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Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 17, 1855 Page 2
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JEVENjNG STAR. wA jHiyOTOW CITY: rRip.yy afternoon A?Sa?t it. BPIRIT OF THE MOEimTO PEESS. The Union announces the offer and accept ance of the Chinese Mission to Dr. Peter ?. Parker It trill be recollected that more than a month ago, we stated that Dr. P. was to have tendered to him that position. The Uiii'tn also review? the recent Know Nothing letter of Senator Houston in an elaborate ar ticlc, written with great ability, indeed. It leaves the Senator not a peg to stand on, and completely dissolves his connection with the Democratic party, if that was not done by the Senator himself in the paper under the Union''* review. Of 44 the evils of secret political as sociations," the Uni?*t says: 44 The monstrous e^ila growing out of secret political associations require no more forcible illustrations than in the terrible experiences of the pa* year. The New Orleans and Cin ??ir.nat* rty*s, the St. Louis atrocities, and the iato rovrhing butcheries in Louisville, were not t?ie result of wicked nations suddenly and nn;>reiueditatrdlv called into a wild, war ri.ig existence. In the fifty years and more of contest between the Democratic and Feder al parties, there have been hot blood and bad blood, bitter invective, unsparing denuncia tion, ical outstripping discretion, and thecon ventioual usages of society forgotten in the ardor of partisanship. But the war was an open, honorable war, and conducted in the light ot day. If blows were exchanged and head* broken, they were the natural results of bringing together, during an exciting polit ical canvass, large bodies of men of opposite t-nitiTUPnts, wishes, and expectations. Such unmp.nly brawls are tool.equently the accom paniments of all kinds of popular, promiscu ous gatherings, and we cannot look lor a per fect immunity from tliem until the disposition of the impetuous or turbulent is held iu check by the force of public sentiment, or by the rigid enforcement of stringent laws. But no such palliation, excuse, or apology can be offered in extenuation of tiic guilt now indissolubly con nected with the very name of Know Nothingisin. jitsano ia?!) will believe that the Louisville butcheries were the result of accidental col lision, when men's mind- were stimulated by the customary excitement of a political elec tion. Guns, pistols, kuives. iire and faggots, arid the other implements and instruments of torture and destruction, were too near at hand, and too ready for use, to give even a coloring to the supposition that the terrible scenes on the night of the 6th were not premeditated. e believe that the riots iu the cities already named were the result of previjus consulta tion, advice, and instruction in Know Nothing lodges. The organization, concert of action, ana cmplete success of the rioters justify this belief, and furbish all necessary proof of con sultation. foreknowledge, and design. Not only arc secret potitical associations ob noxious for the facilities they afford for cou vocting scbtrmes against life and property, but tpey are obnoxious fex tne opportuni tics they ;?Bord for the .successful commission of minor grades ot crime. In other words, in these mianight colleges of conspirators swind ling finds as mneb favor as ussaosination. The following letter from Louisville, which ap pears in a late number of the New York Even ing Post, will better explain our meaning : Louisville Aug. 12, 1655. ?V iien I wrote my 14bi letter I was not aware f the extent of the outrage perpetrated by the know-nothings on the freedom of the elec tion. There art eighteen polls in the city of Louisville, and sixteen in the county, making thirty-lour in all. The inspectors or judges ot election, two for ea*h, were appointed by Judge Garland, know-nothing. wno, with ex traordinary liberality, named four democrats and sixty-four of his own order. But their possesion id" the records in doors, and of the approach to them from the outside, by which they could cover any fraud, was not enough. Ihe judges decided that they would dispense ?wti/'t. tat ballot-box itself. T'ney required every voter to open his ticket, Jnd read aloud the names of his candidates. A scratch the pen on tho book opposite the name was the only record and evidence of the vote The voter either threw his ticket ?.n the ground or carried it away with him. The inability ol the foreigners to read English, <>r to read at all. as far as it went, was then *""de the pretext fcr rejecting their votes. When this statement was made to me, I could not crcdit it, though my informants, who were tw > of the most respectable citizens of Louis ville, assuied me that they bad read off their own tickets, and then threw them away. 44 Mr. V., do you tell me that seriously, and are you very ure there is no mistake about it?" *4 Yes, Sir. I read off my own ticket, and threw it away. I stood by and saw a dozen other? do the same. There was no ballot-box used.'