Newspaper of Evening Star, 25 Ağustos 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 25 Ağustos 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. I*LLOW Fevix 8crT?B*RS.?The alacrity with which the calls for relief to the suffering population of Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Go? port hive been responded to in all the north ern ani neighboring cities, mast he gratifying in the extreme to every member of our great American family, it evincing that, in every tia* of need, a'l sectional an i poI'Moal differ ences are forgotten, and that bat the one feel ing of lore, or charity, felt for one anothe* peivsdea our oommunity. In this connection, we state that. to-morrow a collection will oe token up io 8t. Matthew'* Church; the an nouncement of which, it is said, excites the greatest interest aod teal in that respect ible congregation. The musical services on the oocaeioD, we incline to believe, from what we have heard, mill bo of the highest order, i Ciubb Broe. forwardtc-day to the Howard Association the sum of $200 ; making an ag gregate of $1,200 forwarded by them. Coab'o Brothers acknowledge the receipt of ?26 from J. Newoomb Knapp; and from the office of the Secretary of the Treasury. through J. S. 0 dfleli, Jr . 8105 We statad yweUrday, that the Rev. Joseph Aschwanden, tbe pastor of Trinity Church, Georgetown, left the city yesterday, to admin i?W the consolations of religion to tbe sick and Suffering of tbe infected region; and now an DOUE3* that tbe Bev if. Woodley, S. J., ha* followed tbe good example, %gd on is the same errand of charity. Ticx, tacx.?The clock store of our friend Robinson, on Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel, is quiu? a curiosity. One re alises there, a: a glance, the rapid and effec tive l?nprov .mer.t which our countrymen have maJc in the art of keeping time; or, r?thcr, Of making time-keepers. Twenty y*ars ago. a good clock, a plum but good family time keeper coat from fifty to one bundle i dollars. Now, as good a time-keeper as then sold at th? irst mentioned price, may oe had for from tl.50 to $3, ard so on up, in proportion. The wr-ild is indebted to Jonatbao, acd to hira cnly. fcrth is remarkable and economicr.tdwc 1b- :i ite prices cf e!ocki. anl the world a!*, has toe good sense to r<.w trd him for bis use la. iiigcnnity in that line ; for he now suppli aisny fortign countries with the article, and ii fast omirg to monopolise tfe clock trade o tbe woild. We repeat, we really kuow few greaUjr otjects of substantial interest iu W tab irgton than tbe illustrwtion of American im provement in the useful art of than the store of our fnend RulinaoM, erti with tLn accompaniment of the interminable " tic*, tacV that salutes the ear of ail win enter it. - Mx. Josipi Heabd.?Thia gentleman'; same npp^ttixd in the comuiuLie. lion of th? ??Editor of the Truth " wbich wr.s publUhec in the Star of yesterday hf tamer u; the write: charginghim with "crime," and ot " doinj things that no good citizen would attempt.' We printed the article in 41;erjon, without firs reading it carefuiiy. a-meie badinage, in pun fun. as f-eriiMps should havo been explicitly IMted, presuming that evt-ry or.o a jaiintef with the ^h.kra;ter?jf tho Editor vf the Truth' would be able to determine ut once the ex..-: dograof eonsequence wuicb ?houli be a'.ta<h<< t<it>3 publications. Some of the friends of Mr Heard, however, have privately expressed t< u* their mortification that hi* i>*me wa* per aitted to appear in such a connection; hut be iog well and favorably known iu this coicmu nity, there is no danger whatever that hi good name will be damaged by the communi cation in question; and in this opinion we fee sure the public will acquiesce. A Dwarf ?Lust evening one of the fiftl dlitrict police met wi?h a gentleman from M 1 rtlaud who was the ol j ? :t of much* euiio.-dn in the vicinity of tho Capitol. Ho is a mcr ehant; doing well in business; thirty-five year ol 1 and :L:r*y-Sve inc^e- in fc?if h'. Hi s-v'. he h?s jo knowledge of having suffered a dm trorn sickncss in bis life. Tho apper.ran?e o the little m^n caused an a.'semblagw of pcricns who were rather>iog to Liui. To s.iv< him from tliii trour.le the officer directed a lit tie son ot his to take him to hi.? hou?e. when he hsi been remairdrg. We hardly thini that Barnum has furd' sufficient to induc? thu young genf.eman to m:?ke a show of him Mil, 48, iu addition to hii? iote!!i^eiiC?f he b& sufficient provision in store to make him com fortable duiiog a long life. Tn* Bb.vxficial Exccaai'x or rna Ma y for th? relief of the suffji in ? hi ye ,ow fever In Norfolk and Port.