Newspaper of Evening Star, August 10, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 10, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. AH EPIC. {From the Knickerbocker Magazine J It inu?t bare been sheer envy on the pari of Mr C. Coaklin Neppins. 'hat excluded the Allowing stirring 4*pome" from the column" of the ''Quojf Literary Gem.'' We tako an early occasion to do justice to the talents of the author, Jv. X. Pepper, L*q., who writes us that he '-haa chose the liyhaulic measure, because. next to hydramtiers, he considers it the meet etfectooal." STBJEffc :?* COLT.r^IO.I BKTWII3A A L EG A ITS R AXB V WATkR>?1AII?T1IDIPI OF THI WA TKH-*XAIK?DIATH OF TBI ALIGAITSR. There Is a ilaud on a river lyNf, . "ica rur* into the Giiatlm?l \ a warm country L* tag-near the TroplcA*, covered with sand ; near and Uieir a s> tnptom of a Willow, Hanging of its umbrageous Ilnrw A branches Over the <lere streme meandering far belcw This was ihe Heme of the now silent Alegaiter, ? i;en not in his other elemTt confined ; Hear be would set upon his egs a sleep. \\ Ufa t ey observant of tlis and ether pausing Objtfks; a while it kept a going on so; r ?-rele?? of dainger was the bappv Ale&raiter! B:i? a lv! lu an evil hour ht* was forceu to U ake! that dreme of Bl;? was two sweet for him 1 mornlnsr the son arose wiih ununooal sp endor. >> hitch also did our Alegaiter, coming Loin the water H is "caLs a flinging of the rais of the son hark lo the fountaiu head whitch they originally snniig. B"'t ha .*mghad nothing to eat for some tim?, he Was slepy and |tapd lu a short tim*-, widely, |rnr.>olding soon * welth of perl-white ieeth. ?ae rais of the son soon ?het his sinister ey Because cf their m':*.i>oal splendor and warmnth The Kvil One (which I sea)-u?s now come! Kv ilently a good ^hans for a water snalk Of the large specie, which sooj appeared Into the horison, near the bank where reposed Calmly in slep<* lh?? Alegaiter before spoken of About bo too, was his lenth (not the 'gaiter) Arid tie was app-trently a well proportioned snalk , ^en ^e was a'^ ashore he glared upon I he iland \v;lh approval, but was so^n ?'Astonished with the view and lost to wonder." (f om Wats) (For j-st th<>n he began for to se* the Alegaiter ) Hfinu' a nate al enemv of his'n. he worked hisself Into a fur>, aisoa ni position. Before the Alegaiter well conH ope H s evs (In nt>er wirds pereeeve his dain^er) The bnaik had eiiveiop*-a Lis body just 19 f lines with ' fjalds voloouiinus and vast" (from M ilton) And had t ?re offsevral scails in the confusion, Be?id-? squeezing him orfully onto bis stomic. Jest then by a fort it ate turn in his altiirs, He crazed into his inouth the careless* tale Of the unreflecting water Snalk! Groin despe rate, 1 tl'-dmg that his tale w^s fast squeezed Terrible, wbi'e tney roaled ail ovei the Hard. ****** It was a well condnckted Afair; no noise I tsturbed the harmony of the S^n, ecsept Onet, when a Wilier was snapped into bv the roaling. 3 Kach of the'eomhatenoe hadn't a minit for koW ?ng. So the eoutlickt waa naterally tremmjous! out soon by grate fource th- tale was bit com I eteiv off. b it the egzertion was too in>.ch t or his delicate Constitootlon: he felt acoinnrea ??ion r Onto bis chtst, and generally ever his body: " ben he ocspres'd his breathing, it was with grate Dittenltv that h? felt inspired airain on<*t move, if ,. a *?* Stale must sutt r a revolution. ?V? Alegaiter give but 1 yel and expired. b?* water >ua.k realtd h:s?elf olf. and ^urveyed *? or sixy io minit*. the condition cf "is to, then, wondering what made his tale hurt I He sloly went off for to cool. I Tcl Ci.oom or Age.?A good woman never grow* old lears may pass over her head. t'Ut if benevolence and virtue dwell in her heart, she i< .is cheerful ns when the spring of hie first opened to her view. When we look upon a good woman, we never think of her a-'e j?he looks as charming when the rose of vouth first bT^med on her cheek. That f k' fuiW! y,et;.[t win Dever ? 1" her ncighborh i she is the friend and bencfacto Who d.??s not rvspecl and loTc the woman who has passed her days ia acts of kindn s - andimercj. ^ e repeat, ^uch ^ woman cannot grow oli. fthe will always be frvsh and hooy aut m *pmfa>. a lid active in humble deeds .,f tnercy and benevolence. If the youn- J ulv dc.-ircs to re tun the blooin and beauty ?.f'y, uth C'h;r'f ^ -way Of fJ;hion and . y ^J.Jcr lore truth and virtue, and to the ?-Io.~e ..i life she will retain choae feelings wLieh J"wnwH life appear a garden of sweets?eror lresh and ever new. FoiR Spi.tisa Proverbs.?What the foo'i Sr V l.hc eP l the wi?e man in the beginning. \oltaire defines a physician as an unlortu' g>?ntl?maa expected every day to per form a inira^ie?namely to reconcile health m 11 n in ,eui pe ra n*?e. The m.?.* insignificant people are the most apt to sneer ?? other.. They are safe from re :r; a .;md have no hope of rising in their own in"1.- J fc>wcrinS l^eir neighbors. - vice stands uj^>u a precipice: to engage m : uy sinful cuur-e is to run d-.wn the hill 'if we once let 1-^ose the propensities of our nature w?cannot gather in the roins and gfjvern th?-ui :?? w<- please; it is much easier no% to b? gin i bua c< urse thau to stop whf-n begun. Ffvom tiov jx the Wbuivg Brsivrm _ J' is current thut the scat of the whaling in ? l; al out to be transferred fr->m the At lantic to the Pacific ,-oast. Arrangcmen s arc I. v itli several hou.-.c. t., transfer th' lr l.usiiiesi >icw B Ifonl. New Jjondor. and other places, to some ]?>iut on OH? Sau Pranci^ Benicia, ?tkland. and Monterey a-c ?p<.kcn of. Or ?lers have been given to captains of vessel* now employed in the whale fisheries i.? the JSorth 1 i-ihc to r? crutt at the ports of Cali fornia.?/V"t? l.ontion Stur. WOT^rxTS OF Of KAN STEAMERS. .Yarn*. Leatu For Qa? . " 3a. , J*1* New York. .Aug! l VlwTl ? I'lverpool Boston ....Aug. t w K. ?. ?'iewi.ork H,iw Aug. U V ;,?;Bgt0? N,T Y?rk, South"ptou.Aug *1 1;*, iiv,rH New fork Aug || .. Havre NewYo k Au? n .New York.Au/ 15 LI verpool.. Aug 15 |.lJ.ic ^rw ^ ork......Liverpool. Au- 2*? 