Newspaper of Evening Star, August 22, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 22, 1855 Page 2
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K V EN I NO STAR.j WASHINOTON CITY: WFDNESDAV AFTER!<V05..Aa(iil 42. should be handed in t>jr 12 o'clock. M., otherwise they may not ap pear until the next day. .. ? ?" * At.fc.>TS FOR THE STAR. The following person* are authorized to con tract for 'be publication of advertisements In the Stars Philadelphia?V. B Palwir,N W. corner ?f Th'H ard Chctnut streets. New York?S M Pbttivoill A Co , Nassau ?treet. Bo*tor.?V. B. Palmer, Seollay's Building. PPIKIT 07 THE ItOBWIlTO FBE88. The Unio)i, commenting on the fact that instead i f getting the enormous majority orig inally announced by the telegraph, first 20,000, then la.OOO, and afterwards 10,000, Govornor M.irtheod's cmjo ;*y (in Kentucky) b only .about 4,0**, ?ays <l it terms cc.rr to be generally concede4 that Mr. Moonhead** majority will not ex ceed 4,090. It m:?y possibly fall as low as 3 2<i2 the majority wh;ch Ueii. ScoU obtained i?i Kentucky at tfce last presidential election. .After fr.tuas, the nio.-A deliberate and barc 1'ace 1, ai'itr obstructions and violence at the poll- without a parallel in our history, and : fter atrocitie* which make the flesh creep at the simplest recital of their revolting "honor?, the fruits of Know Nothingism at the lute election in Kontucky may be summed ?ip ia a l'i w words. A Know Nothing Gover nor has been clceted by a majority not much, if ury larger than that given to Gen. Scott, ?.aid ? !.c Democratic member of Congress has ? ??et; del.. ated thru jgh the infamous instrumen talities already alluded to. Who can doubt the re?uit of the election in Kentucky n -old now be if it hud bten conducted in the j- ime spirit of integrity, the same jealous re gard f j. the constitutional rights ot all clae?es i'i the citizens, and the same faithful obsai v ante of the laws, which characterized theelcc ti' in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Texas?" In thanking the gentlemen named below for their share in bringing about the reeert :ir.ti-Kcow Nothing triumphs, the Union iays : ?? The IVm <crats, in their felicitations over the re.-;. Its of the recent Southern elections, hi. uld not f> rg.-i their ebl'gatiuns to such ?ea J cmenii K i.:ietb Layner, of Noith Carolina; 3! '?-r Dowi^DD, of; ex-Senst )r (tutu, of Alabama, and their a.- riatcs. ts. lKiuii-on :!nd Cietner^ kindly under 1 >ok t- iliustr: te the old? fashiomd truth that t- < >.e uian or no two men can carry a gi?at pai-y tu tbe ranks oi the euetny to which thty may d?.s it : a:.u they havo admirably sue eeed? 1 in the experiment. They cnac: d their part with the utmost fidelity t j pr.ce dent. i ?th uodert<K?k ta show that the Dem ?. cratic |.inj up. or pretty much ?iii their .-:je, and both have fallen in the sMugglc, er during monumenN of disappointed and auibitiou. For these ser vices. we say, all thai ks arc due. But for su h kind v-duutcers is M jjor Doncl: jn and A- 1. ClcuiMic ? ccaaionally to point out to reek It s lenders and selfish ingrar s the danger of a'i attempts to make their persona' glide the subject ox seneral contr< versy. thera is no tell ing what tile eud would be. Ijvery man who lo.t a n> mil a* ion, or who fj?ilc(t to get an offico, wi.u.'d set up his st.indard or rebellion, until tbe democracy btcame a mere tumult of f?> tp s like their diMrganrzsd and quorielsome adversaries." Inc Inttlligcvrer j ubishes a translation . c\:i a ricrnt bi.-tory of tfce elder Napolt-in's times, by Count Kocdercr, (privately printed,) wherein nn occurrence in detailed in wtich ? ur re pre ? ntative in Pari?, ia 1800, refused ce;'ain valuable f om the Emperor, and ; Wo can never ee or hc.irof a pre?cn* to ?<? o of <>ur olicial lunctionaries from a forei"n i .nee or State wiffcoi.t being led to wi.-h thUt - 1 other clauses of our Constitution coo'.d be every wLcre guarded by the same jealous c as which prohibits the accept* atce of an old c<?in or a snuff-box. Were this tbe cus'j we should hear netting of the many prepositions which now eo frequently grate n|K<u om c r iiom State p*?liticians, and even b:.?te Lcgi latures. to nnMify acts of Congres pa ced umler the aathcrity of that same Cun atrtutiou." |jf We have received irom the periodical j and stationery e-tablirhment of Joe Shilling. t-n, ?? The Confes;doa? of a Pretty Woman;" we oif"i n^t oral revelation^ in our sanctum, but a v.'Iodic writteu by Miss Pnrdoe, bearing thi?, (to ba helors, such ai Joe himself,) highly attiactive title. Also. " The Jealous Wife," by the n me authoress; a commodity, in flesh, r.-.i i vrticulatly desirable to a staid and so ber husband. Ut 4 Tfce C? nstitotion" is the name of ? wcli ::ott? n up weekly ncrrspaper, published at Berkeley Springs, Morgan county, Va. It is c :ilcd by a Whig ia opposition to the Know Nothings. L?r I" eoncequence of the riot among the firemen, which occurred in Baltimore on Satur day night, the Mayor of that city h?s districted the New Market, United, United States Ho.