Newspaper of Evening Star, September 5, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 5, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR LOCAL ENTSLLIGENCE. Th? Portsmouth a*i> Norfolk ftiprRR*R?. At a meeting held in Hampton. Elisabeth city eounty. V*-, on the 3d instant, com pored of cititcns of town and county, and of Noifolk nnd Portsmouth, temporarily sojourning in Hampton, the following nam?d gentlemen were appointed a committee to proceed to Washington and make known to the President the objects and desires of the meeting : Rev' J. C. McCabe, of Hampton; Hon. C. W. Newton, of Norfolk; P. F Ferguson, Esq., of Norfolk; Dr. R. G. Banks, of Hampton; Capt. R B. Wright, of Norfolk; W. H Peters, Esq , of Portsmouth; Capt. Jas. Hicks, of Nor folk; R. A. Worrell, Esq.. of do.; Dr P P Clements, of do.; Dr. J. J. Simpkins. of do.; A. W. Jones, Esq . of Hampton; Hon. F. Mal lory, of Norfolk; Wm. C Bcnthall, Esq . of do.; Col. Chas. K Mallory, of Hampton; Hon. Joseph Segar, of do.; Hon. W. N. McKinnoy, of Norfolk; C W. Grandy, Esq., do. This committee reached Washington yeater day morning, and immediately sought an in terview with the President, which was grn. t- 1 Without delay; and were introduced hy Dr. MjmkiQs. The Rev. John C. McCabe, of jfcpton, chairman of the Committee, ad Vwd the President as follows : ?'We appear before you, sir, as the representa tives of a sorrowing, suffering, disease-stricken, and death-smitten people, a committee ap pointed at a meeting held in the town of 11 ampton on yesterday, composed of a number of the citisens of No4folk, Portsmouth, and Hampton, to wait upon the President of the United States, and the appropriate Heads of Departments, to ask that relief which the aw ful exigencies of tho case require, and which the resolutions we now submit, most respect fully ask. As chairman of that committee, I am somewhit anticipated in my remarks by the appalling facts which must each day reach tha ear* of your Excellency, as borne upon the winze of the telegraph or through the medium of the public prints; and yet, sir, startling and terrible as are each dav's official reports from Norfolk and Portsmouth of the progress of the yellow fever in tho:e cities, tfcey fall far and fearfully short of the awful reality. Nor folk and Portsmouth pre now, sir, but little more than vast charncl houses, and their un buried lead are, percl ?nce, at this moment, attracting the keen sci it of the ravening vul tures Thousands of t le people of those de voted cities, have fid, panic stricken ; and, would to God, the rr-t had flowa. Had it been so, sir. we would have been spared the recital of this tale of woe, and yon Excellency the pain of listening to a siory whoso burthen ii desolation and death. Mr. President, phy sicians are falling at the;r pos- i; nurses are dying at bedside? ; and the minister ? of the Cross of Christ. a5 they 3tand at the couehr* ot the sick and dying, are struck down ? ? Dumb and shivering ' ? Business is almost cntiiely suspended iu loth cities. The city of Norfolk hs? but a nominal government, and nearly every private * dwelling is converted into a mort house, and from almost every chamber comes out a wail? for death is there. The remaining population ?f these ;eemine?y doomed cities are too feeble and too few to give efficient help to tho sick ard the suffering; and ere long un'e>? Gcd stay the de5troycr. and the strong ai m of man in power, be stre :hed forth in their bchali, the total depopulation of those pi a e?, by death, must be the result, and the Genius oi Desolation will sit in ghastly and gloomy tri umph, sole master of their ports and marts The resolutions which we herewith present, will t > some extent explain, what it i' vre de sire. and we submit them, in a just a*vl abi ding confidence, that a' a iufcn. and as the Chi f Magistrate of the couutry. ia the welfare of every section whereof we believe you lVeJ an interest, you wPI sugg^t ard afford that relief which must be immediate to be avail Sole." To which the President responded in a bricl but feeling manner. lie expre^ed the mo . heartfelt sympathy for the unfoitunate suf feiers in Norfolk and Portsmouth, seated that the subjc:t hal cau?cd him much anxious con sideration. and induct d him to ^ shorten his visit to Virginia, s^ni ha3tcn his return to Washington, indulging the hoys that some m?le of relief might be afforded by the inter vention of the Federal Government; and con clc led by Rearing the committee tuat he would co-operat2 with them in any legitimate action that might he determined upon. The President then entered in o an unr; - rerved convention with the members of the committee, in which tho practicability c various plans wa? discussed. The committee retired with an invitation from the President to call at 8 o'clock in the evening. The committee met the President at tho time appoint d, and were to have a final audieuce this morning at 10 o'clock, when he would be able to decide upon something definite. The committee waited on the President this morning; for an account of which see our ' Washington News column*. They then took their leave, impressed with the t'aet that the failure of their mission, *o far as the obtaining cf Old Point was concerned, was not owing to an indisposition on the part of the President to do all that could bo d >ne by him to relievo the distressed of the citizens of Port-mouth. Previous to the committee leaving the Pres idential Mansion, the Preiident pla ;cd in their hands the sum of ?375, being a tcsond contri bution from him-elf and the members of his Cabinet for the relief of tho sick and suffering; and stated that b;s piivata pur.3 was open at all times for the relief of the distres ed. The President alt-o a -urcd tho committeo tint the Washington Navy Yard would be thrown open to all the workmen who are now herefr-m Norfolk and Portsmouth who aie desirous of employment?that is, in thoce de partment* of tne yard where work can be sound for them There are about thirty berCj who will be benefited by this order. Th? Fc*beal or Jroox Crasch took place yesterday afternoon, from bis late residence on Capitol Hill. A large number of citixons