Newspaper of Evening Star, 22 Ağustos 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 22 Ağustos 1855 Page 1
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F*n . and J< talnlag a greatervariety af inien*ti?t; r?ding lLaa can be fouud la my other?la pubUafced wa I day morning tiuu. Single copy/per to cLca*. Ftocoptaa IS no Ten copies ?????. 6 W Twenty coptn.... If iy 1?7~ C*ta, mvaaiasLT m aovaacm. 8l?M{lecop4es (in urra??per*) can he procured at the counter. after Utf twue stf tht paper. Prtce-Taaia Cnn Pu?TMA*Tia* whoict magrat# vUi b* a Co:u*Us?1?o at ivusoty j-er rn: THE EVEITING STAR, rtULISlieU KVEKV AFTEK.MH)?!, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) Jit tk* Star Bmildingty tormtr of PennsflvaMtM ar?s?? amd JiUrentk itrtit, By W. D. WALLACH, Wtll be (erred to subscribers by carrier* at SIX ANP A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents; papers served In packages at 37# cnu per month. To mail subscribers the sub ecrtptioe prtce is Til REE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENTS a year tnadvanct, TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for less than three months at the rate of l >jf cents a week. CT-SfNGLE COPIES ONE CENT. NO. 822. yjH.1B II.7A5B. WILLIAM THOMPSON. ELVANS Ac THOMPSON, DEALERS IN HA&DWABE, COACH TSIKMI908, &e., If*. 326 PramjlTtnia avraue, k?n?nn Ninth and Tenth ill, Washington, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDWARE. Britannia, German Silver, Albata and Silver Pla ted. Tea, Table and Dessert Spoons Carvers and Forks, Slecla, Knives with and with out Forks Brass, Britannia, Block Tin and Flated Candle sticks, Shovel and Tongs, WaSe Irons, ?ad Iruns T. Mislin and Bell Metal Kettles, Furnaces, Grid irons, Ovens, Ac. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rural Cottage, Closet, Cupboard, Chest, Till, Pad and Trunk Lock* ' ' Phnttie, Door, and Blind Hinges, Screws, Cut and Wrought Nails, Bolts Brad's Shutter Screws and Stubbs, Door Springs Handrail Screws, Door Knobs ' Bell Pulls, Door Sheaves and Rail, 4c. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Balr Cloth, Curled Hair, Mom, Gimps, Sofh and Chair Srrings Vtiltlan Blind Hooks, Rack Pulleys, Roller Brackets, Furniture Nails Sine, Colin Handles and Screws, Diamond Screw Plates, Ac. CARPENTERS' GOODS. Planes. Saws. Drawing Knives, Spokes haves, Chisels and Gouges. Plane Irons Augers, Braces and Bitts, Boring Machines. Haa Hatchets, Drvels Bewls. Squares, Guages, Axes, Ac. BLACKSMITH A COACH MAKERS'GOODS Black and Bright Springs, Axles, Felices, Shafts, Spokes.Hubs, Kows, Poles Sleigh Kunnen, Silvered and Brass Bands, Stump Joints, Stump Collars, Top Props Certain Frames. I .amps, Inside Linings, Llnlne Silks, Dan>ask, S<-aming Cords Tufts, Tas-els, Bullous, Tacks. Fringes, Lace*. and Plain and Enamelled Canvass Russia Duck, Enamelled Leather, Dash Leather. Ac. ELVANS A THOMPSON, Je 1?6m fcftS Pa. aver.ue. JEWELRY. H8EMKEN, JEWELER. 330 Pennsylvania ? avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, has Junt received a new supply of richly-chased Fruit and Leaf Jewelrv,consisting of Pin and Ear Rings: also, a variety of magnificent Mosaic and Came? Jewelrv, which heoffersat ureatly reduced prices.. Diamonds remounted, Jewelry of any de scription made to order. Enameling done. Gold Pens re pointed, Coat of A raw and Cresses engraved on stone and metal. jy 3? tr GLEN WOOD CEMETERY, Oiflce No. Pa. ave., corner 10th street, (OVK& THE SAVING'S BANK.) THIS CEMETERY is laid out on the plan of thecelebrated Greenwood,of New York, and s tua'ed on the high ground distant one and a quarter miles north of the Capitol?North Capitol street leading directly to the gateway. This Company have secured a charter from Con gress, appropriating ttieir ground forever to burial purpo*. making a fee title to the purchaser, and prohibiting all encroachments from legislation or otherwise, which i-> of vast Importance to those who wish their dead to repose where they have puced them, for il has beoome a custom in all other cities when the burial ground becomes valu able for other purposes, to sell it, and throw the dead promiscou&ly into one large pit. and legal measures cannot p'revent it, as no titles are given to the ground. N. u?Oiilce open from 10 to 1*2 o'clock a m where Pamphlets, containing the Charter, Bv Laws. and a rmp of the ground, and all other in formation, can be obtained. All orders left with Mr. James F Harvey No 410 Seventh street, or any otner undertaker, will 1* promptly attended to. je it>_iy _ BCJ1WER RETREAT. r>LAK!STON S PAVILION will be open for tt>e reception of visitors on the 5th of ? . '"If- The proprietor's tabic will be sup pl'.ed with tteC'.il; abounding la the?2i^L waters .djaren t to Uujklston's Island. He hopes his endeavors to plea e will Insure him a sbare of patronage from 'hose seeking health or a little quiet fr->m city battle. The Steamers Marj land. Osceola, and Alice C. Price stop regularly a: his larding. _ TxaMs. For one month ?30 00 For one week or more, per day **** i IXJ For a shorter time, per day 125 ^ good band of Cotillon Music la enquired for the season from Washington. " GEORGE W. BLAKISTON, JeQ-^m* Proprietor AMERICAN HO TEL, No. 456 Pa. RtMiu, bttvettn 4 k ami 6th Urittt, 8. HLFLEBOWER A L. T. LOVETI, raoraiBToas. Jy ???tn COFFIN WAREROOM, Ac. J WILLIAM PLANT A CO., UNDERTA ? KERS?residence 118 Seventh ?treet, between G aud H streets Interments procured in any ground or cemetery. Coihas. Caps, Shrouds, Carriages. Heuree, and t,very article for interments of the best quality furaished at ? aort notice, on the most reasonable term*, and a ail hour* of the Bight. Having the exclusive right of Crump's Patent Corpse Prtr^rver, we guarantee to keep the dead for asy length of time. jy 11?ly DENTISTRY. D B. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the firm of "V. Hunt A Donaldson, continues to manufacture and insert those t?'autiful?Mjfl|K r^lala teeth, with or without gums, specimens of which (made and deposited by the late firm) was awarded the first premium at the .Mechanic*'' Institute Fair, recently held in this city. These teeth are carved und shaded to suit each particular ca?e. und their resemblance to the natu ral organs is so perfect as to deceive the most prac tised eye. Q Particular attention also paid to filling and pre ?erviug the naiural teeth. Charges modi rate, and all operations warrac ted ' Oflco southwest corner of Seventii and D streets. Eeatrance on D. mar 21?dm DENTISTRY. DR. ML'NSO.N respectfully calls public attna tion to his new. patent and great- g J| ? > tv IMPROVED method of setting Ar-Mggi tlficial Teeth, Continuous n?tn the very PoJirECTION OF THE ARrThis Sie of Teeth has the following advantages over others, vix: GREAT STRENGTH, CLEAN LINESS, COMFORT and BEAUTY, vielng with Nature in the*? respects, and in some others excelling. Public inspection is respectfully solic ited. Please call and see specimens. CAU TION.?No other Dentist lo the District of Columbia has a right to make this style of teeth. N. B.?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged and warranted for life. once and house No. 298 E street, near the cor ner of Penna. avenue and 11th street. ap 21?tf BRITTANNIA AND PLANISHED WARE. "I^EA aad Coffee Urns, Coffee Greques, Coffee matins, Coffee Filters, Coffeepots, Teapots. Tea Sets. Egg Boilers. Chafing Dlsnes, Imperial Dish Covers, Soup Tureens, Castors, Pitchers, Cups, Lamps, Candlesticks, Segar Lamps, Spit tocus, Ac., at the Housekeeper's Furnishlng Store, 490 Seventh street. GEO. FRANCIS. Jy*?tf MAJ. JAMES'S MILITARY D1CTION ary. 1,OOU pa^rs. scarce, S3 50 Capt. Duckett s Technological Military Diction ary, German, English and French, 1 vol., octavo. 4 50 Campbell's Na7al History of Great Britain, 8 vol, octavo. $7 50 Memoirs of Admiral Sidney Smith, by Sir John Barrow, F. R S.. 2 vols, octavo, f I 75 The Military Force of ureal Britain, by Baron C. Dupm, 2 vols, octavo, 1 75 McArthur on Courts Martial, 2 vols, octavo, finely b)>ind, 3 75 Tytler on Military Law and Courts Martial, 1 vol, octavo, fliifly bound, 1 75 Ave on Court* Martial, 1 vol, 50c The MUitarv Acts and Articles of War, by Major Hough, Judge Advocate, Ac, 1 vol, octavo, 1 . Gleunle '?? Memoirs of Campaigns, Battles, Ac , 1 vol, octavo, 2 25 Drl.ik*at?-r's Swy* (Jibraltar, 1 vol, <J2e tfchlinui?- 's Si^g^s of Vienna. 1 vol, &ir H*?'? ? Manual at Military Geography, I volume, British .Military Biography from Alfred to Wel lington. 1 vul, ;5 cents Lieut. Col Jebb, K ijai kittiuuffit, on strength ening and defending Military l'a?ts, Hoases lf'dges, lVn?d?, Walla, Ac , 1 vol, many engr -iags. 75cents, ?is- FKANCK TAVLOR. T WEBER'S BAND. HIS old established and favorite band fur nish music as usual for Excursions, Sere nades, Pic Nlcs, Parlies, Exhibitions. Ac., Ac. Orders may be left at Hilbus A Music De pot, or at the residence of the leader, four doors east of General Henderson's residence. Navy Yard. Jy 23?am ' PROSPERl'S CORNET RAND. 'TMIIS Band is suitable for any and all purposes. A and is warranted to give satisfaction to all those who may be pleased to engage them, either as a Brass, Reed, or Cotillon Band. Any number of musicians to be had at the short est notice, by applying to FREDERIC PROSPER I. Leader, at Taltavnll's Store, opposite the ? Marine Barracks. N. B.?Orders left at HilbusA Hitx's Music De pot will be promptly attended to. may 'J5?4 m BOCtT AND SHOE STORE REMOVED. /^EORGE BREMER has removed his well known Gentlemen's BOOT A vn ,? rfis SHOE Store and Factory from 11th street, J between Pa. avenue ana E street, to Pa.f avenue, afew doors above W Wards' Hotel. He is prepared in his new premises to give satis faction to ail. G B. has by dint of great care In purchasing his stock, employing none but A No. 1 workmen, and by his capacity to fit his customers so as to have his work set very easy on the foot, while it al ways exhibits the most fashionable style, earned a reputation In his business second to that of no other custom-work boot and shoe makar in the Union. He solicits the patronage of all and his terms will be most reasonable to all. Jy 18?tf SILVER WARE. HSEMKEN,330 Pa. avenue, between 9th and ? 10th streets, offers his large stock of puie Silver Ware, consisting of Coffee and Tea Sets, complete, Sugar Bowls, Cream Goblets, Cups, Spoons and Forks, and a magnificent assortment of richly chased fancy silver ware suitable for gifts, at reduced prices Persons in want of any of the above articles are invited to call Being mostly of our own manufacture, we war rant it sterling. u_/~ Silveiware of any design made to order at short notice. Particular attention is paid In get ting up Testimonials, Premiums, Ac. au 1?tr FANCY HAIR ORNAMENTS. Hsemken. jeweler, ? No. 330 Pa. av.. bet. 9th and 10th sts., is prepared to make to oraer any device that may l>e suggested such as Flower Bouquets, Bracelets, Breast Pins, Eax Rings, Chains, Crosses, Rings, Chartelains, Ac. Also, jet Ornaments for sal^. ilr Persons n.ay rtly upon their own hair be Ing used. jy 31?tr SOMETHING TO OLD AND YOUNG. PROFESSOR WOOD'S HAIR BESTOEAIIV K . THIS preparation, although h-ss than two years before tne public; owing to its wonderful ef fects upon the human hair and scalp, has already obtained a celebrity and sale perfectly *n paralleled. It has without the ordinary appliance used for such purposes, won its way, and been heartily welcomed to rr ost of the cities and towns in the United States, the Canndas, and the West I ndia Islands. Nor is this result surprising wbea It is remembered that its popularity is based upon its merits, solely as established by actual tent? That this preparation will actually Restore gray Hair to its Natural Color, produce a luxuriant growth upon the Leads of the bald, prevent the hair from failing off, and when used as a tonic ar ticle, produce a continual How of the natural fluid and thus render the hair soft, glossy and wavy, destroy diseases of the scalp, and