Newspaper of Evening Star, 3 Eylül 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 3 Eylül 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, PUBLISHED EVERY AFTKKBOUN, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) t tkt Stir BuiHtifs.comtr ?/ Pumtflvmim ?wkim and EUvtmtk strut, By W. D. VALLACH, Will be aerred to aubecriber* by carrier* at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents; papers served la paekagea at 37 X cents per month. To mall subscribers the sub gerlption price is THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENTS a year is adcancs, TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for lew than three months at the rate of It# cents a week. ICT SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1855 10H? *. *LVA!?S. WILLIAM THOJCHOI. ELVANS fe THOMPSON, ehalirs in habdwaue, coach tbdohicqs, *?.. Ft*. 3Ub Pennsylvania arfone, bifmttn Ninth and T<mtk stt, Washington, D. C. HOUSE FURNISH I NO HARDWARE. Britannia, German Silver, Albata tnd Silver Pla ted. Tea, Table and Dessert Spoons Carvers aad Forks, Steels, Knives with and with out F orks Brass, Britannia, Block Tin aad Plated Candle sticks, Shovel and Tongs, Wa*e IronsVFad Irons 1 Maslin and Bell Metal Kettle*, Furnaces, Grid Irons, Ovens, 4c. ' ? . BUILDING MATERIALS. EanJ CM^Ck^jjupboard, CkMt, TU1, Pad gcrew>) Cn, u4 sss.-srss"- *?>*?? Bell Pubs, Door Sheaves and Rail, 4c. _ , CABINET MAKERS' OOOD8. cSS; s^,Ualr'Jl0**' 8oh?4 Hooto^p^, Roller Eo4, 8iUe' SMS"- 41,(1 Screw,? Diamond Screw CARPENTERS' GOODS. PUneSj Saws, Drawing Knives, Spokeshavea a . n % ????, Plane irons ' Angers, Brace* and Bitts, Boricg Machines. Haw mers, Hatchets, Devels Bevels, Squares, Guage*, Axes, 4o. SiikCi.d1/r7"^COACH *VlAii^RS' GOODS. B^ckvad.Bright Springs, Axles, Felloes, Shafts, Spokes, Hubs, Bows, Poles ' Sleigh Runners, Silvered and Brass Bands, Stump _ _ '??*, Stump Collars, Top Props P G^UlaFrames, Lam{?, Inside Linings, Lining 8*??> D^a^k, Seaming Cord* g Tufts, fastis, Buttons, Tacks. Frin^flu I^m. ,an(? Plain and Enamelled Canvass ' ' BnjwiaDuck, Enamelled Leather. Dash Leather. tV-ji? elvans a Thompson, *l-*m AM Pa. avenue. GLEN WOOD CEMETERY, O.'flce No. 1W2 Pa. ave., corner 10th street, T...a TH* SAVI JCO'S BANK.) r? ** laid out on the plan of the celebrated Greenwood, of New York, and suuated on the high im>und distant one and a SStalSi?"0rth?f^C.pU0l-N0rth Capitol street leading directly to the gateway This Compan> have secured acharterfrom Con gress, appropriating their ground forever to burial a 'ee 11118 to the purchaser, and prohibiting all encroachment* from legislation or otherwi.-^, which is of vast importance to those wuo wish their dead to repose where they have placed the n, for It has become a custom in all Other citte* when the burial ground becomes valu able for other purposes, to seU it, and throw the dead promiacously iato one large pit, and lwral meav;res '^nnot prevent it, as no titles are tiven to the ground. ? " N. B ? Oatce open from 10 to 12 o'clock a m wuere Pamphlets, containing the Charter, Bv Lav.s, and a map of the grouud, and all other In formation, can be obtained. d,^ordersleft v,rith Mr ,am? P Harvev. No. o Seventh street, or any other undertaker, will be promptly attended to. je is?iy A MSEICAN HOTEL. Ns. 466 ' P?. avtnui, btrwe'.n \U mnd fftk ttrtttt S. HEPLEBOWER 4 L^T. LOVETT . ? ?ao?aisToA8. ' ]y 6?Cm JCOFP1N WAREROOM, 4c. WILLIAM PLANT 4 CO., UNDERTA ? K E RS? residence US Seventh' street, between G and H streets. / 7? ?? Interment* procured in any ground OTcem^ery. Ccfcus, Caps Shrouds, Carriages, ts?EL'. ?*di .evJry artI5le for IntennentT c* the best qnaLt/ famished at short notice, cn the most reasonable terms. end at all hours of the SfiL ??"* ttC "clusi /e ri?ht Crump's Pl^Her'WJ guarantee to keep the aeart fi-r any length of tiro. jy n \j DENTISTRY. ' FLU ? Dratlst. late of the Arm of "sui 4 Donaldson, continues to manunctare ar.d insert those beautiful Porcelain teeth, with or without gums, ?t!L 35ci5!??a of wklci (made and deposited by the late firm) was awarded the first premium at Sis Pal', recently held In Tb?se teeth are carved and shaded to suit each par-.c^ar case, and. their resemblance to the natn ^wgans j so p;;fect as to doccive the most prac Particular attention alw> paid to Ailing and pie Jrrlag the natural teeth. n K cnarges moderate, snd all operations warranted OSee southwest comer of Seventh and D streets. Ben trance cn D. mar 21?8m DENTISTRY. DR. M UN SON respectfully calls public atten tlon to his new, patent aad 17 IMPROVED methodufsetting Ar Mclal TofSu sltfc Contliiuous flnm \Z7TWW the venr PERFECTION OF THE Xrtt lhl? X* ?* Teeia Lib the following advantai.e? over tfREAT STRENGTH, CLEAN rt0MP?RT and BEAU'lV, vieing arBi v^^.2 respocU' aad In ?me others exceLlng. I uhlic lnspectlca is respectfully aolic call a^d see specimens. _ CAUTION .?No Dentist in the District of ?