-c, Meant Vernon, Vigilant, and Lafayette com panics. Jjif The benefit f<>r the sufferers by yellow ft\?r in Not folk and Portsmouth, given by ?Kunkel A Co., at the Holliday street theatre, Ba!tia< re, on Monday right, yielded 5275 72; which Mr. Ford yesterday paid over. Gotkrsob Reeuer'* Retcr!!.?The friends ot tx-fi vernor Bender held a meeting at Eas ton, yrstrrday, to make arrangements for givicg him a reception on his arrival there. L* At New Orleans on the 12th instant, there was not a single vessel in port loading, either for 1W ton or New York?a circumstance, the Delta says, almost without parallel, during tL'j last twenty years! ; jr In Sweden, a man who is seen drunk four tiiaes, is deprived of his vote at elections, hi. I the next Sunday a.icr the fourth offence, i-- expo-ed in the churchyard publicly. \ellow Fi ver?A despatch from Now Orlen;^- August 20. says : "The yellow fover is ajriin increasing in tb:s city. The total riumoer ot tleaths during the past week was ?>17, including ."4)t irom the fever. A Tuscan sIood. rigged with only one ma?t, has arrived at New Orleans, from Leg horn. with an as-Diud cargo, bound to Browns ville, Texas, au 1 MatJiuoras. Mexico. Mormojis?Pr?m an Emigration Report published by the M ?rmon Organ at Ivverpool, it appe.'.ri during lb54, 3,628 emigrant*, converts to Mormoiiism, left that port for America. For California ?The two California steam ers. which left New York on Monday, took out al>< yl fourteen hundred passengers. [^"To-morrow is to te observed at Peters butr, Va., as a day of fasting, prayer and hu miliation. I^- The lion. Pierre Soule has declined a ncL\'nation for Congress in the first district of Louisiivna, saying in the course of his letter to tfce editor ot the True Delta: " I have borne my full share of the sacrifi ces which public life too often entailo on its votariea, and it ia but justice that I be per mitted to rest, for a while, at lent, from the auxu.tie* and agitatiou* which have mi signal ly marked my political as well as my diplomat ic career." ?? ?I WASHIHGTOH JEWS AITD GOSSIP. Financiering and Financial Securities in | the City of Washington ?In no city of equal wealth and business is it so difficult a matter for the property holder to raifs money m in Washington. To raise money, on mortgage on real estate is next to an imj>o*sibility; and, in deed, upon any security whatever, except on the part of persons in actual activc bu:incss, it i? . very doubtful, and possibly to a very limited ex tent, the time being rarely longer than ninety days. Money in Washington is at a'1 times scarce; the reason, or achicf causo. being, that to suit the tastes of our lenders other than the banks, parses hero import for sale stocks and bonds from all quarters of the Union which be ing Eold heie tho money is sent away to pay for them An engrossing stream of the rnoney of Washington capitalists is thus ceaselessly dowing out of the city, while the aggiegate active capital of all the banks is by no means too large to cover the commercial paper sck ing discounts. Capita' hero thus f:?ks. or, rather, adopts, these securities thus constantly in the market, and by so doing drains active business of its needed supplies. Capital ne cessarily flows into this channel through the ab sence of other permanent securities as good or better. The same cause afflicts real estate, and causes too great quantities 'o be incessantly forecd on the market. The general mode of sale has been by notes secured by deeds of trust, the notes running at six, twelve, eighteen, and twenty-fun: months; thus precluding capital from the pos sibility of permanent investment, and com pelling it to seek other channels. To say nothing of very strong donbts?declared by Mime of the lawyers to be weil founded?of the legality of the usuul proc'; ;d:ngs under dteds of trust, other inevitable and monstrous evils attend the custom. At the maturity of each note tho party is liable to be sold out if pay ment be not punctual, and when the first note? become due no loan can be haa upon tho pro perty until the whole be paid off. The several r.otes, too, may bo in the hands of separate parties, and difficulties arise as to precedence, and right to order sale. Tho r.otes, in conse quence of their not being a rermancnt invest ment. sell usually at an exceeding discount, rarely under one per c int. per month for thi whole period, be it as far ??< three years ex tended. This is a lo?s to both buyer and seller. If, ins.ead of d? ids of trust, propci ly should be lot out on ground rent, thtn pcrmanert .'3 curities of the best character would alwavsbc ? ? cn hand to supply demand. It would Lrry the money here, and beyond a doubt vcrv large amounts of stock would be soli out, and the money brought back and inv ested in ground rents tj the advantage of the buyer and ol eveiy real c?ta< 2 holder. Again: a very great number of persons can afford to build a house if they have not to pay for the ground too; and wben, by a ground rent they can avoid danger of being sold out for tho ground, a vast number would build who would not otberiwise. The market would not be incessantly oppressed with sales forced under the stringent terms of a deed of trust. In Philadelphia and Baltimore, we can speak, wo think, within safe bounds, when say that more than one hundred millions cf ground rents have been crcatcd, their owners encoun tering little from the shocks so disastrous to stocks and bonds; end as ground nuts aie usually Ricompar'td by policies of insur ance, they become a choice investment. It requites only to have attention called to the advantages of ground rents to secure their more general adoption. We may refer to this here