was in attendance on the exercises, including the bench and the bar of the several courts, the President of the United States, Hon. Caleb Cashing the Attorney General, and the Hon. Erastus Brooks, a son-in-Kw of the deceased. The address uf the Rev. William Furnace, of the Unitarian church, Philadelphia, was ap propriate, eloquent, and impressive. Tne following named gentleman aoted as pall-bearers : Messrs. Jamc3 Adams, R. C. Weightman, R. S.Coxe, James M Carlisle, William Rodin, and John Marbury. Ou the conclusion of the funeral services, many of the persons present approachcd to take a parting look at the remains of the pure and upright judge ; and we were thus privileged among the number. As in life the counte nance of the deceased was serene, irradiated with intelligence and benevolence, so in death he lay as if in peaceful slumber?no distortion of the nerves; no rcpulsiveness such as fre auently induces the spectator to hurry from le scene. Conscious of an honorable, virtu ous life, ike grave had. doubtless, no terrors for him; and hence with calmness he sunk into the eternal rest Mr Anthony Buchly, the undertaker, su perintended the funeral, in his usually polite out prompt manner, having made careful prc Iarations for that duty. The coffin, it may ere be observed, is maht?gtny, covered with fice black cloth, the studs and handles, of sil ver. The breastplate, of the same material, bore the inscription: " William Cranch ; born July 17, 176V; died September 1, lftSa.'' The interior of the coffin was neatly lined with folds of white satin. The funeral cortege was large, and the re mains vvru cvnveyed to -he Congressional Cemetery, where they were deposited in the family vault. Aid rou the SnrrERaas?The amount pa!? in last night by committees recently appointed by tho Merchants' Exchange is $1,S?2 50. The First Ward ha* not yet been beard from, and about five collectors from the other wards have to report. It is expected that at lea?t SI,600 will be raised, through the agency of these committees, for the relief of th?; sufferers of Norfolk and Portsmouth. Messrs S Bacon, William Todd, and Wm. F. Bayly, were ap pointed a committee to take char.^o of the money, and attend to its final disbursement bet wee a those cities. All tk~. tueiuhar* of tbe committee.* who have not yet given an account ^>f thfir lab rs are requested to rej>ort to .iny Vi?c vf the above ttajucd geutltfuca. " ; ? Tbi Fair or the Maiyland Instititte will e opened in Baltimore on the 3d of October, ensuing- From present indication*, the dis play will be Very much large/ than heretofore, *M ?? ? eoneaquenae, present a greater va= netv of contributions. * ?" ' Within a week past an agent of the fnsti> Jute?a gentleman every way qualified for the duty, and having knowledge of pablic and private individuals hereabout?has been In Washington, calling at the Departments and elfiewhete, in qHe?t of obJcct^ <n interest, to be transferred to tho fair lie has likewise called on artists and inventors, who will contribute to the exhibition; and, besides, pictures, cu riosities?in fact, whatever will interest have been promised for the grand display. Police?We Are gratified to announce that arrange men ts hare just made by which per sons who desire the services of the polico at any hour before eleven o'clock, at night, can obtain them on application at Justice John 8. Ilollingshend's office, E street, near the Gen eral Post Office Department In this connec tion wo respectfully refer to the advertisement of that gentleman published in to-day'* Star. Heretofore, our citizcns found it difficult to procure the services of the police dnring the night reason, but now this defect in the ?je tcm is, happily, to be removed. Winter Comforts.?If in " time of peace" we should " prepare for war," certainly'early in the autumn we should prepare for winter, both subjects hav in? reference to and involving If re! In view of " coming events, '* Johnson, <?uy A Co., Pennsylvania avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets, are now receiving and offering for ?Ale a large and elegant as sortment of stoves of all descriptions, ooth for warming and cooking purposes: and, in addi tion. a variety of beautinil grates. We call with confidence recommend the wares of tboso gentlemen to the publio consideration. Elopement.?A gentleman gave us a hint this morning relative to a runaway mateh which occurred recently in this city. The groom had been paying attentions to a young widow, who was the owner of considerable property, and, it is said, was engaged to marry her, but a young la**"? stepped in and nut an end to their courtship by running off with the inconstant lover An old Scotch song says? '' Gie me a lass wi' a lumpo' land, And in my bo*oin I'll hide my treasure." But the groom, in this oa?e, ka; let the trea sure fly. Recovert of Stolen Goons.?Officer Fan ning. yesterday, searched the premises of Eliza llextcr tor siolen goods, a portion of which was found. The magistrate, upon ex amining into the circumstances attending this case: finding no evidence upon which to accuse her of the felony, dismissed her. Arrests.?Officer Norwood yesterday ar rested the following named persons, who wero disposed of by Justice Clark: Cassie Bowie, assault and battery, security for peace; Jno. Wells, do., do.| Dick Barlow, a^.iult, jail j Charity Jackson, assault and battery, (two cates,) security for peace ; Nelly Brown, alias Lctty Digges, baling, dismissed, but sent to I jail as a runaway slave. Cleaning the Steets.?It is gratifying to see the laborers, in some portions of the city, cleaning the gutters by removing the filth that has been so long accumulating, and up rooting the luxuriant crops of grass. We trust tha* tho good work, thus commenced, -will ex j tord all over Washington. Confirmation.?The Archbishop of Balti more adminwtarei, yesterday', the sacra-nert of sonflrmaiion to one hundred and sixty-three p?-sons, in the St. Patrick's church, of this city. ( a Bi rch w.