Newspaper of Evening Star, September 1, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 1, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE Schools?Private akd Public.?After m ?ral weeks' vacation, the exercisos of the va rious schools will be resumed during the pres ent mouth. If parents general!/ shall not be gr i incd with a thorough education of their children, it will not be in conoequence of an absenoe of the proper opportunities or facili ties to that truly desirable end. Never before kM Washington and the District of Columbia entire, been so amply provided with schools, both public and private, of all grade*-from thi primary to the highest institutions?in the lat tarof which pupils may be fitted for all the professional and businesi departments of life. And it u a pleasing fast, that parents and guardians are fully awake to the import ance of education. The thousands of scholars iegularly attending school affords evidence of this fact. The following named schools will resume their exercises on Monday : Washington Seminary, F street, between Hinth and Tenth streets; H. J. Denekerc, S. J.. President. Union Academy and Union Female Acade my. Fourteenth street, near Now York avcnui" Z. Richards. Principal U. A., and Mrs. Z. Richards Principal U. F. A. Central Academy, g. Merchant. A. B , and v H ? ?orr?nce, A. B., Principals. Mm. Good s school, No. 7, south side of First street. Mrs. Lendy. No. 46 Louisiana avenue. Mr Bushnells school, No. 441, Thirteenth Street, between F and G streets. Emerson Institute, a select classical and mathematical school for boys, II street, one door from the corner of Twelfth street: CLas. B. Young. A. M., Princinal. Select School, Ellen E. Janney, Friends' Meeting House, I street. Miss Rosa Mooro s seminary, No. 351 Sixth Street, between H and I streets. Rittenhouae Academy, corner of Third street and Indiana avenue, 0. C. WW principal. Cottage Home School for Young Ladies, Massachusetts avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets. Miss M A. Cox principal. Western Academy, corner of Seventeenth and I streets, S. L. Loomis, A. M , principal. Mrs. Test s primary schoolJtor children on F street, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. Mrs. Goodrich's school for girls, No. 435 Fifth street, between D and E streets. v o and Sister's school, at No. 43 Four-and-a-half street, Pennsylvania avenue. JVurkt School?Young men and others who cannot attand day school will find a good op acquire education by calling on r. J. r ill, Tenth street, between I> a^d E street*, who proposes to impart instn Hion in toe evening, in mathematics, engineer^, and ?th?r useful branches. following named schools will resume plr duties at tne times respectively stated : i>ugby Academy, Fourteenth street, oppo si e Franklin Square, G. F. Morrwon princi pal, second Monuay in September. Young Ladies' Classical Institute, 4?0 E rtreet. between Fifth and Sixth streets, Ste phen H. Mirick principal, September 10. Mi?j Harrover s Seminary for Young La dies. corner of New York tvenue and Thir teenth streets. second Monday in September. Female Seminary for Day Pupils, F street, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets; M. A. Tyson and Sisters; the duties of which will be resumed on the 15ih of September. Mrs. Burr will resume her classes for young ladies on the 17th of September, at her resi dence, 364 C street. Mrs. Henry A. Burr, No. 391 H street, be tween Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets ; her Jupils wiil recommence their studies on the l*n of September. Public Schools.?The exercises of these JK-pular schools will :>e re?umed on Monday. Georgetown.?The following n;;med insti tutions of learning wiil resume their exercises on Monday : Georgetown Classical and Mathematical Academy. No. V4 West street; P. A. Bowen principal. d^eorgetown College?B. A. Magure, presi Boarding and Dav Seminary for Youne La dies Mrs. Gca. T. T. Wheeler, principal. Georgetown Female Seminary?William J. viark, principal. Hunter s Academy, in Forrest Hall, George town; Charles Hunter, principal. The excr etes in this institution were commenced on the 27th of August. Alexandria.?St. John's Academy. No. 57 V?uth Koyal street, corner of DukeRichard tarue, jr., principal. Duties to be re famed on Monday next. Maryland.?Brookeville Academv, Mont gomery county, Md ; E. B Prettyman, A. M , principal. ' ' Fair Hill Boarding School for Girl?, Sandy wPrxngi Montgomery county, Md ; Wm. H. lanjuhar, principal. The Circtjs ?The circus of Joe Pent/and. bow exhibiting in this city, bears off the palm irvin all similar entertainments that we have had in Washington for many jear.^ f!1? performers are all highly skilled and ambitions, and exert themselves to please! while their appointments are well got up, anu to their credit be it written, kept scrupulously clean. The ring horns arc all young, activc and well trained. Frank and William Pastor, the boys who perform the trapaaec, Sherwood and his wife, the leading vaulter, the trained d"^'. and, indeed, all and every thing intro duced into the ring, arc of the very first oider, all being far superior in their way to any thing ut the kind exhibited here for many years past Joe Pentlaud is the very Prince of Clowns, relying apon genuine wit alone for the amusement of his audicnccs. Not a word was uttered, in the whole course of last night's Sertormances, offensive to the cars of the most elicate lady. This is a.