Newspaper of Evening Star, September 6, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 6, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, flBLIMfKU EVKRY AFT?KNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) ?t tkl St** B*tid*?gs, CQTH-.r of FenH?plvm?i? mremut *md SUvtiUk itrtti, B J W. D. WALL&CH, Will Observed to snbsrribers by carriers at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable .weekly to the Agents; paper* ;er /ed la packages at 37# eents per month To mall subscribers the ?ub ? rlption price is THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENTS a year mmdvmti, TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months for less tLan three mouths at the rate of \i% c**nts a week. S1NULE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. VI. WASHINGTON D. C., THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1855. NO. 835. fOBX ?- BLVA5S. WILLIAM THOHPSOW. KLVANS Ac THOMPSON, DEALBR4 III HABDWARK, COACH TRIMMINGS, Ae., 91*. :;2b FfBiuyiranka areanei kdiiia Ninth and Ttnth lii, Washington, D. O. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDWARK. Britannia, German Silver, Albata and Silver Pla ted, T<?, Table aad Dessert Spoons Carvers and Forks, Steels, Knives with and with* oat Forks Bras*, Britannia, Block Tin and Plated Candle sticks, Shovel and Tongs, Waffle irons, Sad Irons Masiln and Bell Metal Kettles, Furnaces, Grid irons. Ovens, Ac. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rural Cottage. Clo^t. Cupboard, Chest, Till, Pad and Trunk Leers Shuttle. Door, and Blind Hinges, Screws, Cut aad Wrought Nails, Bolts Brad's Shutter Screws and Stnbbs, Door Spring*, Handrail Screws^ Door Knobs Ball Pulls, Door Sheaves and Rail, Ac. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Balr Cloth, Curled Hair, Moss, Gimps, Scfa and Chair Springs Venltian Blind Hooks, Rack Pulleys, ! teller Ends Brackets, Furniture Nails Sloe, Cot&n Handles and Screws, Screw Plates, Ac carpenters' OOODS. Plane-, Saws, Drawing Knives, Spcksehnves, Chisels and Gouges, Plane I ons Augers. B/are3 and Bitts, Boring Machines, Ham mers, Hatchets. Devels Bevels, Squares, Guages, Axes, Ac. BLACKSMITH A COACH MAKERS'GOODS. Black and Bright Springs, Axles, Felloes, Shafts, Spokes, H'ibs, Baws, Poles Sleigh Manners, Silvered and Brass Bands. Stump Joints, Stump Collars, Top Preps Curtain Frames, Lamps, Inside Linings, Lining Silks, Damask, Seaming Cords Tufts, Tsssels, Buttons, Tacks, Fringes, Laces, an i Flain and Enamelled Canvass Russia Diek, Enamelled ljenther. D?--.h Leather. Ac. ELVANS A THOMPSON, Je 1?Sm C2B Pa. avenue. GLEN WOOD CEMETERY, Office Ns. wa l'a. are., ceraer lOlh street, T fovea tkz saving's bank.) HIS CEMETERY is laid oat on the plan of the celebrated Greenwood, of New York, and situated on the high ground distant one and a quarter miles north of the Capitol?North Capitol atreet leading directly to the gateway. This Company have secured a charter from Con gress. appropriating their ground forever to burial purpose*. making a fee title to the purchaser, and prohibiting all eucroaciiments from legislation or otherwise, which Is of vast importance to those who wish their dead to repose where they have placed the n, for it has become a custom in ail other cities when the burial ground becomes valu able for other purpo?es,to sell it, and throw the dead promiscously into one large pit, aad legal measures cannot prevent it, as no titles are given to the ground. N. B ?Oihce open from 10 to 12 o'clock a. m., where Pamphlets. containing the Charter,. By Laws, and a map of the ground, and all other in formation, can be obtained. All orders left with Mr. James F. Harvey, No. 410Seventh street, or any ottur undertaker, will be promptly attended to. je IS? ly AMES I C A N HOTEL, No. 456 Pa rrrmut, bitten a \ and 6 tk struts, 8. HKFLEBOVVER A L. T LOVETf, raoraiaTCEi. - JytSm COFFIN WAUEKOJM, fcc. J WILLIAM PLANT A CO., UNDERTA ? KE R S?residence 118 Seventh street, between G and H streets. Interments procured In any ground orcemeter/. Collins, Cups, Shrouds, Carriages. Heerte. and every article for interment* of the best quality furnished a! short notice, on the most rea?< rable terms, and at all hours of the night. Having the exclusive right of Cramp's Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to keep the dea l for any length of time Jy 11?ly DENTISTRY* p B DONALDSON, Demist, lateof the firm of IV* Hunt jl Donald on, continues to manufacture and insert iaose beautiful] porcelain (e?-?^, w.ih or without ?U>bb, for specimen oT whica (na-de and deposited by the late Una) was awa rded the fl^st premium it 'he Mechanic#' latitat? Fair, recently held iu this city. These teeth are carved and rhaded to snit each particular ease, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs is so p jjfcct as to deceive the most prac tised eye Particular attention also paid to filling and pre Serving the natural teeth. Charges moderate, a:id oil operations warranted Oai^e soi tiwu>t corner of Seventh and D streets. Scntrance on D. mar 21?fits RENT1STRY. |\R. M'JNSON re&pectfally calls public atten nJ doa to hi* new, patent and grow I? improved method of setting Ar-lCTK tLScial Teeth, with Continuous flym it/TTWy the *7 PERFECTION OF THE ART. This ? ? - ? j w .