Newspaper of Evening Star, August 10, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 10, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR, PUBLISHED EYFRY \FTER!*0?!*, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) Jt tk* St a.r Building*, ttm*r of P?w*sylvauim avenue and El'ventk street, By W. D. WALLACH, Will be served to subscriber* by carriers at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents; papers served in packages at37)f cents peT month. To mail subscribers the sub scription price Is THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CEN TS a year ?* adtanu, TVVO DOLLARS for ?ii months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for less than three months at the rate of 12# cent* a week. CT SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. JFWFLRY. HSEMKEN, JE WELER, 330 Pennsylvania ? avenue, between 9th and tOth streets, has just received a new snpply of ichly-chased Fmit and Leaf Jewelry,consisting of Pin and Ear Rings; also, a variety of ma'mLficent Mosaic and Caiueo Jewelry, which heoffersaT f.reatlvreduced prices. U f~ Diamonds remounted, Jewelrv of anv de ?cription made to order. Enameling done. Gold F-?ns re pointed, Coat of Arms and Crease* engraved oa stone and metal jy 31?tr FAUQUIER WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS A CARD?Having s?*n a communication cir culating in the newspapers throughout the country, to the effect that some malignant disease at this time prevails at the Fauquier White Sul phur Springs, and in the vicinity, we think it proper and due to the proprietors of this watering {)lace to state, that we reside at Warrenton, dis ant about six miles; that we have practised at these springs for the last sixteen or eighteen ye rs, and within that whole period we do not remem ber that neighborhood to have been more perfectly healthy and exempt from" disease of every kind than at the present time. The report referred to must have originated in a malignant design to injure the proprietors JOHN A CHILLON, M D. SAMUEL B FISHER, M D. jy 30?2w GLEN WOOD CEMETERY, Ofiice No. UU'i Pa. ave., earner loth street, (OVER THE saving's BANK.) THIS CEMETERY is laid out on the plan of the celebrated Greenwood, of New York, and situated on the high ground distant one and a quarter miles north of the Capitol?North Capitol street leading directly to the gateway. This Company have secured a charter from Con gress, appropriating their irrouhd forever to burial purposes, mal^g a fee title to the purchaser, and prohibiting nl^ncruat hrnents f om legislation oi otherwise. u is of va*t importance to those who wish theiW^ad to repose where they Lave placed them, for it has liecome a custom'in all other cities when the burial ground becomes valu able for other pnrposes, to sell it, and throw the dead promiscously into one large pit, and lejjal measures cannot prevent it, as no titles are given to the ground. N. iJ ? Othce open from 10 to 12 o'clock a m . where Pamphlet*, containing the Charter, By Laws, and a map of the ground, and all other in formation, can be obtains!. All orders left with Mr. James F. Harvey, No. 4lOSeventh street, or any other undertaker, Cvilibe promptly atteuded to. je 18?ly THE FAUQUIER WHITE SULPHI'R SPRINGS ARE now open for the reception of Company, and in a far more attractive condition than they ever have been. A gross misrepresentation against them* having been published in the Petersburg Intelli gencer and Baltimore Sun to the effect that they were closed for the season is now traced to an ir responsible source unworthy of notice It is proper to state that there is no shadow of foundation for it. The subscriber trusts that he will not be made the victim of such malignity; and the respectable journals which have given currency to the rumor by transferring it to their columns will disabuse the public mind. h rough the same medium. ALEX. BAKER jy 13?2m COAL:COAL: THE undersigned is prepared to deliver COAL of the best cuaiity. at Sb 50 per ton. H C. H All ROVER, 3d street, 3d dcor south of Pa. avenue. N. B ?1 give2,&U pounds to the ton. Jy 13?lm JOH* E. ELVATM. WILLIAM THOMPSON. EL VANS A THOMPSON, DEALERS 15 EA&LWAKE, COACii XBLYMINGS, *c., No. 3it> Pennsylvania avenue, htwien Yiart and Tm.k sts, Wmtkmgton, I). C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDWARE. Britannia, German Silver, Albata and Silver Pla ted. Tea. Table and Dessert Spoons Carvers and Forks, Steels, Knives with and with out F orks - * JJraes.ihijaimia. Block Tin and Plated Candle sticks, Shovel and i ougs, Waffle Irons, Sad Irons Maslin and Bell Metal Kettles, Furnaces, Grid irons, Ovens, Ac. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rural Cottage, Close!. Cuplxstrd, Chest, Till, Pad and Trunk Locks Shuttle, boor, and Blind Hinges, Screws, Cut and Wrought Nails, Bolts Brad's Shutter Screws and Stubby. Door Springs, Handrail Screws, Dcor burns Bell Pulls, Door Sheaves and Kail. Ac. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Hair Cloth, Curled Hair, Moss, Gimps, Sofa and Chair Springs Venitian Blind Hooks, Rack Pulleys, Roller Ends Brackets. Furniture Nail* Glue, Cottin Handles and Screws, Diamond Screw Plates, Ac CARPENTERS' GOODS. Planes, Saw#, Drawing Knives, Spokeshaves, Chisels and Gouges, Plane Irons Augers, Braces and liius, Borin^ Machines. Ham mers, Hatchets. Devels Bevels. Squares, Guag< <, Axe*, Ac. BLACKSMITH \ COACH M \KKRS'GOODS Black aud Bright Spring , Axles, 1 elloes, Shifts, Spokes, Hub*. Bows, Poles Sleigh K unners. Silvered and Hrs s Rands, Stump Joints, Stump Collars. Top Props Curtain Frames, Lamps, Inside Linings, Lining Silks. Damask, Seaming Cords Tufts, Ta?sels, Buttons, Tacks. Fringes, Laces, and Plain and Enamelled Canvass Russia Duck, Enamelled Leather. Dash Leather, Ac. ELVA.NS fc THOMPSON, Je 1?