^?, this morning, hold to biil by Justice Clark, in tho sum of $500, to Lappesr at the next trim of the Criminal Court, to answer the chaige of an indacent exposure of his perron. * Contrary to Law ?Catharine Bean wa? arrested and taken before Justice Bates for a disorderly house. Sho wa* hell to baM for court. Miscellaneous Enigma.?I am composed of 23 letters: My 5. 21, 14, 17, 10, is a large bird. My 23. 2. 3, 20, is a part of the day. My 11, 18, 10, is a number. My 15. I, 8. 5. 16. is a number. My 22, 9, 13, 11, is a measure. My 19, 8, 21, 4, 6 is a plant which con. t - tut the food of cattle, My 4, 9, 4, 15, 2, 17, is a small firearm. My whole is the greatest wonder of the age. ? Y a Watch Returns.?Richard H. Grayson, d. ?nk and disorderly, fine and corta. Ve?**r fT#li ,#kj? Miaer Betts, efTirjiaia. ' Richmond, July 9,1855. Meaers. Win. 8. Beers A Co.: Gents?Consider ation* of dntv to the afflicted alone prompt ine to send you this voluntary testimonial to tne grent value of ''Carter's Spanish Mixturefor that almost Incnroble disease. Scrofula. Wlthont being disposed or deeming It necessary to go into the particulars of the case, I can say th^t the astonishing results that have been pro duced by the use or that medicine on a member or uiy own family, and under my own observation and superintendence, alter the skill of the best physicians had been exhausted and all the usual remedies had failed, fully justify me in recom mending its use to nil who may be suffering from that dreadful inalady. I do not mean to say that It is adapted to all constitutions, or that it will afford the same relief in aii cases; for, of course, I can know nothing about that?but of what I have seen of the effects, I would not hesitate to use it, in any and every cose of Scrofula, with persons for whom l felt an interest, or over whom I could exercise Influence or control. Respectfully, yours, Jno. M. Botts. iLT The Greatest Medical Discevery t( the age Is A YKR'S CATHARTIC PILLS. They don't help complaints, but they cure them One Box has cured Dyspepsia Three boxes have cured the wor*t cases of Scrof via. Two boxes have cured Erysipelas. One box always cures the Jaundice. Three hexes are sure to cleanse the system from Boils?often less than one does it. Two boxes have completely cured the worst of ulcers on the legs. tSmall doses seldom fail to cure the Piles. One dotoe cures the headache arising from afoul stomach. Strong doses often repeated expel every worm froiu the body. They should be given to children who are always, more or lea* afflicted with this scourge. As a gentle Physic they have no equal. One box curea derangement of the liver. Haifa bex cures a cold. They purify the blood, and thus strike at the foundation of every disease. As a Dinner Pill there is not an equal in the world. They are purely vegetable and can do no harm, but do accomplish an unaccountable amount ef good. F-ennred by DR J . C. AYER, Lowell, Mass , and sold by every respectable druggist. . i?' ?1 LMAN, Washington, O. M. rf? p M, Georgetown; JAMES COOK A CO., Fredericksburg. 4U 17 2m KT Iahalatlen for Diseased Laaii ?The mode of Inhalation, in ca*es of diseased lungs W.?,vinead*d by Dr* Cu?i? in his ad vertisemert. strikes us as the true one It Is now generally admitted by our best physicians, that Total difflcult!es can only be successfully treated by local applications. This practice has been pursued from the first with respect to external in tUmmatiun and corrosions, ?nj we see not why diseases of the throat and lungs may not be treated in the same manner; we believe th? y may In this variable climate of ours, where lung and throat complaints have become so prevalent and rife, we earnestly recommend to the public, and to tk* afflicted espiciaitf, to avail themselves of Dr. Curtis's remedy?[One who has tried it.] See advertisement in this paper. CacTioN.?Dr. Curtis s h'ygeana Is the original and only genuine article. Tm IGT Premiums at the Pairs?Whtteharst's still ?n the ascendant.?The Juries of each of the late fairs at Baltimore. Richmond, and New York, awjrced their hightest premiums to J. H. W. for their superiority of Photographs, Stereoscopes and Ddguereotypes exhibited. Sir. W. also received two medals at the World's Fair, London, and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. Also, the first awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past. Whltehurst's Gallery In this city la on Pa. ave nue, betweeen Four-and-a-half and Sixth streets. fe? 17 ID- *? fervaas Sufferers.?A retlied Cler gyman, restored to health In a few days, after many year* of great nervous suffering, Is anxious t<> make known the means of cure. Will send Sree) the prescriptions used. Direct Rev JOHN DAUNALL, 59 Fulton street. Brooklyn,N Y. ?U 17-UB Baker's Bitters.?This home ?nanufac tared wmwiv for Dyspepsia. Nervousness, and o^cr diseases arising from disordered stomach, Ac., Is rapidly winning it* wa? to favor wherever It is introduced. We were shown a letter on Satur day last from a gentleman ia Hanover, who do dares that after sixyeats' intense suffering with Dyspepsia *nd nervous headache. during which time he asm, With little or no effect, a g?*it va riety of medicln?*s recommended by others, he has been perfectly cured of *>oth annoyance* bv the use of four lKittles or Battrs's Prp.micj* t !*tsws. With such unquestionable endorslMefefe, WC think that those who are afflicted, and yet fail to try this remedy, deserve to suffer. Cuj*. Baker is one of our most reliable citizens, and we feel perfectly satisfied that under no circumstances would he recommend the r>e of his Bitters where he did rot think that irood would result from no doing. For cholera morbus ani^uch like complaints we know these bittei-s are excellent, having had froqnent occasions to try them.?Richmond Morning Mail. Price 50 cents per bottle. To be bad of CHA9. STOTT A CO., Wash ington, D. C.jCANBY A HATCH, and SETH 9. HANCE, Baltimore; and by Druggists every where. eo3t U7" Six mare Cues oi Nenralgia cared Yesterday?My ELECTRIC OIL is the only tiling thai can be relied on for that, or Rheuma tism. Or pains of any kind. AU Sores and Burns I will warrant it to cure In three days or I will not charge a cent for It. Remember the ot&ce, No. 39 South Eighth st., Philadelphia. A regular Doc tor in attendance. Pr,.f. C. DkGKATH. STOTT A CO., Agents. au 