Newspaper of Evening Star, August 13, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 13, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. VUJIIWftl CUT: * -? MOlfDAV miUMR Al|*M 13. |3P* A d vx art s bmxxti fVolld ba handed la by IS o'clock, M.. otherwise they mfly not ap p?u aatU ti e next day. agents forth* star. The following pereoas an authorised to eoi traet for the publication ef adveitisem?ts in the Stmr: t! Philadelphia?V. B. PiUU, N.-W. OOnWT of IhM im ChMtni Kniti. New York -8. M. PnrrnraiLbA Co., Nmmi Boetoe?V B. Palmer. Scollay'i Building. job numriHs. > We are moving oar pranee into a Am now pre* nx tu, where we will hire greatlj in . ereased^faeilities for the execatiou of Jon PilifWl.. Our other facilities for the neat, expedition*, and economical execution of Job Printing, of almoet every \Jascription, hare likewise been greatly extended ef late. Bo we are now prefaced to giro satisfaction in that line to all. Counsel before the Court of Claims will find the Star office the best place \n Wash ington for the immediate and oorrtet execu tion of their printing job?. Give as a eall. . m m m. BP" Owing to the moving of our newspaper press to its present locatiuu. and the changing of the engine and the shafting to adapt it to the new prew-room, We shell be compelled to depend upon the. lure of laborers fox a few days lor the "power" neetasacy to print oar paper. Subscribers receiving their paper? somewhat later' than usual ^ tie meanwhile will, therefore, know the cause of the delay. 0PXBD or rax Koumre iiim The l*tr4ti{mrer joins the Union in saying aay nnwber of complimentary things of M. de Cueto, tho Fpanhh Minister, on the occa sion ef his retirement frmu the service of his Government at thU point. ' We may not inap propriately add. that that gentleman, during his short residence in Washington, has fairly earned the rcspcct and kind regards of all tho circle in which he moved, not more from the talents and experience a? a diplomatist than by his high qualities as a gentleman. The Inteiligtvcer also says of ttie Metropolitan Railroad : *4 The Second Anntfal Report of the Engi neers employed by the Metropolitan Railroad Cvmoanv. which is embrsced in the Report of the President and Directors of that Company, just published, will he found at length in oin ?>oluini.4 of to-day. It is eo elear and forcible in its presentation of facts and inferences that no person who is interested in the welfare of the District of Columbia, or in the works of improvement that are to perfect onr great na tional thoroughfare*, can be heid excusable tor failing to rive to it a careful perusal. '? Tbe advantage of the proposed route as regards distance, when compared with the present ;ocr^ of transit between Washington uud the most eligible point of departure m>m the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, for travel lers between the West. South, and East, is greater than would be the hypotenwe com pared with the bato and perpendicular lice o?a right-angled triangle, while the facilities afforded by the natural characteristics of the cnantry would he stilt ^renter; and the devel opement of the product* of a large portion of the intermediate- eonntry would result in great blessing* alike to those who own and occupy tboee lands and to thecitieeof this District, to whom the treasures of tlieir fertile fields wonld be opened. ?? But a recital of the arguments in favor of this enterprise is so ;>bly and concisely given in the doenmentnow published that it is wholly I unnecessary for us to attempt a repetition of i hem; and, passing over all other?, we ahyll simph allude to what we regard as a i non htrate l position, via: that neither Bal ..ore. nor the Baltimore A Ohio Railroad Cot jany, nor any Mher interest will be injuriou~/v af fe:ted Ly the oompletion of the proposed road; but that, on the contrary, the interests of all of them will be found to be in accord with those of the Metropolitan Company/' The Union congratulates the Hon Wm B. Reed, of Philadelphia, on the earnastness, vigor, and power of his opposition to Know Notbingism, as demonstrated in a recent anti Know Nothing letter from his pen; and regards the recent entire consolidation (at Springfield) of Abolitioniem and Know Nothingism as a thing very proper to be done. . The Elections. Ike Baltimore Shh of this morning ihai aumf up the last eleetion new* by telegraph : Nonm Carolina.?The Raleigh Register h?js that Puryear. K N., is?elected to Con gress in the sixth district, by 553 majority KxxTrcvr.?The Louisville Journal tayt: that Know Nothing Congressmen are elected in the reeond, third. seventh, eighth, ninth, and teeth districts, and Democrats in the first end fifth, and probably In tWe fourth district. The Legislature is Know Nothing, as is also the Oovernor by a large majority. trtsmiE.?The Nashville t'nlvn claims the election of Smith, Jones, and Wright. Dem ocrats. to C?jngre3s, and probably Savage, Democrat aho. Sneed, K. If., is elected in the second district. The Know Nothings have the State 8ei ate, and theDcmocrats the House. Johnson's election us Governor is eertain Ma jor Pclk. Ikrmcerat, id defeated for the Legis lature ^ ?Ybllow Ferna?Dt>TRrrriov or Barrt'c Row.?The Norfolk Herald says: " About JO o'clock on Tbnrsday night the alartii vi fau was given, and s?