Newspaper of Evening Star, September 1, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 1, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINQTON CUT: SATURDAY AFTERNOON ...September 1. jr 4 CJ-'" ADYKBTiiimsTg ihould Be handed in by 12 o'clock, M-, otherwise they n*ay not ap pear until the next day. AGENTS FOR THE STAR* The following peraone are aathorUed to eon tract for the publication of advertisements Vn the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Piuu^, N. W. IWMI vf Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pi^/ihoill A Co., Nassau itlTPt. Boston?V. B. pAumt, Seollay's Building. THE WEEKLY STAB. The number for this week is fully equal to u; of it* predecessors in items of interest, at home, as well as from abroad. Terms, $1 25 a year, or three cents a single copy. SPIRIT or THE MORNING PRE8S. The Union again quotes the clear-headed speech of Senator Morris, of Ohio, in 1836, on the admission of Arkansas into the Union, to ?how the inconsistency of the North upon the Missouri restriction question; and urges, with proof, that while the Northern Know Nothings are disfranchising and seeking to ;n&ke politi cal slaves of whites, they are hlso striving to elevate the negroes U) focial and political equality. T^ie Intelligencer does not believe a word of Kossuth's account of a pledge made to him by Air. Webster, when Secretary of State, {on be half vf this Government ) to interfere in Eu ropean political troubles in behalf of revolu tionary Poland, Hungary, Italy, Ac., in cer tain contingencies. The samo journal con tains an earnest appeal to the American peo ple not to long for the acquisition of Mexico, .from the Philalelphia Ledger, and heartily endorses it. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Tho Milk in the Cocoa Nut?We have re cced quite a budget of letters from kind and" obsemng friends, who witnessed what wont on at the recent Hard New York State conven tion assembled at Syracuse. They embrace *> mneh of interest to those who take part in politic, any where, as that we feel impelled to Preeent the Star's readers with a summary of e wiringa-in and twistings-out occurring there, which serve to illustrate mest forcibly e fact that if ever there were a set of gentle men whose maneuvers in connection with pub lic affair* required watching, (if the commodity would protect itself against possiblo injurious consequences from the success of their in tngues,) it is the very identical set which car Tied natters on that occasion with to hiirh a hand. ? According to our information, on the night before the convention assembled, those of the ^?legates and <' outsider." who had reached Syracuse were, the great majority of them, nuc*rely disposed to seek in their action of 'as next day only to lay the foundation of an e:.tire reunion of the Democratic party of New ork. But the next morning brought up to -yr^use about twenty delegates and as many ird strikers" who had passed the day and evening before in the houso of Mr. D. 8. Dick son at Binghampton, where a plan was con cocted to pass resolutions so drawn up by that gentleman ac that they would blink the Kn>w nothing and Nebraska bill Usues, adopt an ad ?*??, (also written by himself,) the burden of which was his personal grief against the admin istration on account of his failure to get the of fice on the formation of the cabinet to which he aspired, and to take from the Democrats of the ?everal Congressional district,, the selection o the 5U.6 s delegates to the next National Democratic Convention, electing at that time and on that occasion a delegation of Dickinson men. The I lea of taking the selections of the del egates out of the hands of the Democratic masses w?? conceived because Mr. Dickinson know, well that, if chosen a* heretofore, there *s *v earthly hope that his friends can poll onc-frurth the Democratic primary vote in a ?j g e Congressional district of the State. Thus everything was sacrificed in Mr. D.'s pl*n for ca-ymg the Convention-shaping its action, c to the end of bringing about the bo*us election (eight or ten months in advance of tho assembling of the Cincinnati Convention,) of a delegation of his own partizans; in the foolish fcupo of their recognition by that body in rrei-rcnce to that of those reguiar,y Lnd propeily elected by tho Democratic masses tjcni.-elvo^, as heretofore. Mr. Birdsall was, as usual, Mr. Dickinson's managing man, and with his immediate back ers be>Idly threatened to carry all D.'s pur ir th?< be necessary., mjustification of Dickinson's ends professed to believe that there was a scheme on fu>t to turn the influence of the convention ? favor of the nomination of Mr. Buchanan at Cincinnati! This joke is so capital as to in duceustbus to make it-of record." The pluU.rm drawn up and eent on by Dickinson (and afterwards reported and adopted, after amendment,) abandoned all that was distinc betWeCQ the Hards and Softs, as to the support of the Nebraska biU, and even hostili ty to the Administration. Yet it involved a to unite with the Softs, because, and only because, united, the delegation to Cincin nat, could noi fail to be against its author -Diokinson. There could not have been a more thor ugL and sweeping abandonment of every issue mode at the North on the Nebraska bill, than was involved in the resolution on the sub j ct as originally drawn up by Dickinson bim ?? ?o the power of Congress over slavery in the temtow, the Miwouri reaction, th. Uf u .ppli^J lhe inhabitant* ofUni.ed State. Urritor,? ? 