Newspaper of Evening Star, September 7, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 7, 1855 Page 3
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Evening star. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. ? ar.ovjrn, akocsi). "?Yesterday] afternoon, between four and five o'clock, a well-dressed man waa seen on Pennsylvania avenu?s. near Twelfth street, uuder rather ex traordinary ciicumstances. If bis life had de pended on "walking a chalk-line," ere this he w. u!d have been numbered with the phy sically dcfanct. Broad as 13 tho sidewalk, it was n"t to'; wide for his style of locomotion. Either fr-Jin r>ftcr-dinner indolence, or over fatigue?charity would incline to the latter? he made iig-i*ig paths : pitching first toward the houses, and ihcn diverging to the curb, with extreme difficulty prvvrrving his equili brium. We question whether any eold-watcr advocate could have better performed the feat cf thus ''bobbin' around,'' and avoiding a lun h into a cellar, or a "spill'' into the gutter. It sttmed that the j-erforincr on this occasion de bribed his figures with mathematical pre cision. and with a due regard to the centre of gravity! The movements of the individa.*!1 attracted marked aUontion, particularly that of the crowd of 'cntoicon on the ticjisi of the Ki"k wood Uot^e. and <>f ibo numcrat'-i " whips," poll to and nrmpt. always in waiting in that ?icinity. But the m???t :imusing part of the perfortuar ??????, or the scccnd act, was in reser vation. Our hero. after his "bobbin" and pit:bing, apparently uacorsci<m* of the largo crowd of spectators in attendance, came in contact with a lamp-nost! Convulsively he ciasped it. and then illustrated the falbity of t ie poetical axiom, L- Many dangers do environ The man that meddle with cold iron ;: for in this case the meta'lic upright " stoo-l bit htm ' ?? ?*> fiicnd in need. In seising it, however, with both arms, he found it impossible to bring himself ti an ab rupt halt, fur the momentum which he had ju.-t previously requiredwbirh 1 biai '-around, areour.d" tLe post at a remarkably inpid s-peed. f< r a human being?ct least as swiuly a* a revolvirg eait-whc?l when ths hor^e 1* in ordinary tret. 2<o or.o ventured to interfere w'th the feat. "Table tuning'" was not a circani-taj re to it, though "spirits" in this tvttfrob-.tbig lui much to do with the per formance. Fvr S.-een minutes or m>i3 he wheeled r -and the (lamp-post) axis, when his uength tr aporariiy ! rt ?-k 1 ?n;. and down he fell to tij groand. hij arm; btill clasping hn mute, metallic friend, llis legs sprn-ldlcd, and hor iiucUl to the sidewalk, his figure described the Ktti r T reversed ?*ch to the regret of all tctotallers. Ati.ra ten minutes' ic~t bus strength. in a degree, returned; and so he "gathered up h? feet, and, Land over hand,onco more at tained to something like a perpend: alar posi tion, but, instead of rema'ii'rg st iti- u:iry, he agriin began to inr>vc round the lainp-pest, and .*jn w flying with the same velocity as be fore. The (peelatsn did aot make tiiy at hi.; m.fortunes. but ha-ha'd' at his extreme ability ai d rapid revolutions. They couldn't help it. and liKethc frank old countryman wl 0 wa? tickled with a quaint recnirk of his par foL. " would have larfti if they h id died for it!"'v at the termination of half an hour, his " pedestals" re u.;cd longer to perfoim their olfise. and the poor fellow ;^<rain clipped t> the gr und. Tue whirling. ' b boin around, areonnd" was over! Exhausted?nearly p?w ewlev. hi c- v^red b:s face with his hat. and, with hi* features thas c nccated, be sunk into siunber?'? Nature s sweet re?t >rer, balmy ?letj> 99 lie was subsequently removed by friends, wL-> sympathise** with him in his misfortunes. We iiava thus been partfcufor in dewCribin' the exhibition of yesterday imt ;ui>on, which took. pi. .c on tLe gieat thoroughfare, with a view t t showing how lidiculoaa a man may make himself by an indulgence in strong drink. TLe cau-j ^nieu led to the nut-lie exposure in que.-tion should be avoided, for " wino is a laoeker, str< eg drink ragiag. a:?d he that i? deceived ttivreby is not wLe." PuTiLtc S<aooLS.?The following is the lut of bool ; :o be used in the Public Schools: For Primary Sch^d;?Holy Bible; Pricc's EibU-h Speller: bwar's Writing lixercL-ej in Speiling, first and .-econd' arts; twanPrima ry Beader, No?. 1. 2. ?i; liramuiar School header; Cull urn ^ Mental Arithmetic; Pvr kii.-'s Primary Arithmetic; Perkin> s Pr?^ti eal Aritlinetic, for m<-?t advance 1 clasjc-s; Cirr.etl's Pr'^a'y tad IatenMdUte(leo^a* j.hy; Parley's First Eo?=k of History; wl truvjk's iicwnetrical C~t chi-m ar.d illustra t; 'ds, by Solid.*; Pay son A i>unton's Writing Book?; Appleton's Ilund Bi>ok of Anglo-Saxon r??>t wt.rds; Worcester s Dictionary. For District Schools?il??ly Biblr; Swan's Scrond Speller; Appiet^n's American Hand B<* k of Anvlo-Saxon Derivations; Appleton's Engrafted V.ird.-; Sv-h >lar s Companion: Par ker s Third Healer; Parker's F<?u;?.h Bvadet: Parker s Rhetorical R.adei; Young Ladie;' Header: Dav ic>- s iniell ctapi Ailthc "tic; Per kins s Practical Arithmetic; Bullion : i'r.icti cal Les?ins in English Gramma.- Buiiiou's Principle- of English (irammar; Ureenc's Aia ly.:is and Sentential Strnctura of the Engli.h Lar.guagr; C'?rueM*.- i?eographiej; Worcester's Element* of Mktmj] Da;in'i 8li>l it Mer suration, Ueomeiry. and Algebra; Smith's Astnmoaiy; P .rker's Phil< - >pijT: Poter^on:s Faa;ii?r jjcitrKe; Shuttletfs liovcrnmentsl Instruct r: liickey's Constrtntion of the United ^ta es; Cotter's Anatomy. Physiology, r.r.d lly-icne: Worcestti s Dictionaries; Pay son d Dunt^n's Writing B<ok~. Pxrxv Tnii.?S.?Onr citizens arc a::aia troubled by pilferer1, chicken thieves, chwp litters and omers who are beginning their operations, ihe \igilanee of tho day and night police i-' exe?i?d to est rb the ^cam- s; but so far they have < .-ap 1. There are tcv. artit les theJe thieve will n -t " tak^." They rm-Acth- Mbftoa j>.e-. axf ^ Irom w houses, chick-.:.