Newspaper of Evening Star, 30 Ağustos 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 30 Ağustos 1855 Page 1
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THE EVElfiNa STAR, flBLUHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEFT SUNDAY,) At tha ?tas BmiHingi.zvmer of Ptnntfhtmi* (taw and EUr-.uth. strict, By w D. W ALL ACH, Will be nerved to subscriber* by carriers at SIX AND A yUARTKH CENTS, payabls weekly to the Agent*, ppn? nrwl In package* at 37% sent* per month. To mall subscriber* the sub scription price I* THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENTS a year t? advanci, TWO DOLLARS far tlx moiitkt, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for lew than three months at the rate of cent* a wwk. 1CT SINGLE COP1E3 ONE CE&T. VOL. VI. WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY, AUGUST 30, 1855. NO. 829. THE WEEKLY STAB. lai than This exoeQeat Family i tainlng a | can la fboad la any < day morning mat. j per annnm .......??.?????.....Si fid Five copies............ ti UO Ten copies | OS Twarty copies U U? 117" Casn, imiUILT IV iBT&HCt. ,l^'?teirle"*pl?s(Ui wrappers) can be procured at the counter, after the issue of the Prles-TBin Ctm. PosTKAtrsks wbsart as agents will a commission of twantv n*r fOEK B. XI VANS. WILLUK THOMPSON. EL.VAM9 4c TllU.nrsUN, IH BA1DWAES. COACH TKMIflirGS, Jr., Ne. 3si? Feaasyiruig areaae, Htwun Mini* and Tmtk iti, Washington, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDWARE. Britannia (jermaji Silver, Albata and Silver Pla ted. Tea, Table and Dessert Spoons Carvers and Forks, Steels, Knives with and with out Forks Bra s, Britannia, Blork Tin and Plated Candle sticks, Shovel and Tongs, Waffle Irons, Sad Irons ' Maaiin and AJeli Metal Kettles, Furnaces, Grid irons, Ovens, Ac. BUILDING MATERIALS. 8h,"tlw Ess fsis^g?sorcw'. c? Brad's Shutter Screws and Stnbbs. Door Springs, Handrail Screws, Door Knobs Bell Pulls, Door Sheaves and Rail, Ac. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Hair Cloth, Curled Hair, Moss, Gimps, Sofa and Chair Springs Venltian Blind Hooks, Rack Pulleys, Roller Ends Brackets, F urniture Nails 8Iue, Coan Handles and Screws, Diamond Screw Plates, Ac. CARPENTERS' GOODS. Planes, Saws, Drawing Knives, Spokeshavw, Chisels and Gouge? Plane Irons Angers, Braces and Bitts, Boring Machines, Ham mers, Hatchets, Devels Brrels, Squares, Guages, Axes, Ac. BLACKSMITH A COACH MAKERS'GOODS BUck and Bright Springs, Axles, Felloes, Shafts, Spokes, Hubs, Bows, Poles . ' Blelgh Runners, Silvered and Brass Bands. Stumo Joints, Stump Collars, Top Props Curtain Frames, Lamps, Inside Linings, Lining Silks, Damask. Seaming Cords Tufts, Tassels, Buttons, Tacks, Fringes, Laces and Plain and Enamelled CanvaSs ' Russia Dock, Enamelled leather. Dash Leather fe ELVANS A THOMPSON, )e 1?6m 3* Pa. avenue. eLE.IWOOD CEHETERY, Office No. ay-i Fa. nve., earner 10th street, T(ovkr tuk saving's bank.) HIS CEMETERY is laid out ou the plan of the celebrated Greenwood, of New Vork. and situated on the high ground distant one and a quarter mile* north of the Capitol?North Capitol street leading directlv to the gateway. This Company have secured a charter from Con gress. appropriating their ground forever to burial purposes, making a fee title to the purchaser, and prohibiting all encroachment* fiom legislation or otherwise, which is of vast Importance to those who wish their dead to repose where they have placed thon, for it has l*oome a custom in all other cities when the burial ground becomes valu able for other purpo-es, to seU it, and throw the de?.d promiscously into one large pit, and legal measures cannot prevent it, as no titles are given to the ground. N. B?Office open from 10 to 12 o'clock a m where Pamphlets, containing the Charter, By Laws, and a map of the ground, amd all other in formation, can be obtained. All orders left with Mr James F. Harvey. No. 410 seventh street, or any other undertaker, will be promptly attended to. i&_iy AMIBICAN HOTEL, No. 446 Pa. wism, bet wen 4 K +n.d dtk sir fit, 8. HEFLEBOWER A L T. LOVET^T rnornisToa*. Jy 6??m COFFIN WAREROOM, Ac. J YLtyAM./LANT * CO ? UNDERTA sFs KKR>?residence4Ip Seventh ?tieet, between G and H streets. Interments procured in any ground or cemetery Cofflns, Cum, Shrouds, Carriages, Hearse, and every artfle for Interments of Ihe best quality furnished at short notice, on the most reasonable term*, and at all hours of the S t1; ~ ,ln& the excl'18lTe right of Crump's Fatent Cornge Preserver, we guarantee to keep the ?lead for aiyiength of time. Jy 11 ly DENTISTRY. R,8 , DeaUst. late of the firm of H int x Donaldson, continues to mar. Jactnre and insert those beautiful ImBI pore ??lain t^eth, with or without gums.^-'-l* for > peel mens of which (made and deposited by the late firm) was awarded the first premium at the Mechanics' institute Fair, recently held in wis ?lty. * These teet i are carved aad shaded to suit each particular ca-*". their resemblance to the natu tUeT e^e* J *? 18 10 derive the most prac Ptrt,cu j attention also paid to filling ore ?ervtn^ the natural teeth. " Cftaig"* i-'oderata, and all operations warranted usee <c>^UiWtet corner of Seventh and D streets. mmtnmat on D max Jl?6 m WEJITISTRri fhK. MUVSON respectfully calls publio atten f* tJca to fti. patent and great- ? If Wi'Ut'VtJ) iiiff hod of setting Ar-y tifiv. al T'eih, wah Coutinuouiifliim ?he vt:v <?MtFBCTION OF THE ART* This ?tyle X itetn ha.s tae following advantages ov??r v1z: ^^KAT strength, clean - L1NK-S, COMFORT and BEAUTY, vMag wltn satire !n these respoct*, and in some others Pablle inspection is rtapectfully sollc Ple-tse call and see specimens. CAUTION .?No other Dentist in the District of Columbia has a right to make this style of teeth. Ud tt,UU,y' ?Uu4Ke4 Offlce and house No. #98 E street, near the cor ner of Penna. avenue and 14th street jap J4?tf J1'" R?KC,EiTK" AT JO* SHILLING' " ? Periodical Dep*t Mrs^Auitln0'^ HeT Sydaey Smith, edited by Panama in ld55, an account of the Panama Rail road, of tue cities <H Panama and Asplnwall, with RobenTomes CUaracter on ttc Isthmus, by Letters to the People on Health and Hapolnc by Catherine E Belcher. ^ T(^,l!Ln< ?f Gordon Bennett, and hla Times, by a Journalist The Escaped Nun * v'r,. Khter? 