Newspaper of Evening Star, August 27, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 27, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) Ikl Star Buildings, corner af Pennsylvania avnut and Eltvntk strut, B y W ? D. W A L I< A C H , Will beserred to subscribers by carriers at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents; papers served in package* at 37# tents per month. To mail subscribers tiie sub scriptlon price5s THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TV CENTS a year tn advance, TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for leas than three months at the rate of 1cents a week. ETSINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. VI. WASHINGTON MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 1855. NO. 826. C.Y STAB. This excellent Family and News Journai?coo ' talnlng a freatar variety of Interesting reading thas can be found In aay other?Is published on Satur day morning. Single copy,Jper aaau~.'. ?? to tLrif. Five copies It (? Ten copies 8 ?? Twfnw copies IS 10 STT Cash, laeaataaLT ia a?ra?CB. E Single copies (la wrappers) can be proror^d counter, ItnmedkstrH after the Issue of tLa paper Price?Th as ? Cn ts. PosTMABTia* whoact a? agents will be allowed a commission of twenty per cent ? .JOHN *? MI.VKXX. WILLIAM T1IOMPSOH. EEVANS at THOMPSON, DEALERS IS EAEDWABE, COACH TBIMMIWOS, *e., K?. 32b Pr!in?ylvnnlaarpnBe, h*:wte? yintk and Tenth sts, Washington, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDWARE. .Britannia, German Silver, Albata and Silver Pla ted. Tea, Table and Dessert Spoons Carver* and Forks, Steels, Kn.ves with and with out Forks Brass, Britannia, Block Tin and Plated Candle sticks, Shovel and Tongs, Waffle Irons, Sad Irons Masiin and Bell Metal Kettles, F urn aces, Grid irons, Ovens, Ac. BUILDING MATERIALS. Kural Cottage, Closet. Cupboard, Chest. Till, Pad and Trunk Locks Shuttle. Door, and Blind Hinges, Screws, Cut and Wrought Nails, Bolts Brad's Sautter Screws and Stnbbs, Door Springs, Handrail Serews, Door Knoba Bell Pulls, Door Sheaves and Rail, Ac. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Hair Cloth, Curl-d Hair, Moss, Gimps, Sofa and Chair Springs Vcnitian Blind Hooks. Rack Pulleys, Roller Ends Brackets, Furniture Nails Glue, Collin Handles and Screws, Diamond Screw Plates, Ac CARPENTERS' GOODS. Plane*, Sawn, Drawing Knives Spokeshaves, Chisels ;md Gouge*. Plane Irons Augers. Bracks and Bitts. Boring Machines, Haa mers, Hatchets, P?-vels B?*veL*, Squares, Guages. Axes, Ac. BLACKSMITH A COACH MAKERS'GOODS Black and llri*ht Springs, Axles, Felloes, Shafts, Spokes, Hubs, Bows, Poles Sleigh R unners, Silvered and Brass Bands, Stump Joints, Stump Collars, Top Props Curtain Frames. Lamps, Inside Linings, Llnine Silks, Damask, Seaming Cords Tails, Tassels, Buttons, Tatks, Fringes, Laces, and Plain and Enamelled Canvass .Russia Duck, Enamelled Leather. Dash Leather Ac. ELVANS A THOMPSON, je 1?6m 326 Pa. avenue. GLEN WOOD CEMETERY, Oiiice No. 292 Pa. are., corner 10th street, tOVKR THE SAVING'S BANK.) IMETERY is laid out on the plan of J. the celebrated Greenwood, of New York, and situated on the high ground distant one and a quarter miles north of th^ Capitol?North Capitol street leading directly to the gateway. This Company have secured a charter from Con gress, appropriating their ground forever to burial purposes, making a fee title to the purchaser, and prohibiting all encroachments from legislation or o'herwise, which is of vast importance to those vho wish their dead to repose where they have placed th<\i. for it has become a custom in all other cities when the burial ground becomes valu able for other purposes, to sell it, and throw the dead promiscously into one large pit, and legal measures cannot prevent it. as no titles are given to the ground N. B.?Otflce open from 10 to 12 o'clock a. m , where Pamphlets, containing the Charter, By Law?. and a map of the grouud, and all other in formation, can be obtained. All orders left with Mr. James F. Harvey, No. 4l#deve.ith street, or any other undertaker, will be promptly attended to. je 18?1 y AMERICAN HOTEL. No. 436 Pa aetnve, bti&ttn W and tth struts, 8. HEFLLB'JWF.R A L. T. LOVETT, noraix-ioss. Jy #?6m COFFIN WAREROO>l, Ac. J WILLIAM PLANT A CO , UNDERTA ? KLRS?residence 1 R Seventh _ street, between G and II s?*ee*3. CT " Interments procured in any gnnnd or cemetery. CoiHi.s, Caps, SL<rouds, Carriages, Hearse, and every article for interments of the best quality furnished at shcrt notice, on the most reasoiiibie ? rrns, aiil at all hours of the nit'ht. Ha via" tb~ exclusive right of Crump's Pah nt Corpse P/'-server, we guarantee to keep the dead for axjf length of time. jy 11?ly DENTISTRY. B DONALDSON. Dentist, late of the firm of ? Hunt A Donaldson, continues to ir.anufacf ire and insert those beautiful dMflR porcelain teeth, with or without guirj,^"iU/ for specimen of which (made and deposited by tht. late firn ) was awar.led the first premium at the .Mechanics' lastilut'j Fa!r, recently held in this city. ' These teeth are carved and shaded to suit each Tarticular <~u.3e, and their to the natu ral organs is so pcrfect ss to deceivt the most prac ticed eye. Part'cular atteniion also paid to filling and pra ?erring the natural teeth. Cha'ges racdertt'.e, and a!l operations warranted 0?ce southwest corner of Seventh and D streets. on D. mar -1?6m DENTISTRY. DR MUNSON respectfi'ily calls public atten tion to his new, patent and great ly IMPROVED mir hod of sett in <? Ar-J tilclal Teeth, with CistlniW i> im, ?he veiy PERFECTION OF THE ART. This ?t-l-1 of Tt -th has the f 'lowing advantages over an ^hen., viz: GREAT :3TR?iNGTH, CLEAN LINESS, COMFORT and BEAUTY, vWng Nature !n thc -o resprcts, und in some others excelilsg. Public inspection is respectfully solic ited. Please call and see specimens. CAUTION.?No other Dentistln the District of Columbia has a right to m- ke this style of teeth. N. B.?