Newspaper of Evening Star, September 4, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 4, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR.! wA8HIJOTOH CITY: TUESDAY A FTERHOOPI... .September 4. \ ? . ? - -K should b? handed in by II o'clock, M., otherwise they may not ap pear until the next daj. gpiftir OF THE XOKSUTG PEX8S. The Union, besides publishing a glowing account of the late Democratio State Conven tion at Indianopolis, Indiana, which was reslly the mo;t remarkable political gathering of the year, takus the New York Herald to task for its Washington roorback*, specifying particu larly the stories th?t the President bad re ceived a political letter from the Emperor of Russia. and tlio more recent one pretending to give an pccuunt of an interview between Mr. Buchanan and Lord Palmerston, and also of a dispatch from tho former with reference to the pretended interview in question. The Um nit is '? a day aftor the fair" in this mat ter The Stun hot down both these roorbacks as they started on their tour over the eountry, and onr flat and empba'c contradiction of of them wa= re-published in half the journals of the country months ago, it may be. The Cnion calls attention to the course of the Court' r and Etiquirtr upon the failure of t lie Democrats of New York to harmonize on the Nebraska bill, saying : ?'The New York Courier and Enquirer? which, in a paroxysm of abolition inspiration, a few weeks ago. offered its soul and its ser vices to the great despot of the Northern fana tics, William Lloyd Uarrison?is of course re joiced that tho Democratic party of New York have not been able to consummate a complete and cordial union upon the principle of the Nebraska bill; and upon this idea the Courier j>rid Enquirer proceeds to avow its hopes that the Democrats of New York are certain of de lea? ' 1 ho bitter rebuke which thi3 expression unconsciously administers to the corrupt and disgraceful iu?ion which the Courier is daily laboring to build np. shows at a glance the distinctive difference between the Democratic party ?nd its adversaries. Let the first be ucahie to agree upon a single philosophical truth, and lo! thoie who declare it to be a pp.rt j i,f S(*.ilj arc loud in predicting its ovcr throw. And whit a ere?d of shreds and of iatchcs ic that upon which the Courier and nqutrrr expect* to rallv the sound, conserva tive. asd pauiotie men of the country ! What a farco is its fusion! what a libe^ upon the common psn-e of tho eou^try its expectation that this lu ion will succeed ! '' The fusion in the free States, advocated by the Couticr. is an admixture of intempcr auce on tho slavery question, temperance on tho subjcct of intoxicating drinks, equality for the negroes, inequality for the whites, charity for the Know Nothing?, and political chains t..r the adopted citizens. And this catalogue of contradictions is sought to be crowned with the approval of the ehuroh, and then present ed t.) the people as tho remedy for ali the dis eases of tho body politic !" The Iiitflligcncer publishes, with approba tory eommcntf, an c?say, prepared by a friend, to sh w the importance of a new treaty with Turkey, by which our experts to that country may be placed on a footing with those of other nations. The Inu/ligenceralsocemmerds the con.ervative view? with reference to the fu ture of Mt-xno. expressed by tho editors of the Mobile llegi*ter and the AUcrrtiser of the :ime city. 'inat ll-jRciD Mirdbk.?According to the '- -1iu ? ny elicit-*d in the course of the exami nation into the re:cnt murder of a father, in..::.. . ..nJ brother, by ycung Fitzgerald, at Steriing, New York, it is rendered positive that the villain did the deed because his pa rent-. who were Catholics, would not "cha-jge their religion." From this, we infer that Fitzgerald is a'- Young Hindoo," and that he wishes to earry out at Sterling tho doctrines p:eachcd at Louisville. P???OXAL. .... lion. J. B. Sutherland, of Pennsylva nia. r.r.d lion. Mr Pitrrt and fairily, of Lou k'ana, are at Willards' hotel. ....Ilenry Winter Davis was, last night, i,. mi.. :. i ty the Know N-.thiugs of the Fourth C>!K-res*uonal District of Maryland, composed ?the twelve upper wards of the city of Balti more, aa their candidate for Congress. .... Rev. Sidney Hayes, pastor cf the First Pr< sbjtcrian Church in New Orleans, died of yellow lever On the 27th ult. .... John Carroll, a laboier, was scalded to ueath yesterday morning, in New York, in a bieweiy vault. ....On Saturday evening, a large number el ;ho Cuban patriots resident in New York a> temb'.cd at tho Tabernacle to " celebrate the tti,! .v? r- ny of the death of lien. Narcissa Lo pez and the other martyrs of the Cuban lib erty." .... Jame- J. Sylvester. K-q . formerly pro fe-or of the Chair of Mathematics in the Uni ver iy ? f Virginia, has been appointed to the responsible < fhee of Lxa:niner-in-Chief to the I Artillery and Royal Engineers at Woolwich, .England. Mr. Hombargcr, a few days since, for bade Mr*. Collier to draw water from his well, au Joncsboro , ill., and ordered ber off, but t-he returned with a knife and slabbed him seven! time.'. He then aeized the knife and j illed hor. His own wounds are mortal. .... Two brother?, n^med Klacrtz. peasants of OiJenkircb, in Bavaria, a ho had long en tertained mortal hatred of each other, agreed lately to S?ht a duel, and instead of arms to mako use ot fcythes. They accordingly met, ? ach attended by two seconds; and, after maneuvering tor a while, < nc named Mathias, ! with a blew from his cythe, cut off the scalp of the other. At this'moment some police officers arrived and arrested the two brothers and thc!r scconds. The Kailsoap Cata2>tbo?h c at Bcblixc To;* .?The fallowing is a recapitulation of the number of sufferers by this accident: Died on the spot or soon a*tor the acci dent IV J)ied at Bordentown 1 Died at Burlington on Saturday 1 Died at Philadelphia 1 Total dead 22 Not likely to live 1 Critical 3 Left Buniugton for home on baturday.. 