24 voi> by Repnolds Rose Milton, a romance. n ... J SHILLINGTON'S, an Li??? utUlin^' corn?r Pa. av and st. M_? _ A CARD. RS. E. PHILLIPS. No. 401 Sixth street, beiwaen G and H streets, desires to inform tae citizens of Washington and vicinity, that PI**to Klve Instructions on the PIANO FORTfc. Slie has taught music in some of the principal cities of the Union and k"'* testimonials showing that she is fully com P**?" to discbargc tne daties of her profe?sli?n as?ci,o .w satisfaction of thuse wuo may fa tot her with ine Xc f'r patronage. tents. ' : for iA l^asons, at h^r residence, or an " . V. residence of her pupils. Je 13?eo.Jm* NAJ10ipAL HOTEL. NORFOLK, VA. H,?- WALTERS, Prsprietsr. t Kiif P^r^tiased the above ivell known e? fri-Jf resj>octfully inform iiw *f*^ng. public, that thi hoise hv? l?een thorou^niy renovated 'i?"- u?ut ?a,,d ts the reception of permanent and transi-nt Wrd ?? -LSSL"? my m ikank* my friends and thepuoUc generally for the liberal patronage ex tended to me for tne i*>t twenty-thrw v*m-< and respectfully -oUcit a continuant of the JSe u ?urtng taem that ?otbin - will be lrtt undone to m&kr^ them at HOME while bojoum!i|rat the Na N B^?A four-horse stage Coach leaves the Na tional Hotel every Tuesday, Thursdiy, and Sat urday for Elizabeth City, N. C. au 10? lin B B. WALTERS. PI KE BOSTON ICE. A PLENTIFUL supply of the abovn indispea saol- article wiu be kept on hand throughout the season, at the "Eldorado House." Pa. avenue between id and t >4 streets, where families resid ing in the neighborhood caa be supplied in large or small quantities, at the lowest rates. CLEMENT REYNOLDS N. B.?Choice Wines, Brandies. Cigars, Ac. Dinners, Suppers, Ac., supplied in good style, as ?al, at shortewt notice an 7?eolm CURE FOR HOT WEATHER. ARNY'S ICE CREAMS, CAKE, and WA TEK ICES, for which he was awarded a Medal by the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute, is highly recommended for the above Will he eat to any part of the District free of cl Send your orders to ?4 Bridge ftt, ft t-*o4 DENTISTRY. |\R V. SHINN, Graduate of the Philadelphia LJ College of Denial Surgery, respect fully Informs the residents of George town and Its vicinity that he has loca-^CQIB* ted himself amongst them fbr the purpose of prac tising his prof?i>Son. Office 121 Washington st., above Bridge stre?t, Georgetown, D. C. 1e *>?dSmAeolm* WEBER'S BRASS AND STRING BAND. THIS old established and favorite band fur nlsh music as o?ual for Excursions, Sere nades, Pic Nlrs, Balls. Parties. Exhibitions, Ac. Orders may be left at Hllbus A Hitz's Music De pot, or at tne residence of the leader, four doors east of General Henderson's residence, Navy Yard. jy 23?2m PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND. rTWIS Band is suitable for any and all purposes. -I and is warranted to give satisfaction to all those who inny be pleased to engage them, either as a Brass. Reed, or Cotillon Band. Any number of musicians to be had at the.?hort est notice, by applying to Frederic prosperi. Leader, at TaltavulTs Store, opposite the ? Marine Barracks. N. B.?Orders left at Hilbus A Hiu'sMusic De pot will be promptly attended to. may 25?4m * SILVER WARE. HSF.MKEN. 330 Pa. avenue, between 9th and ? 10th streets, offers his large stock of puie Silver Ware, consisting of Coffee and Tea Sets, complete, Sugar Bowls, Cream Goblets, Cups, Spoons and Forks, and a magnificent assortment of richly chased fancy silver ware suitable for gifts, at reduced prices. Persons in want of any of the above articles are invited to call. Being mostly of our own manufacture, we war rant it sterling. |fy Silveiware of any design made to order at short notice. Particular attention is paid in get ting up Testimonials, Premiums, Ac. au 1?tr ICE?ICE?ICE! /CHARLES WERNER, on Pa. avenue, oppo site Browns' Hotel, will keep, throughout the season, an ample supply of Pettibone's best ICE, which he will sell, on rail, in aay quantities, at the lowest possible rates. mav '29?dtSep 30 BASKETS.?Work, Card, Traveling, Knife, Key, Cigar. Office. Market and Clothes Bas kets. If you want a good basket, at a low price, call at 490 Seventh street. G. FRAN CIS. au SOMETHING TO OLD AND YOUNG. PROFESSOR WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. THIS preparation, although less than two veers before tne public; owing to Its wonderful ef fect* "upon the human hair and scalp, .has already obtained a celebrity and sale pWfcctly wn paralleled. It has without the ordinary appliance used for snch purposes, v/on Its way, and been heartily welcomed to most of the cltie.4 and towns in the United States, the Canadas, and the West India Islands. Nor is this result surprising when it is remembered that its popularity Is based upon Its merits, solely as established by actual tests. That this preparation will actually Restore gray Hair to its Natural Color, produce a luxuriant growth upon the heads of the bald, prevent the hair from falling off. and when used as a tonic ar ticle, produce a continual flow of the natural fluid and thus render the hair soft, glossy and wavy, destroy diseases of the scalp, and expel dandruff, the certificates of distinguished gentlemen ana ladies in every part of the country who have tried it, and therefore speak what they know, most