Newspaper of Evening Star, August 24, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 24, 1855 Page 1
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I > the evening star, PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOOft, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) it tk* St** eorntr *f Pmnsylvamim CM??< Eltrtntk strut, By W D. WALLACH, Ifill be served to Bobscrlbers by carriers at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable wwkJy totheA?ents; pipm ?enwl In packages at 37* *nts P? month *To mall sabecribers the sub ^rlptlon price It TH R EE DO LLARS AN D PIF TV CENTS ? year?? advanct,TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three pooths; tot lew than three months at the rate of cents a week. U7-SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, AUGUST CBIIT* f 1015 *? ilvams. willia* thokmoh. ELVANS * THOMPSOR, OlALIKtIS hardware, coach TBDocnrei, **., 91*. 3U6 Ptanyiraala nveaae, HWin Ninth mnd Tenth stt} Washington, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDWARE Brltanna, German Silver. Albata and Stiver Pla ted, Tea. Table and Dessert Spoons Carvers and Forks, Steels, Knives with and with out Forks Brass, Britannia, Block Tin and Plated Candle sticks, Shovel and Tongs, Waffle Irons, Sad Irons Maslin and Bell Meal Kettles, F ctrnaces. Grid irons, Ovens, Ac. BUILDING MATERIALS. K.'Tal CMtage, Closet. Cupboard, Cheat, Till, Pad a, ' Trunk l,oeks p^^ttIv, ?ad Bi nd H?nfe* Screws, Cut and Wr* ig Nails, Bolts ' Brad's Shutter ?? tws and Stubbt. Door Springs H\ndml V.tws, 'Joor Kr>ois ' BeL Pulls, Shea* ** and K-il. Ac. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Eair doth. Cari-d Hair, Aio?, G> mp?, Sola and Vcn-'i Burl Iio< ?<, R?ck Pulleys, Roller Ends Bracked, Furniture Nails ?lu<?, CoJln Lanu * and Screv^s, Dlamr id Sore* Plate*, Ac. CARPENTERS' GOODS. P.-fiw, J. ws. Drawing Knives SpokrshaYCS, Chise ? ?nd '?o?iges,!'l"?ne Irons Aagrn Brai sand Mtts,Boring Machlier, ilem* D*rs. Ut> h?ts, Dtv?!s Bmls, rfquar?*, Guages, Axes, Ac. BLACKSM1TI. A COACH AKERS'GOODS back - 4 Bii?fht .A/.!e* Felloca, Shafts -.pok**s. Hubs. tows. Poles Slelgu Rrow-??. tU-e*ed and I.^s Band . Strums Joints, Stump Collars, Top Props Curtain Frames, Lamps, In? !de L'nm^s, LLOnr Silks, Damask, Seaming Cords ' Tufta, Tassels. Buttons. Tacks, Fringes. Lace* tad Plain and Enamelled Canvass ' Russia Dock, Enamelled I<eather, Dash Leather Ac ELVANS A THOMPSON/ *fi 1?4? 3* Pa. avenue. JEW ELK V. HSEMKEN, JEWELER. 330 Pennsylvania ? avemie. between 9th and loth streets. ha? Just received a new supply of richly-chased Fmi. and Leaf J eweirv, consist i ug of Pin and Ear Rings also, a variety of magnificent Monde and Came.' Jewelry, wbkh he offers at greaUy reduced priies [CTDianit. Is remounted. Jew?lry of any de scription auul- ia 'd-r. Er.ixnHng done. Gold PriHrrpuia'cti.Coat ?f Arms and Oresse* engraved oc stone and metal. jy31 tr GLENWOOD CE'UETERV^ I'flee N?. 993 Fa ave.. rarner 10th street, IOVKB Tit* S> \ X F A 1 K .) !M8Ti".HY is laid out on the plan of 1 heceleoratod Greenwood, of New York, and rittb. -.i >n ine high ground distant one and a qua/ . iiles north of the Capitol?North Capitol meet leading directly to the gateway. Tal> Company have secured a charter from Con f?s<. apf oprlating their ground forever to burial pi/roses. nakiag a fee title to the purchaser, and jwdibitiag all encroachments from legislation or ctuerwi*e, which Is of vast importance to those who wish their dead to repose where they have placed the VI, for it has become a custom in all other cities when the burial ground becomes valu able for other purposes, to sell it, and throw the dead promiscously into one large pit and legal measures cannot prevent It, as no titles are given to the ground. N. B.?Office open from 10 to 1*2 o'clock a. m where Pamphlets, containing the Charter. By Laws. and a map of the grouud. and all other in formation, can be obtained. ..^kii2rde[,left wilh Mr Jame* F Harvev, No a 10seventh street, or any other undertaker, will promptly attended to. je |$_jy AMERICAN HO TEL. Ns. Pa. between 1 & tai strati 8. HEPLEBOWER A L. T. LOVETT faoraiiTOKs. ' Jy 8?6 m | J tor FIN WlRVRoon, kc. WILLIAM PLANT A Co/uNDERTA * KERS?residence life Seventh between G and H streets, t? /> * Interments procured In any ground ) Mmr^teTy A Co<ta*' Shrouds, Carriages, thTbla Q^?ire7rv for Of !r!L, qliai-ity furnished at short notice, on the E?ht "*^We terms and at all hours of the Pulpit r- ^ extill*lTe right of Crump'a we Kuaraatee to keep ihe dead .,or any length of time. jy ||__jy _ dentistry. " R-B manufacture and inse<t those beautiful Porcelain teeth, with or without gums. fsl which (noade and deposited by the la.e ism) was awarded the Mm premium al this city ' la>Utule Fair? rece?^y held In Tnese teeth are carved acd shaded to salt oacfa particular cafce, and their resemblance to the nata niUrgans la so perfect as to deceive the most prac Particular attention also paid to ?;iin? tid dre ?erving toe natural teeth. Charge* moderate, and .i'lopermtlon^ warr aiUid 0?ce southwest cornei oi S^van: i a rl D *u mar ^1 om DUIITIiniT. re-p*" y cUii pV-Lr atUn i ?>.new, paient jnd great- ** J'J^-^>VED m?Hhtvlofset?Ar-4SS^E t ^c.a. T-?**h win. Cor.;: m >r fHEiiTr^Th^ or ree.h has th? ft; <i .l7:>nt^crt over Li ? jv *2?:1S* LL'*T 8 ** ? G TII, CL KAN - ~ c.OMFOKT and BEAUTY, vleir 7: ;a' ? 1" i -?e p>-;uj. and In pom? othere |i^.aug. 4 Ut litsp^;uo?i reaptvrfudy sol!