exj**l dandruff! the certificates of distinguished gt-rtlemen ana ladies in every part of the country who have tried it, and therefore speak what they know modt ful ly attest. That by a proper use of this Restorative the hair can be made to attain and retain Its nrtu ral color to al:nost any aictlod ic humanity, by renoving the cause of disease from the scal^? no matter how long standing?the concurrent tcs^ timonlals of the press and the certificates of au merous resiiectable individuals of aoth sexes, to the use of tuls curative, as well as of the recom mendations of editors and certificates before allu ded to, can be had of all agents. BnoosrisLD. Mass , Jan IS, 1<*5. Prof. Wood?Dear Sir?Having made trial of your Hair Restorative, it gives me pleasure to say , that Its effect has b>*en excellent in removing in flammation, dandruff, and a conr.ta.nt tendency to itching, with which I have bern troubled from childhood, and has alscx estored ui/ hair, wnich was becoming gray, tol ts original color. 1 have used uo other arucle, with anxnihlag like the same pleasure and profit. Your*, trulv , J. li". BRAGG. Pastor of Orthodox Church. Brook field. Ca kltI-3. 111.. June yi, 1863. I have used Prof O.J. Wood's Ilair Restora tive, and have admired its wonderful effect. My hair was becoming, as I thought, prematurely gray; but by the use of his "Restorative" It has resumed Its original color, and I have no doubt, permanently so. SIDNEY BREESE, Ex-Scnator United States. Pao?. Wood Dear Sir?My hair commenced falling off some three or four years since, and con tinued to do so until I became quite bald. I tried all the popular remedies of the day, but to no ef fect, at last I was Induced to use your celebrated Hair Restorative, and am very happy to say it Is doing wonders I have now a fine growth of yoang hair, and cheerfully recommend its use to all almllarly afflicted A. C WILLIAMSON, 133 Second street. Addrws O J. WOOD A CO . Proprietors, 319 Broadway, New York, and 114 Market street, St. Louis, Mo. C. STOTT A CO , wholesale and retaU Agent, Washington. T. W?l)YOTT A SONS, General Wholesale Agent, Philadelphia. Pa. au I?ly FIRST WARD LIVERY AND SALE STA BLER. IN announcing to the public of Washington that I have taken possession, by puichase, of the above stables, on G street, near the War Department, (lately occupied by A. Schwartz.) I wish to In/urm^^Bav them that It will be entirely conducted by myself, and that all orders lefi. upon the promises will be attended to punctually with elegant Carriages and careful drivers. The'Riding School wlllbecon ducted by a professional equestrian and perfectly docile horse*; having stated hours for lady eques trlans. In private or public, as they may prefer. Particular attention will be paid to horses kept at Liveiy in his establishment. Persons requiring oreu barouches or fhmlly car riages, can l>e se.tinioi torily accommodated, as well as those desiring riding horses for gentlemen or ladles. FRIEDERFCK LAKEMEYER, Jy 21?J m Areat. PEEL'S LONDON GREEN GINGER WINE Manufactured from French GRAPES, GREEN JAMAICA GINGER, SEVILLE ORANGES, Ac ?This delicious bev erage becomes the greatest favorite wherever It is introduced. It la equally palatable, more whole some, and not half trie price of other foreign wines. Many physicians use (t exclusively, ana recom mend it to all troubled with Flatulehcy. Dyspep sia, Debility, Cramps, Diarrhoea and Dysentery. Persons subject to Chills, or living in districts wh?re Ague or Cholera prevails, find its occasion al u^e a pleasant and admirable preventive. Mixed with a little iced-water, it forms the most refresh ing and wholesome cooling drink In warm weathei that can be taken. Price 5t' cents per bottle, $5 per dozen. N. B. Country Druggists, Grocers, Ac.,findthia Wine an advantageous addition to tneir stock, It's a first rate atlcle, sella well, and gives great satis faction Agents, STOTT A CO., Washington; PEEL A STEVENS. Alexandria; C1SSEL,Georgetown: J BALM ER. Baltimore. Jy &_tf ONE HUNDRED MORE F those superior Magnolia Hams, and proba bly all that will be received this season, they are cured in Maryland according to the old home stead receipt, the qualMy of which is unsurpassed if equalled, by any other ever Introduced here. To be had only at my store. Also, a fresh lot of that peculiarly fine selected and standard Blac k Tea at 50 cents a pound, which I have Introduced It is sold only bv myself and Is now extensively known in the District. New coiners and others who have not y<* used It are re ferred to the leading members of the Faculty of Washington and Georgetown. Sampled furnished gratuitously. Bay Water at 25 cents per bottle, or S'J 73 P*"r doren. For bathing purposes it 1* as cheap as common spirits Mint, Lavender, and Blackberry Cordials, the 7?ry articles for the prevailing epidemic. Maple Sugar, Fresh Prunes, Ac., with unsur passed varieties of choice family Groceries. Z M. P. KING, F?w steps northeast Jackson Statue. Jy Jtt?tf O EDUCATIONAL. THE UNION ACADEMY. rpHK Fifth Annual Session of the Union Acad -1- einy; and the Sixth of the Union Female Academy, will open on the first Monday In Sep tember, and continue 14 weeks. Terms as usual. Circulars at the Hick store of R Fambam, Esq, and at the Rugby House, corner llth and K its. These Institutions are so organized and con dueled as to secure that mental and moral train ing which wlL best prepare the pupil for the real ties of life. Z. RICHARDS. Prtn. U A. Mrs. Z. RICHARDS, Prin. U. F. A. au 17?lm GEORGETOWN COLLEOK, D. C. THE next session of this Institution will com mence on Monday, the 3d of September. The preparatory d^nrtmrnt and collegiate course are botu conducted by able and experienced Profes sors, who devote themselves to the moral and in teUectual advancement of those confided to their c.are. A large and spacious building has just been coinpleted to be used exclusively for the accom modation of the younger students. Their dormi tory, play ground*, study hall, class rooms, Ac , will be entirely distinct from those of the other students, and officers especially assigned will at tend their in their pastimes and preside over their studies. A complete separation will thus be ef fected between the younger and older students, the advantages of which must be apparent to all those who have the least experience in the educa tion cf youth. The observatory of the College, its extensive Philosophical apparatus, rich ana v tried libraries, and Cabinet of Minerals, Geological Specimens and Shells, afford to the Students of this lnslitu lion advantages rarely to be met with. B. A. MAGUIRE. au 6?dim President. SELECT CLASSICAL AMI MATHEMAT ICAL AtAULMY 'PHF. d-itles of this Institution will be resumed I on Monday, September .Id. Thenumberof scholars being limited early applications from the former patrons of the School are particularly re quested. The Principal can l>e seen at his residence. No fU West street, Georgetown , on and after the 20th A igust. Terms: Terquarter, of 11 weeks, S12 50. French and Drawing extra. au 7?eotf P. A. BOWEIf, Principal. YOUNG LADIES' CLASSICAL INSTITUTE, 490 E str> betwe'n 5th and Of A, (Removed from No. i) Indiana avenue.) STEPHEN H. MI RICK, A M , Principal. FT1HE next Academic vear of this School, rform t- erly under the care of Rev R. VV. Cushman, IV D., but for the last two years in charge of the present Principal,! will comrnsnce Monday, Sep tember 10, lr]5 Experienced teachers are em ployed in every department Every bianch of a soii'd and ornamental education Is taught, and di plomas are given to tuose who complete the pre scribed course. Circulars, giving further information, can bo ob 'sined at the bookstores and by application to the Principal. au 7?eoftm EMERSON INSTITUTE. A Select Classical and Mathematical School for Hoys. ''?"'HIS Institute is located on H street, one door I- from thec orner of 1-th. The uext Academic rear will commence the first Monday in Septem ber l'erms: per quarter, for fall course, #15 Eng lish branches, $10. CflAS. B. YOUNG. A. M , Principal, a :i 9?eotf ROSE VALE SEMINARY, Near IJlnde.isburs Deput. f 1 MI K'exercises of tbis Scoool will t>e resumed 1 on MONDA Y, Septouib^r 3 1 he large ?iry rooms now in course of errctioxi ".vill b*- readv for use, which will add much to the coinfoit and . 'javeuieuct. of tut pupils For further particulars address Mrs. D. JONES, (Principal,) Bladensburg, Md. at 14?Viawlm FAIR HILL HOARD INQ SCHOOL FOR OiRI.S, Sandy Spring, Montgotury county. Mi. THE ninth term of this Institution will com mcnce on tho iUth day of the ninth month (September) next. Circulars containing th* needful Information in regard to the Schcol con he obtained bv those who d" Ire it, by addrirsing, at Olney Post Office, Montgomery county, Maryland, It. S. KIRK, or \VM. H. fArOITHAR Pyfer to Jno. '?? Towers, I*aiEbert Tree, W. D V. tllaoh. je 30?3aw9w U. 1. I ft D S L E V, DitAL.UR IN EFAL ESTATE AND LAND WARRANTS, SAINT PAUL, MIN. TERRITORY. IANDS BOUGHT ANI) SOLD THROUGH -J OUT THE TERRITORY. Taxes paid. Collections made, Drafts cash'Hl, and the highest Pii;es* given fer Lend Warrants. Government Lands located with much care, and If .'leslred, the profits and losses shared eoually at the expiration of five years The La id at that lime to be sold, unless otherwise agreed upon, and on" half of the current value the Warrant at the time of entry, and half of ??:? expense of locating to l>c deducted from the sulb-rlbers' interest. To persons wishing to locate Warrants entirelv on thci'* own account, the charge will be, for fortv acrc-5 #15; eighty acres, ; one hundred ana sixty arras, ?*5; and will receive with their title, a flirt and description of the .and. rk?eue:jcks : Minnesota?Gov. Willis A. German; Ex-Gov Alcr. Ramsey; Hon. J T Rosser, Sec. M. T.; Messrs. Ames & Vrn Elteh, Attorneys at Law; Messrs. Morton A Pace, Wholesale Druggists. Daltimobk?W. P. Prertrn, Esq., Attorney at Law; Richard C. Bowie, Hsq., Com. .Merchant ; Mt?*rs. Deur, Norris A. Co.; Messrs. McCleese h Hub Washington?Hon. W W. Seaton ; Hon. J. T. Towers, Mayor; Hon. Judge J. Bryan; J C. C. Hamilton, Esq.. Attorney at Law; Col. Win. Hickey; Col. J. Riley; Mnssrs. Taylor A Maury; Meters. Lewis, Johnson & Co , Bankers; G. C. Grammar, Esq., President Patriotic Bank. J y 17?to3m , NATIONAL HOTEL, NOEFOLK, VA H. B. WALTERS, Prsprlelor. H AVING purchased tho above well known es tablishment, I respectfully inform my friends and the traveling public, tbat the "la house bus been thoroughly andJiDft newly furnished throughout, and is n~w open foi the reception Of permanent and transient board ers. 1 return my sincere thanks to ray friends and the pubUc generally for the liberal patronage ex tended to m?* for the laht twenty-three years, and resnectfuHy solicit a continuance of the same, as suring tbem tbat nothing will be left undone tc make them at HOME while sojourning at the Na tloaal. N H.?A four-horse stage Coach leaves the Na tional Hotel every Tuesday, Thursdty, and Sat urday for Elizabeth City, N. C. a a 10?lm B B. WALTERS.

OEO. H. VAKNELL At J. W. MANKINS, lie use, Sian and Fancy Painters, WOULD especially call the attention of the public to their specimens of Fa.ncv Signs, to bo seen at all times at their place of business Per>on? building and repalridg would do well to "ive us a call as we are determined to uje every exe lion on our part to give general satisfaction. Place of business on Louisiana avenue, between 0th and 7th streets, north side, next to the \ arnum Bui.ding. Old Glazing promptly attended to. au 14?dtf FANCY GOODS, TOILET ARTICLES, tc. WE invite attention to our large stockof Combs, Brushes, Pomades, Extracts, Cologne, Bay Water, Ac., which we are prepared to offer at greatly reduced prices. Also, constantly on band a general assortment of Fancy Goods, tans, Gloves, Hosiery, Ac., to gether with a fashionable stock of milllnerv, to which additions are constantly made of the newest and most desirable styles. The attention of tbe ladles is particularly lnvi'ed to this depart ment of our business, which isuuder thecharge of Miss Thompson. HUTCHINSON A MUNRO. Jy ?tf 310 Penn av*., between 9th A 10th ?ti. PURE BOSTON ICE. APLFNTIFUL supply of tho above indispen sable article will be kept on And throughout the season, at tho "Eldorado House," Pa avenue between 3a md 4J{ streets, whera families resid ing *n the neighborhood can be supplied in iaige or'small quantities, at the lowest rates. * CLEMENT REYNOLDS N B ?Choice Wines, Brandies, Cigar*. Ac. Dinners, Suppers, Ac., supplied in good"ityle, as usual, at shortest notice. au , ?eolir. EXCURSIONS, &c. SECOND GRAND BOIREE OF THE BOONE .. CLTJfi, Will be given at Spring Gardens, {formerly oc cupied by A. Favier.) <*? M street,between l7fA and !8rA, on Thursday, August 30<A, csr/imen cing at 5 o'clock, p. m. THE BOONE CLUB t ike great plfwure in an nounciiig to th?