Newspaper of Evening Star, August 22, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 22, 1855 Page 3
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EVE NIN G ST A R. I LOCAL INTELLIGENCE j Edccatiosal ?Washington is well provided ?with many good institutions for tb.e instruc tion of youta and the time is fast approaching ?when the sch<d.istic duties will be resumed. In addition to those especially mentioned by -oron a previous occasion are the following ' Rittenhouse Academy, corner of Third street iir.d Loui-iara avenue?O. C Wight principal, ?nd R T. Taylor assistant. Tho ac?demic tr.*ar will commence on the 3d of September The institution has a deservedly gooa reputa tion. and the system of instruction is such as "to elicit the commendation of those mure im mediately interested in the arrangements. Cottage llome School, for young ladies, Mas sachusetts avenue, between Tenth and Elev enth streets ; the sixth academic year to com mence on Monday, the 3d of September. Miss M A. Cox principal. A very excellent insti tution. and such as parents desire for tho edu cation of their children. The Union Acadcmy, the fifth annual sr - t>ion of it. and the sixth of the Union Female Female Academy?will open on the first Mon day of September. These institutions, wo are happy to testify, arc so organized and con structed as to secure the mental and moral iraining which will best prepare the pupi's for the realities of life. % Thistles.?Thea;t making an appropria tion to defray the general expen- is 01 the Cor poration for the year ending Juno 30, 1S06, contains the following item : " For the extir ?? ution of thistles, one hundred and five dol ars." At this time there are abundant crops of the thistle in various parts of the city, but, as they ar^ not -'ripe for the harvest," the work ?; uexurpation" has been delayed' Instead <>f '-extirpating" the weed btfore it comes to ?ced. and thus effectually destroying it, the work authorised by law is not commcnced until after it comes tose->d, which are naturally deposited for the next year's growth. It seems to be conceded by the law-making power that the annual appropriation must continue to be niaJe. in all time to come , and hence, to ex pend the money, there must bo thistles to up ioot. to cut down, or, in the legal phrase, "ex lirpa'c!" We repeat, the work is always delayed until they come to reed, instead of its being com mence 1 as soon as the wi id peeps iuto day light. It may be that the thistle is considered or namental daring its vigorous bloom, and that the "extirpation'" is peifoimcd in its decay ing state merely because the law ea"< for tho appropriation! Attack bv Higowaymeh.?As Lieut. Bush T-id W. Hunter. U. S. N., was returning to "his home in Alexandria county, last night, about dusk, and near the junction of the Alex ::airia and Columbia turnpike, two ruffians *n Ideuly mado their appearance; ore of whom seized the bridle reins, while the other, calling ?nron 1dm to 41 stop,' jumped into his carriage. The lieutenant seized his gun, the pointing of which at the highwayman on toe ground cau?el the scounurtl to relax his hold; and then, with the butt of the gun, he knocked his companion from the carriage. The villains took to their heels, finding that they had en countered an antagonist equal to the emer gency. But for the dissuasion of his son, who was with him. Mr. Hunter would have fired CD his villanous assailants. Ahotiier CosTBiarTio*.?On Saturday last, the intelligence of the jrreat suffering, which ?t present exists at Noriolk. Portsmouth, and iiosooit, having rea -hed the Potomac Pavili' n at Piney Point, the fo"owing name 1 gentle men Win. A. Br.idley, Stanislaus Murray, F Mohan, J -hn A. Linton. James Thompson. Jas M Carlisle, Thomas Parker, Jas. C. Mc Ouire, John Clagett, Jno. T. Towers, and an other whose name is not mention I. contrib uted $5 each, making a total of $55. which "was forwarded by the Mayor of Washington to Messrs. Gales k Seaton, with a request that they would transmit it to the per? ?n< author ized to receive it. The tin %!fi) Ext tbsioi or run Amebic ah Kiflkmes will take pi j ;e to morrow, and the splendid stsauier B.tltimoic will take the company to that favorite wateiing pla;e, Pi ney Point. Arrangements have been made to be there at 3 o'clock, p. m , when th<?sc who wish to partake of tne hospitalities of the mansion, the invigorating bath, or the deli eacie- of the season, can be gratified But, ap.irt from the means of enjoyment thus af forded, the pioceeds of the excur-iou are tc be applied to the relief of the Virginia tuffer ers by the yellow fever, a fait that should not be forgotten. Qi'iCk. Ketcbh.?A very well-dre*?:d man applied at the guard hou.-c last ni?bt for lodg ing He was accommodated, and tbis m jruin^ di charged at the usual hour. Whiie the offi cers were awaiting the arrival of tpe jastioe U try the corporation cases, the same lodger wa: brought in so beastly intoxicated a-; to requir< the labor of tw.j able bodkd police oficeis U rut him into the cell. He must have Wanted t home daring the u dull season''?a home when he could be well employed- He was <?nl t tne farm, where he can find plenty of woil ue *er the direction of an able overseer. Repbehehsibi.e.?On Thursday, wiiilo a number of the children who attend the . hooi of the Young Catholic's Friend Society, in th? Northern Liberties, were pea -eably walking along the neighborhood of St. Patrick'? Church a gang of half-grown lads assail' J them with rude language and with stones. The presence of a police officer, at least o-jca sionally, is required in that vicinity, to rc rtrtin thevisciou* propensities of the juveniles in question, who are a terror to the neighbor huol. Such Northern Ub*rtit* should not be indulged with impunity. Mavli>'0 OrriciAts.?This is an offeree that seldom eoeo unpunished in this District, but still we hear of its frequent tccurrence. A short time since, an officer had bis entire clothing torn from him by a female ; anothci had his head cut by a m:in; and, yesterday, another in the discharge of