Newspaper of Evening Star, August 20, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 20, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. A Railroad Travblrr?A Slight Mis *axi '?In Saturday's Star we brief j alluded to the contraction of a railway in order to facilitate the removal of the maili at the city poet office to and from the wagon*; this piece of' internal improvement" being necessaiy in consequence of the building operations in that imuedate vicinity ; and we are now en* a bled to relate an amusing occurrence in con* section with the enterprise : On Friday a stranirer happening to be loco tnoting in that neighborhood, perceived a oar ?merging from the rear of the oity post office building, and the idea at once occurred to kim that it was the railroad depot; so he asked a person standing by where he should put his baggage?which consisted of a plethoric carpet-bag. "Just throw it into the wagon," replied the person addressed, " and it will be taken oare of." The traveller acted accord ingly, and smiled, apparently delighted to rid himself of his burden. Having ascertained at what time the train was to start, he hastened up the steps leading to the oi.y postmaster's Irivate room, and there finding water, soap as in and a towel, refreshed himself by re moving from his face and hands the dust of travel, no doubt conceiving himself fortunate in finding that the " depot" waa so well pro vided with such nicely arranged cleansing materials. Having combed his hair and wbi'kera, he sat down to read the papers. He had not been long thus engaged before he was interrupted, not oy the bell-ring, nor by the screech of the steam-whistle, bat by the voioe of the messenger, who politely informed him that he was in the " wrong box ;" or, in other words, in Colonel Berret's room. The stran ger regarded this as an impertinent interfer ence?not for a moment doubting his own mis take?and. somewhat tartly, told the messenger that he did not care a button, or rather some thing intangible, commencing with a d and ending with an?.' He said ho had as much right there as any other passenger." "Passenger!" exclaimed tne messenger, "what do you mean, sir ?" ?'Mean," replied the traveller, "why that I've put my baggage aboard, for Baltimore, and that I'm waiting for the office to be opened that I may buy my tioket. I'll wait till the agent oomes.'' A smile might now be seen on the face of the messenger, as he said, "You've made a mistake, sir. Thit is not tne depot." "None of your nonsense; d^n't I see the railroad, and wasn't I told by one of the con ductors to put my baggage in the oar, and that it would be taken oare of ?" sa d the traveller aeriously. "You can't impose pon me in that way." And on his part the d alogue was, of oourse, conducted in a strain of seriousness strongly contrasting with the manner ef the amused messenger. Finally, be was convinced of his mistake ; axd exclaiming, " I thought this was the 4epot!" darted from the office, and seising his carpet-bag, at a rapid gait took the direc tion to the railroad station '. Rf.liep for the Yellow Fevkr ScrrBR xrs.?According to our information, the col lection taken up yesterday in St. Patrick's (Catholic) churcn of this city amounted to two hundred and fifty dollars. This sum, so liber ally contributed upon a single day's notice, will be forwarded to-day to the Mayor of Nor folk. The laborer! and others employed on the extension of the Post Office building have sub scribed and paid over the handsome sum ol % 128, in aid of the sufferers at Norfolk and Portsmouth. A correspondent has sent to us the following Tot publication: To the Editor of the Star: Sir : The three collections to be taken up next Sunday in St. Matthew's church, on H street, will be contributed for the sufferers in Norfolk and Portsmouth. The good work thus commenced should keep on, for who knows but our own fair city may become the sport of the pestilence, and our sister cities will then come forward and do for us as we have done for those now afflicted. *** The Cahp-Meetisg, now in progress in Montgomery coun'y. Md , is largely attended; there being nearly two hundred tents on the ground. The location is pleasant, and a plen tiful supply of good water is of easy procure ment. On Sunday, thousands of persons were pres ent; the majority of them for that day only. Crowds flocked thither from the surrounding country, both on horseback and in every de scription of vehicle. Washington and George town were fairly represented; fast, as well as ?low. teams having been called in requisition for traveling purpose*. In addition to the arrangements of the white people, the colored, at the proper re move, nave driven their stakes and erected teuts, and have religious meetings to them selves. Their proceedings, yesterday, attract ed many pale face spectators. Thero were no disturbances on the ground; everything passing off peaceably. On Sunday, the Rev. Messrs Phelps, Lana ban, and Brooke preached to the multitude. To quote the words of a minister, they are all having " a good time.'' The Ah erica* Riplemex will give a grand excursion to Piney Point on Thursday next, having engaged the splendid steamer Balti more for that purpose. The particulars are duly set forth in the advertisement, which will be found in our columns, from which, it appears, this corps has made every arrange ment calculated to promote the happiness oi those who may accompany them to that de lightful watering place. But, apart from this, those citisen soldiers, animated by a feeling of philanthropy, propose to appropriate the proceeds of tne excursion to the relief of the sufferers by the yellow fever in our sister cities of Virginia. It is unnecessary for us to say susything in commendation of this design. The mero announcement speaks eloquently in its behalf; and the hope is that it will meet with a generous response from the public. Sabbath Dat Emplotnbkt.?There appear to be gongs of towdies, white and black, in this city, at the present time, who can find no pleasure in a quiet, moral observance of the Sabbath. They lock for pleasure only in in temperance, profanity, riot, and a general disturbance of the peace. Yetterday our po lice officers came upon a gang of white men who were thus engaged, in the morning. The leader* were arrested and taken to the guard house. where they were disposed of as the law directs. In the afternoon a number of the colored class were trapped in a hou^e on the Avenue, and csged in the guard-house. They were also disposed of by the police according to law. At night a young man was arrested on the Avenue, by officers Wise and Siinonds, for using very profane and indecent language. He was taken to the guard-house and fined. Al though the appearance of the offender and his friends would induce one to believe he could easily stake the fund?