4 Doing well at Burlington..* 20 4 ? Total 22 Jrjure-d, but returned to their respective 61 X-'-al killed and wounucd 101 It is said there is a luw in New Jersey un der which the relatives of the killed can sue the railroad company for damages. Tho law was pitf.'ted in 1S44. At the railroad fetation in Burlington there are between forty and fifty hats and c:rps crushed up into the greatest variety of shape;. One beaver hat is crushed into a triangular rhape, and if the head that has worn it was in it at tho time the jamming took place, the weareri.? certainly among the departed. There are als? some valises smashed into several ?piece*, quite a pile of torn clothes, five or ?ix ?;ood shawls uninjured, and quite a number of H>nnct?, which have evidently been worn by tastily dressed ladies. Mr. Kelly, of Philadelphia, who waa killed, leaves reven small children; who are now or C* una, their inothejr having died in March I. , The Philadelphia papers report Mrs. Boyce, V>f tieorgeiown, as rapidly improving. WA.8RIHGT0H 1TEWB AHD GOSSIP. Trying to get oat of it.?It is very dear that tho Camden A Amboy Railroad Compa ny are determined not to pay, if they can help it, a dollar towards compensat ing those whom their avarice maimed, near Burlington, a few day* since. or towards indemnifying those ren dered father, mother, husband or brotherler* at the same time and by the same ci*u -c The Journal ?/ Commerce, in an article showing the justice of holding them responsible for what they have done in this case, adopts tho intimation first produced in other newspapers, that they hare cunningly prevented legislation by the General Assembly of New Jersey simi ilar to that which has been enactcd by every other State in the Union, by which suali cor porations are made responsible in dollars and cents for whatever damage they may inflict on individuals. We htve no idoa, in the present rational state of the public mind upon tho subject of holding railroad corporations responsible for the injuries they inflict on the public after that fashion, that any statutes at war with the plain principles of the common law, taey may have been able to purchase from the venal Legis lature they have so long owned, will bo judged by the Supremo Court to be operative against tho rights of citizens of other States of the Union. For the la&t twenty years that corpo ration, by sheer and avowed bribery, has en tirely controlled the New Jersey Legislature, causing them not oiJy to bcooinc tho ino&t cor rupt legislative body in tho world?by in ducing them to buy and sell legislation, like besf in the market?but they have bought from them the enactment cf statutes which aic plainly violative of the constitution of tho Uni ted States, in laying a spocial tax on the citi zens of othor States, by specially exempting the cititcnsof their own State from its opera tion. In that action they have justly bcoome the great beacon, warning the people of the United States against the dangerous tendencies cf mammoth joint stock companies with special privileges trenching on the equal rights of all others, and bargaining with their influence and money not only for moro special privileges, but for verdicts and judgments against law, reason, and the rights of all with whom they come in contact before courts and juries. From one end of the Union to the other, chartered joint stuck companies stand in bad odor, through intrigues with the New Jersey Legis lature of the Camden and Amboy Company, a^ now constituted, with that patent Demo crat. Com. Stockton, at its bead. Through its success in, its sto^k is worth fiity per centum above par; showing that its profits arc enormous Yet, though doing a heavier (more profitable) passenger business than ary othor similar company in tho United States, it fca= been found impossible to indueo it to establish ordinary guards against the sacrifice of lite on the part of those who travel over its road. One of the victims of tho late catastrophe, a Mr. Gillespie, who, with his wife, his cniy noar conncction, now lays at the point of death from injuries received on that occasion, we hoar has made a will, leaving a property, val ued at something more than half a million, to bo expended for the benefit of society, by ded icating it to defray the cost of suits brought by tho maimed on that occasion, and the heirs of the killed, to obtain proper indemnification from tho company. The public at large will indeed rejoice if tbey are made to pay even the original cost of their road, fur the grand result at Burlington of their many outrages on law. justice, honesty, truth, legislative integ rity, and, in this care, on the lives cf the com munity. The Speakership.?Since the defeat of Gen eral Cullom, in whoso favor we have every reason to believe that Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, had agreed to relinquish his pretensions to the Speakership of the next House of Representa tives, the " well-po6tcd" men nil over the country have been at a loss to determine whose prospccts for the position are best. Mr. llavens's pretensions are certainly assuming more importance. But for bis late adhesion given to tb? projoct for the repeal of the Ne braska bill, of which policy ho was a decided opponent up to the close of the lact session, he might have commanded a respectable south ern vote, in an emergency. The fact that he and his immediate clique at home (in New York) have become repoalors, however. settles the question that he may not calculate on southern votes even in his own (Know Nothing) ranks ; as southern Know Nothingism in the next House is destined to cat most fire, or we are very much mistaken. Of all tho Congressional friends of Mr. Fill more, none other is so obnoxious to Mr. Sew ard and his supporters, as well as to the party of which Mr. Giddings ha3 the honor of being the leader in the Iiuuse hall, as Mr. Haven?. No movement, on his part, identifying himself with the cry for the repeal of the Nebraska bill, can possibly rcconcilo them to him ; their bitterness against him as the recent leader of what they politely term the " Northern Whig doughfaces," being unconquerable?irrecon cilable. Though some noise may be made over his prospects, not long hence, the public may certainly understand, in advance, that it is destined to amount to nothing?literally nothing?when the voting comes on. Mr. Washburn, of Maine, would discharge the duties of the position with ability. But his ultraism, as a party man, must defeat all hope that be can carry a Northern vote out side of " the Republican party'7 in the Hall; while his so well known anti-slavery or free s >il proclivities aro an insurance against his reception of a singlo Southern vote from either party. Tho friends of Mr. Hunt, of Louisiana, now that Mr. Cullom is defeated, are suggesting bis uame also for tho Speakership. It strikes us that this is love's labor lost?wholly lost; because the turn of tho mind and attainments of the Hon. Mr. Hunt arc by no means such &s will fit a gcntleiaan to preside effectively over tiie House ' The Speaker should be ex ceedingly quick of hearing and apprehension, as no gentleman who is deaf can bo. and his capacity to benr and forbear should be pre eminont over that <4 all his fellow members. Mr. Hunts deficient hearing, his want of fa miliarity with legislative tactics, and his in capacity to stand being oratortcally kicked and ' 'cuffed about by every member discontented with his position on committee, with patience that woftld have graced Job himself, will make many of Un*..: who othcrwiso might be glad of the opportunity L? testify, thus, the estimation is which they hold htm pci.opally, very clw of aiding to put him in tho Speak ership. His anli-)iobrajk*iam, which would make the Republicans Jh* firmest friends, would insuro a very uuanununs South against him. It strikes us that Humphrey Marshall's proi pect is just now brightest. II? ig understood to talk at home against the Nebraska bill, I which is certainly strengthening his preten sions with the mass of the northern members, who are anti-slaveryites. More or less south ern members, in the firm belief that he wUl turn the back of his hand on tho anti-slavery pirty the moment aftar that may put him in the chair, will bo likely to vote for him if the House get into a snarl in making a choice, as in the case of the election of, practically, the best speaker the Houso ever had?the Hon. Howell Cobb, of Georgia. On the whole, however, the solution of the next Speakership is tho most doubtful prob lem we wot ef just now?the defeat of Mr. Cul lom having knocked all the fat into the fire? every bit of it. The Alexandria, Loudon and Hampshire Railroad?It seems by rcoent publications in Virginia newspapers, that it is necessary to mako urgent appeals to tho landholders in the counties of the Old Dominion, through which this wcik is to be constructed, to take stock in it liberally, Really, they must be behind the age, greatly behind the age, not to compre hend the fact thiit for every dollar snbscribcd by land holders within twenty-five miles of the route, the aggregate increase in five years in t!ie value of the lands for that distance on each side of the work will be five fold. That is, even if in each county sufficient is subscribed to construct the work throiigh that particular county, in five years the increase in the value of the lands of tho county on account of the cjnstruction of the work, will be at the very lowest estimate at least five times as much as tho whole cost of building tho road through tho country. This is a result that has followed tho con struction of every railroad made in the United States through regions deficient in channels for getting agricultural produco to market. In some cases the increased va!uo of the lands has roachcd an hundred fold, and in none ha* it fallen bolow five fold in five years alter the road began to be hi use through the particular region. The farmers in the section of Virginia to be traversed by tho Alexandria, Loudon and Hampshire roa 1 are as free from debt and a? substantially wealthy as any agriculturists in tho world. There are more forehanded men among them, probably, than among any other farmers in the State (and, wo believe, in the United States in proportion to popula tion) and fewer men who are not forehanded. They are a well-informed and eminently a thinking people too. I nder these circum stances, that extraordinary appeals should be necessary to induce them to take measures to secure railroad facilities forgetting their crops to market, astonishes us; a.