Newspaper of Evening Star, August 23, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 23, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR, LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Tbe Fevbb I*fbctbd TJISTRIC TS .?Ports mouth is situated on the ?outhwest side of the Elisabeth river; End at the commencement of the fever the population was about twelve thousand. Qosport is s?ath of P nrtsmouth, a marsh. a third ot - mile iu length, intervening, and thai locallj separating the two. The population was about two thousand. Thej are under the sama municipal government. The navy yard. it is well known, is at Gospott. The epidemic first appeared in Gosport. having been brought thither by the steamship Ben Franklin from St. Thomas, and the first case occurring on the 2oth of June last, and the second case on the 4th of July, and the third case about the 20th of July. Since that time it has bt en spreading, although the physician.- are generally i greed that it is not contajrious The opinion of Drs. Stone and Pennistoo, of New Orleans, is, that the number ?t deaths is smaller in proportivjn to population, in Portsmouth and Norfolk, than that in New Orleans In Portsmouth and Gosport, there are not now more than one thousand whites, or one out of every thirteen or fourteen of the permanent resident popula tion : yet there are from twelve to fourteen death/ and, <>n an average, fifteen new cases, daily. it should be stated th u, beside Gosport, a loc-'litj. known a.- Newtown, is near the first named : and this, too, is within the municipal government of P*>rti?notith. Norfolk is <>a tho northeast side of the river, about three-fourths of a mile frvm Portsmouth. I That entire seetiou of country is few ground The business portion of Norfolk is usually overflowed twice a year?during the equinoc tial gate?. The newspapers have represented j that cases of yellow tever have originated there; and a< to Gosport, person* have, in that locality, contracted the disease, and after ward spread themselves over Portsmouth aud the adjacent country. Many individual- who have left Portsmouth and Norfolk are living in bnrns, loghouses, Ay., (which will eventually produce a great deal of aitkness,) not a tew of tuem without bedding, a* ;ueh articles cannot be obtained?nothing of the kind b?ing alloyed be taken from either of the above-named cities. The result of all this is. that some of those who fled hive returned, preferring to meet the fever or death rather than, away from the scenes of the in fection, to linger out a miserable existence Wo may sUle, in this connection, that the want of pnysicians is severely felt?only three ot th; medical profession in tbeee cities being able to attend to their duties. Two have died; while others are down with the fever. Nortukr.s Lisffr!?About haLf-pa&i seven o'clock, last night, the northern portion of the Leavens was illuminated with tne hue of ire, which gradually shifted toward (he oast; commencing, apparently, out Tenth and dis appearing at Four-and-a-half street. The at tention ot our citisens was dirt cted to the phe nomenon, which some of them concluded must be the aurora boreal is, while others thought that it is not late enough in the season for such natural displays. Beside, the opirion was gravely pronounced that the reflection partook too much of the hue of fire But the engine-bells were sounded, and the machines haaled out, and dragged as nearly as possible iu the direction of the light, out Seventh st. The parties, however, returned after half an hour s absence, and one of them reported that ?hey lean ed from a countryman on his way to market, the reflection in the clouds was caused by the burniug of a barn or tarm hou^e three oi four miles distant from the city. This fact beii.g made known, of eoor.-e the opinion of the aurora borealis was surrendered. Siuce writing the above, we learned th-t Mother's barn, containing a considerable quantity of grain, situated above the toll-gate, on the plank r>ad, wm destroyed by tire. SrccESt or thk Allies.?Yesterday a por tion of the Fifth Ward was iu commotion be cause of the combined attac k ot the forces of the city police and th?- county constabulary in the performance of duty, upon a house whieh ba<i hitherto been considered impregnable. The assauit was led by officer Little, who suc ceeded in obtaining admission by a strategem. As seoa a-j lite onjcc-ts of the officer: were known, a sudden attack of the inmates forced them to evacuate "der ouse'" very suddenly. Officers Wise and Simmds now went to the assistance of the county officers, and a scene ??nsued which we have not space to de.-eribe : but 14 Sebastopol'* was uke >, and the garrison carried away prisoners to Batesvillc. The offices engaged iu to- c<>ufiici, touched with charity, interfered in favor of tbo prisoners, and instead ot being held to bail for court, whkh c?>uld have been done, they were or dered to give security t? keep the peace, with whi h requuemest tney complied. Fie* asd Watbb.?Between twelve and one one o'clock this morning the fire bells sounded an alarm. A reel belonging to ono of the en gine companies wat hauled out, and dragged along by two persons only, in the direction of Georgetown, where, we learn, was the indica tion of a raging fire?a tence, it is said, being in a bias? ; but of ccurse this was not, at the time of the alarm, known to the couple of fire men, who, in tueir commendable seal to save their neighbor's property from tire, had ven tu:ed out iu the heavy raiu which was then descending The result was. they returned to their h'-mes dripping wet, for umbrellas are useless articles to the fraternity of which they are worthy members Fir ia Distekt.?Jno. Schopp, Mrs. & oh >pp, End Catharine Shal!e:ibcrger, resisting officers in the discharge of duty, security for peace ; Joan fcmith. vagrant, workhouse ninety days; John Earidcu, whipping bis wife, jail for a further hearing, Isaac beym.ur and Bridget Seymour, profane and indecent language, se curity and co-is. The oase of John Rariden may po-sibly prove to be much more serious than be ima ines. In the conflict with his wife he struck er with a stick, we are informed, and she is sj injured as to render a postponement of the trial neceseary iu order to obtain the principal witness. Ackiowikdgmsnts ? U. H. Kidenour A Company, wao havo just established them selves iu the confectionery aud fruit busines.