Newspaper of Evening Star, August 30, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 30, 1855 Page 3
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% EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Alakm ?When the intelligence reached this city, yesterday afternoon, that a terrible accident had occurred on the Philadelphia and New York railroad?an account of wbich will be found in another part of the Star much anxiety ?u manifested on the part of many of our eitisens for the safety of friends whom they supposed might at that time be travelling on the road. It was not, however, until a Tate hour of the night?after ten o'clock?that the particulars were received, and thev were confined, principally, to the agents tor the public press. We notice in the list of the killed, Harry Rush, of Georgetown College; and among the wounded, Dr. Whelan, of the bureau of Mediciae and Survey, and Dennis 0. Kane, of Washington. Those are the only persons specified in the ? -?I-graphic 'ie.-patches as belonging to this neighborhood, though, doubtless, there are , friends r f others of the killed and of tho wounded residing hereabout, who are deeply distressed in consequence of tho sad eTent . while the publio at large must be painfully f affected at the intelligence. rTai Litest Dodge ? A certain young gen tleman, being rather lively last night, got into company of his liking, and went with them to a hoi Je where liquor is sold at a very low price. He had some money, and of course was the " fastest man in the ring." A friend hap pening to see in what a dangerous fix he had placed himself, went to bis father and gave him notice where his promising son could be found. T he father anned himself with a hone whip. and started for him; but as he was about entering the front door, the son, who had been told of his father's approach, left by the back door. Off went the youngster in a kind of trot ihat indicated an affection of the feet and ankles, or a top-heaviness which might bare been caused by a heavy load of pine-top. The father was cloee to him, and the horsewhip was singing a song that could not be mistaken The youngster took a sudden notion and made a dodge into the canal. The old gentleman stood and looked at the youngster a moment, and then exclaimed: " Jake, you may get drowned as fast you please: but if I oatoh you in old J.'s grog-shop. I'll give you !" The young man, after a struggle in the gas tar, succecded in reaching the opposite shore, fully determined to take a licking rather than use the same means again to escape from his indignant father. \oc5fl Max's Christian Association.? We have received tlrn second annual report of this association, embracing the reports of the president, corresponding secretary, treasurer acd librarian, together with the u<<me8 of offi cers, committees, etc. It appears from this report that, during the rait year, one hundred and fifty-four mem bars have been added to the association, and that two hundred and eighteen have renewed their membership by paying the annual fee ; the present number of volumes in the Library is about fifteen hundred. Much practical good has been accomplished, especially in the establishment of mission Sunday schools, visit ing the sick, and affording such relief as the necessitous within the range of the operations of the association required. Good News !?We were informed this morn ing that the business of limeing the gutters in the Second Ward has actually been com menced ! If the article is sufficiently strong and scattered in liberal quantities, it may eat up some of the reeking filth in that part of tho city. We would gladly hope that other sec tii*!* of Washington may be similarly (retted. Perhaps the removal of putrid substance* frcm the streets and alleys is neglected for fear of stirring up a stench that would prove intoler able! Although we have censured the city authorities for their indificrence to this irn Ertant subject, we will most cheerfully?jubi atly, if necessary?accord the proper credit p for evidence of a love of cleanliness on the part of ail ooncerned in the execution of the Corporation statutes regarding health. Toe Band.?We bad began to think that the Marine Band, which has always been considered one of the most excellent in the country, had of late deteriorated?the music tame and spiritless, exciting but little pleasure *?'Vto*PP,au??~~bot yesterday at the grounds of the Capitol it fully sustained its old reputa tion, and our ears were regaled with some as fine martial and operatic inusio as we have ever listened to. We suppose the master of the ISand has himself become aware of the apathy of his listeners, and has wakened up to the necessity of improvement. Let him not f.acken his sea]. W ith the privilege of select Ing the best musicians that offer, there i< every re<\son why the Band should be equal, if not superior to any in the United States. Wo.i t Do trejr Dvtt.?The hear, of dirt in ninth street, between li and F, oc asion d ' by deepening a well, still remains, diminished, ncwerer, by the remoral of two cartloads of the ma*s, which must so far be taken as the compliance ot the commissioner with his prom we made, gome eight or ten days ago to tho neighbor*, to remove the whole h*ap It keep* th*?. vicinity needlessly muddy in bad weather, and is at all umes a nuisance,'for the continued existence of which there is no excuse whatever. This matter was duly re ^r;ed to the Mayor some days ago, and those interested have no higher authority to which ?appeal. * I?, baajtp roa a Sharper?A man very jndch in want of elothing for his feet, went lato a store in the Seventh Ward and asked <^wlixini Bome ^ The lady eompaed, and the man coolly put two paire into his i-ocket and prepared for a sudden de P?rture. The l*dy jUat ? c<x>lij took ^ ?*n uj tie oollar and pulled the articles from nw pocket, and ordered him to leave forthwith, lbe man was astonished, but a survey of the lady si face and frame proved to his satisfac ti- n that he Jud better go off suddenly, as Were was strength and determination in that saop sufficient to insure him a good thi ashing. ?.