-* the only disadvan- J tage under which their region rests, is its no torious want of market facilities, with which :t would instantly bccomo the most valuable I (highest selling) section of the United States cot in the immediate vivinity of one or more I of the large cities. J List of Patents?issued from the United States Patent Office for the week ending Sept. I 4, ISdtf?each bearing that date : ! Jos. Alex. Adams, of Brooklyn, N. V.?For improved machine for electrotypin?. j Collins B Brown, of Alton, III!?For iin- I provement in mowing machines. I Thos. Hatty, uf Brooklyn. JET V ? For im provement in supporting ships' topsails. j Alex. Boyd, of Lumberlanl, N. V.?For I improvement in telegraphic tidu gauge:-. ! Mo;timer M. Camp, of New iisivon, Conn. 1 ror improved chimney .?ta?k or cap. ^ Aurou I). Farmer and ltansom Kathbone. of I Brooklyn, N. Y.?tor improved mould for I banking electrotype shells. ! John J. Daley. of Philadelphia, Pa.?For dove-tailing mochir.e j Jonathan Haines, of Peki.n, 111.?For im- I provement in grass harvesters. j A. E. Kroger, of Norwalk, Conn?For im- I provement in harvester*- j Lewis W. Lced;-, of Ucrmantown, Pa?For I improved apparatus to prevent an over-supply I of conl to tho fire-box of hot uir luruace*. I Phiup W. Mackenzie, of Jer.oy city, N. J. I lor improvement in valves for regulating I steam engines. j Thomas Mnskell. of Franklin. La ?For im- I provement in consuming cscapa ?team ts an I a ijunct in heating furnaccs. ! Ki' hard Ray, of Louisport, Ky ?For im- I proved mode of operating and dumping earth I cars. | Richard Ray, of Louisport, Ky.?For im- I provement in operating dunipina cars. I C. A G. Stephenson, or Plainfiuld, Mas-'. I .for improvement in seeding machines. Elias Strange and Thos. B. Smith, of Taun ton, Mars?tor machine for rawing hoopi?. j J. Van Home, of Magnolia, lii.?For im- I provement in grain separators. Joseph Alex. Y ictor, of Montgomery county, ] Ky.?tor improvement in brick machines I George W. White, of the village of Mount I V err on, town of East Shelter, N. Y.?For im- I proved fountain pen. Amo3 Whittcmore, of Cnmbridgeport, Ma;*. I tor improvement in spike machine. Solomon S. Gray, of South Boston, Mass., | a. signer to llimscit & S A. Woods, of same place.?For improved universal deg for plan ing machines. Salmon Bidwell, of Rochester, N. Y.?For nut,roved locomotive lamp Designs.?Thomas Lewis, of Maiden. Mits. * or design for trade marks. William T. Coggeshall, of Fall River, Mass. ror design for cooking stoves. Tho Ccrrcat Operations of the Treasury Depart* int.?On yesterday, 3d September, there wero cf Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department-? War Warrants received and en ?????. 5157,777 60 War repay warrants received and entered.... 21,897 04 On acoount of the Navy... 98,792 45 The Fobligx Legion.?Tho Boston Journal of yesterday morning publishes a long com munication from an intelligent German gentle man, reoently from Halifax, giving an expose of tho progress of enlistments to the foreign legion in the United States. Ho states that the amount paid by tho British Government up to tho middle of July was $250,000, and the number of recruits only about 000. Tho writer states that the government has not relinquished the recruiting system in the United States, but, on the contrary, has a large number of agents employed for the coin ing winter, who are expected to induce many p or working men to visit Canada under prom ise of employment. Tho recruit3 on reaching Halifax are s.iil to be cheated of half the prom:.-ed pay. and imprisoned and flogged for grumbling. Man Killed uy an Glipsait.?An elephant belonging to a circus company travelling last week in South Carolina, becoming unruly, his keeper undertook to corect him, w hen he killed him with a single biow of his trunk. The proprietors determined to kill the elephant, and summoned a Ride Company of Camden to assist them. By evening it is suppo^od some hundred and fii'ty balls had been put into him, but with scarcely any effect boyoud blinding him. The following morning the firing was renewed, and after putting over three hund red balls into v?"cus parts of his body, they finally succceded in despatching him. His value was estimated at ahosit $10,000.? t?anttah Nlws. The TaLKGBipn in Ecaorx.?The electric t?legu.pb line from Sebastopol to St. Peters birg has begun to operate, and St. Petersburg is already connected W|th al} the European capitals tnrough Betliu. The lino is al$o com plete from Paris to Constantinople, through Shumla and Adrianoplc, though perhaps it is not quite ready for work. The Epidemic in Norfolk and Portsmouth. We hare bat little additional new- from the infected yellow fever district*, no mail leaving that piece on Sunday. The Petersburg Ex press of yesterday has information from Nor folk and Portsmouth up to 8 a. m on Snnday, from which it loans? there is no abatement in the ravages of the epidemic. The condition of those ill-fated cities is gloomy in tho extreme? upwards of tiro thousand persons being down with the fcrcr. and the number Increasing rapidly. Deaths occur in such quiok ?acces sion, that it has been found impossible to fur nish a sufficient number of coffins, and the au thorities have sent an order to Baltimore and Richmond for a supply of this article. The following are tho names of the dead not heretofore reported : L. R. Gibson, (died in the country,) Wi'liam C. Shields and William B. Cain, (died in Rich mond.) Mi.-'s Mnllory and sitter, Mrs. Mahone, Mia-s Sarah Landrum, Mary lland, Catharine Calhoun, Mr. Withey, Mrs. Flaherty, Wm. Whita's child, Wm lioyt, Lydia Morse. and Rosetta White, colored. . The Richmond Dispatch, in noticing the death of William C. Shield?, Esq., which oc curred in that city on Sun Jay, say s: The greater portion of his life he was con nected with tho pre?s. With the late Leroy Anderson he founded the old "Richmond Compiler," in 1606. When it passed into other hands ho removed to Norfolk, and es tablished the Beacon of that piacc, which he, with others, conducted for many years. He was a well-bred and intcl^gent gentleman, of exceedingly sociable, kind, and benevolent disposition?always enjoyh-g the res'peet and cordial good will of all^who Knew him. The deceased was also the founder of tho Norfolk Phoccix and tho Daily Courior; hav ing edited those journals for several years He was well known iu this city, where bis family now reside. Mr. James H. Finch, foreman of the Norfolk Argus, is down with the fever. He has labored nigat and day for several days past, in order that one paper at least should do published. But, alas he has been compelled to yield to the inexorable demand of the fell destroyer The dreadful vomtto ha> seized upon him. Mr. Henry Myers infeims the Richmond American that thero were sixty death ia Nor folk on Friday; and in Portsmouth, nine deaths. Samuel Brewer is among the dead.