- it should be. To night is their last one in Washington, and we ?dyise all to attend who know how to enjoy a ?isit to the best circus in the country at this time. . Riot a.vd Fightiig ?Yesterday, officers fanning and Goddard arrested Cfcas. McGib bon for fighting at a houso on Twelfth street it appeared to be a rather serious encounter between a mother and her son, when the of ?cers made the arrest. McGibbon was taken to the office of Justice Clark, where evidence was produced which proved that the Witnesses were not less in the mud than the principal in the m:re. The justice committed tho party; and then came from the madarne a speech, which we do not feel disposed to give to the publie. We regret, though, that she should villify the Sqeirc by calling him a "d?d Knew Nothing," with the extras. It is proba ble that she will discover before she shall be discharged from the county jail that she made amuuke. Ta.vsKStsE Block or Marble.?We are authorized by Mr. William Dougherty to state, in relation to the charge in the Organ of yes terday, of his having mutilated the Tennessee block of marble, forwarded from that State to be plaoed in the Washington National Monu ment, that if the present acting board of man agers believe what is there asserted, they know how to obtain redress ; and that ha will he ready at any time to meet the investiga tion. He likewise wishes them to know tnat he not onK has a specimen of the Tennessee block at hut residence, but one of the block from every State in the Union. Tub Bodies or Cait. Bores and his daugh ter Emma, victims of the late Camden and Amboy railroad disaster, have be?u brought to Georgetown, and deposited in the vault at Oak Hill Cemetery. While thepersons having the bodies in charge were on their way hither, they received, it is said, tho melancholy intel ligence that Mrs. Boyce died after they left Burlington with the remains of the abeve named members of the family. Msae Robbery ?An old colored woman, a slave, seat to market with produce to sell, and furnished by her in arte r with fifteen dollars to make purchases, was robbed in the market by some worthless villain of every cent. The fobs and tears of the old woman aroused the anger and sympathy of all who heard her re late the story. It is a pity the worthless scoundrel who stole the money was not caught in the act and punished on the spot. Tme Electio* to fill the vacancy in the Georgetown B^ ard of Common Council is to be feeld on Thursday, the 6th instant. , V ~W?1 ?tho comoiUM for lb* second Wajfd, anp*Dtcd by (he Merchants' hx^haiige, oolleeted, yesterday, between three and four hundred dollars. Wo have not heard roin the other committees, but presume that tney hare been equally successful, as the peo ple readily contribute for the relief of the suf ferers by yellow fover in Norfolk and Ports mouth. Many persona are ready to give, if called upon by responsible parties; therefore we hope that all the gentlemen composing the committees will endeavor to wait upon our citiiens for that parpose. They will, we as SUJ!u a* Jabor is not in vain. ijf,.r*s"lt1of the performances of the Camp, bell Minstrels was twenty-fire dollars, which with ten dollars from Oriental Lodge, I. 0. 0. F., and other sums contributed from various other sources, will be promptly transmitted. a? '1 Tfw,!*11?* to'day "???? fips" a dosen. What is the priee of your egrs?" asked * poor looking woman. " Quarter a aICD?' vCttf 7 rcPIie^th?huckster. "Won t * i ? T ??nt/"cenU?" "ked the woman. ?-* >? ?? let yotl havc a doienfortwenty \Z?a 7n eggS W? del?vered and the money paid. How could you charge that poor wo man above the market price?" asked a by stander. " Because, ' said the huckster,41 she is one of those who will jew, ask what price you will, and I always leave myself room to lall downi to the market price. This time she oidn t hold out as long as usual, and I mado three cents by my maneuver." This incident 18-*u?r attention of the many who deal with every one upon the presumption that he ij a cheat, and that it is their privilege or duty to overreach him if they can. , *5**^ w" arrested, yesterday, by officer Goddard for committing a serious as sault and battery upon John Price. Mr. Pricc was badly cut about the head and neck, and his statement of the affair would make it a se rious case. Mr. Morgan was held to bail for court by Justice Clark. John T. Reeder was sent to jail by the tame magistrate, in default of security for neace; he having threatened the livej of an entire family. NVrsingthe:Sick.?Mr. Joseph Ferguson, barber, on Eighth street, will leave this city this a^rnoon, on his way to Norfolk, where he i^Leus to volunteer his services as a nurse, lie has a family in Washington. He is about to engage in a dangerous though a noble work. e V' and Jackson, of this city, left for No,folk on Thursday evening last, on the nob .e mission of offering their service* to the ack of that city. False Alarms.-?The fire companies were called out last night by two alarms. One caused them to drag their heavy apparatus to SuA Ward;, the other to the Seventh '? ard, but there was no need of their services. To* Pic-Nic at the Park, next Monday af ternoon is for the benefit of the yellow Icve* sufferers at Norfolk and Portsmouth. Editor : Permit me, through your val uable journal, to call the attention of the po lice to the rude boys who congregate near the c jrner of I and Fifth streets on pleasant nisrhts. and annoy the inhabitants of that neighbor hood witn their profane and indecent lan guage. z Y^'C,,JlK.TXrRX8 ~Thomas Garvin, drunk and disorderly, workhouse thirty days; Ju hus Ddadridge -ad Mace Slater, colored, at tacking and beating white persons on the street; jail. r PERSONAL. ....Hon. Wm. A. Richard-on and family, of Illinois, are at Brown's Hotel. ... .The Governor of Maryland has appoint Jamea M. Bucbauan, Esq , to the judicial Constable*^* vata,it by the death of Judge ....The immigrant commissioners of New 1 ork report the total arrivals, from the 1st of iffSI7 t?Jthe 221 inst' at W>459> again.t 209.414?a decrease of 117,308. ????On Tuesday, the store of E. P. Nash, at Petersburg, Va. was closed in the morning, through respect for the memory of Erasmu" an old and faithful slave, who di-id the dav before. * ....Jame? E. Simpson has been arrested in Boston, charged with fitting out the brig Ma ry &. Smith for the African clave trade: .... Majors Delaficld and Mordecai and Capt. McClellan, U. S. Army officers, left St. Peters burg for Berlin on the 12th of August. ....The Richmond Enquirer advocates tho ercction of a monument to the memory of Pe ter Francisco. He served all through the war and was subsequently sergeant-at-arms of the v lrginia legislature. The New York State Democratic (Soft) Convention. This body, which met on the 29th ult., at Syracuse, adjourned yesterday after nomi nating the following ticket: !'F?oJ?,?ges of, the Coart of Appeals, Sam uel L. Scldcu and John A. Lott; Secretary of State?Israel T. Hatch; Comptroller?Samuel Stevens; Treasurer?Ariel T. Thurston; Ca nal Commissioner?Curtis Hawley ; Attorney (JeneraU-Samuel J. Tilden; State Engineer? John B. Jervis; State Prison Inspector?Pat rick H. Agin." Ti e following me among the reijlutioti which