Newspaper of Evening Star, September 7, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 7, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR, riULItUEU EYB&Y AVTEKMUUil, (EXCF.PT SUNDAY,) ii tkt 8t<v Bt'Utmgs. earner of PtMuylvany ar??iM it-i klcventh strut, By w. D. WALLACE, Will b??rved to subscriber* by carriers at SIX AND A QUAITER CENTS, p-iy&ble weekly to th* Agents; papers wnre<l In pu kage* at 37# CC it* per month. To mall subscribers the sub* ?eriptioi price b THREE DOLLARSANDF1F TV CENTS ayeari?adra*f*,TWU DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for less than three months at the rate of 12% cents a week. K7- SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. VJ WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1855. NO. 836. 10HS a. BLVA^S. WILLIAM THOMPSON. ELVANS A THOMPSON, rS\LKE?IN HARDWAP/3, COACH THL1MIT708, 4c., He. 326 Pennsylvania avenue, Utisttn Xmtk and T-ni\ sts, Washington, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDWARE. Britannia, German Silver, Albata and Silver Pla ted. Tea, Table and Dessert Spoons Carvers aad Fork*, Steele, Knives with and with out F orks Bra*?. Britannia, Block Tin and Plated Candle stick-*, ^hovel and Tongs, Wa&e Irons, sad Irons Maslin and Bell M"tal Kettles, Furnaces, Grid irons, Ovens, Ac. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rani Cottage, Clo et. Cupboard, Chest, Till. Pud and Trunk Locas Shuttle, Door, and Blind Hinges, Screws, Cut and Wrought Nails, Belts Brad's Shutter Screws and Stubby, Door Springs, Handrail Screws, Door Kncbs Bell Pol'*, Hoor Sheaves and Rail, As. CABINET MAKERS' (iOODS. Hair Cloth, Curled Hair, Muss, Gimps, Sofa and Chair Springs Venltian B'.ira Hook*. Rack Pulleys, Koiler Ends Brackets, Furniture Nails ?ioe, Coflln Handles and Screws, ilamuusl store w Plates, Ac, CARPENTERS' GOODS. Plan**, Saws, Drawing Kriive-, Spokeshaves, Chisels and Gouge*. Plane Irons Angers, Braces and BIttj, BonagJltCLlne;,!!ea rners, Hatch'ts, Devels Bevels. Squ..r?s, Gna^es, Arc, ?c. BLACKSM 1 I'll 4. COACH MAKERS' GOODS. Black a ?d Br1_U Springs, Ax!-?, Felice-, Shafts, Spokes, Hub;, Bcws, Poles Xafts- Tassels, Buttons, Tacks, Fringes, Lares, and Plain and Enamelled Canvass Russia Dack, Enamelled Leathrr, Dash Leather. Ac. ELVANS A THOMPSON, je 1?g.n 32G Pa. avenve. GLEN M OOD I'OETEKV, Oiilce No. J'JJ Pa. avf,, corner lOiti street, (OV2H 7II S SAVilS'S BANK.) rf^HTS CEMETERY" is laid out on the plan of A ti.9 celebrated Greenwood,of New York, and situated on the high ground distant one and a quarter miles north of the Capitol?North Capitol street leading directly to the '"ateway. This Compan y have secured a charter from Con jure*.-. appropriating their ground forever to burial purposes, mtking a fee title to the purchaser, and prohibiting ail encroachment* from legislation or otherwise, which is of va*t importance to those who wish their dead to repose where they have piaeed th? n, for it has become a custom in all other cities whea the burial irround becomes valu able for other purposes, to sell it, and throw the dead promiscously into or.e large pit. and legal measures cannot j-reveut it, as no titles are gi ven to the ground. N B ?Oni- e open from 10 to 1-2 o'clock a. rn., where Pamphlets, containing th:; Charter, By Laws. aad a map of the ?ro.:i!tl, and all otner in formation, can be obtained. All orders left with Mr. Ja nes F. Harvey, No. 110Seventh street, or any other undertaker, will he p:ora;>Uy MMM to. je 19?ly A KEZ1C &V H0T2L. R*. 4 -?o Pn a -tntu. between iK a- f. *:A str*sts. S. U.EFLEBOWEK i L. T. LOVETT, pao?K!2Tos.s. Jy R?Cm R. COFFIN VTARI? ROO>1. Ac. J WILLIAM PLANT X CO., CNDERTA . KKRS?residence 1 1* Seventh s'reet, between C and H st:-.-eU>. ^ Interments procure J in arygiouud or cemetery. CoGiuj, Gaps, Shrouds, Carriages, Hearse, and every artlclo for lmeniteut* of the best quality furnished 11 short notice, on the met reasonable terms, b:;1 ar ell hours of the al^L* Having the wclmlvs right of Ciun^i Patent Co.p>c* i rc-v?-v. r, wc guar of, tee to keep the dea l for a ny length ef thr o. jy 11?? j I/J5N TlSTflY. E DONALDSON, Statist, late of the firm cf I* Heat A Donaldson, continues to man .-'t.- i.* ..-4 U-_ .1.: ijjUiSl porcelain u*'h, w'th or without*,am*, for specimens c-f which (ituuie and deposited by the late fc- ni) was awarded the C^t premium at t~e Mechanic!' Institute Fair, recently htlci la thi* city. These to?th are carved ard shaded to *uit each patkrivcMi, nai their iwMmw to the ua: :? rat < L? so p meet &a to deceive the most prac ? !.i*rd eye. Partir-v.iar at*?nti ^n also paid to ILiing ind pre terviug the natural teeth. Charges oodesate, and ail operations warranted OAv.e tojthTvt?t corner of Seventh and D ?'.reetc. Ecatrance on D. roar 21?rtm OERTIATBY. DR. MUNSON respectf.illy calls puhllc attcn tion to als new, patent and greit ly IMPROVED mcthod-l -ettir.^ Ar-i IkU taft, with CoBttauoos Gari,^ thsvery PElvFECrivJN OF THE ART. This style of let hi-s tne fci'o a-: adriiit-iges ever all others, vit: GREAT STIIENG i'H, CLEAN LINESS, COMFO.1T and BEAUTY, vldug with Nature in ties* respects, end in some others fxctilLn^. Public Inspection 1* respectfully koiic Jted * Piesae ca)l sad sae specimens. CAUTION ?No ether L'-atistln Oitfric.! cf Columbia has a rlpht to ni.'.k thia *ty'c of ttefh. N. B?Teilhcc- rittutioaally heatthy, pir...^ed and warrantl 1 f?r tile. ?Jil e and house No. 2?3 E street, near ike cor aer of Penna arcn^e and iltti street. &p 21?tf J UST SEteiVKU AT JOE HillLL1 ."Mi ton'* Periodkeul Depst? Memoirs of ihe Re / Sydney Smith, edited >>y hirs. Austin Panama in au acco ;n?of the Panama Kail r? ad, of the c.Jes of Panama and Aspinwail, with ?ketches of Lift; aud Character on the Uthmus, by Robert Tomfe letter* to the People on Health and ilappin^, by Catherine E Bc-cher. Memoirs of James GorJou Bennett, aad his Times, by a Journalist The Est Nun Bank- r ?; ijaughter, -Jtt vol, by Repnclds Rose MutaOj h romance. ?J SHILLINGTONS, Odcon Culldlr.g, corner Pa. av and t^' ?t. ac 21? NATIONAL HOTEL, H03F0LK, VA. U. U. WALTLKS, Proprietor. HAVING purchased the above well ku<v*rn e.