*i?bia has a right to make this style of teeth N. B.?Te?Jth const;'.ctioually healthy, plumed and warranted for life. OBce aad house No. i9d E street, near the eor ?er of Penaa. a7enue aad 14th sUeet. ap *J?tf JU?T RECEIVED AT JOK SHILLING ton's Periodical Oep?t? AasMiT* ^ *CT S>dn?y Smith, edited by Panama in lQi3, an aecouat of the Panama Rail wad, of the citids of Paaamaand Asplu wail, with ?xetchts of Llfij and Character on the isthmus, bv Jtobert Tome* ' 1 Leturs to the People on Health and Happiness, byJ^tnerine E. Boecher. ' Memoirs of James uordo.n Bennett, and his i lines, by a Journalist ' The Escaped Nun a*tlw' ** toI, by Repnolds Milton, ft romance. u J- SHILLINGTON'8, su Z?!00 BuU4inK' comer Pa. av aad 4# st. Ma card. *8- E FLILLIPS, No. 401 Sixth street, O and H sf rents, desires to inform the citlujua of Washington aad vicinity, that P,e? v/?a?o< Jliei>ared 10 *l7e lusiructions on tns Pi4N(J FOR ft. She has taught music in some of the principal cities ofthe Union and nas tesumonUh. ?howin? that she is fully com the du'ies of fcer profession to the satiifaction of those who may uvoi her with th?ir patronage. Sli aVtSi r AtM **,w?on*. at her residence, or J- S wlla't ^ puPlla W0SP0LK, VA. B. WALTEttS, Proprietor. sjri?s?i??j*hou'&;,d u ^woifS ?? reception of n-rmanent and translentVaid ors. I return my siucere thank* to mv ^ - - a^rawi.tot tenidd to ms for the last twentv-thiee JhIn Aj fespsctfulljr solicit a continuance of tnelame aL sunag tnrjni that aothiug wiU be left undnno ??. J|? "?? <" ao*E wul, N " ?A four-horse stage Coach leaves the Na tional HouM every Tuesday, Thuradiy, and tut ?rday for Elizabeth City, N C. au .0?lm B. B. WALTERS. PURE BOSTON ICeT" A PLENTIFUL supply of the above Indispen ssble article will be kept on hand throu 'Lout the season, at the -Eldorado House," Pa. avenue between Jd and t)^ streets, where fhmliiea resid ing in the aelghborhood can be supplied In lar^e or small quantities, at the lowest rates. m o . CLEMENT REYNOLDS. N. B.?Choice Wines, Brandies, Cigars, 4c. Dinners, Sappers, *c., supplied in good style, as u.sua1, at shortest notice. au 7?eotm CURE FOR MOT tVEITHER. ARNY'S ICE CREAM4, CAKE, and WA TER ICES, for woich he was awarded a Medal by the Metropolitan Mechanics' institute Is highly recommendad for the above. Wul bt sent to aoy part of the District free of chargr. your orders to 31 Bridge st . Geor* r-ewi Jy < -?otf I Dd m DENTISTRY. f-^iT 8HINN, Graduate of the Philadelphia College of Dental Sundry, respect- f J" fully informs the residents of Gp^. ?t? vicinity that he has loc*-^ijJT fTP ss5^u^sasfUMm f?* pu,po" ?f Ojfice I'll Washington st., above Bridge street .Georgetown. D L. ietB?dimAMlm* WEBER'S brass attd string band. 'IMIIS old established and favorite band ftir "V nish music as usual for Excursions, Sere nades, PicNlcs, BiLs, Parties, Exhibitions, 4c. Orders rnav be left at Hilbus A Hltz's Music De P?L residence of the leader, four doors sast of General Henderson's residence, Navy Vard. Jy23?2m PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND. , |"HIS Band is suitable for any and all purposes, * and is warranted to give satisfaction to all those who may be pleased to engage them, either as a Brass. Heed, or Cotillon Band. Any number of musicians to be had at thenhort est notice, by applying to FREDERIC PROSPERI, Leader, at Taltavull's Store, opposite the ? ? . Marine Barracks. N. B ? Orders left at Hilbus A Hltz's Music De pot will be promptly attended to. may 25?4m H SILVER WARE. SEMKEN, 330 Pa. avenue, between 9th and ? l?h streets, offers his large stock of puie Silver Ware, consisting of Coffee and Tea Sets complete, Sugar Bowls, Cream Goblets, Cups! Spoons and Forks, and a magnificent assortment of richly chased fancy silver ware suitable for elfts at reduced prices. & Persons in want of any of the above articles are Invited to call. Being mostly of our own manufacture, we war rant it sterling. * IE?" Silveiware of any design made to order at short notire. Particular attention is paid in eet tlng up Testimonials, Premiums, Ac. au 1?-tr ' ICE? ICE?ICE : fTOARLES WERNER, on Pa. avenue, oppo V/ site Browns' Hotel, will keep, throughout the season, an ample supply of Pettibone's best ICE, which he will ssU, on call, in any quantities, at the lowest possi r>l? rates. mny 2hL_dtSeo 30 OASKETS?Work, Card, Traveling, Knife, MJ Key. Cigar. Office, Market and ClotWs Bos kets. Ifyou want a good basket, at a low price, call at 490 Seventh street. G. FRANCIS. au 8? SOMETHING TO OLD AND YOUNG. PROFESSOR WOOD'S THAIE RESTORATIVE. HIS preparation, although less than two yean before the public; owing to its wonderful ef fects upon the human hair and scalp, has already obtained a celebrity and sale perfectly an paralleled. It has without the ordinary appliance used for such purposes, won its way, and been heartily welcomed to most of the cities and town* in the United State*, the Canadas, and the West India Islands. Nor is this result surprising when It Is remembered that its popularity is bused upon its merits, solely as established by actual tests 1 hat this preparation will actually Restore gray Hair to Its Natural Color, p/oduce a luxuriant growth upon the heads of the bald, prevent the air from falling off. and when used as a tonic ar ticle, produce a continual flow of the natural fluid and thus render the hair soft, glossy and wavy, destroy diseases of the scalp, ana expel dandruff; the certificates of distinguished gentlemen ana ladles in every part of t ue country who have tried It, and therefore speak what they know, most ful ly attest. That by a proper use of this Restorative tee hair can be made to attain and retain its natu ral color to almost any ai^e alotted to humanity, by removing the cause of disease from the scalp no matter how long standing ?the concurrent tes timonials of the press end the certificates of nu merous reswetetp individuals of both sexes, to the use of this curative, as well as of the recom mendations of editors and certificates before alia ded to, can be had of all agents. Broosfuld, Mass., Jan. 18,1855. Paot. Wood?Dear Sir?Having made trial of ?our Hair Restorative, it gives me pleasure to ?y that Its effect has b en excellent in removing in flammation, dandruff, and a constant tendency to Itching, with which 1 have *>e??n troubled from childhood, and has alsoi evtored my hair, which was becoming cray, tol is original color. I have used no other article, with anything like the sanM pleasure and rrofit. Yours, trulv , J. K. BRAGG, Paster of Orthodox Ch*>:ah. Breokfield. CxaLTLB, 111.. June97. 