- it required several to rake the depths of their pockets to get him out of trouble. ?? The Mcrdbb i* Pbihcb Geobgb's Coustt The olothes in the hand* of Coroner Lee have been eramined by Messrs. S. C. Hall and J. W. Huston, of Kalamaioo, Michigan, now clerks in the employ of government, and could not be identified as having belonged to Mr Samuel N. Gaunt. They are well acquainted with Mr. Gaunt, aud saw him in June last, and are of opinion he was a larger man, and that his hat was of fur, instead of felt. He was no doubt m that neighborhood about the middle of June, but oould not, in the opinion of these gentlemen, have been the man mur dertd. ? A Dive.?Last night, as two nolice officers were neaping through tne Second Ward, they noticed a sujpteiouj looking person standing near a store not far from 14tn street. As soon as he saw the officers advancing be began a sudden retreat, but in his hurry to be off, he made a mis-step and fell into a cellar, about ten feet deep, situatvd near by. The officers took him to the guard house, where he wes recognised and let go after a leoture from the eaptain Of eouree he was " tight." IhSTRMT Armor v.?We learn that arepara* tons are in progress for commencing the eree won of the Armory, authorized by a law of the late Corgreas; and that proposals with thst view will probably be issued to morrow. Accident ?Yesterday evening, about half past five o'clock, while a party wm returning to this city from tbe Montgomery county camp meeting, the coach upeet, the wheels having beoome locked while the driver was endeavor ing, by a short turn, to avoid coming in con tact with a team in the road. There were four persons in the vehicle, and six on top, in cluding the two colored drivers They were all thrown to the ground, and more or less in jured ; Mr. Horatio Browning sustaining the breakage of three ribs. Mr. John W. Boteler, having the presence of mind while the coach was overturning, leaped beyond the remainder of his companions ; and* although, strained a little by the feat, avoided being bruised by the coach ; a misfortune that befe! bis friends. The accident happened about a mile and a half from the campground. The name of the passengers are : Wm Bryan, Faulkner, Mc Cann, {head slightly cut,) W. Waugh, Horatio Browning, Frank Spencer, John W. Boteler, and McLeod. Fifth District.?The police of this district disposed of the following cases: John Malony, malicious mischief, security for peace; Charles McDaniel, drunk, workhouse thirty days; Ju lia Adams, common prostitute, security and costs; Virginia Berry, threats of violence, do.; Joseph Holbrook, do., do.; Joseph Berkely, profanity, workouse sixty days. United States Cases.?Terrcnue Flanni 8an and James Reardon were taken before aptain Birch yesterday, and accused of con duct unbecoming in persons residing so near the ohuroh. Fighting in Church alley is con trary to law; and the parties were ordered to give security for peace. Cajikia&e Sale.?To-morrow morning, com mencing at 10 o'clock, there will be quite an extensive sale, by Messrs. Green A Sjott, o* carriages, it being the large establishment cf Hazlup A Wecden which is to be sold out. Those in the manufacture of carriages wou.d do well to attend, a9 no doubt, from the abund ance of material offered, some of it will be sold low. Military Visit Expected.?We learn from various members of the District Regiment ol Volunteers, that the 53d Regiment of Mary land is expected to arrive in this city on the 12th of September next. It is said the inten tion of the Regiment is to visit Mount Vernon on that day. The Franklin Fire Compact's Excursion for the benefit of the sufferers by the yellon fever in the infected cities of Virginia, will take place on Wednesday, and not on Thurs day, as stated in our recent special notice. Th? objeet of those gallant greinin is gencrally oommende<j- ?? The President's Mounted Guard has made arrangements to visit Baltimore on the 12th ot September. They leave this city on the 11th. taking with them Prosperi's baud. Doubtles they will be well received by the volunteers ol the monumental city. A Generous Contribution.?The clerks in the Geueral Land Office have contributed 25 toward the relief of the Portsmouth. Gosport, and Norfolk sufferers. Watch Returns?Ed Lodge, unlawful Sathering, fine and costs; Edward Bowie, do., o.; Henry Cole, do., do.; Charles Butler, do., workhouse; Frenoh Simpson, keeping a disorderly house, jail; Fox Snorter, unlawful gathering, fine and costs; James E. Moore, drunk and profanity, fino and costs ; Charle. Brown, ool., firing a pistol in the street, ten lashes. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, Aug. 21,1855. The noble work of relieving the plague stricken goes bravely on. The liberal amount* contributed at the town meeting, on Friday night, have been considerably augmented by contributions from citizens. Yesterday, the churches donated their collections lo the re lief fund, and, this morning, the committee ol collection are busy with their good work. An affray, which threatens to prove fatal, took place near Hunting Creek, yesterday, about noon. At a shooting match, two youn,.' men, named Jefferson and Breen. were en gaged. Disputing the fairness of the shot Jefferson refused to surrender the stake whic bad been won; whereupon words aud blow passed between the parties, whioh were ended by Jefferson inflicting upon Breen several se vere flesh wounds in the nip and buttock, and a serious stab in the abdomen. The woundeo man was removed immediately to his father'? residence, where surgical assistance wa. promptly rendered. Officer Cbipley arrested Jefferson, and. after a cursory examination, he was committed to jail for a further hearing this morning. The paragraph in the Washington letter to the Sun of Saturday, which state* that " the Hydraulion has not been out for a few days for want of hos%," is an error. The Hydraulion has a good supply of hose and all else ueces sary for the extinguishment of fires; but the want of a place of meeting and decent accom modations for their really beautiful suction has so distitartened the members of the corps, that after exhausting every effort to induco the city authorities to extend to them the aid given to three (out of the four) othcrcompanies, it is now impossible to keep up an active organisation ; and it is be regretted that those having con trol have not paid more Attention to this mat ter. Ami. PERSONAL. ....8. 