-, at No. doa, Pennsylvania avenue, to-day af forded our compulsitors an opportunity of test ing i fie qaauty o: their hixunous edibles, such as French cream, almond tea. and "lady's fingers' cake*, and cocoa-nut kistri ' We do not mention this to excite a smacking of lipa, but vo remark that the gentlemen thus re spected, although having a plenty oi pi?more taan they want, sometimes?were, for a time, pleasantly engaged in a distribution ?f the the confectionery sort*. Co*ve:?tios or Men's CbbmtIas Associations at Ciicixsati.?We learn that the folio wing delegates have been elected by the Washington Young Men's Christian Asso ciation, to be held at Cincinnati, on the 19th of September - Z- Richards, 0 C. Wight, W. C Laagdon, W. S. Khees, Kev. Messrs. Sun derland, Cummins, Mirick, Hawaii, J. G. Butler, and Dashiel, and T J. Magruder and Jos. II. Bra-lley, jr., Esq. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company Eaj liberally granted free return tickets to ?By who may go to Cincinnati over their road. [comnicmo. Tbb Urexowb Minstrel Twice have I been gratited by observing a paragraph from " Fighter nth Street," acknowledging the ex ' traordinary excellence which has so often dc k lighted mo in imperfectly hearing the way ward sougs of tuiiui unknown -mger who wanders iu my neighborhood with solitary ftep, filling the silent darkness with wonder ful melody. But often as I hoped that the ea price of faacy might bring the voice nearer Q near Eighteenth street. I was ever disap pointed. and the echoes died in my anwilltng ear. Coaid I bear *? Bjnnie Doou iu that anknowu voice, I should ask the singer out of ctawn district no more ; yet often as bis Botaa nestle apou my dreamy pillow, ?' my heart, like a stream, shall float gently away in song " U Stbelt. Mr A cute D > vn Easter has in vented a ?' m (ad improved dorruk. by wbieh the si= j{e ?>f S 'bastopol may !?? raised, lfe has dpp'ict f? the Engl h Oovernmeut f'/r t paten', fours. Ac , D'jpueh. Political Hcmxstkvriox.?The Jackson Democratic Ass6<?fitton bf the Sixth Ward in tend holding a jpublic meeting next Tuesday evening, cooitneuuing ot 8 o'clock, at the Odd Fellows' Half; NiXry Yard, in celebration of the recent Democratic rfBtoftat in several of tho State*. Distinguished * peak en from Ala bama, Tennessee. and of this city, will deliver addresses. The Hon. Henry May will proba bly be in attendance. A fine band of musi> ha< been engaged. Citizens generally are in vited to attend DisntrxcTASTS.?Mr. Editor: As the yel low fever is ragtag to an alarming extent in Norfolk and it.- vieiaity there is a remedy that would abate the pestilence?.such as burning tar and tar barrels in the infected districts for six or eight days and nights, and bestrewing the gutters and sidewalks with slacked lime and Dulvcrized charcoal for the same space of time. Jihey would remove the fell-destroyer of the human ra?e. A* a subscriber of your valua ble paper I make these comment* I hope vou will publish them Yours, truly. /. H. Washis6Tok. Aug. 21, 1855. [We learn that those things were tried in Portsmouth and Gosport at the commencement of the disease.?Ed j Miscellakeocs Enigma?I am composed of 42 letters: My 35, 17, 8, 37, 13, is a lawyer's most es sential requisite for success. My 29. X 41, 1, 31. 39, 5, 6, 2, 20, 32, are words which will be written by treason in blood upon America's history. My 4, 39. 19 11, 33, 15, 2. 42; 4, 14, is a place where the American flag, uphold by traitors, wavri over licensed murder. My 10, 41,15, 34. is a sleep destroyer. My 2S, 35, 7, 8. 19, is what all girls desire. My 40. 39, 3, 30 , 5, 11, 21, 13, is a hard road to travel. My 6, 14, 36, 15, 34, 26, is the desire of all. My 31, 41, 15, 7, 42, 13, corrupts the morals. My 38, 17, 19, 27, b, is that without which manhood were a lie. My 27, 6, 14, 33, 15, 7 26, 31, 26, 32, 33, 5, 28. 17, is that without which all hearths are desolate. My whole is an enigma the world's wisdom has failed to solve. Mattie. The Centre Market was again plentifully supplied, this morning, with all tho good things in the culinary line, at cheap rates, with several exceotions. Butter 37c. per lb., for the best quality, and egg? 20c. a dozen. The Hbavt Shower of Rain, late last night, has had the effect of laying the dust and purifying the atmosphere. Watou Returns.?K MoLcan, vagrant, workhouse fifteen days ; John Shaw, do., do.; John Johnaou, disorderly, fine and cost*: Rosa Mulligan, do., do.; John Thomas Wilson, do., do.; Elizabeth Ailum, do., do. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Albxahdkia, Aug. 23; 1855. Our church going people are now quite busy. Last night a large earavan left town for the Union camp meeting, which opens at 10 o'clock this day. This morning the Columbian Bap tist Association commence at the Lyceum Hall its sixty-sixth annuaL session. Rev. W* F. Broadus, of Fredericksburg, preaches the introductory sermon. To-night, Rev. Dr. Doggett. of Richmond prearbeK at the Metho dist Episcopal Church South; and a distin uished divine of tho Columbian Association lis the pulpit of the Baptist Church. The protracted meting and revival of religion at the Methodist Protectant Church also contin ue.