Six Physicians are dewu at Norfolk, Drs. Wm. Selden, Georgo llalston, Silvester, Jr.; McFadden and Quigenfeuse of Philadelphia, and Dr. Bacrd, of New Orleans. Selden and lialston are better, the others quite sick. Dr. lio?e is up and doing very well. Sister Mary Ann (one ot the Sisters of Chari ty) is sick at Julappi hospital. The gallant Daniel J. lticardo, row at Nor folk. has telegraphed to New Orleans for twenty more nurses. Fever in Norfolk beg gars all description. Private information from Norfolk mentions tho death, in the country adjacent to the place, of L. R. Gibson, jeweler, formerly of this city, of the prevailir.gepidcmic. The deceased was well knewa among the volunteer militia, and at the time of hi:; death was a lieutenant in the : Norfolk 44 Junior J. The Rev. Mr. O'Keefe, of the Catholic Church, ia down with the fever. His disease has a.-'Sumcd the vomtto form. Tho Rev. Anthony Dibrell, of tho Granby street Methodist Episcopal Church, Norfolk, breathed lii3 last on SaturJay morning. No minister was more widely known in Virginia, than Mr. Eibtcll. and no death will be more universally and sincerely regretted, lie leaves a wile ana .-everal children to m<>uru their ir reparable loss. The following is from the Norfolk Argu?: "iStid! Sad'.?Truly our soul is sickened and depressed at the gle m now hanging over our devoted city. The sword of the deriroytr is still suspended above us, and ever and anon I descends and sweeps from <?ur midst some of ! the noblest of our people. AH that human ef fort?all that the self-sacrificing spiritof the few who remain with us can accomplish, hs?s been done to turn aside the devastating prog ress of the scourge which the Almighty in His wisdom has inllicted upon us Mercilessly has it tnkeii friend from friend, parent from off spring, offspring lrom parent, brother from sister, sister from brother. Im.-hand from wife, wifo fr<?m husband?sparing neither youth, nor age. nor loveliness. There is nothing to relieve the darkness around but the exertions of those gallant sniiits who sccin determined to do their duty with a self-devotion which will ever reflect honor upon their efforts. Mny they reap the Christian's reward." Coffins are in greater demand than ever, and the undertaker? find great difficulty, owing to the sickness of their workmen, in supplying their orders. Numbers have been brought from Baltimore, andsti'l the demand incroases, while the supply grows less every day. In Portsmouth, the fever rages fearfully, and the mortality seems to be increasing. During Saturday there were eighteen deaths, and from sunset Saturday evening to sunriso Sundry morning, there was an order for fittecn coffins. Thus making thirty-three deaths in about "1 hour? Captain Allen i? decidedly worse, tho fear iul vomtto having made its appearance durirg Saturday night. John Woodley, clerk at the depot in Ports mouth, died on Saturday. A letter written at Magnolia Springs say? the mortality is still very great, but it must soon cease, as victims cannot be found. Tho Rev. Joseph Ashwandcn, Catholic Min ister, from Georgetown College, who wentdown to fill temporarily the place of Rev. Mr. Dev lin, (also sick,) has been carried to the Hospi tal, sick with the fever. Contributions are pouring ia from all quar ter*. Dr. Gelbradt. of Richmond, arrived in Pe tersburg on Sunday evening, from Portsmouth, completely exhausted. He has not had the fever. He wai shunned at ths depot as if ho had been a wild Least. Ho took lodgings in the town, and was hospitably eared for. THS LATEST?ALARMING EEW3! StXTY.FOUA DliATHS IN ONE DAY'.! R. A. Worrell, Dr. McUabe, of Norfolk, and Dr. Jo?, N. Schoolfield and Wm. H. Peters, o^ Portsmouth, arrived in this city this morning It is understood that these gentlemen visit Washington to obtain from the Government tho use of Fortress Monroe, at Old Point Com fort, for tho citizens of Norfolk and Ports mouth during the providence of the epidcmic in those places. By pastengers and tho letters from cur cor respondents, we are in possession of the fol lowing most alarming information. To R. A. Worrell and A. Wat., Esqs., we arc indebted for tho following list of deaths in Norfolk : Thomas Flear, Dr. Sylvester, jr., Zach. Ballard, Robert Ballauce, A. Ferritt, chief clerk of Exchange Bank, W. Dailcy and wife, j Dennis O'Brien, Thomas Foreman, F. Fitz gerald, W. G. Dunbar, Mrs. Bailey. Mr?. Eiita Cunningham. Miss Wilson, Miss L. Sola tor. Miss Ida Ghisclin, L. Le Page, jr., W. II. Uallett, Wm. Seymour. Mis? Sarah Freeman, Mrs. Chandler, James M. Brooks, W. H. Gar nett, Dr. George Halson, W. E Cunningham, editor of the Beacon, Mrs. France3 Addington, Jos. II. Robertson, ex register. J. W. Ilar wcod. Wm K. Storrs, \\m. G'Conncll. G. W. Camp and Wm. M. Pannell are very ill, and but little hopej of their recovery; Pax. Pollard is dying. Capt. E. Guy and family are reported ss convalescent. There were 43 interments on Friday; 55 on Saturday; 60 on Sunday ; and 27 corpses un buried for want of coffins. Dr. Jos. N. Schoolfield furnishes ua with tho following list of deaths in Portsmouth: Col. Chas. Cassetl, John D. Cooper and wife, Mrs. Chas. Billisoly, Thos. Rudd, sr., Geo. Hope, , and John Lash's wife. The Doctor report) The*. Green lying very ill; aleoanegroof th? late Capt. Benthall Norfolk, Va., September 3, t-^5. Ai to my leaving town at tkU nlviaccd stag* of the disease. I thick it wo*M be very ina Erudent. It ia thought every one who will ike the fever, will have it whether they p away or stay in the city, a* w? all have the disca-o in our system* more or less. The di sease is an epidemic all over the city to a les seror greater extent. In thecals where per sons have been living or frequenting Main and *"tith of Main street. * ;e disease has been umre fatal. I Binoerely vri.