Newspaper of Evening Star, August 16, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 16, 1855 Page 2
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ENING WASHINGTON CITY: THURSDAY AFTCRWO?! Aapit W SPIRIT 0? THE MORNING PKESS. The Intel! twicercopies a chapter flrcii Col. Benton's " Thirty Y'ara in ih? S+natr," (2d vol.,) and take? occasion to aay : "We give this c^nptir a place in our col units because we thivk it presents a correct and impartial history of the origin of the dis contents in the. South. That they hare not derived the w me pecuniary advartages from the Union which the Northern State* hare en joyed c^ms, from the facts stated by Col. lientor,, to be uadcniable. But it is equally ck?? that this has arisen, nr>t from the natnre of the Union, which did not necessarily le^u any such consequences, but from error.eotn views adopted by our stattswen in the Organi tatin of their coinrjetda! r-ystcn;. It is ovi dent. if this history true, tl.ftt the South is ?wmrg in ascribing the waning of their inter ests to the fnct^C Union, and still more wrong ie npconRg that a dissolution of the tics -which nind iheui to the other States would bring with it a return to the enviable supe riority w'nich was theirs before the Revolution CnraipfeTce, like its fcroat medium, the ocean, wii) find its Icvoi, in S] ite of legislation, .ltd, have once fou,id it. will maintain it, in spite of refltricti/ons and obstructions. But the 8outb, we think. Is wrong iu another point *>f pqr.a\ importance to her prosperity with * ftee and independent commerce?namely, in the idea that her slave property would '?e more ao-*urc in the dissolution than it would be in the preservation of the Union. While, however. *f use the word South, we do not forget that it should be understood in a qualified sense. The views which we ascribe to the Soi'th are not universal in that sevtion of the Union, nor are they common to all th<* people of ai y portion of it. They are enter tained and maintained by a large number, it is true, but only the prejudiced and Ultfa por tion A great many of the mr ^ intelligent people of the South t jjrfe a rn^re m derate and truer view of the (Ji'wtioni by which the in temperate seek t?> \>ring about dissolution. It was only on the 23th of last month, at a public dinner given, at Anderson, S. C , to Hen Jas L. Orr. the representative in Congress of th<? district, *na* that gentleman, eminent f< r his intelligence and i ublic experience, and an ar dent. advocate of the institutions of the South, hat' the sense to perceive and the independ ence to declare that ? the country enjoyed a re pose and the South a security upon the slavery question, so tar rs statutory legislation was concerned, greater than she Ind enjoyed since 1787 ' In the chapter of Col. Benton's history there are musc hir?'is on the subject of dissolu tion judiciously and calmly thrown out, which are worthy of consideration." The Ujru>~ again discusses *? Tho duty and destiny af ;be Democratic party,'' saying in the ooursie of the article : 44 Tb^re is not a State in this broad Union? tbero is not a Territory?which is not now ?f fectsfetl by some local mischief, aided by some W/engei'jl politician. and directed against the democratic party. Could all these clement.* be la-tingly ccmbiae-i?if by any principle of political chemistry., ingredients so repulsive to eich other could be held together?not only the Democracy, but the federal compact itself, would t?tter to its base, a miss ot undistin- ' guish *b!e ruiu. It is fortunate that such a 1 coalition is a political impossibility It i* J more t'aan fortunate?it is almost providential ?thM for every one cl* these mischiefs a dras tic and unfailing cure may be i'ouud in the un doing creed of the Democratic party." , The Union also rejoices over the political condition of Ohio, c >ntenuir.g that while th< i opposition i? broken into fragments bitterly 1 hostile to each other, the Democracy of the J State are a crr.t. The Elections. 1 The Union, this naming, has positive news ?>f the defeat ?>f Cuil'm ;K. N.) by Savage <I?cm ) for Congress, iu Tennessee ; and ulso claims the election of Freeman (anti-K N.) in ihe Ninth district of that State, which will 1 Diafc- the delegation stand Know Nothings 4; A?ities 6?or a gain of 2 for the Anties. The same papeT sum- up the result for Con gress, in Kentucky, as follows, vit: 44 1. Hen ry C. Burnett, Dem.; 2 John P. Campbell, K. N ; 3. W. L Underwood. K. N ; 4. A. G. Talbctt, Dcm.j 5. Joshua H. Jewett. Dem.; 6. J. M Elliott, I)em.; 7. Humphrey Mar shall, K? N.. 8. Alexander K. Marshall. K. i N . 9. ieute M Ceo, K. N.; 10 S. F. Swwpe. K N "J This result, if true, amounts to 9 gain of 1 for the Know Nothing* The I5teb-0cea9k: Ca.val ?The Phila delphiacorTespondence of the Baltimore Amer ican haj the tolloaing concerning the inter occan.c canal : i4 C' mmodcte Stewart, the Commandant of the Navy Y'ard of thi-* -ration has in his sur vey of a r> ute for an inter oceanic ship canal i between'ibe Atlantic ai d the Pacific, wtiieh i wus presented to him in 1.^22 bv tieucral Uol irar. in the hope that the Government of thct United State.-might hi induced to take lrart in the construction of this great work. The route a j per* to tc simil-ir in tomt re ?pects to that alluded to by the Washington ^tar a& having be-n ad pted. PEtBONAL. ... . Mrs. Margaret Cameron, aged 102years* and AI ,s. Seward, aged 101 years, both died at Burlington, New Jersey, lastwiek. ....Paschal Donaldson, for several 3'ear-1 euncected with tho New York press, and well known as a prominent Odd Fellow, died sud denly in that city on the 14th instant. ....The New Orleans Bulletin notes the *' mysterious disappenranee" of no less than ffur clerks froin as many houses in th;:t eity? all of them with m< re eir less cash belonging to their employers. .... Berjamiu C. Presstman, Esq., of Balti more, ha^ bcou aj pointed by the Governor of >1 irylani Judge of the Superior C- urt. th< seat haviL^j teen made vacant by the r< cent de^th cf Judge Frick. ? ...A correspondent of a religious paper tay* that at Theodore Parker's Church. *? n?.t a few had se<-olar n. w.