Newspaper of Evening Star, September 7, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 7, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY; FRIDAY Afr'TfcKfWON Sept. 7. fPIEIT or THE MOENINO PEE38 The Union says that the Louisville riots have caused many persons of enterprise and wealth. natives a* well aa foreigners, to Eell out and move from that vicinity, stating facts to .substantiate the assertion. The Intelligencer thus sums up the war new* by the Atlantic that arrived yesterday : i 44 By reference to the subjoined telegraphic eorresDon lcnce. it will be seen that the news fu.m tic Cikr.ea comes down to a period sev eral 4ays liter than tbe time which had been appointed, a.- we were informed by previous advices, for the renewal of tho bombardment of Sebn.-toTH.l. The expectation was very gen eral that the piesent steamer would bring in telligence of tli?v wuo of that attack, but it due- not appear that such an event had taken place at ihe t?ine fixed upon. Tho public mind, therefore, is still left in suspense. It is }*>siible there n:ay have been an error in the statement that any particular day had been a? signed by the Allies for another and more vigorous essault; but whether this be the case, or what has retarded the further movement of the combined force? against that stronghold of their enemy, we aro turnished with no better means ot judging than our readers. '? The battle at the bridge on the Tchernaya was attended with unusual carcago, and the ' Ku-sian loss is reportod as four to one greater thnn that of the Allies. Eut it does not ap pear that any decided advantage was gained t y tho latter, since the Eussiar.s were not driven from their position. "The meagre details rcecived relating to the bombardment of Sweaborg leave tho gen eral account somewhat contradictory. It is tUtcd t&at the Eussian loss wa3 less than two hund-.-ed in killed and wounded, and yet that the fortifieations were destroyed. This is con tradicted by the Russian commander, and ap parently with truth, as it is almost inconceiv able that the destruction of such fortifications thoald have been attended with a loss so in considerable." WA3HINQT01f 7TEWS AND GOSSIP. The Portsmouth and Norfolk Sufferers.? The details of these fcvcr-infectcd localities, instead of aHording hope tbat the plague has nearly expended its power, acquaints us of increased distress and mortality, arousing the feeling, already excitcd. to a more expanded sympathy In view of th??e iiwful, appalling statements, it bccomcs the duty of our citizens to au.u.-e themselves to further efTort for the Telief of their truly afflicted neighbors. Two jcars ago, when tho yellow fever pre vailed to such a fearful extent in New Orleans, a public meeting of our citizens was called, at the City Hall, and measures adopted for the Telief of tin sufferers. A similar movement? f.iy to-morrow evening?has been suggc?ted ? to us; and in this recommendation wc trust there will be a general concurrence. CsURBttn?d.?Th? Common Council of New York, a majority of whom arc wise and pa triotic Know Nothings c f various degrees, have, f.>r many months past, hud a special commit tee charged with the astoundingly important duty of solving the riddle of the birth-place of George Washington Matscll, the well-known chief of the New York ci f police, who is uni versally admitted to be a man in ten thousand T>r the responsible and important position he tills, his subordinates numbering quite nine hundred Many hundred dollars were ex pended by this committee in the silly work to which we refer above, without arriving at a tati-d'vtory couclu-ior.?Chief Mat sell averrin"' O that he had no recollection of hearing his pa rents (who died when he was young) say whether he was born on this or the other side of the herring-] ond; an rged witness, a friend of the family*, declaring that she knew of h'13 birth in New York city, while another old crono te:tified that she had heard his father say he was b-^rn in England ! Being in a quandary, the committee took the liberty of sending to England their clerk, a native-born fool, who we remember well a? tho laughingstock of the politicians around Tammany Hall, as a confirmed 41 Iuncy" in the fall ?;f 1S48; oec Stephen II. Branch. Stephen iu his report tolls with great gusto the efiect?of his handsome, black Broadway whiskers, upon the unsophisticated people of rural England. liis trip cost the city govern ment more th< usands. and resulted in compli cating tho original quandary; insomuch as he fouud proof of the birth of one George Mat-cll, in Isll, in Brando?, England, the son of the parents of Chief George, but not of the advent into the world of George Vi'asbington Ma'sell, which IsXhc patronimiioichcredoubtablochief. This remarkable investigation has cost tho tax payers of Now York city sc me SI 0,000! Cui lono? It is not alleged that if born abroad he may not legally hold his present position, v. r that he does rot give universal satisfac tion in the discharge of his duties, cxccpt to tho-e classes on whom he ij prone to pounce -with thocluws of the law. Verily, if Know Nothing legislative and administrative wis dom was ever beautifully illustrated, it is in the rise, pr.-gress, and finality, of this bootless and *0 childi>h'y .illy commission, which, from iir.-t to lart, ha.; been of no more public im portance, than wouid be a similar one to ascer tain WHO KILLED COCK RoBIX? A Sugg^srion.?ln view of the fact that it 5? utterly imp. sable to place Old Point Corn f> rt at tho disposal of tho people cf Norfolk iind Portsmouth, it seems to us that the Gov ernment n ay greatly alleviate thtir sufferings Ij placing at their service a thousand tenU, <i! they have them at hend.) to be pitched by United St.itcs ti ops from Old Point on the At lantic sh.