Newspaper of Evening Star, August 29, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 29, 1855 Page 3
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evening st a k'. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Hoor* have beeom* fashionable at the North: we do not mean *uch u boys and girls trundle In the streets, bat those which appertain to ladies' oeetume. If we may venture an opin Ion on the delicate subject of female gear, the present style is more becoming than any which ha? preceded it?we mean to say especially as to the <'ut and set of the skirt; and we oan ste neither taste nor convenience in the revived xugar-losf form contrivance. But as Fashion irf a despot, permitting no appeal from it* stern decisions, we shall not be verj much surprised to soon witness an introduction of the hoops? though, wetrust, not quite of the circumference of a hogshead?in this metropolis. The Buffalo Republic tells the following ator;- about the " hoops :" '?We were permitted for the first time in our life, to accompany a handsome young lAdy a day or two since, through our principal streets, she being daintily dressed, and wear ing hoops. Hoops?think of that you local editor* who never c<>me in contact with any thing better than eotton duck skirts or graes ditto. Hoops! But there was a drawback in this flood of happiness We c-uld cot get nearer than four leet of her, and consequently the conversation consisted of uninteresting scrape of coaatuon places, conducted princi pally in screams and halloes. During oui passage toward the voung lady's domicil, a small dog. attached to a small tin pail. ?u his fright ran against her, and disappeared under the voluminous folds of hooped silk. " There he was, and what to do she knew not. Finally the dog be;*me qaiet, owing t< the darkness in the region where be hid dis appeared, and the hooped lady started with tremulous and frightened steps towards hei home, we reflectively preoeding her, to inforu the servants of her catastrophe. She arrived there perfectly safe, and after a few minute* daring which time shovels, tongs, and a fire brand was poshed under the pavilion, thf dog was ousted from his place ot refuge, and shot from his lair like a ball from a musket. The last seen of him he whs executing som< very interesting pirouettes with tin pa* accom pauiments. around the corner. The lady wai not all embarrassed by her unexpected com panion, except that an occasional sound o the tin pan would attract the attention t: cassers-ty, who looked in vain for the eause So much tor hoops." The Di el Kcvob, which we mentioned or H<?ud'y> although it was a dangerous remedy will no doubt answer its purpose, namely: detei some persons Irom intermeddling with the nf fairs of others. Joe yoang gentlcmnn wh< was to have given the information to the jus tice was 4' sold," no doubt,' but if ho had ma U the oath, and the parties hau arrestee and taken before the magistrate, tiiey wua''c have found it a very unprofitable business The magistrate would not have held them t< secarity for peace, if it had been sworn that a challenge had passed in the District, aud tint the witness had certain information on that poinl. All would have been held f ;r Court, and if the bail could not have been furnishel at that late hour of the ni?ht. tho panic: ? might have b?en lodged at " Birch's Inn." 01 the '-Blue M'Jislelee." which w< uld have been a bad turn for the j->ke. Young men should be cautious that their "sales" do nol interfere with the laws; and though we all wish to be free from annoyances, we should take legal means to secure that freedom. "Tw<. wrongs never make a right." The Classes.?We take it for granted thai the musical classes, which Professor Palmei proposes to instruct, will be rapidly filled. ' As a pianist he is at this time without a supe rior iu the country, while we have no more thorough musical scholar in Washington. He proposes thus to instruct in a hull or large room, wherein he will have fifteen or twenty pianos, so that every pupil of the cla-s will nave one before him or her while receiving the lesson. We presume that the instruction will be for tbe most part iu ths way of lectured on masic. imparting information concerning its principles and j erfo. manc ?, such as can * only be obta:ned from a gentleman of his pro fessional eminence. We question wnether anywhere in the United States a better op portunity for grounding those ambitious of be coming really good pianists iu the science of mu*ic. w?!? ever before offered, than iu this case of Professor P. Defence or Female Rights.?TVe thank the writer of the following communication lor 4 the c< mplimeut whit'h sue nays to "urg l Jantry. and cheerfully listen to her complaint, as thus expressed, nam ;ly : Dear Mr Editor: Knowing that you ore a kird advocate of the female sex, and have s?'.wajs defended their " rights," I am encour aged to complain to you of the dreadful state of the stieju. which precludes us from enjoy ing our customary pr menades through the city ; and when we lift our dresses just v> avoid the consequences of drabbling them in filth a doren or so of impertinent young bucks aro always congregated at the corner making their invidious rernaik', and staring at what they are pleased to term our " imroo lesty." f Now. dear Mr. Editor, do use your influence etir ap the authoritie- that they may abate tho nuisance, so we can at least walk ou the Ave nue without being compelled to lift our skirt* ju?. to gratify the vulgar taste of the y U^g coxcombs who, with all their pretensions, really don't know a pretty foot when they eoe it- VLARINDA. W? trust that after this powerful appeal the Mayor of Washington will ,4stir up his sub ordinates to the removal of the nuisance of which the fair lady complains. A Public Meeting, under the auspices of * Sixth Ward Democratic Association, was held last night at the Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard, in celebration of the reoent Democratic and anti-Know Nothing victories in several of the States. Dr. A. W. Miller presiled. ar.d the meeting was addressed by that