-p-pers, which they -at ?and read till the services comraet.< ed There were bow? of recognition across tue hall, and everybody seemed quite at ea-e. The seaton s-1 a vase of beauiiful fresh flowers on the speaker's desk." ? ?..The Woman's Bights Convention com menced yesterday at Saratoga Springs, and will continue tor thi-e days. Mrs. Lucy .Stemc Biackwell, Mrv. K<*e. and ab<M*t of oth er strung mind d females, will take part in ti.e prococdin^''. ....lion Jere. Clemens, recently a demo Cratio United States Senator, but who was it Know Nothing fcr tho Alabama jLe^iilttare, was defeated at tneiate election. ....Richard P Robinson, the supposed mur derer of Helen Jiwett. died at the Gait House Louisville, Ky., on tho atn irst. For several years pact he wn Known as Richard Parme ly. ....Hon. Sutherland, New York, and Hn T- 8 B^cock of Virginia are at Willard's, and A De Acdrada. Braiiliaa C^argo d affairs is at I3:own's hotel. Yellow Fevlr at Port Prisi c.?Arrivals at N York report the yellow fever to he pre vailing with great violence at P >rt au Prince, and adjoining ports. Several American ves sels had h ot portions of their crew by the dis ease. Lager Biei:.?Since a question ha* been raiseo in relation to the iuL xicuting proper ties of thi* bevenge, persons all ovor the country have been gua^ing th? ir stomachs to .?ec how many pints, quarts, or gallons they would respectively hold?Amosg the others, A Mr. Kruig trard ths eapcrimet.t at Roc ties tar; N Y., last week He drank three gallon-* iu twelve hours; but he di?d the same night. Two quarts wore pumped lrotr his stomach is the endeavor to relieve him WASHINGTON 1TEWS AlfD 0088IP. Americans Ruling America?We are do rirous that all our f?Howw*tlsena shall realir the result* of iCftow Nothingism, being of th< opinio^ I'nat its triumph is fraught with more Uringer to socicty than that of any other pes tiferous ism that was ever conceived for the punishment of weak and erripg man. W know not how we can better accomplish thi purpose, tha*i by continuing to quote detai' and statements concerting the lato dreadfu ani disgraceful occurences tu Louurillc which we find in the newspapers oftbat citx W.ttereM^uoK tn.m the L^SvMeCW,, of the um ult. M f^;0Ws rU. bc^rt ?."r,0,t"R? "v Klkct'un Dir.?II*. a, ^^P' Sed we might have filled ou with .n m d?y sif?? <*>? ?lectio, Hith an account of the terrible tragedies ei: Mted on that mournful occasion; hut we hav teit an indisposition to parade all the fasts ii inJ,rfr"aD bc,fVro ,tne c 'nsmunitv, know ng that tncy would only heighten the excit ment and aggravate the paction naturally ei suing. There aro some circumstances, how ever, that we Cannot withhold from the pub lic, in jnstico to cursolves and the truth h\ f^wing ' ?f this v',araoter are tlu | " 'i*?ung Long, son'of the proprietor of th. 'ton corner of Eleventh and Mai. greets, that Was burued, states that half at to a.-ot bcing fircd in that se ? ber of Xt ?vy' a t,c,'d of his. who i,u men. him J i K??lW- N"th,r'? '^cier, approached h.m and urged hi., leaving ihe store of hia fa- ! ho o'gkrt C faii ial Rt u,Sbt Un attack woul tUt jt wa* u i fire tbat block and shoot th? inmates who dareo L n ??VC' A ?wordancc with this advie< J ,7f ? ' ruVtil hls *ather and mother to a plac i 1 S^uety. lie then returned to the store. *flere his two brothers were, and before thev , could escape the attack was made. In e<cai' ing himself he received tkirtten bullet won, J- ' un J is now confined, dangerously ill, from then i effects. llis two brothers were unable to leave i and were actually consumed in the conflagr.i tion. ? j ??An Irishman residing in the same blocl- 1 attempted to leave, but was shot and driven back. Again be attempted to reach the .-tret ; was driven back, receiving several shot., neak and faint, he cr iwled out the ba;k way. reached tb? paper-mill yard, and, finding'a I? l,hc sandbank, lay there ail uiglit, hi wounds bl?keuiu<ij ail the while. Bucb a horrible nature wore a hundrc 1 incidents that transpired during Monday. TI.? heart recoils at their contemplation?the blood chills at a thought of the henrtlet*ness of th.. night attack, when innocent men were sh"t down and the property ai;d lives of men an.I women, wno had dor.u no wrong, were reeo.' nilcd only that ???jo bullet and the torch mi 'i.t be applied to their destruction. ' Efforts have been made to procure som authentic evidence as to the origin of M ,nday . riots, but the tear of violence, which y?.t pr- ? vails among some of our most respectable eili j iciis, lx,th native and foreign boru, deter- ! many lrom permittirg their names to he mad (judiic. even though tho proper authorise ! Jiane no efforts to investigate the matter or t ! Jnng the parties to justice." Our entiro city police officers are, we bo- I leve. with scarcely an exception. Know Mi nings, jot we hear of no efforts btiu?c o have a legal itivestigati0ll of the recent di jracelul ou'rages. The occasion ccrtainl v -tiled n.r the use of extra rdinaiy tff..its. yJ. hear of nothing whatever being done." From thu Louisville Dmiocrut of the sam late / the 13th) we quote to-day as follows: " The telegraphic reports fr< ui Louisville rc pecting the lints in this city aro the grossest n is representations and falsehoods wc evei ?ead. We shall publish them in a few day.-, vhen w?- have gntt -n the true history of som ?ran-a'tion? to which th--y refer. Tne lie i old with a bruxen t ffrontry. tbat there was r.., litfturbucce ai tho polls. The mob HtarteJ ic oruing to this veracious reporter, by th Irish who pursued lk-rge in tho upper p irt <! he city, and it started in the Eighth War 1 by lie Irish shooting down two peaeeableeiii?o:i without provocation ?