Newspaper of Evening Star, August 27, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 27, 1855 Page 3
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evening star. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Aid to the ArrncTED ?The workmen in the employ of Prevost, Winter A Company, upon the Capitol extension and the Patent Of* fice, have subscribed the nam of $176 for the relief of the distressed at Norfolk and Ports mouth. On their own account they added $190. the entire amount to be divided equally between the two citie3. The mouey will be lorwa^ed without delay to the sufferers for whose relief it was constituted. In the lan guage of the National Intelligencer, 44 it pre sents not gold from the treasure of the wealthy, but that which has been earned in the of the brow of each of the donors. It is the offering of men who are ever among the fore ui 'jt i>i acta of beneficence, and upon whom the reliance of their country may be reposed with confidence in every hour of need and every trying emergency.'' We leurn that the congregation of St Mat t^e,T 8 Church contributed yestorday the sum of S325 for the ?ame charitable olj^t; ex kibiting a lovely feature of Christian sympathy for the afflicted. The aggregate amouit col lected at the Washington navy yard is SS95.87. t A Duel, we are told ?On Saturday night two you'ig men. and one who might have been their parent, entered the trial room of the guard house rather hastily, and anxiously in quired if the Captain was in. Being answered iu the negative, the e:der geotlemaH remarked that his companions were desirous of prevent ing a duel between two of their friends The c&ailenge had parsed, and a hostile meet ing would certainly take place if the law did not interfere to prevent it. Justice Morsell was sent for and arrived; but he discovered that the witnesses hi?d gone in search of him The Justice wait-d and had a short conversa tion with the o'derly gentleman, who also re tired shortly after hi* conversation ctased. Tl e witnesses have not yet returned to the guard house, and, it is supposed, never will be caught in that trap again. One of them made a remark, rather incautiously, which, if it had been ma Je on oath before a magistrate, would have given all the parties to the affair an op portunity to l<-arn a trade under the instiuc tion .?f certain United States agents. If we mistake not, all the parties to an "affair of honor' in this District are liable to indictment unier the Congressional anti-ducling law. It is geuerally believed by thoso acquainted with what took place on Saturday night, that more wine than blood will be spilled in the settlement of the difficulty. The Excursion to Piney Point, on Thurs day last, of the American Riflemen, was one of the most pleasant and delightful of the sea son, as we learn from one of the party?every thing passing i ff most agreeably, and reflect ing much credit upon the committee of arrange ments who got jp the programme for the day's enjoyment The fine steamer Baltimore. Cant. Reynolds, carried the party down, ai riving at the Point in six hour.-1 and three-quarters from Washington. On airiving they dispersed to amuse tLoin^lvcs. ca;h to his taste, some in fishing and bathing, Ac., while others ke^t up the dance, the fine pavilion being filled with the votaries of Terpsichore. The party re mained at the Point until a late hour in the afternoon. On their passage up the bo:?t was overtaken by a storm when near the LoWer Cedar Point light-boat, the rain falling in tor rents and compelling the boat to com *-u- and remain so for about u half an hour. They ar rived safe at home about 12 o'clock at night, highly pieased with their trip, and exjire-^ing the:r ^.probation of the manner in whi-h everything was coi.ducted. Tho companies represented were the National Ou <rd, B^.n-i Jltiles, Piesi-i?nt's M >ui;ted Guard, M >nto0Ji ?ry uaards, anu other* not reoollc.ted. Col Joe Shillisgton ? Our ctuemc-d and enterprising tellow citizen, wbu is now making the tour of Europe, is, according to the latest private accounts, enjoying himself finely ; vis iting the principal cities, and participating in all the enjoymeLt? compatible with bisgallant but modest character. We take this <pportu nily to siy we doubt the rumor that tho main object of his visit t<? 41 father-land was to get himself a wife. as (whether with justice or not we cannot s .j, it hi-.s all along been renorted that he was m.tde an unwilling c iptive'to the charm < of a fair Washingtoman beforo he left the city. Time, however, will ver fy or cou tudLt the assertion. As our friend Joe is observant of men and things, we may anticipate that he will enable us. on his return, to present to the public some of bis notes of travel, including his items taken in the camp of tno Allies beforo Sebastopol! The Camp Meeting on the Bladensburg Gir^u i was largely attended yesterday ; not a tew people from this city and the surrounding neighborhood being present. The roads ail uuy were lined with vehicles, arid especially was th.s the cuoc on the return, in the evening. Ihe handsome, tushionai le carriage the ordi nal y bugcy, aa*l the rough couutry wagon, were alike called into requisition by the're spective passengers. Some gentlemen, with fast teams, exhibited tha running properties of their nags, to the shame or mortifij-ition, perhaps, of those were compolle 1, owing to their invalid h Tie fl^sh, to jog uloug at a slow Sace. The rain falling in th?. evening put a ainper on the camp congregation, so far as outside exercises were concerned. The Columbia:* Baptist Association, re cently in sesiion iu Alexandria, adjourned, on Saturday to meet next August with the Pleasant Vale Church, Virgiaia. Previous to the adjournment, they held an especial seas-.n of pr.?yer in behalf of the yel low fever eufler?rs fn Portsmouth and Nor folk?the services being deeply solemn and impressive. Forty-two dollars were collected from among the ministers, although many of the delegates had '.eft for their homed. The Prince William Farm ?All who have city property which they would like to ex change for very desirable property in the country, are invited to look at the advertise ment of a farm for sale in Prince Wiiliam county, Virginia, in to-day s Star. It is a beautiful a^d very desirable e.