-t tabll*h-ne:it, i respectf-.illy iaf.>rm my frieads and ths traveling p ibllc, that the house has Ui-rn thoroi^nly renovaUd andJCiA newiv f ir ituhed throughout, and is n^w oa?a for the r.s^j iijn of ; ?rman?nt and tran-.rat ooaid ers. 1 retuta my s'.acere thuuas to my friends ar.d the public g ui.^raUy for ths liberal patronage fx teaa-jd to m; fjrthe last tweaty-thr e year?, and rwuectfjlly solicit a co.itinuance of the same, as suring thetn that nothing will be left undone tc make them at HOME while f-^jsarniag at the Na ttoaal. N B?A foar-horse sta Coach leave* the Na tional Hot?ie?cry Tuatdsy, Thursdiy, and Sat urday for Eiixab.'th City, N. C. au 10?1m B B. V ALTERS. OLD THEOLOGY.?The nnuer>igaed ha* laid aside fr<?in his sto^l. ta be sent to auc tion at the proper season, a la.-ge collection of Books, old ed!t;oas in som? cas?s. In other* du plicate copies of the ben f-di ions extant, which, ia th ) meantime n;ay be bought at Auction prices at his tttore. Many valuable wjrks on Divinity am to be found amotu; them Also, History, Medicine and Sur gery, Ueaeral Science; nove s and iniscjlianeoo* Literature; aL*o a few Prenrh Books, au *- FRANCK TAYLOR. DK. S< HWARTZE S ( ItRONO.TIlER. M \L AG t E PlLLS.-ThMi IMlls have s'jod unrivuted for the last tfv y?-ars. Such is the ettt^a-y of the-e Pl!l?, that su< h a thing a? VAiLtraa i? i.npossibl ?, if ihey are taken accord ing to direction. au ?eolm W V. FETT1BONE, B00KB2NDEE AND BLANK BOOK HAS. U FACTORS*, Sousk*ait corner E'zKik and P streets, WASHINGTON, D. C. an S3 ?2w3t* SHIRTS?SHIRTS We h?ve Just received a large aud line assortment of Gentlemen'? bent a uallty white and colored Shirts, which we will dispose of at the lowest New York prices. WALL A STEPHENS, 322 Pa. avenue, next door to Iron Hall, aa 2? tf BLANK HOOKS of all k7nd*~and sues for sale at uau^oaliy low prieos Jy? FKANCK TAYLOR. DENTISTRY DR. V. SlIINN, Graduate of the Philadelphia College of Dental Surgery, respect fully informs the residents of George-. town and its vicinity that be has loca- -vi_ut_w-r ted himself amongst them for the purpose of prac tising his profession. OtBce 121 Washington st., above Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. Je i*;?d2mAeolm* WEBER'S BRASS AND STRING BAND. 'IM11S old established and favorite band fur A nish music as usual for Excursions, Sere nades, Pic Nlcs, Balls. Parties. Exhibitions, Ac. Orders may be left at Hilbus A Ilitz's Music De pot, or at the residence of the leader, four doors east of General Henderson's residence, Navy Yard, jy ?2m PROSPERTS CORNET BAND. r|^IIlS Band is suitable for any and all purposes. I- and is warranted to give satisfaction to all those who may be pleased to engage them, either as a Brass. Reed, or Cotillon Band. Any number or musicians to be had at the short est notice, by applying to FREDERIC PROSPER1, Leader, at Taitavuli's Store, opposite the Marine Barracks. N. B.?Orders left at Hilbus A Hitz's Music De pot will be promptly attended to. may 25?4m SILVER WARE. HSEMKEN. 330 Pa. avenue, between 9th and ? 10th streets, oflVrs tls lar^e stock of pine Silver Ware, consisting of Coffee and Tea Sets, complete, Sugar Bowls, Cream Goblets, Cups, SiMons and porks, and a masjniiicent assortment of richiy c hased fancy silver ware suitable tor gifts, at reduced prices. Persons in want of any of the u:x>vo articles a-e invited to call. Being mostly of our own manufacture, we war rant it sterling. fET Silveiwareof any design made t? order at short notice. Particiilar attention is paid in get ting up Testimonials, Premiums, Ac. a u 1?tr C ICE?!<JK?ICE 1 "UfAR EES WERNER, on Pa. avenue, oppo J site Browns' Hotel. will keep, throughout the seasua, an ample supply of PettiOone's best ICE. which he will sell, on call, in any quantlMes, at ifce lowest possible rate*. mav '2'.>?dtSep |>ASKET5.?Work, Card. Traveling, Knife, JJ Key, Cigar, Office. Market and Clothes Bas kets. If you want a good basket, at a low price, cat! ^t 490 Seveath street. t?. FRANCIS. ;tu SOMETHING TO OLD AND VOUNd. FHOFESSOR WOOD'S HAIK KESTOBATIVE. THIS prepn-ntlcn, although less than two years before the public; owing to its wor.derful ef fects upon the human hair and scalp, has already obtained a celebrity and sale perfectly ?n paralleled. It has without the ordinary appliance used for each purpose*, won its way, km! been he ftllv welcomed to most of the cltses and towns in the United States, the Canadis, and the West India 1: lands. Nor !s thisr*nuU surprising when it ia remembered that lis popularity is l.aaed upon i's merits, solely a* established l?v actual t^sti That this preparation will actually Restore gray Hair to its Natural Color, produce a luxuriant growth upon tne b? ^.ds of the bald, prevent the hn*r from failing oil', and when ur.edas a tonic ar ticle, prodncc a continual How of the natural tluld arid tans render tue hair .soft, niossy and wavv, destroy disease.; of the sc?lp, ana e:<pel d<-.ndrefi', the certiorates of distinguished gentlemen and ladies in every part of the country who have tried it. and therefore speak what they know, most ful ly attest. That by a proper use of this Restorative tne hair can be made to attain and retain its natu ral color to almost any age slotted to humanity, by removing the caoie of diteu~e Ironi the scalp-? no matter h?>w long standing?the concurrent tes t'monlais of the pre?s nnd the certificates of nu merous respectable individual cf both se cts, to the me of tnis cur&tlvc. u-. well c.s of the recom mendations of editors and certificate* before aliu ded ic, can be had of all af< .its. iiuocs vJan. 12, 13S5. Pr.op. Wooo?Dear Sir?Having ma<?e trial ef yccr Hair Restorative, it give? me pleasure to *?y that It* effect has b en rxc*Uent in '? 