% l.uit i.r aii^.hn;^ tii.y can Ji-pose of f >r money. Th a operatirs are not altogether o^ys; unny have been en and pursued; they were men ao!e t? work honest ly, but too worthless to make the attempt. A liHSfcROlS CoIiTKIBlTi- ? W? MfNtF fully ir.vite th^ u:uuti?-n vt Te- lei * to lac adveuisement of 2Ir. Johu 11. K ng, which appear' in ocr paper <-f tL:- afiti^uoa, by vrni h they wr!l lean thit ho iutendi appro prin;ing the eutiro piocce-l - of one eu-y sale <>f Li- fie.-u an-l choice irali? uod vegetaMes, from bi <wu larrn, to iho relief of tne Nor lollr nr.d P rt-mouth sutfoieu. Acc^r-lin^ly, or. Tuesday tcoruin?. his .M'l- in the Centre Market will bg a'.-undiintly J-upplie J with those artieb - Wo net 1 n?>t specially urgo uj^n ourcitiscns tf> paicha; tucir supplies f.iui that beuevolant geuileuiau. l>\Nr,caots Srotr ?Owners of fact Lcrjei -bou!i?i.d places to tjat their .-jKod wneie the lives of Mr:uu - auao: be endangered. Uorse racing u becoming a common practice in the city, a d w. und chillren are very oiten in dar ;er of broken limbs in com.: quence TLe corporation liw imposes a hue upon reck less equcitriam. and it those who hav a ncei-tly sorted up have to pay for their iun, there is reason to belieVtt that the pri'j tice will be dis.'ontinued. Narrow Escape ?Ve?tarday. a s?m of Mr J. D^unisson was playing on the prtmisesof his father, s wingi ug with a rwpe from the gate [Oa-:. little fellow who is nb jut five years old, unfortunately let bis neck become entangle-d in th<* rope, aud sprung ii'ota b:s t k thold He Weuld have been strangle I but for the timely i rrival of t> gentleman, who cut the roj3 au 1 ?et Lim down. The little fellow r-.m.lined speechless for a considerable time, bat we are t'!ad to hear that he has entirely recovered. CKLKaaATio^.?At a r?ccnt meeting of the Union As? >ciat:on of th s city, it w:is resolved to celebrat. the anuiversiry of th^ Constita t on of the baited States. The comtniitce of Lrrangements have not obtain"d a bill for the purpo e, but have cngage-1 tho lion. B. 11. i*dlett to deliver an addrtss ou the occa sion, and Br M tgrudor to read the Consti tion of the United Stat?-. The celebration will take plaeo in the evening, so as to enable ersons to Mttend with ;ut intei.ering with their asines^ pursuit*. Thk Asaaan to the enigma is yesterday's Stir is. *' Will Alexander ev?*r surrender Se >^aitopol to the AlUe: ."'4 [rOMMIIKlCATEP. Mr. Iditor: Will ynn please call the Atten tion of tb? police to the nuisanccs on equare bordered by Ninth and Tenth street* west, and L and M streets north. We a. e daily and nightly annoyed by " bon-fire?'? of poisonous substance^ and an indefinite amount of pro fane language and foal obscenity, from vulvar juveniles congregating there. A visit from the polico ig earnestly desired by the families in the vicinity. Resident Sep. 5. Emigha.?I am composed of 13 letters. My 1, 7, 7 pertains to the sea. My 7, 8, 9 is what young peoplo generally lite My 2, 4, 9. 9 is a domestic a*im&l. My 7. 8, 5, 9 is a disagreeable plant. My 6 11 is a proposition. My 7, 12. 5, 11 is a property of fire. My 9. 1, 6. I is a river in France. My 13, 12. 9, 1 U what poots invoke. My 13, 6. 3. 3 is extremely useful. My 13, 10, 3, 1 ig a valuable animal. My 1, 3, 6 is a Seripturo name. My 1. 3. 7. 1 is a river in Germany. My 5,10, 3, 1 is what nothing can ho done light without. My 9,6, 5,1 is an appellation often given to a king by his subjects. My whole is a grant nal'onal motto. lis VI LA. Watch RF.TrRws.?Win. Noyes, out after hours, fine and cost..'; George Anderson, drunk and disorderly, dismissed ; Ed. Brady,drunk, fine and costs. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, Sept. 7, 1855. Opr election yej'?rday passed off very qui etly ; and, ai was anticipated by U3 in the morning reiu'tcd in a complete route of the Kn >w Nothings. Although they had a clear field, and a fair light, and strained every ncive of the paiiy to it" utmost tension, the majority for Mr. Engl:<?h, the anti-Know No tbiog candidate, was 96, showirg a clear lo?? to the Know Nothing party since the election in February Jp-t. of 252 votes, when Mr. Ad dison, the Know Nothing candidate for Mayor, received 155 majority over his competitor for Mayor. The following is the result: Number of votes polled, 60S; English, anti-Know No thing. 302; Goddard, Know Nothing, 250. English's nipjoilly, a^ above stated, 96. Ibeie is rather a better feeling in the flour market this mo; .,;ng, but ro charge in price? b^ occurred sin^e our letter of yesterday. Sin*'! sales of cx^ra brands at ?7.75. Wheat is also more mtive and prices hare slightly alvnnced; good old red. $1.45a$1.55; anil white, of good qualities, 51.53aS1.65. Corn ^5al)0c. Oat'? by the cargo, struck measure, 35*39?. ' No news, apart from the election, of public '"ntcrcst stirring. Spectator. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, Sept. 7, 1855. Navigation upon tho Chesapeake and Obi > Canal and its lateral branch to Alexandria has been resumed within the last few days. A large numbor of northern vessels are at the local wharves awaiting cargocr, and n brisk business will be done between thLj anl ti o usual winter suspension. Wo learn th* Mr.-E. C. Howell declines t.:e po. 'it fan of principal of the Washington Liiieaslerian School, an l we trust that now the Board of Guardians wiil take a sober, sec ond thought, and allow no party feeling to in terfere with the education of the poor la'ls which W .Islington h:53 entrusted, his nob'.ett legacy, to the city of Alexandria. We >ire e-'"ifiJei.t that ttn> members of the Board will never lend their aid to a?ko this trust fund onoof the spoils of party, and we hone that the other members will not be backward in restoring the school to its pristine condition? a ?' ">,"eil bequc*t of Washington to ihe pojr bovs of Alexandria., The legal profession meat here to-morrow at the court-house unite in express ing their homage to the virtues and talent3 or tho lats Judge Cran.