-tate, and we uc HTst.ind that tfie proprietor, having deter mined to go into bu3iness in this oity. will sell or exchange it at a great bargain, indeed. Apple Jelly.?Mrs. II. Uildemeister, the laJy who re eived the first premium at the Mechanic's Institute Fair, has commenced the manufacture of the jelly at twenty cents a pound?and a very nice article indeed, it is. ? Answer to the Enigma in Friday's Star. Several correspondents unite in the conclusion that ths auswer is, 4' llard times come airain no more."' . (communicated. Moke Aid.?The collections taken up yes terday at fee. Matthew s Catholic church, we are gratified to learn, amounted to 5323 46. Considering the numerous calls made for the same purple iB every quarter of the city, and toe number of person? out of town, this amount speaks wed for the liberality of the conirieza tion at M. M itthews. How quietly and soiiily the embolics answer objections. Their Sistors of charity are maligned; they send them to thd very home oi the cUumnijAtor to l*bor in their <3*11 log ofUbor nud mercy. Their c!er*v are charged with callous crime of every Had and their priesU answer it by their cons-din ' presence in tho chamber of p^tiicuce, ard Jheir fearless endurance of every piivation Their people are pr scribed and attacsed they answer it by displaying charity towards th?-ir fellow-citii<;ns in word and deed. One week sinse the Sunday collection; at St. Patrick's chuich, in this city, amounted to J26u for the benefit of the yellow fever suf ferers at Norfolk and Portsmouth, and yester day. as we have paid $325 wero raised f ?r the sanne A.urpcse. Probably nearly as much more was co!!ccted in the othei Catholic ehur "he of the District. Thii is as it should be. L it why do not tho ^<litico-religious leaders of faction ess.y to rival this ganorous charity? Have'They no influence, except for evil?no power, except to perse-jute? We would all get along in better humor and accomplish life's purposes with more usefulness, by having no rivalry but in doing good, and judging of bodies of men as we uo of iudividual*? by their acts, rather than their words?by the efftCL- of their principles, rather than the dec it -atiuc* of the prejudiced or the pjrtial. Treatment or Yellow Feyx* -Wecheer fully publish the following communication froiu the late steward of the steamer Fremont having confidence in the statement of tbe writer: . Washington, August 27, 1855. r: Editor: I would recommend, by your rrinission, a simple remedy for yellow fever, wad steward of tbe steamer Fremont, and on tbe trip from New York to California we put iato Rio Janeiro for coal. We were detained there fifteen days, and during that time we had several cases of yellow fever. There was no doctor on board, but we had a very fine medicine chest. Knowing that sailors were hardy and strong men, I gave them a double dose; for example, tw large wine glares of caster oil, and one tot, or half a gill of brandy; then wrapped them with two or three blanket?, and they were well men in three or four day*. I would advise persons who have not tbe fewr, la the infected districts, to take a simple or common dose of oastor oil and brandy, mixed, which will be found to bo one of the best pre unlives of yellow fever. I have so much confidence in this remedy, that I would wil lingly adventure to Norfolk to-morrow, in the first boat. Yours, respectfully, James Wormlit. Ex parte?julia Eliza Plcmsil on Habeas Corpus?This interesting case occupied the attention of his honor Judge Mor^ell, in the City Hall, on Friday last, from 10 o'clock, a ra., until 4 p. in., and was then adjourned to 10 a. m., to-day, and was again adjourned until 10 a. m., on Friday next, inconsequence of the indisposition of Col. M. Thompson, the counsel for the respondent. In this case. Stephen b Plumsil and his wife (the father and mother of Julia Eliza, an infant at the breast) have separated, and the father havir," possession of the child, the mother seeks by habeas corpus to obtain possession of it, which is vehemently resisted by the fatbor. Dc?o feeling is evinced on both side?, and much in terest telt by the friends of the parties. The trial, it is supposed, will occupy two or three more days. ? James, alias Dcmpsey Jordan.?This col ored individual was arrested by offijer Stod dard upon the charge of breaking up furniture belonging to his quasi spousr. Dumps y tried hard to get ou<. of the offijei's hands, bu< finding that bribes and struggles were insuffi cient to secure an escape be went to the guard house and was sent to jail by Capt. Birch. Potomac Pavilion.?Many families now at the Potomac Pavilion intend to remain there, wo learn, throughout the month of Septem ber; finding the bathing good, the fishing ex ce lent, and the climato propitious to health. Therefore, tbe proprietor intends keeping ope? his establishment during the running of the Potomac steamers. American Scientific Association.?at the late meeting, in Providence, It I., ProfesiO Henry, of tho Smithsonian Institution, re ported on the new theory of storms, that the predictions of Air. Ba^sett held good for two days only, although made for two months. The Campbells Have Come !?This even iog they will ooe-i their budget of comicalities? atOldFelljws Hill; presenting a choice se loction of now songs, dances, choru?es, Ac., t -gether with thr-ir inimitable burlesque*. prorasm . E i.tbcth Calveit was arretted for prof tne an.i indecent language on Satur day last She was made to pay a fine nr..; costs by Justice Bates. Watch retchns ? Geo. W. Adreon ; dis missed. Ainus Holton, vagrant; workhouse 90 days. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, August 27. 