1 ',!on Vork Havre*!?...Au^ 25 L7* The California ttearoers leave New York cn the 5th and 'Atih of eact mcnlh ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. Br?wa?' Hetel-r. r. 4 x aaoww R W I'etberhridge. MI W L Balfour Ml "i Balfour, do .1 K Page. Ala J K Ottlev. do t f U^' Ga A,1<* ?bt.?elin. Md J M R^?k1**s A lady. La Mte Bowie, do V A Bri.ron, Ya J j Dowle. do ?? V M ? Luckett &. family, Mi-** A K Stewart, Aid do A J im-b ir,??. 1>C N K Davi?. Ala It \ Co.i A ladv. Pa J J Myrlck. FU CressweU. do J Leonard, a? uf. iJa ^ T W do \ t \v ) ^ do J p Servers, Kv ? ,T~ a,,?>n. G M Glllet, 5!d Pr \7V".r ' la . Thakcr. O ? M lnnl'T11' d? ? Boir1<. Md i ** ?*. A N B^rna'd, Va \ do " B Willnon, Can J A PelTer, Pa ? ^ ' W.llarJ.' lt.lel_a.A A j. c w;LLa&B. f??JLCa^"' J W ?*yne>. Cal f, V.Rod".T' d? W Va j. :3- . Y: J Hunnek-r, do L' 1 d3 5 M Md' w'-ri* mi ^S A^^ander, L'SA W Thompsoa. Md G Boelv. Wis WLBalSur, Ml J A Linton A lady DC K Balfour, do B J 8^e, La J K Oulcy. do J H Gamble. O kirkweed Ueuae?j.n A a. kiikwOob, ?r1ilrbv' J K*U'son, Ind o W Smith A lady. Md W M .ller, do 1*4*' Vl J A P'tt*r. Pa K W bitiuan Mass \y Dougherty, DC wITT* W Md W Wlefeler, O r H Lyon, Cal I ui t rd States Matel -a. c. Haca!??T. R S Burke, Va H C Duniop. Ky J Irett d ? j Jack>on, Pa ' 1V T Browning. Ct ? Mij*, Md It J Ceriton VV W M Jackson, Mo Amerlcau Hetel^virt.nowta A Lot *Xt T Horn, 8C F. I Swift, Va W A Williams, Pa W P Blakrv do K A Ca? W L Hardin*, Md Miscellaneous. t'2TlTEi> STATES MAIL. PROPOSALS for carrying the mails of the Unl tod States'from 1st dav* of October, 1H55, to ?'Wtb Jane, ls>9, inclusive. In the State of North Carolina, will he received at the Contract office of the Post Office Eemrtment, in the city of Wash ington, un'il Mondav, the 27th of August, 18?. at 3, p. m., (to be decided next day ) 5666 From Raleigh, by Rarclaysville, Avervsboro" Kyle's Landing.'and Mary's Garden, to Fay etteville. 62 miles and back daily, in four horse coaches. Leave Raleigh daily at T# p m Arrive at Fayettevllle next davs by 7)4 a m Leave Favetteville daily at 5 p m Arrive at Raleigh next days bv 5 a m For form of bid. guarantee,' and certificate, also for instructions, requirements. A.r., s?e advertise ment inviting proposals for mail service in Vir ginia, North Carolina. Ac.. dated Janurv 12th Pj55 JAMKS CAMPBELL. Postmaster General Post Officf Dxpautm is r. July 21, lf55 July 22?lawlw [No Ml.] VOTKF FOR RESTORING CERTAIN is Lands to market in the State of Missouri ? The irrant of land made by the act of Congress ap proved June 10, 1.-52, to aid in the construction of a railroad -'from the town of HAN1BAL to the town of ST. JOSKPH, in said State,"' haviug been adjusted as far as practicable, notice is ht-rkby given that all the vacant lands heretofore withdrawn and withheld from sale or entrv alon . Hie route of the said road, which lie outside of the limit* of.iix milts on each side of the same, situ ated in the undermentioned townships, and parts of townships, which have not been or shall not b< >pl'-Med in virtue of any grant made bv Congress, or legally claimed by pre-emption, and which were subject to private entry at the date of with drawal, will l>e restor?-d to private entry on and after Mondny. tk* lti'A rfiy of F'-ptsmbtr nrst, at tue prices lixed by the graduation act of the 1th of August. 1n>4, which revjuires the time to be tie ducted, duriilk'which the lands shall have been withdrawn and withheld from market, on '.he day of restoration, to wit: At the land office at PALMYRA. North of the ba/in" and \r'\t of the fifth prin cipnl wridian. Township 35. of ran-'e 2 North half of township 34 and townships 55 and 56*, of range 3 North half of township 51 ?nd townships 55*. j6# and 5?#. of range 4 North half of township 54 anil townships 55*. 56*. 5-*. 59# and ?>(>, of range 5 Townships 54, 55#, 56#, 59# and 6(h of range 6 Townships 54, 55#, 57#, 5- <, 59 and GO of range 7. Townships 51,55#, 5* *. 5-' and 59. of range Q Townships 51, 55#, 57#. 5* and south half of 59. of range 9 North half of township 54. and townships 50* . 56#, 57 *. 5n# and 59. of range 10 North half of township 54. and townships 55, 5 ?#. 5-#, 59, arid south half of fiil. of ran^e 11 North half of township 54 and townships 55. 5*;"-. .V *. nj :ind south half of 60, of range I "J Township- 55, 56, 5J, 59 and south half of 60, cl range 13 At the laud office at MILAN. North uj th,. bast lint a,id i/*< *r of the fifth prin ripal w ri'lina. Townships 56*. 5-#. 59 ai.d south half of 60. c f ranye 14 Townships 5G#, 5>*. 59 and south half of 60 of range 15 Townships 56-*. 5.-' , 59 and south half of 00. of ratine 16 Townships 56*. 5s#. 59 and south half of 60, of range 17 Townships 56*. -V#, 59 and sou'h half of (!'?. of range IS Townships 56#, 5?*, 59 and south half of 0C, t>! ran^e 19 T>>wri->hips -56#, 5-* , 59 and south half of (Jo, of range 20 Townships 56"*, 5C#, 59 and south half of 60, of range 21 Townships 5G'*. 5*-#, 59 and 60, of range 22 Townships 56* . 5-#. 59 and 60. of range j;j At the land office at FAY CTTE. North of the ta<e hn? and tr of the fifth prin ri/ial meridian. Township55, of ranges 14. 15. 16, 17, I?, 19. 20. 21, 22 and 23 ?>>?>? At the land office at PLATTSBURG. North of thr 6?,v. lite and vest of the fifth prin cipal m^ndmn. Townships 55, 56#, 5e#, 59#, and 60, of range Townships 55, 56*, 5t#, 59 and south half of 60, of range 25 Town- ..ips55. 56 .r?- *. 51) and south half of 6t', of range 26 - , >io:lu of township 51 and townships 5>, 5i. *, . .,3 and south h:ili' of 60, of range 27 North half of to\vn?: <p 54 and Townships 55 56#. 5-*. V> and sortth half of 60, <>f :anue 2 Nortl' half of ?* v. ;?-?hii? 51 and townships 55 .??/*. 5-' . 5!' and south half of 60, of range 29 North half of town^hi|l 51 and townships 5.'. 56^,5?#... ? .tid south half of 00, of range 30 North iiu.f of towuabip 51 and townships 5":, 56*, 5-* and 59. of range 31 N'ortii half of township 51 ar.d town hips 55. ? 5- *. and 59. of ran^e 32 North ha!f of town shin 54 and townships 55, 56*, 5-* and 59, of range North half of township 54 and townships 55, 56 *, 5c* and 59, of range It North h ill" of township 51 arid townships 55, ? * ? ?- *159ib4 south half uf raigf 35 North half of township 54 and townships 36, "6- 57. . 59 :::id south half of 60, of range 36 Fownships 51. 