* CInb<, Ih-dr friends, and the public gentiuilv, thai they will (;ivc their second grand soiree at the nbovc named place The Club pledge themselves that no tronble or expense will be spared to ma*"? this one of the most pleasant, gay and rtcherch< Soirees of he 8c.isoD No improper persons admitted on the ground Scott's celebrated Brass and String Band been engatrtd for the occasion. Refre-Uuruts and fsupper will be furnished by an experienced caterer Tickets cents?admitting a gentleman aad ladies. C ommittte of Arrangements F T Wilson, R E Booth, E Han'.y. P S.?Ourlndy Mends will pl?*?*eattend with out invitation, as there will be uune sent. hu 20?cold* CRAM) EXCURSION or Tits _ AMERICAN RIFLEMEN, TO P 1 N E Y POINT, On THURSDAY, An;o?t 23, 1?"55. THE AMERICAN RIFLEMEN take pleasure in announcing to their friend* _ w itnd the public generally that "'"''Sljtjf have chartered the swift and xplerulid steamer BALTIMORE, for the purpose of giving an ex cursion to that favorite watering pUce, PINEY FOINT, on THURSDAY, August23d. Owing tu the disappointment of ns ?nv persons to accompany the la e excursion to l'iney Poimt, in consequence of the crowded state of the boat, and as so many persons are d sirou- of visiting :Uat far famed watering place, as well as to view the l>eautiful scenerv alon^ our majestic river and ouy. the American Riflemen have b?eii prevailed ? pon by their friends and the citizens generally, ?o glv<- an excursion, on Tuursdav, the iki. whun .<ii opportunity will be give to ail who may avail !!ieni??l\ es, to enjoy a nc- tr?!U?. Arrangements have b< l.i made with the captain f the boat to i?e at l'iney Point at 3 o'clock, when ?t:?y one wisning to partake of the hospitalities of 'Me Mansion, the invigorating bath, or th- <1- lica ? iesof the season, a hue opportunity will l>e af t rded. Being desi'ons of giving ?a'lsfactlon t;> our pa Irons we have (positively) limited the number of our tickets to be sold, and the Committee have determined on no account to p?m;lt ;:i.y in.proper peraous on board the steam r. The boat wi.l leave the wharf a', the foot rf ilth *'reet it o'- lock, ~o tLat we w 11 be enabled to i -ach Wasiiingtor; at 12 o clock p. m Will stop Alexandria at% o'clock. It being impor.ant to save time, the boat will not stop at the Navy Yard Arrangement* have, however, been in d? to have Oinnibusses in wait i?g to convey persons freintLe Nary Vi rd and Georgetown to the boat, also for the r'coaveiance to their homes, on the return of the excursion The Riflemen have fixed the price of tickets for the round trip at the low rate of TWO DOL LARS, admitting a gentleman and tw o lades, to l?3 had of Committee, or at the boat on the morning of tfcie excursion. A fine bend Is engi_ed for the occasion Refreshments, including Dinner and Supper, v. ill be provided by an experienced catcrtr, atclty price*. Committee of Ar*nngcmtnt*. I loot. R. T. Knight. Prr/ate Jno. Y. Donn, Fmijm Chm. Kembie, Pri^.te S. W Conror. ?< .gW/in. Gibson. au 14 GP.AT7D T7IREMEW5 AWT) CIVIC ?ICUKS1U,1 A\D I'll r?ic C? THB Frank lis FireCorzpany, TO TTTT white Horn a pavilion. ^TMJE members of the Franklin Fire Company -B take pleasure in announcing to m ^pi"~~ . tho Firemea, their friends auJ "" rfcrfrff?Js public generally that they have chartered lue >afe nnd commodious ste?.mer Deo. Washington, and will give a Grand Excursion and Pic Nictothe WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, on WEDNES DAY, August 22d The Company pledge themselves that co trouble or expense will ce spued to make this one of the most pleasant, gay, and recherche Excursion of the reason. A celebrated Cotillon Sand has been engaged frr the occasion. Dinner and Supper will be furnished by an ex perienced caterer. l or the accommodation of those persons who do not wish to spend the whole day down the river the boat will make two trips. Leave Georgetown at 8 o'clock, Washington at 9, Navy Yard at V#, Alebandrla at ll>. Afternoon leaves Washington at 3#, Alexandria at o'clock. Returning, will leave the White House at & and and 10 o'clock p. m. Tickets, admitting a gentleman md two ladles, HI, to be had of the Committee of Arrangements, ami at the boat on the morning of the Excursion. Omnlbusses will leave the Went (Japltol <*ate. Weuern Market, and Noithcm Liberties Market at half-past eight o'clock n in. Commitiu of Arrangements. Rob't E Doyle. J Williamson, G R CroRefield, J B Medley, L R Thomas, P J Newm?nv J MF Hough, Alex Tait, Jno T Coumho. K EckloIT. t a 3?<law2w?dtd NATIONAL MEL V AL COLLEG3, WAEBinOTOR, a. c. THE thirty- fburtb annual course of I.ectu res will commence on MONDAY, the 4*1 of October, 186i, and e::d on the 'at March, IBrt. TaeCLTT. Thokas Millbr, M. D., Professor of Anatomy and Physiology. W*. P. Johnston, M. D., FrofWsor of Obetet* rics, and Dlsoeser. of women and children Jcsuca R it.ey . M. 1>., Professor of Materia Med ica, Therapeutics and Hygiene Jno Fred. May, M. T>., FrJfeesor of the prlncl* pl&3 and practice of Burgery. Qra?ton Tyler, M. D.. Professor of Pathology and practice of mediclnc, and of clinical a.ed iclne. Lewis H. Striker, M. D., Professor ofChemls try and Pharmacy. Edward M. Scott, M. D., Prosector and De monstrator. THOMAS MILLER, M. D.,Di*n. Like most similar lnstitnlioas in Europe, the de ks from which the regular lectures are given, and the words fbr clinical instruction are under the same roof. The entire expense for full course lectures. ,t(K) (10 Practical Anatomy by the Demonstrator.... 