gentleman, Mr- Crawford, of Pennsylvania, snd J. D. Ciarke, K?q , of this city. The saloon of the Ball was crowded to its utmost capacity, * fine spirit prevailed the assembly, and in strumental melody added to the delight of the occasion. ?? Stealing?Several persons have been ar retted recently for this offence, and ihe prop erty found upon them, and although tbe cir cumstances justify all in believing that tbe prisoLers were the thieves, still tbe evidence ,lJ not sufficient to htrtd thom for court. We could refer to an arrest by eifficer Fanniig ttade last week. The money was found <n the prisoner and restored to the proper own* r; tint the prisoner was discharged for waut of evidence of a theft. ami* Meetings.?Thera are, it is said, up Yard of one hundred and forty tents on the Union Camp Ground of the Metnodist Episco pal Church. Sooth ; and a friend informs us .hat th? re are fifty tents on the Camp Ground of the Methodist*, about five miles iioin Il'a densburg. >od order prevails at ea? h place, and the respective companies are, we learn, profiting by their religious cxeicises. Iepependent Police ?We refer our city ju well as distant readers to the a lvertbement of the Independent Police. The members t ompusing tbe firm, we are satisfied, will promptly and suisfaetorily accomplish any business with which they may be entrusted. They are all young men, euvrgotic and expe rienced. ??? The Aeswer to the Enigma in yesterday's paper is said, by three correspondents, to be *' Frank Leslie's New York Journal;" and we suppose they have arrived at correct condu ctions. Appoivtmeet.?Mr. William G. Busey has been appointed assistant to tbe city surveyor of Washington. Watce Retches.?David Kurti, profanity: workhouse 30 days. Benjamin Young, drunk and profanity, fino and costs. gy Saturdav morning's train of the Con necticut River Koad plumpsd into a horse and carriage, with Martha Burrows, of Bernards* town, aboard, at a erasing between Bernards town and Vernon. The carriage was broken fio pieces, the horse destroyed by having two legs broken in tbe collision, whila Miss Bur rows was safely taken off by the engine and seated on the railing in front of the smoke ?tack where sbe was fouad unbanned, when train, which was going at a high speed, I'M stuped.? Netc Haven Pal., Monday. \ - GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Gborobtowx, August 29, 1865. Agreeable to our anticipations our oitiiens came up nobly yesterday on behalf of tha suf ferers in tha yellow fever districts Two Bhilantbropic gentlemen, W. H Eics and A. L. Pickrell. Esq*., waited on many of them in person, and recoived contributions Amounting to about $600. This amount, together with tfie collection at Trinity Cburoh on Sabbath last, will make about S8C0; which we feel gatisfled will be increased to-day to $1,000. The following are the only changes which are likely to be made at the Georgetown Col lege this year: The Rev Mr. King has been removed, aud the Riv. George Fenwick who was last year in Frederick City, will return again to the Georgetown College This will bo good news to the inmates of the College Old Ueorgu's (a* he is generally called) free, open, gentlemanly and jjoular manners, has loug since rendered him a general favorite. There h also quite a general rejoicing at the retention of the Rev. B. A. Maguire as Pres ident. We bear a very general complaint, among the consumers of baker's bread, that the re duction of some $2 to S3 per barrel in the price of flour has worked no increase in the sire of the loaves. Indeed, many of them look as if they had followed the flour, and decreased in sixe as it (tho flour) decreased in price. The duties of Mrs Gen. Wheeler's Academy for young ladies will be .resumed on Septem ber 31. This lady ha* acquired an enviable reputation as an instructor of young females. Those who have patronised her Academy heretofore, speuk of her as a careful and effi cient teaahe*, m Jbe very highost terms ol commendation. The dut*es Of the Rev. Mr. Simpson's mathe matical and classical Academy will be re euuud kl.Ny on the 31; aud for the purpose oi rendering his ae*4emy uprc attractive and desirable, ho has greatly reduced the number of pupils, which wiil enable Mr. S in pernor to give more immediate aud constant care te the moral and mental culture of the young wind* which may be committed to him ior in s ruct Oii. lib school room is eligibly situated oa West street, ono of the jcost healthy and quiet portions or our city. We are pleased to see that our city authori ties arc taking the necessary steps lor the preservation or the health of our city. Tht vacant lots are being cleared of the weed. Ac , and the streets aro all being thoroughly cleaned and lijned. We wculd advise soint of our citizens, while ihe yellow fever i> raging near us, to pay a little mora attention to the cleansing of th> ir alleys and hog pens, the sjent from them sometimes is deoiUedlj worse to inhale than cologue.^ Arrived?'Sobrs. Ann Sikcs MoAlister Piymouth, N. C . to Libbey A S ?n ; Joaephu Eiwin, Courly, Philadelphia, to UyJe A Da vid-on ; Hamilton. Cretcnott, New Ifork, to t A A. H. Dodge, Hester Caroline, Giisaett, Pe iCT'^uig, to L. Pickrell A Co. bueh a RS givi"g reliable qnotationi for flour this mot?.'** Hlm05't ^possible The break that occurred r*K>a lhe caQa' bhepardstown. on Fiiday la.-t, has any large arrivals by that route, excopt a tew huudred barrels which were on consignment The trade i.s very limited, and is confined wiiwlly to the sat.ul business. Held at &d 62, aSS S7i. Juit as we left the wharf 100 bbls. ?.xtr:t superfine was offered at S8.75. but found no purchaser. Wheat?red Sl.fiUuSl 65. whitt 51.65a51.70, for good qualities. Corn 90c. Spectator. PKJUCHAL. ....lion. F. W. Fiske, of Louisiana, and Hon. W O. Goode, of Virginia, are at Wil* lir i's, and Hon Bayard Clarke, of New York, is at the Kirkwood House. ....Mrs. Farrar, relict of Rev. Joseph Far rar. di?d at Petersham, in Worcester county, Mais., a^ed 109 years, 6 months and 20 days sue fcUMained her taeultus, was about tht nou'e, and in u.