Newspaper of Evening Star, August 31, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 31, 1855 Page 4
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I III EVENING STAR. "GIVE *2 THE OLD." VUi Wine to DriiU, old Wood to Burn, o/rf JBuoJts to read, ??</ oW Friends to converse nfith. ? Old wine to d ink! ^ Ah. give the slippery jalca. That drlppeth from the grap? thrown loose, Within the fun; Flocked from beneath the cliff Of suany-slde Teneriff*. And ripened 'neath the Mink Of India's sun ! Peat whiskey hot, ^pmj^T'd with well-boiled v|ater' Theso making the long nights shorter? Forgetting not Good stout old English porter! Old wood to burn ! Aye, bring the bill-side beech From where the owls meet and screech, And ravens croak; The rrackHng pine and cedar sweet; Brlag, too, a clump of fragrant peat, D<u{ 'n^ath the fern; A knotted o<k, A faggot, too, perhaps, Whose bright ftatre dawning, winking, Shall ii>;bt us at our drinking ! While the oozing san Phall make rweet music to our thinking' , Old books to read ' Ayr, br*ug those nodes of wit, The brazen clasp'd, the vellum writ, Time honored tones! The s r#fc my sire scanned before, The same my grandsire thumbed o'er, The same his sire from college bore. T Le well ? earned meed Of Oxford's domes; Old Honor blind, Old Horace, rak* Anaicreon, by Old Tuily, Plhntus, Terrence lie; Mort Aurihnr's old ministrelsie, ifcnalat Burton, quainter Spenser, ay, And Gervase Mark ham's venerie? Nor l<-?ve behind The Holy Book by which we live and die. Old friends to talk : Ave, bring nose chosen few. The wise, the courtv a?d the true, bo rarely found *! Him for my wine, him fo: my stud, Him for my easel, distitch, bud. In mountain walk ! Bring Walter good : With soulful Fred and learned Will, And then my aiter tgo, (dearer still For every mood) These add a coquet to my wine ? V These add a sparkle to my pine ! If th?se I time, Can books, or Are, or wine be good ' Kissing.?Kiting is a luxury which it is found nect saury sometimes to regulate by law, otherwise s?tne reckless ones would bo at it all the time. They put the law on a little too hard, howeror, in Connecticut, two centurion ago lu 1050, a trial took place in Conuecti cut, under tho section of the blue laws prohib iting kissing. The offenders were Sarah Tut tle aral Jacob Newliee. It appears that Sarah dropped b?*r gloves, and Jacob found theui. 'Yin n Sarah asked for them, Jacob demanded a kio? for his pay, and as the demand did n?>I seem to Sarah extravagant, she adjusted it forthwith. The fact) were clearly proved, and the parties were fined each twenty shillings That was certainly rather hard, but we daro "ay they found some way of getting thoir money's worth. A m.mater, who resided in Maine some ?tars sin.e. considered it wrong for a mother to kiss her little babe. He was the samo man who made his horse keep " fast days," and whipped his cat for catching mico on Sunday.- . He turnod a Somerset afterwards, as every maa who repudiates lawful kissing is likely to do. Tfccre may be holiness as well as sweetness in a kisa. Lavixg xot alwats Wasbixg ?Colonel Kemyssofthe fourth regiment, was remark able for the studied pomposity of his diction. Ono day, observing that a careless man in the rank ? had a peculiarly dirty face, which ap I tared not to hare been w ished for a twelve month, he was exoeedingly indignant at so gross a violation of military propriety. uTake said he to tho copjral, who was an Iri hra u>, ' take the man and lave him in the waters uf the linadiana. ' After souio time the coporrf returned. "What have you dune ^ith the man I sent you with t" inquired th*; Colonel. lp dew tLe coporal's ti^nt hand aero? the peak of his cap?':i?ure, an't please Tour honor and didu'ty'r honor toll me to h m in the river'?and there he is accordit,; to y r hour's orders.'- xuo bystanders, an a even .ho Colonel himself, could hardly repre&s a ?mi!e at the facetious mistake of the honest corporal, who looked innocence itself, and wondered what there could be to laugh at. noVE.VRIT| OF UCKAN STEA.nJEAS. Name. Ltavts For Day. Hermann 9outhamptoa..New York.Auz. 15 New Yoik Liverpool. Auk l-nlra New York Havre.....Au^. ZZ ITT" The Call>rn!a steamers leave New York en 5th and 2Vth of eaeb month. iRdi?Ai?3 AY fRlNCLPAL HOTKf.a. Wlllards* lletel?h a. A /. c. wtllaxi. T Brown, SC J Beall A lady, IE A Frederick i iaugh- Mi-ts H N Miller, do terOa 11 B Swann, Fa P C Tilman, NY L Sntter, do * D Powell, Pa J Dinsmor*, Md J C Symuws, USA E Howland A lady, If Y W Gut&j^an k. lady, Va Miss Howland. do Miss Savag*", do AG Baduley. Ill fc P Bronsca k lady, La J L Taylor, USA Miss P Bror^on, do L? Mclntosb. USN Mr Pnsrhale. do J B Campbell k family. CWtKdsoa. Pa SC J D Dorsey A lady. &ld Mm II B Smith, Va C Maan A Lady, VY C McPherson, do K Bail'y & lady, Va S Denning, NY J A - & lady, NY Miss C Deaaing, da Miss j llutger, do Miss T IVnnlna, do W C Atkinson, Pa W J BradfordTTa Miss Atkinson, do AS Hedmond and ladv> D Jennlng k daughter, Md Vt W B??lamy A son, do E Sri:np*on. NY G H Paige. USA W Fearu. Ala II D Harvey, Md J (irlunell k lady, Mais Miw C Harney, do Mli* Grlnnell, do W s Dnnbar, Va l>r Rernard A lady, do Mine P Dunbar, do W I'esrhy, Va WW Sherbrook it lady, Ml*s Pescby, do Tenn B A Drumirinnd, Tenn Miss Sherbrook, do J Deregre, La J W Luagfeilow A lady, J C Pa me-, Cal La A A Cohen, d> Hi) Hayward and ladv. K Rous, do t'.?n J il Lippiacatt, Pa MHs K Hayward, do J AV O Smith aad lady, 11 C Morgan, N V Miss Pomroy, do ^ H Flee, Md J Campbell, NJ W D Pomroy and lady, J J Conn over, do NY K J Miminy, do Brewai' MsUl?r t. k m. ?ovn J Bailey, 8C B W Whitfield and ly. E Jark?on. Mass Ala G V Itoddi^dA Wm Helen, Va M!