Newspaper of Evening Star, August 16, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 16, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Ykllow Fever.?A special despatch to s New York pai?er says : ''The yellow forer ij reported to be at the Washington Navy Yard, and there is quite an alarm in consequence throughout the city." If this is s<>. we have beea at a to ascertain any fact* which would justify the abovo assertion. There is no- alarm" whatsoever. While alluding to this subject, it should be repeated, as tho opinion of a majority of tbe medical profession, that the yellow fever never prevails except in malarious district*. If this t>e so, there is no cause for alarm in this city. It is an extraordinary fact that since the swamps in and about New York have been drained and filled up. and a thorough system of drainage established, that city has, for thirty-thres year*, escaped the pestilence, with which, previously, it was frequently visited, notwithstanding its commercial communica tions with the West Indies have been in creased a thousand fold. In 1^04, tuc disease appeared in Brooklyn, between which and New York there is only the East river, about three quarters of a mile in width. Several of the inhabitants of Brooklyn fled to New York, and died in the houses of their friends; but the New York Board of Health knew of no in stance in which it proved contagious. The city reminded exempt from pestilence during that season. The Richmond Examiner of a recent date says: '? To what a forlorn and wretched condition has our inhumanity reduced the afflicted peo ple of Norfolk and Portsmouth? We cause rvery avenue of public conveyance, between themselves and tho cities and towns around them, to be barricaded. We imprison them in their charntl house as if tb<y were pirates and outlawed enemies of mankind. To con tinue them in their infected habitations is to consign them to death. To allow them to es cape into tbe pure atmosphere of the oountry, or the untainted hospitalities of our villages and towns beyr>nd the range of the pestilence, ae to relieve th* m from the j iws of an untimely grave But we refuse them escape; we de prive them of all mean* of making known tb*ir wants and calamity. We doom them to a fate w?r>e than tbe felons, in the calculating and calkm- indifference with which we con template their forlorn estate." Mr. George KrxKEL. (of the Kunkel Ope ra Troupe,) we learn, has contributed 525 toward the relief of the sufferers, by yellow fever, iu Portsmouth. Oospore, and Norfolk, in addition to other sums privately contributed f?r that purpose. Although this announce ment may be distasteful to him. we take the liberty of stating it as highly creditable to bis );*udne.-s of henrt. as well as to the warm spirit of liberality which has always distin guished h:* conduct. Other members of his justly popular and talented troupe have like wise respond'-d to the call on the philanthro pic for assistance iu this time of darkness and gloom prevalent iu the yellow fever infected localities. We have heard it intimated that they intend ?ogive, in B tltimore, a-benefit for the suf ferers, to take piace a: the Holiday Street Theatre, where it is probable they will realize a larger amount of nion<-v than by an exhibi tion for that purpose in Washington?the house being capable of accommodating many more person- than the saloon of Odd Fellow? Hill. This troup?-. as heretofore, will do their full ysrt toward the relief the distressed. They jure a n>ble band. A stpekt ?te?>e.?In an article, yesterday, ?we spoke in reprobation of persons throwing "their tefuso fruit?-uch as watormelon and cantaloup'-' rinds?on the footways, to the danger of pedestrians, and thereby placing their bones in jeopardy or in contact with the pavement. This morning, a friend of curs, pleasantlv excited by the lar^e and t? m,.ting display o'f gj-d things at the Cen?re Ma.ket-his appe tite aa*rp-set on pm.'*rin? a choice supply ?,f the articles?ai'd forgetting the wise injunction. Let him that thmketh he standeth take heed Jest he ial! while, with buoyant step passin ? along, suddenly lost his footing, having t;ot 01 a watcrm. lea rind, and down he came to tie earth his hat flying in <>ne direction, and Ills kettle and basket in another! The crowd parted to give him the b'-nefit -?f a free circu lation ot air. He "picked himself np" a< ?oon as he recovered fr >m the sh< ck. gathered Ins property, and fiinped <?F; not, however, with as much cheerfulness as marked hia loco noUor. previous tj the ac-jident! A Poor CorxTRv Won t*, living eight mile' >eyond the navy yard, l ist night walked the enure distance to thi- city. w:th a scanty st'>ck ot market commodities, accompanied by her grwn daughter, who was -imilarly burdened with vegetable supplies They belong to the p-" rer ci .tn of ven.lers in our markets; thoir garments being of the commonest kind, and even their teet in.-ufli.'iently protected fr< m the ?' hard waJ over which they have to sla te Jly ?? travel, with a view to procure, bj the sale of their wares, the r.-rcessarics of life. . ^he *?der of those twowomen. however, was in no con-iit.ou to v.end market, nor to un ??rP' *Ye t*tiguc tneident to the long journey. While, last nijjU:. near the corner ot Pennsyl vania avenue ?r,d Ninth street, watching her rommodiUvA sl,e was seized with illness But kind friends removed her to a h"U?e in tbe igh "trhood ; tho services of a physician were pro ured. and another member was added *** her ^ainily?as we are informed. A >pgcTArLK?We have noticed that durirg then gats preceding the salesday at the Centre Market, th>- venders from the country, who are too p'j?.r to furnish themselves with "wagons?in which to oiing hither their sup plies. as well a-> serve tLe purpose of btd tte-d^?resort to the gutters; where they ipn-ad straw, making the curb stones thilr rdl ?w^; and secia, like true philosophers, to be grateful that they can there indulge in ' nature s ?w.;et restorer, balmy