they passed i Resolved, That the national administration has our hearty concurrence and commendation In its management of the public finances, in the exercise of the veto poire; to protect the treasury from being made the spoil of specu lators and to arrest improvident and corrupt expenditures?that tho system of rigid ac countability to which disbursing officers have been held?the scrutiny with which defalca tions have been detected, and tho altitude as sumed in support of the American name abroad, as well as the important treaties with foreign governments, extending the system of commercial reciprocity and freedom of trade are marks of an honest and faithful adminis tration. Resolved, That we regard the Invitation put forward by the enemies of the Demooratic P,artJ j.11 lb'8 to the Democratio doctors tucreof to form new coalitions, or fusions, un der a new and deceptive party title, as the devise of politicians who only aim to perpet uate their ascendency in the State government for selfi?h ends and corrupt purposes. Resolved, That we recommend to the elec tors In the several Assembly Districts of this istate to choose one delegate from each District to attend a State Convention on a day and place to be designated by the State Central committee, for the purpose of selecting dele gates to the next National Convention of the Democratic party to be held at Cincinnati. R'solved, That we congratulate the Democ I "iC7 u v Vnion upon tho signal victories which have recently been won by their politi cal brethren in Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, and Texas, and that we eaf?iirLa^ ^ lb*s success against the old leaeral Whig party in its last disguise and under its new name to hope for the success of the united Democracy of this State against its traditional enemy, under whatever organisa tion or form of coalition it may present itself. Mr. Cassidy offered the following resolution: lxtsolvtdy That we regard the organisation of bands of armed borderers, and their intru sion into the territory of Kansas, not as bovi fide settlers, but for the forcible subversion of the rights of its legal electors, not only as a violation of the peace of the Union, and the rights of the community assailed, but as dis tinctly subversive of the intent of Congress, as declared in the bill orgniiing the said territo ries to leave the people free to form and regu late their own domestic institutions, in their own way, subject only to tho Constitution of the United States, and that all the power of the federal and territorial government should be exerted to redress these outrages and to vindicate the rights of the people thereof. Oa motion of Mr. Van Buren, (John,) this resolution was amended by adding a clau e, iV1*']!10 ^euiosracy of New York will taitiiiully adhere to all the compromises of the Constitution, and maintain all the reserved lights of the Mates; and that they deem this an appropriate occasion to declare their hostility to the extension of slavery into free territory This amendment being agreed to; as amend ed; the above resolution was also passed. LIST OF LETTERS Remaining in the Post Office. Washington, D.C., September I, 1655. [Ordered to be advertised tn the 14 Evening Staragreeable to the following section of the Post Office Law?if being the newspaper having the largest circulation of any daily paper pub lished in Washington: Sec 5. And be it further enacted, That the list of letters remaining uncalled for in any post office In any city, town, or village, where news papers shall be printed, shall, hereafter, be pub lished once only in the newspaper which, being issued weekly* or oftener, shall have the largest circulation within the range of the delivery of said office, to be decided by the postmaster at such office.J ?^Person* applying for letter* In the following Bat, will plesse mj they are AOTUTttrn. Adsml, Mn Atn?'U Brows, Mr* Nancy Knrk, MIm Jane II IlUke, Mr* J V ltrown, Miss Polly Krowu, Ml?s Rosa Uurr, Miss Mary A iliake, Mrs Sarah V llayle**, Mr* >ial)y llradley, Mint Kate A llraxton. Mn Nancy Harker. Ml** A J Crnea, Mr* A Oralgen, Miee I.anra J Carroll. Mra Elizabeth t'nllean, Catharine Pornellle, Ml** F. H Cliapln, Ml** Hannah Orbltt, Mia* Mary Aun foxton, Mra Sarali Davidson, Mr* it D.?y, Mis. Mary Jane Donephu, Mri Ann Domphry, Miss Ellen Davis, Mis* Sall'e D trrell, Mr* J alia A runcrson, Mrs J.metiy Davidson, Mrs M L Divldson, Mia* Elizabeth French, Elizabeth Hooch, Mia* Mary A Gibbs, Mr* Mary Garey, Mary G.Haon, An Maria Gieenhow, Mr* B O'Neal 0 ?rrett. Mrs Msry L fir-en, Mr* Mary A P Hoye, Mr* Harvey, Mr* Catharine fTuoter, Mr* A H'-nlRcr, Mist Mary Jane H irr *, Mr* Lonisa Hickman, Am Maria J 'lie.*, Mr* C LADIES' LIST. Jonee, Mr* fm C Jameson, Mrs Elizabeth Keen, Mi*s Emeiy Key*. Mr* Mary Kenny, Ml** Catharine Kanady, Mr* Mary Lord, Mr* A A J I.anhair. Mrs Sarah Lanhain, Ml** C Lathuro, Mr* Ann l.iudsley, Mia* I.ucretls 1 Macieod, Mrs McLanfhlen, Mi** Jane McKeau, Mr* Harriet Marr, Mitt Hellen Mill*, Ml** Mary J , Mere, Mr* Lu Inda Karchael, Martha Ann Mah?r, Ml** Winnefred Mathsny, Ml** Lucy Mahony, Mr* Emily B Moulder, Mr* Jane Nail*, Sarapta P Newton, Mi** Maria Z Newitead, Mrs P C Parson*. Miss Joaphlne Quincy. Miss Rebecca Bellly, Mr* K B BeUer, Mr* M Bldxeway, Ml** Jnlia 8h-<, Mi** Bridget 8lievld, Ml** Julia Smith, Mi** Jennie StuJdard, Mr* Ann Snlivan, Mia* Mary Thompson, Mr* M A Thomas, A Thomas Taylor, Mr* M L 2 Webb, Mis* Carolina Wordeu, Mrs Jame* Wallers, Mr* J P Ward. Mr* Julia Whitney, Mr* tUlll* Arnold, Mr Ay res, Jonathan D Adams, George W f.rew, W m H iiley, Wm H Krown, Wm M B illey, Wm P R ?rrett, Thotna* Back, Simou Barney, 8 C'.iAxe B irney, Wm C Brown, 8 Esq B>w?r, Sol Brown, Samuel <1 al, B K H.irch, Richird ?ilJwin, Phllo Bvrne, Oliver Brown, Same* M ] H??ud, Ifrnatious Uiack, John Brook*, John H B ddle, Jiime* Byrt, John B mhollck. Jona'n Brown, John H men, H J H .wlr, H R GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Kltzharrl*, Mr* CE Peal*. Robert Grimes, Wm Graj-ham, "Vin Greyliam, Wm N Geary, The* 1 Gadsden, Tho* Garland Tlio? H Glenn, Samuel T Uranre, B B Garnet, Mag'r Garland, Lt J 8 Green, James L Gil.son, Jacob C Gsie*, John A Gunn, John G Green, Hon Jo 8 Grayham, James Gregory, Genre* Graham, G B Garner, George G Gardner, Capt F Groux, Prof I> E Green, Daniel Getlinger, B K Grigsby, Bushrod