-ual heaita within three day? of her death. ... .Of 3,626 Mormon emigrants for the Salt Like, shipped from Liverpool, from the 27th ?>t November, 1854. to tue 26ui of April, 1655. thert were 2231 Ei giifcb. 40b Danes, 401 S otch, 2o7 Welsh, 75 French. 71 swedes, 53 Norwe gians. 26 Irish, 15 Swiss, 14 Piedmontese, 12 f Germans, and 1 Prussian. ....A man named Wm. Clark on Saturday evening rushed into the etore, corner of Clin ton and M^disou streets. New York, and asked f>r a picce of salt to stop the fl<-w of Llood iiom his m<>uth, caused by hemorrhage of the lungs. The salt was instantly obtained, but buiore he ;ould use it, he fell into the arms of the shopkeeper, and expired. ....Mr. No Is >n, late U. B. Consul at Turke Island, has sailed from San Juan, for New York, in oompauy with young Daniel Web ster. .... Col. R. W. Thompson, formerly a dis tinguished Whig member of Congress from In diana, hub taken the field in that State against the Freeaoil party, and in favor of the princi ples of the Nebraska bill. Ho is one of the best spe-ikers in his State, and a man of con siderable personal popularity and influenoe. . v. Dr. Horatio G. Jamieson, long known as an eminent surgeon in Baltimore, where he has been a practitioner for nearly halt' a cen tury. died in New York on Sunday. His age wj* 76 years. ....The New York Herald, of yesterday, says : "We understand that a suite of rooms have been secured at the Metropolitan Hotel, by ? Mexican gentleman in this city, for a "party of distinguished Mexicans," who are expected to arrive here shortly. It is shrewdly or\je - lured that the ''distinguished Mexicans'' are none others than the ex-Dictator Santa Anna, his family and suite, who, it is known, are expected to take up their abode here for the present." iy The prices of admission to the per formances of the Rachel company in New lork are announced as follows : Orchestra seats, S3; parquette, 93; parquette cirole, $3; first oir cle, 2; upper circle $1. p" Inhalation far Diseased Lungs?The nude of luhdaiion. in ia*es of dlsea?ed lung arid throat, recommended by Dr. Curtis In hl?ad ver l t-ment. strike* us at the true or.e It is now g?ntrally admitted by our best phylcUns, that local ditttcdiles can only be ?ucxe?.-,full. tr ateu by total applications This practice has been pursued from ihe tl st with rwj>ect to external In flammation and corrosions, and we see not win diM-ases of the throat and luu^s may not be treated In the saine manner; we believe they may. In this variable <llmate of ours, where li>ng and complaints have become so preval nt an., rife, we earnestly recommcnd to the public, and to the afflicted tsperially, t>av?ii tuemselves of Dr Curtis s remedy?[ -ne who has tried it . J See advertisement in this paper Cactiom.? Dr. Curtis s Hygeana is the original and only genuine article ID" A i ard?W H. \\ beatley would mo*? respectfully inform the ladles nnd t^nt'emen o Georgetown, Washington, and vicinity that,affe an absence of ten year* from th* District, he has aira:n returned, and will, on the 1st 8ept? mber. 1-vST) take charge of the old e-tabllsheu dyeing es tablish men f, on Jefferson street, Georgetow n, D C W. H. W , previous to his departure from the District, served an apprenticeship of nine >ears at the above named establishment under his un ci, F Whemtlev, one of the best practical dyers in the District of Columbia, aud he is now at con siderable expense refltting and Improving the above named establishment in a manner that will enable him to do all work In his ljpc of business in a style unsurpassed by any dyerTn the District, and as* he Intends devoting unremitting attention to business, he feels confiden' of giving entire sat isfai'iion to all who may favor him with their pa tronage Ladles' 811*. Woollen, and Cotton Dresst-s: Bonnets, Shawls, Ribbons, Ac , neatly cleansed or colored. Gentlemen's Coats, Pants and Vests, Cloaks, tec., dyed and scoured In a su perior style. Carpets cleansed, and In fact dvelng aud ?conrlng of e/ery description done wJUi uess and dispatch at W. H. WHEATLL^ 8 Cloth Dressing, 811k, WooUen and Cotton D>lng Esiabll-thn ent. west side of Jefferson, between Bridge street and the Canal, Georgetown, an CI?UK* inr Pr. inisms at the Fatr*?VThltehurst's still in the ascendant ?The Juries of each of the late fairs at Baltimore, Richmond, and New York, awarded their hightest premiums to J. H. W. fbt their superiority of Photographs, Storeosoopes and D ajr.i ereotypes exhibited. Mr. W.alao received two medals at tha World's Fair, Loodoa, and a premium at Crystal Palaoa, New York. Also, the first awards of the Maryland Institute for three rears past. Whltehurst's Gallery In this city Is on Pa. ave> nue, betweeen Four-and-a-half and Sixth streets, fea 17 JZT D*l't Believe It.?If any Interested on* ? you that physic, Iodine*, Guiacum, Bleeding and one hundred other Injudicious meant, will relieve pain like my "ELECTRIC OIL." don't you believe It. The aim pie proof la dally made evident In this city by the undoing of the previous bad management of the most severe caaet ever heard of In this country or any other, by the nee of my Electric OH, from 30 South hljrhth at eat, three door* below Chestnut, Philadelphia. N. B. An experienced physician in attendance. Cautioji.?See my written signature. STOTT A CO, Agents. au-??lw [nr Baker's Bitters.?This home manufac tured remedy for Dyspepsia. Nervousness, and other diseases arising from disordered stomach, 4c., is rapidly winning its way to favor wherever it is introduced. We were shown a letter on Satur day last from a gentleman in Hanover, who de clares that after six years" Intense suffering with Dyspepsia and nervous headache, during which time ne used, with little or no effect, a great va riety of medicines recommended by others, he has been perfectly cured of both annoyances by the use of four bottles of Maker's Prkjiittm Hittkrs With such unquestionable endorsements, we think that those who are afflicted, and yet fail to try this remedy, deserve to suffer. Cant. Baker Is one of our most reliable citizens, ana we feel perfectly satislied that under no circumstances would he