*!kQL.,CT,1> ~T*10,e of our ei*i*?na residing la the lower part of the Seventh Ward, near tbe line of the canal, complain that they are neglected by the oorporate authorities. They are sadly deficient in pumps, and many of t^ein Lave to walk several squares to obtain pure drinking wtter This should not be, and ??sy means of okUining this ao-muob needed necessary of life should be afforded them. ? k ^'S^borhood is rapidly improving, and the value of real estate would be atili more ^creased by a plentiful supply of good pumps. First Guard Pic Nic or tdr Me C*a*ical Clpr will take place next Wednes VTafr .**. Arlington Springs. Fischer's brass string band has been engaged for the oc, and at that popular resort there are fine accommodations for daneing. Refresh ments will be provided; and nothing which can contribute to the enjoyment of the com |tBBJ Will be neglected by the enterprising roung gentlemen, who offer to the lovers of Innocent pleasure the luxury of one of the best pic-nics of the seaaon. Cort?**latbd Relief?Tbe Mhrcharts. There u to be a general meeting of the mem bers of the Merchants' Exchange, to-night, at their rooms, over the Washington Savings Bank, to take measures having iD TieW relief of the Norfolk and Portsmouth sufferers. This movement is highly creditable to the large and respectable society of merchants, and we doubt BoC that they will present a contribution wor thy of their class of business. Mammoth Citccxrers.?We this morning saw some fine specimens of this vegetable, from the residence of George T. Massey. ?sq. Bach m easured rot less than sixteen inches m let /th, and at tbo thicker part elevon and a half inches in circumferenv.'?.' Two of them had grown together, longitudinally. The skin or rind was dark yellow, and the meat ap proaching milky whiteness. The fruit was Arm and of fine quality, and quite a cariosity. The ExcrBSiov or tbb St. Matthew's Sabbatb School, yesterday, to the White House, was largely attended Nothing what ever occurred to mar the festivities ; and inuo eent sport, such as swinging and racing by the children, filled ap the measure of the day's fxyoyseat of the juveniles. ?t . Watch ! Watch !? Last night a young man a " leetle tea'd," came rushing up Four-a half street at a late hour hallooing for the watoh. A young gentleman, supposing that something dreadful had occurred, stopped him. asked what was the matter? The stranger replied by a stunning outcry of wateh! and turning to his questioner told him he had been badly beaten on Maryland avenue, and*he the watch to tske the villains in charge. The gentleman suspicionlng that the stranger was contending with the " man-with-the-poker," directed him to the corner when tho guards usually stop; but unluckily they had just left to inspect another part of their beat. It is very unpleasant for any one to manage a man in such a condition. And though the guards would have performed their duty, they dislike the job as much as other people. Am to to Norfolk axd Portsmouth Sut febeus ? Metropolis Lodge, I. 0. 0. F.. of Annapolis, Md., has contributed $30 for that purpose, and deposited the same with Chubb Brothers for transmission. The employees of the Bureau of the Fourth Auditor of the Trea ury hare subscribed $38 in aid of the Norfolk and Portsmouth sufferers. There are comparatively very few persons em ployed in that office. Joe Pxhtlaxd's Circcs Company made its first appearance in Washington this morning, and attracted considerable attention. The band of musicians attached to the troupe is excellent, the horses and ponies very hand some, and there can be no doubt that the per* formers will be well paid for their visit to the city. They have pitched their spacious tent upon the ground in the Centre Market space, recently occupied by a similar establishment. Thomas Baltimore, a colored man, was taken before Justice Bates this morning, and accused by his wife of disturbing the peace, threatening her life, breaking her furniture, and otherwise annoying and abusing her. Tom has been in the habit of binding h.s children to persons for the purpose of getting him out of difficulty; but he fell into strange hands this time, and his old game failed, lie was sent to jail for court. Thb Cektre Market was as well supplied as usual, this morning, with vegetables, fruit, Ac. The farms and gardens in the vicinity of the eity send an abundance of excellent pro visions, which are sold at moderate prices. It id to be regretted that good comfortable stands are not provided for the farmers. Fightimo ii* thb Strebts.?C~ H. Hines and Patrick Boyle were arrested yesterday add taken before Justice Bates for fighting in the streets. Hines gave seevrity for peace, and Boyle was sent to jail in default of securi ty. Watch Returss?John Rowe, disorderly in market; fine and costs. Ellen Dumphrey, drunk and disorderly; do. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georqetown, August 30,1855. The sad intelligence which reached us thb morning from the scene of the railroad disas ter. nsar Burlington, informing us that Cap tain Boyce, of the United States Coast Survey, and his wife were among the killed, and his two daughters among the wounded, has cast a gloom over our entire city. Captain Boyce was one of our most useful and benevolent citiiens. was one of the firm of Boyce A Tay lor, and was universally respected by all who knew him. His loss will truly be a serious one to our city. Up toth* present time no period has been fixed for tho election to fill the vacancy in our Board of Common Council. Our own impres sion is, that the object of the delay is for the purpose of securing, if possible, two objects, which we have heretofore hinted at. We think, however, we may address to those who , cause the delay the language of the old revo lutionary General, " You no catch asleep a , weasel." Our citizens