Newspaper of Evening Star, August 25, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 25, 1855 Page 2
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WAIHIfrgTOy CITY: ??TV 11 DAY AFTUlflMJi Aipit M. TBS WXZKLT ITU to* Uw wwk radiof (Mij, it, like iti pndt* Maori, a valuable camber, containing inter aeting articles oa all the prominent current ?renti of the dsy, both at home aad abroad. The increase of the number of subscribers af fords a gratifying aridaaoa of the appreciation oi the publication. Terms: 51 ?j a year, or three eente a single somber, wrapped for mailing. tTixrr ok tht . ORsue fiisi The Union think* that, according to the algne of the times, a man eaunot otherwise be to high1 j insulted as by oalling him a Know Nothing, exoept by proving it on him. There is more truth than poetry in (hat quaint idea. The Unicn ah>o praises without stint, Miaott A. Osborc, Esq., editor of the Mew Haven (Ct.) Rfisttr, tor bis etesriy devotion to the doctrines, measures and men of (he fe party through evil as well as good ret ort. The InuUiftnter it to-day wholly devoted to news, scienoe, 4c * WA6HI2TOT05 1TXW8 AMD GOSSIP. Ths Biva!a ?"Ihe Washington Star, al though the b.nd or-an of the Administration, sate y puH shed the followir.g paragraph: Quci Ai^ATK^iic.?H e have fur some asys past been indebted to the agents of the JWtiiekshurg. Ri;hmet.d A Pjtwmuc Stsam boat aid Railroad line ror the Richmond jour nals of the day. tw?> hours and a half in ad tsnco of their receipt tere by mail, and we take this mean* of acki.owledgiug their cour tesy ai.d c< iL''ir ??me of runniir* the rrtue ' 6 *4 Two hours ami a haK' An l wby not? If asy or j w-re to *tart lo go f.Vin the Zichatjce fl^wd u, the Capitol, ft? oould, of course rot taer. sooner by gom* strai;at up by the Whir attae, tnarjf be went round v,y t^e Af:ica?< Ctaiyh. If Cajcptel! will over-haul hi? Auciid or his L'gecdro, he will discover that Si(r0^AJ lint Li che 4ho?tc*i uis?.in*e b.'Titc two Peri I ipi he has ievrr *iven mu^h attention to n^atnetuauc*. Lit him dust hie o.d bUu?id, and go an it forthwith."?Rich moH.. ^a:tonal Amoriean, Arr. if. It apj* arcftom the above that the National American is, at time?, bird poshed for a peg ?a v.lji'Vj to hata frrow! a* scmo menoer of the Ai?ii*i?t? Ttat j^arael, judging from the article quote, has thrown aiiuc the consideration of tue p.ubue interest, and tnsti th- on which it comments as a partisi.a of particular corporation, whose oacse it Las evidently espouaed. ? In writing the original paragraph, we did no so each thing, nor do we now propose to subserve the Interest of either of the rivals. Our object was ?impjy tj acknowledge an act of courtesy in b*x*aing tonus So, we took the statement of the agent of the lower route without question, and gave him and his employees credit for their eutsrprise, as thus manifested. Finding, however, that the Richmond paper ?%ayk to nie our parrgraph to create a false Impression as to what the Po3t Office Depart ment h*? felt called on, by its views of the public interest as involved in the contract for oarrjmg the mail betweeu Washington and Riohmond, wj ha7e taken occasion to make due inquiry int<> the matter, and find at the eity post efihe that, had we despatched our taeesenger thither for our Southern mail in due eea*K?c, we might havo reoeived tha RicLmond paper* coming by the mail line almost as soon as thus breugat to our offlae di rect <roui the Socthern boat by the kind noes o1 the Ajei.t of uiat lino, the difference in time being o;y afcool the time requieitc to assort tae ioatbern mail for Wasuingtnn; both lints arriving hero nearly together, as Is nutrifett ? that the mail is usually crossing the P'tom.vj bridge as the is neartcg hei wharf. a-* ?nf)rmed by the zaal! agenl who travels with that particular mail. Ti? distanco under the nsw oortraot. though Ion ger, requires no additional tlrre en the mail ?ehedu'e, fcecanw river navigation is wholly dispensed with upon the new route; whereas there waa a stretch of sixty miles of steam bo.itbg?and capital steamboatlng, too, by tfce old route. W? learned, further, at the ctty poft offioe, frrm the same mail agent, thai there h a>?o r.o practloal diffcrenoo In the time !a*-n la manlrg the two route* goiiig Booth It is, therefore, flee to truth a3d1^arti^et?l^t we should state th??e fa^b. iind, further, that wo should respectfully ash the National Amtrtcin to toll Vi .tsJers that the change a?a?e mj avoid the veaauou* detentions oi the gre*t Souther*, isail, to froquoatiy ocour rin^ fr~m .oa in the Potomac during the win ter, whU:h for macy years pa?t have been so Untversaliy and bitterly complained of a3 to autlsfj e.1! reasotable men that there is icslly aaore la theni (the complaints) than ?.uip!e Indulgein the so unlveusl Amsrijan news paper habit of grumbling. A failure of the Jaail on the Pjfonuw is a naii^a! vex.tidc fcoi poth.raUca, a. it is a failura of the great Atlantic eosst mail, ui the regularity of whbh more po:r ,Lj ind piopcrty au interej^d than In the p-inc.uaiity of iha tiansportatloa oI any w*h*r n.ail wla^ver. We under-taad that it cji3 the L?eparta.cnt a differency ct to obtiia the insurance Against all tut are mail ia:iures from ice on the Potomto; n desideratum that cacout fall to La appreciated by all engaged in com me roe j from Portw.;! to X?w Orleans, if cct by the ?ondactors of tne NaUanat Amtrxtan. B' tfc tho !iu?J in quoaticn are of groat iai jortaws and value U the public, add we re frat ?oeediajfy to ind the Richmond par?'r Wng our paragraph to create an impression la this conncctiwn not fa'rly do>luclble ;iom it. Ihe Hon. William R. Smith, of Alabama. Tba Union iu up the resnlu of tho August elections, presents the following sum mary : ?hid Cong 84th Copjj. ?rto JEentucky & b 8 4 Tennca^oe ? 