10 00 Matriculating fee, payable only once 5 U0 Graduating expenses 26 00 Admission to toe medical and surgical clinic with out charge. The lectures will be given In the afternoon and evening, thereby enabling those engaged In busi ness during the morning hours to attend. F or further Information addrees THOMAS MILLER, M.D., Dean of the Faculty. N. B.?Medical students desiring situations as resident student in the Washington lnflrmary. : (v/hich Is the clinical department of the National Medical College.) are requested to make applica tion by letter to Joshua Riley. M. D., Curator of ths Washington Infirmary, who will give any in formation that mav be desired. It is unnecessary to state the gieat advantages of a residence In a hospital for clinical instruction. Tho*c making early application will have prece dence. Six are to be chosen before the 1st of Oc tober. jy eotNovl REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND GAS* KITTING DEPOT. THE subscriber respectfully announces to his friends and the puolic in general that Lt has received the first lot of the celebrated DODfiK's DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, which received the SILVER MEDAL at the late Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Insti tute, and la now prepared to furnish all who may favor him with a call. His stock of GAS FIXTURES are unsurpassed in the Dietrict. With his corps of competent workmen he prides h!ru>elf to fill any orders In the PLUMBING AND GAS-FITTING line with promptness and despatch. i! r AJ^vork dons warranted to give com piste satisfaction. JOHN ITEESE, may 3?tf corner rttht" and Pa. svenue UENTLEMEH'S UNDERGARMENTS. WE have a large and fine assortment of Silk, Gauze, Merino and Cotton L'ndersLiits. lin en and cotton Drawers, White and colored Shirts, Ilctiiery, Ac., which we are now offering et Tory 1c "v prices. WALL A STEPHENS. 3S9 Pa ave.. next door to Iron Hall. U?tf [News) EVENING ST A H. - . m mm i . - - , , .. _ . j - , < A WORI> ABOUT CHIMNEYS. The London CJoart-rly Kevicw contains s capital article on the tubject. of .pen Crr placcs, ui. ouK.-iag, among ether thing* p*r.i nent to tho theme, the ro^jwt of tmoking chimneys. A? then* d<?ubtlc.-? >. re fcc^ '.rtdii, if not thousand*, i.f our nun erous rosrtcrc, who arc ufllijtrd with this household cal.tiai ty, wo shall be dying the pub h: a 8ervi<*0 by sivint? the pith of the Quarterly's fticft kl this subjoet. Smoke does not, *.} is popu. irly su(,p.?*d. ascend a iliiinney because it u lijLi^i th-n air. Dr. Franklin demonstrated, a centur. agr>, that -ujoLo Is heavier than wir. Bu* tls uiuiky cleud of gases aoiis, and v.?p>>r. which is called &rnok<-, rite' iu ibis e"iiu,n<y, Leo Uc mixed with the rariu d air wid.-h is d ig through the same ches net. Wat-ii tin re t n lite, the ur<u?iit < f tiio chimney is cithc. 'mull, or wanting altogether, ii. not it is lb; ven good cbima*>y?, if they 5. ?ve been 1 ????, disus^i, often sjnoke for the fir-t live ? r tt lui.utes alter a'fire lia? been Kii;dle?ik bc.aui-' until <bo air in the ohur.cev e?. la 6 latili. d, ? here is nothing to dii;w the stnuke upwards, it follow? from thi3 view 1 t.'.e n^iu of *: e draught in tl.e chimney, th?.t iftbeie i* an i. - sufficient supply of air. us happens when all ti e doors of a room aro clos.d, and the win dows li.sted, tbal the cLiiumy will >moke, U couse there bcirg an iusuffi lent sup; iy of :ar to the fire, the ooals only :iu uld.r, there is :o air to bo rariflel, tho fm-kc cannot ascend, and so tho oocupau'.s of the ?p utu>ent coff.r. it is an necessary, therefore, if we w< u.d not havo smoke tu annoy us. to prurigo plei.y of fresh air for the ftie, ;.s it is tu pruvidu a ?himney. Dr. Frauklin, by expcriin, ni, tliat an open flie, in * room ? f ordinary tii*.', required ss mush" air us oou'id be aauiitUd through a hole in the wad six iu?;hes square. Hut a hole, or even the leaving a tlooi- ope:, produces a draft, and such a draft gives pei sms col i that sit iu it. A* far ba:k as a etc lary and a half ago. a Ftenebaa'i itaux-d <j auger, invented a liit -pl.?oe, iu ord r t? ob vintc thi-". He opened a holo in the hearth, cvunntudcating with a channel which pas-* d Uuder the floor, and firaMy end<-1 at au aper ture in the wall of the house, Strange tos::j, tuiB excellent plaw h a never y t b?en gu ei al:y adopted, it i> on y no'./ coming firct into in thiijcountry, as applied to *upplyi g hot-air lumaoeo witn?iir; wi iie oou.p ir-itive j f;W giates are furnished witi? an in iL s w..y, ?s they thoakl be, <f th'jse sitting ar'<nrdthem wiau to avoid cold currents on lh< ir lect. Upeu Ores .ire now left to be fed by the a r! 1 Uify suck in, so to speak, urdei the d <? rs aj d thr-u^b the ererioes of t'.e windows; aid hence the ccmplaiat- tunc a gr 'Us-fiie roaat- 1 the front of the puitou, white )!,e hick i> frfteiing. Tho haviug sufR'.-:ent air tv ie-d .i ' ebitnney is, ind ed, the paacipal socuiity a};aiust a smoky room. There are f- v s:n' chimneys which cannot Lc cur" ! by s :up y giving them pit^iy of air. Ana -lis iule yp- ' piies a' Weil to staves, fnmacv:, cr oth.r ap- J pirate- for heating, as to fires. What v%e n.i?o .aid abrjt prev enting ou.oke a ^nftn to preventing from ai.tbra?ite llivs. It w is an old ?3ti >n (h:it chim -.ys ou^ht not to be ero^ik^* whereas a su^ t bend t-.- ' waius the t'.?r> f* hanelieial, lor tnprevents ii.o cuiJcn o newt of wi d ai d rui.. No. ib the r : v\ of tin eb'nxuey a?