>uch stories may ?redit abroad, where j>eople know knothiug o:' <he condition of things here. 44 We intend to give the t^ue history of the ,.; transactions from eye-witnesses. Our p-adc. a.n-'W that wc anticipated disturbances, tha* tue anti-Know Nothing party made every ef lort fur peace beforehand. They made propo which would have prevented the dis grace ot Louisville, butth^ir proposals wer ?purned by a party that had ( ther views aim [turp.-ses. Tho Dean?cratd have no part in the J 'vernmeu ot this city, judicial <>r adminis rative. The Know Nothings had the busincs ill intleir own way. llow th?y have per ormed their duty the history of the la it .cl will te-tify. Tne public will hold them to a trict accuunt. " For all the violence of the mob. we have beard of no arrests y.-t, except of poor Ger narsor Irish, whe were beaten and terrified ind ex isj?erat?-d into indiscretions, or who were beaten and abused with ut cause. Th? lundreds of bullies with clubs it the polls, seating legal voters airay, came an 1 wont un uolested It may Le a matter of wonder that 'uch things eoul 1 go or. for a whole d^y, and ?ven b -gii, the next day, here in L< uisv 11 ? 'Ve can only say that the preparations were too weil made, an I there w no organiiati'.n t > prevent its ohje is. Individual- di I what I Liiey c ;uid. iconic of the American party trh i j Lo stop or mitigate the.-e outrages, wheu they j :oul i not stop them, for paity managers I.t.'i . raised a storm they could not eontrol. " Humors utterly fal.-o, oi tin.- most cxcitin .* sort, were raised b^' the men who vere theui Jclves the guilty, which completely deceived ind misled m< n who wero .1- -iroud of peace ind crippled their efforts. Thus deeds of viol ience and blof'(i went or. " extracts go ;ar t>)sntiefy the thought ful, who, though they sympathisu against the Catholic religion, and against the entire poii-i ?al eijualiiy of foreigners who have be?n le ura'uaed. that in essaying to rid the country .f what they regard a. great evils, Knou Vothingism brcc if greater?breeds the renii ion of American publi.- allairs inu.the hand of brut al, murderous and incendiary mob". <<.??. postdof tho idle, disjoint- and vk-ioj who tiave nothing whatever at si ko in society? a class of persons who have m vcr yet, in an\ :?ge or clime, attempted to reform and regulate society without bringing on it ten-fold the evils they pr ifeesed to be aiming to eradicate. We to< k '-cca-don a day or twotinceto ch r a terize the spirit of Know Nothingism as dis played at the meeting of the friends of Mi Wise, befor" Browns' hotel in thi? city, as b? - ii-g i lentical with that re.-ulting in the atro cities perpetrated in Louisville on the 6th in.-t li additional ]>roof of the truth of this, our in ference, he required, it is to be found in th declaration in the local column of the Organ, yesterday, that Mr. Wise was treated by the Know Nothings on that occasion brtt i than he deserved. We acr,uit tho editor of that journal of all responsibility for that atrocious sentiment, which doubtless slipped into his columns without bii knowledge or consent. He ha-< been reared in a school oi politics wherein that man who would deliber ately justify an uttempt to rei>r<.ss the freed?-u: of speech at a public meeting, bj* the inti > ference and violence of a cowardly m?>b, acting in concert, under the shield of the darkness ef night, is regarded wholly unfit to oi;j y the b.essiugs ot civil liberty anu equal rights, a. he evidently kn ws not how to value them. E-a:iroad Grants in Missouri and Arkansas By tho act of Cougresi of 8th of February. 1S63 thero was granUd to the States of Mis scuri nnd Arkansas, fc. aid in the constrimti. n of railr ads from a point opposite Cairo, at the mouth of the Ohio river, via Little Kock and Fulton, Arkansas to the Texan line, aid branch roads from Little Ho?k east to Mtm phis and west to Fort Smith, on the western boundary of the State, a quantity of land equal to a strip of six ?ections in width along the routed of said road and branches. A larg< body of land, suppled to lie within tb* prob able lindtj of the grant, chicfly in the State of Arkansas, was taken out of market imme diately affer the p*s*agc of the law, which land? have iJree and are still withheld from sa'r t-r entry except for pre-emptions. We understand that the maps of the final location of the main trunk of tho Cairo and Fultou road, as far a? situated in Arkansas and the branch to Fort Smith, have just reached the General Land Offlce, through the Governor of Arkansas, which will enable tho Land D< - pirtmcnt, as Soon as tlio routes and lateral limits of the grant can ba laid down on the office maps, U> restore to market a ge body [ of lands n >w reserved and no longer needed | for tho grant, in the State, and to designate | the lands accruing t?> the State of Arkansas j under the grant?a work of great labor, which , will require some time; afler which the bal i ance of the land3 will be restored, in part, to jirivate entry, and the rest within the six mile limits will be offered at public sale as re quired hy law. To Hida the Blunders of tho Allies, some ?'press"-gang wight who writes loiters from Europe to the American newspapers, bent on li; dh;g excuses f>r t'ie reprehensible blundc s and palia lives lor tho terrible disasters of th? Allies before Sevastopol, has concocted a story 1 purporting to be a conversation of Louis Na- | poleon. in which the Emperor is made to take 1 ou himself all the responsibilities of the I Crimean campaign, as its manager, saying, in i the eourso of the protended conversation : "I atu glad to say that, in my opinion. So bastopol will fall ere long, and I am certain that no one here ever doubted of our ability to take it. And now that Lord Raglan i- | dead, thing* will be made to show how little the Generals of the Allied armies wanted t > take it?lor they only used as a cloak to cover their real intentions, which have been to draw as many Russian troops into the Crimea a? possible. so that we might cripple them on thi rroui.d, without advancing into the interior < t j Russia, whit h would have to be done if wo I had Sebastopol now ; and it would be sheet ! madness to f Mow a Russian army after having : su ? 