'moving in flammation, dandrufi", fend a constant tene>ency ;o itching, with which 1 h< vp hcua troubled from childhocd, and ha> a^oz entered ?ny hair, wtlih wdi becoming fray, toi ts original color. I lave used no other crUclo, with anything like the Baa* pleasure and i>roht. Yours. truly , * 4. K. BRAGH, Pastor of Orthcdoi Chant. BrookfLlJ. Caai.TT.3. 111.. JmeL'7, 136-1. I have nst'l Pro". O. J. Wc-aV? hair Restora tive, ar.d have admired it* wor.tlerfoi etf--t. My hair was becoming, as I thought, prematurely gray; but by the use of bis "ktaioritlve" it h?.a resumed its original color, 1 have n>> doubt, permanently to. SIDNEY BREESE, Ex-Senator United State*. Paoy. Wood Dear Sir?My tnix commenced :.jko;i.R thr: e o? fcur yrar-j - luce, ar.d con tinued to do so uni.ll i became qaltc bald. 1 tried >i!l th'* popular rerwedies of the dsv, bnt to no ef? iHit, ft ia?t 1 was lnduood io use yoar celebrated Hair Restorative, a:.u am very happy to t .y 't is doing wonders. 1 he."*? now a fljte grow.h oj youn.2 hair, and cheerfully recom-aend its u?e to ail simlhuiy auiicted. ' A. C WILLIAMSON, 13J Second street. Adtlre ;s O.J. WOOD A CO., Proprietors, 316 Brrwlv.'^y, N'.'V York, and 111 Maikcl btre?t, St. Louis, Mo. C. STOTT A CO., wholesale and retail Agent, Washington. , T. W. i)Vti;'T St 30N3, Gcneiul ^hoic^ale Agent, Philadelphia, Pa. an 1?ly "mTTLT O. iVflinilT'3 UITFAILi;:a 4,SCR0xUL0T:3 ANIirjOIE," jVr t%? Pjr*?n*tjil ('uia cf OOPfSVMl'TlOU a.zJ ali otkir forxt* of Si'HO PIjLQ JS blSXASES. Tills Medicine is procured L7 aa eminent phy elclan of eighteen years pntctlee lr- New York city, during w?ich tiii:e he ii^s ccnuiit'ly used it with the :no?t unbounded succcti, nr.d CTsated tot it a reputation la private practice, nnonualied in the hUtory of medicine. It ie'.u lnaiosiiately u|Kni tne blood, cleansing it frcm ail sciofnloos humors or imparities, renovating and, by itv tnaclc pew era, invigorate the whole system, in proof cf which, hundreds cf respwtabla wit nesses from the doctor's private practice have giv en in their, testimony, and entrecrjthose miffering from any scrofulous an.?Mlon, to t*ill tktv\ anJ satisfy tKtmatlvtt. A Treatise on Scrof dars Diseases can i>5 had gT%as at PR I NCI PA L DEPOT, Dr:?ulway, aud at l)rug Store* generally. CUAiiLE^ STOTT A CO., AgenU far WaoLingtoa l>R. f.. B. WRIOIIT'S IAfJT?LESS " LIQUID CATHAluTIC," OR, FAMILY PHYSIC. THIS Is the BEST. CHEAPEST, a.:d MOST ? EFFICIENT CATtlARTiC EVEU OF FERED TO TUF. PUBLIC. it is TASTELESS, (thereby avoiding the nau seating cffect of Pills, Oil, Senna, &.C.,) aud pro ducing no griping or other painf:il e-fifects. Unlike all otlier purgatives, It se?.-ches to the bottom of Ibe disease, thoroughly f le.uises the stomach, and leaves the hr,w.-U entirely free frcm costive new. NO FAMILY SHOULD bE WITHOUT IT. Children driak It f-r<?diiy and without forcing, and NO MEDICINE IS XlORE HIGHLY RE COMMENDED by the MEDICAL FACULTY. Olve it a trial and tht-u Judge for yourselves. II can be had wholesale aud retail at E. 11. ST A BLEK A. CO.'d, Daltitnore, or CUAS. STOTT y CO . Washlntft-m, D C DR. WRIGHT'S PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 409 Broadway, where the doctor can be consulted daily on diseases generally, from 12 to 2 p ra., without charge. je 11?flm FIRST WAKO LIVERY AND SALE SYA BLES. IN announcing fo the public of Washington that I have taken possession, by purchase, of the abotfe Stables, on G street, near the War Department, (lately occupy by A. S iwarti,) 1 wish to ini rm^ ?he n th%t it will be entirely conducted by njysell, and th?t aU orders left upon the premises will be attended to punctually with elegant Carriage* and careful drivers. The Riding School will be con ducted by a professional equestrian and perfectly doetlc hcrsr*; having stat?)d hours for lady e?;ues trla.';s. in pxlvate or public, as thevr mar prefer. Particular attention will be paid to torsos kept at Livery in his establishment. Persons recuirlng open barouches or family car riages, can ue satisfactorily accommodated, as well a? those deaixing riding horses for gentle or ladies FR1EDCRECK LAKEMKYKR, Jy 21?3m A^?t. LIGHT AND DARKNESS; or tlie Shadow of Fate. A story of fashionable Life. Paper 50 cents?cloth 75 cents TAYLOR A MAURY'S iu 27 Bookstore, near iKh st. EDUCATIONAL. GEORGETOWN CLASSICAL AND MATH EMATICAL ACADEMY. THE dndersigced having;rented the building In which the late Win K Abbott, Esq , ho long and bo favorably* conducted his Academy, and having thus secured more amp'e accommtxlatlons will receive au additional number of pupils. Early applications are particularly requested, as it is important that all the scholars should be pres ent at the formation of the classes. The exercises will b? resumed on Monday, Sep tember 'Id. P. A BO WEN, Principal. au No M West Ht., Georgetown. KL'GBY ACADEMY. Fmrteenth street, opposite Franklin Square. HMIE duties of this Institution will be resumed a on the second Monday in SeMember. Num her rf pupils limited. C rculars of the Academy ran be obtained at the residence of the Principal, onN, between 12th a<ul 13th streets. O. F M ORISON. THE UNION ACADEMY. THE Filth Annual Session of the Union Acad emy; and the Sixth cf the Union Female Academy, will open on the llrst Monday in Sep tember, and continue 11 weeks. Terms as usual. Circulars at the Bookstore of K Furnham, Esq, and at the Rugby House, corner 14th and It sts. These Institutions are so or^ani^ed and con ducted as to secure that mental and moral train ing which will best prepare the pupil for Che real ties of life. Z. RICHARDS, Prin. U A. Mrs. Z. RICHARDS, Priri. |J. F. A. an 17? lm VI US. LUNDY will reunn? the duties of her School on Monday, September :jd. at No. W Louisiana avenue. au 30 CENTRAL. ACADEMY. THIS Institution, formerly under the care of the late Rev. J. W. Winans, Principal, and S. Merchant, Assistant, will he conducted here after by S. MERCHANT, A. B. > ? , ,, Rev.G. W. DORRANCE, \. R.,J FriDC 16 The fail term will commence on the lirst Mon day of September. The course of Instruction will be thorough, sound and practical. For terms and particulars reference Is made to circulars, which may be obtained at the principal Booklores and at the Academy. au 21?eo2w* MR. BUStlNKLL'S SCHOOL, 441 Thirteenth s:r?'