55, 50, 5i?, 59 and south half of #0 of r;vnge :J7 Township 55 of ran^e Tue towuthips marked thus # being only parts of town^ips or those cut by the six-mile limits. Pre-emption claims which attach to any of the iibove lands within the iifteen-mile limits unde the acts of 3d March, 1-.W, and under the act of STth \l:irith. 1-51, to any of the lands hereby re stored to market, must be proven up prior to the day tixed fur ihe restoration of the l uidn to private entry, or as soon as practicable after seeing this no tice. Simultaneous applications for the same tract bv two or more persons or parti<-s vtid tract will bi? p-itupat auction, and a* rd-d to the highest bid der among siu h at plicanu aiA.oidiui- lottitrui illMKllC^-S. . Given ui der the General Land Of fice. at the ' itv" of \\ ashiiiKton, this fourteenth day of July, A D. 1-35 liy order of ihe President: GKO O. WHITING, Jy l??laWjw Acting Couimissioner. Iinted States Patent Office. ) O Washtnt'to i, Julv97, 1855. I N the petition of l'i.> vJsot'BV. of Freda nla, New York, praying for the extension of a 4 atent granted to him on the ;Jd day of No vein bcr. lb41,foran improvement in '-Saw Mills for re-sawing Boards, ic for seven years from the expiration of said paieiil, which lakes plat e on the 3d day of November. Is55: it is ordered that the said petition be heard at the Patent Office on Monday, the 2v>d of (Jet..her next, at 1 - o'chick in., and ail persons are notlfled toap:>ear and show^use, if a iv they have, why saiu i t tition ou-ht not to l>e granted. Persons opposing the extension ure required to file in the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty davs before the day of he; ring ; ail testimony filed by ei'lier party to be used at the said hearing must be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rules of the office, which will be furnished on application The testimony in the case will be closed on the 12th day of October; depositions and other t?tx rs relied upon as testimony inus* lie filed in the of fice on or liefore the morning of that d?v: the ar guments. if any, within ten days there rfter Ordered, also, that this notice be p tblished In t e L rilon. IntelligenceWui Eveningg?tar, Wash ington, D C ; Republican, Baltimore Evening Arg'w 1 h Hade! phi a, Pa; Scientific Amen, an". New V ork : and Post, Boston, Mass.; 1 nee a week for three succeswe weeks previous to the '?!d of Gctuber next, the da\- of tiearing. S. T sUlUG! RT, o c t.j.. Act,n? Commissioner ol Patents. "? ^?Kdltors of the above papers will please copy, and send their bills to the Patent Office with a |?af?er conUining this n >tice * Jy ?Iaw3w tNITED STATES MAILS. Post Ofpicb Dkpa hi mk.vt, > Pnnnrw 1 ,C""tnut im^> ??"ly '855- S KOI OSA l.s for carrying the mails of the IJni ted St.ites from l>t day of Septemlier, 1^55 t 3l>th day of June, 1^59, inclusive, in theSta-.'or ^ w ll2 ^ reived at the Contract Offi.. of the 1 ost Office Department, in thecityof Wash ington. until 3 p. m. of 27lh August, ih55, (to be decided on the >th of August |c.?) on the route . ar.d in the times herein specified : 5?J6 From Williamsburg to Grove Landin g, 7 miles aiul back- six times <t week Leave Williamsburg daiiy, except Sundiy, at ram '' Arrive at Grove Landing same day by 10 a m Leave Grovc,Landmg daily, cxcept Sunday at 2 p m * Arrive at Williamsburg same day by 4 p in 5227 From Yorktown to Grove Landing 9 miles and?back, three times a week L?ave \ orktown Monday, Wetlnesdav and h riday attain Arrive ai Orove Landins same days by 10 a m Land<n^ Monday, Wednesday, and 1- riday at 2 p in ail YOTk,toWn *an?c days by 5 p m rit^d* >T niC*'*"ww^ servicenre in ITriuH li r>f dal'/? "tept Sunday, at Arrive at \ orktown same day 4>v li t >?? Leavr Yarltfotvn dally, S,7s?itoy,.tl Arrive at VViiiiamouurg same day by 4 p ro JAMbS CAMPBELL. Jy ?7-lawiw Post mas tv Gea^i. Information for Travelers. ?iY KAJXROAD JIRKCT To TV*. Y/JSST Time between Washington aud W beeli: ~ t but 17^- hours ! Bnnnjng Time between Washington and Cincinnati 27 hoars:! THROUGH TICKKTS AND BA60AGB CIIKCK3 TO BI HAD II* WASHINGTON. THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIL ROAD having greatly improved Us Western connections, now ofl'ers the fullest Inducements to Travellers between WASHINGTON. BA I TI MOR K. and all portion's of the WEST, NORTH WEST, and the SOUTHWEST Theconnection bctweew the Trains from Wash ington and the Trains bound West from Haiti more is always promptly made a* the Washington Junction (lately called the Relav House) 9 miles from Baltimore. This is the only change of car* -equired between Washington and the Ohio river Baggage is checkod through to Wheeling at the Washington Station, and recherked and trans ferred there, (with the passengers) without charge, for those holding Through Tickets for points be yond. The connecting Trains leave Washington daily at 6 a m. and 4,fc p. m. On Sundays at the latter honr only. At WHEELING divert tcnmc'ion 1* made with the trains of the CENTRAL OHIO RAIL ROAD, running from Beliaire, on the Ohio. aea' Wheeling, through Cambridge, Z.inesvilie, and Newark, to COLUMBUS. These trains conn*"*' at Newark with the cars of the Newark, Man? field and Sandusky Railroad for Sanduskr, Toledo. Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, etc. At COLUMBUS the C. O. Railroad trains con nect with thefast'trains of theLittlt Miami Rail road to Xenia, Cincinnati, Louisville, etc. A; XENIA^on Little Miami Railroad)conuecti-jn.i formed with the trains through Dayton,to Indian apolis, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Island, St. Louis, etc. Passenger* holding Through Ticket* for M-mpki*. Vicksbvrz, Nntrh'z, X>ie Orltan*, etc., which are also sold at Washington?ar tms ferre-d at CincinnaM to the Mall Steamers on the Ohio. Tickets for Evansville, Cairo, aud. St. Louis are sold by this route. ICT" For CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland '< Toledo. Detroit, Chicr.go. etc., tickets are ??old. tvlien the Ohio is navii^able between Wheel: and Wellsville (forty miles) where a connection with the Cleveland and Pittsburg Kailro;.d is made. Travelers arc requested to notice that while this is the only route affording Through Tick* ts a::. Checks in Wajthin^ton, it is also the shortest most speedy, and direct to nearly all the leadin points in the ureal West. The distance from Washington to Cincinnati is but 653 miles, Ij? n^ 'ibout KM) miles shorter than by anv other route ' _ F ARE, BY THROUGH TICKET. PKOM WASHINGTON :?To Wheeling. .30; Cvhra bus, 813 6.5; Dayton, Jf 13 50; Cincinnati, *'6 t*?; Louisville, bv railroad. 