#m 32b Pa. avenue. AMESICAN HOTEL, Nj. 45t> Pa arsnue, betu>f<n 4)% and 6th itreets, 8. HEFLEBOWER A L. T. LOVETT, f PKOPKISTOES jy 6?0m Li ? COFFIN WAREilOO.U, A, J WILLIAM PLANT A Co , UNDERTA ? K HP.S?residence4In Sevenlh street, between G and H streets Interments procured many ground or cemetery Coilius, Caps, Shrouds, Carriages, Hearse, and every article for interments of the best quality furnished at ?nort notice, on the most reasonable terms, and at all hours of the night. Having the exclusive right of Crump's Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to ke? the dead for any length of time. jy 11?ly DENTISTRY. O B. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the firm of IV* Hunt A Donaldson, continues to manufacture aid insert those beautiful^ Crcelain te??th, with or without gums, ? specimens of which (intde and deposited by the late tlrm) was awarded the lirst premium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently held In this city. These teeth are carved and sliaded to suit each particular case, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs is so perfect as to deceive the most prac tised eye Particular attention also paid to filling and pre ?erving the natural teeth. Charges moderate, and all operations warranted 0?ce southwest corner of Seventh and D streets. Eentrance on D. mar ~1?tim DENTISTRY. DR M UN SON respectfully rails public atten tion to his new, patent and great- a ly IMPROVED method of setting Ar tittcial Teeth, with Continuous i."m,W / f " r the very PERFECTION OF THE ART l ull style or Teeth has ?he follcwin ? ;ulvantages over all others, Ti*: GREAT STRENGTH. CLEAN LINESS, COMFORT and BEAUTY, viemg with Nature In these respects, and in some others excelling. Public inspection is respectfully solic ited. PWse call and see speclmcm CAUTION ?No other Oentistln the District of Columbia has a right to make this style of teeih. N. B.?Ttvth ooa^tltulioaally healthy, pluggtd and wurranUd for lift*. OSc* and house No. ?? E street, near the cor ner of Penua. avenue a:id lMh street. ap 'M? tf ^ ALL STRANGERS visiting the City should see Hooter's Cata logue of the curiosities of tbe Patent OtJice Al so. his Description of Powell's Great Pictures. HUNTER is to be seen at ICo Tenth street. way :il ?3iii* HOWARD'S I. S. SUPREME COURT Reporti, vol I", Just published and for sale by k-KANCK TAYLOR JVj*6 Vf EMOIRS OF THE COUNTESS OF BLES ivl stnvtoa. by R K Madden, M K I A , twe vol* FRANC* XAYLOK. VOL. VI. NO. 812. WERER'S BAND. THIS old established and favorite band fur nish music a* usual for Excursions, Sere nades, Pic Nics, Parties, Exhibitions. ice., &c Orders mav be left at Hilbus A Hitz's Music De pot, or at tfje residence of the leuder, four doors east of General Henderson'* residence, Navy Yard jy 23?'2 in KI5CH ER'S BAND Ft LLY ORGAN 17.EI>. HA VING now completed all my arrangement fr>r a first rate BRASS AND COTILLON BAN D, I am again at the service of the public t< i'tend Excursion Parties, Exhibitions, Parades. Pic Nics, Balls and Serenades Ail those in fa vor of citizens1 band are respectfully invited to wn ?ourage our enterprise, here in Washington citv P FISCHER, leader P. 8.?This band, under my direction, is re^ lariy uniformed, and from a practice of over twen ty years 1 can i-ive satisfaction to every one Residence, Pennsylvania avenue, north side, b?j .ween Ninth and Tenth streets, first door w-.*st o* Iron Hall. Orders left wlto Messrs. Hilbus \ Hitz punctu illy attended to. ' I? im* T M S PROSPERl'S tOKNEI BAND. HIS Band is suitable for any and all purposes and is warranted to give satisfac*io;i to ai. those who may be plea -d to engage them, eitUe^ vs a Bm?s, Re*-d. or Co'illon Bancf Any number of musicians to be 1 ad it the?sho.-f ^st notice, by applying to FREDERIC PROSPER I, Leader, at Taitavull's Store, opposite the Marine Barracks N. B.?Orders left at Hilbu&A Hitz's Music De jot will be promptly attended to. may 25?Im A CA?D. jVf R8 E. PHILLIPS, No. 401 Slx'h street between G and H streets, des'res to inforn the citizens oi Washington and vicinity, tba* she is now prepared to give instructions on the PIANO FORTE. She has taught music iti some of the principal cities of the Union and has testimonials showing that she is fullv com petent to discharge the duties of her professior to the satisfaction of those who mav favor her with their patronage Terms: gio for 21 lessons, at her residence, or ?12 at the residence of her pupils. je 12?eo3m# FANCY HAIR ORNAMENTS. If SEMKEN. JEWELER* 11* No 33" Pa av , bet 9th and 10th sts . is prepared to m:tke to order any device that ma' be sugire>ted such as Flower Bouquets, Bracelet Breast Pins, Ear Rings. Cbaius. Crosses. Ring.-. Chartelains, Ac. Also. Jet Ornaments for sale 117" Persons may rely upon their own hair l>e ing used jy 31?tr PEEL'S LONDON GREEN GINGER WINE ANUFACTURED FROM FRENCI GRAPES. GREEN JAMAICA GINGER EVILLE OR AN G ES, Ac ?This delicious b*v erage become* the greatest favorite wherever jt i introduced It is eq tally palatable, more whole some, aud not half tne price of other foreign wines Manv physicians use ft exclusively, a.ia recom mend it to all troubled with Flitjlency, Dyspep sia, Debility. Cramps. Dlarrhofa and Dysenter Persons subject to Cnills, or livinc in distric* where Ague or Cholera prevails, find its occasion &1 use a pleasant and admirable preventive M ixe. with a little iced-water. it farms th" most refresh fng and wholesome cooling drink in warm v*vaihei that can be taken Price 50 cents per bottle, *5 per dozen N. B. Country Druggists, Grocers, &c., find tbi Wine an advantageous addition to their stock, it"i a first rate article, sells well, and gives great satis faction Agents, STOTT A CO., Washington; PEEI A STEVENS,Alexandria; ClSSELjtieorge'own; J. BALMER. Baltimore. jy 6?tf LAST CHANCE. IF there Is in Washington, Georgetown nrnehji borhood a person who intends to purchase r Carpet this faal now is tbelr time to tiny it at ; price certainly less than the same quality can I purchased six weeks hence We are willing for a few weeks longer to sell elegant beat quality Imperial Velvet Carpetings ? .