>? * s? a ?u iu s* *J' a" * a ) v * with Nature la these mspccts, and in some others excelling. Public Inspection is re*f*ctfully solic ited Please csii ar.d see sneciinaas. CAUTION?No otner Dentist!a the District of Col-imbu has a right to make this Ktyie of teeth N. B.?Teeth con--tltutionail/ healthy, plugged and warrant tl for life. ORce and at jw No. 203 E street, near the ccr aer of Pcuria avtass and 11th street. ap ?i-tf J 1ST RLUIVLU AT JOE 9U1LL1XG t?a'? Periodical Or pat? Memoirs of the Rev. S} viney smith, edited by Mrs. Austin Paaama in k:S*, an account of the l^anama Rail road. of the cities of 1'auaios.and Aeplnwall, with sketches of Life and Character on the isthmus, by Robert Tom^s Letter-, to the People on Health and iiappincu*, by Catheriue E. Beecher. Memoirs of James Gordon Bennett, and his Times, by a Journalist The Ksca'ijd Nun Banker's Daughter, 2d vol, by Repnoid-s Rone Miluxn, a romance. J SHI LLINGTON'S, Odeon Building, corner l'a. av. and 4% st. aa tl? NATIONAL HOTEL, NORFOLK, VA B. B. W1LTEKS, freprletsr. HAVIN G purchased the above well known es tablishment, I re? ?ectfully Inform my friends and the travel ng public, tnat the iH ho'iif has been thoro gniy renovated audJ^Hi newly furnished throughout, aad Is n?w onea for the reception of permanent and transient board ers. I return my sincere thank?to my friends and the public generally for the liberal patronage ex tended to mi for the last twenty-three years, and respectfully solicit a continuance of the same, as suring tneia that nothing will be left uudoaaU: make them at HOME while sojournl ig at the l*a tioaal N B?A four-horse sta^? Coachlerres the Na tional Hx every Tuesdw, Thursd sy, aad Sat urday for hllzabeth City, N. C. au 10?lm a B. WALTERS. PL RE BOSTON ICE. APLENTIFUL supply of the above indispen sable article will be kept on hand throughout the season, at the -Eldorado House," Pa. avenue between id and 4)f streets, where families resid ing in the neighborhood can oe supplied in large or siaail quantities, at the lowest rates. CLEMENT REYNOLDS. N. B.?Choice Wines, Brandies. Cigars, Ac. Dinners, Suppers, Ac., supplied in good style, as usual, at shortest aotice. au 7?eolia 1)' kR. &l IIWARTZE S CHRONO-THER. ' .HAL AOt E PILLS?These PUls have stood unrivalled for the U"?t t** years. Su? n is the etft^ay of these I'll Is. that such a thiu.' is VaiLi ac is impossible, if they are taken ao >rd ing to direction. au 28?eolm V\ n. PETTIBONE, BOOKBINDER AND BLANK BOOK MAN. Ut'AUTOBEli. SjutJua.<t torn** Eighth and D streets, Washington, d. c. aa 83?3w3te QUIRTS?SHIRTS.?We have Just received a large and fine assortment of Gentlemen's best Quality white and colored Shirts, which we will dispose of at the lowest New York or ices. WALL A STEPHENS. 322 Pa. avenue, next door to iron Hall, au 2?tf - BLANK BOORS of all kinds aad sixes far sale at unusually luW prices. ft * FRANUK TAYLOR. DENTISTRY DR. V. 8HINN, Graduate of the Philadelphia College of Dental Surgery, respect- ^ fully informs the residents of George-AMES3& town and Its vicinity that he lias loea-^dffr ted himself amongst tbexn for the purpose of prac tising his profession. Oflier 121 Washington st., above Bridge stmt, Georgetown, I). C. Je i^-d2mAeolm? WEBER'S BEASS AND STBING BAND. THIS old established and favorite band fur nish music as usual for Excursions, Sere nades, PicNlcs, Balis. Parties, Exhibitions, Ac. Orders may be left at Uilbus A HiU's Music De pot, or at the residence of the leader, four doors east of General Henderson's residence, N avy V ard. jy 83?2m PROSPERl'S CUHKET BAND. THIS Band is suitable for any and all purposes, and is warranted to give satisfaction to all those who may be pleased to engage them, either as a Brass, Reed, or Cotillon Band. Any number of musicians to be had at the short est notice, by applying to FREDERIC PROSPERI, Leader, at Taltavull's Store, opposite the Marine Barracks. N. B.?Ord?r* left at Hilbus A Hitz's Music De pot will be promptly attended to. may 25?4 m H. SILVER WARE. SEMKEN, 330 Pa. avenue, between 9th and Ls 10th streets, offers his large stock of puie Sliver Ware, consisting of Coffee and Tea Sets, complete, Sugar Bowls, Cream Goblets, Cups, 3>oons and Forks, and a magnificent assortment richly chased fancy sliver ware suitable for gifts, at reduced prices. Persons in want of any of the above articles are Invited to call. , Being mostly of our own manufacture, we war rant It sterling. |?7" Sllveiware of any design made to order at shcrt notice. Particular attention is paid In get ting up Testimonials, Premiums, Ac. au 1?tr ICK?IC'L?ICE I C^HARLES WERNER, on Pa. r.venne, oppo / site Browns' Hotel, will keep, throughout the season, an ample supply of Pettinone's best ICE, which he wiU sell, on call, in any quantities, ml the lowest po.islbl* ntes may 2!i?dtSep 30 BASKETS.?Work, Card, Traveling, Knifte. Key. Cigar, Office, Market and Clothes Bas kets. lr you want a good basket, at a low price, call at 490 Seventh street. G. FRANCIS, au 8? SOMETHING TO OLD AND YOUNG. PROFESSOR. WOOD'S HAIB EESTOBATIVE. THIS preparation, although less than two years before the public; owing to Its wonderful ef fects upon the human hair and sealp, has already obtained a celebrity and 8.016 perfectly sn paralleled. It h<u without the ordinary appliance used for such purposes, won its way, and been heartllv welcomed to most of