-ni"Ulh. wLl take place 00 Monday next. TLe com pany will oe convened to the White Hone truly a p'easant place for the recreation. A true cotillon band has been engaged lor tbe ceeanoc, and refreshments, includin? dlnnei ?upper, wdl be provided by an experience, c^Jerrr. at city prices. For the aoJommod i tlon of persons who do not w.ab to sru nd ib( r entire day down the river, the boat will uiak< two trips. fcere is a fine oppirtunity presented not only for a delightful pie?, nr?' 'rip, hut t< c ntrit.otc indirectly for the relief of suflerim numanity. ? 4 ExrrBSiov-They who have never seer L ,, Wl|d and l?eautiful sceuery at ih? Otea ra to. and the operations attending the ,-on '7V'L.0f,h? ?upply the ci:ie; o. Washington and (*e"rgetown with w itei S*'1 ?eTer f*i,iD* source, canhegraiifi.Mi with tbe ?lew on Monday t? vt. and tbe Ucr man Evangelical Lutheran CoL/rtgation cr,D teicplate a tnp thithir, in order to pn^uri pecuiiiaiy means to aid them in th- troctior ? Iheir churvh edifice in the Fourth Word ?Nroer of iour-and-a-half and L streets. Tat Sxaion?The spor'ting rrad^i win do Wtd to note the adv^r isement of E Tu-aer 1 Co , in the Star. This bou^e havi now cn nand the complete* assortment of im PUttems and aocoutrenrients for the fowler and ?io^r ever brought to Washington, embra^ina variety in use in this country, wbioh wy k?ll a: very moderate prices indeed. iBiS It *8* Aj?ir:T?us?ay r; the invasion M.I ^ iCn .ky tL? f' K ?, Lnder (kAl. u '?*? iilM eX"nt taking place or U -a*-' 1 { ;*C5'T-' . ' h(i' i-"?.ry of tUeir I. ' 'I..C, . 1 .i.i *.,1 uOCOUIa ol ?? unnecessary. Thoy covered theiubolves wl.h tT"thiT *lcr*' and< *^?rw:ird, met wun an overwhelming deieat at Jiorih Point. ., ^r.CIt>EJ,T ?A colored boy was brought to ?*?city, ycftcrJny. by officer J H. Wise. He v?rn*r<pd with setting fire to the barn of 1 f,l i. 1 11 few ni*htfl ?>n^e. We are i-. ? i^rmed ^ the officer that it is likely the bov *>11 be (tismtased, there b^irg eviden-e to shoi IJ oat t c fire wu? cau o.i by an actident, whi!f e wf tryi. g to destroy a hornet's nest by the "parks flying to tho barn. Nt-MaiicKS.?We have repente?lly caile 1 the attention of tue city authorities t > t- e fiithv ecadiuou of many of the sheets and allev' m In the offl.-a.s are either bliE 1 ar.d deaf ar.d the. eiore exnoot see f, real or hosir, or are luxuriating at "the Sph..^,. ' aii<i H lLU ^ay only can wo accent for their inditfer tace to tne puolic health Daily w? receive communications, compl .icingof^stagnant -^,1^ of water, puties.*ent piles of off-.1 in the street: and such like nuisances, but hear what ' A Citiseu. ' tbruuzh the columns of the National lnte ligeu'cr. says; " M--asr3. Editors : Our city oontinue* to en joy excellent aod almost univers il health, in SD.t* of tb? ucc!c in'y aaddis^stinge<>n:lition fiainy^" our itree;5 and all<?yi Have we no Cstuuiisi on -ri of Health. 1.0 supervisors of any kind toajo to thecieanliucssof the eity ? Is th?re no ono invoeied with authority to abate nuisances and to warn the careloss against the Arcamal?tioni> of gsrb?ge { In ?ome parts of the city desd eninj-Ji ere a.Vcw ?d to offend the olfactories for d^ys together, and p les of rubbisa are to bo s?en iu many of our most public etreeL,. Th^rj ougbl to be street ?o.-i rwogers to gather up the dirt, and there ought to bo < ffijete to go rouud daily and warn the inhabitants ag liuat ti.e earelessne** r-f their dome-tic. A tew we^ks of vigilant euperv.sion in tnis way, early fn the summer and kept up ai intervals, would wneetablish a system ox ekaaliness ve^oon ducivo to the pleasure and health of tho city. forthj H*/or gift the ?ubien his ;al tocsideratioB t A Ciruut " The Trial which 41 came off" it the office of Justice Goddard yeaveriay afternoon, did not afford that amusement whioh wu expected bj many who were present. The thinking portion of the audience nw no sport, and many were angered when Robertson took hia hat from under the store, vhsro somo one had pushed and mashed it so that it looked like anything but a hat. Robertson laid his hat before the magistrate, ooolly remarking, *? 801 bare been treated for 3oars past." The chief of polioo, who wns present, was verr anxious to discover who performed the 41 dirty aot," and it is well for the guilty one that ho wan not discovered, as malicious muehief is some times severely punhbed by the criminal court, where he would have been bound to appear. That oflbe is the '? wrong shop" id which to display malice. .... A Ban Dm.?A lady complained to Justioe Bates this morning that a colored man had a very bad dog, which was left unchained last evening, and getting out on the street as she was parsing, hit her, and tore her dre?a to pieces. She exhibited the dress, which was much damagedby the farious canine. If such animals cannot be secured they should be killed. ? Prof akitt.??Virginia Berry was oharged with using profane language opanly in the street, The case was examined by Justice Bates, aad the offender fined two dollars and costs. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. GaoRQXTOws, August 25.1856. We tako^leasure in oalling attention to th* Georgetown Temale Seminary, the Rev. Wm. Jj Clark and Mrs. A. H. Clark, principals This deservedly popular and flourishing insti tu'ion for youn; ladies, situated on the corner if G .y and Washington streets in our city, has long erjoyed an enviable position among the very first educational institutions in our country. Its location is peculiarly pleasant, healthy, and quiet. The buildings are spa cious and airy, and in every way well adapted to such an iastitution. The grounds for ex ercise are ample, occupying more than one bili' of au ";.tire tfQimre thickly studded with ' shade trees fend thrabb?.*ry, end sufficiently r?.*tir*d to mrike tbr de-. idedly attractive ar.l appropriate as a p.a.c of ie*-rt fir the pupils during the time altoited L?r healthy recreation Of the government of this academy, all that we neo J say is that it is just wh.-it it fhould be?such as to render it a r i .iceof attraction for youn,; la lies, and cause their studies to bu a pleasure rath*rtb.<n at.*?k ft may truly be denou.iuaied a Christian home, where the hnads of the family <0 d? uie?m themselves whon in the company of it? members ?s to win their confidence and love; and tLu? all the members, although from al most every section of our country with all tl.sir conflicting ?entimeuts, ;?re rendere I hap py and contented, and lejtn^inel by filial fear and affection from any refrac'ion of the wholesome rules adopted for their govern.nent liie nours** of mental and moral instruction i~ such as to cxpard the mind of tho pupil and store it well with u?vful knowledge aud wholc -ouio rules for self-g-jVernmiSti" fr.llTie the cplar? of the aff?cti<i*>0. and fully prepare ihe recipient to adorn ts^o ippropr: it? Kp|ier?' of woi!in, to enter upon the diUi?J ct u'ter life fully fortified to. and prepared to combif iti stern realities. Gi the oorp? of teachers, we need ? .7 nothing, iir. CUrk'a testimony a.< to their eJE;iency i* a sufficient recommen dation. On Sabbath morning at 10 o'clock, the Rev. Mr Stonestroet, provincial of tho Je suits, will deliver a discourse in Trinity Larch, suitable to ihe occasion, and a eol lectio i will be tiken up to aid the snfT;r ei.? iu the yllow fever districts. Any amount which may be left with the R.v. Mr. Aiker, will i?e immodi-ttely forwarded to Norfolk and Portsmouth Wy. U. Ldes, Esq.. will also re ceive nnd transmit ayy sums which may be left at l.ia warehouse on Water street. Tho enterprising proprietor? of tho canal packa* C. r0re?- Caps. Merrill, are still ?c ctmmodarin/ the good people almg the line of the canal from our citv to the Point of Ro.k*, and those person? b?ring business at tho woter works in a commendable manner The punctuality and regularity of the Con gress, together with the excellent fire, and zentlem-inly and accommodating deportment of th?? captain is daily rendering this line mora popular. The supply of fine fralt3 and \ cgetables In our market this morning ws ?<nortnoo?, nnd prices very reasonable. There w>.s also a g<*vi supply of m*)?ts nnd butter wbicb wee ellinsr ??' 'uffliientlv high prices to on use a poor man to weep Tin . ffering ot beef ^attle at Dover's Rest yestcrd >y amounted to J50 head ; 310 of which wer?* s ?ld at ?3 5i>a^4.75 <>n the hoof, equal to 37a$9 50 nett. This ahowj an advance in prices of about 50 foot# per 100 lbs during the last few days The other 40 were driven to Baltimore. Oi l Sheep ao-.ree, selling at 84 per hoad. Lambs $2 i"?a?3. Flour?small a.iles at $8.62!ag?, as to qual ity Wheat Sl.OOiSl 60 for red, and Si.05a SI 70 for white of good qualities Corn, 90o. Oats S80. SpucTATon. Tiih National DcKOOKATir (Hard Sbfll) Convention afs*mblod at Syracnso, N. Y., yesterday. Re-^'uticaa wcro adopted, the prinrip'ej enunciated, iucluiiug su endorse ment <^f tho platforms of 184*? and 1852, in* 8'isdng upon the doctrines of flt?te rights and non-ltiterv^nlion in the affa:rs of the Tarrito rio'. onp.?piug all secret political par?it*a, Ac., and iiiviii.-.g the Soft Shell D- mocrata t'? uui'e wltb them ou this platform, and take h:?lf th?: State ^ffiiers. Greene C. Bronaon, Samuel Beardsley, Ge>. W. ClinU<n, aud Charles O. Corner were up pointed delegates at large 10 the National G'.n vfntlon to he held at Cincinnati The following named gentlemen w?sre ap pO'nted r?t'it< ' IDoers : Aaron Ward, Secretary of State; J. B. Mitch -II. Comptroller; J. M Lyons. Treas urer; ?. Follett, Canal Commissioner; D-iriua Clark, State Ptisan Inancotor, Joaiah Suther lar.d, Attor'.^y Ger.eral; George Col??. State Engineer; S 3. S?ld^n and John Willard, Judges ( {the Oouit of Appeal). Mr. UasLin's resolution imr.unomg the ad rii i.rat;on wr.* ..J.vm d by a vote cf CO y^as to 30 nay.'. Kvchael.?The prices of admission to the llachielporfortuancN Lave been fixed at $1, i 1 ?.i eccordiu^ to the i)< rtion of the Lou.