^re, b-ck of Norfolk. A large num ber of the fugitives, from the twa cities, are ?rw sheltered in bams, cut-hcu>es, and old Ijjiidic^s io t;,at immediate vicinity, and Slave thu?c.'caped the lever. A thoc and tents *viil comfortably shelter from three ta five thod*.?nd ? a'.:-, utd in a p >sition, too, much In rc cocv juiont for tho distressed communi ties th in that Cf Old Point Comfort. That tho charge ol s:taatu)u from Nc?rf->lk aud Ports mouth to the perfectly acalchy ono near by? ot the A;l.iuttc shore?will s?v?. those who msy go there, is manifest in the fact to.^t cf the tL* asands who havegone there from the inxVpt eJ localities, but one or two havo died Tfco Hondo Story Aga:a? Mr. Kenneth Ejyner n? t long finco endeavored to justify hin;?elf fur his connection with the 44 Pope * Nuncio roorback, in a long letter addressed to bis witness, the Hon. 1). M. Barring ?r, wherein he insisted on his original charge of a bargain between tho President and Catholic church in this country in which Judge Camp bell was to be uiado tha Pout master General, I and earnestly appealed to Mr. B. to s?y that what he originally told him went to confirm that idea. Eut Mr. Earringer will do no such thiug; und in a letter from Sharon Springs, N. Y.. August 28, 1SSS. he completely ex plode; Mr. lUynwr, his story and all the ovor entlni?i??t:c gentlemen who hire foolishly en deavored to make Know Nothing capital out of this Nuncio business. ilia refutation is too long for the columns of the Stat; so we njost content ourself with quoting its material state ments as follow?, viz : * * * 44 It is true that the Nuncio was the first person who told me of this appoint ment, ana that this took place before the or ganization of the Cabinet wasgenrrally known at Madrid. But it is not true that the conver sation occurred beforo the 4th of March, or before tho Cabinet was formed, or before in tellirence of this fact had been received at Madrid. Information of tho formation of tho Cabinet had been received at Madrid on that rcry day, but it had not yet reached tho public mind, nor had it then reached me, until informed by the Nuncio. You ask in your letter, how is this possible? The answer is plain, and may solve tho douL ts whieh vou seem to have, and remove theerrcr into which you have, unintentionally, fallen on the subject. There is a telegraph fn m Pa ris to Madrid, and from the French and Span ish frontier, which is some 250 miles, m.-ro or less, from M.vlrid. This telegraph (which is not electric, but of signs la, or was then) iB owned by, and is under the direction of, the Spanish Government, as well at the * correo,' or mail express, from Bayonne to Madrid. In this way tho Government often, nnd in fact generally, obtains information of important events one, two. er even several days, before is received in the usual and regu lar mode of conveyance by the mail. I re member a striking instance of this in tho cir cumstance that the death of Gen Taylor was made known to the Government by telegraph, and that the then Minister uf Foreign Alfoirs, in an unofficial note, communicated tbo mel ancholy event to me the day preceding its public announcement by tho press of Madrid, and several days before it was finally con firmed by the regular arrival of American pa pers and letters at the "legation. So, in the ca*e of tha conversation referred to with tho Nuncio, the Government had doubtless ro oehcd information of the formation of the Cabinet at Washington, either by telegraph or express, in advance of the intelligence made public by the ordinary means, and some po son connccted with the Government or with lhat department of it having control of tho dispatches nnd tho mail, believing that it would bo agreeable to the Nuncio to have this information, especially as a member of tho Cabinet was reported to be a Catholic, men tioned it to him; and it so happened that I siw him scon avuiiward?, when he mentioned the fact to inc. before it was known to the pub lie gouerally, who were still in ignorance and dout>t as to tho matter." * * * 4k The whole amount of it is simply this: That he happened to receive this information as to the formation of the cabinet a short time before I did, aud before it wad generally known at Madrid who constituted its members. " Tho reason why I remembc- tho circum stance at all is, thrt he expressed bis pleasure at the appointment of a Catholie to ctiice, and his admiration of that feature of our repub lican government which excludes no one front ofiioc on account of his religious opinions, tic did not, as you misunderstood me to say, re cording to your letier. - express gratification that his church was so strong anil influential in the United States as to obtain such an honor,' but he more than onco, on subsequent occasions, alluded to the principle of religious toleration as ore of tho fundamental bases of our political institutions There are other misapprehension*, certainly inadvertent, in your letter, to w^ich I uo not here deem it im portant to allude, i hive referred to this con versation wi*h the Nuncio when in social in tercourse with others as well as yourself, sure ly not for tho purpose of proving a political bargain with Archbishop llu;*lres. or with nt:y other Catholic person in tho la>t Presidential election of tho United Slates; for, as you prop erly remark, ; I had been for years out of the country, aud wdS not thoroughly conversant with idc charges and issues and under-cur rents uf tho Presidential election.' I bad nothing to do with it; but as a representative abroa I endeavored to serve the interests of my country without rcformec to party distinctions of any kind what ...ever. 4k But I have uientioned this conversation for the purpose of showing the interest taken in our country by the higher order of the Catholic clergy in Europe ; an l as