.et, between Fand G sts. 7"| 'HE next session of ibis Sc hool will commence ?- ca the llrst .Monday in September. The course cf instruction embraces all the branches of a complete Academical education. Circulars, containing terms and other particu lar, may be had at (he Bookstores an<l at the Schoolroom. au 22?eoftw# YOUNG LADirS' CLASSICAL INSTITUTE, 400 E street, btiice>n .~>th and 6tk, (Removed from 9 Indiana avenue.) STEPHEN H. MIR1CK, A M., Principal. rpHE next Academic year of this School, (form A erly under the care of Rev. R. W. Cushmm. P. D., but for the last two years in charge of the present Principal,) wiLt commence Monday, Sep tember 10, 1S53. Experienced teachers are em ployed in every department Every branch of a solid and ornamental education is taught, and di plomas are given to those who complete the pre scribed course. Circulars, "ivin? further information, can be ob tained at the bookstores and by application to the Principal. au 7?eogm EMERSON INSTITUTE. A Select Classical and Mathematical School ior Buys. THIS Institute is located on H street, one door from the corner of 12th. The next Academic var will commence the first Monday in Septem ber. 1 be number cf pupils Is limited The Pnucl pal can be seen on and after August 27th, at the school room, from 1) to 12 o'clo-K a m T^rrtw: per quarter, for full course, ?15. Eng lish branches. #!??>. CHAS. B. i'OCNG, A. M , Principal, au 9?eotf M. A? TYSON fc SISTER'* FEX A IS SEMINARY FOB. DA: PwPILS. Fstreet, bet. l\ich and 1.*?, Washington HE duties of this Institution will bo resumed on the ISth September, and. In connexion with, the above, they wish also to inform their po tions and others that they intend opening an es tablishment for boarding pupils oa the 1st of No vember nezt The latter Is situated on the railroad a.ct turn pike, sixteen miles from the city, and two south east of Laurel village For particidars, circulars nay be had at the principal bookstores la Washington and Balti more. au 4-?dit&codtSeptl5 ROSE VALE SEMINARY, Near Blarirnsburg Depot. TIIE exercises of tuis School will be resumed on MONDAY, September 3, PS5. The large airy rooms now In course of erection will be readv for i^e, which will add much to tne ermifjrt and convenience of the pupils. For further particulars address Mrs. D. JONES, (Principal.) Bladeasburg, Md. au It? Sawlm T MRS. Ili.MlV A. Ul'KK Inform* her pu pils that their studies will re-commence the SUth September. No. yyi H street, between 13th and 11th. au If! Jliwilw* MISS ROSA MOORL'S SI MI.MARV. TH 1? dutie* of this Institution will be resumed on Monday, September fki. For terms, &?., apply tothc Prlncija.1, No. 351 Sixtn strict, between il and 1. au 15-eolm CURE FOR HOT WEATHER. An NY'S ICE CREAMS, CAKE, ami WA TER ICES, for which lie was awarded a Medal by the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute, is highly recommended for the above. Will be sent to any part of the District free of Cuaiae. Send your orders to 34 Bridge St., Cee-rgRMTii. Jv ^j-eotf ()' a uuoi u A CARD. MRS. E. PHILLIPS. No. 401 Sixth street, between G and H streets, desires to inform the cltixcns of Washington and vicinity, thai she is now prepared to give Instructions on the PIANO FORTE. Sac has tau^hi music la some of the principal cities of tne Union sfhd has testimonials showing thtt she is fully com petent to discharge the dunes of her profession to the satisfaction i f tho*e who may favor her with their patronajre. Terms: Slo for 21 lessons, at her iesld?nce, or f 1i at the residence of her pupils. Je 12?eo3m* THE HAT ESTABLISHMENT F ANTHONY, oa Seventh street second doer north of Pa. avenue, is the place where ( HATS and CAPS are retailed at wholesale prices for cash only. Consequently 20 per <_ cent extra profit will not be charged hi order to off set bad debts. The very be-.t Dress Hats, got up In the latest style, 50, usually sold for 84 and'$5. ' Quick sales and small profits," is the motto, au 11?eo3m COPA RTNERSHI P. rpHK undersigned have this day formed a co JL partnership under the name and style of HARTLY & BRO., for the purpose of transact ing a Flour and General Commission business, at 101 Water street, Georgetown. N. B. HARTLEY, E. D HARTLEY. Gioroktown, D. C., August 1, lti55. au V?lm* CABAS, WORK BOXES, fcc. HUTCHINSON & MUNRO have jast received diiect from tt^ manufacturer a large end