bis duty met with a resistance that he will not soon forget. A warrant has been issued for the offender, and he will probably be made to suffer more than the officer. Bridal Parties.?Yesterday, Brown's ho tel accommodated two of those happy compa nies. Mr. John D. DeBell was married to Miss Anna Daniel, both of Virginia. The eeremmy was performed by the Rev. Joha C Smith The happy couple departed this morn iag for their future borne. The other pair were married in an adjacent county of Mary land, and are about starting on a tour through the Northern States and Canada. ICOXmXICATED. The Ajo.iyjiocs Vocalist?Utu Jleur ne jait p,u uh? guirlamif, Mr. Editor; nor does the <-ingle complimentary notice of 44 Eigh teenth street" make up the full measure of praise so ju-tly duo <>ur 44 anonymous vocal ist For three summers has he made F street the favored theatre of some of the most touch ing and delicious ballads which it has ever been my good fortune to hear. His rendeiing ot Scotch song, especially, is sweet, simple, ani plaintive beyond expression. A tew evenings since?very late?when none of his u-ual listeners were 'awake, (save, in deed. the stars, for they do seem to listen, tea.) he poured forth up>n the still calm night air the rich wealth of melody, which he has h'Qg so lav isblyj bestowed upon those in this immediate neighborhood. One of the *>ng*? ? rVc left my tnow-clad hills"?he "niered with exquisite softness and pathos. ^ Mist waiting for more music, the two lines? 4' I'll jfive a smile for every smile, A tear for every tear*'? of < ae of his sweetest songs camo into my head. ?Ou invested ine with the probable thought that Truth crept in amid tne poetry, which, *et to music, was the only chosen medium thr ugh which a heart poured forth its love. After a bit. reality frigbtened romance away by saying, ?? It j, no such thing which prompts these delightful concerts. He loves music, he loves the still voiceless night; he loves the c-u-n summer air and holy throbbing star*; and ho ti ultimo >1 p*or. he loves to give p'-Mere to many hearts." One of those now "flert many thauks for favors received, with be *ar*mt hop- he will favorably accept tho-e *#*nks- Above ? Eiuurxr.MB STBEET." A*gu<t Jl Ittai Explanation.?'We stated, yesterday, that 4- the Marion Rifles, in worthy imitation of the Franklin Fire Company and the Ameticac Rifles, intend, next week, to give an exclusion down the river?the proceeds to be applied to tho relief of the Portsmouth, Gospott, and Norfolk Bufle rs by the yellow fever." A member of the Marion Ilifles, however, has informed as that their benevolent enterprise is not in "imitation" of the other companies; named, but was projected at least as soon a^ those of the Franklin Fire Company and the Marion Rifles. We willingly make the de sired explanation; bat, at tho same time, woald say that all of them arc eaually entitled h public commendation for their benevolent efforts in beha'fof the distressad. The Alarm op Firb, near li o'clock last night, was caused by the burning of a stable located in the First Ward, and belonging to Mr John Wilson. We arc informrd that .? :v eral stables have been burned on and near the same spot during a few years past The fire men were on the ground, and went speedily to work. But with all their efforts, they could nat save the building, a frame one, from de struction. The President's Mounted Guard will pa rade to-morrow afternoon, for drill, prepara tory to their visit to Baltimore, on the 12th of September; and, by invitation of Mr. Sander son, a member of the corps, they will visit hi? place, across the Eastern Branch. The Boy arrested last week for stealing lea l pipe from Mr. Thompson, plumber, and sent to jail by Justice Clarke for want of security, is not the John Connor residing formerly at bt. Patrick's church. Fifth District Police?Roberta Knox ville. profanity, workhouse 60 day?; Mnlimla Jenny, do., hue and costs: Elizabeth Clark, colored, assault, dismissed. Watch Returns.?Margaret Ring, profan ity, workhouse 60 days; Chas. MuGiobon, do. do.; Wm. Ford, colored, fine and costs; R. George, drunk, workhouse 30 days. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, August 22. 1855. The advertising columns of the Star will give to persons abroad some idea of the num ber and extent of the excellent seminaries of learning with which our city abounds. The first on the list is the Georgetown College. Th is time-honored institution is situated upon the b'gli ground immediately on the western extremity of our city. A more appropriate I spot for such an institution could not, proba I b!y, be found in the Union. Its elevated pi I sition affords an unobstructed view of nearly I the entire District of Columbia, besides por-, I ti >nsof Maryland and the Old Domini*-n. From I the upper stories and dormitories of tho main I buildings, the National Metropolis, with its I Capitol, President's House, and other public I buildings. Navy Yard, Arsenal, and Wa?;hiiig I t'?n Monument, together with portions ?f the I high lands of Maryland aud Virginia, a p irt I of Alexandria, Arlington House. Analostan Inland, and s??iuo twenty mile.-of the beautiful I Potomac, lies full in view Indeed, in every I direction in which tho eye is directed, the most gorgeous and romantic s.:euery, natural I and auificial, lies spread out before it in per I fcetly enchanting loveliness. As aa evidence I of the superiority of its location, in point of I healthiness, but a single death has occurred among its students since it was founded Of I the efficiency and usefulness of the faculty, it I is useless for u* to say anything. The scores I aud hundreds of brilliant scholars which have I be?n sent forth from it to adorn the various I positions, both in church and state, medical I aiculty, and tillers of the soil, at home an-l I abroad, has given to the Georgetown Colk 'c audits faculty a world-wide fame. Wc learn from the Georgetown Advocate taat Wm. H Edcs, Esq., has resigned his scat I in trio Board of Common Council. The time j for an election to fill the vacancy, has not yet I been made public. Wo have also h?