* Another gentleman, whom I bave known in timately for some years, and an old resident of Louisiana, confirmed the statement. " I went to vote in the m-ual way." said he, " with my tkkfct folded up. but heard those who were be fore me reading off their votes. I asked if I must do that, an i was told yes; and I did it." lientleimu. il I were a stranger to you, I Would not write tkia without getting it verified by witnesses and oaths. I would expect you to discredit it, as the talc of a crasy politician ?that aucb :m outrage should be perpetrated in ttu country '?that the ballot-box should be discarded from a popular election. The Jntrlli^cii&r rejoices over the compara tive political calmness of South Carolina, as evinced by the attention just now manifested by her leading citizcns to scientific agricul ture The Itrtf/lt^encer\i New York corre spondent says of the lion. cx-Governcr Wash ington Hunt: Lx-Governor AVashington liunt, the very head and front of the conservative Whig party in this Mate, has addrtssed a long letter to the editor ot the Commercial Advertiser in op josition to the projected fusion of tho Whigs with the Republican party. He reviews the matter in all its bearings, and in so forcible a manner_ as to command the attention of all true Yt nigs in the present critical state of af fairs. liie repeal oi the Missouri Compromise is ot eours* condemned, but in a calm and dis passionate manner; and, instead of proclaim ing a Sectional war against the South, let us, be says, 4 first appeal to that portion of the u?"athem people who are still loyal to tho country and fuithlul to time-honored cove nants, invoking them, iu the nauieu: patriot ism and justice, to come forward and aid iu undoing the wrong of whien w;o complain, and in restoring that mutual confidence and good will which imparl to the national compact its true strength and its only vaiuc.' He de the lawless doings of the Missouri borderers, and says he will not dishonor the S utn by assuming that a majority of her peo ple intend to uphold such proceedings. In conciutiuo, he d.elares it as> his opinion that no substantial good can come of the projected fusion movement, and that it can achieve nothing but ?xi keep one-half of the United fetate- incensed against the other. Foi uirn i*e!f, he declares, instead of forming new po litical associations, he will adhere to those cherished principles which have the approval of his best judgment; that he is still a Whig, and does not intend to desert the ship, even if he is left alone. Mr. Hunt will certainly not he loft alone, for thero are many who cling as faithfully as he to tho old Whig principles ; hut with the great majority, however, I fear the ia. e is very different, and. notwithstand ing fuch stirring appeals as the above, I sus pe:t fusion will be the order of the day." Qtiea Tkavklisg.?We have for some days past been indebted to the agents of the Fred ericksburg, Richmond ar.d Potomac Steamboat and Kailr-aid line for the Richmond journals ui the day, tw > ani a half hours in advance of their roccipt here by mail, and we take this means of acknowledging their courtesy and complimenting their time of running the rout* Relief .?A: the town maariag in Baltimore, yesterday, *2,."505 were rubacribed for th? yt' Jow fever suffereis in Virginia. WASHIWGTOH 1TEW8 kWD GOSSIP. Americans Baling America.?The Louif. ville Journal in engaged getting up bogus af fidavit*, protending to embrace reliable ac counts of the riots of the Oth in?tant, prepare-!, as that journal admits, in ifs office'. The point sought' to be attained by the Know , Nothings engaged in perpetrating the fraud*, j falsehoods, concealment of all material por tions of the truth, and whitewashings of the conduct of the rowdy ruffians who, by order of the lodges, brought on the work of Monday night, the 6th instant, is to forestall the pub lication of a full and searching official exami nation Into the causes of these riots, and the part taken by the Know Nothings in them, which the county and city authorities of Louis ville, members of Know Nothing lodges to a man, are shirking. It will, however, be im possible for them to prevent such an investi gation much longer; as is evident from the tone of the newspapers of that city generally, and from the rapidity with which all who value the right to live without being subject to be murdered with impunity by rowdy ruffians, are taking occasion to effectively manifest their disapprobation, in connection with the Louis ville Journal. Those engaged in the work of trying to throw the responsibility off the Know Nothing organisation, are takingdue oare that no other affidavits shall see the light through them, except those of persons who will or can swear that they only saw the portions of the riots wherein the Know Nothings got the worst of it. Thus, in the caso of young Rhodes, they parade more than one affidavit to prove that he was shot by an Irishman, but have no time to waste in taking the affidavits of any of the large number of respectable persons who saw him, a few moments before he was killed, murder an unoffending Irishman, and who also saw an old man. named Barrett,'kill ed under the impression that he was the man who killed this Rhodes; whereas it turns out that he (Rhodes) met his death at the hands of some other unknown individual! It seems that the affidavit concoctors around the Journal office have frightened some igno rant Irish women into swearing to affidavits which they could not read, and which were doubtless falsely read to them, containing, a* they do, statements with reference to the riot nt and around Quinn's row, which tell of th. ile ft nee the Irish made there of their lives when assailed by stones,, and the torch, as though ihe Know Nothings wore hun ted iambs, rather than the hunters to burn in nocent and helpless women and children. It will probably be long, very long indeed, be fore Prentice and his bu-y corps of affidavit ma kers will be able to Undone witness to thccrown ing act of Know Nothing valor, gallantry, phi lanthropy, mercy, and patriotism, which was performed in presence of hundreds. Wc refer