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged and warranted for l'fe. otfice and house No. 21*3 F. street, near the cor ner of Pen-?a. avenue and lkth street. ap *4?a J 1ST REf EIVED AT JOE SHILLING' ton'* Periodii at Depot? Memoirs of the Rev. Sydney Smith, edited by Mr* Austin Panama in 1-3^ an uconnt of the Panama Rail* r 'ad, of tte cities of Pa.iainaand Aspinwa?l, with sketches of l.ife and Character on the Isthmus, by Robert Tomes Letters to the People on Health and Happiness, by Catherine E Beecher. Memoirs of Jame* Gordon Bennett, and his Tim***, by a Journalist The Escaped Nun Banker's Daughter, 2d vol, by Repnolds Rose Milton, a romanc J. SHILLINGTON'S, Odeon Building, corner Pa. av and lj< st. au 21? R.' A CAKU. MK9. E. PHILLIPS, No. 401 Sixth street, between G and H streets, desires to inform the citizens of Washington and vicinity, that she is now prepared to give instructions on the PIANO FORTE. She has taught music in some of the principal cities of the Uuion and has testimonials showing that she Is fullv com petent to discharge the duties of her profession to the saiisfai tion of those who may favor her with the' r patronage. Terms: *u? for 21 lessons, at her residence, or 912 a'. th?? residence of uer pupils. Je 12?ealm* SATIONAL HOT^L, N9BF0LK, VA. B. It. W \LTEKB, Proprietor. HAVING purchased the above well known tablishmf- it, 1 r? tfully inform mv? ... ?* - ? 1 friends and the traveling public, that the house has b.*e.i th - ghly renovated andi__, newly furnished thro igSrat, and Is open fM the reception of permanent and transient board ers. I return my sincere thanks to mv friends and the public generally for the liberal patronage ex tended to ms for the last twenty-three years and respectfully solicit a continuance of the same, as suring them that nothing will be left uudon** to nuk" them at HOME while tojournlag at the Na tlonal. N B ?A four-horse stage Coach leaves the Na tional Hotel every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat urday for Elizabeth Cltv, N C. au 10?lm B. B WALTERS. PURE BOSTON IC E. A PLENTIFUL supply of the above Indispen sable article will o - kept on hand throughout the season, at the "Eldorado House,'1 Pa avenue between 3d and 4 If streets, where families resid ing in the neighborhood can be supplied In large or small quantities, at the lowest rates. CLEMENT REYNOLDS. N. B?Choice Wines, Brandies, Cigars, Ac. Dinners, Suppers, fcr., s tpplied in good style, as usual, at shorteot notice an 7?enlm (IKE FOR HOT WEATHER. RNY'S ICE CREAMS, CAKE, and WA l TER ICES, for '.vhi"h he was awarded a Medal by the Metropolitan Mechanics' Ia?titute, Is highly recommended for the above W?I1 ke sent to any part of the District free of char^r. ' Send your orders to 61 Bridge s\, lieor^rUwe. Jy 2?coff A' WEBEE'S B3ASS AND STEIJTG BAND. IS old established and favorite band fur . o. m^?,C asLlU5Ual f5r Excursions, Sere nades, Plz Nics Parties, Exhibitions. 4c., Ac Orders may be left at Hilbus A Hitz's duslc De i?L72,ldw?Ce of the leader- fo,,r jV ender50n*Sresidence, Navy Vard. T PROSPERI'S CORBET BANIK HIS Band is suitable for any and all purposes, and is warranted to give satisfaction to all ! ? o ? to engage thein, either da a Brass. Roed, or Cotillon Band. numlt*'r of musicians to be had at the short est notice, by applying to i ^ FREDERIC PROSPERI. Leader, at TaltavuTs Store, opposite the m d ^ . Marine Barracks. . ?,T0rders left at HilbusA Hitz's Music D? pot will be promptly attended to. may 25?tm H SILVER WARE. av.enue> between 9th and * '{*h streets, offers his larye stork of pure Silver Ware, consisting of Coffee and Tea Sets complete, Su^ar Bowls, Cream Goblets, Cups,' Spoons and Forks, and a magnificent assortment of richly chased fancy silver ware suitable for irlfts at reduced prices. & ' invHed to oalT^111 ?' ?* '^e a*ft>ve articles are Bein^ mostly of our own manufacture, we war rant it sterling. ' , sjive,w?re of an>' de*l*n made to order at short notice Particular attention is paid In get ting up Testimonials, Premiums, Ac. aul?tr SOMETHING TO OLD AND YOUNG. PROFESSOR WOOD'S Thais eestoeative, ills preparation, although less than two years before the public; owing to Its wonderful ef fects upon the human hair and scalp, has already obtained a celebrity and sale perfectly an paralleled. It has without the ordinary appliance "u.rh purposes, won Its way, and been i ly welc omed to most of the cities and towns I 1 ^ Hi?*8' the Caaadas, and the West India Islands Nor Is this result surprising when ,V?ri?lerab?;t7l lhat lts P?P,llarity fs based upon ?rn,^ fi V*' 118 established by actual tests ulf this preparation will actually Restore gray Hair to its Natural Color, produce a luxuriant growth upon the heads of the bald, prevent the hair from falling off. and when used as a tonic ar ticle, produce a continual flow of the natural fluid I?4 render ^air soft, glossy and wavy, destroy diseases of the a1p. ar.d e\j*l dandruff the certificates of distinguished gentlemen anJ ?i ev<fry part of the country who have tried it, and therefore speak what they know, most ful Lv . r^at y a proper use of this Restorative he hair can be made to attain and retain Its natu ral color to almost any age alotted to humanity by removing the cause of disease from the scalp no matter how long standing-the concurrent tes t.monials of the press and the certiflcates of nu merous respectable individuals of both sexes to the use of this curative, as well as of the recom mendations of editors and certificates before allu ded to, can be had of all agents. Pd . BaooEFiKLD, Mass Jan. 12,1955. d0<Id V*** ?Having made trial of ? w !r Jorative'il pleasure to ray that its effect has b en excellent in removing in flammation, dandruff, and a coustaut tendency tc ^ ch 1 Lave !,een troubled from caUdnood. and has alsoc tstored my hair, wti-k was becoming gray, tot ts original color I have used no other arUcle, with anything like the sarae pleasure and profit. Yours, truly . o . J K BRACG, Pas .or of Orthodox Church. Hrookneld . u .. ?