handsome assortment of Cabas in calf and Turkey morocco, oi all sizes and superior quality. Also, an assortment of Ladies' Work Boxes aiid Dressing Cases, portable Writing Desk, Gent's Shaving Cases, furnished and unfurnished; watch stands, Ac... together with a large assortment of line Moire Antique. Mohair and Silk Elastic La dies' Belts, to aB of which the attention of the public is Invited HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, 310 Pa. a v., between 0ih and 10th sts. au 31?tf B' OBBIN AROUND, GRAVE OF UNCLE TRUE, HAZEL DELL I Dream of Home, Hard Times. Good Now*, Do They Miss Me at Home, Yon will Miss Me Then, Home of My Childhood, Dearly Do I Love Thee. Few Days, Jordan, and a host of other new ana popular piece* lust received at 306 Pennsylvania avenue, near 10thSt. JOHN F. ELLIS, ?u 97 RATIONAL MEDICAL LULLKUE, Tttr- WASHINGTON, D. C. IIE thirty-fourth annual courseof Lcctnres wil commence on MONDAY, the 2yd cl October 1853, and end on tlie 1st March, 1656. tacpltt. ?boxa9 Miller, M. 1)., Prcfir?or of Anatcmj and Physiology. i W*. P. Johnston, M. D., l'rofessor of Obstet ricn, and Diseases of women and children. Jcsrca R iley, M. D., Professor of Materia Med ?ca, Therapeutics and Hygiene Jro. I* kku. Mat. M. P., Professor of tb? prlacl pics anrt practice of surrcry. Grafton Ttlkb.M. D., Professor of Pathologi pd practice of medicine, and of clinical mod icine. Liwts H Striker, m. D., Profesior of Chemi* try and Pharmacy. Eswakd M. Scott, M. I)., Proscctor and D* ujonstrator. THOMAS MILLER, Iff. D., Dsajj. Like most similar institutions in, u.< de^ks from which the regular lectures are ??iven and the word* for clinical instruction arc'urtdtt the fame roof, The entire expense far full course lecturer..tyo 1 mrtlc&l Anatomy by the Demonstrator.. . iu l# fee. payable only once. ...... 5 i?i <;raauati!nj expend. 2* (k Admission to ttie medical and sure lea! clinic with out charge. The lectures will b* given in li e afternoon rn<i evening, thereby enabling those eng:igcd in bust, nest during the morning hours to attend For farther information uddre-? THOMAS MILLER, M. D., Dean of the Facuity N. B ? Medical students desiring shuaMonsas resident Htndeat in the Washington Infirmary ?waich is thecliniral department of ihf Naiior.i] Medical (.oilege.) are reone. ted to make appllca tlon bv letter to Joshua Riley. M. D., Cantor ol the \. asldngton Infirmary, v. ho will rive any In formation that may be desired. It i^ unnecessary to state the great advanta-'es ol i residence in a cospital for clinical instruction 1 fcese making early application will have prece dence. Six are to be chosen before the 1st of Oc :ob"r jy eotNovl Office of tus Comhasdinj Officer, l V* asliin^ton Arsenal, August *20, Irio. { WJhALED PROPOSALS will be received atthis O o?ce until October*.:h next, meridian, for building an srmory in Washington c'ty, I>. C..011 the public square lying be-tweeri H street on tbe scuih, Canal street on the north. Seventh street on Ibe wi^t. and Sixth street on the cart, an appro ^riaticn o: I90,UU0 having been made by CoD<^rew> lor the same 3 * ??u^? er iU!l,ld?r' dc\iri"2 propose for this building will plea?,e call at ih!< oOlce to exam-e lb* drawings, specifications. and bill of work and receive any additional explanation in otder to make up their propor,als whi. h thev will I* en abled to do conveniently and at leis.ire at this of lice. No proposals will be received but from an ex perienced and approved master builder, a . the ArorK has to be done in a superior manner: hence |?rsons at a distance, unknown to the under signed, will be expected to present satisi'actorv left? ence l>efore the bid be accepted. Ail proposals must be made according to the in? ?J thr b,il of Woik? (whlch have been c.?i < ula.edwitu precision,) if the proposer hud the same correct. ,?*in .^Per^UC('d superintendent Is appointed, and u 1 Ll be always present on the ^roiina of build the work commenc-en, jti tbi? abfie'i^e of the commanding otficer, to see that the contract is strictly compile.! with. \VH II. BELL, ?-i ?i Washington Arsenal. POTOMAC PAVILION. T1!? r<-sP"?,fully informs the public e that the Pav:hon wili ?>e kent open cur lag the run.iins' of th? ...u ./c?v uiu,i, auar lag tne running of th? Potomac Steamers There are many families here who intends to remain throughout September, and he b-;->es that otuers may unite to enjoy the fine bath and ^ood n|ng' d ? W.W.DIX. Pl-XJCT Poi?tT, Aug. 25, 1355. ail 'ty MOUNTAIN UOU8L, CAPON SPRINGS! ^pHE inider^loned haviiij- ?>ren sc.lirlted by many* southern friends to extend tb- i.resent s?ason, have determined to keep tho Moan lain Kousu open for their accommod ttloi until th" lllth day of October. The three tournaments for the see-on will take pla'-e on the 'Jbth of August, the i',ii.h and ^ ol September. Th j fare will be reduced S5 per month and M per week, after the l?t of Septemlier JHLAKEMORE i INGRAM. STO> fe.s: STO\ J?s:?GKATES! GRATES! YETE are now receiving and cir-r for sal^ an ex *f tensive assortment of COOKING * SrO\ ES. among which are to be found tli^ lilue ilid^re. VVi'iiam i'enit, :.h Complete, Atlantic. Bay State. Banner. Ma ryiaiid, Kitchen Conipauion, aiid others Also, a complets assortment of Parlor. Dlninc | room, chsm^r, hall, stor.?, oihee and church Slovs, for either Wood or coal. Also, a line assortment of Mantle Urates New ? ork f a'.terns. All who are in want of Stove*: of .'rates will find It to their advantage to give us a call before par chas. ng. We shall take pleasure In showing our stock and giving our prices to r.nv who may call on us, whether they purchase or riot. JOHNSON, CilJY 4 CO , Pa. avenue, beiw loth and llth st#. *ep J?l\r (Orgs n) 1?.^ DICKSON, DA.VL S. GORDON, fe VVai. 11INO have associate?l theimeives to gether in the VV ood and Coal buMn'.'ss. and have located their place of business en the corner of l suect and Vermont avtnue, one squaie northeast of I. rfuyette Square, where they lee: warranted ?:i saying tL'.t *t.ey ure prr pared !ofurnish ail who miy favor them with a call, with the verv '^cst qnalitles of l.ehlgh. White and Re.1 Ash COAL, of tue difl'erent sizes. Also. Cumberland lump, urn or mines, or fine for Smiths, Ac Also, iiick orv Oak and Pine Woe?d. ail of which will bo delivi rea pron.ptiy and with despatch, at the very lowest rates, and for cash a little lower Famities ia want of fuel would do well to give u?.a call before making their purchases for the winter, as our stock has been cuefully Mcctcd, and in quaLty second to none in the District DICKSON, GORDON & CO til 23?itewlm INDEPENDENT POLICE. rpilE undersigned have catered lu'o a firm for X the purpose cf attending to all criminal and