1863. I have used Prof O.J. Wood's Hair Restora tive, and have admired its wonderful effect. My hair was becoming, as I thocght, pwmrturelv gray; but by the use of hi? "Restorative" it has resumed Its color, and I have no doubt, permanently so. SIDNEY BRKESE, Ex-Scnatcr United States. PaoT. Wood Dsbj Sir?My ha'r commenced fulling off some three or four ye?r? since, and con tinued to do so until I became quite bald. I tried all the popular remedies of the day, but to no ef fect, atla.-t I was Induced to use your celebrated Hair Restorative, aud am vrry happy to say It is doing wonders I have now a fine growth of young hair, and cheerfully roccmznend Its use to all similarly c filleted A. C WILLIAMSON, 133 Second street. Address O. J. WOOD A CO., Proprietors, 318 Broadway, New York, and 114 Market street, St Louis, Mo. C. STOTT & CO , wholesale and retail Agent, Washington. 6 T. W. DYOTT A 80NS, General Wholesale Agent, Philadelphia, Pa. au 1?ly Proposals for building a Light-house en Jones's Point, near Alexandria, Vn. TREASURY DEPARTMENT, ) Orrics Light hovss Boaed, > Washington. Aug 9S, 1956. J PROPOS ALS will be received until 19 o'clock m , on the 5fc2d of September next, when the bids will be opened, for furnishing the materials and building a light-house on Jones' Point, Po tomac river, near Alexandria, by the 30th of No vember next. It will be a framed building renting on brick foundation, and of one and a-balf-storv, with basement, having a circular tower on top for the support of the lantern?the horizontal dimensions being 33 by 19 feet. Detailed drawings and specifications can be seen at this office, and at the office of the collector at Alexandria. Should any bid be accepted, a contract will be executed at orce for the work. No payment will be made until the whole work is completed: and before it Is received it must be inspec ed ana approved by the agent of the gov ernment appoint*! to superinted the work?said agent having power to reject all materials r.r:d workmanship, not In accordance with the terms of the contract. Th*? right is reserved to reject any and all t!ds that ruajr be deemed prejudicial to the public In All bids should be sealed and addressed to the undersigned, indorsed "Proposals for Jones's Point Light-house." EDM D L. F. HARDCASTLE, au 93?eolm Engineer Secretary. COACH ESTABLISHMENT. Pennsylvania avenue^ bttwe n 4K and 6th sti. BRIDGET A HALL have removed from Sixth street to the south side of Penna < avenue, between 4^ a;id 8th streets A where they are ready to do all kinds of their line. The old stand on Sixth street Is for rent. En quire above. au 22?tf JK1RST WARM LIVERY AND SALE STA BLES. IN announcing to the public of Washington that I have taken possession, by purchase, rr* of the above Stables, on G street, near the War Department, (lately occupied Aral by A. Schwiirtx.) 1 wish to inform them that it will be entirely conducted by myself, and that all orders left upon the premises will be attended to punctually with elegant Carriage and careful drivers. The Riding School will be con ducted by a professional equestrian and perfectly docile horses; having stated hours for lady eques trlans, in private or public, as they may prefer. Particular attention will be paid to horses kept at Livery la his establishment. Persons requiring open barouches or fkmlly ear riages, can be satlsiactorily accommodated, as desiring riding horses for gentlemen 'friedereck LAKEMEYKR, jyai?3m H?.fwHA,R ORNAMZMTiT SEMK EN, JJ?WELEH, * ""J** ** !*>?* *?? and 10th sts., u prepared to nuki to order any device that may ai.7 r_. /A_-,_r_zr~* oraw ivtnjs, unaias, Crosses, Ring Chartelains, Ac. Also, Jet Ornaments for sale E7" Persons may rely upon their own hair be ing used Jy 31?tr EDUCATIONAL. GEORGETOWN CLASSICAL AND MATH T EMAT1CAL ACADEMY. HE dnderslgned having rented the building in which the late Wm. K Abbott, Esq , so long ??rid bo favorably conducted his Academy, ana having thus secured more ample accommodations will receive an additional number of pupils, it . .r'y applications are particularly reqnested, as it Is Important that all the scholars should be pres ent at the formition of the classes. The exercises will be resumed on Monday, Sep tember. P. A. BOWEN, Principal, au '27 No. 94 NVest st., Georgetown. RUGBY ACADEMY, Fourteenth street, opposite Franklin Square. r|^HE duties of this Institution will be resumed A on the second Monday in September. Num ber rf pupils limited. C reuLars of the Academy can be obtained at the residence of the Principal, on N. between 12th and l tth streets. G. F. MORI8QN BROOKEV1LLE ACADEMY, M ntgomery co., Md. THE Fall Session ef this Institution will com mence on Monday, September 3d Catalogues, containing full informr.tlon relative to the School, may be obtained by addressing the Principal, at B ooieville, Md., or from Chas. H. Lane, Esq., Pa. avenue. Th* Principal of this Institution may be seen on t riday, August 31, between the hours of 2 and 6 p. m., at the Kirkwood House. E. B. PKETTYMAN, A. M., an 23?2w Principal. THE