particularly to the act of a leader of the Know Nothing mob in rushing out from the crowd of his companion*, intercepting a woman fleeing from the flames of her homestead, in which the body of her husband was being consumed, snatching from her breast her iufant, and bravely blowing out its brains, with a revolver, in sight of his admiring and envious compan ions and others. But we will detain our rea ders no longer from our extracts, for to-day. from the Louisville Courier of the 14th, a? , follows: "The Louisville Journal, of yesterday, con tains the threatened expose that was to be made, proving that in every instance foreign ers were the aggressors on bloody Monday. It is entirely a partial affair, and throws no light on the doings ot that accursed day. The wit nesses state what they saw at G o clock in the evening Three Irishmen came along and commenced firing, without the least provoca tion. One witness only saw some slight shov- i ing of one Iri.-hmau. Then, without further | provocation, tiring from the houses commenced, and this the public are invited to believe is ' the beginning ol the riot. The violence at the Eighth Ward polls aro ignored, where men | wero peaceable knocked down without resist ante. Then the rushing of the mob on Mar ket with cluba, saying they were going around 1 to Main to fight, none of these witnesses saw. j It is very convenient to begin in the middle of 1 the muss, and jublish only what occurred on a particular occasion. Then there were arms 1 in the houses occupied by Iri-hmen, and men 1 moulded bullets, and one man said he was , ready The reader will remember that these houses were mobbed on the night of the May electiou. The outrages then committed met < with no American- would have j prepared their houses f?>r defence, and the world wjuld have justified them ; and al though these witnesses didn't see the imme diate provocation, let the public judge whether men are likely to shoot want >nly withouLany. ?'Thousands know that these events on Mftn street followed a whole day of outrages, and the commencement of these affidavits at the late hour of six o'clock only shows that those who got them up oould'nt go further buck. We shall soon have a true history of this I whole business which agrees with the previous preparations to carry the elections. "All was quiet at the polls we are most men daciously informed. There was little disturb ance, for Iri.-h and Hermans were quietly knocked down, without offence and without resistance. The first resistance led to atroci ties that were committed, it was a monstrous outrage for foreigners to vote, aud intolerable for them not to submit to insult, and bullying, aud beatiug. Their resestmcnt was not to be tolerated. Who shot Rhodes or Graham is not known, but in revenge for their death the innocent and the guilty were consigned to a general massacre ?'It is well known that there was plenty of force on the Know Nothing side of the ques tionifhut what was the result' Events show thatrthc mob was already on the ground, or ganised for outrage. It needed no further organization, and the murders and burniugs that followed showed a party ready for ag gression and revenge. The armed bullies from ull parts of the city wore on hand to gratify their fiendish delight in blood aud destruction. The sudden assault upon the houses, and their complete destruction in the reign of terror, shows what a condition of things existed in this city, and proves more thau any ex parte certificates can. "Some of the patriotic, piom, Protestant la dies of Bardstown have prei-ented a cup to iho patriotic, pious, Prostestant editor of the Jour nal. Let them also send him a rope with which a foreigner has been hung, a stake at which a Catholic has been burned, a torch with which a Cathedral has been fired, a knife with which a woman has been slair, a club which has brained an infant, and a flag of our coun try whioh has been soaked by an American mob in the blood of naturalized citizens. lie will then bo fully armed anl equipped for the great work whioh he has begun with so much zeal, success and satisfaction." 44 The Hierarchy is yet drunk on the blood of saints?Louisville Journal. '? Thus apake the saint of the Journal on the day of the election. Before the rising of an other sun he and hit: ruthless myrmidons were rioting in the heart's blood of butchered Cath olics reveling in the incense of their burning flesh, and drunk and bloated with their blood. How to gat up Roorbacks.?If any tyro of the press desires to accomplish himself in this now so popular art of journalism, he has but to take as a model a W ashington letter pub lished in tht telegraphic columns of the New York Htra 'ld of tha 15th, whioh did not go over the wiias. Tha pretansa that it was so rttfeived, In order to cheat the public into a to?lii.hly ?uk^eratad idea of tha Herald's tu terprise, is eapitally in keeping with the precious batch of roorbacks it contains, among which we find but a single truth?that Mr. Uuchanan is to return in October, accompa nied by the new Assistant Secretary of State, ?ho is to be Mr. J. Addison Thomas?stolen bodaciously' from the Star, wherein it ap peared some days ago. The burden of these *orbacks is a mare s nest of intrigue for the <ext Presidency, cflncoctcd out of the current * isit oi the President to tho Green Briar Springs, in obedience with the instructions of ue physicians who attend Mr*. Pierce, in very 'elicato health, as we have explained. Senator Mason is represented as the arch plotter, and Henry A. Wise a? the dreaded u'night plotted against; while the story of an .utrigueon