*>n alter the flame- lising ebo*? the horison in that direc tion m*mi m*?W it mani est that Barry's row ot brick tenement* at tho foot of Church street was in HbDici. As. no effort was made to check the Humes the whole row was destroyed in ebout an Lour ai.i a half. The firemen, however, w tin on haud, and prevented any injury to the adjacent property. It was througn these tenements that the yellow fever found its way into oor city, and it seem; to be tho genera! opinion thu*. they were set on fire, as the only eSectnal a ay of cleaning them, but by whose hand the inccndiaiy torch waa ap plied will probably never bo known, wc un derstand toe entire row was injured in tho *4 Mutu.r' for Ratagts or Cnoi.xRA at Ports Lkavik woxth a?o Rilxt.?Aditpateh fnm'St. Louis, dated August 11, aays; ?4 Msjor Arrcstcad an l wife have died of cholera at Fort Leavenworth. Fortx-six of the eitirens of the placc have aL=o died from the disease. Further advices from Fort Riley confirm tho death of Major Ogden. and report the death of Major Woods, wite, and four children, by cho lera. Dr. Simmons and the ladies residing at the garrison had all left, ami the chaplain was the only offieer remaining. rw* The Panama Star says that the tele ?ranb alon* the Panama railroad line now # hein? constructed for the eompanj, progresses in a moft satisfactory manner It U expected that itwUl be In operation In about three week*. A LiRXRAi.Wraa.?His honor, (theMayor,; meeired to day a letter from a young lady la byraeusc be?;<ing that she might cone down here and nui>e the sick. She is very young, she says, bat i* considered a good nurse, and W>U eomc down hers and nay alt the expense* herself.?1\or foil BuUttin. Pun*n*T-i boy Louia Napoubos.?The Ed pemr of the i'/oosti S?u seat ever te the Inati* vote Canadien. aiM^atreal, ssveral be mtiful itad costly ptoses of nsl oture ta marble?the Q ruup of iLe Liu?coen, un Vean of Mile, the Afotio Uoividsie. seme beautiful candelabra, end a uaaber ef bookf, * ,ts> . li 1 V**2 *' sta i - 'tmwioi mi MB HilD. Tho Louieville Riots.?We presume that all lellow citisens in rttdinjc the sccuoots. of the murders and arsonfcMHfahvill. which h*ve been received by the aiilt, know that **r original anticipations in ithe metier hare proved correct to the letter, first, that there Wfcs an organised efert the part of the Kitf?w Nothings to prtvent their opponents from rating, si miliar to that for our last election planned in the Washington lodms and carried oit in some ofthe ward/at thills. Ifthere ty jWsfeepfcal on this subject, we invite their attention to the following from the Louis ville Journal of the 4th tost, and other now? paper extracts, Ac : .... SI JSiSlf#7?*** ? 411 u**n' * ^ ft.? n " tlm*for them ?<> rote, them be sure to rote.- But r, ? ttksronviction that, if there shall not he I T! V^rtxcular Ward to take the votes Lltl . votingpoyulation.if a portion, I fk the want of tiny, must be debarred from I the exercisc oj their elective franchise, then every consideration of courtesy and nrovri'- i If and right .Irengiy and ] +<*'id i that the foreign horn citi tens, eompar- 1 [ attre strangers to onr country and its insti- J tut ions, mere guests as it vere upon our eoun- 1 lTJJ .* victiwis hospitably received here it, \ tkeirfiightfrovi European despotism, should \ of their ovm tree accord, stand back until the I nattve-born freefnen shall have recorded their I svjrngtv. We hope, and we have a right to 1 ekoect, that they themselves, in spite of the mil amatory appeals of selfish and malignant demagogues, will take this ricw of the mat ter. It is iht nght view." Aa the Union remarked the other daj, this was an invocation to open violence, to prevent the exercise of th?*ir legal and unconstitutional right* on the part of those opposed to Know Nothingism. We have published extracts from the Louisville Cornier, a Whig journal whoso editor was not long since a member of the Order, ' detailing how tho polls were taken possession of by the Know Nothings on the night before the election and held by them until they wero. closed, to the exclusion of the votes of the other side. That the above anti-election advice of Mr Prentice was literally carricd out, will be seen by the following extract from hi* Louisville Journal, after the election : A wr* i&'' know that it was considered very doubtful on Monday morning whether the whole vote of the uity could be polled within the thirteen hour? of the election. The nntivc born American citizens thought and ftlt that if any portion of the people legally entitled to vote should have to stand back ami loje their ?ffrages for want of time, the fbrtign-bon. citisens -"hould stand bnck rather than them *ilves. They thought and felt that this onzht to be pertect.y manifest even to the mind? of the foreigners. Undoubtedly they pressed for ward early and vigorously to the polls, in order to be the first, if possible; and in this n?ht* The^ had a pcrfect right to to. if .they chose, to the polls at 12 o'clock on I Sunday night, and remain there until the fol