on illustra tion of what 1 have had several occasions to observe, as I did to your, elf on this subject and in this vtry connexion, that the leading members of that catrrch are as familiar, or more so perhaps, with the character of our in stitutions and people?our resources?our geo graphy?our general history and progress? iLan many of the wisest statesmen of Europe. I repeat, I have never connected it in my own mind, cr otherwise, for tho purpose of provirg the chargo of political corruption to which you refer, but for atutally different object, as jurt stated. Ai.d herein lie* your great mistake, but one into which, with your views on the subject of that charge, and without the knowl edge of the facts connected with the conversa tion whieh I possess, you might naturally fall. I mentioned it for one purpose?you employ it for another, without, as 1 think, any just ground for doing so. You are m staken in supposing that I ever mentioned it to you at any time as confirmatory of the political charge t> which you refer. I could not have done so, for 1 nevsr believed fo. 1 do not now believe so. It would have been absurd in me to be lieve so, unless I had imagined, as you room to think, but which the-acts do not sustain, that the Nuncio had previous knowledge that the appointment w;u to be made, and bef? rc it really was made." * * & Mr. Bcrrirger hr:s cortainly driven the last nail into tho coffin of this roorback, which mad3 so much Kn? w Nothing hair stand on end, at Kaler&ma, on the 4th cf July last. Tho Effect cf Ultraisin.?The Pennsylvania Republican Know Nothing Convention, in ses sion a*. Pittsburg, yesterday, actually nomi naicd Passmore Williamson for Comptroller of j the Stato! lie is a half-crazed member of the Soeicty of Friends, makicg not tho slightest pretentions to qualifications for aught but car rying out the ultraisars of his ? persuasions,' and is as notoriously unfit for the discharge of | the heavy responsibilities of the Pennsylvania Canal CommL;sioncrbhip, as it is possible for an individual to bo. Ilis present imprison ment mu-^bc according to the dictation of Judge Ear.e, unless he will expiate his con tempt of Court, which he says ho will not do. Or, otherwise, he must lie in jail as long as tho man who was imprisoned for 60 ycar3 for a ocntompt, by Lord Mam field, a- he obstinately refuse! to admit that lie uad done wrong in setting the authority of the court at defiance. The He7.?Tho Pcnnsylvaman thus ex plain* the circustanees under which the trial of thoso who took part in robbing Col. Wheel, r of his negroes not long since in Philadelphia, turned out in fair keeping with most efforts ef gouthomers to recover their runaway negroes under the fugitive slave law: "The trial cf the six negroes who assailed Col. Wheeler at Walnut street wharf, and in a riotous and tumultuous manner deprived him of his property, has been concluded, and a verdict of not guilty rendered as to the riot. Ballard and Custis were convicted of tho as sault and battery, and their four a-'sociatos acquitted. Those are the two w ho caught him by the collar, witb a threat. We understand r;at ten of the jurors were for conviction of all the deu.'jrdants, and two were for acquittal. On<? vf tha ."cor-" hnving become very sick, tho majority. presume, yielded to what ap j-eaivd to thorn to be th* necessity of tho ca^c. and agreed upon a compromise verdict, and thus iunoeentiy defeated vnds of ^uit?oo. Under the circumstunces, even stick it VfrJicl, considered in uonncelton with tho concluding r roe-soil spoeeh of Prosecuting Attorney Wm. B. Mann ami the equally pointed charge of Julge Kelly, with the feet lhat ten jurors were iu favor of conviction up to tho last moment of their agreeing to the verdict, shows that jyil lic sentiment in this quarter of the Union, is sound upon the subject of State comity. Few juries, even in the Southern States, could be fouud, to Ktaud out more firmly against the tendency of the argument of tho Prosecuting Officer and the charge of the Judge. lh*u did the jury iu qucstiou." The Acquisition cf Mexico ?The Conner >nui Enquirer of New York squints favorably towards the acquisition of Mexico, on the ground that slavery not existing thorc, it will eventually add largely to tho anti-slavery strength in both Houses of Congress, and tins put down tho South. The editor confesses hid belief that the Mexican population are not fit t) enjoy the privileges of citizenship under this Government: though po great is his desire to accomplish his purpose of putting down the South. that he seems quite willing to risk tho experiment of introducing, as full partners in the Union, eight millions of Mexicans! Tha Latest Propo39d Convention.?The National Committee chosen by tho seceding delegates from twelve non-slave-holding States at the Philadelphia Know Nothing National Conventicn, are about to issue a cal! for a Na tional Convention of theKn>w Nothings who repudiate the never-to-be-forgotten 12th sec tion. and disown the convention that adopted it. If we are not greatly mistaken, there is not at this time a single Know Nothing State Council that has not flown from some one or other of the planks of the platform of tho for mer supremo council of the Order! The Con vention to which we particularly refer abovo i; to meet at Cincinnati on the 2Ut of Novem ber. Rain.?A correspondent of?thc Smithsonian Institution writes that at Wood*3 Hole, Mass., lc;s rain fell during tho last three months than has fallen at that place for many years. In other portions of the State and throughout the whole country, the season has been very wet, particularly the month of July. In New l'ork more rain fell, it is stated, than has been known for Eixty-six years; but it is quite the reverse in the town abovo mentioned. Vegetation thc-ro has suffered