> ??* sped-aens. *? ??ei?ti*tl.i tho District of N a u'- ht T ' ltld Of t(Vth. an''"If**" ""** ^ K near tLe cor -*nna. aveuue aad it.a st.eei. ap ii?tx "p.-1A?tu PLA51141*tD v%..R J *.A , Coa.* Ura-?, Coif* Gruuucs, .:r?ffe< T? CRtfee Coffeepots teapots. 2?ue"l Chain;- Dishes, Imperial ^P rureens. Castors,' Piu hers, iT.K l-amp?,8()lt. ?*o ^ Moosekeeper's F urnlshing Store, JrtTtf ttKO F?^Tcw. UAJ. JAMES'S MILITARY BKTIOV c * *{7- 1-uuu scarce, S3 50 Duckett's Techn^oglcal Military Dlctio,. ?ry, German, English and French, 1 vol., octavo. 4 SO 1BpS!ivVNi''i,Hisiory otore?t B?fta,n'8 ?i> Sir John 1 75 Baron C. A ?' -"?**, (KIIV6, 1 73 i ,f 1Un'^. * tarty Count Martial, 1 toI, oetavo, l.teiy booad, i 9 Ave on CourU Martial, I vol. o0c The Military ArU *art Art cies of War, by Major 15^"' Ad.uotte, Ac, 1 vol, octavo, I Glenai?? s Memoirs of t ampa'irns ItatflM i tw. i,atUe!,> ???? I Dnnkwater s Siege of Gibraltar. 1 rol, &ic *rt.immer s Sieges of Vienna. 1 vol, frJc Mea.e^Muu^ of Military Geography I rolume, BritS . Military Biography from Alfred to Wel I vol, 75 cents Lieut Coi J ebb. Royal Engineers, on strength erun^ and defending Military Posts, Houses Hedges, Woods, Walls, Ac., 1 vol, many engravings, 75cents. ? ' y *a8~ FRANCK TAYLOR. WMMUMM'I UXDEROARMENTt. fc have a large and line assortme.K of Silk, M ^ eriao ??1 Cotton Undershirts, lln TuiSlrif0" A>?.wws- White and colored Shirts, "? fl/,' 0-' whlch we are bow offering at very low prices. WALL A STEPHEN?, ' . ^ P* ave.. next door to Iron Hall. Jy n-?_ J^Newsl a pi M ?OSTOM ICK~ \ ?u.-uiUL?.UFIP1/ of tbe abovr Jndlspen. ^ sable article will &e kept on hand throu-jhont 25J2T2141 !??:tEklw^ Uoat*<" P? av?nue SJTrr >.!* streets, where families resid or ueighborhood can M supplted In large or small quantities, at the lowest rain N R r, **VNOU?. 'Y)iiin?M iVm"' Brandies. Clears, Ac. o?u?r^? 8"PPen, *c ? supplied in good style, as #?**1, at Jhortest notice ' au 7-^ii WEBER'S BAND7 fT^HIS old established and favorite band fur m. nlsh mimic u usual for Excursions, Sere nades, Pic Nics, Parties, Exhibitions, Ac., Ac. Orders mar be left at Hilbus A Hltx's Music De pot, or at the residence of the leader, four doors east of General Henderson's residence, Navy Vard. jy 23?am PROSPERl'S CORNET BAND. THIS Band is suitable for any and all purposes, and is warranted to give satisfaction to all those who may be pleased To engage them, either as a Bra-is, Reed, or Cotillon llano. Any number of musicians to be had at the ahort eat notice, by applying to FREDERIC PROSPERI. Leader, at Taltavull's Store, opposite the Marine Barracks. N 11?Orders left at Hilbus A Hitz'sMusic De pot wfll be promptly attended to. may 25?4m HOOT AND SHOE STUHE REMOVED. /^EOROE BREMER has remo.ed his well VI k.iown Gentlemen'* BO' T AND, Store and Factory fr^m Mil jt. ^t,i between Pa. avenue and K ?t e*>t to Pa \ avenue, a few doors above Willard?' H >tel. He is pit pared In his n^w >reinl ,es 10 give satis faction to all. G. B. has by dint of great care !.i purchasing hi? ?t.?ck, employing non-"but A .No. workmen, a 1 bv h's capacity to lit his customs s so as to have hij work set verv easy on the foot, while it ai* vvays exhibits tht'most foshlonaVle style. i^rned a ret>ut~Mor in bis business second to that of no other custom- vork boot and shoe maker in the Union He sol "Its the patronage of all. and his terms will be m- .t reasonable to all Jy is-tf &7LYER WARE. HSEMKEN, Ck? Fa. avenue, bet veen 9th and ? streets, offer* nls la gc stock of puie ?S.? ,"t Ware, consisting u! 'Jotlee and Tea Sets, complete Sugtr Bowls, Cream Goblets, Cups, Sroon* :jid Forks, and a magnificent assortment of richly chafed .'nicy silver ware suitable for gifts, at rndrced prices. Persons in want of any of the above articles are invited to call. Being mostly of our own manufacture, we war rant it sterling. ID" Silvetware of any design made to order at short notice. Particular attention is paid In get llrg up Testimonials, Premiums, Ac. an 1?tr something TO OLD AND YOUNG. PROFESSOR WOOD'S HAIE KESTOBATIYE. THIS preparation, although less than two years before tne public; owing to lis wonderful ef forts upon the human hair and scalp, has already obtained a celebrity and sale perfectly an paralleled. It has without the ordinary appliance used for such purposes, won its way, and been heartily welcomed to most of the cities and towns in the United States, the Canadas, and the West India Islands. Nor is this result surprising when it is remembered that its popularity Is based upon its marl's, solely as established by actual tests. That this preparation will actually Restore gray Ha'r to its Natural Color, produce a luxuriant growth upon the head-, of the bald, prevent the hair from foiling otT. aad when used as a tonic ar ticle, produce a continual fiow of the natural fluid and tnus render the hair soft, glossy and wavy, destroy diseases of the scalp, ana expel dandruff! the certificates of distinguished gentlemen ana ladies in every part of the country who have tried it, and therefore speak what they know, most ful ly attest. That by a proper use of this Restorative the hair can be made to attain and retain its natu ral color to almost any a^e aiotted to humanity, by removing the cause of disease from the scalp? no matter how long standing?the concurrent tes timonials of the press and the certificates of nu merous resner;able Individuals of both sexes, to the use of this curative, as well as of the recom mendations of editors and certificates before ailu ded to, can be had of all agents. Bkookfixld, Mass., Jan. 12,1855. Paor. Woon?Dear Sir?Having made trial of your Hair Restorative, It gives me pleasure to say that its effect has been excellent In removing in flammation, dandruff, and a constant tendency to Itching, with which I have been troubled from childhood, and has alsoc estored ,ny hair, wnich was becoming gray, tol t? original'color. I have used no other article, with anything like the same pleasure and profit. Yours, truly , J. a. BRAGG, Pastor of Orthodox Church. Brookfleld. Carltle. 