-hl was out of the plaee; to be pent up in this place at this time is aw ful ; and instead of gotting better, it get* worse. They cannot set graves dug fast enough for the dead; the deaths having gone up to fifty per day. If one goes out, there is noth ing to be seen but tho doctor*' hacks, and hear sos engaged in hnrying the dead, and eome litnes carts are employed, and cany two at a time. My family have ccc.-tped the dreadful scourge so far. There are very few families who have remained in town in which some of them have not d?od. or have been or arc sick. A. W. In Portsmouth, there were twenty-five deaths for the twenty-four hours ending at ?unsst on Sunday, as we learn from the Argus of yec terday jTIIE GERMAN PIC NIC AT GEO. Bekcrt's. to lake place on the 4th day of September, 1655, is postponed on account of the unfavorable weather, until THURSDAY, the 6th September 1955 at the same place. Ticket holders and all loveis of amusement are invited to that pleasant occasion. COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS, sep i?3t? ^MERCHANTS' EXCHANGE?There _ will be a regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors THIS EVENING, at 7* o'clock. To-morrow (Tuesday) evening, the 4th Instant, there will be a general inciting of the members. The Committees appointed to solicit %ibacripticn for the Norfolk ana Portsmouth sutferers are earn estly requested to hand in their retur-s at this meeting. JOHN F. ELLIS, Secretary, sep 3?2t * is MONTGOMERY GUARDS ?Von are re Ik ffl quest* d to attend the rernlti monthly ireet IT W in? of the Company WEDNESDAY EVE liiikNiNG, the 5th instant. Particular at'ention ii necessary as the Company will elect non commissioned officers for the en suing year. Bv order: \VM. O'SULLIVAN, Pec. iep 3?3t , PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD, Attention.?The regular monthly meet ing of the Corps will be held at the armorv on THURSDAY, the6th Instant, at 7* o'clock. Every member is requested to be present, as two Secretaries and a Treasurer are to be elected and important business to be transacted iJy order: JNO. H. McCUTCHEN, Sec. sep 1? .PUBLIC SCHOOLS ?THE PUBLIC Schools of the city will be re-opened on MONDAY, the 3d day of September, at 8 o'clock a. m. The Teachers will be'n attendance at tfcfir respective school-houses to receive pupils who present tickcts of entrance or re-admi*sion. They will be assisted in the organization of the classes by the Trustees and Officers of the Board. As the number of pupils is limited, parents who desire to enter or continue their children in school will do well to make an early application for admis sion tickets. By direction of the Board: GEORGE J. ABBOT, sep 1?3t Secretary. SELLCT PRIMARY SCHOOL. THE MISSES (JUINCY t*ke this method of informing their fcrmer patrons and frtends ?hey are now readv for ti e reception cf pupils at their residence, on 11th street, between L and M, No. I*i5, near their former residence in Franklin Row. A few children can b: famished with bo<trd and the requisite attention. The beat of reference given. tep 4?ea2w? F>R SALE.?Two Carts and Harness, and an excellent Plow and Harness One Cart is at A. Joyce's Coach Factorv. on tteeomer of Four teenth street: and the other at Snyder's, on the corner of B street and Elevnth s'ret-r If not sold this week, the)' will be sold at auction at Centre Market Square, on theinstant. They arc the property of John Shea, debased sep 4?2t * CHALK CRAYONS for ua^onthe Blackboard. sold for the makers at Waltham. by the un dersigned. Box of 14*. Cravons. ?)2 cents sepj FRANCH TAYLOR. THE PIANO FORTE CLASSES OP MR \vM. HESEY PALMEE ARE now nearly completed, but a few vacan cies yet remain to oe filled, for which early application is desired, as the number being limi ted no additional p-ipils will be af erwards ad mitted, .Mr. Palmer having determined to take no more than he can fullv aUend to. Due notice will be given to each pupil of the Erst meeting for in struction, and as an incentive to Improvement he proposes, at the expiration of the first half year to have a general examination of his Classes, to which the parents and friends of each pupil will be Invited, and prizes will b<? awarded to those who may have obtained the greatest proficiency Application to be made to him in person, at his residence. 