after. These remarks have been induced an advertisement in this day's paper of " Lota on Ground Rent," to whi#h we refer the reader; and to the consideration of the subject we call the notice of all, as being one of great import ance to the welfare of the city, to property holders and to capitalists. We know that a large capitalist of the District who has no in clination for stock operations, is sending his capital to Baltimore to be invested in ground rents. The Republican Party in Washington.? Some wag is surely quisling the New York Herald in tending over the wires such tele graphic dispatches as the following in that journal of the day before yesterday : " Wasuisgto'*, August 19 ?Owing to a slim attendance at the meeting of the Republican Association, last night, the ofiicers were not elected. Ibe names of its members have not yet been made public." We remarked, a day or two since, that the sanctum of the editor of the Era?pre suming that room to be 10 by 12 feet?will hold the whole " Republican party of Wash ington," including the followers of Mr. Sew* arii, placed in office here by General Taylor, who, having subsequently been removed by the Fillmore and Pierce Administrations, still reside in tlis city. In truth, no such party has an existence heie, unless we take into the account our free colored population, seme of whom, in a'l probability, sympathise, politi cally, more or less, with the new party. How ever, we call attention to this dispatch, be causc it serves to illustrate, forcibly, to our fellow citizens, (who all know the humbuggery of the ilea that any such party has respect able strength here,) the stuff of which tole graphic accounts of political affairs are eo of ten made up. It equals the calculations, by telegraph, in 1848, that Van Buren would carry Maryland, aud possibly Virginia, ba?ed on the blowing of ono Dr. Snodgrass; the strength of that distinguished individual's paUy in the former State pro\.ng, when the voting came on, about a baker's doz?n, and, in the latter State, perhaps ha'f .*>?> many. Vive la bag at tilt ! Business.?As the Fall season of trade is very soon to open, we take tho liberty of say ing to our many readers who live on fixed sti pends. that they can do nothing worse for themselves and their families than to run in debt. It has appeared to us that more or less very worthy persons, and some very unworthy ones around us, strive, not to economise, but to try to what extent they can stretch and strain their credit. We cannot, for the life of us, understand what a person, with a regular and fixed income, who may not himself be in trade, can want with credit except under some extra ordinary combination of circumstances. Per sons so situated who obtain credit, are living in advance of their means, and aro, therefore, doing actually nothing in the way of accumu lating property, one of the chief ends of life with all classes io this country, as American society is constituted. Within the last ten years those among us who have fixed stipends have bccome much luuj-e thrifty., as a general matter, than before; tewer, much fewer in proportions to-numbers, being in the practice of subjecting themselves to the harassment* of dons?to the mortifiea ion of the natural and justifiable importuni ies of creditors seeking merely their own. vVe doubt whether there is a family in Wash igton that cnnnot with the prackicc of greater ystcui, econqmy, and industry, live better ?ran at present for from ton to twenty-fire per entum lest than they now expend ; which ex* ess of expenditures it is, that keeps so many f them always in hot water with merchants, iechanios, and traders. Our objeot, in this brief article, is toencour ge a sjuteui of due economy, that must ventuate in better hoalth, longer lives, im roved character, and more true and rational :ijoymeat on the part of those who live on claries and wages, and all depending on them >r suppou; and at the same time, if possible. > achieve for the merchants and others in raie, in the three cities of Washington, loor^atown, and Alexandria, the great bene it to result to them from censing to sell their ,'oods and labor on credit to tho.'e who receive t the end of every month of every year fixed ?ay on which they live. There is no other egion in the United States where credit is ac ually of so little real necessity as in this; and t is a subject of wonder to us that our fellow itiiens?buyers and sellers?have not before his adopted the safe arid profitable plan to all arties, of dealing almost entirely lor cash in iand. The New York Democracy.?-At length hers is a Strong probability of a reunion of i ho Now York Dem< :racy. This is apparent a the tone of the Eviiiing- Pont, which is ex eedingjy lachr^mp' over the failure of its fforts to prevent t>uch an cjcurrence. It ? bu^cs the 44 S^ts' quit j as vehemently as jo iiarils for being sold to tho slave power; '.cusing them of i>ertMiaciously refusing to )in this new Republican party, whose banner t ha3 hoibied only through love for the ad ministration and the spoils. Tho route of Cnow Nothingism at the South is working its egit:mate result indisposing the Hards to ro ew their party affixations, it being thus made pparent to all that no succcss in politics can, jy any possible chance, attmh herea.ter to ! vnow Nothingism; to whioh Hard'sm not Jong 1 ince exhibited great affinity. It there were the slightest rea.