*ard it I rumored that James Goddard, Esq.. will more j th:m likely be the Kuow Nothing candidate j for the vacancy. Wc regret to learn that the call upon ?>ur I citizens to assist tho suffering at Norfolk and I Gosport. ha3 not been responded to at was I hoped and anticipated. Up to yesterday morn I ing, but a very small amount indeed had been I contributed This omission, we arc satisfied I does not grow out of a want of benevolence I on the part of our people, but forgetfulness. I We. therefore, renew our notice of last week. I All mms of money, whether large or small. I left with Mr. W. II Erie?, will be promptly I forwarded to the above named point.;; arid I we sincerely hope that our citizens generally I wid come forward immediately in their usual I libera! spirit, and contribute an amount which I s mil do credit to themselves and the place of , I the?r residence. " It is more blessed to give j I th.:n to receive." . I Flour is held at S8.75a*9, as in quality , I No change in grain market. Spectator. I?7" Don't Believe It.?If any Interested one > tells you that physic. Iodines. Gulacum, Bleeding and one hundred other injudicious means, will relieve fain like my "ELECTRIC OIL," don't you believe it. The simple proof in daily made evident In this city by the undoing of the previous bail i?<anagement of the most severe cases ever heard of in this cour try or anv other, by the use of iny Electric Oil, lrom 30 South Eighth street, three doors below Chestnut, Philadelphia N. B. An experienced physician in attendance. Caction?see my written signature. STOTT A CO, Agents. au '22?lw JO"" A Card.?W. H. Wheatley would most respectfidly inform the ladies and gentlemen of Georgetown, Washington, and vicinity that,after an absence of ten years from the District, he has again returned, and wjl, on the 1st September, 1S*?, take charge of the old established dyeing es tablishment. on Jeffersonstreet. Georgetown, D.C. W. H. \V , previous to his departure from the District, served an apprenticeship of nine years at the alK>ve named establishment, under his un cle, F. Wheatley. one of the'best practical dyers in the District of Columbia, and he is now at con sider?d>le expense refitting and improving the above named establishment in a manner that will enable him to do all work in his line of business in a style unsurpassed by any dyer In the District, and as he intends devoting unremitting attention to business, he feels contidentof giving entire sat isfaction to all who may favor him with their pa tronage Ladies' 811*. Woollen, and Cotton Dresses: Bonnets, Shawls, Ribbons, Ac , neatly cleansed or colored. Gentlemen's Coats, Pants and Veats, Cloaks, Ac., dyed and scoured in m su perior style. Carpets cleansed, and in fact dyeing and scouring of every description done with neat liL^s and dispatch at W. H. NVHEATLEV'S Cloth Dressing, Silk, Woollen and Cotton Dying Establishment, west side of Jefferson, between Bridge street and the Canal. Georgetown. au lUt# ICT T* Nrrvsui Safferers.? A retired Cler gyman, restored to health In a few days, after many years of great nervous suffering, is anxious to make known the means of cure Will send (free) the prescriptions used Direct Rev. JOHN M DAG.VALL, 59 Fulton street, Brooklyn. N. Y. au 1??lm \?T Ayer'a Cathartic Pills.?Ptllt that art Pills'?Prof. IIayks, State Chemist of Massa chusetts, says they are the best of all Pills, and an nexed are the persons who certify that Dr. Hayes knrws, vlt: LkmcilShaw, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Mass. Exort Washburn, Governor of Mass. W. C. Plcnkrtt, Lieut Gov. Mass. Edward Evrrrtt, Ex-Sec. of State and Sena tor U. S. Robbkt C. Winthxop, Ex Speaker House of Reps., U. S. A. Abbott Lawrrncr, Minister Plenlpo. to Great Britain. fJoHNB. Fitzpatrick, Catholic Bishop of Boston. Mil THAT ARK URN ! Among the diseases this Pill has cured with as tonishing rapidity, we may mention Costlveness, Bilious Complaints. Rheumatism. Dropsy, Heartburn, Headaene arising from a foul Stomach, Nausea, Indigestion, Morbid inaction of the Bowels and pain arising therefrom, Flatu lency. Loss of Appetite, all Ulcerous and Cutane ous Diseases, which require an evacuant medicine, Sciofula or Kind's Evil. They also by purifying the blood and stimulating the system, cure many complaints which it would not be supposed they could reach; such as Deaftiess, Partial Blindness. Neuralgia and Nervous Irritability, Derangement of the Liver and Kidne>s, Gout, and other kin dred complaints arising from a low state of the body or obstructions of Its functions. They are the best Purgative Medicine ever discovered, aud you will bat need to use them once to know it. Prepared by DR J C AYER, Lowell, Matt., and sold by every reipectable druggist Sold by Z P. UlLMAN, Washington, O M. LI NTH! CUM, Gforgffcwn; JAMES COOK A CO., Fredericksburg. Je 17?2m tp" Strengthen th? Stomach.?The grand desideratum ?if promoting health at 'his season of ? he year is to relieve the stomach of ail Impurlijes, to invigorate, to arouse the liver from torpidity, ?ir>d to exj>el from the bowels all unhealthy sort re lions. This should he done by some gentle med icine that, in its action, will not debilitate the sys tem. impair the nerves, or becloud the natural spirits, for which purpose we know of no remedy ever yet invented tnat can begin to approach in ei ticacy the celebrated PRjfSllUM BITTERS, manufactured from purely vegetable substances, hy Elijah Baker, or Richmond city, and sold 1 nrougnout the coun'ry by apothecaries generally. These Bitters are peculiar to the summer and fall diseases of a Southern climate, and, when taken, according to directions, are a sure cure for Dvspep sia, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Cramp, Chollc, Cholera Morbus, Ague arid Fever, Sour stomach, Nervous Headache, and almost every other affection aris ing from impurity of the blood or disordered ?toin acn. To those who Jiave not vet tested the sn(pri ority of Baker's Premium Bitters, as a family medicinc, over