recommend the use of his Hitlers where he did not think that tfood would result from so doing. For ttiolera morbus and such like complaints we know these bitters are excellent, having had frequent occasions to try them.?Richmond Morning Mail. Price 50 cents per bottle To be had of CIIAS. STOTT A CO., Wash ington. D. C: CAN BY A HATCH, and SETH S HANCE, Baltimore; and by Druggists every u h ;re. eo3t Dr. il??fland's Celebrated German Bitters.?Weak, nervous, depressed in spirits, and a prey to innumerable mental, as well as phy sical evils, the victim to dyspepsia, Is Indeed an object of commlsseratlon. Yet It is absurd for Uirn to despair. We care not how weak, low, nervous, ana Irritable he maybe, the cordial prop erties of HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, prepared by Dr. C- M. Jvkson, Philadelphia, art stronger than the many-beaded monster, which Is preying upon his bod* and mind j and if ht chooses to try them, we'will Insure 4 apee?7 See advertisement. Je 7?3m |H7* *? Wervaas laffmri.-l retired Cler <>man, restored to health in a few days, aftei many years of great nervous suffering, is anxiou* to make known the means of cure. Will send (free) the prescriptions used. Direct Rev. JOHN M. DAGNALL, 59 Fulton street, BrooUyn,N.Y au 17?lm 11^ Letter frsia H*a. Jehu Minor Batts ?f Virginia. Richmond, July 9,1855 Messrs. Wm. 8. Beers A Co : Gents?Consider dtl > s of duty to the afflicted alone prompt me t< ?*vid you this voluntary testimonial to the grea value of ''Carter's Spanish Mixturefor tha almost incurable disease, Scrofula Without being disposed or deeming It necessan to go into the particulars of the case, I can *a thtt the astonishing results that have been pro inced by the use or that medicine on a mernbe oi my own family, and under my own obser^ atiot tnd superintendence, after the skill of the b?> physicians had been exhausted and all the usua -emedie* had failed, fully Justify me in tecom mending lis ess to sll who may be suffering fron chat dreadful malady. I do not mean to say that it Is adapted to al cot titutlons. or that It will afford the same relie in all cases; for, of course, I can know nothing ab nit that?but of what 1 have seen of the effects I v/culd not hesitate to use it, in any and ever, case of Scrofula, with persons for whom I felt ai Interest Z~ T"" wtoai I .could exercise infiueact or joutrol. Respectfuuy, yours, _____ Jno. M. Botts. lE^The Marble Kail Clothing Emporiair* Browns' Hotel liullding. offer unusual induce nj-.its to purchasers of Ready-made Clothing foi Gentlemen an! Boys' wear 1 n order to presen r>ur customers with a stock of Goods not to b? Sualled for the coming seasons,our present stocl Coats, Vests and Pantaloons will be sold at pri -es that cannot tall to please. Cashmer. tt, Dra| lie Eta. Cassimeres, Alpaca, Drillings, Linen* Marseilles, Ac., of superior cut and workmanship au9 NOAH WALKER A CO. MARRIED. On the'2?th lnsiant by th" Rev. A. G. Caroth er<. .Mr CARLES CARVER to Miss FRAN CES CRUMP, both of Virginia. DIED. On the 2Sth instant, EDWARD DOUGLASS, in' nt son of Charles A. and El Z4 Anderson, aged 1 y> ar and tWo days. Tue friends of the family are respectfully invited to : ttend tbe fmea! f om the residence of Mr CLiis Cumber : nd C stre-t. Islat.d, between 3th and I3X sts , this afternoon, at 4 o'clock in Washlngt n, on Sunday, the ?tlth Augu?t at 5 o'clo-k p m . <>f neural^ii of tL?- heart, Mrs riRIDGET, wife of Wm H Hay ward, form** ly ?f Baltimore, in the 37th year of h-r age. ? [Bolt Sun rleasecopy] At Princes Anne. Md., on Sabbath morning. August aflth, Mrs. MARGARKT C , wife of Dr Wm Stewart, of Somerset co Md . and daught* r ofS. W. Handy, E*q ,of this city. * INDE."ENUENT POLK E. THE "ndersi^ned haveer.tered ln'o a firm for the p'j pose ? f atte ding to all c imintl and other bus:ne\s which ma> be entrus ed to them Any communication froin any pa*t of .he United States will be promptlv attended to. One of s?iO llrm will be fo^nd at all times at J >hn D. Clark 8 Untied ??etes Police Offlce, No. 527 Twelfth st. WILLIAM H FANNING, JOHN H STKWART, J N<?RVVo(?D, SOLOMON GODDARD. au <7?lm (Organ) M' SINGING AND FLUTE LESSONS. R. VV ILulA.M PALMER, Professor of Sing 1VJ. inc. Ac , having been induced to accompan) his nephew (Mr. 11 nry Palmer, the eminent pi aaist,) on his return to this country, and to take up his iesld>*!!ce in this city, will be happy to re ceive p pllo for Instruction either in Sinking oi in the art of Flute p'aving, having been associ ated with the be?t Professors in Europe, studied under Crevel I. 'he great vocal master In London, and under C Nicholson, the renowned flutist For terms, Ac , apply to him. by note or other rise, al his residence at Mrs. Smith's, No '233 F street. au 94?tf COAL AND WOOD 1M1E subhcribers would resp. ctfullv announce to consumers of Coal and Wood that they have recently established themselves la thi? city, as Dealers t* Coal and Wood, and nopes to receive a liberal share of their pa tronage. We have now on hand a good supply of Oak and Pine Wood. A larte supply Anthracite Coal of various sizes, both Red and White Ash now afloat, which will be ready for sale and delivery this week. Cu obe-land t'oal of the best quillty for family, smithing, and manufacturing pur poses . Orders filled promptly and satisfaction guaran tied always. CASTLEMAN A BRO., Corner of B and 8th sts., on the Canal. au Jl?aw A CARD.?The subscriber informs his frlendi and the public that he is now able to attend tc h's business He can be found at his oldstaJ's. Centre Maiket, ready to wait on them, as h? alwavs has done heretofore. The best of BEEI alwuvs on hand. JNO. WALKER, Jy as-tf Victualler. NEW MUSIC received weekly at 3f>6 Pa. ave nue, near 10th st. J. F. ELLIS. au ai Mlts. a. C. REDMOND'S NEW GAL ?ery of Daguerrean Art.?Havingengaged the services of an experiem^ed artist, is fully prepared to take pictures equal to any in the city, and .at reaso tame prices. No. 290 Pa avenue, northwest OJrne- lith st , over Ford A Bro's Drug Store, au ? ? OR SALE.?The Lumber of a Shanty beyond Wilson's tavern, on the Cross Road leadlj.g to Rowrh's SprinA Also, two good Stoves. To tn ea ly applicant they will be sold at a bar gain. Enquire on the premises au 28? 