<? K B Koddie. do Mrs Hemp^tone, NY Mi** F tfocWie, do Ai?s? Hempston?, do J E Boddle, dT -C E^erton, Jr, Md D E Beiiiaa, Ala J B Gray, do II .My? r?, Nlcar'a T F Bowie, do J T Smith, Va Dr Kollock, Ga R Hamilton, Tenn W A Richardson k fair, b. II Ra^an, do 111 ^ f >Je' ^ s J Ca<?tlgan, Md iMS Coualn, Md F W Weems, do K Kin?, Pa O Tofts, Mass JR Brown, Minn J Turner Va T Hrooksba k, Md E L Parker, Md J A D Wakssbeak lad J Watt k fam, La MUs Jce, Pa H Wiswafl, DC IliftVMi *ewa?i. a. 4 a. kikkwoob. W R Ward, Ma?s T J HeUen, NC M M Tully, Pa T C Moore, Va J T Bland. N V O W Scaggs, DC A B Da idscn and lady.8 WethenU SC Capt Mann, USN W H ug^ ins and son, O T Perry T B Downing, NY Dr Hod-as, Md N J Adams, Can J S Craft, Pa A Adams, do 8 M Jones, jr. Pa W Cbambly, Jr, NY J T Holsonfiar, NY A Hendeiion, L SN 8 Dutee, Pa W P BAkely. Va P Browne, NY ii ? ? pi tr L*it?d States Hstel? a. c. nacxasx T Star, Md p Stevens, Fla J Small NY J Blen, NY \N Lpferalm. do G Co*. DC 2w?. - ricaa Hetel?H*rL*?owsa k lovitt. ? H Smith, Va J A Chaplin, la WKo*ew,DC J Clarke, V? J W Barrett, do C Martin do J G W il-oo, Va M K el ley, do J w Diidlay, My J D Magulre, Md r M Wain., do 1 PorS?, do I Ml* E Ladtoy, do W Rogers, do Mi*? L Wallis, do ^ ? ?? !?? ??m ? ? ? ? b > t. MiflceUaneoni. SALE OF CHOCTAW ORPHAN LANDS IN MISSISSIPPI. Okpaktmvut or Intibtob, i Office of Indian Affairs, August 13, 18S6. J PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given, that the several pieces or parcels of land hereinafter detwribed, lying in the counties of Talahdtchle Yalobusha, Holme*, Lowndes, and Bolivar, in the State of Mississippi, will, at the limes and places designated, be exposed for sale in separat? qu-rter sections. at puiilic auction, to the highest bidder for cash, by commissioners to lie appointed ou behalf of the Choctaw orphans by the govern ment, as their trustee, under the provision of th* 6th clause of the 19th article of the Choctaw treatv of 1?00 viz: On Monday, the 3d day of December, 1855, a; the court house door in Coffeeville, the followii tractsin Yalobuahacouuty: All in township twenty-three (23) of rang* eighi (8) east:,. All of section thirty three (33) The west half and southeast quarter of sectior twenty-eight (ft1) The east hsif of section twenty-nine (96) The northeast quarter section thirty-one (31) The north half of section thirty-two (33) The whole of section thirty-three (33.) and The west half of section thirty-four (31) And, at the same time and place, the following described tract in the adjoining range in Bolivai county, viz : The south half of section thirteen, township twen ty-six (26) ranxe seven (/) west. On Monday, tbe 10th dav of December, 1855, a> the court house door in Charleston, Tallahatchi county, the following described tracts of land in said county, viz: In rowns/iip twenty-four (94) rant;* two (2) east All of rections three (3,) ten (10,) and thirty three (31) The east half of section four (4) The southwest quarter of section nino (9) The n<rth half and southwest quarter of sectlor twenty-two (22) The west half of section twenty-five (25) The north half of section twenty-six (26) The west half of section twenty-seven (9?) The northwest quarter of section thirty-four (31) and The north half of the norlhwest quarter and west half >f the northeast quarter of section thir ty six (36) In township twenty-five (25,) range two (2)east All of section twenty-seven (27,) twenty-eifh' (28) and twenty-nine (29) The northeast quarter of section four (4) The southwest quarter of section tweuty-twi. (ifcj) The southwest quarter of section twentv-thrct (23.) and The east half of section thirty (30.)\ In township twenty-four (21) range three (3) east. '? All of section three (3) The ea*t half of the northeast quarter of section two (2,) and The northeast quarter of nectlon four (4) In township twenty-five (25,) range three (3) east. Tbe southwest quarter of section fourteen (14) The southeast quarter of section fifteen (15) The southwest quarter of section twenty fivt (251 The southeast quarter of section twenty six (2f>) The southeast quarter of section thirty-thrt? (W.) and ?? 1 he southwest quarter of section thirty-four (31) On Monday, the 17th day of December, 1855, tr the court-house door in the town of I?exington H?i>nes ruii/ity, the following described tracts of land in said coun?v, viz: In township sixteen (16,) rang'; one (I) west. The west half of section fifteen (15) and The west half and southeast quarter of section twenty-two (22) In township fifteen (15.) range one (1) west. The southeast quarter of section twenty (2tt) On Saturday, the 22d of December, 1855, at the court house door in the town of Columbus, the following described quarter section of and in Lowndts county, viz : The northwest quarter of section twenty-two C-K.) township nineteen (19.) range seventeen (I?) east. * Of the above described lands, seventy-twoquar ter sections were selected in 1334, at a time when son** of tne beta lands in the State were unoccu pied and unappropriated; and the other live quar ter sections aud oi,e-eighth acre lot, or eighth of a section. Lave been acquired in settlement from debtors :o the orphan fund The latecoinmis sioner to settle w th debtors to that fund describe* the lauds above offered for sale as being " almo t without an exception rich aud fertile, wrll and ad - yanlageously located, mauy of them considerabl v improved.*' and as being "largely enhanced in value by the settlement, improvement, piw?perlt<-, an! excellent population of the section in which they lie,'? and'?eminently adapted" for plantin ? purposes. An apprai>ement of these reserves, showing their value, and the minimum price at which each tract, respectively, may be sold, will be made prior to the dates of sale. In rases where the purchaser or purchasers of anv tract shall fail tocorrply with the terms of sale, tt? land purchased will be resold at his or their ex pense and risk. The title to these lands is believed to be indi ,JU' '?