111.. June 27, 1853. 1 have used Prof. O J. Wood s Hair Restore tive, and have admired Its wonderful effect. My hair was becoming, as I thought, prematurely gray; but by the use of his " Restorative" It has resumed Its original color, and 1 have no doubt, permanently so. SIDNEY BREESE, Ex-Senator United States. Pxov. Wood :?Dear Sir?My ha'.r commenced foiling off some three or four years since and con tinued to do so until I became quite bald 1 tried all the popular remedies of the day, but to no ef fect, at last 1 was Induced to use your celebrated Hair Restorative, and am very hai'jpy to say it Is doing wonders I have now a fine growth of young hair, and cheerfully recommend Its use to all similarly aEicted. A. C WILLIAMSON, 133 Second street. Address O.J. WOOD A CO.. Proprietors, 315 Broadway, New York, and 114 Market street, St. Louis, Mo C. STOTT A CO , wholesale and retail Agent, Washington. 1. W DYOTT A SONS, General Wholesale Agent. Philadelphia, Pa. au 1?ly I IRST WARD LIVERY AND SALE STA BLES. IN announcing to the public of Washington that I ha etaken pos'-ession.b/purchase of wie above stables, on G street, near * the *Var l>epa.tment, (lately ot'-ciipled >M[I by V. Schwartz.) I wish to inforn J^LsL ti.i n tudi it will be entirely conducted oy myself, and IU.J all orders left up? i. 'he will be atteadttd to punctually wu.i e.igant Cottages aad rar.ful drivers The Riding School wlllbecon duct< d 'oy a equestrian and perfectly docile horn's; having <.atea hours for lady eques trlaiii, uj>n\atc or public, as they may prefer. Particular attention will be paid to LJrsoa kept at Liyryln his establishment Peisoi.8 requiring ooea barouche* or tonally car riages, ?^an lv sntlsfac tori', ?*ccoinmovlated, as wtOi as those aesinng riding nor*.*, fcr gentleaer or ladles. FRIEDEUECK LAKEMLYKR, Jy *1?2ra A treat. FANCY UAIK ORNAMENTS. HSEMKEX, J ElV EL Bti> " ? No.33i> Pa. av . bet. 9th and 10th sts., is prepared to niuk>: to order any device that may be suggested sue}, as Flower Bouquets, Bracelets. Brtast Pins, Ear Rings, Chains, Crosses, Rings, Chartelalns, Ac. Also, Jet Ornaments for sale. \0* Persons may rely upon their own hair be ing n??d. jy 31?tr PEEL'S LONDON OREEN OINOER WINE Manufactured from french GRAPES, GREEN JAMAICA GINGER, SEVILLE ORANGES, Ac?This delicious bev erage becomes the greatest favorite wherever it is latro-ltfced. It Is equally palatable, more whole some, and not half the price of other foreign wines. Many physicians use It exclusively, ana recom mend it to all troubled with Flatulency, Dyspep sia, Debility, Cramps, Dlarrhaa and Dysentery. Persons subject to Chills, or living in districts where Ague or Cholera prevails, find its occasion al use a pleasant and admirable preventive. Mixed with a little W.ed-water, it forms the most refresh lng and wholesome cooling drink in warm weather that can be taken. Price 50 cents per bottle, %s per dozen. N. B. Country Druggists, Grocers,Ac.,findthU Wine an advantageous addition to their stock, It'* a first rate ?tide, sells well, and gives great satis faction Araiti. ?5T0TT A CO , Washington; PEEL A SvEVluNS,Alexandria; CISS EL, Georgetown; J. BALMER,Baltimore. Jy 6?tf THE ESCAPED NUN; or, Disclosures of Convent Life History of the Council of Trent Letters to the People on Health and Happiness, by Catharine E. Beecher Harper ? Picture Books, Learning to Talk, by Ja cob Abbott Harper's Story Books, vol 3 Will Terrill; or the Adventures of a Young Gen tleman born in a Cellar, a novel, by J . H. Ingraham FRANCK TAYLOR au 16 CURE FUR HOT WEATHJKR* ARNY?S ICK CREAMS. CAKE, and WA TER ICES, for which he was aweried a 1 Medal by the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute, I 14 highly recommended for the above. Will be aent to any part of the District free of cham. Send root orders to 94 Bridge st., GeorgeUwa ly*-"*** < _ EMOIRS or JAMES GORDON BEN. _ aett aad his Times, by a Journalist. ^ ifL yRANCH TAYLOR. M EDUCATIONAL. THE onion ACADEMY. fTIHE Filth Annual Session of the Union Acad -1- emy; and the Sixth of the Union Female Academy, will open on the first Monday In Sep tember, and continue44 weeks. Terms as usual. Circulars at the Bookstore of R. Famham, Esq, and st the Rugby House, corner 14th and K sts. These Institutions are so organized and con ducted as to secure that mental and moral train ing which will best prepare the pupil for the real ties of life. Z. RICHARDS, Prin. U. A. Mrs. Z. RICHARDS, Prln. U. F. A. au 17?lm GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, D. C. THE next session of this Institution will com mence on Monday, the 3d of September. The preparatory department and collegiate course are botn conducted by able and experienced Profes sors, who devote themselves to the moral and in tellectual advancement of those confided to their caro A large and spacious building has just been completed to be used exclusively for the accom modation of the younger students. Their dormi tory, play grounds. study hall, class rooms, Ac., will be entirely distinct from those of the other studests, and offlrerr especially assigned will at tend tbem in their pastime* r.itd preside over their stu<V.??. A complrte sep-n-.rton w'U thus beef fe*" 1 between the yeiinger and older students, th. advantages of which must b' aipaient to all those who have the least experience (it the educa tior of youth. 