all others known to the civilized world, we say lose no time in doing so. as thev will afford almost instant relief. Try them by ail means. P--ice 50 cents per bottle. To b? had of CHAS. STOTT 4 CO , Wash ington, DC.: CAN BY HATCH, and SETIl S. HANCE, Baltimore; and by Druggists every where. eo3t ir?" Dr. Hocflund'a Celebrated German Bitters.?Weak, nervous, depressed in spirits, and a prey to innumerable menial, as well as phy sical evils, the victim to dyspepsia, is indeed an object of cominisseration. Yet it is absurd for him to despair. We care not how weak, low, nervous, and irritable he may be, the ? ordial prop erties of HOOF LAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia, are stronger than the many-headed monster, which is preying upon his body and mind; and if he chooses to try them, we will insure a speedy cure. See advertisement. je 7?3m IZ7~ Letter fr*m Han. John Minor Botts, cf Virginia. Ric nsioNn, July 9, 1855. Messrs. Wm. S. Beers Ac Co.: Gents?Consider ation of duty to the afflicted alone prompt me to send you this voluntary testimonial to the great valus of i'Cart?r,? Spanith Maturefor that almost incurable disease. Scrofula. Without heinj; disposed or deeming it necessary to go Into the particulars of the case, 1 can say that the astonishing results that have been pro duced by the use of th3t medicine on a member of my own family, and under my own observation and superintendence, after the skill of the best physicians had been exhausted and all the usual remedies had failed, fully justify me in recom mending its use to all who may be suffering from ibat dreadful malady. 1 do not mean to say that It is adapted to all (onstitutions, or that it will afford the same relief in all cases; for, of course, 1 can know nothing about that?but of what 1 have seen of the effects, 1 would uot hesitate to use it, in any and every c.i-se of Scrofula, with persons for whom I felt ah interest, or over whom 1 could exercise Influence or control. Respectfully, yours, Jno. M. Botts. 117* Premiums at the Fairs- -Whitehoret's -till in the ascendant.?Tno juries of each r.f the 'ate fairs at Baltimore, Richmond, and New York, ^warded their lightest premlnms to J . II W. for ti. 'lr superiority of Photographs, Stereoscopes aud I'ugiureotypes exhibited. Mr. W also received two medals at the World's i ur, London, and a premium at Crystal Palace, Vi vj Yck AL o, 'he first awards of the Maryland institute i r three years past. Whiteiuust's Gallery in this city is on Pa. ave a 'c, l>etv.'ceen Fot:r-and-a hilf and Sixth street*, feb 17 'gTTh(> Marble Hall Clothing Emporium Frowns' Hotel Building, ofler unusual induce i ! eta to purchasers of Ready-iuade Clothing for ? J. atlemwU and Boys' wear. In order to present ( ir customers with a stock of Goods not to be ej Jailed for the coming seasons, our present stock t Coat", Vests and Pantaloons will be sold at pri r_? that cannot tail to please. Cashmerett, Drap '? Eta, Cassimeres, Alpaca, Drillings, Linens, " t rselllc' fee , of superior cut and workmanship Ml 9 . NOAH WALKER A. CO MARRIED. t?n the "'1st instant, by the Rev. Mr. Israel, Mr LAWRENCE LIPSCOMB, of Georg'-town, to M \RY E. EDW AH DS, of Washington * (Richmond A Fr derick paj>ers copy.J On tlie 16th Instant, In Boston, by Rev J. P R?'hir?*o'n Mr. J. B. BKYAN. of this city, to M: sLOI'ISA HAMMOND,cf the former place. DIED. On Tuesday morning. August"21st. a? 7 o'clock. M'i MATILDA LALLY, in (he Hist year of hei a! * . ? The friend> of the family pre invited to a1 tend It t funeral from the residence of her son-in law en F street, between loth and2':tb sis , on fhurs ?l iv afternoon, at 1 o'clock. * [ Portland, Me., |?aperscopy J f?nllic'>lst instant, EDWARD MAHONY, a native of the countv Kerry, Ireland. On Tuesday, the'21 st instant, of consumptioa, MARY M.. ag'd -'I years and9 days, wife of Win M Lishear. and only daughter of the late law Moo?, of Dorchester co.. Md. I'he friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, at 10 o'clock, on to morrow, (Thursday,) from her late residence ill Lcurgetown, 71 Fretierick st., rear Thud. * On the22d Ins'ant, of consumption, In the 22d year of his age, JOHN SM ID LEY The friends of tb" family are requested to attend h;. funeral, from the residence of Mr G . Evans, on C. ?>etw.-en 4^ and Oth streets, at 2 o'clscl: p. in , to-.i.oirow. * Cn tht 21st Inst., Miss HENORA FOLLEY, c native of the county of Kilkenny, Ireland, a^ed ?1 year*. Her funeral will take place from the residence cf her uncle, lames Shear, on 13J^ st., Wand, on to-morrow (Thursday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock On the 21st instant. J AS EARNEST TRAY FR**, son of An net and James Travers, aged 22 months. ?'Hope dries the tear from sorrow's eye. And Faith points upward to the sky " * On Sunday, thp l<Jth instant, MARY KATE, inf :nt daughter of Lewis and Mary J. Brunett, a^eil 1# months. # RAZORS AS IS RAZORS. (t EO. Wostenholm A Son's doubly carbon iz-d J I XL, Frederick Penny's Tall v-ht>, and Wade & iJutcher's chemically perfected Razors, and others, from 20 cents to ?2 50. Gentleman who like acornl'ortableshavc should secure one of these Razors. Also, Razor Strops, Shaving Cream, Brushes, Soau, &c.,at the Housekeeper's Fumishinir Store 49<; Seventh street. G.FRANCIS, au 17? THE BALTIMORE & OHIO RAILROAD. ^p:tANSPORTAT!ON OFFICE, August 16, -i- Ib35?The late obstiuctions to the use of the Road, at Kincfwood Tunnel, having been re moved, FREIGHT of all kinds (as well as pas sengers) in both directions, is now forwarded as promptly upon the schedule time. A continua tion of this despatch is ensured by the building of a new road over the hill at Klngwood, by wbich the use of the lunnel may be avoided, until it is completed. . JOHN H. DONE, au lb?6t Master of Transportation. CASH PAID FOR FURNITURE. PICK SONS declining housekeeping, or having a surplus of household effects, will find us at all times prepared to pay them the highest cash prices for their k.ntirk stock, or such articles as th?y may wish to dispose of. We will also ex cb.rige new