4c. The only iao, ?f th, Daniel E. Sickles, Esq., to hi- er#(|jt t written, exposed the folly, selfishness, and im poteaoe of the effort to make the Hards, thus a mere personal party-a tail of Mr. Dickinson and demonstrated that the existing difficulty between them on one side, and the Softs and Ad ministration on the other, was not one of principle in any re8pact what#T#r> bnt Qf ^ appointment on the part of the Hards about ?poi.s tlat there was not the slightest differ ence of principle existing .t the time of the separation, and that nonesuch has since arisen. Auolhe,??Artl. featn,. tk. ?M,that new!, meaberrf itWkU. " Peraon*iiy aiMfpoioud b7 th. N?. a AJmioirtrMiM. with rafWuc. to oBce r,','ru' 8T" * ^or their fmilore to .? Tot wh.o raawn* a. a Hard eudi. for Mat. or count/ oBc. Of th. thir ty-six delegates chosen by them to the Cinein nati convention, fall thirty were actually taken from among themselves. This was just each a bait to superinduce the impudent attempt to boost a bogus delegation firom New York into the Cincinnati convention, as would be sure to carry, at Syracuse at least; as ntoh politicians as the majority *?*?, Might be relied on im plicitly as being sure to bite at it (the bait) with avidity. T*Ve ticket was nominated by a <^?"mitttiv appointed by the Chair, and the convention, to oover up Mr. Dickinson's tracks, absolutely refused to accord a yea-and-nay vote except by the demand of a majority. This was, of course, only devised to enable the chair to de clare every thing carried his own way. The action on the motion of Mr. Sickles for the enlargement of the committee on the platform, affords an apt illustration, indeed, of the trick involved in the adoption of that regulation. he secretary, after counting, announced that the vote on it was?ayes 53, noes 40. But tbc chair, ignoring the oount and announcement, promptly pronounced the mc-tion lost; saying that he thought there wero about 57 negative vote?! There were not more than about 100 delegates then present. Such acts prove un mistakably their reckless desperation and -avage fury, carried to such an extent as thai the upshot of their action is, that they merely made fools of themselves. Of the uut-siders who had "a finger in the pie," George Law win conspicuous; aiming, as he does, to obtain the Know Nothing presidential nomination. Hi* instruments wero there with plenty of hi* money, working to defeat union with the Softs, on the principle that a divided enemy is catiest to conquer. So also were the oanal contract jobbers there in foroo. Canal Commisrioners are to be elected this fall, who are to give out some fifteen mil lions in contracts. All the world know how the State Treasury is plundered in giving out such jobs. The expose was origi nally made by the Softs of the manner in which the thing is dono there; and the jobbers were bent on preventing a union, because that could nardly tail to result in the election of honest Canal Commissioners, over the candidates of the jobbers to be nominated jointly by the Re publican convention and other organizations opposed to the Softs. Judge Bronson was amusingly lugged into the programme, being elected a dolegate to Cincinnati. It strikes us that the judge, not withstanding the proverbial obtuseness of his political perceptions, will hardly thank Dick inson for the impudent attempt to use him, af ter what occurred at Binghampton, at the last election, wherein his vote fell 70,000 short of the rest of his ticket; evidently by pre-arrange ment between Daniel S. Dickinson and th<' Know Nothings; Binghampton the "Hard'' head quarters, taking the lead in that work. On the whole, the action of this convention, which meets the contempt and ridicule of the Hard masses themselves, demonstrates that what remains of the organisation is now car ried in the breeches pockets of ''Scripture Dick,' only to be used by him in driving th best possible bargains for himself with the Knew Nothings, or Scwarditei, or any other faction that will bid highest. The New Custom House at Ellsworth, Me. Yesterday, the Secretary of the Treasury nwarded to James T. Whitmore, of Ellsworth, (that person being the lowest bidder,) the con tract for the construction of the custom-h< use to be built there at $8,500. The Current Operation* of the Treaaurj Department.?On yesterday,tho31st Angus', there were of Treasury Warrant* entered ol the books of the Department? X? ?reaaur7 department.... $21,217 41 For tho CtUtOUi) ?MlllMMII m 11 A9A IK t r ^arrantJ roc?^?d and" en- ' For the Interior Department 11$? 52 Interior repay warrants received and entered o 77- ,7 From Customs 27,327 30 Cholera at Fort Eiley and on tho Plains. The following is an interesting letter (though not as late as the last news by telegraph) from a gentleman attached to Lieut. Bryan's sur veying expedition to a friond in this city, written from "Camp thirty-five miles south west from Fort Riley, Kansas Territory, Aug. 3, 1855," vis : ?v* 'a8t Monday morning, ? ,',u rCV'0US U> that' the cholera TLth?ro amon? th? quarterns ter s men and the tew troops at the post. We only came five miles, when one of the privaU-s had J X?" Wl" taken 111 on the Prai??- We had a cituen physician with the party, but he was taken sick at nearly the same time the JhokiLT^n.f WCnf back for Dr Simmons, ?' genUea,an,J surgeon of the post. He reached our camp (ten miles from the fort) mv ^rk H18 t?,W?rk Up fivo mi,e3 ct my work. Ho remained at camp until dark thrT rigbt- Aftor 1 r^bed camp, That 1 w"??rt W" l1ken rick? uud died all uf th! no , rcmulucd at said camp of onr il.v- ? J',?n acc0unt of thc sickness lifty' &D 80m0 of the esc 'rt. We left there on Wednesday, and came six milts to S\c.imore Creek, which place we left yes H^weTa^T *rririnS hore la*' evening. Mere we have fine spring water. Last nijrht fttm P .rt RM ' a" exPre8s "der arrived here Si! .. 