4 >5 Al?b&ja*........M 2 5 9 Hexas a j IT 30 n jI If 19 D^Bocrauc ?a>>rity... 9 } In this ealulatlm Mr. William R. Smith, of A >ba?a. is ^vrittca down a Whig (antUsd mb'.ratioD) in i&e last CssittM, and a Know Sou*,, Iioufcc Now, in riew of the faot that b/s *Ute has repudiated K>,w NotUagien w;th ?verwn?lming rmpha/is, thu in spite of bis private feelings agaiivt tie la the last House, ha was cempdled by {mhfie opinion at home t0 .a^fain the Prmoorate Ja ?rwy rfaily pressiag -aar^acy, wo have a? lata that he wfli be. loead voting against the Democracy whenever hU vota would fire them a triumph. He is a ihrewd gentleman, understanding the art of looking after the interest of ?? num ber one" quite as well as anj other man in public life, and he never ffcils to draw on hie knowledge in that connection on all passing oocasions. So ?c* plaee him in the other col umn?makicg the aggregate Democratic ma jority, ae resulting from the August elections, ?even instead of fire, ae the Union has it. He will, of course, rote for the Phildelpbia platform when the Honse may be polled on that subject. That vote, however, will be a perfectly harm lees one, except, in the end, to himself personally. We should ae soon aspect his sort o' Know Nothing namosake (without theiiitermedihte R.) of Virginia, to rote against the Democrats on any really important ques t on. Ilia latter, though he hugged the Knew Nothings most affectionately before the elec tion, is far too prudent a man where his per eoual interests are ocnoemed, to feed them on anything more substantial than "s:>ft sawder," after baring used them for the successful ae uomplishment of his temporary ends. Pittribction of 8ini;tgoiiian Publications. Vfe haTo obtained from the Smithsonian In stitution the rules for distributing tbeir pub lications, which we gire f or the benefit of those Satieties and Libraries who may wieh to obtain them. The Income of the Institution is so *inall in proportion to the demands made upon it, tliat only a limited number of copies of the ' Contributions to Knowledge" cun be printed and those are to be sent to all parts of the world. If an institution oomes under any of the rules, ard it will forward regular meteoro* logioal and other observations, together with reports, catalogues, and transaction*, ths Smithsonian Institution endeavors to send its ?' Contributions to Knowledge," or such separ ate memoirs as may be particularly appropri ate to its objects. *V?fJ?jo^ng rules hare been adepted for the distribution: 1. They ?e to be presented to all learned s vetius which publish traesaoti^na, and aive C?e 5- h 54* exchange to the Institution. ??? foreI*Q libianes of the first oias*, provided they ?;ive in exobange their cat* or other publications, or an equivalent Li their duplicate volumes. 3. To all the colleges i^ actual operation in w ??u.ntr7' Pro*!dei thtyfurni'U in return, ineteoj-vlogic 1 ?bservatious, catalogues of th? ii libraries their students, and all ether pub lication# issued by them relative to their or ganization and hiatcry. 4. To all States nud Territories, provided tnere bcg;vcn, in return, copies of nil dcou *uent3 published undtr their authorlry 5. To all incorporated public libraries in ttats country, uot included in any of the fore sting classes, n .w containing more than 7 0l>0 volumes; and to smaller libraries, where a *hole State or large district would be other wise misapplied. 6 Separate memoirs are sometimes present ed to minor institutions. On Thorns?-There certainly exists great curiosity in naval oiicles here, to learn the de cisions of the Naval Reform Board, recently in session here, which is increasing, by-the-by, daily, rather than diminishing. Some, ot course, expect to go out of active servloe. while others look to more rapid pr motion at tae result of the retirement of those who uia^ be, from any oauje whatever, unfit for the proper discharge of any of the varied dutie? appertaining to their several positions in the publio service. Though there cannot fail tc be much disov.tent with the action of thi? B <ard. on the wh'.le, tho country will approve its decisions, whatever they may turn out to be; for they have been performing only a duty long eince prorou iced absolutely neoeassi} for ti.e public interest by public opinion; and, at individual officer', the Board was composed oi gentlemen la ell refpects eijying the cot> fi doiio# of the country, because it is notorfu that nono others are more ecrvioeable, efficient, and capable than themselves. An Irrer or M'?reprc?:ntation Corroded An artlole la a Norfolk paper, the other day, reflected with severity on tbe alleged inhu manity of the cocimaader of Fort Monroe, in refusing assistance to the rtarving men of the ?hip ? Plymouth Rock." The commander re ferred to Indignantly denies the charge, auJ stct?s that he never heard of the " Plymouth Rock," or Capt. Patterson, before the publi cation oi the article in question, and wan never applied to for oseiatanae. We make this ex planation only rfter due inquiry in the right quarter, and on full inrormaiion. Arrived.?Murray MoCocnell, B?q , of Illi nois, the newly appointed Fifth Auditor of the Treasury, reached Washington last evening, and, we understand, was sworn into office this morning. ^ Tha (torrent Operations of th& Treasury repartment.?On ye?tei*ay, the 34;h AugwJt there we4? of Ti?aiury Warr-ius enured on the hocks of the Department? For the redemption of Stock 1103 013 04 lC'T tt" iT*xnT7 Department... . 4,858 93 For the Custons. 34 408 iz wtariTlr Dtp; rti??Qt- ? ? ? ? ST.'on 05 for the War Department 14,835 Gi war repay warrant! receivod and e.: tared ??????...? 