lowing morning. They had n right to bo *? what time they pleased, and in what numbers they could. They had a right even to tos^ their fnends over the heads of the crowd to the polls, as we are told they did in some few instances, though this was no doubt a viola tion of courtesy." The following is an extract from a letter from 11 An Eye Witness" to the Indianapolis Sentinel, which sheds more light on their pro ceedings ending in the dreadful scenes that oc curred : "On Monday moraine, at 4 o'eloek tie place of voting in the First and Eighth Wards, which are the strong Democratic precincts were takoa potion ,,fby the Know Nothings! A few ot the old lfctaooratic citisens in these kIj WXn P*nPi*Hl 10 *<*? the morning, on Pall others, who were unable to srive the signs, were rudely thrust from the polls. Tb's state of things prevailed to a greater or less extent in all the Wards. tmi n/.,0i ?-.h<kJhe eil7 wafl under the con trol of a lawless Know Nothing mob?neither hfe nor projierty was safe. At this crisis, Hon. William P. Thomasson, formerly a Whig mein ber of Congress from the city, and a gentle man of high character and standing, mounted the roetrum and implored them, ac good citi sens, to desist from such a course, lie had however, n>oken but a few moments, when the' Know Nothing signal for blood was given, and th *?* k?^ked down by a club, in the hands of some assassin who approached him in the rear. About this time Colonel rreston, the anti-Know Nothing candidate for Congress, appeared in the First Ward, which is the large Democratic ward, composed chiefl y of German naturalised citisens. and requested nis friends not to attempt to vote, lie stated i to them that the polls were in the hands of the I Know Nothing bullies, that his friends could not approach the polls in safety, and advised them to retire peaceably to their homes and submit to disfranchisement rather than cn x. Thc re'u,t th?t out L lit^T V" ?. ??tj> only 4 600 were Dolled. Two thousand Democratic voters were by violence deprived of the light of suffrage." As anti-American, criminal, and dastardly as such conduct was, it wu but in literal ful filment of the oaths and obligations which all members of Know Nothing lodges take on themselves, some of whieh, (from their ritual.) are as follows, vi*: lu citiesf the *** of the where the' meeting is to be held, will be written logiblv upon the notice; and upon the tier turn d?y said will denote the *? where vof/r presence le needed. This notiee will never be passed but mil be ? ? or thrown upon the ?4e walk with a ?? in the centre. If information is wanting of the objeetof tho gathering, or of the place, Ac., the inquirer i? *Tk '1 an undoubted brother (wnore s *hen_) Iho brother will give the informa tion if poidessed of it; if not, it will be y.nm and his duty to continue the inquiry, and thus disseminate the call throughout the brother hood. If ithe color of (the paper) be (red,) it will denote actual trouble, which requires that you como prepared to meet it. The "cry of distress"?to be used only in time ot danger, or where the American inter est requires an immediate assemblage of the (CriTi ^r' o,,?oh' Tiw " " That you will, under all circumstances, if in your power so to do, attend to all refrwlar signs or summons that may be thrown or sent La brother of this or any other degree of this older; that you will answer an impira tive notice issued by thc proper authority; obey the command of thc State Council, Prii ident, or his deputy, while assembled by *u<h notice, and respond to the claim of a sign or a cry of the order, unless it be physioally irn jjoesible; and that you will acknowledge the otate Council of a< the legislative head, the ruling authority, and the supreme tribu nal of the order in the State of , actin ' under the jnrisdiction of thc National Council of the United States of North America." Now it is very clear that the terrible and disgraceful occurreacet in Louisville grew out ofthe fact that so large a portion of its oitizena had taken these extra judical and rcvolu tionary oaths so injurious to thc public peace. It will be seen above, that tho programme for carrying an election by violence embraced in this extract from thc ritual, wai literally car ried out. Prentiee gave the sign In his news paper, in his orders to the foreign voters not to ptosume to exercise their legal right?; ia which article is also embraced the order for the Know Noting, to assemble at the polls to prevent them (the foreign born citisens) from exercising thc franchise. Our previous publications on the subject, and the exteaet from the Louis ville correspondence of tho Indianapolis >f( net show bow those orders were carried out K<# content with comparing their frauds w *>?