Newspaper of Evening Star, August 11, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 11, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR WASHIWGfOlT CITY: SATURDAY AFTUMOS A?(li> 11. JOB PR1WIJIO. t ' ? !?????** ??? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? . A We arc moving oar preMce into * in* mv press room, where we will hsve greatSf in creased facilities for the execution of Joa Pawnse. Our other facilities for the neat, expeditious, and economical execution of Job Printing, of almost every deecription, hare likewise been gr#atly extended of late. So we ?re now prepared to giro satisfaction in that line to all. Counsel before the Court of Claims will find the iStir ofice the best place in Wash Ington for the immediate and correct execu tion of their printing jobs. Giro as a call. _ Owing to the moving of mr newspaper press to its prudent location, and the changing of tha engine and the shafting to adapt it to the new ptuse-room, we shall be compelled to depend upon the hire of laborers for a few dajs for the " power'' necessary to print our paper. Subscribers receiving their papen somewhat later than usual in the meanwhile will, therefore, know the cause of the delay. THE WEEKLY STAB, For the week ending to-day, contains a record of all that is going on in Washington, of both a local and governmental character, making it the beet medium for pereona at a distance to obtain the news from the National Capitol. In addition there are short interesting, care fully selected tale' and anecdotes, together with intelli rence from all parts of the United States, and the world at large. Terms. $1.25 per an num, or three cents a single number. SPIRIT OF THE MOBVnre PRESS. The Union contains strong anti-Know Noth ing letters from the Hon. Senator Benjamin, of Louisiana, and the Hon. A. E. Maxwell, of Florida, both of which it compliments pro fusely. The Union also says that the recent elections have fairly driven Know Nothingism oat of the South, forcing it hereafter to be a mere tender to Messrs. Seward, Chase, Wil ?on, Hale, Greeley, atad other ambitious aboli tionists. The hhion furtlier comments with much forcc on tbd deep-seated hostility of all the ism* to the Judiciary, and glories over the result of the elections in North Carolina, Ten nessee and Alabama, saying of the Kentucky election in the same connection: " Kentucky is thus far the only Southern State which has not rejected the advauc?eof Know Aotbiu^sm. Upon her soil the stand ard of proscription had been raised by red handeil riot, and defended by organised vio lence and fraud. But in the States of North Carvlua, Tennessee, and Alabama, where tho baiiot ifiid not brutalized, and where citixens entitled to vote were unobstructed by hired juffiaL?. and una wed by armed bands, the re sult has been far bcyoud the expectations of the Trends of order and toleration. It is an incident of the present exciting canvass, every where conspicuous, that decorum and Deinoc raey have triumphed together; that wherever there hnt been fair voting the victory has been With the Democrats ; ?Ld that, where the Con stitution was most acrimoniously assailed, so weie th-j i auJiJates and the creed of the Dem ocratic p '*fy. Philadelphia proscription was remi.ugurated by almost open fraud ; in Massachusetts it was formally established'co tempo raneotu aith aa as.-*ult upon the laws of Congress ; while in Ohio it was preseuted to the people amid the curses and the threats of the banded foes of the Union." The Union, in another article, rejrices over the p respect of the utter rout of Know Nothing Ism in Maine and elsewhere throughout the North. We may add that our private advices from Maiae, on which we have every reason to rely, lead us to conclude that the imposture of Know Nothiogbm has already completely exploded there. The Union also complains with much bitterne?a against the complicity of the telegraphing agents, if not the operators, in the North and West, with the Know Nothings, in inducing them to withhold anti Know Nothing tews, and to falsify the truth in aid of Know Nothingbm. The IntoUigrneer moralises in excellent tem per, ifcdeed, upon the impossibility of pleasing all subscribers in conducting a newspaper, and presents giowling?" ?op my paper"? letters to snow the foolish new of extremists in both sections with reference to its (the Intel dtgeneer's) tone on the subject of slavery. UxpbonxD.?The Buffalo Commercial Ad vtrttser, the home organ of Mr. Fillmore, and decidedly the mcst respectable and Influen tial paper in the country mat has openly and fully espoused the cause of Know Nothingism, thus spoke in advance of the iffect of the re cant State elections : "If Gantry is defeated in Tennessee, and the Democrats achieve a decided success in North Carolina, toe American i-arty will no longer have aa existence as a national organi sation . Even il they win a signal victory in Kent may on Monday next, it will avaii them upon an overthrow in the other autts just named." FESSONAI. . is stated that ex-Governor Keeder has written to his friends in New York that he will return bomd by the way of that city. ....New York will have a plenty of lions and lionesses, (in addition to any namber of jackals auu jackasses,) next mouth; Ka?hel in the dramatic *tae; John B. Gough for the tem perance people; and i'alher Gavassi for the Know Notuiiig*; t.len?