-e snlucted. Raouael will j.jave St. N1 ch >las Hotel in a day or two, and occupy a jmxll furniaued h< use whioh bee 1 taken for herself and family, in eighth street, utai Broadway. Toe remainder of htr oompiiry aru sU'ppiu^ at a French hoarding hens?, in Broome jtrcet. Esonotuy appears t. '??* \ht orJ?.r of t&e day with the wh do party -a... .? .tMMM?iMeaMHM??^na0<MA A Card?W H. Wheatley would m s: ' *e?pe--t/ully liif ?rm tl?e Ud'es and t'ent emeu of G#?rt?e??wn, Washington, aud vklaitv er 111 ab??rce of l?*a vfim from th?* M txict, he has. a^a'r. tfturned. an?l xrlll. on the l*t?ept uiLef tr-4i. take r'-arye of the old e- tabtKhrd dyeti a es tabltsbmen , on Jefferson *tr?^st, tieorge own, D C W. H. W , prevlntw to hl? departure from the Dls'rict nerved an apprenticenhip of nlne^t-ars at tbe itb<:v?? Mimed t ?iablit>hioeiit. undei his un tie, V . Wiea'lev. one of the b**t practical dyeo In law District of Columbia, and he Is new at con stde<able trpeu*? jettttlng and improving the shove numeid tvttab-'.-h-n?nt !n a manner that will enable b'm to do all w. ra in hia Hue of basineH* la a style unsurpassed bv auy dyer in the District, and a-i he lateaos devoting uureiulttlng attention to fcji'aets, he fo- ls tvmUdentof giving entire Hat Isfv tlou to all who miy favor Lixn with their i?a tronage !.vi! ?. tiila. \?oollen, and Cotton Dresv*. Bonaets, Shawls, Ribbons, Aic , neatly cleansed or ce'ored. Gentlemen's Coats, PanU and Vesta.-CloeJcs, Ac., dyed und scoured in a su perior style Carpet* cleansed, and la fa* t dyeing and scouring of e <eev description done v/lth nsat noj?? and dTspatch at W H WHEATLEY'S Cloth Dres-lnu. Silk, Woolleu and Cotton Dvlng Establish rent, west tide of Jeder?on, between Undge >tiad the Caual, Georgetown, auw?iota fp- Freunnras at the Kaira-VI LUeburaCa aiill m the axrendaat?Th* Jurt<^ -?f ea? h of th* ia'? fairs at Daltuuore, Rkhmond f.n<*. New York, awar^ Iheir Mghte^t preimuir.s to J. H W. for their fcuperlorlty of Photographs, Hter- o*oopt* and Daguereotypes exhibited. Mr.>*o iecelv?*d two inedals atth? World's Fair. Loiulon, and a premium at Crystal Palace, Alao. th" flm awards ef the Maryland Institute for three ytara past Whltebu rat's Gallery In thla eltr is i?t ave nue. jetwewa Four-and-a-half tuiC Sixth streeU. feb 17 JET Bellsve It.?If toy Interested one tails you that physic, Iodines. Guiscum, Bleeding and one hundred ether injudicious means, wiu relieve pat* like my "ELECTRIC OIL." don't you believe It. The simple proof Is dally made evident in this city by the undoing of the previous bad management of the most severe eases ever heard of in this country or anv other, by the nse of my Electric Oil. lrom 30 Sooth Eighth ateet, three door* below Chestnut, Philadelphia N. B. An experienced physician In attendance. Cactton ?See my written signature. 8TOTT * CO, Agents. au 93-lw DT Ts Nervsos ftafferers.?A retired Cler gyman, restored to health in a few days, sfter many years ot ureat nervous suffering, Is anxious to make known the means of cure. Will send (free; the prescriptions used. Direct Rev. JOHN M. PaGNALL, 69 Fulton street, Brooklyn,N Y. au 17?Ion {IT Dr. Hesfland's Celebrated German Bitters*?Weak, nervous, depressed in spirits, and a prey to Innumerable mental, as well as phy sical evils, the victim to dyspepsia, is Indeed an object of commlsseration. Yet it Is absurd for him to despair. We care not how weak, low, nervous, nna irritable he maybe.the cordial prop erties of HOOF LAN DS GERMAN BITTERS, prepared by Dr C. M Jackson. Philadelphia, are stronger than the many-headed monster, which is preying upon his body and mind; and If he chooses to try them, we will Insure a speedy cure. Bee advertisement. Je7?3m irr l *fter fi?m Hen. Jeha Miner Bettst ?f Virginia. Richmond, July 8,18*5. Messrs. Win. 8. Beers A Co : fleets?Consider ed us of dutv to 'he affiled alone prompt ine to lead you this vduntary testimonial to the great value of ilCartirys Spanish Mizturtfortha almost Incurable disease. Scrofula. Without being disposed or deeming it necessary to go into the particular* of the case, I can sav that the astonishing results that have been pro d'eed by the use of that medicine on a member of my own family, and under my own observation lal superintendence, after the skill of the be*' physicians had been exhausted and all the usual re-.aedies had failed, fully justify me in ;eoom meadlng Its use to all who may be sniftering lrocn that dreadful malady. 