are wide awake and well ported and guarded to be surrounded or taken by surprise again. Edward 5. Wright, auctioneer, sold the other day a lot fronting 42 feet on Water street, and i running back to the channel of the river, to Dr. W. H. Grimes for $2,640. This same prop erty was sold some two or three years since for SI 700 We regret exceedingly to be compelled to request somo of the subscribers to the Star in our city to be more prompt in paying their ' qpbscriptions. I he publisher expects the agent to be prompt in his payments, and the only way for him to do so is for subscribers to be prompt in meeting their subscriptions when oalled upon. In our notioe, a few days sinoe, of the va rious milling establishments in and contiguous to our city, we unintentionally omitted that of Messrs. Berry A White. These gentlemen are generally among the foremost in turning out an article of flour that would do no discredit to any market or inspector's auger?no, not even to that of old George or his very efficient assistant Clabaugh. No change in the prices of flour or grain since our report of yesterday. Spectatob. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, Aug. 30,1855. Our City Councils, on the evening of Tuesday, elected Dr. T. Winston Physician to the Poor, vice Dr. J. B. Edmonds, deceased. The re* maining business was of no general interest.^ The bigamy case, which for some days past has attacted much attention among our people, was settled, at least for the preeent, by the dismissal, yesterday, by Justice Ramsay, of Mn. Dudley, the accused party. So far as we can learn, the amount collected in our city for the sufferers of the fever-stricken cities below, amounts to upwards of five hun dred dollars. Some of the committees, how ever, have Qot reported, and the final sum* ming up will doubtless exhibit a large inorease upon that sum. The Second Ward collection, up to this morn ing, amounts to $232. Joe Pentland's circus, which amused our people yesterday afternoon and night, took up its line of march before day this morning. To-morrow night the Campbell Minstrels give an entertaiuinent at Liberty Hall. The travel cn our railroads grows daily. Yesterday, a tremendous crowd of passengers oaiiie over the line. The camp-meeting at Union camp draws nigh its close, after the performance of a good work, ^t the Methodist Protestant Churoh in our city, also, the religious revival has given tweuty-five converts to the ohuroh. Yesterday, at the wharf, flour was dull at $8 50, though selling readily at $8,374; wheat, red $1.70; white $1.80; corn aotive at 80a86o. Am. ADDITIONAL FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE BY TUE CANADA. We yesterdsy published a brief telegraphio dispatch, giving a few of the items from Eu rope, brought by the steamer Canada, which arrived at Halifax yesterday morning, and are now enabled to furnish additional intelligence : The Rufsian fleet at Sweaborg was not de stroyed, but the damage done tne place was most disastrous. An immense conflagration was caused by the bombardment, whioh raged for forty-five hours, destroying storehouses, magazines, arsenals, Ac The various powder magazines in the place blew up, together with other military stores, projectiles, Ac. The despatches of the French and English Admirals, do not say any thing about the Rus sian ships at Sweaborg The allies lost no lives in the engagement, and only two officers and thirty men belonging to the English fleet were wounded. The French exaoed with about the same number of woundea. Swea borg. however, did not surrender, notwith standing the terrible blow the allies claim to have iuflioted upon it. THE CRIMEA. Very important news from the Crimea had been reoeived at London. Early on the mor ning of the 16th the Russian army under Gen. Liprandi attacked tho line nf the Allies en the Tcbernaja. The Russians wero 60,0(/0 strong, and the battle lasted for three hours, proving a most sanguinary contest. The Sar dinians fought most bravely with the Allier, and repelled the Russians with terrible loss. Four or five thousand Russians were killed and 400 were taken prisoners. The low of Alliee wau bat small. The Russians were in complete retreat when the French reserve came up. Omer Pacha bad raeeivea orders to return to the Crimea instead of going to Asia. A St. Petersburg dispatch sajs that Qorts chakoff has received orders to sink the Kus sian fleet if Sebastopol falls. THK SECRET EXPEDITION. The London Morning post, the ministerial paper says that it had reason to expect stirring and, hitherto, unexpected news from the Cri mea. This is supposed to refer to the great secrtt expedition. FROM ASIA. The latest accounts from Asia Minor say that Kara has been completely invested by the Russians, and the first parallel opened ; and that all communications with Eneroum had been stopped. Turkey is sending reinforcements to the aid of Ears. DENMARK^. It is reported that the Danish Admiral, Mourier, has gone to Paris to ask the advice atid assistance of the Emperor touching the differences existing between Denmark and the United States concerning the Sound duties. Denmark fears that the United States will commence hostilities bv taking possession of the Danish West India Islands. FRANCE. . Wednesday, the 15th, being the fete, of Na poleon, was a holiday on the Bourse. The festival was celebrated at the theatres, with illuminations, Ac., and tbe commutation of the sentences of 2,000 prisoners. Immense preparations were made for the reception of Queen Victoria, whom the Em peror went to meet at Boulonge on Tuesday. The Empress would not be present at the re ception. Ex President Fillmore was introduced to the Emperor by Minister Mason. ITALY. Something has been said of a Congress of atatesmen to meet at Vienna to settle the af fairs of Italy, but this is not likely to be car ried into effect at present. The statement that a concordat between F ranee and the Iloly See existed is contra dicted. The Italian government