{hero is Thackery for thoae of iiterary tastes, &i4 Be v. Dr. Newman for the Catholics. ....Eighteen abandoned women were arrest ed on 1 uursday at a dancj house in Church ?trect, New \ork. Some weie commuted for fartherextimination, some&nt to the penitenti ary, acd others discharged on a pr luisc of re form. All hands had hoc a engaged as a mod el artist dancing troupe, at a noiu-e of ill re pute in Church street, and were arrested in the very act. . ? .Rev. L. G.ustiniani, D. D., well known to the rel^ious pubie throughout the country, died not long since in Cincinnati, in the fifty jdnth year of his age. ,#...A party of negroes, dressed in the new est fashion, arc now visiting Paris. They are attaches of the C ?art of tho Empero? c ??{oque. Among them are General Count Etna, J*"nator and Grand Chancellor of the Empire; Yi% ,tMt Eloa, his son; Baron Simon, and the COv'nt dc Val ....Rachel's name? French ac tress?is pronounced Rash-*. k?'J. That it the Par-ee ttyle. ... .A specimen of united African >? new exhibiting at London, and said to b? ver7 caWus.vely visited. ... .On the 4th inst., a an ion convention com ff ^'5* ^"wratl, assembled M Rockviilc. .4d..u.H??inaUd the Allowing ticket: ?it t> 1 r ' Washing? Du vall, Dr. C A. Harding. Orphana C-mrt? ? rl..D.UIiloP? Juhn Jon?1,? N.. Hat oil B. Caihcll, Dr. J. W Anderson. States At torney?W. Viers Booic. Surveyor?William T. Dale. Commissioner*?Howard Grifcth HV d' S?91"*'' Samaai Jigg*. of K., John T. Benson, Wm. lUid. *or fchexiiT?Riahsrd Groomes. Tbn eonven tMS*Vso rreoiamenJed Major George Peter lor Conuaimincer of Public Worka, and Gen. {pew- I', ^ywie for Gnofreee. WASHINGTON HEWS AND GOeSIP. i ihe Next House*?We hart bMn trying to figure out a Enow Nothing working majority in the next House of Representatives of the United States. Or, in other words, to discover if it is within the scupe of possibility that tly Know Nothings can carry any measure likely to be in issue before that body. It is rery certain that even with the addition of those who voted against the Nebraska bin, who bar* been re turned again, they cannot muster a majority for the restoration of the Missouri restriction; at more or laas of the old, aa wall as tha new anti Nebraska members, are opposed to the proposed restoration. Certainly, not a man elected as a | Democrat favors any snch policy ; while it is almost m certain that the few Know Nothing members from the North who were lately Sllrer Greys or anti-Seward Whigs, stand on the same platfo:xn in that particular. We should like some one to point out a sin gle point of the policy of the present Adminis tration against which there is any possible chance that the Know Nothings of the House will rote with unanimity. Is it upon the tariff question ? Is it upon any question connected with our foreign relations ??with the public laads??with the financial policy of the Gov ernment??or with slarery ? Now, in truth, the Know Nothing party proper is destined to turn out to be the smallest in the House, except that of the Garrison abo litioiii.<U which will number?thanks to Know Nothing divisions in its favor?twice as many members as adhered to it in the last House. Mr. Senator Sewsrd is destined to be the dic tator for full three-fourths of those elected as Know Nothings from non-slavehoiding States, leaving the Know Nothing party proper in a very lean minority, indeed; insomuch as it will not number, in a month after the session opens, mure rotes than enough to constitute it a miserable faction, standing ready to vote this, that, or the other way, as may seem like ly to pay best, politically. As for the idea that the mass of the Know Nothings will vote for any officers, or bestow any patronage ex cept to strengthen the anti-slavery cause, it is preposterous. Though they will not be able to command a majority, they will steadily ad hero to the policy of standing by the anti. ' slavery cause in all things, so as to have ' strength for a great anti-slavery canvass for the Presidency in 1860?Know Nothingism proper Laving rendered it certain that the Democratic nominee, whoever he may be, will { be triumphantly elected in 1856. As revok- J ing as the doctrines, aims, and character of < Know Nothingism are to the Democratic party, it is indebted to it (Know Notbingisin) for the existing certainty of its success in 18^6, as de- * monstrated in tLo results of all the elections ' taxing place of late, and in the broad and doep gulf which is now open between the new Republican party and the Northern adherents ' of the Philadelphia platform, who number a fourth of the whole opposition strength in the non-slavehoiding States. The Blow in North Carolina.?It is difficult ? for one familiar with the character of the peo- < plo cf North Carolina to realise the existing i state of politics in that commonwealth. The population of that State are more difficult to ' be changed in their opinions and predilections. * than aty other people in the United States s From the foundation of the confederacy up to ? the route of Van Buren, a majority of them t were consistently and unchangeably with the Democrats. Since the latter event, and up to the last Presidential election, the majority of I the State were ns firmly against the Demo- r crats. Pierce triumphed there by acompara- i tively small majority ; the mnjority the other j wayjbecoming smaller, by degrees, since the < original sweepirg change by which in the Van < liurtn oontest the Democrats lost the State, f In the last gubernatorial election, ttragg's, (Democratic) majority was but 2,059, whioh was regarded by the politicians there and hero t as a wonderful Democratic achievement. In the election that took place a few days since the Democatic or anti-Know Nothing majoritv i is at least 8,000, and may foot up 10,000! Now tho meaning of this sudden change is, simply* . that Know NothingLsm, with its false pre- > tences of superior purity and patriotism, its i inculcation of proscription on account of reli