_ Carltlb, 111 June27, 18G3! I have used Prof O J Wocd<s Hair Aestora tl\e, and have admired its wonderful effect. My hair was becoming, as I thought, prematurely gray; but by the use of his '? Restorative" it ha? resumed Its original color, 1 have no doubt permanently so. SIDNEY BREE8E, ' o. - ^ E*-Scr.ator United States. P*?*> W ood Dear LaJr commenced filling oC sonu. three or four yeerssiure. ^,<1 con. tinued to do so untii 1 became quite ba'd 1 tried an the popular remedies of the day, but to no ef fect, at last 1 was induced to use your celebrated Hair Restorative, and am very happy to say it 1b doing wonders. I have row a flee growth of young balr, and cheerfully recommend its U3e to all similarly afflicted A. C W1LLIAM80N, , .. ? 133 Second street. Address O. J. VvOOD A CO., Proprietors. 318 Broadway, New York, and 114 Market street, St Louis, Mr. C. STOTT A CO , wholesale and retail Agent, "?tshlngton. ' 4 ? ^ -OTT A SO?i3, General Wholesale A?ent, Philadelphia. Pa au 1 ly off:jial. Treasury Dkpartxbjit, Aug. 3,1853. Notice is hereby given to holders of stock of the loan authorized by the act of 1S4G, redeemable on and after the 12th November, 1356, that the whole or any part of that stock will be purchased by this department at any time previous to the 30th No vember next, for which 3 per cent, premium will be paid In addition to the sums expressed in the certificate". And to the holders of the stocks cf the other loans of the United States, that purchases of the same to the amount of * 1,310,000 will also be madt during the same period at the following rates : fr or stock of the loan of 1S42, a premium of 10 per cent ; for stock of the loans of 1M7 and 1348, a premium of 15 per cent ; and for stock Issued un der the act of 1^50, commonly called Texas-in demnity stock, a premium of 6 per cent. Interest will also be allowed, at the rate stipu lated in the certificates, from the 1st July last to the day of settlement here, with one day in addi tion, to enable the Treasurer's draft to reach tk? Party. Certificates transmitted to this deptrtWM wa der the present notice should be duly asslgne* to the United States by the party entitled to r?c*l** the purchase-money. Payment for these stocks will be made by drafts upon the assistant treasurers at Boston, New York or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, auj?dtNovSO Secretary of the Treasury first ward livery and sale sta bles. IN announcing to the public of Washington that * I have taken possession, by purchase, 5^ of the above Stables, on G street, near the War Department, (lately occupied by A. Schwartz.) I wish to inf^rin^,MM_ ?b*-m thai it will be entirely conducted by myself. >tud tha' all orders left upon the premises will be attended to punctually with elegant Carriages and cartful drivers. The Riding School will be con ducted by a professional equestrian and perfectly docile horses ; having stated hours for lady eques P te or Public* as they may prefer. attention will be paid to horses kept at Livery in his establishment y Persons requiring open barouches or family car rlages, can be satisfactorily accommodated, as well as those desiring riding horses for gentlemen or ladles. 6 FRIEDKRECK LASKMEYER, Jr ti?3m AgMt. H FAN? Y HAIR OR*AME*TS. SEMKEN, JEWELER, - ?? No.330 Pa av.. bet.9th and 10th sts., is prepared to make to order any device that may be suggested such as Flower Bouquets, Bracelets, B1 cast Pins, Ear Rings, Chains, Crosses, Rings, Chartelains, Ac. Also, Jet Ornaments for sale. yjT Persons may rely upon their own hair be ing used. Jy?R?t' PEEL'S LO51 DOM OREEN (UNUERWIFIK Manufactured from french GRAPES, GREEN JAMAICA GINGER. SEVILLE ORANGES, Ac ?^This delicious bev erage become; the great^t favorite wherever It is Introduced. It is equally palatable, more whole some, and not half the price of other foreign wines. Many physicians use ft exclusively, ana recom mend it to all troubled with Fiatuleuey. Dyspep sia. Debility. Cramps, Diarrhoea and Dysentery. Persons subject to Chills, or living in districts kra A ??- - ? ? ' ? ..u ? .nur itrti water, H rorms the most refresh Ing and wholewme cooling drink In warinweatbet that can be taken. Price 50 cents per bottle, S5 per dozen. N B Countrv Druggists, Grocers, Ac , findthii Wine an advantageous addition to their stock,it's a first rate tftlcle, sells well, and gives great satis faction . Agents. STOTT A CO., Washington; PEEL A STEVENS. Alexandria; CI?8EL,Georgetown; J. BALMER,Baltimore. jy 0? EDUCATIONAL. THEOINION ACADEMY. THE Fifth Annual Session of the Union Acad emy; and the Sixth cf the Union Female Academy, will open on the first Monday in Sep tember, and continue 44 weeks. Terms as usual. Circulars at the Bookstore of R. Farnham, Esq, and at the Rugby House, corner 11th and K sts. These Institutions are so organized and con ducted as to secure that mental and moral train ing which will best prepare the pupil for the real ties of life. Z RICHARDS. Prin. U A. Mrs. Z. RICHARDS, Trin. U. F. A. an 17?lm GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, D. C. THE next session of this Institution will com mence on Monday, the 3d of September. The preparatory department and collegiate course are botn conducted by able and experienced Profes sors, Who devote themselves to the moral and in tellectual advancement of those confided to their care. A large and spacious building has Just been completed to be used exclusively for the accom modation of the younger students. Their dormi tory, play grounds, study hall, class rooms, Ac., will be entirely distinct from those of the other "tudents, and officers especially assigned will at tend them In their pastimes and preside over their studies A complete separation 'vill thus be ef fected between the younger and older students, the advantages of which must be apparent to all those who have the least experience 111 the educa tion of youth. The observatory of the College, its extensive Philosophical apparatus, rich ana viricd libraries, and Cabinet of Minerals, Geological Specimens md Shells, afl'ord to the Students of this Institu tion advantages rarely to be met with. B A. MAGUIRE, an 6?dim President. SELECT CLASSICAL AND MATHEMAT ICAL ACADEMY. 