- >n lift on ' vhioh well-informed politicians might battue ?xpc.ctation of the triumph of Philadelphia ?latfornr Know Nothir?:sm in tho next Presi ^cnti:'i el? 'tion, tho Ilards would stick to it ? kc wax. But that prosp< ^t having vanished ) soon, they b'd fair to go bp -k to their first 3ve, as intensely as they ha'* the President; ! because they aio even more strongly .ommit- ! ted a-jainbt abolitiornai, t > which they must ..ow adhcro if they reject the other alternative of reur'ting with its on'y l^mj'ining opponent ' r the field, lire ?ir;als of the Evtning Post over the obsuna -y of the So.^j in refusing to support the proportion to rej ;al the Ne braska bill is a capita' sign, as it proves the .success of Gcvoro'ir Marcy in bringing theui back upon the straight-out Demr ?ratic plat form. from which they doser 1 in If 18 only to obtain revangj on the Democratic party for throwing Van Burcu and ta"' overboard in the cont -it of that ye?r. Ortolan Shooting ?The season for this de lightful sport i3 just now opening, and the sportsmen io this vicirUy are already in tho marches of the Eastern branch at each propi tious tide. Yesterday, many gunners were in skiffs and at the work. The best day's shoot ng, we hear, was done by a well-known a mat aur. a veteran ortolan-shooter, though still on the sunny aide of thirty. He bagged thirty four; his rivals in the sport, few of them get ting a dozen birds. For the information of tho uninitiated Vho may be ambitious of t.y ing their guns, we have to give them infor mation in the premises as follows, vii: Bo at the house of the keeper of the upper bridge over the Eastern branch, Mr. Brown, at half-flood tide (which is just n?w at about 2 p. nr.) with a double-barrelled fowling piece, ammunition, ami accoutrement*. At the house, the sports" man can procure the necessary skiff and a man to paddle and push him on the water, and t!i rough the wild o&tson which the luscious gams foed. They fly, singly, at the approach of sports men, and rise slowly, directly above the perch. TJach bird is shot singly as it thus ri es. A fortunate and skilful sports man often bags ninc \v or a hundred on a tide. Ortolan shooting is tut sport of this particular region, and should be enjoyed by all who pretend to fire a gun for amusement. Mr. Brown, at the bridge, is himself a famous devote a of the sport, and always take3 great ploasure in endeavor ing to make such an excursion agreeable in all rc. pects to amateurs who desire the uso of bis boats and tho servicos of his men, who know the best localities during each particu lar tide. Tho Current Operation! of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 21st August, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of tho Department? For the Treasury Department... ? 52 061 6j For the Interior Department ,..? 167,8yi 81 For the Custons 7,56a 82 War Warrants received and en ,*3^ 88,237 17 \v ar repay warrants received and entered 85,207 27 Drawn on account of the Navy .. 171,771 00 J Covered in from miscellaneous sources 262 94 Temporary Clerks Appointed in the Pen tion Office.?We hear that this morning tho fallowing gentlemen were appointed tempo rary (SI,200 per annum) clerks in the Pension Uureau, subject to the usual preMmiria^ cx ;?iu'nation, of courts : Imri Woods, Mass.; Walter Hairitnan, N. II.; Henry Major, Philadelphia; .4'ex. L. B.bter, Iowa; C. S. Whittle* jy; J. H. Wool ford, Md. ; S. G. Jamie.on, S. C. ; J. C. Mor ri.-jn, Ala.; C. Birn?e, Miss. ; J. A Kayi-er. trausferi.'d from CeDsus Office; Franklin Wi m?r, transferred i,om Indian Office. The Murder of Helen Jewett.?It t ism? that since the death of Richard P. Robinson, recently at Louisville, a Mr. H. Wilson, of New York, appears in the papers of that city, and says that at the l:me of the trial he could have given r?timony that would have con victc 1R. beyond question; disproving the alibi on which the murderor escaped unwhipped of justice. Though occupying a respectable po sition in society, Wilson has almost made him .- df a confederate of Robinson, in his black and bloody deed, by concealing his knowledge of the c;?*e thus, for nineteen year^ " The Proof of the Padding is in Chewing the Bag "?The point of this old adage is hap pily illustrated in the fact that the Know Nothing papers have redoubled their slanders and abuse of the Catholio clergy, uow that five Know Nothing clergymen of Norfolk at d Poitmouth have run away from the pes tileaee, while Catholie eler^ vmen fend 8J?t?rt of Cha.lty aid flocking thither * m all quar* tr?% at ?he lisk of their lir<?, in nursing, and "i ministering to the spiritual wants of the sick and d).ng. The Yellow Fever. The ferer i* inoijaimg in Norfolk end Poi^mcnth, rather then * beting, if the ac c mnM i ^eiv< i can be rell? 1 on. The follow ig au the names of same of the tictims for the 48 hoars tadirj on Monday at 2 p m, ieported by the Norfolk board of health: Mrs. Murphy, M-?. John? H Hat tin, Miv j-? MisaCh*\ ian. Wat. WaMa?e, Mrs. C. Fueamau. D. F. K< cb?,l, Elixa ?utt>n's child, R. C. Bvjiay, Mrj. Samuel Diaimond, Mrs. M. Hr?r?, M:?? Mehone, Twotjrvan**. (t >Ior 1,) at Kine'i hotel; t *r vant of T. R. Lae, Mr. Gibbon's ch*ld, Mi3. rauth'och;'.d, M * ?. /'un- 6. ge Sum mer,' ehUd, W?l' r Jor , (U. 6. N. m^ier) dit 1 at h< fpita1; 7nomas Jer"^*.!. A leUer f'om cue Preside U oi the Howard