gion and its propensity to elevate notorioq* 1 party hacks and proverbial office seekers, dis* 1 jrusts the people; driving more voters from the opposition into the ranks <>f the party that has gallantly opposed its effort to subTert the. constitution and set the laws at defiance, than it secures from that party, through disappoint ment in obtaining office, ignorant brutality of temper, and religious bigotry. There ere fewer Catholics in North Carolina, by far, than any other State in the Union. They were not, as a church, sufficiently kno*u in North Carolina to obtain for themselves (the Catholics) the personal sympathy of the peo ple of that State, whose vote in favor of preserving intact in their case the pledge of ' religious liberty and equality was one of high toned principle only?of devotion to tho su premacy of the constitution of the United States as our fathers made it. The Health of Washington.?If we are not greatly in error this has so far been the healthiest summer season ever experienced in this city, though for tome years past Washing ton has been gradually coming to ho regarded as among the healthiest localities in the Uni ted States. Wo well remember when ague and fever was as unavoidably nn adjunct of a residence here, as anywhere in Illinois. When, indeed, the people <<f all tho surrounding country were as famous for being victims o1 fevers from Malaria, ad ever were those of old en time who lived on the borders of the Pon* tine mtrsbes. The filling up of all the low ground within the corporation limits, and the draining consequent on the great agricultural improvement to which the neighborhood of Washington has been subjected in tho last thirty yvars, have doubtless produced the so beneficial cffect on the publio health in this section of country to which we refer above. Jotn Scott Karriioa ?We learned some days since that the friends of Chase having re cently obtained the control of the Know Noth ing-proper State Convention for Ohio that came together on the day before yestcrlay, would surely bring about the nomination of the Hon John Scott Harrison, for Governor; having pre vioHW-y assured themselves that he would unacircumstances accept. Their aim wa8 ttf fcavt tU* .Convention adjourn before it be c.ime know# J?r. Harrison declined the nomination; <?* ** render it impos sible for the Contention to agxae^u a candi date id fclf'steal, so t>Mi the Know foihings who adhfrt fen tae Philadelphia platform would be fjroe* H eh-wi* i.etween Chase and Mtdtl! only. Wrr|re redve thet ftcy" J1**? k?*n ! fue*?*4*ai iu wearing the nomination oj ^r Harrison, who will not icotpt, and take it for granted that they hare compassed their design of effecting an sdjournment without nomi nating any one who will accept. Yet, we doaht seriously whether they have strength ened the cause of their candidate, Senator Chase, by their tricks in this connection: as a large wing of the Philadelphia-platform men in that State avow the purpoto of voting for MediU in preference to Chase; while such If beyond all question the intention of the great? mass of thoee who not hating joined the Know Nothing order, on account of the anti-Ameri ean feature* of its creed, are still opposed t. abolitioniam under whatever guise it may seek popular faror. We derive these impressions from late con versations with a distinguished and influential Ohio Philadelphia-platform man, and a lead ing and shrewd Democratic party leader re siding in the southern part of the State. Tho Joint Stock Company.?As it is, doubt less, a matter of some interest to our fellow citiaens of Washington to know who are the owners of the Organ, we have been at some pains to obtain a correct list of those gentle men. The stock is divided into thirty shares which are owned at this m&ment, or were owned a few days since, as follows : t lysses Ward, 2 shares; Vespasian Ellis, 4; S. C. Eusey, 2; Wm. M. Burwell, 2; Hon. Bayurd Clark, (Know Nothing member elect to Congress from New York,) 8; Wm. Tucker (of Lane A Tucker,) 1; Selby Parker (ex iecrctary of the Washington anti-Slavery So ciety,) 1 ; Ephraim Wheeler, 1; S. Fowler, 1; M. (1. Emery, 1; J. M. MoCalla, 1; William Blanc hard (publisher of the National Era,) I ; Robert Beale (ex-Sergeant-at-Arms of the U. S. Senate,) 1; Maj. J. H. Hollman, 2; W. f. Busey, 1; T. D. Sandy, 1. Some of the orignal share-holders have sold >ut, among them being Messrs. McKeldcn, Pepper, Donn, and Evans. Another Governor for Kansas.-After we went to press yesterday,-the President appoit^ 'd the lion. Wilson Shannon, of Ohio, Gover nor of Kansas, vice John L Dawson, dt olined^ the declension of the latter gentlemat javiug been received only in the course of the lay. Mr. Shannon has a long record an u pub ic man, every line of which is in strict accord ince with the principles of the Nebraska-Kin sas bill. lie has been twice in Congre*?, one* *<n ernor of Ohio, and ho was Mr. Tyler's Minister to Mexico. We do not know ?f a gentleman in the country whose appointment ? the Governorship of Kansas will be mor.' ike'y to accord entire satisfaction to the friends >f the Nebraska-Kansas bill in all quarters >f the country. Fort Pierre.?The War Department Lave jdvicci of the arrival at their destination of he troops not long since ordered to garrison lort Pierre, the most advanced (westerly) p?*t ?ecupied by United Sutes troops from this ide. It was recently purchased by the G?v rnment from the Indian Trading Company of /hauteau A Co., to be occupied in connection nth the proposed expedition against tho ioux. We understand that it is known here, ?y-the-by, that the troops for thy expedition re rapidly moving towards th<> Upper Mis ouri for concentration at the points where they ire ordered to assemble, and from whence hey are to commence operations. A a Army Officer Dead.