1 do not mean to say that It Is adapted to &T constitutions, or that It will afford the same reliei in all cases; for, of course, 1 u*n know nothing about that?but cf what 1 haTc seen of the effects I would not hodtate to use It, in any and every case of Scrofula, with person? for whom 1 feR a:. Interest, cr C7er whom I co-,ild exercise Influence or control. Respectfully, yours, 4?o. M Bott*. JI7"The Maxble flail t'iotbiuk Emporium Browns' Rotei Huilding, offer urj^ual induce mentste purchaser* of Re-tdy-matfe Clothing for Cx tiUemeu an I Boys1 wear I n order to presem oir customers with' a stork of lioods not ?o be equalled for the coining seasons,our present stork o: Costa. Vc^ta and Pantaloons will be *oid at pri cos that cannot t-.ll to please. Ca*hmer?U, Dray t>" Eta, Ca?Hiin:res, Alpaca Drillings, Linens Marc"llles, 4c.. of superior cut and workmanship uM9 NOAll WAt.KKA A CO. MAHRIKB, On the34th Instant, b','<he Rev. JobnC Smi'n. Mr. JOHN HANCOCK to Mr, MARY D. LCD LI". V. bo h 11 A'etand la Va. On thei'.st Imtufit, at Wc.dl n Montgomer co . Aid , WM. RlrU. HLTJON, or thl? c?U to \1 \KY AUGUSTA, daurbt'r of Francis C. Clopptr, E*q , pia-.e. OntfceS'ilh In'itint tha Navil Hivp'ti!, rev F rts.r.outh, Va , of ? e Ijw fever. J.SO N. A *11 T<> %i, in th<? ~'21 year of his aje, fo? many years a re'deat of this rltv. * Otitic '-rid August, EMMA THERFSA, eld est chid o? John and Elii-otth Wagner, iu th? 9th year of her age T WM. PtlTIOO.M, 230KEINDES A ID BLANK BOOK LIA'!! Ur A)fOKi23. SoutJitaU romt' Eizi h a id D ilrtets, W ASHINGTON, D. C. en 23-2u3i* llliOOKCVILLE ACADEMY, M nt%o>' try co., Md. Fall S* H?ifin ?f tLi.i Instinitirn will com - L mence on Monday* Septem* er 3d Cata'ogues, conralnlnij full in'orin tion r^lat'v *o the School, may be ?ltHi "d by addes In ; >h? Principal. at B o>kev lie, Md , or frcm Cha?. ki Luoe, Esq , Fa avenue K. H PKETTYAIAH, A. M , a a 2'?2w Principal. UM?IIIWT?\ CORPORATION 6 per rent Stock for sale by HiuGS CO. au 2'J? 1 w jV"EW MUSIC received '/reeklv at 3'W Pa avo 1 ' nue, uear lUth nt. J. F- ELLIS, au t!L BVSUfctTS.?Work, Tard, Traveling, Knif* Key, Cl^ar. Olilce. Ma k?-i and C)??hes Bas ket < It yon waat a j[ood bnsket. at a low nrly caii at 41kj Seven'h itrvt. G. FRANCIf* a j 8? LAOlEa' UCI.T9. - Silk, mrrocco a:.d cks tic UKLTS, for f>ale at au *J4?3t LA M M ON D'3, 7lh IIEMOIK OF nev. SYDNEY 1t| edited bv Mrs. A u<ten, ?i rols Fen main t353. I UAN0K TAYLOR, tutt M YDAMJfc. H.'a AftUtVAL. ]kTADAM?i R. re?po tfuilv Inform* tho public ia g-noral, thnt she will ^ive informatK n it# sll ihe Airalrs Tlalins; io LI?', Health, Wraith. Mairlug^*, L.ove, Journeys., Uidlcul t!a_ in Bosiucss, Ab e t Friends, 81clines* D*-ilu,ard in resi?eLt to all oth r su'xe ts She b al^o able to toll tiic A^es of I'??room, by resd'njj rumbers All those who wish ocorsolt M?dariu R. will please rill s<?.i. r.s vbe remain pi ll.? city but a s? ort lime She "Mn be ??oj.snltrd *t n') hears of the day arid evening. II ti aar\? is in the door?No Ctt7 IV;ti s tc.". threedr-orafioiu Fa. avenue and 11 street Guitleinen 3?> cents and Laules a; aa s i?^ts NOTtl'K. (ROl'OSATfj u!U ou iete!>-?d unt'* the 'iTti bs ? f the best quality, at<d to b^ delivered, ci>rded and meanund on the promln a Wthout< to th- Department. And. aho, for from lit) co H)( toa> of beti Cumberland COAi , ail lump.*.. ** M MoKEAN, Pupcilitendeot C E. E*. Building, tu lb?ec^J7 HALL tc ilENXlft'C, WH31EFAL2 4 EE1AIL 1ITA D2ALEI&* Ns. 610 Ss/eulu fcireet, HAVE Just r??caJvi'd, and ftra constantly rocelv lng, friMb supplied of T t.A, w'ulch we otffer in to auit purchasers Onrlj^Yj pr'.c-.i.s lo?v, assortment unrivalled, Sgkir -..idj of?? Kae IMFERIAL AVD aUNFOWLER, OlX A\'i) YOUNG uY'oON, HYSON SKi N AMI T WAN R AG, ? ?0?.??NG, FOWCHONC. SOUCHONG, NINO YONG.ORaNGC.F1 l? iV| R Y PHCCC LNGl.iSH ANH LONDON nilEK\FA?T, Ac ta -lb racks. % and M clients ? id bo:, i-a. T' as k^d to ordor in alr-ti/h. I axes, from i to S lb* capiicitv. All Teas *?airaat?vi to jfivi ? !i ..".ictlon Orders prGmptlyutendsd w.* rnuy h? 'iaa cpua application. au -ttK COAL AND YVOODT" subisCiiU-ra would rcso'rtf.illv ir.iio.mee A to coriaumers of Coal a id Wood th*t tfl<n hive recently evabllshi'd themselves ir. thU city Dealer* t? l oal uni Wood and hopes to receivc a liberal snare of their pa tronaee. We Lav^ now on hend a good supply of Oak itnd Pine Wood. A lar.*e supply A^thrai tte Co ?! of varlO'is both Red ai d White A?h no-v allo-it, which will be realy for sale and delivery t! is week Cu nb^iland f"oul of ihe be>t quillty fir family, smithing and man<.:iacluring pur poses. Orders fl.ied pro;ij, tly and satisfaction guaran tied alwu/s. ' * CASTLE MAN tc BRO., Corner of a and <tih ats., on the Canal, au 21-iw COPARTNERSHIP DISSOLVCnT" IV., K copattnersbip heivtotore exist'ng b? Iwern . WUEATLKY RiS(>N; b is been th?a day dJ<solv>d by mutua' consent E.tLer can s gu ihe name of the ilrm in 2'q iUla irn. J. t. WHEA I I.FY. D L. MOK lhON Aufcuataoh, 1S&S. su'JK-at? GEO. H. f AH NELL k J. Ma.MilNS, Hause, Si^n md Fancy Painters, WOULD c.