Newspaper of Evening Star, August 17, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 17, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. * RxLtir to the Sufferers bt Yellow Fkvkr?We learn that the *Assistant Post masters General and Clerks of that Depart ment bare mbscribed $65; the Sixth Auditor's bureau $130; that of the First Comptroller of the Treasury, S62; persons employed io and about the Capitol, Capitol grounds, and Capi tol extension, S100, and other sums, of $100 and upward have been promptly forwarded to the authorities of the infected cities, for dis bursement. We were informed, on application to Messrs. Chubb Brothers, that the total amount which they hare received is $386 All the sums sub scribed are- not paid in. In the Nary Depart ment building $120 50 were subscribed. Chubb Brothers have remitted $375. The banking-house of Messrs. Chubb Bro thers will continue to receive and forward contributions for the laudable purpose of re lieving the distressed. The offices of the 44 Union" and the " Intel ligencer," and the banking-house of Sweeney A Kitten house have alto nees designated as depositories of such gift". All the collections taken up in St. Patrick's Church, ou F street, on Sunday next, the 19th instant, at the several hours of service?6. 7 and 10 a. m , and 4 p. m.?are to be applied to the relief of the sufferers. A Duel Prevented.?Last night inforrna* tion was given to the polioe of this city that, from circumstances of recent occurrence, there wis reason to behove that arrangements were making or were made for ? duel between the flaii. Chas. J Faulkner End Col. Boteler, the opposing candidates in the Harper's Ferry district, at the late Congressional election in Virginia. Toe gentleman who lodged the in formation is related to one of the parties and die political friend of the other. His state ment was clear and free from the least par ticle of prejudice for or against either gentle man. Warrants were immediately issued, and Captain Birch, of' the Auxiliary Guard, J. Davis, Chief of Police, with officers Allen, Handy and Boss went in search of the par ties. Col. Boteler was found at the Kirkwocd House in company with his friends, Messrs. S trot her and Donnell; Mr. Faulkner at Wil lard's Hotel, where he baa been Stopping. They were conducted to the guard house, where an examination took place before Jus tice Morsell; during which the principals were separated ; the one being in the retiring rt?>m. while the other was in the trial room. Both appeared to be very much disappointed at the intt rt'erence The testimony does not show that a challenge was tendered or accepted ; but the suspicious circumstances were con sidered sufficient to require security of the Krties that no such affair should take place. e no demanded by the Justice was five thousand dollars each. Col. Alexander Pro vost became the security of Mr. Faulkner, and Mr. George Plant for Col. Boteler. The bond requires that they shall not fight a duel in this District, nor leave it for that purpose. The E.vcampxext?It is hoped that others of the volunteer corps of this city will join the gallant and ambitious National Guard in their encampment on the lands of Col. Hickey. about two miles north of Washington, on the 12th of September. Surely our citizen sol diery have spirit and good taste enough to make this encampment a grand affair, going off with very decided eclat. If four or five of the crack volunteer companies of the city would join hands in this matter, (and it could be done with the greatest possible ease and comfort and pleasure to all,) they would ac complish themselves more in the art of the soldier, in two days steady drilling as a bat talion. than in two years' night di#lmg. such as almoet alone forms their drill when not camping on a similar excursion. Such a camp as we suggest would be visited by thousands of our fellow-citiiens, ir.cluding nearly all the youth and beauty of the federal metropo lis. Surely such inducements as we describe above should prove sufficient to draw out a very handsome array of the military of Washington on this interesting occasion. Characteristic Geserositt?We stated, yesterday, that in additiou to the contribu? tion* of Mr George Kunkel, and others of his troupe, for the relief of the Virginia sufferers by the yellow fever, a benefit would, as wo were informed, be given at the Holliday street theatre for the same worthy object We now learn, from the Baltimore papers, that during the progress of the public meeting in that city vesterday, a letter was received from Mr. John T. Ford, manager of that theatre, tendering. od behalf of the lessees of the establishment (Messrs. Ruukel. Ford, and Floyd) the entire receipt" of the performance next Monday night, for which occasion Mr. and Mrs. Charles How ard have kindly volunteered their services. It is needless to say anything in praise of this noblo offer?so characteristic of the worthy proprietors. 44No*a or Torm Bills. Sir."?The other day the well known, quiet, and courteous dis tributor of handbills for public exhibitions, was ordered out of a store, with the rude re mark of 44 None of your bills, sir." 44 It's for the concert to-night," rejoined the distributor. ?? I don't care if it is; none of your bills, sir." The distributor accordingly retired ; and af terward said to a friend that he had been en gaged in this business for twenty years, and that never before had one of his bills been re fused. Merchants have always accepted them, either Cor the purpose of reading the pro gramme, or making use of them for wrapping pap?r In other words they have, with this solitary exception, always been 44 honored at sipkt." For Camp.?It is said that at least one hund red persons have left, or are about leaving this city, for the Me'hodist camp meeting which commences in Montgomery county. Maryland, to-night. Although the distance from Wash ington is seventeen miles, we bear that all the available horse-flesh has been engaged to transport visitors thither on Sunday next. The Editor or thr Trcth thus discourses in a communication with which he has far Bi*hed us : ?4 Resistance to tyranny Is obedience to God " jBrrsEson. When he uttered that noble Senteinent, he