>0. and best 3-cord Tapestry Brussels at l.l2>? will Oe worth 32 and #1 In the fall Al?o. Ingrain, Three-ply and Vealtian In pro portion. The prices at which we are now offering Cer petings are less than the same goods would brlu^ at auction in New York to-day. Term#for the Goods. c;ish on delivery. Just received and on sale Linen Sheets, rich and superior Floor Oilcloth, also 10 dozen low-p-iced. all in new and beautiful designs, and \ery cbeap Also, in store an **i^ant stocl^ Linen Shet'Jugi Pillow Linens, J r.ble Damasks, In cloths, nap kins aud pieces Splendid assortment bathing and toii?t Towels both rough and soft Marseilles (guilts, both colored and white, Al lendale do. for summer use. Ab?o, Dimities iu great variety. And all other Furuiture Dry Goods necessary for th^ comfort and convenience of housekeeping, at very low prices. CLAGETT, DODSON A CO. jy 'Hi?<Uw JUST RECEIVED PER SCHOONER Fairfax, from New York? 150 barrels brown Su^ar eu do powdered, hard and soft crushed Sugar 200 do Connecticut river Herrings, brlghi and handsome IS boxes scaldod Herrings 35 barrel* >i < kereL No 3 125 packages fresh Tea 75 l?o<ces giouud Coffee 3"0 sarks fine aud ?? A *>a". ? 50 Iwxes fresh Oil 30 boxes Cheese 1C0 l?oxesdark Soap 125 dozen brooms bo dozen Cord - au^ Line i 100 gross M ate lies 40 dozen Buckets 2000 pounds soft shell Almonds ltfio iKjurids Cream Nuts . 125 ousheLs Ground Nuts 3 quarter cask* old Martell Brandy 2 do Port Wine, pure juice 10 barrels old Family Whiskey 75 boxes Tobacco. For S*le by MURRAY A SEMMES. au 1?3tAeo6t LAND WARRANTS BOUGHT at the high est rates Sight drafts remitted to persons at a distance sending me Warrants, on any city they may det ignate Stocks bought and sold on commission. HAMILTON G. FANT. Banker, 432 Pa avenue, Washington, D. C. jy Is?lmeoAWS4t (Intel) LAND WARRANTS LOCATED. THE subscribers will locate Land Warrants either in Ohio. Indiana, Illinois or Iowa, and and give a correct description of the land located If, upon examination, this description proves in correct, they will themselves take the land, giviug for it another warrant for tne same quantity. One of the firm resides in the West, and will give the business bis personal superintendence MILLER A BROWN, 7th st , opposite Pust otfice, Washington. jy 13?eo3m ? _______ SUMMER RETREAT. BLAKISTtjN'S PAVILION will be open for the reception of visitors on the 5th of July. The proprietor's table will be sup- pf? plied with the delicacies abounding in theJt*. >*raters adjacent to Blakistons Island. He hop< s hi> endeavors to please will insure him a Aare ol patronage from those seeking health or a little quiet from city bustle The Steamers Maryland, Osceola, and Alice C. Price stop regularly at his landing. TIM'. For one month *30 no For one week or more, per day 1 u> For a shorter time, per day 1 A good band of Cotillon Music is engaged for the season from Washington GEOKUE W. BLAKISTON, Je 23?2m? Proprietor us weu w BOOT AND SHOE STOKE REMOVED. f GEORGE BREMER has removed his weh ' J known Gentlemen's BOOT AND, >11 OK Store and Factory from 11th street, j uetween Pa avenue and E strwt, to Pa avenue, a few doors above Wiliards' Hotel. He is prepared in his new premises to give satis faction to all. G B. has by dint of great rare In purchasingbl? stock, employing none out A No 1 workmen and by his cajkacity to lit bis customers so as to ha ve his work sk very easy on the f??ot, while it al, wavs exhibits thr uiof^ lh?biouabie style, earned .a reputaUoa lu his business second to that of uu other custom-work boot and shoe rnak.r in the Union. He solicits th? patronage of all. and l.l* terms will be reasonable to all ONF HUNDRED HORE OF those superior Magnolia Hams, and proba bly all that will be received this season, they are cured in Maryland according to the old home siead receipt, the quality of which is unsurpassed if eq ualled, bv any other ever introduced here. To be had only at my store. Also, a fresh lot of that peculiarly fin?* selected and standard Black Teaat50cents a pound, whirl I have Introduced It is sold onlv bv myself and is now extensively known in the Dist'ict New comers and others who have not yet used it are re ferred to the 1 ading members of the Faculty of Washington and Georgetown Samples furnished gratuitously Kay Water at 25 cents per bottle, or *'2 7.1 per dozen For bathing purposes it is as cheap as common spirits Mint, Lavender, and Blackberry Cordials, thf verv articles for the prevailing epidemic Maple Sugar, Fresh Prunes, ice., with linear passed varieties of choice family Groceries. Z M. P. KINO, Few steps northeast Jackson Statue. _jy_??tf V (iOOU^, TOILKT AKTK LEM, Ac. fcVrE inviteattention to our large stock of Coinb? *f Brushes. Pomades, Extracts, Cologne, Ba, Water, <5c'\, which we are prepared to offer a' reatl\r reduced prices. Also, constantly on hand a general assoriment oj I'ancy Goods. Fans, Gloves, Hosiery. Ac , to tether with a fashionable stock of millinery, tr which additions are constantly beim; made of th< -west and most desirable stvlen The attentior ?f the ladies is particularly invited to this depart ment of our business, which isunder the charge oj diss Thompson. HUTCHINSON A MUNRO. iv ?tf 310 Pen:i av<v. t>etyeen <>th ft l'Hhsts SOMETHING TO OLD AND YOUNG PROFESSOR WOOD'S H A 1 it E?3T0LATIVE. THIS preparation, although less thnn two ye?r before the public; owing to its wonderful el fects upon the human ha.r and scalp, has airead >bta ned a celebrity and saie perfectl-. .xi ?arulleled it has theordinary applim< i. ?ed for such pur[>oses, won its wav, a.d beei iea; tilv welcomed to most of :he c!ti?is and town n the Unite<f Stat-s, the Canadas, and the Wt < nd.a Islands. Nor is this result surprising wn**! it is remembered that its popularity is based upo; sis merits, solelv as establish, d by adit I test I'bat this preparation will actually Res ere ??ra ? lair to its Natural Color, produce a lux inan :r<>wihupon the h^ads of the bald, prevent th ?jair from falling off. and when used as a tonic ar icle. producer contnual How of the natnr;. 