101 oj Covered la from mis3ellaneou< J2 43 Melancholy amu Fatal Aocinaxr. The Petersburg (Va.) Express ennounoea the deatb cf Mr. M J. Burns, aged about twenty years. It was caused by tho accidental discharge of a pistol. The deceased wus well known iu Ports month, having beea engaged in the newspa per and periodical Lusines la that eliy, and ?as the agent at Pcrtsm,uth for the Washing ca Star. Young Burns was universally pop ular, and his death will, therefore, be deeply regretted by a large circle cf friends and ac quaintances. rSBfiOJIAL. .... It urns out that the story of the New York Express, charging the Fcv. Mr. Hughes ??r llartford, Connecticut, with refusing tc iiarry a po< r couple because the bridegroom wvu!d not nay him $10 for that servioe, Is u glass falsehood; the true reason beiug that Uie pi lest had fair ground f r believing that U.e amorous swain had a living wifo. .... Paris is said to be full of strangers, but the prioes of apartment* are so high that many talk of spending the winter in Italy. .... Judge Bayly, of Aoomac, Virginia, is rtill at the Red Sulphur Springs without any improvement in the state of his health. ? ? ? > Felix MoLacmen, In Toronto, was choked to dcatb by a piece of beef sticking in his throat v diun*r- Hu wife, by beating upon uu caused the dis!oJgm?int of the meat but wi?h th? c^ort in Uuowing it up the man expired F .... Mr. A. Wf Uri.*wold, !opg a mall agent, B?il?i U the Empire City, on Monda? U?t, in ?nl Mid whj IMrtT "'.fL'i-1**1 tao United atates, and wtU ehortly U, datiM 4 Um U4.U? u Tho Epidamle at Norfolk and Portsmouth. Aoeounta from Norfolk and Portsmouth con tinue to be of a gloomy character?the fever ftill being on th? increase. From the. last re port of deatfei in Norfolk wo have the follow ing: J^m. South, Indiana Soott, James Gibbon I, Thomas Stone, Caroline Huddleatone, William Insell, child of John Viiher, (colored,) Henry Archer, Bdaond, (slave,) Robert Hurst, Wm. Christian, John Jones, (mulatto.) slave Henry, Mrs. Bail ay, Lucy Smith, (free oolored ) The Portsmouth Traneoript, published on Thnreday, gives the following list of deaths in that plaou sinoe the 16th inst., remarking that lb? names of thoee dying in the hospital will be published hereafter: Aug. 17th?Mrs. Simmons, Charles Clark, and 8 at the hoepital?total 10. Aug. 18ih?A negro man, aohild of William Dobbe, a child of B. P. Rudd, Wm. Handy, colored. Mrs. Thomas Robinson, W. Wright, colored, and 0 At the hospital?-total 12. Aug. 10th?Mrs. O'Brien, Caroline Stscy, Mr. Roes, Stephen James, Mrs. Covert, Mary Ann Comerford?total 6. Aug. 20?James Snyder, a obild of Thomas Itobinson, a colored child, and 10 at the hos pital?total 13. Aug 21?A child of Mr. Aston, Mrs. Mary loa*, a daughter of Diok Gordon, colored, Jas. Mibaney, Mil. Brent, Betsy Hudley, oolored. Patrick Williams, a child of Dr. V. Bilisoiy, Mary bewell, Wm. Woodley, George Cham bers, aohild of Wm. Waller, and 5 attbehos pita!?total 17. Aug. 22?Mrs. Wm. Cary, Mrs. Antoinette .nd Lewi 4 Warrenton Williams, wife and hild of Mr. Jamas Williams, a child of Ma hebi William*, Mrs. Harrison, Mr. King, .'Irs. Elizabeth Pritchard, Mr. Tdand, a onild of Mr. Potter, Mrs. Thomaa Randolph, Mrs. i< isha Rhodes, Mrs. Sarah Potts, Mr. James il&rrison, John Gallilee, a oolored woman, uni 4 at the hospital?total 10. Among the physicians honorably mentioned for their attention to the sick and dying in Norfolk aro Dra. Upshur, Ili^f,ins, Tuastull, c-ramer, Wright, Freeman, M?sore, Stone, and 1 hcj. C. Constable. The last named wm on a v'ihit to the springs when the djtoease broke out, ;.aa, to nis oiedit be it saiu^ returned to his J3t of disease and danger. In contract to ids coble oonduct, we Lava to record the ab c vneo of Di-s. Balfour and Fits-Gibbons, who ' .ft the city after the disease coo*menoed Tho minister of to? Free-Mason street Bip t st church (Re?. Tiberius Gracchus Joats) is :he o Uy wu who has proved reoro&ut to hie I'uty and unfaiihful to his Hock. Rtv. T. G. Keen, the noble volunteer from Petersburg, kes <!ii-\rge, for the present, of thecongreg* lion of Mr. Jones, who, yet awhile, can t ven lur* to return to Norlolk. Mr Keen has cad !;.? yell.w f?ver, and Mr Tibeiius G. Jones not. The following persons who have boon suf taring with the fever in Norfolk are convales cent aud reecveHcg: Mr. H. Howard, Mr. Jlallettand his wife, C?pt. Guy, hi?daughter, -ud her three children, S Stubbs, Esq , wife ? ud *everal children, Mrs. Dr. Barraud, Mrs. A. W Small, Mrs. Minnis, George Drumuioud, Ml?8 MarLCa Moore, Mr. T. 0. Young, Lieut, ."?.mins, of tho Marine Corps, Mrs. N C. Car rier. son of J. Mehegan, aaughter of George Miller. TLe Transcript pays tho following tribute to the memory of the few who have remained in Portsmouth: We have a few nctive mon among us who remain at?.htir posts both of public duty and to minister to the wants of the needy and dy ?ug. One of these, we are paiuud to rccord, iviid stricken down on Monday afternoon, after h briei illness. This man among us was Cup U!u Geurge Chambers. Active, energetic, benevolent, bo had been engaged for days pre viously, in ?uperictondirg tne removal cf tho sick to the Naval Hospital. JIo uotr lies in tie oold aoi silent gruvc! Peuo be to him! Ho was a mofct useful public man, whoso place cannot easily be supplied. Wo cannot neglect here to name two of those who now remain among us, and who are actively engaged in miuisttmng to the present necessities of cur , e >ple. Col. Winchester Watts, President of ib.> Council continues feotivcly employed ia responding to various letters from abroad, and m'teiiug to tho wants of thj needy. James G. Holliday, Esq., has been a most use i*a , C'tneii, thoroughly funilcis Hodindelatig ib.cic iiih hamar.d ex?rtious. Others of our citiseuj mig'it be named, who have man fal'y stood to their poets in this hour of trial but we pass them by f r the present, reserving to ounelves the piiri egc of a future and more -p opriate oppc tunitj?tilth one exoeptiou. do not unow what ourcommuuity wouid h ive done without Hesekiah Siokes, former M >yor of tho town. He has been engaged iu ?c^santly in meeting tho exigencies of these trying times. James W. Matthews, the Town i.iguant, has aioo been, in soasoD and cut of so. id >u, ootive'y engaged in the peiformauce of his acoumiiiuted and re?