'I1HE duties of this Institution will be resumed A on Monday. September 3d. The number of scholars being limited early applications from the former patrons of the School are particularly re quested. | The Principal can be seen at his residence, No 91 West street, Georgetown., on and after the 20 th August. Terms: Per quarter, of 11 weeks, $12 50. French and Drawing extra. au 7?eotf P. A. BOWEN, Principal. R ITTENHOUSE ACADEMY, Corner Third st. and Indiana a ire., lVa-sAin^Ion. O. C. WIGHT, Principal. R. T TAYLOR, Assistant T. R. RAOUI.T, Teacher of French. R. GIUSON, Teacher of Drawing. HT1HE next academic vear will commence on A Monday, September 3d Tuition s$10 50, $12 50, and ?15 per quarter, payable in advance. Circulars may be oblainfd by applying to the Principal or at th?* Booster.* of the city, au 2>?TuTli&StSepS YOUNG LADIES'CLASSICAL INSTITUTE, 190 E "irett, between Sth and 6th, (Removed from No. 9 Indiana avenue.) STEPHEN II MIRICK, A M , Principal. 'HHE next Academic year of this School, (form *. erly under the care of Rev. R W. Cushman, D. D., but for the last two years in charge of the present Principal,) will commence Monday, Sep tember 10, 1855. Experienced teachers are em ployed in every department Every branch of a [ .olid and ornamental education is taught, arid di plomas are given to those who complete the pre scribed course. Circulars, giving further information, r an be ob tained at the bookstores and by application to the Principal. au 7?eo2m EMERSON INSTITUTE. A Select I lassical and Mathematical School fur Hoys. fpHIS Institute is located on H street, one door I from the corner of 12th. The next Academic i year will commence the first .Monday in Septem ber. The number of pupils is limited. The Princi jnl can be seen on and after August 27th, at the school room, from 9 to 12 o'clock a m Terms: per quarter, for full course, $15. Eng lish branches, $10. CHAS. B YOUNG, A M . Principal au 9?eotf ROSE VALE SEMINARY, Near Bludeiisbur;; Depot. ? ? - ^ vr pvt. f|MIE exercises of this School will be resumed A on MONDAY, September 3, 1855. The large Biry rooms now in course of erection will be ready for use, which will add much to the comfort and convenience of the pupil-* Forfurther particulars address Mrs. D. JONES, (Principal,) Bladensburg, Md. au 11?2awlm FAIR I11LL HOARD ING SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, Sandy Spring, Montgomery county, Md. THE ninth term of tbis Institution will com mence on the 10th day of the ninth month (September) next. Circulars containing the needful information in regard to the School can be obtained by those wbo desire it, by addressing, at Olney Post Olfice, Montgomery county, Maryland, It. S. KIRK, or WM H. FAROUIIAR Refer to Jno. T. Towers, Lc.*nbert Tree, W. D. Wallach Jc >0?2aw9w M. ?. TYBO^ A- SISTER'S l'EMALE BEMINAE* FOB, DAY PUPILS, Fstreet, bet. 12th an ! 13;A, Washington. ri IHE duties of this institution will be resumed a on the 15th September, and, in connexion with the above, they wish also to inform their Ra tions and others that they intend opening an es tablishment for boarding pupils on the 1st of No vember next. The latter is situated on the railroad and turn pike, sixteen miles from the city, and two south ^ it of Laurel village For particulars, circulars may be had at the principal bookstores In Washington and Balti more. au 4?dlt&codtSeptl5 MISS ROSA MOORE'S SEMINARY. ' j> 11 i: duties of this Institution will be resumed A on Monday, September 3d For terms, &,c., apply to the Principal, No. 351 Sixth street, between il and I. au 15?eoim HUNTER'S ACADEMY. ^HHIS Instituton will be open in Forrest Hall, A Georgetown, on Monday, 27th August, for the reception of pupils. The course of Studies will embrace a thorough English education. The La tin and French languages will also be taught if desired. Particular attention -will be paid to the moral character of the pupils, and none will be retained whose conduct may have an unfavorable influence upon the other pupils. CHAS S. HUNTER. Georgetown, Aug. 11?eot27th HOARDING AND DAY SEMINARY FOR YOUNG LADIES, Mrs GEN. T T. WHEELER, Principal THE duties of this Institution will be resumed on Monday, the 3d of September, at the cor n&r of Bridge and Washington streets. Entrance for Pupils on Washington street

Mrs. Wheeler respectfully solicits a continuance of the patronage she has so liberally received from the puolic, ana for which she tenders her sincere think;?. Circulars can baobtained on application to the Principal. au 13?eolm COTTAGE HOME SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, Massachusetts arenut betiv. 