ful ly attest. That by a proper use of this Restorative tne hair can be made to attain and retain its natu ral color to almost any age alotted to humanity, by removing the cause of disease from the scalp? no matter how long standing?the concurrent tes timonials of the press and the certificates of nu merous respectable indivldi^j qf both sexes, to the use of tnis curative, a* WC as of the recom mendations of editors and certificates before alia ded to, can be had of all ageuts. Brook field, Mass.. Jan. 12,1855. Pro*. Wood?Dear Sir?Having made trial of your Hair Res^rative, It gives me pleasure to say that its effect has b-en excellent In removing in- i fiammation, da .draff, and a constant tendency to itching, with which 1 have been troubled from childhood, and has alsor estored my hair, which was becoming gray, tol ts original color. I have used no other article, with anything like the same pleasure and profit. Yours, truly , J. K. BR AC (J. ? Pastor of Orthodox Church Brookfield. Cablyls. 111., June 27,1863. 1 have used Prof. O. J. Wood's Hair Restora tive. and have admired its wonderful effect. My hair was becoming, as I thought, prematurely gr-.iv; but by the use of his "Restorative" It has reamed lis original color, and I have no doubt, permanently so. SIDNEY BREESB, Ex-Senator United States. Paov. Wood Dear Sir?My hair commenced failing off some three or four years since, and con tinued to do so until I became quite bald. I tried all the popular remedies of the day, but to no ef fect, at last I was induced to use yoar celebrated Hair Restorative, and am very happy to say It Is doing wonders I have now a fine growth of yonng hair, and cheerfully recommend Its use to all similarly affl'ekd. A. C WILLIAMSON, 13a Second street. Address O. J. WOOD A CO.. Proprietors, 316 Broadway, New York, and 114 Market street, St. Louis. Mo. C. STOTT A CO., wholesale and retail Agent, Washington. T. W.T)YOTT A SONS, General Wholesale Agent, Philadelphia, Pa. au 1?If Proposals for building a Light-house OB Jones's Point, near Alexandria, Va. >? i ?155.) TREASURY DEPARTMENT, Officii Light house Board, Washington, Aug. 22, 1855. PROPOSALS will be received until 12 o'clock m . on the 22d of September next, when the bids will be opened, for furnishing the materials and building a Ught-hou^e on Jones' Point, Po tomac river, near Alexandria, by the 30th of No vember next. It will be a framed building resting on brick foundation, and of one and a->.alf-storv, with basement, having a circular tower on top for the support of the lantern?the horizontal dimensions being 38 by 19 feet. Detailed drawings and specifications can be seen at this office, and at the office of the collector at Alexandria Should any bid be accepted, a contract will be executed at once for the work. No payment will be made until the whole work is completed ; and before it is recei .ed It must be iuspec ed and approved by the agent of the gov ernment appointed to superin'.ed the woik?said agent having power to reject all materials and wurkmanship, not in accordance with the terms of the contract. The right is reserved to reject any and all bids that may be deeiu^d prejudicial to the public in terest. All bids should be sialtd and addressed to the undersigned, indorsed "Proposals for Jones's Poiut Light-house." EDM'D L. F. HARDCASTLE, au 23?eolm Engineer Secretary. COACH ESTABLISHMENT. Penmylmnia avenue, betwe n 4W and 6tk sts. BRIDGET A HALL have removed from Sixth street to the south side of Penna.< avenue, between 4){ and 6th streets.' where they are ready to do all kinds oT^vorlTIm their line. The old stand ou Sixth street is for rent En quire above. au 22?tf FIRST WARD L! VilK Y AND SALE ST A BLES. IN announcing to the public of Washington that I have taken pos^-sylon, by purchase, of the above Stables, on G street, near tne War Department, (lately occupied ApQl by A. Schwartz.) I wish to inrorm^U^lb them that It will be entirely conducted by myself, and that all orders left upon the prsrnlses will be attended to punctually with elegant Carriages and raieful drivers. Tlie Riding School will be con ducted by a professional equestrian nndperfectly docile horses; having stated hours for laay eques trlans, In private or public, as they may prefer. Particular attention will be paid to horses kept at Livery In his establishment. Persons requiring open barouches or family car riages, ran oe satisfactorily accommodated, us well as those desiring riding horses for gentleflKB or ladles. FRIEDERECK LAKEMEYER, jy 21?3m Agfipt FANCY HAIR ORNAMENTS. HSEMKEN\ JEWELEH, ? No. 33o Pa. av.. bet. 9th and 10th sts., Is prepared to make to order any device that may k>e suggested such as Flower Bouquets, Bracelets, Breast Pins, Ear Rings, Chaluis, Crosses, Rings, Chartelatns, Ac. Also, Jet Ornaments for sale. |Persona may rely upon their own hair be lag used. jy Jl?tr EDUCATIONAL. OEORGETOW X CLASSICAL AND MATH EMATICAL ACADEMY. THE dnderslgned having rented the building In which the late Wm K . Abbott, Esq , so long and so favorably conducted his Academy, ana having thus secured more ample accommodations will receive an additional number of pupils. Early applications aie particularly requested, as It is important that all the scholars should be pres ent at the formation of the classes. The exercises will he resumed on Monday, Sep tember 3d. P. A BOWEN, Principal, au No. W West st., Georgetown. WASHINGTON SEMINARY. THE exercises of this Institution will be re sumed on Mondav.September3d. H. J. DENECKERK, S. J., au'25-lw President KUGBY ACADEMY* Fourteenth street, opposite Franklin Square. 