67 W,th ? note tu Brevet Major Armi tead, commanding company F 6th in fantry, (our escort,) stating thatfiswifewi; dying ot cholera. He forthwith put off in our ambulance, and has just returned to tell us a of horror. His wife died before he reilh left Z K the T died before Major A left on his return; Mrs. Woods and daiUter were dying as ho left Major E. A ofden assistant quartermaster, arrived at Fort ftiley IrTfir7? W6et3 8-nce With 80me four hundred IX ?Ct mCa and Iaborc? to put up Neant in l? tCn comPanioj of dragoons -Nearly all his men are sick or dead, and he was considered dying when Major A. left. The quartermaster s sergeant died yesterday The ?ut.te7 (Mrs Wilson) i. deiS Y .r.te in baste. The facts as stated are correct." The writer has, in previous letters, men tioned young Mr. Larned, of this eity. As he does not name him now, the presumption is he was well. Clerical Changee.?Wm F. Wallace and F. M. Ewell, temporary clcrks in Land Office, have been detailed for duty in the Pension Office. E. Goodrich Smith and Marinus Wil latt, permanent clerks in the Land Offioe, at $1,400, have been reduced to temporary clerks, at $1,200, and similarly detailed. A Correction.?In discussing, a few days sine# " The value cf Probity," as illustrated "?the career of James King of Wm., in Cali fornia, we find that we inadvertantly did in justice to a gentleman personally unknown to us, who, we are since assured by more than one gentleman from California, in all mtpeois worthy of credence, has always borne himself as a man of integrity. We refer to the person whose name we did not then knew, who being one of the bearer, of Mr. Cohen's Challenge to Mr. K., had been indicted by the Grand JnV of which Mr. K. was the fixeman, 18 tncnths before. We are informed bj the Cali orniaus in Washington, to whom we refer above, that the indictment was not for pecula tion, but for*misdemeanor in withholding the hooks and other property of the office from his Isg&lty elected successor, and that his ground "or doing so was because the successor had no* bonded, as the law requires; and, further, hat, being tried under the indictment in ques ;on, ho was triumphantly acquitted. We herefore take great pleasure in making this orrection, which is evidently due to the gen V.eman implicated in the article erroneously. he Epidemic in Norfolk and Portsmouth. The yellow ferer is alarmingly on the in rease in both Norfolk and Portsmouth. In Torfolk. the utmost oonstcrnation prevails; ind it is stated that there are not more than kurulrtd white people remaining in the ity, and they are hourly leaving; and the en ire depopniation of the plaee appears to be aevitable. The following deaths have occurred since ur last report: Mr?. Todd, Mrs. Walter Jones, Mrs. Capt. fhite, James House, Joseph Tatcin. F Tar int, Miss Cauip, Thos Bevcridge, Mr. Scott. Ira. Beckley, Betsey Capps, child of Willitm Srooks, child of Mrs. Foster, two children of ?Ir. Swain, Thos. Presson, Miss Davis, Dr. ho*. Nash, l)aaiel Handy, Miss A. Bang?, ohn W. Batkins, and six colored persons. [Correspondence of the Evening Star.] Nohfolk, August 31. Yesterday was by far the most destructive ay of the scourge?39 deaths by fever in Nor i'?lk iu 21 hours ending at 2 o'clock- I just 5 )ft my patients t) take a little fresh air; I mve four of then. John Rogers and his nio ler are doing well, but the servants are in a .ritical condition. 1 have just left the office of the Howard As sociation, (10 o'clock,) and find 21 deaths?four iouis more for reports to come in from the ? loctors. The eld City Hotel hus been opened is a hospital, aad about 40 sick were removed there yesterday, 5 of whom died there last i ight. 1 do not think it is prudent to have an bos ital in so central a place in the city; but it is 1 ery convenient. They are a noble set of fel ws that composo the Howard Association?all i>at men can do they have dono to relieve the distressed victims of this fearful malady. Sev ral of them belong to the Norfolk Blues. :'hey lost their first member this morning? John Andrews. There are very few die with ihe fever under 18 years of age. T. B. The Howard Association have requested that no more physicians or nurses be sent, as they are liable to be attacked with the epidemic ifter a few days, and, instead of rendering ser \ ioe, have to bo nursed by those who should attend to others. Persons from New Orleans aid the more southern climate aro preferred, ..oth as physicians and nurses, from the fact hat they are experienced and acclimated to t e malaria whicu produces the disease. The following persons have arrived at Nor folk, and tendered their setvices to the suf fering : E. E. Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Parker, and a .?ulored boy, from Charleston, S. C.; Dr. Camp oell, Capt. Ives, Treasurer of the Howard Ae :<oei&tion, and ten fcmule nurses t'rom N.;?> Orleans; Drs. J. B. Head and R. J. Flinn, alto X. J Charlton, J. E. Godfrey, J. J. McFar 1 ind, and R. W. Skinner, medical student?, and Wm. Ebbs and John White, assistant*, tiom Savannah. In Portsmouth, John L. Porter is recover ing; a letter having beea received from him announcing this gratifying intelligence to his family (who are sojourning in this city) and many friends. [Correspondence of the Evening Star.] Suffolk, August 30. I left this place, yesterday, for the water tank, about four miles from Portsmouth, iu Mrs. Armstead's, on Western Branch, .vhere a part of my family is staying- I left Mrs. Armistead's, to-day, to get on the cars at i he water-tank, and procure the news from P.