> 'n 9-'?y case, an adverse claim shall be sot up, the rl^ht of the orphans will be defended by the government, as their guardian. The above sales will commence at the places named at 12 o'clock of each dav, and continue us ? til the lands are all offered. CHARLES E MIX, Acting Commissioner. an 11?d3tAlawtDocl MEDICAL IJEPARTS1EJITOF GEORGE TOWN IULL??K, TCorner of Fand Twelfth sts., Washington. HE next Annual Course of Lectures will com mence on Monday, the 5th of November, and end la March following. T/.CVLT7: N?j?le Vorno, M D., Professor of Institutes ar.d Practice of Medicine. Floeoahco Howard, M D , Professor of Ob rtetrics and the Diseases of Women and Chil dren. Johbi'.)S Eiiot, M. D., Professor of Anatomy. Jajcbe E. "douuA.f, M. D., Professorof Medical Jurisprudence aud Hygiene. J. M. t3.; vi/Kn, M. D , Professor of Surgery. Bk^j.F. (Jkaig, M D.. Professor of Mcdlcal Chemistry and Physiology. Gio. C. Sen a es t is, M. D , Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. JoBMsu.f V.D.Mmi>LEToa,M.D.JDemonstrator or Anatomy. rsss : F or a full course oo Matriculation, paid only once 5 00 Graduation 25 wi Deint n*trator'? ticket 10 (X) The Preliminary course will commence Octo ber 1st and coatl nue until November 5th. Lectures free to Medical Students. The Lectures will be delivered during the af ternoon and evening. This time of lecturing has been customary in the College sin^e its establish ment, and is found to be advantageous to the stu dent. FLODOARDO HOWARD, M. D. Dean, No. 3-2 F street north. au 1?lawtNov5 ONE HUNDRED MURK OF those superior Magnolia Hams, and proba bly all that will be received this season, they are cured in Mary land according to the old home stead receipt, the quality of which is unsurpassed If equalled, by any other ever introduced here. To be bad only at my store. U*o, a fresh lot of that peculiarly line selected and sundud Black Tea at 50cents a pound, which I have introduced. It Is sold only by myself and Is now extensively known In the IMstrict. New comers and others who have not yet nsed it are re to the leading members of the Faculty of Washington and Georgetown. Samples furnished gratuitously. Bay Water at 25 cents per bottle, or f2 75 per dozeu. For bathing purposes it Is as cheap as common spirits. Mint. Lavender, and Blackberry Cordials, the verv articles for the prevailing epidemic. Maple Sugar, Fresh Prunes, Ac., with uniur passed varieties of choice family Groceries. ? M. P. KING, 25? t/ w ,teP"s nortbeust Jackson Statue. QUIRTS?SHIRTS.?We have just received ?J a large and fine assortment of Gentlemen's best quality white and colored Shirts, which we will dispose of at the lowest New York prices. WALL A STEPHENS. 322 Pa avenue, next door to Irou flail. au 2?tf clocks: CLOCKS! IF you want a good honest Clock?ore that wll) always give you the correct time, diop in at G. PRANCIS, 490 Seventh street. He has Clockf that cannot be excelled?handsome tnd good time keepers He sells low, and every Clock is war* ranted jy 91 CVOSIEY SMITH'S MEMOIRS, by his O daughter, Lady Holland, with a selection from his letters, edited by Mrs. Austin, 2 volumes cloth, ?2 The Jealous Wife, by Miss Pardee, paper, 50c Confeasioas of a Pretty Woman, by Miss Par doe, paper, 50 cents. TAYLOR * MAURY, *? **? Mar 9th ?t. RAZORS AS IS RAIOM. /^EO. Wostenholra A Son's doubly carbonized yj x^ ,F'ederlek Penny's Tally-ho, and Wade A Butcher's chemically p?rfceted Razors, and other*, from 90 cents to 9^ 50. G^Qtlcmin who like a comfortable shave should secure one of these Razors. AJso Raaor Strops, Shaving Omm. Brushes, Soap, Ac .?tths Housekeeper s Furnlsklair Store 490 Seventh slreet G. FRANCIS au 17? Information for Travelers. ALEXANDRIA t WASHINGTON BOATS. flHE Steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON wUJ J. leave at the following hours. _ Jl ** it. Fare UK cents, i JgaBS The THOMAS COLLYER, when not other ways engaged, will make tripe on the route at al ternate hours. Leave Washington at 6,8, #*, 11*, ijf, 4,5*, and 7. ^ Leave Alexandria at 7, t, 1?#, l*,-3jtf, 4*, and P. 8 ?The Boat will leave Alexandria at IX P* m ., or Immediately on the arrival of the care. jy 7?d JOIt COR BON Captain. ORANGE * ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINE! TVICE daily between WASHINGTON and the SOUTH, via ALEXANDRIA, GOR DONS VILLE and RICHMOND?no night line on Sunday. save Washingtoi __ Leave Alexandria ? " 7 " n Leave Washington X before 6 o'clock a m I^eave Washington % " 7 11 pn Leave Alexandria X " 8 " P m FAHI' BT NIGHT LIN?. From Washington and Alexandria, to Gor donsvilie S3 25 From Gordons vlile to Richmond 2 25 Travelers will find the morning line the cheap est, most pleasant and expeditious route to tee Greenbrier White Sulphur, Fauquier White Sul phur, Warm, Hot, Alum and Capon Springs vVarrenlon, Charlottsville. Staunton. Strosbunr dleburg, Ac. f ARKS BT KOKlf tlf? LUIS i From Alexandria to Warren ton, ? - 82 60 " " Gordonsviile, - 3 50 " " Charlottesville, - 4 90 " M Staunton, - ? ? 00 " " Strasburg, ? - 3 50 " ?? Winchester, - - 3 50 ?? " Lwray, - . - 4 25 " " New Market, - 5 00 ?? ? Middle burg, - - 2 25 OMNIBUSES and BAGGAGEWAGONS will he at the Depot of the Washington Railroad, to convey passengers and bagrage to the Steamboat, for ALEXANDRIA, & distance of 0 miles, allow ing ample time for meals. H. W. VANDE6RIFT, Jy 14 Gen. 8upt. BT RAILROAD DIRECT TO THE WEST Tint* between Washington and Wheeling bnt 17X hours! Running Time between Washington and Cincinnati 27 hours!! THKOU0H TICKETS AND BAGGAGB CHECKS TO BE HAD IN WASHINGTON. T HE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIL ROAD having greatly Improved its Western connections, now offers the fullest inducements to Travellers between WASHINGTON, BALTI MORE, and all portions of the WEST, NORTH WEST, and the SOUTHWEST. Thecounection between the Trains from Wash ington and the Trains bound West from Balti more is always promptly made at the Wrashington Junction (lately called the Relay House) 9 miles from Baltimore. This is the only change of cars required between Washington and the Ohio river Baggage is checked through to Wheeling at the Washington Station, and rechecked and trans ferred there. Cwith the passengers) without charge, for those holding Through Tickets for points be yond. The connecting Trains leave Washington dally at ft a. m. and 4.^ p. m. On Sundays at the latter hour only. At WHEELING direct connection is made with the trains of the CENTRAL OHIO RAIL ROAD, running from Bellaire, on the Ohio, near Wheeling, through Cambridge, Zanesville, ami Newark, to COLUMBUS. These trains connect at Newark with the <*ar? of the Newark, Mansfield and Sandusky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, etc. At COLUMBUS the C. O. Railroad trains con nect with the fast trains of Ihe Little Miami Rail road to Xenia. Oincinnati, Louisville, etc. At XENIA fori Little Miami Railroad) connection is formed with the trains through Dayton, to Indian apolis, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Island, St. Louis, etc. ICT Passengers holding Through Tickets for ?