2i# PERSONS WISHING TO PURCHASE s .pedor Table or Pocket Cutlery, heavy silve; plat.vl or Hritinnla Ware, fine Ja anned Tea I'ravs or Toilet Sets, an excellent Clock, I'ca or C-ff-e Ur.i, Enamelled Kettle, Haucepm, Knife Basket, Furnace, or any of thehurid*ed -ndon^ little etceteras needed bv every housekeeper, will ??o well to remember that they car tlud them all very low at 490 Seventh st. G FRANCIS, au as CASH PAID FOR FURNITURE. PUR SONS declining hous4-keeping, or having a surplus ol household effects, will find us at all times prepared to pay them tne highest cash prices for their rstirb stock, or such articles as hey may wish to dispose <>f. We will also ex hange new furniture for old at moderate prices Furniture neatly repal-c-d and varnished at th? - hottest notice, on reasonable terms. BONTZ A COOMBS, Furniture Warerooms 7th st., bet. 1 and K. au 17?2w STEWART'S SKYLIGHT GALLERY. DAGUERREOTYPES taken for W cents and upwards, and fitted In sp endtd casee Wt have the finest light In the city, watch for soft -u and distribution of shade 1? not aurpaaaad if mailed In the United State?. re invite all who want good Pictures to call

?t 344 Pa ave tue, between 9th and loth atreets, over M W. Gait A Bro.'s Jewelry Store. au 11?lm F W' J^AWT& WANTED?A GIRL, TO DO THE GENE ral housework of a small family To one n ?,der*t*ndlng her business rood wages will be glwan. None other* need apolv. L H. SCHNEIDER, Pa. avenue, between l(Hh and Iith ?t*. au t8?1t* WANTED?BY A MAN OF BUSINESS qualification*, a good penman and qntck at figure*, a situation as Bo^k-kreper, Assistant, clerk or copyist, In a re*pectable mercantile h use, tfflce or ag*ncy. Address 4tA H," at thl* office. au27?lw?' 'ANTED-A PRACTICAL MAN, WHO has experience In the nuking and burning of brick, to go about IS mile* from the city In Prince George county, Md Ei qul-e *t the i flLe of JOHN C BRENT, au 27?3t* No 31) Louisiana ave. WANTED?A SCHOOL-ROOM IN THE First or Second Ward, for a select School of from 15 to 20 bovs. Ground florr preferred. Address, by lette', UX Y," care of Tavlor A Maury. au 29?tf WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG but competent man. a* Clerk or Rook-keep er, or In anv employment where he can ma*e him self ?eneraflv useful Good references given. Address "J W F," at the Star office au 18?tf WANTED?A GOOD WASHER AND lroner, that can bring good recommenda tions Also, a Cook, and a female to work In the nouse. ApplyatMrs Bates's boarding hou-e, on the southwest corner of Pa avenue and 9th st. a i 15?tf WANTED?A SMALL, RESPECTABLE, convenient House, in a good neighborhood, either in Georgetown or Washington. The ten ant will he punctual and probably permanent, and will uke possession in October. Also, a respectable middle aged woman as housekeeper and seamstress; service* required im mediately Addrea* "L," at thl* office. Jy 23?vtewtf 117"ANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that t f they can get a lot 24 feet front bv 130 feet l*?p, for the low price of $75? pavable *3 a month vithout interest. Apply at the IT nlon Land Office th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall ap23?6m JOHN FOX, Sec. BOARDING-, YfRS. MADDOX'S boarding HOUSE, ?"-"A iVo. 21 4)$ street, near C, west side, Is p-epa*ed to accomux date p? rmanent transient >r table boarders Residence near t e Avenue, C ipiiol, City Hall a"d the"ipil hotels. Gen 1 men can bave rooms with or without board. A uge front room for rent, suitable for an office, au 29?lw# BOARDING.?PERMANENT AND TABLE Hoarders can be accommodated at No 372 .1 ar land avenue, between '.2d and d streets. Cap it 1 Hill. au 29?2t* BOARD AND ROOMS ?Two or three Rorm* for rent, with board, at 03 F street, in Union ow, and the Immediate vicinity of the Patent Office. au 29?3t* 4 LADY HAVING TAKEN THE PLEAS -V ant and newly repaired dwelling on Tenth treet No. 468, be'ween D and E, will b? pleased o receive one family, or several eeniemen, on ?"?m* the most reasonable The rooms a e l'Tge tnd handsomely furnished, and a lar;re vard at 'nr bed to the h:?u*e for tie exercise of children. Being near the avenue, it is most convenient for and transient boa.ders. au 27?lw* - ? ? BOARDING ?PERMANENT AND TABLE boarders can be accommodated at No 421 Eleventh street, we t sld*, between CJ and II fcts. Lo nation pieasant and healthy, with well furnished and desirable rooms. au 2u?2w BOARDING ?MRS. DUVALL,No.331 Penn sylvania avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel, has <ev,-ral large and desirable rooms, suitable for amilies or single gentlemen, which she will rent with board at moderate price*. She can also ac commodate six or eight table boarder*. J ?????>?tf Board, Ac ?mrs bates,on the s w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street, is prepared to accommodate gentlemen wi?b rooms, with or without board Every efi'ort will l>e made to render those comfortable who may favor h?r with their patronage. ap 6?tf FOR SALE AND RENT. FTR SALE OR RENT?a desir ble th"?e tt.?ry brick Ho?*.e, with pas-a^e, back bulid ..?* and good yard sui ab'e for store and dwel 'mig. For further information e quire of Mr. Morgan, on the premises, between 17th and lH?b a reeis Pennsylvania ave., Jacob Brodberk. Wil liam Fanning, Agent. au 29? Ct F'OR RENT.?A VERY PRETTY AND neatly finished frame house, f-ontaining six rooms, kitchen, wood holism, Ac . for rental $12 .Vi per inonth. Enquire of J . H. DRUR V, City Post Office au28 ? f^oR'SALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES of au old and well established Restaurant, now aolng a good bnsiness Thr it; son of the ad/erilaer in otfi rins to sell is that he w'shes to en?ajfe in other busings. For b-rms apply at No. <??) v-'ongrtss street, Georg^tow i, D C au 28?3t* GEO. UPPERMAN. F FOR RENT?A TWO-STORY AND ATTIC Brick Hou >e, on H st., I et? een 12th and 13th, containing eight rooms and a cellar, is for rent. Apply to J VV. BARKER, on H sjert next to Lutheran Church. aa 99?tf FOR