-p'Maliy call the u'ter.tlcr. cf the public to their speclipeis of Kaucv Signs, tQ he e^en at all* at their [lace of bu&ine*a. Fv?WU3 QUiivUng and repai.iilg would do well to Lflve i'.s a call as we are determined to use every exe tion ot our pirt to ^lve jjent'al Ht*sX?cU?^ ' PLu-e of business on utfuiil*r.5 avenue, l<etweea ?th and 7th streets, n&ith side, next to the Yaxnum J}u tiding old Giaxing promptly attended to. au U->dtf MRS. A. t. R tD *1U!>I>'8 NEW GAL. lery of Da*oeir>*an Art. ~n.ivinge!?;ju{r??d the ?ervice? of an experienced artist, is fully prep-red lo take pioturos equal to any In the rl y, and at reaatviabie prcet No "JDO ra avenue, northweat ;orner llth nt , over Ford A Ba's Dtu^ Sto;^. am WAirrs. CJlTUAtlON WANTED?In ? More, fori boy O 17 yean of a?e, aetlve and intelligent Ad drew box 321, City Fo?t Office. au2S?lt? WANTED?A SCHOOL-ROOM IN THE First or Second W?M. for a select School of f'om 15 to90 bo-i. Ground floor preferred. Address, by letts , "X Y," care of Tsvlorfc Maury. sa 2.5?tf ?firANTED TO RENT-A SMALL FARM.

J f with lb* privilege to pur hn-e It at the end pf the year. To oontsln frorr 8() to i o a ?*???. The land to he reod, with Rood lranro rem-n's fom 5 to 8 rn'le* frott this city. Apply at 401 Fifteenth street, or a* this office. au 25? 2* llTANTrD-A SITUATION BY A YOUNG * ? 1 ut competent man, a< Clerk or Rook-keep er or In anv employment where be <au ma'ie him self ^enerallv iimfn'.. 0 *?d ref^en^es tflven Address "J W F," at the Star office an 18?tf WASTE n?A GOOD WASHER ANP < lroncr, that ran br'n? (food recommends- 1 ttons Al?o. a Cook, and a female to work In the h?vi*e. Apply at Mrs Botes'* boarding hon-e on the swthwest corner of Pa avenue and 9th st. a t 15?tf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW the? they can get a lot 24 feet front bv fret deep, for the low prtoeof *75? payable Sin month without Interest. Apply at the Union l,*ud Office 7th street, above Odd Follows' Hn" ap28?8m JOHN FOX, See. BOARDING. A UAOV HAVING T * KEN" tiiE Pt.F.A*. in. ant and newlv repair* d dwelling on Ten'h street No. 4(18, be'weea D anl K, will b? p'ea?ed to leeetve one family, or several k?*e lem?n, on tfrm- the mxt reasonable. The :oom? * * 1 ?ge ind kandsoMflv furnWbed, and a lar?re vard at m-bed to the h"u<e fir t exerrls? of cli'blren Being i?ear tbe avenue. It Is ino?t convenient fur ?.aDie and transient boa der*. Also a ' outh 14 vears of age. Intel l^nt. active d moral, wji a a situation wi*ere he c ;n have coistant employment. au '2u?lw* EIOARWNO ? PERMANENT AND T\BI E * bosrder* can be arcoinn odafed at No 421 Eleventh sfn?et we t Rid- between O a> d II ?t* Location p essantsnd healthy, with wejlf::r.'?>hcd it d desi rabls roo n?. au iu?*w [?OAROINO.?MRS. DUVALL, No.931 Pent, * svlvanlanvei.ue, opposite Brow n's Hotel. ha? ?*-?*ral large an?l desirable rooms, suitable for fe-nilies ?>r -?ir?;;le gentleinun, which she will r?:ut board at moderate prices. She can also ac Ok iniuodxte ?ix or eight table hoarders. jy 30?tf P?'?AHD AC ? MRS BATES,ON THE S W * cornr of Pennsylvania avenue and k?th street is pt pared to acc mmodate gen< 1?-men w u b roojos, i<r without board. Every sfft-rt wi',1 be made '.(i -??nder th?w comfortable who u*ay favor her *Kh cueir pat.onaye. apt)?tf FOK PALE" AND RENT. V1TICE ? A TA7KSN TO l.KT.-?NE O? tl ch?tt stands on*ylve?*l* nve.-ue. an'* ??o .v d^ing . >rood btii-iness; Is oITwT d for u>ut, tn~ iiia.e?at.d t- uru turi f *? niie The ho ?e wi.l t* "n'el low in good tenatil A rar ? rh%nce is ott red to tny ? ne * a 'I to Into vich a bu i u?-? I'ossrtslju will be ulvi n at any t'me when ?l<-s rid Fo' further Information addre?? 4-J McU," at this o3loa. au i:?2w# S". LE OH RXOUAN'iE F??R CI lY a Pr-peity-The adver*<?tr Uasa t <rm In Prl .ce A'iriem co . Va , con alrl i*7 aOouiO l.' a rtra. |" I 'ii ih st t? ofcultlvitlon, w icsi La w sbes co ??t cban^e for ci y |.r.?pert7. Tn^ farm cjnt las a ar^eq-ian'lt/cf f.ult of a*l kind?. For pirticu ar j en juire at thti olli e for ti>e adv?rti??.r, wh ? is iow ia thlic.ty. au iJ?It* F'OR SALE?THE FIXTURES of a Sto-e coi?%i*tl ig of t'ounter*, Case^, Shilvlng, ?ja<* Kii'ures. <Jil Clotu, Brussels Carpct, an o\~a; Flinch l?l?te, Chairs, Tablts, Ac., 4c ,all ue?? and t.f the In-st quali'v ^arii ular attention i* railed to *vH>~e ""f p-*.'' 'lr? who 1 t?;ii(l ?nj.agla/ In thff :n i.f'fv, ora tir^t class l?oot ?*ud r.o', or other f<ncy bust es< The store, which ls>) i one ?if tbe b"?t to".at', ;n? 'n tbe ? Uv, ca ou lentrd a? a low rt*i?t. Po***-* sl< n (iiTHioi tl.e l?t t?epteint>er. npjdv ?' tbe stuie, \o <iyy seveu.h st.-^i, onp^slt? < drl F" l lm' Hail. au tt?Jt? F OIl RENT- A RRlCli HOUSE (No 36 ) with B r cms. sltaT' dc tue east sloe o'n t*{*t. rtjr thf t o ner .if >f.w i t.rk ave'iuc. A? piy -u 49*1 r-mer ;f Kth and '' *T"cte. aU 23 3(* r OK RENT -Ttih TUKt.i: r TOr. V i? ORE ' wd Dwell I ~. No ?.a Mr .ts-:ex. Creorgf ic^o, so lorn? of c jj K<! : ? ? ; C .Jecdoti er Apply lo AllN Y, "o . ? c.y 25?law if ' F ;R PENT -FOT'll NEW /v\"D : ONVE ni?nt Brl-.k brown nr.