1MIE duties of this Institution will be resumed on the second Monday in September. Num ber c f pupils limited. Circulars of the Academy can be obtained at the residence of the Principal, on N. between 12th and 13th streets. O. F. MORISQN. SELECT SCHOOL. ELLEN E. JANNEY will resume her School in Friends' Meeting House, on I street, Mon day , September 3d. au 28- eo3t# MRS. HENRY A. BUHR informs her pu? pils that their studies will re-commence the 21th September. No. 391 H street, between 13th end 14th. au 28?3aw3w* BROOKEV1LLK ACADEMY, Montgomery co., M<1. 'IMIE Fall Session of tnis Institution will com* A mcnce on Monday, September 3d. Catalogues, containing full information relative to tbe School, may be obtained by addressing the Principal, at B'ookeville, Md., or from Chas. H. Lane, Esq., Pa. avenue. The Principal of this Institution may be seen on Friday, August 31. b-tweeu the hoiffc of 2 and rt p. m., at the Kirkwood House. E. B. PKETTYMAN, A M., an 21 2w Principal. TIIE UNION ACADEMY. ffMIE Fifth Annual Session of the Union Acad A emy; and the Sixth of the Union Female A? ademy, will open on the first Monday In Sep teruler, and continue 44 weeks. Terms as usual. Circulars at the Bookstore of K. Farnham, Esq. and at the Rugby House, corner 11th and K sts. These Institutions are so organized and con dinted as to secure that mental and moral train ing which will best prepare the pupil for the real ties of life. Z. RICHARDS. Prin. U. A Mrs. Z. RICHARDS, Prin. U. F. A. au 17?lm GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, D. C. THE next session of this Institution will com mence on Monday, Ihe3d of September. The preparatory department and collegiate course are bot4i conducted by able and experienced Profes sor?, who devote themselves to the moral and in tellectual advancement of those confided to their care. A large and spacious building has just been completed to l>e used exclusively for the accom modation of the younger students. Their dorml torv, play grounds, study hall, class rooms, Ac., will be entirely distinct from those of the other student?, and officers especially assigned will at tend them In their pastimes and preside over their studies. A complete separation will thus be ef fected between the younger and older students, the iidvantages of which must be apparent to all those who have the least experience in the educa tion of youth. The observatory of tbe College, its extensive Philosophical apparatus, rich and viried libraries, and Cabinet of Minerals, Geological Specimens and Shells, afiord to the Students of this Institu tion advantages rarely to be met with. B A. MAGUIRK, JW dim President. MISS ROSA MOORE'S SEMINARY. THE duties of this Institution will be resumed on Monday, September 3d. For terms, Ac., apply to the Principal, No. 351 Sixth street, between H and I. au 15?eolm KITTEN HO IRE ACADEMY, Corner Third st. and Indiana ave., Washington. O. C. WIGHT. Principal. R. T. TAYLOR, Assistant. T. R. RAOULT, Teacher of French. U. GIBSON, Teacher of Drawing. THE next academic year will commence on Monday, SepU mber 3d Tuition &I0 50, $12 50, and 815 per quarter, payable in advance. Circulars may be obtained by applying to the Principal or at the Bookstores of the city, au 21?TuThAStSep8 BOARDING AND DAY SEMINARY FOR YOUNG LADIES, TMrs GEN. T T WHEELER, Principal. HE duties of this Institution will be resumed on Monday, the 3d of September, at the cor ner of Bridge ar.d Washington streets. Entrance for Papilson Washington street. Airs. Wheeler respectfully solicits a continuance of the patronage she has so liberally received from the public, ana for which she tenders her sincere thanks. Circulars can be obtained on application to the Principal au 13?eolm COTTAGE HOME SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, Massachusetts avenut be tie. 10:A and 11 rA sts. TilK Sixth Academic Year of this School will commence on Monday, September 3d. The Course of Instruction is arranged in Four Depart ments, and embraces all the branches of a liberal education. Miss M. A. COX, Principal Madam DORMAN, Teacher of French. Mr. GIBSON, Teacher of Drawing and Paint iaff Mr. SCHEEL. Teacher of Music. 1D~ Circulars my be obtained at the Bookstores, au 21?eolm THE WESTERN ACADEMY^ Crntr Seventeenth and I streets, Washington. A SELECT SCHOOL wlU be opened on the first Monday in September, for boys. N umber limited to twenty-five. For particulars s?e circulars a, the Bookstore, or Ball at the School Koom after August 2Jd. Jy26?eodw? 8. L. LOOMIS, A. M. GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY. THK next Annual Session of this Institution will commence on Monday, September 3d. Punctual attendance is requested, ana application for tdmission must be early made. Catalogues, with course of stucies and terms, to be had on application to the Principal, aud?eotSeplO WILLIAM J. CLARK. H. LINDSLEY, ~ DSALBB IN REAL ESTATE AND LAND WARRANTS, SAINT FAVL, MIN. TE KH1TOKY. Lands bought and sold through out THE TERRITORY. Taxes paid, Collections made, Drafts cashed, and the highest Prices given for Land Warrants Government Lands located with much care, and if desired, the profits and losses shared equally at expiration of five years The Land at that lime to be sold, unless otherwise agreed upon, and one half of the current valuer* the Warrant at the time of entry, and half of the expense of locating