is offering every ob stacle to the recruiting of the British Italian legion. RUSSIA. It is reported that tbe commissariat of the southern Russian provinces had declared that it is impossible to provision more men than are now in the Crimea, consequently no fur ther reinforcements will be sent there at pre sent. AUSTRIA. Negotiations continue between London,Paris, and Vienna respecting Austria's continued oc cupation of tbe Principalities. The London paper? say that the negotiations have arrived at the point of a trifle treaty, binding France, England, and Austria not to conclude an arrangement separately with Rus sia. ENGLAND. Her Majesty Queen Victoria, escorted by six ships of war, crossed the British channel to Boulogne on the 17th, on her long-contem plated visit to France. The wheat pressing forward to market bt ^ms to embarrass the western roads, whose frt ight equipage will soon be fully employed. The Illinois Central Road ba* found it neces sary to order three hundred more freight cars. A large amount of wheat has already reached Chicago from the southern section of the road. One station alono, (JonesburgLjit is estimated, will give the road this season 300,000 bushels. From tub Rio Gbandk?A letter from Brownsville, Texas, states that Zacatecas w >uld pronounce on the 10th of August against Santa Anna. Sin Luis Potosi pronounced on the 15th. and 100 men were sent Vidauri, who would move on Matamoras on the 20th. Glen. W,>11 still commanded Aiatamora* with the government troops. Wagosb for Australia.?A Pittsburg man lracturing house has just sent I) Australia a Urge lot of their own make of wagons, to sup ply order from an Australian company. The order will, it is said, be renewed to the same firm every month. 1CT The Greatest Medical Discovery ?( the age Is AVER'S CATHARTIC PILLS. They don't help complaints, but they cure them One Box haa cured Dyspepsia Three boxes have cured the wont cases of ttorof ?la ?' Two boxes have cured Erysipelss. One box always cures the Jaundice. Three boxes are sure to cleanse tbe system from Boils?often less than one does it. Two boxes have completely cured the worst of uleers on thele^s. Small doses seldom fell to cure the PL'es. One dose cures the headache arising from afoul stomach. Strong doses often repeated expel every worm from the body. They should be given to children who are always, more or less afflicted with this scotrrge. Au a gentle Physic they have no equal. Oae box cures derangement of the liver. Haifa box cures a cold. They purify tbe blood, and thus strike at the foundation of every disease. An a Dinner Pill there Is not an equal in the world. They are purely vegetable and can do no harm, but do accomplish au unaccountable amount of good. Prepared by DR. J. C. AVER, Lowell, Mass., and Hold by every respectable druggist. Sold by Z D. OILMAN, Washington, O. M. LINTHiCUM, Georgetown; JAMES COOK * CO., Fredericksburg. au 17?2m fpr Inhalation for Diseased Langs.?The mode of Inhalation, In cases of diseased lungs and throat, recommended by Dr. Curtis in bis ad vertlsement, strikes us as the true one. It Is qow fenerallv admitted by our best physicians, that oeal difficulties can only be successfully treated by local applications. This practice has been Sursued from the first with respect to external in animation and corrosions, and we see not why diseases of the fnroat and lungs may not be treated In tbe saine manner; we believe they may. In this variable climate of ours, where lung and throat complaints have become so prevalent and rife, we earnestly recommend to the public, and to ike affiictrd t specially, to avail themselves of Dr. Curtis'* remedy ?[one who has tried it.] See advertisement in this paper. Caution.?Dr. Curtis's Ilygeana is the original and oaly genuine article. im JD- A Card.?W. II. Wheatley would most respectfully inform the ladles and gentlemen of Georgetown, Washington, and vicinity that,after an absence of ten years from the District, he has ajrain returned, and will, on the 1st September, 1851, take charge of the old established dyeing es tablishment, on Jefferson street, Georgetown, D.C. W. H. W , previous to his departure from the District, served an apprenticeship of uine years at tfce above named establishment, under his un cle, F Wheatley, one of the best practical dyers in tbe District of Columbia, and he is now at con siderable expense refitting and Improving the above named establishment In a manner that will enable him to do all work in his line of business In a style unsurpassed by any dyer in the District, and as he Intends devoting unremitting attention to business, be feels confident of giving entire sat isfaction to all who may favor him with their pa tronage ladles' Silk. Woollen, and Cotton Dresses; Bonnets, Shawls, Ribbons, fee , neatly cleansed or colored. Genttemeu's Coatr, Pants and Vents, Cloaks, Ac . dyed and scoured In a su perior style. Carpets cleansed, and in fact dyeing and scouring of every description done with neat ness and dispatch at W. H. WHEATLEVS Cloth Dressing, S^k, Woollen and Cotton Dying Establishment, west side of Jefferson, between Bridge street and the Canal, Georgetown, au 1?? To Nervous Safferers.?A retired Cler gysnan, restored to health in a few days, after many years of great nervous suffering, is anxious to make known the means of cure. Will send (free) the prescriptions used. Direct Rev. JOHN M. DAG.N ALL, 59 Fulton street, Brooklyn, N.Y. an 17? 