31?lw lETThe Marble Hall Clathiag Enpsriia Browns' Hotel Building, offer unusual Induce ments to purchasers of Ready-made Clothing for Gentlemen and Boys' wear. In order to present our customers with a stock of Goods not to be equalled for the coming seasons, our present stock or Coats, Vests and Pantaloons will be sold at pri ce* that cannot 1*11 to please. Cashmerett, Drap l>e Eta, CasHlmere?, Alpaca, Drillings, Linens, Marseille*, Ac., of superior cut and workmanship. au V NOAH WALKER A CO. MARRIED. On the 14tli of August, bV the Rev. Mr. Flnlcei, Mr BENJAMIN L. BOWBN to Miss MARY ANN VESSK, nil of this city. MUSICAL CLASS. HAVING been repeatedly urged by many fam ilies to establish a class or classes for lnstruc tion on the Piano Forte, so as to place it within the means of every parent to cultivate a musical taste in his family, and being desirous of meeting lue wishes of (he community as far as lies in my power, 1 am now making arrangements to open such classes, provided sufficient lnducemerts offer, and in such case, my object being to give a thorough musical foundation to my younger pu pils. I should propose to take a limited riamoer at the low rate of *5 per quarter, of 20 lessons. Persons therefore desirous of availing themselves of these classes will please apply to me, by note or otherwise, at Mrs. Smith's, No. ? F street. au 25?tf W. HENRY PALMER. COACH ESTABLISHMENT. P< nnsylvanta avenue, between 4)f and (iik sts. RIDGET A HALL have removed from Sixth B street to the south side of Pcnna. avenue, between 4K and 8th streets,! where they are ready to do all kinds or work In their line. The old stand on Sixth street Is for rent. En q uire above. au 22?tf SINGING AND FLUTE LESSONS. MR. WILLIAM PALMER, Professor of Sink ing, Ac , having been induced to accompany bis nephew (Mr. H?nry Palmer, the eminent pi anist.) on his return to this country, and to take up his resident in this city, will be happy to re ceive pupils for Instruction either in singing or in the art of Flute niaving, having been associ ated with the be*t Professors in Europe, studied under Creveltl, the great vocal master in London, ?nd under C Nicholson, the renowned flutist For terms, Ac., apply to him, by note or other wise, at his residence at Mrs. Smith's, No 233 F *reet. _ _ au 21?tf MARYLAND INSTITUTE EXhIbItION rH 4E eight annual exhibition of the "Maryland A Institute for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts" will be opened in Baltimore, Maryland, on Tuesday, 2d of October mvet. Goods will be re ceived tor exhibition and competition at any time prior to September 27th, and for exhibition merely as late as first of October. Tne co-operation of the minufacf irers. mechan ics, artists and the community generally, Is re spectfully inVoktsl In the immediate preparation of articles for display. Arrangements nave been made by the Institute wi?h the various railroad and other transportation companies for the free conveyance over their lines to and from Baltimore of contributions to the ex hibition. All articles deposited must be of American man ufacture; the only exception to this rule being in favor of rare specimens In the department of the tine arts, owned by parties not holding them as merchandise on sale Circulars Imbod/inj* the regulations and ar rangement*, and blink applications for spice, with allo'her Information, unv be bed at any time upon applying to the actuary of the Institute, Johr S Selby, Esq. Committee?J. Vpnsant, Thomas Swam, W. Abrahams. Thomas J . Clare, GeorgeH. Rodgers. C H. Bently, W. P. Smith, T. J. Lovc^rove, Thomas Trimble. Superintendent?John F. Meredith. sep 3?eo'it NEW CLOTHS, CANSI MERES A VEST INGS. TlH E undersigned begs leave respectfully to In form the public that be is now receiving an excellent r.tock of Fall and Winter Cloths, Cassl meres and Vestings, and will make to order, Coats Pants and Vests in the neatest and most fashion able style. Having determined to confine him self for Rie future exclusively to the eask xynttm, invites his friends and the public desiring any ar ticle in his line for cash, to give an early call when every effort will be made to please them in every respect WM. PETERSEN, 9th direct, between Pa. avenue and D st. sep 3?eolm 1IISS MORLEY, 301 Pennsylvania avenue, 1*1. up stairs, respectfully informs the La dies that her MILLINERY is removed to' the parlors over the store she recently occu-^. ? pied, where she will l>e happy to see them, and where she can show the a. as good an assortment of Millinery as can l>e expected at this season of th^ >ear, which will be sold at reduced prices. She has line Straw and Lawn Hats of superior quality. When the fail season arrives she intends t?? fhow them an unusually handsome assortment of 1 all Millinery, and hope* for a continuance of the liberal patronage hitherto received from them. In consequence of this removal Miss M. has a quantity of Glass Cases and Sash which are use less, and >jb'ill )>e sold cheap lo get them out of the way. Next door to Ellis's Music Store. sep 3?eotf PARLOR MIRRORS. rpiIE subscriber would respectfully announce to X the citizeas of Washington, and the public generally, that he is prepared to manufacture, at short notice, parlor and other MIRRORS, of all elzej, and will guarantee that his work will equal any manufactured in the country with regard to style and finish. Fancy and Baackett Tables, Portrait and Pic ture Frames constantly on hand. FRANCIS LAMB, 237 Pa. avenue, opposite Gautier's Saloon. A11 Mirrors sold will bo delivered and put up complete, saving thereby risk of damage and ex pense of boxing and freight when bought in other cities. sep 1?eo2m STEWART'S SKYLIGHT GALLERY. DAGUERREOTYPES taken for 5t? centsaad upwards, and fitted In splendid cases. We have the finest light in the city, which for soft n v.- and distribution of shade Is not surpassed IX Cii nailed In the United States. We Invite a'l who want good Pictures to call at 321 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, over M. W. Gait A Bro.'s Jewelry Store. au 11?lm A CARD.?The subscriber Informs his friends and the public that he Is now able to attend to his business He can be found at his old stalls. Centre Market, ready to wait on them, as he always has done heretofore. The best of BEEF always on hand. JNO. WALKER l?ays on Jyib-tf Victualler. For sal e?two hundred lots. Price ?76 each. Two years' credit, or 10 per cent, discount for cash. Applv aithe Union Land Office. 