Newspaper of Evening Star, September 7, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 7, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR, HOME AND FELFENDS. Oh, there is a power to make each hour A# sweet a* heaven designed It; Nor need we roam to bring it home, Thojgh ftw there be woo tind it. We seek too Ugh for thing' close by, And lose what nature found us: For life hath here no charms so dear Aa hoiue and friends around us. We oft destroy the present joy, For future hopes, and praise them. While flowers as sweet bloom at our feet, If we d but stoop to ralsf them. For things afar still sweetest are. When youth's bright spell hath bound us; But, ah 1 we're taught this earth is naught Like earth and friends around us. The f i nils that *p??ei in time of need. When h?pe'> last reed Is shaken, To ?hr.w you still, that conce what will, We arc not quite fo.-saken. Though all were nlgM. If but the light From fi" ? .dsfclp's altar crowned us, 'Tvrouli! , r~ve that bliss of earth was this Oar home a id Meads around us! Sr.Fiwcs Accioem aau Loss or Life.? Yesterdayaftcrn on, two young men uamod Wiu. H Simpson and Thomas Stevenson, aged lSeaJ 17 respectively. and employed- in the oflioo of th j New York Observer, were attempt ing to get at the Times building, corner of B^ehcian and street3. through the hoisting way. in the *-?ox which contained the "form which hud !ust been worked iff, the box became entangl l,.and in endeavoring to tree it the chain br Ae. nnd they, witfiT the box were precipitated from the fifth story of the building into the vault beneath. They were both terribly injured, several bones having been broken They were instantly conveyed to the New York Hospital, where their c?.*e received every attention at the'handa of Drs. Thurston ai.d Dash: but the boy Stevenson died a*. 6 o'clock P. Ji., and Dr. Thurston states that Simpson can not live two days. The editor of the Observer hastened to the ilospi t.:l. and remained with the survivor to a late hour, doing all in hi* power to aasuage his suf ferings. ilr. B. Carr. late publisher of the 11a:!? ?n Ci'ur?ty states that he escaped a! nioi-t mir:julou>ly, as ho was looking down, at tlie time, and tho chain came against him with great force, nearly hurling him into the aby?s bol-iw. lie was but slightly irjurcd.? iY7 Y. Hurt. 4 Dr. N?\ txs,'" rns Norfolk Symtatqiser. The party who was arrested on Tuesday after noon on tho ehar;;o of having perpetrated a fraud upon many of our citizens upon pretence of <*r:!!e ding funda for tho relief of the Nor folk rers, whs yefcirtdav taken into custo dy uiiuer a bench warrant issued by the Clerk of t!i.e Criminal Couit. The complaint on which the warrant was Issued was in ado by Dr. Samuel T. Night, who alleges that the accused, representing himself u member of a li .erary u ?so.-irtiori called upon him to contri bute to the relief of th;' jufforcre of Norfolk, and stated that his nnme'wa? Dr Nevins. On ihe strength of thus a representations Dr. K. gave hiin fi/e d liars, l>ut Jio was afterwards led t-? bwlievrf that, h? was an "imposter. The same party succeeded in obtaining money from s.vera! i thcrs, and has given his namo as Jo seph Nevin?. Dr Kevins, Dr. Evans, and a variety of other aliast*. lie was committed to jail to answer the charge bcfnro the Crimi nal Court. W* loarn that previous to going on this collecting bur ho gave his name Cadwa! lader Evan?.?JJ ihthiore American. Nnw Wr.Afoxs or Destrcctios.?>nic ex perini> have recently o rcn undo in France with a cotipk-d cannon, which, * ith one breach and toii.-h-hole. tires two shots at the saiac tiice A new self breach loading and primii g carbine has al.->? been ?atiffa^torily proved. It weighs seven pounds nnd sevtn ounces, has a barrel twenty-two inches long, a range of from one hundred to seven hundred yarK and it can be tired ten times a minute. Diinpor plunging into water scarcely affects it. Itcaps itself. MfmRTlOV eCKlR SVBAJUBUk FRO* THK rXITKn STATKS. A'sw*. L(sc<i >er Day. Hermann......New York, .?'?outbampior .Sep. <? Canada tfoston...... Liverpool.... .Sep. 1*2 Aarago New k'ork. .Havre Sep. 21 froii EraorE. Ariel..........Havre .N w York....Pep. 1 Africa Li'.erpool... Boston Sep. 1 Washington.. Southam a. New York....Sep. 12 LIT* The California steamers Wave New Ycrk on me 5*.h and A-th of each month. A It RIVAL* AT PRINCIPAL HOTS! t. WlllcrJs* Ketfl? H.A ft S. C. WJLLAKl. iw K Robln?on. Mo A M Pen nock. USN 1) ds Uclcoufie. SY It C Hrown A lady, NC C Sta)*ton <v lady, l a J L Strong A lady, NY w Uraves A lady. Tenu .Miss Strong, do Miss Graves, do' VV Stiekney A lady. Mass Dr R Jordan, do J I' Croinwnl and lady, 13 A Garner, Md Ohio u S PolJard. do Ji Aesley, Md J Lt Kirt'aud A lady, fa W Dcarrin^ A lady, l'a Miss hirtiand, do ft C Hill, USA S Manning & lady, Masn J II Sin?le-on and lady, S Manning, jr. do Ala W Kdt s A f uxJly, .