* ck ';ont?, OCnuiLittj parlni? v i tn&.bit ni. ttd*. dining rori.n, klich*n, s<,-vant> room, a id * vt chambers net a, and situated c;i Thirteevib Isla .d, near th<? public ^round^ '?envtnic t tr Pen:.?vlvt air areuueand the Dermrtrncnts Rent "erymod err Apply at R u Clarlt' * r.ffice, comer if Six a street and Louisiana a??<?.! ?<. or ai D. b Clarke's Drug Store. Eleventh stiL?t. Island, n. ir C?wtf FOR SALE?a DESiRAIiTT MEW H\0 b'.or^ Fri rr.c DweJU;ip, with no d be-k bn'l:. 1n^. Illsnltnated on tl? mo^t ru/.l'uv pn't p>c?A r.*?' oar; ui Hl^'t ntn^t Georgetown, u.-d '.tin? j f r .oins, kihtb' n ani eel ar To s permit !n wai.t o?'aa excel leal p.ivetc dwj'lla^, a raie opportun.- j ty*,off-r?id A i-o. the ad:o!'1 j sc?r?t 1o? r-r t-ims a..H -re o? tVM . KtNfr, ai tL" , and Coal Yar! uf blcksoti Gord.> i, A Co . Waiei i street, Oe^t^etown au it?T&d^wr i LOT? FOR SALE ON GROUND RENT ? I The sdvert'.i'jr offers to It I. on ^rowarenl I K V.tu ve?v eli^'.hie or. lditg Lois, a ^ If d-elr^d j ly tfc?i par les leasing will make advar.c s : ? | Uuls :oena to build. Addreb.- "\V," at th'r otB.-e. a i 23?\ t For II E % T-A TWO STOH V BMCK Houce ou iOth str*et. bo'w-teu ii an<t E, heal J ining ihe residence of Peter Ferce, t'-q Alio, Oi&ce Kooirw No. S. fl, and .. ju necand uo r. aud a lar^e roc a en third : <*o|. a: Col m lila i'iaos, c racr LauUui^a av-:.?a andTC ?'.re -t. Applvtc i. J. MILLS.R, *gent. a - *3 - co 'w Coi.rbv Piaoe. V7*OR SALE.-THE SUBSCRIBER will sel1 ii the hl^h'y valuaule end des'rn' le Farm on i/i'CQ ne ruw r-tli ? co 'talni&? sixty h"res ar.d ipv.ards,aiou 3.^ mi ra frjrn tie Centre 'Jar ret, and o?i udle e? st of the ^r.scc-l'.i, s Jrldi e, directly oa tha ^iar^llor.l and Wasnln ' cn rond tnost of whicb h js l^ea clea. ?d la the :a?i ti -e or six >ears, aud lcrta deniug p:ir pos'*s I** unsurpassed i v any In the Disirlct ja? bo'J >>e'.n^ ail 'ut loam. I'here is shrut \ cr 11 actvs vt ineaaow :and, 1 % acres ia si.avsbe.?'e cl ia<j b? t variety, 3 0 yo-.d pea^h trees in f 11 t>eai - iur. The imp'uvemer ts are a two stcry d .vtlliue and kitchen with two rorui-. com ko u?, stable [>rlou* Uot^es, tir.oae house, Ac. I'e.s'-n'j aesipius of purcba.big are invited to calt naml e the premlsta 1 u. fnrther pa/ll^nlars er.qu ro of tUe tubscrib'i V' ileprein sca or Oul Najior.C'.ty Hall, W sh lr.fiton 0 C RGS'i' i?. NSviT*. I au :i3?iaw'W* i 17 OR Sal E?IMPROVED AND UNTrd I ,?rove?i Real Estite ? JbNNINT.3 P1GOTT Atier^ey e! I aw end Agent for Reel E>*a.e. ha? if veral amnil Uonws and <: a .d a aombtr of uht'nproved bulldiu# Lc .o ia dtfi'irt-nt p? rtloas o; the city, which h?? will sell at ?TQOdcr?ie price* and on accommodating tenns Pers(>.;s wlahJi*^ to se.l or buy may dc Avell to gl'e bin* a caL He will take charge uZ Kfcal LkiatP, attena ic ua .!:ig, rrnthig, *,e , investigate tides, and at tend nartlrulariv to conveyancing Omce 5iC Washington library, on 11th f?roet, between C and D. au 1U?3* Rooms for rent.?a kahlor and ' several very pieuaa: t lu:uish?Ml Chambers for itnl, .n a m*w bricA house. Applv to E. K I.UNT?Y, aa 8 No. 4ti Louisiana a ?enue I7? ?? It SAL E?TWO H UNDRKD LOTS I'rice S~5 each. Two years' credit, or 10 pei cer-t disc jant for cash. Apply- at the Unlon Land i)&t e, 7th street,above Odd Fellows' Hail. Jy 5?3m ro T S FOR SAL E?TWO OR THREE >4 t;ood Sulldlug Lou in a rapidly improving nt.iuaborhood for j-ue on M*t ?f?rj' trtdH. Apply tr J . U DRURY, Jy'M-u 1TOH kLNT ?&EVERALHANDSO.ME PAR A i.?rs fcnd Ch'tmberi, witi lj<^-d Also, Tabte and Transient Boar*. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S,333 F street. ap#?tf S 'YDNEY SUITll'S MEMOIRS hy his ? daughh r, l.ady Holland, with a stlection , . frcin his .enters, edited by Mw Austin, 2 vol owes | 1 I C 1 be Jealor s Wife, by Ml?* Par doe, pap^-r, 9l? ? 1 C^nfdtfiioiii of? Pretty Woruan, by Miit rtr doe, r^iiier, fcO oe*4ta. ? Jc " TAYLOR k JdAl R\ . s t-4 ueur 9vk at | AUCTION BALES. - By E. 8. WEIGHT; Georgetown. FCENITOtK AT AUCTION.?On MON DAY afternoon na*t, the 87th laaunt, at S o\lock. I shall, at the rasldenoe of Mr. Crllahaa, on Third atreet, naar High, hit Houaahaid Pm:. nlture, eoutltt'ng of Folk, Sideboard, TaVlaa, Chain Carpet*, China and 01a*sware, Fandelabcaa rbambrr and Kitchen Pumlturf. Ac Term* ruh. LDW'D 8- WRI1HT, au 45? 8t A uctleecer. By C. W. BOTELiR, Auctioneer. SALE OF A VALUABLE LOT ON P ST. at Aacti.m? On TUfcSDA V eTetnoon, Aw run Sckk, tt o'clo k. I slall sell. on the pren lies, Lot No. \u 8q:are No. K\ situated on P *t:e-' jiOj'h. b*%een *lsl and i>d va. front ing 6 J feet 7 in-he*. nir.alr.g back Lto ?7 Inches cont lining 8 '8C *q>'are f<-et T?- iiis : On?- h *d ca?h ; balance ?