was contending against false Measurs and Men, among which was the Alian and Sedicion laws passed under the Sanction of the Elder Adinu. And it is now to be revived under the canning of Sam. Ah! Sam, what Sam 7 says you, Sam Houston to be sure Did you not know that Ned and his man Shankland were Cronies, and were acting together to bring the Coyiutte Sam out for the next Pres ident ' Shall they Succeed in their work of destruction to our Institutions, on this Conti nent as was done in France Under the 1st Na poleon, and especially after he put away his wife?which was against the laws of God, and the dictate* of humanity?and if God Cursed Napoleon the 1st for putting away his wife ? will be not as a Just God Curse Sam ? who has put away two?and had any number of Squaws, and other more degraded charackters. Sam was the largest Dog in Texas, yes such as is described in Revelations?To wit, The meanest of all charackters. Such is the eastern Sense of the term Dog?and Such is the Sense I desire it to be understood in. and one day in the presence of Senator Rusk Camming from the Capitol I told Sam That there was no danger of his becoming corrupted?why said he ? because you aro like a rotton egg, it is iiODossable to spoil it. so it is with Sam? Turn it which way you will, It i* the Old Sam still. And where eer you do It find, It seeks to Cramp the good mind. Let any honest man torn the living History of Texas, and gain the True facts, as will soon be embodied before The People since 1836, ai.d he will find Sam the greatest Hypocritical wretch that hai ever passed off tor an honest man since our Government was Organised and and^r him is ranked As BsCsDsEsI1 s G's au 1 fljuston is the largest Dogof then all. m uuuh for Sam. American isitizeiu of every grade, and Condition in life, beware c( Sam! fur like his Father the Devil he is destined to fall, and although the Devil told the Truth once, He is nevertheless, the Father of lies. So although Saa may sav iotpe pretty things, yet he is the prince of Humbugs, End is ? iiigraoe to humanity, and his own Stat* will repudiate hia; and ail of bis vile follow ers. Thm alasa poor Sam' who will be so bumble as to bow to the worse, Than Bacon Ck'iterJbJd. or Old Wohey, The meanest ot Uaagind. Jam. Goino Awat'The Kunkel Opera Troup?, (including the Wells Children,) who hare beon delighting our citixens with their burlet'as and fine vocal and instrumental music, ever einee last Monday week, will close their series of entertainments, In this city, on Saturday night. Their diversions have served the pur pose of infusing considerable of life into oth erwise dull bodies, at tfua usually motwtonoua season of the year. TrR*ixG tne Tables.?E. Murphy, a stout, strong locking man. got on a "beat'' last night and went to his home and began tcf abuse and ill-treat his wit'c. She stood all of hi* tongue lashings ; but when he attempted to whip her. she turned on him and ho got off badly, hav ing some of his front teeth knocked out in the scuffle. He was lodged in the guard house, and let go this morniug in consideration of the licking he got, and no witnesses appearing again st him. ' Police BcsiNMS ?Justice Bates, of the fifth district, disposed of the following cases yesterday : Francis Fenny, stealing, dismissed; Thomas Hays, profanity, fine and costs; Mary Matter and Mary Lee, do. Justice Crandell, of the sixth district, held Mary Elijah, Ma tildn Anderson, Emma Anderson, and Eliza beth A. Whittle to security fi?r peace fbr mak ingtrireats, The notice in this dlty's Star that all the o >llecti >ns in the F street Catholic Church en Sunday next Ere to be appropriated to the re lief of the suflVrers in Norfolk aud Portsmouth. .-ujrse*t3 the idea that the same should be done in ail the other churches of the city on that sumo day. A considerable sum might be ob tained in this way, and it is immediate relief which is so absolutely necessary in this cade. Firthkk Hearing.?Jno. Connor, a boy, was arrested this morning by officer Stewart, and taken to the office oi Justice Clark, where he was charged with stealing lead pipes, lie was sent to jail in default of security to appear for a further henriDg. Fire ?Some loose papers in the War De parinent, by some means which we did not learn, took fire in the garret of that building, to-day, about one o'clock ; but the fl lines were speedily suppressed without doing material damage. [communicated. Shall we have a Town Clock??To the citizens of Washington : Mr. Editor?Per mit an old resident of Washington, and a sub scriber to your paper, to oc upy a little space in your columns that be may say something to the citizens in reference to a public benefit that may accrue to them by the least exertion aud sacrifice on their part. Wo speak of a Town Clock. The subject has been often brought to the notice of our citizens, but the enterprise, for the time being, abandoned from the want of a suitable place to deposit the works. This difficulty is. we hope to show, or soon will be, removed. Wh;le on Thirteenth street a few days ago, we noticed the progress being made in the erection and completion of the Baptist Church. The immense timbers on which workmen were engaged in plining, mortising, and making every preparation ne cessary to a heavy frame work, led us to in quire for what purpose it was intended, and were informed, that it is the intention of the enterprising building committee to place upon their large aud commodious bouse a steeple oae hundred and sixty feet high from the base of the church, in which will be placed a large bell weighing 2.163 jtounds. A room for a clock will be prepared, and the proper circles left in the sleeple for four dial plates. These dials will correspond iu di imet- r to the circles (7i feet.) and will be eleva.ed sixty feet above the le/elof the street, and over one hundred and fifty feet above the Avenue. They will be plainly seen upon the Avenue, at all the Departments, and. indeed, iu every elevated position in the city. The striking of the clock could bo heard dis tinctly at the Capitol, Island. Northern Liber ties, and Georgetown, thus being beneficial to every portion of the city. It is, we under hand the desire of the building committee