Ass< jiat-on says that "what > mo** wan' ad is jtn? common re?.e: * of f'fe, and . >me few '?itlc cles forthebick. OraP'j sand lemons i 'il J n??cb n' 4; well s < candU ?end soap. PiT sions ai*d 4?jeral sapp,;* j are moid n? ;ded than monoy." The Howard As. >ciation has open 1 a pro %iaiuD b?ore. A'.l then who sae in digress aie i^que3t 1 to make application at the office of the Howa-d As. oia on. A sjup hou- has a'o been establish* i. A con.'spondeutof the Balumorc Sun, wri- j < ds from Noi.olk on t> 20th inst., says: ,lGIt om* indt d is the ipert ofour city. It I *ms a5 ii e\ery day weij Sunday, and, the exi jption of the r;og??"; ot church bells I yesterday, ho ijr'd not ha To dis.nguished it I A?oin nny >?thcr day or the part week. "The. v ond thundei >torm on Saturday after* j noon wjm att< I with floods of rain, which I ^oiitinu< 1, almost without in' irirs'ssion, during I tac night, and, tilth a strong northerly wind, I tho temperatdi j was l iuce i to an average of OS degrees. It i> cod, uuusaully so for I ihe > saiton, and bids fair to continue so for I this day at least. Last ni^bt a blanket was I decidedly comfortable. Tne effV It of such weather upon the .over is thought to be favor able to it- abatement, while it acta injuriously on the cas< under t. -s oent. "Drs. Stone and Per ton, of New Orleans, are constantly mak'r-; the rounds with our physician*, and bavo i >n<.*ibuted largely to I their late exf "Jiiei j. Dr. Froeman, oi Phil adelphia. '"<* also loi3. "Nur. f are dally ai nvir ?, and much relief ,ias b< -.n afforded the * c*w oy their employ- I nient by the Howard Af < :ta< ton. The Sist rs ??f Chai.ty at end to the basjit?< at Julanni the mr e and ether f.-mfe HA ss aio dtaalMI 1 about the city , and well it is for many an ur?ortui a' j that they have come Whole f?np'?r a : I' d up together; friends aave either fl I or ha\ .? theii own tamilies to nur. 3, ("Mi monev, po' mt a? it generally is, dc i not tempt attendant I The Rev. Messrs. Jackson, of St. Paul's; W alke, of Chrit Church; A ji<^tror?, of the 5 SarWriMiW11^ of th? Cumberland street 1 r7,J Granby street Methodist; 0 K. :fe, of St. Patrick's; MeClel litud, ot the Me the 1st Protr rtnt; and Jone3. the A .ican Metuudi&t, are the names of | the punchers who l a\o I naint I in Norfolk and a. j .-nong those Vl !y and u.^u'iy en g?.^d -n the-* t Toi ?: ?j consols -on to the sunL-rers. f >me of them an ?\ i ;golar at tendant ; at the Ho-|iital; j?nd none of tbo^^ I inention? I n:a. ?' a d? in to fly from the I ^ourfe to d e in the MOfd dis ckam of their known duty to leavine the suLontg and afliot 1 members of their flock* in tho midst of d' ?ase ?nd de^tb, without the jo *?xd8 of comfort and Christian consola- I Uon wr'ch it bet lmes them especially to im pau in the hou-of extraordinary calamity and tua'. J i Jie morta'hy in T^orl Auutii (reported by J 'egraph yt .jid?y) is feai.j!; twenty four havjr-;4 1 out of a population of but little | over a thou'^nd, in t^rty-t'^ht houi ?. Pri va' i !e. Jii rtprc < nt the deaths a* . jm ten to twelvo j :r day. or one out of every hundred J inhabitant. Mrs. P. )bia.<->n and Stephen Jamc* have] died. John H. Myers, Mary Grimes, and Em ina Sneal h.Tvo it. ovoir 1. j The {oifowing from Co!. Watts, the President or the Common Council of Port month, has been NNb?4 by Mayor Hinks of Baltimore, and suhmitud by him to the Board of Health : t u u Pu"TS^crH? Va . August 20. 1 oHi v Honor the Mayor of Laltimore : ? 1 CHr J *v ~^Veral 0Ur physicians are I sick, nnd the others nearly broken down. Can your city for the rt hef o. the sick . Write me D? receipt of this. I if any of your surgeons will come, they will I not only he hospitably received, but will be imply remunerated I do not wish, and shall the fact from our cititcns abroad, that the fever is ra3ir!F |0 an ula^ming extent. With t.-nt!meats of the highest respect, I cave tbe honor ta ba, yours trulv, W. Watts. President Common Council. | A !ct*er from PorUmoulh say : I " In ielation t > the . mdition of the town, it c?,nplelely desert* .1, A gloi.m settled and] tb'Cd uangs over the community that if left, I ihe adjacent country?all along the lino of I the roaa, is occupi. d by our people, many of uem at least, whc?e limit id means you aro I wel aware of; many of thcfO honest and working people leit, I'm sure, without the I means of sustaining them^eives, depending upon circumstances, and yialdinp to the en treaties of their wives and childien t> flea ;roni the pestilence. I anticipate a most try 'n? winler' There is no calculating what the suffering may bo when the whole tide of pona. lation ponrs fnto town again?without fuuds, and i tear reduced botn in mind and body 1 8?nJyou herein a number of the Transcript vb>ch hiu? not beon issued for many days I went up in the office, and there found Fiske, our Mayor, alone at work at the preF^, and ihrojwng the cumbors off ss fa.t as he could. All his hand? arc gone. Maupin's, Bilisoly',-, and Neville s. are the only groceries open. ' CAirrHE* Lamp Explosion.?About a quar ter past eight o'clock la*t evening, as Mrs Lawrence, issiding at No. 50 James street was trying to fill a lamp with burning fluid while the wick was still bnming. the fire com municated to the fluid in the can, causing an instantaneous explosion, and setting fire to tie room. Mr. L. was lying on the floor at tha time, having bten rroently disabled with a sore kuee. He immediately seized his child about three months old, and ran to the door! calling his wife to follow, but as she did not do so he returned and found that she was lyine on the floor, burn* i very ,eve rely about the nock, face and arms. Sue wn taken imme diately to the hospital, wheia the dostors gave it as their oninion that she could not po?3ibly i .