UNION ACADEMY. THE Fifth Annual ^Session of the Union Acad emy; and the Sixth of the Union Female Academy, will open on the first Monday in Sep tember, and continue 14 weeks. Terms as usual. Circulars at the Bookstore of R.Farnham, Esq, and at the Rugby House, corner 14th and K sts. These Institutions are so organized and con ducted as to secure that mental end moral train ing which will best prepare the pupil for the real ties of life. .r * Z. RICHARDS, Prin. U. A. Mrs. Z RICHARDS, Prin. U. F. A. au 17?1m GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, D. C. r]pHE next session of this Institution willcom *- mence on Monday, the 3d of September. The preparatory department and collegiate course are tjotn conducted by able jind experienced Profes sors, who devote themselves to the moral and in tf Uectuil advancement of those confided to their '-axe. # A large and specious building has just been completed to be used exclusively for the arcom nodatlon of the younger students. Their dorml ?orv, play grounds, study hall, class rooms, Ac., vlll be entirely distinct from those of the other 'tudeats, and officers especially assigned will at tend them In their pastimes and preside over their -tudies. A complete reparation will thus be ef fected between the younger and older students, the advantages of which must be apparent to all those who have the least experience in the educa iion of youth. The observatory of the College, its extensive Philosophical apparatus, rich and v iried libraries, md Cabinet of Minerals, Geological Specimens and Shells, afford to the Students of this Institu tion advantages rarely to be met with. B A. MAGUIRB, *n if?dim President. YTRS. LUNDY will resume the duties of her School on Monday, September 3d, at No. 48 Louisiana avenue. au 30 MISS HARROVER'S SEMINARY For Young Ladies, Comer of New York avenue and Thirteenth St., WAFXIiyGTOS, D C. THIS Institution will be opened on the second Monday in September Mos' careful and 'borough instruction will be in the English branches, Mathematics, Classics French, German, Music, Embroidery, and needlework. A lady of large experience and :ha highest qualifications has been employed in *.h? School. For full particulars see circulars at Bookstores, au 30? lw PRIVATE TUITION. CIVIL AND MILITARY ENGINEERING, No. 48 f Tenth street west. BSTABL1SH SI> IN 1333. T FILL, Professor of Mathematics, will resume ? his Classes Monday evening, September 3, 15 55, in the higher branches cf Mathematics Conj struction, Draughting, Civil and Military Engi neering. Navigation, Longitude by Chronometer Time. Mechanics. Machinery, the use of ail Scales ar.d .Mathematical Instruments Terms per course for Mathematics, ?26: lessons in Writing, fit); Book-keeping by double entry. ?515. Payable Invariably in advance. au31?3t CENTRAL ACADEMY. THIS Institution, formerly under the care of the late Rev. J. W Wlnans, Principal, ar.d S. Merchant, Assistant, will be conducted here uiter by 8. MRRCHANT, A. B. )?. ,. Rev G W. DORRANCE, A. B.J rrlnc ls The fall term will commence on the first Mon dayof September. The coarse of instruction will be thorough, ?ound and practical. For terms and particulars reference ls made to circulars, which may be obtained at the principal Booktores and at the Academy. au 24?eo2w* MR. BUSHNELL'S SCHOOL, No. 441 Thirteenth street, between Fand O sts. THE next session of this School will commence on the fir*t Monday in September. The course of Instruction embraces all the branches of a complete Academical education. Circulars containing terms and other particu lars, may oe had atlhe Bookstores ana at the F-chooiioom. au tl?so3w? YOUNG LADIES' CLASSICAL IN3TITTJTE, 490 E street, between 5th and 6th, (Removed from No. 9 Indiana avenue.) STEPHEN H. M1R1CK, A. M., Pkihcipal. rpHE next Academic year of this School, (form A erly under the care of Rev. R. W. Cushman, D. D., out for the last two years in charge of the present Principal,) will commence Monday, Sep tember 10, 1855. Experienced teachers are em ployed in every department Every branch of a solid and ornamental education is taught, and di plomas are given to those who complete the pre scribed course. Circulars, giving further information, can be ob tained at the bookstores and by application to the Principal. au 7?eocim EMERSON INSTITUTE. A Select Classical and Mathematical School for Bays. 'I1HIS Institute la located on H street, one door A from the corner of 12th. The next Academic vrar will commence the first Monday in Septem The number of pupils ls limited. The Prlnci pal can be seen on and after August 27th, at the school room, from 9 to 12 o'clock a m. Terms: per quarter, for full course, 8IS. Eng lish branches, S10. CHAS. B. YOUNG, A. M., Principal, au 9?ectf M. A. TYSON fc SISTER'S 7SHALE SEMINARY FOE DAY PUPIL8, Fstreet, bet. 1 it.I and 13/4, Washington THE duties of this Institution will be resumed on the 15th September, and, in connexion with the above, they wish also to inform their pa tions and others that they intend opening an es tnbllshment for boarding pupils on the 1st of No vember next The latter is situated on the railroad and turn pike, sixteen miles from the city, and two south east of Laurel village For particulars, circulars may be had at the principal bookstores In Washington and Balti more. au 4?d4tAeodtSeptl5 MRS. BURR WILL RESUME her Classes for Young Ladies on the 17th 8 ptember, at her residence, 384 C street. au 22?eo3w ROSE VALE SEMINARY, Near Bladenstmrg Depot. THE exercises of this School will be resumed