|>onslbke duties. Meantime the fever rages and is on tho in orea?e. Xbe physicians of Norfolk and Portsmouth at 3 K\.ll-cig!i o"ihau?ted, aad they arc about a- ::ing aid of tbeir med'oal brrtlirenof S.ivsn Caatieston, and other Southern cities. The following ore dowu with tho fev?T in N rfolk: Ml."8 I?I*rgiret Kennedy, R Djve, John Ba dry, Wm. Whitehead, Miss Fulgbam, Mrs. M tchell, John K ltudder, Mrs. James G. Wiiite, aad a great many others. Altogether th-^re are upwards of three hundred oases in taut eity. The disease in Portsmouth d< ai not aesm to abate either in the number of its victims or in the virulence of its attack?, as wc le^rn from the Traneoript, which paper say* : "Our medical attendance is boooming pfeca rious. Already two of cur moet prouiiaout pbysioiane have been taken ta the United dt^ies Navai H ospital?whue anotaer practi lionor hna b?ec stricken down oy tee peati ifc.r: ,3. b?t one out of tha three druf eatab* lishxents in oar mid^t, ia kept opou?twevuav been oloscd, for rfact of socio enj, we pie sum e, to %fter.d ia thorn?their r.ojriutors aav ag left town." Tioie are five SisLirs U Cha?::y it attaud mcti ut the Norfolk hoepiul; hat ..urges are jtil! In demsed in both plaees and every effort is m da to induce theai to ooue to the aid of the diitrewel; .^ut with littie suooeas, as we Uvtice that toa dollurs per day war asked for thci. services by the nurses of Baliimors. A noto received frcm J. G. Holladay, dated Pert mouth, August 2i, aays: " Supposed to be about <00 cases in town, and on the increase daily. Mortality about Ion Me what ?t was a week aincc, and ateadily injrca~ing. Yusteruay 17 deaths ascertained uj) Ij niifht, aui from that timo to nino o'clock this taoruing 10 deaths." Ono rf the Norfolk papers contains the fol lowing : " We hive lived but half the space allotted to a iqud for the period of hie pilgrimage, and have traverse! m.iny a lea^uo of the surface of the haoiianle glooe, bui we have never be fore becu eye witness to suih universal calam ity as is now around us!" Drs. John R. Muller and Robert Thompson left Baltimore yestsrday afternoon for the in foctel districts, acoompanied by Mr. Robert Bath. The following, from Philadelphia, have vol unteered their atrvicea to aid In the relief of the fuffering: M's. Ana M 'Caust, nurse ; Dr. James Mc Fa<|Jcn; Dr Augustus A. Z?igenfuaje; Mrs Carolina Biraett, nurse; Wm. H. Norton nurse; George Rankin, nurse; Dr. F. Mier?on' Mr. Bunrd, of Wilmington, Del., arrived at Portsmouth on Wednesday, and tendered his services at assistant and nurse for tho suffer ing oick. Dr. Laon Gelbert, of Richmond, ar r;--d on Tnurs lay morninj, and Rendered h'g profeisiju^ Whioh were gladly ac cepted. The President of the Philadelphfa, miqeton and Baltimore Railroad Company has tendercl the ?so of the foal, free of eharge to all iaoh persons as the oomxaittee may send to the relief of the suffering in the yellow fever district!. He ha* also mad* a donation of 9100 to the fond. The Portsmouth Transcript publishes three columns of letter* enclosing funds for the re lief of the sufferers ~ - v Grave diggers are warted, and Ugh wages will be paidfor their servioei. The lalatt account* represent that the great est diffisalty ia both Norfolk aad Portsmouth iras oo>asioced by the vast of aureaa Every means had been resorted to in order to supply ?iie patients with good and experienocd nurses, but thus far they hal been unauooessful to a very considerable extent, and every day ex hibited cases of patients who were suffering and dying for the want of proper attention in 4bis respect. ' Fraudolsnt Attempt upon Insurance Com. panic*. [From the New York Poet.] Alex. H. Petrie was arrested this (Thurs day) morning, by officer Koefe, one of the chiefs aids, on a warrant issued by Mayor Wood. The prisoner is charged with an at tempt to defraud the Qlobe Mutual Insurance Company of this city. It appears that Petrie represented himself as the owner of the steam boat 0. W. P. Cuotis, at that time lying at Washington city, 0. (!., and procured from the company a policy of in*uranoe for 13,500 f jT a riagle trip of the steamboat from Wash ington to New York. Petrie, it is said, represented the steamer to bu see worthy in every particular, and that his intention was to bring her to this port for the purporc of running her to some of the adja cent places. He also obtained policies of in surance in other companies to the amount of $7,600. Petrie. it is further stated, engaged Oapt. VA Bu*kirk to bring the vessel from Washington, and he aooordingly left this city for that pwpo^p. On reaching W shingUn, Captain YanBas kirk discovered that the stenmb* at was unfit lor sea, bting badly burned from her boilers forward, snd three eagiueer* were engaged for threo or four days in getting her in a con dition for the trip. Previously to leaving, hjwtver, Petrie, in an interview with the c ;ptam, st-'tei that he wished and directed Lim (the captain) to run tuo vessel ashore at the moit advantageous point?to run hsr hi^h and dry, so a? to lave her toilers md engine, which, lie said, he could purchase from the underwr ters for little or nothing. Cnptrtin Van Buskirk listened to the propo sition of Petiie. and staited on the trip, but instead ot proceeding toNew York, as direoted, inn thest.amer to Alex.ndr a. some seven cr eight u-iles lioin Wa^.ingtoL, and made her fast to the wh^rf. II j then a arted for this city, and gave information of the transact ion to Lrwi.