- with the happiest iesult<?. The Postmaster General has appointed J. H. Davis. Jr., mail agent on the Manassas (j.'p Railroad. The repair* on oar canal have ju^t been fin ished, and the water will be let on during the next twentyfour htmrs. The new Afrieau Baptist church on Alfred struct Ts nearly ready for u-c, and is quite a credit to the congregation that have labored with indefatigable senl to secure its erection. We learn that the condition of the young mm Breen, so severely wounded la->t Sunday, is slightly improved, but that a* yet little hope i- entertained of his recover}-. A light in the direction of Washington oc casionud an alarm of fi*e last ev ening; the dis tance of the llame&, however, was soon di.? covered, and the apparatus replaced. Ami ALong Drive.?A paper in Indiana county, Pennsylvania chronicles the passage through the Iv.wu of Indiana of Mr. J. Uriuder, of Armstrong county, with a drove of several hundred head of oaitle for the eastern mar ket*, which he had bought in Texas, and driven overland a distance of fifteen hundred miles. They looked remarkably fine, consid ering that the had bocn on the road since the first of April, a little over four months from the time of being started. In viow of our nu merous aleauLohips and sail vessels plying be tween New Orleans and the North, and ot .the various lines of railway leading to tho West and Southwest. it is singular that these cattle should be taken such an overland route. MtftBBOOu Aristocrapt.?Tho Newbury* port Herald, alluding to the growing extrava gance in the United Mates, says: 11 There is not a country in the world where the people are becoming so extravagant in their mode of dress and living as in the United States. It is one of the worst signs of the tiua?s. The habits of this mushroom aris to racy ar$ really disgusting. How it looks to sco boys sporting diamonds by the thousand dollars worth at a time, whose fathers were accustomed to wheelbarrows, and whose chil dren are pretty certain to be in tho workhouse. And girls, eilly simpering things, weighed down with jewels and bracelets, whose motheis broke their backs at the washing-tub, scout ing floors and picking oakum- The real sob* atuntiul aristocracy never indulge in such lop penes and fooleries." ETThe corn crop in Kansas. whi :h at first promised nothing but starvation, is represented as growing with exceeding rapidity, and nn immense yield is anticipated. In six weeks after planting, the com began to tassel. fW Don't Believe It.?If any Interested one tJtsyou that physic. Iodines, Guiacum, Bleeding and one hundred other Injudicious meanr, will relieve pain like my "ELECTRIC OIL," don't you believe it. The simple proof Is dally made evident In this city by the undoing of the previous bad management of the most severe case* ever heard of in this country or any other, by the use of my Electric Oil, from 30 South Eighth st eet, three doom l*4ow Chestnut, Philadelphia N B. An experienced physician In attendance. Caotio* ? &ee my written signature. STOTT \ CO, Agents. an 42?lw ICT T* Merveas ??fferera.?A retired Cler gyman, restored to health In a few days, after many years of great nervous suffering, is anxloos to make known the means of cure. Will send (free) the prescriptions used. Direct Rev. JOHN M. DAGNALL, 59 Fulton street, Brooklyn,N Y. au 17?lm . IET Ayer'a Cathartic Pi lis. - P, Us tknt mre PillsPaor. Ha vis, State Chemist of Massa chusetts, says they are the best of all Pills, and an nexed are the persons who certify that Dr. Hayes kntwt, Tlx: Lemcel Shaw, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Mass. Kmokt Wa???d?s, Governor of Maas. W C. Plpnebtt, Lieut Gov. Mass. Bdwakb Eveeett, Ex-Sec. of Stueand Sena tor U 8. Robbbt C. Wibthbof, Ex-Speaker House of Reps., (J. 6 A. Abbott Lawbemcb, Minister I'lenlpo to Great Britain. t John B. Fitspatbics, Catholic Blakop of Boston. MB* that abe kin ! Among the diseases this Pill has cured with as tonishing rapidity, we may mention Costlveness Bilious Complaints. Rheumatism, Dropsy. Heartburn, Headache arising from a foul Stomach, Nausea, Indigestion, Morbid Inaction '?f the Bowels and pain arising therefrom. Flatu lency. Lous of Appetite, all I tcerons and Cu* a ac ini# Diseases, which require an rvacuant medlciae, Scrofula or King's EviL They also by purifying (be blood and stimulating the syateaa, cure many (complaints which It would not be supposed they could reach; suck as Deafue**, Partial Blindness. Neuralgia and Nervous 1 rrltablBty, Derangement of the Liver and Kidneys, Gout, and other kin dred complaints attain* from a low state of the Itody or obstructions of its function* They are the bet Purgative Medicine ever discovered, and vou will but need to use them once to know it. Prepared by DP. J C.AYFR, Lowell, Ml*., and sold bv every respectable druggist Hold by ZD OILMAN, Washington, O M. LLNTIUCUM. tieorgetewaj JAMES COOK * CO., iTdeil'krburg. )e 17?^ra _ H. Wbtatley would most respectfully tnfortr the ladles and gentleman of Geonjotowii, Waablngton, and vicinity that, after ?to absence of ten yean from the District, he has a f*a? n J ? .. . T ? W. H. VV , previous to hi* departure from the District, served an apprenticeship of nine years at the aoovr named establishment, under his an cle, F. WTieatley, one of the l>est practical dyer* in the District of Columbia, and he is now at con siderable expense refitting and Improving the above named establishment in ;l manner that will enable him to do all work in his line of business in a style unsurpassed by any dyer In the District/ and as he Intends devoting unremitting attention - to business, he feels confident of giving entire sat isfaction to all who may favor him with their pa tronage ladies' Sll*. Woollen, and Cotton Dresses: Bonnets, Shawls, Ribbons, Ac , neatly ? learned or colored. Gentlemen's Coats, Panti and Vest*, Cloaks, Ac., dyed and scoured in a su perior style. Carpets cleansed, and in fact dyeing and scouring of every description done with neat ness and dispatch at W. H WHEATLEY'S Cloth Dressing, Silk, Woollen and Cottou D)ing Establishment, west side of Jefferson, between Bridge street and the Canal, Georgetown. au 22?lOt* JET Of* Heeflamd's Celebrated German Blttera.?Weak, nervous, depressed In spirits, and a prey to innumerable mental, as well as nhy sical evils, the victim to dyspepsia, Is indeed an object of commiseration. Yet it Is absurd for him to despair We care not how weak, low, nervous, and irritable he maybe, the cordial prop erties of HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS*, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia, are btronger than the many-headed monster, which