>?....? yeu> Orleans, fton?are trans teamers on the Ohio. Tickets for Evansviile, Cairo, and St. Louis are sold bv this route. JT7" For CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to Toledo. Detroit, Chicago, etc., tickets are sold, when tne Ohio is uavijjable l>etween Wheeling and Wellsvillc (forty miles) where a connection with the Cleveland' and Pittsburg Railroad Is made. Travelers are requested to notice that while this Is the only route affording Through Tickets and Check) in Washington, it is also the shortest, moht speedy, and d&ect to nearly all the leading points in the great West. The distance from Washington to Cincinnati is but 653 miles, being about 100 miiee shorter than by any other route ! FARE. BY THROUGH TICKET. FROM WASHINGTON To Wheeling, f?50; Colum bus, ?13 06: Dayton, 915 50; Cincinnati, fit 00; Louisville, by railroad. 813 65. by steamer from Cincinnati, 818 00; Indianapolis, 817 50; Cleve land, 812 50; Toledo, 915 80; Detroit. 815 *?: Chicago, 8% 65 and 919 50; St. Louis, 839 ? and 825; Memphis, 8'J6; New Orleruis, 831; etc. |D-FOR FREDERICK AND HARPER'S FERRY.MARTINSBURG, CUMBERLAND, BERKLEY SPRINGS, BEDFORD SPRINGS, PIEDMONT,OAKLAND,and FAIRMOUNT, lrcve Washington ?t 6 a. m. o; the minor way stations bctwee i Wheeling, take 6 a. m. train from Washington. For trains to and from Baltimore, Anapoll;, etc., see special advertisements. If?"For further information, Through Tickets, 4c.,apply to THOMAS H. PARSONS, Agent, at Wasidngton Station. JOHN H. DONE, Master of Transportat; .in, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Baltimore. ma? 3?tf T! THE HEW YORK. AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES ^ MAIL GTLAWEilS.3 IE SHIPS COMPRISING THIS LINK r.r? the ATLANTIC, Captain West, PACIFIC, Captain Nye, BALTIC, Captain Comstoek, ADRIATIC, Captain Grafton. Those Ships havo been built by contract, express ly for Government service; every care nas been taken In their conduction, a* In the engines, to Insure strength and speed, and their accommoda tions for passengers are unequalled for elegance and comfort. raicn or rAssaan. From New York to Liverpool, in first cabin, 9199 Second cabin, 70 Exclusive use of extra size state rooms, - 300 From Liverpool to New York, - .t JO and ?%j An experienc-cd Surgeon ...Uched to each ship. No berth can be socured until paid for. Foi freight or p :ssagc apply to EDWARD k. COLLINS A CO., 56 Wall street, New York. BROWN.. SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. E. 6. ROBERTS * CO.. 13 King'; Arms Yard, London. JOUN MUNROE A CO.. 2? Rue Notre Dame des Vktolres, Paris. GEORGE H. DRAPFR, Havre. The owners of these ships will not be accounta ble for gold, sliver, bulllm. specie, lewelry, pre cious stones, or metals, unless bills of lading are signed therefor, and tho vtlae thereof therein ex pressed. nov 10? ly THE POTOMAC RIVER STEAMBOAT COMPANY'S STEAMER ALICE C. l'RICS. CAPT. SAMUEL BAKER, WILL LEAVE WASHINGTON AT SIX o'clock a. ra , and ALEXAN- _ Jl'"" DR1A at 7 o'clock, s. in ? ^ciGHBS^ On TUESDAY MORNINGS?For Mattox, Currioman, L. Machodoc, Plney Point, Kinsale, and Cone. On FRIDAY MORNINGS-For Chapel Point, Wicomico, Leonardtown, Plney Point, 8t. Mary's, and Cone. eonaratown. wicomico, ana unapel Point. On SATURDAY, (returning)?Leave Cone at 4 o'clock, a. m., for Klnsale, Plney Point, L. Ma chodoc. Currioman, and Mattox. The A. C. Price will call at the usual landings on the river when signals are made. By order of the Board: JAMES P. SMITH, President. Alexandria, Va., June 1, lb55. Je 15?tf STEAMBOATS CONNECTING WITH EACH TRAIN OF CARS AKRIV. Ing in Washington w Alexan- _ *4k "" n dria.?The Steamers THOS. COL-?kQH& YER or GEORGE WA>flINGTON will iSane the above connections, leaving Washington at ? a. m , for the Orange ana Alexandria Cars, and con nect with the same train on their arrival. ITT" MEALS furnished on the boats. The Boats oonnect with all the trains from Bal* timore. SAM L GEDNEY, Captain. may 17?tf FOR MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS.-?FARE, round trip, SI; from Alexandria _ ^ 75 cents ?Tne steamer THOMAS COLLYER leaves Washington at I. and Alexan dria at 9% o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for the b>jat at 8 If o'clock. Cooch fkre lOoents. Per son* wishing the coaches will leave their residence w th George A Thomas Parker. K i fieshments on the boat. SAM'L GEDNEY, OtPtala. Information for Traveler*. CANAL PACKET LINK TO FOI1VT OP ROCKS. HHHE Canal Packet CONGRESS having besa A thoroughly repaired and put?Jte?-n,;.n k in first rate order (the machineiyfijiSSiSSBM being removed and hone power substituted) eoa tlnues making her regular trip* between George town and the above place. The Boat will leave the wharf of W. H.fcH.6 Rltter for Point of Rocks on MONDAYS, WED NESDAYS and FRIDAYS at7 o'clock a. m: and the Point of Rocks for Georgetown on TU ES DAYS, THURSDAYS and SATURDAYS at the same hoar, stopping at the different landings along the line for the reception and landing of ngnrs and freight, going and returning. Hie Float will leave Georgetown at 7 o'clock a. p m. Returning, leave Point at 7 a. m., Know ian's Ferry at 7fc, Monocacy 8, Edward's Ferry 11, Seneca 1, Great Falls 3)f, ana arrive at George town at 7 p. m. Passage through either way Meals served regularly on board the boat at mod* oatejrica. CHARLES MERRILL, Capt. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAdT CHANGE OF HOURS?On and after Mon day, the 23d instant, the Trains will Leave Washington at 6 and 8# a. m , and 3 and 4K p. m On Sunday at 4p. ra. ive r * " m. inday Leave Baltimore at 4 and 9% a. m., and 3 and 5"oS Sunday at 4 if a. m. ap gt-tr T H. PARSONS, Agent. TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT. WISHES to call the attention to all that suffer with defective sight, caused by ace, sick ness and particularly from glasses injudiciously selected, to his superior SPECTACLES and GLASSES carefully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and brilliant transparency, suited precisely and beneficially to the wearer ac cording to the concavity oi convexity of the eye. Very numerous we the ill effects caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses in not being precisely suited, by the use of an Optometer; and tne practice of many years, enables him to measure the focal disease of thp eyes, and such glasses tbat are absolutely re Siuired will be furnished with precision and s'atls action. J. T. acknowledges the very liberal encourage ment already obtained, anu further solicits the pa tronage of tho*e that have not yet availed them selves of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing the glassy in use, and stating how maay Inches they can read this print v.