* Urtgory, President of the Globe In surai.oe Co., who immediately waited upot. the Mayor, and obtained a warrant for the irreet ot' Petrie. MyorWuod had a consultation with Dis trict Attorney Hall about ihe ojsc. and find h g that the prisoner oould not be legally held ,Vy the S ate courts, sent the pa^rs to the Initod Slater District Attornoy, who will ?x utnine the matter immediately. Nj offence Laviogbuen jonimitted. butmerely an attempt to perpetrate a swiudle, the Distriot Attorney -uve it a* his opinion that the State court* had i.oJurisdiction. Tho following are the policies which had been taken out by Petrie on the steamboat: Globe Mutual Insurance Company, New York, dated August 8, 1855 $3,500 Virginia Fire and Marine Insurance C< tnnany. New York Agency, August 6,1855 2,000 Sun Fire a<id M trine Insurance C >m panj, of Pennsylvania, New York Agency, August 6, 1855..... 2,000 Total 57 500 Among the papers in Petrie a po.-se*sion was ft bill of sale of the steamer from Charles C. Mills, for SS 000. It was dated July 25, 1855, at Washington. The vessel was not in reality, it is said, worth three thousand dollars. Tho i/iieontr is now Confined ir. the City H:?ll. lie had been rtopping at Keyport fur : nne days pa*t. nnd w?s arreted on the Kcy port steamboat by Officer Keefe, who had been ?>ii the alert tince tiie wnrrant was is<<ucd. ii UNION GUARDS.?The memte?s of the Coin] any are reque?t?d to attend a dri'l and l|]oth?r pir'poseaon 1UESDAY EVENING, . ?L be fciih Instant. Anv one wUblng to Join are respectfully Invited to aUend. By order: JOHN SHKA, Secretary. au ?>?tt ttf-^aENTEKTAlNMENT ?The Trembera of the fabbeth 5?ohoclof Sixth Preebyte r'.an Chur h, corner of Md avenue and 0th s reet, Inland, will uir* the flrtt of their new ?fries of b.n.trtalum< r.ts rn MONDA V EVENING, the Kth lasiant, commencing at 7# o'clock. Those who are ?ntere*t??d In ?re cause of Sabbath Schools tn-i tnt mpcrtance of educating the he- rta? well it the bead, *hould mco.'rajre by their pres erve and anprobe'.lon these efforts to ''raise the genius and to mend the heart." Adrol^ion \2% cent*. auX?3t NIC.?The German Evangelical l>^ZBe Lutheran Congregation having made ar rangement* for a Pleasure Trip 'o the tircat Falls end the Water Work*, on MoNUAV. August*7, would Inform those desiring to participate In this delightful trip to procure tickets ht George Wtli n-r's. No. 4M Ninth stieet, as the number of the corn puny is limited. Ominbuvs will b* in readiness at the corner cf Fourth and E streets noi4h at 6k o'clock a. m Ereol-el*, to convey the party to the&oat la Geoigc rjvn. N B ?The proceeds are to be appropriated to the buiiding of their Church edifice. au 24?it .POLITICAL DEMONSTRATION.? The Jackson Democratic Association of th*? Sixth Wa"l will bold ? public tncetlni; ne*t TUF.SUAY EVENING, at 8 o'clock, at Odd Fellows Hall, Navy Yard, in celebration of the recent Democratic victories In several of theStatm Distinguished speakers from Alabami, Tennes hee, an 1 of this citv will deliver addraaaei. The Hon. I'enrv May will probably he in attendance A tine be >d of inusi? has <>een engaged. Citizens raw rally are invited to ntu>nd. A. W MILLER, Preakient. au?l?4t [Union; OTICE ?The members of the Eagle Club ofGeoreetown beg leave to lnfoi?n their nuir.eroui frit .ids and patrons that they iri'.l fi'.ve tt.-li second Annual Bali at Forroet HaJ, on V. ED^E33A ?, Octo'jf/ 3, 13fc>. P?.-ticui*.rs in future advertitaineat. uu *20 ? ectif* ?<v]TRAY row.?Came to tbe eiibacriheron l Sunday evening la*t, a ll^ht-cclorade-t t moo'ev Cow, which the owner can hiveKj^^^^ by cal lng at Houkln's place, cr. Zin between P aud <4 au 25 -1* WAUUIIf^TON sEMlNli'.Yi exercises of this Institut'on will be re . sumed on Monday, September 3d. U. J. DENECKbRE, 6. J . auS5? Prea'dent. KLGUY ACADEMY, FzurttcutK ttrtit, vat of Franklin Sjj.ars. THE dut'es of this Institution will be resumed on the second Monday In September. Num her. f pupi'a limited. C rculars of the Academy can be obtained at the residence of the Principal, onN, o?iwee<i I'ith and 13th streeta. G. F. MORlaON. W \SHI NUTGN IiADIKfc' DEJfUf (TORY. T'lE Mauazers of th's Institution give notice that tbe store on Fourteenth street wsLi be opon for the transaction of Ouiiir.e>s on MONDVY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY next, from 11 a. m to 2 o'clock p m . and all persons indebted are requested to makt immediate payment in order that tbe aums due to depositors mav be paid with out further delay. IS. P. CHILDS, au '23-2t? Secretary. MUSICAL ?LA8S7~ HAVING been repeatedly irged bv many f?.m llies to establish a class or ?tas*es for ii^trac tlon on the Plino Forte, so a? to place it within the means of every parent to cultivate a musical caste In hU family, aad being desirous of meeting the wishes of the co.nmunlty as far aa lies in my power, 1 am now making arrangements to open sach classes, provided sufficient Inducements offer, and In such ci;e, my ob!ect being to give a thorough m isical found ?tion to ray younger pu pils. f should propose to take a limited number at tbe low rate of 6* per quarter, of *0 lessons. Persons therefore desirous or availing themselves of theaa classes wl l please applr to me, by note or o'herwiae, at Airs, smith's, So. ? F street, au'25?tf W HENRY PALMER riI>D THEOLOGY.?The undersigned has U laid aside from his stock, to beetnt to auc tion at tbe proper season a Wge collection of Books, old editions in some cases, In otnecs du plicate copies of the be*t edl lous extant, which, in the megntlmd may be hooght at Auction-prices at hU store. - Many valuable work* on Dtvl nltv are to be found _moa2"thtm; Also, History, Mcdlnine end Sur tkjencej neves and mieecHanoous ?fj5u??t*Tw>s. LIST OP LETTKBS i? Ogw^<u44<yl?