>rttmouth of this date. I shall return to P jrtsmouth to-night. One of the volunteer doctors came from Portsmouth yesterday evening, on his way to Baltimore. He said he was just going back to fix up his business, and then return; that in s >me six or eight houses in Newtown he visit ? I fifteen sick, and had on h?s list some sevei - ly patients, and there could not be less than six hundred sick. He said a great deal more, but I did not believe he had run, nor that ho was frightened almost to death. A great many reports have been in circula tion in regard to J. Gustavus Hollidny, Esq. The truth of the matter is, that by his col s ant endeavors to relieve tho sick and desti tute, he over-exerted himself, and went to the Naval Hospital for a day or two to recruit him s.-lf. This is the whole truth of the matter. The deaths of to-day, up to 3 o'clock, have been fourteen?twelve in town and two at the hospital. Below are some of tho names. Ma jor Samuel Forbes, Mrs. William Gwynn', child of William Broughton, Bill, negro boy belonging to John Cocke. A negro man be longing to Miss Bricquet was found, dead this morning iu a kitchen on Broad Rock Mrs. Colonel Charles Cassell, Mrs. John B. Davis, md Virginius Hayncs, her son. were taken with fever this morning; also Ned, a negro b y belonging to J. W. Collins. In Norfolk, Messrs. Pebworth and J. G. H. llatton have died. Dr. Maupin and Col. Winchester Watts came out of the hospital this morning. John Woodley is still very sick r.nd restless, and is occasionally delirious. Capt. Allen does not improve. There is an increase of fever over the past three days. When this scourgc will leave our towns none can form the slightest idea. There is so little communication between Norfolk and Portsmouth that we hear but lit tle from the former place. 1 have just learned that Miss Morriset, ?laughter of Robert Morrisct, of Newtown, is dead. Mrs. Mary Bohannon is also dead. John Emmerson is out, having recovered Ilis brother Arthur and Mrs. Armistead are both woll. W. B. C. The Baltimore Steam Packet Company, owning and running the splendid line to Nor folk and Portsmouth, have manifested a de gree of charity and magnanimity, during the frightful pestilence, that merits a warm place i>r them iu the public heart. The company started tho first subscription, and headed the list with $500, and Mr. Falls, the president, with $50. Their steamers are now running at a dead expense, and carrying supplies to the two cities frit of charge. Here is one excep tion that " corporations have no souls." All honor to the Chesapeake bay Hue steamers. Mr. Falls conoludes a letter to Mayor Fiske, of Portsmouth, as follows: I would further observe, that the subscrip tion by our citisens for the relief of Norfolk, Portsmouth and Gosport now amounts to $11,000. We are able and willing to supply erory man, woman, and child, thaL requires it, in your three citiee; only let us know every d*y by mail what you want, and it will be im mediately sent by the bay steamers, free of charge. Please have no hesitation in freely informing us of all your wants, as I remarked ia a former letter to the president of the How a J Association. A11 that can come to us are w jl-ome. We ^Baltimore] have no quaran tine laws for neighbors. Of those that cannot o >tne we will supply the wants. We have had n > town meetings to open our ports and houses, for the reason they nave never been closed, a id I hope are never Ukely to be. Never for a single day have the bay boats missed con necting with Norfolk ana Portsmouth, both with mails and passengers, since the fever commenced. py The New York Whig oity convention have made the following nominations for city officers: For Comptroller?Robert T. Haws; Street Commissioner?James Dewey; Com* misaionor of Repairs aad Supplies?Jacob t. D dge; City Inspector?Christian W. 8cfctfer; Corporation Counsel?Theodore E. Tomlinsoa; G .veruor of the Aims-House?Df. James B, Yfyjd The Late Railroad Accident. A dispatch from Burlington, N. J. dated yesterday, rajs: The number killed by the Railroad aeeideat near this place on Wednesday la now ascer tain c<l to be only 21 instead of 23, as before itated. Eighteen bodies hare been delivered to their friends at a distance. One died at Ber lentown, and one is stilllyiaghero, and is sup oosed to be thatjof Mr. Humphrey, of Illinois. The other of ths two bodies not recognised yes terday, proves to be that of Hugh J arris, of Newark, Delaware. The wounded persons passed a comfortable night and all are now mending rapidly. The inquest is proceeding and will occupy all the day and perhaps longer, it being de termined that the affair shall be thoroughly 1?L ? HtVU Evening.?During the recess the jury virited the soene of the aocident to the railroad train. All traces of the ruins were removed cxcept the splinters, car seats and other tri fling fragments. The pla<*e where the rear car was backed off the track was 255 yards from the crossing, where the cars came in con tack with the carriage. From the spot where Dr. Hyneman says he heard the rumbling of the cars an unobstructed view of the track can be had for 500 or 600 yards. This fact was proved by running a train up and down the track while the jury obtained a view of the train for sereral hundred yarda further down the road than the spot occupied by the Doctor. The little boy found upon the wreck of the train has been recognized as the