sleep. " Last *ught, however, these p>-or pe<>ple were dis turbed from their siumbers, not by human, but t y natural agancy?the rain; which fell neavily: causing them to desert their lowly weds and to lake shelter u* der that spacious umbrella?the market-bouse. Arrest.?John Carrico was arretted yester day, I y oQoer? Willett and Little, at the rail ro.d station, where he was in thy private apartment of i ne of tbe ears. He hud been previ..u?,y arrested, and had given security for a further hearing on a charge of rape, but laiung to a^j^ar. th-j officers went in search and louud him as above stated. In this case alter an examination, he was hald to bail in t ie sum of for his appearance at the Criminal <_ art. We are informed that he was arrested and held to bai! for a similar caenee a few month* since. Ahrend. ii ere i* no mi-take about Prof. Atrend a performances on the violincello. It is a big. > lum-y-1. yking instrument, but the way h ? plays upon it is ? source of gratifica tion to every uuditwr. Since the kui.k. I tivup<\ li> wliica hi? attached, h?*;? b?-en ii. midst Ot u*. 1 y ttdj frequently vi-ited the mu^ic store of Hdnu- A Hi i. Star buildings, and there, much to th?- delight of tho-c (our s. Ives among the number) within liitening d.ctance. his blended the rich, full t >nes 01 l is musical instrument with tLe sp irkliug and erer-welcome note> of the piano forte. *?2 40 ox Twelfth strekt? Yesterday aiteruoon, the merwhants, mechanics, board ers. Ac., iu the vicinity of Twelfth street and the Avenue, woro attracted to the sidewalk by hearing sh >u'< of "Hey boy! gj lai:g! clear the road " Looking to the direction whence these sounds t ruceeded. we saw a man traveiir.g toward us like a whirlwind. He was moanted on a fine iittio gray, which was making g??>l time. It was a question among tbe lockers-on which in >st enjoyed the -p'trt, t.^e hoisv or the rider ' The animal ?? backe-i up Mt the bridge, and it was decided in his favor, as the nUer was in no condition to en joy the fun A ~^'e ***? a speoi m^ of i .11 Pippin raised by Mr Caui^n. , ?or2**?wa. bni pre?<*ntrd to Eli'ha Whittlesey, which wcuhrd and measur-d ai er it had been taken from the parent sUm, 1^ oi Hdrin-.; circumference round, U| inches, eircumtereuee over, 13 inches; through 131 inches ? Inqirst.?Yesterday an inqucat was hold by the coroner over the body of a colorod in fant, found on C Ftreet. between Four-and-a balf and Sixth. It appeared that the child was born the night previous, and was found dead during the day We have not heard the verdiot ot the jury. The mother if employed in that neighborhood is a servaut. The SiLB op Furmti he. by Green A Scott, to-morrow, will take place in the building for merly occupied by the la'e John A. Donoho. stud not over the Patriotic Brink as was crvo aeously printed in the advertisement By the way, Green & Scott have, we learn, rented the first named building in which U trumact their extensive auction business. Corporation C%ses, Ac.?Catharine Hays, profanity ; fine and costs. Patrick Kearney, firing a gun in the st-eet; do. James Nicols, assault; jail. Auguste Bosse, profanity; Win Bosse, do; fine and costs. Emeline Braly. threats; 6ecurny for peace. Geo. Beardsley, threats; do. These cases were all trLd at the office of the fifth district police. The Capitol Dome ?Extensive arrange ments nre being made for the removal of the dome; a piece of work not of speedy and easy accompli.-hment. As a preliminary, an in clin-d plane, a wagon-way. of stout timbers is in the course of erection on the eastern front of the edifice, reaching to the portico. The Yocno Men who were aecused of ta king part in the riot at the steamboat wharf, which wo noticed a few days since, have been required to give security for the peace. Encampment.?The National Guard will, we learn, encamp on Col. Uickie's farm, on the 12th of September next. HOP DE DO; OR, what's the mattbk. Have you seen Uncle Tom ? Hop de do. Have you seen Uncle Tom! It >p de dooden do. Have you seen Uncle Tom ? It will be played to night ; Twill pay for the visit?'twill pay you for the sii;ht. What's the matter, Uncle Tom?what's the mat ter, oh ! With vour comic Rebuff on Harriet BeeehaStowe* D< n't forget to see it, for Its full of fan and song, 'Twill xnake vou laugh rigut hearty, which will your life prol ng Have you seen Unele Tom, 4c. Go see the We'l's children ! Hop de do, Go see the Weil's children ! Hop de dooden do. Go see the Well's children before :hey bid Goou B e: Hear Willie sing the "Dying Girl,"?Edith. "Comin' tbro' the Rye " What s thr matter Edith?what's the matter, W;l lie dear, To please ihe public U your aim?Is your onl, care. Then be on hand to see them before thev go away. So thev may not forget your kindness at nome fu ture day. Go see the Well's children, 4c. "Tis the last tbr?e nights of Kunkel* ' Hop de do, 'Tis the last three iiigLt* of Kunkels! Hop de doorten do. 'Tis the 1-st three nights of hunkels? that is 'tween me a^d you ; To their kind friend* in Washington they'll book b d adieu What's the matter Kunkels?what's the matter sav ? I notice you play Uncle Tom bv vour bills to-dav: l'msurt*to go and see yofl before you bid good bre, If I don't, it won't *>e because I didn't try. 'Tis the last three nights of Kuftkels, See. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, August 16. 1955. At the time of closing this letter, our elec tion is moving on very quietly. No excite ineut of moment is perceptible as yet Imme diately arouud the poll, there are quite it number ot Know Nothing regulators and vote getters. compostjd chiefly of Corporation ?"u ployecs and Peter Doolit'tles. Every voter who approach** the poll is scanned closely, and the ticket voted pried into as far as po.^i t?le by s ine, while others are engaged in the very commendable task of keepirg a record ?' the names of v<>te.-s and the ti k.'t voted? (practices common to all parties?E>1.