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. Jy 28?3m PS EL'S LONDON GREEN GINGER WINE Manufactured from frencb GRAPES, GREEN JAMAICA GINGER, SEVILLE ORANGES, Ac ?This delicious bev erage becomes the greatest fhvorite wherever it is introduced, it is eaually palatable, more whole son)*, and not half the price of other foreign wines. Many physicians use it exclusively, and recom mend it to all troubled with Flatulency, Dyspep sia, Debility. Cramps, Diarrhtfca and Dysentery. Persons subject to Chills, or living ln'districts. wheie Ague or Cholera prevails, find its occasion al use a pleasant and admirable preventive. Mixed with a little iced-water, it forms the most refresh log and wholesome cooling drink in warm weathei that can be taken. Price 50 cents per bottle, 85 per doxen. N.fc. Country Druggists. Grocers, Ac.,find this Wine an advantageous addition to their stock, it's a first rate ?ticle, sells well, and gives great satis, faction. Agent*. STOTT A CO..Washington; PEEL A STEVENS, Alexandria; CISSEL,Georgetown; J U A LMER, Baltimore Jy ft?tf E W MUSIC received weekly at 306 Pa are* rue, nu-ax lUh *t J. F ELLIS. ftu'Jl N WANTS. WANTED-AT THE AMERICAN HOTEL A good Seamstress. None need arply unless they din produce satisfactory te?tlmopiais of char acter. Also, a ?ood Cook can find employment at the fame place. HEFLEBOWER a LOVETT. aep 5?lw salesman WANTED?a YOUNG MAN >?3 tb?t ran com*' well rrrnmmend*<i pa s'rletly moral, and having a knowledge of tbe Dry (jopd* Will And employment, with a liberal salary, by ad dressing alftterto "B E H," through Oe renown Post Office sep 5- eo3t 1 A SITUATION WANTED bv A YOUNO man In a wholesale or retail gro< ery *tore, have had three years experience In the business, and can give the best of recommendations. No objection in going to another eitv or the country. Address 41 Youthful," Washington, D. C., Post Office. sep 5?-2t Board.?two or three gentlemen can be accommodate! with board In a snu'l private family in a pleasant part of the city. ad dress "o P tj," Star office. seps?It* BOARD WANTED.?Wanted, In a respecta ble private family, board for a gentleman aod wife. Good reference ifiven. Address "x Y Z"' Coast Survey Office, "Washington, D. C. aep 6?3t* WANTED?a SITUATION BY A MAN to work on or manage a farm. Beat of ref erences given If required. Address "wm Calla" at this office. ?ep 3?3t? WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that they can get a lot 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of #75?payable S3 a month without interest. Apply at the u nion Land Office 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. ap28-6ra JOHN FOX, See. TOR SALE AND RENT. F OR SALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES ^.ot a Millinery Store on Pa. aveuuc fcr sale. tiio ^tore and Dwelling for rent For furth?f panlCVdars enquire at this office, sep 4?lw* t SIXTEEN FIVE-ACRE LOT*SOLD ?Hav ing sold the above number of Lots to vtuWras reison. intending to improve them during the r blowing year, I would call the attention or any one wanting a pleasant place In the country to those remaining on hand. They are situated about thiee miles northeast of the citv, on a pleas ant road and In a good neighborhood, and will be sold on such terras, as regards p-ice and tim?, tuat ;iny one in ordinary circumstauces may make a good Investment. City property taken in ex cliange at a fair valuation. In consequence of im provements now in progress in that section of c urn try there must be a considerable advance in v lue of all lands in that neighborhood. Inquire of J NO. B KIBBEY ft CO., Real Estate Agents, Louisiana avenue, next to Sweeny, RIttenhousc ft Co.'s Bank. We will be obliged to parties having real estate f.?r sale if they will leave a memorandum at our office. sep 1?6t I^or SALE OR LEASE, (and possession given Immediately.)?That handsome Dwelling House (No. ?93} on F street, nr.rth side, between 1:3th and 14th streets, containing modem sized parlors with folding doors, wide entry, eleven caambers, five of which hive ventilators; break fist and dining rooms, kitchens with Pond's Inst improved range, with hot and cold fixture*; bath room, containing plunge and shower batus, stip t'tied by a link containing thirteen hundred gal lons of \v;ter; well finished cellars. The hause iv in good repair, and the let is surrounded by a s ibstantial brick wall, to which is attached ?. well drained alley and commodious brick stable In f; ont of the d welling hou;>e is a pump of excellent wafer. Tee gas fixtures, ftc., are complete. n. b?Persons desirous of purchasing or leas ing the above spccifled property are invited to call. Title indisputable. an 30?lw* JIOR RENT?a TWO-STORY AND ATTIC Brick House, on H si., between 1-th and 13th, containing eight rooms and a cellar, is for rent. Apply to J. W. BARKER, on li siicet. next to Lutheran Church. an*??tf jVOTICE.?a TAVERN TO LET ?ONE OF li the best stands on pennsylvania avenue, an?l u:>w doing a good business, is offered fof rant, tbe ll\tures and Furniture for sale. The house will be rent<3diew to u good tenant. A rare chance is offered to joy one wa-ting to po into such a bu-,i n 'ss. Possession will be gi v n at any time when desired. For farther Information address "J v7<?G," at this otPce. au23?2w* PRIVATE S A L iu ?SEVERAL FRAME Houses, sulfate for l~rge or smidl families, containing from 4 to 10 rooms each, on square south of {square 510, between 4th and 5 th streets, and fronting Massachusetts avenue and I street. t'.