-cover. 1 ne fi. a was aoon extinguish'd with tlining dsma-e, though the Bbeet of flame which burst from the w<ndowcieat I an alarm and brought many fi; omen the spot. Mr. and Mrs. A., were but i snMy man.ed, and were much e>t? snarl by a'l who knew them, and this double misfortune to them is much regretted.? N. Y. Sun. Thk Ksow Noi* *99 of New York city have made the fo?'ow.?ng noaroations: SheriT?Janes S. T< me, S.^nd Ward. Comptuller?John 8. G*'ei, Tenth Ward City Clerk?Rol BeaUv, Fourth Ward. War!? Jr?^ ? Moi jtan, Eighth Fiiweuth'Ward01 lH>r*t'ou ^?D?? Alover, N;^r'n,hW?Ti?n0r-Jl'MP'' G' J:*?' "Xt;r Ho? '? Commissioner of Repaiii and Supp'^g-Joa Southworth, Eleventh Ward. ' lohn^VkT^^' P f venth Ward; TwenU ? 1 wl ? nrd' B,u;aH ^rry, XTrd ' Fl d*l ck Hi,,? Tw?' h t^""New counterfeit two dollar notes on the Farmer s Bank of WPzniagton, Del ., are in circulation ' PERSONAL. ....Richard Welsh. Esq., recently the pnb Jisherof a P?P'r in N?w York, called "The Honest Truth, died in that eitj, on Snnday. Deceased was long known a* an act ire friend of Ireland, and was a wrUer of some celebri ty ....Thomas D. Beard, of Wilmington, Del., ha? volunteered h;? serve .? a* a ncree to the ?ick with fever at Not?olk. ....Col, J. H. Wfao'sr, United StateaMin ister to Nicaragua, left New York on the 20th inst., in the steamship Northern Light, for San Jvav, Nicaragua ....Information has bees received at Savan nah, Geo., of the death of Hon. J H Bronson. Judge of the U. S. Court of the Northern District of Florida. He wa? a cousin of Judge Bronson, of New York. h stated that one hundred pernors have died from cholera at Fort Riley. ... .Madame Maubourg, the eldest daugh ter and lust tai living child of the Maraaies Lafayette, died at her residence, in Tario, ia csntly, in the 75th year of her age ....Rev. Dr. Sears was yesterday unani mously elcci i prc ident of Brown (R. I.) University. ....We learn that Messrs. Robeti Copeland and Thomas Brings, have recently left this city for Norfolk and Port;mouth, to assist in nursing the sick. .... The Sultan of Turkey has ordered mag i ifiocnt in hiilliants to be made, as erc3en*s for ^ucen Victoria and the Empress tigenie. and saddles, all embroidered In bril liants, to be made for the Emperor, the &iog of Sardinia, and Prince Albert. OFFICIAL. Department or State, Washington, Aug 1j-?.5. The following notice from the <'lA>adon Ga zette" of the 27th nltimo, Ms been olficlaliy com municated to this depa-tment for the Information of the citizens of the United States: Foaiicn Office., July 27, 1845 . It is hereby notified that the Right Honorab'e. the Earl of Clarendon, KG, her Majesty's prin cipal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, ha? rr-ceived from the Lords Com mi ssioners of i he Ad miralty a copy of a communication from Rear Ad miral the Honorable R. S. D .indas, commander in-chief of her Majesty's naval forces In the Bal tic, enclosing a copy of a joint nottficati<*. issued by him and by Rear Admiral Penaud. command er-ln chief of the naval forces of his imperial Ma jesty the Emperor of the French In tne Baltic which notification Is as follows: "It Is hereby notified, in the name of her Brit annic Majesty t^ueen Victoria, and his Imperial Majesty Napoleon III, Emperor of the French, that, ou the ICth day of July Instant, all Russian Eirts, roads, havens, and creeks in theGuJof otbnia, from Torn* a, in latitade 65 deg 46 min i.orih. longitudeI deg. 7 mln. rut of Green wich, to Nystad, in latitude 60 deg 46 min north, longitude 21 deg 20 min. east of Greenwich. In cluding especially the norta of Uleaborg, Bran? s jad, Gamia. Carleby, Nya Carlehy, Wasa. Chrls tiaestad, Biornehorv, and Raumo, were piac-d in V"1*1,';,. irlct blockade by acouipetent of the allied fleets And it is heteby further nctifi^d with reference to the blockade of the coas: of F in land between Nystad and Haigo Hr-d, and of the islands and islets f.ont n? ihe said coast es Ublisht d on the 15th u'timo. tnat, on the 14th'dav ?n Ru -lan islands in the Gulf of Bothnia, including *sp iaMy the Aland Islands, were pia< d in a state of strict blockade by a competent force of tne allied ti- -ts And It U hereby further notified, that all measures au thorized by the laws of natior ? and the resoective treaties between their Majr ?tie? and the different neutral powers will fc? adopted and ex-rated wiih respect to all vessels which may attemptto violate the said blc kadtv r ??,rGi^Vnd7,ou,rh?ndB'at anchor at Nargen, this 16th dav of July, 1855. . d . . , , ^ ? "C. PENAUD, near Admiral and Commander-in chief of the naval forces of his Imperial Majesty the Emperor of the French in the Baltic ? a^ . , "R S DUNDAS. Y> Admiral and Coramander-ln-ciref of her Bri'annic Majesty's naval forces in the Baltic/' And It is herebv further notified, that all the measures authorized by the laws of nations and therein -tlve treaties l^.ween he,- Mj v.