\Y T Jtiddle. jr, l'a Miss Kdfs. do F blanct-ird and lady, Hp? J C MfCnbe Va Mass J B Whi '1 i-ad, do Miss Blanohard. do l)r Slnirkins, tfo J Howard A S P Ma)iiard. Ala If l'Liliips, do Iv iJelanv. Md R Atwojd. Me Miss S l>elany, do G I' Rtiu? r A lady. NY W O Pclrjoiit,do S K Su>ne, Va A C Renham, NJ W P C! Jen, do J K Hall, Maui R f? Sp<ars, Md T J ^abl old i lady, Ala 1> Larte. (? J Sti Hichard .on and F Mordetal. do son, SC DltimplH, Pa J Armstrong A lady. Pa J S Mlluon, Va Ali?3 Arir.strong, cio O ft GUisellti. Ky DM Dradiev and iadv. Dr T Penlston. Lri Mass J XV S G 111am. Nil A T Mitel.ell, Va MlssTnrnrr J R Hot ford, Mi R Rouman. Pa J C Aberts. NY ? * * a ^ " l^luil, tid Aliss li Shoemaker, Md J Turner ,V lady llrawas' Uetel? ? r. ft u. iaow* C II 1'aik.i, NO O H Johnston, Mass IS P bi'fns, DC D D Foster, do O W Farrelly, jr, Pa B S San ford, N V L I^ft, Tex H R Tbonbon Pa T A Hrown, La Airs W Mitchell A dau, R Hal!. Va Va ' W I. Clark, do Ma^t White, do ** P Miller J s Manuhtfr, Mi K Dlae J II Rik.-r. NY R Carrahan Mtw R p Kiker, do J A R'ddle, Pa Mln M A Riktr, do .MissS Middle, do It I! Fultz, Mi It Collamere, t #1 R T Merrick. Md L J Turner, ill R S Van Syekl?. Pa J Berdlck, Mich J F Drlnton. do J Feiilng, ltd J H Ilaskett. Va C P Buness, Va G WintLain, do F Tcole, 1^ R J Bowie, Aid II Kaxford, Va 11 Jones A lady. Ala Z B Bcall. Md Mi.vs S Foster, do F- J Hot dsn ic lady, do 1) M Cohrn, Md Mr* R N Gre^nhow, Cal J S Hoon. Pa J Wid well, NY G M Gillett, Md J U Ja< k>on a^d lady. W T Glawell, ?JSN R'i<sia Miss Glassed, Ala J C Stan'on. MI Mrs E B Thornton, do 1>> G T Laves, Md Ml?s E GertTuiQ, Va W A Allen dn R Wadswc-rth, Mi It Anthony, do Dr L 8 Sheeh.-, A!d KIrk\. ??d li.JUte -J R. ft a. K!RKWOO>. J J Grecaoosh, N V O W Hamlll, Pa J* SvlTestt-r. Ill W AJair.^, Va A W Bankhcad. I.a V Grauver, Md C M Rl? hardMvi, Mi H I. Galhiher. Va 11 R H aitou, N V M l'licide. do J B Veii'iefs A Lid/, do T V hituey,0 .Miss J A Vaan<>t *, do S W B.\ ku ith Pa J M Fr*-*', Va XV N RolnrU. Va J L Coaklla, NJ J B Hope, do G T 1-eodard. I*.?r!s F A1 llarbach. Md R (i Webster, Mum W P Lew in, do l aited Slates a. c. backnkt. H C Barnes. Md II Browning. DC F V Mac?, C ) F; B Sh ath.N V CHook.Jr Ct C C?des, do C B Bla^den, I)(T II Burns, do M W CI i?ker. do <? Aoward, Ala J F l'nnris A airier, M J H Carnev, SC W F. Beiry, do M M Hard Wis 8 L Brown, do p Milter, do Hon F. L Olds, O A W Thompson, Md J W Brundle. do C H Shipley, do Miss \\ rinn Aid L Timauns, co W H Stlpiey, do Anrri'in Hotel?urflrbowkk ft LoviTT. H Mar, NY BFN ider, N V F H Hill, Va J A Hough. Ill J Peach, Md J French. Md "W Stewart, La J A Coe, do G C Wharton, Va W Bo?well, do W Wine, O W W G Ollrer. do A O Hemphill DC J L Latimer, do ?ol W B Williams, Va Mr Winston, do Miscellaneous. SJUE OF r.MIED STATFH PROPKR ",*T nt the !Nn?T Yard, Mrmphli.?On TUESDAY, the25'b day of September next, at 10 o'clock a. m . will be sold it public auction to the highest bidder, forcnsli, to be paid before tbe articles shall I e removed from the yard, the chat tels of the United Slates remaining'at said yard, amon^ which are the following : 10*2.560 hard red brick 3 drawing boards and 1,350 pressed do moveable frame 47 ft. lineal dimension 4 parallel rulers, Ac. stone 2 iron clamp* 1,!U4 ft. lineal stone co- 8 shcvels ping I saw set 60o ft /lineal stone, for 1 cross cut saw belt course 2 broadaxes 150,000 feet (board inea- 5 steel squares sure) various timber 3 try squares 10,052 lbs nails, (assart- 23 hammers (assorted) ed sizes) 2 drawing knives 234* lbs wrought nails 17 gouges 672 lbs. nt-w Iron (bars) 1 r*uut kclfrt 175 lbs *!eel 1 brace and bits 5-? lbs steel wire 25 chisels 150 lbs iron do G nippers P,'*?S 5 pairs calliper* l^wj) buiLels sand 2 hand virc.s 5,500 slates, 111 by IS In. If dozen flies fpssoi 'eJ) "->W ft lineal, rid^e tile 8 spring punches 210 ft linea' tin conduit 6 pair of pliers pipe for cisterns 4 pair compasses 6 boxes X tin 5 screw drivers 4 sprinjj bolts 6 pl;;In p.inr lies 311 lbs band leather 2 cold chisels 3?? lbs lace leather 1 rachet drill 