-?Information, by elegraph, reached Washington this morning ?f the death of Major E. A. Ogden, Quarter naster U. b. A., which took place a few days luce at Fort Riley, Kansas Territory, of cbol ra. Major 0. was recently assigned to the luty of extending the quarters at Fort Riley, md had lately arrived there with a large orce of mechanics to that end. It is presumed hat his untimely death from cholera will ause a dispersion of the workmen under him. Mr. Buchanan.?We have definite infonna ion with reference to the intentions of Mr. Buchanan, U. S. Minister at the Court of St. fames, as to the exact time of his return to he United States. Ho has written to Wash ington that he will leave England for the nited States in the steamer of tho 6th of Oc ober, and will have J. Addison Thorns, Es lie new Assistant Secretary of State for a f?l ow voyager. Commander Barron, U. S. N.-Wc have oews this morning that this gallaLt oflicer is Joinewhat better of the attack of yellow fever, which came on him shortly after the recent Jcath of his wife of the same terrible disease Ho is at the naval hospital, near Norfolk. Tho Constellation.?The Navy Department lave advices of the sailing of the United States frigate Constellation, Capt. Chas. H. iiell in command, from the Norfolk station, to ioin the Mediterranean squadron. Tho Current Operations of the Treasury Dapartment.?On yesterday, the 10th August here were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department... ? 910,000 00 tor tho Interior Department I0j.966 5<> i ?r the Custons..... 1^550 8i >i ar Warrants received and en Jered 161,754 96 W ar repay warrants received and entered 2,492 42 Drawn on account of the Navy... 66,766 01) Covered in from miscellaneous sources I cnn nA Covered in from Customs ! I 76 5 The Yellow Fevek.?We are sure that the deep sympathies of the whole people of the Commonwealth have been aroused by the ter rible scourge which has visited our fellow citi /.ons of Portsmouth, and that they only need the suggestion to give those sympathies some substantial form. Ill addition to (he unspeak nble sorrew entailed upon oue of the most ex cellent communities in Virginia by tho loss of uany valuable and precious lives, a heavy t is no doubt incurred for the nursing aud attendance of those who are unable to provide for themselves. We invoke our fel l >w citizens of Richmond aud of other towns to apply for the privilege of sharing with the people of Portsmouth the expense which thi; , filiation has brought upon them. They have extended aid on former occasions to their orsthren in New Orleans, and other place* viritod with the yellow fever, and they will rejoice, we are sure, to be permitted to assist a Virginia town, and one too which has a pop ulation as modest and unobtrusive, but as en terprising and intelligent, as that of any town in Virginia. Some of the noblest hearts that t;ver beat in this old commonwealth, or uny other portion of the habitable globe, are to be found in Portsmouth. We sincerely trust that the dark shadow of rhe destrjyer will suon pass away from our ?istcr eity, and that its future prospects may not be at all affocted by a calamity to which uvery seaboard city in the Union is exposed. Iod ivd. Portsmouth, usually on* of the most ueaUhiW til?* tbe Union, with its wide, *pa?ious general cleanly as well a* attractive appohfraifcif, WW v*e the la?t :4arvs in the eouatry iu vthi-ih we shoaUf'fcWTe tp*jted yellow t'evcr. ?Ktcitmom/I Dispatch. Th? Election!. North Caboliha.?The sum of our Addi tional news from this State if, that Scale? (Dem ) baa certainly beaten Puryear (K. N ) for Conpesa?a Democratic faii??hing th? lelegation stand D^ooratic 6, Know Noth ings 2. ^ v v x K*!*tuc?t.?We have Know Nothing ac oouuts from Kentucky, saying that Morehead's (K. N.) majority for Governor will roach 8.000. and that the Know Nothings hare 8. and the Democrats J, members of Congress from the ?-?ight districts from which returns have been reeeired, tearing two districts still in donbt. Alabama.?The day's n%ws says that Walk er, K. N., has eertainly been elected to Con gress in the Mobile district, an erent gener ally expectcd. though scattering returns re wired yesterday from a portion of the district induced a hope that Stalworth had defeated him. With this exception we hare nothing farther from Alabama than we published yes terday. Texnkssbb.?Nothing whaterer has reach ed us to-day from the Tennessee election. Missorai.?On Monday last, there was an election in St Louis city and county for ooun ty assessor and assistant county attorney, with the following result: ("U'K N> ^KF N.ftm PoIliu <anti*K'N,) SJS77, Bru* There were some 200 scattering rotes thrown. This is a sweeping and terrible defeat of Know Nothingism in one of its recent strongholds. Viaoi.MA.?Wa hare at length the official account of tho late Virginia election, showing majorities as follows : For Gorernor-Wise. (Dem) 83,424; Flournoy, (K. N.,) 73,244; majority for Wise 10,180. The majority for He Coin as, (Dem.,) for Lieutenant-Governor, is 11,379, and forBocock, (Dem.,) for Attorney General 12,118 A Bet-hater.?A ratber nrettv wenun ntmed Mary Jane Davis, boarding at the Me m" H?tel< appeared before Cel. Ming, it the Mayor s office, and complained that sbe became acquainted with a man named Lewis through aovertising for a situation to accom pany a gentleman and his wife, or family, to California , that he became a constant visitor at the house where she was stopping, and in I he courso of a week or so proposed marriaco ?Thich she subsequently