-ith their specta cles, can be supplied with such that will improve their sight. Innumerable testimonials to be seen; and iefer ences given to many who have derived the greatest ease and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to be had gratis, at his office. No. 512 Seventh street, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hall, up stairs. Norfolk, September7,1854. Sir?The Spectacles you made for me suit very well, and seem to have improved my sight mare than any other 1 have lately tried. LITT. W. TAZEWELL. 1 have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr. Tobias, and tlnd ibem of great assistance to my sight, and corresponding with his description of the focus. I recommend him as a skillful opti cian HENRY A. WISE. Mr. i. Tobias : Sir?The pair of Spectacles you furnished me yesterday are particularly satisfac tory to me. Tney are very decidedly the best 1 possess, and I am the owner of eight or nine pair, carefully selected in different places and from op ticians recommended to me on account of their Erofeeslonal standing in England, France and the United State*. I have been also pleased with your remarks and directions on the treatment of the eyes, for the purpose of preserving andimprov lng tne sight Respectfully, yours, CHAS. CALDWELL, Professor of M. C., Louisville .Ky. Ltnchbtjus, Nov. 10,1854. Mr. John Tobias having furnished me with Glasses, by which 1 have been greatly aided (my vision having suffered greatly from reading at night In my earlier life) it affords me the highest pleasure to say that I consider him a skillful prac tical optician, and well prepared to aid Ciose who may need his professional services. WM. B. ROUZIE, Elder of Methodist Conference. \VILXIMGT02I, N. O., Jan. 27, 1854. Mr. J. ToBiAs: Dear Sir?I am happy to say that the Spectacles which I obtained from you last we<k are entirely satisfactory. From an inequal ity in the visual rau^e uf my eyes, I have hereto fore found great difficulty in getting glasses of the proper focal distance. It affords iw pleasure to state that, by the a'd of your optometer, this diffi culty has been happily obviated so that the glasses yon furnished me aredecidcdly the best adapted ie my eyes of any I have ever yet used. Very respcctfoll^, yrourt^ ^ Roctor of St. Jemes' Farish. Department of Interior, May 7, 1855. From natural defects and the unequal range of ?ay eyes, 1 have been compel'ed to ufc glasses for several ye^rs. I bavr tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fiit-aa to my eyes. Four months rince Mr. Toolm made two pair? especially for me, which I have found to rave me perfectly. By the use of his optometer ut is enabled to adapt minutely to the eye. k most checrfatly recommend Mr. ?oblas to all Living occasion to useglasscs, and bear ray leaii ?ony as to Lis skill as an optician. HENRY E BALDWIN, Assist. Sec'y to sign Land WnuM. Jy lS-tf DR. L. B. WRIGHT'S uheailing "scrofulous antidote," JWr tJit Permanent Cure of COifSUMPTIOX and all othirform* of SCRO FULO US DJSEASFS. THIS Mcdlclne i3 prepared by an eminent phy sician of eighteen years practice In New York city, during which time he Las constantly used It with the most unbounded succes". and created for It a reputation in private practice, unequalled in the history of medic'ne. It acts immediately ?;pon the Wood, cleansing It from all scrofulous humors or Impurities, renovating and. by Its magic pow e?, INVIGORATE THE WHOLE 8yStEM, in proof of which, hundreds of respectable wit nesses from the doctor's private prucuce have giv en in their. testimony, and cntreatjthose suflenng from any scrofulous affection, to call wpon thtwt Hid satisfy themselves. A Treatise on Scrofulous Diseases can be had gratis at PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 409 Broadway. .ft TX Qi. wnd at Drug Stores generally. CHARLES STOTT A CO., Agents for Washington OR. L. B. WRIGHT'S TASTELESS ?LIQUID CAT3ABTIC" OR. FAKILY PHYSIC. 'TiniS Is the LEST. CHEAPEST, and MOST 1 EFFICIENT CATHARTIC EVER OF FERED TO THE PUBLIC. It is TASTELESS, (thereby avoiding the nau seating effect of P^lls. Oil,, Ac.,) and pro ducing no griping cr ether painful effects. Unlike all other purgatives, it searches to the bottom of the disease, thoroughly cleanses the stomach, and leaves the bowels t itirely free from costlveness. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITilOUT IT. Children drink it readily and without forcing, and NO MEDICINE IS MORE HIGHLY RE COMMENDED oy the MEDICAL FACULTY. Give it a trial and then judge for yourselves 11 can be had v. aolteale ana retail at E. H. STA BLER A CO.'S, Baltimore, or C1IAS. STOTT A CO., Washington, D C. DR. WRIGUt'S PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 409 Broadway, where the doctor can be consulted daily on diseases generally, from 13 to 2 p. m., without charge. Je 13?dm PEEL'S LONDON OREEN GINGER WINE MANUFACTURED FROM FRENCH GRAPES, GREEN JAMAICA GINGER. SE VILLE OR AN G ES, Ac .?This delicious bev erage becomes the greatest favorite wherever It la introduced. It is eaually palatable, more whole some, and not half tne price of other foreign wines. Many physicians use it exclusively, and recom mend It to all troubled with Flatulency, Dyspep sia, Debility. Cramps. Diarrhoea and Dysentery. Persons subject to Cnills, or living in'districts where Ague or Cholera prevails, find its occasion al use a pWsant and admirable preventive. Mixed with a little iced-water. it forms the most refresh ing and wholesome cooling drink la warm weather that can