1 he observatory of the College, its extensive Philosophical apparatus, rich md vuied libraries, and Cabinet or Ml perils, Geological Specimens and Shells, afford to the Students of this Institu tion advantages i&rely to bt met with. II A MA QUIRE, au ti?dim President. SELECT CLASSICAL AND MATHEMAT ICAL ACADEMY. ItHE duties of this Institution will be resumed on Monday, September 3d. The number of scholars being limited early applications from the former patrons of the School are particularly re quested. The Principal can be seen at his residence, No 94 West street, Georgetown., on and after the 20th August. | Terms: Per quarter, of 11 weeks, $12 50. French and Drawing extra. au 7?eotf P. A. BOWEN, Principal. RITTENHOUSE ACADEMY, Corner Third st. and Indiana ave., Washington. O. C. WIGHT, Principal. R. T. TAYLOR. Assistant. T. R. RAOULT, Teacher of French. H. GIBSON. Teacher of Drawing. THE next academic year will commence on Monday, September 3d Tuition ?10 50. $12 50, and ?15 per quarter, payable in advance. Circulars may be obtained by applying to the Principal or at th?* Bookstores of the city, a i2i?TuThAStSep* COTTAGE HOME-SCHOOL FOR YOl'Ati LADIES, Massachusetts avenut betw. lOfA and llffc sts. ^l^HE Sixth Academic Year of this School will A commence on Monday, September 3d. The Course of Instruction is arranged in Four Depart ments. and embraces all the branches of a liberal education. Miss M. A. COX. Principal Madam DORM AN, Teacher of French. Mr. GIBSON, Teacher of Drawing and Paint int'. Mr. SCHEEL, Teacher of Music. ID" Circulars ray be obtained at the Bookstores, an 21?eolm ~ THE WE STERN ACAD EM Y, Crner Seventeenth ami I streets, Washington. A SELECT SCHOOL will be opened on the first Mondav in September, for boys. N umber limited to twenty-five. For particulars see circulars at the Bookstore, or Bail at the School Room after August 22d. Jyrafi?eo6w* S. L^LOOMIS, A. M._ GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY. THE next Annual Session of this Institution will commence on Monday, September 3d. Punctual attendance is requested, ana application for admission m ist be early made. Catalogues, with course of studies and terms, to be had on application to the Principal, au rt?eotseplO WILLIAM J. CLARK. M. A. TYSON Je SISTER'S FEMALE SEMINARY 70S DAY PUPILS, Fstreet, bet. 12t.\ and 13th, Washington. TIIE duties of this institution will be resumed ?>n the 15th September, and, in connexion with the above, they wish also to inform their pa trons and others that they intend opening an es tablishment for boarding pupils on the 1st of No vember next The latter is situated on the railroad and turn pike, tlx teen miles from the city, and two south east of Laurel village For particulars, circulars may be had at the principal bookstores In Washington and Balti inore; an 4?dtt&eodtSeptl5 MISS ROSA MOORE'S SEMINARY. THE duties of this Institution will be resumed on Monday, September 3d For terms, Ac., apply to the Principal, No. 351 Sixth street, between H and I. au 15?eolm HUNTER'S ACADEMY. THIS Instltuton will be open in Forrest Hall, Georgetown, on Monday. 27th August, for the reception of pupils. The course of Studies will embrace a thorough English education. The La tin and French languages will also be taught If desired. Particular attention will be |>aid to the moral character of the pupils, and none will be retained who.* conduct mav havean uafavorable influence upon the other pupils. CHA9. S HUNTER Georgetown, Aug. 11?eot27th BOARDING AND DAY SEMINARY FOR YOUNG LADIES, Mrs. GEN. T. T WHEELER, Principal. T.IE duties of thN Institution wllJ be resumed <?n Monday, thu :3d of September, at the cor ne; f Bridge and Washington streets Entrance for ruplls on Washington street .\Jr?. Wheeler respectfully solicits a continuance cf the r>atronage she has so liberally received from the )>uuic, and for which she tenders her sincere thanks. Circulars can be obtained on application to the Principal. au 13?eolm Y0UN0 LADIES'CLASSICAL INSTITUTE, 490 F smeet, bettvetnSth and 6th, (Removed ftom No. 9 Indiana avenue,) STEPHEN H. MIRICK, A M., Pbincipal. THE next Academic year of this School, (form erly under the care of Rev R. W. Cash man, D. 1)., but for the last two years in charge of the present Principal,) will commence Monday, Sep tember 10, ie5o. Experienced teachers are em ployed in every department Every branch of a solid and ornamental education is taught, and di plomas are given to those who complete the pre scrilied course. Circulars, giving further information, can be ob tained at the oookstores and by application to the Principal. an 7?ecgm EMERSON INSTITUTE. A Select Classical and Mathematical School for Hoys. 71M11S Institute Is located on H street, one door m. from the corner of 12th. The next Academic year will commence the first Monday in Septem ber. The number of pupils is limited. The Prlnci pal can be seen on and after August 27th, at the school room, from 9 to 12 o'clock a m. Terms : per quarter, for full course, 815. Eng lish branches, fit). CHAS. B. YOUNG, A. M , Priacipil. an 9?eotf ROSE VALE SEMINARY, Near Bladensburg Depot. 