1 tli.i rid thus render the hair soft, glossv ?n-l wavv Ii-stroy diseases of the scalp, and expel d.uidru tl lie fertiticates of distinguished gentleman an< dies in every part of the country who h? Ve fri?x '. and therefore s(?eak what they know, mcst ful 'y attest. That by a proper i:se of this Restora'l. the hair can be mad'- to attain and retain its natu ral color to almost any age alotted to bun anit ? oy removing the <a::se of disease from the *ca! o matter how long standing the coii'-'irrcnt iinonials of the press and the certiti ates of nt nerons respectable individuals of iioth sexes, he use of this curative, as we'l as of thf-ieeo; u> dations of editors and certificates before aliu ti<'d to, can l>e had of all ageuts. Brookfield M ss.Jan "i2. 1 ?<?>.> Prof. Wood?Dear Sir?Having madetriaio: ?ur IIa i Restorative, it g1\'s rue pleasure to sa. 'iai its effect ha. b en ?*x<-;-Ilent in reinoviii" ii u mi mat ion, dandruff*. and a consta.t tendeu- ,? l< (thing, v.'i h whicii 1 have lieen troubled f. "h ldiivod. and ha-: also restored iny hair, wliicl was becoming gray, to its original color l uav ?ed no i.ther article, with anything like t k pleasure and profit Yours, truly J. K. BRAGG. Pastor of Orthodox Churrh Brookfit-ld Caklylk. Ill . June 27. ;n13 1 have used Prof O. J Wood'* Hair (tester tive, and have admired its wonderful etfV-ct V ha.r \fas becoming, as I thought, prematures .jray; but bv the u>e of his ''Restorative ' it b; resumed its original color, and 1 bavenodou^i pernuu.ently so. SIDNEY HRC' ^K, Ex-Senator ! nlfvd Slate,* Pmt. Wood:?Dw&tr?My iiaircon n ? ;>?. d "..ling off some three or four v< ars -i.i"e. *> ail cop ' uned to do so until 1 became qn.te ? .i d 1 tri ?.!> the .iopular remedies of the day. out *? a-i t. e.t, at last I was indiieed to use vour cele'?r??cd ?lair Restorative, and am verv happy to -<ay i* ? tolng wonders 1 have now a fin?* grow! > ( ? i rag jair. and cheerfully recommend JU. i -e t ?'.U similarly afticttd A. C \VI LMAMSON. Kij Secoud sifpt. Address O J WOOD A. CO . Pn.orieMr,, 3i Broadway, New York, and 111 Market street, S Louis, Mo C. STOTT &. CO , wholesale a.;d retail Agen W sshi agtoii T VV. DVOTT A SONS, General Whi-lesal Ageiit, Philadelphia, I'a. au 1?ty FAltt HILL HOARDING St IIOOL full GIRLS, Sandy Sj-rim;, Mmitcovv ry eountu. V ' ' j^tlL nimil term of this lustltution Will com 1- iiiem e on Ike lfth day of the ninth meet (Septemlier) next. Circulars containing the n^edf'il information ii regard to the School can lie obtained <!.?> vli desire it, by addressing, at t)iney Po>t ?icl<?* dontgumery county, Maryland, R. ivll'K.o WM.II FAIU^HAR Refer to J no. T. Tov. ers, Lami>ert Tn*1. W L VY&Uach. je Jl>?2awVw DR. L. It. WRIOPiT S UNFAILING "SC&OIULOLS A ^TIL'OT tor the Per ma" -it Cur-: of C0NSVMPT10. and ail oihtt forms of SCKO k'ULu US DISEASES. T^I IS Medicine is prepared by an em'aea Phy sician of eighteen years practice in New \\>rH lty, dnriiig which tin:e he ha., constantly ustd i vith the mo?t unbounded success, and cr? ai.ett f. ' a r^pi -ation in private prai tice, un<*|ualled ii he History of medicine. Itacts immed atel) ujwr he b!"od, cleansing it from all scrofulous h auor or impurities, renovating and, by its uiagic poxv irs; INVIGORATE THE WHOLE S;, STLM in proof of which, hund??'?is of respectable wit aeises from the doctor s p: i .ate pia .tlce have giv ?n ,u tiielr u? .iuon\, a id entreaty'hose still'erin; i'roin any scrofulous ;idecUon, to call upos the.:. i*d .latis/y themselves. A Treatise on Scrofulous Diseao 's can be hai* gratis at PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 409 Kroati.Vd? tnd at Drug Stores generally. CHARLES STOTT ? CO., Agent s-for Washing toil DR. L. U. WltlOUT1S TASTELESS " LIQUID cAi'HAETlC" OK, FAMILY PHASIC. I1HIS is the BEST, CHEAPEST, and MOS'l EFFICIENT CATHARTIC EVER OF FERED TO THE PUBLIC. it is TASTELESS, (thereby avo^m- th?* nau ?eating effect of Pills, Oil, Senna, &< ..) a iu . ? lucing no griping or other painful effects. Unlik ?11 other purgatives, it searches to the bottom oi the disease, thoroughly cleanses the stomach, and ??aves the bowels entirely free from costiveres? NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT 11 Children drink it readily and without fori in. . and NO MEDICINE IS MORE HIGHLY Ri COMMENDED by the MEDICAL FACULTY liive it a trial and then judge for yoursel It can be had wholesale and retail at E. 11. STA dLER A CO.'S, Baltimore, or CHAS. STOTT fc Ct)., Washington, i) C. l)R WRIGHT'S PRINCIPAL DEPOT. 4?" Broadway, where the doctor can be consulted taily on diseases gtuerally, from 12 to 2 p. m , without charge. je IJ?Rm French drawing pencils from th< several manufactories of Bausch. Hardtimth. Walter and Contee, imported direct fuui the ma kers in Paris, by F KAN CK T A V LO R. Jygj Ho: FOR THE SPRINGS!? Persons wLu contemplate a journey to the snriugs, sea-sid>* mountains, or the country, should not neglect to call at 306 Pa. avenue, and get their stock of hair tooth, nail, bathing and clothes Brushes Dress ing, side, puff. neck. line and pocket Combs, n Pomatum, Hair Oil, Bay Water, Colo''m-. Ex tracts for the Handkerchief, Soap, Toilet Box- > and Powder, traveling, pic nlc, work, aadcai.l Baskets, Ac., at the Piano, Music, Stationary a:id Variety Store ?if J NO. F. ELLIS, oWi Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and lOfh sts. _.|y is?-tf l jVIKW WALTZ.