1m K^Tfce Marble Hall t lot hi n* Emporium Browns' Hotel Building, offer unusual induce ments to purchasers of Ready-made Clothing for Gentlemen and Boys' wear. In order to present our customers with a stock of Goods not to be 3uailed for the coming seasons, oar present stock Coats, Vests and Pantaloons will be sold at pri ces that cannot tall to please. Cashmerett, Drap De Eta, Cassimeres, Alpaca, Drillings, Linens, Marseilles, Ac., of supet for cut and workmanship, au 9 NOAH WALKER A CO. DIED. On the 39th August, with the resignation of a true christian, SARAH B., wife of Andrew Hoo V<Her friends and the friends of the family are re spectfully Invited to attend her funeral from her late residence, No 838 I street, between 16th and I9t, oa Friday afiermcon at 4 o'clock. WJ WANTS. KX7ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE woman v T with the best of city reference, a Situation a? housekeeper and Seamstress. Has no objection to doing plain cooking In a small family Address "C BP," at this office an 30?lt# WANTED ?A LADY DESIRES TO SET a Situation for an excellent, smart girl, In a respectable family as child's nurse, or as cham bermaid and waiter, having no further use for her in tboae capacities. She would gladly recommend her. Apply at 143 G street. au 30?3t* WANTED?A STEADY. INDUSTRIOUS Woman, to do the cooking, washing. Ac , in a family of three persons. To one who can come well recommended a permanent place can be secured by application at No 411 H str, near 12th. an 30?2t ANTED?BY A MAN OF BUSINESS . . qualifications, a good penman and quick at figures, a situation as Booa-keeper, Assistant, clerk or copyist, in a respectable mercantile house, office or agency. Address "A H," at this office,

au 27?fw? WANTED?A SCHOOL-ROOM IN THE First or Second Ward, for a select School of from 15 to 90 boys. Ground floor preferred Address, by letter, "X Y," care of Taylor k Maury. an 23?tf WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG hut competent man, as Clerk or Book-keep i er, or in any employment where he can make him self generally useful. Good references given. Address "J W F," at the Star office. au 18?tf WANTED?TO SELL, ?N LIBERAL terms, eight or ten neat and nearly new Frame Houses on the Island. Enquire of J ROBINSON, au 30?eo2w Jeweler, 319 Pa. avenue. WANTE D?A GOOD WASHER AND ironer, that can bring good recommenda tions Also, a Cook, and a female to work la the house. Apply At Mrs. Bates's hoarding house, on the southwest corner of Pa. avenue ana 9th st. au 15?tf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that they can get a lot 21 feet front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of ?75? payable S3 a montn without interest. Apply at theUnion Land Office 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. ap 23?6m JOHN FOX, Sec. FOR SALE AND RENT. F F FOR RENT?of THE CORNER OF EA8TH Capitol and Tenth street, a Frame House, ! with six rooms and passage, a pump of water at the door, a garden of excellent fruit, vegetables, Ac. Apply on the premises to G. L. BALDWIN, au 30?3t# For rent?the large three-sto ry Dwelling on First strert, Georgetown, at Eresent occupied by Mrs. Raphael Semmes, will e for rent about the 1st of October. It is in a de lightful neighborhood, and is one of the most comfortable houses in the town. Artply to B. 1. SEMMES, 399 Pa avenue, au 30?eotf FOR RENT?a DESIRABLE DWELLING House on flth street, between being near Pa. aveaue. It is lighted by gan and heatea by a fur nace. The house Is In good order, has a bath room and all the conveniences for comfort. Pos session can be had about I he middle of Novem ber. Fo?further particulars apply to THOMAS PARKER, opposite Browns' Hotel. P S.?Any person renting the house, if they pre fer. can purchase he Furniture at a fair valuation wLich is new and in gcod order, only being used in the house a short time. au 30?eolm I*OR SALE OR LEASE, (and possession given Immediately.)?That handsome Dwelling House (No. 252) on F street, north hide, between 13th and 14th streets, containing modern sized parlors with folding doors, wide entry, eieven cbimbers, five of which haye ventilators; break fast and dining rooms, kitchens with Pond's last improved range, with hot and cold fixtures; bath room, containing plunge and shower baths, sup plied by a tank containing thirteen hundred gal lots of water; well finished cellars. The house is in good repair, and the Jot is surrounded by a substantial brick wal' * >hich is attached a well drained alley and ...nodious brick stable In front of the dwelling house is a pump of excellent water. Tee gas fixtures, Ac., are complete. N. B ?Persons desirous of purchasing or leas ing the above specified property are invited to call Title indisputable. au30? lw* OR SALE OR RENT?A desir.ble three story Brick Honse, with passage, back build ings and good yard suitable for store and dwel ling. For further informatlo-i er quire of Mr. Morgan, on the premies, between 17th and lath st eets Pennsylvania ave., Jacob Brodbeck, Wil liam Fanning, Agent. au 29?3t For rent.?a very pretty and neatly finished frame iousc. containing six rooms, kitchen, wood-noose. &c , for rent at #12 50 per moutb. Enquire of J. H. DR UR Y, City Post ^Mtce. au 2s ? OR SALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES of an old and well established Restaurant, now doing a good bnslness The reason of the advertiser in offering to sell is that he wi?fc?~ t0 engage in other bus'nws. For ten*- iDplv at No ftOCongress street, Geor^town, D. C. gko upperman. For rent?a two-story and attic Brick House, on H st., between 12th and 13th, containing eight rooms and a cellar, is for rent. Apply to J. W. BARKER, on H strt*. next to Lit-heron Church. an?*?tf For rent?two brick houses near the corner of L and 9th street north. Posses sion given the one on L street, on the lit Septem ber, the other on the 6th October. * or sale two Lots in Square 5U, fronting M st. north. For particulars enquire of the undersigned, north wing Capitol Extension. Z. JONES au 28?3t* For sale or exchange for city Property .