furniture for old at moderate prices Furniture neatly repaired and varnished at the sh ntest notice, on reasonable terms. BONTZ Sc COOMBS, Furniture Warerooms 7th st., bet. 1 and K. au 17?2w MEMOIRS OF BENNETT and his Times. Price SI 25 Cleve Hall, by Miss Sewell?price SI Our First Families?price SI 25 The Escaped Nun?price SI For sale by by E. K. LUNDY, lis Bridge street, Georgetown, 1). C au 17?tf LETTERS TO THE PEOPLE on Health and Happiness, by Catherine E. Boecher. In paper 37)f? cloth 50c. 11 lstory of the Council of Trent, from the F rench by John McClintock, D.D., SI Harper's Picture Book for the Nursery, by Ja cob Aobott, 3 vols each New vaiume of Harper's Story Book, SI TAYLOR A MAURY'S an 10 near 9th street. ICE?ICE?ICE: /CHARLES WERNER, on Pa avenue,oppo sit* Browns' Hotel, will keep, throughout the season, an ample supply of Pettlbone's best ICE. which he will sell, on call, in any quantities, at the lowest poKslbli) rates. may 29?dtSep 'M ENGLISH CABBAGE, TURNIP SEED, *e. '1^11 E undersigned has just received dircctfroui JL the growers, a wi ll selected stock of the fol lowing: Farly York, Large York, Flat Dutch, Drttn Head, Heart shaped, Enfield Market. Vic toria, with many other new and good Cabbage-?. Flat Dutch, Purple lopped, Strap leaved, Early Snuwbull, Dale s hyl?rld, with other leading tur nips. Spinach, Kale, Lettuce, Ac., all warranted freab, of "first quality, and offered at lowest prices JOHN SAUL; a?, 17?eo6t* corner 7th and H streets. B LANK BOOHS of all kinds and sites for sale 10" "Tk aNCK TM I OH.

WANTS. INtEfn?MA?TION ,S WANTED OF ONE * ? Milam Harris, a shoemaker by trade who came lo this place wmc sli ymrs ago. from New Jereey, end who. it Is supposed, now lives in Georgetown A ny one knowing such person ard whiTe be is to be found will confer a great favoi upon Liti mother by leaving iiifarmatlon with the Mayor of Gcorget,- wa. an 21 3t WANTED-BY A MIDDLE AGED AVO man. a Situation to do thecookiag, washing and Ironing of a small family, or taking care of a youngbaby. Address "E R,? at this office. nn 21?2t* WOOD CUTTERS WANTED -TWO OR th-ce Wood Cutters can obtain employment by applying iinincdietely to H. KIMBEKLEY, havley Roads, on tne Columbian Tike, six roilea youth of the city. in ^?tf WANTED-A SITUATION BY A YOUNG iiian either in a Grocery or Hardwaic Store Address ' A G," through Po^t Office aa 20?it-* Wanted?a situation by a young ? nt competent man, a* Clerk or Book-keep er, or in any employment where be can make him se;f generally useful Good references given. Address 4 J W F." at the Star office au 18?tf WANTED?T O SE l7r,~ON LIBERAL term*, eight or ten neat and nearly new Fram" Ilou-e.* on the Inland. Enquire of J ROBINSON, an 20?eo2w Jeweler, 319 Pa. avenue. WANTED-A BOY TO SET TYPE IN A Country Office, near Washington. To one who understands the business liberal wares atul coustint employment will be given. au 1??eoot WAXTED-A SMALL, RE^CTABLE, convenient House, in n irood neighborhood, cither in Georgetown or Washington. The ten ant will be punctual and probably permanent, and will take possession in October. Also, a respectable middle aged woman as housekeeper and seamstress; services required im mediately. Address '*L,'' at this office, jy 23?2awtf WANT E I)?A GOOD WASHER AND Loner, that can bring good recommenda tions Also, a Cook, and a female to work in the house. ApplyatMrs. Bates's boarding house,on the southwest corner of Pa avenue and 9th st au 15?!f ANTED-EVERYBODY TO KNOW that they can get a lot 21 feet front by 130 feet W deep, for the low price of 375-lpayabie f ^ a month without interest. Apply at the Union l.and Office Tth street, ;4?>ove Odd Fellows' Hall. ap?>?flm JOHN FOX, S?j BOARDING. V LAUY HAVING TAKEN TIIK PI.EYS. ant and newly repairtd dwelling on Tenth 'reet No. 468, between D and E, will bj pleased ' ? reoi\*e one family, or several gentlemen, on '? nn< 'he most reasonable. The rooms ate laree .?tid handsomely furnished, and a large yard at taehed to the house for the exereise of children. iJeing near the avenue, it is mo>t convenient for table and transient boarders Vlso, a vouth 11 years of a*^e, intel'igent, active f.'d moral. wants a situation where he can have constant employment. an 20?lw* I >0 A R D1 .\ G._l'EIIM A N ENT AN I> T A B LE " * board s can be accommoda'ed at No 121 Eleventh stieet, we?t sid between and II sts. I ocafioii ple.iKintaud healthy, with wellfurnisheti . id desirable rooms. an ->u l >OAIti)ING.?MRS. I)II VALL, No.331 Penn ? svlyama avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel, has vera! lar.'e and desirable rooms, suitable for f iimlies or single gentlemen, wliirh she will rent with board at inod-rate prices. She can also ac i otnrnodate six or < ight table board'-r*. J / 30 -tf OOARDINO ? MUS M C. GREER, No B ? rc.iusylvania avenue, near tiie Capitol, has voral large and desirable rooms, suitable for f'tniHe^ or single gentlemen, which she will rtnt wi'.h or without board, at moderate price*. Also, transient Inardcrs can l>? accommodated with ?ird hv the day or meal. Ilcr table isatull time supplied with the best the market can afford. au?--eo2w (Bait Sun) |>OARD,Ac BATES,ON THES. W ? -* c- in**r if Pennsylvania avenue and Otn street. prepared to accommodate gcatltmeii with rooms, v<th or without l?.ard Every effort will t>e made t ? render tbo?-- comfortable who may favor l et with their patronage. apf tf FOR SALE AI7D RENT. I OT4 I'OR mi.S ON liROUNl) RENT 1 ri:e ad vert J-?offers to let. on groindrent, eversl Very eligible building Lots, and if desired ?>v ih? pir ic- leasi sg. will make aivan. es to en able them to build. Address - NY," at this offire au 11?It SALE OR EXCHANGE.? I have five Frame Houses o'i 2Jd. between G and H *(s . early new, which 1 will jell reasonably, or ex change for pre pert v in the country. For particu 1 i enauire of J A M lit" McC.\ N N, Supenntend e -t of the Smithsonian Grounds, from 7 o'clock to 6 p m. an -J2?en3t* I f A.