to bu deducted from the subscribers' interest. To persons wishing to locate Warrants entirely on Ihelr own account, the charge will be, for forty acre. *!.?; eighty acres, #2?>; one hundred and sixty acres, $25: and will receive with their title, a plat and description of the :md. KKFKKKNCK*: Minnesota.?Gov. Willis A. Gorman; Ex-Gov Alex. Ramsey; Hon. J. T Kosser, Sec. M. T.; Messrs. Ames A Van Kite*, Attorneys at Law; Messrs. Morton A Pace, Wholesale Druggists. Bai.tixobi?W P Prestcn, Esq., Attorney at Law; Richard C. Bowie, Esq., Com. Merchant; Messrs. Deur, Norris A Co.; Messrs. AkCleese k Ham. Washinston?Hon. W. W. Seaton ; Hon. J. T. Towers, Mayor; Hon. Judge J. Bryan; J. C. C. Hamilton, Esq.. Attorney at Law; Col Wm. Hlckey; Col. J. Riley; Messrs. Taylor A Maury; Messrs. Lewis, Johnson & Co, Bankers; <?. C. Grammar, Esq., President Patriotic Bank. Jy 17?eo3m WALL, BARNARD * CO., A actio u * Commission Merchants, Corner of 0th street and Pa. avenue, (south side) will, a* usual, attend to all sales of Hosnehold, Real Estate, and Personal Property, Carriages. Horses, Ac , or goods of any description consigned lo them, on the most reasonable terms, and wlU give their personal attention. All sales entrusted to them will be attended to irlth promptitude and dispatch. Liberal cash advances made on consignment. WALL, BARNARD A CO, au 7?eolm (Intel) Auction EXCURSIONS, Ac. SECOND GRAND SOIBEE OP THE BOONE CLUB. Will be given at Spring Gardens, (formerly oe cupied by A. Favier,) on M street, betveen 17th ami 18th, on Thursday, August 30th, commen cing at 5 o'clock, p m. THE BOONE CLUB take great pleasure in an nouncing to the Club*, their frterds, and the public generally, that they will give their second grand soiree at the above named place. The Club pledge themselves that no trouble or expense will be spared to make this one of the most pleasant, gay and recherche Soirees of the season. No improper persons admitted on the ground. Scott's celebrated Brass and String Band has been engaged for the occasion. Refreshments and Supper will be furnished by an experienced caterer. rickets 50 cents?admitting a gentleman and 1&Q168. I? -r \<t>i Com*nitUe of Arrangements F T \V ilson, R E Booth, E Hanly P; 8-?Our lady friends will please attend with out Invitation, as there will be none sent, au 20?eotd* <2ale OP UNITED STATES PROPER. Navy Yard, Memphis?On TL ESDA Y, the 25th day of September next, at 10 o'clock a.mJ will Ve sold at public auction to the highest bidder, for cash, to be paid before the aricles shall be removed from the yard, the chat tew of the United States remaining at said vard among which are the following : |<? 550 hard red brick 3 drawing boards and I ,.150 pressed do moveable frame 4. ft. lineal dimension 4 parallel rulers. Ac. . 2 'ron clamps ' 1,1*14 ft. lineal stone co- 8 shovels ping i saw set 605 ftrilneal stone, for 1 cross cut saw l?elt course 2 broadaxes 150.000 feet (board mea- 5 steel squares Mire) various timber 3 try sqaares 10 <<52 lbs nails, (assort- 25 hammers (assorted) *1*?*) 2 drawing knives ?50 lbs. wrought nails 17 gouges dry lbs. new iron (bars) 1 paint knife L.>lbs sleel l brace and bits 55 ! bs steel wl re 25 chi sels 150 lbs iron do nippers 111.1 round piles 5 pairs callipers 1,1 ?(? bushels sand 2 hand vices p.*. slates, 10 by 18 In. 9 dozen files (assorted) ? lineal, ridge tile 8 spring punches 2U ft lineal tin conduit ti pair of alters pipe for cisterns 4 pair compasses 8 b xes X tin 5 screw drivers nTM . 6 plain punches ?J11 lb? band leather 2 cold chisels ?? ibs lace leather 1 rachet drill fV? 1 carpenter's guage T'? bard ?oap 4 fore planes a-J bbls North Carolina 2 plough planes 'ar 3 sash planes ? <;i. uU?s 4 tungnelag planes shafts * grooving planes vll cart spoke* 1 moulding plane IV r,ar*/eH,OCs 28 augers (assorted) t> Plie nanlli .. a la--ge morticing chls _'als linseed oil els life gals sperm oil i fcwork benches 5 eras lard oil 0 gimlets ! J^fktekorv cogs i xathe chisel 43Mbs Manilla rope, (t 1 sand screen - V.) 4 *Pts blacksmiths'tools in L" m^ 1 *** Unner's tools 40 lbs seizing stuff (tar- 3 piling rams 2 derricks 48 lbs seizing stuff (un- 5 laborers' picks , ,t;1.rred) ? ? - "tone picks 42 lbs small Manilla cor- 3 sledges in^? _ 4 spirit levels (condem'd 40 las tarred yarns 1 pai&t stone --5 lhs Manilla \arns 8 wheelbarrows 119 tons Pittsburg stone 31 blocks (assortedsize) , . 1 set wine measures 140 bushels charcoal 4 small scales A weights jfqtTlresemorv paper 5 platform scales and i cylinders and caps for weights ( .stern necks, (cast 14oilcans (varioussizes) . ,?;"i M curry combs (fi new) 1 lot of gutter hooks 4 setting lids 46 chairs 48 fire buckets L ^ a l { band hatchets b m riting desks 2 grindstones ~ st'^retarles 3 hoisting f rants 3 othce stools 1 kedge anchor 1 cabinets 1 jr-apiiel 1 sofa a dozen dust brushes 1 set shovel, tongs and 6 globe lamps poker 1 four-horse wa^cn 5 wushstands t carts 1 looking-glass 2 dravs 3&* yds carpeting 2 water carts 4 pitchers 1 straw cutter 1 water jar 2 pair timber wheels 1 iron safe 1 pitchfork 1 walnut bureau 8 fcone brushes 2 chests of drawers I plough and double tree 1 bookcase 1 pair double stretchers w?i vC? j 1 pair single do 10 inkstands 8 cards Saluting Battery, f?wK?Lln?g ?'15 thirty-two-pounder carrenades, with their equipments complete au 25?2aw2w 1?*"J OAN'L S. GORDON, A .1 . '\7" ^*ve associated themselves to Keener in the \V ood and Coal business, and have locked their place of business on the corner of I street and Vermont avenue, one square northeast of Lafayette Square, where they feel warranted in saying thit they are prepared to furnish aJl who may favor them with a call, with the verv best qualities of Lehigh, White and Ked Ash COAL, of the different sizes. Also. Cumberland lump, run of mines or fine for Smiths, Ac Also, Hiek orv Oak and Pine Wood, all of which will be delivered promptly and with despatch, at the very lowest living rates, and for cash a little lower t amllies ia want of fuel would do well to give us a call before making their purchases for the winter, as our stock has been carefully f-elected, and in quality second to none in the District. DICKSON, GORDON A CO. au 23?2awlm NOW LANDING 900 OOO ftr*t quality ENGLISH LATHS, AUUjUUU full length and thick. 