be taken. Price 50 cento per bottle, S5 per dozen. N.B. Country Drnggisto. Grocers,Ac.,findthk Wine an advantageous addition to their stock, lt'a a first rate wticle, sells well, and gives great satis faction. _ Agents, STOTT A CO., Washington; PEEL A STEVENS, Alexandria; C1SSEL,Georgetown: J. BALMER,Baltimore. jya?tf LAND WARRANTS LOCATED. ~ rriHE subscribers will locate Land Warrants A either In Ohio. Indiana, Illinois or Iowa, and and give a correct description of the land located. If, upon examination, tUs description proves in correct, they will themselves take the land, glTlug for It another warrant for the same quantity. One of the firm resides In thd West, and will give the business his personal super in tan dance. MILLER A BROWN, 7th at., opposite Post ORoe, Washington. Jt 13?ecflm I1LANK BOOKS of all kinds and sUes for sale MJ at unusually low prices, fr* FRANCH TAYLOR. Medical. INHALATION voft m cni tv AITHXA AVD COJfSTJMPTI01 NSW and VERY WONDERFUL ! 11 itlMfht tl tile of ll? MlltteaT ment of Consumption, Asthma, and all diseases of tbe Lung*. \v? refer to Dr. CURTIS'? H1 geanaTw inhaling hygean vapor AND CHERRY SYRUP. With this aew Me thod, Dr. C. has restored many afflicted to health, a* an evidence of which he haa lnnumetu hie oertiflcates. Speaking of the twataft, a phy sician remark*, "It la evident that Inhaling?con stantly breathing an agreeable, healing vapor?the medicinal properties must come In direct contact with the whole srlal cavities of the lungs, and thos escape the many and varied changes prodoood upon them when introduced into the stoaaaafe, and subject to the procees of digestioa." The Hree ana la for sale at all the Druggists throughout the country.?N. Y. l)u:ckvuin'J am. 14. The Inhaler is worn on the breast under the lin en, without the leart Inconvenience?the heat of the body being suflclent to evaporate the fluid Hundreds of cases of cures, like the following, might be named. One package of the Hygeana has cured me at the Astnma of six years standi ng. J. F. KEESBERRY, P. M. of Duncannon, Pa. I am cured of the Asthma of tea years' standing by Dr. Curtls's Hygeana. MARGARET EASTON, Brooklyn, N. Y. MRS. PAUL, of No. 5 Hammond street, N. Y., waa cured of a severe case of Bronchitis by the Hygeana. My sister has been cured of a distreasing ooagb of several years' standing, and decided to be In curable by the physicians. She waa cured In aaJ month by the Hygeana. J. H. GAUDERT, P M. Richmond, Me. The Rev. Dr. CHEEVER. of New York, teatt ftea of our medicine in the following language: New Yoax, Nov. 15, 1954. Dear Sir: I think highly of I>r. Curtls's Hyg* ana as a remedy In dlwasesof the throat and lungs. Having had some opportunity to testify its efflca 3,1 am convinced tuat it is a moil excellent rtm y, both the byrup and the lnnaling applies! U n tO the chest. Prof. 8. CENTER writes us as follows: Gentltmen? i have recently had occasion to ?e*t your Cherry Symp and Hygean Vapor, in a f a* of chronic sore throat, that had refused to yield h. other forms of treatment, and the result has sati* fled ine that, whatever mav be the composition of 1'our preparation, it is no , mpo?tt4sa,b?Jt an ext ent remedy. 1 wish, for the sal?e?i$fce afflicted, that it migut be brought witfei- (}? ie*fih of all. DR. JOHNS, one of the moct mMMM Physi cian* in New York write* as foLerani: Dr Ccxtts?Dear Sir?Having witnessed the excellent efl'ecis of your Hygeana or Inhaling Hy gean Vapor and Cherry Syrun, in case of Chronic Bronchitis, and being much in flsvar ?f counter Ir ritation in affections of the throat. Bronchial tub?? and lungs, I can therefore cheerfully recommend your Medicated A pa rat us as being toe most con venient andwfl'ectual mode of apnlying anything of the kind I have ever seen. No doubt thousand* of persons may be relieved, and many cured, by Using your medicines. I must here be allowed to confess that I am op posed to prescribing or using secret comp^u: d ?. but this little neatly contrived article, and its ef fects in the case above alluded to, have induced me to speak in its favor. You are at liberty to use this in any way you may think proper. Respectfully, yours, Ac., C. JOHNS, M D.. No. 60# Houston street, N. Y. Price three dollars a package. Sold by CURTIS A PERKINS and BOYD A PAUL, i4? Chambers St., N. Y. Four packages sent free to any part of the Uni ted States for ten dollars. N. B ?Dr. Curtls's Hygeana Is the ORIGINAL and ONLY GENUINE ARTICLE; all others are base imitations, or vile and Injurious counter feits. Shun them as you would POISON. For sale in Washington by CHAB. STOTT, Pa. avenue, near 7th street, and J. B. MOORE, in the First Ward. may 22?6m CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. THE GREAT PURIFIER OF THE BLOOD! WOT A PARTICLK OF MIKCCRT IS IT. AN INFALLIBLE REMEDY for Scrofula. King's Evil, Rheumatism, Obstinate Cutane ous Eruptions, Pimples or Pustules on the face. Blotches, Boil-*. Chronic Sore Eyes. Ring Worn: or Tetter. Scald H*-ad Enlargement and Pair, of the Bones and Joints, Stubborn Uloers. Sy philitic Disorders. Lumbago. Spinal Com plaints, and all the diseases arising from r.n in judicious use of Mercury, I Jr. prudence in Lift" or Impurity of the Blood. THIS VALUABLE MEDICINE, which has become celebrated for the cumber of extiao: ? dinary cures, effected through Its agercy. has in duced the prop-lrtors, at the'urgent reaueit of their Mends, to oflfcr it to the ouWte, which they do with the utmost cmiflde-ice'in its vlrtoes and won derful curative properties. The following certtfl cates, selected ilrom a large cumber, arc, however, stronger testimony than tne mere word of the pro? Cfetors: and are all from gerrUemep well know, their loenlUie*, and of the highest resprctablil ty, many of them residing In the city of Rich mond, Va. F. BOYDEN, Esq., of the Exchange Hotel. Richmond, kn jwn everywhere, eava he has seen the Medicine called Cxrtx&'s JfpxsieH Mir ivas, adminicle ~ed In over a hundred cases, in nearly all the diseases for which It is reoomiuscd - ed, with the nnat astonishingly good rest's. Rc says it Is the most extraordinary medicine he Las ever seen. AGUE AND FEVER?GREAT CURE.?I hereby certify that for thre*? years I bad Ague and Fever of the most violent deacrl}>tion. I had sev eral Physicians, took large quantities of (jnlnliie, Mercury, and I believe all the Tonics advertised, but all without permanent relief. At last 1 trie?; Carter's Spanish Mixture, two bottles of which effectually cured me. aad 1 pan happy to eay 1 have had neither chills or fevers since. 