11 a precedent as Napoleon's Campaign of 1?12, where be lost the finest army the world bver saw through the effects of climate.*' This is the sheerest "trash"' imaginable. L juis Napoleon is no fool, and never would have avowed himself the author of ineas | urcs with their results to the allies such i.s have marked their campaign before Sebasto pol, contemplating just such results on hoti. sides as have occurred, for the hopeless end of of worrying Russia?ol exhausting her com paratively inexhaustiblo armiej and other re sources for war. TheM tssion to England.?An impression i ' prevailing here that the mission t" England, soon to be vacant through the return to tho United State* of Mr. Janes Buchanan, will be tendered to tho Hon Wui. Prestm, of Louis ville. Ky. Wo notice this rumor, only as a rumor. on what foundation we know not?add ing merely that we have heard nothing t?. justify an impression on our mind that any selection h;is been made for the position. Wo may not inappropriately add, that notbin ; Would givj us greater pleasure, individually, than to find this rumor eventuate in reality for the gentleman in question is certainly on of the ablest, most accomplished, high-toned and sagacious public men by w\.om the coun cils of tho I iiiied States bave been gr.i ed for many years past. No one? who is familiar with the details of his able and brilliau' i ireer in tho House of Representatives can. for an instant, doubt his eminent fitness for the po6t which, more than any other, require": a man formed, mentally ami ly education, very much in Mr. l'reston's mould. Tho Fever.?We have endeavored t?> trace out the origin of the rumors thafcare going over the country by telegraph, crediting Washing ton with the death within its limits by yellow fever of two of the fugitives fr in Portsmouth. We have to say that we can find no founda tion whatever for the report. Two persons, one of them a teeth'ng infant, recently fron Portsmouth, havo died here, neither of them, however, being afilicted with anything re embling the y llow fever. Our readers may rc-t assured th it we .-hall not be ba-kward in announcing the presunco of tho yellow fever in Washington ?r ?ny < '.her contagious or in to . tious ?Ji.-e.i-f, wh'n W i 'diig'.on m;.y he t afflicted as to ruako it our duty, which we shall promptly perform. Up to this time, how ever, all such stories arc unfounded iu truth. Col Duncan, U. S. A.?The New York Mir ror. i f yesterday, in givi:;g the latest news of the progressing revolution in Mexic >. says: " The revolutionists were in pursuit of tho retreating army The force of tlic revolution ists ?a- 3.0U0. with eh von piece* of artillery, and they were under the command of Colonel Duncan, late of tho United otates Aruiy.'" The Mirror is slightly in crr?>r, evidently, as there i? far better reason to hope that Co!. Duncan, late of th t Unitod Stat'.s Army is much nearer heaver, than Mexico; having died, long since. T.ho Current Operation! of the Treasury Department.?Or.yesterday, the loth August, there wero of Treasury Warrant; entered on 'ho Vx.ks of tha Depart meat? For the Interior Department .... 519 750 5^ For ?he Custons 2S.D11 ('? War Warrants received and en tered 71,217 30 War ropuv warrants received and entered ...? 3,5*2 30 Drawn < n account of the Navy... 256 79 Covered in from Customs 842.Iort hi Covered in from Lands 129,110 OS Excited.?As a specimen of the feelings en tertained towards the commandant at 011 Point, and the authorities of other places, in cutting < ff communication with Portsmouth, the foil iwing appears in the Norfolk Argus: 'T would suggest that a town meeting bo at ouce ealle I, and that a similar request be made to the good people of Portsmouth, to resolutions, and appoint officers to enforce ihcm, tb^t not one pound of b-^ef, or anything else, be allowed to go to Old Point?no, not a pin?and as for tho dirty little holes of Suffolk and Wehlon, that no eitixen of either place should ever bo allowed to enter either town without ac< at of tar and feathers." The Star Gazers.?Venus can now be seen at about noon, with the naked eye, if the at mosphere is very clear She will bo on the meridian at about 2J o'clock, p. in., nt a point f 'ur degrees south of the cquinoxial lino. She rta hos her greatest brilliancy on the 25th ins. Jupiter is now the most conspicuous glory of the night. He passes the meridiaa a few minutes after midnight, running in a de clination of 13 degrees south Saturn is visi ble in the latter portion of the night, rising at about 1 o'clock ia the high northern deeliua t-on of 22 degrees Mars gets up iu=t before d i* ' *ht ar.d it consequently invisible. Those v.,i.--eyes or glasses an- go'>d enough may g.