233 F street. Terms, $5 per quarter of twenty lessons, sep 4 GRAND F1REMENV ( ONCERT AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL. THK Grand Complimentary Benefit to the ME TROPOLITAN HOOK AND LADDER COMPANY, tender d to them by their Fjrein'*n friend*, will take place at the above-named Hall, on TUESDAY EVENING. Sept 10 h The object of the Entertainment is to assist the Company in the erection of their Hook a::d Lad der llon'>e For this occasion a most Stirtlms Array of Talent and Combination of Attraction is ottered. The following eminent talent has kindly volun teered their services: The Lassell Instrumental Company, Mr. B C. Grennup, the favorite Mr. S. Cross. Hie celebrated basso. Mr. C. Griffin. the celebrated tenor, Mr. J. N. Keck. the- master guitar ist, will perform a splendid solo. The old favorite*?THE HARMONEONS? willappe*r in a choice collation ,.f new and beau tiful Choruses. (Jua tet-. Ballads. Ac.; among which will be a Grand Firemen's Chorus, written expressly for the occasion bv Mr O \V Pumphry. Professor J . A. I-rde'iawill prer ideat the piano. A magnificent American Flag will be presented to the lire Company selling the largest number of tickets. Every Company is expected to enter Admission 25cents. Doors open at 7?performance commence at 8. Ticket." to be had at the principal hotel* and mnsic stores, and the members oi the dlii'ereat Fire Companies. THOS. STONE, ! sep 4?TuThSMATu Manager. MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of Furi Facias ' under Lien Law," i> sued from the Clerk's oillie of the Circuit Court of the Dis trict of Columbia, for the ccunty of Washington, and to me direcir-d, I shall csp-se to public talc, for cash, on FklDAY, the 23tb day of September next, at the front of the Court house door of the said cennty. at 12 o'clock m . the following prop erty, viz: aU William Durr's interest into the Bnck Houses situated on the west half of Lot No. 22, in Square No. 251, in the city of Washington. D C., feu-zed and levied upon as the property cf William Durr, and will be sold to satisfy judg ments No. 21 to October term. IS35, in favor of Coltman A Smith. J. D. HOOVER, Marshal for Dlstiict of Columbia, sep 4?tds [No. 5*3 ] Notice of the discontinuance cf the land office at Vlncennes, Indiana. Notic* is hereby givin that the land office at Viscksxks, Indiana, the temporary continu ance of which was direct d by public notice No 531, dated February 17,1S55, for purposes therein mentioned, is now discontinued ; aud the public lands remaining unsold and unappropriated in said eUstrict will be subject to entry at the land office at Ikdiakapolis, in said State, the register and receiver for which oittce will give public notice of the day on which they will be pre pared to receive applications for entries of any such lands at their effi^e. Given under my hand, at the city of Washing ton, this first day of September, A D 1855. THOS. A HENDRICKS. Commissioner General Land Office. sop 4?lawtiw A PLAIN FAI T. A MAGNIFICENT Rosewood, elegantly lln ished full seven octave Piano Forte just re ceived, from a celebrated manufactory in N. York, and must be sold withlajj fYf1 ten day", at the astonishing low price of #250. Two tine rosewood Pianos from the celebrated establishment of Knabe, Gaehle A Co. Baltimore, have be?n used only a few months, the owners being compelled to leave the city, and we are au thorized to sell them at the low pricc of g20D each. A second-hand Piano for $75 and one for ?30. Always on hand the largest and most reliable stock of fine Pianos in this city, at our Music Store, 3o0 Pa. avenup, b?t. 9th and 10th sts JOHN f. ELLIS. MRS. O. If. BUKK WILL RESUME her Classes for Young Ladles on the 17th 8tp tembflr, at her residence, *4 c street, near 4 u street. auU??o3w amusements. PLEASANT RESORT. IFRIilO ?ARPl*li (FORMERLY FAVIER>* GARDEN,) On At Strut,between Seventeenth A Eighteenth, Or E.N KD WT day la the I day No sp'ritmu liquors *Uowrd b*t Cei r..i r.i/ rroy ??j ?- ?- - _ ' . r dav No sp!ritou? liquors *Ucwed. but p Chocolate, It* Cream Ac , will be forsaie Weber's Bra* Band will perform erer~ day and Thnr*dry rem lag, beginning it o'clock. Admittance free. *? " a KOWIN URKBNt T bis New CaUlaet Warerooms, No. 1^ gylvaals avmue. between tTth 1HA it*., has now on hand a large ? of all qualities of CABINET FURNI . TURE, CHA1 RS and MATTRESSES which be will sell at the lowest rates. Now on Land, a good assor;.ne?t of Mahogany, suitable for handrail and other i> ul.d r, ? purees-*. Order* for new work. Jobbing and Repalrtaff, and VarnUhlng or Upholstering well and prompt - ly done. ? heavy Wagon, on springs, auliabie for haul ing lumber or turnitnie, In good order, for aaio sep 3?3t SCHOOL BOOKS AND STATIONERY. 1MI E subscriber has received a large supply of . Hrhool Books and School Requisites, soch as are used in all the School* 2nd Academies 1a the Town. n;.d the turrouadiak country. Also, a se ries of W1 lting copies for the use ef Schools, to he used la connection with plain copy books, would rail flbe attention of parents and teachers, where they can be accommodated at the lowest prices at Mia THOMASES Book and Fury Store, High *t., near First, opp old stand, Oeot'n sep 3?v>t* ^NOTICE. JOHNSON, GUY A CO . would caU the atten tion of the District to their new and improved Parlor Companion, for heating parlors and cham ber* with one ire, for beauty of style and Inlsh, and economy, superior to anything of the kind ever offered in this city. Also, t^ their Blue Ridge Cooking Stove. ft?r utility and economy, exual to the best ever offered In any market. We woT?'d also call public atten'ion to our fi* t??neive assortment of HARDWARE, and Build ing Materials, to which we are constantly adding new article*. Pa avenue, between loth and l!th sts sep 3?aw (Organ) TADIES' ELASTIC MOIKE ANTIQUE i Belts a Uautiful assort m* nt of black and cot wed Just received at Mrs WR I(JB T'S Corset Establishment, 216 Pa. avenue acpJJ-?3t MADA^ R7?TrR1VAL. If ADAME R respectfallv inform* the public ii< general, thft she will give information in all the Affairs relating to Life, Health, Wealth, Marriage*, Love. Journey*. Law salts. Difficul ties in Business, Alwent Friends, Sickness and Dcatli. and In respect to all other subjects. She Is al?o