on MONDAY, September 3, 1855. The large airy rooms now in course of erection will be readv for use. which will add much to the comfort and convenience of the pupils. For further particulars address Mrs. D. JONES, (Principal,) Bladeaaburg, Md. au 14?2awlm MRS. HKNBY A. BUtiR informs her pu pils that their studies will re-commence the *tth September. N?. 391 H street, between 13th and 14th. au 26?3aw3w? MUI ROSA MOORE'S SEMINARY. rpHE duties of this institution will he resumed X on Monday, September 3d. For terms, Ac., apply to the Principal, No. 351 Sixth street, between H and I. au 15?eolm EXCURSIONS, &c. FIRST GRAND PIC NIC or tbi Mechanical Club. THK Members of the Mechanical Club respect fully Inform their friends tnd _ _ the public generally that Ihrir llr'fjij Grand Pic NIc will take place on V\ EuNESDA" S-pteirber 5th, at ARLINGTON SPRINGS. ' No pains or expense will ite spared to render thi? one of the best ?ic Ncs givta this season. Fischer's Brass and String Bnud his been en gaged tnr the occasion. Dinner aud Supper will be furnished by an ex perienced caterer. Refreshments will be provided for the ladies. Tickets ONE DOLLAR ?admitting a gent e man and ladies; to be had of the meml-ers, or at the boat. The Boat will leave Fourteenth street Bridge at 7 o'clock a. m. Committee of Arrangement*. Chas W Davis, Jacob D Bontx, Wm H Eaton, Suin'l R Hoffman, Wm H C Bn-ggeman. au29?WST-3t FIRST GRAND PIC NIC OP THE JACKSON CLUB, Will be given at Spring Gardens, (form'rly oc cupied by A. Facier.) on M street, betiretn 17th and 18tA. on MOM DAY, September lOtA, com mencing at 5 o'clock p. m. THE JACKSON CLUB take great pleasure in announcing to the Clubs, their friends and the public generally that they will give theirgrand Pic N ic at the above named place. They will use every efort to make this one of the most pleasant, gay and recherche pic nics of tbe season. No improper persons admitted on the ground. Scott's celebrated Brass and String Band has been engaged for tie occasion. Refreshments will be furnished by an experi enced caterer. Tickets 50 cents?admitting a gentleman and ladies. Committee of Arrangements. W Delaway, C Alordn J R Brown. au 30?eotd RATIONAL MEDICAL COLLEGE, WASHINGTON, 0. C. THE thirty-fourth annual course of Lectures will commence on MONDAY, the aid of October, 1355, and end on the 1st March, 1S53. FACULTY. TaexAft Main, M. D., Professor of Anatomy and Physiology. W*. P. Johnston, M. D., Professor cf Obstet rics, and Diseases of women and children. Joihca Riley, M. D., Professor of Materia Med ic a, Therapeutics r.nd Hygiene J Mo. Fred. May, M. D., Professor of the p'lncl ples ar.d practice of su rjcrv. Geafton Tylbh, M. D.. Professor of Pathology and practice oi medicine, and of clinical med icine. Lewis H. Steinee, M. D., Professor of Chemis try and Pharmacy. Edward M. Scott, M. D., Prosector and De monstrator. THOMAS MILLER. M. D., Dean. Like most similar institutions in Europe, the desks from which the regular lectin es are given, and the words for clinical instruction are under the same roof, The entire expense for full course lectures..590 00 Practical Anatomy by the Demonstrator.... 10 00 Matriculating fee, payable only once 5 ("0 Graduating ex pent** 25 oo A dmission to tne medical and aurgical c.ltn'.r. with out charge. The lectures will be given In the afternoon and evening, thereby enabling those engaged in busi ness during the morning bours to attend. For farther information address THOMAS MILLER, M D., Dean of the Faculty. N.B.?Medical students deniring situations as resident student in the Washington Infirmary, f which is the clinical department of the National .'Iedical College,) are requeued to make applica tion by letter to Joshua Riley, M. D., Curator of the W ashing!on Infirmary, wno will give any In formation that may be desired. It is unnecessary- to state the great advantages of a residence in a hospital for clinical Instruction. Those making early application will have prece dence. Si* are to be chosen before the 1st of Oc t'-be?. ^ jy 9?eotNovl Office of the Comma^di^g Offices, ) Washington Arsenal, August 20, 1855.t SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this ^ office until October '20th uext, meridian, for building an armory In Washington city. D. C.,on the public square lying between B street on the s'juth, Canal street on the north. Seventh street on the we3t, and Sixth street on the east, an appro {.iation of 830,000 having been made by Coni>r?sa or the same \ Master builders desiring to propose for this building will please call at this office to examine the drawings, specifications, and bill of work, and receive any additional explanation in order to make up their proposals, which they will be en abled to do conveniently and at leisure at this of fice No proposals will be received but from an ex perienced and approved master builder, as the work has to be done in a superior manner; hence persons at a distance, unknown to the under signed, will be expected to present satisfactory reference before the bid be accepted. All proposals must be made according to the items of the bill of work, (which have been cal culated with precision,) if the proposer find the same correct. An experienced superintendent Is appointed, and will be always present on tne ground of build ing, after the work commence*, in the cbsense of the commanding officer, to see that the contract is ciricth*complied with. WH. H. BELL, Major Commanding Washington Arsenal. e? 21?2awtl9oc