--Just published by tie *? ih 1-" scril>eni, the "Multlttora Wait!,'1 co?ipowtd and dedicated to Misu Sailie Drisch, of Leesluur/, Va , by Prof. J . a Young iftLPUS A IIITZ Jy '21 Music Depot. dkntistrv OR V. SHINN, (Graduate of the Philadelphia College of Dental Surgery, respect - &" X ? fully Informs the residents of tieorg* town and its vicinity that he has l<w-^-<<ZT7 fnr4j'r ted liiutaclf amongst them for the psrpose ot prac tising his profession. Ottlce ril Washington st . above Bridge -tre?t, Ciorgtrtuwn, D C, je 'J&~-<Ufn&cvlm* EXCURSIONS, Sec. 32AND CIVIC & MILITARY EXCURSION OF THE German Yagers, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, On MOSDAY, August 13, 1SAA. THi: YAGERS respectfully announce to their I friends.civic and military, and ? * ?\ if public generally that their next I xcurstonvull take place on MONDAY, August ?9ke well known Steamer George Washington tia> b*-en chartered for the occasion, and will n.ake two trips both ways, leaving the Steamboat wharf i-: the morning at ? o'clock, and 1 o'clock p m In tjie evening the boat wi" leave the Pavilion at r and 111 o'clock, touching each trip at Alexandria an-! coming. Weber'* superior Band has been engaged for the occasion Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gentle man and ladies ; to be had of the Committee or at ili.' Im?t, Refreshments to be obtained on board of the iH'at and at the Whitr House, at city prices. Orel Ruppell, Sgt Schmail, Corp Wahl, J Anger man, Peter Schweizer. an 3?6t EXCURSION TO FORT WASHINGTON if WHITE HOUSE. On TUI USDAY, Au?. 10, FOR TIIE BENEFIT OF THE METHOOtST EIMSCO PAt CHl'RCII, CAPITOI. HILL I"M1E Steamer GEO. WASHINGTON having b?en c iart* 'ed for the occasion *i!' Icive tuc NVharf at ? o'clock, t recisely # A ilaiid of good music will be in attendance, nd everything that can conduce to the pleasure 'i<l coiiifort of the Company will be don" An efii< ient caterer will be on the boat to fur h refreshments to those 'hat may desire them. A'he B<?at will stop al the Navy \ ard also for tsseiigers. Tickets >0 cent'*?Children under 12 years, 23 ?e:its Tickets can be had at the Dr ig Store of Mr Mc. i'fcer? on, Capitol Hill, and at the Books ore of W. VI Morrison ?*. Co ; Pa. avenue, or from either of h Committee. Committee: Wm B Waugh, Mr Marton, Air Jones, Kep Phillips, James Smallwood a i (>?eotlOth GF.ANL FIREMEN'S AND CIVIC EXCLUSION AND PIC NIC OF THE FranklinFire Company, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. p?lF. members of th^ Franklin Fire Company l tike pleasure in announcing to - .e I ire fieri, ti.t ir frie.els and ^ iblic ge-ierally tiiat they iiave cbait?-red it e saf^ i:id c 'ltiziiodlous steamer Geo Washington, and will >.ive a Grand Excursion and I'ic \ictoihe AlliTE HOUSE l'AVILIOX,on WEUNLS i) a \ . A igust -'.d The Company pledge (hemselves that no trouble ?r excuse will in- span <1 to make tnis one -f tiie most pleasant, gav. and rtckercke Excursion ol : he season. A celebrated Cotillon Band has been engaged for the occasion Dinner <nd Supper will furnished by an ex ; e;ienc? d <"aterer. For the a ".com modi! ion of these persons who do not wish to spend ilie whole day down the river .he K at wiil iiiak'1 two trips. Leave Georgetown at h o'clock, Washington at !> \<i?-y \ aril at i>^. Alexandria at 10. \fte:noou le-ves Washington at AUcandria ai o'clock. Returning, will leave the \V hite Hoin>e fi and .nd I??o'clock p in. fi- k^-ts. admitting a gentleman ard two ladies. m. to i?e had of tiie C< mmit'ee of Arrangements, lv 4 at the b< at on ttie morning of the Excursion. ( "I'tiittcc c/ Arrans ikmts. Rob't E Doyle, J Williamson, R Cic^.slieid, J B Medley, I. R Thomas, P J \>v man, J M I" Hough, Alex Talt, J no T Couuilie, K Eckloff. *iOTI< E TO THE < REDITORS OF HALL A BROTHER. }>ARICH HALL, surviving partner of Isaa< ? Ha'l. having on the 2Hh dav of February, ?oft. as-igned to the undersign* dull the stock in ? ad- iiiiii debt* of the lirm of Hall A Brother, tc ipf li'd to the f'lH satisfaction of eertain debts, ?abilities, and engagements of said firm of Hall V, Brother, and Ihe surplus to pay and distribute ateably among such of the remaining cred of said Jinn as shall within six months from a d Xh day of February, lr-55, execute and de '? r '?? s.iiil Brtrui h Biul full and absolute re t ? ? ?fall indebtedness to tfcem respectively by a,.l Riii'ich Hal!, snrvivirg partner as aforesaid .\.'i e is th"refore hereby given to credi or-- < f s.ud trni of Hall & Brother, or said Baruch J. st'r\ i v;iij? partner, as iiiay desire to partici >3 ? i 'hel 'in-lit of nald assignment to execete nd dell vet to said Baruch llall full and absc!:ite -I'-w us af<""s;iid, within the j>eriod of s'r in i V ft mi si: nl *>th dav ?>f February, l*-5S RICH \K1J WALLACH, Trustee Je il?eotA u^2(-i h ?tHITTAN.MA AND PLANISHED WARE. pi:A and Cofl'ee Urns, Cofiee Grtques Coffee I Big-ins, Coffee Filters. Coffeepots, Teapots. Tea Sets. Kgo Boilers. Cbaflng Dishes. Imperial iish Covers, Soup Tuieens, Cantors, Pitchers ?ips, F.; ?nps, Candlesticks. Se_'ar Lamps. Spit ?.-oiis. Ac.,atthe H usekeeper's Furnishing Store, Seventh street. (iKU FRANCIS. jy -2?tf THE WESTERN ACADEMY. Crner S>v.- ntent h and I streets, Washington VSELECT SCHOOL wlll .be opened on the erst .Monday in September, ibr boys. N uniber limited to tu .-nt; -uve. For particulars see circulars at the Bookstore, or eaii at tiie School Room after August 2id Jy "2t>?eotiw-+ S. L. LOOM1S, A M. JORDAN'S W HITE SULPHUR SPRINGS FREDERICK COUNTY. VA.?Op.u,ed on the a 15th of June. From Baltimore, \vrash ington or Cumi>eriand inearlvmorningtrains to Harjier's Ferry, thence oy Winchesters Railroad to Stephenson's depot; from dej*otl){ milts in coac hes to Springs in time to dine same day R Ce's cotillon band engaged Sulphui ?