*ed UWrty, tho law, and ?quality under our Omnknl the merest mockery imaginable. the nBasi so coiloctod by the journal and the red pieces of paper, and the ' Oh-oh-ob," (both of which last were p ?igbl and heard a]l the day on the fcreetf,) commenced to chase, beat and maim foreign-born persons found in the city's tho roughfares, ??iling them with abort clubs loaded with lead, stones and knives. To save their lives thas sought by an infuriated mob, the Germans and Irish, in a minority of per haps one-tenth the number of their actual as sailants, resorted to fire-arms. As 4he authorities were evidently leagued with the murdereis and incendiaries, being cognisant beforehand of the violent meins to be taken to carry oat the purposes of the lodges, and refraining from efforts to arrest the perpetrators of the outrages around the polls, the foreign-hern citizens did right in thus ee saying to defend their lives and those of their wires and children wantonly and without prov ocation assailed. They would have been ut terly unworthy of their high privilege of Amer ican citizcaehip, had they failed to defend their livei aad thoee ef their households underauch circumstances. This will be the judgment of ?very man of integrity, and with heart and spirit enough in his bosom to be worthy to live in any other condition than that of a Greek helot or a Roman gladiator, destined by law to have his life made the mere sport of a bru tal mob. By-tho-by, it will be roeolleeled that tho tel egraphic dispatches for a day or two groaned with account* of the terrible murder eomm^ted i by a villainous Irishman, who was first bhot for it, then hung, out down, hang again, aad then dragged by the heels to the jsfl, whew he died in the eoune of the night. < It turn* out that this affair wu as follows, vix: Ah Irishman was proceeding peaceably along the streets when a crowd of Know Nothing ruffians began first to jeer him, then to punch hira with their elubs loaded with If ad. and next to beat linn. He ran for hi* life and was pursued by a crowd led by two men, one namod Roads, and another named Graham. Roads fired at him aivl kiliod him, and a second Irishman, who only did his duty in going to his rescue in the rnolee, fired and killed Graham. It was this .-eoond man who was fdiot first, tbon hung, then cut down, and then shot again, and finally dragged to the jail by the heels to die of his wounds. IIo was the villainous, murderous Irishman of whom the telegraphic agent told suoh sto ries for one or two days. We have no space in which to-day to pursue our comments on this dreadfnl and disgraceful affair. Thoss who were present before Brown's Hotel on the night when Mr. Wiee was assailed there, and at the Third and Fourth Ward polls of this city on the day of the election, will per ceive that the spirit of Know Nothingism here, is identical with that displayed by it on Mon day last in Louisville. There, as here, pro fessional blacklegs, keepers and habitues of lowgroggeries. bullies of houses of ifl-fame. ic.f are the toojs with which it delights to work! notwithstanding the pretensions to superior Christianity of a portion of its leaders. . ^ ? have heard that on one occasion it was gravely proposed and considered in one of the lodges of Washington, to take forcible pos session of the government arsenal here, and that on another occasion in one of the lodges a resolution was introduced to appoint a com mittee to burn down the Catholic churches of tl?e federal metropolis; and further, that a functionary of the corporation of Washington offered himself to lead the propoeod committer in this work of arson, so characteristically Know Nothingish. As a matter of course this statement will be denied by every Know Nothing in Washington, for they are all sworn to make such denials when so to do will serve the purposes of " the order." We live in strange times indeed?in times that develope the fact that we live over mine* in the breasts of a large portion of the commu ? nity, many of whom; though professing a de gree of self-righteousness, under which they olaim more respect for themselves as Christians than the twelve Apostles asked at the hands ot those by whom they were surrounded, counten ance the perpetration of murder and arson, and the entire subversion of society by their cboeen instruments, m a convenient way of carrying elections when they do not happenjU) bo strong enough to out-vote their opponents. There Is, indeed, food for earnest reflection in all this. : James L. Orr.?It seems to be taken for granted that this gentlema n will be the next Democratic nominee for Speaker of the House of Representatives. The fact has been ijruught to the attention of the public at this time through the newspaper comments on the im mense complimentary dinner or festival which was given to him very recently at Anderson Court-House, 8. C , whereat he delivered a speech marked by his usual ability, sagacity, and party fealty. This eelobration is evidence that he has already lived down the prejudice which, for some years, has existed against him in tho minds of the very ultra-Southern politicians of his State, which grew out of hi? evident disposition to be more national and more conciliatory towards his political friends out of the State than has been fashionable in South Carolina for nearly a quarter of a cen tury. Had one more ballot been taken in the caucus in which the Democrats nominated their Speaker of tho last Congress, he would un doubtedly have fined the chair, as four largo delegations, that had votod for others, would have supported him, by arrangement. The fact that the delegation from