exceedingly, corn crops arc injured, and tho meadows and pasture lauds are as dry a3 an ash heap. Vermont.?The party triumphing in tho Ve? inont State election that took plnco on tho day before yesterday was the ultra abolition Know Nothing Republican party?the aboli tion party of tho State, who have engrafted Know Nothingism on their crecd by way of catching gudgeons. Overboard.?Know Nothingism was signally defeated yesterday in Georgetown; as it would have been at the last previous election there there had its opponents bestirred them-clve; as on yesterday. The Current Operation# cf the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, 6th Septomber, thero were of Treasury Warrants entered cn tin books of tho Department? FVr ti e Cue tone ^19,888 99 War Warrants received and en tered 1,890 21 Interior Warrants receivod and entered 7,228 9J I iterior repay warrants rccoived and entered 4,263 99 ? mmm ? Tho Epidemic in Norfolk and Portsmouth. From Norfolk and Portsmouth we still have gloomy accounts of the ravages of the yellow fever?the letters from tho.e pla:e? being filled with a rceital of heart-rending witnessed by the writers. The following names are to be added to the list of dead : Mr. Kay ton, Mrs. Lut>n, Win. Johnson's wife, Mr. Dudley. M is* Look wood. Henben I liut:er. Sen., T. C. Dixon, Mr. Rogers. Mr. liniwin, Thos Cash, Mrs. Drayton, Mr. Smi'fly, Mrs liallett, G :o. Jones, Mr*. E. Mallory, Mrs. Hu'cfcinson, Enoch Land. A S. Whittle, Ann W. Partors, wife of John T. El liot, Mrs. Nabby Ilolden, Cbas. (i. William?, ( lied in Richmond.) Mis. Harmanson and Mij? S?!al, (died in Baltimore,) John Cuthrell, Miry White, Miss Jordan, air. Lester, Nancy Nottingham, Mrs. O.-tan--, Mrs. Moreley. J. li. Co-lit-. Mrs. Gill. Mrs. Lurke, Florence Rooth by, Eugene Booth by, L. P. Pollard. John T. llattou, Win. J. MiJleraon. Jus. K. Cliig. Ueo. Humphries, John Dantler, W. G. Dunbar, Bets?y Bradley, Th<~i. Eldridsre, Nancy Sony. Lucy ^jifiin, Mrs. Parsons, Mis* M.-ry Molo ney. Thomas Carson, Mr'. Woodfin.Mrs. Cu tis* Mr. Decker. J. P Howell, Fanny Smith, James Ryan. W. G. Klect, Wa. Martin, N. Pum- hrey. Anthony Love It, Mary Doyle, Rosalia Griflin. Dr. Lcou Gelbarut, of Richmond, who left Norfolk on Sunday last, and was seised with yellow fever cn arriving nt Petersburg, died there on Wednesday. IIo was a native cf Warsaw, Poland. Another marsyr to the eauso of human suffering. Among th'Kc sn'd to be ill. are Parser Fitz gerald, of the navy. Wm. D. Webb, tho mother of John S. Lovctt, a Son of Wm. Stevens, Mr. Mirkpatiick, Rev. J. Heudren, aud tho whole of Mr. Dates' family. Tho number of deaths in Norfolk during the twenty-four hours ending at noon, on the 1th iusiaat, is virioutly Flat d at from filty to sixty. The dvtuan 1 for coffins nt the depct of the Howard Association is tho best criterion of tao extent of the moitality, and two or three may bo seen there at all hours of the day m^asarin^ and picking out such as will suit the tenants they have rcaJy ti occupy them. Largo j;s tho supply of coffina h;;s been from Baltimore and Richmond, it hau scarcely equalled the demand, which is incossant at all times, frequently exhausting tho supply. The Commandant of the Navy Yard has or dered all tho carpenters in the yard to work, making boxes and coffins for the numerous ua buiicd dead. A Norfolk letter in the Daltimore Patriot ?ay 3: There is no peculiar treatment adopted by tho Southern physicians to arrest tho disease, Somogive turpentine and hydrocyanic acid, others infusion of verbena, others different things. Dr. Minis, cf Baltimore, adopts the expectant course, aud so far with tho most de cided succcss. Out of sumo forty or.^es, he has lost but ouo and that was complicated with another diseaso. A Norfolk letter ia the Baltimore Sun, dated the Gtb, says : Tho accounts from tho sick aro not so favor able to-day. Sister Bernard, of tho Catholic Orphan Asylum, was seised with the prevail ing epidemic yesterday She has been most devoted in her service aud has the sympathies and prayers of every good heart iu the com munity. One of the horriblo incidents that sometimes characterize visitations such as that which has fallen upon this city was revealed this morning. A corpse that had lain uuburied far eight days was discovered surrounded by tho sick and dying. It may scorn strange that such an event could happeu, but it is no un frequent occurrence tosoo whole families down an I not a soul near them to give a glass of water or even extend a word of comfort or sympathy. Persons aro often found dead, not a soul having witnessed their illness or la.t agony. An unpleasant cireumstanco transpired last evening, which has caused a groat deal of ex eitument and comment. A p-raon from New Orleans, who has been noting a prominent part here, and who waa appointed, on aocount of his activity, superintendent of the hospital, was arrested and lodged in prison on tho char^ uf stealing one thousand dollars' worth of jcw.dry from the house of Mr. Lewis, dur ing tho illness of the family. What will be tho result of this matter, cannot., at this mo ment bo divined. A rcsoit to a venerable gentleman nailed Jadge Lynch, is hinted at in various circle?. Fr.OM roRTSXOlTH. Thore I* ono gratifying fact in the accounts fioui this ill-fated town?Mayor Fiakc is not thud! Although very ill when last heard from, (and it was represented to us by a proiui* nent physician who saw hiui that he could not survive.) a favorable turn ha* taken place, and there is now pome hope of his recovery. A private letter gives the number of death* on Sunday at 34, Monday 28, and an average of 20 per day rince that time. A Portsmouth letter in the Richmond Dis patch says: The physicians nre quartered at two differ on?. places. Mr. Wilson who lived in a very handsome cottage on the bank, has