la preying upon his body and mind; and if he chooses to try them, we will insure a speedy cure. See advertisement. je 7?:1m ID" Letter fr?di Hen. Jehn Miaer Betts. ?f Virginia. Richmond, July 9,1855. Messrs. Wm.8 Beers A Co : Gents?Uonsider atlors of duty to the afflicted alone prompt me to send you this voluntary testimonial to the great valne of "Carter's Spunisi Mixture," for that almoet incurable disease, Scrofula. Without being disposed or deeming It necessary to go Into the particulars of the case, 1 can say that the astonishing results that have been pro duced by the use of that medicine on a member of ray own family, aud under my own observation and superintendence, after the skill of the best physicians had been exhausted and all the usual remedies had failed, fully justify me in recom mending its use to nil who may be suffering from that dreadful malady. i do not mean to say that It Is adapted to all constitutions, or that it will afford the same relief in all cases; for, at course, 1 can know nothing about that?but of what I have seen of the effects, I would not hesitate to use It, In any and even case of Scrofula, with persons for whom I felt aii Interest, or over whom I could exercise influence or control. Respectfully, yours, Jno. M.Botti. C7" Premiums at the Fairs?Whitehall's ?till in the ascendant?The juries of each of (lie Late fairs at Baltimore,Richmond, and New York, awarded their hightest premium;- to J. H. W. foi their superiority of Photographs, Stereoscopes and Daguereotypes exhibited. Mr. W. .t&o received two medals at the World's Fair, London, and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. Also, the flnt awards of the Maryland Institute for three years j?ast. Whitehurst's Gallery In this city is on Pa. ave nue, betweeen Four-and-a-half and Sixth streets. feb 17 l)TThf Marble Hull CI*thing Emporium Hrowns' Hotel Building, offer unusual induce ments to purchasers of Ready-made Clothing for Gentlemen aui Boys' wear. In order to present our customen with a stock of Goods uol to be equalled for the coining seasous, our present stock or Coals, Vests and Pantaloons will be sold at pri ces that cannot tall to please. Cashmerett, Drap l>e Eta. Cassiiueres, Alpaca, Drillings, Linens, Marseilles, Ac., of superior cut and workmanship. au 9 NOAH WALKER A CO RAZORS AS IS RAZORS. (TO. Wostenholm ft. Son's doeblv carbonlzrd M IX L, Frederick Fanny's Tally-ho, and Wad' A Butcher's chemically perft-cten Razors, and others, from '20 rents to S2 50. Gentleman who like a comfortable shave should secure one of these I'.azors. Also. Razor Strops, Shaving Cream, Brushes, Soap, Ac.,at the Housekeeper's Furnishing Store !!W Seventh street. G.FRANCIS, an 17? GEO. li. VAIINELL A J. W. MANKINS, Home, Sign and Fancy Painters, WOULD especially call the attention of the p iblic to th'lr specimens of Pin v t<> I* siwti at all t!m?*s at their pla> e if business Persons building atid rep:ii-idg would do well to giv.; us a call as we are determined to use every f?<?*'tion on our part to give general satisfaction. Place of business on TiOuisiana avenue, between 6tU and 7th streets, north side, next to the Varauin Building. Old Glaring promptly attended to. an II?d'f tASU PAID FOrt. FURNITURE. I>l'.RSONS declining hous?keepl?ig, ?r having a surplus of household efferts, will find us a'.l times prepared to pay them the highest cash prices for their i..\tirk stock, or such articles as tb*jy may wish to dispose of. Wc will also ex change pew furniture for old at moderate prires Furniture neatly repaired and varnished at the nhoi test notice, on reasonable terms. BONTZ A COOMBS, Furniture Warerooms 7tli St., bet. I and K au 17?'Jw MEMOIRS OF BENNETT and his Times. Price ft 25 CI eve Hall, by Miss Sewell?price 91 ? Our First Families?price $1 25 The Escaped Nuu?price 51 For sale bv bv E K. LUNDY, lib Bridge street, Georgetown, D O. au 17?tf IETTERS TO THE PEOPLE ou Health -i and Happiness, by Catherine E Beecher In paper 37 \, cloth 5l?c Hlstorvof the Couucllof Trent, from the French by John McCllntock, D 1)., SI Harper's Picture Book for the Nursery, by Ja cob Aobott, 3 vols each New volume of Harper's Story Book, SI TAYLOR ft MAURY'S au 10 near 0th street ICE?ICE ! tlHARLF.S WERNER, on Pa* avenue, oppo t site Browns' Hotel, wQl keep, throughout the Mason, an ampie supply of Petti bone's best ICE. which he will sell, on call, in any quantities, at the lowest possible rates. mav 21??dtSep .'M? J I ST RECEIVED AT JOE ShTlLLNG ton's Periodical Depot? Memoirs of the Rev. Sydney Smith, edited by Mrs. Austin Panama in If55, an countof the Panama Rail road, of the cities of Panama and Aspinwa:!, with sketches of Lift.' and Character on the Isthmus, by Robert Tomes Letters to the People on Health ?nd Happiness, by Catherine E. Beecher Memoirs of James Gordon Bennett, and his Times, by a Journalist The Fseaped Nun Banker's Daughter, 2d vol, by Repnolds Rose Milton, a romance. J. SHILLINGTON'S, Odeon Building, corner Pa. av. and 4^ st. au 21? COAL AND WOOD. rrHE subscribers would respectfully announce X to consumers of Coal and Wood that they have recently established themselves in thWcity, as Dealers in Conl and Wood, and hopes to receive a liberal share of their pa tronage. We have now on hand a good supply of Oak and Pine Wood. A large supply Anthracite Coal of various sizes, both Red and White Ash now afloat, which will be ready for sale and delivery this week. Cumberland Coal of the best quality for family, smithing, and manufacturing pur poses. Orders filled promptly and ?allsfac(lon guaran tied always. CASTLEMAN A BRO, Corner of B and 6th sts., on the Canal, au 21?2w TUB BALTIMORKk OHIO RAILROAD. Transportation office, August i?, 1855.?The late obstructions to the use of the Road, at Kingwood Tunnel, having been re moved, FREIGHT of all kinds (as well as pas sengers) in both directions, is aow forwarded as promptly upou the schedule time A continua tion of this despatch is ensured by the building of a new road over the hillat Kingwood, by which the use of the tunnel may be avoided, until it is completed. JOHN H. DONE, au L8~-fit Mat ter of Transportation. ONB HUNDRED DOLLARS RKWARD RAN A wav from the estate of the late Daniel I Clarke, near Upper Marlboro1, Prince George's county, Md., on Sunday, the Ittth August, negro boy ANDREW. He is abont 15 fears of age; a dark mulatto; about 5 feet high; hiu?a wide mouth with good welb, and hr polite when spoken to. He had on when he left a cloth cap, snort blue coat, and blue striped summer pants. 