81S 6"?, by steamer frwr Cincinnati, ?1? m>. Indianapolis. 'SI? .r>0: * W v? land, 812 5(1; Toledo. 815 N); ?M5 Chicago, $-20 <>5 and 81950; St Louis, 5<>;.n?\ *i>; Memphis. sJI; New Orleans, e'e !E7*" FOR FREDERICK AND HARP HP'S FERRY. MARTI NSRIJRG, CU MBKR L vI) BERKLEY SPRINGS. BEDFORD SPRIN PIEDMONT,OAKLAND, and FAIRMOi NT tassengers may lvave Washington : t 6 ,i m < })< p. m. For the mir.or way station-; ?- ?v Baltimore and Wheeling, take 6 a. in. tra.n from Washington. !E7"For trains ?o and from Baltimore. Annpoli ?etc . see sj~s HI advertisements. *LT For further information. Through T- l.ets ?kc.,npi)l> to THOMAS H PARSONS. A; M. it Washington St J ion JOHN II DONE, Master o' Transjwrtatioi, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Baltimore may 3?tf TO TIIK PI BMi:, 'pilK STEAsIl.RS MOUNT VERNON mid ?- BALTIMOR E will stop at VI- /tlP?"' *? "xandria. l?o'h day and niyht, and.?;~. j T.1 thp larirlinrr< r?i* (hu Pnto?oor. 7 _ ? ? ?? j j ?33 it the landings on the Potomac river: Fare by th?-se boats, viz : To Alexandria <ci) p>l; ToMarbnry's. *. j <n< " To Cockpit Point 1 Quantico I ;, j To Sandy Point..... j To Aquia Creek ?_> uj ! Exrur-ion tickets to Aquia Creek .-. k! re'urn. in- ? eluding dinner or sup|>er, 82 A ded u ri vi on ' this charge will 1* made to parties of en or m -re 1 wishing a davHght or moonlight Fxc'irsic-n. This will afford to our eit,i(-iis a pieavant recre ation from the heat and ii.n of the e tv at moderate rates L REYNOLDS, Captain WM. MI l'CHELL, Captain Either of the above bout* c.m Ik-? barter'd ? : F.x?nr;or;s. Towing. &c.. by applying to GP.O. | >IATTING|.Y, S'lperin'enden? ef the VVi. ih i,r- 1 ton .-'id Fredf rickshurg SteiimlHXit Conirwny. jy *21?eo;Jw I'ANAL PACKET LINE TO POINT OF ! KOIK.S rpHE C inal Packet CONGUE>S having > * thorou^iilv reTia'red and p . rrr. in first r.?te order tthe machiniTf?~'7~7 *]~r ' l>eing removed and horse power ? m tinae* making her re'ular trips between C?-o- - town and the above place. The Boat will 1-ave the wharf of W. II .4 H. Fitter for Point of R or ks on MONlJ\Vs \vr . NESDAYSand FRI DAYS at 7 oV!<k 1 i. IM; ' the Point of Rocks for Georgetown on TU F.S DAYS, THURSDAYS and SATURDAYS a' ;u same hour, stepping at thedifferent landi: a! : the line for the reception and landing of ji^sey . r and freight, goin" and returning. The Boat will leave Georgetown at 7 o'clock -i f m., and arrive at the iie;id <if the Great Falls t' i: Seneea at I. Edward's Ferry3k, Mono^ a' v ",u Knowian's Ferry 6. and l'oint of R ks v.t ? o'< [' p. m. Returning, leave l'oint at 7 t m.. Kno.v lin's Ferry at 7^. Mon<Ha'yS. Mrlward ., ["< -r 11, Seneca 1, G reat F .-.lis , and anive at U ?*- e town at 7 p. m. Passage through either way .?2. Meals served re^r llarly on bonrd heboatr' r> cfl erate Drices. CHARLES WERRlLii ca; " jei.5?dtf x" ORA.XfL 6c ALEXANDRIA RAILK'J'.U. GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINE! rp\\"iCL daily between WASHINGTON <?nd .7,.vh,e.,?.OU'nj' via ALEXANDRIA, <? /?' DONSVILLE and RICHMOND?no jii 'Ut li-. on Sundav. Leave \Yxshin>rton ^ before 6 e'elo v a Leave Alexandria 1^ *'7 " ; ui Luave Washim;ion ^ t; 7 l*eave Alexandria ^ u . m PARKS BY NIGHT LI V 'J From Washington ami Alexandria, to Gor donsville R? ?? From Gordonsviiie to Richmond ' > o Travelers will Hod the morning line thecfc~.~ est, most pleasant ami exp'^ditiot's rout" to j Greenbrier White Sulphur, Fauquier V\ hit" - i phur, Warm. Hot, Alum and Capon Sprm - W irrenton, CLarlottsviUe, Staunton, ' ? Winchester, Harrisonburg, Lexington, W- , Cave, Natural Bridge, La ray, New, "id dleborg, &.c. FABK8 BT MORS1SG LIMB: Frcm Alexandria to Warrenton, - - f 2 (XI Gordon-iville, . :j r.n C harlot tesviile, - 1 50 Staunton, - - 8 <?u " Strasbnrg, - - 3 ; Win. heater, - - 3 6? ' Liiray, - - ? 4 ? .? i< ? it it W1 New Market, - 5 t J _"" " Mlddlebnrir, - - ?? OMNI BUSES and BAGGAG E WAGON s W-l be at the Deptit of the W ."sh:ni_'to:i R'lilrotd ; 1 convey -r-; id baggage to he S mil .or ALEXANDRIA, a listance of j :niu oil - lng ample time for meaw. , ti H. W. VANDKCR I FT. J7 14 Gen. Sppt. THE POTOAIAC RiV'ER STEA'?! lif i 4"' COMPANyWTKA.MKK ALICE* CAPT. SAMUEL BAKER, ILL LEAVE WASHINGTON AT ST' o'clock a. m ,and ALfiXAN- c DR1A at 7 o'clock, a. in ? ?' * >-< On TUESDAY MORNINGS ?For'Al^tVT. Currioman, L. Machodoc, Piaey Point, Kinsa.i and Cone. On FRIDAY MORNINGS?ForChai>el Point, Wicomico, Leonardtowa, Piney Point, tt.fca.y's and Cone. ' On WEDNESDAY, (returning)?Leave Cont at 4 o clock, a. m., for St. Mary s, Piney Point IiC-onardtown, Wicomico, and Chapel Point. On SATURDAY, (returning)?Leave C'Bie at I o clock, a. m , for Kinsale, Piney Point, L.. chodoc, Currioman, and Mattox. Th? A. C. Price will call at the usual lacdi:.' - on '.he river when stgnats a."c made By oider of the Board: a, .... ?james P. SMITH, President. Alexandria, Va., Juae 1,1655. 15?tf ' ' ' W STKAMBOATJI CONNECTING ITH EACH TRAIN OF CARS AKRIV % '* Washington <*r A lex an- _ Hje Steamers THOS COL--&^ t 5L.i cr UKOR(iK WA>HLNGT()T^nm*5 tne above connections, leading Washin-dori at t, . Ai^dria oj,,", aXo,' n#ct with the same train on their arrival. U/~ M EA LS furnhdied on tli^ l>oats. The Bouts connect with ail the tra.tis front Bal. m"7l7-tf SAM'L UEDNtV Ca,S|to 0%T MOLNT veknon' N TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS?FARE round trip, 81; from Alexandria 75 cents ?The steamer TmiM*sjkqi'^ ^ Ct>LLYLR leaves V\ ashington at d \V dria at 9% o'cloc k Coaches leave the "apliT' o, the U*t ?t o'clock Couch fare in rents Per sons wishing the coaches will leave thtir rcs'dene. With George 6c Thomas l?arker. ?-?<-nct Reftesbmenta on the boat. OliDNBY,C?pt^xi. Information for Travelers. i THE NEW YORK. ASD LIVERPOOL