1855. The collection at Trinity (Catholic) Church, yesterday, to ail the suflerers in tho yellow fever district, amounted to the handsome sum of about 5150. The wife of Mayor Wood is, of Norfolk, i. now in our city, j-toppidg with the fainiiy _>f Esau Pickrell. esq Tuc transactions in fl.?ur oontinue light, confined almost entirely to tho retail trade: and owing to the very small quantity offering holders ?rc asking j>8 62ias0. The general iraprcmion is, bowev?r that as soon as trad-, up -n tho Canal is fuily resumed, (now thai tre break is repaired,) and flour and wheat b*k:n to arrive in anything like large quan tities, that a considerable decline in prices must necessarily occur. Wheat?white and red sl.fi0a$1.70 for g<x>d qualities. spictator. Important from Mexico?Abdication of San ta Anna. The steamer Qrisaba arrived at New Or leans on Saturday, with dates from Vera Cruz to the 23d inst. Santa Anna left the City of Mexico on th* 8th mat., with an escort of 2,500 men, and Signed his abdication at Perote. He embarked on the 17th inst., at Vera Cruz for Havana. Two days after he left Mexico seven or eight hundred of his escort revolted; killing one or two of their officers. They then joined the in surgents. The Alvarei platform has been adopted. Gen. Carre is provisional President of Mexico, and La Vega commander-in-chief of the army All the State prisoners had been liberated. A mob bad guttod a large number of houses, including that of Santa Anna's mother-in-law. The appointment of Seuor Vidal, as minis ter to the United States (who comes a passen ger in the Orizaba) is revoked. A fight occurred at Vera Cruz between two revolted battalions and a regiment that con tinued faithful to banta Anna. The former were beaten and left in the mountains. Fif teen or twenty were killed before order was restored. Two Week Later from California. The United States mail steamship, George Law arrived in New York on Saturday, bring ings California mails of August 1, #1,245 616 in treasure on freight, and 442 passengers, all in fcood health. hostile operations at pktrupaclowski. The most important views relates to the oper ations of the allied fleets of the northwest coast. They con&itted of eight war ve-sel. and steamers. and arrived off Petropaulow ski, on the 15th day of May, but the garri son had already left for the Amoor river, in the Russia frigate Aurora, corvette Dwina and two merchant vessels. The escape of the gar rison was was a master stroko on tho part of the Russians, who availed themselves of a dense fog which set in on the night of the 17th ?d April, and so eluded the English war steam- j < r> Encounter (screw; of 14 guns, and Bara counter (side wheel; of 6 guns, which had been blockading the harbor for fifty dav* previous. The orders to evacuate were re ceived from tho Russiau head quarters in Si beria uu anchoring in the harbor, a detachment was sent on shore by the commanders of the fleets Rear Adiuirar Bruce, of the English, and Rear Admirar Fourichon (a ncwly-ap pointed an'l^sxceedingly energetic man of only forty-five yars of age,) of tho Frenoh. Th.-y landed an 1 tounil tho town deserted, save by about ono hundred Kamsohatka dogs, a French naturalized American, and two Americans, wh) raised the stars and stripes over their bouses when the forces landed, claiming that as the russians had abandoned the place and left it to them, they were the possessors of the soil. These men are engaged in trading, and are represented as doing a good business The dogs are in a starving condition, and followed tho invaders about town for bits of biscuit. One of them was brought away by Commander Ro-encoat, of the Obligado. The parties wero divided into companies, who proceeded to burn, blow up and destroj ihe arsenals, storehouses and all government buil >,* >t a vestige of any public work was left standing, exccpt the hospital, which, witu the church and dwellings of the poorer tk*se? *nb&hitants, was left untouched. I he inhabitants commenced deserting the place shortly alter tbe garrison embarked. Accompanied by tho authorities, thev started on or about the 20th of April teward Tcbinsk; but tbe Governor's wife being enciente the tlignt continued only to the small fishing vil lage of Avuche, some twenty miles inland. The following day after the arrival of the Allie? the destruction of the fortification commenocd. Those were fascines constructed of immense logs?the walls being sixteen feet inthicktCa. Such was their strength they re-i ted *11 efforts for come time, and were linal y r:ited to the ground by the agency of powdor. It appears that tho policy of the Ru-si\n Government had charged rather sud denly in this matter. After thu battle of last year, orlers came for strengthening the forts, an I though at that time ?ueh a resistance was made as to repel its as3ailauts, there being but one t'er of guns, it was ordered to increase it to a double tier. The destroyers found embrasures for 51 guns of heavy calibre. Why this sudden change of policy took place, may perhaps, be explained by that on which the "Russians hare always a^ted?of retiring into the interior from their invaders, and avoiding docisive engagements. This time, however, they have made nothing by the movement, and with the increased streagth of the pla^e, it would seem that they might have m. de a moro obstinate resistance than before. The fleets did not leave the plnce until the demolition was complete. The fleets have gone to oruise for the present am >ug the Aleutian inlands and wiilprobab'y look in at Sitka. An English and a French squadron have proceeded by the China S ia to the mouth of tho Atnoor river, where, the dis patch eays, there will soon be severe fighting. There are about ten ships of war in these fleet#, which wi u'd be j >ined by the steamer Bri.-^k, now at l'ctropaulowski The line-of-batt!c <hip Monarch is the flag ship of tho English fleet. A Card-?W. H. Wheatley would most respectfully inform the ladies and uent'emen of Georgetown, Washington, and vicinity that,after an absence of ten years from the District, he has again returned, and will, on the 1ft September, 1*55. take charge of the old established dyeing es tablishment, on Jefferson street, Georgetown, D C \V. H. W , previous to his departure from the District, served an apprenticeship of nlnejears at the above named establishment, under his un cle, F VVheatley, one r-t the b ?st practical dyers !a the District ci Columbia, aiid he is now at con siderable expense refitting and improving the above naned estab'i'.bTjert in a manner that will enable him to do all work in his line of business la a style unsurpassed bv any dver in the District, and as he intend ; devotim; unremitting attention to business, he feels confldentof giving entiie sat isfaction to all who may fav >r him with their pa tronage Ladles' Sil*. Woollen, and Cottor. Dresses: Bonnets. Shawls, Ribbons, Ac , neatly cleansed or colored. Gentlemen's Coats, Pants ^.nd Vests, Cloaks, Ac.. dyed and scoured In a su perior style. Carpet* cleansed, and in fact dvelng ?