1 con sider it the beet Tonic i& this wor!d, aad the ouly medicine that ever reached my case. JOHN longde;*. Bzxvsr Ditch, near Richmond, Va. C. B. LUCK, Esq., now in the city of Rich mond, and for manv 'years ir. the Post 'Offlce. hes such oonfldence in the ss*oi.lshln^ eflicacy of Car ter's Spanish Mixture, that he aas bought up wards of 56 bottles, which he has given away to the afflicted. Mr. Luck says he has never knovj It to fail when taken according to directions. Dr. MINGE, a practising Physician, and for merly of the City Hotel, in tne city of Richmond, says he has witnessed in a number of Instances the effects of Carter's tfpanfoh Mixture, which were most truly surprising. He s*ys In a case of Consumption, dependent on the Liver, the grod effects were wonderful Indeed. SAMUEL M- DRINKER, of the Arm of Drin ker & Morris, Richmond, was cured >f Live* Complaint of three years standing, by the use e! two bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture. GREAT CUIIE OF SCROFULA? The Edi tors of the Richmond Republican had a servant employed In their press room, cured of violent Scrofula, combined with Rheumatism, which en tirely disabled him from work. Two N?tties of Carter's Spanish Mixture made a perfect cure of him, and the Editors, in a public notice, say they "cheerfully recommend it to all who ate afflicted with any diaeea. of the blood." STILL ANOTHER CURE OFSCROFULA. I had a very v*_uab!e boy cured of Scrofuli b7 Carter's Spanish Mixture. 1 consider it truly a valuable medicine. JAMES M TAYLOR, Con ductor on the R. P. and P. R. R. Co., Richmond ?a. SALT RHEUM OF TWENTY YEARS STANDING CURED -Mr. JOHN THOMP SON , residing In the city of R ichmond, was cured by three bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, of Salt Rheum, which he had for nearly twenty years, and which all the physicians or the city could not cure. Mr. Thompson is a well known merchant In the city of Richmond, and his cure is most remarkable. WM. A. MATTHEWS, of Richnaond, had a servant cured of Syphilis, in the worst form, by Carter's Spanish Mixture. He say* he cheerfully recommends it, and considers It a very Invaluable medicine. EDWIFt BURTON, commissioner of the reve nue, says he has seen the good effects of Carter *a Spanish Mixture in a number of Syphilitic casta, aad says it la a perfect cure for that horrible dis <VM. G. HARWOOD, of Richmond, cared ol (Ad Sores and Ulcers, which disabled him from walking. Took a few bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and was enabled to walk without a crutch, in a short time permanently cured. Principal Depots at M WARD,CLOSE ACO . No. 8B Maiden Lane. New York. -T. W. DYOTT A SONS. No. 192 North * IS* II J _? * A BENNETT BEERS, No. 125 Mate Richmond, Va. And for sale by CHARLES STOTT, Waahll toa,D C ; HENRY PEEL, Alexandria, ard septl?ly C. WARRINKR. WATCHMAKER* No m P?. mini, fctwssd Uk mmd Itk UrfU, WXSllJICTOM, D. c. Pivoting, JeweUag, and every kind of repairs to Watches )y 17-lm * id married life?happy and fruitful alHaaoes. of securing them?fnfHictt< i>4 infertile -their obvf; Lion and removal.?lmpertea* PS. IT ATI HUiCU TE1AT1U FHiL0i0rHiCALCvirir or iiuuii, ?T ?. B. LA CROIX, ??? ALBA i W? F.| ET w u< Lithographs and Platta rrtM ealy Twwtf*'!** Casta. Scat ?/ *? a? P~" ?/ ?*? 1 PHBAPE8T BOOK EVKI PiBLIBIE? V' and containing nearly double the cnaaOty of read Ins matter la thai of the FIFTY CENT OR DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS. ft treats oa the PHYSIOL OGY OF MARRIAGE, and the Secret I nt -ml tie# aad Disorder of Vwth and' Maturity, resaltiafc from ea oeases, which destroy the physics' ar.d mental pow er*, with OWintlm on Marriage. Its drtles aad disqualifications, their reiredlee; w*h Lithographs. Ulostnftl^, Anatomy and Pfcvfioloey, ana PI?awef the Rn productive Organs of both seaes, their ttractvr*, uses. and functions. A popular and compiefcsn slve Treatise on the Duties aad CanaaJttea af *!n gleand mode of onea?their hints to those em-.templrttng matrimony, that will oven oing objections to It; none, however, should take this Important step without first cowwtlnf Ha pegee?commentaries on the diaeasmand meZlc*J treatment of females from Inffcnoy to old ace, each caae graphically illustrated by beantlf&l lltiiof. phlc plates?nervous debility, Its causes and cure, by a process at once ? simple safe, aad (ftetual that falure la impossible?rales fbr dally manage ment?ar rmay on Sporir.xtorrhan, with trartKaJ observations on a safer and more successful mode of treatment?precautionary hinta oa the erlls re sulting from empirical practlco?an easay on all diseases arising from indiscretion, with plain and simple rules by whk*h all persons eaa cure them selves without m**n my?remedies for thoae self ? inflicted miseries and disappointed hopes so un fortunately prevalent in the young. It Is a truth ful adviser to the married and those contemplating mvriage. It* prmml Is particularly recommend - ed to persons entertalniag Mcrrt d?ahts of their physics! rendition. and wnc <rr cosvtoaa of bev ib^ hazardtd thebt';*ilh. happiness, and privileges to which every human l?eing Is entitled Price TWENTY-FIVE CENTS ner copy, or Five C"pies for Oae Dollar. Mailed nee <m poat ??<? to all parts of the United States 71. B.?Those vrho prefer may commit Dr. LA CROIX upon any of the dl?ea*es upoa which tais book treats. either personal.r or by mail. Med'., cinc seat to any part of the I'nioo arcordiag lo di rections, safely {ackcd and urrfull) ?jcurcd from all observation Address Dr M R. LA CROIX, No. 31 Maldea Lane, or Post Ofllce Pox 57?. Albany. N Y. JJ7* Ofllce open daily from ? a. m. to ? p. m , and on Sunday from 2 until >1 p. m ITT Otfiee REMOVKD from No J? Beauwat. to 5l Maiden Lau>, Albany, IV. Y. dec 7?y DOCTOR HOUFLARD'I CELEBRATED GERMAN BITTERS, raaPAaan it Dr. C. 91. JACKMIV Philadelphia, Pa., will irrmcmT craa LITER COY PLAINT, DY8PIPRIA, ? Juundiet, Ckrtntr m Kerrons />? Du taus ?