\ After ?evern I nights of 44 herculean labor," the Know Nothings succeeded last-night in nomi nating W II. Eles. Esq. This shows to what extremes the party have been driven in their effort* to secure a candidate?not that Mr B., it elected. would not m ike an excellent mem ber of either branch of our Corporation, but the fact of his being now a nu mber of the Council, proves that they were driven to the extremes to save the party from the odiuui < i" suffering the election to go by default. Moreover, we d< ubt very much whether Mr E. fully consented that his name sLould go before the people as a oandidatc under the circumstances. We nre led to doubt it from our knowledge of his antipathy to being inixel up in pjlitijal excitements at any time. More over. we knou Mr. Kdei to be a warm frienl to public improvements; and as one of the main objects of a large liaj >rity of the party who have nominated him i* the defeat, if possiblo, oi certain improvements of vital importance to the town by electing him, if they can, to the B >ard of Aldermen, and thereby causing a vacancy in the Common Council to be filled by a member of their own party and an enemy to public improvement*. If Mr. Fdes is elect ed, wo think it very doubtful whether he will re=ign his seat in the Board of Common Coun cil after he discovers that his nomination is mainly a trick. a stratagem of the euemies of the Metropolitan railroad (he being a warm friend of it and one of the directors,) to bring about the repudiation of our Corporation s subscription to the stock, by securing a ma j >rity of one in the lower Board The fl"ur and grain market* remain steady at our prices of yesterday. Spectator. Adyentcrm with a SwoRnruH?On Tues day last, Captain Heinan Eldridge, of the yacht Thorn, accompanied by a party of gen tlemen. consisting of Mr Joseph F Davis, of ^Boston, Charles T. Hurgin. of Philadelphia, Samuel Lawrence, Joseph Hayett. and James W. C' tun, of Worcester, started from this nlaoc on a sword-fishing excursion the south -ida of Muskeget. They succeeded in making fast to one large fellow, and hauled the boat up to him to cut-If iiis sword, but owing to the struggles of the fish, the spade struck his body and cut out tho iron which held him. Mad dened by pnin, the enraged fish retreated some distance, and then turning, made for the boat with prodigious violence, making the water foam around him. Just before reach ing her. Captaia Eldridge threw an iron at him. which struck him, and ?erved to check his headway so much that he struck the boat but lightly, his sword going through but a few inches, and breaking r ff. Had the iron missed, the boat must inevitably have b< en -tov?:i, and uil on board leit at the mercy of the waves, several miles from land, with no other b?at in si/ht. The fish was finally secured, and the gen tlemcn of the I arty, though th ugh!y fright ened were ready the next day for a sharking ex carsion with Captain Eidiiage in his beautiful yacht, when they succeeded in hooking eight or ten of these voracious monsters, but only two of them, one of which?a ground shark? measured eleven, and the other, a blue dog, ten feet in length.?Nantucket Mirror. Q^Miss L:zzie Vance?a young lady be longing to one of the first families in Ciarks vilie. Tenne-sec, went on a visit to a relative in Elktowii lust week. After she had been there several days, a Mr. Noumaker, a Ger man music tea:her at Clarksville, for some time her private instructor, and an inmate in her mother s family, came with a vehicle to e^r.y her home, as he said, at the request of her mother. But, instead of returning home, they went to Nashville and were married. Nickn ames ?The following is taken from a private letter from the goat of war Lord Rag !nn i? nickr--m*i. in the Crimea, Jack Rag Ii>a; Canrobert, Robert Cant, because he oan t take Sebastopc! L.rtl Cardigan, Old Charge* again ; Lucas, Old Look-on , General Pearlett, BiooJ-aud-'Ouns, because of his name, urnl from his being always in the thick of the fi^ht. The Russians are usually called Johnny Rus kies, but when tbnr fight with obstinacy th*y are called Johnny Kusties. 11 f~A Remarkable Rrmrdy?For all pains, ,1'tSy burns, trounds, sprains Also, Rheuma tism, Neuralgia, Hendscbe, Corns, Tooth-ache, Womb Complaints, bites of inserts, sores of anv kind wba'ever, use Prof DeGrath's ELECTRIC Ol L, from 39 South Eighth street. Philadelphia. This article is pleasant and toothing SToTT A CO., Agents. C1SSELL, George town. au 16?3t jrr Dr( * OleOrmted Oermnn Bitters.?Weak, nervous, depressed In spirits, and a prey to Innumerable mental, as well as phy sical evils, the victim to dyspepsia, is indeed an object of commisseration. Vet it is absurd for him to despair. We ca^e not how wak, low, nervous, ana irritable he rnavbe. the cordial prop erties of HOOF LAND'S HERMAN BITTER?, prepared 'ty Dr. C. M. Jackson. Philadelphia, are ?Wronger than the many-headed monster, whi-'.h is preying upon his bo<ly and mind; and if he choose* to try them, we will insure a speedy cure. See advertisement. Je 7?3m MARRIED. On the 2d inst nt, by the Rev. Mr. Finckell. CHARLES A KKAUSEtoMiss MARGARET F. PIC, both of this city * Oa the 14th instant, by the Rev. J. B. Donrlan. Mr JOHN H. CALDWELL to Miss MARY iv ATE ROCHAT, all of this city. DIED. On the 16th instant, I. AM BERT, infant ion of L. F. and Mary C Clark, aged 10 months The friends of the family are invited to attend thi funeral to-morrow afternoon, at 4 o'clock, without further notice. On the 15th instan\ aft?r a lingering illness, DANIEL BOGAN ROBERTSON, youngest son of Daniel and Mary Elizabeth Robertson, aged 1 year, 2 months and I days. .STEWART'S SKYLIOHT GALLERY. DAGUERRKOTYPKS taker, for 30 cents and upwards, and titted ii sp'endid cases. We have th" finest light in the city, which for soft ness and distribution of shade Is not surpassed if equalled in the United State*. We invite all who want good Pictures to call at 3-21 Pa. aveiue, between 9th and lOlh streets, over M. W. Gait& Liro.'s Jewelry Store. au 