\ DSOME R ESI DEN ClT^G EOP.G E B i town Heights at Private Sale -The sub>cri b?r is authorized to dispo- c of (at private sale) the b I'Uiful tcsid-nce. No 20 The lot fronts on (he e' th sidecf Eighth street, between Frederick ard Fjyetle, with a depth of 2M? feet. Tht hou-e contains seven rooms, and is quite new A well V rUI* wat T, fine jouu^; fruit trees, fi:?rubbeiv, ?xc. I or terms, Ac , apply to LD'v'D S. WRIGHT, nu '*~2 ?3t Real Estate Agent. T? K,KNT?!N ONE OF TH4; BEST LO - cations iu the city, a new and convenient dwelii'ig house, with gas, water. Ac. Apply at No 35? I street, between 13th and 14th. au 20?3t* pOR RENT?THE LARGE AND COMMO J dious House, No. 400 Pennsylvania aven'ie, near the National Hotel. Enquire at the Clothin" ^-c the premises, of A. SELL'NER. t u i ????# MR VATE SALE ?SEVERAL FRAME -t Hoi'ses. suitable for large or small families, coi mining from 4 to 10 .oom* each, on square scjth "f Square 5I?, between 4'b aiid f?th streets, and fronting Mess4rhuselts aven.ue and I street, Terms madec*i.v. Enquire on said square at No _ au 4?eotif 1/oi? sal e-imfroveiTand UNIM proved Real Estate.?JENNINGS PIGOTT AVrruty at Law and Agent for Real Estate, has several small Houses and Lots; and a number of m-'.inprovei building Lots in different portions of Ibe city, which he will sell at moderate prices and on accommodating terms Persons wishing to sell or buy may do well to give him a call Ho will take charge of Real Estate, attend to leasing, renting, Ac., investigate titles, and at tend pdrtic. ilarly to conveyancing Oiiico310 Washington Library, on 11th street, brtween C and D., au 16?3w ?R RENT-A SPACIOUS-PAR LOR, wiTh A. Marble Mantel, and several Chambers, in a healthy and delectable location, within a few minutes' walk of the Departments and convenient to the Spring Gardens For ierms enquire at the grocery store of PATRICK O'CALLIGAN, cor rier of K st. and Conn, avenue. au 19 eo3t* I^OR SAI.E-A VERY VALUABLE FARM, ?- well fenced and well watered, andinahlyh fate of cultivation, situated In Prince George co. running down to the Montgomery county fine, 7 or 8 miles north of Washington and 1W miles cast of 7th street, on the Rock Creek Church Road The improvements consist of a good farm house a Swiss barn, with stables attached, and all other nc^isary improvements. It contains 96k acres, <o of which are under cultivation, the remainder in heavy oak Umber A portion of the farm is woll adapted for a market garden. i or further information apply to ROBERT EARL, Livery Stables, 11 stiect, near 21st st. au 13?eo6t L^OR RENT OR SALE?A new THREE s story brick ilonse iu complete order, on 8th st-eet, near N, Northern Liberties. Enquire of W J. McCOLLUM, 8th and K streets, Northern Liberties. au 13?eotf Rooms for rent?a parlor and several very pleasant furnished Chambers for reut, in a new brick house. Apply to E K. L I LUNDY, awJ^ No. 46 Louisiana avenue. j'OH SALE?TWO HUNDRED LOTS Price #75 each. Two years' credit, or 10 per cent discount for cash. Apply atthe Union Land Office, 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall, jy 28?-um Lots for sal e ?two or three good Building Lots in a rapidly Improving neighborhood for sale on tin ytarj' credit jV'il-tf J H DRURY For rent?sev eral handsome par. lor* and Chambers, wlih Board Al.w, Tabl*} and Tnuuient Board. Incuire at M n. SM1 TH'S, JXl F street. np ft _tf y I1IR1 SHIRTS.?We have just received a large and tine assortment of Gentlemen'! best ^nallty white and colored Shirts, which we will dispose of at the lowest New York prices. ^ n WALL a STEPHENS, tf *v?nue, neit door to Iron Hall. AUCTION SALES. Hv JAS C McGUIRE. Aaolic Tiri stee's salt: or hat* k caps, . Hoot*. Shoe*. Fnn ?? (ittdmn I Jewelry. On FRIDAY morning, August2lth at lOo'cFk, 1 shall well, *t the Store on IVaiisy^vania ww ie, two dixM* east of tho United I?tatea Hotel, all the Good* in said store, consisting of i flats, Caps. Boots, Shce?. Comas. Brushes Perfnirerv. Glove*, licsiery i BwKndcr:*. Watches and icw<Iry ALSO? t Several double barrel liun*, Gnme Bij? Lot of tine Cigars, larire Glass Casr Ac. Terms: I nder S25 cash; on-r f-'i a credit of sixty and ninety davs, for notw *atlsfRCt<?r11y en dorsed. bearing Interest M. FURGF.RSON. Trnr<*. J C. McGl lRB. an 21?d _ Aucttorecf. By WALl,, BARNARD A COAuctioneer . DURHAM BILL AT AI'CIIU.1.-41b SATURDAY uu?raiug, c; lo o'er*, we will 1 sell, in front of our Auc ion Roo;ns, a floe Diir ' ham Bull. Also, a lar^eav^ortinentof new and ?e? <md h; n i Furniture, C rocker> ware, Teas, Welches, Jew i clry, Ac. WALL, BARNARD A CO.. an 22?3t Auctioneer*. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A DESIRABLE Lot.?On WEDNESDAY evening next. the j 2M instant, aitijj o'clock, I sball sell, by vlrt :e i of a deed of tan* duly recorded, in frent of tbe I prrntiitem Lot No. 98, in subdivision of Square south of Square 915. fronting 4*i feet on Maryland ! avenoe, running back on the hue of 9th st. east ! feel H inches. Terms at sale J an <>?3t# JNO J DYER, Trustee By JAS C McGUIRE, Auctioneer. SMALL FRAME HOUSE AND LOT ON Thir l kt. nt Public Auction.?On WED NESDAY alteruoou, Auj^iM 22, at 6)$ o'clock, on the premise*, 1 shall sell parts of 10L1 N?. l< and 18, in Square No 529, fronting 13 feet on 3d ? tretiweti, (jet ween G and il street# north, run ning ba:k fo feet 'J inches with the improveaienV consisting of a frame dwelling Title inllsputahle. Terms: One-third cash ; the residue inR and 12 ninths, with Interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premise j. JAS. C. McGUIRE, au lb?d Auctioneer Bv JAS C McG til R E. Auctioneer. \rAl.t ABLE TRAC T OF LAND NEAR Heltsville nt Pablic Sale.?On THURS DAY, August 2.Jd, at i# o'clock p. in., at the Auction . ooins. I shall sell a tract of land near Beltsv lie. containing one hundred acres. Till* place is adjoining the farms of Messrs MaM< w, I So per and larkfr. Seven tv acre* is cleared the I balance in wood; it Is well watered by springs | and a never failing stream of water. There is or. tbe p'ace a ^ood log hou?e. Terms: S-n'O <ash; the residue in 6, 12 and 1^ i months, wilh interest, secured by a deed of trust ; on the property. JAS. C. McGUIRE, an 17?d A III liOIMWr By GREEN A SCOTT, AucUoueers. I/kTENSIVK SALE OK NAMOGANY, i Vtalnat, and other Furniture at Auc tion.?On FRIDAY, ibe 17th Ins'ant. we shall wll, at the southeast corner cf 7th and D sts., op r*?site the Patriotic llanh. at HI o'clock * m , a 1. rjre assortment of etc lleot Furnit re vl* : Mahogany Sofa*. ?ofa B<ds*.ead-, Lc<m es -nd Union Ch iirs Mahogany rook hi;*, parlor, revolving and castor Chairs Do liae Wardrobes, ccntre, ta-d. dlr.irv'. and "the Tables Do marble topcer.tre, side, sofa and other Tables Do m.iible top Sldcboa-ds, dreeing and Horeaus Do irarble top Wa<h ?"'lo'tL ami N!,iii fctands Do HfK>kcai?es and Secretaries and Writlng Desk Do and walnut Hatra'.ks, Cribs and t_. * - dies D) French and walnut Cottag* bi^iMeyds 2 finely painted Collate Chamber !?