>aths. iM-dicinal effects of water well known. E. C. A R. M. JORDAN A BRO. jy 6?eodw United States Patent Office. ) Washington, July 30, lt%>5. J ON the petition of James Gamble and Joseph S Hill, of Cincinnati, Ohio, praying for ;!ie extension of a patent granted to them on ne 30th day of December, ls3l. for an improve ment in "apparatus for moulding candles'' for seven years irom the expiration of said patent, which takes place on the 30th day of December, !^5.<? it is ordered, that the said petition lie heard at he Patent Oitice on Monday, tne loth of Decem ber. 18 5, at 1*2 o'clock, m.; and all persons are notified to apiiear and show cause, if any they ha' e, why saut petition ought not to be granted i'e mmis op|M>slng the extension are required to lile in the Patent OHice their objections, specially >ei forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day of hearing; all testimony tiled by either party to be used at the hearing must tie taken and rans-iiii'ted in accordance with the rules of the of fice. which will be furnished on application. The testimony in the case will be closed on the .tub of November; depositions and other papers relied upon as testimony, must be filed in tbentfi< e on or before the morning of that day; the argu ments, if any, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published in :he Union, Intelligencer, and Star, Washington, D. C.: Republican, Baltimore j Evening Argu-., Philadelphia, Pa.; Scientific American, N. York; and Enquirer. Cincinnati, Ohio?once a week for three successive weeks previous to the ItHii of December next, the day of hearing. s t. shTjgert, Acting Commissioner of Patents. P S ?Editors of the above papers will please copy, and send their bills to tiie Patent Ofilce, with a paper containing this notice. an 1?1aw3w C WARRINER, WATCHMAKER, No 330 Pa bettoetd 9(4 and 10I& WASHINGTON, >. C. Pivoting, Jeweiiiig, aad every kind of repair* to Watched jy 17?3m THE LAND OF GOLD ; California uuvaii^il' Rtality versus Fiction ; by H R Helper, I vol I RANCH TAYLOR. ?u EVENING STAR. THE iv ECUTI01C OF ANDEE [From Harper's Magazine for August ] Or " Independence D^y'1 we took a steamer for tho o.mnty of ilock.>nd, determined to pass the F. arte. in ( eaco and quietness, and desirous of refreshing our patriotism amidst tho teemva hallowed by the sacred memories of the li volution. We vidtod Washington's bead quarters at the little viI a^e of T "'pan ; ?he "Seventy-Six Hoase," ?u?rv Auhe was confined. the place wher* Jie executed, the gr tve whe-e he n w buried. ?.?<i whence he was exhuincd. We o<nTvited with a vcu er ibl? old Iadv who g ive him four pe iches on tho morning in which he went forth iodic. '* lie tanked me with a .?>weft smile,'* he said, " but *ome how or nother he didn't seeui u> have an appctito. lie only bit into one of em." Standing by his gr:?ve we e^nld sen across the broad liud-on. the very place he was ar rested by Van W-trt. Wiiliaun and Pr.uidmg. and the gleaming of the white uKrument erected to their memory; tho pl*ce where Washington sUmd when Andre w?nt forth to die upon a gallows. Tlie following account of Andre's execution i> one oi the most minute and interesting that wo h.ivo cv?t read* It hhk iuraithed by Mi. ?. JlaesalbaithTVt Koeklanri County, the ui> >?ry ?if wht.-h he is engaged in writing. It was taken d>wu i'r-m the Up* of a soldier of C 'lo.icl Seduth hi Baldwin's regiment, a pin of which w is stationed a short distance fr m where poor Andre suffered. One of our m a whose name w.i^ Armstrong, Oeing one of the eldest ai.d best workmeu a the trade in the ivgimeut, was ?ele-cuni to make hisctffin, which he did and painted it black, a> was the cu-tom at that poind. At this time Andre was con hied in what was called the old Hutch Chnrch?a small -?'me building with only one doOr, and clo.-edy ?u .rded by six sentinel*. When the hour appointed for his execution arrived, whi<-h was at 2 o'clock in tne after noon. a guard ot ihice hundred men wen paraded at the place oi' his confinement. A .and of procession formed by p'.a-ing the :u.nd in single file on each side of the road. In front wese a large number of American offi cers oi nigu rank <>n horseha-k. These wcre tollowed oy the wagon eoutaining Andre's coffin, then a large number of < flicers on foot, with Andre in their midst. The procession w und slowly up a inoder t ly risii g grou d about a quarter of a mile to the west. 0 i the top wa> a field w th' Ut any enclosure; and on this was a very high gallows, made ny setting up two p lies or c^o.'ches, and laying a pole on the tOf. Tho wagon that contained the coffin was diawn direet-y under tne gallows. In .1 short t.i.ic Andre stepped into the hind end of the wagon. tL^n on nis coffin, took ?'fi" bis hat and I id it down ; then placed his hands upon his hips, and walke, very uprigh'ly back and toi h, a. far as the length of the waion would permit, at the same timo casting h's ?yes un to the po'e over his he id. and the whole scenery by which he w..s su:rounded. He wa- dress d in a conipl te British uni io 1 u 1. His oos*t was of ihe oiighteM scarlet, fared and triiiiuied with tho mo>t beautitul gr?.? n li el, ve.-t and bre-ches. were lLht bufi"; he iiad a long and beautiiul head other. wliich, ageeable to the fashion, was wound with a black ribbon u.d hung d??D bis back Nt* many m irate- alter Lo to?#k his stand U|hiu th<? the vneutimier stepped int4> tne wagoi, wuh a halter in bi? h nd. on the end of which was what the soldiers in tliose days called a "hangman's kt.ot," which he attempted to put over the head and around the neck of Andre; but by a sudden move ment ot hie hand this was prevented. Andre now took < IT the bane)kerchief fp">t bis nick; uni'ini.d his shirt collar, and d^> liberately took the eord of the hal er. put r over h's head, and priced tne knot diiee. ^ under hi right ear, and drew it very sung y to his neck, lie in n took from his coat fiocket a handkerchief, and tied it before hi' eyes Tut? done, 'ho officer wlio emtnanded sp, ke in a rather loud voice, ai d said : '? His artus must be tied." A -drew at once drew down the handker chief which lie had tied over his eyes, and drew tr> ui his p>cket a second one. which he gave to tne executioner, and then replaced hi> handkerc hief. 11 i^ arms a; this time were tied just above the' elbow. ;.nd behinu the back. Ti'o rope was theu made fast to me pile overhead. The wagvu was very -ndderdy drawn frein under the gallows, wnich. togcthe. Willi the length ot the rope, pave him r most treiut-utleus fci/iiijj b .ck and lorth; but in a few momcuts he hung entirely ktill. During the whole trans iction he seemed as lit Je daunted as John K >gers w.