29 lbs ros'.n 1 carpentcr'nguage 250 lbs hard soap 4 fore plane* 52 bbls North Carolina 2 plough plane* ^ 3 sash planes 10 cart bub's 4 tongueing planes 2 cart shafts 4 grooving planes 211 cart spokes I moulding plane 1<19 cart felloes 23 augers (assorted) ? pile bauds 3 lar^e taorticing cbt* 2ijralsl:n;eed oil cla 16-' gals sperm oil 11 work benches 5 i^als lari oil (5 gimlets 1 lot hickory cogs 1 lathe chisel 4?J lbs Manilla rope, (4 1 sand screen Jj1) 4 sets blacksmiths' tools . ,l ,narl?,:c ' set tinner's tools 40 lb? seizing stuff (tar- 3 piling rams 2 derricks ' 4b lbs seizing stuff (un- 5 laborers' pick;; tarred) 2 stone picks 42 lbs small Manilla cor- 3 sledges , 4 spirit levels (condem'd 10 los tarred yarns lpai-.t stone 2,* lb* Manilla ; ariis 8 wheelbarrows 11 1 tons I'ltjburj^ stone II blocks (assortedsize) ,.1!^ . , 1 wine measures 110 bushels charcoal 4 small scales 6c weights 2q.ilresemo.-y paper 5 platform scales and 2 cylinders and caps for weights cistern necks, (cast 14 oil cans (various sizes) . n) 11 curry ccmbs (? ntflfr; ? lot or gutter ho.ik s 4 setting flrls 4s> chairs <!S lire buckets 14 tables 2 hand hatchets 8 writing d*xks 2 grinds tines 2 secretaries 'j hoisting cranes ?i office stools I kedge anchor 4 cabinets I grapnel J s0^a :i dozen dust brashes 1 set shovel, taluks an.i <5 "lobelamp^ 1 four-horse waf,f n 5 wa*h*:ands 3 carts V looklng-glas" 2 drays Jj V yd? carpeting 2 wat-r c?.rts 1 pit: her., I Rtn.\v cutter ! yr*-{erJar 2 pair timber whet-is I Iron sale 1 pitchfork 1 walnut bureau i] liorc** brushes ehests of drawer* 1 plough and double tree 1 bookcase i imir double stretchers ?*toves 1 pair r.nyle do 10 inkstands 6 card? Sat* ling ?ait> -y, consisting ef |.? thirty-two- pounder carronades, wita tntir equipment: complete. au 25?2aw2w d ? hlfiDSuiiY, VSikLXU. m Jj ESTATE A-ia) LA. HI) \9 AMLANTS, SAINT TAUL, MIX. TERRITORY. I AN lis BOUGHT AND SOLD Til ROUG1I l-" OUT THR TERRITORY. T?xes>ald, Collections nr>d? DmIts cashed, and the holiest I /ictrs given for Land Warrants. Ooveramcnt Lands looted with much enre, and If desired, the profl s and Josses stored equally at the expiration of tve years The Land at tint UHict-? **? sjld. unless otherwise agreed u^-n, and one half cf the xrl^yf the Warrant at the time of entry, a. d half of :bs expense of locating to be deducted from tr.c subscribers' Interest. To pereons wishing to lo^a'* Warrants entirely on tnetr own account, the charge will be, for forty acres 9*15; eighty arr'-s. S.Ju; one hundred end sixty acres, $25? and will rereive with their n-Je. a plat and description of the -and. nsFFT-s^m: Mmrfsaorx?(Jov. Willis a. Gorman: Et-Go*7 A.ex. Ramsey; linn. J. T Rojwer, See. i?l. T.; Mersrs. Ames & Vu-i F.'tet?, Attorneys at Law: Messrs. Morton A: Pa co. Whvi<-s::lc iirSxr-.r.ts il- iTlMOBe-W lMVwtcp, Ksq., Aitcmey at 1/iv.; KiCuard e Bow^e, V.S3 , Oc:r>. Merchant: Messrs. Deur, Norris Ac Co.; Mes-rs M*Cleese A Washisctos?Hon. W. W. Seaten ; Hon. J * Towers, Mayor; Hon. Judge J. Bryan; J. C. C. Hamilton. hsa.; Attorney at I.?^v; 0ol Wm. Hlckey; Col. J. Rihy; Mesnrs. Tavlor & Maurv; Me.-srs. Ix;wls, J^hh-on vV Co , lluii*er?: G C Gramn^ar, Ksq., President Patric tic. Bank jy 17?eccm >JL\V FALL UOODS. \\rAre now r< < eiv:ng our brst 1 "all suppliej-' of ,, 4,1,1 1>T <>oods, to which we cordially invite purchasers to call and examine bt-rore itiabing their *-? l- ctions We name a fa* lead.nq articles Rich floured arid plain Mou^ellne de Lair.s. Co l?ery Cloths, line bik Al|K;ca* Ginghams, Lnglisb and American Cilico? supe Hor Shirting Linens ax:d Cottons Shet^tMg Cottons and Linen-, 'JVo> l)hpc-?. Napkins Tcwehn-s. R - ;;l and J cotcll l)\l aper?=, 1 lann?>ls cxihebevt brjnds. fine ai.d medium JUax kets, Shawl, ai d S.-arfs Biack and fancy*coio.ed ciotas, Ca^slmeres. a d \, ail of il." newfst styles e shall contim; to s ell off our entire stock of fancy hrr*s Silk- <-.t co-t foreman 10 piece# m;pericr liin, b l)r ss ?;lk> lust coened from 75 ? enti to si 5? j^r yard. wM 1< we know to i** very cheap. iU" All ait cles warranted to prove as repre sented. ' SPhCIAL NO IICL ?All rsons hav:n;? bills ?msettled which were rendered the 1st Julv. are mo^t earnestly requested to c!c*e tfcem wi:hout further notice. COLLKV & SMARM. No. 523 Sevent street, ubove Pa. avenue, au 30?eo2w INSTKUCTtON i % OPERATIC. CHJUE A.SI> L'ALLAO 311S11. T K-.SCHJ-JIIL, Instructor l;i Vocal ?.:id Piano 7* 1,1 u:,lc, V.juid inform hi f'iendiaml the n;;b lie generally that he will commence iriv!n?r a course of lessons in tae aln>ve ranted broncbes. I ue cijKses i .