a druff "tore to pet some rjedicin?' fcr my child arl myself. There were several of the village pbv^i cians iu the store, and one of th< m seemed to ake some interest in my case. and. aTtt-r asking iim* some questions, said he had been a dy?pert.( had b-cn erentlv beni ?t;ed bv the u?e" of 1TCU)F LANDS GERMAN BITTERS, prepared by you, and he insisted that I would try the Fitter*. He also called the next dav at mv roc.rn, and In sisted so m<tch that I would trv 'hem that 1 a^ked him to get me one bottle lied..-lit. aud I ' otn menc?d taking it as directed, and 1 wa> more hen - efiued by it than all the water and medicine 1 had ever taken After rearbln^ home one of mv neighbor* to me for a prescription and medicine, (he a dys peptic.) and 1 gave l:;m nearly ail th* Bitter* I r:?d ieft, which tdocted mil. It good mhis?tse. He has of tea called on me for more of the same kind of medicine, saying he was more )<encl?:nd by it tLan aay other he had taki*n, l>ut I 1 ?ve uot been able to get any more fv?r bim or mysell s.nce; will you, therefore, pleaae ship lue a d? len or more as mood as possible. Respectfully, yours, W SMITH. D R HOOKER, Roger's Store, Wake Co , N. C.. October yl, lr53. savs: '?Havlnr experienced very grrat benefit from the Me of HOOP LAND'S GERMAN BITTERS In Ch. uilc Dysentery and fun. tlonal den?ngen.ent of the Liver, and its c^mcoinitant evils. I am de? this ntafcf lataja a?Itir of it for tha benefit cf my community \ ou will, therefore, plea?e seada ioi, tr , Ac. CERTIFICATE OF \VM J. ATWOOl) Uuhtsvill*, Yadkin Co.. N V > November l?t, lsSS. y Dr. C. M. Jacksoo?Dear Sir: Allow me to ;*f Frt-its to you my sir?c? thanks for your d?< very of a medicine which, to say the least uf it, i.a-> ef that 1 have taken, have entirely failed to do. IIOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS have cured me of the most stubborn and aegravatfd case of the p lks that, porhapN, ever fell to the lot of m^ji My ease 1? not a strange r in this ( uaununity, as I am well known in this ai<d the WKwiiMtliji counties, and call tr.ilv say that my itcovery h^? asU- mdtd all my friends and relations, as 1 nad tried everything recommended, and nothing did lae any ; <>od un til I was prevailed upon to try tl?? Bitters. You are al liberty to mak-any use ?* u ommwntaa tion Jor tbe benefit <rfthe atttcUa, you muv think proxu. Tialy, yours, * WM. J. A1WOOD. These b.iters are thev Invig orate and sin ugitaeu the system, never prostrate it, and can bt um4 for lafhaU as w?li aa ndults For salt by re.peeiaule dealers . ervwbere. aid bv Z. D. OILMAN, WashingU ; . L. K1D WELL, Georgetown, and J. R PlRRPO:;T, Alexandria. itm, ;_iy WATCHES, JEWE1 RY. .. ... ? SILVERWARE, tc M.W.GALT A BRO are c >i*?i.uit?/ receiving large invoice* of the abovr. end oflrr every ar.icle in their line at the lowest r.iu* GOLD AND B1LVLII WORK of t\-erv de scrlptlon to order, *uth as TESTIMO NIALS, richly embellished, with a: ur>uriair de signs. SILVER TEA SETS. DINNER SER VICE#, Ac. Precious Stones act In every style, however elab orate. ARMS, CRESTS, MOTTOES. Ac., cut on stoae M. W. GALT A BRO . itil Pa. av.. between Ninth anu Tenth su. je 14?tf Fans, pkritmeky, toilet arti f lee Ac ?We have now in utore a large vari ety of fine and of.mmon Fans, Har;inon's and Lo bin's celebrated Perfbiwry, Brushes. Cm*L?. vis iting and playlnv Cards, Tooth Po* xerm. Porte Mounaies, Cigar Cases, Card Cases, BasLets. Ac., all of which we are selling out ai lew prices ta ?nit the timet at the Piano, Music Sut cnery, and Pa?cy Goods Store of JOHN F. ELLIS, a* p? avmoe brt *b tod Nth sU, ?uy Ci?a

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