# and her allit and tb? different neutral powt's will he adopt' I and ex uted on beba'f of her Majestv and her r*lv, his MaJ <ty the Emperor of the h rench, with resp t to all v* ? -Is which mav at tempt to vlolac the >j<d blockad-s, or tuv or cither of them. 1 (ATTENTION, PRESIDENT'S Mounted Guaid.?You a** herebv noti fied to meet at the armory on THURSDAY. Au gu*l t' d, at 3jf o'clock p. m. precisely, in full uniform, with pompon, arms, accoutrement and hone trappings in complete order, for parade. Ly order of the Company : w u u Capt JOS. PECK. W. H. Havwakd, lstSergt. au 2*?It# SEVENTH WARD UNION ASSO ciation will meet on TO-MORROW (Wednesday) EVENING, at 7W o'clock, at Po tomac Hall. WM. COOPER. Sec. au 21?2t (NOTICK ?The members of the Easle Club of Georgetown beg leave to inform tt oir numerous friends and patrons that they will tive their second Annual Ball at Forrest Hall ou WEDNESDAY. Octol?er3, 1855. Particulars In future advertisement. au 20?e?3t* (NOTICE.?The Mechanical Club re - spectfuliy announce to their friends and the public generally, that they will give their first Grand Pic Nic and Excursion at Arlington Srrinr. on WEDNESDAY, the 5th September. Particulars in future advert!**-intnt. au 17?eo3t (Organ) CAMP MEETING 13ERSONS wishing to attend the Camp meet A Ing near Bladensburg, to commence on the 24th instant, can be comfortably accommodated by application to JOHN ZIMMERMAN, au ?^t at McGregor's Store, 7th at. MRS. BURR WILL RESUME her Classy for Young Ladies on the 17th September, at j her residence, 364 C stivet au 22?eo3w MR. BUSH NELL'S SCHOOL. No. 441 Thirtetntk street, between h and G $tt THE next session of this School will commence I on the firft Monday in September. The course of instruction embraces all the branches of a complete Academical education. Circulars, containing terms and oiher particu lars, may be had at ;he Bookstore* anu at the Schoolroom. au22?eo3w* 4 ( ARD.?The attention of the public is re -rl. spectfuliy invited to the extensive sale of F nr niture which will <%ke place on THURSDAY, the 23d instant, at 10 o'clock am, at the south east corner of 7th and D streets, opposite the Pa triotic Bank. WIH be added to the sale? 5 rolls good Ingrain Carpet. The Furniture is of line quality and of everv va riety. x * For particulars see advertisement. GREEN A SCOTT, au 23?It Arct'o. eerm. COACH ESTABLISHMENT. Pennsylvania avenue, betve-n 4)f and 6rh Ms. BRIDGET A HALL have removed from Sixth street to the south side of Penua rJiC avenue, between 4* and 6th streets. where they-*re ready to do all kinds o/VorlTii their line. The old stand on Sixth street is for rent. En quire above: au 22?tf * A CARD. ~ JK_AJ*P infirm.-adeline ?,,hw !, .kw n 2Svn her 4 'rvlcei u ^arse, and submits the following commendations from some ^?iM K-m en?lr!ent physicians. Her attentions ^nr^,t.lin? charge-? moderate. Res ldence No 432 I street south, near the Navy Yard The following certificates from three medical gentlemen were given her, the original of which in her possession : The bearer of this, Adeline Bowman, is well a town to me She has had much practice and ?JtPeri?n^? in taking care of the sick. She is hon ?t, sober and industrious. Any one In want of a Nurse or attendant would find her kind and atter A. W. MILLER, M D. Having confidence in Uw opinion of Dr A. W Miller, 1 do not hesitate to endorse the above 8. A. H. McKIM. 1 believe in the above G M DOVK an 22 ?3t* 1 SYDNEY SMITH'S MEMOIRS, bv his daughter, Lady Holland, with a selection ft ^letters, edited by Mrs Auatin, 2 voSS The Jealous Wife, by Miss Pardoe naner -aw. Confessions ofaPmty Wol^n bf? doe, paper, 50 cents. ' " * 8* Pai au 22 TAYLOR A MAURY. near ?th ?t. anaJ?4* FRANCK TAYLOR. T JOB PUTURB't 4 CIRCUS! ' With latin Hew aad Brilliant Equipmwt! tb,s "if*rt ?*?***. FOR I-H?^r^J,8ool, AND BVKWIW9. Doer* open at 8 and T p. m Perform-m^ t. Ml Lour afterwards Admission 8i cents. Thl* Company Is distinguished fw thf eiegaa< t novelty, and variety of its entertainment*. EQUESTRIAN. GYMNASTIC AND PAXTOglMIC, DUpUviAi Ihc highest order of Fws*b a?? Domestic T&eot. Among the principal Amrt* ?f iSffiSTl ??1N IA SB KEWOO?, Mon* N1COLO A PUPILS. Mr GEO BACHELDfcR, Mr DAVIS B I CHARD?, Mr. 0?. SHERWOOD, FRANK PASTOR, Ac CLOWN, JOE PENTLAND. - For particulars tee hills ia principal hotels At GEORGETOWN on TUBSD*>Y, Au|u?t *.*<th, and ALEXANDRIA on W EDNE*DA\ , August 29th as 1??dtSe^ ~~TO URNAM ENT AND FARCY BALL AT TBI FAUQUIER W. 8. STRINGS. THE Tournament will take place on THURS DAY, the 3?th of August, aad Faacv Bell on the evening of the 31st. Knights From a distance are Incited to eoter tk? lists with the sons of th? Old Dominion Oa WEDNESDAY, the Wthlastaat, there will be a Stag Chase, the Venison (twosaddles) to b? < aten on the day of the tournament. tu 1" ?lw ALEX. RAKER. PLEASANT RESORT. SPRING GARDENS, (FORMERLY FAVIER'S GARDEN,) On AI Street, brttettn Seremttfih f Eighteenth, OPENED everv day in the week, and oa San ? day. No spiritous liquors allows, hut Cof f?, Chocolate, Ice Cream. Ac., will he for sale. Weber's Bra** Band will perform every Mon da? and Thursday evening, begiaain- at about 3 ?? clock. Admittance free. an Id?3m 1 rHE LARGEST STOCB OF PIANOS IN this city can be found at JOHN F. ELLIS1 Fancy Store, 308 Pa avenue, near 10th st. aaftl Strangers and citizens i? search of Fancy Notion* or Toys suitable for present*, i an fiud a large collection at au21-3t LA.MMOND'S, 7th \ EW Ml'SIC