-actice ir. quartetu, Trios, !>. etts, Solos and Chomse-i Private lovtructiou will Le given la cach piipil, as may be needed. Ladles asd -entienxen who fe-el inclined to Join said Class wil. ph.!-e b ave toe!; names at his res idence ou nib street, berwe. ii P and O.and when a sufficient uumber shall have b.'en obtained ar rangemeuts us to time and place will be n adc Terms S10 j>er Fcrir s of 22 it^sons i he exercises Will be assisted by an able Pisnht or an Orchestra if necessary. N B.?Larly application is desired, au 2??eolm Prapatril:. fee building u Li^bt-iiou^e on Junen s Point, ueur Alt intturio, Vu. TR EA8IJB V D1 IV. RTMI:N T, OVVKI LlGUT-nOUSK " Washington, RTMKN'T, 1 OVSU liOAKD, > l, Aug. 22. 1?55 ) {JROPOSA I.S will be received tv.itLl 12 o'clock m , on iheiiJ of Cet-lcmVier next, when the bids will be open?d. for furnishing the materials and building a light house ou Jcnes' Point, Po tomac river," near Alexandria, by the ,*k)th of No vember next It will be a framed building resting on brick foundation, and of one ai.d =i-balf-9torv. with basement, nevloc a circular tower on top for tbe eupport of the lautein ?tut horizontal aiir.i i^ion* being by lt? feel. Detailed drawings and fcpeclfications can be seen at this office, an at the office of the collector at Alexandria. Should any bid br accepted, a contract will be executed at uncc f?n tbe work No payment wiii be made until the whole work Is completed; and before It is received It must be Inspec edana ^pprovi d by Ibe agent at the gov ernment appointed to stiperiuted the work?said agent having power to reject ail materials end workmanship, net in accordance with the terms of the contract. The right is reserved to rcjwt any and al! bids that may be deemed prejudicial to the public in terest. All bids should Le stalfd and addressed to the undersigned, fntlorsLd '-Proposals for Jones's Point Light bouse." KD.\1 D L. F. IIARDCASTLE, au 23?eolm ? giar er ta N tary. LAND WARKANTS LOCATED. THE subscribers will locate Laud Warrants either in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois or Iowa, and and give a com-ct description of the land located. If, upon examination, this description proves In oorrect, they will themselves take the land, glvlug fbr It another warrant for the same quantity. One of the firm resides In the West, and will give the bu?iut s his personal sum rinteudaacc. MILLER it BRUWN, 7th ?t., opposite Post OJlce, Wa?hinyton. Jy 13?eoOin New ait'SIC received weekly at Pa ave nue, near lotto ?t. J. F. ELLIS, ai 21 Information for Travelers.^ uaAROE 4c AL.tXA.MJR IA RAlLItOAJD. GREAT SOUTHERX MAIL LINE'. TWICE daily l>etwcen WASHINGTON tr.d the SOUTH, via ALEXANDRIA. GOR DONSVll.LE and RICHMON D?no night line on Sunday. Leave Washington 4 before 5 o'clock a in Leave Alexandria X ,l 7 44 am Leave Washington if " 7 44 p m Leave Alexandria if 44 8 44 put FAEES BY NIOET LT*S. From Washington and Alexandria, to Gcr donsville From Gordonsville to Richmond 2 25 Travelers will find the morning line the cheap en*, most pleasant and expeditious rente to the Greenbrier White Sulphur, Fauquier White Sul phur, Warm, Hot, Alum and Cspon Springs, WHrTrnton, Charlottsvllle, Staunton, Strasbur^, Winchester, Harrisonburg, Lexington, Weir's Cave, Natural Bridge, Luray^New Market, Mid dleburg, Ac. fakes rr MoKniNts liks : Fr? a Alexandria to Warren ion, - - f 2 00 44 44 Gordonsviue, - 3 ?0 ?? 44 Charlottesville, - 4 50 h tt Staunton, ? ? 8 00 *? 44 Strasburg, ? - 3 50 44 44 Winchester, - - 3 50 ?? ?* Luray, - ? ? 4 25 4? 44 New Market. . 5 00 H 'I Midilleburg, - - 4 25 OMNIBUSESand BAGGA(rKAVAGON'S will be at the Depot of the Washington Railroad, to convey passengers r.nd baggage to the Steamboat, for ALEXANDRIA, a distance of 6 miles, allow ing ample time for meals. H. W. VANDEURIFT, jy 11 Gen. Supt. 3Y BAILR0AD DIRECT TO THE WEST. : '-sir# Time between Washington and \\ heeling but 17% hours! Running Time between Washington and Cincinnati 27 hours TKUOV5H TICKETS ASD BAGOAGR CK3CXS TO BS HA? IN WASHTN6TOK. m|(E BALTIMORE AMD OJIIO RAIL A ROAD having greatly improved its Western connections, now oilers th?