other business which may be entrusted n> them. Any communication from any part of the United States will be promptly attended to. One of said firm will be found at ail times at John D. Clark's United ttetc: Police Onice, No. 327 Twelfth ,-t WILLIAM H. FANNING, JOHN II. STEWART, J. NORWOOD, SOLOMON GODDARD. an 27?1 m (Organ) pANARY IIIKD.?Escaped from its cage on Y' 1- rld3y afternoon, a light colored Cansry Bird about 10 weeks old, and was shedding. The bird possesses a value to the owner bv being sent three wieks since from Ohio, by a relat:ve. Anyone bringing it to this cilice, will receive as a reward anotuei bird if Rcsin d. au 'its RAZORS AS IS RAZORS. ^ *''G. V\ ostenbolm & Son's doubly carbonized IXL, Trederlok Penny's Tallv-ho,and Wade A Butcher's chemically jserfccted Razors, and others, from 20 cents to 02 5(1. Gentleman who like a comfortable shave should secure one of the^c Razors. Also. Razor Strops, Shaving Cream, B.ustea, Scap, Ac.,at the Housekeeper's Furnishing Store 190 Seventh street. G. FRANCIS, au 17? PERSONS \flSlllNO TO PURCHAtTt superior Table or Pocket Cutlery, heavy silver p ated or Britannia Ware, hne Japanned Tea rrays or Toilet Sets, an excellent Clock, Tea or CofleeUrn, Enamelled Kettle, Saucepan, Knife Basket, Furnace, or any of the hundred and one little etceteras needed by every housekeeper, will do well to remember that they can find lheu? all very low at 490 Seventh st. G FRANCIS, au 83 Book binders* paste brushes * GLUE. Also, latent Paint OU far rooft, Ac. ?> bhu Putty, in bladders, for sile by HOWELL A MOR ELL, No 323 C street, between 6th and "th. au 1m H fancy hair ornaments. SLMKUN, JEWELER, ? No. 180 Pa. av.. bet. Oth and 10th sta , Is prepared to make to order any device that nay '* ""KU^ted such as Flower Bouquets, Bracelets, H"**1 Fins, Ear Rings. Chains, Crosses, Rings. *"c Also, Jet Ornaments for pale, li\r Persons may rely uron their own hair b? o* used. Jy 31?tr EVENING STAR. CAI?P-i?EEII<fG. [Correspondenc 3 of the Evening Star.) Faibfax, Va., Sept. 3, As 1 have often remarked, jour experience of Virginia camp-mcetings would be ice jiu plcte without having witnessed the Jinah, ni:d consequently a briof summary < f incidents and events therewith connected, may not be out of place ??r uuinteresting. It would be in vain to attempt a crapbie d> seiipliou of the l:??t night upon the camp ground, for the reality is tar b von 1 my pow ers of expression. Neither do I design to in stitute jj.i inquiry as to the go- ere I itiency ol carop-mcft g-; is ? mein- for the further ance of tho great cnu?? of rel'fjien, nor to make comparisons between this sad other : modes of worship; ?utiice it to say, however, that the custom is time-honored aud conse crated by a thousand tender and ha Mowed association*, which twine aronrd the kvr.(t of youth, and still strengthening wiih the expe riences of manhood atd old age. which mu-t ever render it a season of joyful nr.ticipation, notwithstanding there are some evil* conuect od with it. Thn nocial \irtues which so eminently char acterize the good people of the " ^n-ncr.t Do minion ' are here, as elsewhere, cultivated to a great extent. the beneficial effects of whkh i are t > promote and perpetuate feelings <?f har ) moiiy among individuals and communities. | Alary are the delightful *onvtr.irt of the pa.-t ?of friendship, love, and hsppiues.4? ijidolli b!y impressed upon our memories, which will ever be a source of pleasure, But 1 am di I grossing. Imagine the honr at 11 p. m , and tnaty^u ; and I are among tho number of congregated humanity, within the circle of tents that en compass the preacher's stand and the altar. A hundred I.guts are glancing among the stately fi ie*t trees, whioh stand in silent majesty as relics of the past, eating dim uncertain sha dows without the area, where faint the light :alls on tb? occasional figures flitting to .md fro, and all beyond is a wall of impenetrable darkness. The effect of light ai d shale upon the over hii-ging foliage is beautiful beyond descrip ti< n. A'yiiats of tii v Uave? arc glistening and glenming like silver in the bright tire light. -cec in close p.oxiruity ar-i stretching far away ia the <!im distance until l<??t in faim an?i shuuowy outlines. At h.torv..l?, cc.:; t>o discerned through ti e foliage. m ii-es of dark biue sky :nd fiiintiy glimmering -t irs. while the moons pale beams are scarcely di-cerna ble in contia-;t with the brigh: glare of arti ficial lights, all combined, produce a scene cf enchanting beauty. The forces of tleaven and the power* of darkness are hern marshaled iu hostile arr*y. each regarie.l by their respective votaries with an admiration most profound r.nd sincere Tried and tiine-wora veteran- of the Cres u;>on fik hum!re i who expound the truths of il<dy Writ so as t. tell with tre mendous effect upon tho hetiU arid c mscience of men?in a word, who preach as only Meth odist preachers can preach?are the principal agents employed by the former. The hitter, with all the fearful array cf hu man passions uncontrolled, end all their dev iiish accessaries at will command?the poi ?n ou- wine < up, sapping the found *ti<>ns of life and beauty, ai d cl.a -.ii g Ile.'.ven's n- bl?.*t creation into demoas incarnate ; and also gay. bewitching crcature-'. with laughing eyes a:>d ro.-cy cneoks, and usele.