**;> Cane, olJi e. fau<y rush, r.ckhig aoil t!l? Jrs Gilt and ma'io^any a:.?i wa'uut franc Ltckuig bia-ises Feather Beds, ha'r and shuck .Matt^esv ; China, glaf-? aiid crockery Ware 3 Copying'-s, Maan's pat- nt With many other articles which wc deem ua u>\ ctsary to enumerate. Term.- : Vll sums of and under 526 cash; over S2 > a credit of 2, 3, and 1 mouths for nctcs bcar h:j in'., rest, .->aUsf^ctorily ? nd< rs?*d. 'i'he above stock of F urniturc is new and in per fcclord* r. and will Ue sold to the ^l-riiest t,H-1?r GREKN ft ^OOT i au J * : ??*??? tp7~ The nhove snle will I?- continued on THtJRSL^\.^'. th*- <*"<1 instant, v.mi* ho:ir, when '-.??re will l-t ;? ?l?S' d to th** >ai? three tine rn" *>'<? l??p !i?i:ite*i Cottar S<?, four fine Walnut Ki>u siici Tables, t.,<e true g'lt Gotfcic Frame Frt...h jjlate Mirror. 72 by 21. a^id imrble bracket GREEN A SCOTT, au 1^?c^Ads Auctlonee-*. T By C..W BOTELER. Anctioneer. BRISTLE'S SALE OF VALUABLE Real Estate on the island, Dwelling Houses mid Bilildiuu Lots.?I*y virtue of u deed of trust iwaring date ca the fourth day of August, 1bo4, and recorded in Liber J A S.. No fci, folios S32. Ac., the subscriber wi'.l sell at public sale, on THURSDAY, fh??ith day of Septemlnrr, 1S55. at 0 o'clock p. in . oa tuc premises, l.<?ts Nos fi9, 7tt. 71.72,73,71. 7 >. 7';, 77. 78, 7'J and N?. in Joel W. .lores - sutnUvtMon of jujua.'e No. ala, fronting e^ li J> Tr-et on V.::I str? ct. bctv.eeu 3d and 4 % sts. w -st :m.A N and M stiecS south, by 130 feet deep to a ICteea feet alley, wilh the buildings and nn provenients, whl h consist of two weU buil; aud comfortable frame dwelling house*. The above property is eligibly situated In n de sirable ai d rapully inip;oviiig cart of the city, and will be sold either as a whole or In separate lots, as may be desired, and offers a very favorable opportunity to prisons desirous to oblain a resi d uce or buildiusi lots, or investing. The terms of vile will be one-third cash : and the halanre in ?J and !2 months. f<?r notes bearing interest from day of sale and secured by deed of trust upon the property; :uid if uot complied with hi six d^ys artr the tale, the property /the terms of which are not so complied with) will be resold upon one week's notice, at tbe risk and expense of the <Mkulthig pur< ba*er. Ail ca?Teyaneliig at expense of purchasers CHARLBS S WALLACH. Trustee. C. W BOTELER, au 1-j-eoAds Auctioneer. MARSHALL'S SALE. IN virtue of writ of Flerc Facias issoedfrom the C'.erk's oflttce of the Circuit Court c.f the Dis trict of Columbia for the county of Washington, and to w? directed, I shall expose to public, sale for cask, on MONDAY, the 27th of August next, st the fr**t cf the Court Hoti^c door at 12 o'clock M., tlwj fallowing r-o{?crty, viz: All that piece or parol cl j^ouiid lying and Vielng In the city of Washitigton. a:;d known on the iilat of said city as the ?vest half of square No. 7Si, being lols No 1. 10, 11, 12, 13, 11, and 1?? in said siju.ire No. 753, together with all and singular the Improvements thereon : seized and levied upon as the property of James umtcbett. and sold to satlsfr Judicial No. 3b to October term l&>i, In faver m Charles N. Nocll aiid Henry De?-ouraey J D IIOOVE*, Marshal for the District of ColuaMa an 2?d2t?t ' WALL. BARNARD fc CO., Auction Ac Commission Merchants, Corner of 9th street and Pa avenue, (south side) will as usual, attend to all sales of Hostiehold, Real Estate, ar?d Personal Property, Carriages. Horses, Ac , or goods of any description consigned to them, on the most reasonable terms, and will give their personal attention. All sales eutrusied to them will be attended to with promptitude and dispatch. Liberal cash advances made on consignment WALL, BARNARD A CO, au 7?eolm (Intel) Auctioneers. NOTICE. PROPOSALS will be received until Ihe 27th lust., for farni: hmg the Treasury Departmen wltu one hundred cords of Hlckorv and one hun dred and fifty cords of Oak WOOD, or aiiv por tIon thereof not less than 25 cords. The wood to be if the best quality, aud lo be delivered, corded and measured ou the prcmia. s. without expense to tbe Department. And. also, for from 150 to 900 tons of best Cumberland COAL, all lumps. S. M. McKEAN, Superintendent S. E. Ex. Building, au 10?eot27 THE 11AT ESTABLISHMENT OF ANTHONY, on Seventh street second door north of Pa. avenue, is the place where HATS and CAPS are retailed at wholesale priccs for cash only. Consequently 90 per _ cent extra profit will not be charged in oider to off set bad debts. The very best Dress Bats, got up In the latest style, S3 50, usually sold for S? and S5. '-t^uick sales and small profits," is the motto. au 11?to3m DENTISTRY. DR. V. SHINN, Graduate of the Philadelphia College of Dental Surgery, respect fully Informs the residents of George town and its vicinity that he has Uce tod hlinsel/ amongst them for the purpose ofprae tinlug his profession. otfice 121 Washington st., above Bridge struct. Georgetown. D C.> )e *5- dfmAeoliis* 1 LL STRANGERS -? visiting tbe Oity should see Hunter's Cata logue of the curiosities of lite Patent Oftce Al so. his De?eriprlon of Powell's Great Pictures. '?* HUNTER Is to be seen at 4<Mt Tenth street may 31?3m* u >? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. i K? rtiKTKO rot; the Lvr^i!d??T\lu LULH I RUM El HO IT. AfiKIYAL OF THE STE/W?