1 have rea son to suppose be will first makehia way to Wash* lug ton 1 will givs twenty-flvp dollars reward for him if takea fn Pnuce George's county; fifty if In the District, or one hundred if north of Washington In either case to be delivered to tue or secured in jail, so that I get him again. ' ODEN BOWIE, Upper Marlboro'. Prince George a county, au'ii?61 Mai land. WANTS. INFORMATION 18 WANTED OF OWE * William Harris, a shoemaker by trade, who came to this place some six year* ago, from New Jersey, and who. it is supposed, now lives in Georgetown. Anv one knowing such person asd where he is to be found will confer a great favor

upon his mother by leaving information with (he Mayor of Georgetown. au XI?3t WOOD CUTTERS WANTED ?TWO OR three Wood Cnfters can obtain employment by ?rt>plying immediately to H. KIMBERLEY, Barley'sX Roads, on tne Columbian 1'ike, six miles south of the city. an 20?tf WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOl NO man either in a Grocery or Hardware Store. Address "A G," through Post Office au 90?it# TANTED-A SITUATION BY A YOUNG bnt competent man. as Clerk or Book-keep er, or in any emplorment where he can make hiin eelf generally useful. Good references given. Address "J W F," at the Star office au 1"?tf WA N T E D-A GOOD WASHER AND ironer, tuat can bring good recommenda tions Also, a Cook, and a female to work in the house. Apply at Mrs Bates's boarding home, on the southwest corner of Fa avenue and 9th st. au 15?tf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that they can get a lot 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of f.75?payable S3 a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office 7th street, above Oda Fellows' Hall, ap 28?<>m JOHN FOX, Sec. W BOARDING. A LADY HAVING TAKEN THE PLEAS ant and newly repaired dwelling en Tenth street No 468, between D and E, will bp pleased to receive one family, or several gentlemen, on terms the most reasonable. The rooms are large and handsomely furnished, and a large vard at tached to the house for the exercise of children. Being near the avenue, it 1s most convenient for table and transient boarders Also, a vouth 11 years of age, intel'igent, active and moral, wants a situation where he can have constant employment. au 20?Iw* Boarding.?panent and table boarders can be accommodated at No 421 Eleventh street, wot sid". between G and H vts Location pleasant and healthy, with well furnished and desirable rooms. ' au 20?2w Boarding ?mrs. duvall,no.831 Penn svlvanla avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel, has several large ar.d desirable rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, wh'eh she will rent with board at moderate prices. She can also ac commodate six or eight Uldo boarders. Jy 30?tf Board,&c ?mrs. bates,on thes. w. corner of Pennsylvania avfnue and Pth street, is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every cfl'ort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap 5?tf FOR SALE AND RENT. _ \OTlCK.?ATAVFKN To LKT ?<>NE OF the best stands on Pennsylvania avenue, and now d"ing a good business, Is offered for pent, the fixtures and I- urnlture for s?ale. The house will be rented low to a good tenant. A rare chance is tiered to any one wa* ting to go Into such a busi es. Possession will be given at any time when ?les'red. For farther Information address "J McG," at this office. au 2??dtf S,^OR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY I Property -The advertiser has a firm in Prince William co , Va , eor>?aini<ig about309 a^res, in a high state of cultivation, whleh he wl?hes to ex change for cliy property. The farm contilnsa large quantity of fruit of a'l kinds. For part leu a~s en-piire at this office for the advertiser, who i? now in this city. an 23?It* If OR SALE?THE FIXTURES of a Store ] consisting of Counters, Cases. Shelving, Gas Fixtures. Oil Cloth, Brussels Carpet, an oval French Plate Mirror, Chairs, Tables, Ac.. Ac , all | new aiid of the best quality. Particular attention is called to the above of par ties who intend enraging In the mlltinety, or a lirst class boot and shoe, or ether fancy business. Th? store, which Is In one of the best locations 'n the city, cau be rented at a low rent Posses sion given on the 1st September. Apply at the More, No HW Seventh street, opposite Odd Fel lows' llalL au 'J3-1t* 1.VOR HALF. ?THE SUBSCRIBER will sell th?j highly valuable and desirable Farm on now r?>i*les omtalning si*ty acres and Uj)w#'V, cf lard, ahout 3X mi'es from the Centre Market, an<t on-* mile et-at of the Anaeostia, or Penning'* Bridge, directly on the Marlboro' and Washington road. most of which has been cleared in the la*t five or >ix years,and forgaidenlug pnr I <?scs i-? unsurpassed fcy any in the District, the *?>11 being- alight loam. 'I here is about 12 or 14 res i.f meadow land, 1)4 acres in Mrawberrle* of the best variety, 3UJ vourd peach treeslu full bear ing. l'tr: improvements area two story dwelling ;.nd kitchen with two r wuis, com, stable f.*?rfo'ir h^rtes, smoke house, Ac. I'erscns desirous of purchasing are Invited to call and examine the premises For fnrihrrr parilculars enquire of the snbscrib r on the prem'ses, or Col N a.lor, City Hail. Wash ington, L> C ROB'T K. NEVITT au 23?2aw >w* noR RENT?A BRICK HOUSE, (No. 3-1) x with 8 rroms, situated or. the cast, aide of l'l h fct-cs^t. near the corner of New York avenui. Ap ply at IOC. corner cf fc'th aud H streets. au 23-31* O R RENT-A TWO-STORY 11 KICK II jtise, on 10th street, between D and E. next adjn:ufiig 'he residence of Peter Force, Esq. Alio. Office Rooms No.S, 6, and 7, on second floor, end a large room on third floor, at Colom bia Place, ccruer Louisiana avenue and 7th stre?t. Apply to J. J. M1LL1-R, Agent. BO22?