70,000 first quality English 4% Plcketts, which we will sell at fifty cents under the market price, if taken away immediately from the wharf. IN STORK. 40.000 feet prime 5-4 Carolina flooring, seasoned 40,000 feet prime 4-4 E, S. Flooring, seasoned 40 000 feet prime 5-4 Norway Flooring 250,000 feet prime assorted White Pine. All of which will be sold at the lowest market irice for cash, or to such customers as we choose o trust. FITZHUGH COYLE A BRO. au 23?eolw (UnionAOrgan) ,U. SCHWARTZE S < HRONO-THER. MAL AMI E FILLS.?These Pills have stood unrivalled for the last tkn years. Such is the efficacy of these Fills, that such a thing aa failure is impossible, If they are taken accord ing to direction. au 2o?eolm & i) VM. PETT1BONE, EOOKBINBSli AND BLANK BOOK MAN UFACTURER, Southeast corner Eighth and l> streets, WASHINGTON, D C. au 23?2w3t* GEO. II. VARNELL A J. W. MAKklNS, House, Si|n and Fancy Painters, WOULD especially call the attention of the public to their specimens of Fancy Signs, to be seen at all time* at their place of business. Persons building and repalridg would do well to give us a call as we are determined to use every exeuion on our part to {jive general satisfaction. Place of business on Louisiana avenne, between 8th and 7th streets, north side, next to the Varnum Building. Old Glazing promptly attended to. uuU?dtf THE HAT ESTABLISHMENT OF ANTHONY, on Seventh street second door north of Pa avenue, Is the place where gf"~\ H \Trt and CAPS are retailed at wholesale prices for cash only. Consequently 20 per cent extra profit will not be charged in order to off set bad dents. The very best Dress Hats, got up In the latest stvie, S3 60, usually sold for St and S5. ' Quick sales and small profits," is the motto, au 11?t-o3m MEMOIRS OF BENNETT and his Times Price SI 25 Cleve Hall, by Miss Sewell?price 91 Our First Families?price 91 25 The Escaped Nun?price 91 For sale by by E. K. LUNDY, 128 Bridge street, Georgetown, 1). C. au 17?tf \f EMOIR or REV. SYDNEY SMITH, edited by Mrs. Austen, 2 vols Panama ia 1*54. FRANCE TAYLOR. auU EVENING STAR. THE YOUNG REBT5L. A TALK OF THE CAROLINA!*. In a small farm-house, toward the close of the year 1700. sat an okl men. his wife, and an only sou. Th? face of the father appcarei troubled; at times he locked thoughtfully to the floor, and then he would gaze long and wistfully at his son, a fine, manly youth of twenty. At length he said : *? David, this is disastrous news from Cam den. God knows what will become of the country now ! Congress needs every arm that is capable; ah. me' I wish this old wound I got in the French war bad not lamed me; but tor it 1 should now be shouldeiing my musket ar.d marching to defend my country. ' Both son and wife l?>oked up at these words. The old lady ceased knitting and looked in uuiringly at her boy. and it was evident, from the expression of her face, that patriotism and motherly affection were at variance in her bosom The son, however, after encountering his father's eye for a moment, turned confus edly away. The old man's brow darkened, and he exclaimed warmly: " David, why do you linger about the village when your country needs your services so much ? Why. my son, I am ashamed of you Twice boforo this haw X spoken to you on this subject, but you appear to have no spirit. What! will you see us trampled upon by the brutal mercenaries of Britain, and still lie here supinely ? For shame, David, for shame! I will not call you my son. Long since you ought to have been in the army." " Joshua, Joshua ' interposed the old mo ther, "David is but a youth; then do not speak so harshly to him. "lie cannot yet feel what you feel, who have fought so often against your country's enemy?he is but a boy. " '?A boy, indeed, Deborah! Such boys as David have already gained imperishable lau rels since the war commenced. I could name a host of them' Why, were it not for the boys of this land where would be our army, which. I dare say, is ono quarter composed of boys of his age ! The old m.iu wa3 excited, and it was the first unkind word he bad ever used to his boy. David rose and left the house. He walked some distance, aj?parently in deep thought. " What will uot woman do!'" he at last mut tared, '-Here I have been lingering about the village when X should have been tiff long ago. And for what' why, to meet a pretty girl, and to listen to her musical voice; but now I will be myself again' What did he call me was it uot a roirard? Njw. by Heaven, I will teach him that he has a son who possesses the spirit of his father Away, then, with lore, for X feel that I am called upon to act; no longer dream ! Ere another fortnight, my father shall hear of me. or else T lose my life in striving for it." And with this resolution he turned about and let raced his steps. When he reached home he sought the sta ble. saddled his horse, and mounting him, struck into a gallop, which continued for sev eral miles. At length he stopr>rd ami looked up at the windows of a lartn-houfe, half hid between clustering trees. This was the resi dence of Mary Bunker, the mibtress of hi* heart; '.he light* showed that the family had not retired, and he resolved to pay her a visit before his departure Hhe was alone when he entered, and a few words made her acquainted with his determi nation. .When she bur.