the cities and towns in the United States, tfa*1 Cunadns. and tie West India Islands. Nor is this result surprising when it is rememl>erfd that It* popularity is ba-'-d upon Its merits, solely as established by : "tual tests. That this preparation will actually Restore gray Hair to its Natural Color, produce a luxuriant growth upon the heads of the bald, prevent the hair from foiling oil. and when used as a tonic ar ticle, produce a continual flow of the natural fluid and thus render the hair aoft, glossy and wavy, a stroy disea-ses of the scalp, and expel dandruff, the certificates of distinguished gentlemen ana lulies in every part of the country who have tried It, and therefore speak what they know, most ful ly attest. That by a proper use of this Restorative tie hair can be made to attain a .d retain its natu ral color to almost any a^e alotted to humanity, by removing the cause of alseasi from the scalp no matter how long standing?the concurrent tes timonials of the press and the certificates of nu merous respectable individuals of both sexes, to the use of this curative, as well as of the recom mendations of editors *nd certificate* before uila ded to, cai be had of ail agents. Bsookfikld, Mass., Jan. 12,1855. Parr. Wood?Dear Sir?Having made trial of your Hair Restorative, it gives me pleasure to say that its effect ha* b. en excellent in removing In flammation. dandriff, and a constant teaden-Jy to itching, with white i have been tionblcd from childhood, and ha* 41k? esto.ed ?ay hair, wt;< h was becoming gray, to! us oiig uat color. I have used toother article, with anything like the pleasure and profit. Youis, truly J. K. BRAGG, Pastor of Orthodr.x ChurcU. lircokiield. CAni.ix.ti. ill., June27, loc3. I have used Prof. O. J. Wood's Hair Restora tive, and have admired lis wonderful effect. My hair v,as becoming, as I thought, prematurely gray; but by the ute of Ms "Uentoratlve" it has res .med its original color, and I hav.e no doubt, peioiioenUy so.' SIDNEY BREE8K, Ei-S<*nitr.; United states. Ploy. Wooo Dear Sir?My hair commenced falling off some three or years since, and con tinaeu to do so until I became cults bald. I tried all :he popular remedies o-f the uay, bat to no ef fect; at last 1 was Induced to use your celebrated Hair Restorative, and am very hafy to say It 13 doing wonder*. I hnve sow a* line growth of young hair, ar><! cheenidly recommend ft* use to all similarly afflicted. A. C WILLIAMSON, 13"} Second street. Address O. J. WOOD & CO.. Proprietors. 318 Broadway, New York, and 114 Market street, St. Lool*, Mo C. STOTT A CO , wholesale s;vl retail Agent, Washington. T. W. DYOTT A SONS, General Wholesale Agent, Philadelphia, Pa. au 1?ly DR. L. K. WillCllT'3 affPAILINa "S'jfiO^ULOUS AI7TID0TE," tu Ptrmantnt Cur* c/ CONSUMPTION and ail oi.itr forms of SCHUF'JLUVS DISEASES. Til 13 Medicine is pre;.an i by an eminent phy sician of eighth a years practice In New Verk city, during whiuh ti ne he niis constantly us<*d It with the m ml unbounded success, and created foi it a repuUtian In private practice, unequalled in tho history of medicine, ft acts immediately upon the blood, <-leou.1ng it from ali scrofulous humors or lfluxuiUes, renovating imd, by its magic pow er*, IN V1GORATE THE WHOLE SYSTEM, in proof of which, hundreds of resectable wit nesses from the dcctcr'3 private practice have giv en in their testimony, and entreatjth^ae suffering from any scrofulous affection, to tail utcn tktm end satisfy thenstivtt. A Treatise on Scrofulous Diseases can be had gratis at PRINCIPAL DEl'OT, 40!) Broadway, and at Drug Stores generally CHARLES STOTT A CO., Agents for Washington DR. L. 11. WRIGHT'S TASTELESS 4? LIQUID CATHABTIC," OR, FAMILY PHYSIC. THIS Is the BEST, CHEAPEST, and MOST EFFICIENT OATH \RT1C EVER OF FERED TO TUB PUBLIC. ? . ? painful all other purgatives, It searches to the bottom ol the disunite, thoroughly cleanses the utomach, and leaves the bowels entirely free from eostiveness. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE Wl THOUT IT. Children drink it readjy and without forcing, and NO MEDICINE IS MORE HIGHLY RE COMMENDED by the MEDICAL FACULTY. Give it a trial and then judge for yourselves. It can be had whole* tie ana retail at E. H. STA BLERA CO S, Baltimore, or CHAS. STOTT A CO., Washington, D C. DR. WRIGHT'S PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 409 Br<?adway, where the doctor can be consulted daily on diseases generally, from 12 to 2 p. m., without charge. Je 13?6m FIRST WARD LIV ERY AND SALE STA BLES. N announcing to the public of Washington that 1 have taken possession, by purchase, of the above Stables, cn G street, ne^r the War Department, (lately occupied by A. Schwartz,) I wish to info:m M . th? m that It wiU be entirely conducted by mvseif, and that all orders left upon the prsmlfes will be attended to punctually with elegant Carriages and careful drivers. The Riding School will oe con ducted by a professional equestrian and perfectly d'Jtlle horses; havlcg stated hours for lady equt* trians, In private or public, as they may prefer. Particular attention will be paid to nor?es kept at Livery in his establishment. Persons requiring open barouches or family tar riagee, can be sausractorily accommodated, as those desiring riding horses for gentle flion FRIEDERECR LAK EMUYER, jy tl?5m Agent. I LIGHT AND darkness ; or the Shadow of Fate. A story of fashionable Life. Payer SO cents?cloth 75. cents Taylor * maury's ?a 97 Bookstore, near 9th at. EDUCATIONAL. OEOHOETOWKCUSS1CAL AN1>MATH EMATICAL ACADEMY. THE dndersi?i>ed laving rented the building In which the late Wm. R. Abbott, Esq , bo long and so favorably conducted his Academy, and having thus secured more ample accommodations will receive an additional number of pupils. Karly applications are particularly requested, as It is Important that all the scholars should be pres ent at the formation of the classes. The exercises will be resumed on Monday, Sep tember 3d. P. A. BO WEN. Principal, an 27 No. 94 West st., Georgetown. RUGBY ACADEMY. Fiurteenth street, opposite Franklin Square. 