his State usually quite lato in reaching Washington! wero not on the ground, aad that a strong prejudice existed in the minds of most of the constituencies of Northern Democratic mem bers against any one presumed to be tinctured with the political peculiarities of South Caro lina, together, dofcated his nomination on that occasion; thorn being quite a number of Demo cratic members who, whilo they expressed in private the belief that be was by long odds the safest and beat fitted man in the House for tho position, yet voted against him in order to vote with their "green" colleagues, who were afraid to put a South Carolinian in the position, with whose character and course as a member they had no personal experience The services of Mr. Orr in the la*t Congress, which have de monstrated beyond denial his eminent qualifi cations for the Speakership, however, have had the effect, it seems to us, of se conoen trating public opinion upon him ai being emi nently the man for the eeaasion, that his party in the House can hardly foil to offer him to wheir opponents as their eandidate for the Speakership. Mexico.?The public men *a Washington foreign and domestic, are anticipating that the next arrival from Vera Crus wHl settle the U'oMtrt i A) ? sj i j by the current nvolation then or to Tiaqsiik it. Up this time hi? main depwitow of late has been on the money furnished to sus tain him by tho capitalists who hold liens oa th*?re?miifioasyetdue to Mexico from the United Statae, under the treatj of Guadalupe Hidalgo; payable on the completion of the boundary snrrey. If, tn the mens lime, there he a violent change in the Mexican gev.rn ment, these capitalists know well they will their ad ranees made nnder thesecuri ty we name. Thiais the reason why they are now famishing to Santa Ann* more mow. t^T prifale Heine eg, we wrtm whether he will not he enriched by betng drlvdn out of Mexico. He has Made large In vestment* in Haw Orieaas, if aot elsewhere in this country .evidently preferring to trust the stability of our government and property held under it to those of anj country In Europe, however violea'ly his organ (newspaper) abuses the United States. Bonilla, the Mexican For eign Affairs Minister, is the principal editor of Santa Anna s newspaper organ, and in* I bulges in vehement abuse of the United States ] in its every, issue, notwithstanding bis knowl odgo that his master's prirate fortune has for the most part been concentrated (inverted) here; the revenue from which, by-the-bje, is tow mostly swaUowed up in the work of sus-1 taining him (the master) on his tottering j throne. It is further thought in Washington that the story that Madame Santa Anna is about to cov3 to this country is by no means improbable. The United State* Sloop-of-War Marion ?rnved on Saturday last in Hampton Roads, from the west coast of Africa, last from Port Pray*. The following is a list of the ofioer* who returned to the United States in her, vis : Commander?II. Y. Purviance; Lieutenants? Charles S. MeDonough, Wm. E. Hopkins, Wm. | W. Roberto, and J. M. Wainwright, (the last named being sent home sick from the brig Dolphin as a passenger;) Passed Assistant Sur-' geon?S. W. B Greenhow; Purser?John P. Abbott; Acting Masted-George H. Bier; Mid shipmen?James Roche, E. E. Potter, and Charles Peck; Boatswain?A. Pomeroy; Gun ner?R. N. Peakc; Carpenter?Jos. G. Myer*; Sailmaker?George Boerum; Purser's Stew ard?John McClcIlan; Surgeon's Steward Charles H. Lyons. All were well on this ship, on her arrival in "the Roads," as far** is known at the Navy Department. The Marion has been absent from the United States, on the ooast of Africa, since January, 1863. The United States frigate Potomac, Commo dore Paulding's flag-ship (of the Gulf squad ron) is understood here, this morning, to have sailed from New York. Tha Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On Saturday, the 11th August, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? forthe Treasury Department...? $19,552 32 for the Interior Department....? 52 108 91 ?Tor the Custons...... 28.753 14 War Warrants reoeived and en War repay warrants received and 24'*?? 47 entered. j ^ Drawn on a&ount of the Navy... 53J06 00 Repayments on account of the , Nav? . 6.421 69 PERSONAL. .... A. II. Reeder, ex-Governor of Kansas, has been snoken of, in Pennsylvania papers, sii a candidate for Oovernor of that State, *h.Ie the Crtwford Republican nominates him as a candidate for Canal Commissioner. .... Visitations of the Maryland diocese of the Catholic Church, will be held at Wkite If? county, on Sunday, J?*rnen'?. Anne ArumW Sinf yM?n. ed*y' 15th Roek ville, Montgomery countv, on Sunday. 