8. Cox, Esq., formerly editor of the Ohio Statesman while ob his journey to Lima, Peru, to enter upon hisdutits there, as secre tary to the Amerioan legation, was stricken down with the fever on the isthmus, aud, by advice of his medical attendant, has returned to this country. He is now under treatment at Elmyra, New York, and hsis, we learn, rt? signed his office. ....Hon John Perkins, jr., and Hon. C. M. Conrad, La., and Townsend Harris, Esq., Con sul General to Japan, are at Willard's; and Hon. Jas. C. Jones of Tennessee, is at Brown's Hotel. ....The majority for Winston, the Demo cratic candidate for Governor of Alabama, is about 11,000. ....The Hon-Stephen A. Douglas, United States Senator from Illinois, passed through Freehold a few days since, en route for Long Branch. ....Solon Borland, Editor of the Arkansas State Gazette. is seriously ill, though thought to be recovering. ....Dona Isabella Alvareslo, an inhabitant of the hamlet of Andalusio, in the Campagna district, died on Sunday, the 14th July, at the advanced age of 129 years. ....LeBaron Winespeare, Charge d'Affaires of the King of Naples at Washington, was at Montreal on the 15th inst, en rout$ for Que bec. ....Capt. yr. E. Starke, U. S. Marine Corps, died in Norfolk, on Saturday, of appoplexy. ....Among the arrivals in New York on Saturday are Hon. Robert McLane, of Md., Judge Meeker. Minnessota; Col. John L. Cham bers, of Ga., Col. Samuel Colt, Hartford; Dr. llitfhcock, Cal.; E. Stoekel. Russian Legation; W. Bodisco, do,, J. Minor Botts, Va. ....President Pierce arrived at Staunton, Va., on Thursday night, and was received by a committee of citizens, headed by the Mayor. ....The New York Tribune learns that Mr. Fillmore is having the most brilliant success in English sooiety. His fine personal appear ance and graceful and dignified manners con tribute quite as much to this as his politioal distinction. Queen Victoria is alleged to have said that he is the politest Amerioan she ever saw. All manner of dukes and earls are in viting him to tbeir country seats. His is ac companied, as private secretary, hy Henry E. Davies, Esq , formerly counsel to the corpora tion of New York. .... The Secretary of the Navy returned to Washington, or Saturday, in improved health. .... The Louisville Journal eontradiots the reported death of Rebinsen, at Helen JeweU notoriety. .... Baron Solomon de Rothschild is dead. .... Robert C. Winthrop and Wm. E. Eu? tis decline to tike part in the Boston fliion movement. ID* A Letter.?(Not to fce read by Ladies.) iMOBB. August IP. Dbab Sir?It it vrbrking marvels here. Old men that have been *> years afflicted find relit f, and actually shout for toy and gratitude. Little children that have suffered for months have been cured in four or five days. One old gentleman says he '? feels twenty years younger." Another, that five drops relieved him in half an hour. A music engraver has been cured that Was glveti "P by four Doctor*. Two partial paralysis entirely restored, and ever so many Rheumatic cures, Sprains, and Bums, of wtiicn It Is impossible to keep an account. A large Ovarian Tumor, (an aggravated case,) all dissolved and rured In three weeks?and an Inveterate chronic Piles cured after constantly usli g the " Electric Oil" four weeks; although the gen'leman could not have been cured hid he abandoned It after a few trials and temporary relief?he pemeveed in its use. Mr. Hance, who is'the leading dealer here In medicine, a min of fortune and businesscapacity, says he never sold any thing to compare with it, (and su'elv he has sold some,) and ne thinks it will entirely supersede all the abominable stuff sold as external aprl'cations, (made of turpen tine, b luminous oils, fee ) One man says for tfn vearshehas tr'ed every thing that cme alone for his case, but never touched the disease till he used w De Gruh't Electric Oil" from Phil del^h'.a. and he would ijlve $20 for a bottle if it could not be had far less. Send on 900 dozen small. 100 dozen medium, and 150 large site immediately for Mr. Hance alone. Yours. Ac., O.S, To Prof Db Grath, Philadelphia. In Washington, a gentlema-i at Brown's Hotel (please call and see,) says bis wife was cured In one day of a very painful and swollen ankle. A man on the Island is getting stronger from pa ralysis, and has spent beforehundreds of dollars to no purpose A gentleman told'Wallace Elli ott, E*q., Druggist, that this Electric Oil cured his lame leg inadav or two. And several well known citizens have derived so much benefit from It as to praise it beyond any application known Hundreds have been cu'ed of corns and little pains too small to make a note of it; but enough ^an be told to convince any man however scep tical. The " Electric Oil " is very cheap in the large bottles Be sure yon get the genuine, with Prof DeGrath's name blown in the bottle and written signature on the label No (genuine) "Electric hi" 10 be hid of pedlars anywh'.re in the United States ; therefore beware of imposition Sola by Messrs. STOTT A CO , and by CIS SELL, Georgetown, and others au 19 ID" Strengthen the Stomach.?The grand desideratum of promoting health at this season of the year is to relieve the stomach of all impurities, ?o Invigorate, to arouse the liver from torpidity, and to expel from the bowels all unhealthy secre ''ons. This should be done by some gentle med icine that, in Its action, will not debilitate thesys tem, Impair Uie nerves, or becloud the natural spirits, for which purpose we know of no remedy ever yet invented tnat can begin to approach in ef ficacy the celebrated PXEMIUlf BITTERS, manufactured from purely vegetable substances, by Elijah Baker, of Richmond city, and sold throughout the country by apothecaries generally These Bitters are peculiar to the summer and fall diseases ofaSoutnern climate, and, when taken according to directions, are a sure cure for Dyspep sia, DiarmtBa, Dysentery, Cramp, Chollc, Cholera Morbus. Ague aud Fever, Sour btomach, Nervou? Headache, and almost every other affection aris ing from impurity of the blood or disordered stom I acn. To those who have not vet tested the supe.ri orlty of Baker's Premium Bitters, as a famli. medicine, over all others known to the civilized I world, we say lose no time in doing so, as the I will afford almost instant relief. Try them by all I means. Price 50 cents per bottle. I To be had of CHAS. STOTT A CO., Wash ington, D. C.;CANBY A HATCH, and SETH I S/HANCE, Baltimore; and by Druggists every - I where. ??3t Ayer's Cathartic Pill*.?Pills tknt are I Pills!?Pro*. Hates, State Chemist of Massa I chasetts, says they are the best of all Pills, and an I nexed are the persons who certify that Dr. Haye I knows, viz: I Lbmcxl Shaw, Chief Justice of theSupremt I Court of Mass. I Exort Washbubh, Governor of Mass. W. C. Pluwkktt, Lieut. Gov. Mass. Edward Evbrbtt, Ex-Sec. of Stateand Sena I tor U. 8. Robert C. Wihthro?, Ex-Speaker House of I Reps., U. S. A. Abbott Lawrbkcb, Minister Plenipo. to Great I Britain. t Johh B. Fitzpathick, Catholic Bishop of I Boston. MBS THAT ARK MB!* ! I Among the diseases this Pill has cured with as I tonishing rapidity, we may mention Costlveness. Bilious Complaints Rheumatism. I Dropsy, Heartburn. Headactn* aris'ng from afoul I Stomach, Nausea, Indigestion, Morbid ina^tiui I i'f the Bowels and pain arising therefrom, Flat' I lency, Loss of Appetite, all Ulcerous and Cutan? I ous Diseases, which require anevac iant medicine I Scrofula or Kind's Evil. They also by purifyin, I the blood and stim'ilating the system, cure mam I complaints which it would not be supposed they I > iid reach ; such as Deafness. Partial Blindness I Neuralgia and Nervous Irritability, Derangemon< I oftheLlver and Kidneys, Gout, and other kln I dred complaints arising from a low state of the I i?ody or oostr.ictlons of its functions. They are I the best Purgatlv? Medicine ever discovered, and I you will but need to use them once to know It. I Prepared by DP.. J. C. AYER, Lowell, Mass.. I and sold by every respectably druggist. I Sold by Z. D. OILMAN, Washington, O M. UNTHICUM, Georgetown; JAMES COOK A I CO., Fredericksburg. fe 17?2m (IT Letter fr?H 'iftn. John Miner Botts. ?f Virginia. Richmond, July ?, 1855 I Messrs Wftt. 8. Beers A Co : Gents?Consider I tMens of duty ?o the afflicted alone prompt ine to I -end you this voluntary testimonial to tne great I value of "Carter's Spanish Mixture," for that I ilmOet Incurable disease, Scrofula I Without being disposed or deeming It necessary I to go Into the particulars of the case, I can say I :hat the astonishing results that have been pro I duced by the use or that medicine on a member I of my own family, and under my own observation I and superintendence, after the skill of the best I physicians had been exhausted and all the usual I remedies had failed, fully justify me In recom I mending Its use to all who may be suffering from I that dreadful malady. I I do not mean to say that It is adapted to all I constitutions, or that It will afford the same relief I in all cases; for, of course, I can know nothing I about that?but of what I have seen of the effects, I I would not hesitate to use it, In any and every I case of Scrofula, with persons for whom 1 felt an I interest, or over whom I could exercise influence I or control. Respuctfully, yours, J .to. M. Botts. I HIT To Nervous Sufferers.?\ retired Cler I ;vman, restored to health in a few days, after I many years of great nervous suffering, is anxious L to make known the means of cure. Will send I (free) the prescriptions used. Direct Rev. JOHN I ?. DAG.VALL, 59 Fulton street, Brooklyn,N.Y. | au 17? lm tCTA Remarkable Remedy?For all pains, esti, burns, wounds, sprains. Al*o, Rheuma tism, Neuralgia, Headache, Corns, Tooth-arhe, Womb Complaints, bites of Insects, sores of anv kind whatever, use Prof Dt<>rath'a ELKCTRIC OIL, from 30 South Eighth street, Philadelphia. This article is pleasant and r.ootblng SToTT A CO., Agents. C1SSELL, George town. au 16?3t Premiums at the Fairs?Whitshurst's in the ascendant.?The juries of each of the iate fhirs at Baltimore, Richmond, and New York, awarded their hlghtest premiums to J. H. W. for Uielr superiority of Photographs, Stereoscopes and Daguereotypes exhibited. Mr. W. also received two medals at the World's Fair, London, and a premium at Crystal Palaoe, New York. ' Also, the first awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past. Whitehurst's Gallery In this city is on Pa. ave nue, betweeen Four-and-a-half and Sixth streets, feb 17 fly Dr. Heeflaud's Celebrated German Bitten.?Weak, nervous, depressed In spirits, and a prey to innumerable mental, as well as phy sical evils, the victim to dyspepsia, Is Indeed an object of commisseration. Yet it is absurd for him to despair. We care not how weak, low. nervous, ana Irritable he may be, the cordial prop erties of HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia, are stronger than the many-headed monster, which is preying upon his body and mind; and if he chooses to try them, we will Insure a speedy cure. See advertisement. Je 7?3m U7*The Marble Hall Clothing Emporium Browns' Hotel Building, offer unusual induce ments to purchasers of Ready-made Clothlugfor Gentlemen and Boys' wear In order to present our customers with a stock of Goods not to be 3uailed for the coming seasons, our present stock Coats, Vests and Pantaloons will be sold at pri ces that cannot tall to please. Cashmerett, Drap De Eta, Cassimeres, Alpaca, Drillings, Linens, M arsellles, Ac ., of