the part of Secretary Marcy against he President is duly revamped, perhaps for tie thirtieth time in the last two years. We really can conceive of no possible means <>f exemplifying tho entiro and systematic dis regard of truth in the New York Herald's ?pecial Washington correspondence wherein it pretends to lift the curtain of political affairs I.ere, than in its so common re-ort to this vete" im roorback, so often ineisted on, and always >? immediately disproved by some cukw|Ufnt - ".atement in the columns of tho Herald itself, liowingthat in spite ot' its efforts to the contrary, i lie best possible understanding exist- and hat . Iwaya existed between the President and his Secretary of State. It is really fun for the i litiated to read the Washington roorbacks ol 'le, aid's special correspondence; the perfect i bandon with which even the scmblance Oi i ruth is thrown aside for unblushing and whole ; ilc falsehood therein, being absolutely refredfc iug, even in these days of unscrupulous jour- I :.alising. Why the affidavit-roorbacks and misrepresentations of tho Louisville Jounutl ? oncerning the riots of the tith inst., aro not i icher and more mendacious specimens of the ? rt of bamboozling gullible readers. Tho DeLat of Mr- Cullora will prove a sore ' "low to the Know Nothings, as he was the ? nly man for whom the Republicans?anti-Ne- ! '?raska-Northern Know Nothing Sewardites? \/ould vote for Speaker, who could by anypos : ible chance carry a handful of southern votes, oven of the southern Know Nothings, His ex perience and well-known tact, too, was of press ing importance to his party there, composed al .Most entirely aeit isof//9C( /lomittesiaCougrcs ' >iunal life. The Democratic party will nave ? i the hall a dozen of the most effective Icgis ? it've leadeis who have graced the council of the nation in the twenty years?Cobb .?nd Stephens, of Georgia; Jones, of Tctines hjo; Lctcher. of Virginia; Orr, of South Ca. ? lina; Richardson, of Illinois; Fuller, oi .Maine; Houston, of Alabama, and others w< t an name. There is no man in the Know Nothing ranks who can poll fifty votes for the Speakership, who can also get the vote of Percy Walker, who is to represent the Mobile dis trict of Alabama, of a tingle member from Vir ginia eleeted by the Know Nothings, of four f*om Pennsylvania elected through their aid. ttnd of other nominal Know Nothings?two Iroin Kentucky among them certainly, of whom we know. We shall have high times here next winter, beyond all question, to cJiumence with :ne opening of the session, when it will be per '"ived that Messrs. William It. Smith, of Ala c-ama, and Reade, of North Carolina, will not ? hitch" teams with Messrs. Lewis D. Camp t>ell, of Ohio, and Burlingame and Foster, of Massachusetts, Colfax, ofludiana, et idomne jenus The Fovcr at Norfolk and Portsmouth.? rhc telegraphic: and other news from Norfolk ind Portsmouth, Va., published in the Star or the last few days, tells the story of the rrcfsing need ot the unfortunate thousands Hill remaining there, in stronger and more el ective terms than weeanpeuit. It seem? :!iat their sufferings have but commenced, at t were. At no moment have they stood in ;roater necessity for pecuuiarv assistance than /.-day. How many of our citizens have added heir mite to the Washington fund for their re ief ? How many more, who, having neglected :o do so, stand ready to give something towards his cause of true charity, philanthrophy and :hristianity ? Time is precious, most precious n this emergency. A dollar sent down there ? anight, or by the morning's mail, may be worth ten sent two or three days hence. So, Uiose who design adding to tho fund even a little silver where they can give no more, are jarnestly requested to be quick about it. Messrs. Sweeny, Rittenbouse & Co., have kindly offered to receive, take charge of and forward any sums destined for the fund that msy be left at thoir well known banking bouse, in the Bank of A\ ashington buildings tn the Centro Market space and Louisiana avenue, where many persons can call or send more conveniently than to tho banking house of Messr?. CLubb, Brother, on F, near Fifteenth street. How Know Nothingiam Works?Yester day the Know Nothing loungers around tho gr>g shops of this city were in a terriblo state of excitement over the rumor that the Irish had attacked a Know Nothing club from this city, who were down at Pope's Landing, eighty 1 miles below, on the Potomac, and that positive information of the fact had come by telegraph with a request for the aid of ono -hundred a-med Know Nothings from this city. Though every man who kuows any thing, knew that t l:ere is no telegraphic station within fifty miles of Pope's Landing, that in Alexandria beiug seventy four miles off, but most convenient" and that there arc not one hundred Irishmen within a circuit of fifty miles around Pope's Landing, this absurd story found ready cre dence hero, superinducing a terrible excite ment and tho punishment of a large extra quantity of execrable whisky in the grogge ries aforesaid. Had a steamer been on hand to convey them, five hundred haJf drunken rowdies could have been had to have gone on the expedition in two or three hours. News from Fort Biley.?Those connected with the army in this city have been under in tense oxcitement for some days past over the ?"irrent accounts by telegraph from Fort Riley, Kansas, where the cholera was said to be bal among tho troops. This morning authentic accounts from Fort Riley up to the 1st in3tant, were received at the War Depart ment, from which we gather that Majors Woods and Armstead are not dead, as has been reported, but the wives of those officers are, with the two children of Major Woods The report of the death of Major Ogden is con firmed: the Quartermaster's- sergoant at the post, Fraucis W Allen, and a number of the men. mostly laborers in building end enlarg ing tea post, are among the desi from the ter libia s:curge. i i here were two or three hundred employed <uorc, t.