able to tell the Age? ef prsons by reading numbe rs. All those who wi*L to consult MmUok R will please call soon, as she will remain in the city but a short time. She can be consulted at aU hcurs of the day and evening Her name Is on the door?No 36/, 19th street, three daorr from Pa. a<-eau* and H strict. Gentlemen 5fl cent* and La dies 23. Sep 3??o STOVEs: STOV tsJSRATEVIRATES! WE are now receiving and offer for sale an ex tensive a* -ortKierit of COOKING STOVES, among which are to he found the Bl;i' Ridire, William Penn. Triumphs Comple'e, Atlantic. Bay rotate. Banner. Ma ryland, Kitchen Companion. and others. Also, a complete assortment of Parlor. Dining room, chambvr, hali. store, office and chu: t Stoves, for either Wood or coal. Also, a fine assortment of Mantle Grates, New York patterns. All who are in want of Stoves of grates will And it to their advantage to glee as a call before pur chasing. We shall take pleasure in showing our stock and giving our prices to anv who may call on us, whether taey purchase or not. JOHNSON. GUY A CO., Pa. avenue. betw iwh and Uth sts. sep 3?3w (Organ) ^TRAYED OK STOLEN, a small Pointer Dos. ??f a dark liver color, about a \ year oid. and auswer* to the name of l)ick Ten dollars will be paid on Kl?/si m being left at HAMLIN'S, coiner Pa. avenue and lOlh street. sep 3?3t* T>UHLIC SCHOOLS AND PRIVATE J?E 1 MINARiES.?All the School Books in g,^ eral use throughout the District cf Columbia, to gether with an assortment of School Stationer*-, at very low prices, on sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S, sep 3 Booksellers, near 9th street. pt'R COLLEOEV SEMINARIES, k7.~ A We have just finished a lot of beautiful Sli ver Cup*, Goblet*, Knives, Forks and Spoons, suitable for pe-sens catering Colleges or Semina ries. Also, the same articles of Albata. M. W. GALT A BRO., 321 Pa. aven.e, between 9th and UKh sts sep 3?3t L^OR THE HAIH.?Barn's Trieopherous, A the genuine article. Also. Swedish Hair Cre ator, Lyon's Kathairon. French and American Pomades. Ac. LAMMOND S, Tth at. aep 3?3t 1CST.?Last nlgtt, bet ween Martin's Franklin A House, corner Eighth and D str?c:s, and the City Post Office, a POCKET BOOK, containing two orders on Vlucent Taylor (of the lirra of Boyce A Taylor, of Georgetown. D. C .) one for S150 22, ind the ether for tr-2t?t3s. in li\*or of Fitzhugh Coyle. They are of use to no one but the own-r. Esvment on them having been stepped. The ndf-r will be reasonably rewarded, uy leaving them at Fitzhugh Coyle s store, Seventh street, between Louisiana avenue and D streets, sep 1?3t? J. P. BARTHOLOW. FMHt SALE?A l?t of Sash Doors, Cases, and Drawers, suitable far a saddler or shoemaker. Also, wanted, two stout boys, to learn the gild ing business. Apply to FRANCIS LAMB, sep 1?3t 2i7 Pa. avenue. PATENT OFFICE BUSINESS promptly, carefully and permanently transacted by THOMAS GEORGE CLINTON, (formerly As sist -nt Examiner U S. P O . and latterlv from a professional tour in Europe,) at 444 Seventh street Washington, D. C. sep 1?3t* MOORE'S PAVILION, St. Mary's rcunty, Md THIS favorite place of resort will be kept open for me reception of vi* iter* until the 1st of Oc tober The batning and fishing are excelleat. Terms moderate, as usual. Ail the river steamers laud and receive passen gers at this place. J. W l.MOORE. acp 1?3t? HATS?FALL FASHIONS. E'VANS, 2Jfi Pennsylvania avenue, r ear Thir i t *!-Tiih street, to-day in'rodu; as his Fall fC1 style of HATS and CAPS, which, for beauty aim durability, cannot lie surpassed. He has likewise rr-ade arrangr meuts with the celebrated Uenin, of New Yt>rk. to have constant ly 011 hand .1 larife assortment of his Hats, which will be offered to the public, for. be*t quality SJ.50; setcud quality ?*J.SO. He is confident that gentlemen will -ave at least one dollar in the price of a hat by calling at Lis establishment. eep 1?3t MOUNTAIN HOUSE, CAPON SPRINGS! THE undersigned having been aoliclted by manv southern friends to extend the present season, have determined to keep the Mountain Boose open for their accommodation until the 10th dav of October. The three tournaments for the season will take place on the 2bth of August, the 12th and 2Gth of September. The fare will be reduced S5 per month and f2 per ureek. after the list of September A au*4- BLAKEMORE A INGRAM OLD THEOLOGY.?The undersigned has laid aside from his stock, to beaent to auc tion at the proper season, a large collection of Books, old editions In some caaes, in others du fillcate copies of the best edi'lons extant, which, n the meantime may be bought at Auction prices at his store. Many valuable works on Divinity are to be found amonc thcoi. Also, History, Medicine and Sur gery, General Science; nove s and miscellaneous Literature; also a few French Books. au25? FRANCK TAYLOR. MRS. a. C. REDMOND'S NEW UAL* lery of Dagnerrean Art.?Havirgeng?ged the services of an experienced artUt, is fully prepaied to take, pictures equal to any in the city, and at reasonable price*. No. ?9u Pa. avenue, northwe<it torner lith ?t., over Ford A Bro s Drug Store. 1 au?? CLAIM AGENCY* R A. HYDE, BOUNTY LAND AND CLAIM AGENT, Land Warrants bought and money to lead. Office on 1 street, between 19th and 11th au 29?lw pANARY BIRD.-Escaped from its cage en vy Friday afternoon, a light colored Canary Bird about 10 weeks old, and was shedding. The bird ^osseste* a value to the owner by being aent three w^eks since from Ohio, by a relative. Any ore bringing It to this office, will receive as a reward another bird If desired. a a te> For sale-two hundred lots Price f?9 each. Two years' credit, or 10 per cent discount for eash Applr at the Union Land Office^ 7U^street, above Odd Fellows' Hall.