14?lm GEO. II. VARNELL A J. W. MANKIN'S, House, Stjjn and Fancy Painter*, WOULD especially call the a'tenCon of the public to their specimens of Fancv Signs 'o be seen at all time* it their place of business l'erxons bu:lding and repairidg would do well t? give us a < all as we are determined to use even trxe tion on our part to givt general satisfaction Pla e of h-isinegs on Louisiana avenue, between Jth and Tth street#, north side, next to the Varuun <iui ding. Old Glazing promptly attended to au 14 - dtf eoocatiowal. THE duties of MISS HOOK'S SCHOOL fjr \oung children wili b* resumed on MON DAY 3d of September next, at No 40J Massa ch i e'U av>, ne?r 10'h sireet. For teru.s. 4c applloa'ion can be made at M is* H.'s rtsiden e, No 3JS Ninta street, between K ind L streets au 14?3t B\SfcifcTS.?Work, ^ard, Traveling, K- (>~ l?ev, Cigar. Otfhe. Ma'ket and Clothes lia? '<ets. If you want a gc?>d basket, at a low price aU it 490 Seven'h s.reet G FRANCIS au 9? BOOT AND SHOE STORE REMOVED. pKORtiE HREMER lias removed his weL * known Geatieinen s BOOT ANU.^m SHOE Store and Factory from 11th street. SB I etwoen Pa. avenoe and E street, to '*?. f venue, afew doors above WHlards' Hotel ie is prepared in his new premises to give satl? 'actlon all G B has by dint of great care in purchasing hi >tock, employing none out A No. 1 workmen, ano '?v his capacity to fit his customers so as to havt ils wcrk se: very easy oa the foot, while it ai vays exhibits the most fashionable style earned ? eputatir.n In his buslnc" t^er^ to that of ni >tutr custom-work ^ootaod shoe mak *i in :h* Union. solicits the patronage of all and hi ?.eiTiis will be most reasonable to all. Jy lb?tf COPARTNERSHIP. rTMIE under igned have this day formed a co I. partnership under the name and style of I1AKTLY A: MHO., for the purpose of transact ing a Fli>ur and General Commission business, a. 101 Water street, Georgetown N. B. HARTLEY, E D HARTLEY. Georgetown, D. C . A i-gust 1, lfe.\3. au 9? 11?'.* WATER COOLERS?Some of tLe hand sorncst and >?est everyway in the city, wil. be soM a; red iced prices. Also, Double 1 e Pitchers, lower than ever, >' the Housekeeper^ Furnishing Store. 4J?U Seventh street. G. FRANCIS en 4 1 U S T R E < E I V E D PER SCIWONFR ?' Fc.I.-fat. from New York? lM barrels l>r->*rn Sugar H) do powdered, hard and so*,. crushed Sigar Sty) do Conn cticut -Ivor Herring, bright as.d handsome 45 bote* scalded Herrings 35 barrels >1 ickerel, No. 3 Ufci packa_"o-< fresh Tea 75 l?oxes y round CoC^o 300 Kacks line and G. A Salt 50 boxes fresh Salad Oil 3U boxes Chee-e 100 boxes da: k Soap i25 d 'tcii brooms 00 dozen Cords aad L'.ne* 1<HJ gross Matches 4u dozen Bucketc Soon pounds soft snoll Almonds 1000 pounds Cream Nuts 1^0 bushels Ground Nuts 3 quarter casks old Martell Brandy 2 do Fort Wine, pure jul06 in barrels old Family Whiskey 75 boxe* Tobacco For sale by MURRAY A SEMMES au 1?JJtfteoflt LAND WARRANTS LOCATED. PfMIE subscribers will locale Land Warrants X either in Ohio, Indiarta, Illinois or Iowa, and and give a correct description of the land located If, upon examination, th)s description proves in "orreet, tLey will themselves take the land, givlug for it another warrant for the same quantity. . One of the firm reside in the West, and will give the businws his personal superintendansc. MILLER 4 BROWN, 7th st., opposite Post Office, Washington. Jy 13?oo'jin A CARD. \fRS. E. PHILLIPS, No. 401 Sixth street, i"l l>etwe<eu G and H streets, desires to inform the citizens o/ Washington and vicinity, that she is now prepared to give Instructions on the PIANO FORTE She has taught music In some of the principal cities uf the Union and Las testimonials showin-' that she is fullv com petent to discharge the duties of her profession to the satisfaction of those who may favor her with their patronage. Terms: *10 for '24 lessons, at her residence, or 812 at the residence of her pupils. je 18?eo3m* SILVER WARE. HSE.MKEN.330 l*a avenue, between 9th and ? loth streets, offers his large stock of puie Silver Ware, consisting of Cofiee and Tea Sets complete. Sugar Bowls, Cream Goblets, Cups Spoons and Forks, and a magnificent assortment oi richly c hased fane y sliver ware suitable for gifts. at reduced prices. Persons in want of any of the above articles art invited to call. Being mostly of our own manufacture, we war rant it sterling ID" Silvei wareof any design made to order at short notice. Particular attention is paid in get ting op Testimonials, Premiums, Ac. au 1?tr HO! FOR THE SI'RINOSPersous wh? contemplate a jo irney to the spriugs, s*-a-side. mountains, or the countrv, should not neglect te < all a: 306 Pa. avenue, and get their stock of hair tuuth-nail, bathing and clothes Brushes. Dress ing, side, puff, neca, fine and pocket Combs, hut Pomatum, Hair Oil, Bay Water, Cologne, Ex tracts for the Handkerchief, Soap, Toilet Boxef and Powder, traveling, pic nic, work, and card Baskets, Ac., at the Piano, Music, Stationery and Variety Store of J NO F. ELLIS, 300 Pa avenue, betw. Wth and 10th sts. Jy 18?tf IAND WARR ANTS BOUGHT at the high J est rates. Si^ht drafts remitted to persons at a distance sending me Warrants, on any city they may des ignate. Stocks bought and sold on commission. HAMILTON G FANT, Banker, 4.32 Pa avenue, Washington, D. C. Jy 13?lmecAWS4t (Intel) MRS. A. C. REDMOND'S jVTEW Gallery of Dapuerrean Art and Photc graphing is at No 290 Pa. avenue, northeast corner of 11th street, over Ford A Bro's Drug Store, Washington. Pictures taken at 50 cents and upwards. Mr*. R. i< a graduate of Whltehurst's establish ment au 6? A CARD.?The subscriber Informs his filendt the public that be is now able to attend tc his business He can be found at his old stalls, Centra Market, ready to wait on them a* he oiwav* has done heretofore The best cf Rr.EF aiwaV*on hand. JNO. WALKER, Jy lis? tf Vlcualler. \YEMOIRS OF THE COUNTESS OF BLLS smgton, by K R. Madden, M R I A , two vols* FRANCE TAYLOR. ? WANTS. WANTED?A GOOD WAMBI AND ironer, that ran br'n'r good recommenda tions Also. a Cook, ard a f?male to work in the house. Apply at Mrs B :te*'? boardlne hou-e. on the southwest corner of Pa avenue and Dth st. au 15?tf WANTKD? HY A YOUNG MAN OF THE cltv. a Situation in a Book and S'aMonery ?tore He ran furnish the b*st recomnieuda'ions of his integrity, moral ehnrarter. .*r . if required Addr?*ss <R P through Wa.blnvton Ci?y Post office. an 15??t* WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that