> hare the enlargement of the post <0 on with despatch, no u to be ready for the rioeption of the six dragoon oompanics now on their way there from Texas. Shortly before the cholera broke oat at Fort ltiley, two companies of the Sixth Infantry departed from the post?Wood's and Armis testead's?W.'s for Fort Kearney, and A.'t at an escort for Bryan's command, which is a portion of the expedition into the hostile In dian country. Rather Discouraging.?At the last Know Nothing county convention for Prince George's county, Md., held in tki% city, where they are in the habit of meeting, rather than within The limits of their own county or State, it was ascertained and announced that their "order" ? n that county did not embrace a fourth as many persons as thero were voters there, and that a considerable number of their members are not legal voters. Efforts aro of coarse be ing made to incroasa ''the order" in Prince George; bat their labors to that end turnout very discouragingly. We know these facts to be true. A Very Tight Fit.?The municipal election yesterday in Georgetown. D. C., we bear, oroved a very tight fit, tho Know Nothings pulling 241 votes, and their opponents 240. At their receut election for a mayor in Georgo town, Addison, (Know Nothing) triumphed by 1j6 majority. It seems that burning and butchering women and children because their husbands, fathers a'id brothers dare to pro tect their lives and property when assailed by armed mobs don't pay. as may be judged from this change in Georgetown. Appointed-?Mr. Thomas K. Wallace, of Texas, has been appointed to be a first class

clerk in the office of the Register of the Trea sury. Salary 51,200 per annum. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 16th August, here were of Treasury Warrants entered on he book3 of tho Department? Forthe redemption of Stock 51 167 R3 Korthe Treasury Department...* 24.176 51 *or the Interior Department....* 441 39S 30 For the Custons 54,766 hS ?Var Warrants received and en tered 67.559 00 Drawn on account of the Navy... 403,831 53 Repay Warrants on account of the Navy 207 y>6 18 Covered in from Customs 10 00 Tho Yellow Fe?er. From Norfolk and Portsmouth wo hear of the greatest distress consequent upon the -avages of the yellow fever. Such is the alarm exist'ng that Portsmouth is nearly de populated. and the citizens, as well as those from Norfolk, arc cncamping in the woods ad j went, not being able to get further away from the infected and distressed towns. Some idea may be formed of the condition of affairs there, when it is stated that previous to the fever there wore in Portsmouth, Gosport, Ac., about . ?urteen thousand inhabitant*, which number is now reduced to (as the telegraph asserts) not , more than fifteen hundred; and iu Norfolk to about one-half?upward of nine thousand hav ing left. This exodus, we learn, was recommended by the physicians iu view of the spread of the disease, their advice being to every healthy family, <!Get away a? fast as you can, and Ifave no material for the disease to work upon." Although this course was deemed unwise at the beginning, it is now believei to have been the very best, as in a short time the 'wo places were hemmed in by the quarantine regulations of neighboring towns and hamlets, and there was imminent danger of death by jtarvation if one escaped the fever. The only counties which have extended the hand of friendship to those who fled from their homes are A<-comac and Northampton, on the East ern Shore of Virginia, and Gloucester and Matthews on the opposite side of Chesapeake bay. Letters from Portsmouth and Norfolk teoin with praises of Hon. Henry A. Wise and other citizens of those counties, who have no: only thrown opeu their houses to the distres^d, hut have erected temporary residences for their a ?connnodation. In Norfolk and Portsmouth, the greatest dif ficulty was experienced in procuring nurses; the negroes refusing to act in that capacity at $>10 per night. So per night had been paid for the service. There was but one member of the Norfolk City Council in the c.ty. Several deaths have been published in tho city papers which were entirely erroneous. Captain Bowdeu, cashier of the Virginia Dank, is quite sick, but not of fever. Every disease is styled the fever. Tho Eeople are decidedly more cheerful sin??o they avc gotten rid of most of their fellow citizens. The post office in Norfolk has been removed to the grounds in the upper part of tho oity. Tite office of tho collector of customs, and the wholesale merchants7 offices have alsj been removed from the lower or infec cd district; and Cain's hotel has been closed. In Portsmouth, Dr. J. N. Schoolfield is do ing well?out of danger. Mr. John Einmer t>on is at the Naval Hospital very ?ick; his brother Arthur, clerk of the Court, is attend ing on him; he is very well. The clerk's office in Portsmouth is closed. Mr^B. W. Palmer, Purser's clerk in the Navy^Trd. is sick; he is roportcd as having the fever. Mr. George Chambers, reported as sick, is well. Mrs. George W Chambers is fast recovering. Considering the few persons now there the mortality from the fever is alarming. The office of tto Savings Bank has been re moved to tho residence