'I'tHE duties of this institution will be resumed J- on the second Monday In September. Nam ber cf pupils limited. C'rculars of the Academy can tie obtained at the rssidence of the Principal, on N. between 12th and 13th streets. G. F. MORfcON. THE UNION ACADEMY. THE Fiflh Annual Session of the Union Acad> emy; and the Sixth of the Union Female Academy, will open on the llrst Monday In Sep tember, and continue44 weeks. Terms as usual. Circulars at the Bookstore of R. Fwnham, Esq, and at the Rngby House, corner 14th and K ftp. These Institutions are so organized and con ducted as to secure that mental end moral train ing which will best prepare the pupil for the real ties of life. Z. RICHARDS. Pria U. A. Mrs. Z. RICHARDS, Prin. U. F. A. au 17?lm MRS. LUNDY will resume the duties of her School on Monday, September 3d, at No 46 Louisiana avenue. au 3u 1TISS H. McCORMICK AND SISTER will I" resume the duties of their School on the 3d of September, at their place of residence. No. 43 IX itreet, between Pennsylvania and Missouri avenues. so 31?eo3t* MISS S. HOGAN S ENGLISH k FRENCH BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL 253 Fstreet. THIS Institution will be rt-opened the 17th of September. For circulars application to the Principal is re quested . Parents are invited to visit the Class-rooms. Day School for Little Boyt.?For further in formation reference may be made to Miss Hogan's Circular. sep 3?eo3t* BOARDING AND DAY SEMINARY FOR YOUNG LADIES, Mra. GEN. T. T. WHEELER, Principal. THE duties cf this Institution will be resumed on Monday, the 3d of September, at the cor ner of Bridge and Washington streets. Entrance fur Pupils on Washington street. Mrs. Wheeler respectfully solicits a continuance of the patronage she has FOlIberallyreceived from the public, ana for which she tenders her sincere thanks. Circular: can be obtained on application to the Principal. au 13?eolm COTTAGE HOME SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, Masxrchusetts arenut bt tw. 10/4 and lllA sts. ^PHE Sixth Academic Year of this School will A commence on Monday, September 3d. The Course of Instruction is arfantj^d in Four Depart ments. and embraces all the branches of a liberal education. Miss M. A. COX, Principal Madam DO KM AN. Tear ber of French. Mr. GIBSON, Tcacher of Drawing and Paint lnsr. Mr. SCHEEL, Teacher of Music. IH7*" Circulars my be obtained at the Bookstores. au '21?eolm MRS. D. H. BURR WILL RESUME her Classes for Youny Ladles on the l7thS?p tember, at her residence, 364 C street* near 4.^ street. au -22?eo3w SELECT PR I .li AK Y SC HOOL. rpilE MISSES <IUINCY take this method of A informing their former patrons and frtends th"y are now ready for trc reception ( f pupils at their residence, on 11th street, between L and M, No 365, near their form*i in Frank'in Row. A few children can be famished with bo.trd and the requisite attention. The best of reference given. *ep 4-?.a2w# THE WESTERN ACADEMY. Crn*r Sffrnterntk and J streets, Washmetcn. A SELECT SCHOOL will be opened on the first Monday in September, for boys. Number limited to twenty-five. For particulars see circulars at the Bookstore, or tall at 'he School Room after August *22d. J/20?e?,w* S L. LOOMIS, A. M. GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARyT THE next Annual Session of this Institution will coinmenc? on Monday, September :Jd. Punctual attendance is requested, ana application fcr admission must be early made. Catalogues, with course of studies and terms, to be had on application to the Principal, au 8?cotSeplO WILLIAM J. CLARK. R IT TEN HOUSE ACADEMY, Corner Third st. and lndianaavc., Washington. O. C. WIGHT, Principal. R. T. TAYLOR, Assistant. T. R. RAOULT, Teachcr of French. K. GIBSON, Teacher of Drawing. THE next academic year will commence on Monday, September 3d Tuition $1U 5!J, $12 50, and 815 per quarter, payable in advance. Circulars may be obtained by applying to the Principal or at the Bookstores of the city, au ?TuTh&StSepe* CURE FOP. HOT WEATHER. ARNY'S ICE CREAMS, CAKE, and WA TER ICES, for which he was awarded a Medal by the Metropolitan Mechanics'' Institute, is highly recommended for the above. "Will be sent to any part of the District free of chci??. Send your orders to b4 Bridge st., GeorgMtva Jy 2 ??otf A CARD. MRS. E. PHILLIPS, No. 101 Sixth street, between G and H streets, d^sirtJ to Inform the citizens of Warning ton and vicinity, that ?he Is now prepared to give instructions on the PIANO FORTE. She has -taught music in some ui the principal cities of the Union and has testimonials