-h. vrho for many yeurs prior to retrocession presided at our circuit court. Flour?No sales. Wheat?red. SI 50a$l 58; white. 51 .GOm-Sl .67. Corn, S0u97c. Rye. 65a 70c. Oats, .:.'la.'55c. Corn meal, 96;. Ami. i:r f>ur first telegraphic dispatch with the Atlantic's news reached n3 at 4 p m. yester day, too late of c ur^o for our regular edition of the day. We however caused a slip to be struck off. which was promptly circulated gra tuitously around the city. A Cni:.\p Disisfector.?Tho following is attributed to Prof. Nash, of AtnherH college; it is a good and cheap deodoriser, and wo com mend it to general attention:?"Take one bar rel of lime and on^ bushel of salt dissolved in as iiitle waiter ai possible, which pour upon tho lime and sis ?!; it, so as to ft^rm a thick paste The resuit will be an impure chloride of lime, a ve*y powerful deodoriser?equally eood for out-d-or purposes with the aitlele (chloride oi lime) bought at the apothecaries, and not costing one-twentieth as much. It shculd be kept moist and applied wLcrever of fensive odors j?re generated." {^p'TLe Young Men's Soft Shell committco of New York met at Tammany, on Tuesday evening, and adopted resolutions emiorsirg the Sop State ticket: approving the Soft 1 evo lutions on Stafc topics; denying the light of the State Convention to pass on national ques tions, and endorsing the Nebraska bill. Tho Stato Convention of colored men, in se3oior. at Troy, New York, on Wednesday, adopted a platform, in wbich they stato they wi'l give the people no peace until they shall repeal the property qualification in regard to cjlored men. ?3jr~ The Ivnow Nothing Convention of New Jersey has cb clarrd itself in favor of tho re .-t ?ration of the Missouri Compromise. \Ij~ lJaUcrN Hitters.?This home mauufac ti! ..-?l remedy for Dyspepsia. Nervousness, and other disease arisin" from disordered stomach, is rapidly winning lis way to favor wherever it is introduced. We were ?!'Own a letter on Satur day lust from a gentleman in Hanover, who de ?I.jres ti:at aftf?r si< years' intense suffering with tt>spej>sia and nervou* li^adacbe. during which time he axed, with little or no effect, a great va riety of medicines recommended by others, he has l>^cn |>ei fcctly cured of both annoyances by the use of four bottles of Maker's Premium Bitter*. With steh unquestionable endorsements, we think that those who are afflicted, and yet fail to try this remedy, d-. serve to uiio*. Capt. Baker is one of our must reliable citizens, and we feel perfectly satisii?-d that under no circumstances would he recommend tiie u>e?>f his Hitters where be did not think .hat -'Kxi would result from so doing. For cholera ;?.orou.s and sue h like complaints we know these bitters are excellent. navn.o had frequent occasions :o try them.? Hicmnond Morning Slml. Price ?0 cenu per bottle. To be had of CH AS. 8'fOTT A CO , Wasb iogte-i. P? C ; CANBV Jc HATCH, and SET 11 S HANotj Baltimore; and by Drug)(iiti every where. eo3t miPcii ai the 1 airs?Whltrhnrsfs rtlil in the ascendant ?The jnrien of each of the la'o fairs at Baltimore, Richoioi-.d. and New York, awarded their hlghtest premiums to J H. \V for itielr superiority of Photographs, Stereoscopes and ?Daanereotypesv exhibited. i'd r. W. ai?o re< eived two medals at the World's Fair, London, and a premium at Crystal I'amce New York. Also, the first awards of the Maryland Institute for thre* years pust. W hitch tint's Gallery In this city ii on Pa. ave nue, b^tweecn Four-aud-a-half ai;d Sixth streets. fsfe i7 1C7* To Mrrveus Sufferers.?A retired Cl??r kyaum, rt stcred to health in a frw days, after ?uany years of j/rtrit aervooi suffering, is anxious to uuike kuuaa the means of cure Will send L? Si7 P^^riptiooa oa-d. Direct Kev. JOHN .'I. 1>ACXaI.L, Z9 Fulton street, Brooklyn,N.Y. ?u 17?lia ' ' !Z?* l>r. Ileoilatid's Celebrated tiermaa i ?"J*4*' nenrous, depressed in spirits, ana a prey to Innumerable mental, as well as phy ileal cviU, the victim to dy*pep*ia, is ludeed an object of commiseration. Vet it is absurd for him to despair We care not how weak, low, nervous, and Irritable he maybe, the cordial prop erty of HOOF LAND'S UtRM AN HITTFKs" prepared by Dr. C M. Jackson, Philadelphia, are stronger than the many-headed mont.ter. which Is preyluj^ ujion his body and mlud; and If he chooses to try them, wc will insure a speedy cure dee advertisement, Je 7?3m |]~y Six more ta?f? of Neuralgia cured Yesterday ? My ELECTRIC OIL in tbe only thing flrat can ne relied on for that, or Rheuma tism. or pains of any kind. All Sores and IJuriw 1 will warrant It to curt* In three day?-or 1 will not charge aceui for it. Remember the oiflce, No. 3? South Eighth ?t., Philadelphia. A regular Doc tor in attendance. Prof. C. DsGRATH. STOTT A CO , Agents. au 01?lw The Greatest illeilical DUcavery of Ihe a^a la AVER'S CATHARTIC PILLS. They don't help complaints, but they cure there One Cox has cured Dyspepsia. Three boxes have cured the worst cases of Scrof u!a. Two boxes have cured Erysipelas. One hex always cures the Jaundice. Thrr.e b:;xes are sure to cleanse the system from Soils?often less than one does it. Two boxes have completely cured the worst of u'eers on the legs. Small doses seldom fall to cure the PUes. One dose cures the beadache arising from afoul stomach. Strong doses often repeated expel every worm fro a the body. They should be given to children who are always, more or less afflicted with this scourge. As a gentle Physic they have no equal. Hue box cures derangement of the liver. Half n box cures a cold. They purify tbe blood, and thus strike at the foundation of every disease. As a Dinner Pill there is not an equal in the world. They are purely vegetable and can do no harm, but do accomplish an unaccountable amount of gocd. Prepared by DR. J. C. AVER, Lowell, Mas?., and sold by every respectable druggist. Sold by Z. D. OILMAN, Washington, O. M. LINTHICUM, Georgetown; JAMES COOK A CO., Fredericksburg. au 17?2m JJT" Letter from li?:? John Miner B?tt?, ?f Virginia. Richmond, July 9,1855. Meesrs. Wm. 3. Deers A Co.: Gents?Consider ations of dutv to the aiiiicted alone prompt me to send you this voluntary testimonial to the great value of "CarterSpmnitk Mixtum," for that almost incurable disease, Scrofula. W ithout being disposed or deeming it necessary to go into the particulars of the ca^e, I can say that the astonishing results that have been pro duced by the use of that medicine on a member of my own family, and under my own observation and superintendence, after the skiii of the best physicians had been exhausted and all the usual remedies had failed, fully justify me in recom mend ing Its use to all who may be suffering from that dreadful malady. 