" HE SHIPS COMPKISING THIS UN? are the A rLANTIC, Captain WTest, PACIFIC, Captain Nye, ^lALTlC. Captain Comstork, ... , ADRIATIC, Captain Graftaai. Tuese Ships h*ve been built by contract, express ly for Government service; every rare has been nken in their construction, a* in the engines tc .nsure strength and speed, and their accommodi lions for passengers are unequalled for elegai;* and comfort. rare* or passage. From New York to Liverpool,in first cabin, 812? Second cabin, Exclusive use cf extra r?i2e state rooms, - 300 P nrr. Liverpool to New York, - ?30 and 1*' An experienced Surgeon attached to each ship. No berth ran be secured until paid for. l or freight or parage applv to Edward k collins * co., 'iG Wall street, N cw York. CROWN, SHIPLEY &. CO., Liverpool. E. G. ROBERTS & CO.. 13 Kind's Arms Yard, Londoi. JOHN MUNROE & CO & Rue Notri1 D;\me de? V1cto!res, Paris GEORGE FI DRAPER, Havre. The owners of these ships will not be ta ble for gold, silver, bullion, sperie, lewelry, pre ious stones. or m< tils, unless bills of lading are ?iluned therefor, and the value thereof th??r*ln ex pressed. novl6_iy WASHINGTON UriVX il RAILROAD. HAXiK OP HOIKS.?On and after Mon- , J day, tbf Instant, the Trains will r.nvp Washington at tf and bK a m , and 3 and 1 UP-m. On r rn. Leave Baltimore at 1* and 9* a m., and 3 and 51* p. m. On Sunday at 3 V a m. aptt-tr T H PARSONS, Agent ALEXANDRIA A WASHINGTON HO ATS '|MIE Sfampr GEORGE WASHINGTON v,'.! " It. vfr at tLe following Lours. _ /?TIT*"' ? Fare IV!# cents. *,,4 The THOMAS COLI.YER, wheTu^tLef va\ s engaged, will make trips on the route at ai ternate hours. I ? ive Washington at6,9,?X, UX,2tf, 4,5u and 7. Leave Alexandria at 7, 9, 19*, 1*, 3tf, ar.d >yA P. S ?Th* Boat will leave Alexandria at 1X r. m . or immediately 011 thi* arrival of the cars jv 7?d JOB CORSON , Captain. TO ATI THAT VA*UE THT.I? SIGHT. C call the attention to ail that ** with dffe? live sight, caused by a-j'e. s ? ?fc 'tfss and (aiii' ulail) from glasses injudiciousl s'-1k ;ed to his s iperior SPECTACLES aiul GLASSES carefully ground b\ himself to a trr sj?hifi".ii arc irs'.'-y. and brilliant transparency. ^-i:: ? -tl pr? i?ely mii<1 beneficially to the Wear*-f ;<<? cording to the cmravity or convexity of ?ha e.e Very n.ruerous are lite ill ett'ects raii-ed to thf prerjons 1 n-an of sight from the commencement of us,tig glasses in not being pr^i^elv suited. by tae use of an Optometer; aud '.be practice of many ?-a**. enable* I 'm to measure the focal di?#:?ye ol the ev\s, and such i?ia.?*PH that are absolutely re j >?ir? d will be furnished vvnh precision and s?.iis HlCt. >!l J T. acknowledges the very liberal enccurage MW already oMann-d. aud tVrther soiic:*- tl I pa tronage of those tuat have no: yel ava.led them s? I ,vs of his aid. l'f-rsons that cannot conveniently call, by *-*rd in. the glasses In ?se and -r^rir:^ iloA- jpOnj inches tL'*v can r- td ?hi? print v, ith their sperUi c 1 es. < an besupj-i'ed with succ that will improve their si^ht. ( !TH'iim?Table testimonlils to be seen: ^nd ?efrr em es Ivea to many v/::o havedfnvfxi the groatt >t ease ar.rt roinfort from his glasses. Circulars 10 .*> hud graMs, at his offlre. No 51*2 S vrnth street, three doors from Odd Felliow.i' IIalL jp stairs, Seot'-mber 7,1^1. Sir?The Specti Irs you made fr r m- solt very *.vell. ai^d seem to have imprnn-J n?y sl;*ht inore thru u.12y 01 litr i iat^-ly tried LiTT. U JAZEWELL 1 1 avt t-i 'd a p sir of S^>e. t .r-.U-s ob?ab ? f t in Mr. a: d Had lh> i;it?f great a.-*isl_i;ce to mv sight, and con."y >ndlr.- with hi- ?i^:ription < f ihefocii.s 1 recoil.u.end i'lrr 1 <a ^k'i **11' < 'Hi* ciau. HENRY A. WISE. f -'If J lor tAS : Sir?Tue pair of ^{j^.'tacle* you f r. ; aed iw; ve?t?*rd?.y arc tiartirtdariy satK/ac* torv to m<* Ta??y arc vrry derldoilv ih : i*-t 1 pos 1.11 :'in tue (Wler otor nine pa!r. 1 .r*. liy - . -t.-d in diliefut and fr.i'u op tiru: ? rtcomry?>:id<^i to nv ?^n z> coent of fhel: ? - iV^?on:u standing in England, Praaee aud the United Statt-s. ! have l^ n also pleased with vour r^mnrks aad dire? tlons on tiie treatinent oi 1 4eev?-s, tor rhepurpo&eof >e rv f.t id improv ing the ti^Lt. ? liespictfully, yours, CflL\S. CALDWELL, Professor of M. C., Lou;s ?iile. Ky. LrncnBrafj, Nov l'?. tsri. Mr. John Tobias having fnrnlshed rr \-ith 'jl i^se . by '.vM5?h 1 have bee.a vrreatly aid?*l (in" vision having ?uftered ??rw?'ly from r*\.flmg at night in my enrliflt life} it aSnrds me the h;; ? i'i asure t?? say that f I >u Id-jr Ll.n a ?>:;lfi:l p-?c tic.:' optician, a."d we!! prepared to aid tho- who may :uod Lis profess:on;d services. V M ?t. ROUZIE, Elder McthodJvf Coafere ice. Wilmington, N. t:., Jaa. 27, is.'>i r J Tobias: i>?-ar Sir?i am happy to s. v th; lh'> Spe?'ta> ies which I oV.r.'ted fr.?a? v mla-c we? k ar? entirely hatlrfactory. Frc uaa in -o it> in tiie vimai range of my eyes, i have hereto fore found ^reat diiiicultv iu 41 'tia_ gl.: of th? proper focal dista:i"e. it'att'ords mr pleasure to atatt that, by ihe.i.d of your optometer, this ttlifi cuiiy has b_? n happily obviated .to that thegL-s you furnished nie art-decidedly the bta.1 ailapled to re, ej es cf any J ha\* ever y*et e..-ed. Very re^pectf illy, \ ours. K B. DRANK, R1 ' of St. Jam -s" I'arlj'r. Denartuuat of iuterior, May 7. lir-5. From natural def?xLs and th .* uneqaal ra igeof my cy?-.i, 1 nave i>c- n ccm(Klle?l io use Sjlav*-? for -??veral y? f I <ve tried ditfarent op'U wirhoui obtaiuiiiK glasses utifeulv tilted to my eyes Four months since .W. Tobias made two j airs especially for me, which 1 have found to s'-rv?-me perf?ftly. By the uta of his optometer 1 e is enabled t>? aa ? >t Ulasses uiinutely to the eye I nio.-t elieerfutly recotnmeud Mr. Tobias to all having occasion io use glasses, and bear my te ;i mony as to Lis skill as ..u optician. HENRY L BALDWIN. Assist. Sec'v osign Land Warrants. Jyi*-tf .Mi.DltAL DEPARTMENT OF GEORGE TOM N COLLEGE, Corner tf Fand. Tir> f/ltt Washington. ' j^HE next Annual Comse of i.ectrres will co*n I irenco on .Monday, the 5ih of November, and end in March following. pacoltv: Noblk Yovno, M. D.. Professor of Institutes a:id Practice of Medicine. Flodhakio Howard, M D. Profesjsor of Ob Melrics aiidthe Diseases of Women and Chil dren. Joh\so.n Eliot. M. i' . Professot01 Anatomy. J..UBS E. AJoeoan, M. i>., k'rofessor of Medical J u'isjjr'ideuce and Hygiene J. M Snvdbr, Al.D , Professor of Surgery. Bk.vj. F. Ckaig, M. i>.. i'rol?S5aor of Medical Chemi<tr, an<l l'hjsiologv Geo. C. Scuakki br, M. 1) , Professor of V'ate-ia Medica. nd Therapeutics. J oh x son V.D MinbLETos, Ai D., Demonstrator of Anatomy. FEES : For n full course SflK) (10 Matriculation, paid only once 0 00 Graduation U.5 <wi Demonstrator's ticket.. io uo The Preliminary course will commence Octo Ix r 1st and rontii.or until Nowmlx-r 5th L?