RENT?TWO BRICK HOU?ES NEAR the coroer of L end 9th street north. Posses sion g;ve?t the one on L street, on the 1st Septem ber, tne other on the Hh October For sale two Lots in Square 514, fronting M rt. north. For particulars enquire of the underJl/ned, Horh wing Capitol Extension. Z.JONES, au 28?3t# OR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY Property -The advert aer has a farm in Prli.ce William co , Va , con'ainio<? about 345 acres, in a high state of cultivation, a ie large and commo dious brick Mans'ou, wii^i. tner Improvements to correspond. The situation |c rerfctl. hnaltuv and embraces every j-ossl le ad van age, wbicV he wishes to exchange for civ property The farm cont ins alarge quantity or fruit of a'l kinds. For particulars enquire at this office for the ad vertiser, who 1* now In thla city. a i. 27? PRIVATE 8 A L E ?SEVERAL FRAME Mouses, suitable for large cr small families, containing from 4 to 10 rooms each, on square sou'h of Square 516, between 4th and 5 th streets, and fronting Massachusetts avenue and I street. Terras made easy. Enquire on said square at No 504 au 4??H>tf Rents reduced to suit the times S?150 a year will be received for the rent of thoftf new and convenient Cottages at Kendall Greta, with two acres of ground, slabl.*, wood shed, and other conveniences attached Pump of pure water are near the door, and communication is had with Georgetown by way of II and Seventh streets and Pennsylvania avenue, morning and af ternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation ol cle-ks in the Departments. To necure the advantage of thla great reduction ofwut.immcdtaie application must be made to th* mdep'lgned, either by letter or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the key* may be had und the houses inspected at any time. Several of these residences will bf sold on libe ml luuu. WM. STICKNEY, No. 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Rents paid qua.terly in aovanci. ap 9?eotf TVOTICE ?A TAVERN TO LET ??>NE OF 11 the best stands on Pr-uusylvanla avenue, and now doing a good business, is offer d for rent, the fixtures and ?? urniture for sale The ho:,se will be rented low to a good tenant. A rare chance 1* oli ?red to any one wa ting to go into such a busi ness PoMM-ssion will be given at any fine when drslred. For further Information address "J McG," at thl* onlee. au 21?2w* FOR SAL E?IMPROVED AND UNIM proved Real Estate ?JENNINGS PIGOTT Atter: ey at Law and Agent for Real Estate, has several small Houses and Lots; and a number of nrlmproved building Lots In different pt rtlons of the cl'.y, which he will *eli at moderate prices arid or accommodating term* Person* wishing to sell or buy may do well to give him a call He will take charge of Real Estate, attend to leasing, renting, Ac., Investigate titles, and at tend particularly to conveyar.f ing Office 516 Washington Libiary, on 11th street, between C and D a" 16? ^w Rooms for rent?a paki.ok and several very pleasant furnished Chambers for rent, In a new brick house. Anplv to E. K LUNDY, aw 9 ? No. 46 Louisiana avenue. For sale?two HUNDRED lots. Price ?75 each. Two years' credit, or 10 per cent. discount for cash. Apply at the U nlon Land Officc, 7th street,above OOd Fellows' Hall, jy 2b?3m Lots for sal b.?two or three good Building Lots In a rapidly Improving nftgnborhood for on M??*ar?' trtdit. Apjjly to J. H. DRUKY. F)R rent-several handsome PAR lor* and Chamber*, with Board. Also. Table and Transient Board. Inquire at Mr* SMITH'S, 233 F street. ap 9?tf AUCTION SALES. By GREEN * SCOTT, Auctic Extensive sale or excellent N?w f irallare, Cklaa, Qlui t>Mk. ery Ware ?On THURSDAY, tbe ?h Instant, we sh*ll sell, at the ooraer cf Se rath and D o ., opposite tbe Patriotic Bank, at 10 o'clock a m.. a large and excellent assortment atf new Mahogany and Walnut Furniture, al*: Sofa a. Chaira, Caator, Roaking aad Revolving Centra D*M?lng and other Bureaua Ottoman* and Hrtracks Bookcases and Secre'arle* Writing Desks and Whatnot* Mahupmy rnd other Wardrobe* Extension Tables Marble top Centre, Side and other Table* Mahogany French, cottage and vrulnut Bedsteads Fin-> Painted Cottage Sets, Waahslanda, Ac Hair and ?buck Mattresses Office and ether Chairs \\ itb a large lot of other articles which are deem unnecessary to enum-rate Tenna: U nder S5w casn , over 950 a credit of two. three and four months, for notes satisfy tori ly indorsed, bearing interest. GREEN A SCOTT, au 29?d Auctioneers ?r ITCHEN AND KOUSVHOLD FCRKI L tare.?Will besoldou TUBSD\Y morning the 4th September at 10 o'cloc k, at No. 45l Penn avenue, between 'Id and 4# streets, all the house hoi t Furniture and Kitchen Fixture* of Jaj Con nolly. aa 29?is* By BARNARD A BUCKEYTG??ntetown CJTOCK OF GROCEHIES AT AUCTION. ^ On FRIDAY next, at lo o'oork a. m . we v% ill sell the stock of Gr verles in the s'ore (J M Cost s) on the corner < f Bridge and Jeflerson sts., George?o-n. V\ e . ame in part? l ro*D and Refined Suyars M. lasses a^d Sirup, Rice K o and oth- r Coffees. Ground do. Browa and Fancy Toilet to^ps Green and Black Tees. a good assortment Planking, Tobaeco, Cigars Pepper, Mustard, and other Spice* S arch. Oil. l ard Salt Whiakey, Brandy otfcer ytqnors With a var-ety of other Gcods not herpmeatioaed The stock la fiesh and wlil be sold without re* serve. Terms at the sale. BARNAJLP Ac BUCKEY, au 28?d Auctioneera. OT( By JAS. C. MeGU I RE, Auctioneer. IVILDINO LOT ON THE ISLAND AT I Auction.?On FRIDAY afternoon August M *\ at 6 o'clock, on the premise* 1 shall sel> l-ot No !il, tn k ibdiv si n or sq >? r-No 53H, fronting 20 feet on south D, betw*>?>n 3d and 4^ ?>ts , run nin^ back 103 fe? t to a 10 feet 11 v Terms: One-fourth casb ; the residue in#, 0 and 12 months, for notes bearing Interest, secured by a deed of trust on the i>r* mi?et JAS. C. McGUIRE, au 28?d Auctioneer. B7 JAS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer POCK, FIXTURE* AND FURNITURE ^ sfalssfectiinrry Establishment at Pub lie Auction.?On TUESDAY morning.StjJtetn ber<th, at 10 o c ock at tbe Confection-ry E?tab lishment of Me-srs. Ryd-r A Plant, on Seventh s're t. immrd,a>e?v i>pposi-e Odd Fellows' ha'l. 1 shail s? 11 all their stock and Fixture*, compris ing? excellent foda Water Apparatus Shelving, Glass Can- a, Counter Ca es Counter, Glass Jars, Awnln" Oval gt| frame French plate Mirror Maible lop Centre and >ofa TaMe* Cane-seat Chairs. Curtains and Shades ExceJ. n* Brussels Carpet, Ollcl th Biking Utensils, Moulds, Fr<ezeis ?iiv?