accented. They were married on the 6 th of July, by lie v. Mr. Thompson, of the Methodi?t Episcopal Church ind tho day following the marriage ceremony he took her to the Metropolitan Hotel to boar/ ? ? ?71D? hcr t0 the above '*?Pwdf ? ,under pretence of getting .cady lor California questioned her as to her fleets, and learned that she had some money in the Seaman's*Savings Bank, and induced jier to give him an order to draw it out for her. In addition to this, she gave him her 5S to car-y un}il they ready to ,ARer securing these things, he started ?ut under pretence of purchasing the nece^ -ane, for th., ,nJ ha. 3i?CoT? seen or heard of by his young wife.?Netr Fori hxpress. SrRVEvuro Operations in the Wbster Pa c,k,c -The Friend of China gives a ddled ^PtSiniT?H \CrU,v-aud surVt'Jir'g operations t the L. b. ship \ mccunes among the Bonin islands and .he shores of Japan. It says '?During Ijerstay in Hong Kong the Hydro ,rapher. and Mr. kern, artist to the exj^ditkm nave been busily engage.! in completing chart* ? t tue whole of the ground traversed on the crnue, which they succeeded in completing .or forwarding by the outgoing mail. Lieu tenant Brooke, in charge of the Astronomical iepartment, has al?o observations; the old ouilding of the Medical Mission, and rooms in i ol(1 M?rrison school, having been placed by our government at the disposal of Commc .ore Rogers for the uje of the expedition. . La? ?.nIy a?id that our anticipation run ning It is through the great popularitv of Commodore Rogers there is hope for Pucce^s in -he futuro, has been completely fulfilled, and there is again prospect of a successful voyage." Bangers ok tue Bivino Bell.?Durinz some weeks past a diving bell has been success fully employed in facilitating the operations .or widening the draw at the New Bedford <nd Jairuaven Bridge. The usual period of aine which persons can remain in the divin ?? bell with safety during its immersion, we be lieve, is about 46 minutes. On Saturday last two men who hal imprudently remained in , . y?]1 ilbout au bour gave the signal to br hoisted up immediately, and although this was speedily performed, one of them had iaintod before immerging into the open air ? l'ro1b"1 ,.-v,,a c:,n?equencc of the atrnosohere iii the bell becoming bad from its continued res piration. A slight additional delay would r/robab y have been attended with fatal con sequences. Another person recently on beine with hi"1 li V1 ttJ0 surface was attacked bleeding at the nose, accompanied with symptoms cl fever and ague. An Irishman *1 o, on his first descent in the bell, after a few minutes gave the rignal to be hoisted up '.ithwith, and on meeting his friends declared that his head felt as about to burst, and that Mercury* fcSC4Ped death.-New Bedford ^Tho conductors on the New York and Erie Railroad have adopted a uniform. It is appropnate and becoming, not unlike that of the New York Police. tfL buttons bear th, emb em of a miniature locomotive and the word "Conductor." A TTEN TION. WASH IN GTON HIGH landera.?\ ou are herebv notidt d to mm at your armory on MONDAY EVENING, the lJth instant, at 8 o'clock. Each member is requited te attend this moot By order of the Captain : <*? W. FLOOD, Sec. 1 "P601*1 communication 7^-? *nc brand Led ire of the District nf fn lumbia will be holdenon vClNDAY the 1*1 h in ?uat, al Island 1WI, ?^?p n. ,talbi piir,p^e# X lte Corn-r Stone of the ? Ger i Church," corner 4 k and I) aU Officers and members of the Grand Lod^e will ake due notice thereof. Masons in sjood stand ing are fraternally invited By order M. VV. Grand Mister: au'O-A 8 T" 8HUGKRT, au 10?3t Grand Sec. jAN ADJOURNED MEETING OF <ke Protes't Episcopal MUsionary Com mit. e* of the District or Columbia will be h<?ld at tue residence of the Rev. Mr French TO-MOR ROW (Saturday) AFTERNOON, at{ o'clock rf^'ri ^quf\fi.0n?0fthe appointment rf a resident Mis?ionary will be considered, a full attendance is earnestly requested au 10?-it J-^NOTlCfi-F.Vsr Grand Excursion of the American KiHemtn.?The members of this Corps most respectfully announce to their friends and patrons that they will jrive an Exeur sion on THURSDAY, August 23d. fc*cur Particulars i j future advertisement Ideut. ROB T T. KNIGHT, ' " Chairman of Com. rnivn n eg^,? b0y? to hire I . ^ro Boys, one sixteen and the other nine years of age. The elder boy has b?>n accustomed to farm work. Appljr, after a o'clock P No- ^ Nineteenth street, between I and K ^reeu- au 11?at# T FENCES BREAKING DOWPfi HE fences around our Yard, on Ninth street h2Zin{ ^iveu *way. we stall be oblL-ed^^ seu oil 75 tons White Ash E^g Coal, to mate tbp necessary repairs. Persons wTshin-/ tola??n thVi! winter supplies will do well to uive us 2. ?n autlijl?' ? ?d cSSi su. ^VI^AKK^vf AX,E'~"1 w,sb to?ell ? GRAY She is a beautiful animll Jid' rarran1tat-*>u"fa " ?i'K3?: J2TSS ma x-strL-tfzz d.fwmb.?iis*, *u?? 10 ? ' to^k, to the hi^hwst bidder a'lU-iv* TitfOTHY V LIST or LETTERS R*mii?mgt*tkt P??t OJtrt^Watktntu*, D [Ordered te be advertised la Ik* " Kfttnimg Staragreeable to the following aeeHoe of the PM OAce Lew?It M02 tkft newspaper ha via* the largest circulation or uj dolly popw pub lished In Washington* Sic. 5. iM fc* ?