1 do not mean to say that it is adapted to all constitutions, or that it will aii'crd the same relief 'nail eases; for, of course. 1 can know nothing about that?but of what I have seen of the effects, I would net hesitate to use it, in anv and every case of Sctofu . with persons for whom 1 felt an interest,or over whom i could exercise influence or control. Respectfully, yours, Jno M. Botts. iilAT.RI?D< On the6th in.Unt, by tbe Rev. I)r. I'yne. \V G. ANDERSON, of Louisville, Ky , to NANNIE daugh'er of Josiah Colston. Esq., of this city. DIED. In '.his city, on the 7th instant, ia the ' yecr of hUage. far HENRY W. GOODRICH, for merly of St. Albans, Vt., but for the last sixteen months a iesident of this city. * On th-^fifh instant, MARY K., wife of Philip C. John on, agrd iu years. IVJARD.?'TWO Od THREE GENTLEMEN J can be accommodated with board in a smail BOARDING. [?WO OR THREE GF ommodat'd with boar private family, in a pleasant part of the city. Ad dress >'0 P <i," Star Office sep ,?It# A LADY HAVING TAKEN THE PLEAS ant and newly repaired dwelling on Tenth street, No. 16^, between D and E. will bt? pleased to receive one family, or several gentlemen, on term* the most reasonable. Tne rooms ?&'e large and Landsotrelv furnished, and a lar^e vard at tached to the house for the exercise of children. Being near the avenue. It is most convenient for table and transient boa'ders. an 27?"w* I>OARDINQ.?MRS. DU VA LL, No.331 Penn J svlvania avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel, has several iar^e and desirable rooms, suitable f>r families or single gentlemen, which she will rent with board at moderate prieos. She can also ac commodate six or eight table boarders. Board,*..-.?.has. bates,on the s. w. come- of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street, is papered to aeromffiodRte gentlemen with room.-;, wii :< or without Ivnrd. Ever*' ettort will be made to render tao-e comfortable who may favor hei with their patronage. ' ap8?tf ITCWART S SKYLIURT UALLKRT. \G UEK REOTY PES taken for GU cents a:)d i!i)wjul>, and lltUd i-i splendid ci'-ses. We have the finest light in the eity, which for soft ness a .1 dUtrinnlion of -hade is not surpassed if eq?t: 11 i ia the b illed States. Wr i.ivlte aII wlTn want good Pictures to call at;)*!i Pa. avenue, l*?twcca 9th and Ktth street", over M W. Gait ??. Hro.'s Jewelry jstore. aa M?In PEilh'SbO.MJ'JMiKKKIS GINGER W INE D M A N U FACT UiiliD 1 ROM FRENCH GRAPES, GREEN JAMAICA GINGER, SEVILLR ORANGES, Ac.?This delicious bev erage becomes the greatest f'.vorite wherever it is introduced. It is equally palatable, more whole some, and not half the price of other foreign wines. Many physicians v.?e it exclusively, ar.d rccom rr.ena it to all ti.tubled with Flatulency, Oy.?p*p sla, DcbUitv. Cramps, Diarrhoea and 'Dysentery. Persons s abject to Cnllht, or living in districts where Ague or Cholera pnvails, find its o>~ration al u?? a plea-dr.t and admirable preventive. Mixed with ;. little ic-d-waler, it forms ihe most refresh ir.g and wholesome cooling drink in warm weather tlat i*an be taken. Prl.-e 5u reata per bottle, 85 per doier. N. it. Country Druggists, Groecra, <5cc..find tbli Wijie au advantageous addition to their stor k, it's a first rate article, 9ells well, and gives great satis faction Atrenta, STOTT A CO., "Washington; PEEL A STEVENS Alexandria; CIS9EL,Georgetown; J tit i.jutre. Jyti?tf GUNS AND GUNNING APPARATUS. WE this day open? 1 case silicic and double barrel English Fow ling Pieces, Colt's anil Ail<-res Revolving Pistols, Eley's chemicallv-prepared Gun Wadding, Cariridzi-s f?>r Colt's Pistols, l)oy Collars; many bea utiful patterns. A great variety of Powder Flasks & Shot Pouches. Our stock of Sportmen's Goods?now inore com plete than it hu> ever been?Is receiving almost daily additions. We would resnectfi lly ask an examination of our good*, confluent that we can suit every variety of taste and oiler them at prices as low us ihev are sold in the Northern cities. E TUCKER A CO , 353 Penna avenue, nearly opp. Drown's. sep 3?et?:]t [I ntell.] NEW CLOTHS, t AsM MKHES *: VEST 1NGS. THE undersigned beg* leave respectfully to in form the public that he is now receiving an excellent t lock cf Fall and Winter Cloths. Cassi meres and Vestlngg, and will make to order, Ct ais Pants ii.d Vest^ in ihoo%ttestand mo-t fashion able style. Having determined to confine hlm seif for Ihe futureexciu: isrely to the ea.t/i sy<tr u?, invito his friends and ihe (>ublic desiring any ar ticle iu his line for cash, to give an early call when every etk'ort will be made to piease them in every respect WM. PETEKSON, 8th street, between Pa. avenue and D st. sep 3?eolm I PARLOR MIHKOKI. FIMIE subscriber would respectfully announce to A tbe citizens cf Washington, and the public generally, that he is pre;-area to manufacture, at short notice. i>arlor and oiher MIRRORS, of alt, and will guarantee that his work will equal any manufactured in the couiitry with regard to style and finish. Fancy ar.d UrarVett Tables, Portrait and Pic- j t ire Frames constantly ou hand FRANCIS LAMB, 837 l'a avenue, opposite Gautier's Saloon. All Mirrors sold will be delivered and pot up complete, saving thereby risk of damage a.<d ex pense of boxing and freight when bought in other cities. s?p 1?eo-2m NOTICE. JOHNSON. GUY & CO , would call the atten tion of the District to their new and improved Parlor Companion, for heating narlors and tham l?ers with one lire, for beauty vi style and finish, and economy, superior to anything of the kiud ever offered In this city. Also, to iheir Bine Ridge Cooking Stove, for utility and economy, exual to the best ever ottered iu any market. We would also call public attention to our ex tensive assortment of HARD WARE, and Uulld hiir Materials, to which we are constantly adding new articles. Pa. avenue, between lOih and llth sts. aep 3?2w (Organ) At'AHD.?The subscriber informs his friends and the public that he is now able to altend to his business He can he found at his oidstaUs, Centre Market, ready to wait en them, as he always has done heretofore. The best of BEEF always on hand. JNO. WALKER, Jy tf V icualler. M1 KS. A. V. REDMOND'S NEW GAL. Icry of Dafcuerrean Art.?lluvingengnged the