giveu it to the physicians, and it is now occupied by Drs. Webster and Walters, of Baltimore; Drs. Howie and McDowell, of Richmond, and Dr Kennedy, of Pennsylvania, and the balanoe are at the Crawford House. Mayor Fiske is improving. The disease appear? to be of such a mnlig. rant form that the physician* inform me it will yield to no treatment whatever, being the con uir.e African fever. The following persons were sick : Richard and Sarah Esk ridge, children of Rev. Vernon fcskridge, chaplain in tho navy, who was very active in his exertions and ministrations among the sick in the Naval Hospital. Mr? Tatem mother of Robert Tatem. She had lost a daughter and son. THE LATEST. Tho news from Norfolk and Portsmouth this morning is awful ! The people of those cities are suffer tug f,om Fa mine as well as frem the Pestilencc. [See our tclcgraphic column for the details of this heart-rending intelli gence.] In Portsmouth, for the twenty-four hours ending at sunset on Wednesday there were 21 deaths. From the Argu3 of yesterdty we clip the following items : Suspension.?This will be our last issue till cooler weather and health returning to <ur limits, shall enablo us to resume tho "tenor of our way. One after another in our office has been stricken by sickness until but one i3 left free from disease, Mr. Benjamin Charles, our last remaining compositor. Honor to lnm ! for he has stood nobly by us in the tempest. Wc have been sick ourself and hnve only re sumed our poet about a wcok :-nnw ? ur lore man, Mr. Jas. II. 1 inch, (who has been every thing to us) is compelled to quit?a3 well a> even/ white hand in tho office, with the above named exception. Six (colored* pressmen have been tafcen rick at their post, one after another , and every one of our orginal carriers is off his route. AV o dare not oppose Otunipctcnco. To at tempt to keep on un ier existing circumstances would bo like fighting again-t Providence. It is besides next to* impossible. All the other papers have suspended. Other duties crowd upjn us. Our friends are sick?the dead lie* unbailed?.and an unspeakable calamity is around us. We must yield to the fiat of the Almighty. A Move for taz Orphans.?The helpless little children who have been leit by tho scourge, without natural protectors, are to be congregated, we are delighted to learn, in Christ Church Lecture Room. This room has been fitted into service, and wo arc sure no one will gainsay the move. It will be under charge of several of cur influential citizens, ar.d supervised by the im mortal Howard Association. Competent ma trons will have the helpless ones in charge and <?od, wo trust, will add his blessin". O Proposed Removal or our Population.?It will be scon ly -overa! communications which we publish to-day. that there is an intense de sire on tho part of benevolent friends abroad to remove u-< b?>.UJy from this dire home of pestilence. Would that il could bo done with convenience! But we fear that there are too many sick among us, and too many diGculties in the v.ay for the sebeuii to be practicable. ARRIVAL 0? THE STEAMER ATLANTIC WEEK LATLR FKO.Y1 EUROPE. The steamer Atlantic arrived at New York yesterday afternoon uith Liverpool dates to the 25th August She brings two hundred passengers Tho papers continue interesting details of the late bombardment of Sweaborg and the recent batJos un ihs Tchernaya. The papers say that tbc Russian losj at Sweaborg was only 4U killed and 160 wound ?d tb'?t f-he furtigation* wer- destroyed. ??*\o Buti*h ships had fired on It;ga without effect. The squadron in the V? hito Sea continues to destroy tjie Russian stores aloug the coast, and the Briti.-h squadron in the Sea of Azoff havo Mown up several Rus ian ships of war, sunk the Rus. ian ships in Berdiinsk bay. and burn ed the suburbs of that town. liio British gun-boat J a-per was wreckcd in the oca of Azoff, and the Russians had found her signal book. I lie posit on of all airs before Sevastopol wa3 qui to unchanged. The position of the siege at Kars was also unchanged at the lati st advices. rlpie.^.u' 'Jn !USiS 'Q battle at tho bridge of Tiai.tir, on the Tchernaya was nearly -4,0011 in killed and wounded. Tho L.?i of tho a'.lies was shout 1.000 ine;,, The Russian? were not pursued across the river, but hold their former position. yarious rumors were current of a new peace project, but n-.<:!nr.g authei tic could lo ascer tained in reg .rd to the matter. THE WAR. i further important event has oc:urrcd at tae seat of war. consequently tho most inter e- ting news i the details of the battles a; Sweaborg and Tchernaya. The loss of life at effeaborg was quite small, but tho details taus far do not .-tate how much of the place h::?> oocu destroyed, nor hv?w inucii remains. According to -locount of tho Russian Ad miral, the bombardment appear? to have done but riUU damage, besides burning the public Store:?. He says that no damage whatever has been dene to tho fortification batteries or guns; aii'-l no Clones hia tl'.