( furtktr tuatfd. That the llslef letters remaining encalled for in uj port efflcein any citv. town, or Tillage, where newt paper* shall be printed. Khali, h-reafte-. be pub lished once only in the newspaper which, being issued weekly, or ofener, ikall kmvt tkt tmrgui cireulmtim within the ranee of the delivery of ?aid office, to bo decided by the paetmaeter at each office ] WT*raOH applylac far lett*r* U the bU*?U| list, wtfl pleeee m; they ere ivrnnen. r LIST. Merkie. Mr- Very 4 MM'tletca Mr* Ul MUot. Hre Jut ??Urn, Hre aim Mere*. Alice J?m Mtoikii, CMktrtM Mcr>..uQ*ii, iu Mr Dee sett, Mlea HcKet?kt. Mre I MeLoachlia. Mli WeaOe. Hre Sarah S Noble. Peleey T Xolrtey, Mia# Bridget Keeai, Ore Tram m O'Neal*, Mies Mary Jim O'Sriea, Hue Aim O'Oeener, lUrtirK O'Keefe, Mlee Bleaoor Oakley, Mlee Cbtherlae Perk. Marts* Peerr, Mrs CeUe Plank. Bilea Ptimroy, Mlra Mary Parklaeen, Ore Will .am Ponrte, Mre abb Bitrhle, Mlee leebeil* More re. Mre Am b Boitieae, Miee Opbel.a Mod'aa. Mn L Kaodall, Mtae Martha Kalily, Mre NirpM Rcoti. Mre AatBa Stubbv Mre Mary iue B tat la. lira P Stewart, Bilea T Stewart, Miee Harriett Saadera, M ra Nancy Stewart, Mlae Jr.lta Hlu.rUr, Catharine B 8a we re. Ktaa Mar tar It ] h-'thora, Margaret Taibat, Mary T"laui, Mia* Sarah t li aar, Mre Lacy Ward. Mlee Mere W tcka, M re Mary J While, II .aa Haaan Wa'ah, Hra Blten Wal?h, Mlaa Hary Wehh. Mra Jalta abb While, Hlae Saeen P WUIUbi. HIii Emily Wllana, Hra Harriet WaablriKtoe. Mary B Wlndeor. Mlae Oatharis* Wlikeraun, Mre Mary Wltiierail Mn UtUmci Wbealer, Mlaa Mery LAM Asia, Mlee Bowmj, Mlaa Marti* B'^rMec, Htee Bmella U rail ford. Mre Jaae Brlacoe, Mlee Sarah P Bowie, Mlee Mery Baylor, Mre Sophia B Bailey. Miee Martha A hlarhfor.'. Mra ?rai >h Chaee. CI. a? bath ' oacriH Mlaa Biles Cleveland, Mlaa Sarah J Campbell. Mre Lew la rfcambere. Mr* Ssaas A Dick, Leetbey B Drake, Mre Bdwta Devi a. Mlee Maria T Daete, Miee Sarah Duafort, Mlea Anne Dane, Mre Philip Doherty, Mary OlmnnMB, Mra Bllee KImoadauR, Mlaa Bally C Plyaa, Mlee Mery KeatbereUibaaeh, Mra T B ?iruax, Mra M A Jr. en. Mlaa B'iie O-aharc, Mlea Amelia tflMetueleter. Mlae V M Houk, Hra E.lsabetli Hill, M'ae Mery L Howard, Mre Buna Hackley, Mra A Bana?a, Mr* Saltle 0 Be| btira, Mlee Merle O Hunter, Mre A :i trail ton, Mlea X<lward*a* J Mlaa Arabella J iaea, Mr* R'wetta Jooea, Mlae Klen Joaae, Mia* Bile M Jenklnt, Ml** Kliaabetli Johueon. PaUey Bhal, Ml** Virginia K irklaod Mra O M t Lufoutaiu, Mary Little, Mra Mancy lifwn. Mm H LaB?a*ter, Catharine Leittbachar, Mr* ChrlMlea LI'iilA, Mr* OBibariBa iteaKber. Mr? TiBoll.y, Mlaa Oraca K Mare. Mr* Bliubeth Marka, Mlaa l^ny Hi lea, Mi*a Mary Mitchell, Mlaa Mary H tt iddleton, M Is* Ma>Uie A larrt. TheoHore An4r??e, ri W Allan, 8 B \iMlenoa, Gea A i llrotrn, W J Krouley, W 3 tiatly, W H r.KNTLEMEVS LIST. Utbba. K B Qathne, J no B 1 Oilbart, Jot C*ruer, Geo O Oonzeabarh, P A tiardiu*!'. I C Ulrarf. Didler H?cob, W iatiiujna troeeea. CtirMliea B (tick, B S OlhoB, Dr A L Bowling, K H Hoppa, Broe h Oo Ba<l>y, K B Hliiwood, V. in Bartoo, Katan Hal!, Wm Hutntrhetiturh, Mr Hunt, Wm T Baircnirnoa. Jean Hull, W Pmnk liv?y, L A Haio*n, Baurr, J so C A Oo Heath, Lr I! race, Jolio P 1 ? Sler, I ii?Ut, J no iln-wn, I C linker. Coll M ! ftr<MBekan. Jera Urnaun, is K Itnker, H C Bryant, Qe>> P H:?b>ip. Geo S Uartlinc, W H Derrick A Moore Hell. J?.a 8 Hatch. Capt J P Heater, Pd M4 J W *?y. J B Haatli, J B Biley, Dr Hath*cheinbower,P Blidlck, B<>bt MrMaboa, Thee Mtrhole, W T Nicbota, Wm A Nlcbolia, Joe Mtcli'i'.eou A Gordua PUtt, SHI P.rkar, 8 H Po!rrier. Jobs Parkar, JAMS PlilUlp*. Joli a Pl*?r. J no Pimlell, Jacob p-tttt j t; Ph-lter. J no Parkburat, J M > iaoe, Jnu 9 P?tter?"0 G W S Pottle, B V Poo re. Baa Parley Howard, P B Hewitt. B L Burton. David W Harrover, C 6 Howard, Phaa B B.-udaax, Dr D W 5 Hawkee. B P Kr-ill. H B Uheea, W H Cjirvar, Prot W B Clow, K*ml Corcoraa, Timothy CumaiiDC*. Kobert Jolinaloa, Ja* J Carrol, Lawrence Jobuaou, Jane* CUaad'.er Lt Wm '1 Juo S S Cook, J no M A Co Binaural, Prvar 3 Beid. Ker J W Babbitt, laaar Booney, Je?ea Bappli, Jru Jacob BiiLerle, li J Harwix.,1, Capt A A Kau?M. He? H Hood. Abuer T Johneoii, Walter B Johne->n, B M Jack* in, Lt P A iVxik, Jao Coale, J oo 11 Ciiiuie, 1 D (SmpWl. Jmc D <!*ali, (aaac Chasten, C H ? 'art oil, Bryan Chapman, B B Johfaon, A M knlfl.t, Jbo B K'*e!, Jao Kincu, J H Kellv, Jm.tnu? Kam:n*rer, G Kroh, Alex Lee. Capt H S Ue. P A Lynch, Mtcbeel U*i?, Lawrence Hawilng*. Wao W Belc!t'y. Be* Che* B'acber. A T Stewart. Wm Smith. W H Bpeacer, W Bewail. W 8 St ?enaon, T K Sua, Tboa Sharaoa. Ttto* B Seiket, T M, jr Stone, Tboa J Sargent, T D Samle. P'?rre > SdiUits, Jn<> (be Si. gMt-ib, J. ha Slmpeun, Joaiah rhapmaa, Andrews I^aU.CaptLorenio Stone, J J dark. A L D'^l^e, Wm M !?olln, Wm D 'itua, Wm H U-niaelly. Tboe D'tt'H, K 0 DuIct, R W Donnelly, Patrick Duval Peter Doaoboe, Patrick Duwton Wm Davl*. Kirk Dilln, John Lac, Jtnei Lumlwjr, J no lattim. J D Leuai^ger, P Lou'k*. A II Maxwell, MaJ Wm Murpby, Wm M Mitcliael. Win More, Wm MoluBy, Timothy Melater, P A B Mellrtll, Joaiah Mcrae, J B De Larilland, J V S Morrow, He* J C-entsel, F A Dlax, Peter Dice. Darld Dade. Cha- W Darcae, Ctiaa A Donaideon. MaJ A J Ma.'eton, t>eo Everzon. Capt Mark Maaaa, Squire Kill. % Jonathan X Muir. Daniel Kvi-ia, Geo Maary, Dr C D Kii.-liah. D Preedt FrATikMn, Jbo P Mar*t>all, Alex J K?-relly, Jno W Marde*, A J Peuton, Bapt Jno P Ml- hel, Adlien Pitzpatrick Henry McC el*h, A Por-man. G W McCallion, Geo PitA^arald, Hward McOeaalaiKt, Cafit Slater, Jama* P Smith, C<l*t G W S<>1*, *'eo Hie war t, Chae A SheruiJMi, C K SoMlltnK, Ad-iph liioineoa. W H Thi>mn, 9 Taylor, Bee B T Thorbary, Jol.a S T?<>l*, Joe P Till'.