-ras made easy. Enquire on aald square at No 504. au 4?eotf {^cr RENT?THE LARGE tiirke-STO ry Dwelling on First street, Georgetown, at present occupied by Mrs. R 'nhael Semmes, will be for rent about the 1st of Octobcr. it i.s in a de | lii(htful ueighborhcod, and is one of the most comfortable house? in the town. a pr-ly to B. I. 5EMMES, 399 Pa. avenue, au jt'?eotf I I^or RENT?a WELL-FURNISHED PAR lor and chamber, in a pleasant and healthy location. Apply at 474 H street, between SKh nnd 10th sts. Term* moderate. sep 3?eo3?? RENTS REDUCED TO SUIT THE TIMES 8150 a year will be received for the rent of those new and convenient Cctta^es at Kendall Green, >?1th two acres of ground, stable, wood sh?d, end other convenient**attached. Pumps of t>ine water !?ra near the door, and communication s had with Georgetown by way of ii and i^eventh streets r.nd Pennsylvania avennr, morning r.nd af ternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clexSs ;a tbe Departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent, immediate application must be made to the undersigned, either by letter or at his bouse at Kendall Gr?n, after office hours, where the keys may be hod and the houses inspected at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on libe ral terms. WM. STICKNEY, No. 4, Kendall Green. n. B ?Rents paid que.terly is a^vaucb. ap b?octf For rent or sale-a new three story brick Honse in complete order, on 8th ??treat, near N, Northern Liberties. Enquire of VV . j. McCOLLUM, Sth and k streets, Northern Liberties. au 13?ectf FO R S A L E?improved AND UNIM proved Real Estate ?jennings PIGOTT Atterney at Law and Agent for Real Estate, has several small Houses and Lots; and a number of unimproved building Lots in different portions of the city, which he will sell at moderate prices end on accommodating terms Persons wishing to sell or buy may do well to give him a call. He will take charge of Real Estate, attend to leasing, renting, ftc., Investigate titles, and at tend particularly to conveyancing Office 510 Washington Library , on 11th street, betweenand D. au 16?aw Rooms for rent?a parlor and several very pleasant furnished Chambers for rent, in a new brick house. Apply to e k LUNDY, au 8 No. 46 Louisiana avenue. Lots for a a l e ?two or three ?00d Building Lota in a rapidly Improving neighborhood for sale on ttn fears' credit. Apply to J. H. DRURY. jy si??f For rent?severalhandsome par lors and Chambers, with Board. Also, Table and Transient Board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 2tf3 F street. api*-tf INDEPENDENT POLICE. THE undersigned have entered into a Arm for the purpose cf attending to all criminal and other businew which may be entrusted to them, Any communication from any part of the United stages will be promptly attended to. One of said hrm wiU be found at all times at John D. Clark's United btetes Police Office, No 527 Twelfth st. WILLIAM H. FANNING, JOHN H. STEWART, J. NORWOOD, SOLOMON GODDARD. au 87?lm (Organ) gl'NS AND GUNNING APPARATUS. WE this day open? 1 case single and double barrel English Fow ling Pieces, Colt's ana Allen's Revolving Pistols, Eley's chcmically-prepared Gun Wadding. Cartridges for Colt's Pistols, Dog Collars; many beautiful patterns. A great variety of Powder Flasks ft Shot Pouches. Our stock of Sportmen's Goods?now more com plete than it hus ever been?is receiving almost daily additions. We would respectfully ask an cxamiuatiou of our goods, confident that we can suit every variety of taste and offer them at prices as low as they are sold in the Northern cities. E. TUCKER ft CO , 353 Penna avenue, nearly opp. Brown's. sep 3?eo3t [Intell ] 1 ? POTOMAC PAVILION. 'he Proprietor respectfully Informs the public thai the Pavilion will be kept open dux- ? . ina the running of the Potomac Steamers. Pnere are many families here who intend Jp M to remain throughout September, and he hopes that others may unite to enjoy the fine bath and good fishing. ww Dfx Pin?t Point, aug.jg, 1655 ' ' au 27 i m BR ELLAS, BASKETS. Engravings, P?r fumery, ftc., at ELLIS'S, fcl Penn. avenue, r e*r 10th >t. gu 21? AUCTION SALES By A. GREEN, Auctioneer E1TK!?S1VK SALE OF EXCELLENT New f urait?rr, Chi??, Qla? an4 Crock? fry Warri?Ua TUKSU1Y, the 4ih iosUnl, i shall eell, at my Auction Store, at the co.ner of Seventh and D streets opposite the Patriotic Bank at 10 o'clock a m., a Uiye and excellent assort ment of new Mahogany and \\ alnut Furniture, ?is * ^ Sofia, Chairs, Cnator, Rocking *a<l Revolving Chair* Dre?>i?U{ and other BiwtSM Ottoman* ana Hat rack Bookcases and Secretaries Writing Desks and Whatnot* Mahogany and other Wardrobes Extension Tables Marble top centre, side and other Table* Mahogany French, cottage and walnut Bedsteads Fine palmed collate Seta, Washstands, 4c Hair ard shuck Mattresses Office and other Chairs W tth a large lot of other articles which I d em unnecessary to enumerate. Terms: Under ?50 c*>h ; over $50 * credit of two, three and four months, for notes satisfactori ly endorsed, bearing interest. A. GREEN, sep 1? Auctioneer. Will be added to the above sale two nood ser ond-hand l'iano and one Ine large gilt Frame Mirror. A. <fl The above sale is postponed until U HSU AY. 6th Instant, same hour. A. GREEN, sep 5?d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer Eighteen desirable building Lots ii the First Ward, near the Circle, at Public Sale.?OA TUESDAY afternoon. September 4th, at 5# o'clock, on the premises. 1 shill sell original Lot No. 5 in Square No 71, sit uated at the corner of North L street and N ew Hampshire avenue, subdivided into eighteen handsome building lots of fifteen feet front each. These lot* are situated in an improving part of the city, and are worthy of attention. Terras: One-fifth cash; the rwldue in 8, 12, IS, and 21 months, with interest, recurod by deed or trust on the premises. JAS. C. McGUIRE, au31?d Auctioneer ?7* The abave sale is postponed iu con sequence of the rain until THURSDAY afternoon September Uth, same hour and place. JAS. C. McGUIRE, s?p 5?d Auctionocf. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. PACKAGE SALS OF GLASS WARE.?Gn FRIDAY morolng, {September 7, at lOo'cl'k, at the Auction Rooms, J sha'l .sell, without re serve?? 