* fnl'est inducement* to Travellers between WASHINGTON, 11ALTI MORK, and all portions of the WrEST, NORTH WEST, and the SOUTHWEST. The connection between the Trains f,-cm Wash ington and the Trains bound West from Ralti m.?re is alwavs promptly made at the Washington Junction (lately cal!?"i the Relay House) 0 miles from Baltimore. This is the only change of cars required between Washington and the Ohio river. Baggage's checked through to Winflin? at the Washington Station, and recheckrd and trans ferred there, (with the passenger*) without cLarge, for those holding Through Tickets for points be yond. The connecting Trains leave W ashington | daily at 6 a. m. andp. m. On Sundays at the latter hour only. At WHEELING dirft rcnwtio.t is made with the trains of the CENTRAL OHIO RAIL ROAD, running from Beliaire, on the Ohio, near Wheeling, through Cambridge, Zanesville, and | Newark, to COLUMBUS. These trai-is connect at Newark with the cars of the Newark. MawtleH | a;::! Sandusky Railrr-d for Sandusky, Toledo, I Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, etc. At COLUMBUS the C. O. Uailroed trains con nect with the fa?t trains o/th v LiltL Miami liail road to Xenia, Cincinnati. Lc.^teville, etc.. At XKN1A (on Little Miami Railroad) connection 13 formed with the trains through Dayton, to Indian aclis, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Uock Island, St. Louis, etc. Passengem holding Thr?n~h Tickets for M> rxphis, Vicktburg, Tim.rh'?., " Orifiss, etc., which arealso sold at Washington?ar^ trans ferred at C ncinnat! to the Mall Steamers on the Ohio. Tickets for Evansville, Cairo, and St. Louis are sold bv this ro.ite. \\~J~ For CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, e'c.. tickets are sold, when the Ohio is navigable between Wheeling and Wells.'iile (forty miles) where a connection with the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad 13 made. Travelers are reque?frtd to mtlce that *rhile this is the oniv route affording Through Tickets and Chetks in Washington, it is n'jo th& shortest, mo^t speciiv, and dire< t to nearly all the leading points in the great West. The distance from Washington to Cincinnati is but (153 luili-s, being about 100 miles short??r than by anv other routcJ FA?'E, BY THROUGH TICKET. FROM WASHINGTON To Wheeling, *950; Colum bus. f-5: Dayton, ?15 5!); Cincinnati, ?1C C3; LouisviUe. by rr-ilrend. fl*1 6.'. by "i-.uacr trcrn Cincinnati, *18 t*>; lndla-iapolfc, $?: 5H; Cleve land, IU2 50; Toledo, Rio ""J; Detroit. fl5 2?: Cblcatjo. > 65 and *'.9 39: St. Louis, f/8 ? and *25; Mf-r^-Hils *V>\ Nev Orle-ns. etc. fC?- Fok FREDERICK. Alxf? HARPER'S FKBRY,MARTINSBURG, CUMBER! AND, BERK I.F.Y S^'l! I NGS. "FK " NGS, PIF.D3u.ONT. OAKIjA M?, ? r;d FA- KIilOl'NT, avengers may J.ave Washln^tea at t> ?.. ni. or l.j p. in. For the minor way stations between Baltlmor" and. Wheeling, Uik?" 0 a. ra. :nln from Washington. ID-Fc r train.-, to an'I from BalUmcre, Au?i^>11b, etc., see special advenm^nt-s. f.Iur.v ?" or Trans;'OrtatloA, Baltlmox aud Ohio Railreaa, Baitlmo^. may tf TTIllt: NEW YORK. A*?) LIVKRFOOL. UNITED STATFS : ?1 A I L STEAMERS.^&sjb Til^ eillPJ COM 1*KLING TillS L'NV ??? it? ATLANTIC, Captain West, PACIFIC, Caatain Nye, BALTIC, Cart.'in Comstc-c-k, ADRIATIC, Captain Graft on. ?? -ze 2hips have beer. buUt by contract, expreM iv for Cr rc-nrr^r.t scr.-tce; every - a'e t>. *s bten iiiirer in their censlrr.r:ion. an 3.*. F.e engines, to insure fctrengtn am' sj^ed. a:.d their accomo.oda tiens for pausccgers aie unequalled for elcf, ai-d coflLfort. rr.irs ot P4??.*r.?. Frr rr. New York to Li rerpoo'., in f S;",i Secoud cabin, - - - - - - 70 Ereluslvc use of extrt size sL'i'c lOtnia - Froui iJvfrpooi to New York, - X.;m and J-iX An experience! Surgeon attacked to c-j.h tUlp. Ne beTth can be 3ecur?i until p..ld fir. I* c* freight or palate apply to EDWARD IV COLLINS & CO., 5tl Wall?trent, NeU' Yoii. BROWN, SIIll'LEY A CO., Liverpool* E. ?. ROBERTS A f'.O , 1-1 King':* -ins Yard. Lotdos. JOHN ilU^aiOE A CO , US Rue ut.o Dau>e dt;; Vlcteu-cs, Tat js. GEORGE U DRAPER. Havre. The o\v::.i/i; c.f tLirte jviii not be ar,:ounta b'.^ for gold, ailvcr, V.uUir-n, Rf^-ie, icwiJry, pm c!ius stones, or melius, ualessbllb-. o^ lading ar? signed therefor, and the value thereof therein ex pressed. ikov 16?ly WASHINGTON 1I1LANC11 ILAiLROAO. pj tlUANGE t?F HOI Rfi?On and after Mon > d.iy, iho iid instant, the Trains will Leave Washington at it and a. m., and 3 ar.d P m . On Sunday at 4% p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4* and 9.