-- flattery. to che ,t a crcdulou" world i^lo the beli-i ol happincs-; t'lc-e, with all the host of willing in-truments. ard the array is truly fearful. Among this numerous assemblage, what j^rviups of laughing girls, and blooming trons, and Etaid and Sober men. nnd th?".gbt lc-is youngsters, and quiet obi m.:id?! Hy what a multiplicity of interests and 1 urp^Pf are tney actuate.!' Each in pursuit of the fkkio godde': . iiappiv;ss. wifo ?o olten con trivc - to elude our gra-p! What worlds ?f thought, of misery, an i happiness arc here couccntrated ' Wi:at com'in.i'vion^ 01" virtue andvi'^e. piety aud prolan ty. love at i ha'red ?1"?rt:ttion and cc.juetry. preachers and people, aitt.gether a conglomeration 0: thin^? l- o num erous to mention! Lc: us aj'pro.tch tho altar A co:.fused murmur ?f cries, shrieks, and groans, an t the wo:ds of a wcl>kti'.wn hymn cooix-dn.le-1. ri <? on the night air in sinking C"?ntia.?t wit! the n 'it-Lull stillness that pervades the urroundirg forest Iho f^ -uli -r cir um-tance? >?f tim and place combine t. produce in the mind of a casual observer mingled era ti ns of awe an i wonder. Wo now apprcia- h the sr-1 where Afric's e nK and daughters are aaoeinbled. A n a-s ol" dusky beings, to the number of one hundred I or more, are pri n.h u u.\y crowded t -_;. :hcr j with a most profound disregard to all inco.ivc nienccs of time and space, and ar.; sinking j and sh-jUting and ]n.;ying in their own pecu liar meaner. Beic-gs of stroiig 6u:ccpt:biliaes. and ardent hut uncultivated imagination.' 1 ^>me of their rhetorical figures ore strikingly peculiar, n! for instance: "The Bible is my engineer;'' "L;>okat de people at debar of U kI ani " I. en nsd quick ' Hours! iiowly by, and day i= <\.-t ap proaching. The ground resents u desolate appearance, cxcept that her;: r.n l there struggling groups, looking pale, wan, and ex hausted iu tho morning twilight, and cold and shivering from the cfTect ol the right dews, rapidly vanishing away to the tents to -jock retrCb'nmonta for the coming day. iu haste, yours as ever, Milkox. Our Wojaon Tfcklug ih;;r Weight in Gold The beauty of American womenxo c-'U.-iler an CFtablishcd fact, a fact of whi;h none se. m more conscious than themselves. The Grand Mogul was i?i the habit, as we aio told by some o!u travelers, to take hi.' weight annually. IIis Oriental Maj^c'y would place himself ou one side of tho balance, and pour diamond? aud rubies in the seal? of tho other, and thus, year after year, estimating his value. Our calcu lating country womenfollow theti rani M gui's wise example. They are no siooner ready for a market than they step into an imaginary scale, aud balance themselves with gold. Thero is not a t-mile but is e-tuuatcd at a fixed prioe by the ready reckoner; and, as for virgin blushes, they, according to their rarity, are set down ly the accumulative iira.*i::a tiou of a Wail street financier. A pretty wo man between fifteen and twenty is held at *o enormous a piice, that none but tho lucky heir of a fortune, or tho millionaire grown luxu rious in his old age, who has conrunied the whole of youta and the better part of man hood in amassing his millions, can hazard his bid. And it is the latter who, nfteuer engaged in his matrimonial trade, generally smacks nis dry lip'over the possession of purchased beau ty in its youth and tenderness. The young heir of fortune is more transitory in his enjoy ments, and looks only t;< matrimony a- a re trec.t for tired life in the future. A man of wealth, possessed say of three or four bundled thousand dollars, mnrrie* hi* daughter, lie has early inculcated her, by precept and example, with reference for the idol of his worship; he decks her with the ex pensive gewgaws of fadiion ; ho accustoms her to the habits of profuse expenditure; he, with the aid of Madame Uigawny, or some other Parisian fashioner of youth a la mode, labo riously unfits her for a useful life, by furnish ing the chambers of her mind with the taw dry furniture of fashion, where substantial knowledge and plain common sonic are never guests. The spoiled maiden, though fair to outward show, is married. Titers never was a prettier bride, more richly attired. Her veil from l'aris; her robo of the elos?iost and thickest white satin; her diamonds, a j resent, probably, from her betrothed; her <'?????, THE WEEKLY STAJL rhl? erceUeat Family *nd Newi J talalaj; a ^ wiatrt variety of lptereattnfc- twadtr.g tbaa CAB be found !? any other?la puhfabed on H-r'ur day morning. tllM. JMnglecopy, par annum tl M to ciras. rif?OAplNI %S l?l Ten copies !r w Twenty eopte* 15 tu ITT Cash, invariably tw adtabcb ID" Stntleeopt** (i? wrapper*) cbb be pr?r p* at tbo counter, I turned lately After tbe U??tt ol i * paper Price-fu*** Cbxts. l'oiT?i?Tm? wbeact a?ageaita win beall-wed B couimlaaion of twenty per cent with its treasures of ?-k. fine line*. *n,; turn Jaue ; the wealth of presents. ,u?Ht;T - Tsxz *!rnd\raJ rhu"n' ..ud Plato, the goldcn-loaveJ and h'ariiy clasped Bible fr.>ui 44 her affectionate lath-r with the blessing of God," are delicate j e*l posed to ttunuhtic the emulstioq of tiv.l d. n..r-, aad become the talk of the bwu f.>r * week. P.ip.i re?ieus his daughter with ? k > haiid* a chock, perhaps frr a thousand dilar-' perhaps for two or three, to hu t-w-indaw' with tne expreM understanding that it ia tj be laid in rose-wood and damask. Abe i vsrrctahie parent now buttons h , pockets. Owiigrstu'.ati.-g himaelf that ^ne of his iUinny i? off his hands end hi# cu-n-nt ex ponaes dimini.bod a thou?anl d dlars per mL num. more or lew. The shrewd t.^desnt-n never raade a hitter barg;.in. in all hn wide ei|?nenc?. ia pt?r| By a atu-n {, . vestment of two or threo th ousar.i dollar-;. J -> saves the MUittal interest ?f sm.,? i o, wei:ty thousand. A splendid traarac,:< which doc.j credit Co tbe knowing calcu' and i* tn? bort d--poaitioa hecowfdfcave m- 2o ' I?"hu'r.lor tb? advantage of?bin. Tbe practice of marrying children with out dowries began in ihisc .uutry when d; u ton mid large fntiaoi were s*arce. and it L i bccu continued until' Mar^ Z Hit. * How Jad Xisaed It. '' I love yon, I .