-patch on tho evening of the 12lh, thus : "The enemv remain at their eld anchorage and do not renew the attack." The bombardment of Riga wa? commcneod at 4 o clock a. m., on the 10th, by two English steamers, one a two-decker ami the other a mgate, and continued all day until 7 o'clock p. in., doing apparently but li.tle damage. TaJ- Rttaca on the allies at Tchernnv* was commanded by Prince Gortwhakcff. The Russian force consi'tcd of five divisions of in fantry, six thousand cavalry and twenty bat tencs of artillery. Three Russian 'reueruls were^ billed. The F roach loss amounts to nearly 200 killed and over bOO wounded, (ionerjl Reed, of the English army, wa? killed in the engagement. The Russians asked an armistice to enable them to bury their dead, and (ieneral Pelissier .ays the whole number of Russians buried was 3 32'J A dispatch of the 10th from the Crimea says that the artillery had opened a firo upon Se bustopol, but that the Combaidmont had not yet been recommence J. Four Russian scjamcrs, sunk by the Rus sians in Berdiansk bay, had been blown un by the English, and the suburbs of the town burnt. A British gua-boat went ashore dur ing tho attack, and was taken by the Russians, together with a complete code of the Allies' signals. (fortschakoff's latost dispatch from Sebasto pol is to tho 2|st. It says: The firo of tho Allies has sensibly diminished and docs but little damage. ENGLAND. From England there is no political news of importance. Rumors were current of new negotiations to the effect that tho accession of Sp iin to the alliance is complete ; and that the alliance of Denmark and Sweden were all arranged, and uccde I on'y to be ratified. Austria is said to have submitted a new project for peaco, and will come out decidedlv lor tho Allies. 1 It is further reported that the Allies will permanently occupy somo portion of the Turk ish territory aud re-construct the map of Italy FRANCE. t^een \ ictoria has been received very en thusiastically in France. AUSTRIA. J cTbine"""" 'here r?mo" of " fUt in Tin: makkkts. M\ er pool Cotton?Donnistoun Jfc Co.'s circular quotes the market Rosier, bat quota bljr lower?eloring steady, with s*lo? for the week of 45 000 bales. inrlndin^ 4.i>O0 to hpec ulators and 4,500 lor expert, Orlosns fair. ?j; middling G 7-lfi; Unlai d fair. f> . Bread stuffi?Brown * Shipley quote: Brcad??ffs have slizhtly advanced; flour has adduced 2: . wheat 2*3d., oorr. ftd.; Western Canal flour is filing nt 40a4lt.f Ohio 42.? , ccrn 44?45a:, vellow 37s ftd a3Hs., mixcd J<s. 6d ; all erticles closed steviy : tho weather ha? been unfavorable Pro\ isii)t?~Mts?rs. Richards-m. Spenso A Co. report provisions as being generally unchanged. Lojcdox.?Barring Brother? A Lx report: Iron i3 unchanged and in good demand , su gars arc aetivo at advanced price?; cotton :s firm; limecd is dull; rico ic active at ad ??nced prices; spirits turpcotino are dull; Coffee is steady. SukIa.?Maryland ?2aV:i: Pennsylva nia 5's, 78a*fl ; Pennsylvania bonds 84 ; Vir ginia bonds, 1S8<>. 8SJi?90l; Pennsylvan'a Cen tral Railroad, 91*; Illinois Central Railroad, 78a80. Money Market.?Messrs. Bell A Co. report American stock dull, but prices uncharged. Bullion in the Bank of Euglana has decreased Jtl&fc.OOO. Consols for money are quoted at VI J. THE LATEST. Losnox, Saturday morning?Queen Victo ria will embark on Monday, from Boulogne, on her return to England. The Emperor will accompany her to Boulogne. Adviccs fix-in Paris slate that 50.000 adJi tional reinforcements are to be acnt to the Crimen. The allied squadron in the White Sea have captured two ftuspian thipe and one steamer. The squadron was preparing to quit that sea. The Berlin papers rtaiethat Auscria has de clared that she will treat, according to mili tary law, every individual found taiiijmring witii the Austrian soldiers with a view of in ducing them to join tho Angl )-ltalim Legion. Ru^ian agents have been rent to the lead ing cities of Europe to rai^s a louu fur the Ru* ginn government. i'rom the r in Asia th; intfliigcuce is the Russian division between Kars a?.:d Ersc rouai, having been reinf< reel, had !i:arched upon Kenfri Keni and drove tho lu:kish t:o.jj>c from their position, and finally encamp ed three leagues from trzerouoi. Berlin, August 23?Russian pjents have boon sent to the chief citics of Europe to ra:?c a loan for the Ruffian government. I)\, Au-rurt 21?All the mortar vessel* of ths allies in the Baltic water- nre being 6c\ i homo, ana .Admiral Seymour uai relieved Ad miral Bayuca oft Cr<>n. tadt Londox, Friday evening. August 21 ?The English lunds arc unchanged, with but little business doing. At Paris to-day the Fian<-h funds further declined ]. Consold sc .rccly varied through the day. PERSONAL. ....lion. Paul Wentwortb, of Concord, fa ther of lior. John Wentworth of lllinoi*, died at Sandwich, the pla;e of his firmer residence, on Thusday. He wa.1 alx-ut eighty years of age. ....The ll^n. Charles S. Morehead was on Tuesday last du'y int.ailed as Governor of the State of Kentucky for the tenn of four year*. ....Mr. Murdoch, the tragedian, was takm suddenly ill in Cincinnati, on Tuesday evening, just as he commenced reading befjrc a laro0 audience at Smith A Nixon'.- new Lall. ....The sister of Kossuth was at Wcr^estar recently, for tho purpose of sella g lacc* and similar articles. She resides in New Yoik, and maintains herself by dealing in rich em broidery articles. She is a lady of pleading manners, with much of that noble bearing that so etiongly characterizes her diftinguirhed brother. ....Mr. Fillmore was presented to the Em peror of the French on the 10th of August, t > gether with rincteen other Ameiicaas Mr. Fillmoie was to have been favored with a pri vate presentation, and in consequence went in a black coat, but, by tome unexplained acci dent. was thrown among hip countrymen, who were in uniform, and he thur presented in more than one respect the mstt cotiteablc figure in the company. ....Charles W. Carrigan ha1? been nomina ted by the Democrat? of Philidclphia as their candidate for Register of Wills. . ...The Albany Express, enm minting ujon the many railroad accidents, says: '? If the dead could speak and the main ???d would drag themselves into court and testify, tho fifteen hundred and etphty-xrvr.i killed a,!. I watt tid ed travelIrr* of 13*>4, would unfold a ta'c cf J horror which would make even soulless cor porations tuin pale and tremble.'' ^NOTICE ?The Ko?rd cf Direi :c - o; j the "U a-liin_'ton Uallding Association will meet THIS EVENING, at 3 o'clock. In Union Acaaem. corner of New York avenue and lith st J. P. DICKINSON, tree Mjp 7?It* "? >R?LftBF FOR tS? 8UPPER r.HS at Norfolk and Prrlsmouth ?The entire proceed* of the ?a'es from my s;a"s in tbc Centre Market on Tuesday morning nest, w:M be appro {irlattd to the relief of tfce r.uatrers at Norfolk and *0:tl!E0Uth. The S ills as usna' v?111 b? abundantly >u-)r?l.ed on that o<-casion with the fruiN ard vegetable* of ] the season, of a choice character, : resh a nd dirtct from my f.'