-t a peop at Ilerschel very early in the moro i a ? he rises about midnight away in the 1'ori.ln-asf, bis declination being abont 14 de ^ north. FIVE DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMER AMERICA The Cnnard sicam?r Amerioa ari^ed at Halifax yesterday afternoon, with Liverpool lates to the 4th instant, five days later than the advices per steamer Lebanon, published yesterday. ortTLhcia^8t ne*8 from the Crimea is to the -Oth of July, Everything was prepared for the general action of the sea and land forces a?air.ot bebastopol, which was to come off in fifteen days. The Russians had succeeded in establishing rifle pits in front of the French sappers. Advices telegraphically from the Crimea to the 2yth ultimo announce continued prepara tions lor the grand expedition tit the allies I 5*tt,,!8t ^ebastopol. AH the vessels of the fleet had assembled at Kamiescbe. A report prevailed in Paris that the French Government had received official no'ifieation : oi the | orabardment of the Malakoff and Redan ilenv ' PreP*ratory the assault. . ,' 'ecroy of E^ypt has been negotiating , with the Bedouins to serve in the Crimea I A telegraphic dispatch fiora London, dated I Saturday noon, Pays : " The siege of Sebasto I?ol is about to be raided. Also, a couimum- 1 cation has been received from Germany by the Western Powers, of startling interest. lu the bea of AjfJf, the fortifications of the allies were progreWing. Accounts from Constantinople say thst ochaniyl descended the mountains threatenit" a retrograde movement against the Russians.? from the Baltic there is nothing new. The allied squadrons occupied the same positions a3 formerly. ENGLAND. The Queen sent a message to Parliament asking additional provisions for the war. which resulted in tho Chancellor of the Exchequer proposing to issue ?7,000.000 of exchequer bills. 1 Lord Pahnerston, in reply to a question in 1 arliament touching British enlistments in the I nitcd States, stated that in order to pre vent all probability of a difficulty with the American government, the British government had stopped enlisting at Halifax. Heavy rains had occurred in England, but the accounts from the crops are favorable. FRANCE. The offers for tho new French loan amount to o,000,000,000 francs. SPAIN. Rumor- were in circulation that Spain w..ul 1 send a coutingeut t-> the Crimea, but it is con sidered doubtful. It was also reported that, in consideration of this contingent, she would ask fur a territorial guarantee, including Cuba. ITALY. Our Liverpool correspondent has private nd vices trom Loiubardy via Venice, indicating that important events are nearly rij?c there, and exciting news may shortly be expected fr< m that quarter. The I', b. sloop-of-war Vandalia sailed from Manilla on June 21. THE MARKETS. Liverpool, August 3 ?Cotton?The market is a trifle lower. Prices have declined 1-161. aid., the market closing steady. The >ales of the week amounted to 3o.000 bales, including 3,500 bales to speculators and 4.000 bales for export. New Orleans and Upland fair 6J. Uplands middling ?>. Bread-tuffs.?1 he breadstuff* market is gen erally unchanged, fn some respects prices arc easier, but not quotably lower. White wheat lls.y I al2 21.; red I0i.nlIs.3-1. Western ca nal flour l0-.a40i 6d; <>uio flour 43a.a.44s. White corn 44s ; mixed 3S< a33i.6d. Provisions.?Richardsonbpencc ?t Co. quote: The market generally unchanged. Beef?there are more buyers than sellers. Pork closed steady at former rates. Lard?The maiket i; unchanged and prices steady. Pro iuee.?The Brokers' Circular quotes . Ro sin?The market closed steady at 4s 3d a Is 4 i. lor common, and 5-.aSs. for tine. Rice is steady and prices are unchanged. Stocks and Money.?The money market is ni'jrt) strii gent. Consols fur money are <ju itcd at yi| T;ie bullion in the bank has dec leased ?200,000 sterling. American securities aro generally steady. In >o.?io respects prices are easier* but not quotably i^wer. The Yellow Fever. In Nirfolk, for the 71 hours ending on Tues day, at 1 p. in., there had been 14 deaths in the city, and 6 in the hospital. Tuesday was observed as "a public day of renitence and prayer to the Almighty, that lie would lo< k do it u upon the atilicted city with compassion, and in His infinite mercy ft -.y the .-eourge that is prevailing to .some ex tent at present in their midst," and in conse quence the stores were closed and all husir.e-a operations suspended. 1 >?.<: hospital for the sick, fitted up by the Howard ^ A-'-oeiation of Norfolk, is l-ortod at LHubert s P< ?nt Raco Course. 3 miles from the city, ami the p. tientsaro conveyed thither in a ste.iuib >at In addition to the two bis ters ot Charity from B tltimore, now ther** en gaged in nursing the sick, six more are daily expected from Emmittsburg, Md. ) he t"vcr is t:?>t ? j malignant a> whon it made it.- first appearance. A physician who has a large practice in the city stated, a day ?<r two .-inee, that he thought they werc.v it?///** yo per cent, of those who were attacked. In only a small locality it is epidemic, (\?z: s?>uth ol Main street.) und those cases which have oc urred elsewhere were contracted in the in fected district. The latest accounts from Norfolk represent the yellow tever a> moderating somewhat, and public feeling not so much excited as for the few days previous. In consequence of the scarcity of provisions c mscqueiit u:. n the embargo laid on the dis tressed cities, the officers of the bay lino of steamers have agreed to take down supplies fr >m Baltimore, and land them at a jHunt in Hampton Roads, from whence they will be conveyed to Norfolk. in-m Portsmouth we learn there is some abatement in the fever, there being fewer eases and deaths, doubtless in conj>equcuce of the great diminution of iu inhabitants, cause 1 by the flight of the citizens; but the daily re ports oi the board of health are not rendered, owing to tho titkness of its chairman, Dr. Jos. N. S 'hooltield, who. we are happy to learn, is improving very f;ist The great panic hereto, fore existing has somewhat subsided. . A letter from Norfolk, dated the 14th, (pub lished iri the Baltimore Su/i of this morninsr.l O' f gives the following account of the introduc tion of the disea.-e, und the eau.