to place a cloik in this steeple, and we know ol' no bett- r position. We trust that what efforts may b_- put forth in reference to the acoom- , p lsnineut of this desirable object will meet with the hearty and substantial approval of tiie citizens. This is the only city of ai.y note i;i the Ui i' n that is without a Town Clwk. and the question is?shall we have one 7 You have now an opportunity to decide. Let your decision be?yes ! and to that decision add. *henca<led upon, a liberal subscription. It is a public benefit?not a sectional interest; but of this, it is unnecessary to say anything. f)r we would insult your common sense were we to attempt to convince y#u of this. Well, tuec, if it be a i^ublb benefit/?and who can deuy it??let us navo it. A Citizen. [We publish the above at the request of a member of the Rev. Dr. Tcasdale's eongrega tion. J Watch Returns.?Tb< mas Phillips, drur.k, di rni^-ed ; Edward Murphy, whipping hia wife, dismissed. Accident from Somnambulism.?A few nights since a lady residing in Washington street met with a serious accident while in a state of somnambulism. She had no knowl edge that she ever arose from her bed while a-ieep, nor did any of the persons in the house know that she was a somnambulist, though tney had frequently heard voices in the night time for which tney could not account, but all of which has now been explained. On the night in question she took her child about a year and a h.ilf old out of bed. and descended the stairs and went out to the safe for some thing to eat. The table had already been set for breakfast the next morning, and she put the food on it, after which she treated herself and child to a hearty ineil. Without remo ving any of the dishes she leturned to her bed rouin. laid the child down and again started down stairs. As she descended she came into contact with a swinging window sash which awoke her, and without knowing where she was stepped forward and fell headlong to the foot of the stairs. One of her arms was bro ken by the fall, and she received a severe oontusion on the frontal bone, which however fortunately did not prove of a serious charac ter. The noise created by the fall awoke some of the members of the family, who im mediately got up, supposing that the hou^e had been entered by robbers, when the un fortunate lady was fouud on the floor and in a a state of insensibility. She soon recovered but could not tell how she came in that condi tion. Medical aid was called and the wounds attended to, the fracture proving only the small bone of the fore arm. She subsequent ly remembered and recited what she called a dream, in which she thought she had tikeu the child and gone to dinner. On several oc casions previously the food put away at night was found to be much less, and the domestic of the family was suspected of the theft, though the lady herself always took charge of the keys It was fortunate that she did not fall the first time she wont down or the child would in all probability have been killed.? BUtimore American. {jjfThat famous man and clever (both in the English and American acceptation of the word) gentleman, John C. Breckinridge, has purchased Basswood Island, one of the g oupe of Apostle Islands in Lake Superior, and in tends erectiug a summer residence thereon. We do not kuow that it is the intention of Mr. B. to leave Kentucky. If it is fame and for tune will always attend one so gifted.?Louis ville Covuier. Cholera at Chicago?The Chicago Tri-.. bune says that about two weeks since a qnan-? tity of spoiled fish was renioved from a ware house of Chicago and aLandoned to the in habitants of Indiana and Illinois streets. The people rolled the barrels of food to their hov els, and lived on their contents for several day.-. Soon those who had eaten the fish be gan 10 die, and in a few days fifteen perspns had expired, and many more were fatally hick, and numbers dying every day. Great alarm had arisen among the inhabitants of that s?*c tii>n of the city in which the infection rajed. .School for Sailor Boys.?In the neigh borhood of LiverpDol, England, there i> a full sized brig sunk into the earth, all rigged and equipped The intention of this is to teaoh such children as intend to follow the tea the nature and management of a vessel. Sometimes, on very stormy nights, the boys are pipe! out of bed, and eent on board and alott to uni'url and lurl sails, in order to ac quaint them with soma of the duties they will have to perform in after life, as jwn as they get into deep water. JET T? Snfferers.-d retired Cler gy man, restored to health in a few days, after many years of great nervous suffering, is anxious to make known the means of cure. Will send (free i the prescription* used. Direct Rev JOHN M, BAG N ALL, 89 Fulton street, Brooklyn, N v *u i?4a "!e Stomach.?.The grand demdemttim of promoting health at this season of the year is to relieve tne stomach of all impurities, to Invigorate, to arouse the liver from torpidity and to "pel from the bowels all unhealthy secre tions. This should be done bv some gentle med icine that, in it* action, will not debilitate the sys tem. impair the nerves, or becloud the natural spirit*, for which purpose we knew of no remedy ever yet invented that can begin to approach in ef ficacy the celebrated PREMIUM BITTERS manufactured from purely vegetable substances' by Eliiah Maker, of Richmond city, and sol<f throughout the country by apothecaries generally These Bitters are peculiar to the summer and fall diseases of a Southern climate, and. when taken according to directions, are a sure cure for Dyspep sia, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Cramp, Cholic, Cholera Morbus, Ague and Fever, Sour Stomach, Nervous Headache, and almost every other affection aris ing from impurity of the blood or disordered stom ach . To those who have not vet tested the superi ority of Baker's Premium Bitters, as a family medicine, over all others known to the civilized world, we say lose no time in doing so. as they will afford almost instant relief. Try them by all means. ' Price 30 cents per bottle. To be had of CHAS. STOTT * CO., Wash Lnft?.\?v,CiCANBY * HATCH, and 8ETH S. HANCE, Baltimore; and by Druggists every where. 