% a. m , and 1 i.nd 5 M p m. On Sunday el 4 4 am. ap -^i-tr T H. PARSONS, Agent. Tilt POTOMAC RIVER STEAMBOAT COM PA N Y 'Sr. 11 \M Fit ALICE C. PRICE. CAPT. SAMUEL LAKER, 11T1LL LEAVE WASHINGTON AT SIX v? o'clock u. uj, and A LEXAN- ? """" v DR i A at 7 o'clock, a m ? On TUESDAY MORNINGS ?For f.iaitox, Carrioman, L. Machoduc, Plney Point, Kinsaie. and Cone. On FRIDAY MORNINGS?For Chapel Point, Wicomico. Leonardtown, Piney Point,St. Mary's, ar.d Cone. On WEDNESDAY, (returning)?Leave Cone at 4 o'clock, a. m , for St. Mary'*, Piney Point, Leonardtown, Wicomico, aud Chanel Point. On SATURDAY, (returnintr)?Lt-ave Cone at 4 o'clock, a. m., for Kinnale. Piney Point. L. Ma chodoc, Ciirrioman, and Mattox. The A. C. Price will call at the usual landings on the river when signals are made. Dy order of the Board: JAMES P. SMITH, Pre.ident Alexandria, Va., Jane 1,1^-55. Je 15?tf STEAMBOATS CONNECTING WITH EACH TRAIN OF CARS ARRIV lng la Washington r?r Aiexan dria.?The ^lenmcrs THOS. COL YER or GEORGE WA>flINGT(T>! will make the above connections, leading ^Vashington at ?i a. m., for the Orange and Aleximdria Cars, and con nect with the same train on their arrival. I?7~ MEALS furnished on the boats. The Boats connect with all the trains from Bal timore SAM'L GEDNLY, Captain. may 17?tf FOR MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS.?FARE, round trip, f 1; from Alexandria _ 75 cents ?Tim steamer TH(?MAS^g2^^^D COLLYER leaves Washington at OTajnTTIexalT drla at o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol foj the boat at 8jtf o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Per sons wishing the coaches will leave their residenoe With George A Thomas Parker.

Refreshments on the bout. SAM'L 6EDNEY, Osptala. Information for Travelers. CANAL PA( KET LIJIE TO rolNT OF ROCKS. THE Canal Packet CONGRESS having thoroughly repaired and rut%fl8b??nr.. ? r. k in first rate order (the m.tch1nfr>'552^>!kSjII being removed and horse power substituted) con tinues making her regular trips bet-ween Oeorse town and the aboVe place. The Boat will leave the wharf of W H MI . 0 Ritter for Point of Rooks on MONDAYS, WE1> N ESDAYS and FRIDAYS at 7 o'clock a m; and the Point of Rocks for Georgetown on TUES DAYS. THURSDAYS and SATUHDAYS at the same hour, stoppingnt thedifferent landing*along the line for the reception and landing of passenger* and freight, going and returning. The Boa! will leave Georgetown at 7 o'clock a. ft m. Returning, leave Point at 7 a. m . Know an's Ferry at 7%, MonocacyS, Edward's Perry 11, Seneca 1, G reat F alls 3X , and arrive at George town at 7 p. m. Passage through either way S2. Meals served regularly on board theboat at mod erate prices. CHARLES MERRILL, Capt Je 25?dtf ALEXANDRIA It WASHINGTON BOATS. THE Steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON wlB leave at the following hours. _ Fare 12* cents. _ The THOMAS COLLYER, when not other way; engaged, will make trips on the route at al ternate hours. I^eave Washington at 6, 8, ?*, 11 , 2*, 4 ?#? and 7. l<eave Alexandria at 7, #, 19^, IX, 3 if, IX, and 6'1 P. S.?The Boat will leave Alexandria at 1 X y. m., or immediately on the arrival of the cars jy7?d JOB CORSON Captail. TO A'.L THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT. WISH ES to call the attention to all that suffer with defective sight, caused by a^e, sick ness and particularly from classes injuuclorali selected, to his superior SPECTACLES ana GLASSES carefully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and brilliant transparency, suited precisely and beneficially to the wearer ac - cording to the "concavity or convcxityof the eye. Very numerous aro the iil effects caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of ttslttg glMMft in not being precisely suited. by the u<ie of an Optometer; ana the practice of many years, enables him to measure the focal disease of the eyes, and suc h glasses that are absolutely re ?[Hired will be furnished with precision and satis action. J. T acknowledges the very liberal encourage ment already obtained, and further solid U the pa tronage of those that have not yet availed them selves of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses in use, and stating hb'.v mauy inches they can read this print w ith their specta cles, can be supplied with such that will improve their sight. Innumerable testimonials to be seen; nad leffcr ences given to many v.-ho have derived the great*, at ease and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to "tie had gratis, ht his office. No. 5*2 Seventh street, three doors from Odd Fellows' llall, up stairs. Norfolk, September7,1351. Sir?The Spectacles yon madf for me suit very well, and seem to have improved my sight mere than any other 1 have lately tried. LITT. W. TAZEWELL. 