superior cut and workmanship, au ? NOAH WALKER A CO. DIED. Oa the l?th instant. JAMES GALES, young est son of Francis J. and Sarah Jane Gibson, aged 11 months. LAND WARRANTS LOCATED. npHF, subscribers will locate Land Warrants J. either in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois or Iowa, and and give a oorreot description of the land located. If, upon examination, this description proves la eorreot, they will themselves take the land, giving for it another warrant for the same quantity. One of the firm resides in the West, and will give the business his personal superintendence. MILLER A BROWN, 7th st., opposite Poet Office, Washington Jy LJ?eo3m WJ WANTS. WANfEti.?fWO OR THREE YOUtfO * v Men, with good recommends? An, i?r of m business by which *2 or S3 per dav f?n be realized. Call at 160 Bridge st., Georgetown. au 20?It* WANTED?T O 8 E L L , ON L'BERAL | terms, eight or ten neat and nearly new j Frame Houses on ibfe Iflan<l. K^wlre of J ROBINSON, au SO?eo2w Jeweler, 319 Pa avenu4. WANTED?TWO FIRST CLASS HOUSE ' Cart*ente?*. None but (rood workmen need aoplv to GEO W. APFlE9Y4 U street, betw. 6th and 7th sts *'? tS?1?* i

WOOD ^UTTERS WANTED -TWO OR three Wood Cutter* can obtain employment by applying immediately to H KIMBRKI EV, Barley's X (touds, on the Columbian Pike, six miles south of the city. _ ?? SO?tf j ANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG man either In a Grocery or Hardware Store. Address "A G," through Post Office au 20?It* WANTED-A SITUATION BY A YOUNG but competent man. a* Clerk or R<H>k-k*ep er, or In anv employment where be can make him self irenerallv useful Good references given Address "J W F," at the Star office au IS?tf WANTED-A BOY TO >-ET TYPE IN A Country Office, near Washington To one who understand* th* business liberal wages and constant employment will be given. au IS?eo6t WANTE D?a GOOD WASHER AND ironer. that can br^nir irood recoinmenda tions Also. a Cook, and a female to work in the houi?e. Apply at Mrs Botes's boarding hou-e, on the southwest corner of Pa avenue and 9th st. Au 15?tf . WANTED?A SMALL, RESPECTABLE, convenient House, in a good neighborhood, "ither In Georgetown or Washington The ten-' ant will be punctual and proi>ablv permanent, and will take possession in Octolwr. Also, a respectable middle aged woman as housekeeper and seamstress; services required im mediately Address '4 L," at this office, jy 23?iawtf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that they can get a lot 24 f?*et front bv 130 feet deep, for the low price of *75? payable ?3a moi:th without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. ap26?6m JOHN FOX, Sec BOARDING. A LADY HAVING TAKEN THE PLEA9 ? ant and newly repaired dwelling on Tenth street No. 468, be'ween D and E, will b * pleased to receive one family, or several iren'lemen, oit 'erms the most reasonable. The rooms aielTge ind handson ely furnished, and a larire yard at 'lchedto the house for the exercise of children, ileing near the avenue, it is most convenient for !.able and transient boa'ders. Also, a vouth 14 years of age, intel igent. active igd moral, wan's a situation where he can have onstant employment. *u 20?Iw* Boarding.?permanent and Table boarders can be accommodated at No 421 Eleventh street, we t sid" betweeu G and H *t* vocation pleasant and healthy, with well furnished find desirable rooms. au 20?2w Boarding ?mrs. duvall,no.33i Penn svlvania avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel, has .everai large and desirable rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, which she will rent ?vith board at moderate prices. She can also ac commodate six or eight table boarders. Jy 30?tf Boarding ?mrs. m. c. greer, No seo Pennsylvania avenue, near the Capitol, has -everal large and desirable rooms, suitable for families or single ger.tlemen, which she will rent with or without board, at moderate prices. Also, ransient boarders can be accommodated with board by the day or meal Her table is at all time supplied with the best the market aan atford. au 8?eo2w ? (Bait iiun) Board, Ac ?mrs. bates,on the s. w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street is prepared toaccomfnodate gentlemen with rooms .vith or without board. Every effort will be mad* to render those comfortable who may favor he with their patronage. ap 6?tf FOR SALE AND RENT. to KENT?IN ONE OF THE KEPT L.O cations in fue citv. a new and convenient iwelling house, with gas, water, Ac. Apply at So 3571 street, between 13th ana 14th. au 20?3t* F*OR RENT?A SPACIOUS PARI.OR,witb Marble Mantel, a d se\eral Chambers, in a healthy and delect ib!e location, within a few minutes' walk of the Departments and convenient to the Spring Gardens For ierm? enquire at t' e grocery store of P.\TRICK O'CALLIGAN, cor ner of K st and Conn avenue. au !5?eo3t* \ VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE?THE subscriber, being advanced in years and dis posed to retire from active bivlne s. will sell th* farm on which he resides, in the lower edge of Fairfax county. Va , nine miles from Washing ton, and eight from Alexandria It s situated a mile from the Alexandria and ? eesbur i urnpike, and the same distance below the Falls' 'hurch. It contain* 7' ac-c? of land in a line tate of cultivation, with excell?nt orchards, it has a good six room colta^e hoise on it, in a sha dy locust grove, a splendid garden, a new. co - venient, and commodious barn; and is exceeding ly well watered, f- orty acres adjoining, now well set in clover may be had with ft This chance affords the beet opportunity fo on?? desiring a farm in the vicinity of the District now to be had For information apply to W. D. Walla, h, at the Star Office, who knows the farm well, or to the subscriber, on the pre.uls s. au 18?2t* DABNEY BALL, Sr. For rent?the large andcommo dious House. No. 400 Penns\lvania avenue, near the National Hotel. Enquire at the Clothing Store on the premises, of A. sELDNER. au 17?fit* PRIVATE SALE .?SEVERAL FRAME l House*, suitable far large or small families, containing from 4 to 10 robins each, on square south of J^quare 5t6, between 4th and 5 th streets, and fronting Massachusetts avenue and I street Terms made