showing that the is fully com petent to discharge the duties of her profession to the satisfaction of those who may favor her with their patronage. Terms: Jflo for 24 lessons, at her residence, ox 312 at the residence of her pupils. Je 12?eo3m? THE HAT ESTABLISHMENT OF ANTHONY, on Seventh street second door north cf Pa. avenue, is the place where ttST< HATS and CAPS are retailed at wholesale prices for cash only Consequently 20 per rent extra profit will not be chargea In order to off set bad debts. The very best Dress Hats, got up in the latest stvle, $3 50, usually sold for Si and $5. * LJuW k sales and small profits," is the motto, au 11?eo3m COPARTNERSHIP. THE undersigned have this day formed a co partnership under the name and style of HARTLY A BRO., for the purpose of tnmsact a Flour and General Commission business, at ~~7ater street, Georgetown. N. B. HARTLEY, E. I). HARTLEY. (jlOKRRTOWR, D. C., August t, 1855. au V?lm# u lug a F 101 Wi CABAS, WORK BOXES, Ire. HUTCHINSON a MUNRO have just received direct from the manufacturer a large krid

handsome assortn ?nt of Cabas in calf and Turkey morocco, 01 &U 3ize? and superior quality. Also, an assortment of l<aa*es' Work Boxes and Dressing Cases, portable Writing Desk, Gent's Shaving Cases, furnished and unfurnished; watch .stands, Ac., together with a large assortment of hue Moire Antique, Mohair and Silk Elastic La dies' Belts, to all of which the attention of the public Is Invited HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, 310 Pa. av., between 0th and 10th sts. au 31?tf l>OOR BINDERS' PASTE BRUSHES A I> GLUE. Also, Patent Paint Oil for roofs, Ac. 5 bbls Putty, in bladders, for sale by HOWELL A MOR-ELL. No 3&J C street, between 6th and 7th. au !M?lio Memoir or rev. Sydney smith, edited by Mrs. Austen, 2 vols Panama in 1855. FRANCK TAYLOR. mM EVENING STAR. FIFTH WARD ELECTION CASE. In the Board of Common Council on Monday, a report was made by the majority of the Com mittee on Elections with a resolution affirming the right of Messrs. Peter? and Bohlayer to re tain their seats in the Board, and a minority of the committee made a report with a coun tcr-rcsolution declaring Messrs. Hutchingson and Mead, the contesting members from the Fifth Ward entitled to take their seats. The resolution offered by the majority of the committee being before the Board for adop tion? Mr. Abert asked for the postponement of the case for a week, stating that as he been out of town he had not been able to give the case such consideration as it demanded; that the matter had not suffered by the delay which it had experienced, as men's passions hud had tiuie to cool; and that another week's delay could do no harm. lie had not been able, from the reading of the reports of the respec tive branches of the Comuiitte on Elections, to thoroughly understand their import and ihe reasons offered for the opposite conclusions to which they seem to have arrived. Mr. Jefferson opposed the delay. He was sorry to refuse anything asked by his friend i'roin the First Ward; but he considered the delay which had already occurred a> unreason ably lo.ig, and therefore must resist the far ther postponement. Mr. McCutchcn expressed surpri-c, after the full discussion which this matter of the contested election coses had had ia the news paper?. that the gentleman from the Fitat Ward should ask for a further delay. The motion for postponement, being put to vote, did n<>t prevail. The question then recurred on the resolu tion offered by the majority of the committee. Mr. Jefferson said a grave legal question alono impelled him to take the floor on this oc casion; he was not moved in it by any penu n:il considerations whatever, having no friend ships to gratify, no resentments to appease. A difference of opinion had. for the first time, sprung up at our election ir. June lft, growing out ot au alleged difficulty in con structing a section of a law, the fruit of which \?a* two eases of contested clcction. lie re gretted that in the Fourth Ward ca?e the eon tenants had not perfected thoir testimony ar.d l-rought it regularly before this Board, and that, therefore, their claim had to be lcit to go by default; but it was not so in the Fifth Ward cone, in which the contestants had taken care, shortly afier the presentation of their protests, to present certified copies of the ori ginal affidavits which had been filed in the Board of Aldermen, and by that Board since loaned to us. The sixth scction of the charter of 1820. de clares that-1 each Board shall judge of the legality of the elections, return.