^t r.a.; i. u y be t.:p^:irg or vd ?.ou 1 bare; * pyramida oi a^u .re; it is oe?y*>:'>ocssa..y tna. ii ne co;. rooted so as to cli no ooun.d'.r^ota .esirt* ..nee to the aeCv..iLi.3 current, aud liav. ? .j* to cool. A high cLimney aln .ys makes the beet draught, and bu.cj well biilr firt* iet invariably have such chiiur.eys. liwel injj; | houses do not requiic such en -rmouslj high ( chimncya, but they ma-i be hi^li euou,;h n>t | t<j bo over-topped by eonti^u'-us boildings, , ? se tho wind, itiikiug against the sup.*riu uuinbcnt wall, will be preoipitated d^wn the ohiir.ney, filling the room below with smoke or gM. Much of whst wo hare s iid about smoky chimneys applies aleo to voutiiatiuo. Tne combustion of fire or of gai lights, as well as our own breathing, vitiates tho *ir, eo that every apartment ought to have an outlet foi carrying e-fl the c^rboi-iied atd deleterious atnio?i'hore. A bole opening i^to tue ch'Ui ncy, ju?t below the ceiling, is ti.e host nicti ?d of meeting this difficulty. H ?<ui? heated by proj?erly constructed turnacea, wbioli admit freah air raised to a temperature ot ?i*ty-flve degrees, and supplied with ?u-h an openii g aro tho healthiest that can l?j had. uu'.vji it is apartint nts warned by gr ite*, and IId witu tuch a veutiirvtor-the grated and i\jcm being fed with cold air in ;>ui;h a Wiy ae to piercnt draughts on tho person. Mo5et Kktlr^ed ?Mora thun two mofttha ago Mr. James C. lioyd,ot Montgomery town ship, beii g or a visit to this pinoe, toft a popk et book containing one hundred and eighty five doilars in money and some papers of ^.ilue. Ho heart nothing of the mis<ing p<?:kot bvck or money, tilloned iy last week, when a yomg lady of genteel appcaranco caino to his rtli d'jnce, and after inqnirirg whether be ra? the Mr. ll syd who lost the m< ncv, and r?e?iv inj! an affirmative reply, naked whether lie wuuld receive it back wilhuut asking any questions. Mr. Boyd replied that would depeud uponcireumstanoes Thcy jun^ lady then pcoceeded, with tears in her eyes, tost.ite that she lived in ; that her was de puted; that for some time past money arpeaud to be unusually plenty with him; tnatner mo ther became anxious to know Wi.ero ai.d h: w the money was got; th-tt she at length availod herself ot an opportunity totearch hisp ?jkot-', in which she found the jweket bjvk of Chi Boyd! The gowd lady, deeply diilTessed, nonsuited a friend, who adviiod her to return tiie mjney and papery by mail; but she felt sleep would not visit her eyes till >be kn*w that the money was iu the hands ?.f its righ' ful owner, ana therefore she sent her deugbtei forth to carry the treasure to h in to wn-.m it belonged. About *46 of it had been squan dered. It was not in the power of the poor woman to replace this ram; butshe?ompeu to gether all the money in the family, and ?rat it with her daughter, who pleaded earnestly with Col. Boyd to aceept it, as her mother wou! i net be s iticfied if he refused it. We need rot tell anybody who knows Col Tioyd, that he replied he would do anything but that to 8\t i-ly the lady, but take her money he never w uld, He made no attempt to penetrate the* lady's di.'guise. Noble os was her conduct and that of her mother, she doeired their n, and Col. B yJ respected ner wish ls. But he told her he wculd be at by a given time, a-nd if her mother would then call on him, he would thank him in person, and, if agreeable to her feelings, give he. a?ore sub stantial token ofhis gratitude and admiration. Cha:iibtriburg Valley Spirit. fc t W~ 1 M. F. Tlppeb axd LiuKBiax Pokts.?We took ocoasion seme time ago to inform our lit erary fellow-citisens of the liberal proposal made by Martin F Tupper, E*q.. a well kuorn English p<jet, and an unwaveiing friend of Liberia, for the encouragement of science a^.d literature in our land. We stated that it woe proposed by him to present a gold meoul to Li beria, to bo presented annually to the author i f the best literary production in prose and verse. The modal is now ready and awaits eompeti tion. As Mr. Tupper wishes to make tl?? first award himself, oopies of me compositions will be transmitted to him at Albury. (iuil fori, England. Several mai.u5criptf tave al r^ady been forwarded by PresiTlentBobcitt; bet sjme have been lost in transit, as Mi 'iupptr writes that h* hw only three in his po^essnn. It is not absolutely nesossary that eompeti < rs shall sign their numeato the manuscript ?- th?y send; they may. if tkejr see At, sig. by a cipher or luott ?IaUi A H' a'a LENGTH OF HU^fAT LITf. Aa article ia a 1*1? nambero: B! u>kw <od'a Magatiar. on the ah >v? k bolis out tbe idea tha' th- age ot man almaiId L* mm baa drcd jc iri in<>a 1 of three score and t a Th* ?aihor tays: *4 Wb do no: dimply die; we ttsa lly kill cwwlwi. 0?r habits. <mr pa -ions. uur anxiotie* U U??i/ wui %io?i?thesa -h-rten our live#, and prevent a* i ji? re% fc ?ng the nataril Hail of huiutn ?* ?"fiw " (Jlettony, bo mwc, d str*\Ti w ?r-' 'iv?ath..u ..temperate driuktug; and yet. ?? i.i? tba fashion to lusuict th"? tciui sobriety to tbe noderate u^e of liqe ri A ??4 er lif- n- doubt i'Bpliti uMMknliwi in all tbl ig??iu eati g, mulling, ai d tl*e enjoyu^nt of al! tho pleas ures of life. Bat alt..o"gL w h~vc re *d *ud rieard much "f moderation in ? ating wl urn V* iag, tin.' difficulty ha* al?ay? a >*t in uur >ntnda r spiting the 'rue ate dud <(a -der.* i ?u Wuat ip it ' W :u will d Hue it? T*?e iaiA ?rd ruitaMa fur 3n-> is not rui<.ibl? r?r mother N??Uu.p:r :*t:* i i >*'thing<. but < lq"n oar ??r shcul 1 -ct u;. hi own ???.*? 4 >rd jT Li- neighb >r. A id yet it aauy tru y be lid, thu (fiiom! rul a f ?r tun frn.w u >y Se set down, which, i: f?!k?wid, w <u'.d be ??f j uoi benefit j.r *ch a ^ -t t ? cat <o much ti will n: fit .he n ind for its usj .1 exertions; or so moob at t^ill ia<u.e the b.-ly beary ?ud t; not to p >*< lustily fn?u? one extreme ??f living to another, hut to =hai g - slowly and caafioua!y, to eat plan and wt.%?.aa >uu-, .Hid to pr portion ita quan'ity to the tempera ment, the are, the et cngth ?t* the eater; ti t t? nllow the appetite for f -id and to r?gul ,te the quantity to be taken. tut eipc rienov. void oi aeuauat desire. Tu< -e ruler, f 'illoWed, will tend tu prouiOte hrattb, ni d 'bus lead to a greater length of day* aud y< a a i.i uan's exiiteoee. 