6S eo3t ID" Letter from Hen. John Miner Botts, ef Virginia. - Richmond, July ?, 1855 w Messrs Wm.8 Beers A Co : Gents?Consider ations of duty to the afflicted alone prompt me to send you this voluntary testimonial to the great value of "Carter's Spanish Mixturefor that almost incurable disease, Scro/uim. Without being disposed or deeming It necessary to go into the particulars of the case, I can say ti'at the astonishing results that have been pro duced by the use of that medicine on a member of my own family, and under my own observation and superintendence, after the skill of the best physicians had been exhausted and all the usual remedies had failed, fully justify me in recom mending its use to all who may be suffering from that dreadful malady. 1 do not mean to say that it is adapted to all constitutions, or that it will afford the name relief in all cases; for, of course, I can know nothing about that?but of what ! have seen of the effects! I would not hesitate to use it/in any and every case of Scrofula, with persons for whom I felt an interest, or over whom I could exercise influence or control. Respectfully, yours, Jwo. M. Botts. iET Ayer'sCathartic Pills.?Pills that art P,lls Paor. Hayks, State Chemist of Massa chusetts, says they are the best of all Pills, and an nexed are the persons who certify that Dr. Hayes knows, viz Lemuel Shaw, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Mass. F.*ory Washbdr*. Governor of Mass. W. C. Plonkett, Lieut. Gov. Mass. Eoward Everett, Ex-Sec. of State and Sena tor U. S. Robert C. Winthrop, Ex-Speaker House of Reps , U.S. A. * Abbott Lawrejice, Minister Plenipo. to Great Batain. t John B. Fitzpatrick, Catholic Bishop of E>ston. r MEN THAT ARE MEN ! Among the disease* this Pill has cured with as tonishing rapidity, wc may mention Costiveness, Bilious Complaints Rheumatism, Dropsy, Heartburn, Headache arising from afoul >tomich. Nausea. Indigestion. Morbid Inaction of the Bowels and pain arising therefrom, Flatu lt-ucv. Loss of Appetite, all Ulcerous and Cutane ous Diseases, which require an evacuant medicine, ?.crofu.a or King's Evil. They also by purifying tblood and stimulating the system, cure many complaints which it would not be supposed they could reach ; such as Deafness, Partial Blindness, Neuralgia and Nervous Irritability, Derangement ol the Liver and Kidneys, Gout, and other kin dred complaints arising from a low state of the b <dy or obstructions of its functions They are the best Purgative Medicine ever discovered, and you will but need to use them once to know it Prepared by DR.J.C. AYER, l,owell, Mass., | and sold by every respectable druggist. ? ^ GILMAN, Washington, O. M. L'NTHICUM, Georgetown; JAMEb COOK A CO., Fredericksburg. je 17 2m UJT Gilman, Druggist, ha* removed to 52H Seventh street, opposite the Patriotic Bank, a'.d is now prepared to fill all orders for Medicine flints, Oil and Glass on accommodating terms 3?ict attention will be paid to physician's pre scriptions at all hours of the day and night. The a'gfctbell Is on the right of the store door. ap 14 ir^Thi* Marble Hall Clothing Emporium Bi'iwns' Hotel Building, offer unusual induce ments to purchasers of Ready-made Clothing for Gentlemen an i Boys' wear In order to present 0-1 r customers with a stock of Goods not to be eaualied for the coming seasons, our present stock of Coats, Vests and Pantaloons will be sold at pri ces that cannot lull to please. Cashmerett, Drap l>e Eta Cassimeres, Alpaca, Drillings, Linens, Marseilles, Ac., of superior cut and workmanship NOAH WALKER A CO. Premiums at the Fairs? Whitehnrst's ?till in the ascendant.?The juries of each of the la'e fairs at Baltimore, Richmond, and New Y ork awarded their hightest premiums to J. H. W. for their superiority of Photographs, Stereoscopes and D-Mjuereotypes exhibited. I Mr. W also received two medals at the World's Fair, London, and a premium at Crystal Palace IN t'W York. ' Also, the first awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past. Whltehurst's Gallery in this city is on Pa ave nue, betweeen Four-and-a-half and Sixth streets feb 17 LH7"A Remarkable Remedy?For all pains, cutt, bums, wounds, sprains Also, Rheuma tism, Neuralgia, Headache, Corns, Tooth-ache \N otnb Complaints, bites of insects, sores of any kind whatever, use Prof. DeGrath's ELECTRIC Ol L, from 39 South Eighth street, Philadelphia. This article is pleasant and soothing STOTT A CO , Agents. C1SSELL, George towu- au 16-31 !I? Dn Hoefland's Celebrated German Bitters.?Weak, nervous, depressed in spirits, and a prey to innumerable mental, as well as phy sical evils, the victim to dyspepsia, is indeed an object of commisseration. Yet it is absurd for him to despair. We care not how weak, low nc-vous, and irritable he may be, the cordial prop er! ;es ofHOOFLANDS GERMAN BITTERS prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia, are stronger than the many-headed monster, which is prying upon his body and mind; and If he chooses to try them, we will insure a spe?dy cure. See advertisement. je 7?3m DIED. On the 16th inst . CHARLES ETHELBERT, sou of Jno. T. and Matilda Coumbe, aged sixteen months and ten days. BOOT AND SHOE STORE REMOVED. G*EORGE BREMER has removed his well * known Gentlemen's BOOT AND-gj1 SHOE Store and Factory from 11th street, BH|f between Pa. avenue and E street, to Pa F Wl avenue, afew doors above Willards' Hotel He is prepared in his new premises to give satis faction to all. G B has by dint of great care In purchasing hlf stock, employing none but A No. 1 workmen, and by his capacity to fit his customers so as to have his work set very easy 011 the foot, while It al wtiys exhibits the most fashionable style, earned a reputation in his business second to that of no other custom-work boot and shoe makjr in the Lnion. He solicits the patronage of all and hi> terms will be most reasonable to all. jv 18?tf HAVING ABOUT TWO HUNDRED-Acres of fine pasture, and eighty of which is finely watered meadow. I will take a limited number of horses to pasture. Enquire of HENRY BIRCH, an 15?e?3t? at his Livery Stable. Metropolitan Railroad Office, I Georgetown, August 1, 1&55. J I^HE Second Annual Report of the President and Directors is now ready