*etnres jre?- to Medical Students. 1 a?* lectures will b? delivered during the af ternoon and evening. This time of lec turing has bpen customary in the College siu-e its establish ment, and is foimd to l>e advantageous to the stu dent FLODOARDO HOW AKD, M. 1?. Dean, No. :J22 F street north. an 4?lawtNovS REESE'S EAGLE PLl'MBIKU AND GAS FITTING DEPOT. I^HE Stibscriber respectfully announces to his friends and the public in ve ieral tiiat he ha> !?- eived the first lot of the < eiebrated DODGE'S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, which received the SILVER MED V L at the iate Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Insti tu:e3 and is now prepa. <tl to furnish all who idav favor him with a call. 1 ? V,ls AS FIX PL' RES are unsurpassed :n the District. r With his corjis of coinpetent workmen he prides kku r\s f in the des atcn line With promptness and fH WOfk done lvarranted to give complete KUwfactiou JOUN REESE, niay tf c?irn< r 6th st. and Pa. avt-nne. I kO vol! WANT FIRST RATE 111: a-' eicaia ! Go at one e to ARN Y. Lydie strest. Georgetown, he w? awarded a MEDAL by the AlHiopoiitanMechanics'Institute,forica chums wAiia icii, andcAkt* roayHfr-wtf Medical. INHALATION roR th> era* or ASTHMA A 5 D COKSUMPTIOH NEW AND VERY WONDERFUL ! ! ! TT YGHilANA Broaghl h?me to tie door of the ftliHtoa? A WONDERFUL discovert has recently been made by Dr. Curtis, t f this city, in tbe treat ment of Consumption, Asthma, a-.d all disease* TftheLun^s. We refer to Dr OIRTISSHY SEANA. or IN HA LI NO HYGFAN VAPOR *ND CHF.HRY SYR1P. With this nr* me :hod. Dr. C. has restored many afflicted ones to health, as an evidence of wunh he Las Innumera ble certificates. Sptakin;/ of the treatment, a phy lician remarks. ''It is evi^er.' that Inhaling?eon rtantly breathing an a^rn able. healing vapor?the r edicinal properties n. c< n.e in direct contact with the whrie wri.-l cavities of tLe iun^s. and .hus escape the ma; v and var'.rd changes produced upon them whe.i luiroduttd into the stomach. and subject to the proc-jt of digestion." l^e Ilyre ma is for *ale at ah the Druggists throughout tor country.?X. Y. Dutchman Jin 14. The I nhaler is worn on the brvzst under the Ho rn, without the Inconvriilrnce?the heat oj the body beln^ sufficient to evaporate tbe fluid Hundreds of 'ases of euros, like the following, mi^ht be named. One package of the Hvgesna has cared a: Oi the Asthma of alx years standing. J. F KEF.SBERRY, P. M. uf Dimcannor;, Pa I am cured of the cf tea years' itandin > by lir Cnrtls's Hvyean* MARGARET EASTON, D:ooklyn?N Y. MRS. PAL L, of No. 5 Hammond itlttt N. Y. cured of a severe ease cf Bronchitis bj th llygeana. My f later has bite tired of a diseasing cou<; nf several year.%'standing, and decided to b? i;. urable b/ the i physicians. She *"as cured la ot. tr.o:ith by the Hvgeana. J . H GACDERT, P M. Richmond, Me. The Rev. Dr CHEEVER, of New York, fiestt Ces of oar n.^dicine in tb< following language: New Yo?i,Xcv 15,1*^4. Dear Sir: I think highly of Dr Curtis's ll\g? ma ns a remedy in disease of the thrtiat :indlu*::gs Having had some opportunity to testify its efltoa rr. I am c >nvinced that it is a mostexeellent r? n. edv, both the Syrup a .d lue inhaling applkatioi to the chest. Prof Jv CENTER writes us as follow* : Gentlemen? I have recently bad occasion to te your Cherry Syrup and Hyyeaii Vapor, inaia* of chronic sore throat, that l ad refused to yield a other forms of treatment. and ttie result has *;:tis ib-d me !ha'. whatever may be tbe compoMit>oi o ? our preparation, it is no imp<* i4?n.bjt an excel lent r medy. I Wild*. for the s._ f tye aflli? toi. tnat it migLt be brought with*; i o of a:' DR . JOHNS, one of the OUN. ?.. Pfc si Plans in New York writ*** a* f< .?*?: * L>r Cn l.?-ar Sir?iUv:^ ? itne*,;?,d 'h . pjceelb-nt efl'ec'v of your llygea.iaor lnhali.i|; H\ can Va; or and Cherry S-.rtip. !a case of Chmni' Hronch i ?. and be:nz nuu b in fovarof counter ir- | r.t. lion in ail'ec tn>?? of Ibe throal. tl;on< hial t ib? , and li.u,;s. I can tb< ref?>re rbeerltllv re. on bh-im ? Oiir M?di'-at?ti Aparatus as l??*inj; ti.e in<??t con- j ?'enient ar.?i efl'erttiid mode of apr lvint; aii tlbln. ' i-f the kind I have ev?r seen. No ac"M tbmi<tHn?i of p^rM?n> ma\ t?? relievt^i. and many cured, b. U> ULr vuur I must ne<v in- allowed to confess that I am or? i [>os?i to jiresj-.ribin^ or u.siub >?ecret coiniKmnd* comrivnd article, ae.a it^ ef f?wts in tbe ch--" ^Ice ill J* d to, ba**e induced ' ?ne to ?'P'-tk in Its iavor. Von are at liberty to rise this in anyway ve m.iy think proper Rt^pectfully, your-;. .Vp., C. JOHNS, M. D.. No. GOV Houston ftreet, N. Y. I Price three dollars a packn^e. Sold by CURTIS A PERKINS ar.d BO\ l> \ PAl'L. 119 Chambers N Y. Four ; a< kat;?.s s^.nt free to any part of the Cal ted States for ten If. U ?Dr. Cwtio'c MUIbfteOlIBIWHf ! ;nd ONLY GENl INf ARTICLF ; all other, 1 ar^ hi c irrntatioo^. or vllt- end rj r'- es ccunter- I feit^. Stun them as vou xionld Iri>lS(?N l or sale ir \\a<L n^t< n bv CiiAS. STOTT, ; Pa. averse, near 7th vtxeel,and J. il MOCKi.. . in tbt First Ward. . mij 'jit?Gin CARTER S SPANISH MIXTURE. THE GREAT PURIFIER OF THE BI.OOD: NOT A PABTICM OF MF.JtcrRY IX IT. AN INKALI.IUl.L RF.ilEDY for Scrofula. h ;n"'? Evil, Rh^utnatism. Obstinate Cutamr o; y ErurMons. Pimple?? or Pus'>:l?s on th?* rw BiOtch<"?. Boils. Chroclc Sore Ev?*s.RlntrW ri or Tetter. S'eaid Hezd. Eular^reinent and P^i . of th*- LJofir* Mud Joints. Stubborn Clcer* < puij.t.c Hi^ofders.'oa^o, Spi>ml (*or?i- i ; laiat.->. and aii liie d:s,-ases a.isii.^; from au in- ! judicious uf- of Merr-ury, Imprudence in Lif<-. or Impuri'y of the Bloo?. This valu able medicine, wh'.rh t ? become celebrated for the n iml^erof extraor di:iarvrnres. etf^ted th'o'vh its aqency, Im- in dn:rt! :1 " j rori: the or-ent roquest of thelr i Irlrnds. to ot)*r it to tbe public, which th*-v d with loe utm? : t confidence mi itsviruie* and v*-o?i derfulcurative prop?rti?