6'ai there is a naiaral I>oriud for n,ui; tj exist, aud teitL?.r fooi, ? rink, nrr aobrii-ty can j l^re hiiu btj :.d that. Wo find that each spociea of animal h<.a ita ><,UL(l..ry of life, and so has nan. He kaa hta icfancy. youth, middle *&e, ? Id a^e. and eu oj?'.i tho winding o;.w i -..d the tikriow ?US'.' But how long d-as h;? ?xiltcaae last* how rnunj years em irele bla n^tur >1 life Tueaa are important quo.-'.i >?a. W fi ;d tbnt tb'ny v e ird is c.)Uj?ideroU to be a aenei ?!i??n?that ia, ?4ae wh<dc w >ild ia iet>e ?j.led erery thirty year* with a new raoe, aud a like tuauer Ueparta .. ai it ia that periid lint no ptr ?n eouvid ?i-s thirty years a? the n_tcia! t?:m of nun's Ut\?sevcui^-year* btin^ ^aaer.illy -?t down < that liait. A br;k. kutiTcr, recently nab i:brd in Parii, by Mr. Plourea*. wh oh'haa :reated uo s-iail Mn>.?Uon in th a city p a es ?id age at eighty-five yeara. a:.J tlw co up'cta taturul life of una at ab ut a y lie jir.cce drat man ho'd at aev< n y inaU a i ot ???<! 40 at that period W<- an tkdiwd Ij t ?is view of the ijuc^tion ??# tho m ..?t ou.-'oct o. Bufo.i, tho nat?r'v!ift. etit?itai el ?ach ta opinion. The rule of life laid J >wu by niui i, tbitt auinn-i-! live fr m six to ?>veu tiuea .be cumber of years te^utiai tj c m;*lete heir growth?euca -t timturM. whieb cxn jletts ita growth at four ycm. lives fr.>m ? weiily to tw. aty-tour yc ira: and a m .n who . ike'i eighteen yiuis t? .0 <^b hi <u i giowtfa, a. 5 lire 3i<<re to an a huuired >ean. Th :o ii'u but uw aicu who live v at uadrui ye^rf, 1. d jut" a* f- w ho.aet th u litr~ 1 > t* u>; ?ut tb. t i'ffxida co re a-*. wl<y uan/ u. c, j'd t : 1. U*e% < t a bou d cja li: j.j- u u. .ut live for a ee. tmy Tuo 'a. It .f M ti.u vt:S iclatii g t lif c. *' ! * lfm srr<'Wi for 2'? r.7*a t. '? 10# k-a:l d 4} i bw ' >la% St -A r tie ox 4 1 .?or 20 too dog 2 10 or 12 Thia is aomewh it <lifT rent fr^m Buffon, but le set,- it down aa a lixed rule that the lar^o taiiuals live about Lvc timo? I tu^cr thaa the .iine required for thoirfud gr>wth. Thiaquea liou is one of deep imparlance to the wh.le auuiaa family, it is oue t > waich ti e inge nious Frenchman has brought >? great. mount, >f knowledge in investigation, and be hoMa up aoien -o iu preMntii.g to all tn-u a .if? of tjbriety, a veiy extended food o. exi<ttii-;c ? ' ' ? 0 VarcRTiXATM, Viar.?The Tr>y Bu.igo .< lates the following rather riogul r ci:oaui itance which happened recently ia that oity : Two peraonfi?mal- and fem 10, of oouraa? irere engaged to married; tho iiv-nlli i^ which be eeiemouy wan totase pise* woe appointed, jut not the (-articular day It, the moath ipproaehcd, and the leiaaln desirous of aacer .aiuing the exact day. roauer' - d her intceded ,j o tme it, ao aa t/> give her t'ac to pr*nire labiiimenta sulUible to the oocaai n Ha. i^irevur, put her off with fniofinite answer*; >ut .-he cootinuinc t<> the cibjo t to lila ' unwilling ears, be fin-uly told h?" th .t he ?ua thort of funda?hadn't the ue^ssary ? i.eediul." Here was a ath'ker?s nfthina 1'C would-be bride h id not avt-u tboi^Lt oT [1 remedy the taster aa far ?a p ??nble, how iver, he made the bdlowiug n:cp >ai(.lr>n to her: Io being in the receipt of a ^ ?>d ??i*ry, fli -nld nve tho greater poitiun of it, aad give tha a":iay to bar to keep ; th >t tbf?y sh >u'd p *t .?ace the time one mouth, wbec they i-b a d >j unlttd To thia *hu ;ia^e"l?-d and '? our nr" to th with cor mv c^d 'o oaury ut hla and able intention Every week b - gav? ner uoiethao iiali hi - a *!iiy, a .d aaaeoneequenee a a short time she h id quire a sum of >n .uey a aer po-aeaaioa beiopgu.g to him M?au me an <ther cauc, ai.d?uv?< ksr. Tba se |uel of it all i?, the tem le a d her new found <>vor were mair.ed. i.nd ran away with tee ? ruinjea of the caat-off auit t. wh'> was fleeced ut of nearly 950 ! He will do nothing in tha ratter, considering that ho has made a fortu ate escape from a marriage oouueetio? which ia anight nave oauae to lepant. RbMAHKAiLi tacxPB ?A aon of Mr Bui er, residing at No. 120 Colombia atreet, (rooklyn, a few days eiaee fall from a third tory window on to an iron grating in the area e!ow. The boy. who is only two yeara and a alf old, when taken up waa lnsenaiola, but y application of toe proper ra*tomtivea ha 'aa soon restored to cona iousr.eae, ai d it ap esra he austaiaed no seriouaii jury?not even bone was broken. The fall was about ttr.rly set, aud how the ehild escaped inataat death ppears miraouloua ? iV. Y. Tu Naxioxal 6axrTATK>xs ?The English mac r American inquirea : '? How do you We.'1" aa f the only question with him w?re, not whe uar anything was to be dona, (for that he aa uuiea.) but in what way it was dona So the 'reachman, who make* behavior and poliab be stuuy of hi* life, asks : " How do you wy ourstlf V 80, also, the inventive Gtraau cm inds: -What are you mii-itur"' And the lave Spaniard dec anda : " H >w do you taud!" K Mr. Fillmoks ij* Paeis ?A Paris letter to he New York Times saya : " Mr. Fiilmore ia t the Hotel de Lairds, and reocives vast rowds tf visitors. A child who hu already .eu a good deal of him, a.iid y -rterlay bar lletbe^?? Mother, I like Mr Fiilmure^he ai rays 10 ks ao clean and a ice To a] pieeiata hta opinion, you must know that, in hia linen aid the care of hia beard, Mr. F ia tha ?c?l (articular of men " HxvotrrioxAur Rxuca.?Esquire Basin*, ,f Wilmington, on a recant visit to Ckadd'a ?'jrd, Delaware oounty the famoaa battle ;rouud oi 1777, pickod up two aannoo ba'ia, ne six pounds, aud the other fire and a half, in the small ball there is a aear. which look* a tbougt a piece haa bean broken off landing 0 the iicpreaaion that it bad been a chain tatfT Ftfiit New Ftoca ?The Albany Register, f the 18th says that the flrat sale of new flour 0 that city, for thia aeasca, waa ma<ke the day r'.ore by Mawre 1 A Durant k Co. Tki-jf Id barrela at 51* per barrel