services of an experienced artist, is fully prepared to take pictures equal to any in the city, and at reasonable pike*. No. '2#u l*a. avenue, northwest corner llth St., over Ford A Bro'a Drug Store, au 6? WANTS. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE French Wom.iii a Situation as a French Cook in a large family. Apply at 301 Fourth st., between G and II. sep 6?It# WANTED?A STEADY, INDUSTRIOUS, and obliging colored Boy?one who can make himself generally useful. Good references required. Apply to ' R. 11 DAI LEY. No'. 74 Bridge street, Georgetown. Kep 6?tf * W SALESMAN WANTED.?A YOUNG MAN !b~.t c;tn eom? well recommended as strictly moral, and having a knowledge of the Dry Goods will lind employment, with a liberal salary, by ad dressing a letter to '*B E H," throvghGe rgetown Post Office sep3~eo3t WANTED?TO HIRE TWO FARM Hands, to whom constant employment will be giv en. Enquire at this office. sep B?Jt* ANTED?AT THE AMERICAN HOTEL - . a good Seanntrrsv None need arply unless they can produce satisfactory testimonialsef char acter. Also, a good Cook can find employment at the same place. HEFLEBOWER A LOVETT. sep 5?Iw BOARD WANTED.?Wanted, in a respecta ble private family, board for a gentleman and wife. Good reference given. Address "X Y Z'' Coast Survey Office, Washington, D. C. . sep S-3t? WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that they can get a lot 24 fwet front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of *75?payable ?3 a month wltnout interest. Apply at the 1'nioa Land Office 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall, ap 23??m JOHN FOX, Sec. FORSALE AND RENT. FOR RENT?a LARGE ROOM, f;;raiBhcd or unfurnished, with board, suitable for a f tmlly, or several gentlemen. For part'cul* s ap ply at 481 Tenth street, a few doors -above the av enue sep 7?3t SMALL BRICK HOUSE FOR RENT entire ly furnished* in a fi rs? ra'e location Apply at tbeofficeof A. SHUCKING, Esq , Fa. avenue, b rlween Hth aid 9th streets, No. is. sep 7? FftM# 1SOR RENT.?TWO LARGE AND CON venlent new Brick House t and Storeroom, at corner of Pa. avenue ;'id ilid street, and a good Store, or an O(lice or Offices, on the corner of 11 a id r-th stmts, wi'l be rented low to good ten - ants. Apply to HENRY L LANSDALE. At (ieorge F. K':dwe'l& Co's Wood ar.d Ccul Yard, lith it., opp Frank">i Engine Horse, sep 7?eo"t FOR SALE OR RENT-^"'desirable three *torv Brick House, with passage, back build ings and good yard, suitable for store and Dwel ling For further lr<brmation enqeire of .Mr Mor gan. oil the premise*, between 17th and IS'h st: , Pennsylvania avenue, Jacob Brodbe^k. Fanning, Agent. sep 7?lw For rent?a large brick house, with stable in rear, and cistern of water in the yard, containing nine rooim, on I. at., rear 9th street north. For rale, several IiO's of ground. It the Fir*t and Fourth Wards. For terms enquire < f the undersigned, north wing Capitol extension. sep 7? |J ONES. FOR RENT?PLEASANT ROOMS fronting the Smithsonian Institution. Address "A B'' at this office sep ti? 4t* I^OR SALE?THESTOCK AND FIX3 URES of a Millinery S;ore on Pa. avenue fer sale. The Store and Dwelling for rent. For further particulars enquire at this oh'ice. sep 4?lw* ^1 VfEEN FIVE-ACRE LOTS SOLI).? Hrv C* fng ~old the above nu miter of Lot-, t? various nersens intending to improve them during the following year, i would ca'l the atteniion of any one wanting a pleasant place in the country to these remaining oa hand. Thev are situated about three miles northeast of the city, on a picas ant road aid in a good neighborhood. fend whlbe sold oa such tcr::is, as regard * jiri- e ai.d time, that any one in ordinary'circ umstances .r ay make ago:I investment. City property taken in change at a fair valuation, in consequence of im prove ncrits now in progress in that section of Country there must be a considerable advance in Vniuc '.-f all lands in th'it neighboihood. Inquire of J NO. B KIBBEY A CO., Real Estate Agents, ljoaitlana avenue, n-?xt to Sweeny, Rittenhouse & Co.'s Bank. We will lie obliged to parties having real estate for snle if they will leave a memorandum at our office. - sep 1?fit ft EN T?TH E TH R EE SI O R Y STORE a~d Dwelling, No. H6 Bridge street, George town. so l ing occupied as Einpiert's Confection ery. Apply to ARN Y, neat door. iay'i5?lawtf PK j VATE SALE .?SEVERAL I K V.VE houses, suitable for large or small families, ronta'aing Trvm 1 to 10 rooms each, on square sout>i of Sq::arc 51tf, between 4th and 5Lh streets, and front in-; Marsachusetts avenue ar.d I street. Terms made easy. Enquire on said soua.' at No AM. r.u i eetf I^O.t RENT?THE LARGE THREE STO ry Dwelling on First street, Georgetown, at : e?e if occupied by Mrs. Raphael Seiome*. will re for rent about ti.e 1st of October. It is in a de lightful neighborhood, ana is one of the ir.o.:t coinfo, table Louses In tne town. Apply to II. I. fcEMMES, 399 Pa. avenue, an :jst?eolf S^Oll KENT?A WELL-FUKNISHEDPAIt lcr and chamber, In a pleasant and he^Irhv loeaticn. Apply at 471 H street, between 9th a;:d H th s.;>. Term- moderate. sep3?e? RENTS REDUCED TO SUIT THE TIM ES ?159 a year wilt be received for the rul r.i those new and convenient Cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shfd, and other conveniences attached. Pumps of pure water are near the door, aud communication is had With Georgetown by way of H and Seventh streets ?;.d Pennsylvania avenue, morning and af ternoon, at the uiual fare, for the accommodation of cicrks in Ihe DcpartmenLj. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent, immediate application must he made to the undersigned, either by letter or at his hoi??e at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys may he hod and the houses inspected at rny time. Several of Ulc*e realdonces will he sold en libe ral Unas. VVM. STI(?K N EY, No. 4, Kendall Greta. N. B.?Renin paid qua.teriy im AivariCi:. ap 5?eotf FOii RENT OR SALE?A NEW TliREE story brick Honse in complete crder, on Sth stre t, near N, Northern Liberties. Enquire of W. J. McCOLLUM, bth atld K street. Northern Liberties^ aa 13?eotf FOR RENT?a TWO-STORY AND ATtTc Briek House, on II st., tctween 12thand l?th, containing e'?ht rooms and a ccllar, is for rent. Apply to J. W. BARKER, on 11 street, next to LutL-;r;.n Church. aa ?tf ROUitlS FOR RENT?A PARLOR "AND several very pleasant furnished Chambers for rent, ir. a new Lrick house. A pply to E. It. LUNDY, - j 3 No. 46 Louieiana aven:.s. O TS FOR d~A L E. TWO O" THREE A?' jjor.d Building Ijoli In a ^apidly lmpravLxg neighborhood i'o. iiale ou tc.j years* err,lit. Apply to J. il. DRURY. Jy il?tf ^Oil llliiii i'?SKYEKAI. !i \NDSOML 1'^.ii lcis and Chambers, with Board. Also, Table and Transient Inquire at Mrs. SidlTH'S, 5SJ3 F street. ap 9?tl L F MADAME R'S ARRIVAL. JtTAUAME R. respectfully informs the public 1*1 In general, that she willgive lntormation in all the Ali'airs relating to Lite, Health, Wealth, Marriages, Love, Journeys, Law suits, Difficul ties in Business, Absent Friends, Sickness and Death, and in respect to all other subject*. She is tlso able to tell the Ages of persons by reading ?iuiiitH*rs. All those who wish to consult Madame R. will please call soon, as she wiU remain in the city but a short time, she can be consulted at ail h'.urs of the day and evening. Her name Is cn the door?No. A?'7,19th streei, three dM>r?? from Pa. avenue and 11 street, ticntlemen 50centsand La dies 25. Sep t>?St * IjlO R SAL E?TWO HUNDRED LOTS. Price #75 each. Two years' credit, or ID per cent, discount for ca>h. Apply at the Union Land Office, 7th street, above Oda Feilows' Hall, jy -io?3m MIVS MOKLLV, ftit Pennsylvania avenue, up stairs, respectfully Informs the l*a dies that her MILLINERY is removed to ttie parlnrs over the store she recently occu pied, where she will >>e happy to f>ee them, and where she can show them as g^xnl an assortment of Millinery as can be expected at this season of the year, which will be sold at reduced rfhe has line Straw and Lawn Uuta ??v superior qualit}. hen the fall stasou Trivcs she inte nds to show them an unuflusV/y handsome assortment of r ail Miiliucry, ^tud hopes for a continuance of the Uber^. patronage hitherto received from them. in consequence of this removal Miss M. has a quantity of Glass Cases and Sash which are use less, and will be sold cheap to get them out of the Way. Next door to Ellis's Music Store. sep eotf UMIIR ELLA!., BASK KTV Engravings, Per fumery, *c., at ELLIS'S. ^06 Peun. avenue, ne4< loth st. au ii? AUCTION SALES. By JAS. C McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRCITFE'S SALE OF 5UCAKE OF flraaadi?By virtu*5 of a deed of mrt bear in" dn'e the !?'h dw of M ay. A. 1>. lfc,W, and duly rcrord d in LHwr J A S , No. ?. folios ?ft5, l?i at?d Br*. one of the land t? -ord* for Washington eountv. In the Olntrlrt cf Columbia, Wf will *11, a* public s?V in front of the premier-, on W ED NF.^DAV, the IWh day of September, 1SS5, at S ovioekp m, ?H of Square No ??, i* thecltyof We?hlagton. in ?nid District. the sold Soua-r be ln?f unlmpwrfd, and one of tbe incst dwtible p e'ftt of ground in the uortho.istern pert of *Le city. Terms of sale: One-half In rash, and the re malr.der in two fqr?\ payments at six und twelve months, with interest, to be # Tured by deed of tiust o.i the premises. The te*ms of rate to be complied with in five days, and npon default therein the Tra tee re s-rVes the rl'tht to re-sell the pre mi' es at the tost and risk cf the Hrst purchaser. AM conveyancing at p'."chaser's cost. M U. KMEtY.t W U WAKU, V riUfctoes J AS. C. McGUIRE, scp T?2?widi Auctioneer. Bv J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioned. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IH prored Real Estate.?By virtue of a deed of Tr???t. b:-s?ing date t be 20th day of May. A. i). 1!>51, n^d duly r~~crd d In Liber J. A. S No. 7S?, folios and recorded in Llfcrr J. A S. No. 7t?, folios *>5, 2TT aiid *2^, one of the land r cords for Washing, u>n county, in the District of Columbia, we wiH se". at public sale, In front of the premises. rn THURSDAY, f'Jth dry of Sep tember, 1653/al 5 o'clock p in . a i>artof Lo's No itf and 11, In ?q;nre No. *97, in tlieclt) of Wash ington, in said District, and being described a* follows : Beginning on the line of south D &'? feet and three inc hes fromthe southwtst corner of said souare, and running thence east with said street 25 feet; thence north lWJfcet; thence west 2.1 feet; thence south IV.'f et to the place cf begin ning, with the impro remits. The a .id lot is we'l improved ?? itha Cottage Hruse Terms of ss'e: Ore-third <n cash, and the re mainder in two "que* payments at ?ix aad twelve months, with int T*t, to fcc lecircd by a d'ed of trust 1 he terms of the sate :o be complied with In live days, end uj?p. de.-iult therein the Trustee rcerre the right to re-sett the premise 1 at the cost and il)-k of the lint purchaser. All conveyancirg at tlje purr.haser''? cc*t. W. 11 WARD, I T_, , . J.Y.DAVIS. {Trurt-? J AS. C. McGUiRC, fryp 7?2awJt ds Auctioceer. ByJAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. \f?RY VALI ABLE LOT ON THE CA nil. suitable foral'oal aad W sod Depot. On WEDNESDAY anf nooa,September 12tb. a? 5% o'clock, on the prem' v?, I snal'. fell part of Loc No. 2, in Square No. 147, lrontin? I'*?f et on l!Hh >{.