-t into tt:ars. Nay, Mary,*' he added, you muft not ua ni* n me. At first I resolved to leave you without a farewell, for 1 knew how much you dreaded my taking an active part in the struggle. Bat I could cot be so c;uel as to desert you without a word." 44 X will comp ?se nyself," said th" fair gitl, with an effort to s-mije. " I know I have been wrong to persuade you to sUiy ; but you can not imagine the anxieties I suffer on account of my brothers, and I could not bear you to en counter their danger But since thi> dread ful defeat at Camden, X feel that every man is wanted for our eou nry. Go. then, dearest, and may God be with you My prayers shall attend you night and day." Daviu pressed the weeping girl to his bosom, snatched a hasty kiss at tnc sound of approach ing footsteps, wrung her hand and wat. g^ne. The next day he left the neig'ibe'rho >d of hi? father's house armed with a musket and mounted on a sturdy horse. His destination was the American camp, then far northward ; but as the intervening country wa* filled with the enemy, he knew there would be consider able address required to effect his purpose Before bis departure he saw n few o|* his old playmates who promised to follow a- sov?n as possible. Night found him near a lonely farm house, to which lie proceeded boldly, in pursuit of lodging. At first the occupant received him coldly, but a chance expression convincing David that his host was a tory, he affccted the seme political creed, and was immediately warmly welcomed. The royalist produced his cider after supper, and insisted that David should join hjia m bis j?otations; this the young man did. taking care not to indulge too freely, while the farmer, overjoyed to find what he supposed to bo a new recruit for hi* party, drank without stint, and became moie and more communicative. To his horror, Da vid i'?n learned that a party of loyalists, led by Major \V ilson. celebrated for his toryism and ruthlessness, were to start early on the ensuing day on an expedition to seize and hang the two Bunkers, who had m tdo them selves particularly obnoxious to the royalist leaders. David knew enough of this partizan warfare to be assured that no mercy would be f?h'>wu his friends He also knew'enou^h of the character of the M :jor. that to suspect that aoinc strong personal motive had led to the planning rf so distant an expedition when there were others nearer home. He accord ingly set himself to discover from his half ine briated companion the truth. tt was he long before success crowned hi. adioit cross examination. " Why you see." said the h<?t, " 1 believe there's a little revenge fcr the slight received from these fellow's sister, mixed up with the Major's desire to catch the Bunker- Tit. girl is very pretty they fay. and the Major when she was down here on a visit last year?before the war?wanted to marry her, but she would have nothing to da with him. Ever since, he bas vowed to inako her rue the day. You may depend upon it, he will have her on his own terms now. Thank Heaven! there's no law to j,re vent an honest royalist from doing as he pleases to these rascally rebels. Bai yonder is the Major now." suddenly said the host, starting up. '?! will introduce you a; mice?a merry fellow you'll find him. Lord love you. he's as brave as a lion." David, though horrified at the diabolical plot he had heard, saw the necessity of dis sembling iu order to bear more of the tory't plans, and find means, if possible to circum vent them. Ho arose, therefore, and shook the Major's hand warmly ; pledged him im mediately in a bumper, and so contrived to make the loyalist believe that he was amk-u to join a troop and take nart against the reb els. This induced the Msgor to be unusually sivil, for he wished to secure so athletic a re jruit himself. It was not long before a bar gain was concluded between the two. David refused, however to sign the agreement that night. He pretended that eevpral others ot his friends were dissatisfied, and desirous of joining the loyalisLs ; and his object, he said, was to secure a commission for himself by in lawing them to join. This tempting bait took; :he Major promised a command in his troop in sase of success, and David signified his inten sion of setting fortn after he had taken a few lours rest, in order to lose no time gathering .ogother his recruits. The dread of disoovery had been constantly >elore our hero during the arrangement of hi - negotiation. for his per*ou vm well known to many of U>? Major'stroop* , and if u* of them bad coiae up. bis fei^td name would not pro toct him from detention. lie wished to get off that night as he proposed ; bat to this neither hi* host nor the M^jor would hear, and he was forced to remain tiU morning What was hi. angnish to hear that the Major had been gone jom? hour*, and was already on hit way to Bunkers with his troops. Dissembling his anxiety, David partook of a hasty breakfast, and mounting hie horse r<>de slowly away. But when out of tight of the house he rtnek into a Sen e gallop, which oontinaed till ha cume in bight of a e rose-road where was a tav em. llerc lie stopped, and learning that the r- yalist# had taken the high road, he tamed into a more narrow and circuitous by-road. " It id my oulv chance to avoid them." he said, again dashing into a gallop *' 1 pray God I mav reach the settlement in time to collect a few of our ladP. and marrh to the Buuker*. There is nu other hope now left!" >iight bad fallen in, as they had expected, before the tories were able to reach the vicini ty of the bcure they were in search of. At length, however, after a silent march through the wood*, it broke upon their view. A light was burning in one of the window*, and when they arrived close to the premise*, the lively notes of a violin reached their ear*, proving that the brothers were not aware of their presence, but were enjoying themselves in imagined security '?Now, men." whimpered the lender of the tones, 4' when I give the word, fire a volley at the house by way of introduction; we will then surround the house and enter it." At that instant the deep bay of a dog rang on their ears, and a large mastiff sprang from under the house and rushod at the Major. ? Fire!" he cried. Twsntv