>nd scouring of e/ery description done with neat ness and dispatch at W. H. WHEATLKY'S Cloth Dressing, Silk, Woollen and Cotton l>\ln<: Establishment, west side of Jefferson, between Bridge street and the Canal, Georgetown, au ?i?lOt# ET Premiums atthe Fairs?Wliltebirit'i 'tlllin the ascendant.?The juries of each of the late fairs at Baltimore, Richmond, and New York. i warded their hightest premiums to J. H. W. fo.< '.heir superiority of Photographs, Stereoscopes anci Dague?eotypes exhibited. Mr. W.also received two medals atthe World's Fair, London, and a premium at Crystal Pulace. New York. Also, the first awards of the Maryland Institute T >r three years past. Whitehurst s t.ailery in this city is on Pa ave nue, betweeen Four-and-a-half and Sixth ^treetf. feb 17 JC" Don't Believe It.?if any interested one ells you that physic, Iodines, Gutacum, Bleodin^ a.d one hundred other Injudicious means, will .lieve yain like my "ELECTRIC OIL," don't ou believe it. The simple it roof Is dally made evident In this city by the undoing of the previous bad management of the most severe cas^s ever h-ard of in this country or anv other, by the use of my Electric OU, from 30 South Eighth st.eet, three doors below Chestnut, Philadelphia. N. B. An experienced physician In attendance. Caction .?>ee my written signature. 8TUTT A CO, Agents. au 22?!w r To Nervous Sufferers.retired Cler !vmiB, resto.- d to health in a few days, after nianv years of great nervous suffering, Is anxlmi? ?o make kuuvvu the means of cure. Will send ."ree; the prescriptions used. Direct Rev. JOHN .M. DAG.'n ALL, 59 Fulton street, Brooklyn, N.Y. au 17?Im J]7* Dr. Hooflatid's Celebrated Germnn Pitters.?Weak, nervous, depressed in spirits, and a prey to innumerable mental, as well as phy >al evils, the victim to dyspepsia, is indeed an ? liject of < ominisseratlon. Yet it Is abr'ird for t itn to despair We care not how wea*r, low. ' rvous.and irritable be mav be. the cordiil omp . rt'es of HOOF LAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, prepared by Dr. C M. Jacl<son, Philadelphia, ar** Wronger tbun the ir.anv-1 eaded monster, which i> prsySg upon h'c bM]T and mill; Ml If i 'looses to try them, we v.*ill Insure a speedy cure. See advertisement. je7?3m \rr Letter frtm !l?n. John Minsr Botti, ?f Virginia. Richmond. July 9,1B55. Messrs. Wm. 8. Beers A Co : Gents?Consider a'i-v s of duty to the liE'.cted alone prompt me to send you this voluntary testimonial to the great value of "CarJtr'i Spanish Mixture,'1 for that al .iost, Scrofula Without bein,; disposed or deeming It necessary to go into the particulars of the case, 1 can say that tae astonishing results that have been pro duced by the use or that medicine on a member of 3?y own family, and under my own observation a id superintendence, after the skill of the best physicians had been exhausted and all the usual remedies had failed, fully justify ine in .ecom inending its use to all who may be suffering from thatdreailful malady. I do not mean to say that It Is adapted to ail constitutions, or that It will afford the same reliel In all cases; for, of course, I can know '-.othing ab tut that?but of wbi?t I have seen of the effectsj I would not hesitate to nse it, in any and every case of Sciof'ila, with per ons for whom I felt ah ittereat,o? over whom 1 could exercise Influence or control. Ilespsctfuily, yours, Jno M. Eotts. Marble Mnll Clolhiug Emporium Browns' Hotel Building, offer unusual induce ments to purchasers of Heady-made Clothing for Gentlemen ani Boys' wear In order to present our customers with a stock of Goods not to l>e cc tailed for the coming seasons,our present stock c,i Coats, Vests and Pantaloons will be sold at pri ecii that cannot tall to plense. Oashmerett, Drap !J?: Eta, Cassimeres, Alpaca, Drlllint's, Linens, Marseilles, Jtc., of superlorcut and workmanship, an 9 NOAH WALKER it CO. MARRIED. At St Patrick's Church, on the *23d Instant, by the Rev. F?ther Boyle, Mr. KKFDKRICK WlL LI A MS to Miss MARY ELIZABETH STEW ART, all of this riry. * DIEf* On the 27th Au^ns', WILLIAM WALTER, of Wurteruberg, Oertnanv. and a resident of this cltv for thre? years, in the 2tfth y<?r of his a^e. The friends of tbe family are inviiel to at'end h's ftineral to-morrow momlnsc, the 'i^th instaut, It'? o'clock, on N steeet. bet. 6th and 71h In B-iltim^re. on the 25th August, of yellow fe ve , Mr THOMAS II OR MEN E, in the 32d ye\r of his a^p. He was a re-;d?nt of Norfolk, in which place he contracted the disease. I HAVE OK CONSIGNMENT? ? A tine coUection of the Classics, 14 vols, oct , Eng. Ed. Asiatic Mairaz'ne from IHlfi to 47, com plete, 72 vols. Johnson's Poets. 66 vol, full bound calf. Ci irke's Travels, 7 quarto vols, best ed British Critic, 34 vols, best ed Spectator, b vols, oct. I* mountain Barometers. I am pu'tlng to press a new edition of my Cata logue. Those Interested pit tse take notice. This ? s the be^t medium for advertising that I know of. I em publishing a supplement to Moore's Guide to Inventor?, which m~kes it complete. A Guide to all the Patents in the Patent Olflce Building. with a history of some of the Patents which will be useful to buyers and seller. 1 charge 25 certs for name and description?see circular I have a volume of eu?raviiiLrs of all the patents issued n 186-1, to accompany the report free. Price 83 50. \ k'enUeman of the first responsibility has |ust if one to hurofte, and will attend to any business that may be forwarded to him, particularly in re lation to Patents. The volume 1 have published of 1*551 will be in one volume complete. Also, Maps on rollers of the city of Washington. Ir vine's Life of Washington Catalogue of Pat ents, one set of Patent Odlse Reports, compltte; ba< k numberi* furnished. 