-s wueu h? was about to be burnt at the .-t ike, although his ce>unteiiauce was ratner pile. He remained hanging ironi Tw.-nty to thirtv miuutes, and during that 1 me it?o cnambeis of d> ath were never stiller th in the multitude by wht>m he wa- surrounded. Orders were ^iVeu to cut the lope and lake him down with out letting him fall This wa? done, and the body carefully laid on the ground. Shortly after the guard was withdrawn, and pcctators were permitted to come foiward to view the corp o; but the er wd was so g?eat that it was some time before 1 c >uld get in eipp rtunity. When I wa.* aide to do this, his c at, vest, ai.d breeches had been taken off. and his hotly laid in the fffiu covered by souk u.ider clothes. Ihe top of ihe c<_fiiii was *"ot put on. I viewed the corpse more carefully than I had ever done that of any human being be fore. liis head w?s very much on cne side, inconsequence of the^manner in which the baiter had drawu upon his neek His iace ap pealed to be great.y lien and very blacK, resembling a high degree of mortification. It was, indeed, a most shocking sight to be. hold. There were, at this time, standing at thi foot of the c<>tfin. 1 wo young men of uncommon short ^laiuie. They were not more than lour feet high. Their dres- was extremely gaudv On*- ol tbem had the clothes just laitcn Sroin Andre hanging on his arm. 1 took particular pains to learn who they were, and wa? in formed that they were his servants, sent up from New Y..rk to take care of his clothe*? hut what other business I did not learn. I now turned to take a view of the execu tioner, who was still standing by one of th ? po8U of the gallows. I walked near enoug 1 t > him to have laid my hand upon his ?boul der, and looked him directly in the face. He appeared tei be about twenty five years of age; hn? beard of about two weeks growth, and his whole face covered with what appeared t > lue to have been taken from the outside of a greasy pot. A more frightful looking creatui ? I never beheld. His wnole countenance b? - 'poke him to be a fit instrument for the Iju-<* uess he Lai been doing. I reiuauied upe>n ihes|?ot until scarcely twen ty persons were left; but the coffin wa ? Licijdc the grave, which had been previously lug. I returned to tn> tent witb my mind deeply imbued with the shocking scene which I had been called U.> witness. Makkyixu is Haste.?At Sacramento, Cal . 1 short time since, alter the performances at a Circus were over, a young girl, yet m h< r pantalettes, went behind the curtain. wb* n the ring ma.-rter ?s.d to her, "why don't y?-u narry' ' 441 would if 1 oould,'.' s*?d ?he. tie leplied, " I'll marry 3'ou this evtuiug He fulfilled his agreement and the next n.or.? ng their marriage was published The u.aL s lame was X>. August as Gates, the girl ? C!a;a J- i'ern. THE WEEKLY ST4.R. Thtsw?il?nt FanUlv ud Nrr* Jenrn.'l?<"?? talulng a ^maler vartelv of Interring rettl^r * tbUI can b? found Hi U7 atter?U puL.tst*4 on Satr.f <Uv morning. rim Staple cop?, per annum TO CLVM. PiwMpm is Ten '?oplw...... ^ Twenty copies li 0 \nr Cash, IKVa BIABLY IS A?TAS?"t trr Single con** (la wrapprro out br procured at the counter, Imm^nWy sfter the l?wnf the paper Prtee?Tbbbb Cbwvs Pohtma?tbb<i wheact Magenta will Wallowed a commi*>ton of twenty- prr rent SI. FETE&tfcURG BIRD MARKET Per Lam lor * stranger the mod mtere*tin<; jt> rti >n of th\? w.>rl J of markets ,j ??? T hurin Pvnr. where the bint# a ?? v.I I Two long nw* of booths are tall of li i>g ?j?-.-i men- of ornithology, pigeon*. fowl*. gee Jack* larks, l ull-finch-?. si i \ and ^unlreds of other siugn-; birJ* .are i.?: eo. lected, and form the m-'?t ^ii 'tur"?uf ami va riegated me. agcr?es that'can be in _:i !. Each booth u ol Wuod. and opei. *; h?? t'r. ?? that the whole of iu coatcnu ut y be se> ti at once hy the pasa-' .g stranger. wb? is filuUu *itk occh aewMt? ?t racking. cr>.wii g. chat t, "UK' cu' ic(< P'P"*g. and warb! ng a- would uffice to turnish the r^uisiie idyllic supply of m<-lo!ie? f.r a hu?ir-i villages Between Hie <>ppi?it? b -?th- a? o-u Uly -neb bndgt .. a* uavc ^Ireaujr d? ?<i .id. from wntch the i>ic ruresrd saint .trc su-p ,ded f.,r the e ? on ..f the dirt.ut. Ou the^e bridges and .a t te,- whole swarms pigeona are c >u - wtly tiul'.e in- ul ?t. the peaceful Ku-? +o b<si.,g a great lover of this gentle HH ? i"b ':w? ?????' own t**h. and the birls all. w theiuaelre* Ui be c-1.4..: without ut^ dtfli. ul tywhen a is nU-?t to Wc?nel ilef. Pteon Mvar ??ku by a iUmian an., w ?a.d hoM it sir to h irui mi. aulin.i. i., an, m. form the Holy <ih??-t is aid tohav^ m .ni.e-t ,1 lU*if. Piteous are, . .. y it petJ1. tu bt led 4Ld Boh ?i|. >l hy 'b<-ir teff. It i-i -uri 'UK u> ee a Rq-m u. 4a.-rcl.a1i nreettii^r the flight i>1 hie docile > -liotark With ^ f t" a .'??/ .ii ff ''c\ivfyf iii* .oi^uala to th'.u. iu?ke- tLciu ;. . uw II rise Ligber i i tii- nr. to iLu r k..t ? r 1-.. or dr-p t.. the ^r.n,d a? ;1 uac*. ?y . bu.l^ fnm a nflc The poor litMe .til ling bird*?the lark*, tho 11 ,gnti..^.i,e8, liuttDv.', ?. -ti ll*--, ik.-' ?mu-t oe.a a hat .iar race tLa. 1., M N.u4ti^r 'and- for in -j \ vf bitter imrt th v ohirrup awuy luerrily, ,iud .