*, and qualifi cations of its own members,'' and euch mem ber had sworn '? faithfully to execute the du I tics of his office to the best of his knowledge and ability.'' They were, therefore, now ae't i irg under the Solemn responsibility of an oath legally ndministered. A number of votes had been rejected at the l ite election ; and why ? The Commissioners of Elections cannot, said Mr. J., exclude votes from the ballot box at their mere will and ipse-dixit; for if so, they can exzlude your vote and mine, and every other man's no mat ter h<^w unquestionable his right maybe. They mu~t be governed by the law bearing on the subject. >iow, what constitutes a legal voter in this city ' The fifth section of the charter of 1S48, comprises the entire law on the subject; for the iut section of that law declares that '? ull acts or parts of acts in conflict with tho provi sions of this act be and the same arc hereby repealed. ' Tiic fifth scction enacts as follows: ?? That every free white male citizen of the United States who shall have att&iued the age of twenty-ono years, and shall have re sided in the City of Washington ono ve^.r im mediately preceding tho day of election, and shall be a resident of the Ward in which he shull offtir to vote, and shall have been re turned on the books of the Corporation during tho year ending the thirty-first of December next preceding the day of election, sis sul ject to a school tax for that year, (except persons non compos 7/1 rutis, vagiants, paupers, or per sons who shall have been convicted cf any in famous crime,) and who shall have paid tho school taxes, and all taxes on personal property due from him. shall be entitled to vote for Mayor, members of the Board of Aldermen j and Board of Common Council, and Assessors, and for every officer authorised to be elected at ai-y election under this city or the act or acts to which this is amendatory or supple mentary." Mow,"if thorc be no obscurity in this law : and no doubt as to its effect, it ehou<d be exe cuted according to its obvious moaning; but if there bo any such obscurity or d>nbt, then there is a tribunal, one of whose special pro vinces is authoritatively to declare the true meaning of all the laws by which we are gov erned; and that tribunal has spoken to the point at issue. In the case of C. S. Wallach vs. the Register of the Corporation the Circuit Court of this District, on the 31st of May, 1854, rendered u decision which is reported in the National Intelligencer of the day following, a* fol lows : " Tho Court decidcd that, in addition to the qualifications under the act of 1S2U. that of 1818 superadded tho payment of a school-tax; that all the requisitions of the act of 1848 must bo complied with. In Mr. Wall.ich's ca-e, every qualification was shown to be com plete. It is the A ssessor's duty to seel- out citizens, and that of citiiens to find it they have been enrolled, and utid if all his quali fications are complete, the citizen is enti tled to votk. Mr. Wallach had a right io presume he wai on ike fist. " All persons having the requisite qa?liu cations, and subject to the school-tax, oi'Siir to Lure been assesstj, arr entitled to vote. Congress appeared to havo two purposes in this act of 1S4^ : one to describe the proper qualifications of a voter, and tho other to raise a tax for tho support of the public schools of the city. There were other purposes, but ihoy were subordinate and directory, and not in dispensable. The evidence of qualification afforded by the registry it not exclusive, other testimony might be admitted. Although registration is convenient and proper, ai.d al though ordered to be done, yet not done. and all other things be perfoimed, the party is entitled to vote. " The Court granted no formal mandamus in Mr. Wallach's special case, the decision being general, and as sueh to be applii l fy the commissioners of election in his and xi.l similar INSTANCES. Jle will, therefore, un der this judgment, be entitled to vote, notwith standing the omission of his name on the Hits." This would seem to be tolerably explicit, in compliance with a joint resolution of this Corporation, which was signed by Nicholas Callan, President of Board ot Common Couu eil; John T. Towers, President of Board of Al dermen, and approved by John W. Maury, Mayor, and which passed both Boards without formal opposition, Mr. J. M. Carlisle, the At torney of the Corporation, prepared the fal lowing tests of qualification of a voter to be ap^ied on the day of the election in June, "1. is he a free white male citiseu of the United States? " 2 Mas he attained the age of tweuty-one years? " 3. Has he resided in the city of Washing 'f" l*etto*Y preceding the day "4. Is he a resident of the ward in which he offers to vote ? u 5. Has he been returned on the bocks ol the corporation daring the year ending 31 si day of December last v subject to a school tax for that year; or (*"hat is the same thing under the decision of the court in the case o/ Wallach vs. the Register of the Corporation) was he liable to be so returned, and has he been omitted through the inadvertence and oversight of tho Assessors, in which case he is to be considered as if in fact returned on the lists ? ?'6. Has he paid the school-taxes and all taxes on personal property due from him ? 