-s. Tbt- following c*Ttlti rates, selected tromala.' re number,are, however, stronger testimony than ti.e ineie word of ti e pro T?iieti?rs ; and are "all from zentiemen well ki.o-.v: ?n their loca'ities, and of tLe he/oe-t r^poi't^ ,! iv, mar.y of tbem re-idiujj in the city of L.^L i inond, V a. F. BOYDEN. Ksq ..of the Exchange | Richmond, knorvvn tvrrvwiiere. sav? be his ? ee j ihe Medif ine calie<i Cartes * ^pam?H Mil ti'rk, adii.iui.-t? r?-d in over a bundled c?**, In I nearly all tbe di^ea^e> for wh it is womrru u ? d. with the most astonishingly :(oo.l results. Ii s.i;,s it is the most ex: raordinary hi*,d:?'ine he L- . | t ver seen. A'iVE AND FFVF R?(? R FA T CL'RE.?\ b?reby r??rtify that foe three years I had A^ne and Fever of ihe most viol-nt dJM ription I tiad -ev eral PhysU ih.ii-*. ttnk ;?.rire quai.tines of tiuinlne. Mercury, aid 1 laiieve ail Hie Tonics advt n ed but all without permanent rt-litf. At last 1 tr'? <1 Carter ? S}?nish Mixture, two boit't-s of which i efiectLallv cured me. and 1 am L.i pv to nuj i have iiad neitbur < hills <?r fevers siitcc. 1 - or. sid- r it tbe ?*"?: Tonic in this world, r.nd the only medicine that ever reached inv l ast-. JltHN LONGDEN. Btaver Ditch, near R'chmo'.d Va C ii. LI CK. Fisq.. >i)w in t!>e city of Rioh- i ni id, and for many years In ;ue Post < ?U: ?. Las , sueh . ontidence in tbe astonishing ??the?' " ? i Car- j ter:s Spanish Mixture, that be has bought up- , wards of os bottles, wbi< U he b.i^ givo^ aw. y t< the at!iict*<l. Mr. Luck savs he has never know.. | it to l.?il when taken according ta directions. Lr. MINGE.a practising Physician, and far- ( mcrly of the City Hotel, in the (itv rf Richmond "ays he has witnessed in a niiitiVr of instanee* tbe etlecls of Carter's Spanish Mixture, wbi. ii ' v/ere most truly surprising He says in a <>se of Consumption. d?i?erdeRt on the Liver, the goou eilects were wonderful indeed. SAMUEL M DRINKER, of the firm of Drin ker & Morris, Richmond, was cured of Liver Complaint of three years standing, by the u?- of two bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture liKEAT CURE OF SCRO Ft LA.?Tbe Edi tors of the Richmond Rep iblican had a servan -mployed in their pre s r-om. cured of violent Scrofula, combined wi?L Rheumatism, which en tirely disabled him from work Two bottles <?f Carter's Spunuh Mixture tuadt; a }?-rft-c.t cure til him, a; d the Kditors, in a public notice, .sav the ? cheerfully recommend it to all who are aifcict _*d with any disease of the blood." STILL AS OTHER Ci RE OFSCROHL&. 1 bad a very valuable boy cured of S< rofula L, Carter's Spanish Mixture. I rot'sider it truly u valuable medicine Ja.MKSM TVYLOR,Cor. ductor ou the R F and P K. R Co.. R u hmo. d Va. SALT RHF.UM OF TWENTY YEARS STANDING CV RE It?Mr. JOHN THOMP SON,residing in tue < ityof Richmond, was cured by three hollies of Carter's Spanish Mixture, cf Salt RUeum, wnicb he had for nearly tweril. vears, and which all the physicians of the cit, could not cure Mr Thompson is a well ki'ow*i merchant in the city of Richmond, and his cure '* most remarkable WM A MATTHEWS, of Richmond. h* i a servant cored of S\ philis, In the worn f rm. l>. Carter s Spanish Mixture. He says he cheerf >Uy recommends it, and consideni It a very in valuable medicine. EDWIN BL R TON, ccmmi/Aloner of the reve nue, says he has seen the good eflt-U of Carter's Spanish Mixture In a number of Syphilitic cars, and says It Is a pcrfect cure for that hurrlble dl ease. WM G. HARWOOD. of Rlchniond. c.ired o' old Sores and tlcen?. which disabled him from walking. Took a few bottles of Carter's Spunisb Mixture, and was enabled to walk without a crutch, in a ;,bort time fKJnnaiw-ntiy cured. Principal Depots at M ARi.),CLOSJsi4.CO , No. Ub?MaMen Laae. New \ oxa T W DYOTTA SONS, No. CS North Seoond street, Philadelphia. BENNETT A BELK8, No. L25 Main str?; Richmond, Va. And for sale bv CHAR LKSSTOTT,Wcsht ton, D C.; HENRY PEEL, Alexandria, &ad t Dr'i^pist* everywhere. P/ioe SI per bottle, or six bottles for S3, up Jti?ly Shirts .made to oki>ek.?c^tien^en's best quality of Shins made to measure and warranted to At. at the lowest New 'i ork pi ices. WALL A STEPHENS m Pa avenuf. neat to Iron Hall. (N? * Medical. PRIVATE MfDIClL TRKATIM on tm PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW OF YAEBIAOI, ?T M. B. LA CftOlI, M. Dm 4*r, A' r., IET 950 Page* and 130 ?Ine. PWb. and Colcnd Lithographs an 4 H?>W^ * Pries ?Biy Tw??ty?^T* Co*t?. S??l Fr*? 9/ Patau tc (^HKAPKs?T BOOK EVER PViTUSHED V7 . containing dm r ??? w double the quantity of read leg nattier in th*t *<f the FIFTY CENT OR DOL LAR PUBLICATION}* It treats on the fHV^lOL OGY OK MARFIAOP. and the Secret In? mules tud Dlwrdff of Yodth utj Maturity, tesul lag from rv-. nun, which de*tioy m? physical and men'al pow ers, with ObwfnttCBi; on Marriage. ft* duties ard dlsc-'sJtteirtlens, and their remedies: w<th LlthnrwH ,.Ilo?*r%Urg the* Anatomy and Pbytlclagy. nad Marwkcftki K? prodc< tier Organ* of both their sirac'tire, ?imt. and functica# A popular and com/>rehc-> slve Treatise on the D^t'.e* and Caustic* of sin gle ard married l!?e?happ? nr.d frdtful al'lcnt ?. mode of seci;rtrg them?1riM5e!?ou* and jnfert k* one*?their obvfat?? n ard retr.r.val.? !rrp* -ta-t bint* tolh<we conterrplat1r.g rwtr^n oi that w? overcome objetfrts to It ro> I w? er, ?h<o> d take this importai t step wliboutH**t c ?ulUn It* pages?oomniontark^ on the disease ud tr 4 '? al trea'ment of ferr. 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Mz.itdrd t! * l^alth. hap; ?rd j rivilr^ea to which Li m;m beiaff erti- I?*d Price TWKNTV-KIVK CKNT- per copy, or Five Oniric* for Uae Dollar Mailed t.fe of ;>o*; aj{< to .til parts of the I'nited State* N B.?Those who prefer may consult Dr LA OROI X upon any of tf.- di*ea??es upon vb?' h tli it >K?ok treat*, cither per^onallvor bv mail "!edi cin* ?etit to anv part of ?be Union acrordin?' ,<'di rertioiu., safely par k- d ai..4 carefully so red from all ol-'crvation >ddress I)r M b LA CROIX. No 51 Maiden Latte. or Po?t Office Bo* S~V. Albanv. N Y |]J7~ t.?tKi ? oj?en daily from 51 a ui. to Slj? n. , and on Snnda* frorri ?! tt'nMl 5 p it. MT" Offlre RKMOYKDfrom Nr Beaver nt to .1 >1aidcn Lanr. Alt anf, >. Y. d"C 7?y U O t T W K II (l IdLAND'S CELKBRATFD GERMAN BITTERS, PRFPAKRC) BV Dr. L. >1. JA< k?O.V i'b.ladclphia, TaM WILL EF FKr TTALL v rriii Livza COKPLA INi. DYSPEPSIA, Jaw li?, Chrmtie or Jftrtouu hit itiM *f thf Ki4n*yt. ffxif alt Di*???tj ?'