K. LINDSLEY, DEALER IN RIAL ESTATE AND LAND WARRANTS, SAINT PAUL, MfN. TE RR1TORY. Lands bought and sold through out THE TERRITORY. Taxes paid. Collections made. Drafts cashed, and the highest Prices given for Land Warrants. Government Lands located with much care, and if desired, the profits and losses shared equally at the expiration of five years The I .ana at that time to be sold, unless otherwise agreed upon, and one half of the current value af the Warrant at the time of entry, and half of tb^ expense of locating to be deducted from the subscribers' interest, la persons wishing to locate Warrants entirely ou their own account, the charge will be, for forty acres S15; eighty acres, S2o; one hundred ana sixty acres, <25: and will receive with their title, a plat and description of the jsnd. REFERENCES: Minnesota?Gov. Willis A. Gorman; Ex-Gov Alex. Ramsey; Hon. J. T Rosser, Sec. M. T.; Messrs. Ames A Van Elteb. Attorneys at Law; Messrs. Morton A Pace, Whe-Iesale Druggists. Baltimoee?W. P. Prestm, Esq., Attorney at Law; Richard C. Bowie, Esq., Com. Merchant; Messrs. Deur, Norris A Co.: Messrs. McCleese k Ham. ' Washinoton?Hon. W. W. Seaton ; Hon. J. T. Towers, Mayor; Hon. Judge J. Bryan; J. C. C. Hamilton, Esq., Attorney at Law; Col. Wm. Hickey; Col. J. Riley; Messrs. Taylor A Maury; Messrs Lewis, Johnson A Co., Bankers; G. C. Grammar, Esq., President Patriotic Bank. Jy 17?eo3m THE HAT ESTARLISHMENT OF ANTHONY, on Seventh street second door north of Pa. avenue, is the place where HATS and CAPS are retailed at wholesale prices for cash only. Consequently 20 per cent extra profit will not be charged, in order to off set bad debts. The very best Dress Hats, got up in the latest style, S3 50, usually sold for ?4 and So. ' Quick sales and small profits," is the motto. au 11?eo3m ?EO. H. VARNELL fc J. W. MAN KINS, ?lease, Sign and F&iicy Painters, 'OULD especially call the attention of the public to their specimens of Fancy Signs, to be seen at all times at their place of business Persons building and repairidg would do well to give us a call as we are determined to use every exertion on our part to give general satisfaction. Place of business on Louisiana avenue, between 6th and 7th streets, north side, next to the Varnum Building. Old Glazing promptly attended to. an 14-dtf MEMOIRS OF RENNETT and his Times 1*1 Price SI 25 Cleve Hall, by Miss Sewell?price SI OUT First Families?price SI 85 The Escaped Nun?price Si For sale by bv E. K. LUNDY, 198 Bridge street, Georgetown, D C. au IT?If \fEM01R OF RET SYDNEY SMITH, 1"A edited by Mrs. Austen, 9 vols Panama in 18M. FRANCK TAYLOR, as SI W< EVENING STAR. THE TRAVELING OVE&COAT. M. do V., one of the head officials in one of our public offices, vu compelled, inconscqunct of his position, to wake occasional incursions into 9ocietv, p*rt5cularly in official cirrles. Although he was a married tnan, he often went out alone, for his wife ha<J little fondness for this kind of party, aud could uot often make up her mind to accompany him. M. de V. was a singularly absent-minded man, and as his wife was seldom present to recall him to the speculations of common life; be was perpetually liable to those little incidents which unpleasantly disturb the sur face of an honest and regular household?en gagements forgotten, hired carriage left stand ing under the shed, to run up a long bill in waiting, a tippet left in a coach, and to come to the very worst and last, an overcoat ex changed in the dre~sin* room. '?My dear," said Madame V. one day to her husband, "thero is perhaps one meth >d to remedy this last inconvenience. Why do yon not put one of your cards in the pocket of your overcoat ? In this way the person whom you had victimized by your carele-ssncss oould easily repair the trouule, being provided with your name and address." "It is an excellent idea," replied M. de V., "and I promise you that I will take advantage of it." In fact on the first occasion which offered, M. de V., encbantid with the expedient, insert ed a card in the depths of his oveeooat pocket, and behold him setting forth to a ball given by the minister to whooe office ho was attached. He showed himself therefor an hour, and then a* it was still early, he took the occasion t\ make a call on one of his acquaintance', and then upon another?and these friends lived so far apart. In short, it was nearly three o'clock when he entered his carriage lor the last time, and ordered the driver to drive him to hit a >me. It was so late that the porter would probably leave him to wait in the street, and the ther mometer waa near zero. Not at a!l; as far a* ho could see he rem-trk e*l a cab stationed al the door, and the door itself wa3 wide open. Moreover, his own carriage had scarcely stopped, and while br was fumbling in his pockets for the coachman'* fare, the porter's Hoor opened suddenly, and displayed on the sidewalk, to the surprise of M. de V., a gentleman in a ball dress, with ai. overcoat on Lis arm. "And here you are at last; it is very fortu nate;" cried our unknown, red with oold and anger. "I've been waiting for yon leog enough; it is very sensible, to be sure, to stay ^>ut until such an hour ac this. The astonishment of M. de V. increased; he opened his eyes and sought in vain to re cognize the individual who was thus waiting at his door, to salute him in ao unceremonious a manner. " Your pardon sir. but I have not the hon or?" "Are you M. de V?" Interrupted the stranger. " Yes; I am M. de V." "Well then, alight and we can come to an explanation