1MIE exercises of this School will be resumed . on MONDAY, September 3, Ib55. The large airy rooms now in course of erection will be ready for use, which will add much to the comfort and convenience of the pupils. For further particulars address Mrs. D. JONES, (Principal,) Bladensburg, Md. au 14?2awlm FAIR HILL BOARDING SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, Stndf Spring, Montgomery eovnty, Md. THE ninth term of this Institution will com mence on the 10th day of the ninth month (September) next. Circulars containing the needful information in regard to the School can be obtained by those who desire it, by addressing, at Olney Post Office, Montgomery county, Maryland, R S. KIRK, or WM^TF ARU.UHAR Refer to J no. T. Towers, Lambert Tree, W. p. Wallach 30?2aw0w EVENING STAR. THE XURDEREB. A little more thanfifty years ago, a man by the name of Henry Thompson called at a house of Mr. J. Smith, a resident in a retired partof England, and requested a night's lodging. TPbis request was granted, and the strange?, having taken.soine refreshments, retired early to bed, requesting that he might be awakened at early hour the following morning ? J1?? the ?i?Pw*nted to call him en inFM. ilY0011?- m ,h?1 W**?* he was found in his bed perfectly dead On examining his body no marks of violence appeared, but his e mtcnance looked ex- I tremely natural. The story of hi-' death soon spread among the neighbors, and inquiries were made ad to who Tie was and by what means he came to bis death. Nothing certain, however, was known. He ha I arrived on horseback, ar.d .is seen pass ing through a neighboring village about an hour before he reached the house where he had come to his end. And then, as to the m.-nner of his death, so little could be discov er, d that the jury which wa? sui. noned to in ve tigate the cause, returned a verdict that he 1 died "by a visitation from God." When this w. s aone, the stranger was buried. Hay < and weeks passed on, bu.. littlo furthei was known. The pul>iic mind, however, wa.? not at rest Suspicions existed that fou! m^ans had hastened tne stranger's death. Wnispers 10 hat effect was expressed, and in the hearts ?f many, ^mith was considered as the guilty man. ? J The former character of Smith had not been ?' ,? He had lived a loose and irregular life, involved himself in debt by his extravagance, and at length being suspected of having ob tained money wrongfully, he suddenly fled fron the town. J More than ten years, however, had now . P;?d 8?"C? his return, during which he had ? iv.'u iit his present rcsidencc apparently in good circumstances, and with an im^ved character. His former life, however, was now remembered, and suspicion, after all, was fas tened upon him. At the expiration of two months, a gentle man one day stopped in the place for the pur po: j of making inquiries respecting the stran ger who had been found in his bed. He sun posed himself to be the brother of the man. I,,! horse and clothes of the unfortunate man >tiil lcruained, and were immediately known as having belonged to his brother. The bo .y, also, i was taken up. and though con siderably changed, bore a strong resemblance to htm. Jlfc now felt authorized to ascertain, if pos sible, I he manner of his death. He proceVd therefore, to investigate the circumstances as well as he was able. At length he made known to the magistrate of the district the in | formation he^ ha<i collected, and upon the strength of this, Smith was taken to the jail to be tried for the wilful murder of Henry fr. >mpson. The celebrated Lord Mansfield was then on the bench. He charged the grand jury to be cautious as to finding a bill against the pris oner The evidence of his guilt, if guiltv, might be small. At a future time it might be greater. More information might be obtained Saould the jury now find a bill against him' and should he be acquitted, he could not be ni< lested again, whatever testimony should rise up against him The grand jury, how ever, did find a bill, but by a majority of only At length the time of trial arrived. Smith wiis brought into court, and placed at the bar. A great crowd thronged the room. eager and anxious to see the prisoner, and to hear the lI2ul xrilu himse,f. aPPearefl firm and collect eu. Nothing in his manner or appearance in- I dicated guilt, and, when the question was nut I to him by the clerk, ? Are you guilty or not guilty T he answered with an unfaltering t":>gue, and with a countenance perfectly un- I changed, " Not guilty." j The oounael for the prosecution now opened the case But it was apparent that he had little expectation of being able to prove the I primer guilty. He stated to the jury that the case was involved in great mystery The I prisoner was a man of respeciaoiiity and of property. The deceased was supposed to have about him gold and jewels t., a large amouut ? but the prisoner was not so mu.h io want of fundi as to be under a strong temptation to commit murder. And be=ides, if the prisoner had obtained the property he had effectually concealed it. Not a trace ot it could be found- I >> hy, then, was the prisoner suspected ? He I would state the grounds of -uspiciou. The de ceased, Henry Thompson was a jeweler. re?ij- I ing in Loudon, and a man of wealth. He had I left London for the purp ise ot meeting a trader I at Hull, of whom he expeetcd to make a larire purchase. That trader he did meet; and after the departure of the latter. Air. Thompson was known to have luuls it weld and I gold to a large amount. I With these in his pe&sasaion, he loft Hull on his return to London. It was not known that he stopped until he reaped Smith's, and the next.morning was discovored d^ad in his bed He died, then, in Smith's h use, aud if it could I be..