*n a credit of $, 1*2 a^d 19 iroo'h*, w'l u note* h?arlr.j: interest, accured by a deed In uooa tt? property C. W. BOTEI.I.K, ma 1?d Auctioneer. By GREEN A 8C01T, Auet'oneert. F EXCELLENT UOl'SEHOLD A KITCIN J ro Fartimrf, Pint* at Av-tlea. (?n WEDNESDAY, the sN:h lt?tant, we?hitl m-U, at 1 1 o*> lock a. m , at the r-? cVuoe of a lady d^cllitin;; bo iarkeepln?, No. \r.\ Fourteenth ?? , n> ar Pes ?,lvaiiia avei>>e. Immid ately ofp*\ * tbe Pra'klla hng'ue tlouse, an excelldot assort ment c f Fu nlti-re, vit: M?br^a y aprlne ?eat?nd fltWr Cbair* Do cara. dining a d b fak'ot TaVN Do ma bl~ top Pier T?ble and Gut Mirror Do Kumui i>o \Vr ln^ Peek. Bookcase and Secretary Piino Fort". W'i ,dtw i urtalna and Caraloe h. d4tead? and Ma'treesea W? n- tai ds and Se'? Carpi's, .Matting nd Oilcloth Chin*, e' crockery ?fd Britannia Were >-cklag. atrtlgat at?d other S'oert Witu a larp? assortment of Kitchen P eqnlstiea. 2 (-rutt ca- b Ti e n o?t o' tha Furnirn*eIt new i"4 <h* s* e wnl be will worthy Oe itertlon of person* v.1*hln^ tj pur(.ha*e g*~>d furniture UREKN A 8COTT, au 25?d Auct!onc*.s. ByjAS C MeGUIRE, Auctioneer. SMALL AND PESIHABLE ?Ql'AKB OF Gr3*ind at itnciian ?On Wt?f)\i?8D.% V aftern' cn. Angtist '/&b, at 0 c'clo?.li a* tbe Auc tion Rocmt, 1 sha.l -ell the siuar* nvth < f sqnnr No 33*, fronting r? p#rr''veiy oa R h<>d?* Isui a 9--i j",'Vth. c?rth 9t aid liih ?t:ce*t, and con tainlug^s^ XfqMare^M-t I'b's.! ,u\r? .a ?ted 'n a n?iLhSrnbood wv?*e p:op??;> is rn'lrtly enhancl^^ in ralae, aod It wvorth> of att?rtlo"?. Term# - Or.^-ba fe th; the risldie 1n 3 aid C mor.tfct, f-r tec ued hv a deed of u ut. and b?^ri:tg lLtert^t. J A3. C. McGUiVF, > I S5- Aactlore^T. i | By J A3 C McGUIRE. Aa-t|"ne?r IMH Aid E CORA I. ti lot t N' THE ? It'ac* nl PuLlic Aurtlon -onll.UR. -AV at ernoon. Aueunt jO'Ii, a> 1 o'c'ocli, on the I nf- ilt't, I tfu lte'l T ot >V if., i.i Square 5t , i ticr?lSfc Hfe? ? ii utw. on 4% ?'reet at cornet of 'oui^ ju. i .inning ija--k ;? f*t-i Te : <)r e-: hl.d rm*i : t;<* ?>> 6 and !S 1 n? .4ia4. ift r.oitr* Krcn.*d t7 ('?fd tf tr Kt a-d beailag l^tue?t. US. C. JklcC?,;^E. ?tui'5?d - Act '?'itTr. ByO. \V BOte?/nR, Au^3?:re. S\I.^ O' VFRY HO.?K?tlOll ilO? Iiold Korwltore ?t .%?? ll?.t.?Oa TT1URC. I'A V rno'ii'"^1. Aupu*t 3d 'o^ivif'nc at rQ o' 1 ?? k i shall ?eil t th? t?^'df??' e rf L|eat. ^ CLase B*rnev, on E stroe between 8?U ftrd "th ?t. ets. alt cf hi* hv?u?ti>ul'l F ui^ituxeA Co.i?ht;n in pa'? of? i Eit:,rt, !,,'no. J-v-wooi. or superior toae and t fl^l L, rr>2e b? lien. Par.t J.lttr-'a 'Vnainftit cil* f a n-j VI?rt?-l Mirrors Oue pa ? la..? Pi-r Glat^e , wi h jftti table h'a oris Wain t i? fas end Cktl.-s, covered with parn?t sad rr-.-i plush One soi it-tnqu t Cbtlr? oak. covered with f>iv?h. Ixp^rtv-d bv Pousin Carved ra?evfcoo^ St.f? Tibl?-s, E^vntian a d wMtc marb'e t *p. ^t_ 1* l.ouif i4tl? j Dana k a*>d )?? e Wifd^w Cu.~tain? and Ccrcl^? I Gas and audle CI. ino-iieri. P?rd "t'j, \c Mj?nd "Tie feiit Caadel .b-a* md >>lra:.d !e* t hq teotrian M^tue, o' Tan^rj-I j.uJ ida j r~ II }r?^ M^ure? f o?u Kra Liav^io ; dos^wcvl icd w. imt Ktt^cres. Ch'ja Orna | A.C. I 'T*a^*\- ttiah^tanv ?rtfii?ion bti'n^ Tai>It ; lljud^"(?? Dlunet aro D?->trt >cii "1lv?r-nl^ted cw.'ifd l-t*b* s One Epf^n , heavily-pi t*d ^i vr plii,d C-iTPTt-d Pit be ... Oob ott, Teaira-1 VV r* Ca<""-?-.F rka, EcS HCt'.d t?J ck TLi-llig l>i-fc *t end T"*1* Uere fV AleCnt'TT. r ^m 1 r , De.-ot^ and '.V n- ? Wa!t!Ut d-e-s'n'/ read's, Wa-doU., ".Va'b ?lan^ar .ii Hrds -dii 9 ip*rl?>' P^a:v' r Bed* ^nd en,I'd ba'r Mat 'es.** li snd om. cot atfe .-e'. c n?1>*iig ,,f ward obc. bedstead b'-r-mi. ? a lurti d. cb&'r. Oue tr.'j:e f^ncv i.on e t-d ?.tand Pnycbo ii.i s-, Ttpe**r.. B-.awli, C-81y a?-d c'S? C%rpctL $ M :pie d nl-j,- r"K) 'i t.rr*.*.">r ? M W->iv and wala .4 J-oiuje. Mid Writlnc Desks r,e:tii^es. OtB Cljil'l Iron II t'.-n"k. Cooking U' ICTr h*n Fur* iture, & 3. Tcj-tht* ^ri'h oib'.-arlcle? no'd eircil v<iry to j at cu a-lte; a!'rj.c b?r Xo?in'.n/a v-*rv at !r?ttv# ,d>. we!I worthy the ett ntl^n if b'?useke*":ert. T* in : Al' snrrs of r?n,*?^ fl'O ov??t and not o\cr <Jtn li'j t ar.d wt*.' lavr; "\?>r * <?"? t, s 3, :-,tid 4 month*, tor appr ^vvd en? dw >ed ictei, bear n^ i\t??re t C. W P' H.L.EU, W?a*. Auciljaee?, ^?AlP ?? F VV'.ZLZ NrAlFi* moiXK. 0 ?r at th- Ya: ?. "*?!rn...ti 1??(>n 'I I i.Sl) * V be"; b div "f m*r n.;>t, at 50 cVl<Vjf a, rn , will be scld ^t p.bile au<" m 10 tn< hie hut hWf, i -.-??* ?? paldheHwtfce ?t Jci * sh?'l c re?.ioved 1. >ux the ye d. 'ue raat .* -f tfc? T't?'i-d Star s temal'iiaR ?? ?atd yard, S'.' ?" - _ . H.l h cte the foiiowln^ : 1 J ii'i.i L?uxl red trick ?id.a^ ' .u < ardu a.iu, ? <r.rr? 'd 00 in^veaole fra tie t; IX ltucaJ dlmeii&ioa 4 i?a-all I.ra. do. 2 Iron '?I^.inps 1;W* l It. lineal MOii- c:* f" s^.'-ve:< i'l'U 1mw?? INlf. 11','m "dene, for 1' ?o?*? ?-?? belt iOBr* U br /adatet l?< CaiC itct (ooa-d me'.. 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