*, Jarre* Tbom. Geo T<>?e-, Johae I pton. Chaa H Van Bibber, M P Taachu, Jamee Weir, Thoa i W hoeler, Theo Waddy, Thoe W Walker A Sbermaa Wi;iiam*on, S?r.wei W. jlom, L T Monucumery, C A,Jr WDa?n. Jo* P Marray, Jaruee Monroe. J S H i*, leas'* B 1 Moore, J trae* A MIt-hell, Henry S Parrel!. Andrew Mreen, W L Oibnon, Wm Go .rtiey, T L Ge.iney, Capt T B Uurley, R-> B B G:.i!iatu, KH 1 M^naicere of A. Dlrecli'ry. A U{U*t 11 Mrlntyre, Lt J B Mi-fo*a, Jno McElroy, Joha McDermott, Janet McDoauetl, Jame* McKeilefrett, T P Walker, Col Jbo C Wottea. J B Walker. Jo* T Weaver, J Bo H Whltt'eaey. H M WilJ:amr,Oept??a Wt'.liama. G^ M Wood, Geo Wlber, Da rid Wfcittimora, Amoa Teomaue, 1 L Tetee, OUee P INITIALS. r. S ; Editor of Oor Flag , Office of City JAMBS G. BBBBKT, P. M. DROVERS' REST BY consent of the L>rov?rs and Butchers attend ing the markets of this vicinity thep? * % salesday fur Cattle at Droyers' Rest has" been changed from Wednesday to FRI DAY. The new arrangement to commence on the24th instant. "LEWIS D MEARS. au 11?fit* B ICON 25,000 lbs. Shoulders 0,000 do Sides 800 verv choice sugar-cured Hams Just received and for sale bv au 11?eo3t MURRAY & SbMMES THE HAT ESTABLISHMENT QF ANTHONY, on Seventh street second door HA prices for cash only Consequently 20 per _ cent extra profit will not be charged In order to off set bad debts. The very best Press Hats, got up In the latest style. S3 50, usually sold for and S5. '-Quick sales and small profits," is the motto au 11?eo3m north of Fa. avenue, is the place where H ATS and CAPS are retailed at wholwale u HUNTER'S ACADEMY. THIS Instituton will be open in h onest Hall, Georgetown, on Monday, 27th August, for the reception of pupils. The course of Studies will embrace a thorough English education The La tin and French languages will alto be taught if desired. Particular attention will be paid to the moral character of the pupils, and none will be retained whose conduct may have an unfavorable influence upon the other pupils. CHAS S. HUNTER Georgetown, Aug. 11?ooUrTth OLD POINT HOTEL. rpHE above Hotel will be cloeed for the season A on Saturday, the Ulh instant, in consrauenre of the prevailing epidemic at Norfolk and Ports mouth. Acknowledging the very liberal patronage ex tended to the hotel by a most fashionable and In telligent company, the undersigned take pleasure in assuring them and the traveling public that en larged and exten-ire improvements will be added for the next coming business season n C.C.WILLARDtBROS. Old Poist Compobt, Va., Aug 10,1855 au 11?Iw ' N RUMMER CLOTHING AT RF.nrnn ^7^T.? V? now offering oar large assort ment of thin Clothing, embracing every variety of fashionable and well made garments.'at greatly reduced prices, and in many instances at lexe than cost, thereby offering rare opportunities to gentle men wishing to consult economy in purchasing their clothing, and the advantage of making their selection from one of the largest stocks Vn this city. ? Also, a large assortment of Boys and Children's Summer ClothtMg, consisting at the most elegant and fashionable styles, which we will sell at prime cost. WALL fc STEPHENS. 322 Pa. avenue, next door to Iron Hall. Bull?3t EW BOOKS JUST RKCE.VED AT JOE ShilltMftMM'S Periodical Depot. The Escaped Nun, or Disclosures of Convent Life the Confession of a Sister of Charity The Six days' of Creation, a teries of Familiar Letters from a Father to his Children Art Illnts, Architecture, Sculpture and Painting by James Jackson Jaroes Rom Milton, a romance Waikna or Advtsntures on the Mosquito Shore N ew Hope, or '{he Rescue ^ The Prophets, if Mormon ism Unveiled Female Life ar?ong the Mormons Mary Lindon, jm Autobiography Cleve Hall, Pie Winkles 7 The Watch inan, Doestieks Peg Wofflncron AU theMagaxineefor August Newspapers and cheap PukUeatlras at rwi a -ie?i5WELLINGTON*, wfeUdtBg, cor,4#st, and Pa axe. ii ? ? ? ?a ODD FSLLOWr HALL KlUKIL I Great Opera Troupe Still continue (Mr TnriQTn wimimu. (atmpitwd with IDKLIMOI PI CC II, OPERAS AND NEW SONGS. Oheerve the dally programmes for particulars A dm last oa K cents. l*-tf JOHN T. FOEP, tyn. P'VC*? from aow wheat, Rtf1* Art*nftea Mill*, ia barrels and quarter barrels For ml* a- BUU, IB Barrels and qaartor barrels For by SHEEELL BROTHFRS, No 40, opposite Ceatre Market wlMt [iSi] SWEOHH HAIR CKKATOl .Tkf ?betnicn of tkli art tela ban so nsrl i dence la Ita racoaaa. that tbrr apply tt at tMr rooms ta Net York and make aechwgtaalll tb* hair Is predocod For sale at LAMMOND*S 7th at. PLEA KANT RESORT. SPRING GARDEN*, (formerly Favtor's Gar I 4aa) oa M street, betweea 17th aad l&th. opeu every day aad evening throaf h the week Oa Sunday CofaeTchocolate. lea Cream. At., i? for mla. No mm llquora alio aad an Pub day. CHRISTIAN LIGBTBECkER. an 10?lwo ANRLE TIE? " W|> would call atteatloa to our amort maai of ANKLE TIB8 for chlldrao Also. youths' Pateat Leather PUMPS, together with a general uaaortmeet of BOOTS for mca, wwm aad chil dren Just received, and for tale low, by MILLS A BRASHEARS, No. SIS Pa. ar/, bet 6U> aad ?th ats an 1ft?3t "V'OTICE.?The undersigned being shout ta visit Europe, desires thoae hamr claim* against htm to present than for liquidation at hta residence. No. ?0r G street, near the War Depart limit; and earnestly requesU all indebted to b'.m to pav their re*i>e? tire bills promptly. JOHN GREGSON, au 10?5t Veterinary Surgeon GRAND BALL AT 8PEIKG GAEL ENS (roEMlSLT VAVnk OABOBB .) pHRISTlAN LIGHTBCCKER takca nleaaur* vv tn announcing that he will give a (>RANI> BALL at the above Gardena oa TUESDAY AF TERNOON. the 14th InataaC coaDaoeariag at S n'clock.on which no effort* will be a pa red on bia par* to make it pata off pleasantly Weber's Band ha* been engaged and will per form rame popular air* Ticket* 50 cents?admitting a gentleman and I ad jr. au 10?3to NEW CONFECTIONERY. OKBA?TOPOL Is not vet taken, but the Stow? first door west iff Mr. J. P. Bill*" Music Stow, -n |?a avenne. between 9th and 10th strmt* I* ta ken. wh'rr we will open on Saturdsr. the 11th in tant with a general variety at Coufect<oaery. ta whicn we Invite our frleads aad the public geae allv to give us a call. All oar Confectionery 1* manufhettred by u*. nd will warrant entire satisfaction lor Cream and Water Ices at fet per gallaa au 10?3t P. R. RIDEN6UR A CO. MADAME R. I ARRIVAL. ADAME R. respectfully Inform* the public, in general, that *he will give Infonnatioa la M ill the affair* relating to Life ! Bealth, Wealth Marriages. l/ove, Journey*, Low Suit*, Dtfficul es In Busiaesa. Absent Friend*. Stcknea*. aad J?ah, anO in respect to all other subject*. She I* also able to tell the ages of persoa* ?ading numbers All those who wish to consult ladarne R , will please call soon, a* ahe will re - itain in the citv but a short time She caa be ousulted at all hour* of the day and evealag Her name i* oa the door?No. 331 D at., three loors from 1< th. Ladies. 