1 have many odd volumes that were scatte.ed at Green & Scott's, which 1 will either buy or sell to make the works complete. ALFRED HUNTER, Vestibule of the Patent Office Building, au 21?3t# WASHINGTON CORPORATION 6 per cent Stock for sale by R1GGS & CO. au 20?lw IYEW MUSIC received weekly at 300 Pa. ave 1^1 nue, near 10th st. J. F. ELLIS, an 21 LADIES' BELTS.?Silk, morocco and elas tic BELTS, for sale at au 24?3t LA.VIMOND'S, 7th street. \TttS. A. C. REDMOND'S NEW GAL* if J. !ery of Daguerrean Art.?Havlnueugaged the iervices of an experienced artist, is fully prepared to take pictures equal to any in the city, aud at reasonable prices. No. 290 Pa avenue, northwest owner 11th St., over Ford & Bro's Drug Store, au 6? fTMURELLAS, BASKETS, Engravings, Per U fumery, Ac., at ELLIS'S, 306 Penn avenue, near loth ?t. au 21? w WANTS. WANTED?BV A MAN OF BUSINESS qualification*, a good penman and quick at figures, a sltuat on as Bo- k'kterer. Assistant, clerk or copyist, In a respectable merctntU" i? use, tffice or asrncv. Address "A H," at this cffice. au 27-*-'w* * WANTED BY~AN EXCELLENT German Coachman, of s aid ve*r>. who is f-rovided wi'h'he besttc-t mo .1 Is, a situation as ^roomend drl-er He refer*to Alf'ed Snucklig. E-q Ad dre<s "German." at this office. aa 27?2t* WANTED TO SELL?THE AGENCY OF the Baltimore Rernblican. Apply at this office for the Agent, on Tuesday mornin? b 'ween 10 and 11 o'clock. au 97?It* WANTED?A SITUATION BY A respect

able young Womm as chambermaid and 'o do plain s?wing, or \talUr, or would travel with * ladv. Is fullv c ompetent to take en'ire charge of a baby Gcx-d ?efe ence given. Address liG M," at the' Star Office for two days. *u 27?'t* WANTED?A COLORED GIR-, OR WO it an as a Nurse for children. Apply dia'e'.v at No 9 Louisiana avenue, so"th side, op posite City Hall. au 27? 2t* f AN TED?A PRACTICAL MAN, WHO - J has experience in the rr.ak'ng and burning of brick, to eo about 12 rnile? from tbe city in Prince George county, Md E> qui e at the < Hi e of JOHN C BRENT, ' au 27?3t# No 30 Louisiana ave. \\TANTED?A SCHOOL-ROOM IV THE V First or Second Ward, for a select School of from 15 to 90 bovs. Ground floor preferred. Address, by letto', "X Y," care of Tavlor 4 Maury. au 25?tf \lfANTED TO RENT?A SMALL FARM, ? ? with the privilege to pnreha-e it at the end of the year. To contain from SD to IW? aces The land to be rood, with good imoro /ements from 5 to 8 m'-les from this city Apply at 4ul Fifteenth street, or at this office. au 23?2.* WANTED?A SITUATION BY A VOl'NG 1 ut competent man, a* Clerk or Rcok-k-ep er, or in any employment where he can mate him self irenerallv useful. Good refeiences given. Address "J W F," at the Star offi;e an IP?tf Wanted?a good washer and ironer, that can brine good recommenda tions Also, a Cook, and a female to work in the nouse. Applypt Mrs Bates's boarding ho'4-e, on the southwest corner of Fa avenue and 9th st. a i 15?tf WANTED-TO SELL, ON LIBERAL terms, eight or ten neat and nearly new Fram* Houses on .he bland. Enquire of J. ROBINSON, au 20?eo2w Jeweler, 319 Pa avenue. WANTED-A BOY TO f-ET TYPE IN A Country Otfl -e, neir Washington. To onf wh"> understands tbe business ll;>eral wages and < on ;t?ni employment will be given. au 18?eoftt WANTED-EVERYBODY TO KNOW that they can get a lot 21 feet front by 130 feet ?leep, for the low price of *75?onyable&3a month <vitnout Interest. Apnlv at the Union Land Office 7th street, above Odu Fellows' Hall. ap28??rn JOHN FOX, Sec. BOARDING. VLADY HAVING TAKEN THE PLF.AS ant and newly repur?d dwelling on Tenth - re*t No. 46-?, bo'ween u ani F, will i>' pleased tj receive one family, or several ireu lenien. on term< the mist r?iasoj,al,ie. The rooms a-e 1 ir>?e :;nd handsonely furnished, and? lanre yard at i 'ched to the h 'use for t ie exercise of children. Being near the avenue, it is mo>t convenient for table and tra isient boarders. au 27?I v# Boarding ?permanent and table boarders can be accommodated at No 421 Eleventh street, we t sid- between O and II sts. Location pieasantand he;ilthy, with well f<;rn! shed wild desirable rooms. aa 20?2w BOARDING ?MRS. DUVALL,No.331 Penn sylvania avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel, has -.everal large and desiral-le roo ns, suitable for families or single gentlemen, which she will rent with board at moderate prices. She can also ac <.oinm:>date six or ei^ht table boarders. jy IW?tf Board, Ac.?mrs. bates, on thes. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9tn street, ^prepared to accommodate /eotlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort wili be made to render tbose comforiabie who may favor her with their patronage. ap 3?tf FOR SALE AND RENT. For sale or exchange for city Pr perty -The adverii r hxsa f*rm in Prii.ce w'111 lam co . Va , con ai: ?*" at out31 > a res, in a ? gb stTte of cultivation, i A ?* larg? and convoo d i-us brick Mansion, wl ? ier iiriproverr ?nt? t<? correspond. The situation If p '?fectl; hv&lthy and embraces every possi'le auwn ai:e, which he wishes to exch?n;>e fcr ci y j-roperty. Tlte f\rm coat ins alarge q .antity of fruit of a'l kinds For particulars enquire at this office for the ad vertiser, who is now In this city. aa 27? [ ^OR RENT?STORE AND HOUSE on the corner of 20th and M str- ets. It is a most?x ccllent s'and. Possession given on 1st >epte'ii oer. Knquire of Theodore A Walters, on the p-emises, or Capt. James Walters, on 19th, near M street. au 33?21* XTOTICE ?A TAVERN TO LET.???NE OF xl the best stands on Pennsylvania ?venue. and now dolny a yt?od business, is offer d for rent, the llvtures and h urniture for sale. The house wLl 1* rented low to a good '?nant A rare chance is <'lT,'red to any ?ne wa ting :o go Into such a bu?i n?ss. Poss? *sion will be 2l?*en at anv t'me when des;red. Tor further information address 4>J McG," at tfc'soihce. au2t?