->hown that he came to his deith in an ua- I natural way, it would increase the suspicion that the prisoner was in some way connected with the murder. I Now, thnn, coLtinued the counsel, it will be proved beyond the possibility of douet, that the decea d dud by poison. What was th?. poison . it was a recent discovery of some I (Jetinan chemists said to be produced from dihtilling the seed of the wild cherry tree It was a poison more powerful than any oLer I known, and deprived of life so immediately as tc> leave no marks of suffering, and no con tortion. i the features. iiut, then, tne question when, by whom was it administered One circumstance, a small I one, indeed, and yet upon it might hang a hcrrid tale, was, that the stopper of a snfall bottle of a very singular description had been found in the prisoner's hou?e. Tho stopper had been examined, and said by medical men to have belonged to a German vial, contain- I ing the kind of poison which he described. . then, was that -poisoa administered by I Mnith, or at his instigation ? Who were th^ priso ner^s family ? It consisted only of him self, a housekeeper, and one man-servant The man-servant slept in an out-house adjoin ing the stable, and did so on tho night of Thompson s death. The prisoner slept in one end ot the house, the housekeeper at the other and the deceased had been put in a room ad joining the housekeeper's. It would be proved, that about three hours after midnight, on the night of Thompson's death, a light had been seen moving about the house, and that a figure holding the light was seen to go from the room in whinh the prisoner slept to tho housekeeper's room; the lijrht now disappeared for a minute, when two per sons were seen, but whether thev went into lucmpson s room the witneas could not swear but shortly after they were observed to pass quite through the entry to Smith's room. Into which they entered, and in about five minutes tne light was extinguished. i The witnesi would further state that after the person had returned with the light into smith s room, and before it was extinguished, he had twice perceived some dark object to I intervene between the light and the window, F ,th? surfa?e of the window itself, and which he described by saying it I Mvf * door had been placed before the light. Now, in Smith's room, there was nothing which could account for this appear I ance, and there waa neither cupboard nor press in the room, which but for the bed, was I entirely empty, the room in which he dressed being a distance beyond it. The counsel for the prosecution here con- I eluded what he had to say. During his ad dress, Smith m n0 wiSi append to be agi. | tated or distressed, and equally unmoved w&f he while the witnesses testified iu substance what the opening speech of tho counsel led the court and the jury to expect. Lord Mansfield now addressed the jury. He said : that in his opinion the evidence was not sufficient to condemn the prisoner, and if the jury agreed with him in opinion, he would dis charge him. Without leaving their peats, the jury agreed that the evidence wss not suffi cient. At this moment, when they were about to render a verdict of acquittal, the prisoner roee and addressed the court. He said he had been accused of a foul crime, and the jury had said that there was not sufficient evidenoe against him* Was he to go out of court with suspi cions resting upon him, after all? This he was unwilling to do. He was an in nocent man, and if the judge would grant him the opportunity, be would prove it. He would call the housekeeper, who would confirm a statement "which he would now make. The housekeeper had not appeared in court, ^ho bad concealed herself, or had been by Smith. This wis considered a dark sign a-rairjt hm But he himself now offered to turns her forward, and stated as ihe reason, nut that h* wa* n^t willing that sue should testily, but knowing the exci,.eme;it, Lt was learful that she would be bribed to fcrve testi mony contrary to fact. But he was n ,w really to relata all me circumstances he kne-A she mignt be called and examined. If her testi mony does not confirm my story, let ms be condemned. The request of the prisoner ap] eared reason aole, and Lord Mansfield, contrary to his usual practice, granted it. The prisoner went on with his statement. He said he wished to go out of the court re lieved from the suspicions that were resting upon him. As to the poison by means of which the stranger was said to have died, he knew neither the Lame of it, nor the existence of it, until made known by counsel. He could call tfoi to witness the truth of what he s lid And then, as to Mr. Thompson, he wa? a perfect stranger to him. How should he know what articles of value he had ? He did not know. If he had such articles at Hull, ho might have left them on the road, or, which was m'.re probable, have otherwise disposed of them. And if he die by means of the fatal dru^, he must have administered it himself. lie begged the jury to remember that his premises had been repeatedly and minutely searched, aud not the most trifling article that belonged to the deceased had been discovered in his possession. The stopper ot a vial had been found, but of this he c-'uld only *ay, he had no knowledge, au.i bed i?ot seen it itvioie it wa4 proJuced in court. One fact hid been proved, and oalyonc. That he would explain, acd Li.