of George M. Bain, Esq.. Cashier. Every director of the Bank of Virginia is out of town except two, and there fore all banking business is suspended. The busine-s of the navy yard is still con tinued, though over one thuumnd workmen havo taken their discharges. Commodore McKocver, however, aunounoes his intention to keep the yard open as long as there is a workman to strike a blow. The following deaths, among others, have recently occurred : Lewis Roach. Susan Kemp, Mrs. Ripley, Mrs. Bowen, Jeffrey James, Mrs. Lauretta Potter, Mrs. OrDonohue, Miss Lattimer, and Thomas Herbert. The correspondent of tho Petersburg Ex press says: " There is much suffering among the poor tick, and we shall most gratefully appreciate the kind exertions being made in Petersburg for us. Wo are greatly in want of bread-tuff , particularly of meal, and a supply would be very acceptable. Our town authorities are doing all they can; but the scourge is so wide fpread that it is beyond their capacity to af ford relief to all who are its subjects. We have to take care not only of tho aick, but of the other members of their families, and many ether individuals who are thrown out of em ployment by reason of its visitation." The Richmond Dispatch, in noticing tho re port of the prevalence of the yellow fever in that oity, positively asserts ''that Richmond has not suffered from tho yellow fever to the extent of one death or one case of sickness of a ingle one of her citizens." The Democratic State Convention of Maryland, assembled yesterday in Baltimore, and nominated Walter W. Bowie, of Prince George's County for State Comptroller, and Col. George Gale, of Kent County, for Lottery Commissioner. ijf Strakosoh, Parodi. and other artistes have volunteered to give a concert, in New York, for tho benefit of the cofferers by the ycliow fever at Norfolk and Portsmouth. PERSONAL. .... The Leavenworth (Kuui) Horald nom ? inatee t'nited States District Attorney A. J. Isicki for delegate to Congress. .... A man named Husband, living in Hud son street, Now York, very deliberately ter minated hie existence on the 15th instant. It appesr* that be ?w fitting in hi* room with a friend, when suddenly he arose, and takii g up h vial fllled with prusaie acid, said, ?? Here ? a health to you, Tom." and drank it down, and a few moments afterwards was a corpse. The cium is attributed to domestic troubles. .... At Liverpool, England, the only excite ment is that created by the Angel Gabriel, (Mr. Orr,) who had turned ?p there in the street-preaching line, and created some dis turbances ....The New York Courier and Enquirer stntes that Moses F. Odell, Esq.. Assistant Colloetor of the New York Custom House. ha? resigned, and Michael Hoffman, Esq., has been appointed in his place. .... James M Lipman arrived at New York in the Lebanon, as bearer of dispatches from the American Minister in England to the Gov ernment at Washington. .... The great Cu hman festival took place at Plymouth on Wednesday. There was a very largo gathering, since there are some .'10.000 of the descendants of the famous Robt Cushman in the United States. These family gatherings begin to be all the rage. .... Ex-Governor Hunt, of New York, has Srritten to the editors of the New York Com mercial an eloquent and forcible protes' against the proposed fusion of the Whig paiiy of that State with the so-called Republican, but in reality al??litionist party. .... Francis Carr, who has taught school in Irdiana for several years, was driven from M'X>resville, a few evenings ago, by a gang o! seven or eight Know Nothings, who shouted ??kill him." "knock his brains out," Ac. The New Albany Ledger says he is a peaceab!.', quiet man, and committed no offence und< 1 hcaveu except being born in Ireland, and hav ing a good education. .... Among the distinguished visiters at the White Sulphur Springs, Virginia, are JohL Van Uuren, of New York ; ex-Attorney Gen eral Nelson, of Maryland; Major McCullough. the distinguished Texan Hanger. Ex-Presi <ient Tyler and family were expected in a few days. .... The Memphis Eagle has hoisted the llr.g of Millard Fillmore for President, subject to the action of the Know Nothing National Couvention. The MranER in Prixce George's Couvtv. The Marlboro Gazette says that in the inves tigation held on Wednesday, at Mr. Elial Pal mer's tavernjbef-ire Messrs. Lee and Brookes, two justices of the peace, no facta were elicit* d ti cast any light upon the supposed murder case on the farm of Mr. Abram Beall. There is no case of identity made out, and after a thorough examination no evidence was ob tained tending to fix a homicide upon any per son. The whole matter remains in as much doubt and obscurity as it did when the partial remains of the deceased were discovered. A writer in the Alexandria Gasette says it is be lieved the remains were those of a man from Michigan. Another Victi*.?We regret to learn that Dr. Allen Potter, of Blackstone. wa* taken furiously insane on Saturday, Uth inst. The ciusc must be attributed to the "spirit rap pings." in which he has been deeply engaged, and has attended frequent meetings during the past year. In all his wanderings his inind dwells mostly on that subject. The prospect of his recovery is considered doubt ful, as the disease has been so gradually de veloped, and he is now 64 years of age ? WouiisocJLet Patriot 14th. ,NOTICE.?The Mechanical Club re ?pertfally announce to their friends and the publ c generally that thev will ?ive their flr-t lirand Pic Nic and Excursion at Arlington Spring >u WEDNESDAY, the 5th September. Particulars in future advertisement. au 