easy. Enquire on said square at No 504. au 4?eotf For sale?a very VALUABLE FARM, well fenced and well watered, and in a nigh state of cultivation, situated in Prince George co , running down to th- Montgomery county line, 7 or 8 miles north of Washington and IK miles ^ast of 7th street, on the Rock Creek Church Koad The improvements consist of a goo 1 f irm house a Swiss barn, with stables attached, and all other necessary improvements. It contains 96^ acres, 75 of which are under cultivation, the remainder in heavy oak timber A portion of the farm is well adapted for a market gardt n. For further information apply to ROBERT EARL, Livery Stables, H sUeet, near 21st st. au 13?eofit _ For rent or sale?a new three story brick Honse in complete order, on 8th street, near N, Northern Liberties Enquire of W.J. McCOLLUM, 8th and K streets. Northern Liberties. au 13?eotf F F?J OR RENT?THE THREE STORY STORE _ and Dwelling, No. 06 Bridge street, George town, so long occupied as Emmert's Confection ery . Apply to ARN Y, next door. my 2S?lawtf >R RENT?FOUR NEW AND CONVE nlent Brick Houses, brown mastick fronts, containing parlors with marble mantels, dining room, kitchen, servant's room, and live chamliers each, and situated on Thirteenth street, Island, near the public grounds, convenient to Pennsylva nia avenueand tne Departments. Rent very mod erate. Apply at R . H. Clarke's office, corner of Sixth street and Louisiana avenue, or at D. B. Clarke's Drug Store, Eleventh street, Island, mar 6?wtf For s a l E?improved AND UNIM proved Real Estate.?JENNINGS PIGOTT Atterney at Law and Agent for Real Estate, has several small Houses and Lots: and a number of unimproved building Lots in different portions of the city, which he will sell at moderate prices and on accommodating terms Persons wishing to sell or buy may do well to give him a call He will take charge of Real Estate, attend to leasing, renting, Ac., Investigate titles, and at tend particularly to conveyancing Office 516 Wuhlngton Library, on Uth street, between C and D. au 16?3w Rooms for rent?a parlor and several very pleasant furnished Chambers for rent, in a new brick house. Also, a small frame House for rent or for sale. Titleaood. Apply to E. K. LUNDY-, au 8 No. 46 Louisiana avenue. F OR SALE?TWO HUNDRED LOTS. Prioe 979 each. Two year*' credit, or 10 par cent, discount for oash. Apply at the Union Land Office, 7th street.above Odd Fellows' HOI. jy 88?-3m hO T 8 FOR SAL B.?TWO OR THREE good Building Lots In a rapidly improving eighborhood for sale on tin finrs1 credit. Apply to J H DRURY. Jy fl?tf o B AUCTION SAI^ES. By WALL, BARNiAMB ft CO . Auctioneers ,W TUESDAY MORNIN?w A?|Wt 9>tt, a( 9 o'clock, we will aril, Id trdU tf owr Auc ?twr 1 new Boggy Wagon, no lop. mtd? to order 1 slide top B.^py m?vm, for X or 4 persons, la good ^rtJrr 1 fwond hand Cam-all and RartKtw Also. a enod assortment of Furn^ur*? Bureaus, Wardrobe. Feather Beds and meav other articles which will t>e without re *rt? WALL, BARNARD A Cf. ?n *>?It Auctioneer*. ?y WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneer* OS WFBNK-DAY HORNING, atll* o'clk we will Mil, at the ronfeetjnnei v on ?th ?? . i.ext to the corner of I), the entire stock In. Store, consisting of all different kftvds < f Cjtid es usual!) kept 'n in . stabllshment of !*<? kind Also, Gl?? Jars. Counter Boxes, and large Se git Show Case Term-, ca?b WALL, BARNARD ft CO.. au 20?St . Auctioneers TRUSTEE'* S%LE Of A OENIR 4BLK A f.ot.?On WK^NKSD \V evening next, fbe 2ijd instant, at 6# o'clock, I sball sr!l iff *1rt >e oi a deed cf tn?st duly reco ded in front of Ih* jr mise*. Lot No 26. In sulidivision of square south cf Square 915. fronting 4?? f-et on Man lard av<'n e, running back on the Tin* of 9 h st w? f?#t Inches. Ti rn.s at s*,'e au b?3i? J NO J DYER, Trastee. By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneer. CILOIM LOTS AT AUCTION ON 3d ? street wr?l ketween "*1 and * it>. Sumh. On MONDA V, the 2Jth 1 i*'*nt, w* shall sell, in front of the (demises, at 6 o'cl ck n m.,Lots No 14, 15, 16 and 17, in aqua e5%. fronting 3t> ft. ea h on 3d street, between M and N streets south Terms: One-half cash , the balance to ft and 1* months for notes bearing interest f.ora the day of the sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken GREEN A 9Ci?%T< au 15?d A'?ctldfc??w By JAS. C McGUIRE. Au tlow*r. SMALL FRAME HO* Sli AND LOT ON Third at at I'ublic Ao ilon -dn WED NESDAY aiterno n. August 2.', at 0% o'ciock. on the premises, I shall sell parts of <>t<Pso 1 ani 18 in square No 5*9, fronting IP feet on 31 street west. i>etwe**n G and H streets north, run ninj; back fcl feet 9 inche? with 'he Improvement, Consisting of a frame dwelling houM. Title in >lsputa> le Terms: one-third cash ; the residue In? and 2 rronths, with interest, secured by a deed of truM on the premises JAS. G. MeQtlRE, au i??d Auctioneer ByC.W BOTELER. Auctioneer. TRUSTLE'S SALK ?F VALUABLE Real Estate en the slant!. Duelling Menses and Buildiag Lots ?By virtue of a deed of trust Itearing date on the fourth div of August. !*H. and recorded In Liber J A 8.. No &4. folios 39.i <tc.? the subscri er will sell at public sale, on THbRSDA* , tbe6tb day of Sep'ember. 1855, a* <1 o'clock p. m , on tue premises, l.ots Nos 69. 7tl 71, 72, 73, 7I, 75, 70, 77. 79 and WJ, in Joel W Jones's subaivisloa of aqua e No 54 j, fronting each 25 feet on Van street, be* .veen 3i a .id I# s*a west atid N and M streets south by 1% fee deep to a tiftren fee aliey, with the buildings and im pmvements. which consist of two weU-buili and comfortable frame dwelling houses. Th ? above propertv is eligibly situated in a de sirable and rrpidly impioving ^rt of thecitv, and will be sold either as a whole or in separate lots, as may be desired, and offers a very favorable opportunity lo persons desirous to obtain a resi dence or building lots, or investing. The terms of sale will be one-third cash; and the balance in C and 2 months. f.