-The advertiser has a farm in Prince William co . Va., containing abont;U5 acres, in a high state of cultivation, a ?ne large and commo dious brick Mansion, with o;ner improvements to correspond. The situation !? perfectly healthv and embraces every possible advantage, which he wishes to exchange for ciiy property. The turn contains a large quantity of fruit of all kinds For particulars enquire at this office for the ad vertiser, who is now in this city. au 47? For hen t?a two-story liRick House, on 10th street, between D and E, next adjoining the residence of Peter Foroe^Esq. Also, Office Rooms No. 6. ?, and 7, on second floor, and a large room on third floor, at Colum bia Place, corner Louisiana avenue and 7th strert. Apply to J. J. MILLER, Agent, j?a 23-eo2w ^ Columbia Place. For sale?a desirable new twu story Frame Dwelling, with good back bulg ing It Is situated on the most healthy and pleas ant part of High street Georgetown, and contains 8 roorru, kitcb&u ?ud cfilar. To a person in outst of an expedient private dwelling, a rare opportuni ty is oflbred Also, the adjoining vacant lot. For terras enquire of WM. KING, at the Wood and Coal \ ard of Dickson, Goidon, A Co , Water su*et, 'Jeorgetown^ au 21?TAS3w IjV>R SALE OR EXCHANGE ?I have fiye r rame Houses on 23d, between G and H sis nearly new, which I will sell reasonably, or ex change fbr property in the country. For particu lars enaulre.of JAMES MeCANN, Superintend ent of the Smithsonian Grounds, from 7 o'clock to 6 p. re. au 22?eo3t? For rent or sale?a new three. story brick Honse in complete order, on tJth street, near N, Northern Liberties. Enquire of W.J. McCOLLUM, 8th and K streets, Northern Liberties. KU 13?eotf IYOTICE ?A TAVERN TO LET.?ONEOF l i the beat stands on Pennsylvania avenue, and now doing a good business, U offered for rent, the fixtures and !? urniture for tale. The house will be rented low to a good tenant. A rare chance is odered to any one wa "ting to go into such a busi ness Possesion will be given at any time when desired. For further information address "J Mcb ,J^at this offite. au 23?2w* For sale?improved and unim proved Real Estate ?JENNINGS PIGOTT Atterney at Law and Agent for Real Estate, has several small Houses and Lots; and a number of unimproved building Lots in different portions of the city, which he will sell at moderate prices and on accommodating terms Persons wishing to sell or buy may do well to give him a call He will take charge of Real Estate, attend to leasing, renting, Ac., investigate titles, and at tend j>arttcularly to conveyancing Oiloe?l? Washington Library, on 11th street, between C and D an 16?lw Rooms for rent?a parlor and several very pleasant furnished Chambers for rent, in a new brick house. Apply to E. K. LUNDY, 8 No. 44 Louisiana avenue. For s a l e-tWo~hun~dred~lots It5? e*eh. Two years' credit, or 10 per cent, discount for cash. Apply at the Union Land OR?^7^*trect> above Odd Fellows' Hall. SA LI.-TWO OR THREE good Buildlng Lota in a rapidly improving neighborhood for sale on tis ftari' credit Apply ? J. H. DRURY. lltf OOR RENT-BE VERAL handsome PAR r lors and Chambws, with Beard. Also, Table and Tranalent Board. inquire at Kn. SMITH'S, U F "? AUCTION SALES. By GREEN * SCOTT, Auctioneers Household and kitchen fcrni. tore, Carriage aid Baggy at AartUa ? OaSATURDAY, the Ut September, we shall ?ell, at 9 o'clock a. m , la front of oar store? A large lot of Furniture One good Family Carriage One Ine new ettde-eeat Bt:g<?'v With maay other articles which we deem uu neceesary to enumeiate Terms cash. GREEN A SCOTT, an 30?d Auctioneers By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctlc PEREMPTORY SALE OF BUILDfNG 1 Lota.?On WEDNESDAY afternoon, Sep tember 8th. at o'clock, on the premise*, 1 wlK sell Lots No. 16 and 18, In Square No. 6K> fronting each 63 feet ? Inches on north P, between North Capitol and 1st street west, running back 150 feet. Immediately after, I shall sell Lots 4, 5 and?, la Square 553, front ing on north O street, between 1st and 3d streets west, running back 135 feet to a CO feet alley. Terms: One third cash ; the residue in 6. IS, and 18 months, with interest, and secured oy a deed of trust on the premises JAS. C. McOUIRE, au 30?d Auctioneer. G By GREEN A SCOTT, Aaetloi OOD BUSINESS STAND AT AUCTION. Will be told on THURSDAY, the?th Sep tember, at 6 o'clock p. m . that valuable Lot oa t&e corner of C street north, Indiana avenue, and Pint street west, adjoining the four-story Wick residence of Dr. Wallace, and fronting all the travel to and from the railroad depot, the Capitol, and City Hall. This location for business of a ready-money kind is better than any to be found In Washington, for hotel, stores, refectory, board ing. Ac. The sale will be positive, and the opportunity to a business man seldom ta be met wltn. The Lot contains 4,300 fret, and fronts 135 fret on the corner of C street. Indiana avenue, and 1st street. Terms : Si.000 cash; balance in t, It, 18 and 94 months, and 3 year* GREEN A SCOTT. au30?d Auctioneers. By GRKEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers Kitchen and household furni tare.?Will be sold on TUESDAY morning the 4th September, at 10 o'clock, at No. 451 Penn. avenue, between 3d and 4 % streets, all the house hold Furniture and Kitchen Fixtures of Ja*. Con nolly. au 29?ta* By BARNARD A BUCKEY; Georgetown STUCK UF GROCERIES AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY next, st 10 o'o'ock a. m , wf will sell the stock of Groceries in the store (J M. Cost's) on the corner cf Bridge and Jefferson sts., Georgetown. We t ame in part? Erown and Refined Sugars Alola**es and Si nip, Rice Rio and other Coffees, Ground do. Brown and Fancv Toilet ?oaps Green and Black Tea*, a good assortment Blacking, Tobacco, Cigars Pepper, Mustard, and other Spices Starch, Oil. Lard, Salt Whiskey, Brandy and other Liquors With a variety of other Goods not here mentioned. The stock Is fresh and will be sold without re serve. Terms at the sale. ? BARNARD A BUCKEY, au 28? d Auctioneers. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer Building lot on the island at Aaction.?On FRIDAY afternoon, August 3. at, at 6 o'clock, on the premise* I shall sell I?ot No 24, in subdivision of square No 53*. fronting it' feet on south D, between 3d and 4J$ sts , run nlng back 108 feet to a 10 feet alley. Terms : One-fourth cash ; the residue In 6, 9 and 12 months, fo; notes bearing interest, secured by a deed of trust ou the premises JAS. C. McGUIRE, _au 28?d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. STOCK, FIXTURES AND FURNITURE of a Confectionary Establishment at Pub. lie Auctian.?On TUESDAY morning.Septem ber 4th, at 10 o'clock at the Confectionery ht-tab llsfcrnuit of Messrs. Ryder A Plant, on Seventh street, immediatelv cppnsi'e Odd Fellows' Hail, I shall st 11 all their stock and Fixtures, compris ing? Excellent Soda Water Apparatus Shelving, Glass Cas?**, Counter Caes Counter, Glass Jars. Awning Oval gil' frame French plate Mirror Marb.^op Centre and Sofa Tables Cane-seat Chairs. Curtains and Shades Excellent Brussels Carpet, Oilek th Baking Utensils, Moulds, Frtexer* Silver pla'ed Spoons Ice Cream Plntaa, Ac The above F urniture and Fixtures are all of the best quality and nearly new, and the sale offers an excellent opportunity' to persons desirous of en gaging in toe Cocfectionarv business. Terms : *11 sums of and under S25 cash; over a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes bear ing interest, satisfactorily endcrsed JAS. C. McGUIRE, au 38 AmMmm*. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer HANDSOME FURNITURE A HOUSE bold Effects, Family Carriage, Matched Horses. Ru< ?*wnf, Farming Lteaslls, Ac. On TUESDAY morning, September 11th, at ten o'clocki at the coaatry seat of Tboma* Marshall, Esq., near the village of Tennallytown. on the turnpike to Ror.kvll)*, about two ml en from Georgetown, I shall sell all his handsome Furnl true and Housekeeping Effects, consisting lb part of? Rosewood carved Brocatelle covered Sofa. curtains, Ac. to match Mahogany French Sofa and Chairs, finished in c*u?ry colored brocatelle, curtains to match Mahfgany hair spring-?eat Sofa and Chairs Rosewood Arm Chairs Whatnot Superb French Mantel Clock, with Candelabras, cost *300 Rosewood Secretary and Bookea** Mar Me top Centre and other Tables Elegant gilt frame French plate Mirror, plate 60 by 81. with slab and hracket Velvet, Brussels, Tapestry and other Carpets, with Rugs :?> match, all new and of excellent quality One pair of elegant gilt si* light gas Chandeliers Dining room, hall and other gas fixtures Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstands Cane and wood st at Chairs, Rockers Cblna, Gla*s. Table Cutlerv, Ac. Cooking, parlor and Chamber Stoves Together with many othtr articles not nece&ary to enumerate. At two o'clock One handsome 1amily Carriage, but little used One pair auperior matcheu Iron grey Carriage Horses Handsomo lten Sleieh, Rockaway Wagons, Ploughs, Harrows Htrae*%. Shovels, Forks, Cultivators Lot of Hav and Corn. Potatoes Hot btd Sash, Ae. Terms: SJt) and under cash; over that st m a credit of two and four months for notes satisfacto rily endorsed, bearir.' Interest. JAS. C. McGUIRE, au2S-d Auctioneer By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. Household and kitchen firm. tare at Auctloa.?On FRIDAY, the 31st instant, at 10 o'clock a. m., we shall sell, at the residence of a lady declining housekeeping, on I street nor'h, between 9th aud 10th streets west. No. 431, a good assortment of Furniture, via: Mahogany parlor, rocking and otber Chairs Do Secretary Do marble top Pier Table and Glaas Do Bureau, Washstands and Wardrobes Parlor, chamber and Stair Carpets and Matting Mahogany card and other Tables Girandoles, Astral and other Lamps Bedsteads and Mattresses Shades and Curtains Radiator and Cooking Stoves, Ac. Terms at the sale. GREEN A SCOTT, au 27?d Auctioneers. < po. By E. S. WRIGHT; Georgetown. RTO RICO SUGAR AND MOLASSES at Aactloa?On FRIDAY ae?t, the 31stis itant, at 12 o'clock, on F A A. H. Dodge's wharf ho cargo of the barque Wm. Chase, from Pence, Porto Rico, consisting of? 395 hhds Sugar, part prime 12 hhds Molasses. EDW'D S. WRIGHT, au 27?d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. l/ALUABLE CORNER LOT ON THE V Island at Pabllc Auctloa?On THURS DAY afternoon, August 30th, at 6 o'clock, oa the Cnisee, I shall sell Lot No. 10, In Square 544, ting 48 feet 11 Inches, on 4# street, at corner >f south M, running back 75 feet. Terms: One-third cash ; the residue In 6 and 18 months, for notes secured by deed of trust and bearing Interest. JAS. C. McGUIRE, au 85?d Auctioneer. SINGING AND FLUTE LESSONS. MR. WILLIAM PALMER, Professor of Sing ing, Ac . having been Induced to accompany tils nephew (Mr. Htnry Palmer, the eminent pl inlst,) on bis return to this country, and to take ip his residence in thla city, will be happy to re seive pupils for instruction either in Singing oc in the art of Flute playing, having beenaaaocl ited with the beet Professors in Europe,studied mder Crevel.1, the great vocal master In London u>d under C. Nicholson, the renowned flutist For terms, Ac., apply to him, by note or other vise, at fcia residence at Mrs Smith's, No S33 F KKPOKTtB FOR THK KTUlNtt Latest from Rorfolk Nofcron, WWMdij *renlng_Ths fsrsr ^ntinnes anabaUd. lk? <U?Uu d.riu the put 48 hoars are 17 Dr Robert Thomp ?on, of Baltimore, and Dr. Ciuob, of Norfolk, arc among the dead. In Portsmouth on T?e*Uy, IS; on TTllw day 7 deaths Charleston is sending more biiwi and phy Mm. WW ?W Wl8. JZ auipte ? From a Prirat* Letter Norfolk. Wednesday noon ?The following deaths hare been reported to-day; James Harrison, of the firm of Capps A Harrison; Ca^iai i Fatherly, Mr. Scott, map masafac turer, Mrs. Small, and Dr. Tnnstal Among the siek are 0. W. Edwards, D. W. Qarnett, Dr. William Seldon, H. K Wat ling ton, and 0. H. P. Wellington, grocers, and * D. O'Brien The writer (Mr. Briggt of Washington) says r As onr papers hare all been suspended we most depend upon the kindness of oir rnends at large for the news of the day. iease send us the Washington papers. Baltimore Market* Baltimobz, Aag 50 ?Sales after the mar ket yesterday of 6,00? bbls. Howard street and Ohio flonrat $8.2j, and City Mills *8. Dall to-day at a deeline of U*o. Wheat hes do 6c. Corn if unchanged - ?