son of Mr. Mills, liring near Bordontown. It is? supposed chat he came down on the New York tram on the morning of the accident. The invostiga tion i?? not yet complete. The New York Journal of Commerce, refer ring to the rccent railroad slaughter, says : The tragedy at Norwalk had this allevia tion at lcadt, that the company upon whose negligence the accident was charged, was com pelled to pay to the survivors and friends of the%lcceased some $300,000 in damages But in the New Jersey case, it is now asserted that the monopolists have taken care to prevent "uch a modification of the common law in that State na has been adopted in most of the States, by which tho right of action has been trans ferred to the legal representatives of the de ceased ; so that, as to the victims whose fives have been destroyed by the reccnt disaster, the Camden and Amboy Company will be en tirely exempt from that kind of punishment which would seem particularly appropriate to their case. Among the deaths at Greenbusb, N. Y., >n iuesday, was that of Thomas Hewson, in the ninetieth year of his age. Mr. Hewson

was born in 1766, and resided in Albany for upwards of eighty years. He has voted at every Presidential election from Washington t) General Pierce. The Mobile (Ala.,) Advertiser states that fij s can be grown and dried in Alabama, which in two years time will equal, if not sur pass, the best imported qualities. ?-^=?FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH K% street.?The Pastor, Rev. Byron Sun derland. D. D., having returned to the'city. will (Providence permittine) preach in this church to-morrow morning at 11 o'clock, and at quarter before 8 at night. It* If-^SsMETHODIST PROT'NT CHURCH, 9th street.?The Pastor having returned to the city there will be service to-morrow at 11 o'clock in the morning, and at 7^ in the evening. >-^2a>REV.E. B. CLEGHORN wilTpreach in the Seventh street (O S.) Prcsbyte ?ian Church, on the Inland, to-n< >rrow at 11 a m. and b p. m. The public are invited to attend. It# ,YOUNG CATHOLICS' FRIEND SO ciety.?The regular monthly meeting cf ?his Society will be held TO-MORROW (Sun day) EVENING, at 5 o'clock, at St. Patrick s Church. A full attendance of the members Is particularly desirable at this meetin ' as an election for officers for the ensuing year will be held. W. J. FI1ZPATRICK, wp 1?It Secretary. NOTICT3.?The Union G.iard* will hold ;their regular monthly meeting on TUES DAY, September the'4th. at 7# o'clock, at .which meeting an election will be held to All the vacancies in the Company. All members are requested to be there PETER HARRISON, sep 1?2t? Ord. Sgt. PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD, Attention.?The regular monthly meet ing of the Corps will be held at the armory* on THURSDAY, the6th instant, at 1% o'clock." Every member is requested to be present, as two Secretaries and a Treasurer are to be elected, and important business to be transacted Bv order: JNO. H. McCUTCHEN, Sec. sepl? ?-3a?THOMA3 BALTIMORE, the H** man, (who lives in the First Ward.) de sires to Inform the public that It was not Mm who was aranted for the mean act of beutlng his wife. It was Thomas Baltimore, the Whitewashes aep 1?It* *-^2aPUBLIC SCHOOLS.?THE PUBLIC Schools of the city will be re-opened on MOND ^.Y, the 3d day of September, at 8 o'clock a. m. The Teachers willbeln attendance at their respective school-houses to receive pupils who present tickets of entrance or re-admi?slon. They will be assisted in the organization of the classes by the Trustees and Officers of the Board. As the number of pupils is limited, parents who desire to enter or continue their children in school will do well to make an early application for admis sion tickets. By direction of the Board : GEORGE J. ABBOT, sep 1?3t Secretary. l| |J WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY.? Q n The Nineteenth Anniversary Meeting of the fl m Companv will be held at the Armory MON M ill DAY EVENING, September 3d. Nhe members are requested to be punctual in their attendance, as the annual election of elective officers will take place. B. F. BEERS, Sec. au 31?3t LOST?Last night,between Martin's Franklin House, corner Eighth and D streets, and the City Post Office, a POCKET BOOK, containing two orders on V incent Taylor (of the iirm of Bovce A Taylor, of Georgetown, D. C ,) one for $150 '22, and the other for $'200 38, in favor of Fitzhugh Coyle. They are of use to no one but the owner, pavment on them having been stopped. The finder will be reasonably rewarded by leaving them at Fitzhugh Coyle's store. Seventh street between Louisiana avenue and D streets ?ep 1?3t? J. P. BARTHQLOW. t SALE?A l^t of Sash Doors, Cases, and Drawers, suitable for a saddler or shoemaker. Also, wanted, two stoat boys, to learn the iitld In^ business. Apply to FRANCIS LAMB, sep 1?3t 237 avenue. TWO DOLLARS REWARD.