10/A and lllA sts. rpHE Sixth Academic Year of this School will A commence on Monday, September 3d The Course of Instruction is arranged in Four Depart ments. and embraces all the branches of a liberal education. Miss M. A. COX. Principal Madam DORMaS , Teacher of French. Mr. GIBSON, Teacher of Drawing and Paint lng. Mr. SCHEEL, Teacher of Music in7~ Circulars my be obtained at the Bookstores, au 21?eolin THE WESTERN ACADEMY, I'rner Seventeenth and I streets, Washington ? SELECT SCHOOL will be opened on the first Monday in September, for boys. Number limited to twenty-five. For particulars see circulars at the Bookstore, or oall at the School Room after August 22d. J,'2tt?eo6w* S. L LOOM 19, A M. GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY. TMIE next Annual Session of this Institution wUl commence on Monday, September 3d Punctual attendance is requested, and application for admission must be early made. Catalogues, with course of studies and terms, to be had on application to the Principal, au 8?eotgeplO WILLIAM T CLARK As EXCURSIONS, &c. excursion un pic mc FOR THK BENEFIT OP St. Mathew's Sunday School, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PA VILION, On WEDNESDAY, Aug. 29tU. I^HE Teachers of the School take pleasure in an . nouncingto their friends and the public generally that they hav, chartered the safe and commodious steamer Geo. Washington, and will give an Excursion and Pic Nic to the White House on the above named day. The teachers pledge themselves no pains or ex pense shall be spared to make this one of the best excursions of the season. Scotts Baud has been engaged for the occasion Dinner and refreshments will be served by Wm Coke, in a superior stvle For the accommodation of those persons who do not wish to spend the whole day down the river, the boat will make two trips; leave George town at 7)( o'clock, Washington 8#, Navy Yard i?, and Alexandria at X to '0. Afternoon, leaves Washington at 2, Alexandria to3. Returning, will leave the White House at ti and 10 o'clock p m. ? Tickets 50 cents -Childrcs half price, to be had at the follow! ng places: J. L. Kid well, George town; R. It. Ayliner, corner Pa avenue and 17th <treet; JnoF. Ellis, Pa. avenue; Martin P King druggist, Pa. avenue, near Third st.: William A. Kennedy, 7th st.; and l)r F. S. Walsh, Navy Yard, any of the Committee, or at the Boat on the day of the excursion. Omnibuses will leave the Northern Liberties' .Market at 6 o'clock a m. and p in., and will be at the Wharf on the return of the boat. Geo Harvev, Jas L Anderson, Richd Bridget, Wm Dclfon, J a* J irdinston, J as Pilling, Jos A Keefer, Thos Williams, Thomas Cas^el. au 16,18,21,23,25,27,26 SECOND GKAND SOIREE OF IKE BOONE CLUB, Will he given at Spring (iard< as, (formerly oc cupied ly A. Facitr.) un M street, between 17th and Ifith, oh Thursday, August 30rA, commen cing at 5 o'clock, p. m. '"I^HE BOON E CLUB take great pleasure in an I nouncing to the Clubs, their friends, and the public generally, that they will give their second ;rand soiree at the above named place. The Club pledge themselves that no trouble or expense will be spared to make this one of the most pleasant, gty and recherche Soirees of the se:son. No improper persons admitted on the round Scott's celebrated Brass and String Band has Ven engaged for the occasion Refreshments and Supper will be furnished by la experienced caterer Tickets 50 cents?admitting a gentleman and Indies. Committee of Arrangements F T Wilson, R E Booth, E Hanly. P. S.?Our lady friends will please attend with out invitation, as there will be none sent. au 20?eotd* < ASH PAID FOR FIRNITURE. PERSON'S declining housekeeping, or having a surplus of household cffccts, will find us at all times prepared to pay them the highest cash prices for their bmtihk stock, or such articles as i'aey may wish to dispose of. We will also ex change uew furniture for old at moderate prices Furniture neatly repaired and varnished at the shortest notice, on reasonable terms. BONTZ A COOMBS. Furniture Warerooms 7th st., bet 1 and K. au 17?2 w H. L1NDSLEY, DEALER IN REAL ESTATE AND LAND WARRANTS, SAINT I'AVL, MIN. 7"KRITORY. Lands bought an d sold through out THE TERRITORY. Taxes paid. Collections made. Dnifts cashed, and the highest Prices given for Land Warrants. Government Lands located with much care, and if desired, the prolits and losses shared equally at the expiration of live years The Lana at that lime to be sold, unless otherwise agreed upon, and one hiif of the current value the Warrant at the time of entry, and half of th;: expense of locating to be deducted from the subscribers' interest. To persons wishing to locate Warrants entirely on their own account, the charge will be, for forty at res 815; eighty acres. S2w; one hundred and s^xty acrcs, 825; and will recrlve with their title, a plat and description of the :md. RKFKP.K3CE3 : Minnesota?Gov. Willis A. Gorman; Ex-Gov Alex. Ramsey; Hon. J T Rosser, Se-c. M. T.; Messrs. Ames A Van Elteh, Attorneys at Law; Messrs. Morton & Pace, Whe-lesale Druggists. Baltimore?W. P. Prestr-n, E*q., Attorney at Law; Richard C. Bowie, Esq., Coru. Merchant; Messrs. Deur, Norris A Co.; Messrs. McCleese H Ham. Washington?Hon. W. W. Sexton ; Hon. J. T. Towers, Mayor; Hon. Judge J. Bryan; J. C. C. Hamilton, Esq.. Attorney at Law; Col. Wm. Hickey; Col. J. Riley; Messrs. Taylor A Maury; Messrs. Lewis, Johnson A Co , Bankers; G. C. Grammar, Esq., President Patriotic Bank, jy 17?eoGm CENTRAL ACADEMY. 'THUS Institution, formerly under the care of JL the late Rev J. W. Winans, Principal, and S Merchant, Assistant, will be conducted here after by S. MERCHANT. A. B Rev. G. W. DORRANCE, A. B..{ rrmc * The fall term will ccmaence on the first Mon day of September The course of.instruction will be thorough, sound aud practical. For terms and particulars reference is made to circulars, which may b ? obtained a: the principal Booktores and at the* Academy. au 24?eo2w* THK HAT ESTABLISHMENT OF AN THON Y, on Seventh street second door north of Pa avenue, i* the place where ^f~~\ *? * ??.i * ^ ? ** ? -? :u 11 ATS and CAPS are retailed at wholesale prices for cash only Consequently 20 per ^ ? cent extra profit will not be charged iu order to off set bad debts The very best Dress Hats, got up in the latest stvle, $3 60, usually sold for & I and $5. 'CJuick sales and small profits,'' is the motto, au 11?eo3m ENGLISH C ABBAGE, TURNIP SEED, Ac. 