2d September; St. Johns, Rock Creek. Mont gomery county on Monday, 34 September; St. Patrick a, Washington, on Tuesday, 4th September at 8 o clock a. m.; St. Bominiek's on the Island, at 10 o'clock, same day. .... The members of the Choate family are to have a grand family gathering some time next summer, on Hog Island. in the town of Choate ' MrA-plaee of Hon. RufUs .... A m?n named John Anderson (not of Joe,) who has been figuring lately at Saratoga, has got himself into eerious trouble. lie was arrested at that place, on Thursday, upon the charge of attempting to violate a young Irish girl about fourteen years of age. Anderson, on appearing in court, pleaded guilty to the Charge of assault and battery, with attempt at rape, and offered to settle the matter bv mar rying the rirl. She refused his offer, and he was accordingly committed to jail to await hi* trial at the sessions. .... The Grand Encampment, 1.0. O. P., of *^Ser,A'^-el??W Dr E 0 Vinson JKlJttii ? r?.fro^ representatives to the Grand Lodge of the United States. .... Prof. Botta, of the University of Turin has at length completely succeeded in ertalv Hfching the practicability of sending counter w5!flL,t?Sl?aB?OM,y ""u11"same wirej wmch was tried mnae months ago at Vienna h "I*l50es8- Tbu;J the world is indebted to that ancient institution for some of the most interesting modern improvements in the electric telegraph. .... Mr. Wellington, who has so long and ably edited the Charleston Courier, Is spending the warm weather at Phillips'. Beach, iVLynn Ho w suffering from cataracts, and will under go an operation for their removal! .... A. C. Bullitt. Esq., one of the editors ?'lcAns and a proprio felta.R?'kit'k U?L0 of tbo fonner Vfasa rhrT.t!L as ^<K5mne a ???ibor of the Christian Church in Louisville, and was im mersed by Elder Henderson. He hw Jiien fifteen thousand dollars toward the eiSdow ment of the Christian University in Missouri? j&UhBSfiSn*dc*,,e ofhU wife' *?? ....Catherine Hayes, the Irish vocalist, Evo her first concert at SiaganJto, in tha at Indies, on the ltfth of Marehlast. She ha^ travel?d Europe, America. Australia. ,and India, making a wider eireuit than any other vocalist of her powers and fame ever did before. J1' WmJ i! retire from the Albany Journal is denied "bv authority." 3 \ W.?,U h** ,loft Matamoros in com mand of his wife (.) thinking that a sufficient safeguard against the redoubtable rebel hero. Mrs. Woll, according to report, is as inflexi ble as a drUl sergeant She recently had the cruelty to older the hair to be cut from the head of a ladv i? the publie square, becausc she was playing the part of a traitor *ndZ spy between an official and one of the insur rectionists. When she lays her haads on VU daun, she will doubtless tahe off hi? hair about a foot below the scalp. The Texaa pa per which records the " inhuman treatment" to the Mexican lady above referred to, adds: It is impossible to say whey Matamoroe will fhll, but its fate is inevitable, and then tern hie will he the reckoning."' Mra Won ini aoubUess have her hair then publicly combe I ? * which, as compared with ether instrument*. Imiu Kionrta?A twmpwiirt of W London N?wi relalH the following story of Sir Charles Napier's early experience with ia fernal machines " When aa wen trying to take Boulogns in the last war $r Charles was a mMdj.A boat was sett fmattfie i? akieh he served. to Tx an* of those internals, thea newly invent . to the side of a Pieaah ve?el and this boat was comaiaaded by ms| Napier. ? dark algbt aras, eteedfne, selected, aad the boat dirty palled to the ?bh> whioh had been point ed, out alP the intended riettaa The gallaat itttttrers got eloes ander her, aad were ring on the fatal invention, which was to blow hsrade ia aad.aead.her to tha, bottom, when they were htfled in the plaine* English and with tandry adjurations, for an explana tton of *what they were doing there,' nad the} discovered that they had mistakea their coarse and were Baking earnest preparations fbr aa nihilatiag one ofSis Majestys own ?h ip? t? ii? tkie '? ?- *i ? ' ed by which was wownd na,m! set nH)r. aad after a eertaia regnlsted tiro* i tied the fnss. The terrible machine was pui I into the boat, and the party struck off fbr the Freaoh vessel. Ia nnu-eoaiee, one of the sail on addnrnd Mr. Napier, *'&r, wear honor, the beQV ticks.' ' Kb, what's that V replied the yoang commander. ? Beggar ticks, sir,' said Jack^pulliag away with the ntmoet eom posure. Napier rosheci from his seat aad list ened. and found that by some means the clock ? a. _ a t -? ?H work had been set going, aad that U might be live minwtss or five sesaads before the whole party, boat and all, wtnt to pieees Bo the machine vhi* incontinently pitched overboard, and I believe the attempt was not renewed.' ???wmmHmm?mmam? official. Franklin PresiAsmt ?/ tkt Vnittd 8ft* of Annie*, to mil telem it etay ceactra ; Satisfactory evidence having besn exhibited to melk^Wiuua Vincnat Wblls hasbesa ap pointed " * cwuhm umMii utnsiii ef Hoadures, So reside ta California I do hereby recognise hint to such, aad declare him free to exercise aad ?4of aach func tions. powers aad privileges ea are allowed to the consuls-general of the most favored nations In the United States. rn testimony whereof I have caused these letter 3? be made patent, and the seal of the United tales to be hereunto affixed Given under my hand, at the city of Washing- | too, thefith day of August, A.DlM6.a*d [l. s] of the ladependenoe of the United States of America the eightieth. F KAN KLIN FIEKCE. By the President: ' wmr ? ?? ? of America the eightieth ~ar?uu?: riWl L. Mancy. Secretary of State. WASHINGTON LIGHT INFAN try ?Aa adjourned meeting of the Com panv will be held at the armory THIS (Monday) EVENING, August 13th Ptmctael attendance is earnestly*reque*ted au 43? it P. BEERS, Sec. UUNION GUARDS, ATTENTION ?You will meet on TUESDAY EVENING, the 11th instant, at Kalahan's room. 8th street, at 8 o'clock. The members are expected to be pnactnel. Any ether gentlemen wishing to Join the Corps will ?lease be present. By order THOS BR1GGJ*. 