/ the and mil Utsanaai srtns; from ? D&crdertd Liver or Stomark. Such as Constipation. Inward Piles. Fnllaeaa. or Blood to the Head. Acidity of the Stomar h. N au aea, Heartburn. Disgust for food, Fullneaa.ov Weight In the Stomarb. Sour F.r.?ctations, Slak ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the stomach, Swimming of the Head. Hurried and urfcrult Breathing. Fluttering ot the Heart. Choking or Sufforating Sensations when in a lying Pasture, Dimness of Vision. Dot* of W^b* before the Sight, Fever and Dull Rla in the Head, Defi Ciency of Perspiration, Yellowness of the Skin and Eves, Pain in the Side. Back. Cheat, Limbs Ac., Sudden Plushes of Heat Burning la lit* Flesh, Constant Imaginings of Evil, aad great Depression of Spirits THE PROPRIETOR. In callin* the attention of the public to this preparation, doas so with a feeling of the utmost *v ndeoce in its vlr .;es and adaptation of it Lo the diseases far which it ia recommended. It it no new ar.d untried article, but one that haa <tood the test of a ten years' trial beiorr tbe Amer ican people, aad its reputation aad sale is unri val lea by aay biinilar prfparatloas extaat. Tba testimony in Its favor given by the most promi nent and well-known Phys'.rians and individual*, in all parts of the country is immense The fal lowing from North Carolina is respectfUBy sub mitted. referring aay wbo may still doabt. to tba ?'Memorabilia.'^ or P-^ctical Receipt B< ok fat Farmers and ramiiles. to be had gratia of all thf Agents for tbe Genua Bitters. Principal OAce and MaarJMay, 1*0 ARC! STREET, PHILADELPHIA, FA. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. CtrtiJUM cf Dr Vf ISimtk.*/ fiat Hill, Rick a?M Ccvnif, ft. C. r.KB Hill, March4.1664. Da. C. Aft Ja err aw. Philadelphia?DenrStr: I have been a subject of Dyspepsia, la its woral form, fbr th- last ive years. Such was my coodl-# tlon r?r twelve months that the physieians and all who saw me said 1 must die. While la this ? oo ditlon 1 was carried to the watering places ia Vtr glnia. Tennessee, and North C&rMiaa. but wwf not benehtu-d by *ny water lo which I was lxken| While on my wuy hom** I stopped a we*?k at Ruth erfardton, a small village In North Carolina, to %< try the effect of som<* Chalyheate water in that pure. About the last of the week 1 went into a dru? store lo get some medicine for my child and myself. There were several of tbe village pLvsl- , cla^s in the store, and one of Cu m seemed to take some interest In my case, and. after asking ma ao:n? questions. s*?d he had been a dyspeptic aud i had been greatlv oeoeftted by the uae of HOOF - LAND'S 6EUMAN PITTURS, pr??r?red by von, and be 'nsintec that 1 w- uld try the Bitters. He also called the next day at my room, and in sitted so mu< h that ! would try th -m that I asked k'mtegetire one bottle. lie did It. and I com- ( .nenced taking it as directed, and 1 wv more ben- ? eltced by 11 than all the water and mcliclne 1 had ever taken. j After reaching Lome one of my neighbors came | to me for a pre-^-rlpticn and medicine, (he a dv? peptle,) end I guw him nearly all the Bitters 1 J Lad left, which effected much good In his caae. ' He has often called on me for more of the same kind of medli inc. saying he was more benefltted by It than any other lie Lad tnknr, bu' I have not been able to ge< any mere R* him or mvaelf since j will rou, therefore, please 'hip me a doien or marc as soon as pcMible Respectfully, yours, W.SMITH. D. R. HCOKEK. Roger'? Stare, Wake Oo., N. C., October M, 1*63, says : 4'Having experience*^*-rv great beneftt frojr. the rseofH<>OFLAND'S GERMAN B1TTFRS la Chronic Dysentery and functional derangement of tl<e Liver, and its concomitant evils. I am desirous of obtaining a quantity of it for the rtweM of my community. You will, U?oaiore, pl*se aend ? lot, Ac., Ac. CERTIFICATE OF WM J, ATWOOD. HaifTtiViiLa, Yadkla Co., N . C. ? November 1st. 1SS6 f Dr. C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow ;nt to ex* preat, toyo?i my tinctra t .a:iks for your discovery of a meulcine which, to say the Ir-aat of It, has ef fected a cw that all other m <ilcires, that 1 have taken, have entirely f?lied to do. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS have cured me of the moat stubbcra and aggravated caae of the that, perhaps, ever fell to the lot of man. My case Is not a stranger in this community, as I am well k knows In this and the sum> mding counties, and V can truly say that my recovery has astounded all ? my friends and relatione, as 11 ?d tried ewrytM nr v recommended, and notuing did me any food un til I was prevailed upon to try the BvUen. Yoa are at liberty to maka any use of thla communica tion for tbe beneit cf the aflicteA, yon may think proper. Truly, yours. WM J. ATWOOD Theae bitten are eaiwaiy rtgttmMt, they Invig orate and strengthen the syatemf never prostiate It, and can * aired for lnlhnu as well as adulU. by respecubk deakrs everywhere, aad For sale by re*>pectabk dealers cverrwaerr aad by Z D. GlLMAN, Wa^h rigtoo, WELL, Georgetown, and J. R PlERPONT, 4 V Alexandria. mar 1?ly REASEA EAGLE PLlMBINti AND OA? FITTING DEPOT. T1HE subscriber reapoctfuliy aanounces to his J- friends and the puulic in general that h? has received the first lot of the celebrated DODGE'S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, which received the MLVKR MEPALat the late Fair of the Metropolitan Mwhanlca' Insti tute. and is now prepared lo furnish all whe may favor him with a call. His stock of GAS riXTUKES are uas^rpassed In the L/istrict. With hu corps of compete** workmen be prides himself to fill any orders lr the PLUMBING AND GAS-FITTING line with promptueM aad despatch. |Jr All work done warranted to give cmnpldi satisfaction. JOHN REESL, may 3?If ccrnr (th at. and Pa. avaaas Letter* to the pfofle on Health aad Happiness, by Catharine E Beacher. la % MMf 37 k cloth 541r iSlstoff of ths Council of Trent, from Use F reach by John McCllntock, D D , tl Harper's Picture Book for the Nursery, by Ja cob Abbott, 3 vo4s each Nor volunae of Harper sSton TA> LOR A MAl'?\ '* au If uea: ?U(d

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