Boleman, W Horner, John W Peialee. Peter A Plant, P Plait, L Phillips, Isaar J Polntset, Joel R Parker, John 0 Poe. Jacob Porter, J<,ha W H Piper, John T Parker, Jame* Page, George G Palmer, Edward Powell, Auguati* Pringle, R 0 Qnlucy, Tho* n Richmond, Wm B Rich, William Ron, W a Rider, Thomas Rowan, Stephen C Ryan, Patrick n.van. Rev Win Radcllfl, J, A Son Bu l j'lff, J RadcllfT. Or Sam J > Read, Lt J D Rlcardo. Joseph T Hawiett, W J Hi ?"in an, Henry Cor- Hudson, Wm Holley Reynold*. Jaa' l' r?' Hamilton, W Robert*, Iieiln ".trry. G R Hopkins, I.ewls Rea*, John '?I rne*, George M Healy, J W Roach, Jame* Mutton, O P Hen ricks, John B 3 Rlttey, H R Buuker Frldlnolf E Hyee Jame* T 'Ues, F'ijah B Kmch, Eiizan : ^'ey, Dennis I! ireh, B F Brltton. B 8 A Co b-.hlwln, B J iiatco, Andrew J I"! nop, A M littn*, Allen T C n. Wm B 3 < ?r, Wm i uway, William Urowdn, T M C' rbin, Thos J 3 Cwtala^aa, r roaring. Mag'r O'-mer, Maurice ' < rupbe'l, L D CV,. u?, James Cl-ifc, James L Olop*on, Dr J A 4 Chaplin, Joseph A f irk, John A Chile*. J W * Co f'r .WB, John C nner, John ?'Nrpsnter. J R Cat. >g, John Ci rk, Hiram H Cimeron, llu?h C 1 tnd, George Henry, Rev J M Heard, John Har ell, Henry W Har ling, George Hull, Fe'lx Rlngold, Fayette M Roacli, Fill Rocker, B F Reud-tll, A Siuntry. Wm Smallwood, Wm Hoban Pred Matter Stuart, Walter T Heusley, C Harrison, Ella* Hoover, Elw D Hellnr, Mr 0 Handy, Char! Sh-rman, William Schafer. T Steele, Slmpsou F Sara?day, 8 Smith, Samnel M llarlanger, Cliris'n Spence, Dr Robert Johnsou, Mr Win Smith, Lt R S Jamleson, Robert James, Joseph Joues, Joseph W Jones, He:iry H 2 Johnson. Charles Jones, Ci *r!e* T Kenney, J F Steele, Reginald H Stewart A Piper Schrag. Philip Smith, Michel 8 hearer, L B Smith, J?hu 2 Sc itt, John Kur, Re* Jaeob W Sleight, John B E 2 Kerr, Archie Lewi*. Wm Lowry, William E Lord, Mr Lo\ell, Mausflald Leitch, Robert M 4 Lane, Levin Lynch. Jame* Straiteu, Bev Jos B Smith. J P Shteha-, Jas A 3 Smlrh, Prof J L Smith, Col John H Siei,'ht, Jacob G Scott, John B Shea, Jame* Smith, fioral f h ii ry man A Forbes Labaar, Frank Loi-hbaohi .r, Franc Smith, John H Ci' well, D A Corjmral, Clark Cri-.vrord, llenj Or .ry, A C ? 'ge, Wm L Dai.t, Tho* D iv lac a, Saml G Lamman, Cliat. A Latimer, Lt A E 2 Laurence, A fc Langworth. W Marshall, Wra L HcKuew, M C Mende"hall. W F D " i'*nt, Richard 2 Marks, W T Do ley, P.itrlck 3 Miller, William f> 'yle. Patrick DecUer, N Mr n<eb:lch, Mr 0 .ne, James D ituck, J Kif kman, Henry Do.l/e, Henry De uel, F A 4 Don ild*on, B1 Dotton. Calvin Durham, Alva D tt, Aaron W Do: ass, Albert D Ka- Ly, W n Kasby, J W Katim, Jo* Kliiiors, G E'c!in, Horace E ^en, Prnncl* Etex. ? Kd in. Columbus J fai ie*, Chsrle* Fia^sr, William 3 Fit/liugh, Wm M Fien h. Tho* Farnswortli, Rnel Kisn ?gan, Patrick Kleies, N W Fun^in. Michael Ferley, Mr Frturjd, Ludwig Foley, Jsremlah Fletrher, John Kanally, John W Fls-i, Job it b Ful alon, James Kur;ritson, Eao* D Frs .<, Daniel S?.)teiuber I Morrl*<in, W C *11 ller, Wm Martin Wrn 8 Maxwell, Wm B Martin, T S Mullean, Tho* MrCabe, Sa?-g3nt M<?>re, Stephen B Stewart, Col JnoM Sharp, J M K Sf>ne, Dr H Stephen*. H L 8 iniers, Geo C Bceuller, Elward Strskton, Kev S SaUmarah. D A Stearms, Chaa Stansbury, Chaa F Scharit, A W Tiiford, Moran D Taylor, Jerry T.ilbnrtt, G W Tracy, l.t Edward Tebba. O B 1'n.haa, Chri'tian Vancleve, F A w McKlnny, Summer- Van Evrle, Dr J H tlehl McCarthy, Pat'k F Maxnlre. John McKnlght, Jame* Myrick, John F Mn'queen, Tho* McCord, Isaac 0 Myrick, John T 3

Wood, Win P William*. W P 3 Wood, Washington Wi'lHms, James R Williamson, Wra Wither*, Thomas Williams. Thos S Wilson, Samuel Martin, Capt Geo 3 Waterier, Marinus Mason, Frederick Worcester, Lewis 3 Martin, Fayette Morland. Enoch Moore, Edward Morris, Dr Daniel Worey^ n C MrOuin, Charles Michael, Adrlen Myce. Col A C Noblet, R Nolan, Jeremiah Nicholson, Ham Nelson, Hanry Nswell, 0 W 3 Noyes, Geo E 2 Neal, Franci* A Oliver, W W G Wheeler, .1 B Worten, John B W.IMantioii Jaa B William*, J a* 3 Wl'Seler, 3 Wright, Jno R Webb. J N Wliliford, John Washingtou, Joibu* White, Henry Washington. H A Ward, Gaorgc W Wilson, E M L Warner, E lward Weston, E Wood, lir, I* 8 A O'Snllivai Sylvea'r Woodburv, Capt D P O'Brian, Michael F Wheat, Ool 0 B Psrkhill A Brother Weldon, A B JAMES G. BERRET, P. M. IH7" Six more Vaaes ot Kenralgia cored Yt-?terday?My ELECTRIC OIL. is the only thing that can be relied on for that, or Rheuma tism, or pains of any kind. All Sores and Burns 1 will warrant it to cure in three days or I will not chaise a cent for it. Remember the office, No. 39 South Eighth ?t , Philadelphia. A regular Doc tor tn attendance. Pr^f. C. DkGRATH . STOTT &. CO., Agents. au 31?lw A Lard.?W li. Wheatley would most respectfully inform the ladles and gentlemen of Georgetown, Washington, and vicinity that, after au absence of ten years from the District, he haa again returned, and will, on the 1st September, 1553, take charge of the old established dyeing es tablishment, on Jefferson street, Georgetown, B.C. W. H. VV., previous to his departure from the district, servea an apprenticeship of nine years at the above named establishment, under his un cle. P. Wheatley, one of the best practical dyers in the District of Columbia, and he is now at con sldrrable expense refitting and Improving the above named establishment In a manner that will enable him to do all work in his line of business la a style unsurpassed bv any dyer in the District, and as he intends devoting unremitting attention to business, he feels confident of giving entire sat isfaction to all who may favor him wltn their pa tronage. Ladles' SilK. Woollen, and Cotton Dtcsscs: Bonnets, Shawls, Ribbons, &c , neatly cleansed or colored. Gentlemen's Coats, Pants an A Vests, Cloaks, fee., dyed and scoured In a su perior style. Carpets cleansed, and In fact dyeing and scouring of every description done with neat ness and dispatch at W. H. WHEATLEY'S Cloth Dressing, Silk, Woollen and Cotton Dying Establishment, west side of Jefferson, between Bridge street and the Canal, Georgetown, an &?lOt# ffT* To Nervona Smfferera.?A retired Cler gyman, restored to health in a few days, after many years of great nervous suffering, is anxious to make known the means of cure. Will send (free) the prescription* used. Direct Rev. J OHN M. DAGNALL, 59 Fulton street, Brooklyn,N Y. au 17?lm |?7?The Marble Hall Clothing Imperii Browns' Hotel Building, offer unusual induce ments to purchasers of Ready-made Clothing for Gentlemen and Boys' wear. In order to present our customers with a stock of Goods not to be equalled for the coming seasons, our present stock ox Coats, Vests and Pantaloons will be sold at pri ces that cannot tail to please. Cashmerett, Drap De Eta, Casslmeres, Alpaca, Drillings, Linens, Marseilles, Ac., of superior cut and workmanship, au 9 NOAH WALKER & CO. MARRIED. At the Assembly's Church, on the 30th August, by Rev. A. G- Carothers, BENJAMIN FRANK LIN, M. D., of this city, to Miss MARY V.DA VIS, ol Georgetown, D. C. DIED. On the 31st ultimo, in great peace, and in the confident assurance of a blissful immortality, MA RY JANE, wife of C. E. Walker, In the 34th year of her age. The funeral services will take place at Wesley Chapel, corner 5th and F streets, on Sunday af ternoon, at 3 o'clock. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend without further notice. * On yesterday afternoon, the 31st nit., SARAH NEOMIA CHAMBERS, tnftntchild of William :nd Catherine Chambers, aged 14 months. Her funeral will take place this afternoon, at 5 o'clock, from the residence of her parents, on L street, between 9th and 10th . ? On the 1st September, suddenly, in Washing ton, P*., Mrs. ANNIE W18HART, in the S5ih J ear of her age, wife of Dr. J. W. Wishart, and aughter of A Green, tof this city. WANTS. WANTED?AN HONEST, INTELLIGENT and Industrious youth of not over 16 yearn of P*PThaaKla* ?n<1 Uphoisu-rv business. To one who can come well recom mended a good situation is offend. None others need apply. L. F CLARK, "CP '-?? No. #48 Pa.avenne A GARDENER WANTED?One who thor xA- oughly understands the cultivation and mre of a flower and fruit garden and greenhouse. 1'factory testimonials of capacitv and character will be required. Apnly to C. W PAIRO, cor ner Prospect and Frederick sis., Georgetown, sep 1?eo3t# 6 WANTED-A LADY DESIRES TO GF/T a Situation for an excellent, smart girl, in a respectable family as child's nurse, or as cham bermaid and waiter, having no further use for her in those capacities. She would gladly recom me id her. Apply at 143 G street. au 3ft?3t? TITAN TED?BY A MAN OF BUSINESS t T qualifications, a good penman and quick at figures, a situation as Book-keeper, Assistant, cterk or copyist, in a respectable mercantile, cfflce or agency. Address "A H," at this office, au 27?lw* WANTED-A SCHOOL-ROOM IN THE f irst or Second Ward, for a select School of from lo to 20 boys. Ground floor preferred. Address, by letter, "X Y," care of Taylor* Maury. au as-tf UTANTED-A SITUATION BY A YOUNG f f but competent man, as Clerk or Book-keep er, or in any employment where he can make him self generally useful. Good references given. Add.ess J W F," at the Star office. au 13?tf WANTED?TO SELL, ON LIBERAL terms, eight or ten neat and nearly new Frame Houses on the Island. Enquire of J. ROBINSON, au 20?eo2w Jeweler, 3i9JPa. avenue. WANTE D?A GOOD WASHER AND ironer, that can bring good recommenda tions Also, a Cook, and a female to work in the house. Apply at Mrs. Bates's bbarding hou*?, on the southwest corner of Pa. avenue and 9th st. au 15?tf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that they can get a lot 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of #75?payable #3 a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Ofiice 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. ap23??m JOHN FOX, Sec. FOR SALS AND RENT. SIXTEEN FIVE-ACRE LOTS SOLD.?Hav ing sold the above number of Lots to various p-rsons intending to improve them during the MIowing year, I would call the attention of anv 0 ie wanting a pleasant place in the country to those remaining on hand. They are situated a'jout thiee miles northeast of the city, on a pleas ant road and in a good neighborhood, and will be ?>:d on surh terms, as regards price and time, tnat any one in ordinary circumstance* u.ay make a .rood investment. City property taken in ex change at a fair valuation In con-equence of Im plements now in progress in that section of country there must be a con?ideralle advance in value of all lands in that neighborhood Inquire of JNO. B KIBBEYACO., Real Estate Agents, Louisiana avenue, next to Sweeny, Rittenhouse & Co.'s Bank. We will be oblieed to parties having real estate for sale if they will leave a memorandum at our sep 1?Gt I^OR RENT?A desirab'e Dwelling House on A 6th street, between D anc^E, being near Penn. ;.venue. It is lighted by gas and heated by a fur n ice. The house is in good order, has a bath ro.,m and all th" conveniences for comfort. Pos f-saion cau be had about the middle of Noveiu l,-'\r?.F.?!r.ftmher particulars apply to THOMAS 1 . ..RKtR, opposite Browns' Hotel. 1' 8.?Any person renting the house. If they pre frr, can purchase he Furniture at a fair valuation Wiich is new and in gcod order, only being used 'n the house a short time. au 30?eolm Tj^OR RENT-OF THE CORNER OF EAST ? Capi'ol and Tenth street, a Frame House, with six rooms and passage, a pump of water at the door, a garden of excellent fruit, vegetables. Ac. Applv on the premises to G. L. BALDWIN au 30?u# SALE OR LEASE, (and possession given A Immediately.)?That handsome Dwelling House (No. 2.32) on F street, north *ide. between 13ih and 11th streets, containing modem *ized parlors with folding doors, Aide entry, eleven c ??timbers, five of which have ventilators; break Ti*t and dining room-, kitchens with Pcnd's last improved ranire, with hot and cold fixtures; bath room, containing plunge and shower baths, sup plied by a tank containing thirteen hundred gal lo:is of water; well finished cellars. The house is in good repiir, and the lot is surrounded by a substantial brick wall, to which is attached a well drained al'ev and commodious brick stable In front cf the dwelling house is a pump of excellent water. Tee gas fixtures, Ac,, are complete. N. B ?Persons desirous of purchasing or leas ing the above specified property are invkul to call Title Indisputable. au 30?lw* FOR SALE OR RENT?A dcsinble three story Brick Honse, with passage, back build ings and good yard suitable for store and dwel ling. For further information e quire of Mr. Morgan, on the premises, between 17th and If-tii 't'eets Pennsylvania ave., Jacob Brodbeck. Wil | liam Fanning, Agent. au 29??t FOR RENT ?A VERY PRETTY AND neatly finished frame house, containing six rooms, kitchen, wood- house Ac .for rent at *12 50 per month. Enquire of J. H. DRURY. City Post Office. au2S ? 