<>, DC., [Orderad to bo ad fall aid in the ?? Ewntn* SimrJ' agreeable to tbo (bUMrlng section of the PostOflooLaw?Ubrfac tbOMwvpaper having SKtejSr ' pob' Sac. 5. And k it fmtktr matttd. That the llstaf leOart remaining uncalled for la anjr poet offlooin anv eft}*, town, or Tillage, where news. ?hall be prlate^ shall, hereafter, be pnb lepers shall be prlate^ shall, hereafter, be pub lished once only la th? newspaper which, be*. ag Usued weekly* or oftoner, tkill har* tkt Urg,n tireulation within the range of the delivery of ?aid office, to be decided by the pol master at such ofloe.J 'Cinom app lylsi ter Mi*n la Ike i say may >ri ApfnTMP. LADIES' LIST/ tm, w01 Allan. Vr? L<?<ilt iCtM j?H M m.drf'i. * !*? Ansa ? Harry, Mlaa Mar/ M *<!????. MIm Matilda B. acta to a, lira Mary Brry. Mlaa Cite C Br fdao. Mr* Bitty Koatoa. H an S~yl?. Catbartns Bail, Mlaa Jar* Bali. Mlaa I laa Heart, Mlaa AllN Barge. Mra Uaauab J Burr. Mlaa Mary A C'?r??r, Mlaa A A Cuaaa. Mra B Canj(.va".!, Mra Maria B Ooottdln*. CI aa Ctaata, Mra i>M Co t'a, Mra Juliaaaah U. laa. MIm Mary A Co.ta, Mr* A W C*>k. MIm Satus Cork, MraOoraall* 0- al. Mra Cos, Mra CUes Uargln, MIm Maria Dor ar, MIm Aum Do 'fa, MIm B Marfarat K<pay, Mr* l.ySIs Y ?o?can. Mr* B A 0 Fit^patrlck, MIm B sa Parf?r*?a, Mlaa Qasrgaaas Unin, Mlaa Mary if--ranbow, MIm Vra Bom O Kmii U:?a- a *la* Hwy Hutrp'i-*yvll a, Mrs Howard, Mra D M'.ckay, Mr* C Us T Hit >(), Mr* M L H iniltou, Mrs Mary A Hickman. Mr* Maf-rty, Mai carat Had ?y, MIm Mrali J tf, Gatlaarlba Ho4g*. Ml?a A ula JaaBiat, MIm Marie J">na"-n, Mr* Karah K.?:.*i>, Cattaarina Kart), ,'T* Mary A 1 Lyvara, Mra Jai a I Liverpool, Ulaa Stwl Lawroa, Mr* Oati.arlua abb i/iwrf, *i*a Mary A If UumI s Mlaa UUarlM wa.ra'-ay, Martha M : ii* . Mis- Batt'a AOiTiW, M m Varhxr, *1** Slla?k*tk A Martin, Mra Ourdaaa Millar. Mr* Juo O Maatalr, MIm Hary A Va lUt. Mi** darr A Matttou, AIm* Jolts O Mark*. M*7 A MeBah?r, BfSfSt McUr(N!!l. MIm Jaaa He Bar. BraD McCaity, Mtaa *a*ao MrOo?aicS, wnrfr*4 Nataoa, Mra MowliiiAe Ma SOS, Mrs Babaoca 0 Brlaa Mr* Mary ASS Parksr, Mra B A Pstais. Mrs Blltsfctia Pollock. HadaM A P:?tar, Mra Sarah Prior, Anna C ? Fries, Mrs A Pr pa, MIM L'cala Boar* I, Mrs Marts* f Biciiar4a n, MIm Bala* I Kolltna, Mia Naacy D Mya*, Mrs *s v Bae?ubcr?, HIM Barak kobiar, M n A M Maaanay. CattiarlBS Ml i4)?iMra. Mr* B M )>*4. Mra Rar-lal Bow. Window i I'oad, Mr* Mary Xa < Mra Mabaiy Mia* Martla* Stuart, Mr* B J Suldar, M'l Sophia Soainor, *;? CliSaMk Sinclair, M'** Barak K fluaitMsou. MIm Maty A Btar-t*ir. Boaa Sbormaa, M ra Staphs* ? Bbortor, CatUa 1o* C .on, Mr* Tiioatas B dmith, Mr* Banlos Suiltb, Mr? C B Smith. M>a C8 In kar, MIm a**I? 0 Tumor, Mrs Lacy, Mts Ans Ta. mau. M|a* ciiariotta Ttioiuaa, M m Mary Taruar, Mra C!UaL?th Tuoiiaa. Mrs lailoy, Ml-a Barrarvt Tart or. Ml>* Hair at 1 mpar'M n- r? ? oik. Mlaa A ana Wh?*iar, Mr* Lacy a ? WlMania, hopiila Wbaian. Mr* Add aa WmUia- Mim Uatt>a Wluc'o-tt". Mr* Hary Walkar, Ml** v rj.a.a O Wl. laixikon, Mia* Mlaiaia, MIm III Bbtal.y, Mr* Mary Wtn?ar, MIm A?aaU C *alk>. Alia* Anna t V alcla, Mr* Nora B Watt-. M a CllsaboU Wmi*U, M-a KlisaLath Yonuf, MIM Mary OEJTTLIMK.V3 LIST. t'lan, W C J . dm. Joisn W f .tlidraara, J D Jackaon. J?. aph J An<1*ra</ia. Hcraoa t Jord-.S, H K JaniM, Kdward A-bary, Dan Or vk.uiari. Ii ? i>ar, Tboa B ) Barlt-y, T U Ur?? la, barnnat ibaatidi, Bir-taaid T l'aa?r. Job ii W ! u>li, Joatpb M a/rlaLary, jot Boy p. Jaoti-a Bb*ii. Joa?ph 3 Brown. Jouj Blailerby, Doric* Bbatirf, Hanty I'aJ.iwIn, Henry B BurgM*, Kuock Barulng. B ? Brewer, I>avl.i B Cj1 B Bait, A Sidney Browu, A 4 Collin*, W K Can, lbo* N Crow, Blcbard Craiiaton, Robert Co!?mau, U, M L cab:*, j CulUnan, John Cox, Ooo'je H JitaijaOU, Chaa B Joiiuaoii, All it Kiiiklay. Tnoa 0 Kaiby. K H Klof. B C Kaa..<?y. Patrick Blaeiy. Miciaa?l Kaa aon. Jul n l/ord. U m H l-?nafelloW, W s a KtcHardaos, Oeo Kliatt. m u kliau. Com ? I Bivaia, C'lriatlan Kicbey, A T Bttoau. V? m Btaan. k laa St'uart. ff W Scott, Win Suiiuin rhoa S S|ir?[t, Tlioo it I Marcet, T O Boaa, Tlioa Stepnen*. J T Bialt'i. o .m u-1 Uw?iu, H<-n fftw DC it, BauioH H Larkiu*, J*3im I, a. John I.ewla, Jvaar1! If l-arcti, Jan b La Coaaii UDI l?onds. Franc I* LarcNinb. BanJ T Looffeliow, A W Laronuca, A S McCiaea. Wm K Mckeauan. Tuoa Miller, DrTboa B Brflaw ey. Patrick S-iyder, Joba McVeray, Pater Bdiul a, John M< v .noi. Patrick McCain. U?tu a*rd b|K/Uiraol. M! Berg, Tatar Bosia, h."i P'err* Bp i k*. MlciaoUa Bu'.il, Mr bsaltli, Michael Baipaon Juliu* 9cr>:t, Jobn B Sml haon, John M Bulllvoo, J A Bmith, J P Suet. Juh i T B McParlatid, M lieneiita, Krandsj Mu iy, Jt '.n I'UBSlH, C*IM FP Murphy, John Car letaul, Or A Mobu. Jamea l>oyl*. ilr A H M Burl ?b*r. J C Oolirrty Tbirja' Martin, Join, B Davldaon.eaciuai O Monrua J B t bi earer. Job* b^b, Juu* Dowuay, P H (>uu|;b?aon, John llavit, Jubn B I>T'a. H?nry H l*arii>-B. Mr U Molar. John M?rtln, .'oaeph J MUi?r. Jacob May Hwo'j UiuI'Iok. O r l>o f'-lnj Rlwardt McV'a', M? . Iiuakjr, Dan l>eiu!i:.i;l Alv* Kdd, Mr kdicar, Johu t Klbcrt, Capt Kline*. B U Kr-n<-h, Tboma* Fu lar, J*r?bilah ? Ko< Ihw, John Prica. Da .lel I iltx, Cnarles Pair: -a, Cood A B liarv'.li. 8-.ruu I B ?nrl?7, Bev k H Cl'<zbark. Jtaepb eUlta, J a ut'cx o>, J Orsar. C P Oarvn, U P Uuau?u, Autonls Hu 'is, WUliaei Hs'n'tiiti c, W| Bnnts:, ? W BaVloy, S W Bowie. P C Bart. Pat Bolladay, L P Nawloy, Jobs W BarMn. Jr>hn n Bondarova, Job* hnjL Jama* E HUfba JOU* O Bowanl, J U Henhibf. U F Kedfaa 0 B Barp. K H MSB C A t Mi*giu*, Burr luaui ,u, vv W luiinii. Hlliiai* Jordnn, Wlll'aci Jshai >n, WllUus Madilos, V T Borrla. Oauicl Mii, Cbarlea SI'IUI Coaa A a L ? ? . Jafflei St?t . JasiM K ?? ir*t>>H. jots T 8a Ui. Oa; t ?i W Skry. U? rs. Smith ?i. O k Hiai iuu, P Btatpliaa .El la) ia?r, Baniu 1 B Tulnr, W a T?yU>r A W'<dw?rd T arston, Tctiney. Pair'rk T?a?m. Judaon H Tboiupaou. J L T ?;>plcf J M 3 Tynan, J b i MatxaAl, ?A lozandor l artiar, B W Ka?ton, CO 1 Tu nar am Nlclaoiaa.u. H'llllaM Tanary, A id raw No-. Jar?* N*wt ii. Ifotlco* N. st, Cuart** Oaboru, W J O'Brlau Tow****d Oajoo.1. 