-ulore yov; But I in UiikiR|r in my *1?ep '* home folks aro ia the habit of ta'kin^ n taeir sleep. aad&Iie* Ueisey V? ilsonwas of thn miiuber. This peculiarity she acci lcntal.y r ? veslcd to Jt uia i Jenkins in a careless coarc sational way. Jrdiab had ju?t Cnuihrd th? r^ ciUI uf a loatrimoi.ial dream ia which th^ young lfci>y ai.d hiiuaclf fi^irtd a* hero an-' beroice. he having inr. ated the sa.ue, lur ;b ? ?ke of etying at the eoncla'i m that'll * , "toosood to be true,' and tbu?. hy gp^akin in r ?raMes a curing the dauistl of what he Jtrcd not ?peak pla;aly. 441 licverdream/'siid Betsey, "but I i>ouie t unes taJk h If the night, and tell everythin ? lkr.nwinmy .-le?|?." ? 44 You don't??j so." ^ I can never have a pecrot fr >a? nei ther; if cbe wafct?to know anything she narn . ine after I ve *me W bcl, *EJ1 anMrer iier lueaUOMaa honestly ?s if my life depoa ied ?.n. , That wai the rea?'>a I wouldn't c?i t ? ride tne other ni^ht. I knew *he wouij Inl i? out?it is awful provoking.'* Some days after thi?, Jed , ailed at tbo hous* fi .???-cn?5 tiMf r,ar|of unannounced, f ui ! tbat .dnss Betsey, probably orereoM bv tho beat of the weather, had fallen a<leep o"n tho w.'114. , J?d, a^ the rca ler has surmised, had a? fclt an overweening partiality fjr the y?nn* lady, and yearned U kr.?w if it nat returndd; but. tbongh pos.scsse<l of tufficient courage to m..unt ?? the immir.ent deadly brccch ?or brec he?? vooanubial ones. niean) hecouM not musU-r nrank enou^u t? icrjuire the ata'.e of her heart. But he uuw bethought himself of h r eocfesaed o -in nam.'uii: io?ju icity, and felt taat the time to W'Tiinn his late had come. Approachiu^the sola, he whimpered? ?4 .My doarost Betsoy, tell me. oh! teli me, the objoct of y.>ur foniest a faction 4."' The fair c'.eoper gave a faint aigh and re Jpon-ied " I love?let me think?(here y?u niisht have heard the beating of J?d'a be-rt thruUi{b a brick wall) I l ?ve heaven, my oonn ? J btked bcHL^; but if I hare ooo i>a>.-iuu above al] other?, it is for roast onion* " The indignant lover di ln t wake her, but feopad a; once, a 44 fcA.lJtr. but not a wi*er man. ' Atlart account*. d?.d w.-'s "shinning "i' to H:,i?ther j'-.-unj la ly. Tub LluIo.x of il inok ? N..i.;>tc>?n u;<d to -ay, " lhat of ?!l the vrdcra that Lai e'.ei h?cu created, ti'hcr in ancicat or v:}'iom times, there !? not one that ha.? been of Mich advantage to its t- ur-Krs uf tbo Legi >u of ilfUvr. It i? my hatidiuoik anJ my ira-ter piece. No one now or iu future dny.-. eaa dis pute my right to the gk.rj of^^ it I aru inJcb'cd to it for moie than halt oi n y victorict/' Napoleon slated wh ?t was perfectly tne. The hop* of obtaining tba eroa* h rh-en he j arc ? ot iperedible act# of vaK-r. many of nhi.*.i are ?tii? unKuowa to the J. ilero i< one among other*, a thief d njcUru,: he us d t > taLe particular doli^ht la relating lu the cour>? of the night whi=h pre-e i I tne watt e ol Auft^riiti, eue of m* biigalier{ w.ig-red his watch with one of Lis OoMradeh that he won Id giin tho Cr/->s of 11 >n ?r tb.' following day. In fict. in a brilliant char .j ugiinrt a very superior for.-e, he penetrA1 d kilo enemy ^UHit'oiif. kiliwd Are men wi!ti t.ii own hani an ! carried off a *tand;ri llo waa covered with blood, eapeeially ??., !; Fnee, the only visible part of whieh'w.,* h;< L-ye^. As ht w.ia returning tj his nijimcnt the Etup.-ror met Liui a^i sai l: 44 k <?u hare don? enough for on<*e. my frieL p> and get your wounds dressed '? The Lfii. .iicrI his face w'.ih t'.;e L ig tib id c.i] ur?d, r- j i:v 1 to tii?' Bu^n-r^r I ari not B'ounded. cire. It ia u.t my blood which you see but tbat of your ene mies." Ai:ipole.-n, delighted at tnia anaucr, eaii^ 1 Hilki' y <U -Uurrh.;/ tits ingn, (OU'Sitcr na?ter.) and confer upon you tbo OrosA of loi.or." The m >^t ^ingularcireum*lanct in thu a.Tair, s, til at the mancnt when iho bryuJ^: wa* Siu^ recmpei ?cd, hi^ comrade with whom hu isd betted his vratcb. arrived wounded t' a >??tol sh ?t. which had been tired at uim by a jcncra| oQcer, whom he br< ught ?.? piiaooer o the Emperor. "Another Cr<.-s? of limer." said Xapoie^a, ??iUghing. 41 if things go'en in thi.-way. I iball either have to tu; prcsa tbeUrdar, or lecoratc the wh' le arn:y." D ?atu jlnd Ko*a\*c?.?The Corner he'-i . i nquc;-t yesterday on tho body of Jacob ii.II, ?h -se dt;ath by sui. ide wo mentioce 1 y . lay morniiig. On the inquest gone intcretting facta vera developed, whi.'h wc were ul .c ^uainted with previously, and whi h lend a co^t romantic ir.tcre.-t to the affair Early in luie last Aii Hill's wife died in childbed. ar.A .he mother and child wore Luiiod iu u let ia. he Qertnan l'rotestantgraveyard Daily aln v .hen he ha.- visited the grave, often speodir.g_ lours there. lie had cticl^sed the lot with ti eucaand profuieiy omaiaontei it with flow :rs. On Saturday morning he visited it for *bc at-t time, and alter tracing on the tomh?t -?a' in inscription with a pencil, laid dow4t n on he gruve And blew his bra ns out with a pia il. The inscription was in German, of which he f .{lowing is a translation : 44 blow soon arc the tiea of love rent asacn ler! 41 Dearest, how fondly have 1 loved thee ' 44 i lo^t my all?y<>u may know now that 1 ??ve her still. 4* My heurt is too sal?therefore, oh, death! ulfiil my fate, and *oon unite me to her, and o love's eternal rest. 44 I depart from the sweet habit of existence. 44 It h at the grave aloue man lenr.i* the rua value of love."?Bom# l)tm. An*. 18. The Spmm'AL Apcltkrator?I am going o dine with Mr Jolieo to day, and we are go ng to read a chapter or two of the Gospel oi' it. John. 44 It is like griadiug one's own rheat.'* he says, 44 and baking one's own toal" f;er tbe Adulterations of miller and baker. Ia here no Dr. liasaell to spy out the deleten us uixtures and unwholesome poisons retailed iu >ulpit? M well as shops?tbe alatn. aad pla* sr. and aoid, taking away the purity an! >ue HQanoe of the bread of lifer ?!>?**??? ? ion*ekold Worda. ty Zealously stiive to do good for the - f g 'Od.

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