'FHE undersigned has just received direct from JL the growers, a well selected stock of the fol lowing; Early York, Large York, Flat Dutch, Drum Head, Heart shaped, Enfield Market, Vic toria, with many other new and good Cabbages. Flat Dutch, Purple topped. Strap Leaved, Early Snowball. Dale's hybrid, wi'h other leading tur nips. Spinach, Kale, Lettuce, Ac., all warranted fresh, of first quality, and offered at lowest prices. JOHN SAUL, au 17?eoCt* corner 7th andll streets. WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auction tc Commission Merchants, Cornerof 9th street and Pa avenue, (south side) will, as usual, attend to all sales of Hosuehold, Real Estate, and Personal Property, Carriages. Horses, Ac ,or goods of any description consigned to them, on the most reasonable terms, and will give their personal attention. All sales entrusted to thein will be attended to with promptitude and dispatch. Liberal cash advances made on consignment. WALL, BARNARD A CO, au 7?eolm (Intel) Auctioneers. MR. BUSHNELL'S SC HOOL, A'o. 441 Thirteenth street, b'tveeen Fand G its. THE next session of this School will commence on the fir?t Monday in September. The course of instruction embraces all the branches of a complete Academical education. Circulars, containing terms and other particu lars, may be had at the Bookstores and at the Schoolroom. au22?eo3w# ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. RAN AWAY from the estate of the late Daniel Clarke.near Upj>erMarlboro' Prince George s county, Md_. on Sunday, the 19th August, negro boy ANDREW. He is about 15 years of age; a dark mulatto; about 5 feet high; has a wide mouth with good welb, and is polite when spoken to. He had on when he left a cloth cap, short blue coat, and blue striped summer pants. 1 have rea son to suppose he will first make his way to Wash ington 1 will give twenty-five dollars reward for him If taken in Prince George's county : fifty if in the District, or one hundred if north of Washington. In either case to be delivered to me or secured in jail, so that 1 get him again. ODEN BOWIE, Upper Marlboro' Prince George's county, auil?fit Maryland_ ICR?ICE?ICE: C1HARLES WERNER, on Pa. avenue, oppo ) site Browns' Hotel, will keep, throughout the Mason, an ample supply of Pettibone's best ICE, which he will sell, on call, In any quantities, at the lowest posslbls rates. may dtSep 30 EVENING STAR. REMINISCENCES 0? CHILDHOOD. ?'Good night!" A loud clear voice from the top of the stairs said that; it wa*> Tommy's, "Dood night !" murmurs a little something from the trundie-bed?a little something we call Jenny, that fills a very laige place in the centre of one or two pretty large hearts. "Good night!" lisps a little fellow iu a plaid ritl? dress. who was christened Willie about six years ago. Now I lav me down to Meep I pray the Lord ibv soul to keep: If I should die btfore 1 w-a-k-e"'? and the ?mall bundle in the t?undle-bed ha? dropped ofl to sleep. but an angel will finish the broken prayer for her, and it will go up sooner than many long-winded petitions that set out a great while before it. And s? it was '-Good night'' all arjund the old homestead; and very sweet music is made, too, in the twilight, und very pkasant melody it makes now as we think of it; for it was not yesterday, nor the day before, but along time a^o?so long that Tommy n Thomas somebody, Esq., and ha? forgotten he waseveraboy, and wore what the bravest and the richett of us can never wear but one.; if we try?the first pair of boots; go long ago that Willie must stoop when he crosses the threshold; so long ago that Jen ny has gone the w.?y of the old prayer she was saying?for. saying another, she did as boforc, fell asleep as she ; aid it, and waked no more. Good nignt to thee. Jenny?good night! And so it was good night all around the h 'use, and the children hul gone though the iv<?ry gate, alw.'.ys left a little ajir for them? turough into the land of Dreams: or through the goldc.n one they call "Beautiful, inlothe land of Angels. So they are all scattered and gone, and the old hou^e is tenant less, and there is nobody there to say god night, and nothing but the rain can come iu, and the birds that have built them a nest among the broken stones of the hearth, and the sheep that take shelter from the pitiless storm under the wall that is whole; aud yet now we think of it. there is a wondci ful dignity about the old place. Its rooms were not very spaeiou*; precious little tapestry adorned the walls: the caves were low, and tuos&y, and gray; but did we not begin to live, and to love, and to hope, there ? Did not the old homestead have very much to do with the fashioning of our thoughts ? Was it not. as it were, an l.uuible mould, for the shaping of our fancies? Did wo not bear away with us, wherever we went, a cabinct of pictures that were painted there ' Have you forgotten what a shapeless thing it was that used to lurk in the dark at the tip of the stairs, always in wait to catch you on your way to bed. but tever do ing it' And what long-drawn sighs used to come moaning down the garret, and what trail ing garment-rustled along the garret floor! Ilow we fancied it was a iady ia a cattle?a lady fair and young?and we, so many cham pions to sound the bugle at the gate, and bear her safe away. For then we hal r<"id "The .Scottish Chief-" and "Thaddeus < f Warsaw'' :?! i the Duke of G!o?ter saw fewer Richin inds in the field than there were Wallaces of us then?each o:iu with a Marmion or Helen to bless him. Th;;n the tale that !