-Lost, on J. Tuesday morning, August 30th, on D street, I*tween 7th st and the City Hall, two Deeds. The Under will receive the above reward by leaving them at the National Theatre, for Andrew R Bennett, or at this office. au 31?sit* PATENT OFFICE BUSINESS promptly, carefully and permanently transacted bv THOMAS GEORGE CLINTON, (formerly As sistant Examiner U. S. P. O., and latterly from a professional tour in Europe,) at 444 Seventh street Washington, D. C. sep 1?3t* M O O R E * S PAVILION, St. Mary's county, Md. THIS favorite place of resort will be kept open for the reception of visiter; until the 1st of Oc tober. The bathing and fishing are excellent. Terms moderate, as usual. All the rhrer steamers land and receive passen gers at this place. J. W I.MOORE, sep 1?3t? HATS?FALL FASHIONS. P*VANS, 836 Pennsylvania avenue, near Thir J-i teenth street, to-day introduces his Fall sty'e of HATS and CAPS, which, for beauty ? \ and durability, cannot be surpassed. He has likewise made arrangements with the celebrated Genln, of New York, to have constant ly on hand a large assortment of his Hats, which will be offered to the public, for, best qualitv S3 50; second quality $2.50. He is confident that gentlemen will save at least one dollar in the nriee of a hat b% calling at his establishment sep 1?3t PARLOR MIRRORS. generally, that he la prepared to manufacture, at snort, aotlee, parlor and other MIRRORS, of all atzea, and wlfi guarantee that his work will equal "y^e*^U$I!toh ^ country with regard to Fancy aad Brackett Tables. Portrait and Pic ture Frames constantly on hand. _ - FRANCIS LAMB, . ,*? P? avenue, opposite Gautier'a Saloon. All Miners sold will be delivered and put up complete, saving thereby risk of damage and ex pense of boxing and freight whea bought la other Cl'-lc*. ??p 1?ec2m Sale of Creek iBdiaa Reserved Lead* la AUlb&BSt DB?AKTMt!fT OF T*B INTKSIOB, ) Orric* or Ixduh ArrAiaa. > v* - _ Aa^ustai, i8ss > OU0UC NOTldE 19HEREBY OIVEN that. A agreeably to the proviaioaa of the first section of the act of the 3d of March, 1637, entitled 44 An act to sothoriae and aaoctioa the sale* of reserves provided for Creek Indiana in the treaty of March twenty-four. eighteen hundred and thirty one, in certain easea, and for other jmrpooes," the several ' Win v <bu ? ? ? Wiixa ?-??-1 ? lp- ? |- J f>iecea or parcel* of land hereinafter described, ying in the Coosa and Tallapoosa land districts, tn the fttite of Alabaiaa, will, at the time* and exposed for aale at public auction to the highest bidder, for cash, la separ ate pi ere* or parcels aa described, the aame to be patented to the respective purchasers upon the psyment of the purchase money, via: On Wednesday, the 9Gth day of December, 1S&6, ii the land oflloe for the Coosa district, ia Lebanon, the following-described tracts, which have been decided aa unsold: Those of range eix [6] east. The south half of section tweaty-ive [96,] In pj .. ? twenty-two [S ] Of iange seven (7] east. The west half of section thirty-one [?,] In town ship thirteen (13;) and West half of section twelve [12,] 1a townahip fourteen, (14.J Of range nine [9] east. The south half of section tea [10,11? towaship Phalf o^section twenty-one [M,] ia town ^'XeTonh Lelf of section thirteen ri3,] in towa ship twenty-two f9i,] of range ten [10] east. In township sixteen [16,] of range eleven [11] ^The west half at section twenty-nine [29.] and west half of section thirty [JO ] And the west half of section twenty-two [22 1 in township eighteen [IB,] of range e even [11] east. Also, at the same time and place, the follow! rg described tracts, which have been claimed under alleged purchases from the reservees, their heirs, or otherwise, but which purchases have not been pei fee ted by the pay men'* of the amounts of con sideration respectively alleged, or the produeffon of evidences of aueh payment to the proper parties in interest, will be scid in the same manner, un less such psyment is made or evidence thereof ad duced, in accordance with th' requirements of the fovernment, through the ofliee of Indian Affairs, y or before the 15th day of November, 1855, viz The east half of section eight 18,] in townahip twenty [to.] of range three [3] east. Of range four [4] east. The eaat half of section twenty-two [22,] in township nineteen [19;] and North half of section eighteen [18,] in townahip twenty [90] The west half of section thirty-two [38] in town ship seventeen [17,] of range ai* [6] east. Of range aeven [7] eaat. The south half of aection thirty-four [34 ] in townahip fourteen [14;] and South half of sec'ion ten [19,] in townahip twenty [20] The east half of"section twentv-si*. [90,] in township sixteen (10.) of range eight [8] east And of range ten [10] east. The west half of aection twenty-seven [27.] in township sixteen [18,] and north half of section thirty-one [31] in township seventeen [17.] And on Wednesday, the 9th day of Janiary, 1-56. at the land office for the Tallapoosa district, in Montgomery, the following described unsoia tracts of land, viz: The south half of section eight [8,] tn township twenty-three [S3.] of range [16] east. The north half of section thirty-cne [31,1 In township twenty-two [92,] of range seventeen [i7] eaat. Of range eighteen [18] east The west half of aection fourteen [14] in town ship nineteen [19;] West half of se? tion twenty-four [94,] In town ship nineteen [19;] Kast half of acction all [0] in townahip twenty three [23;] and North naif of aection aeven [7,] In township twenty-four [2i.] The west half of section thirteen [13] in town ahip twenty-three [23.] of range nineteen [19,] east. In townahip twenty-four [24,] of range nineteen [19] east. The south half of section eight [8; ] North half of section nine [W;l North half of aection ten [?0;J North hall of section aeventeen f 17 ;1 South half of ection aeventeen [17;] and North half of section twenty-one [21 ] The south half of aection thirty-six [36,] in township eighteen [18,] of range twenty [20] eas In township eighteen [18.] of range twenty-one [21] east. The west half of aection thirty-one [31;] West half of section thirty-two [32: J and Kaet >??ir of section thirty-two [38 ] In townahip twenty [20.] of range twenty?one [91] eaat. The whole of aection thirteen [13;] and the South half of section twenty-nine [29 ] The west half of section thirty-two [32,] in township twenty-one [21,] of range twenty-one [21J east. The south half of section twenty two [22.] in township seventeen [17,] of range twenty-two [22] east 'I he west half of section thirty four [34,] in township eighteen [18,] of range twenty two [22] east. The north half of section thirty one [31,] in , township seventeen [17,] of range twenty-turee [231 east. The west half of aection twenty-n'ne [29,1 in township eighteen [18,] of range twenty-Liree [23] east. I The south half of aection three T3,] in township | sixteen [ 10, of range twenty-four [24] east. The north ha?f of section eleven [II,] in towa ship eighteen [18,] of range twenty-four [24] east. The south half of section fourteen [14,] in town ship twenty-four [24,] of range twenty-six [*6] east. The south half of section thirty-one [31,] in townahip fifteen [16,] of range twenty-seven [27] eatf. The north half of section thirty-one [31 ] in townshipeighte? n [18,] of range twenty-seven [27] east. In township seventeen [17.] of range twenty-eight [28] east. The aouth half of section four [4;] and North half of section eight [8 ] And the south half of section Ave [5 ] in town ship fifteen [15,] of range twenty-nine [29] east. Also, at the same time and ploce, the following described tracts, which have been claimed under alleged purchases from reservees, their heirs, or otherwise, but whicfi purchases have not been perfected by the payments of the amounts of con sideration respectively alleged, or the production of evidence of such to the proper parties in interest, will be ?oid in the same manner, un less such payment is made or evidence thereof addv.ced. in accordance with the requirements if the government, through the office of Indian Af fairs, by or before the 16th cf November, I85i. viz: The south half of section fifteen [15.1 in town ship twenty-two [22,] of range sixteen [10] eaat In township twenty-two [22,] of range aeventeen [17] east. The ea#=t half of aection aeven [7;] West half of section seven [7:] and West half of section twenty-four [24.] In township twenty-four [21,] cf range aeventeen [17] east. The north half of section twenty-four [94;1 South half of section twenty-four [J4;] and Kast half of aection twentv-slx [26 ] Fractional sections six [6] and seven [7,1 In townahip nineteen [19,] of range eighteen [13] east. The west half of aection five [5,] in township twenty [90.] of range eighteen [lh] eaat. The weat half of aection one [l,] in township twenty-four [94.] of range eighteen [18] east. The aouth half of aection three [3,] in township nineteen [19,] of range nineteen [19] east, The aouth half of section twenty-live [25,] in townahip aeventeen [17,] of range twenty [20] east. The oast half of aection twenty-nine [59,1 in townshahlp nineteen [19,] of range twenty [20] eaat. _ In township twenty-one [21,] of range twenty [20] east, the aouth half of * ection twenty-two [22 J and the south half of section twenty-live [95.] ||n townahip twenty-two [29,] of range twenty [20] The east half of aection aiae [9;] and West half of section nine [9 ] In township twenty-four [94,] of range twent y [20] The north half of section nine [9,] and West half of aection twenty-two [22.] The aouth half of section twenty-six [26,] in townahip twenty-one [21,] of range twenty-one ^Vhe*north half of aectloa thirty-five [35,] in townahip tweaty-two [22.] of range twenty-one r 2. feast. The west half of section seventeen [17,] in township twenty-four [94,] of ran go twauty-oae [91] east. In township ae van teen [17 ] of range twenty-two [?Jeaat ? | , The north half of aectlan thirteen j 13;) aao Eaat hMfof ssetloa twaaty-five [25 ] The south half of section three (Vila towaship fifteen [U,] of range twenty-three [?1 mtA. The eaat half of aection twenty-nine (90,1 la townahip aeventeen [17,] of ranpe twenty-three [43] east The we* half of eection four [4.1 i? township twenty-two [28,1 of mage tweaty-foar [341 eest "tK.' wnh1 "2'" JT'^I lll'LS township tweoty [80,} of mage twsaty-five f?) The wulh :wraty-two , half of section six [?.] In township I The writ 2W 2 fjT EVoSShlp turrntv on# rsi.l of r*ni^ tweaty-sli J*) cut The'south h'aA of 'il^on^weaty-eight J >* fvmhlp eighteen (18,] of rup tweaty-se\vn ' I^bTnorth keif of section thlrty-thme [31,J ie lowwbiP twenty-one [41.] of mnge twccty-sere? iMMith belf of eeetien twalee fit,] 1? tawn ..hip twenty-two [4*,] of mnge twsaty-se vea f*^i The west half of section srvmteen [ITUe lown *&zsiliiz ysaswri^r.? township eighteen [18,] of renge twenty-*ght west half of art too _ oo ft>iu [?l In township twenfy-two f44.]?f renge tTOty-eCrht J] on*. ?* - ? -** - * ?piiretet b flv,] in tovi - The east half of aecUoa shlpolevna fll,] of range te?enty n\y f?jjyt; and the south half of sertlootwentf-thme [??] la township eeventeea [17,] of mage twenty-nlae ^he*? salee will commence at the hour of 14 o'clock m , of each^Aa* above denlanated, and continue until all of (be lands then wo.iw < '( ^ under this notice nre offezed CHxRLES K. MIX, Acting sep 1?lawtMDee JOB FIIITURD'I O X RO XT S I With Entire Vew and Brilliant Kqtupmen*.! TH,8 superb MUAM. THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SATURDAY , August 30 and 11, and Sept I. FOR THREE DAYS ONLY! i ok FTtRNOON aND EVENING. Doors open at 2 and ? p. m. Performance half an hour afterward*. Admission 25 cents. Tbi? Company 1* distinguished for tbeeieir.r novelty. and variety of its entertainment*. EOUESTRIAN, GYMNASTIC AND PANTOMIMIC, Displaying the hlgbeat order of Forelgr and Domestic Talent. Among the