17?eo.1t (Organ) ATTENTION, FRANKLIN?THE members of the Franklin Fire Company ire respectfully requested to attend a called meet ing THIS (Friday) EVENING, August 17th As business of importance is to be transacted. Punctual attendance is requested H E DOYLE, President. G. R Crossjiklh, Sec. au 17?It I a ATTENTION, UNION GUARDS?Vou ft Jt are h'-^by requested to mm at your armory r i HlSth street, on FRIDAY', the 17th Instant. ILL ill It is earnestlydesired that every member will be punctual in his attendance a* business of mportance will be laid before the Company Byo.der: JNO. SHEA, Sec. au 16?"it NOTICE.?The Books of the Columbus Building Association are yet open, and srill remain open until August '20th, 1855. Persons desirous to subscribe for shares can do \o by making application to the undersigned. O. A SCHWARZMAN. Sec , No. 15 P. O Depart., or 410 Ninth st. Jy 28?w3w ? | / \ REWARD.?Estraved from the sub 1U scriber, on Tuesday, the ltth in- ?\?? it ant, a light gray Horse, nearly white, is AT? A ibout 14 years old. 15 hands high, well made,'be Has the mark of a yoke on bis neck, also between he hoof and fetlock from wearing spanells : also, :re*t fallen. I will give the above reward to any )ne who will return bim safe to me. THEO. SHEKELLS. Grocer, 331 Seventh St., bet I and K. au 17?3t? MONDAY, AUGUST '20tk, ISM. Second and last GRAND MAGIC PERFORMANCE At the Saloon of Joseph Giuhakt. on Maryland avenue, No. 378, by F . M U L L E R . After the performance a Concert and Ball. Admission ii5 cents. Ladies free. Commencing at 8 o'clock. au 17?3te RAZOR* AS IS RAZORS. ( 1 l .< > Wostenholm A Son's doubly carbonized I * IX L, Frederick Tenny's Tally-ho, and Wade k Butcher's chemically perfected Razors, and ?thers, from '20 cents to Sri 50. Gentleman who like a comfortable shave should secure one of the Razors. Also, Razor Strops, Shaving Cream, Brushes, Soap, Ac., at the Housekeeper's Furnishing Stoie 190 Seventh street. G.FRANCIS, au 17? U ? A .1 A | SI 1* TURTLES!?TURTLES! JUST received by BENTER A DUBANT, at Washington Hall Restaurant, cor ner of Pa avenue and Sixth st , south, ?ide, another choice lot of real Green SKA TURTLE, which will be served up dailv at 11 o'clock, in Steaks, Soup, Ac. Families supplied with the soup by the gallon au 17?3t ENGLISH CABBAGE. TURNIP SEED. Ac. THE undersigned has just received direct from the growers, a well selected stock of the fol lowing : Early York, I.arge York, Flat Dutch, Drum Head, Heart shaped, Enfield Market. Vic toria, with many other new and good Cabbages Flat Dutch. Purple topped. Strap Leaved, Early Snowball, Dale's hybrid, w'th other leading tur nips. Spinach, Kale, I-ettwee, Ac., all warranted fresh, of first quality, and otfered at lowest prices JOHN SAUL, au 17?eo6t* corner 7th and H streets TH' THE UNION ACADEMY. E Fifth Annual Session of the Union Acad emy; and the Sixth of the Union Female Academy, will open on the first Monday In Sep tember, and continue 44 weeks. Terms as usual Circulars at the Bookstore of R . Farnham. Esq, and at the Rugby House, corner 14th and K sts These Institutions are so organized and con ducted as to secure that mental and moral train ing which will best prepare the pupil for the real ties of life. Z. RICHARDS, Prin. U. A. Mrs Z. RICHARDS, Prtn. U. F A au 17?lm cash paid for furniture. PERSONS declining housekeeping, or having a surplus ol household effects, will flad us at mil times prepared to pay them the highest cash prices for their annas stocx, or such articles as they may wish to dispose of We will also ex change new furniture for old at moderate prices Furniture neatly repaired and varnished at the shortest notice, on reasonable terms. BONTZ A COOMBS, Furniture Warerooms 7th st., bet. I and K an 17??w MEMOIRS OF BENNETT and his Times Price ?1 *6 Cleve Hall, by Miss SewtU?price $1 Oar First Families?price 91 90 Thv Escaped Nun?price tl For sale by bv E K LUNDY, Bridge street, Georgetown. D C AU *' J 1 ' 0DD nLL0Wr mall. IlNKKl'l GREAT OPERA TROUPE, Still continue their UNIQUE PORTRAITURES. Interspersed with bcrlekidi P IICBI, OPERAS AND MFW PONGS Obse*?e the daily programme! for particnlaM. AdmisMon 26 ct nU au W_tf JOHN T FORD, Agent. W' the morning of the 14th instant. ? dark ner rei Mare, about 151 veers old. with ? biased or white fare. A liberal reward will be paid for the return of said horse to me. CHARLES WHITE. Washington Foundry. Washington au 16?3t# Having a farm of mo acres. Divi ded into several Held*, with s very iuiariant growth of mixed grasses, and well watered, at tk? convenient distance of i miles from M ukiUftoa, eaabie* me to pastor*- an v number of horses, rows, ' eeves or sheep, on the most reasonable tecrrs Forfurtber information apply st No.470 Twelfth s'reet, between F and 6, or at this < au 16?3t ( F?l ^REM GINGER AND HONEY. * 3 barrel* Green Ginger. In prime ord?r t rase Honey, la the comb, In six pound cape. For sale by SHEKEI.L BROTHERS, No. 40. opposite the Cenje Market an lft?8t PLEASANT RESORT SPRING GARDINt, (FORMERLY PAVIER'S GARDEN,) On M Strfft.bttvtrn Sertuftntk f Etgktermtk, OPENED every d>) in the week, and on Son day No spiritous liqrors allowed but Cof fee, Chocolate, ice Cream. Ac . will be for sa*e. Weber's Brass Band will perform every Mon day and Thursday evening, Beginning at about 3 o'clock Admittance free au 16?3m JELTER'S'W ATE R.?Just received from ^ the Spring '??