>? ?lly told us round the kitchen fire. wi>?" he had "d"tie up1- the work and "done up'' her hair. ai:d 3wept up the hearth, and sat down to her sewing. Tuen it was u-e gat he re 1 round, and besought her for a story?of gho^t- or witches, or fairie- or little, wonderful children that lived a long time ago, a:.d bccamc very b autiiul. or very brave, or very something that we longed to be How wo would have delighted to be Robin llood, and livo in the woods, and wear an array of Kendall greeu. H w we wished we had been Jack the Giant Killer, or Richard Wh'ttington. or Cinderelhi. or someb > ly, she toil us of. But when she tol l us of ghosts in white that made no footfall when they walked; of their hands, h<?w cold they were; ot their laugh, how glittering and ghastly it was?have you forgot ten how we drew a little nearer, as the tale wei.ton, and thought the light was burning dim and blue, and begged her to stir the sleeping fire, and dare not look behind us where the shadows were, and fancied something sighed ar spoke, and syllabled our names ' La li voice subsided to a whisper?all but Dolly t; aud she went on, with castles grim, and spectres dim, and dungeon? deep, and l:idies fair, while her glittering needle darted in and out along the lengthened hem At last, one of us is thronged up -n her lap; and another b< gs to lay his head therein; and still the tales go on. The clock is on the stroke of nine, and how we dreaded the last shrill chime ! It came, and we went reluctantly to bed. How dark tho hall was: an 1 the door mu-t be left upeu a little, and "Doliy, arc you there?'' and "Dolly g >od night."' and Doliy something, just to hear her speak, came from uuder the quilts we had drawn over our heads, and we wondered what rattled the winder, and what .-hook the bed, and didn t you feel something cold, or hear Something step, and how wc all wished we were asleep, or it was morning, or the sun shone all aght How we suffered then and nobody knew it. and nobody bade us be brave. Well, years hav e parsed, but we build castles us wc did then, and feci just such great cold shadows a-s us^l to lurk in the hall, aud people them with forms no eye has ever seen. The memory should not be a tomb, a place for ;hosts to revisit the glimp.-es of the m ?on in, Dut a beautiful pla^e, full of recollections of >unshine and loveliness. There should be something beautiful about a lomestcad?a beautiful picture, a beautiful irook, a beautiful tree. A memory with glo mus maples in it,and a running stream, and an jld well of crystal water, and a root with a rine on it, and eaves with birds iu them, and i pasture full of daisies?what a lovely place ,t must be, iudced, to think that in January ne can always have a June; in an Arabia Petra-, an "Araby the Ble-t" Mothers always look beautiful to children; hey make a picture for memory s cabinet ;hat "old masters'" never equalled. But then, hey should be in a beautiful setting. Let :h ">rebe a broad hearth and an amr><e fire place in the old homestead, if you do shut up .be fire in iron boxes, or look at it through a jr-te. Get a cord or two of old maple, aud a landful or two of old beach for afeu de joiet ind a basket or two of old-fashioned chips, and ceep them ail for winter birth-days and Christ nas eves, and New Years nights; and get an dd-fashioncd body to build an old-fashioned ire, and blow out the candles or "turn off he gas, and grather within the circle of the icarth light, a*d tell pleasant tales, and smile ileasant smile?. So you will give the childien lumething beautiful to remember, for believe | is, such a picture in such a light will never ade out from the God-woveu canvass that langs in the heart. An Amcsing Incident?A few evenings ' itice an incident occurred during the perform | knee at the Boston Museum, which drew large- ; y on the ludicrous. A jolly tar in the par [uette. finding the ladies under his convoy uffering from thirst, went out, but soon re urn ed with a bottle of spruce beer and a i glass, which were smuggled in the capacious K>soin of his blue shirt. Pop went the cork, u:d the bottle was emptied without regard to be laughing faces that surrounded him and lis charge.?Boston Chronicle. iy " Well, Sambo, what's yer up to n<>w L-aays ?" *' Oh, I'se a carp'nter and jtner." t: He ! I guess yer is. What department do er perform, Sambo ?" "What department * I doe? de circular rork." " What s dat?" " Why, I turns de grindstone." " O'way." Paiwrt'LLT Neat.?There nro extremes In almost everything There is nuoh a ibiDg us absolute slovenliness on the one hard aud \ painful neatness on the other?**oth should be .avoided. Jourreyiiig upou the high-road fniu town of late, we pa*.*ed the house of a citizen who is bles?cd with a wife who* ruling pa??i -n id a love of extreme order- She ha* a fit oil horrors if a particle of dirt, fn?n: any cause. i* seen in h'r c"n*. No child is ever allowed to visit her premise;, lest it should mnk* its tracks on her cleauly floor, or plaoc its sweaty hands upon the polished furniture; indeed, for this reason, we suppose, she has no cfci dren of her own. and *re would nut bless or curse b"r husband with such troublesome responsibili ties A marrie I old maid, that i , one who ro mains an old mai l after marriage, may make a m m a neat wife.?rather a neat hnnvkeer*!. bat that is all the g"ol she will do him. Th ? lady alluded to refuse* to?-pen her doors t o tii? calls of neighbors. or the visits of her husband .? business friends, for fens they will p>?lut* her floors or oil her furniture. So, though a housekeeper for the last fifteen years, wc pre sume ten persons never saw the orderly neat ness of her parlor, or took a ?up of tea at her table. The day we passed the bouse wc Dittoed & profound stillness about the premises Th? grass in the door yards had received the im press of no feet, huuiu or canine mm? but the feline race wis allowed this liberty X ?t 1 ick. or stone w.ti out of its pla-e All w 1* exact and l iff to a fault, lije bliuds ol every window, above ui.d beloa. except >ne in tl o l>ack kitchen. v' . ;e the 1 m<iy kept her priv r.e throne, were all closed, and tw 1 sets of cur tainj withiu made darkness visible in evr y room, lest a fly sh uld have light cnougii U> live therein. It looked like a tomb?k? qui* t, so orderly, so solitary, so painfully neat Wo do love to see t.ime marks of careless freedom ?some tokens of active life? iu j e\ icuccs tf at the world is not all m ide for the urut and cummin, but that th* weightier matters of the law aie allowed a predominance ia the cal culations of housewifery.?