#r notes bearing interest from day of sale. a< d secured by aeed of trust upon the pro pert* ; and >f not cotnt-lied with in six aa< a after the i-ale. the proper>v (the terms of which are not so complied wi h) will be resold uoon oae we-k's notice, at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser. All coavew.nol.ig at expanse of punbasers. CHARLES S. WALLACH, Trustee. C. W. BOTELkR, auiS?eoAds Auctioneer. Bv J AS. C McGUIRE, Auctioneer ALUABLE TRAt T OF LAND NEAR Beltaville Ht Public sal"?On THURS DAY, August 23d, at \% o'elo k p ?n . st the Auction ooms, I shall sell a tract of land near Beltsv lie. containing one hundred a'res This place is adjoining the farms of Messrs. Ma low. M?per and Parker. Sevent. a res it cleared the in wood; it is well watered by springs and a never failing stream of water. There is on tbe place a good log house. Terms: S-jDUcasu; the residue in 6 12and 1? inuutbs, with interest, secured bv a deed of trust on the property. JAS C. MiGUlBE. au 17?a Auctioneer. By GREEN & SCOTT Auctioneer*"" Large and < om modhh.s brick House oud Lot on ? apitul Hill at A?c tion.?On TUESDAY, tbe2M instant, w< sh 11 sell, at 5 o'clock, p m , on the premises the<a:<re and well built three--ton brick ilo is-, laMv c^. -upled by the Hoi. Judge tr. nch. ItnaUdoi Otlaware avenue, next to tbe corner of noilh rt street, near the north gate of (he Capitol. Tbe house contains thirteen convenlentl. arranged rooms and wide passage through the houM, a d ??uilt with thick walls, and a ce! ar .inAer the wholebulldl' c, tad the lot ? elng half of Lot No 'i, in Squa e?r<?, havin* a front of tblrtv feet six inches, running 196 feet seven lucoes to a thirtv f*et alley. The above described property Is certalnli one of the hand>nrnest location-, and most beautiful -ites in.-Wash.ngton, presci.ting the most com ?Tiand'Rg viev/ There is also a tump of excellent ?vat?-r near the door ? erms: One-fourth cash ; balance a crcdit rf l and 2 years, the purchaser O give noes for h deferred payments, bearing int-resi from lue da; ^alc J A deed elven and a deed of trust taken. Title Indisputable GREEN A SCOTT, au 15?d Auctioneers. Bv JAS C McGUIRE. Auctioneer StPLAIOH HOStWOOIM.R\NO PIANO Forte, itnmiaome Furaiiare and Hoik* bold Effects at Pnhlic Nale.?On TUESDAY morn lag, August Slst. at 10 o'clock, at the resi dence of J C Fremont, Esq . on C . t , between ^<1 and streets. I *hall >ell ail of hi* exc^lltfOt I* umlture ar.d Household Effec s, comprising Superior Rosewood case Gr nd Piano, made to or der lu Vienna Suite of Carv? d Walnut Parlor Furnlture, covered with jjreen and gold Brocatelle, consisting of Softs, Arm, Sewing, Reception and Par lor Chairs Rosewood Morocco covered Spring Sofa and Chairs to match Two handsome carved Walnut glass-front Book cases Walnut and Mahogany Secretaries, Whatnots Marble lop centre and Sofa Tables Elegant French Plate Mantel and Oval Pier Glas ses, In rich gilt fra me* Pair of Gilt Gas Chandeli rs, China Vases Gothic Armchairs, Rush seat Fancy Chairs Coveied walnut extension Tables Ma ble-top Sideboards Walnut Rout Tables Brussels Parlor, Hall, Stair, and Chamber Car pets Mahogany hall Chairs, Hatrack Walnut marble-top Dressing and Plain Bureaus Do Wardrobes, marble t?p Wa>hstaads iron, French, Cottage and other Bedsteads, with handsome da man k and lace canopies Superior eurled Hair and husk Mattr^sae* Bolsters sutd Pillows, Counterpanes, Blankets Psyche Glasses, two walnut cane seat Louncea Wall ut Crib and Bedding, Toilet Sets Window Curtains. Shades. Rugs. Oilcloth Superior Refrigerator, Hall and other Stovee Silver-plated Castors China, glass and crockery Wane together with a general assortment of Kitchen Terms: $30 and under cash: over that amount a?,i LiOf?!La[,d90d*)*s' i0T nole* *&tlsfactoril\ endorsed, bearing interest. ^ JAS. C. McGUIRE, "1*? Auctioneer V E] By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneer* XTENSIVE SALE OF t'AKKIAHES, t oachmakers' aad Blacksmiths' Tools, Lumber, Shop Fixtures, Ac., at Aactloa? On TUESDAY , the 21st instant, we shall sell, commencing at 10 o'clock a. m . at the Coach Factory of Messrs Haslup and Weedlu. at tbe corner of Uth and C stree.s, immediately west of the Centre Market, Washingtoo, all the stock In the establishment, vlx: An assortment of Family Carriages, Coaches. Buggies, ail well finish<Hl In the best stvle Several unfinished and second-hand Carriages. Buggies Also, the stock of Lumber, which is well sea soned; such as Spokes, Hubs, Fellows, finished and unfinished. i Carriage and Buggy Wheels; hickory, aah and cherry In the plank A large lot of Coechmakers' Tools, Benches and Vices A large lot of Tools in Blacksmith's shop, Bel lows. Anvils, Paints and Painting Apparatus A large lot of Iron and Springsror Carriages With manv other articles which we deem un necessary to enumerate. The aoove mentioned stock will positively be sold to the highest bidder. Terms: Under 850 cash; over S90 a credit of 2, 4, and 6 months, for notes satisfactorily en dorsed, bearing Interest. GREEN ft SCOTT, sua?eods Auctioneer "POR RENT-SEVERAL HANDSOME FAR A lots and Chambers, with Board. Also. Table and Transient Beard. Inqalrt at Mi?. SMITH'S, 133 F street apft-3 TELEGRAPHIC NEWS BKPOftTEB FOB THl ETENlNli ST AIL The rerar ia Wtrfolk and Por gmcu'-h. BatthNOms, Aeg 19. p ? ? la additioa to the I afcd new ??<*? re 2foif?!k, we mid ; Drkrn?.~l K<#ling. <r*?rk to Vkkey 4 tf riffltkj Mr*. 1fftKe* V. T?y?or (wi'e <*%>? cashier of the Senary/ T. Meitgin. and Capt. Wood. N*w Casks ?Josiah Sbipp tod R. C Du els;. (both baring the Mark <V?iM we con ?rdered ^opeleas. The wife and K"?raral cUI drea of S 6- Siabb*. <late wtijor, ??>*? is also down.) Dr. M 'Oning. Charles C*>nstables Jvhn iliyaraa. (printer^ Mi*. Dr. DaraaJ, **? J (Jeorge Cfaaastors. Tbe fever in Perto?o?tb oont'raos ena bsted. Ubt finding new rk-Uow ia the few p%. ? sons wh9 remain NotrishaseaJ and i ursea .ire very much wanted A Tioleut thunderstorm pss?od over N >rf?!k. ?*?> Friday night. Tbe alms b?>esc w-s4*sc'< ?y lightning, but not destroyed. Tao bei.u* ings, belonging respecttv.-Iy to S M rob ?nd Bjnim A McC em. in the fair g-vu.ids, were ?tiuok by lightning and tmiat. BaitiiLO. t ?arae't Baltimobb. Aug 21.?Fl?.ar is h^rv th:| Sua!! sale* ot il ?r tr-l -trei t 58 75?holders gen^raPy ?**!..* fjj 87; C ty M.lis is he'd *t ?8 50 ft 62 W i a ?( i> 4V f. Bt-oeipls of SO 000 bushels The maik'i cb c i ? t SI 88 Si W3 iux goud U? prime ebtto; rbi ??! 