'OR RENT?A TWO-STORY AND ATTIC Brirk House, on H st...between 12th and 13th, containing eight rooms and a cellar, is for rent. Apply to J. W. BARKER, on H strtfct. next to Lutheran Church. au 28 tf f^OR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY Property.-The advertiser ha* a farm in Prince William co , Va., containing aboutJHS acres, in a high state of cultivation, a t re large ?nd commo dious brick .Mansion, with other improvements to correspond. The situation Is perfect!) healthy and embraces every possible advantage, which he wishes to exchange for ci'v property. The ferm contains a large quantity of fruit of all kinds. For particulars enquire at this office for the ad vertiser, who is now in thi? oity. au 27? For hen t?a two-story brick House, on 10th street, between D and E, next I at'joining the residence of Peter Force, Esq. I Also, Office Rooms No. 5. #, and 7, on second floor, and a large room on third floor, at Colum bia Place, corner Louisiana avenue and 7th street. Apply to J. J. MILLER, Agent, au 23?eo2W Columbia Place. For sale?a desirable new two story Frame Dwelling, with good back build ing It is situated on the most healthy and pleas ant part of High street, Georgetown, and contains 6 rooms, kitchen and cellar. To a person in quest cf an excellent private dwelling, a rare oppoitonl tyU offered Also, the adjoining vacant lot. For terms enquire of WM. KING, at the Wood and Coal Yard of Dickson, Gordon, A Co., Water street, Georgetown. au 21?TAS3w jVOTICE.?A TAVERN TO LET.?ONE OF 1 * the best stands on Pennsylvania avenue, and now doing a "ood business, is offered for rent, the fixtures and Furniture for sale. The house will be rented low to a good tenant. A rare chance is off .-red to any one waiting to go into such a busi ness. Possession will be given at any time when desired. For further information address "J McG," at this office. au23?2w* If OR SAL E?improved and UNIM proved Real Estate ?JENNINGS PIGOTT Aferney at Law and Agent for Real Estate, has several small Houses ana Lots; and a number of unimproved building Lots in different portions of the city, which he will sell at moderate prices and on accommodating terms Persons wishing to sell or buy may do well to give him a call He will take charge of Real Estate, attend to leasing, renting, Ac., investigate titles, and at tend particularly to conveyancing Office 518 Washington Library, on 11th street, between C and D. au 10?3w Rooms for rent?a parlor and several very pleasant furnished Chambers for rent, in a new brick house. Apply to E. K. LUNDY, ?u8 ^ No. 4C Louisiana avenue. Lots-for sale.?two or three good Building Lots In a rapidly improving neighborhood for sale on t$n years' credit. Apply to J. H. DRURY. jy 21?tf FOR RENT-SEVERALHANDSOME PAR lors and Chambers, with Board. Also, Table and Transient Board. Inquire at Mis. SMITH'S, 833 F street. ap fl-tf INDEPENDENT POLICE. rTHE undersigned have entered into a firm for the purpose r>f attending to all criminal and other business which may be entrusted to them. Any communication from any part of the United plates will be promptly attended to. One of said ?rin? 'olind at all times at John D. Clark's United tttrtes Police Office, No. S27 Twelfth sc. WILLIAM H. FANNING, JOHN H. STEWART, J. NORWOOD. - SOLOMON GODDARD. au <7?lm (prgan) 1VEW MUSIC received weekly at 300 Pa. ave. H nue, near iMh st. J. F. ELLIS. au 21 AUCTION SALES. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer ? Extensive sale or excellent New Faruitare, < hlna. Glass and Crock fry Ware-?On TUESDAY, the 4th lnUut, 1 ?hall sell, at my Auction Store, at the corner of Seventh and D streets opposite the Patriotic Baak tt 10 o'clock a. m., a large and excellent assort ment of new Mahogany and Walnut Furniture, viz: Sofas, Chairs, Castor, Rocking and Resolving Chairs Dressing and other Bureaus Ottoman* aud Hatrack Bookcases and Secretaries Writing Desks and Whatnots Mahogany and other Wardrobes Extension Tables Marble top rentre, side and other Tables Mahogany French, cottage and walnut Bedsteads Fine pain'ed cottage Sets, Washstands, Ac Hair and shuck Mattresses Office and other Chairs With a large lot of other articles which Idtem unnecessary to enumerate. Terms: I' ndtr $30 cash ; over ?50 a credit of two, th-ee and four months, for notes satisfactori ly endorsed, bearing Interest. ?. GREEN, tep 1? Auctioneer. W ill be added to the above sale two good sec ond-hand Piano Fortes and one flne large gilt Frame Mirror A. G. By WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers Groceries furniture, *e. at a?c tion On WEDNESDAY, the 5th ilstant, at 10 o'clock a in., we wi l sell, at thestore of Mr. Mitchell, on the corner of M and 20th streets, his entire stock in trade, as? Green and Black Teas, Coffees Sugars, brown and reHned Soaps, Starch, Tobacco, Spices Ba?on. Crockery ware And all goods usually found in a Grocery. Also, at 12 o'clock, the household furniture in the dwelling over the store, as Chairs, Tables, Bedsteads, Sideboards Bureaus, Beds and Bedding Washstands, Carpets, Ac. Also, one Daguerreotype Apparatus In good or der. Terms cash. WALL, BARNARD A CO , sep 1?ts Auctioneers. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Eighteen desirable building Lots ia the First Ward, near the Circle, at Public Sale.?On TUESDAY afternoon. September 4th, at 5# o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell original Lot No. 5 in Square No 72. sit uated at the corner of North L street and Sew Hampshire avenue, subdivided into eighteen ha:id*on?? building lots of fifteen feet front each. 