thev ran get a lot *24 feet front hv '3<i f?H*t deep, for the low prireof *75?payable ?3a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office 7th street, above Oda Fellows' Hall. ap2*-6m JOHN FOX, Sec. BOARDING. Board wanted tof a gentleman and his wife, with a pleasant room. farni?Led or unfurnished, in a private ftm'ly. or where there ar? but f'w l>oarders Addrdis "Home." Star Office, stating terms and location. au 15?2t* BOARDING ?MRS DUVALL,No 331 Penn sylvania avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel, ha* >cveral large and desirable rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, which she will rent with board at moderate prices. She can also ac commodate six or eight table boarders. Jy 3U?tf Board, Ac.?mrs. bates.on thes w comer of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street, is prepared to acromraodato gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap 6?tf FOR SALE AND RENT. MRS. KEVINS HAS TWO VACANT rooms on the second fl<vr. one and fronting 'he stre^, which sht will dispose of. with board, on moderate terms. No. 4'20 E street, b-tween7th and cth. au 16 ?3t* CONFECTIONERY STORE FOR RENT ' or Sa'e?The first Confectioner. **tore la Wa'hin 'ton, between loth a* d 11th s'-rets south ideofPa avenue kept fo* lor.if vevs bv Mr T. >1 tiler, with all the neces?.arv Tools, sufficient for lnr?e pa ties and i>alls i f '.,0-0 anu 4/to j<er?ons. A c tk*- machine (invented by the?ubs? riber bin: elf) lar"eenough lo meke :?.?><<0 r 4,0-0 pounds jf ?kedtil\ ; otber smaller machines, unci espe ialtv every artlc'e rsed in a li-g.j c> >fect Ouer/ ?atabll?bni?nt. For term a: pi to juii.m rdi'.i.r.R, between <oth and lltL streets, Washington au eo3t J^OR REXT?THAT VERY DFsIRABI\ 1 8itu:it?d bweiiirig House No 6. street. the 'crmer r -siden? e ?f t iid subs' ribsr o iva rods " in the City Ha I. rso'.rlyir.u, ed t?v Thorras Jlajd^n. being in t omplefe order, rout ' :;oy rnv lodging rrom*, tw ? ?>f \viiic'? arr '?t litjf ?oms ward'obcs in ?lx of rhem. a t air o; L id o.-fie spacious payors, main hall t?n f et wide, ;ood dimu.4 ro^ro, k.icher ivA *u-ve ro >m ?u:t ?^l** for a iaru" f'*?ily i <-i ?ni Inquire t '.Le ?t?>reof White tL .on-, N;? "1 i .-- U? avmrrr# ^ G. V> . \\ 111 TL. au 19?eolvtf _ L'OR S A L E?IMPROVED A Mi L"NIM T pioved ?ea'. E'tate.- JF NNINGS PtGOTI itterney at Hud .?lo'U for R -ll Estate. La? e**-ral Miiall Hu'-f a"d l ots, a d a number of luiniproved huil.ti.'', .ots"i?? d-ff n-nt p of h' city, wh'ch u" w*!! *e!i at moderate pric?. ? >id una- oinmodd'.iiii.' I'rnis P?*rsc;i!? *? |>hing io ?e.i or buy may do well 'o jfive h'm u il Il?- will .'ake i barge of l<e .1 li-?ate. attend :o leasiiiiT. renitug, Ac . inve?ti"a!e ;itle% arid at tend parti; .'an to conveyancing Office 5it? Washington rar/, on ?lth s'reet, >etwe?jii C and D. tu 1??3w no KENT?IN O .E OF THE BEST l.O 1 rati its i:? tbe ilty. a rcw a- d convenient dwelling ho us , wi h gus. water, A c. Apply a No 357 1 si . between liith and 11th. au 15 - 3t * POR SALE?A VERY DESIRABLE COT * tage residence, on 4^ str-et. Island No t?7. I tie house contains ei^la spj, io.i?a d a'ry rooms pantry a?1 cellar. It I-. s.t!i.?ii-d in a verv im "roving part of theci v.. i?d wi.l be-oldon nleai litgte.m if earlv applirati n is n> de. i ur f jr ?her pirtic .lars -nq ir.' on the prenri<vw, or of J S. I* 1 N'CH. coiner 10th ai d L street* au 15?3t* DOOMS FOR RF.\T.-A PAKLOR ~A N D II yvcral very pleasant -i Chambers for rent, inamw brick hi use. Also, a sma'i I! juse f ^ rent or for sai^ Title good, f ppiy to K . K f.UNDV, No 4<J Louisiana avenue. L* :> R S A f. E-T WO H UN UP KF LOTS a I :!?e jf75 oe.h. Two \ ?*>ri' <-e;'-t. o1 L"i cr dl'coiu . fv'r 12?.lv Ap'rly attl- V?:.on I,a.i?i 'j'.'j f, ;'h slrwt,above Odd ctll w H ,u jy aj?3m i O T S FOR HAL E.?TWO 'JH~THREL m i good Building Lots In a rapidly improving neighborhood far scle cn ten y*an' credit ' J H. DRURY. l^OR SALE.?A SMALL FRAML HOI ; ?- ana Lot, No 3d IiO*'N-nnn cirru?, Washirir !on It presents \ nn. opportunity to a rciton wishing1 to make a good investment Also, a three-story K:lck llooseand Lot, No. 57 street, Georgetown. Lot 'Mi feet front by Pitt -wt deep; will be sold low ant* on a long vr?<l!t Apply at 48 Loulsiaua avenh^. jy if L^OR KENT?A TWO STORY FRAME L House, with basement.ahuafeaoa Pro^^-ct Georgetown, oonc man ding a i<eeutiful view A the Potomac river. Apply to T O Doryioirhue near the Catholic Church, o- P II Trima-l No. /?? r rederick street. G'jor^clowu. D C Jy n ? I^OR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR 1 lors and Chambers, with i'.oard Aiso, iable and Transient LVard. Inquire a: Mrs SMITH'S, W F htreet. ap ? tf TSCHOOAKR "OLIVK" VOH SALE, HL subscribers havi-tg no use for said vess?l, ..... hM <>en th.iroughly r-;>alred, a will ?cll a bdr^nln to any out* wi?Lin^ mirchase by calling on C. Mvers A sJn, attTW W ood and Coal Yard, No U? Water st , Georire town, D C. c. MYERS A SON au 7?tf OK.ITLEMEIK'B L'NDKKGAKMKNTS. WE have a large and tine ass?rtmeti< of silk. Gauze. Mtriiio aad rotton Undeishirta, lin en and ootton Drawers. \\ iiite and colored r*hirt> Hosiery, Ac., which we are now oti'eri :?> at very iow prices. WALL A STEPHENS, . Pa. ave., next door to Iron Hall jy 11?tf f New i] PLEASANT RISORT. ^JPRING GARDENS, (formerly Favier's Gar * J den) on M street, between I7tn and l^tn. oi?e.i every day and evening through the week On Sunday Coflee, Chocolaie, ice Cieam, Ac., Is for sale. No ? liquor? alio ved on Sun day. CHRISTIAN LlG'lTiiEoKEK. au 10?lw* SELLI MGM A.NTILLAS AT HALF E. WE have twenty two .Maiitilias yet on ha..d, a id us the season is so fa' advanced we will ?