80aSl 00 for goud to prime ted, a d -cime of *b'.ui 5 colu psr * u-Ue'. C *rtt i< g r ai y ui.cha&ged. While db 0u ; \?.lUw 92*8lo. Mew Ycr? ~ar>ce*g. Naw York. August 20 ?St-* ks are l?e*r. \f wiey is abundant. L. i oa S ?tes 6 * ul it>l7* il 17*. C~>tt<>n iii uncharged Flour i* a t??1* tower iilcs of 5.500 bb!s f.-od Ohio at ?0.^0. S ait arn is heavy and an- h K ^eJ W im ?t i? ? uifle lower; sales of 4 5o0 bush. I? S -ei.-e ? ehite at S2 20 Coru is i-om<wb a l?*si; w. ?? of 50.000 bushel* mi sod ?t 87|o P rfc . is ? uhar; mea? $20 25 par b.irr. I B ? f .s tir c. Whisky is aackaa^ed Rents reduced to suit the times f 150 a year will be received for tbe m?' of i.oee ntfw and convenient Cottages at Kendall ? freen. with two aerea of ground, stablr <rood shed, and other conreBleecesatucbed Puanp of pure water are near the As?r. and rouBmnntca'.'^a in h&d with Georgetown by way of H and ?rwnih streets and Pennsylvania avenue, moralng and a/ !'*rnoon, at the usual fare, for tbe aebommodniir. ?f clerks in the Departments To aecore tbe advantage of this great red?*-it?c of rest. immi4imt? a^maitea must be m??k to the under*igaed. either by letter or at ht? houer at Kendall Green, after oAee hours, where the k y* may be had and the houses lrune'-ted at aav <lme Several of these residence will be i.^ld on libe ral terms WK STICKNEY, '. No * Kendall Grera. N. B ? Rests paid qoa terlv aP ??? I MARSHALL'S SALt N virtue af writ of Fierr Farlaa lssu?rffr >m u*e Clerk's odtoe of the Circuit Court 1 ih?r IMs rlctot Columbia for thr county of V\ a. ind to me directed I shall etpooe to public aalc for cask, aaMO.N DAY, the i7th of An??#i oer st tbefreat of tbf Conn Housedoo at (?o cl< cc M., 'be frftowlng property. vl?; All that pW^ ?* parcel ?f ground lyisig and being In tb- city of Wa-tblagtoa. and known on tbe plat ?.f sa>d clty as the waat half of aquare No. 7m. beta* lo<i> No I, 5,6,7, 8,0. 10, If, 1*, U, 14, ar?d 15 lu ?a!d square No. 'S3, together with all ?nd *iuvular (? e improvement* thereon aeixed and levied upon aa .'be propertvof Jamea CnHchett, and i?old to sattsf7 JudW ia. No S8 to October term 16*4, in W Charles N. Noell and Henry i>ecuur?e JD HOOVER, Marshal for the Diatrict uf C??lu_ Ha auS?d2?t % CARD.-Tbe subscriber Irforn.r bU *ripoda f* and the public that he Is now *S?I?- m to nisbusiiR'ss Hecan be fouad ?> hi ;t? ?tall? Centre Market, ready to wait on them he alWhVB haa done heretofore The i<e*i of UHEP UwayS CU band JNO WALKER. Ly V k-ltmlhw t'LOtHI! ? LO< RS! IF you want a go-d hon?*t Clock?? s that wID I always give you tbe correct llmtS1 ?P 'n at ? FRANC!?, i?? Seventh <"oet ba^ t.tork*. that cannot be exe* lied?handMic keepers lie sells low, and every I. bick t? war ranted J**1 NATIOWAL HOTEL, FOEFOLK, VI B. B. WALTBKS, P'opr'et?r? HAVING pnrcb*aed the above wdl known ea tabli^bment, 1 re*pertf?tty toft m m ?-ea friends and the traveling public. t'?at Ibe house has been thoroughly reno a*?d and 1^* newly furnished throughout, and 1? i w a en for the reception of p?rman- nt and trans - at b aid ers I return mv s'neere thank* to mv fri*wl?and tbe public jjenefaU. for the ilben-l p*tron?i?e ei I nded to m? for tl?e la?t twenty-'hi?e vear a d rcsp-ctfully -ollcli a continuance of tie ?ame. as sunns ttem that nothing will ?*e !? It undone N make them at HOME while aojouml igatiLe Na tlonal. . h ?A fbur-borse stage Coach le ?vea the > a tlonal Hotel every Tu-aday, Thurad if, and Sat urday for blixabeth City, N C. au 10?1m B B WxLTERS STEWART'S SBYLK*HT OILLEKY. DAGUKRKEOTYPKS taken f r ent and upward* and B led I sp ^nd d '??*? V^e have (bp luest li^ht In tb^ city- ^ nej?i and distrlbutW' ??f -Ltde ?. But aurpa sed Jf equalled in the U ut'ed State . M'e invite all who want ?ood Pi t"res to es t at 3il Pa ave ue, between (Kb ant HBust'Octs. over M W Gait * Bto 'a Jewehy Stoie. au 14?lm THE HAT ESTABLISHMENT OF A N TIION Y, on eleventh street ?ecr??d door north of Pa avenue, l? the fda> e where m H\I> and CAPS are retailed at wbotewl prices for ca*)i only Cona? quentli On p11 cent extra profit will not Ik cb*rged to ord?r lo off set bad debts Tbe very beat Drees Hats got up In the la'eM atvle, SJ aO, uaually ?old for Si and Si * t^mck aalet and snail proBls," is the motto. au 11?eo3m LAND WARRANTS BOteMT at tlrkVl) eat rates Slight drafts remitted U> persons at a dis:; n a ending me Warrants, on any city they may d*? ? Ignate Stocks bought and sold on oommlasion ~ HAMILTON U FANT. Banker, 433 Pa avenue, Waabiagtoa, D C jy 16?lmeoA WS4t (Intel) COPARTNCRSHIP. THE under igned have this d?y formed s re partnership under the naaK and style ol HARTLY A BRO., fortbe purpo.e of transact, ing a Flour and General Commiaaioc bust nets, at 101 Water street, Georgetown N B HARTLEY, E D HARTLEY Gbobobtowb, D C., August 1, IfSft au 0?lm* GEO. H. YARNELL * J. W. MANRINS, House, ll?s and Fancy Paint* rs, WOULD especially call the a?ient*on of tbe public to their specimens ? f F?.nc\ Sij-nn, to be seen at all times at their | lace of bu?<ne?s Persons btfllding and repairldg wuu'd do wrli to K'ive us a call a* we are determined to use ? very exe tlon on our part to giv? general sati faction Place of business on Loul?lana avenue. i>etwe* a 6th and 7th streets, north side, next lo the Varnum iiui ding. Old Glazing promptly attended to au 14?dtf MRS. A. C. REDMOND'S \TEW Gallery of Dairuerrean Art and Pboto 1" graphlagisat Ne Pa. avenue, nortb-aat corner of 11th street, over Ford A Bro's Drug Store, Washington. Pictures taken at SO cents and npwards Mrs. R. is a graduate of Whiiehurvt sastabltsL. ment au 6? DENTISTRY. DR. Y. SHINN. Graduate of the Philadelphia College of Deatal Surgery, reapaet fully informs the real den u of George-1 town and lta vicinity that he baa loca ted hlmaelf amongst them for the purpose of prac tiaing his profess, on OBca LSI Washington st , above Bridge street, Georgetown. D C. |sSB?dtmAe<vlu> OXNTLUIKR*! CRDEBBARMENTS. \A/"B have a large and tne aeeertaaawt ct Silk, Tf Gaaaa, Mertao and Cotton UaderAlrta. lin ca and oottaa Drawers, White and colored Shins, Hosiery, Ac., wkieh we are bow oflsriag at eery irm prioes. WALL A STEPHENS, MS Pa ave.. next dear to Irea Hall jriiHf rN?^}