11 k O Oonue:i, Jolt* df mataM A O P**e. Wm A Taylor, W*i S K ?an Martor, W in 1 Varden. kich'd W t Vandarvebtar, B? (ane Vaca*2d Cdward Tan lerleck. Darid t Ve!<tt. ITS M'eat, Wm *a?s* a To.kib?ao n?, Eloh- it ar*. w k L ark P.tar, A P-aalak Pawkjwikl. Bat M P?*a, JollU St paut, John Tatar*. J O Parker, J C Painter. Joba l*atar? Bufli P Patce. UO H Par ott, U C Q Pow*r.' T PaaiSin. Col Bsrd B Wood WM?t?*a, B W Wiili*a,e,,u. a a Wl:ao?, Unbe:' W?l?b, Pklltp A WUaaiae. M A Wood LIS Wbti*. John T WliMlar. Jobnatbsa WllllaiDS. J Watah, J 0 Vytaan, HI'** U * tlscu. Oeo W Paoter. Bar ard Blrbay, ? O BuWUaaS. W M Bieuey, Tlib* Bauiaey. S*ns*l P Boat P A Bead. Phi Ip Boach, JaaiM Kob.u?r a H H Rk*. Henry k***al. Oilbart C GB Cieo' Ward wiiiiaw j a Wluaa, Bar a B W| 4, D 6 Wl aon, Dr C B Wll.lan*. A B Wli't*, A B W'at, A J Tata*. Oil** P Toniig, Kdward C I Vcuhf. k O IK1T1AIA. Ow uar* of tbe Sootbwoi th ai.d l'?wr.tth Col!*., A|rlc?'a B. .?. W.,i; T. T. B-i B tf. Li detratary Pederai Lmlfa; Slil'r >t~?rlcaii Uuu.lar. Aocastai JAMBS O BCBBkT. P.M. TO ftrOKTIMEN. WE this day open our first supply of the season of SINQI E tnd DOUBLE VOWLING PIECES and CJUNNJNO APPAKATL'9, and would reepectfiillv solicit froiu the citizens of Wastilng'ci and adjolnine <'ounlie? of Mar>la. d and Virginia en examination of our slock, oonll dent that we can this mo-on show them a fin?rtN snrtmHot of ?roodt In this line than any ever before offered In tbl* city, and at prices that cannot fall to pleme. We wo Jd naore, in |*rt? Single and double >iarrei bird and Deck Ouns, fro;n ^2 50 to S '60 Powuei and Dram Flask* and Shot Bx?s, Pouches, He U. of Dixon's, Uawklev's, and other mak*?. Powder and Uon lns Horns, Game Ubbs. Uaioe Ua?es and Cover . E^gl<ah. French, and American Percuas^on Capa, Posvi^jr, Whof, BdEa, Wadc, Wad Cutior* P-tent '.Vlre Cartridiroa, \V.? acLek,8?n-wI>rl ^or? \lpple uudCocIt Cleaners, Cl?anlng Rous, Oap Primerv. Do^ Colla*? aud Ckalni. Coupling CLalns, Whlpa and Calls. And a ilk ? atock t f Gur.smith s Me^erlils V> -.vould also In.ite attention to an entirely aewzud lonr-dMolred B-tlcle, lust recelvad, vit: Pateiat UAIjI. CAKTKiU<?Ks. made expiea*ly to fit Cvlt's Patent Revolvers, by Elerv Droe.. London E TUCKER k CO , 3*3 I'aaa av., aear.v ooptMlie Brown's, autt?toll [Organ&Int eo4t ] OBO. W. ? IIUKIIT. WM.I.fViB, NOTICE or tOPAllTNERSUIP. I HAVE aaao-lated with rr.a In the Grvcry bus 1u*m William H. Pvob, which will Ltreaftji be rordticted under the firm of KENi>Eil^ k PUGH, to take etf rt from the l.'h InaUnt. Being ihknkful for the .*/ge [aatronage hereto fore rxUnded t i me. I bc^te It ma. be continued to the firm eve.i more literally, as It t ha.ll our constant aim to k-<ep n >ae but thu bo?>t good* at the lowest pntes. and to endeavor, by ?ver> poablble means, to fl-aae ail who may favor u* with their custom, ci the old itand, Odd t ellows' Hall, 7th ?t OEO. W. KENNED*'. Aug oat 22, IS65. ao S3 ?eo3t SOW LANDING onn Artn ^'^^tknolish laths, AvHJjv/vJvf fuU langth tnd thick. 70,oti) first quality English 4^ Picketts, which We will sell at fifty centa under the market price, If taken away lmmed'ately from the wharf, in stobb 40,000 f-et prime 5-1 Carolina flooring.seasoned 40.000 feet prime 4-4 E ?. Flooring, seasoned 40 Otu f?*et prlmeS 4 Norway Flooring ?5<j feef prime assorted Wh'te Pino. All of which will be sold at the lowest market price for cosh, or to BbCh customers as we choose to trust F1TZHUGH COVLE k. liRO. au 23?ool w (U ulon k Organ) JOHN DICKSON, DAN'L ft. GORDON* k WM. KING hava as octated thamrel^e* to gether In the Wood and Coal busiuoss, and have located their place of busiaeaa on the ooraer of i strret and Vo.raont avenue, one aq iare northeast of L faye'.te squara, where they feel warranted In saving thnt they are prepared 'ofuraUhall who m*y favor them with a call, with the very beat q?a'.itiea of L?hlgh, White and Ked Ash COAL, of the different sizes. Also, Cumberland lump, run of mlnoa. or fine for Smiths, 4c Abo, Hick ory. 0#k and Pine Wood, a'1 of which will he de tvorod promptly and with despatch, at the vary lowest lirtaf rates, and for ca?h a llttlo lowsr. Pamiliss.l i want of fuel would do weU to give as a oall bofOro making thslr purehases for the winter, as our stock has boan carefully selected. THE CAMPBELLS ill 00X110! WEST a prtL I ? 1*1.T A?I> OlWIIItl Campbell Minstrels. l ader the management of tbe ranoWMi MATT PKK'-.M ODD FELLOWS' HALL, ('?Utictu MONDAY STCNIKO, lailM ?Tlh, (4 nights ) Wfc<n thev will p? a choioe selection af Bftfcmn. Dasoe*. CIii mh, At . together wltA their .nFmITABLE BURLESQUES. [17* Tickets 40 real*. Cuocsrt to comroecoe at ? o'ctok ?IWlMf Dr. F. A. JONES, An(. MATT FEEL. Mancger wH-tf JOS PEXTUaB'l With Entire Inr and Brilliant Eqnipaent * THIS Buperb TTowpe will exbibt; 1 OH NAB1UCT afVABI, THURSDAY, FBIDa V, u4 SATURDAY, A ogu*t 90 and 31. and Sept. 1. rOR THREE DAYS ONLY! AFTERNOON AND EVENING. I>oori opm at > uhI ? p. m. Pcrfornuxa half an hour afterwards Admission 24 cent* Thla Company is distlngrlsbed for tbtdwu(?, aoveltv and vnrtetr of Its eaterta.r mrr. ;? equestrian. GYMNASTIC AMD PANTOMIMIC, Displaying tba highest order of Foreign aad Domestic Talent. Amoag the principal At" thla Troupe are Madame VIRGINIA SHERWOOD, Mona N1COLO * PUPILS. Mr (itO FACHELD* R. Mr DAVIS RICHARDS Mr. C. SHERWOOD, FRANK PASTOR, CLOWN, JOE PANTLAND. For particular* ace Llila In principal hotels. At GEORGETOWN on TUESDAY. Aarat it-lb, and ALEXANDRIA on WEDNESDAY, August 29lh aa IS-xl Vi PLEASANT RESORT^ SPRING GARDENS, /FORMERLY FAVIER'S GARDEN,) On Jf 9rr>tt,i(ftfe?a S*re?utmtk # Kigkierntk, OPENED every dav in Ibe *ve? k, and on Sun day No ipl'rltwu llqn>r? alVwed, but Cof fe*.Chocolate. ice Cream. Ac., will we for vale Weber'a Brasa Band wul perform ?