<*?11 them at just half the former piiott. for cash. W? enumerati them: 'i very pre'.ty olack lace Mantillas, at f3 each, for mer price f H 5 colored silk and iace ruffled do., 84 50 former Price #9 1 black silk fringe trimmed do., 95 former price 1 I) 3 Mao appiique fringed do., $5 50, former price * "up?r black silk do., go, former price ?19 2 rich white bridal do., %1 50, former price ?15 1 e*tra rich cmb'oidered bridal do , ^15, former price S.?i. M AX W E LL A BR O , ate Pa. avenue, bet 0th and 10th cts. au 11?eo3t fj^OR SALE?Five excellent Work Hor?es One pair are inatc htd, and line car- l/7\- . rlage horses. They are sold for no fault, 1 have no further use for them. Any one wimunr good horses can buv these low. Also, 500.000 good bricks, which will be scldlow for cash or good notes at shoit dates. Apply to ir.e, on 10th street, between Ptnna avenue and C 'treet- CHARLES L^ONS au 14?eo3t# ICE? IC E?? IC1? T /"*HARLES WERNER, on I'a. avenue, oppo Vy site Browns' Hotel, will keep, throughout tht season, an ampie supply of Pettibone's best ICE which he will sell, on call, in any quantities, a: i he lowest possible rates. may 2ft?dtSep ."jO 5ATI05AL HOTEL. NCHF0LK, VA. B. II. WALTERS, Proprietor. TA\ ING purchased the above well known <*? L tabllsbme.itj I respectfully Inform m- i-t+ friends and the traveling public, that the house has been thoroughly renovated andjjifii newly furnished throughout, and is now open for the reoeption of permanent and transient Ward en. 1 rut urn my sincere thanks to ray friends and the public generally for th? libaral patronage ex tended to mi for the last twanty-thiee years, ai d respectfully solicit a continuance of the same, a* surlng tbein that nothing will be left undone to make them at HOME while sojourning at the Na tional N B.?A four-horse stage Ct>ach leaves the Na tional Hotel every Tuesday, Th'.irsdav, aDd Sat urday for Elizabeth City, N C au ll^-Ujj B B WALTERS ir \ AUCTION SAIsES. BvORTEN * SCOTT. Auction**** Gold w aTih?s, jtewklky, cha!5s Ac. ut Audit**?On SATI'RIMY C"?t. I at II o'c(ock. Ri d to b" continued the same trf ? I in? at o'rli* k. at our .? ?u tl -?i Star*. >?? ?h-'tl | sell a larj.'^ ii vo rr of Uold Wr rb?*? and Jewel.)*, amon-f which are fl>;e ;;old Huntin ? ind ?|?n faced English ard l>ete< b^1 L?ver w f W j?w*.lWd."f name; led Lepiueaad gen'leiuen's |4*iB i ^?tchw. Al?o, bol I C\iain?, Pins, KarMa^e, |<ofkfti, Bracelets, flue gold plat ? . ?#t a d <"?'en R ings GREEN it SCOTT, au 18?d A wet oiie-er* By I C M-GVIRE. Auctioneer S\LE OF BINDING i.oT?OiSATUR Bay evening. August a:t> o'clock. I sb*ll 1 sell Lot No 35, in Squar? 560, ronttr^ 30 ft*l on j an a'ley, w'.th a def th of 55 feet Said lor if be ; twpfn north E a- d F >tr-ets and First a .d Scr*r.d 3tre_tswest. Terms ca?b. JAS. C McGUIU r, an 1ft?d Auctioneer By GREEN ft SCOTT. Aoctloreer*. E^XTEINIVR SALE OF M1HOUAXY, * 'Vahiji, nud other Furniture at Auc tlou?Ou 1 ill DAY. the I7'li Instant, we shall sell, a' the southeas corner of 7th and D streets, *p nosite the Pat ?> La llar.k, at 10 o'clock a ni., a lar*e asv rtment of exc*-lle..t F urn'lure. vjz : Mahogany Softs, sofa Bedsteads, Lounges, and mid Union Chairs Do rocking, parlor, revolving and castor Chair* Do flue Wardrobe*, centre, ca;d. dining, and other Tab'es Do marble top centre, aide, sofa and other Ta<>le* Do marble top Sideboard, dressing and other Bureaus Do marble top Wash Closets and Nlgit stands Do Bookcast* and Secretaries and Writing D.-k Do end walnut Ilatracks, Cribs and Cra dle Do French and walnut Cottage Bedsteads 2 finely pairi'ed cottaue Chamber S?t? Cane, c fflce, fancy rush, rcktnz and o*her Chair? Gilt and mahogany and walnut frame Looking G)as-es Feath*r Bed?. hair and shuck Mattretset China. ulas? and Tvkerv W?*e 3 Copvinjj Presses. Msun's pat^n* Wi'h na-iy othe>-articles *hich we dtero *>n ? i ce e i-ary t?? ez.jin?rat.* Tenrn: AU mhus of ani under S1^ ci?h; over that >um a ^ff-dit (t 'J, ?i, and 1 in ?aths, for note* ^ecnrrd ?at1sfacioritv. iri ?g I'lter^t The aiHive -tock .?* F"r il'":<* 1 njwr.d 'n per fect efctcr a.ii will be s, id o th- Li/l-en A Sv ! ? ' T, I A'-l 25?4 A-' lloudtrs. Pv 'iRr.EV & SCOTT. AaeMonee'e. BllLlXMi l('T? AT .Otrit'X OS J.' >tr?o?. v??t betir-^n "*4 anJ N" *ts. ? n'b. j Oa vlONUW.the iutumvant A"s.a'i -ell. iu i of ?ne '-eiii'S ?.2t6o>l ck n ir ' t? .No ! 11, .5, l? iirid IT, ir. ? .'I'jo f jji ii.g r.. cd L ' c:?%"d -trtre-^ rirtwet- i ?1 ^nd N sk: e?. - '.ntb I ' 0*i* in if ; the bai-\.,c? In f? a:id 1'.' ' rno-*b? for nou* b?^*lag irit-ie?t i'it-.a the dry ci : the sale . . , , i A deed . v?0 8aG a***, of cn?*t u-ten ? <?hk i;.\ ft S? UTT, i aa 15?d _____ ^ 1 ' "*r' Br*?RKF.\ ft SCOTT. A'icilor.eer? I A K Ci E < OM h -J Hons, nn l Let on fiJIl ut .in ? i 11 >11?Ou TUhSDA i 2.-I li ft *. w?- >h II aell. at 5 o'cl -ck. p m , on il e pu ilie 'ar^ and w-ll buil? three-.-tor. bn-i ?'<>??*?, ly ?w cupit-d b. tne Hon. Jud;_>e < r i-ch ?ltk'iw' "c DiI;.War** ava'ie. next .(J 'bi* corner ^"th d strr?f, near the r.onh ^Te of ?&tr Capitcf. ' he t9e cotnain* tbirteer, r ?n*.ft?'ontly arran^d room- ?rrd w;d<? fas*n</e thr?M i*h a d built w th thitk wt-lis. and a o-"ai .1 *>?<? I wcole in.iidi jr. and the W ' *?i:i;'half of Lot .o I f>. i-i Sq-ra-*- CM. ha .-r_ a f' .n: *..?r .* f?t si* j Inches n!n..in5 l>?f."t tJa'hir?/ f-"' -Hey The ahov# d^wrllv^d proprtv Is <ertj:;il ? .-;kj I of the hand-oirev !c-a;*?>Tis a* it bea'i'lf.:! > >i>- iu VV.*sh u^ton, pr. ?. Uu? 'he mo ; rim I mat.ding view I'here is alsoap^iop of exced'.nt i waf*r near the door terms: Oae-fourtb cash; balance a credit of I ard 2 v??ar? 'he pun has r r1ve n> es f?r Ji< , dfjerrrd pa/meats, b**arjug 1 r;tt .< s t.oai ti?e di-? I sale A <s\ren and a de??d of !ru?t t?icon Title indisputable. GREKN A SCOTT, I ?n 15?d Auctioneer*. C WeSVIKS. AvtHMV. ' oryptfww itotetttovr.R in i \.