ai'snrwards.'' M de V., completely subjugated by the authoritative bate of his strange interlocutor, obeyed without replyiug, alighted from his carriage, dismissed hiseoachman, after having paid him, and passed over the door-step, following the stranger. "Now," sail the later, stopping at the foot of the staircase, "you will please to return my overcoat." "Your overcoat T." "Undoubtedly; here is yours, which was given me in the place of my own, at the minis ter's soiree, where you were, were you not ?" "I waa." "Fortunately , you had left one of your cards in the pocket; if it had not been for that, I should have been in a worse oinbrassinent Know sir, that I am a stranger in Paris?here only for a few days. I am a provincial; I am a magistrate in the town of B ; aud I have hero ouly a little apartment, the key of which 1 had in my overcoat You understand that, thanks to you, here I have been waiting more than two hours at the door of your house, with my wife and daughter in the porter's lodge. A'eensible thing for you to come home so late. Where the deuce have you been since you left the minister's?" "But, sir, it seems to me," said M. de V., attempting to reply to the somewhat rude apos trophes of the provincial magistrate, feeling all the while a little mystified by the queer accident. "But, finally," interrupted the stranger, "what matter is it; the main thirg is, that you have come home at last, aud now let us change overcoats." "With pleasure," said M. de V.; "here is yours. "Thank you." The interchange was effected,, and while tho magistrate was preparing to puton the garment to the possession ot whiA be had just bson re stored, M. de V. wj:s hastening, as in duty bound, to take a polite farewell of the stranger, with a flood of excuses, when suddenly the provincial uttered a loud cry of despair, his face grew pale; his nose almost so, nis eves Sparkled, and a dull imprecation was issuing from his throat. " W hat is the matter?" said M. de V., in alarm. , A . " The matter is, this aocursed overcoat is not mine!" "Impossible!" ? " You see it is so; I can't get it on, and the key is not in the pocket." " In that case, sir, it is elear that I am not responsible?address yourself to some one else. There was great confusion in the dressing room but if you look carefully 1 am much obliged to you for taking the trouble to bring me my ovcrcoat." Pronouncing these words in a mocking tone which ho thought was excusable after an assult of this kind, M de V. began to beat a retreat up stairs. But the excited magistrate, with the most desperato leap, threw himself between him ana tho first stair. "No, sir," exclaimed he, with a voice trem nloos with rage "you shall not escape mo thus, for it was you who took my overcoat for your own. 1 was assured that no one had quitted the saloon but you and me; you must have passed the night in another huuse; you have made some blunder, for you are apt t) fall into them, the porter tell* me." "Ah, yes, sir." ? "Where did you go when you left the minis ter's?" "To University street, sir? "Very well, sir." "And afterwards to Drout street, air. "Heavens above! I risk nothing; but it's sensible for a man to be running abont in this way in such a night as this. You hftre been nowhere else, I hope?"' "No, sir. ? "Oh! I begin to breathe. Come, sir, I have kept my cab. Be to kind as to get into it with me." "To do what?" "To go and look for my overcoat. "Ah?what for?" "Do you not understand?the key to my apartment?" _ "But what ean I do? To-morrow early I will make diligent search I am in haste my I wife srwaits me." "Indeed! and my wife and my daughter? my poor daughter, sir?a pale ohild. who has no asylum but the porter's lodge. Look, nr. look, and if your ears are closed to the voice of justice, your heart may he aeaesmble to that of pity." Paternal lore lent such accents to the some what hoarse voice of the unfortunate magu | trate, that M. de V. could not help feeai ^ *oi" ?motion, and the eight of * ?trr tefacd oat in the ?m oWr of i? while a young girl crouched. half fru?n. ore* the stive in which the Ins til ext:a:t, soften* ed Lin entirely. " Certainly, ' said he, hi* resistance three qua (ten overcome. "it won Id be cruel I did not know? ' "C<me, sir, come. ' cried the stranger, ea doayonng to drag kirn away before the food fooling evaporated * "And the ladies?" asked M de V.. ??*, sacnot take them with ua in the cab: their are oniy two aeata and the hatchet seat, but we *hall soon be baok." ? I hope so, the more eo, that I reoolleet a very fortui ate circumstance. Wiebinjrto make very short calls at the two bouse I riaited af ter leaving the minister's, I did not put mr overcoat?or rather yonr overcoat?fa the dressing room, but I gave it to my servant, whom I know. Bat I cannot suffer these ladies to wait in this place, I mast urge them to go ap to my apartment." '?But, sir, we are losing time, before my wife could be waked?I know her; it woald take aft least?" "Hold!w interrupted M. de V.. ' here is my son, last returning from the ball. How forta uate! Julius!" "Father?" >u will And in the porter's lodge two ladies asleep: please wake them ap as gently as L,o6Mble, and ask them to go ap into yow mother s room; I'll go and xpeak toher, it will take bat a moment. ? gallant knight, and moreover a S? ?un1?"' i?Mt?nod to obey hia father, w hue the later ran up stain and pulled voile al ly the bell cord. A moment passed. No one eame. He ran* again; still no answer. Finally a gentle noise was beard behind