*> jug*, pints and quarts, of the wholesome Water I have also received Longworth s Native Ca ?xwba, in bottles, and Weller's Scuppernong Wines, in wood Also on hand, HeidMeck Champagne and differ ent kinds of Claret. B JOST, Importer of all kind of Wlaes and l.lquors. IHI Pa. avenue. au 16?3t* LETTERS TO THE PEOPLE on Health and Hap|?in<***. by Catherine: E Beecher. In paper 37%, cloth 50c. History of the Councilor Trent, from the French by John McClintock. 1) D., SI Harper's Picture Book for the Nurserv, by Ja ? ob Abbott, 3 vols each New volume of Harper's Story Book, SI TAYLOR A MAURY'S au 16 near Mb street 'PHE ESC APED Nl'N; or, Disclosures^* a. Convent Life History of the Council of Trent Letters to the People on Health and Happiness, by Catharine E. Beecher Harper s Picture Books, Learning to Talk, by Ja cob Abbott Harper'* Story Books, vol a Will Terrill; or the Adventures of a Young Gen tleman born in a Cellar a now*. bv J H. Ingrahatn. FRANCk TAYLOR au 16 IOST, ON MONDAY, August 13th, in going -i to Georgetown in the Union Line, a Bundle. ' ontaiuiug two man iscnpi memorandum books a(?out coins, and an Arwcrth readv Calculator, with owner's name therein, and also a small brass s| irit ievel. A liberal and satisfactory reward will be given by leaving them at the Bank of Commerce. Georgetown, with Ldw. Ofiev . an 15?3t? 'R THE HAIR?Barry's Tricopherous, Swedish Hair Creator, Lyon's Kathalron, Castor Oil Pomade, and Of Marrow at au 15-3t LAMMOND'S, 7th at I FRENCH DRAWING PENCIL* from the several manufactories of Baasrh Hardmath, Walter and Con tee. imported direct fidm the ma kers in Parla, ty FRANCK TAYLOR jv m Slf.YERW ARE. JUST finished a large assortment of elegant Sil ver Ware of the litest styles consisting of sol id Silver Tea Sets. Silver Waiters, Piicbers, Gob lets. Cups, Salt Cellars, Ac. TLe above with an unusually complete stock it Silver Spoons, Forks, L?diea, Dessert Knives. Sapki.u Kings. Ac , of every pattern, are of our )wn manufacture, warranted pure, and offered at ,b?? low?*st iaies Every description of Silverware made to order 'rum original designs, however elaborate. M Wr GALT A BKO., 321 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th sts au IS?Ct rOYS FOR THE f'HILDREN ?A great variety and at low price* at au 15?Ut LAMMOND-S Tth st W I A REWARD.?Strayed from the *ub*cri O IV/ ber. near the railroad depot. two Horses, M e dark gray, no marks, large dat feet, and the )ther one a bay, white f ce. one glass eye. and all 'our feet wnite. 1 wili give the above reward for heir recovery. WM B ARNOLD, au 14?5t* JUST RECEIVED.?Memoir* of Jamea Gor don Bennett and his times. The Escaped Nun; or Disclosures of Convent l.lfe; and the Confessions of a lister of Charity, it * JOE SHILLINGTON'S, Odeon Building, cor. 4){ at., and Pa av au 14? IMPORTANT ANNOUNt KMENT. BOOTS AiXD SHOES. \H MAR LOW has taken the store recently ? lilted up on the no th side of Pa. av-^^f ?nue. between 3d and4? sis . wfcerr b< BI| vould be pleased to see his friends andf he public iu treneral, and where will be ' >und a complete assortment of Ladies. Misses', 'htldren's. Gentlemen's. Youths' and Boys' ^OOTS and SHOES of all styles and pricea. As his assorto>ent is compMe he feels confident hat he can furnish a good article at fair pricea. He respectfully solicits a call before purchasing !l*?-wheie Motto, "Quick sales and small profits " au 13?St* \SEM01RS or JAMES GORDON MEN. LTff. nett and his Times, by a Journalist au 14? FRANCK TAYLOR DROVERS' REST BY consent of the Drovers and Butchers attend ing the markets of this vicinity the?r^^Nr*r> taiesdav for Cattle at Drovers' Rest hasK, * >een changed from Wednesday to FRI-*j^3L t'AA . The new arrangement to commence on he24th instant. LEWIS D MEAR9 au 11?6t# OLD POINT HOTEL! rHE above Hotel will be closed for the season on Saturday, the 11th instant, in consequence r>f the prevailing epidemic at Norfolk and Ports mouth. Acknowledging the very liberal patronage ex :ended to the hotel by a most fashionable and ln :elligent company, the undersigned take pleasure In assuring them and the travefing public that en larged and extern ire improvement* will be added for the next coming business season _ C. C. W1LLARD A BROS. Old Poist Comfort, Va., Aug 10, ltv5?. au 11?lw COPARTNERSHIP. THE undersigned have this day formed a co partnership under the nam*- and at vie of HARTLY A BRO., for t he purpose of transact ing a Flour and General Commission business at 101 Water street, Georgetown N B HARTLEY, E D HARTLEY. GKORtiKTOWH, D. C., August 1, lf55 au 1m* WATER COOLERS.?Some of the hand soraeet and best everyway in the city, will be s<4d at reduced price*. Also, Double Ice Pitchers, lower than ever, at the Housekeepers Furnishing Store. 4?> Seventh "m*- ? FRANCIS STEWART'S-SK\ LJGHT GALLERY^" r)AGUERRKOTYPES taken ? ? cenU and an,f flUe<1 lB "plendid cases We !?ib* rit>-whicb f?r di*trtbudoo of shtde in not vurttt sM if e.iualled in the United StatS ^ at :wi Wb? w*nt good Pletarm to onll o?IH wWi betwoen #th and 10th streets, over M. W. Gait * Bro.'s Jewelry Stote au 14?lm * GEO. H. YARNELL A J. W. MANklNS. House. uud Fancy Pnintrra, W0U LU especially call the attentiou of the public to their specimeas of Fancy Signs, to be seen at all tune* at their place of businea* Persons bu Iding and repairidg M*ou!d do w?U to give us a call as we are determined to use every exertion oa our part to rive general satisfaction. Place of business on I<ou1?Una avenue, between 6th and Tth street*, uortb aide, next to UN Varnujn Building Old Giazing promptly attended la. au 14-dtf MRS. A. C. REDMOND'S NEW Gallery of Da^uarrean Art and Photo graphing la at No. MO Pa. avsnne northeast corner of luh street, over Ford A Bro's Dr^f Store Washington Pictures taken at SO cemt* and upwards Mrs R Is a graduate of Wklvahurit's aauhlisk