-very Men <3 iv and Thursday evening, beglnnlt*? at about 3 o clack Admittance free. a a If?3m 4 LL STRANGERS i\ visiting tbe Ciry should we Hunter's Cata logue of tbe ciirtflntrtfa of th? Patent Otloe Ai so. hi* Description of PoweiT* Greet Pictures HUNTER U to beeeen at 4? 14?0 Tenth mav 31?Jm* rnoriiiDrlilCY NOTIONS, rhespat 1 au 34?3'. LaMMOND'S, 7th *. SINGING AND PLUTE LESSONS. MR WILLIAM PALMER. Profeaaor of Sing ing. Ac . having been induced to accompany his nephew (Mr. H nrv Palmer the emtueat pi anist.) on bit return to' this country, and to tall !<;? hla ie*id?nce In thlacltf. will be beppr to re ceive p pile for inatruciion either in Sinking or 1 ;i rha srlrf Flut* plntinv, baring been sssoel a ed with tbe be?t rrrfwsor* In Europe. studied under C revel I. tbe gnut vocal master m London, >:'4 under C Nicholson, tbe renowned tluilst Tor terms, Ac . applv to him. bv note or other wi*. at hla residence at Mrs Smith's, No *33 P CtfMa an 24?tf BOOK BINDERS* TASTE BRUSHES A GLUE. Also, Patent Paint Oil for roefa. Ac. 5 bbls Putty, In bladder*, for sale bv HOWELL A MOR-ELL. No 323 C street, between 4th aud Ttb aa 21?la \fACK?REL!?M4CEEB EL! ItX :5 bbls large No. 3 (bay) Mackerel I<andlag per "Marietta Burr.*1 from Bo*?ea, fur sale by WILLIAM M CRIPPW, fcl La. avenue, bat 6th and 7th ats. aa 94?At l^O K SALE ?The Subscriber having no fu? 1 ther uae for a No 1 Single liar item 1IORSE, of line at vie and action; per- ttin. fecttv gentle Will dl'pow of hliu at privateaaielf eerly aopluatiwn ueiuade The horse can be aeon at Latham'a llve*v stables. Alexandria, Aug 23 A G. NEWTON, a a 24?3ta MOUNTAIN HOUSE, CAPON SPRINGS! FVHB undersigned having been *olielted by A many southern friendslo extend the pre seat f bsod, have determined to keep the Mountain House open for their accommodation an til tbe lCili day of October. The three to irnament* for the aeeson will take place on the 26ta of Auguat, the 12th and Ata of September. Tbe fare wlil be reduced B5 per month and BS per week, after the let of Sep1 ember au24? BLAKEMORE A INGRAM PIANO FORTE INSTRUCTION. MR WM HENRY PALMER to Inform his friends and pupils that be U ?ew pro ps red to reeuv>e bi? prufeeslonal dattea. He la permitted to refer as heretofore to Messrs Rtnr* A Co . and anv communication left for him at bis residence at Mrs. Smith's, No. XJ3 F str^t. arlil have Immediate attention. an St?i* II NOTICE AVING understood that an Individual ht> been representing himself as Agent for ? HORNER'S MIXTURE," aid disposing of an article p'irportjng to be the same, we take this ma'hod of Infonulnp the mbllc we have no trav eling Atrent whatever for tbe sale of our Mixture, and that It can only be procured of the DruggMe of Washington, and of ourselves, and those wbo pi;rcbnee from aav other source will be Imposed upon bv a spurious artl. le. tbe effect* of which we will not be responsible for. HORNER A GARY. The Mlx'uie la for sale by tbe following agents H. A MUELLER, Pa avenue, between 4* and 0th ? *ot;th side. No. 371. O. B08WELL,carnerMarylan<iavenQeaad7lB at . and 4 * and E at south KIDWKLL A LAURENCE, corner 14th sb?M and Pa avenue. J B MOORE, Pa. avenue, opposite the Sevta Bj'ldinr CHAR and 7th strret W. H. OILMAN, corner Pa areoae and4^ ? Ing* CHARLES stott A CO., corner Pa avs ? r?! "tV% atecai street T C. MclNTIRE, Ns 370, corner of 7tk and I streets. P. 8 WALSH, Navy Yard. Washiagton J L. HI DWELL. Beorct-town, D IT. TTKNRY COOK A CO , Alexandria. V? FOUNTAIN iCO ,S street, A'exat dria. Vr J.J HUN T, Y rederick, Md. a a 21?3t? I HAVE 4)N CONSIGNMENT? A line collection of the Claa?ie?, H vols, oct , Erg. Ed Aalattc Magazine ftom 1614 to47 com plete, 72 vols Jot neon a Poets, 04 vat. full bound caif. Clarke's Travels, 7 quxrto vote, beat ed IHt'ak r^iu ?? *- - ... . < quxno vo?a, neat ea. British Critic 31 vol?, best ed. SpecUior, & voL, fKt. 3mourtala Barometers 1 am putting to press a new edition of my Cs'x logue. Tboee Interested piease like notlee Tb't la the be?t medium for sdvertlslnif that 1 know of. 1 am publl?hlng a supplement to Moore's Gu^de to Irventors. which m*kes it complete A Gul<!a to all the Patents in the Pat* nt OAre Bu Idim with a history of som? of the Pate-iU which w^'l be useful to buyer* and seller 1 charge 26 ceuia for r iroe and description?see circular 1 have a volume of ermra*lnirs of all tbe patents Issued a 1-VjJ. to accompany the report free Price S3 5T A gentleman of the first responsibility has ??( ^one to Kurope and will attend to aavbustne-s that may be f <rwarded to him, parti, nlariv In r?< iation to Patents. The volume I have pultlhh* d of InSt mill be in one volume, complete Ai-<, Maps on ro'lerf ?*f the eity of Washington. lr vlrg's Llle cf Washlneton Catalogue of Pat ents, one set of Patent Oflice Reports, complete} berk n.irabera furnished. I have many odd volumes that were scattered at tir-eu A Scott's, which 1 wvil either buy or aaQ lo make tbe works cocnp'ete. ALFRED HUNTER, Vestibule of the Patent OAee Building. au 21?3t? IV t\V BOORS AT TAYLOR A MAURY'S. I * Sydney Smith's Memoirs. 2 vols. SI The History of Womau and ber connexion wltk Religion, CivllUatlon. and Domestic Manner*, from the earliest period, by S W. Pu^oa, aa Ihor of the Marvel of Science, tl Pr.naina In l'tSS. by Robert Ton as, 60c Tbe Horse, by iVm. Youatt. new editian, with obscrvaUdaa on breeding tavairj- horses, by Crotl, Ballads?Romantic, Fantastical and Humor* ous?by W H. Ainawortk, 75c The Music. Master a love story, by W. Arling ton.with 2 woodcuts, 75c My Brother's Wife, by Amelia B Edwards, Re Leila, or the Siege of Granada, by Edward B Lvtton, 15a Small Farms aad how they ought to be maa ^1 he Poetical Works of Mark Akeaaideaad J no Dver, Illustrated, tl The Industry of tke United Saatea. He Fiank Hilton, ot tba Uaaen's Own, by Jub Smut, 30c J iat raoalvad ai TAYLOR A MaURY'S 4Ut| Bookstore, near ttkai.

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