51i packages of Glassware, comprising Tumblers of various patterns, Preserve Jars, Molasee* Cans. itc. Will he added - 8 one-eighth casks ?f Bra.idy. The attention of the trade is raspcctfully (ui-ltd to the above sale, which will be m?de :n lots te suit. Terms: AH sums of and under S20 cash; over a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes bear iv.ii Interest, satisfactorily endorsed. JAS. C. McGUIRE, sep 5 Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Excellent and nearly new Fnr nitiire and Household Effects at Auc tion.?On MONDAY morning, September 10th. at 10 o'clock, at the residence of Walter I*enox, E~q,No ill F str et, between G'.h and 7ih *?s., I shail: eil all hi<- I'urultr.e and Housekeeping Effects, consisting of? Suite of Rosewood P?rlor Forn!lure, finished in crimson brocatelle Pl::sb and inoro-ro covered Armchairs Handsome carved ws.5uut marble-top centre pad sofa Tables Beautiful gi;t frame Oval French plate Mirror' Writing Cab'net Walnut WorksGind ; Etegant Bronze and Parian Marble Ornaments Handsome purple brocaiellc and Lac3 Curta'na, Cornice ai-d ri*ture< Velvet, Brus els and Three-ply Carpet? Bronze Hat tree, hall Ollclo-h, Ru^s Brussels Stair Carpets, Rods and 1 yes W"?'!iut Extension Dining Table Do Sidcbou-d and PLii/e Stand, it Tray Do D?ulog Chairs, Table Cutlery White china d :n-.*r, de-s^rt, ..nd tea f-ets St: of Crystal cut and Eri raved Glaa-ware Silver plutfd C stcrs, Ccfcee Urn Handsome Enuict-iitd i'oll marble top Co;tage suite I Supe;L,r mahogany and walaut French Bedsteads Marble top Dre-sing Bmeaus, Wash-taads Walnut and mahogany Waratobe?, Tables Moroccocoveied LouilS* Maho^any Drrssiag Table G ramte arid painted Toilet Window Shades, Crib and Bedding Single Iron Bedsteads Superior curled hair MaUrr* es, hu -k do. Feather Erds BoMers aid Pi lows Err-!leut Marse^l^a Quilt*, Blanke**, tz. ChinU CitrUin-, Fire Irms, Fenders Cane and wocd^eat Chairs, Rockers Together with a $,eneral a&sortment of Kitchen U tenslLs. Terms: $30 and under cash; over that sum a credit of Gl) and 90 diys, fir satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. P. S.?The above Furniture is nearly new and of excellent quality. JAS. C. McGUIRE, sep 5?d Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. TWO NEAT T W O - S T O R Y FRAME Houses on >1 street, between 12th and 13?h streets, at Auction.?On TUESDAY af tetnoou, September lith, at 5% o'clock on the premise*, I sh;'ll sell subdivision No 30 in square atinv un north M, be.wecn 12th and L*th streets, with the improvem- nts. consisting of two neat and well finished iwo-story Fram* Dwelling Houses. Terms favorable and made kaown at sale. JAS. C. McGUIRE, ffp5?<1 Auctioneer. By GREEN & SCOTT, Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE Real Estate.?NOTICE.?By virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for the county of Washington, sitting in chancery isassed In a certain cause 'wherein H . B. Sweeny, Treasurer, end ethers are complainants, and Bow ling's heirs and others are defendants, 1 shall pro ^e?Kl to sell, on the premises, on W EDN ESDA Y, tne 3th feintcmber neit, at 6 o'clork p. m , part* of Lots No's. 10 end 11, in Square No 566. float ing each 16 feei on north F, between Second and Third streets west, ru.'ininy hack to a wide alley,, with the improvements, which are a good three story brick house on each. Terms of sa'e: One-third cash i balance in 6, 12 and le months, the de,'erreu To) meats to bear interest f'om day of; ale and to be seCl!redby a dted of trust on the premises. All conveyance at the expense of purchaser or purchasers. If the terms are not complied with within five days from day of sale, the Trustee reserve the right to re-sell, at the risk and cost of the first purchaser or purchasers, by advertising such re sale three times in the National Intelligencer. JOHN F uNNlS. Trustee. GREEN A SCOTT. sep 4?tit Auctioneers. -* By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. VERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT, an corner of R and tilit streets at Auction. On FRIDAY afternoon, September 7th, at 3W o'clock, on the premises, I sha'l sell Lot No. 1, in square No. 73, fronting 57 feet on north K street, at the corner of 21st street, running back 75 feet. This is a vary handsomely located corner lot. in the immediate vi'- nltyofthe Western market house, and is admirably adapted for a business stand Sale without reserve. Terms: One-third cash; balance in 6,12, ?nd 18 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. JAS. C McGUIRE, sep 4 Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Peremptory sale of building Lata?On WEDNESDAY afternooa, Sep tember 5th. at 5)4 o'clock, on the premises, I will sell Lots No. 16 and it, la Square No. 616 fronting each 63 feet ? inches on north P, between North Capitol and 1st street west, running back 150 feet. Immediately after, I shaU sell Lots 1,5 aud6, in Square 523, front ing on north O street, between 1st and 3d streets west, running back L>5 feet to a SO feet alky. Terms: One third cash , the residue in t>, 1*, ard 18 months, with Interest, and secured by a deed of trust on the premises. JAS. C. McGUiRE, au 30?d Auctioneer. By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers Good business stand at auction. WiU be rold on THURSDAY, the 6th Sep tember, at 6 o'clock p. m . that valuable Lot on the corner of C street north. Indiana avenue, and First street west, adjoining the four-story brick residence of Dr. Wallace, and fronting all the travel to and from the railroad depot, the Capitol, and City Hall. This location for business of a ready-money kind is better than any to be found in Washington, for hotel, stores, refectory, board ing, Ac. The sale will be positive, and the opportunity to a business man seldom te be met with. The Lot contains 4,300 fteet, and fronts 135 fru on the corner of C street, Indi.ina avenue, aod 1st street. Terms : SI.000 cash; balance in t, 12,18 and 24 mouths, and 3 years. GREEN k SCOTT, au 30?4 Auctioneers TELEGRAPHIC HEWS. REPORTED FURTMI EVUlMlf&B* Latest from the Freer District. Cir$at Incr*'is* of iV#w? Co f?(fr*ni S*J?r ,Sffor ?/F?d?Number ?