????< /row ? r,4 Lifer or Srotnack. a? Con?t1patlon. Inward Pile*, f nUne?*.o; Hlood 'o the Ifead. Aridftv of the Jltonu f.h. >au ??'a. Di< fi?r f ?od. F" VWif/Lt in tncbtutom U. Sou Kructation. *? S:nk Invt or FluttcribK at the Pit of the J?u. mar-h, Swiinminj; of the Hfad. Hurried and Dl ?' J'r Breathing. Fluttering ot the Hear.. Cbofc i "r Suffocating Sensations when in a lying P??vt "r Oimimii of Vision. Dot* of Welm before t h' Sight, Fever and Dull Pain in ;he Head. l?et - ci? urv of perspirarior.. Vellownaww of the Sk :a and Eves. Pain in the Side. Back. Cb?t>l, Liirdj* 4c.. Sudden Flushes of Heat Bftming In Jh? Plefch. Coiistaat Ima; jiinjrsof Evil, and ^m>! Depression of Spir?t<> ^TMIK PROPRIKTOF. la calling the attcr ? , of the i>. VV:?: to tlii? pre,>aration. does A'i'.h a f'-eling of he utir:o?t r4-tittdence In Its Virtue* and *daptati-?n of iito the diseasrs for which it Is re- ' inwnded. It i* no iit-w rtiMi untried article, bu' one that ha* sto sl the t-st ??f a ten year*' trial before ih" Amer ica.) nOople, ^id rejt/a^ififi and ?ilel?niiri vall?-d bv any ?u?:li.r } r~\ '.ration: e-.tant. The fest ir>on; In'its fkvor given bv 1 tie n>o?f j roml nen' a:-d well-known Phv??c an* and ;idiv)d..als, ia all part* of theooautn* Is Immense The fol low from Nor h Carol'na in rt-sf?ec'fiilly sub initi?xi, refeinag any wbo aruiv still doubt, to the "Utaunbiiia." or Pra lit a1 Iceripl Book, for Parft;ers ^tid F^mili-?*?. 1^* l ad ^ra'U of all the Agcn's for th? P;rt?r?. rrl??cipal Offi<? .;-id \ ? ? 'fac?orv, 1?0 AKCH r^rtiKil STKi;KT, PHILADELPHIA, PA TESTIMONY ' 1.1 NORTH CAROLINA. Ctrtxficait 0/ Dr. It' Smith, cf Pine HiU, Kir4? / ("'y. AT. C. Pma Hill. Alartfc 4, lc5'. Dr. C. M J?c?-on. PiilliJIclphla?Dear Sir : ! huve bet a a fcubject of Dyspepnia, In Itm worst form, for the ast tve '-r-irs ??;< h \v*s my cr ndi :ion f??r twelv?- mor?th- tha* fhe pliv*icia:is :nid all who Kaw me f-aid I must die. ?Vbiie in thi* 1'on dition I was carried to the vraterl ig piaces c Vir ?^i'.ia. TennesM*, and North Ca rolina, but wis ;iot benefited by any wa'er u> wh.c h I was tak* n. While 011 my way h1 me I stepped a week at R ^rfordton. r. small vills-e in North Carolina, to try the effect of sort:** Ch?lvbe?i4e wv'-ter in that plaer Abo it the last of the week 1 v'*et'' into a drug "tore to get M>me rtM-dlcine for mvc hild a id U \'??*lf Tl>ere were several of the Viliag* physt c.aiis in the store, at'd one of them s**-iu?-d to take ?(irif intTrnt in my case, ai d. af'er a^kin * <ori!e questions. sa!ii he b:<d iw-cn a dysper?tic and had :tci'1 - l^-neiitt?ri bv 'be n>-?- of HOt'f * LAND S OP.KMAN BITTl.RS. prepand * V vcu. at'd he insisted thut I would tr\ :'ie Hitter* He ;ds?i caili'd the ne^: d iv a' nu rcsnri, and in -isifd much that I wo. id tr> tl*mtLat 1 a-k?*d him to get iiie one bottle. Hodid it, r.'-d I ? ?mii menc<-d takin.r It as d^e- ???d. wa> 'uore Iwn eatt^d by it than all the v -ti?: and tned Ir.e 1 had ever taken Alter rearblnc home one of n?v neb fibors . ante to rr.e for a prescription ?. \ tn ; <?'.? e (be a d s j?ei?tic.) aiid i gave h'in nea'iy all the 1 Jitter* I ad lei't. whitu t-Sleci'.d. it*- li -d in bis >?e lie h?.* often railed on nie f??r mo -of ! t -aine k itd of nied1e;:i#?. sa' ? .* ' e vj? more V 1 eutt-it bv- it than tnv other ,?e 1 .?d taken, b<it I have not been abl- to get aay m< re for him or invwlf sin?t?; will you. therefore, plea-e ship me a duzen or moro u.s soon as i?>ssihie Bc*pe? tTolly. yours, W SM1TB D R HOOKER. Ro-er'< Store. Wake Co., N C.. Octol>er i4. IrsVl, savs : '-Having expcrkroi d "cry great benefit from the ttseof IlOOF LAND S OF.a VAN BITTER? in <*h: " lie Dysentery and fun. tionJ de- i.iei.t of the Liver, at d its ooncomitan. evils. I am desirou* of obtaining a quantity of it for the lienetlt of my community. \ ou will, therefore, please wend ii lot, Ac.. Ac. CERTIFICATE OF WM J. ATWOOD Hcktsvillk, Yadkin Co , N C > November 1st. I6SS.( Dr. C M Jackson?DiarSIr: Allow me to cr pm? to you tuy sincere thanks for your dis. ..'- ry of a itit-dicine which, to sav the least of it. hi- * r felted a cure thai ull other medicine*, that I have taken, haveeut'rely filled to do HOOTLAND'S *? riRM AN BITTERS Lave cured me of .be most stubborn and avoravated case of the pile- that, pcibaps, ever fell to tbe lot of man Mvcaite Is not u stranger in this community, I am well k..own ui tui> and tne surround .rig countw-. . -id ? an truly sav that my ncomv has <->touBded all mv fricridf and relation -. as i Lad tr> d everything re, oiumecded. and nothing diu me aiiv gc^4 v n Ml 1 was prevailed npoa to *ry the Bitter?. You are at lib, rtv to incke any 'ise ??f this conimiirlca tion fcr tbe V oefi; uf the a&icted. you ma, tL.nk Liuxu. 'J'luly, yours, WM. J. ATWOOD. These bitters arc <?.trri> vtgttablt they 'nvl^ a::d strengthen th* systt-mf never prostrate it, and caa be u^<*i for infants as well ad Jta. Fcr sale "??y respectable dealers everywhere, rr.d bv Z D OTl^TAN, WasLi Rtoa; ) K1D WKLL., and J. K. PI KR PONT, Alexandria. ?ri' I?ly Vl/ATtUHS, fV JEWELRY, SlLvKKWAKE, tr. M. W. GALT A BRO. are constantly receiving large invoices of th* above, and offer tvery aruJe in their line at the lowest rates HOLD AND 81 EVER WORK of evrry de scription made to order, suih as TESTIMO NIALS, richly emueilished. with tppropriate de si;tiK SILVER TEA SETS, DIN.NEK SER VICES, A.: Precious sicnen set In every style, however elab orate A R.MS, PPIVTs", "tVIT-OFS, Ac, fit oil Ntr ? 8ALTt ifttl c-u 1 a av . 0f.vaj Ninth a:?d Tenth ^ts. ; - t OA>?i PtKH?ltKY, VOILALT AHTI V tie*. 4c.?We have now in sto^ a l: rs vari ety of a* e and common Fafe*. Uarrttv. s u. a La bia s celebrated I'? rf imer^-. Bnuhes, Cue**. lUng uud p'a>ia^ Cards Tooth Powders, Porte M01 naie?, Cigar cases, t ra ?', Baskets. Ac , all of which we are selling out at low price* to suit the times at the Piano, Music. StttloMiy. and Pant y tioods Store of JOHN F. ELLIS, 303 Pa sveauc, bet. IKt> and sta