11 If all these questions a** rerolved in the affirmative, he it, by tho term? of Ike fifth section of the charter of 184S, 4 entitled to vote,' unless he be rton compos mentis, va grant, pauper, or shall have been convicted of an infamous crime." These tests were directed by the same reso lution to be furnished to tho commissioner* of election, and were, in fast, a rule of conduct for them, and should have been for their tuc cessans. In the Board of Aldermen, in the settle ment of the contested election case* in that I Board lately, the opinion of Mr. Brad ey. the j present corporation attorney, was evoked. It , was a matter of astonishment that a gentle lunn enjoying some reputation a* a lawyer in thij community, should have been willing to ail x his signature to such a paper, which | bears on its face marks of absurdity and in I consistency. Mr. Bradley in this paper says, , in effect, that allowing a native citiien to vote J who reaches his majority six months before an election, and requiring a naturalized citizn to be such one year before he can vote, is "putting them both precisely on an equal ityMr. Bradley says the grammaticalcon struction of the fifth section of the charter of IS4S is, that a voter 11 must be a citizen of the United States for a whole year next.bifore ho offers to vote,7' and almost immediately after .states the result of his inquiry be : 44 1. That no man is entitled to vote unl> <i he teas returned o?i the Loo is of the corpora tion during the year f ading the 3l*< of Dc c> mler next preceding the day of election as subject to a ?ohoo!-tax for that year. " 2. Thai if he is so returned. and ha? the other qualifications, is native, or naturalized before he offers to vote, hi-? vote OUGHT TO BE RKCKIVEI)." That is, if any man (the converse of 41 no man") is so returned, [six months before elec tion 1 whether "native, or naturalized before he o ffers to vote, his vote ought to fx received." The words quoted are 9tr. Bradley's own, though they have boon emphi^ized to make their meaning broadly palpable. The asses sor, in soma cases, would therefore be the judge of tho right of a foreign-born person to vote, and determine whether he should vote or not. Now. in the case of (Jruem vs. the Ilcgistcr, what did the Circuit Court say immediately preceding the late election f. Mr. Bradley had correctly stated as follows : 44 Every free white male person, residing in the city of Washington on the 31st of Decem ber, in each year, being twcnty-or.e yean of :ige, whether naturalized, or alien, is liable to be assessed for a school-tax. " It he shall have been omitted, by acci dent or design, ho has a right at any time thereafter, during tho next ensuing year, to have his n ime put upon the assessment list. 4* If at the time of the election in June next succeeding, he is a naturalized citizen, and has | all the other legal qualifications, he is entitled then, upon his own demand, to be placed on the poll list, and on complying with the other requirements of the charter he is entitled to ! vote. 44 4. It is not necessary that he should have been naturalized for any certain period cf 1 imo before ho offers to vote, and it may be immediately before, and on the same day ' I have con?ned myself, said Mr. J., to the naked outline of the legal point? of this ques sion as authoritativelj- set forth, because I have (cen unwilling to consume time of this Board in any lengthened views of my own in this re tail. which are of no weight. Mr. J. adverted again to the long delay iu the settlement of these cases of contested elec tion. lie then spoke of the peculiarities of the Fifth Ward case. He knew there were some irregularities charged on both side?, the proof of which had njt V?een brought forward. He. w >uld iay no stress on those of that character w^ich made in favor of his own party, except to balance them against any others alike un stained- But here were affidavits, and a ecr tlficate signed by tho three commissioner? of election, that eighteen persons had offered to vote the Union or anti-Know-Nothing ticket, and had been refused. The certificate ap pended to the eighteen names >et down by one of the commissioner* is as follows : The above-named persons presented them selves to vote, but were rejected on account of not being naturalized one year before the election. 44 W. P. Fergusox, Ennt'ND Barrv, J as. A. Knows '?Commissioners of Election for fifth Wird 44 June 5, 1S55.:' The objection that some of these names were not spelled alike on the Commi: >iorrr's li t ard in the affidavits, were perfectly puerile 11a had himself, n year or two since, hnd a pieco of Government land located, and h d taken some pains to furnish the correct orthog raphy uf his name in a plain.handwriting; but the patent from the United States had is aued to him with hi< name wronglv spelled, and }et his friend lroiu the First n ar<i. iMr. Abert.) as every other good lawyer kne w, very well that, / tern souans, (the s .and bvii.jj tLe same,) tho instrument was perfectly O"ood in law. He admitted there was one formality which had been neglected and which should have been attended to; namely. i.he party tiking tuo testimony ought tc have given notice to the other party of the fact, inviting tbern to be present. Bat the men whom the people s^iect lor membership in thio board were net. gener ally speaking, lawyeu ; and as contested elec tion cases had perhaps never before incurred in the city, it was natural that such a formal ity should have been overlooked. But this omission is fortunately suppliod l>y the ceiti heate of the commissioner?, which cannot be so easily objected to. Some of the gentlemen I on the other side had called for tho living wit ness?a eall which would have more appro priately been made immediately after the elec tion, and not now when some uf the witnesses have scattered. The commissioners of election return the following votes to have been received at the cloction of Jur.e last: A Baldwin, 320; J. II. Peter , 311; John Bohlayer, 309; T. Hutchinson, o03; J. Wt Mead, 300 ; W. H. Thompson, 2S8. If the