/DmtA% Not DimtniirAtn#. ' IUltiiiore, Sept. i .? The Norfolk boat has arrived, bunging accounts of the boa heart rending nature. The fever appear* to b? on the iBcreaec In that doomed city At the pre sent rate of mortality, bat a few days more will deciminate the present remaining pope 11 - t**'Di unless icmc speedy means be ued to re mote the"*? once. The number ?f deaths in Not folk for the twenty foar hours eC^,Bf noon wero sixty; end the physicinC* report more new cat** than duritg any previo"^* twenty-four hours. The deaths oocur so rapidly that cof fins cannot be procured sufBclent to bury all Private letters say that the people of the two cities are in great suffering for want of f?"od, especially bread and crackers; that pro visions are not to b? had even by thoee fern who have the money to pay for them [The correspondent of the A^oeiated Press uj down, and we must hereafter trust to other means for information.?Rtjwttr ] Verdict of the Coroner's Inquest en the Railroad Accident at Baruagtoa Euulisgtos. Sept. 5.?The coroner's jury upon the late railroad disaster returned a ver dict at three o'eloek this morning. It declares that the deaths were caused by running tho c-us backward, and that the immediate cause was their coming in contact with the pair of horses driven by Dr. He?ncken, whose conduct is censured as caielee* and reckless , and that the engineer did not observe the rules of the c mpany relative to blowing the whistle oa approaching croa-roads It exonerates the conductor, win, it stetc, i ted in *ccordAi?ee with the Company's rules ; but it declares that the compary should adopt .cine more eficieut mode of pi eventing tba rr currence of such accident^?suggesting that srifety to the lives of pa*?ergers fs of more im portance than the lo^s cf a few moments of time The Vermrnt Xirction. Mompelibb, Sept. 5.?Boyce, the Republi can candidate, b re-clect.d Governor by a handsome majority; also the whole Fusion ticket Tor State officers: and the Know Nothing Kopublicac party hss. without doubt, carried tie Legislature. The conte.t was spirited, and a large vote casi. Another Accident and Lea*.h cc the Cam den and Amboy Railroad. Philadelphia. Sept. 5.?A freight train on tie Camden and Amboy railroad came in col lision latt night with a charcoal wa^on, near Cooper's creek, killing the driver and mules. It is supposed tha driver was asleep when the train struck the teas'.. Body Recognised BrRLiscroN, N. J., Sept. 5.?'Ihe body for . cme days umocognizcd is proven to be that of T Loveland, of the finn of Green i Love land. of Laeonia. 111. The body has been jicntificd by his partner, Mr. Or den. Mortality in New Orleans. New Orleans, Sept. 3.?The number of deaths la?t week were 400. Of tbfse 294 d?ed of the yellow fever. ______ 0 New Orleans Markets. New Orlea*?, Sept. 3.?Cotton has under gone no 'ittotablc change since the last report. fcJu'es to-day of 1,500 bales at previous rate-. NeW Terk Markets. New Tobe, Sept 5 ?Flour ?? a trifle higher Sales of 7,500 barrels. State breads, common to straight ?6.75a?7 25; good Ohio, $7 17J. Wheat is a trifle higher. Sales of 20,000 bush els. Corn is also a trifle higher. Western mixed 86c. Whisky i.- heavy. Stocks are higher, Virginia 5's, 98]; Cum berland Coal Company, 2?f. Bv JAf* C McOUIRE. Auctioneer. Handsome pcrhitire a holse h?l-? Effects, Faaiily< arriaif, Matrhrd Hors*?. Kocknw ay. Fnrnaias I tensile, fee. On TUESDAY merging. September llth. at ten c'clock, at the country seat of Thomas Marshall, Esq., near the village of Tennallytown. on the turnpike to UockvUie. about two miles from Ueor^etown, 1 sluUJ sell all his handsome F urnl ture and Housekeeping Effects, consisting In part of? Rosewood carved Hrocatelle covered Soft, with curtains. Ac lo match M&uoganv F rench t-ofa and Chairs, finished iu canary colored b-ocaielle, curtain* to match Mahogany hair spring-M-at Sofia and Chain Rosewood Arm Chair* Whatnot Superb French Mantel Clock, writh Candelabra.'-. cost 93U0 Rosewood Secretary and Bookcaae Marble top Centre and other Tables Elegant 31U frame French plate Mirror, plate OS by 81. with slab and bracket Velvet, Brn?els. Tapeatrv and other Carpets, with Rugs to match, all new and ef excellent quality One pair of elegant gilt six light gas Chandelier* Dining room, hall and other <cas flxtuies Bedsteads, Bureaus. Wash stand* Cane and wood seat Chain. Rocker* .'?ia. Glass, Table Cutlery, Ac. rJU,. ,-rlor and Chamber Su Cooking, i-T Together with othtr articles not necessary to enumerate . . . At twoev?*?*? One handsome Family Carrln?'> but lHUe used One pair Buperior matched iron grey Carriage Horses Handsome lion Sleirh, Rockaway Wagons, Ploughs ,Harrow< Harness. Shovel-, Forks, Cultivators Lot of Hay and Corn. P<*atoes Hot btd Sash, Ac. Term? SJ0 and under cash; ever that stm a credit of two and four months for notes satisfacto rily endorsed, bearing interest. JAS C. .UcGUIRE, an SB? d Auctioneer Stoves BOARDING. A LADY HAVING TAKEN THE PLEAS, ant and newly repaired dwelling on T?*th street, No. 406. between D and E. will be pleased to receive one family, or several ^eiuiemen on terras the most reasonable The rooms are largo and handsomely furnished, and a large yard at tached to the boose for the exercUe of children. Being near the avenue. It ia most convenient for table and transient boarders au 27?3w* Boarding ?mus. duvall,no xu Penn sylvania avenne,oimo*ite Brown a Hotel, has several large and deniable rooms, suitable for Umilies or single gentlemen, which she will rent with board at moderate prices She can also ac commodate six or eight table boar den. J? Board, Ac ?mrs. bates,on thes w. corner of Pennsylvania avenne and 9th street, is prepared to accommodate gentlemf r with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap S?tf CABAS, WORK BOXES, Ac. Hutchinson a munro have just received direct from the manufacturer a large ?nd handsome assortment of Cabas in calf and Turkey mi rocco, oi all sixes and superior uualtty. Also, an assortment of Ladies' \Vork Boxes and Dressing Caws, portable Writing Desk. Gent's Shaving Cases, furnished and ur furnished; watch s'ands, Ac., together with a larpe assortment of Hoe Moire Antique, Mohair and Silk Elastic be dim' Belts, to all of which the attention ef tho public is invited. HUTCHINSON 4 MUNRO, 310 Pa. av.. between 9th and 10th sts. au31?tf Memoir op nr. sydnky smith, edited by Mis. Austen, * vols Pantma 1b 1W ' FRENCH TAYLOR autt

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