2d Lieut an IS?ft* at ju MONTGOMERY GUARDS.?You are re A m quested to attend a special meeting of the (1 n Com pan v on THU RSD AY. the Wth Instant, JiL illr.t the aru.ory, 8th street. Particular attendance is aecessarv on (his ocrs a accessary on rhis ocra sloa an business of Importance will be submitted for your consideration. Persons holding tickets since the late ear union will please send them in on or before the night of By order: WM. O'SULUVAN, See. an 13?it* ? UATTENTION PRESIDENT'S MOUNT ed Guard.?Every member of the Corps is hereby notified to attead an adjourned meet ing of the Company to be held at the armo ry, Louisiana avenue. TUESDAY EVENING, at 8 o'clock AU members having anv interest in the corps will be prompt in their attendance, as matters of vital importance is to be transacted for advancement of the Companv. By order ? JOtT PECK, Captain. J. H. McCctchxx, Sec. an 13?at CARD ?I HEREBY TENDER MY sincer thaaks to Urnse flremrn and otke gentlemen whe promptly aidod in the suppression of the lire which originated in the attic over my .itore on Thursday evening 11 w?s caused by the dangerous practice of filling camp bene lamps Whilst burning by the gentleman occupying the room, who wax much inta-nd thereby JNO. H. JOHNSON, 7th and C streets au 13?It V1 U ATTENTION, WASHINGTON H1GH landers.?You are hereby nottded to meet at your armory on MONDAY EVENING, the 13th ln?tant, at 9 o'clock. Each member Is requested te attead this meet lug as business of Importance will be brought be fore theVompany. By order or the Captain : au 11-A* G. W. FLOOD, Sec MASONIC.?A specialcommunication of the Grand Lodge of the District of Co lumbia will be holden on MONDAY, the 13'h In stant. at Island Hall, at 6 o'clock p m., for the purpose of laving the Corner Stooe of the **Ger man Reformed Church," comer and D sts OUlcers and members of the Grand Lodce will take due notice thereof. Msaons In good stead ing are fraternallv Invited By order M. W. Grand Master: S. T. SHUGERT, au 10?3t Grand Sec. to i ^L^NOTICE ?Firjx Grand Ex cur tie* s/ fvA the American RijUmtn.?The members of this Corps most respectfully annoonce to their friends ana patrons that they will give an Ezcnr sion on THURSDAY, August *3d Particulars la future advertisewient Lieut ROB'T T KNIGHT, i au 7?tf Chairman of Com. Education ? P o u r little giri s. not over 12 years of age, will be received in a ?- >? ? ?- - I ^s^^j 111 fiJC rocdvwi 111 U [private family to board and educate wheie a tal ented English Governess Uempioyed, if early ap plication is made. Studies to commence Septom-I tier Sth. Address <? Governess,!' throng h the Pont Office. au 13?lte AQ r REWARD.?Left ia the water closet at Browns'Hotel, a heavy, plain, gold hunt ins case. Englished Detached Lever WATCH with small engraved centres, with vest chain, aad key, in the form of a cross, attached. The above reward will be given to the finder upon leaving the articles at the Star ofllce. an 13-St* ^ | AA REWARD.?The above reward will *]p lUv be paid upon the apprehension and conviction of the person or persons who, on the night of the 10th and 11th, phard a written notice in several conspicuous places in this city, whlchi was calculated to greatly injure my wife and my family. J. W. PHILLIPS.h WA.sniar.TO* City, August 13, 18*6. an 13?It* BOARDING AND DAT fiKRUNAllY FOR TOUNU LADIES, Mrs GEN. T. T. WHEELER. Prituipml. THE duties of this Institution will be resumed on Monday, the 3d of September, at the cor ner of Bridge and Washington streets. Entrance for Pupils on Washington street. Mrs. Wheeler respectfully solicits a continuance of the patronage she has solibrralivreceived from the pubac, and for which she tenders her sincere thanks. Circulars can be obtained en application to the Principal. au 13?eol m IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT^ SOOTS AND SHOES. A H. MAR LO W has taken the store reeeatlv XTL? fitted up oa the ao th side of Pa. av-.iL, enue. between 3d aad sts.. where hsBSJ would be pleased ta see Lis frieads andf V the public in general, and where will be ? fonnd a complete assortment of Ladles. Misses', Children's, Gentlemen's. Youths' and Boy*' BOOTS and SHOES of all styles and prices. As his assortment is complete he feels confident that he can furnish a good article at fair prices'. He respectfully solicits a call before purchssing elsewhere Motto, "Qnfcck sales and small profits " j au 13?4ta , BAILIFF'S SALE. J)Y vlftuc of an order of distrain from 8. C. J-> aey, and te me directed, fbr rent dus aad in arrears, against the goods and chattel, of M. Val entlne, t havewsizea and Uken t mahogany table; 1 small pine table; i pedestal; bucket and con tents, tin pan. t sad Irons, 1 lamp aad one candle stick; lstflleti 1 Iron pot; 1 pair fire dogs; 1 lot of curtaias, 3 reception chairs; 1 lot of old carpet, cook stove and fizuf^s, lot of lae beards; 1 bn kettle; 1 lot Matting; 4 stoves; sfct of c ocker i buckets; l bedstsed; furnace aad board; t pa ??VI TO HUE. *f*, at* sixteen a?5 the 1 aad OBP WILLOW* WALL ? * IOWKKL'1 , . BUU eoatiaae their mawiPwriAireMi, l?RLII<|(I PIKOI OPStiS AND NEW BONOS mlS^m * ^TT,PEP, Agent a*AMl> MALL AY STUVe 0 AIDS*!? (roBintLT r?vii ? cupii . PJMJ8T1AN UOBTUCIU ilwm ?