- eo Spoons lc?? Creain Plaice, ?rc. The ai>ove F urni'ure and FixMre* are all of the best quality and near y new. and tLe ?ale offers an excellent opportunity to p r-'jts d -slrous of en gaging in the Coi f-ctionary busin *s. Terms : *11 sn ni? of and under S'^S cash ; over f&j a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes .bear lug lntt rest, satisfactorily endorsed. JAS. C. McuUIRE, au 29 Auctioneer. By JAS C. M?6(JIRE, Auctioneer. HANDSOUE FURNITURE A HOUSE bold Effect*, Family * arriage, "Hatched Horse*, Rockaway tarmiig Utensil*. tor. , On TUESDAY nr*or ing. Septeinoer 1 itb, at ten o'clock, at the cona'ry seat rf Tboma? Marshall, Esq.. 'ear the village of Tennaliytown on the turnpike to Roclville. aV?ot.t tw* miles from Georgetown, I shall sell alt bis handsome Furni tor- and Housekeeping EtT eta, conslstiug in part of? Rosewood carved BrocateUe covered Sofa, with curtains *c Ji-mtct Ma-o^any French Sofa and Chain, finished in c ?nary coloied broca telle, curtains to match Mab'gauv hair spring-seat Sofa and Chairs Rosewood Arm Chiiln Wbaiuot Suj^erb French Mar.tei Cluck, with Candelabra*, cost Rosewood Secretary and Book as<? Mar Me ton Centre and otb r Table* Elrgant tjll frame French Mirror, plate <W by 81. with slab and b-ack'-t Velvet, Brussels, T<.pt.strvr and other Carpe a. with Rugs to inztcn, all new and of excellent quality One pair of elegant gilt six light gas Chandeliers room, ball and other gax fixture* tteU.ttead'*, tiureaus. W?i,stands Cane and wood m at Chairs, Rockers China, Ula^s, Tatle Cutl#rv, Ac. Co kirg, pvlor and Chamber Stores Together with many o'.h r articles not neceasary to enumerate. At twee'rloek? Ore handsome Family Carr age, but Uttl-> used One pai? superior matched iron grey Carriage Horses Handsome 1 on S'eith. Rockawa/ Wagons, Ploughs, Harrow Harness, Shovel*, Forks, Cultivators I. t of Hay and Com. Potatoes Hot b. d Sa>b, Ae T??"tis: SJu and under cash ; over that r m a credit of two and fo tr nun hs lot note* satisfaoto rily endorsed, bearing in ere^t. JAS. C. McGUIRE, au98-d Auctloaeer. By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. Household and kitchen furni tare at Auction.?On FRIDAY, the 31st Instant, at 10 o'clock am, we shall se 1, at the residence of a lady declining hou.-'ekeeping. on I Htreet norh, l?etween 9:h and 10th streets weat. No 431, a good assortcunt of Furniture, vl?: Mahogany pa lor. rocking and ott er Chairs Do Secretary Do marble top Pier Table and Glass Do Buieau, Wa^hstands and NVardroba* Parlor, chamber and Stair Carpets and Matting Maho^a' y card and o'her Tables Sir.indoles Astral and other Lamp* Bedsteads and Mattress^* 4hade<> and Curtain* Kadlator and Cooking Stoves, Ac. Terms at the sale. GREEN A SCOTT, au 97?d Auctioneer*. By C. W. BOTELEE, Auctioneer rRUSTEE'fi SALE OF VALUABLE Real Estate on the ??land, Duelling House* iu<J Building Lot*.? By virtue of a deed of tiust jt-arlng date on the fourth day of August, 1KS4, ind recorded in Libar J A S.. No 84. folios 31TJ. fee., the subvert er will sell at public sale, on rU(<RSDAY, the6th day cf Sep ember, 1855, at I o'clock p. m., on tue premises, Lots Nos ?!?, TO l,T-2, 73, 71, 75, 78, 77. 79, 79 and 80, in Joel W fones's subdivision of square N'o. W5, frouting ech 25 f-et on Van str<-et. oetween 3d and 4^ su vest and N and M streeu south bv l^i feet deep 0 a fifteen foe' alley, with tbe buildings and lm movements. whi< h consist of two well-built and omfwitable frame dwelling houses. The above property is eligibly situated 1m a de treble and rrpidlv imp>oving t^rt of the citv ind will be sold either as a whole or in sepan* a ots, as may bedesired and offers a very favo.ab a ipportumty to persons desirous to obtain a reu lence or building lots, or investing. Tbe terms of sale will be one-tnlrd cash ; and he balance in ft and '9 months fur notes t**arin. nterest from day of sale, and secured by deed o! mat upon the property ; and ;f not complied wit> n six oa> s after the ?ale, tbe propenv (the terms f which are not so complied wiih) will be resou poa oee week's notice, at the risk aadexpeus. 1 the defaulting purchaser All coaveyanclng at expense of purchasers CHARLES 8 WAI T.ACH, Trustee. C W. BOTELER, au IS?eoAda Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRFi, Auctioneer. ?MALL AND DESIRABLE SQUARE OF 5 Ground at Auction ?On WEDNESDAY fterncon. August29th, at6 o'clock, at the Auc on Rooms, 1 shall sell the square north of squar lo 337, fronting respectively on Rhode Island ve- ue, 10th, north 9th and 11th streeu, and con lining 6,S2tj{ square feet This square is situated in a neighborhood when roperty is rarldly enhancing in value, and Is rorthy of attention. Terms: One-balfc sh; the residue in 3 and 6 lonths, for notes secured by a deed of trust and earing Interest. JAS. C. McGUIRE, au35?d ^ Auctioneer. By K. S. WRIGHT; Georgetown. JORTO RICO SUGAR AND MOLASSES . at Aactloa ?On FRIDAY ae t, tbeSistin tent, at li o'clock, on F AA H Dodge's whari ?e cargo of the ba que Wm. Chase, from Penor orto Rico consisting of?. 395 hbds "?ugar, part prime 12 hhds Molasses EDW'D 8. WRIGHT, au?7?d Auctloaa*r. telegraphic news. KKfORTCV FOR THE EVEJIINft STAR. ARRIVAL OF THE STEALER CANADA. ?IX DATS LATER FROM EUROPE. HlXLTAJC, Aug 29 ?Ths British mallsterTi er Canada arrived here last night. The news from th? Criata it highly important LIVERPOOL MARKETS Den'.st un A Co.'$ circular ?a< tas Cottos? i tie market opened act ire wiin a large specu lative demand, and eotton advaucea * to h bat the laat two daja price* were earner but i.ot quotably lower, *i?4 the marhet closed steady; sales for the weak 80 000 bales; to export?re, 4.600 b'4l?t; ?<> spoculatora. 24 000 h\les; Orient f?ir, 7*; triddlia/, 0 7-10; I'pland f'/ir, 0J ; middling. 