- housekeeper would confirm the statement. A wuncca i testified that some one had gone to the beu room of the housekeeper on the night in ques tiou. He was ready to admit that it w is L* himself. He had been subject for much 01 hi? life to sudden fits of illness; he h id been seized with one on that occasion, and had ?one to procure her assistance in lighting a fire. She had returned with him to bis room for that purpose, he having waited foramiuut? in the pas<ag>?, while she put boi clothe* This would account for the momentary viic pearanceof the light. After remaining a lew minutes in bis room and finding himself bet ter, he had dismissed her, and retired to bad from which he had not risen when he was in formed of the death of the gnest. Such was the prisoner's ai<Jre*-\ which pro duced a powerful effect. It wa, delivered iu a very firm and impressive manner, and from the simple and artless manner of the man per haps not one present doubted his entire inno cence. The housekeeper was now introduced, and examined by the counsel for the prisoner. Slie had not heari any pail of the statement of Smith, not a single word of the trial. Her story confirmed all he had said. To this succeeded her cross-examination by the prosecution. One circumstance ha 1 made a deep impression on his mind?that was. that while the prisoner and the housekeeper were in the room of t'ue former, something like a door had obstructed the light of the ca'ndle. so that the witness testified to the fact, bu could uot see it. What was the obstruction ' There was no door?nothii g in the room whi^h could account for this. But the witness was positive that something lik* a door di J for a moment come between the win-low and tb~ candle. This needed explanation. The house keeper w:^ the ouiy person that could give it. Designing to probe tnis matter in the en I t the bottom but not wishing to excite her alarm he began by asking her a few unimportant questions, and amoug others, where tnc can dle stood while she was in Mr. Smith's room. 14 In the ceutre of the room," she replied. 44 Weil, was the closet or cupboard, or what ever you call it, opened once or twice, while it stood there ?" She male no reply. " I will help your recollection," said the counsel, ' ? alter Mr. Smith had taken the med icine out of tho closet, did he shut the door, or did it remain open ?" 44 flj shut it. ' 44 And when he replaced the bottle in the closet, be opened it again, did he f 44 He did." 44 And how long was it open the last time ?" 44 Not above a minute." 44 Well, and wheu open would thj d.*?r be exa t!y b tweeu the light and the window 44 It would." " I fjrget, : said the counsel, 44 whether you said the closet was on the right or the left hand side of the window ?" '?On the left hand side." V *Y"uld the door of the closet ma*e any1 noL>e in opening ?" ,4None." 44 Are you certain ?" 44 I am.'' '? Have you ever opened it yourself, or on'j eeen Mr. Smith open it ?" ?4 I never opened it myself." "Hid you ever keep the key ?" 44 Never." 44 Who did?" "Mr. Smith, always."' At this moment the housekeeper chanced lo cast her eyes towards Mr. Smith, the prisoner. A cold dump sweat stood upon bis brow, aud hi- tace had lost all its color; he appeared a living image of death. She no sooner saw him than she shrieked and fainted. The conse quence of her answer flashed across her mind. She had been so thoroughly deceived by the manner of the advocate, and the little impor tance he bad seemed to attach to her state ments, that the had been led ou, by one ques tion to another, till she had told him all fie wanted to know. Sea was obliged to be taken from the court, and a physician wn> was present wat- reques ted to attend her. At this tune the .solicitor for the prosecution (answering to our Slate's Attorney) left the Court, but no one knew for what purpose. Presently, the physician came into court, and stated that it would be impos sible for the house-keeper to resume her m .t in the box ?hort of an hour or two. lt was almost twelve in the day. Lor*i Mansfield, having directed that the jury be ac comodated with a room, where they could be kept by themselves, adjourned the court two hours. The prisoner, in the mean time was remanded to jail. It was between four and five o'clock, wbeo the judge resumed his seat upon the bench. The prisoner was again placed at the bar. and the housekeeper brought in and led to the box. The court room was crowded to ex-jeps, an'' 8D ^ful silence pervaded the pla??. The cross-examining counsel again addressed the housekeeper. ." J haw few more questions to ask you," said he, take heed hew you answer, fur your life h^ngs upon a thread. Do you know this stopper V' i "I do." 44 To whom doef it belong 44To Mr Smith." 