'Ihese lots are situated in an improving part of the city, and are worthy of attention Terms: On^-fifth cash ; the rwidue in 6, 12,18, and '.21 months, with interest, tecured by deed or trust on the premises. JAS. C. McGUIRE, au 31?d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. PEREMPTORY SALE OF BUILDING Lots.?On WEDNESDAY afternoon, Sen Umber 5th. at 5# o'clock, on the premises, I wiil sell Lots No. 16 and 18, in Square No. 616 fronting ea:htKlfeet 9 inches on north P, between North Capitol and 1st street west, running back 150 feet Immediately after, I shall sell Lots 4, 5 and6, in Square 553, front ing on north O street, between 1st and 3d stieets wr-st, running back U5 feet to a 50feet alley Terms: one third cash ; the residue in 6, 12, and 18 months, with interest, and secured by a deed of trust on the premises. JAS. C. McGUIRE. au 30?d Auctioneer. By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. Good business stand at auction. Will be fold on THURSDAY, the 6th Sep tember, at 6 o'clock p. m , that valuable Lot on tfce corner of C street north, Iudiana avenue, and First street west, adjoining the four-story wick residence of Dr. Wallace, and fronting all the travel to and from the railroad depot, the capitol, and City Hall. This location for business of a ready-money kind is better than anv to be found in Washington, for hotel, stcres, refectory, board ing. Ac. The sale will be positive, and the opportunity to a business man seldom ts be met with. Toe Lot contains 4,300 feet, and front* 135 feet on the corner of C street, Indiana avenue, and lit street. Terms : SI .000 cash; balance in 4,12, 18 and & months, and 3 years. GREEN A SCOTT, au 30?d Auctioneers. By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. KITCHEN AND HOUSEHOLD FURNI. tare.?Will be sold on TUESDAY morning the tth ^epteniLe' at 10 o'clock, at No. 451 Penn. avenue, between 3d and 1% streets, all the house hold Furniture and Kitchen Fixtures of Jas Con nolly. au 29?ts* By JAS. C. McGUIKE, Auctioneer. STOCK, FIXTURES AND FURNITURE ?f aConfectlonsry Establishment at Pah lie Anctisa.?On TUESDAY morning,Septem ber 4th. at 10 o'clock at the Confectionery Estab lishment of Messrs. Ryder A Plant, on Seventh street, immediately epposite Odd Fellows' Hall, I shall sell all their stock and Fixtures, compris ing? Excellent Soda Water Apparatus Shelving, Glass Cases, Counter Caits Counter, Glass Jar?, Awning Oval gil frame French pl-te Mirror Maible top Centre and i*ofa Tables Cane-scat Chairs. Curtains and Shades Exceilt at Brussels Carpet, Oilcloth Baking UtensiU, Moulds, Fnexers Sllve- pla'ed Spoons Ice Cream Plates, Ac. The above F urniture and Fixtures are all of the bet auality and nearly new, and the sale offers an excellent opportunity to persons desirous of en gaging in the Corfectionarv business. Terms : \11 sums of and under St25 cash; over f25 a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes bear ing interest, satisfactorily endorsed. JAS. C. McGUIRE, au 28 Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. HANDSOME FURNITURE A HOUSE hold Effects, Family Carriage, Matched Horses, Kocknwcy, Farming Ltensils, Ac. On TUESDAY morning. September 11th, at ten o'clock, at the country seat of Thoma* Marshall, | Esq., near the village of Tennallytown, on the turnpike to Rockville, about two miles from Georgetown, I shall sell all his handsome F urni ture and Housekeeping Effects, consisting in part of? Rosewood carved Brocatelle covered Sofh, with curtains. Ac. to match Mahogany French Sofa and Chairs, finished in canary colored brocatelle. curtains to match Mahogany hair spring-seat Sofa and Chairs Rosewood Arm Chairs Whatnot Superb French Mantel Clock, with Candelabra*, cost ?900 Rosewood Secretary and Bookcase Marble top Centre and other Tables Elegant gilt frame French plate Mirror, plate 69 by 81, with slab and bracket Velvet, Brussels, Tapestry and other Carpets, with Rugs to match, all new and of excellent quality One pair of elegant gilt six light gas Chandeliers Dining room, hall and other gas fixtures Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstands Cane and wood seat Chairs, Rockers China, Gla?s. Table Cutleiy, Ac. Cooking, parlor and Chamber Stoves Together with many othtr articles not necessary to enumerate At two o'clock? One handsome Family Carriage, but Httle used One pair superior matched Iron grey Carriage Horses Handsome Hon Sleiah, Rockaway Wagons, Ploughs, Harrows Harness, Shovels, Forks, Cultivators Lot of Hay and Corn, Potatoes Hot btd Sash, Ac. Terms: $30 and under cash; over that arm a credit of two aud four months for notes satisfacto rily endorsed, bearing interest. JAS. C. McGUIRE, au 28? d Auctioneer. F ?OR SALE*?The subscriber has for sale a ? four horse Steam Engine, in good working order, as he has no farther use for it. It will be sold a bargain if called for at an early date He also wishes to employ a boy in his shop as heiper at the black and whitesmith business One who has been at the business would be preferred Apply on C street, between 10th and lltn, Wash ington. C. BUCKINGHAM, au 7?w3w SINGING AND FLUTE LESSONS. MR. WILLIAM PALMER, Professor of Sing ing, Ac , having been induced to accompany his nephew (Mr. Htnry Palmer, the eminent pi anist,) on his return to this country, and to take up his residence in this city, will be happy to re ceive pupils for instruction either in Singing or in the art of Flute plaeiac, having been associ ated with the best Professors in Europe, studied under Creveld. the great vocal master In Lor.don. and under C. Nicholson, the renowned flutist For terms, Ac., apply to him. by note or other wise, at his residence at Mrs. Smith's, No. 233 F street. auX?<f "?TEWART'S SKYLIGHT GALLERY. rVAGUERREOTYPEB taken for 50 upwards, and fitted la spieadid e the finest light la the city, whie i and distribution of shade is not su equalled in the United Stales. ? TVe invite all who want good *2r at Pa. aveaue. between 9th and 10th streets, overM W. Gait A Bro.'s Jewelry Store an 14?lm mwRtn rot rum mmw " * * ? *??? ~ ?-? - Latest from VoxfeDc and Portsmouth Norfolk, Frid ay, 4 p. m ?for twentymour hour? ending to-day at noon, there were If. U-en death*, among whom were Dr. Themas N?uh, Captain William E Starke, wife and daughter. In Portsmouth, daring the imu time, thm were fourteen deaths The disease i* assuming a milder torn. An abundanee of physicians and nmraet hare ar rived from Savannah, Charleston, and New Orl A private letter states that oa Tburedsy forty deaths took plaoe in Norfolk, hat oaly ?"venteen were reported by physicians ap to 2 p. m Among the dead are Dr. Constable t. Ballance, and John Mc Anally. Tke Wheel ar Slave Cass. Philadelphia, Sept. I.?Jadge Kelly charged the jury at noon to-day in the ea*e of the colored men charged with the rescae of Wheeler's slaves. There is no verdict yet At Burlington the inreetigation into the caases of the late disaster is pi I robabiy no conclusion tc-day. Baltimore Markets Baltimore, Sept. 1.?Flour is dull. The?a were no sales to report this morning; Howard tt.r?,et^r-and" wer* hekl ?7-87a$8; City Mills $7.