\a ? ^ Fort*, 11;:n.L* >m * I'uruM'ir ni' l H?use> ' I hold Ifft-ct' ul P iMIc >ele (>\TCCSOAV j I r.ror^lm; A"^us' 2h' it 11 e'e' 'r, at !* .? rr-.:- ' ' d nr- cf ' r h??'in-"f. ?'??) . C"i i.' ^-t . irtw^n | ?d and '.<% s ! f al * 1 of hi* ?rv til n* i Fun itu i'?'d lloasebiirt lifl-c ?-<m:pri- j , Supcric' Ro""wrod < ase ?r wi ' "-no. *nad?-tocr i il?r i ? VI*i>ih Sui'.c ?>f Car.- r* VV?l.<ut I't?.l-?r F ? rover^d wl'h s^wn d pold Kro^*< *? !e. fon?*-elrg of S. Arm. S wiu-4, lt?-t:ej>t,oo ard l*nr' lor Cn^.irs ^lorocco covered ??prlpjj Sofa and Chal's o n?'< h Two hrvdsoiiie csrvci %V"a!nut Book Waip' t and Mahogany S^r<-* !*:??. "Wtataotn Marble toprrii'i* a .d Sofa Tables Ei-.-ant Frwrh l'l'i'?* \I^t.'<l an4 0^*al Plt^ Gjis <?^s. In rirh gllf frames Pair <?f Ullt <;** Chandeliers. China Va?es ??r'h"* Armchairs. Kusb seat Fancy Chairs Covced walnut exte: ?!?a Tables Ma bl*-top Sidpbozrd? Walnut Rout Table* Brussels Parlor, 11a!!. S?jdr. a -A Chamber Car p ts Mahogany h-ill CValrs, ll?rra"k Wslaut liiarble-foo t>ie>?-l.i2 -''d PJiln Buffaui lJo Wardrobes. iuarble-top Wa h?rai:ds Iron. Ftc feb. Cott?geard othc* IJ? d>i< .ds. with hindso;nc da*r-sk and !?re <~anof les Superior curled Hair a :d >* ?t,r'"--es Bolsters and 'M'l ws, C vinterpinea. Bbnko's I'svche G!a?s?*s. two walnut cane sea* Lounge W"al> it Crib and B^ddiii^, 'loilet hers Window Curtains Suad'-s Ru^s, Oilcloth Superior lief '^erator. Hall and other Stove* Sllver-plaied ''ixtors Chinat ^la--s and ?,ro'-ke-\' Wn>-e To.ether with a general as?Mirtment of Kitchen Utepslls Terms : and under cash ; over that amount a cred.i of 00 and Uu days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. JAS. C. MeGt'lRF au 13?d Auctioneer. ByGRI'EN A SCOTT, Auctione?rs. BlILUINfl LOT at Auction?On FRt UAY, ITth inst.,at<l o'cl'k we shall sell. In front cf the. premises. Lot No. *27 in Cabot's ?ub dlvNion ? f Square No o25. having n front on b street sorth, i>-1w-cn New J?'r>-e\ avenue and N. Cai iU4 strtet. running back I\!f> Terms: One tllrd :-ashj l>alatice !n S and !i months, fo>- notes bearing interest from the day of the sale *?20 cf the cash payment to be paid down when the property is sold. GREEN A SCOTT, au il?eod Auctioneers. ByGREKN k SCOTT. Auctioneer*. Extensive s a l e of vammile llui dint! Lots on t n^i'tol (lilt st Auc tion.?On THURSDAY, i^e M i i;tan', we -hall sell, in fr.~n? of the prcri:!?f s a; o clock p m , LoU A. B. C, D, E. F. O, H, I. and K, li, Crutch t's htibdivisloi of Squate \o. 751. Tliest I.Oi>? front on north E, bet Aeon vd zir.d 3d stre ts east, av^racing from 16 to *20 feet front each, run ning bark !'2<) f?et to an alley. Thev are band soinely located and p? sent uianv inducements to l>er?ons v^ishinir to purchasekfwd building lots Terms: t me fourth cash ; balance in ?, IU and 18 ruonth6, for notes boaring Interest A d- -d uiven and a deed uf trust taken. Title indisputable. GREEN A SCOTT, au Hi?4 Auctioneers MARSHALL'S SALE. IN virtue of wr;tof Fierc Fa> ias is !?*dfromth? Clerk's otfice of the Circuit Court of the Dis trict of Columbia for the county of V? asLiiigton, and to tee directed I shall e*pose to public sale for casta, on ,MON DA Y, the 27th of August next at the frt**! of the Court House door at 1 ? o'cl?ck M., he following property, vit: All tha! piece or lud mng and being In ihe city of I parcel tf gronu Washington, and known on the plat cf sa'd clt) as the west half of square No. 753, being lots No I, 5.6,7,8 ?. ltt, II, 12, 13,11, and 15 in said square No 753. together with all and singular tte Improvements thereon : seized and levied upon as the property of James Crutchett. and sold to satisfy Judu ial No & to October tenn ISM, in favor of Charles N. NoeU and Henrv Uecoursev J D HOOVER. Marshal for the District of Columbia aafc?<LJ0t _ MARSHAL'S SALE. N virtue of a writ of Flere Facias Issued from the Clerk's ctflce of the Circuit Cocrt of the Dlstrlet of Columbia for the county of Washington and'o me directed, 1 shall expose to public sale for ca*h on MONDAY, the a7th day of August next, at the front of the Court House door at 11 o'clock M .-the following property, viz : AU that part of lot No. 13. in square No 74jl, beginning for the saM part of said lot at the northeast corner of aid square, and running thence north westwardly with Che line at Pennsylvania Averoe fcet thence south wtatwardiy dl ternt together withal and singular the improvementatlsowoii^iedand levied upon as the property of llor itu R. Me~ry man, and sold to aausfy Judicial No. 70. to Or o ber term 1&S4, in favcr of Peter H Hoce A Co J. D HOOVER, Marshal for the District of Coluuibt? ?u i??U0t TELEGRAPHIC STEWS. REPORTED FOR THE KTC!IIVUU\R. The Fever a: Norfolk 5otro?c, A** 14 ?Naah Tatom. Esq., Chief I.iaprctor of tie Nary Yard. U| d^ad. Hunter Woodii, Mayor of Norfolk, ia iw. Com I Btrron, Cnumandant of th? Navy Ynt'l. !? thought to be dying. .Dr. gylrerter is dying. Th" fever has extendi 1 from tho infratoi district to the upper part of Norfolk T <* Brighton, jr . aon of the editor cf th* Norfolk lleraW, "dying There u great di^culty in getting our**. Ten dollar? per ntght {? ^ot an unu.ual charge There arc cot aore 1&00 pSrv.tiB left in Portsmouth. * C<?l. John Harper, John B Dar'.s, Emj., Na tLai:iel Mauning. and Emily Wilson lead, aid many prominent citisens ere il! Belief f-r the Norfolk Sufferer* PaLtikoke August 16.?A meeting will b? hela jit the McrvhJvnt's Exchange to-day. at noon, for the relief of the Norfolk and Porte rn.uth suffrreri Philadelphia. Ang. 16 ? A meeting La aleo to be hcid here, at the same hoar, for the ,a?c purpose The Cate of Paumore Williamson Bedford, Pa , Aug. 10 ?The application of Pussmore Williamson, for a kafaaj eoryvs, was argued in the Supreme Court of Pennsyl vania this morning by Meaars. tfiiphiu and Meredith, for nearly three hours. The ocurt is now consulting upon it. All the Jadgea were present. Tba speeches wye able. New Orleans Markets New Ori run. Aug 15 ? Theeottou market ia> unsettled by the Ltb?u<9n's sdvices but ??rice underwent no ouotable change ; sale* of iH>0 b'tlei fcui tr?Ssles of fair C* 7|. Alo* '..s^c*. JOj. Poik?Western me**, $18 Kalimo.e Markets Baltimore. Au? 16?Flour has Advanced )2?o. to-ia?: ?lo- of 200 bbls Howard street ?tt 5? 