44 When did too ?m it lait V* '? On the night of Mr. Tboaapaoa's death." At that moment the aolioitor entered the four^> with him upon itnr. a wu *h, two money-bags. a jewel case and * bottle of toe same manufacture aa the stopper, and Tt* WM placed oa mL v?lV of lhe P"****' *od the wit new. and from that moment not a doubt rv mau.ed m the minds of any man prn>ni of ihi. of the nrieoiwr 7 P * W?nk,'ri,J brin* thi* Melaneh'dj talc been enmLittlJ1* 2* 'k?? been committed was between nine ?nd ten miles distant The solicitor, as mo^a a* t ? cross-examination of the housekeeper t 1 Jin covered the existence if th. eln^t. a'd iu fjtuatjon. had set off ou hon?e..j.-k with two ?h*r?ff ^ . fficers. and -fter pulling down a nar ?"? *'l! wf the h<.?e, h.l SliTTtbtlE. pcrtaat coaceiiuoert. Their search m -s ?eil tn*Mrt' Wh?,C ?I,h" P*?****/ *>??- giog to Mr Thompson was found tuere. tin* in value tnousand pounds nnd 7 j? *?. ?*>" for doabt- ? *>o?le was discov ered whir ? medical men inst .nt!y prv il" Vi. ^ CsJUl%i* T Ty identi 11 PO??ou which had ca-tsed the death of th , unfcrtn cat^ Thompson. luc re. alt was too obvious to need e^4. si -ition Ft need h rdly bt vlded, that Smith was ''onweted a: d executsu, and brought U thie awtu pbiiteLment by his own tnesns Baa no aa?l nothing?had hi not rer sted in calling a wi nets to preve his innocence, he might bur# cscaped. Bat Gad had evident / left him to SmSS.?" *j-! r*"",w EXCURSIONS, Ac. SECOND GEAIO SOIjltE OF THE BOOsi CLU3? Will be given a: ri*e Unrdr**, (/<r?frff 9r. andi H VeL t-T'V "* **' *lT ii' ?'*"??? i'rk THE BOON E CLt B tak* ?rreat pleasure in .. nouncing to the 01 b?. ibe<r friends, and the nuolic generally, that tLey win kl?e ther ond grand soiree at the abore ,,a.n-d place i.'lP ^l^!!P*lvr ,L*f n4> trouble < ipense will be spared to make thin one o#rb? most peasant, gay and reckerck* Soin-^s of the JJ3 iN? ,m*>foPr'' P*?" admitted on tb sw"* """? - ??S?Sd'S^u'r" U,u *> ladiU^1"^ ?*m'ttiag a genttemr- -nd PTUMt r orr miti. ATra*gt*u*.% * " ^u? H fc Booth, jr U||||. "wu" / BLXEFICI4L SICCIlioiT ~ MARION RIFLES, For th' .fl,y of the lufrnne in nJ/*U, 1 ort***outkf and two sportt P. 11HE Committee of Arrangements ake ^reat \'n.f If* 1>! w,: ?'oci../To .he jrST Military, their fne?a ,ar.<l the iic in g+neni tha^ the* wi'l -1 CU*tL?N 4 P,C NIC to thcHIT^!"pock oa vtosDAY, Aag^ rth. for In comeoueiKe of the suflWW ?- th ^ tag MBKraUef^TiVoTr ^' 7 ?? <l?*trou? of afford nig some re.ief, iae? aave tatwii/ut i>rorw-r :c nor U> enable o, to acrotnplUh oar 15^7 ating in ??me reapect their (.aff^.L The Comp-ny pledge twn-rivw that no effort wantin*f 00 ,hrtr pan to t-iake'nMue mo?t pliant excursion of tbi *-?n)n ???> 1- o?, w1?ei^^u*i'KlBcl:4,nK r>,nn^ *nd Supper, iTrlctT o i<ipd b>" an ?**peh?-nced -? .f!rTm'n0da,,0n of wbooon.X ssttffsisirssi>*?x??*? *? ""yv*4 ? u 523VoS'cS5k"ri,ul wuu " ? to ?,"'>ntl^nan and IMle*. to be had of the Comminee of Arnn -cw , and at the boat on th, day of the ear Son Omnibuse- will l?tve \V#k? Capitw Gate tS* corner of 12t^ atrwr and pa aren je and W h ui't"""'"s* ? Commitue ?/ 4,iat{, "icMti. F Prie \V f> Trrnsr ???? ?', Walker, PriY (i H Belt. ' ' ? Pr!,r w H Younif PrtTctni f' PrlvEUmwa M tl^!eStUrpby' Priv S b THE BiLTIMtHkk OHIO ltJlL^CAD. TRANiPukVATlOX OFFICE Aa i.t K l . u lie of ."re r*$??*,tiXXu.u?7 Ik,u of .ait d ^pate'; U ?rd by tb^ fc. '.dln ? of a new ,-oad over the bluet n i ^, bv woi.-L the use of the tunnel miv be aj,u ?< i t, , ryga asv ;n?f,NE4 *to *u ~t TTmaponat^a. Ti*\?vv:!!?R##:D t>UL.l,\K-? RKWARi). K ?M U {c? ertate of the late Dar.' -| r tJpperMaiilwro' PrincrOturge'a county. Md , ou Kuaday, the l?th auv .?t |JL b ?)'A-> l>Kh^ ile i,Jabout 15 yfa^-.f ^^ dark mulatto; about 5 feet high; ban a w! ie wbb good welb, and Is polfte when upc.kru to. He had ?>n when he left a cloth cap, nhort bl"e coat, and blue striped summer pant# 1 have r?*\ S?-W>" WtU l,mke hla way to Waah 1 will elve twenty-five dollars rewa-d for bint if taken m Prince George's county; ?fty If in tb^ ?r<m*h,mdr*? if north of VV^Luing^N, In either case to be delivered to me r>r aerun-d in jail, so that I get Lira a^ain tt ? ODEM LdWIE, PrlBr#> Ctd^'Bcoanty, au 21?fit .W* t nited States Pate at O/fit e, f 0M.V ? WAtHiaoroa. Aug.6, '.SSfif N the petition of Abraham Howf A OaaXKis, of Maditon county, N. York. nrmv. ing for the extension of a patent 'raated to n on the 11th day of October.^, inent in .be manufacture of wire heddjea ft r wea W barneKa, ? for teven year> from radon of aaid patent. wbi< b takea nlac ?? litb day of October, lf^55: ^ on ti?e tt t>ia! tfie **ld r-*"Jon be iu-. ' at the Patent Ottc-cn Monday, 'he Wh uay of O obeTneit,at 1* o'clock m;\nd aJJ nerwT. L uo iflad to appear and show taw If7~? th?*' V'rm^.y P*41"03 ought not u? be ^ranta? t^bt nTLofn?Wr'l,nfe' 41 lra*1 t^nty dava beiurt lartv in ' J111 t^atiBiony Hied bv elthet pa y to be used at the said hearing must be takan and tnsaamittad la accordance with the r-iem of r111 ** funiiahed on appUratton rue testimony la the ease will he HosVd >a liir Jj SeptemU-r; deiMtloM andotbec papers re lifd upon as tfcsu.ooa) must be died in the oftc* on or before the morniiig of that day: the argu ments If any, *fthia tiee days thereafter Ordered, aleo. that'nls noties be pubtivhMl in aV??- l^'^?lti?enc<?^ and Mar. V'aabii.^toa 1>. C ; RepcLI'can, Baltimore; Evening I hiladdpbia, Pa , Sctectill- Auier an 5 Vt-k and Port, Boatoa', Maaa , once TwSk t* tfi successive week# previous to the *th dav of f>o?o ber uext, the day J?f atari-ig_ o?)ori>ceo . , 8. a*. 8HUGERT, ipc-itg-iti: WERNEH. oa Pa ?' Hotel, will keep. I ?le supply of PettiLuc ^uica ne will sell, oa call, la any aoaut.u.., a tL:.lowest posaibi# rates. maj ttu^ttoeF

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