-o w Colombia Place._ IOTS FOR SALE ON GROUND RENT ? J The advertiser offers to l?t. on gronrd rent, several very eligible Building Lots, and if desired by the parties leasing, will make advances to en ab> them to build. Address 44 W," at this office, uu 22?41 HANDSOME RESIDENCE ON GEORGE town Heights at Frivate Sale.?The subscri ber is authorized to dispose of (at private sale) the b'?utiful residence, No 20. The iot fronts on the north sideof Eighth street.betweenFrederlckand Fayette, with a depth of 280 feet The house contains seven rooms, and is quite new A well o? pure wa'er, fine young fruit trees, shrubbery, Ac Foi ttrms, Ac . apply to LDW 1) S WRIC.HT, au 22?3? Real Estate Agent. J^OR RENT?THE LARGE ANDCOMMO dious Mouse, No. 400 Pennsylvania avenue, neer the National Hotel. Enuuireatthe Clothing Store on the premises, of A. SELDNER. uu 17?6t* O R 8 A L E?IMPROVED AND UN1M 1 proved Real Estate.?JENNINGS PIGOTT Atterney at Law and Agent for Real Estate, has *everal small Houses and Lots; and a number of unimproved building Lots in dlflerent portions of the city, which he will sell at moderate prices and on accommodating terms Persons wishing to sell or buy may do well to give him a call lie will take charge of Real Estate, attend to leasing, renting, Ac., investigate tides, and at tend particularly to conveyancing Office 510 Washington Library, on Uth street, between C and D. au 16?3w I C CONFECTIONERY STORE FOR RENT or Hale?The first Coufcotlon?*ry Store In Washington, between 10th and 11th streets, south jide of Pa avenue, kept for lorn; years by Mr J Miller, with all the necessary Tools, sufficient for lap^e parties and balls of 3,000 and 4,000 persons. A rake machine (Invented by thesubscriber him self) large enough to make 3,000 or 4,000 pounds of cake daily; other smaller machines, end espe cially every article used in a large confectionery establishment For terms apply to JOHN MILLER, between 10th and 11th streets, Washington, au 16?eo3t F)R RENT?THAT VERY DESIRABLY situated DwedlngHouse No. ?, 4* street, the former residence of the aubscrlber, only a few rods from the City Hall, recently occupied by Thomas lilagden, being in complete order, containing niu? lodging rooms, two of which are very large rooms, wardrobes in ?lx of them, a pair of hand some spacious parlors, main hall ten feet wide, good dining room, kitchen and stove room, suit able for a Urge family. For particulars Inquire at the store of White * Sons, So^l Penn^lva nlaavenue. W. b. w. wmit, an lb?eolw Rooms for rent ?a parlor and several very pleasant furnished Chambers for rent, in a new brick houae. Applv to L. K. LUND > , &u e No. 4G Louisiana avenue. F .iOK SALE?TWO HUNDRED LOTS. J Price ?75 each. Two years' credit, or 10 per cent. discount for cash Apply at the Union Land OB*, 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. ly 8m ? O T8 FOR B A L E ?TWO OR THREE I.J good Building Lots m a rapidly improving acighbothood for sale on M? a nolv to J H. l/HvUi. 1.M1R RENT--3EVERALHAND80IIEFA* . lors and Chamber*, with Board Al-o. Table and Transient Board. Inqutt* at .Hj> SMITH'S,*?F ap*?tf AUCTION SALES. By GREEN * SCOTT, Antflnufxri Handsome houehoid * kitchen Faraitare at Aactiea?On MONDAY. ihriTtb Instant, wr flail pell, at the re?Mteaoe of a gentleman darl'nlna housekeeping, on ibe wiat Hide of Thirteenth street, No. 12*. three doors north of 0 street. at 10 o'clock a m . an excellent assortment of nearly Furniture. viz : Mahogany Soft. Lonnga, parlor, rocking and Gothic Chairs Do Oi tomans, marble-top Sofa and other Table? Do French and other Redstead*. Secretary Do Sideboard. V\ash*Unds and Hatra<-k Walnut Exteasion Table l.i fret, andu* e CLalrs Maple. cottage and other Bedsteads Feather Beds, hair and shuck Mattresses Parlor and other Window Curtains Girandole*. china, glass and crockery Ware Ieory and plat*d Table Cutlery Plated Tea and CoVee Set Brussels. Stair and Ingrain Carpets and Rug* Ollrlo'h and Matting, fine Refrigerator Cooking. airtight , coal and other (Moves With a tine assortment of Kitchen Requisite?. Terms cash. GREEN A SCOTT, au 23?d Aurtlontcr*. P. tv?The House Is also for rent Erq-ilre cf Mr. Cowling, near the premises GAS By GREEN i; SCOTT. Auctioneers Fine household and kitchen Furniture nt Aactien.?On TUESDAY the ??th Instant, we shall sell, at the residence of a gentleman declining housekeeping, at No. 367, Noith C street, between 1 % and 6th street*, at 10 o'clock a m., a splendid assoitment of Furnlture. viz: Mahogany plush-covered Soffcs and Ottomans Do satin-covered round back I aster Gothic Parlor and Reeking Chairs Do (solid) dining, card and uther Tab es D mat Mo top Centre Table Sideboard and Hatrark Mahogany marble top dressing and other Bureaus Large ro<ewood Pianoforte, of tine tone and touch Mantel Vrses and Stands and other ornaments Walnut Bedsteads Feather Beds aid Mattress?* Fine tapestry, velvet, stair and other Carpets and Rugs Passage, dining-room and other Oilcloth Refrigerator. Cooking. Radiator and other Stoves With a good assortment of Kitchen Requisite* Witb many oth?*r articles which wc de^m un necessary to enumerate. The above described property Is nearly new and of very superior quality, and th* sale will be well worthy the attention of persons wish'ug to pur chase fine Furniliire. Terms: All sums of and under S25 cash; over S25 a credit of 2 and I months, for notes bear ing interest, satisfactorily endorsed. GREEN A SCOTT, au23 ?d Auctioneer*. By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. Household and kitciicx fi rni. ture at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, tte 2f>th infant, we shall sell, at 10 o'clock a. m , at 'he resident, j cf E W. Farley, No vJCl Eighth street, between \L and N streets, a good lot of Furniture, viz: ? Mahogany Bureaus :md Looking-glasses Bedstead*. caae-seht and other Chairs Cherry and other Tables, Feather Beds, Ac. Carpets. Co-, king and otehr Stoves A lot of Kitchen Requisites Terms cash. GREEN A SCOTT, an '-M?eoAds (Organ) Auctioneer*. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HATS A HAPS, Moots, Shoe*, Faacy Oowis and Jewelry. *>n FRIDAY momiug, August 24th. at lOo'cl'k, I *hali sell, at the Store on Pennsylvania %venue, two doors ea?t ef the United State& Hotel, all the Goods in said store, consisting of Ilats, Caps. Boots, Shoes, Combs, Brushes Perfumery, Gloves, Hcsierv Suspender*, Watches and Jewelry ALSO? Several double barrel Guns, Game Bags. Lot of hue Cigars, large Glass Case, Ac. Terms: Under ?25 cash; over a credit of sixty and ninety days, for notes satisfactorily en dorsed, bearing interest. M. FUKGERSON. Trustee. J C McGURE, au 22?d Auctioneer. By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers. Durham rill at alction _on SATURDAY morning, at lOo'cl'k, we will sell, in front of our Auction Rooms, a line Dur ham bull. Also, a large assortment of new tecoud hi nl Furniture, Ciockeryware, Te;j?, Watches, Jew elry, Ac. ? WALL, BARNARD A CO., au22?3t Auctioneers. Bv MS. O. McGUIRE, Au'>tion?*er. VT\A LIABLE THAI T OF LAND NEAR Beltsville Ht Public Snle.? On THURS DAY. August tttd, a' 1'^ o'clock p in , at the Auction : ooms, I stall sell a tract of land iear Beltsv lle, containing one hundred acres. This ence is adjoining the farms of Messrs. Mariow, >perand Parker, seventy acres Is cleared. the luuance I n wood ; It is well watered by springs and a never failing stream of water. There Is on the place a good log home. Terms: #500 cash; the residue In 6, 12 and 18 months, with interest, secured by a de*d of trust ca the property. m J AS. C. McGU IRK, au IT?d Auctioneer. I W AR SHALL'? SALE. N virtue ef writ of Fiere Faeiss issued from the Clerk's off :e of the Ciirnit Court ef the Dis trict cf Columbia for the county of Washington, and to rre directed, I ,holl expose to public sale for carts, ot MONDAY, tbe 2Jth of August next, at the ftcrt of the Court House door at 12 o'clock M., ?ho fbBowtag r-opertv. viz: All that piece or parcel ?f ground lying and being in the city of Washington, uid known on the plat of said city as the west half ?if square No. 753, being lots No* 4, 5,8, 7,8, !>. 10, 11, 12, 13, 11, and la in said square No. 73J, together with all and singular the improvement" thereon : seized and levied upon as the property oi' James t;ratcbett, and sold to satisfy Judicial No 53 to October term 1&3I, in favor of Charles N. Noell and Heury Lect.nrsey J D HOOVER Marshal for ths District of ColaaMi au 2?d20t offiiialT The -.stttit De?/.ktxe3t, Aug. 3,1855. Notice is hereby given to holders of slock of the loan authorized by the act of 1S4G. redeemable ox and after the 12th November, 1850, that the whole or any part cf that stock will be purchased by tlia department a* any time previous tothe30th No vembcr next, for which 3 per cent, premium will be paid lu addition to the siuc. expres sed In the certificates. And to the holders of the stocks ?1 the other loans of the United Slate*, that purchase i of the same to the amount of SI,310,000 will a!?obemade during the same period it the following rates: For stock of the loan cf 1812, a premium of 10 per cent; for stock cf the loans of 1847 and IS13, a premium of 15 per cent.; and for stock ib-ued un der the act of l1^), commonly called Texas-in demnity stock, a premium of 6 per cent. Interest will also be allowed, at the rate stlpu lated in the certificates, from the 1st July last to the day of settlement here, with one day la addi tion, to enable the Treasurer's draft to reach the party Certificates transmitted to thl? department ad der the present notice should be dulv assignai to the United States by the party entitled to nedrv* the purchase-money Payment for these stocks will be made by drafta upon the assistant treasurers at Boston, New York or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, au 4?dtNov30 Secretary of the Treasury DENTISTRY. DR V. SH1NN, Graduate of the Philadelphia College of Dental Suqjery, respect fully Informs the residents of Georgo-i town and Its vicinity that he has loca led himself amount th?m for the purpose oi prac Using his profession. Oflce 121 Washington st., above Bridge street Georgetown, D. C. Je 2??dSmAeolmO SELL1NGMANT1LLAS AT HALF PRICE. WE have twenty-two Maatilias yet oa hand, and as the season is so far advanced we will sell them at just half the former pi ices for cash. We enumerate them: 5 very pretty black lace Mantillas, at S3 each, for mer price 5 colored silk and lace milled do , f I 50, farmer rice S9 silk I 4 Macfr silk fringe trimmed do , SS. former price ? I0 9black applique fringed do.. $5 SO, former pitce SH k 2 super black sUk do , ft. former prioe 916 2 rich white bridal do , S7 50, former price (15 1 extra rich embroidered bridal do., ?!$, former price t? 1 Hi AX WELL A BRO , - . a* Pa afenue. bet *th and 10th sts aa 1#?eo3t * ? 1 ^HIRTS?SHIRTS.?We have justreceittd a large and fine ssso^tinent of Gentletnoa's best auallfv white and colored Shirts, which are will isposc of at the lowest New York twice* WALL A STEPHENS. ?JW Pa. svenue, next door to Iroa Mall 4U <1?tf telegraphic hews. lirPORTED FOR THE EVENING STAR* The Epidsmie at Norfolk and Portsmouth. BALTinorr, Aaj. 23 -By the Norfolk boa?. which left there yesterday d<>uu, we leara the f?llwinf parti?alMf of the epidemic : Dating the twenty-four h<?urs Iwt put. fifteen death; hare ooeurvol in t he city of Net - f??lk; two at the Julappi hospital , three at the naval hoopttet. and twenty rig el the eity hospital. Capt. tic urge Chamber i? dead Cw? dor ItarrvB, Dr. Scholeld and Parker at* out, of danger. ?MUTIOffAL rAKTlCFLAXf In Port?mooil?, Patrick William* natter joiner, and Newtcn Aeht ?n, keeper of the uisgaiine. in the navy yard, ore both dead. Benjamin Palmer is not dead. a* pveriooely reported. Mosmt. Fleming and Br >wn. who ioft Ferts tn- u'h yesterday report thot there are oboot four hundred ca?ee of (evor now in Porte* mouth, out of o remainder population of n > about twelve hundred. In Norfolk, reran death* occurred la V ator street before the boat left yesterday t r. I about the simc number in Jm pert of the ei y. B. B. Waters, pro} r.itjr of Watari'a it down John Shipp, of the h >uae of O W. Farant & Co., Thomaj Corprew, and Ooorp Druinmond are oonvalcaeent. PaHODgcr* report that a great number of deaths occur from want of good naning and tsitable food. # New Orleans Marksta Nsw Orleans, A ago at *1 ? The fever re mains about the came a* last week. It will probably continue uuabatei daring a portion of the coming month. Cotton is unchanged, with a moderate do mind at previou* rate?. Fair sugar, 7 j. Flour i* a trifle lower. Sales of western at 97 621 Lari in kegs, 12ial3fc Baltimore Markets Baltimore, Aug 23 ?The news by the Pa cific scriou'ly affected the mark?