^2w* II O II SAL E?IMPROVED AND UN1M ' proved Real EsU'e ?J BNNINGS PIGOTT Atterney at and Ag? nt /or Ileal Estate, has s?"eral small Honses and Lcis; and a numljer of un'mpreved building Lets in different portions of Ihr city, which he will sell at moderate prices ar.d or. accommodating term;i Persona wishing to sell or buy may do well to fjlve him a call He will take charge of Iteal Estate, attend to leasing, renttag, Ac , investigate titles, and at ?erd pn'tlculariv to co?iT*>va?cing Otlice 51ft Washington Library, on 11th s'reet, between C and D. ' au 18?3tr I^OR RENT OR SALE?A NEW THREE story brick House In complete order, on 8th street, near N, Northern Liberties Enqu re of W. J McCOLLUM, 6th and K streets, Northern Liberties. au 13?eotf PRIVATE SALE .?SEVERAL FRAME Ho.i!?eH, suitable for large or small families, containing from t to io room:; each, on square south of Square 516, between 4th and 5 th streets, and fronting Mos^achosetU avenue and I street Te> ins made easy. Enquire cn said square at No 504. au 1?eotf FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE.?I have five Fnme Houses on 23d. between G and H sts , nearly new, which I will sell reasonably, or ex change for property in the country. For particu lars enquire of JAMES McCANN, Superintend ent of tne Smithsonian Grounds, from 7 o'clock to 6 p. ni. au 22?eo3t* Rents reduced to suit the times #150 a year will be received for the rent of those new and convenient Cottage? at Kendal) Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed, and other conveniences attached. Pump* of pure wale' are near the door, and communication Is had with Georgetown by wav of H and Seventh streets and Pennsylvania avenue, morning ar.d af ler;ioou, at the UMial fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the Departments. To socure the advantage of this great reduction of rent, immediate application must be made to the undersigned, either by letter or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had and the houses inspected at any tlnie. Several of these residences will be sold on libe ral terms. WM. STICKN EY, No. 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Rents paid qca.terly is advancb. ap 9?eotf )OOMS FOR RENT.?A PARLOR AND W several very pleasant furnished Chambers for rent, in a new brick house. Apply to E. K. LUNDV, au 8 No. 4ft Louisiana avenue. DOR SALE?TWO HUNDRED LOTS -F Price 875 each. Two years' credit, or 10 per cent discount for cash. Apply at the Union Land Office, 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. Jy 28?3m Lots for sal e ?two or three good Building Lots in a rapidly improving neighborhood for sale on tis ytars' credit. Apply to J. H. DRURY. Jy 21?tf T^ORRENT?SEVERALHANDSOMEPAR -1 iors and Chamber^, with Board. Also, Table and Transient Board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street. ap i*?tf I COPARTNERSHIP. THE undersigned have this day formed a co partnership undei the name and style of HARTLY A BRO., for the purpose of transact ing a Tlour and General Commission business, at 101 Water street, Georgetown. N B HARTLEV, E. D. HARTLEY GKORaETOWN, D. c., August 1,19W. au lm* AUCTION SALES. ir ByGRFEN A ?C(iTT, Auetlontrn OlSfcHOLD AND KITCHEN I I H!ll. tare ?t Auction.?On FRIDAY. tbe 3'?t instant, at 10 o'clock > m,Wf shall se", at tbe I residence of a lad - derl ning hou*ekwp'ng, on I I street aor'b, between 9th and lOtb streets west, i No 4J>, a good assortment of Furniture, vlx: Mahogeny pa lor rocking end oil er Chairs l>o Secretary Do marble ton PW Table and fil^ss Do Bn?eno. Wafhntands and Wardntwa Palrr. chamber ami Stair Carpet* aid Maulag Mib'va* y < ard and o'hrr Tables ?;iMndV? Astr?l and o>her Lamps B tisieacs and Matfrtss-s >nade? ard I'u^aln* Radiator and Coc-kicg Stove*, Ac. Terms at ibe tale. GREEN A SCOTT, ?a ???d Auctioneer*. By E. S. WRIGHT; rgetewr.. PORTO KITO SI'CAR AND MOLA^C^ at Ancti-ia ?Oi FK i DAY n? t, tb*-3**' 5n stanh at It c "lo-k. on F A A II Dodge's wharf tbe cartro of th* ha que Wm. Cr.ase, from Peace, Fo.'to Rico consist, ng of? 305 iihds '?i.igar, part prime 1- bhds MoiA&se* EDW'D 9 WRTOHT, au27-d Auctioneer. By E. 8. Wa IGHT; Georgetown. Fl'RMTI HE AT AUCTION?On MON I'AY afsemoon next, tbe *7:ii in*t?nt, at 3 oMock, I shall, at the residence or Mr. C'lU^an, cn Third street, near High, his Household Fuj niture, consisting of ^?fa, Sideboa'd, Tables, Chairs Carpet , China and Glaw.ware, Candelabra* Chamber aud Ki:c! en Furnitcre. Ac. Tcrir.s cask. LDWD S. WRIGHT. Mtf-tl Auctioneer. Cy C. W. BOTELER. Arclioneer S~"ALE of a valuable lot O* F ST. at Auction ? On TUL^D * V afternoon, Au gust 29th, at ti# o'clo k. I s'jall selh oi the prem ises, Lot No. 1. In Square No N>, situated on F ?tre* t noitb. betwetn *lst a ? 1 '^d s'.s. wesr, front ing G i feet 7 in-hes, ruming back Ufa feet 7 laches containing 8 Ifc1 square feet. Terms . One- h id ce-h ; l?a1ance on a cr<nlit of 6, 1*2and 18 rmmhs, notes bearing interest, steered by a deed la Inst ui on U>e prop itv. C. W BOTELER, au 23?d Auction?*er. By WALL. BARNARD A C'?? Ancticnees. STOIK OF MfMltH FIRNI lure, Ac., ut Au<lion.?<?a WBu.Mt** D\Y, '-'.Hh iu?tant, at 10 o'cl<?cka. m .we will fell at the store of Messrs. ilines, onposite the We*t Market, their entire stock in trade, consist ing i" p \rt of? Forking and other Cha'rs it^-d-it *ads. Bureaus, Cradles Mahogany and oth*-r i'ables Wasbstands, Mattre scs, Brds l.ooki isr ;ind Toilet Glasses Toilet Sets. Clocks. Crockery G!as ware. C .tlery T>*>ls of all kinds Iron, iintss, copper, and steel of every vrrlcty Tinwar--, Pots, Ket'les. Ac. Als >. I *et ?f K^es's Encyclopedia, complete. With the greatest assortment of goods of every variety. Sale positive. Terms ca*h. WALL., BARNARD A CO., au 24?ts Auctioneer*. By GREEN A SCOTT. Auct'oncer* EX?:i Ll.F\T IUH'SEIIOI D Ac KITPH. I en I'liruitu'e, Pi mo K??rte "it Au*0<*ii. <?n WEDNESDAY", the 'JOth ifi"an?, we *hi" sell. a? t ' o'< lTck a. nt.. at the ir-sidence of a lady declining housek '?} i'l'-t, ^^3 Fourteenth st , near Pea.(m tvanii avet.t e Imui' dutfty orpr???i e t!>.e I rr.'ik^i'i l ujln^ llai'.sc, an excetleiit ajsort mfutnf Fu.ulfut, viz: Mabrgaty sprir ? seat and othrr Chairs Jio "card dtniuga d b tak'act Trv w Do ma ill- top Pier Table aud Gilt Mirror Do Btire-us Lio Wr<; in ? Desk. Bookcase and Secretary Piano Fort-, WI ad <w Curtains and Cornice M?*d*tead? :'?td Ma f?*sse* Wa h' tm*'ds and SV* i'ar|K*ts, Matting nd Oilcloth Chim. a'a^s. ?-nvkerv .