-? et west, by P?0 fi eL ou nonuli slr;*et, cca talnlrg 14,(00 square feet of irrornd. Tbis lot adjoins c id is w.jti'n 2ve f etof the, a-d Is ve;/ desirable for a coal or wood de pot. Terms: One-third cash; the undue hi '2, li. and IS months, with latere?1, seenn d by a deed of truft oa the premise*. JAS. C. McGUIRE, : "P 7?d Auctioneer. ByJAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. SMALL FUAMK HOUSE ASi) LOT IN the Firit Ward at Fnblir Sale.?On TUESDAY afternoon. September 11th, at 5 o'clk. o?i the premises. I shall .?ell th??ve*t part of Lot No. Id, in Square '2!0, fronting feel o.i north M, between II th and 20th streets west, runnier back t?7 *cet to a 29 f e alley, with the improvements, consisting ? f an excellent and well built two ?to ry L ame dwelling containing ft?ur roc ins. T>' rms: One f?.;irth cash; the residue in 6.12, and IS months, with interest, and freeured by a di ed of trust on the premises JAS. C. McGUIRE, sen li?d Auctioneer. II ByJAS. C. McUL'IRE, Auctioneer. {EXCELLENT AND NEARLY NEW Far. J lilt are jiatl Household Effect* at Auc tion ? Or MONDAY morning, September loth, at 10 o'cloc k, at the residence of waiter Lenox, Esq., No 111 F str et, between tith and 7th >ts , I shall tell all his l'uruituie and llousekeepin-' Erects, consistin g of? Srite cf Rosewoiid Parlor Furniture, tinl&hed in erlni: oa brocaUllo Pi'.?sh and morocco covered Armchairs Handso:ae carved waluat irurhle-top ceutre and scfi T;;itlets Bcc itifLl -i.t flame Oral Trent h p av .Minor Ladiea' rltin;; Cabictl Wrilaut Workst.tiidii Kle^aat Urorzi' anu Parian Marble (irnameatst Uau4t4ioc purple hrocatelle and ia> e Curtains. Cornice aud FLvtures Velvet, lirv- cls aad Thrr-e-ply Carj?et? Bronze liat tree, hail OH; lotb." lirassels Stair CarpeHods -,r.a Eye?? Walnut Extension l)in::r.' Table Do Sideboard and l'late Stand, Butler Trav Do Din:ag Chi!.Table C 'lery VV'Uit?l Ftench cniaa dlan:r, de--^ri, aad tea Sets Set of Crystal cut and I '.ngraved liki.s.-war?* SL'ver platf d C;stors. CoiFee Urn Handsome Enamelled full marble top Cotta *c suite Sup ri r mahogany and walnut French i:<v4stcads Marble top l)> liureatis. Wa:;hstauds alnut and malio^.iny War<lrol>es, Tables Aio occocovered Loui>j>e Mahogany Dressing Tabic CJrar.ire and painted Toiht Set* W iudow Shi-dcs, Crib and Iledding Siot;le Iron bHIsteads Suprrior curled hair Matircs ;es. husk do Feather Beds. Bolsters and Pillows Kifellent .Mi'>eiiles <iuilt<, Blankets. As. Chintz Curtain-. Fire tre ns. Fenders Cane and wood seat Chairs, Rockers Together with a general assortment of Kit"hen Utensils. Te'm* ; <t.?i and under cash; over that sum a cn dit of btiand 9? d*rs, f-'rsatisfactorily endor-^d notes, bedrin^: interest. 1*. S.?The above Furniture Is nearly new and of excellent qaalitv. JAS. C McGUIRE, *op ?>?d Auctioneer. By J AS C. McGUIR E. Auctioneer " A.MOSO>1E FEKNITritE ft llulSF L ho 1J Elteets, k'amlljr Carriage, Matched liorsrs, tloeUavray, Farming I tensilx, fcc. On TUESDAY tr.orr.insr. September 1 Itb. at ten o'clock, at the country seat cf Thomas Marshall. Esq., near the village of Tennallytown, on the turnpike to Kockviile about two miles from Georgetown, 1 sli?i: sell all his handsome Furni ture and Houseki>rplng Effects, cou>i~.tln^ la pari Rosewood cr.rTfd Broc?.tellc covered Sofa, with ciuialn<.. &c. to match Mahogany French Sofa and Chairs, finished in canary colored brceaicile, cartains to match Mahogany hair spring-treat Sofa and Chatr-= Rosewood Aran Chairs Whatnot Superb French Mantel Cicck. telth Car.delab:se. cost ftwo ' Ko ?v/ood Seeretar^ and Licokrs^ Marble top Centre ana other Tables Eiegaul gilt frame French plate Mirrcr, plate 511 by til, with slab r.nd bracket Velvet, Brussels, Tapestry end other Carrwts, with Rugs to match, all new and of excellent quality One ;:di, of degant gilt six light gas Chr.ndcilcrs Dining room, hall aad otter gas iixtures 3c<L.tends, Bureaus. Wash: lands Cane and wood seat Chair;, Rt<ckerj China, Glass. Table Cutlery, Ac. Co:?klng, parlor ar.d Chamber Stoves Tog; the.- .villi many ethrr article? not nccofe.-orv to enumerate. At tn ? (Mock? One handsome Family Carriage, but little u.^rd Due pair superior matched iro-j grey Can la- e Horses Hainl-ome lion Sleit'h, liockivay Wagons, Ploughs, Harrows Harin-ss, Shovels, Forks Cultivators Let of Hay and Gorn, Potatoes Hot bed Sash, ?kc. Terms: ^-3u aad under cash; over that ra a credit of two and four months for notes satisfacto rily endorsed, bearing interest. JAS. U. McGUIRE, auts??d Auctioneer. By J. C. MeGLlKE. Auctioneers. rilWO NEAT TWO-STORY FRAME -l Houses on M street, between 19th and 13th Streets, at Auction.? On TUESDAY af temoon, September llth, at 5^' o'clock on the premises, I shall sell subdivision No.30 in >qr.nrc '>2, fronting on north M, lietwccn P^th and 13th streets, with the Improvements, consisting of two neat and well finished two-story Frame Dwelllnir Houses. ] Terms favorable and made known at pale. JAS. C. McGUIRE, sep 5?d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer] VERY VALI ABLE BUILDING LOT, an earner uS K aud 21*t street* at Auction Oa FRIDAY aflern-?oa, tVptemfcer "th, at Su o'clock^on the DrP7nlsC8. i sta 1 sell i.ot No 1, in a?)uare No.7.i, fronting 57 feet on north K street ?A '.le corner of 21tt street, running b??ck 75 feet. ' This is a very handsomely located corner let. in the latraadiaie vicinity or tLe W?