received weekly at 3t? Pa ave nue, near 10th st. J. F ELLIS. au <1 UMBRELLAS. BASKETS. Engravings. Per fumery, Ac. at ELLISS, 3U6 Penn. avenue, near lUth st. au ?1 NE1T FRENCH SILK DYEING ESTABLISHMENT, cMnia t? nan or BELL & MOWS GRANDJEAK, 4 T the old established Dye House, No <01 fa. A avenue, *outh *lde, next door to the Emar? Urownstone Building. Mons. Grandjean. a Practical Fienrh Silk Dv tr, from France, pledges himself to dye ia the most brilliant manner, all ihe various color*, ou r?llks. Satins, Merinos, Moo* de Lalne*. Alpaca*, Ac , which cannot be surpassed la PhliadelpLia or New York. _ Also. Crape Shawl*, and Silk Dresses hand somelv cleaned on the French stvle. Gentlemena Coats, PanU. aad Woollen Good* < leaned and dyed on the London style. ICTFamily Mourning, dyed superb blacks, ia 24 hours' notice. *? *1?3?* JUST RECEIVED AT JOE SHILLING ton's Periodical Depot? Memoirs of the Rev Sydaey Smith, edited by Mr*. Austin ^ Panama In lHtt, an account of the Par.amaRal ? road, of the cltle* of Paaamaand Aspintrail, with sketches of Life and Character on the Isthmus, by Robert Tome* Letters to the People on H ?ltb and Happiness by Catherine E. Bercher. Memoirs of Jame* Gordon Bennett, and a I* Times, by a Journalist The Escaped Nnn Banker's Daughter. Sd voi, by Repnclds Rose Milton, a romauce. J. SHILLING TON'S, Odeoa Building, corner Pa av ard 4? st. an *1? - COAL AND WOOD. 'IM1E subscribers would respertfullv anno'iare A to consumers of Coal and Wood that they have recently established themseires In thl?Ctty, as Dtm.lrrt r? Coal and Wood. and hopes to receive a liberal share of their pa tronage. We have now on hand a good stipply of Oak and Pine Wood A large supply Anthracite Coal of various sizes, both Red and White A^ now tfloat, which will be ready for sale and delivery tais work. Cumberland Coal of the best quality for family, smithing, and manufacturing por Orders filled promptly and satidhcMon guama tied alwavs. CASTLEMAN A BRO , Corner of B and 6th ata., on the Canal. au 21?2w ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD RAN A WAV from the estate of the late Daniel Clarke, near Upper M arlboro'. Prince George * countr. Md . ou Sunday, the 19ih August, nc^ro tx>y ANDREW. He is about 15 years of a?e; a dark mulatto; about 5 feet high; has a wid* mouth with u'ood welb. and is polite when snoken to lie had on when he left a cloth cap. ?hort blue coat, and blue striped summer pacts I have ret son to tuppose he will first make hi* way to >> ash lngton ^ 1 will give twenty-five dollars reward for hia< If taken in Prince George's county: fifty If la the District, or one h indrea If north of Washington In either case to be delivered to me or ser*red la jail, so that I get him again ' ODEN BOWIE. Unner Marlboro', Piince Gtorge's county, au ?21-dt | Maryland. IOST, ON SUNDAY MOKNING, a Tertiei J Puppy, body black, legs tan color, and white'under the throat, had on chain collar, but no name on It A liberal re ward will be paid for the return of the dog to No 310 New York avenue, between JKh and lCth ata. au 20?eo3t* m WASHINGTON CORPORATION 6 per cent Stock for sale by RIGGS A CO. au 30?lw MUS. A. C. REDMOND'S NEW GAL "lery of Da^uerrean Art.?Haviunengaged the services of an experienced artist, Is fully prepared to take pictures equal to any in the city, and at reaM>nat?le prices No. 290 Pa avenue, northwest comer 11th at . over Ford A Bro's Drug Store, au 6? New goods We have just received? 1 cane New York mills shirting Cotton 1 do 4-4 Bartiett steam mills do 1 do 4-4 Warmasutta mills do 1 do 4-4 "Youne America ' do 1 do 4-4 Prize Medal do 1 do 4-3 Howard do 2 do X Old York and Bartiett do 2 do 12-4 Hamilton cotton Sheeting I 1 do ltl-l do do do 50 pieces Merrlmac Calico, fall styles, warranted ! perfectly fast colors 50 pieces good style English Prints, 12 H cents 1 case Dunbar. Dickson A Co.'? celebrated shitt ing Linen, warranted pure flax, certainly the best Linens we have seen for a long time. Also, oa hand? '?Richardson's" and "Gray's" Shirting Linen. from 37 j^c to SI per yard Our stock of Sellaia table Damask, linen Sheet ings, Napkins, pillow Linen,and Towelling" is very full at thla time. Housekeepers will find H, to their Interest to bay their Linen Goods from ua; we keep the lar gest stock to be found In the District. a:id are willing to sell at a small advance on whole ??le pricea. SO pieces all wool, white Flannels, from i- to cents 100 pieces Mosquito Netting A full stock of all kinds of Fine White Good* constantly on hand MOURNING GOODS, a complete stock of the best class always ou hand at low prlco Superior Mack Silks, from SI to S2 per ydj New supply of' Buck Gauntlets ' SUMMER GOODS of all kinds will he sold very cheap for cash, a* we wish to make room for our fhll auppliea. and will oiler great bargain* CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY A CO. au 20?It | Memoirs of james Gordon ben nftt and his Timea. by a Jo?i:nalia' au II? FRANCK TAYLOR Having about two hundred ar*> of fine pasture, and eighty of whlffc 1- i?** watered m?adow. I will take a limited numUr nl horses to pasture Enquire of HEN FY B1RC11. au li -eo3t* at his Livery Stable. F^RENCH DRAWINU PENCILS from 'ir* h?-veral manufactories of Fausrh lUrdnm b* Waher and Contee, Imported direct fum th* ma ker* in Parla, by FRANCk TAYLOB jy25

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