-c of the panic, which induced s<> many citizens to seek safety iu fleeing from Norfolk and Portsmouth : '4 The announcement of the existence of yel low fever in this city has produced an unpre cedented panic, which iu its consequence will be truly disastrous. On the 30th of July a report that a physician had eleven patients with the fever, in Barry's Row, caused a ter ror to seizo toe weak and tiiuid, and a number immediately tied from the city. Our Mayor, with a \ indomitable zeal, and a noble, self sacrificing ardor, immediately c ?mmeucod the | work ot purifying the loathsome spot where i tho fe^r was reported to exist, and causing ! the -ifljio be taken without the limits of the i oi!y. *or the want of proper assistance, and | meeting with opposition when he should have re-eived aid, he did not accomplish his task as soon as the exigency of the ease demanded, ? consequently other cases of the fever made ? their uppoarancc near the infected row : when this became known, the panie increased; men, women and children, crowded every public conveyance that took its departuro from here. In their flight, they carried the panic with t them, and it became an intection wherever they went. In a few days the act of cutting off or restricting communication with us was commenced by New York. Philadelphia, Bal timore. Richmond Petersburg. Edeuton, Suf folk. Elizabeth city and Weldon At Old | Point soldiers were stationed with Lxe-l bayo net# to oppose the lauding of our citizen-. . ,? which carries tea mail henoe to I Elizabeth city was driven away from that vil lage, and Edonton and Suffolk he'd town meetings iu which they resolved to impose a fino upon any citizen of Norfolk or Portsmouth i w"h i should attempt to seek their hospitality. Now let us see what cause there has been to induce such heaffVwresj on the part of on r neighbor?, and to make our own cititens sus pend their burin*#* ami fly from here m if <as said one of our popular ministers) 44 the enjre! of death or the doTil was at theirjheels." In July. the mortality from all diseases in Nor folk city Wa? twenty per ccnt. less than ir. July, IS54, and from the 16th of July up W Saturday la*t, the number of death? frem yel low fever wus twenty The B>ard of liealth reports eight deaths in the fortv-cight hoaTr ending yesterday at 2 o'clock. Will any on say that this is a g^o l reason why we shoull have our healthy citizens who wish to leave the city driven away a? if they were lepers, and Norfolk cut off as if it waa ? den of lep rosy ' Have we acted in this manner toward - New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore whe;. they have been scourged with infectious dis ease? ? Lot me record an instance of whole-souled generosity and nobility of heart, which is in plea?!ng contrast with the ab?>re conduct, and which will ever live in the memory of our peo ple. When it becamo known on the Eastern .Shore of Virginia that the resident* of Norfolk and Portsmouth were flying from their burner, and that other sections of country were driving them away, the 44 son-girt peninsula" greeted those who came to her shores with a hearty welcome. Carriages, wagons, carts, and vt" hLrUsof all kinds were ready at the landiug whenever the steamer arrived" from Norfolk t> convey the refugees to hospitable homes '? Tell* them," said the Hon. fi. A. Wise. '? to come on, that we have open hearts and house.* to receive them." f ijATTEXTli ojonre hereby n flflsth street, oi ?I li Itisearne ATTENTION, UNION GUARDS ?Yon hereby request* 4 to meet at your arinory. street, on FRIDAY, tbe 17lb instant earnestly desired thai every member will be punctual in Lis attendance as bunint-ss o! importance will be laid before the Company. By order JNO. SHEA, Sec. au 16?'it Artificial teeth lost There wj^ left fn an omnibus at Georgetown one day last week, a set of Aititicial upper Teeth, on a silve. plate. Ah they can be of no use to tbe finder th? owner will be very much obliged if thev shoiil< be left with Dr Hoffar. No. 262 Pa. avenue, betw. 12ih and 13m streets. au 16?It* WAS MISSED FROM MY STABLE ON the morning of tbe 14th instant, a da'k sor rel Mare, about i2 vears old. with a biased ? r white fa< e. A liberal reward will be paid for the return of said horse to me CHARLES WHITE, Washington Foundry, Washington, au IB?3t* IOST, ON YESTERDAY MORNING. th< -i '5th August, somewhere befwe?n Mllltr'f Confectionery, on Pa. ave , and Mrs E. Thomp son's, on Ninth street, a hair Bracelet, with trold clasp, and a daguerreotyi?e set therein The find er will confer a great favor by leaving it at tul? of iice or at Mrs E. Thompson's. It is valuable ti the owner on account of the daguerreotype, au 16?It* Having a farm of aw acres. Divi ded into several 11 -Ids, with a very luxuriant growth of m'xed grasses, and well watered, at tl? convenient distant of 5 miles from Washiiigto 1 eaabies me to pasture any number of horses, cow* beeves or sheep, on the most reasonable terms For further information apply at N o. 170 I welfti. g'reet. be'ween F and G. M 1-?St { <RKFN GINGER AND HONEY. "X 3 barrels Green Ginger. in prime ord?r 1 case Honey, in the c>>mb, in six pound caps. For sale bv SHEKELL BROTHERS, No. 40. opposite the Centre Uarket an 16?3t A CARD.?The attention of the ladies and uen -/a tlemen of Washington. find the public in general, is respectfully invited to the sale of Furniture. Ac., which will take place cn Frid.iv. the 17th instant, at 10 o'clock, a m . at the corner of 7th and D streets. op:>o%ite the Patriotic Bank. The FMrnitnre isof g<cvl q.rality, and sale peremp tory. For further particulars see advertisement. GREEN A SCOTT, au 10?d Auctioneers. PLEASANT RESORT SPR I 51 G GARDEN S, (FORMERLY FAVIER'S GARDEN.) On .1/ Strfet.b'iict'n S'vntffnth f Eig\tftntk OPENED ever;* d?y in the week, and on S m d.iv No Kjilritous liquors allowed but Cof fee, Chocolate. IceCream. Ac . will be f>r sa'e. Weber's Bra^s Band will perform every Mon day at;d Thursday evening, beginning at about i o*el?< k Admittance free. au 16?Jut S ^ELTKK S W ATE R.?Ju?t received fron the Spring tM? jugs, pints and quarts, of th? wholesome Water I have also received Longworth's Native Ca tawlia. in bott!