*stern market house, and is admirably adapted for a business stand. Sale without leserve. Terms: One-third cash; italance in tt, 12, ard F months, with interest, secured bv a deed of trust on the premists. JAS. C. McGUIRE, sel' * Auctioneer MSWO'h OF HKV. .'IVDNEV KM1T11, edited bv Mrs. Austen, U vols Faaama in 19i5. FRANCE TAYLOR. au22 TELEGRAPHIC NEWS REPORTED FOR THE EVK*|*q wi? Awful lfewf from Woifolk Baltmurb, Sept. 7.?The Norfolk boat ot tbu Mraiaf bring* most awful actouiits f oa 1 vity and Port?rn?atb. The poopk are lromfami?t as well as pestilence. Three thoiuaod doHars hare been wbsrrib.d this morning nt the counter of the Baltimore A'nctican, and a mrotinj of tho people has ?c?n called for to-morrow to devise farther me.irures of relief. The amount subscribed in Baltimore ha< now reached S17t0u0. A boat load of pul sions is sent down crery day. mktail* or nctmi aid peatu. Norfolk, Thursday evening There were seventeen deaths at the II ward street In firmary in the twenty-four hours ending at 2 o'clock on Wednesday, ami about fifty in pri va'c practice. Four deaths occurred at the infirmary on Thur day morning Thirty seven baJies were buried in one pit in Tottor ? field on Wt inc>d?y. Mr*. George W. Kemp. Mrs Henry Howard Mrs John Shustor, Mrs. Thomas F Owen, an and John ^hu^tor, are dead. Dr. Gooch, of Iliehmond, Mr. Jackson, a mcdi?al e.ulent from Washington. Mr. Dodd, of Norfolk, Mrs. WiDon, and Charles Salomon from Baltimore, (nurses.) are extremely ill. ^est, of N. T.J Nune. of Savannah, and Smith of Columbia. Pa., were attacked yesterday. Mr. Craycroft, mcdical student from Phila delphia; a iud.->c who accompanied Dr. Smith (uame unknown;) and B. B Walters, with several members of bis family art down Mr Oatiwv>d, ogent of the Associated 1 re?s. ia very t!l; n. nurso ha- bees set to him lrom l?,i't:^iore. Miss Andrews, of is better. ttcv. Mr. 0 Keefe (Catholic) and Kev. Mr V. ill s (Methodist Episcopal) arc d<?ing well. Mr. U Kcjfe a s:;ter wa? attacked last night Mr. kirkpaliick is recovering. Mr. Jordan's family au convaleicent. tapt. EI wards had a relapse, but is better Tiicro are between 60 and ?0 ca^e? at the Ir.Iinuary of the Hovmrd Association ; 3 r.t tho Julappl Hospital, and 111 at tho Naval Hot pi tai. Dr. Frsennn. of Philadelphia, aJier render i'g ? ery efficient sei rices, has returned, but intends rc uming his labors in Norfolk on Tuc.-day next. l>rs. Morris, Welt er, an I Walters, of Balti more, aro well. A most outrage ?? robbery was perpetrated by a fellow ramcd Marks, upon the superin tendent of the Howard Iufiruiary. on Monday last, lie stole a lar^e quintity of jewelry, belonging to a lady recently dcesaaed. ar.d broke ojKm a trunk. Tho jewelry was sua.-e quently lecovcred. Thou a Bo^thby. W P Panes*, Alexander Ysrrett. and John Small, died on Thursday miming. ^ ? D. Roberts and Mrs Wettong are very low. The following are new ca es : A??. Cook, assistant Mayor. Miss Virginia Kodgers, Lroa Schuana. ton of the French Vice Consul, and Mr. Bi ggs, nurse frctn V a-hiugton. are very ili. FROM *ORT^MOUTH " In Portsmouth. six physieiaas, mostly from the North, are fick. Mayor liske is improving Dr. Co?Pn?, Pr????dent of the Seaboard and IU>anoke Rj'troad. is very ill. ?>nly ouc uirj is lea <.ut of lf> wh > were em ployed at the Railrond Bept t when the fever broke out; al' tLc ic t aro dead. Dr. Kennedy, ot Philadelphia was Liken t> the boepiUl thiii ino.ning. Robert Graham T. D Stryker, and a uur-j fr. m Philadelphia ate sick. There aie ab .ut 4J0 ca<c3 in Ports mv'Uih j 2j deatii.< cn H tdse daj, and III io li up t?? 2 p. m. Ihursday. Mr. L? yji'l, Navy Agent, and tamiiy are ick. Io>t:n Contrxbutiona for Norfolk. Bosto*. Sept. 7.?Two thousand dollars have Seen raised here for th > Norfolk suffer er<, ;i part or which was forwarded ye--terday. Mayor Smith has ca'lcd a public meeting to lurther means of relief Sachel in New Yo:k. N?w Yosk. Sept. 7.?Last night the Mctr> poiitan was crowded in eveiy coiner to witoece M He Ka^hel s perfoimance of Adrienne It w;is by the largest houie which kasfet greeted her. Dea4 h from the Late Collitioa. Btrlixotoji, N. J , Sept 7 ?Mr O. Fwk, of Ci*nne?ticut, who was injured by the lata col I it-ion. and had hi$ foot amputated died thii ni.>tdiDg. Diacna; go of a Supposed Slav or. Bostob. fcfept. 7.?James Simpson, ?ho was charged with fitting cttt a tlave bhip has, upon examination, beta discharged. Rcpuhllviu Coaveuiics in Pittbburg, Pirrsai aa, Sept 5.?The republican or freo so'l Stata convtnticn aa?embleu hereto-d?y. There were about 3000 per >ns in attenduiKe from d'fforent parts of the Stato The convcn* tioa was addressed uorirg tuc morning aud af teiiiX>n by fu-veral prominent -p.'akers. The eov.Miiittoe appointed for that putpoac, report ed a cries of reioluti n; opposed to the a - grc ions of slavery, aesuwing that the uuot tion overihadoWj mII others; deelaiing tha-. Ireedom is national and slavery section si. and condemn?n? the rtpen' cf the 5fi=*?uri Com prtm?-'c. I'hey were adopted, end Pas?m?.ro Willi.itusoii (now in jail f r contempt growing out ofthe Wheeleralaveease.) was u<>uiiuate4 for Cinal Coinmissioncr amiu much coafuilor, Baltimore HcrLeta. Balhuorb, Sept. 7.?Flour is firmer to-dav in consc iucnce of tho stsamer's news, but prices are unchangrl lrom yesterday - quota tions; Howard and Ohio 7.bO; City Mills i>7.25. \\ iie. t ha> adva^civl & cents ps?r bushel; go,?d to prime white 6oa?l 70 , a^d *1.80 tor choice for family flour: fair to ;>time reds ;it SI 56a<l C2. C.?rn is du'* ?nu un changed ; white S2caSic; yel>:,w 88ca00c. N6W Ycrk Karketa. t York, Sept. 7 ?Flour is considerably uighcr. Sales of 12.000 barrels State brands at $7.26a57.G2; good Ohio, Stt.37; Souttarn, Ss.itl Wheat isc-tnsiderably advanced. South ern white $1 S7a$l V5. red, SI 70arl.76. Cc>m ij a trifle higher. Western mixed at Sd.iittk*. Whisky is firm Stocks are better. Money en^y Canton Co., 2??; Cumberlapl Coal Company, 27f. WALL, IIAKNARD It CO., Auction te l ??iBU?tieR MercteaU, Corner of 1Kb street and Pa . avenue, i south ?*4e) will, as usual, attend to all tales of HotneboU, Real Estate, and Personal Property, Carriage*. Horses, Jtc , or tfood* at iuxy desr! iptloa con?l#r?ed to tLein. on tUe most reasonable terms, and will give their personal attention. All sale* entrusted to them will be attest to Willi promptitude ai d diapaUh. Liberal cash advance* nude on oonrignmeat. WALL, UAKNARD It CO, auT-eolm ^ Intel) AucUoimrn,