the door, bat the bolt was not drawn. "P** <toick," oried he, impatiently; XI 8 IDC* "Who. rea?" Me, Pnrasia; your master." "Arc yoa sure, sir?" y?n ?P?D tb? door, great fool that yoa are' "Ah, yes, it is yoa." The door yields, and by the light of a oaadle which trembles in the hands of the maid, M. de V contemplates with amasement the pallor and the tremblings which show the terron of ttie girl. "What iathe matter7 what kas happened' is mv wife ill?" "Ah, sir,' replied the trembling Phrasia, "it is worse. A thief, sir, a thief has been tryiM to get into the house Twiee over, he has almost broken the bell; he has acre am ed he has stamped. I have had all the trouble in the world to prevent him from penetrating into your bed-room to get an overcoat, yes, sir. an overcoat ." "And madame?" asked M. de V.. somewhat calmed. ? "Ah, sir, she is in such a state." "She has not, then gone to bed7" "Gone to bed! two lone women with a thief at their heels'" M. de \ . did not wish to hear more. He went into his wife's rojm, and foand her half dead with terror, bat in front of a good fire. He comforted her in a few words, prepared her for the visit of Julius, and after installing them in the parlor, in company with his wifo aud sou, he hastened to reioin the magistrate, who was pacing up and down the sidewalk' grumbling between his teeth. ' "Sensible maa, thie?at ta:h an homr of the night." The overcoat was not foand at the first at tempt, for at University street the valet to whom he entrusted it. affirmed that he had re stored it, safe and sound, and it was ouly at Rue Druout that they perceived it, rolled on the corner of a bench, by the sido of the sleeping guardian The magistrate was saved. The key waa In the pocket But admire the vagaries of fate. Oar little story, wbich seemed to have a right to but one denoument, went on, while the cab was rolling off. to weave a second. We left Madame de V. doing the honon of her parlor, with the help of Julias, to the wife andjdaiighter of the distinguished magistrate of tae oity of B. When we find them again, a sort ol intimacy had been formed between these different personages, who hai dosu*t>1c itm of their mutual existence an hour before. The two ladies agreed marvellously at the first, as to Julius, ho suddenly discovered a great charm, not only in the sweet and distinguished expression of feoe, hut in the modest and in toiiectuat conversation of the youug lady. W e have no need to add that the acquaintance did not stop there, but that ths magistrate, who came to Paris on a furlough, found him self obliged tn ask for a prolongation of it, in order to preside at the marriage of Julius and his daughter. A caution to people who change their over coats on leaving a party, and wtio forget to leave their name and address in their own. Thb Oaasiaopraaa w Uraa ?The Salt Lake City News of June It, haa farther ac counts of the ravages by graashopperf in that territory. It says: The farmen in the S"uth part of this eouaty had several days of rejoioing last week, that the inveterate enemy of their crops had dis appeared, many of them having sowed their fields for the third time; but on Friday after noon an innumerable multitude, a cloud of Km-hoppers descended upon their farms, learning the proprivtora to speculate upon the fable of the fox and the swallow, while the more hungry swarm devoured the last remain ing patches which had been left by the pre vious swarms, and the tender blade of the third sowing. Any people Hut the Latter Day Saints would be aiaeouraged. The fourta mowing has commenced; seed very scarce. Some of the farmers are drilling the wheat, as seed has failed when sowed broadcast as asual. The same paper of the 27th says : On Saturday and Sunday the grasshoppen filled the sky i'or three miles deep, or as far as they ooald be seen without the aid of tele scopes, and somewhat resembling a now storm, which latter would have been very ac ceptable to the parched grass and cattle. Drought very severe?the oreeks low and the weather hot, tho common bouse flies are very thick, and are as troublesome as they usually are in September. Amid all this wide destruction of crops and herd-range cae seldom saw a downcast or gloomy eoun enanoe, nearly all appearing as cheerful as though surrounded by the most fa vorable prospects, thus plainly demonstrating the strong confidence in the wise and jest dis pensations of Providenoe, which pervades the masses of our population, and that, too, under circumstances wnich would pale the oheek and seatter the population of any other com munity bat Latter Day Saints. Mxlahcholt Accidbkt.?On Friday even ing. Mr. 0. L. 0. Hammond, son of Mr Ogden Hammond, was itataniiy silled by fa. ;>nx from the roof of the piasss. a distaaoe of 25 feet. He had been in the habit, during the sultry evenings, of going out on the pinna, and it is supposed rolled oil while asleep. Some of the farrily noticed the falling of the body, but supposing it to be a pillow, directed a servant to pi ok it up, when the melanoboly discovery was made. Dn 0/ler and Steele were promptly in attendance, bat life was ex tinct. The ootpse was earned to New York by the steamship Marion, to be interred in the family cemetery in Trinity charehyanL? Chants ton Mercury, Aug 27. . Qp There are about sixty elements, or simple substances, wbich are divided into er gonic and inorganic The bodies of animals or plants are orynnie; earth, air, and water are inorganic Everything which has not been (A/ S9at *f lift is inorganic