-.nd Krit"nnid Ware Cookiu<r. airily .t nr d otLer Stoves Wi'h a 'arge a-- irtn;Piit of Kitchen PefjjilsJte*. Terms ca-1; The i.u>t o* 'he Furnltnre is nra'!v new and the sale v.:il be wed worthy ti e ; t ? ?ition of persons wishing to pure has: y d furniture GREEN i SCt?TT, au 23?d Acctijncers B]-JAS. c. MeGCfKB, AaetiaMcr. SMALL AND DESIRABLE MtFAKF. OF (irouad at Auction ?On W1.1)SESOVV afteru'en AugiX".'J ' . at G o'clock a'. th? A':e. ti?'n Kooji.s. I -.uin^el1 tL" sjaa.-.'n?rt<i of sonar No. 317, fronting r- pective-y on K node I Lrl a?e ue, I'th. norths and ilih streeis. aud c:-r tali lng 5 T'Csquare it et This % ,uare is.-it i?tffd la a u?i"hhorhocd where property b: ruriiiiy cnhanciuy in valiv, aud Is worthy of attention. Terms: One-ha'f c sh; the residue 'a 3 an 10 ] n.onlhs, for notes secured by a deed of trust and ! bearing Interest JAS. C. McGUIRE, au 25?d Auctioneer. Br JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. YTALUAWA L (OH N E K LOT ON THE ? isi:??d nt Public Auction?On THURS DAY af .niio .a. Au4fiist30!h, at 6 ??'clo<~k, on the premise*, I shall sell Lot No. 10, in Square 54', front! ?i: IS f?~-* tl in he-?, o" 4,^ str-^t, at corner of south M . runn;n^ l?a>-k 16 f?el Terms: One-third cas- ; trie residue in C sr "? "2 n.ontus, for note* sec una by deed if trust an.' b?:a;lnj iutetest. JAS. C. McGUIRE, au 25?d Auc leneer. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. S\LK OK VER Y Ht PEPIOR MOMr. hold Furniture at Aaelion.?On THURS DAY morning, A112not 3u cotrm^nc'rift at 10 o'clork. I shall cell at th ? r?s'?lem e c.f l.ieut S. Chase Barnev. on E sff-e* between Gtu and *th streets, all cf N? houseaold Furniture, caaslstlag li pait cf? Onegrai d Piano, rosewood, of ?uper'or tone and tlnlsh, made by Ben. Paris 3 larire orn.imen' _;llf f ame Mantel Mirrors One pa r lnr^e Pier Glasses, wi;h rich gilt table stands Waluot S fis pnd Chairs, covered with j^rnet and red plush One set Banquet Chairs oak. covered with plush, imported b'. Pousin Carved ro??wood Sif.i Table*. Egvptian and white marble t ?p. style Loulf 14th Damc?k and iace Window Curtains and Cornices Gas and andie Chandeliers, PendiB'*. Ao. Hniid>orne -jilt Candelabras and <Jira: d'?!es Kquestrlan S'?tues of Tan'redand Uiiida Bronze rerlin !n< ?g- ires from F ra l?iav?lo Rosewood at;d Wilaut Altageres, China Oraa ments, Ac. Heavy mahogany eTfn*lon Dining Table Handsome Dinr?er and Desert Sets Silver-plated covered Diehes One elegant Epert'n*, heavily pi ted Silver plated covered Pit* hers. Oob'ets, Teatrays Walt? rs, Castors, F rk-?, Eirg Stand lilo'k tin CLalln<; Dish**, Coff-e and Tea Urns Table Cutlery. Turn ler*, Decant?'* and Wines Walnut di ess ing liureaus, Wardrooes, With stands and Bedsteads Superior Feather Beds and curbd hair Mattresses Handsome cot-age Set, consisting of wardrobe, bedstead bureau, wa-b^taid. chairs One large fancy Iron frame and stand Psyche Glass Tapestry, Brussels, 3-Sly and other Carpet'.ng Maple diulng room arm chairs M&ii.?ganv ~itd ualaut Booicases and Writing Desks Lounges, OfMre Chairs Iron H itrsrk,Stoves Cooking Utensil*. Kitchen Furniture, Ac. Together with oth? r articles not deemed necessary to partlcuiarize; altosetber forming a very at tractive sale, well worthy the attentlcn of housekeepers. Te'im: All sums of and under 350 cash; over *50 and not exce^din" #10:?, thirty and sixty days: over S itKt. 1, 2. 3. and 4 months, for approved en dorsed notes, bearing interest. C W BOTELER, au 25?3t Auctioneer. By C W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE Real Eotateontbe island. Duelling Houses ami Building Lots ? By virtue of a deed of trust bearing date on the fourth day of August. l?%4. and recorded In Liber J A. S.."No ?4, folios 3!*J. Ac., the subscrl er will sell at public sale, on THURSDAY, the 6th day of September, la55 at 6 o'clock p. m , on tne premises, I^ots Nos 09, 70. 71, 72, 73, 71, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79 ard 00. in Joel W Jones's subdivision of sacaro No 545. fronting each 25 * et on Van street, between 3d and 4 X sts west and N and M streets south, by 130 feet deep to a fifteen feet alley, with the buildings and im proveinents. which consist of two well-built and comfortable frame dwelling houses. The above property is eligibly situated In a de s'.rable and rrpidly hnpiovlng part of the city and will be sold either as a whole or In separa e lots, as may be desired, and offers a very favorab e opportunity to persons desirous to obtain a resi dence or building lots, or inventing. The terms of sale wiii be oae-thlrd cash; and the balance In 6 and 12 months, for notes bearin. interest from day of sale, ai d secured bv deed of trust upon the property j and if not complied with in six dav* after the sale, the property ahe teime of which are not so complied witn) will be resold uioa one week's notice, at the risk and expend or the defaulting purchaser. All eoaveyan(niig at expense of purchaser* CHARLES S. WALLACH Trustee C W BOTELER, ?u 15?eoAda Auctioneer TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. I.IPOPTH) for TNI EYENI5H) MAR. Arrival of tfce ?ani*I Webs'er New York, Auj. 27 ?The Ihcifi Webster, from San Juan, has just artircd, bribing &jO paj'cEgtr* r:?d upwards of t700.000 io ?proie, principally consigned to?Wf!l?. Ftrgo A Co , 5110 000; Newhcn* Jk Spati, ?24 000; Drexel A Co , 52t? CM. The Daniel Webster rrports that a terrilo hurricane vis-lied tbe Mosqr'to coast on the night uf the 14th instant, cnu?ing a total loss of tnc British doof.uf-war Wolr^rinf, on the island of St. Andrews. Her cuUer reached San Juan on the 16th with dispatches for the s eam frigate Buixard fcr aasisuar.c" TLe latter Ufi iciuediatcly for the scene uf the disaster. The Lawrence BequrtU. BOHTOX. Aug 27?Besides nnnerori pri vate gifts Abbut Lawrence beqne?tln 1 - 50 000 to the Lawrence Scieut fic Schoc;. 510 000 U> the Boston Public Library. S50.050 tn build ings fur model lo'ging Lous-a. $3,000 to the "ranklin Library of the City of L wrence, 50 "00 to the American Bible Steietj, atd $5,000 to the Iljm* Mi??iona y Svi- ?y. Yelbw Fever at New Orhars. New Orleans, Aug. 23?Ta* uaaW af ?leaths from yellow fceer in the charily hospi tal during tLe pa?t wetk has be n 12^; a de crease of ten from the previous w,jck. Baltimore Markets. IUltimofk. Aug 27 ? Flour ha? d?