guns broke unon the still ness of the nipht?the dog fell dead?every pane of glass i-i the window* were shivered, and the torief yelled like savages. In an instant, the lights in the were extinguished, the violin as Quickly ceiled, and a noise was heard at the aoor. The torics immediately made a rush at it. But it was already barred, and being m ade of stout oak plank, resisted all their ef forts. A ritie cracked from one of the win dow?. and a tory fell. de?pcrateiy wounded. Another report suoceoded, and another tory fell Maior Wilsm was now fully aware that both Bunkers were at h<>me, aud wide awake. A ?hed turned the rain from the front of the house, and beneath this the tories. shielded from the fire of the Bankers, went to work at the door. Suspecting resistance, perhapsfp>m his knowledge of their character?one of his men brought an axe. with which be com menced hewing at the door. and soon cut it in ieces. litre a desperate battle ensued. The rothers were powerful and courageous a* they were strong: and now with clubb<* I rifles they disputed the whole tory force. The door beta;* small, they stood their ground for bait' an hour, felling, during that time, some of th<<*e who had tne temerity to enter first, but finally numbers overcome them, and tbey were dung upon the floor and bound. The tories. uifiamcd to madness at the resistance that had been made, and at their own loa?os, now seised the mother and sifter and male preparations to hang the two brothers belore their eyes. The ropes were already tied around the necks jt t leir victims, when the Major addressed bis men : " Now. friends, as toon as these villain* are dead, we will ?et fire to the house?tne old wo D tn there, s ud he with a brutal laugh, "may he left inside, but the young one I reserve for myself.'" ??Hist!" cried one of the men in a loud r ice. The Maj >r ceased. and they be ird a f'icc outside of the house. Although thr words wort- spoken low, the list' ncr? distinct ly hoard : ?* When I say tire, gi\e it to th<.m." A man with a blanched cheek rushed I [its the house 41 The yard is full of men !" " Fire !" tried a deep voioe from the yard A general volley ?ac ceded, and so well had the i'im b< ?u directed in the door that seven! ?t the tories fell either dead or deeperately w unded. lu turn then the toiies r'*treate I up stairs, wneu Daii i, our hi ro, rushed into .l e ro<>m they had ju-t left, and cut the ropes, jt the Bunkers. ?? Mny God bless y u for this." cried ths {rate: Li fellows. The two men sprung up. seised their rifl?f, irhich had been left in the r>x?tn. and pre - jared to retaliate li.r the treatment tbey bad ast reoei-.e 1. Long and desperate whs tie battle. The tories fought for life?the wl igs for re renge. But at length the latter triumphed, hough not until their enemies had been al uost exterminated. The Maj >r full by the irm of our her>, who sought him out in the iotte?t of tho Ught. and engaged him siugle landed. No lai.guago of our? can express the etna ions of David, as he pressed bis betrothed rite to his bosom, and his heart went np in hankfulness to Heaven for his timely arrival, rhen hs thought that a delay oi halt an h< ur rouid have consigned her to a fate worse than loath Too gratitude of her brothers were expressed n many words, but her*s was silent and War* ul, yet now much more gratifying. " I almost called you aooward, son David," aid his lather to him wbon they met, ,?oat you .e a chin of the old block, and I did you rrong. Deborah he is a boy to be proud of? he not 7 You may founder one of m\ horses very day that you do such a deed?it beat* verything I oversaw in the old French war. ' David's gallantry iu this act, drew around im in a few weeks more than a score of ha rdy ou;.g fellows, who fought with him to the nd of the war. when he returned and was hap ily married to the heroine of our story. A Sad Cask.?A poor orphan girl was rc tased from the Albany ]?cniteutiary on Fri ay last, and, by the kindness of several per ?m who had learned her bistorv, was sent on ) her relatives at the West. She arrived in liis country several months since, and while a her way to her friends, w.ia induced by the oopor of u German house in Albany to atop ker night. She was there violated, and kept ^ .insthcr will, until she was able to make er escape, when she went to Kindcrhook, here she engaged in seme?. Here she was tken sick, and knowing her condition aba i liaquishcd all claim to respectable aasocia od. and having no relatives or other intirn it* ? consult with she resolved upon tearing ber rviee. She bad but few clothes, and when ?..ving she t?*?k with ber a fewdrecsc* belong g to the wife of her employer. She returned ? Albany, and found a botne in a house of ill trie, to which place ?Ue was traeed and arrest .1 ior lasceny and sent to the penitentiary.? C 1". Express. FoKKiaxKiis Goinu Back to Etuorx.?The ? o ton Atlas tays that Mr, Trains eai|>s now ;lurn to Liverpool with almost as in tny pa? ?i.gers as the bringfrom that port. The Dan l Webater which will sail on Tucjiay, will avs about 40V passengers, of which about tl arc paupers, sent back at the State's ex juse. Tbey go willinglv, many of them hav ,g petitionwl to be sent back. Many of the tmiaining are possessed ?4 oonsiderable u ans, and several go back merely lor a abort isit, with <he intention of returning to this juutiy. Some ef them having procumi bills f exchaugo tor sums varying from to 1 iOO, and others leave a portion of their earn igs in the Saviag Banks in this country, here are thr?e or four CaUfbrniasi amoig lem, who have acquired considerable mean*. ty On the I7tb of September, at Keokuk. >wa, the anniversary of the adoption of tho . 8. Constitution is to be celebrated. ? ?are birds in hard times?golden et^U.