.rm My usual customers, and ?!l other k'nd h<= r*?d and 'uharf'ablecitizens are req^c'u lly solicit-d to ] ava'l themselves of the oppcrtitntiy ?o c?ntr:l>u'e ! toward the alleviation of the eUiictiOi:>s of oar stricken neighbors. Sign over the Stalls "Vallev View Farm."' sep7?It* JOI1N H. KING. 2f-~atNOTICE.-The?e will be arr.bed n.cei ?i?? ins of ihe We%tem Hne Company No 1 THIS (Friday) NIGHT, September 7th, at 7^ o'clock. Punctual atteiidance is requested, as busing of Importance 1s to be trdn^actod sop 7?It* ,PR ESI DENT'S MOUNTED Ul'AHi>, ATTENTION.?An adjourned mietlrg of the Company will be held at the armory on MONDAY, the Jtith lnstair, at 7# o'clock i> in. The punctual atU adaace of tvery member i? re quired. liy order of JOS PECK, Captuin. sep 7?3t* ?TtlE PIC NIC FOR THE BKNKFIT of ihe Norfolk uud I'orUmouth sutiV-rei>, which was to have taken place at he "Park'' on the 3d instant, buu pv:<lponed. owint- 10 the inclemcn-ycf the weather, uutil MONDAY, the 10th 'nstant, to commence at 1 o'clock. No charge will be mode <.f visiters to tfce hous? or grounds; butgenth ir.en entering the Daaclug Saloon will be char^id the niode.aie turn of hfty cents. Prof. B^r^man's Cand is en -a^. d; It i* hoped that the cifizens of Waabln^tea will ycr.* rou-ly respond to the call, and aid in relieving tfce t uf ferine of our distressed nelchbcrs. Mr Wlialey's onmlbus will be on the corner oi 7th street ;md Pa.avenue during tkiTuauMiud night, to convey passengers out sep 5?It CHAS. Sill-SSLElt. Lost, om last evln!ng, between mh, F, or on the avenue, a Gold linked Bracelet A liberal reward will be paid if delivered a. th;# office. sep 7?ll> Lost, ON the ??th instant, in this city a note of 870, drawn by John lii-achim, in fa vor of Mr. Saers. of Westmoreland county, Va , (the ftri-t name of Saers forKOtt?n.) and It.I in my hands fcr collection. If left at This othce a suita ble reward wiil be given. WILLIAM T1LOR. Seventh Ward, neer Steamboat Wharf, sep 7?Jt* SOL f HERN MANUFACTURES! FAIRVIEW COTTON WORKS, NEAR C ANAL BASIN, ALEXANDRIA, VA FITZPATRICK 1 HtP.NS, PROPaiKXORj AND M 4KI FA< XCRKUS OF COTTON YARNS, SAIL TWINE, CARPET CHAIN, COTTON HATS, wrapping TWINE, CORDAGE. 1H7" A good assortment of these articles now on hand and ready for delivery, to which we call the attention of merchants and dealers in theae goods which we are selling at Northern prices. sep 7? Jt F. A II NEW FALL R1UBONS. 1HAVK just received a tee and choice lot of tke above Goods which are tne lir?t offered this fcason Aroouu them are some entirely new styles. The ladies are solicited to examine ihern. A. TATE 3U Pa. avcnu?, bet. 10th and 11th' ats. sep 7?eo"U SUGAR ( HEAP. COFFEE CHEAPER. and Tea Cheapest ?Those who buy for cash will always Had Largalns at the Ch?np S??re, on corner dth and E sts. JOS. W. DAV1*, sep 7?11* T AMUSEMENTS FIR?T GKA>n TIC Ml or ire JACKSON CLUB, fill f/* *:?<V* at ?*c ilf-' K > /#??>.? 4 ru: ltd bf A- Farier.) on M <lfwi. ITt4 antl om MONDAY, luuk.c**. ?*?<?/-1?c ?( 5 o'tlotk J? M HUH JACKSON C(.VBHk? t T }?*, re |? innouKio^ U> ihf Club*. tbeir (rleixl* ug t)i< public generally that they wlllglve their vraad Pic Nlr at Ffce above n?mcd place. They will n** every e*brt to make this on* of (be mo?t pleaaarr. I(av and rttksttk* pk bh? of tbe mxm. No improper person* admitted oa the friivnd. Srott's celebrated Bram and String Hand La* been ensured for tbe oorasloa Refreshments will be famished by an eaprri enced caterer. Tickets 5ft cent*?admitting a gentleman snd ladies. Ccmmittff of Atrnmstmrmin. W Delaaray. C Moran, J R Urtmn au C>?eoid PLEASANT RESOKT~~ IPRI.KG UARDKNI, (FORMERLY FAV1ER S GARDEN,) On M Stntt^bttmeem Strtmletnik f KtfkU>*lk, OPENED every day in the wwk. and on Hun day. No splritou* liquor* allowed, but Cof fee. Chocolate, Ice Cream. Ac., will be for ?a'e. Weber * Brass Band w ilt perform every Moa day a*id Thursday evening, beginning al about 3 o'clock. Admittance free. au 16?3m Lost? vs satibuay evening u tk<< President's Y? rd. a heavy embroidered cam I.tie handkerchief Any one finding the above will be rewarded by Waving it at to- Fourteenth street, between D and E streets. (aland, sep 6?3t* UEURGETOWN FEMALE *fc>IINA RY. A REPORT having been industriously Circula ted to the (ITejt that tue term* for boardln and i iltiOD la my Seminary have bnn adtaaerd to Jitt kur.drni do!tars r?r hmim. I deem it mv dTity to give !t an explicit contradiction. I do not know how the report originated, nor by what agency it ha* gained nek curreacy. Ttie statement it* my published catalogue i* made with preit clearness. and can hardly Lave perverted to ijf r double the aiuoudt stated. The ternw for tbe last Hirer year* have been ?2l?? per session cI ten inon:hs Tci additional caat of all articles of dvin- tic consumption compelled me ?o raise mv tern,* to $3SQ The terma f.v day pupils and for extra studies are unchanged. WILLIAM J CLARKE, wp*??!w Georg*-town, D C. FALL KOVDS. rjMir. ?. ii.-v ,iber wi.sdd Invite the alien-i ?n of "- Mi fri?*nd? and the public to his supe-_a? rior Cock of Goods for genl'.emen's aw |i ilng t-eason j nnlwj rln which w li l.e lu.idr up to ord?rluthe mo> * * approved stjles, at the sbor ??-: ro?|re, a?:d at bis usually low prlcca. Thank.'ul to bis pat ou* lor their ii'. cril cncouraremmt I ? ? . : >r? he i? confi dent, from the fjcillti-.-a h;- now enjoys to t>? able to give all .