87; O iio 4S 75 Wheat ia better; aalea ?t tea a. fl dji.SI.93; white at $1 90.if2 ?''ir ;a unob?n^e1; wbi*e at 87 39 yellow jfia953. It ye? M 1 ?1 fliaSl.l#; Pa. C-l.Ua SI la OaU?Md. and Va. 4tJa4&. Few Markets. Nsw Y'-rv August 16.?Stock ia higher y,,2oy i? un-buged C Jfo*? ia ?:tn at preriona rates. Flour i? ?i chnrig ?t w:'h a u'od^rate demand at pre vi >u? r??tc*. S-ilt-j 6,jOO bbls. Southern flour * "dvaoced !2*;; sa?ca at 59 50 per bbl. Wnent i* S:.i. with an upward tendency S i!** of 11 OuO badiclt. Corn is a trifle higher; -:il"?of 40 000 l-ushcli <*t 9Hs. for mixed. Pork .*tiff :r. I ut ii'.t quoUbiy h;gher. ? ties of }'0 bK of mt'9* at 519.75. Beef is firm, s.tlua of 300. L?rd a higher. Sale# of 4O0 bbli at ilj. Wtit-kcy ia unchanged. I H . L l Mi M E V, DKALEU IS &7.LL E5 TAIT AVI. LAND WARFAHTS SAl\TtAUL Miy TERRITORY AND> BOUGHT AND WOLD THROUGH 4 our TH E 1 ERR1TOR Y. Taies paid, i olfccttons made. L/nifi* 'a?LHl. aixl ti^e Prire* . ?-n for l*i>d Warrant* (uivtrnipfo* Und> 1<* ited with much e%tg. and if cL>:rrd the pr?'?tt-and lo*i*-? shared ea<iailva' !iit c*.p:riflon of Ave ^ear? The i.nnd at "hat t;oi" sold, unlet* o?hen?lwea^'?*^d upon aad (>n?i"if of the ciiteni value ^f the WaTaiit at the l?uif of rntrv, ?uid utif of th- ?*?|>en?e ?>f Ir^allij! to ?? deau .ud fr?k.n tUe i?iU-riwn' 1nt?*r**t It ? jv-Tx?us ?vi!?oiu^ to iticate Warrant* entirely ot h?-ir uwn a<co:nt, tue charge will be, for fortw > ? ??5; a-T"*. a^s one hundred and ?ixty aore^ ; .md will re? ri*e with their title, a pic; and d^scripiion of tt*?- .and isritiKNCd: >'*>jia--oT*?Gov. WUlis a Gorman; fc*-Go? .^.1 t' gwrt\'; H' j. J T Ro^?rr, M T V, f v Van tlte^, Atlameya at i^w; AS?Kton i. fh r, \\ ???l?^al?- Pt.^gi*t?. BALTTruat?W P Pr *t n, , AtUoey af Lw KlchrrdO.'t ?e. F?i. Com Merr?iat; Meas.b. l>eurF ^'oTi* & C?. ; Mewr? M-rCUe* U* W W i*eaioo, Hon J T Towrm, M*>ori Hon J td^e J. Bn-an, JI C C. fi"; i?l I ton, Eic . Attorney at Law; col NN m Hk kev, Col J ft IiC.v; Mewi Taylor 4 Maurjr, 'T*i*- rs l,e"?etn, Johns*.*? * ' ? > Sanaers; w. v Grr'nmar. K"?q , PrealdeJ11 Patriotic Bank, jy 17?eotfni KATIOXAL MEDICAL tOLLEeit, WA8H1HOTOS, O C* TH r. thirty-fourth ami aa. coarae of 4 .^turee wUI ^cmiiieacc on MONDAY. thej^d ?* October, 18 ft, and ctmI en the 1st March, IS56. faculty Thomas Main. M. LV, Profeawr of Anatomy and P'.yalology. ^ Wji. P JoussTow, M D . Profewior of Obstet r'cs, t >d Diae.i*es of wjmen and children. Jucif-A Rilbi, M 1>., Professor of Materia Med Jca. Tberapeui''"* and H>tiene Jno I'sr.n Ha v M D., Profesaor of tLe prtncl ii'os and praitire of ?unjery ?Earron T*l*?. M D , Profeeaor of Patholory prvctice of medicine, ai.d of clinical med. idi'e. _ Liwu SmH, M. D., Profeeaor of Chemla Uy and rh*m*clr- . ^ EnwZaD V ^ott, M D., Proeector and De monstrator _ M _ _ TllOMA? MlD , D*a*. I.ikcr inos* ntnriltar ;aallttt..lOB? in b'irop?^ tbf desks from wLich the regular lecture* are pive*i, and the words for clinical inatrUi on are under the same roof. . mni> The entire expense for full conree ierturea..*. Practical Anatomy by the I>em<?*trator.... w Matriculating fee. payable only once... ? Grad tating expense* ?? ,,, Adm:?*lon totne medical and surgical .rJiaie wiixi out charge. . The lecture* will be given in the aftertroon a?<l evening, thereby enabling thoee engaged Ul buaJ? ncae during th^ niornlng hour* to attend. t t<r furtner Information addree* THOMAS MILLFR M D , Dean of the Faculty. N B?Modlca! etudent* dealrln^r altnailon* a* resident undent in the Wa*hlngton lnSnnary (which 1* the clinical department of the Natioual >Iedlr*l c'ollrge.) art reaue??d to make appuca tlou by letter to io*hua Rllev'. M D , Curator of the Waahlngton Inflrmary, who will any in formation that may be desired j ^ It '.a t.?if??re**ary to state the great advantages of * ro*id#>nce in a hospital for clinical Instruction 'rhose making earlv application will have preoe Ueuoe. 8U are to be ch??en before the let of Oc tober _ Jya-eoAcvl PEACES BKEAKIPSO DOWK. THE fence* around our Yard, en Niatt atreet, having gWen au*ay. we shall be ebli-?*d to o-ll ? fl 7o ions White Ash Keg Coal. ito maky he neceMary repairs Persons wishing to lay inhelt winter supplies will do well to give ?a a call, as the Coal will ??e sold for less than market prtoe. ?2,2It. pounds to ^^^"4 MOORE. 9th at , bet D and E. A ?<th and Canal eta. au 11?eo3t* . Bacon? ?i'.oou lb* Shoulders tt.W-O do Sidea ?Hrf) very choice suear-cured Ham* Just rweived and for sale by au U-eo3t MURRAY It SEMMES. \1 ' tLL. BARNARD k CO., ft Auction A Commission Wfrcfcaati. Comer of #th street and Pa avenue, (south aide) will, as usual, attend to all sales of Household, R?-al Estate, and Personal Property, Carrlsgt*. Ilorses, etc ,or good* of any desert pt:on con*lgnoa to them, on the most reasonable term*, ana wiu give their personal attention , , All sales entrusted to tbein will bt ^ ?rndt? u With promptitude and dispatch Liberal cash advance* mads on consignment. WALL, BARNARD A CO, au T eolm (Iatel) Auction?re THE HAT ESTABLISH.HENT OF ANTHONY, on Seventh *treet second door north of Pa avenue, ia the place where H VI* and CAPS are retailed at wholeaale rrl. es for cash onlv Consequently JU per^^ ornt extra prollt will not be charged In order to off art bad debts The very best Drew Hat* got ^Pj* ^ stvle, S3 40. u*uallv sold for S4 and S9 Quick sale* and aiaall profit*," la tba motto. au 11 DEMTllTSr DR V SHINN, Graduate of the Collage of Deutal Snrgurv. reepect ftUly Informs (he rsrtdentsrft^^org^ mwn and It* Helntty that he has loca-^**n^^ red himself amonf*t them for the purpaee oI prac ? using hU proSwiee. . _ .. _ . ^ 0?ce l? Waahlngion M Brtdge Georgetown, D C. )e ?-dln^eoiu*e