6) ; atock of Amer ?cs?; in j art 536,000. Dkkai srrrrs?The Manchester advices are more favortb?e?B*own k Ship.ey qn ?te ? Fivar market doll with a deel ne JT 01 per mrrel Western Canal. 3M0i ; Ohio, 42a 43s. Wheat ia a trifle lower. C?ro it dallr with a decline of Is.fid per qusrter, hot quo tationa are nominal. The weather b*i beea good, and the crop aoeoants are favorable. Pkovimo** ? Kicharison, Spencer A Co., 3u?te provi.-iona generally unchanged Phils *lphi? and Biluoiore fl'>ur 40*42 . Wbita e.*ru 43j44<; yellow corn 37a37i Rie? ia ac tive and prices are unchanged. Nav 1 .->lorti are steady. and prices are unohanged Lo.idon Maruti.?Baring A Brae, quote : The export of iron north of Dunkirk or eist of M-tlta has been prohibited, ?ad the iron mar ket ia unsettled The Money raatket ia ro <r? stringent Consols tjT money are angled at 91a91f. The bullion in the bank haatncrca?ed ?43 ?CO. American seaaritie* are active, and rata* are unchanged, eioept in railways Tha market is doll. THE WAR tweaborg was destroyed by CiO Allies on the 11th inst. Liprandi had att eked tba linea on the Tchermays, hat waa repulsed with great loss. The detraction of property at Swrecboff was immense while the losa sustained by ti?a allies was but trifling. Queen Victoria was visiting Nanolern. The bombardment of Sebastopol was fined for the 17th. The Virginia Epidemic. Baltimore, Aug 29 ?The news by tha steamer from Norfolk ahows an alarming sta'a in the infected cities. Most of the papera are suspended. PoarsaoCTH.Tuesday. 3o'clock, p m ?The whole number of deatha are 300, ittcluding 107 at the Naval Hospital, 02 new eases have b - eu reported since Saturday. Deaths for the week euding Tuesday, 118. Dr. Maupin ia recovering; Dr. Tragisn is in a dangerous coadition. Four phyricians and ten curses have arrived fn-ra Charleston. Mayor Fiske is sick, but not of the fever. There were seven deaths during tho la t eight hours and twelve yesterday. Norfolk, Tuesday.?James Stund?rs. See' retary of the lioward Association L is the fever. Dr. Higgins is still in a dangerous condition. The number of deaths in the last 24 hc-vm were flfteen.| Another Bohle Contribution. Portsmocth N. H , Aug 20.?Tb? oficers and workmen of the navy yard here have ap propriated a day's wage* for the sufferers at Norfolk and Portsmouth. Quarantine Laws Extend*!. New York, Arg. 29 ?Major Wood has i? svel a proclamation expending the qmra:..n.e ui>on all vessels from N irfolk and Poruuivuth until the 1st of November. Baltimore Markets BaLTlMoaa. Aug. 29 ?Flour is uwb*ng-il with a limited demand Howard stre t s ?! ? for 58 12jaJ8 26. un 1 City Mills at S8. Wbe t is timer and unchanged. C >rn is unc^mg.*, white, 86'8Jk.; yellow. .>8a89. Rye?M?rv lan*i and Virginia 87*90-. Pennsylvania f! S10.6 Oats very heavj ? Maryland and Vir ginia 34a38c. New Terk Markett. New York. Aug 29 - Cotton is ara'nas?*d Flour is unchanged. with a moderate demand at previous rates sales ? ?" 0 000 bbls. common jo good State brands at $7 76 <^8; extra St ito f-8 I2ia&9; Socthern is nnchaujcel Wheat i< flrn?; sales of 7 000 hughe's at SI 80s?l 90 ft f Southern red and 92*52 06 for S?.utl.erc while* Corn is a trifle lower; s*le? uf 60 000 bu?b?.'?. Western mixM at 87?8bc P>?rk is a trifle lower; mess $22 37i. Betf u firm Lard is firm. Br J AS C McGUIRE, Auctioneer. VALUABLE CORNU LOT ON THE Island at Pnblic Auction ?tin 1 HURrt DAY af ernoon A iyust 3u.h. "it * o'clock, on tho premier*. I sball sell Lot No. H?, ia square M1, fro; itifir 48 feet II inch*. on 4)f atreet, at coraer of oouth M. running back ~.5 f'-rt ' Terms: One-third casu . the real lue In e and months, for notes secuud by detd ?f iruat and becrln^ Interest. J AS. C. McOUIPE. au 25?d Auc luneer. OFFICIAL* TRKasusT DsraRTMiiiT, Aug 3, IPfC. Notice is hereby givea to holders of atock of thj loan authorized by the aot of L^, redeemable 04 and after the 12th November, 1P95, that the vLola or any part of that stock will be purchased by this di'partmeni at any tlms previous to the 3tKh No vcmbtr nex. fcr which 3 per oent premium wLl be paid In addition to the aums cxpn--aed lu tho oertlflcstea. Ai.d to the holders of the stoeks of the othc-> loans of the United States, that purchases of tkc <aine to the amount of ? 1 ^10,000 will also be ma 10 luring the tame period at the following rate* s Per stock of the loan of lftttt, a premium of 111 per ceut j for atock cf the laan& of 1^4? and i>iS, a premium of L5 per cent ; and for stock tabued un der the act of 1S50, commonly cabled Texas-in iemrlty stock, a premium of ? per Interest will also be allowed, at tk? rale atlpu ated In the certificates, from the July laat to ?e day of aettlement here, with oue da) In addl lon, to enable the Treaaurex a draft to reach tha aarty. Certificates transmitted to this depart 1 Ler the preaent notice shoiild be duly 1 he United States by the party entitled to he purchase-money Payment for these stocks will be made by drsfU lpoa the assistant treasurers at Boston, New York >r Philadelphia, an the partiea eutlltad to receive he money may direct. JAMF.S GUTHKlt, su 4?dtNorOO Secretary of th? T reasury mSTRtl'TION IN OPERATIC, GLEE, AND BALL \|) MISIC. FE SCHKEL. lvtmctor In Vasl !**a'?a a Ma>lc, wauld trforni h?sf lend?ai d the p .b ie generally that he wl 1 glv|"p a : urse of let?on? In the above 1 air ed ru?? The tUaaea will practice In ?(uartett?, i ru-a, I) - Ita, Solos and Caoiusea Private Instruction will be given to each pupil, is may be need-d I .adieu and gentlemen who ft el Inclined to ota aid . lass wil please 1> ave their names at bis rc? ueuce on 14th street, between F at.d U. ard when 1 sufflclent number ahaU hav# b>en ob a o-d a/ aigemenu ra to t roe and place will be trade. Term* 010 per serl- s of 22 lesaoaa Tne eic-lses will be saalatad by an able Plan Is. >r an Orchestra if i.eceaaary N B.?baily application Is daslred auM> aolm >1 EttOIR OP RET ITQNtT SMITH? -- edited bv Mrs. Aosten, ft vols Pan rosla 1836 FRANCL TATLOR. su ftl |TMBRfcLLAJfc,BA*Eirra F.ngraTlnir- Prr U fumery, Ac , at ELLIS'S, W Pean avewiw, tear loth st. sa *1?