eighteen votes were added to the num ber reported for the last three names, the poll would staud : Hutchinson, 321; Baldwir, 320 ; Mead, 318; Peters, 314; Bohlayer, .".09, Thompson, 306 Showing Mr. Baldwin to retain hir. seat. nnd establishing the right of Messrs. Hutchinson and Mead to take the seats now occupied by Messrs Peters and Bohlayer. But Mr- J- had heard that it was to be con tended that eight of the eighteen affiants have admitted that, under a misapprehension they swore thev had paid their school tax, when in fact they had not paid it, though they were ready and willing to do so if their vote was received ; and that, vitiatiug their affidavit*, vitiates their claims to vote. It is further al leged that three of the eighteen can be shown to havo had no legal right to naturalisation, and that therefore their votes would not have been valid if received. If these allegations were admitted, itill, though it would nullify Mr. Meaue's claim and leave Mr. Peters iu. his teat, it would be found that Mr,"Hutch THE WEEKLY STAB. - This excellent Family u4 N ews J oaraai?ooii talnlng a greater nricty of lateraatlng r?d!nj that ca be found In utf t 8tngle copy| par HMn .(|i Plue Tocl Ten co ? ?? Twenty copies * <? IE^ Cut, IRU&Ull! tl UTAKI CT Single eo^ies^ln wrappers) i w* Price?THiu Can TS ? whoict win w a commission of twentypS X? Wlfl * of the ing*?n bod o eleor majority of ene vote ovei Mr iiohlayer, and wu therefore entitled to o toot is this board Mr. J. appealed to Um members to horo o regard for too purity of the ballot box, and to consider how tho liberties of other countries have boon overthrown by that rank intoler unco which ia Dot willing to doj astir* to a po litical antagonist Look at Franco In her first revolution ; look at the republics of S>nth America ; look at Mexico at this time. It is a trite, but true remark, "aid Mr. J., that this would be a happy world wore it not for wrong Men arc at times surrounded by ciroumstance w! ioh tempt them to the oommusion of wrong Wrong provokes wrong; injury provokes in jure; elimination provokes crimination, until the world is oonverted from a garden of para dise into a field of implacable contention. It is the duty of good men to do all they ean to prevent this staio of thing*?to act in a spirit of fairness and justice to each other. It was in such a spirit that our party acted bore in the Fourth Ward case when we awarded tho seats to the sitting members because the tes timony which might have invalidated their title was not tangibly and properly before us. It is in this spirit that I now act. I pravume there hare been informalities in our proceed* ing?. and I am willing, in consideration there of, to support tho resolution of compromise which I now offer. 44 Kc*olvt4< That in view of all thecirvum .stances attending the election held in the Fifth Ward of the city of Washington on the 4th of Juuo{ A. Baldwin it entitled to hold hi* jcat in the Board of Common Council; that ihc other two tests to which that ward is en titled in this Board ought to be aod the same are hereby doclarcd vacant; and that a new election to fill ^aid vacant seats is ordered to take place on Tuesday, the Uth of September, l8W.r' Mr. Walker said be could not comprehend what wa.- ihc design of the member from the Seoond Ward in offering this half-way resela tion. Either the sitting members were enti tled to the seats or the contestants were. As regards these eighteen votes which it was claimed would change tho result in the Fiith Ward he knows that one of tho^e voters had not been in the country more than three years, and therefore could not have been rightfully naturalized. Mr. Jefferson said he had already granted that some of these votes might not be valid, yet no proof of their invalidity has been of fered, and a sufficient number were undoubt edly valid to have partially changed the re sult. at least so far as to justify the compro mise resolution he had offered. The resolution was rejected by the following vote : Yeas?Messrs. Fisher, Orme, and Jeffer son?3. Kays?Mswts. Abert, Turton. Fuller, Wa' kcr, Towles, MeCutchen. Ball. Clements. Bald win. Peters, Bohlayer. Ruff. Bavne, Venable, Lloyd. AtLee. Pumphrey, and Davis, (presi dent)?18. The question then rocurring on the resolu tion offered by the majoiity of the committoe ou elections? Mr McCutchen. before the vote was taken, wished to make mmc rcmaiks in reply to tho gentleman from the Second Ward, (Mr. Jeffer son.) lie denied that the court had made aay decision judicially, end defended Mr. Bradley from the charge of inconsistency Mr. Abert asked to be excused from voting The vote was then taken, and resulted as follows : Yeas?Messr*. Walker, Towles. McCutchen, Ball, Clements, Huff, Bayne, Venable. Lloyd, Atl,ee. I'umphrov. and Davis, (Presidtnt)?12. Nave?Messrs Turton, Fuller,)Fisher,Orme, and Jefferson?i. POTOMAC PAVILION. THE Proprietor respectfully inform the public that the Puvlllon will be kept open dur the running of the Potomac St-amers iv families here who intend Jl '? ihc There are many families km who I ptemfc Others may unite to enjoy the fine bath and eood to remain throughout September, a id he hopes that fishing. * " ' W. W. DIX Pircav Point, Aug. 25, Mg. au <7 MOUNTAIN HOCIB, CAPON SPRINGS! 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