**s. aad Weller'* Scuppernon^; W i nes. i n wo- ?d Also on ha'id. HeidsieckChempagneanddiB'er ent ki.ids of Claret. H JOST. Importer of all iind of Wines and Liquor* *lt*i Pa. avenue au 10?3t* H ILL A- HENNING, WHOLESALE * RETAIL TFA DE&LEES. No. 610 Seventh Street, HAVE just received, are constantly receir ing, fre*'i supplies of ThA. which we T ~ oiler in quantities 'o suit purchasers Our^X** prices ire low, and assortment unrivalled, j eon-isting of? IMPERIAL AND GUNPOWDER, <W.D AND YO'NG HYSON, HYSON SKIN AND TWANKAO. OOLONG, POWCHONG. SOUCHONG. NING VONG.OtAN0R,PLOWEIY PEC "< ENGLISH AND LONDON BREAKFAST,Ac in -lb. packs. ^ and % chests and "ooxes. Teas |/ack< tl to ord.T in alr-tiuht boxes, from 2 to 25 lbs. capacity. All Teas warranted to give sail ^faction Orders promptly attended to. Sam ples may be had upon application. au 10?eotit EXCURSION AND PIC N1C~ KOK IHF. BENEFIT or St. Mathew's Sunday School, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILIOX, On WEDNESDAY, Au* tK?th. T^ll II TyacLer* cf the School take pleasure in an nouncing to their friends and ? the public generally that they have ?"hartered the safe and commodious tfeamer lieo Washington, ami will give an Excursion and Pic NIc to the White Hou?e on the al?ove named day Ttie teachers pledge theniselvrs no )?aius or ex pensc shall Ix* s;; to make this one of the btM eacursions of the ?e*>on. Scotts Hand has be^n engaged for the occasion Dinner and refreshments will be s. rved by Win Coke, in a superior stvle For the atcoirmod itlon of those |?ersons who do not wish to spend the whole day down the river, the l>oat will make two trips; leave George town at7)| o'clock, ashington Navy Yard y. and Alexandria at % to !?? Aflerncon. leaves Wa- bingtod at *2, Alexandria a to-1. Returning will leave the White House at u and 10 o'clock p ui , T'>ket> .rK? cents?Children half price; to be had at the following places ; J. L Kidwell, town; R R Avlnier, corner Pa avenue and ITtfc street; J no F. Ellis, Pm. avenue; Mariin P King Druggist, Pa. avenue, n?ar Third st.; William A Kennedy, 7th st.; and Dr F. S. Walsh. Navy \ ard. any of the Committee, or at the Boat on the day of the excursion. Omnibuses will leave the Northern Liberties' Market at - o'clock a til, and 1 ^ p m . and will be at the Wharf oti the return of the l>oat. (ieo Harvey. Jas L Anderson. Richd Budget, Wm Dalton, Jas Jirdiuston, Jas Pilling, Jos A Keefer, Thos Williams, Thomas Cassel au 16,18,21,23,25,47,4s ETTEKS TO THE PEOPLE on Health L and llapt'iness, by Catherine E Beccher In er37U,clot" piper 37 %, cloth 50c History of theCouncllof Trent, from the French by John McClintock. D.l)., *1 "Harper's Picture Book for the Nursery, by Ja cob Aobolt. :t vols each New volume of Harper's Story Book. *t TAYLOR A MAURY S au 16 near Wh street rpHE ESt APED NUN; or, Disclosure* of A Convent Life History of the Council of Trent Letters to the People on Health and Happiness. by Catharine E. Beecher Harper's Picture Books, Learning to Ta<k,by Ja cob Abbott II arper's Story Books, vol 3 Will Terrill; or the Adventures of a ^ oung Gen tleman born iu a Cellar a novel, bv J 11 Ingraham. I-RANCR TAYLOR au 16 IOST, ON MONDAY, August i:Jth. ingoing .4 to Georgetown in the Union Line, a Bundle, containing two manuscript memorandum book* about coins, and an Acworth ready Calculator with owner's name therein, andalsoa small brass spirit level. A liberal and satisfactory rewa-d will be given by leaving theiu at the Bank o! Commerce, Georgetown, with Edw. Offlev au 15-3t? OR THE HA1K?Barry a Tricopberous Swedish flair Creator, Lyon'a kaihalrcn Castor Oil Pomade, and Ox Marrow at au 15?Ut LAMMOND 9, Tth tt French drawing pencils from th< several manufactories of Bauscb. Hardmutb XN'alter and Contee, imported direct fiom tbe ma kcrs iu Paris, by FRA.NCK TAYLOR. J ya F ? ODD FELLOWS' HALL. GREAT OPERA TROUPE, Mil oontlntie their UNIQUE PORTRAITURES. Interspersed with BCRLEiqt'E PIECES, OPERAS AND NEW PONGS. Observe the dail v programmes for particular* AdniiMloo U ctoti au lo?tf JOHN T. FORD. Agent SILVERWARE. IUST finished a U.^f asso-tment of elegant 811. w W are of the latest styles, roa?t<tlil(! of stol id silver Tea Set*. Silver Waiter*, Pitchers. Gob let*. Cup*. Salt Cellar*, Ac. The above with an unusually rnmplftr stork of Silver Spoons. Fork*, Ladies." Dew-rt Knives, Napkin Rings. Ar., of every pat t em *r* of our own manufacture, warrantee pure, and offered at lb* lowest tales. Every description of Silverware made to order from original design*, however elaborate M W. UALT A HRO , 324 Pa. avenue, between 9th and Hub at* au l??6t ?TM>YS FOR THE CHILDREN ?jT^rea: a. variety and at law price* at auU-at LAMMON P S. 7tk *t. C'lH REW ARD.?Straved from the subscrt. V Avf b*r, near the railroad depot. two Horiwi, one dark pray, no mark*, large 4 at feet, and the other one a hay, white fice. one plan* eye. and all four feet white. I will give the above reward for their recovery. WM B ARNOLD au 14?? J EST RECEIVED?Memoir* of Jamee Oor don Bennett and bis time*. The Ear-aped Nun; or Disclosures of Convent Life; and the Conftraiiaas of a Sister of CUtrlty at JOE MULLING CONS. Odcon Building, cor. at., and Pa av au 14? Havana sugar.?i.twtiib* white Havana SUGAR. handsome grain and color, in Mom and for sale low, b > WILLIAM M CRIPPS, 61 I ouisiana avenue, bet. 6th and 7th sta an II?3t reeenuy 'II IMPORTANT ARROIH4 EMENT. ^0f)TS AXD SHOES \H MAKLOW La* taken the store recently ? fitted u p on ll?e no th Mde of Pa. av-.??*-_ -niie. W twtrn :kt ?.nd 4 s's where be] would be | leaded t.? s?e Li? fr <-ud. andf ?he public i.i general. a:.d where will he i'oun.1 a compl-te ass rtment of Ladies, Mix children's, Gent'emen s. Youths' and Boys^ UOOTS and SHOES of all stvles and price* As hi* amort meat is complete Le feel, confident 'hat he can furnish a *;<>od artirle at fair price* He respectfully solk.ts a caii before purchasing elsewheie. Motto, "Huick sale* and small profit* '? au 13?5t* Memoirs ok jamei Gordon ben. nett aud hi* Time*. In a Journalist auJV? FRANCE TAYLOR DUO VERS' REST BY consent of the L> rovers and Butcher* attend in^ the markets of this vicinitv tbe?