1 have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr. Tobias, ar.d liad them of ^reat assistance to my sight, and corresponding with his description of the focua. 1 recommend nim as a skillful opti cian. HENRY A WISE. Mr. J. Tobias : Sir?The pairof Spectacles you furnished me yesterday are particularly saii-rac torytome. Tney are very decidedly Lhe best I possess, and I am th- owner of e'gLt or nine pair, carefully sele- t:'d In different places and from op ticians recommended to me oa account of tht-ir freifeesianal standing in England, France and the rnitcd States. 1 have been alM> p'ea*>ed with your remarks ami directions cn the treatment ot the iives, for the pirposeoi preserving and improv ing the sight. Ueapectfullr, ron-?, CHaS. CALDWELL, Prcfp'^orof M. C., Louisville, Ky. LrncHBUs-5, Nov. 10,1S5-1. Mr. Joan Tobias having furnished me with Glnsses. by which I have been greatly aided (my vision having suffered greatly from reading at night in my earlier life) it affords me the nigheet pleasure to say tiiat I consider him a skillful prac tical optician, and well prepared to aid those who mav need his professional - rvlces. WM. B. KOUZIE, Eider c-f ;rlv?thodh.t Conference. Wilkixgto*, N. C., Jan. 27, 1S54. Mr. J. Tobias : Dear Sir?I am h ppy to pay ? A IV _ O A 1 . L ? _ ? * ? a ? i a ' * ' ? J. fore found rreat dic&culty la getting p,I wise* of the proper fccal distance. It affords me pleasure to taat, by the aid of mr optomeU , this ?iLi* ? culty has been happily obviated so ths.t the glasses you famished me decidedly the be it adapted t* ay -^ye? of any 1 harp ever yet c ;ed. Very respectfully; yournl 11.II. DR/.NE, Kector ci St. J allies' Parish. Department of 1 r.terlor, May 7, lbi?o. From Dalurnldcfocts and the unequal run;;e o* k?7 eI have been compelled to vj? glares for several years. 1 have tried different opticians without obtaining |Ihm nfttdv fitted to my eye*. Four months since Totlas made two nairs especially for rr.e, which 1 have found to iserve cm; perfectly. By the use of his optometer fc'i ip enabled to adipt iila.-scs minutely to the eye. 1 most cb^erfutiy rccorairend Mr. Tobias to all hr.ving occasion to useglastcs, and bear my tecti 31 -ny di to his skill an optician. HENRY K BALDWIN, Assist. Scc'y to sign Land WarianU. Jy 18?tf TVEW BOOKS AT TAYLOR A MAIRTI. I v Sydney Smith's Memoirs, 2 vols. Pi The lli-iory oi Wouian and her connexion with Religion, Civilization, aad Domestic Manners from the earliest period, by S W. Fulloin, ati tnor of lhe .Maroi of Sv *1 Panama In i^5o, by Robert Tomes, tio^. Tue Horse, l?y \Vm. Youatt, new edition, with ob>ervalion? on breeding cavairy horses, by Cecil, tl. Ballads?Romantic, Fantastical and Humcr oiis?by W. 11. Ainsworth, 7oc The Slusif Ma-ter a love story, by W. Arling ton. with U woodcuts, 7?c. My brother's Wife, by Amelia B Edwards, Ifcc Leila, or tha Siege of Granada, by Edward B Lyiton, 25c Smalt i arms and how they ought to be man aged, 35c The Pottioai Works of Maik Aken/.ideaad Jno Dyer, illustrated, SI The Industry of the United Slates, 25c Frank Hiiton, or the t^ueeu's Own, by Jauieo Giant, 50c. J ust received at TAYLOR A MAURY'S, au 21 Bookstore, near Vth st JOE SH1L.L1 AflTON has just received? Putnam's Magazine for September Harj-er's .Monthly Magazine, do Frank Leslie's Fashion Book do Godey's Lady'i^ Bcck d.> Peterson's Magazine do Arthur's Co do Ballou's Dollar Monthly do Chamber's Journal do 1 rcJik Leslie's N . Y. Journal do Yankee Notions do The Hidden Path, by Marion Ilarland, author of Alone Light.and Darkness; c,r lhe Shadow of Fate?a "story of Fashionable Life A memoir of Rev. Sydney Sinlth, by his daugh ter, edited by Mr*. Austin The complete works of Charles Dickens 12 vols , octavo size, in large type, beautifully illustra ted and neatly bound ia cloth. Sold separately !f desired The Yellow Mask, a new itory, by Charles Dl? k ens The Escaped Nun All the new books received as soon as published Everything in the Stationery line at J SHILLiNliTON'S, Odeon Building, corner Pa av. and st. au 29 {1 ntel yt] GLO. 11. VAKNELE Ir J. \Y. MAN KINS, Hcnse, Si;;n and Fancy Painters, WOULD especially call the attention of the public to their specimens of Fancy Signs, to be i?een at all times at their place of business. Persons building and repairidg would do well to give us a call as we are determined to use every exertion on our part to >'ive general satisfaction. Place of business on Louisiana avenue, between Cth and 7th streets, north side, next to the Yarnum Building. Old Glazing promptly attended to. an 11?dtf Memoirs OF BENNETT and hls~Tlme?. Price SI 25 Cleve Hall, by Miss Sewt 11? price SI Our First Families?price SI 25 The Escaped Nun?price 81 For sale bv by E. !