for distribution Stockholders can be supplied by calling on the Secretary or sending their address through the po?t office. J. W DEEBLLVSec. au 3?law3w SILVER WARE. HSEMKEN, 330 Pa. avenue, between 9th and ? loth streets, offers his large stock of puie Silver Ware, consisting of Coffee and Tea Sets, complete, Sugar Bowls, Cream Goblets, Cups. Spoons and Forks, and a magnificent assortment of richly chased fancy silver ware suitable for gifts at reduced prices. Persons in want of any of the above articles are invited to call. Being mostly of our own manufacture, we war rant it sterling. Silvejware of any design made to order at short notice. Particular attention is paid In get ting up Testimonials, Premiums, Ac. au 1?tr LAND WARRANTS BOUGHT at the high est rates Sight drafts remitted to persons at a distance sending me Warrants, on any city they may des ignate. Stocks bought and sold on commission. HAMILTON G FANT. Hanker, 432 Pa. avenue, Washington, D. C. Jy Id?lroeoAWS4t (Intel) WANTS. WA1T")-BR,CKMaKER8, far which I * * will give two dollars per day. 41*o. Off-bearers and Laborer*, to go into the cttmtrv. Eriqnireai WW- PI North A street, Cap

ftoi Hill, tO'fnorrww morning, ft?i I8tis instant, at 8 o'clock, or in (he etealntf,, at 7 o'clock, a u 17?2t* WANTED?FIVE GOOD WAITERS. Ap jf!? ? 'he Refreshment Room of the Rail road Depot. an 17?It* Wanted?a good washer and ironer, that can bring pood recommenda tions Also, a Cook, and a female to work in the house. Applvat Mrs Bates s boarding house, on tbe southwest corner of Fa avenue and 9th st. au 15?tf WANTED?A SMALL, RESPECTABLE, convenient House, in a good neighborhood, either in Georgetown or Washington. The ten ant will be punctual and probably permanent, and will take possession in October. Also, a respectable middle aped woman as housekeeper and seamstress; services rc<Ju*?eH im mediately. Address "L," at this office, jy 23?2awtf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that they can pet a lot 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of *75?payable S3 a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. ap28?6m JOHN FOX, Sec BOARDING. Boarding ?mrs duvall,no.33i m> svlvaniaavenue,opposite Brown's Hotel,has several large and desirable rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, which she will rent with board at moderate prices. She can also ac commodate six or eight table boarders. jy30?tf Boarding ?Mrs. M. c. greer, No.s#o Pennsylvania avenue, near the Capitol, has several large and desirable rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, which she will rent with or without board, at moderate prices. Also, transient Itoarder* can be accommodated with board bv the day or meal Her table is at nil time supplied with the best the market can afford, au 8?eo2w (Bait Sun) Board,Ac ?mrs. bates,on thks. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street, is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable wtio may favor her with their patronage. ap 6?tf FOR SALE AND RENT. VGENTEE1. HOUSE FOR RENT AND Furniture for Sale ?An excellent opportunity to commence housekeeping. Enquire at No 381 U street. au 17?It* r^OR RENT?THE LARGE ANDCOMMO dious House, No 4W) Pennsylvania avenue, near the National Hotel. Enquire at the Clothing Store on the premises, of A. SELDNER. au 17?Ct* MRS NEVINS HAS TWO VACANT rooms on tbe second floor, one large and fronting 'he street, which she will dispose of. with board, on moderate terms. No. 42-i E ntreet, between 7th aad 8th. au 16?3t* I^O R SAL E?IMPROVED AND UNIM proved Real Estate.?JENNINGS PIGOTT Attorney at Law and Agent for Real Estate, has -e/eral small Houses and I^ots: and a number of unimproved building Lots in different p< rtions of th-city, which he will sell at moderate prices and on accommodating terms Persons wishing to sell or buy may do well to give him a call He will take charge of Heal Estate, attend to leasing, renting, Ac , investigate titles, and at tend particularly to conveyancing Otnce516 Washington Library, on lith street, between C and D. au 16?3w mo RENT?IN ONE OF THE BEST LO 1 cations in the city, a new and convenient dwelling house, with gas, water. Ac. Apply at No. 357 I st., between lJth and 14th. au 15?3r* I^OR SALE?A VERY DESIRABLE COT tage residence, 011 4^ street, Island, No. ?97. The house contains eight spacious and airy rooms pantry and cellar. It is situated in a very im proving part of the ci'v, and will be sold on pleas ing tenri^ if early application is m?de. For fur ther particulars enq ire on ihe premises, or of J S. FiNCH, corner 12th and E streets au 15?3t* Rooms for rent.?a parlor and several very pleasant furnished Chambers for rent, in a new hrick house. Also, a small frame House for rent or for sale. Title good. Apply to E. K. LUNDY, au 8 No. 4G Louisiana avenue. II* O R SAL E?TWO HUNDRED LOTS. Price ?75 each. Two years' credit, or 10 per ccnt. discount for cash. Apply at the ITnion Land Office, 7th street, above Odd Fellows1 Hali. jy 23?lm I^OR RENT OR SALE?A NEW TllREE story brick Honse in complete order, on 8th street, nea' N, Northern Liberties of VV J. McCOLLUM, 8th and K streets, Northern Liberties. au 13?eotf I^OR RENT?A HOUSE, containing 7 rooms, in a fine location, where there is a good open ing for a small select school School Room Fur niture with some other for sale. Enquire at 396 C street. au 2?eo2w For r en t?th e th A EE sto r y sto r e and Dwelling, No. 86 Bridge street, George town, so long occupied as Emmert's Confection er}'. Apply to ARNY, next dcur. my 25?lawtf FOR RENT.?FOUR NEW AND CONVE nient Brick Houses, brown mastick fronts, containing parlors with marble mantels, dining room, kite hen, servant's room, and live ciiambers each, and situated on Thirteenth street. Island, near the public grounds, convenient to Pennsylva nia avenue and the Departments. Rent very mod erate. Apply at R. it. Clarke's office, corner of Sixth street "and Louisiana avenue, or at D. B. Clarke's Drug Store, Eleventh street, Island, mar 6?wtf PRIVATE SALE ?SEVERAL FR \ME Houses, suitable for large or small families, containing from 4 to lu rooms each, 011 square south of Square 516, between 4th and 5 th streets, ai:d fronting Massachusetts