<5a$S. Wheat is dall, and prices are virv irregular; we ijuote white at f 1 60a -1/0 ^ SI 78; red at Sl.A0afl.62. CWn white 83a85c., yellow Sda90c. Mew Terk Markets Maw Toaa, Sept. 1 ? Flour has declined 18| a2oe. to-day ; sales of *.000 bbls fair to rood Hate brands at S7.2AaS7 AO ; common so good Ohio S8.2taf8.62i ; common to good houit trn S8-87aS8.7A. Wheat is a trite lower; sales of 6-006 bushels Southern white at SI*. Corn is firm ; tiles of 2A.OOO bushels WesUrn mixed at 86fa87o. Whisky is steady; sales of Stocks are a little better: United States t'a. 1867, 1174; Virginia i s, 98*. * BOARDING. M' [R8. MADDOX'S BOARDING HOUSE, L tl rtwrt, stsr C, will it*. Is prepared to accommodate permanent tmasieat or table boarders. Residence near the Aveaee Capitol, City Hall and the principal hotel* Gea tipmen can have rooms with or without board. A large front room for rent. sultaUe for an offioe an tft?lw* A lady having taken the pleas ant and newly repaired dwelling on Teath street No 406, between D and E. will be pleased to receive one family, or several gentlemen, on term* the m?( reasonable. The rooms are larva and handson.ely furnished, and a large yard at tached to the house for the exercise of children Being near the avenue, it is most convenient for table and transient boarders. au>??lw* HOARDING-PERMANENT AND TABLE boarders can be accommodated at No 421 Eleventh street. we?t side, between G ai.d H Ms Location pieasantand healthy, with well furnished and desirable rooms. au *>?tfw |>OARDING -MRS DUVALL.No ?1 PanT a^ sylvan la avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel, has several large and desirable rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, which she will i with board at moderate price* She caa also commodate six or eight table boarders Jy 30?tf Board, Ac.?mrs bates.on thes. w. corner of Pennsylvania aetnje and nth stmt l * prepared to accommodate genUeatea with rooms' with or without board Every effort will be made to render those comfortable whs may favor her with their patronage. apS?tf OFFICIAIm Tabasvkt DiriiTsur, Aug. 3, 1896. Notice is hereby given to holders of stock of tha loan authorized by the act of IMS. rodrairishis oa tad after the 12th November, 1*56, that the whole or any part of that stock will be purchased by this department at any time previous to the 9tth No vcmber next, for which 3 per cent premium wLI be paid In addition to the rumr expressed la tha certificates And to the holders cf the stocks of the ether loans of the United States, that purchases of the same to the amou nt of 8 1,310,080 will also be made luring the same period at the following rates: F or stock of the loan of I84t, a premium of 10 per cent; for stock cf the loans of 1917 and 1818, a premium of 15 per cent.; and for stock Issued un der the act of 1850, commonly railed Texas-la* icmnlty stock, a premium oft per cent. Interest will also be allowed, at the rate stlpo Laved in the certificates, from the 1st J uly last to Lhe day of settlement here, with one day la addi tion, to enable the Treasurer's draft to reash the party. Certificates transmitted to this departmnt aa ler the present notice should be duly aselgMtf la ?ie Uuited States by the party entitled to mastea Lhe purchase-money. Payment for these stocks will be made by drafts upon the assistant treasurers at Boston, New Yerfc * Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to reeelve Lhe money may direct. JAMES GUTHKIB, eu 4?dtNovSO Secretary of the Treasury PERSONS WISHING TO PURCHASE superior Table or Pocket Cutlery, heavy silver plated or Britannia Ware, fins Japanned Tea trays or Toilet Sets, an excellent Clock, Tea or Coffee Urn, Enamelled Kettle, Saucepan, Knlfii flasket. Furnace, or any of the hundred snd one it tie etceteras needed by every housekeeper, will lo well to remember that they can find them all rery low at 490 Seventh st. G FRANCIS, au ae COPARTNERSHIP* rHE undersigned have this day formed aco pnrtnership under the name and style of iAKTLY A HKO., for the purpose of traasact ng a Flour and General Commission business, at 01 Water street, Georgetown N. B HARTLEY, ED HARTLEY. Gkoboitowh, D. C., August 1, 18S6. au S?lm* Pr. otnr.c.L. instructor in vocal ana nauo ? Music, would Inform his friends and the pub - ic generally that be will commence giving a ourse of lessons In the above named broaches. INSTRUCTION IN OPERATIC, ?LU AND BALLAD MUSIC. J E SCHEEL. Instructor la Vocal aad Plaao ic oorset riic classes will practice In (Quartette, Trios, Ds tts, Solos and Choi uses. Private instructlou will be given to each pupil, is may be needed. Ladles and gentlemen who feel Inclined to Join aid Class will please Uave their names at his res dence or 14th street, between F and G. aad when suHclent number shall have been obtained ar a^gemenu as to time andplace will be made. Terms810 per series of 22le*ac 810 per series i The eiercises will be assisted by aa able Pianist r an Orchestra If necessary. N B ?Early application is desired au SB?eolm NEW FALL GOODS. 11TE are now receiving our first Fall supplies ef V v Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, to which we ordially invite purchasers to call aad examine tefore making their selections We name a few leading articles? lich figured and plainMoussellne de Lai as, Co bery Cloths, fine blk Alpacas iinghams, English and Americaa Calicos, supe rior Shirting Linens and Cottons Sheeting Cottons and Linens, Table D.apva, Napkins, Towellngs. Rmwla aad Scotch Di apers, Flannels of the best brands, fine aad medium Blankets. Shawls mrd St arf? 3lack i"'1 fancy colored Cloths, Casaimeres, aid Vesting*. all of the newrst styles >Ye shall continue to sell oF our entire stock of fancy Dress Silks at cost, for cash 0 ?-"perl.<7. Sfii from 75 centi to 91 9u pn yard, wucb w% know to be eery cheap. \'~T All articles warranted to en ted. SPECIAL NOTICE ?AU peraans haviag bills -iiied which ware rendered the 1st Jaft. are ust earnestly leauested to close them without 14 io4 earnestly requested to urthar notice. COLLEY 4 SEARS No. m Seveat street, above Pa a as FO R BALE?TWO HUNDRED LOT8 Price 875 each. Tee ^fhewiat for oaaA Q^TVeSwUe' J 7'