-atirc satl&fe< inn. E nOUEV, M?re ha at Tailor, sth *t., 3 doom iir.h Pa. av sep 6-dlm ^.1 It A \ ED AW AV?F mm Jrckaon City, cn i ' Sunday.thedd Instant.a da.k .Mi .ibJir !?i years c '.d. vilh scar oa the lep IrVv shoulder froni the rubbia;j of lb- c< il?r Anr p-rs ?i returning the same' to I^vi Pumplun i stable, corner or C and Sixth struts. Washi ngt'tn city, will be lilj*-ra.lly rew irded i?vt' ibers. WILLSON A II AY WARD, rep 5?St I'nion Hall. C Mnirt. (Alexandria Ciaz*''e and Maabcfv |vtpcr will copy 3 times, and sead hill to thin eUltt J C'lMlW'Ni; HALF OP -fill PATENT v * ' 7\J R i^ht for the city of \N a^Lln^U'n of a most valuaUc jiateut will i?e n.iti for tu^ :.)MV?? Riiir. ToanealerjHii-ing active maji it will prov? a fonnne. Patent granted July Its".!, having VI years to run. Addi<-*s X. / '/.. at tLi? ottue acpt 5?3t FUR BOSTON-r.IXtL.kH PAt kEl LI.1I. IiJ. AND<>VMK i- new locJin<r, *-d will h<tve quick dispatch for th** above ? port. V For Freight applv to "s HARTLEY a BROTHER,Acta, ?*P 5?It Water *treet, Georgetown. A C AUTION IS neee*r?-T on!v to those who have not yet nv*d my superior Blark Tea at tiftv cents a potmd. again.-tlh* Inanition that isdailvattcm l.r sc?me persons of elastic cons< i?nce tc palm ofl 'IVa repi^- 'ritin^ it to i#e tlie s;,ine k 'id ns rr:iDe. The way to ntll *he d.-eption to tL;* f n-head of tbe parties so attempting, is by a trial, samples of which can I* hr.d ? at-.ltoi; -ly The bai t -e of H ? chop-mark, forty-live kor'cs . f thlm?.-t.? le c.f the latest irR|x?rtation is in my store, and by the box families ran have it lessonabir less than at re tail. Or.e hundred and t?n Magnolia hams, the la?t lo lte received this wasou, to b; had only at ti-y itore. Graen conserve and presrrved pinker. All the v-tidiments necessary fcr Arm rltan. Fn nrh, and Kn^'iish preserving and pickling. Pure rider v'r ?g?.r. tjlass and stout- .jarsof all -i;es forj.llles, [?rmerves and pickles, with a variety of fresh gn? ieries ansurnaMed. Z M P. KING. Comer of V? rm'-nt averv.e, I a: d 15sjn*t. north Ml Oi J acks< a Statue. sept i. M KBRKtl-auaUKKL! I5S) bbls Np 3, m jdirn SO bl?ls No 3. lar-e 5Tt Iia'f ??? Is No. 3. lar^e and med'tint N;'w landing per briii A'ld^ver. u-^d for *-ale ow by HARTLEY It ItROTBKK. li?l Water street. Gtor, e;o*n. D. C. Eep 5?St MOVLS, GRATES, KANvjE>, Ac. 1AM mw receiving my ;?hua" Fall sopniy of STOVES. GRATES, RANGES, Ac., m ind-Ao.iid cail j.arti<"uicr 'tet.Uoa to the IJ aew stvle of ami Fvinour jiattern^SE af Stoves, for heating two or more :.torlfs!^c jjid guarantied to vtwk well. The character of tue above s^tove is so well e? !abii^ in ltaltliucr? aad b< re as the is*st. ntat pst, and most economical Parlor r^iove in ?sc, that it needs no other reeomnienda ion cxccpt a trial ;?? coi.viuee anv one cf !m -nat advanu -e>, and. ii put up properly, will never fsii to give ?t it.fartl.-n WM. H ilAllROVV.K, Stv.atL St., opposite Paulotic Bank. se?5?it Bl I S OF BLAKN E Y, by Sheltoa Ma< kenzie, Editor cf the Life of i urtlan, Jr. Price f I. Guy Rivers, a tale of Georgia, by W. Gilmore Sims, Ejkj. i'r;ce?125. Just Published and for sale at TAYLOR A MAIgVI **!? ^ Hook?tore near Ninth street. M CHI ALU t KAY??N?fon s oatialiia. kboerd / Ki.ui f.?r ihc makers at Waltham, hy the un dersignel. Box of ill Cmvcns. til cents. scpi FRANCK TAYLOR Tiiki PIANO 1UHTE ILa-MS op HE \vH- HKHRY PAUdEH \KE now neatly completfd. but a few vacan cies yet remain to t e tilled, fnr which early application i> d -lud. as the number being ilmi tf d to additional pupils will be rfterwards ad mitted, Mr. Palmer having determined to take no more than he can fully attend to. Due aotice wid be given to f ath psim'l of the fir-! meeting for la stmcin'a, ai:d as a a ln^entiwe to improvement he proposes, at the expiration c-f the tirst half year to have a general examination of his Clas:-*, to whiRli lh?^>aietiU and friends of ear h w*U lie inviied. and prizes will be awaid^d to ihoM who may have wot .ined the greatest prott- kner Application lo be made to him ic person, at his residence, *i>? F street. Terms, ^5 per quarter of twenty les-^ons. fctp 4 MAKSIiAL'S SALE?in virtue ol a writ of Furi Facias ' under Lien Law " issued from the Clerk s ertiee ?f the Circuit Court cf the Dis trict of Columbia frr the ccunty of Washington, and to me directed, I shall exp;se to public sole, for cash, on FRIDAY, the 2Mb day or Septen.ocr next at the front of the Ceurt house door of tbe -aid cetinly, at ta o'clock m , tLe ?wliowiuj_ prop erty, viz: all William Dorr's interest Into the Brick Houses ?.tca'td on the west half of Lot No. 22, in Sonare No. 253. in the city of Washington, L) C., t-l ^red and levied upon as the property cf William Dorr, and will be trld to satlsfv judi cial No. 21 to Octobcr, 1-^3, in favor of Colt manASmith J. D HOOVER. Marshal for Distiicl of Columbia. nep 4?tds A PLAIN FACT. A M AG NIFICEN T Rosewo-.^, elegantly lln xa. ished full seven octave Piam> Forte just re ceived. from a celtbraUd m.-.n ufact or\y/. *1T^I in N. York, and must be sold within rri v * i ten day?, at the ast?^Ri<hii?g ir.w prhe of Two hue rosewood Piano* from the celelwatrd establishment of Kuabe. Gaehle A Co BbUlmoic, have been used only a few mcnths, the owners being compelled to leave the city, and we are au thorized to sell them al the lc w price of fcAK>escli. A second-hand Piano for fToand one for (kit) Always on hand the larg.'st and moat reliable stock of line Pianos in this city, at our Musk Store. 3UC Pa. avenue, b:t. 1Kb and loth sts sep 4 JOHN fr . ELLIS. PI'HLIC M HOOLS AND PR IVATE ?E MINAKIE4.?All tbe School Books in gen eral use throughout the District o< Columbia, to gather with ait assortment of School Stationery, at very low paces, on suit at TAYLOR k M AI RY 'S. 3 Bookaellem. seai Mh itreet. ? WVil ? * ? ?*

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