avenue and I street. Terms maae easy. Enquire on said square at No 504. au 4?eotf Rents rkduced to suit the times 3150 a year will be received for the rent of those new and convenient Cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed, and other conveniences attached. Pump.of fiure water are near the door, and communication s had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh streets and Pennsylvania avenue, morning and af ternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the Departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent, immediate apfheatio* must be made to the undersigned, either by letter or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had and the houses inspected at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on libe lal terms. WM STICKNEY, No. 4, Kendall Groen. N. B.?Rents paid qua.terly in advancb. ap ft?eotf FOR SALE?A VERY VALUABLE FARM, well fenced and well watered, and in a high state of cultivation, situated in Prince George co., running down to th? Montgomery county line, -7 orS miles north of Washington and l)f miles east of 7th stfeet, on the Rock Creek Church Road The improvements consist of a good farm house a Swiss barn, with stables attached, and all other necessary improvements. It contains 96H acres, 75 of which are under cultivation, the remainder in heavy oak timber A portion of the farm is well adapted for a market garden. For further information apply to ROBERT EARL, Livery Stables, H street, near 21st st. au 13?eo6t Lots for sal e ?two or three good Building Lots in a rapidly improving neighborhood for sale on ten years' credit. Apply to J. H. DRURY. Jy 21?tf FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR lors and Chambers, with Board. Also, Table and Transient Beard. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street. ap 9-tf SCHOONER "OLIVE" FOR SALE. f pHE subscribers having no use for said vessel, A which has een thoroughly repaired, will sell a bargain to any one wishing to^Hh purchase by calling on C. Myers A Sua. at ttieir Wood and Cool Yard, No. 27 Water st , George town, D C. C. MYERS A SON. au 7?tf GENTLEMEN'S UNDERGARMENTS. WE have a large and line assortment of Silk, Gauze, Merino and Cotton Undershirts, lin en and cotton Drawers, Whlje and colored Shirts, Hosiery, Ac., which we are now offering at very low prices. WALL A STEPHENS, 3W Pa. ave., next door to Hon Hail. jy IV -tf [News] ICE?ICE?ICE ! C1HARLES WERNER, on Pa. avenue,oppo > site Browns' Hotel, will keep, throughout the season, an ample supply of Petti Done s be.i ICE, which he will sell, on call, in any quantities, at tfce.lowest possible rates. may Mt-dt8ep JO AUCTION SALES. Vj MS, t McOVII?R, AaMMmv. VALUABLE f RAtT ?/ L A N O NEAR Brllsvilie at Pnoiic Sale.?6u THURS DAY. August 23d, at 4# o'clctt p. it) , at the Auction ?. oom*. I shall sell a tract of tend ne%r BelUv lie, containing on? hundred acres Th*i gace U adjoining the farm* of Messrs Ma'low. ?per and Parker. Sevcntv acres 1? cleared the balance iQ wowd ; It is well watered by spring* and a never fading stream of water. There is on the place a good lo' hotise Terms: $500 cash ; the residue hi, If and IS months, with Interest, secured by a deed of trust on the property, JAS C. MeGtTTRB, au 1~?d . Auctioneer. By GRKEN A SCOTT, Auctioneer*. VALUABLE HORSE AT AUCTION?On SATURDAY morning, the 18th instant, we shai) sell, at 10 o'clock a m.f in front of our Auc tion Store* a *ne Bl*nk Hup*, six years old, and works and rides well. Terms cash. GREEN * SCOTT, an 17?d Auctioneers By GREEN 4 SCOTT, Auctioneers. Gold watches, jewelky. chains Ac, ai Auction ?On SATURDAY neat, at 11 o'clock and to be eon tinned the same even ingat7){ o'clock, at our Auction Store. we shall sell a large invoice of Gold Watcher and Jewe'ry, among which are fine gold Hunting and open faced English and Detached l?ever W atches. full jewelled, Camelled Lepineand gentlemen spUin Watches Also, Gold Chains. Pint, Earring*, LockeU, Bracelets, fine gold pialr, **t and open Rings GRKEN A SCOTT, au 16 d Auctioneers. By i.C McGUIRE, Auctioneer. SALE OF BUILDING LOT*-On SATUR DAY evening. August ?B. at ti o'clock, on tbC S-emises, I shall sell Ix>t No 35. in s^quare 5#9. 'nting30 feet on an ailev. with a dej th?>f 5? feel. >ald lot is between north IB a> d F and First and Seeond 3trcets west. Terms cash. JAS. C MctiUIRE, au 16?d Auctioneer By GREEN A SCOTT. Auctioneers. Building lots at auction on m street west between *1 nird N ats. south. On MONDAY, the -<Wth instant, we shall sell. In front of the premises, at 6 o'cl'<ck p m.. I?ots No 14, 15, 16 and 17, in square 596. fronting 30 It. each on 3d street, between M and N streets south ? Terms : One-half cash ; the balance in 6 and 12 months, for notes becjfng Interest fiom the dav of the sale A deed given and a deed of tru's* ?nken GREEN A SCOTT, au 15?d Auctioneers. By GREEN A SCOTT. Auctioneers Large and < om>iodious brick House and Lot on < apitol Hill at A?r. tlon.?On TUESDAY, the2M instant, we sh?ll sell, at 5 o'clock, p m , on the premises the large and well built three--ton' brick House, latrly oc cupied by the Hon. Judge Cranch. ?ituated on Delaware avenue, next to the corner of north B street, near the north gate of ?he Capitol. The house contains thirteen conveniently arranged room* and wide passage through the'house, a. d built with thick walls, and a cellar under the whole buildl g. and the lot heing half of I?ot No. 0, in Square 6Hi, having a front of thirtv feet six inches, r^nnin^. 19b feet seven inches to'a thirty, feet alley. The above described property is certalnlyone of the handsomest locations and most beautiful sites in Washington, presenting the most com manding view There is ahoapump of excellent water near the door. Terms: One-fourth cash; balance a credit of 1 and '2 years, the purchaser to give notes for th? deferred payments, bearing interest from the day sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. GREEN A SCOTT, au 15?d Auctioneers. By JAS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. SI PKSI9A ROSEWOOD GRAM) I'lANO Forte, Handsome Furnitnr.