-iiuie with tueii e\eiy r?y of ruunbine taat n I-. its way in 10 their gl h>u. v ab ?u. - T^? I.ttle cre-:ure, recuve. d'nngtue whole mntt-r, not ?ne dr.p ol w.iter. for it am 1 |? a to ofler them what a ui ?ui. nt . ter waroa *"uJd bo c'lirertod into a potnfi ; uiaM. The tr?u^h.< are aeoorliugly oti v Dll??d with snow, which they tnurt liquity ir< their own when tiny wish tu aaeuace their thirst. M sew Is famed for iu coclu, and here th.? Moseow cock may he mmb proudly -tr king ?bout. in cage? and out of Lh<?iu Tue be>t pigeon, ,-we said to come from Kovgor-1. an J fi: d.ani fnrnbhea the cliiet wptjy of sinct n* b rdn; ge^.se are brought even tr..m tae ^t. tM"1 i ^'na' to "o'd rarities in tho i iu.ID VV"r' a!t<>r a jf??rn'y of uiore than l.lHNl miles; grey *qiiire!i> may br -ren 11 gaiM.ut in their c.ign like inuar' ,u -k '' while r 1 L>bits .-ud guinea-pigs, with .u: number, g mb >| their time :.way in (heir ut t|. w.H-leu Wriiiii tne Lowth. ? :.v in^ co'itre ol all this living *ierck*uU..-v. be ? id tne m ruhant close.y eiicimoed in hi-? *.wl-akin, and r -ady to di?p .-? ot i- fittlo feathered aerfta. ai.y acceptable price .\r ttrr oach ?t tae b A>ih, be .-uie. th> r. h m -- a sain, 'y picture ..-f aou<* ?,irt. iu lirue l...nt> Hboduing a cheerful iight t.. guard tne fe ith end erowd agam.-t tue evil iLfiue. ,f t... ' rudii n <lt moms but there .ire evil sj i, it- the go >d fcaint cannot banish. Mfl.i is tnero to h Id in chains or to !>vnt?>nce death a cordi;.g a> it may suit hi- ealcal i'i< 1 - at |x%. fit. or the caprices ,.f his pa.ate. On sit- \ s around aie rouged the tn^jU: f ,.i- ma t r ?>U" tril-j, ai. l tlic northern ra..n -. tue h.-atli c cks. (rtnithili) ao.l auow-wuiie partri 1<r?* 1* h 1 uftiikt) are piled ui. uiid' r the rsn .1 ? from which the captive lark- warble t-fir li iui l a. te*. It is a.< ni hing what a Muantity of theso o.rd- are yearly .roasume.! -t the luxuri m* t ib esoiht Petersburg, in wiuter the cold Keepa the meat tir-h, and at the >aiue time tact .tat?.s its conveyance to market Tho yartridges couie ni.^Uj fr.?m .ff. the Kwana rr-.m Frniwd. Livonia and t > u *upl 'F heatm eks and grouse, md Uie w 1.. aCct.|mi must lurni-h f|,e tra p w , i, flutter over U.eir emliess |?4 tin< wh-rc th ? OoesM k huuts theui on horaeo^ek, aulkiu tiem with bis toruiid.ble Wuip. All the" birds as an.*. a< the !if -bI,H-| |, 4? fl.,Wu an. COi.Ver; d tutu ItOUe by the frost, an 1. parked uP,,a ^"g? che>u. are sent tor sale to the eap. ital. nuole sK-dge loads of suow-whil 1 res find their way Ui the market; th littl. am 111,1 l" *re u'u ',ly f^t' ii mi a runuing .. *it, with their ears poinU^i ai.d tlieirKc - i. t. 1 - ed ..ut before au i t ehiud, and when nlaet d . . th. ground, I.?>k. at the Cc. 'rt, i; Ul,.N were in the act of escupiig tP,m the home. . tK-ar s ?? sh is hsi * onetimes offered for -ab< in this m..rket; and here and there may b.. -een - troaeu teino- er lying in the n..a by th.. side of a ?MV,rh. Its hairy -tretched forth up .. tne ground, its anees doubled ui. under its body, a no its .Oitlers rising naiu.-'irally iuui the air; it ,??uh.- as it. ut, ,,vr appmachin - it. Itw. uld spri..0 jp ana d-sh uw .y in-re 1 sea vh of .!s native f. rvsU. Th-? migdiy e,k. I.?cwisr. i- ru raie gutst in ttata ma.tvct. wuerc it p i..utiy pn? nts it- |, ? lH 'n* . i " P4<S""U* tuat are duUerinr about, td , Ut e by hub-, the ?*. and the aaw h?v+ left nofiagareutef the stauly a. 1 tual, but every psrt ot it has g .,.- it- a 1 v into the kilcbcu 01 tie wealthy. S-milar markets f..r biM.s and game * II b? founa m eve.y ? ^ Rummt oty 1, J,,d babita and la^hions of the Ru sia. Wets are completely a..ti.uial iu ,se 01 \l * co* **ry tut I.tU- frvrn thorn .1,k and Trk^utsU. Oit ??. ^i,d Arebanrol n eo shown themselves .-qaally . rvil. their imi tation ol the metropolitan bat tar*. Bbautipil Rnrxi.KkiNG ?A writ r bef.-re Seba?topol .nu- de^.ribes a luuiier is nr tak>* of the Briti h "During t hi - *C"i.d scuff, teen, rod anoth<. gra id ii.u-lratii a of wliat an uuUaveiled Milesian would call that *? n.wt boautuui sy.-tciu of ^iuiiU 'r'"^, iu tthich there aee?us t?? bo an under Ukmj uta ry o tw.-en oar u !?e and ourselves. After the nf ir TtTe l"?th. 1 may remark, onr artillerymen in tin twenty oue ^un and i.eijrhbonng battetirs bad re ceived order* to tiaii. th? ir ?-j: ? :tt n'ght ou tue approaches to the tjmiri. on tne ?.n?> hand and on the space between the Marin oti and Malak.'flfon the other; iu ibi- ca?e aitli out tue smallest arrangement for sigunls a ill1 the French. Accordingly, on Sunday nigut, when a strong force of French deployed out fiom the Mamelon to *upport tiiose who u t r< already engugod iu re|?elliiig the eneuiv our tw.'iity-oue gflu battery o/H utd Jin oi< "tr, n, and kept it up most . flectivclv.till a brr. th Irs* mesacnger arrived to give not?<??? ot u.o murderous mistake. The weli-tiun i blunder I learu. afforded the enemy tn-. t valuable aid, and bai it been much longer continue I would nave resulted iu the repul*e of o?r al lies and the destruction of their h:ird-workcd sap. '? That such an error could ari!?? i- ab..ut equnliy the fault ot ourselves an I tJ.c aflerers f"i th^skr.'aiigi-meut of s me ?y*eni <?l si/.ia - to dn-Unguuh a tiieuu.y from ? n?K-t?le party on ground ou wuieh it was mutually under stood that our gums should be p ep^red to play at night seems so much a matter of couise, that the rawest recruit ibal ??i ever con nected with a marching regiment a uld have thought of it ae a first step iu the p!*n of .ju - ration*. With such generalship, what armi. 8 could succeed ' ' ; Watbkublok Bitte*?(split the water melons open ; with a spoon acrapc out tho pulp into a cullender, and strain the wau 1 iuUi ves*la: boil H down to sirup; then put iu apples or peaubes. like making apple but ler or any kind ut preserve# Or iLe sirup may be boiled, without fruit, iowu t? n.ola* *?* which will be found to be a? fine as tb? ticst sugar-house mohnae?

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