*I? PACIFIC. I . Ntw York, Au^u:' 2t ? The a. I tearner Pa ?fic ?u..? *1 lttrl *n- r? i iug. Lri: jitg her rega'a European dnt*?? i being levn days Inter from Eampr. The Arago arrived at Scuihsmptw*, o? the | 10th. Miaiuioittllc Rachel midm Mlla tb( Pacilt } There is n (thing important from the seat ?.?? I war. THE WAR. The general aapect <?f tb? new* i? uaaati< faotory. There h nothing important from the Crimea. except a renewal of the bombardment, upuu Sobaftopol on ilit 101L Omar Pacha ha* been ippoiaM to the e* maud of the amj in Asia. The *ic?c of Kart ia unchanged Tsganroy and Berdianak hare again bee* partially bombarded. THE BALTIC. There was a report in Paris thai R*ral had been Fncce*afully bombarded ; bat the trath probably ia. that (he fleet was assembling ia the Baltic for the sappoeed immediate attack upon Helsinsfors. FRANCE. The French Government publishes aa infla te account of a discovered conspiracy of tko Legitimists to exoite an insurrection in Spain, and to further the ends of Russia. Following upon this it is definitely stated thai it still ?cams questionable if Spain will supply aeon* tingent of 26,000 troops in pay of the Allies, and Portugal 10.000. ITALY. The Italian General, Pepc, is dead. THE MARKETS Liverpool, August 11.?I>ems to un A Co '? Circular qu-Jte? r Cotton steady and prices unchanged The market closed steady Sales for the week 38,000 bales; to speculators, 4,000 bales Or leana fair, 7d.; middling, 6 3-16d.; Mibile fair, 6}d ; middling. 61.aft 1-J6d ; Uplands fair. 6|d.; middling. 8d Stock in p<?rt 61000 bal??. Sto.k of American in pur*. 411,000 Imlel. Breadstuff#.?Brown A Shipley rsp^ rtbrea<J ?tuffs as considerably destined, ex^p; c*?rn. 1'? u;?W-rtern c?nal. 34a 10J. ; OUo, 12fa Lt}*- Wheat?White, lljf.al2s ; r?.<, IOjII 1. C ?rr ? Wu: "tall * eS'ow. *9i; lu<4 ?i i:* . rV Broker' Circrlar r??v?rts Laid uu?'. ??ui ??ciian'. "d. S^les at 54a.rS?. Rosiu "tosod r'e id; wit a' ive at 4i. t^ 4? 61 Tut ine y Uii *?.?. i? str'.n. t. JjubHi . :s i<v qv ted rt Ml. Aiao*. w? ?**?kt c.e Meany a: d it. "Wfni. Tfce weather is n<?%. r uibia for tL cr -ps Loxdc5 Mack*t? ?Ba ng A Br.>.'? \':r a -r ' port* irou i;i a Uf) ueu ^nd, and le ma vet1 uoynut. We?ch *>ar quoted at6 o tVp- ?>ard Welch rails wQ board 8*8;. Pig ?rou 71 Oiv>.'?[ie(, Su;ar ard Coffee ar? fi'eady kud ui^.'hiaged #i'le i-ev.r ia Norfolk rnd Pcrlimc l-V BArriMonr, Aug 22.?By private letters. date J Ab^c. 20 auJ 21. ^e lt-rn tLe follow inQ fa;ti : Air tg the new ca^es in P> rtsmou^b 're hoie <f l>r. Idauyn, IV;v air. llevlin, a 0. iholio i rie*t. Deaths is P rt5m">uth?Stephen Janisa, (of ^ ,r ;1t * 'jo* the war of 1812: of u<? ?c?v?, a fr^m < u Mr. i'- vert's f..L".ily ?name uiilcnowu. dearly mil C^pt Guy'r* f. rik er* down. Wm. lutel. So' -i:on Ca^.ry anJL n. C. diec '?t Water's Hotel, Norfolk. T ?e iiifocuon ic "t rp-tiul. r rr~ ' htaitl.y iam ?f the etiy. livi aiu :s de 1. Tbos T- Jennings, of Nerffelk. of the ftru. f G. W Farant A Co., is -t al; a?ao M-* J. G if llatton. John Shipp. aL*o of the house ofj Fara~t A # Cv?., is down. The letters give a most gloomy aspect. One rritcr irtntes that soon not enough living will be left to bury the dead. Mr. Briggs. who left Washington a few day* siuer, unsolicited, and at his own expense, haa entered upon hi* duties as uursc His float h .'art aliuoet fai!^ ut the deaolation around him. Sailing of the Bailtie. New York. Aug 22?The Baltic aailed at noou to-day, with 125 pas?engera and $665,000 in spccic. Few Orleana Market*. New Or.lba*s. August 22?Cotton haa de clined ^aje; sales of 2,000 bales Middling (old) y?n9ie; new OjalOo. Flour is doll, aalee >?t S7 75. Mess pork SID.00 per bbl Bacon, sides 106, and shoulders 9i per lb. Baltimore Markatt. Baltimore, Aug 22 ?The steamer's news unsettled the market. Flour?There were no sales ihi? morning. Howard street was held nt $8.00. and City Mills at 98.371, bat pur chasers declined buying. Wheat has doelfned from 5 to 7c. per bushel, and dull. Small sale6of white at f 1.70aSl 80; re<i, $1 60a$l 71. Corn is dull; sales of white at 8&aHtte. ; yel low, 90a(J3c., and an inferior lot at ^7e. Bye ha.s declined 5 to 10s. Sales of Marland and Pennsylvania at lOOallOc. Oata, 44 a 55o Few Yerk Markets. Nuw Yoax, August 22.?Stocks are staady, but inactive. Money is easy. Sterling OlalO Cotton is unchanged. Flour is firm; sales of 6 000 bbls. Southern flour is easier ; sales at Si) :?0 37i. Wheat is unsettled; tales of 14.000 bn.-b?h> Corn ha^ advanced a trifle Sale# of 80,000 buahcls; mixed 8Sa8l?c. Provui >na are unchanged. Y < ARD.?Tbe lubacrthrr Informs his frltadi and the public that he Is now able to i )?ts busiutws. He can be found at his old i , Centre Market, ready to wait on them, as he always has done heretofore. The best of BEEF always on hand. JNO WALKER i^ays o Jv&? J V ILOI kl! I'LOiyi!' IF you want a good honcjt ^ ?. v>at wtU a!wav*s give yov the norrei t time. di op 1.: a*. <7 FRANCIS. 490 A -vent h xtreet. Be flocks that cannot be excelled?hindsome and good 'ime keepers, lie io\?, ard erer> Clock Is war rail ted. J-?t STEWART'S SKVLIUKT 6ALLLHY. D\GUERREOTYPtr Ukea fcr ?0eea ?a?d upwatl" and fl'?ed *?j sp enu.d taaea. 'A have th?* ttueat light in tfce c?ty, whlrh for ?o?t ueas and distribution of shade u not surpassed V ee lalled in the Unl'ed States. AV? Invite all who w. nt good Pictures to call at Sit Ps aveoue. between ?th t?4 i<*h sU* over M W Gait A Bra's Jewelry Store. an 14?1m COPARTNERSHIP* 'nHE undersigned have this day fOiped ? o I partnership under the name and r;,ie ai I1ARTLY * BRO., for the purpose ?f transact ing a Flour and General Coir^lsrtan busluass, at 101 Water street, Georgetown N. B. HARTLEY, E D HAHTLEY. CfoRcttowa, D- C , August 1,18if a j 9-lm* MRS. A. C. RED MO YEW Gallery cf Daguerrean Art uA Photo ll vi&uhiug is at No. 290 Pa. awnus. nortaeasl r.-?rner of lfth street, ovar Por4 A Wm+ l*ag *?? - - 9 S'ore, Washington. 1'leturan taken at M cents and upwards Mrs R Is a graduate of Whltehurrt'a ertabTlsi > aacaft. a?S^