* anrl H?nse> hold Effects at Public Sale.?On TUESDAY morning. August2!st. at 10 o'clock, at the resi dence or J C Fremont, Esq., on C >t . between 3d arid 1 jf streets, I . hall sell all of his excellent Furniture ard Household Elfecis, comprising? Superior Rosewood caseGr^nd Piano, made to or der in Vienna Suite of Camd Walnut Parlor Furniture, covered with green and gold Urocatelle, consist!og of Sofa?, Arm, Sewing, Reception and Par lor Cha!rs t Rosewood Morocco covered Spring Sof.-. and C haiis to match Tu'o handsome carved Walnut glass-front Book cases Walnut and .Mahogany Secretaries, Wh&tn jts Marble top ceijtre a^d Sofa Tables Elegant Frencji Pia'e Mantel and Oval Pier Glas ses, in ri?*h gilt frames Pair of Gilt Gas Chardeli"rs, Chin* Vase!? Gothic Armchairs. Ru*h seat Fancy Chairs Coveied walnut extension Tables Ma ble-top Sideboards Walnut Rout Tables Brussels Parlor, Hall, Stair, and Chamber Car | I"*1* Mahogany hall Chairs, Hatrack W alnut marble-top l>res*ing and Plain Bureaus Do Wardrobes, mnrble t?p Washstands Iron, French, Cottage and other Bed'te*ds, with handsome dama?k and l ice canopies Superior eurled Hair and husk Mattresses Bolsters and Pi'lows, Counterpanes, Blankets Psyche Glasses, two walnut cane seat Lounges Wall ut Crib and Bedding. Toilet Sets Window Curtains. Shades, Rugs. Oilcloth Superior Refrigerator. Hall and other Stoves Silver-plated Castors China, glass and crockery Ware Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Utensils. Terms : S-'KI and under cash; over that amount a credit of 60 and 90 davs, for note* satisfactorily endorsed, bearing Interest. JAS. C. McGUIRE, au 13?d Auctioneer. By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. t^XTEMSIVE SALE OF CARRIAGES, AJ i oachiuirtiers' nnd Blacksmiths' Tools, Lumber, Shop Fixtures. Arc., at Auction. On TUESDAY, the '21st instant, we shall sell, commencing at 10 o'clock a m., at the Coach Factory of Messrs Haslup and Weedin, at the corner of 9th and C stree s, immediately west of the Centre Market, Washington, all the stock in the establishment. viz: An assortment of Fainllv Carriage. Coaches, Buggies, ail well finished in the best style Several unfinished and second-hand Carriage* Buggies ^ ' Also, the stock of Lumber, which is well sea soned; such as Spokes, Hubs, Fellows, finished and unfinished Carriage and Buggy Wheels; hickory, ash and cberrv in the plank A large lot of Coach makers Tools, Benches and Vices A large lot of Tools in Blacksmith's shop, Bel lows. Anvils, Paints and Painting Apparatus A large lot of iron and Springs for Carriage* With many other articles which we deeTn un necessary to enumerate. The above mentioned stock will positively be sold to the highest bidder. Terms: Under $50 cash; over $50 a credit of 2, 4, and 6 months, for notes satisfactorily en dorsed, bearing interest GREEN A SCOTT, aa3 oods Auctioneers. MARSHALL'S SALE. N virtue of writ of Fiere Facias issued from the Clerk's offlce of the Circuit Court of the Dis trict of Columbia for the county of W ashington, and to bp directed I shall to public sale for cask, on MONDAY, the 27th of August next at the frect of the Court House door at ljo clock M , I be fallowing property, vij: AU that piece or parcel of ground lying and being in the city of Washington, and known on the plat ?>f said city as the west half of square No. 751, being lots No' 1 ? ? 12, 13, 14, and 15 in said square No. 753. together with all and sin Tilar the improvements thereon ; sHied and levied upon as the property of James Cnitchett. andnold to satisfy Judicial No. 58 to October term 1854, in favor of Charles N. Noell and Henry Deeoureey J D HOOVER, Marshal for the District of Columbia an2?d20t I By C..W BOTELER, Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE Real Estate on the island, Dwelling Houses and Building Lots.?By virtue of a deed of trust bearing date on the fourth day of August. ISM, and recorded in Liber J A. S.. No HI. folios 892, Ac., the subscri er will sell at public sale on THURSDAY, the 6th day of September, 185^, at 8 o'clock p. m on tne premises l^ots Nos 69. 70, 71, 72. 73, 71, 75, 76, 77. 78, 79 and 80. in Joel W Joaes'n subdivision o^ sqnare No 645, f-ontlnj eat h 25 feet on Van street, between 3d and 4% sis west and N and M streets south by 130 feet deep to a fifteen feet alley, with the b illdings and ira provements, whi? h const it of two weU-bulH and comfortable frame dwelling houses The above property is eligibly situated In a de sirable ard rapidlv imp;ovh?g part of the city, and will be sold efcber as a whole or in separate lots, may be desired, and offers a very favorable opportunity to persons desirous to obtain a resi dence or building lots, or i&vexing. The terms of sale will be one-third cash; and the balance in tf and 12 months, far notes bearing interest from day of sale, and secured bj deed or trust upon ihe property; asfflf not compiled with In six da; s after the sale, the property (the teiixa of which are not so compiled witnj will be res 1 upon one week's notice, at the risk aiul expense I Df the defkulting purchaser. 1 All conveyancing at expense of purcUaner* CHARLES S WALLACH. Trustee. I C. W. BOTELER. au la?eoAds Auctioneer. REPORTED FOR THE ivexfnoftf ak* 0 ? ' ? The America at Bwtoa. Bosrox, Au^uit 17?The america arrived here thu marcing. Her malli were diepatrb ed ?oath by the #arly train. On the ere of her departure from Liverpool,, it *u t*l??jrraf?h? 1 from Loo-Ion that the in-iilt from the fleet had arrived. Nothing import ant had transpired except the destruction of a fcv sir. all batteries at Kawka Loxdox, Friday craning?" A sudden rise ir the funds took plaoe at noon to-day , bat tbero va* a reaction afterwards, and the market closed at | above yesterday's quotations v The Govermment securities had risen lo i per ccnt. The Com crop of Portugal was abundant. The cholera had broken oat at Operto. South Carolina k X. State Council?Catho lic Test Aboliahed Cbarlkstok, S. C., Aug. i?.?The State Council of Know Nothing* met here on m -u day night. The Catholic test of mt-mbership was abolished, and any native admitted to the order who will renounce all civil and eccletia* tical allegiance to any foreign sovereign or po tentate. Tbe Council opposes any infringe ment on existing rights naturalized citiiet*. Ch arise ton Market* C>akle8t03t, Auguat 16 ?Cotton?sales f?