[Drew's lntilli qeneer. Eccentricities or CosrruE.?There is n*? jwirt of our costume, either male or female, which has not aire tdy parted from one extreme of absurdity to another, and been most ad inired at the highest point. Coati have been wo-n with voluminous skirts dangling about the wearer s heels, and with scanty luppel.-, descending -ix inches below the waist. C*w?t sleeves at one time fitted skin tight, and more than once have been so wide as to swe? p th*) ground. Flapped w;'.i*t-eoats. which, iu the time ofUeorge I., reached nearly to the stock ings. were soon cut w short as to be nearer to the arm-pits than the thigh. Theeloae fitting, tightly strapped trousers contrast ludicrously with the trunk hose of the -ixteeuth century, stuffed out with five or *ix pounds of bran, to sueh an extent that, a-" a llarlien manuscript tell-' u-. alterations had to be mad* in Parlia ment ilou-e, so as to afford additional accom modations for the members' ce its. it i? re lated that a fast man of the time, on rising to conclude a visit of ceremony, had the tuisi'or tune to damage bis nether integuments, by a protruding nail in his chair?so th t ly the time he gained the door, the cscape oi bran was so rapid as to cause a coll ape 3. It m.iy have been that -imilir mi-haj>> caused th?? substitution of wool or hair for bran, which ?afterwar Is became common. Holmes, in bis "Notes of Dres?," say*: " A law was made against such as did stuff their ' bryches' to make tiiom stand out; whereas, when a certain prisoner (in these ti.ues) was accused for wearing these brych?s contrary to law. he began to excuse himself of the offence, a^ endeavored, little and little, to discharge himself of that which he did wear within them. He drew out a pair of sheets, two tablecloths, ten napkins, four shirts, a bru.h, a ^lass. a comb, and a night cap, and other things of use, saying 'lour lordship may understand that, because I have no safer storehouse, these pockets d> serve me for a room to lay my goods in; and though it be a strait prison, yet it is a storehouse big enough for tbein. for I have many things more yet of value within them.' And so his discharge was accepted and well laughed at." Remarkable Occirresce.?Acireumstance of a somewhat extraordinary character occur red a short time since in one of the fluuri-hing towns of the midland counties. A clergyman died, and his wife and daughters. 011 the third day after his decease, recollecting that, no likeness remained, it was agreed, ere the grave closed over him. that the body should be enshrouded and a portrait taken. A young l.tdy of some professional celebrity was en gaged for the task. She, with the a-vststanco of the attendant, took off the shroud and placed th? body in the requisite posture; but. other duties requiring the artist's attention, the sketeli was deferred till noon. About twelve o'clock, at the foot of the bed. the lady com menced and went through an hour'a work on this image of death. At this stage of the pro ceedings, by some unaccountable motion, the head of the death-like Sgure fell on the .-ide Nothing daunted, the artist carefully took the head to rcplaoe ir. when, lo " the eyes open ed, and staring her full in the face, the dead inquired, 44 Who are you?" The young pro fessional. with"Ut trepidation, took the band age from his head and ruhbed bis neck. He immediately saw the shroud, and laughed im moderately The artist quietly called the family; their joy may be imagined, but can not be described That evening, bo who bad Iain three days in his shroud, bemoaned by mother and sistera with agonising tears, glad dened their hearts by taking his accustomed plaoe at the tea-table, and at this moment is making an excursion in North Wales.?lied I'ord {England) Tt mss. A Petrified India* ?While engaged in rxcavating recently upon the Milwaukee and La| Crosse Railroad, near Schlessengerville. Iowa, the workmen came upon the petrified remains of an Indian, and with the reintini some singular relics of olden times. The body was perfect, not having suffered by decay. His height at the present t me would be con sidered gigantic, measuring seven feet two inches. On his breast was a plate of copper, on which were engraved numerous hierogiv phics, the meaning of which can hardly be imagined. But there they are. a record of the past Could these hieroglyphics, be read, they might, perhaps unveil some of the mystery which hangs like a dark cloud over the red man. An arrow of considerable strength and of very curious construction was also found with him, and especially invites the attention of antiquarians. Rich Joke.?The Syracuse Standard tells a story of a resident of that city, "a staid, middle-aged gentleman, the father of a large tamily of children,'' having got into a laugh able scrape recently, in this way: '?H* had taken a letter from the office di rected to his name, which being somewhat illegible, he took home for his wife and daughter to decipher. It turned out to be a letter informing him that be had just become the father of a fiue child, weighing nine pounds without its clothes; that its fond mother was much better than could be expeeted,' and earnestly requesting him to visit bis loving wife and offspring on the eoming Saturday, and brinj with him four diaper pins, a few yards of flannel, and a number or other baby t Lings ' The lesson the old gentleman learned was. not to carry any letters home for his wife to read till be was satiated of their eoa taato." Or* Advice.?Miss ?? says she would like very much to do something so as to hava her ?l name in the paper." We hare advised hsr to get some one to hare ku name put ia with hers.

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