-^ ? ..'?p* ?ale*day for Cattle at Drivers' Ke>t ha*r/?*Vs? ?>een changed fn-m Wednesday to ERI DAY The new arrangement to commence oa the*J4th Instant. LEWIS D M EARS au 11?tU* OLD POINT HOTEL. TH E above Hotel will lie closed for the season on Saturday, the litb instant. In cons^cuenoe of tl.e prevailing epidemic at Norfolk and Ports month. Acknowledging the very liberal pr.'rona^eet tend-d to the hotel b . a most f ? hionable and In telligent compear, 'he undersigned take ill a.s'irin^ them and the traveling p hlic ibat en larged and eiten-ive In pmvements will be added for the next coming business season C C. WILLARD A BROS Or.D Foist ConroRT, Va.. Autf lo, 1-G.s an II?iw SALE OF CHO? TAW ORPHAN LANDS I.N MISSISSIPPI. Department of Interior, ( Otfir-eof Atlai/s, August 13, 1-55. t BLIC NOTICE l< hereby given, that tiie 1 several j or pa: els of laud hereinafter ?lf.-?-c-lbed. lytn^ i-i the coun'ies < f Talabairble, Yalobtisba. MoIrm, Lowndes. and Bolivar, in the State of Mississippi will, at tLe times and place* de-ig-a'ed. l?e expo.'d for sale t? s/aratt ;* 'rit* xmiofi% at< auction. to ihe highest o:d?ler for cash. bvcommissioners to be appointed on behalf of the Choctaw orphan* bv the govern ment. as their trustee, it.ider the provi ion of the ?ith clause of tLe lwth article of the CheUaw treaty 'f IK>\ viz : On Monday, the 3d dav of December. l^Si. at ihe court house door In CofleevlUe, the following tra< l? In Yalobusha county: 111 i* towns i ip ttctnly-tkrff (23) cf tangt ftfKt (??) east. All of section thirty lUr?-e (:J3) The west half and southeast quarter of seeiioE twenty-eight ( The east ha;f of ?*ctfon twentv nine (?) T'ae nortbca.t quarter sertlon thirtv-one (31) Tiie north half of aeetlon thirty-two- (3?) The whole of section rhirty-three (33.) and 1 he w<wt half of sectlou thirty-four (34) And. a* the *-ame tune und place, the follow:^ descril?ed tract in the adjoining range in Bolttcr county, viz: Tiie south hnlf cf Ne^tion thirteen, 'otrmaif rvra ty-yjr (jfi) ?<r** (7) trtit t?u Mond..y. ti e lotii day of lie. ember. lc55. at t h?- ???? rt house door In Charleston, TiUahn.hi* roun f, the following dt? rlbed tracu of ia said county, viz: In ti ir n^lti p itT'Hty-futit (-JI) ranc rttc /2) tmst. All of rectluu* three (3.) ten aiid ihlrtv three (J"t) 'J 'ie east half of section four (4) The southwest quarter ?>f mm tjon nine (9) '1 he n ~r:h half and *outhwe?< quarter of section twenty-two (??!) The west half of section twerty-flve (STj) The north l-aif of *e?-;lon twent?*-*|? Tue w? -1 half of - et tloti twenty-seven (*7) The aorthwest q^ailer of section tbirty-four (34) and The north half of the r.or*hwest quarter and \ve?t h <lf of the northeast quarter of section thir ty six (36) /a tPtcmhtp t*.nry-hr* (??.'>.) rnmp* two (i)tasl. All of section tweiitx -seven (<;.) twenty-eight (V-~) and twenty-nine (*2i?) Ti.e northe?t..t quarter t.f section four (4) The fouthwest ouarler of ?ect!on twentv-two (?) I he southwest quarter of section twenty-three (23.) and The east half of section thirty (lit.)" /? hwxtKip tw'Mty.fur (24) tangt tkr#? ^3) All of section three (3) 1 he east half of the northeast quarter of faction two (??.) *pd The northeast quarter of seetion four (4) In toicmkip :w,nrv.Jirt. ^) ran^t tkret (J) ' tagt. The southwest quarter of section fourteen (14) The south, ast quarter of section hfioen (15) The southwest quarter of section twenty live (i1* I The southeast q larter of section twenty *fi <?? The southeast quarter of section thirty-three (13.) ai'd The southwest quarter of section thirty-four <34) On Mondav. the 17th day cf December. Ih55. at the court-hoii^- door in me town < f l^*\injf* >n. Holm, i roi'iity. the following descnlied tracts ?f laud in said county, \ u : In totcn*kip tixttrm (16 * rangr ch> (1) tctit I he w?-.t half of section Lftetn (15) and The west half and sou'heaKt quarter of sertlon twenty-twa (2i!) In totrmktp Jiftcm (1*?.) rnng* onr (I) v ?f "I lit southeast?;uartf-r ot section twenty (Jit i On Saturday, the jfcid of l>e<^mber. isjj. at the court house door in the town cf Columbus the following deNcribtd quarter section of and in L"tru'fet ct'Uit'y, v;z ^ Thr northwest quarter of *ectloa twenty-two ealt' lrtrn nin.'7T1 irvnilrii (|?> Oi the altove descril?-d land-- seventy twoquar ter sections we-e seierted in I- tl. at p time wuen sowe <h the best lands in the Stale w re uno< cu pie*|and unappropriated and the utier live quar ter sectinns and Oue-eivb'h acre io*. ?>r eighth of a section, have been acquired in settleiiient from debtcrs to the orphan fund The Utecommi* sioner to settle w th debtors to that fund dccribea Uif* ldiid*? a.l>o\e for halt* a> Iriu^ " almost without an exception rich aud f. rtile. well and ad vautaneou^ly loc ated, many of them considerably unproved." aud as bein<* ?'larifelv enhanced in \alue by the st tileimnt, iuiprovemeut. prosperity and exce'lent population of tSewruoa in which they lie.' an?l "ea?iuently adapted" for ilauitnc purpose-. r -? Au rt,. raiM. ment ?>f ihe*e rtx rves, abowi ur tt.e'r \, ai d the minim .u t>r ce at whUb ea. tract. :e*prv lively, may ce sold. Will be mailc prior to il.e <httes of >a e InciKi where the purchaser or purchnsersof any irart shall fall to comply with the te rns of *a?e. the laud purchased wiU be resold at his or their ex pensc and risk lenda i- believed to be india f^!Vi ?!' ' v eay an adverse claim I f ^ r* UP' * orr 1 ana will be defended by the govar.iment, as their g. ardian. I be above sakai will commence a' the places named at iu o'clock of each dav.and rorfl? o? til t ue lands are all ottered CHARLES F. MIX Acting Commieeieeer. eu 14 ?d3tA lawtDec 1

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