*e the week 509 bales middling at 9.* ; fair 13j, nominaily Receipt# for the week 1,200 b^l*?. Stock on hand exclusive of shipboard 2 5o0 bales. Kjce?Receipts for the week 92(1 tierces, tbe bu'k of" which was sold at 6f-6j for ortf. nary to fair/ ino for got*d le prime ij. mack 014 hand 600 tiercel w^ent?Sa'es f ?r the week 16,000 bushels at ?1 h^atl 66?pr n-i p ?l?y at the former price. Flou." in bbl*. sold for s8as8 50; in bagssia4l Fre'ghta?Cot ton to Liverpool one farthing: wheat c***wiea 6u7c per bushel in sailing vessels, and 10 12; in steamen, flour in sailing vessels 25.v35c j>er bbl. Baltimore Markets Baltimom. Aug. 17 ?Flour is unchanged with srw.l! transactions; Howard street sola at, and City Mill* at f8 50. Wheat is unchanged ; sales of 20.000 bushel*?fair to prime reds fl.?>a$l 93, fair to prime whites 51 90a$l 97; cboics for family flour 51 96 i?2. o rn ha? advanced 1 to 2c.; sales of white at SfeiOOc.; yellow 93c Oat* dull, with small transactions at 45c. for Maryland. Rye un changed; no sales reported. few Terk Markets. New Yokk, August 17?stocks are dull -mm! lower- Mooey is unchanged. Sales of Vi* ginia 5's. 9s|. Flour is firm Sales 8.0<>q bbls. Southern s better; sales at $9a$9.50 per bbl Wheat is a trifle higher. Sales of 12 000 bustieU. Corn is a tnfle lower ; salos of 33 000 bushel* at !*0.t90i for mixed. Pork is a t ifle hit er. SmIos of mess at $19.S7a$20. Beet is firm *ud unchanged. Lard is still upward. Wuieky is firm. By GREEN a SCOTT. Auctioneer* Brildikig LOT at Aactlew.?On FRI DAY, 17th in*., at 6 o'elk we shall ?u. .n front at the premises. Lot No 27 }n Caix t *?u?> dl viotoa of Square no 6*25. bavins afro?. *u <r street north. betwten New Jersey avenue aau Capital street, running back 125 feet Terms. One third cash; balance In 0 ai.d !i months, for notes bearing interest from ihe <\bj of tbe sale S'Jn of tbe ca?h peyment to be paid donn * ben the property 1" sola. GREEN ac SCOT T, au 11?eod AacUoneen NATIONAL HOTEL, h0rf0lk, va B. H. WALTEKS. F'efrletor. HAVING |h>rc?&?ed the above *'11 known es tablishment 1 respectfully in*k?. m mv trs friends and the traveling public. tL'?t lb* house ha* been thoroughly reno ateo' andjb^ newly furnlwh**d tfcrongbout, and is now o *? n f?r the reception of fvman< nt and transient b ard ent I return my ?ineere thank* to mv friend* and the public generally for tbe literal patron;^* ? tended to m" lor tbe la>t twentv-iLiee vtar-, a r,d respectfully solicit a continuance of the same, a '? sunn^ tLein that rothing will tie left undone ur make them at HOME while sojourning at tbe ns tional. N k.?a fonr-ho-se stage Coach leaves the Na tional Hotel everv Tuesdav, Thursday, and Sat urday for Elizabeth City, n. c. au 10?lin B B. \f ALTERS BASKETS?Work, rani. Traveling, K??i?e Kev. Cigar, OtBce. Ma'krt and Clothes Bas kets If you want a pood banket, at a low price, call at 4dt) Seventh street. g FRANCIS, au 8? A t'ARD.-The subscriber inform* his friend* -* and the public that he is now able to attend to his bunhiess. He caa be found at bla old stalls. Centre Market, ready to wait on them a* be always has done heretofore The best of UEEF alwayson hand. JNO WAl.kkk. JyiS?tf Victualler Memoirsofthecountessof blks siiufton. bv R. R Madden. M R i A , two PR anck TAN LOU. GEORGE F. hid WELL * CO., naaLuas in ALL kdtd3 OF COALS ATTD WOOD, Fourteenth street, (ojytiu Fr**k lin esfis' House,) have now on hand every article In thHr line which will be aold at prtrei to suit the times the)- solicit a share of public patronage, pledging themselves to give satlsfec tlon to all N. b?a cargo of White and Red Ash Coal (aHoat) will be sold low If ordered from ike wharf. Jy 'jo?eolm* ( ire FOR HOT WEATHER. ARNY'S ICE CREAMS, CAKE, and WA TER ICES, for which he was awarded a Medal by the Metropolitan Mechanics' institute, is bigblv recommended for the above. WtLl be sent to any part of the District free of charge. Send your orders to 84 bridge St., Georgetown jv <t ?eotf F?r SALE*?The subscriber has for *ale a four horse Stoam Engine, in good working order, as he baa no farther uae for It. It will be sold a bargain if called for at an early date He also wi?he* to employ a boy in his shop as helper at the black and whitesmith business One who has been at the bosinemi would be preferred Apply on C street, between luth and 1 itn. Wash ington. C. BUCKINGHAM au 7?w3w THIS IS TO give NOTICE, That the sub scriber hath obtained from tbe Orphan's Court of Washington County, in tbe District of Columbia, letters of administration on tbe pemon al estate of Ann Morvan, late of* Washington county, deceased All person* having claim* against the said deceased, are hereby warned U> ^ rxhibi* tbe same, with the vouchers' thereof, to the ftiibscriber, on or before tbe twenty fourth day of J ulv next; they may otherwise by law be ex cluded from all benefit of the said estate Given under my hand this *J4th dav of July. 1855. NEAL MORGAN, Jy 25?lawOw Administrator. <? COURT OF CLAIMS. THE undersigned will attend to any business which may be confided to him as a romiuU xioner appointed by the Conrt of Claims to take testimouy. or as an attorney and counc ilor of ?*id court. He may be found daily at tbe Capitol, in tbe room immediately opposite the otfice of the clerk of the Court of Claims au ft?Aiw3w JOHN S. TYSON. HOT ICE. PROPOSALS will be s*.eived until the 47th inst , for furnishing the Treasury department with one h'<ndred cords at Hickory and one hun dred and fifty cords of Osk WOOD, orsny por tion thereof not less than 25 cords. Thr wood to i be if the best quality, and to he delivered, corded and measured oa the premia.s without expense ti th Department. And. also, for from 150 to >( of be?t Cumberland COAL, all lumps s M McKEAN, r i Superlntend?t s E. Ex. Building., t su in?eot27 ' mH. ice! * JUST received, per Schooner Kate Hdtaa two hundred and fifty ton* first quality bostuatca^ r L. j. MIDDL.ETON,. mm Oflce and Depot corner F and 19t> h|. , 7 _LZJ's dknt1it1t. V. SHINN, Graduaiaef the F) Collage of Dental Soxwery. respect rally Ulanos the ssaidants of own and Its vicinity that he hwkx? sd himself amongst them fer the pnrpi, jwrgete wa,?. c. .H.t ? )? " A||T|?Ik( Dkc