*ta, and bread s'nffs consiC'-rably declined Flour sale* of <00 barrel." of City M il- at fs a I 121. How a-d street wta held at S* 50; *8 25 was offered bat there were r.o salt* at that figure Wheat ?the mirket is firmer than yeiterday, and ^sle^ were made at previous rate? Ordinary t > fair white 51 40 a SI 00, good to prime M 70 a 51 77; gi*>d tu choice rea S140 a fl 71, Corn is unchanged ; yellow 8i a 8V. Rye ana <>at? are unchanged. Hew York Markets. New Tobb, August 23-ttooks are dolt. | Money is uucbsa;od. Virginia 5'a. 9S|. C ?uon ie unchanged Flour is firm, with en upward tendency; sales of 8.000 bbls. fetal* brand.- at Si.?1*; Southern is easier; sales at Wheat u trifle lower; (Genesee 52 25, southern white 52.10. Corn is a trifle lower; mixed tfOc Pork iseciaiderably higher; eales of mes^ at $21 50; prime 510 M' A CARD. [RS E. PHILLIPS, No 4?1 Sixth between G and M street*, desires to the c. titers of Washington and vicinity, that she is now prepared to give instructions oa the 1'IANO I'ORTK. She has taught music tu k 'm? of the principal cities of the Uaioa and haa tr tlrooaijia showing (hat she is fully com petent to discharge the autles of her profeaaion to the aattafaction of those who may far or bar with their patronage. Terms: sT? for M lessons, at her I 912 at the residence of her pupils. je 12??o3m* GEORGE r. EIDWELL * CO., DBfcLBE* IB ALL KINDS OF COALS AND WOOD, 1 FOURTEENTH STREET, (crrc?M, pvamk tin Enftm Httue.) b?.ve now oa baud evwy article in their line, which will be not* at prices to suit the times. Tbev aol'cit a *?bire sf public patronage, pledging Utcaaeiva to giro "ettafac lion to all N. B ?A cargo of White and Red Ash Coal (afloat) will be sold low If ordered from the wharf, Jj R eoliB NATIONAL HOTEL, NORFOLK, VA B. B. WALTERS, Proprietor. HAVING purchased the above well known tablislnnent, 1 respectfully inform rav frl-.'iid- and the traveling p?bllc. that the ? h* nc has L->n thorough!; renovated mmJt t newly furnished throughout,-and la n~w open for the reception of permanent and transient hoard - era. I return my sincere thanks tn my friends and the nubile generally for the liberal patronage ex tended to in* for the last twenty-three year*, and resn-r-lfu'dy solicit a continuance jf the aame, as surln*: them that nothing will be left nndone to moke them at HOME while aojourniag at the Na tlcnal. N II?A four-horse stage Coach leaves the Na tional Hotel every Tiwaday. Thursdiv, and Sat* urdav for Elizabeth City, N C aul??iin B_B. WALTERS UMJR SALE*?The auhacrlbrr haa for sale o * four horse Steam Engine, In good workiag ord?;r. as be has no farther use for It. It will bo *"ld a bargain if called for at an early date He aleo wishes to employ a boy In bis shop se helper at the black and whitesmith business One who has been at the business would be preferred. Apply on C street, between lUth and llth, Wash ington. C BUCKINGHAM au 7?w3w COIRT OF CLAIMS. THE undersigned will attend to any business which may be confided to him es a commis sioner appolntrii by the Court of Claims to take teumiouv. or as an attorney and < ounaeUor of said court. He may be found dally at tl* Capitol, In the room immediately opposite the oRoe of the clerk of the Court of Claims. auft?8aw3w JOHN S TYSON HALL A HEMMING, WHOLESALE A RETAIL TKA DEALERS, No. ilO Seventh Street, HAV E iust received, and are coastantly i ing. fresh supplies ol TEA, which wo ^>fler in quantities to auit purchasers. Our I prices are low, and assortment unrivalled, I consisting of? IMPERIAL AND GUNPOWDER, OLD AND YOUNG HYSON, HYSON SKIN AND TWANKAG, OOLONG. POWCHONG, SOUCHONG. NING YONG,ORANGE, PLOWKRY PECCO ENGLISH AND LONDON BREAKFAST,Ac in -lb pocks, k and M cheats and boxoa Teas packed to order In air-tight boxes, from t to *25 lbs. capacity. All Teas warranted to giro satisfaction. Orders promptly atteaded to. Ma ples may be bad upon application au lfl?eodt 3 ACARD.?The anbscrlber informs his and the public that he is now able to au bis business He can be found at hla old Centre Market, ready to wait on them. _ ai ways has done heretofore. The beet af BEEF alwayw on hand. JNO WALKER, Jv ?tf timUb. CLOCRS! CLOCKS1 IF you want a good honest Clock?poo t*?? will ? always give you the correct time, Atop in at 6 FRANCIS. 406 Seventh street. He taa Clocks that canaot be excelled?hanrtsiims and food time keepers. He sells low, and every Clock ie wa? 1 ^<*>4 ? )y*l_ STEWART'S SKYLIGHT GALLERY. IAAGUERREOTY PES taken for SO oMta aad 1 ' upwards, and fitted la aplendid cosea We have the fluest light in the city, which for eeft neas and distribution of shade is not surpoeeed if \ .railed in the United State# We ltirlte all who want good Ptetnras to it 344 Pa. avenue, between 9th aad 10th atn orcr M. W. Gait A Bro.'s Jewelry Store, au It?lm COPARTNERSHIP. TEIE undersigned have this day formed a co partnership under the name aad stylo of HARTLT A BRO., far tho purpoee of tiaaaeeft itj'- a nmir end General Commission busiaeas, at 101 Water street, Georgetown MB HARTLEY, E. D HARTLEY GvoxoxTown, DC, August 1, IBM. au i??lm* MRS. A. C. REDMOND'S V?W Gallery of Pagusrreae Ait aad Ffcsto - rap h lag ia at No Pa. awas*. amehaeet < orner of llth street, over Ford 4 Rto'e JMI - A*' 1.1..^ Store, Washington. Picture* taken at 00 cents aad Mrs. R. xs a graduate of Whit l >LANK BOOKS of all klads aad etaee Oo* sola I > at unusually low prtcaa. jy * FRANCA TAYLOR.