5t? cent*, and gentlemen the i au 10?6t* NATI0FAL HOTEL, NORFOLK. YA. B. B. WALTERS. Proprietor. HAVING purr hased the above well known es tablishment. 1 respectfully inform mr liend* and the traveling public. that the gSJ louse has been thoroughly renovated andAJE. iew lv furnished throughout, and is now open for :>? reception of permanent and transient txard r*. 1 return my sincere thanks to my friend* aad he public genera.1> for the liberal patronage ex nd-d to m- for the la?t twenty-tl iee year*. and esp^ctfidly solicit a continuance of the aame. as iinag tbem that nothing will be Mtandoaeta nike them at HOME while sojourning at the Na ional N B ?A four-horse stage Coach leaves the Na tonal Hotel every Tuesday, Thursday, aad Sat rdav for Elizabeth City. N C. au 10?lm B B WALTERS COPARTNERSHIP. rBE undersigned have this day formed a co partnership under the name and style of IARTLY A BRO., for the purpoee of transact' ng s Flour and General Commission buslneaa, at 01 Water atreet, Georgetown N. B HARTLEY, E 1). HAKTLEY. Gioietrowii, DC, August 1, IbM au #? lm* I^AGUERREAN GALLERY FOR SALE in lJ Alexandria. Va. One of the best roam* la Alexandria. Will be sold cheap for cash. Any er*.?n who want* to learn the business will be lught; and alao will teach the art of Photograph nee. That alone is worth one hundred dollars to nr artist. Two Artists wanted to color Photographs. Addiwi "R A C," Artist, Alexandria, Va. au ?-lw? ^OIK E.?Left my bouse oa Tuesday, the " 3lst of July, with tae intention of going on ' .I'd of a boat, a bright mulatto Boy, named 'rank Wheeler, who is Id years of age He has scar on the left side of hi* face, and had ait rhen be left a dark pair of pantaloona, a cheek red Jacket, and a shirt with calico bosom Hav ng learned that he did not go In said boat, and 'ariug he may have been induced to go off is Mother direction, I hereby forbid anv one from arborlng him MARY WHEELER au tt?3tQ 11ANAWAY FROM THE SUBSCRIBER IV living In Montgomery county, Md , oa the Ith Julv. a black Boy, named Nathan. answers o the name of Nace; 10 years of age, about S feet igh He la a stout ooy, and whea spoken to s p *?*rs surly; had oo whea be left a worsted winter up, cotton oanaburg shirt and pantalooos and old ool* He haa been aeen la Washlngtou, where e now may be akulkin^ about or secreted A re card of S^5 will be given If lahea m Montgomery ountvor within the district, and S50 If taken te ond tboae limit*. EDEN BEALL. au 9?3t* IBASKETS.?Work, Card, Traveling, Knife, Lk Key. Cigar, Office, Ma*ket and Clothe* Baa -t*. If you want a good baaket. at a low pnee, all at <96 Seventh street. G.FRANCIS. au 8? J. E. SH1ELOS k CO., MALiaa ia IE DA WHITE ASH ANTHRACITE GOAL, w*aat?6Toa, n. c. ITT" Office, corner Ninth and H street* f^T Yaid and Whasf. foot of Hth at , opposite Washington Monument aaS? iwo GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, D C. rHE next aession of thia Institution will com mence on Monday, the 3d of September. The Meparatory department and collegiate coorae are ?oth conducted by able and experienced Profea* or*, who devote themselves to the moral and in ellectual advancement of thoae confided to thair are. A large and apacious building haa just been t mpleted to be used exclusively for the accom nodation of the younger studenu Their dormi* orv. play grcsiada, atodv hall, clam room*. Ac., wll be entirely dlatlnct from those of the other itodeau. and officer* especially assigned will at end lhem tn their pastimea and preside over their tudles A complete- separation will thus be ej ected between the younger and older atudouU. he advantages of which must be apparent to all hoae who have the least experience m the edoca ion of youth. The observatory of the College, ita extensive 'hilosoohical apparatua. rich and vtried llbrarioa, md Cabinet of Mlnetal*. Geological Specimena nd Shells, afford to the StndenU of thia lnstltu lon advantage* rarely to be noet with. B A. MAGUIRE. . dl? Preaideat_ ITTATER COOLERS.?Some of the haad Y? so men t and best everyway ia the city, will le sold at reduced prices. Also, Double Ice Pitchers, lower thaa ever, at he Housekeepers' Furnishing Store. 4? Seventh treat. G. FRANCIS. au4? COAL !-4N>AL 11?COAL It! - + ? a *?? ???* * Willi a ikK ? * *?'^Ali ssa A CARGO of beat quality White Ask Aathiaelta rx Coal, egg slxe, now afloat, aooa ta arrive, for iale by the ton or vessel load. ir^ This deecrlption of Coal has been a aad by lotel* here, and pronounced to be of a meat aupo ior quality. We wul Aellver R from our wharf o families la any pert of the city, at Philadelphia wholesale prkoa, arty adding the coat af earliag. J.R?HlELD6*00, Corner N lath aad R aireata < aa 4?lwQ (latel) MRS. A. C. REDMOND'S a-rct* n-"1? -? Daguerreaa Art and Photo* | <o aso Pa. avenn. w * oraer of TTth street, over Ford A Bra1* Drag ttore, Wash lag ton Pletaros takea at IV coats and upwards. I Mrs. R. la a graduate of Whitehurst's eaUUiah^ BXSt ?

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