principal Artists of this Troupe are Madame VIRGINIA PBKRWOOD, Mon* NI COLO A PUPILS. Mr GEO RACHKLDER, Mr DAVIS RICHARDS, Mr C. SHERWOOD, FRANK PASTOR, Ae. CLOWN, JOE PENTLAND. For partienlars see bills In principal hotels At GEORGETOWN on TUESDAY. Aagmt L-th, and ALEXANDRIA en WEDNESDAY, August 49th so 16?dtSep era at Norfolk and Psrtsnasnth A PIC NIC will be given at the ? Park" oo next i\ MONDAY. Sepu-mber 3d. to commence at 1 o'clock, to aid in relieving the sufferings of the ?iAictea at the above named places. The moderate charge of 40 cents will be made, and it is to be hoped that the citizens of Washing ? ion will generously rrspond to the call, and sld In relieving the sufferings of our distressed neigh bors. Prof. Bergman's band will be in attendance. an 31?3t PLEASANT RESORT. IPRINe HARDENS, (FORMERLY FAV1ER 8 GARDEN,) On M Street, between Ser^nteentk f Eigkuentk, OPENED everr day in the week, and on Sun day. No splritous liqoors allowed, but Cof fee, Chocolate. Ice Cream. Ac., will be for sale Weber's Brans Band will perform every Mon day and Thursday evening, beginning at about 3 o'clock. Admittance free. au 18?3m A' LLSTRANGERS __L visit!ng the Cltv should aee Hunter's Cata logue of the curiosities of the Patent OAce Al so. his Description of Powell's Great Plctnrea. HUNTER Is to be seen at 400 Tenth street. ?y 31?Jm* \ MOUNTAIN HOUSE* CAPON SPRINGS! THE undersigned having been solicited by manv southern friends to extend the present s ason, have determined to keep the Mountain House open for their accommodation until the 10th day of October. The three tournaments for the sensoiwrill take place on the 4&th of August, the 14th and 2&th of I September. The fhre will be reduced S3 per month and f* per week, after the 1st of September an 44? BLAKEMORE A INGRAM CASH PAID FOR FURNITURE. PERSONS declining bookkeeping, or havia* a surplus of household effect-v will find us at all times pepared to pay them the highest cash prices fbr their nwrmn stock, or such articles u 'hey may wish to dl?pooeof. We will also ex change new furniture for old at moderate prices Furniture neatly repaired and varnished at the fhortest notice, ou reasonable terms BONTZ A COOMBS. Furniture Warerooms 7 th st.. bet land an 17 .1 MRS. A. C. REDMOND'S NEW GAL I lery of Daguerrenn Art ? Htvingengnged the services of an experienced artist, is fully prepared to take pictures equal to any in the city, and at reasonable prices No. '-flW Pa. avenue, northwest Corner 11th ?t., over Ford A Bro's Drug Store, au 6? SCHOOL BOORS. GRAY A BALLANTYNF-. 49* Seventh st . have received a very large and complete assort ment of the Books used lu the various Public and Priva'e Schools. Academies, and County Sc.hooli in thb vicmitys including th new serie? recently Introduced into the public Schools of this city vix: Cornell's Primary and intermediate Geo^ti phles, Terkins' Arithmetic, Bullion Grammar kc.. which will be sold wholesale and retail at tU very lowest prices. au 3U?3- I CLAIM AGENCY. R A HYDE. BOUNTY LAND AND CLAIM AGENT, i and Warrants bought and money to lend. Office on 1 street, between 10th and 11th. au 49?lw CANARY BIRD?Escaped from Itscaceoa Friday afternoon, a light colored Canary Bird about 111 weeks old, and was shedding The bird |M>Mies?es a value to the owner bv being s*-nt thrf? w-^ks since from Ohio, by a relative. Aayoe* b: iaging it to Chis oHce, will receive as a rewvd another bird if desired. an rOTO.MAC PAVILION. THE Proprietor respeetftjllv iaforms the poblic that the Pavilion will be kept open dnr- ? lng the running of the Potomac Steamers T1 *re are many fomilies here who Intend* to rnmain throughout September and he hopes that others may unite to enjov the fine bath and ftbhlng. W. W. DHL Piaar Pqimt. Aug. 45, 19S5. ?? MUSICAL ( LASS. HAVING been repeatedly urged by manv ftin. ilies to establish a class or clas-*?s for 1n?Tir tion on the Piano Forte, so as to place it wM the means of every parent to cultivate a taste in his family, and being desirous of i the wishes of the commanlty as br as lies la my power, 1 am now making arrangements to opeii stirh clasties, provided su&cient indroemcnts otter, and in such case, my object being to given thorough musical foundation to my younger pu pil*. I should propose to take a limited number at the low rate of ?5 per quarter, of 40 lessons, persona therefore desirous or availing themselves of these classes will please apply to me. by sole or otherwise, at Mrs. Smith's, No. ? F strr?t. j anas?tf W HENRY PALMER. COAL AND WOOD. TOHE subscribers would respectfully announce A to consumers of Coal and Wood that they have reoentiy established themselves la this city, as D?iert is C?l aa4 Ifsss, and hopes to receive a liberal share of their pa tronage. We have now on hand a good supply of Oak and Pine Wood. A laiye supply Anthracite Ceal of various a ties, both Red and White Ash now afloat, which will be ready for sate and delivery this week. Cumberland Coal of the best quality for family, smithing sud manufacturing pur Orders filled promptly and satisfaction gur ran tiod always. CASTLEMAN A BRO., Comer of B and tth sts . on the Caanl au 41?4w A CARD.?The subscriber informs his friends and the public that he la now able to attend to his bualnejM. He can be feund at his aid stalls, Centre Market, ready to wall on them, as he always has done heretofore The best of BEEF always on hand. JNO WALKER. JT??* Victualler BOOK BINDERS' PASTE EEUftMES A GLUE. Also Palest Pal at OU for roofk. Ac. 5 hhls Putty, la bladders, fbr sate bi HOWELL A MOR 1 No 123 C atr<*4, between (th and 7;fc au 21?lm ^LL.