*clined I2i to264. per bbl., and i? du ? I . II >w .rl n re t i< fieely offered at 2j. an i Cry SJi' s a* ?*S; but UYer* decline th >?c fi ;ur? a. ?Vneat ha? declined bs. per bushel; fair to prime r<"Is 51 70; fair to good whites $I.70jM 77. Corn has underwits a slight d -eline sii:ur? Sat urday; white b7a'J6c.; yellow sold at *bout the same rates. Few Yrrk Markets. New Yoee. Aupn?t 27.?Cotton is ca '?han;*''. Flour is a trifle lower. Sales of <> 500 bbli?. g?h?d State bran is at 52. Wheat is unsettle! ; s ties uf 14 000 bushels Corn is a trifle bi?;fc*r; saUs of 40 000 bushel* western mixed at '.*0o. Whi.-key is nominal Stocks' are dull. Money is auchanged. By J AS. C. McGL! RF*, Auctioneer. TWO STORY RKIi K llO' St A>'D LOT on .>1 street at Auction ?On MONDAY ift^rrioon August 2?ih, ati o'cloc k,? n ib? pr-m i?**s. i snail seii Lot No. I, in Davidson ? subdi vision of sq tare fc5!. fronting 21 feet on north M street, between 12th snd 13th streets we*t, running unck 12 i fe-1 to an alley, improved by a two-story brick house. Ttle pef ct. Terms : One-third cash ; the residue in 6 and 12 months, for notes be:rlng iuteres', ^ by a deed of tru?ton the rrrmUci. ?11 con vt yarning at exp a? of por'-hsser. JAS C. McGUIRK, an 24?d Auctioneer. Bv BARNARD & BUCKKY ; Georgetown. 4D>?I.M?TRATOR'S sale or Ft R. nHnre.?On Tl'KSHAN heiSihInst., at it) c'. lock a m , we V-'H sell, at be late real den?eof Mr. Wm Fru-H, on Green street. near iLidg ? st., G?or^etown. the entire household fur niture an F-flects, as? Mahogany einlng ana ??d* TaH*s t>o Soft and Rrokin^ Chairs Rush *eat a^d other Chair*. Iw Settee Lounge, maho rnv Sideboard Mirror Kurea'is. Brd?'e >f% ard Mattresses ? iood F??athe'Ueds, Rjls'o and I'iilows Se"re;ary .tud Rock-".?*. \\ aih?tjnd? ? arjies, l^oakLig ?Jlas es Crockery Curtains. Cto: '*, WaSters. 4c. ? iood Cook S'ow Lon and fin Ware With a va'letv tf otuer articles. Te-n-s at the !*? BARNARD ^ BUCKKY, a-124?2t* Auctioneers P.- GP.FFN \ SCOrT. Aoctl-neen. FINl, llul sf'U.U AM) ?*???? HT!* tvruiturr r; Auctiou.-On lUF>i)AY 'he "^'h l^'tst.t. -5? shall w'l. a* tLe re*id nc?-rf a i^e"'leiiui . d??"ll,?,."?j'; to 'sek<??r!iiK- at Nr JF1?. o th C stren, ijt-tvr'^'r 4 ard (iin st eeta. at lt> o cltck a m., a splendid a-*so tmen'of FurnJ'ure, ?ii: Jdo-ho/any p'i:sh--T>"red Sofas and Ottomans Do sut n-covere'* round back ???or and (Jo'b'c narlor a?-d tcrk*ntj Chairs Do (solid) d.nitig, card fnd ether lab es D nlarb?', ton Centre Table Sideboard "??id *T ttrk k Vih <kuv iitei ' ..*r dressing sndotber Vtarwn I^ar^e roserrood rianof?rte, of -one and touch "?lar.tcl V ses ?nd Stands and otht r ornomeiits Walnut Red?teads Feather a id M 'tresses Fine velvet, s' ir and other Carpets &nd R ?..? P?.?va^r, ?*la:ne-room and other Ol'-loth R?fr)<* rator Cooking Ri'd atn ?rd o'b'r Stovea With a jro-d a?^ftrtnwnt of hifhen Requisites \Vi;?) rr-any other articles which wt d'euiun n?res'3rv ti? euum*^it??. TLe ahove de cr1V*l prope-ty Is nearlv new a^d of v?'y superirr q<ality. eni th?- si!e will b? we J w rth'vt?e attention of perso-is wish ng to pur c; a^e line Furnlciire. Terms: \li si'nas of ani ur.der ^"25 c?*h; over a credit of 3 and t mo <hs. for n<f*es brar Lig Irt rest, satisfactoryv ??ndfr?ed ORliLN K SCOTT, au 23?d A ueti?Msa. MADAME R.'S ARRIVAL. MADAME R re?p?<ctfa'h Inforaas the public In x^nfiral, thuf sh-will nlve info.ina ion in all the Affairs relating to Lif?. Health, ^ ^alth, Marriages, L<?v*e, Journey*, D'tScul !<?< in B.j?lness. Ab F riends. HlcknesN i"t?.Ih. and in ro?pent to all o;L r subject" S1-* is alsatblsto Ml the Ahcs of Pen-ons by rvad'.ig ^uinb rs All those who wi-.h to? uusult Mmiamo R will please call soon, as ?he wiU remain In tha city but a short time She ?au t?e cousul'ed st all hours of the d v and evuinn Her naRir is <a tbedoor? Vo L1T7 Ulih stree*. fLree d^'r^ fmm Pa. avenue and 11 street. Gertlemen 50 cci.ts and Ladies 25. au 23?5t* COAL A*D W OOD-" ^pHV' snb-crib^rs would re?p etf.iBv s-? onnca A to consumer* cf Coal and Wood ib<*t tbey h'.vc reci.itlj* es.abilsLcd themselves la thi? city, is Dealers im Coal finl Woo4, Tt.d hopes to receive a liberal share of their pa* tronage. We have now on hand a ^ood supply of Oak nnd Pine Wood A large supply Anthracite Coai of various siren, both Red and White A*L now adoat, which will be ready for sale and deil'ery this week. Cu mberland ("oal of tbe best quality for family, smithing, and manufacturing pur poses. Orders filled promptly and satisfaction guaran tied aiwavs. castlf;man a bro , Corner of B and 6th sts , on the Canal au 21?2w CFO. H. YARSKLL Ac J. W. >IA>KI>S, Mouse, Sicn md l'ni?t? rs. WOULD especially call the a'tent'on of tha public to their specimens <'f F'^ncy Sl^ns, 'o L'C seen at all times at their place of business. 1'erscns building aud repairide wosld dt weL to \lvc us acad a?? we are determined to use every txe-tion oi our part toylve general satisfaction. I'iace of business on Louisiana avenue, bitwten *th and 7th streets, north side, next to the Varum Uttl ding Old Glazing promptly attended to. au ll-dtf? STEWART'S SKYLIGHT GALLERY. DAGULH RE0TYPF:S Uken for ? cents and upwards, and tilted In sp > nd'd eases We ha '/e the finest light in the city, wbicb for soft - jiesn and distribution of vbade I* not surpassed If e<pialled in the United States. We invite all who want ^jood Pictures to caU at 324 Pa. avenue, between s#tb and 10th streets, over M. W. Gait Jt Bro.'s Jewelr) Stoie. aa 14?lm MRS. A. t. REDMOND'S YKW Gallery of Daguerrean Art and Photo is graphing is at No 29u Pa. avenue, northeast corner of llth street, ovei Ford k. Bro's Drug Store, Washington. Pictures taken at 50 cents and upwards. Mrs. R. is ag._duateof Whitehunrt's establish ment. au ft? DESTISTRY OR. V SHINN. Graduate of the Philadelphia College of Dental Surgery. res pert f illy Informs the residents of George-' town and its vicinity that be has loca-*1 ted himself amonc*t them for the purpose of prsa t'sing his profess lea. nifi^e 121 Washington ?t., above Brldgs street i Street own. D. C. je Js-dimAsnle* OAShETS.?Work, Card, Traveling, Knlfr. 1> Key, Cigar, Office, Mark* and Clothes Ras ;ts. If you want a good basket, at a low Prtoe c;ilat too Seventh street G FRANCIS au 6?