^? BOARDING. l\f R8. MADDUX'S BOARDING Hor*Kr , N* 81 ftrett, ntmr C, Wxit ttdt, P'TPn'nn to accommodate permanent transient or table boarders. Rf?ldfnr? near the Avenue. Capitol. City Hall and the principal hotel* dea thmen can have rooms with or without board A. aTjp lis"* for nat, ,ultabte for u ?mce. OOARDING?PERMANENT AND TABLK fr Boarder* can be accommodated at No 37* ;? ^^d avenu?' between 2d and Jd street-, Cap lto1 ULU au ??2te AND ROOM8 ?Two or three Rooms 7rJOT board, at 4(8 F street, la Union How, and the immediate ftdste of the Patent Ufllce an*?3te A LADY HAVING TAKEN THK PLF.AS - ant and newly repaired dwelling on Ttmth street No 468. between D and E, wIlTb- pleased to receive one family, or several gentlemen. on 7*v. j mo*t reasonable. The rooms are large and handsomely furnished, and a large yard at tached to the house for the exert lee of children. Being near the avenue. It is nod convenient for table and transient boarders au tT?1w* ?permanent and table ri.l,^r^tB *** ** accommodated at No 421 Eleventh street, wes t ,jde. between G and H sts h2?^U?? Pit***01 and healthy, with well furnished and desirable rooms. au SO?2w OOARD1NG.?MRS DUVALL,No 331 ^ avlyanla avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel, ha.<? several large and desirable rooms. sulUble tor nil* sl^glp gentlemen, which she will rent with board at moderate prices. She can also ac commodate six or eight table boarders. T>OARD, Ae_?MRS. BATES,ON THE S W. a_s corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street lsrrepared to accommodate gentlemen with roon? ' with or without board Every effort will he made to render those comfortable who may fever her with their patronage. ap ? tf INDEPENDENT POL I ft. rT,HE nndersigned have entered into a firm Ikr *; lne purpose cf attending to all criminal and1 other business which mav be entrusted to them. Any communication from any part of ihe United bf promptjv attended to. One of said firm will be found at all times at John D. Clark'a United Stetes Police Oflce, No. 427 Twelfth at. WILLIAM H. PANNING, JOHN H STEWART. J. NORWOOD, SOLOMON GODDARD. au 27?1 m (Organ) COAL AND WOOfiT THE subscribers would reapeetfUlh- announce to consumer* of Coal and Wood that thee have recently established themselves In thU cltv as Dtaltri ta Ceai and Wood and hopes to receive a liberal share if their na trona^e. now on hand t lrood tiunvilv of cuw ?nd Pl?. fful A 1.*, ?2 afl^ , 5"d Whlle A,h now r L ,for and delivery tliifl vrou. Cu mberland VobI of tb? bMt oufilltv ***** and bIuuJkuuIiiJ pur^ : i promptly and satisfaction goaran CASTLEMAN A BRO , Corner of B and 0th sts., on the CanaL - ha2l-2w A CARD.?TV subscriber Informs his friends and the public that he Is now able to attend to his* He can be found at his old stall* Centre Market ready to wait on them as ha always has done heretofore The best of BEEP ?leap on hand. JNO WALKER, Jr*-tf Victualler. N EW MUSIC received weekly at 306 Pa ave nue, nw 10th st J. F ELLIS, au 21 MRS. A. C. kCDMOMD'l NEW GAL lery of Dagnerrean Art ?Havingengaged the services of an experienoed artist. Is fully prepared to take pictures equal to any In the city, and at reasonable prices. No. 29u Pa. avenue, northwest ?orner 11th *t., over Ford A Bro's Drag Store, au ?? PERSONS WISHING TO riRCHAKK superior Table or Pocket Cutlery, heavy silver platsd or Britannia Ware, fine Japanned Tea I'rays or Toilet Sets, an excellent Clock, Tenor C..flee Urn, Enamelled Kettle, Saucepan, Knife Basket, Furnace, or any of the hundred and one little etceteras needed by every housekeeper, will t^o well to remember that they can And them all verv low at 490 Seventh st G FRANCIS au 88 ^ ? " ?v FiftiiiiinKs PERSONS declining housekeeping, or having a surplus of ho-^ehold effects, will find us at ill times prepared to pay them the hlghe* oash prices for their aitTias stock, or such articles as they may wish to dlspoasof. We will also ex ^huige new furniture for old at moderate prices Furniture neatly repaired and varnished at the ihoitest notice, on reasonable terms. BONTZ A COOMBS, Furniture Warerooms 7th at , bet 1 and K. au 17?2w STEWART'S SKYLIGHT GALLL.tY. AGUERUEOTYPES taken for SO cents and upwards, and fitted in splendid case* We Have The finest Us jht In the city, which for soft less and distribution of shade Is not surpaMed If squalled in the United States We Invite all who want good Pieturea to call it 324 Pa. avenue, between 0th and 10th >vrr M W. Gait A Bro's Jewelry Store au 14?lm \V> TO SPORTSMEN. E this day open our first supply cf the ^.uu of SINGLE and DOUBLE POWLINO PIECES and GUNNING APPARATUS, and eoiild respectfully solicit from the citizens of Washington and sdjolnlng Counties of Maryland ind Virginia an examination of onr stock, confi U nt that we can this sea?on show them a fim-ras ortment of goods in this line than any ever before ?Cered In this city, and at prices that cannot fail o p ease. We would name, in part? Mn^-leand double barrel Bird ??wl Dark Gnns from ttt 50 to $150 Cases and Covers, Sn^lish, French, and American Pereussloa Caps, 'owd*r, Shot, Balls, Wads, Wad Cutlers. aient Wire Cartridges, Wrenches, ScrewDrlvete Ripple and Cock Cleaners, Cleaning Rods, /ap Primers, Dog Collars and Chains, Coupling Chains, Wnlps and Calls, Ind a fin* stock af Gunsmith's Materials. We would also Invite attention to an entirely ?ew and long-desired article, iust received, via ; Vent BALL CARTRIDGES, made 'Tilmil 0 tit Colt's Patent Revolvers, by Elery Bras , .ondon, E TUCKER A CO , 353 Pena. av., nearly opposite Brown's. au 23?eolt [ eoit.] rvLD T HBO LOO V?The underslgned^haa J laid aside from his stock, to be seat to aue ioa at the proper saaaoa, a large collootloa of looks, old ediaoas in some rani, tn others da >licate copies of the beat edl Ions extent, which, a the meantlsae amy be bought at Aaottoa prleaa 1 uls store. Many valaable works on Dlvlalty are le be fennd ttk ng them Also, History, Medicine and Bar , General Selenee; nove.s aad snlsrullssae^ .ueratare; slsesfbw French Books au 16? . I j, fRANCK TAYLOR