*?loak,?rf which no puttomkeH Weber . - ?Ira ?mtut rut ? B\ eaaaart of the Drovers and 1* rhe markets of this Yicialty the tolmday for Cattle at Drovers' Rest hm beea cLu|?4 from Wedaeeiay to FRI VIU|MMH ? ?rtrjK- utw,?p ?LB POINT MTU. 'ptifc shows Hotel will heclaoed for the soooeu A on ftatnrda, the Uth iMtsat. ia eowtionet oftbc pwtaUiag epidemic at Norfolk aS>oeu to tbehotel br a tatllgent company, j* la aaaarins tb?ra ul t and the i torf?l and ex ten-lie imt tm the next coming bntl ? c- c- WILLARD 4 BEOS. Ol? Poibt Coxvokt, Va., Anir 16.1845 aa U?tw ^ "JS I . la to conaUt Kwoai to -?i? K <~ * Ik. luaM ??k."W Also, a large Steamer Cloth and (whtmble'Mto, which we wfli l?? ??* WALL A STfelPHKNf .. nJr ALL A STtPdENt" Aoor to 1 mafia! i IV^SJSO?** ,Crr tKCEiTDlf JOB i ^un' * disclosures af Cotvm Ufc _ lke u?fa?ioB of a Sister of Charity ^ Creatloa, a teriee of ?am!llar I*Uer* from a Father to his Children ^??525 ?*''*?" *"? r?!*a??. ?<*e Mlllon. . romance ?fw aZS0" 8*~ The Prophets, or Monnoatam Uaeeiled Pemale Life among the Mormons Mary Llndon. u? Autobiography Clert Hall. Th. Winhlw The Watrhman, Doeattchu f>x WodliurtoB Panorama of Life and Literature for Am-b^ im toll's new maga^ne >* AU the Magaxisos for August Newspapers and chaap PuMfeattoo* at Odaon aa 11? Bniift* 8,,ILJUM6TOhiL Buildiag, cor. 4* at, and Pa. are ^ v bbothebr, ..iw, CWEDfSH HAIR IRtATOR -The man' O ufoetu-er? of thin article have mo much cent! ~ 2* !** 11 ?? (^ir hair is produced f**y LAMMOND*, 7th at PLEASANT RESORT. S^i Farien Gar den) on M street, between 17th and l?th. onexi ^7 aen) on M street, between 17th and 19th. open every day and evening through the week On Monday CoflfeeT^hecnlate. loe Cream Ac U for sale. No spiritous liquor* allowed oaVua' aii 10?1 w? C"RIST,AN LICHTSF.CIER. W, anrle ties. E would call attention to our assortment of AN K LE T1 KS? for children Ako vw.'iav Patent Leather PUMP8, together with a assortment of BOOTH for man. wobmb a. aTbil dren iaK received, and for sale low. h? IULL9 A BBASBLAHs aa 3t *** ** ** ??* 7th **. afrainst him to present them for ltqnidation at bis residence. No. fee G rtreet. near tie w"r^n.n ment; and earnestly reqnests all indebted to hiiu to pay their rerpecUre mU^ promptly ^ JOHN ORLOHON, an !??3t Vetortnary Huryean NEW C'ORFECTIONERT. CJKBA8TOPOL is not vet taken, but the Mom ^ first door wast of Mr. /Tf. KUts Mnaic .^tore on Pa avenue, between 9th and Itth at?otU to u kaa, where we will open on ttotardav. the 1 ltk i> .with a^K-^viety^Coaf^tonS;, to which we iavite our friends aad the public no*, rally to give as a call. All oar Confectionery is maaufhettred b* n* and will warrant entire satisfaction. * Ioe Cream and Water Ices at fet per gallon. __au 1ft?3t U, H RIDENOUK A CO ntAOAME R.?S ARRIVAL? Madame R respectfully lnfOnta the public In enteral, that she win give information la alltheathira relating to Llfc! Health Wealth. ties in Business. Absent Friends. 8 cknees and Death, aad in respect to nil other suMaeto She is also able to tell the ages eToersen* be reading numbers. All those who wtoS'to earn Madame R .. will please call soon, as she wiH mala *n the cltr but a short time Shecau consulted at all hours of the dar aad eveains Heraame is on the door?No ? D at doors from H th. Ladies. ? cents, and gentlemen the maw au 10?5ta NATIONAL HOTEL, NORTOIX ? A. B. B. WALTERS, Proprietor. HAVING purchased the above well known m tohllshment, I respectfully infb m mt moods and the traveling public, that theSf house has beea thoroughly reno.atod ' Hi If furnished throughout, and is now omfer MVWM auiHtaucw m;uuKBOUl, MUG It ROW flnr? the reception of peramaent nnd ttnnaieet b. am era. 1 ratura my sineere thanks to mr friends and the pubMe generallv for the Uboml patronage n the ia?t twentv-three raan and re>l' "Ctfally solicit a continuance of the same' >k ?nrjcg them that nothiaa will he iSt HVdLe^ make them at HOME while sejoaralng at the Na tl Conch leaves the Na urday for KlixabrtJStJr jJ' ?rd an IS?lm B B. WALTER8 COPARTNERSHIP. T*? uaderalgaod have this day formed a co N B HABTLKV, _ ED. HARTLEr! 2?J*6*tow*, D. C., At?nat 1, tt54. FhAGIUERREAN GALLERY FOR SALE In If Alexandria. Va. One of the boat J Alexandria Will be sold cheap for caehAat person who wants to >t.. V__? person who wants to karn Mm ' ?"y taughtj^and also wiU teach the art of Sf-ifessss?nirja5. '? *. SHIELDS A CO., ?M. DlALIlK IB *ED4 WHIT1 AfcH AN rHIACin OOAL __ WASglWOTO!*, t). r ^ |2T corner Nlath and ? streets Wharf, loot of 17th at or.r^? h, w**Mttoa Monument /aa fuTfiS"/ W of the hand ?Md^^^S?Urrywmy ** 3*rlwta bai Double lee Pitchers, lower tto. nekeepors' Farnjahlne toZl ^ ? Francis _ , '*7?' A. C. RKbliONi>m ?7X2ZXZ. ~ ' *"? ? JT* -R.Ji ?

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