{. LUNDY, 128 Bridge street, Goorgetown, D C. an 17?tf CLOCKS! clocks: IF yon want a good honest Clock?or e that will always give you the correct time. ?L op in at G FRANCIS, 490 Seventh street. lie has Clocks that cannot be exotlltxl?handsome and good time kueiiers. He sells low, and every Clock Is war ranted. ' jy SI Medical. INHALATIO* rot thi < cut or ASTHMA AND C03SUa?iI(JS. NEW AND VERY ITONDERIUL ' ! ! HYQUANA itrtifhl b?m? to the door ?( Ui Milliui? A WONDERFUL dlscovrry ts? recently bf<4? made by Dr. Cnni*, of this city. In the teeat mrat of Consuinptlon, Asthma, and *11 diseases of the Lungs. We rrfer to Dr CURTIS'S HV G KAN A. or INHALING HYGI.AN VAPOR AND CHKRRY SYRUP. With this new me thod. Dr. C. ha< restored many aCkt.-d ones to health, a* an evidence of which he has lna.mi'ra ble t ertlflcates. Speekin? o? the treatment, a phy sician remarks, "It Is evident that luiudir.;?con stantly breathing an agrerobfte,benli?'i! nptt- 'he medicinal prcnertiee niuft come In dir? i contact with the whole ??lal cavities cf the longs, and thus escape the r.ianyar.d rari. d ^h-- .:;jps produced upon them when Intr<vtvr#?di. to the i... n.*_k. and subject to the processor digestion." The K>>.e ana Is for sale at ail thr': Pru?, ?ta tLrc j_l:ont the country.?aV. Y. Vuttkma t Jon. It. The inhaler Is worn cn the bi a:.t ar.icr the Vn en, wlthcrt the least lr.oorvrn^ecco?th** hriit of tha body being suJklent to evaporate lh??':.d Hendrro cf cries of cure*, like tie foiiovUx... m'zLi be same*. One peckap-c of the xlyrcar.a bu curod t.JOf the Asthma of six years standing. J. F KK1&CERRY, P. M. of Duacanrr-r, F.*. I am ror>i of the Acthma c f tot years' tU. by Dr Curtis'* Hy^eana. KAUAIRTtAST??\ Pro-i > y. MRS. PAUL, of No. 5 H?!mr"r.d rtrer . J.Y., was curad of a severe ca*e of broachkls bv Hjc Hy^eana. My sifter ha*: been rare4 cf a dlftre-L'c - :rh of sevrrr.1 years'Klsnd'' g. an.i df'.dc.i ? ? t- \ 'u CoraMe by tue physicis'is. She was tared :.i cn. month by the H vet ana. J. H. GAlJDERT, P Id. Richmond, Me. The Rev Dr CHEEVER. cf Nr* ^ r. *. testi 4o; of our medicine in the foilnw.u,; l* u. uaye: New York, Ncv. 15,1^1. Dear Sir: I think highly of Dr. Curti? ? ana as a remedy In disease* of the *hrr-1 and i< '? <;s Having had some opportunity to testify 1'* Cilka cy, I am cnnv.nced that <t is n woste\;? . nt rrni edy, both the Syrup and the inhaling application to the chest. Prof 8. CENTER write* us a? loll ows : Gentlemen?I have recently L.?l occasion to test yonr Cherry Srnip a?d H wean Vapor. innav of ( Lronic sore throat, that had refund '?> v W .1 *. otLerformsof treatment, and the result LkV viti* ?cd me that, whalevf r may be the cotr.p.'?ilioo <%i yo'ir preparation. it l? u ? iinpor:v ..^,K?t n eaeol* leiit frmi-dy. 1 wh-b, for tr?e \i li - effin t?-J, that it m;^'ut ue brought wiih; i~ci of u.l. DR. J OHNS. one of the m ~ s cr-1 Ph % el clau<> in Now ^ ork write* as f j: Dt. CrkTif?Dear S'r? llavis* witrr^ed the excellent effects of your Hy^ear.r.w Iriba!'' il| ?eau Yaporand Cherrj'Synin, lucitt* cf CLronte lironf-hitis, and >?eln!/ m':ch in farrrtif < ?> ih('*r Ir ritation hi affection* of the thruat, KvvMtchifcl tulrn and lnn?r?, 1 can tb^refjire ch?frf;;L'v re? c inmei d your Medicated Aparatns aa hcit^ the n.< ?t venlent and effectual mode of ap, !?.:?? ?? ? . .1;; of tbe kind I have ever seen. \oC- l.t r .i. - i,,;? of Perseus mav >>e relieved, and many c-rv*i, hy u^inr'yoiir medicines. I isiiJBt here he . llowed ?-! "nnfp*? ?hn' I ?? tt. rn. tn>?ed to prescrihinii or us!n^ m ret comt ,:nds, but this little neatly contiived article. ;ir.<i 1;. ,f. fects in the case at>ove alluded to, hace IndMea me to *peak in its favc-r. You are at liberty to use tils in krjy v. * y0J may tnlnk proper. 3 RcspcLlfuiiv, yours. Ac., O. JOHNS, M. D , No. GW Houston street. N. Y. Price three dollarr. a paelrace. oF?^b/^*RTH 4 PEki?iNfc- and BOYD A I AL I., li'j Clinn.'bers t'., N. Y. Four packa;"*. sent tn.%- to any l it of thr L'nl t-.*d States for ten d^ilars. N. B.?Dr. Crrti ; Hv^tuaIsiVORif-'^AL and ONLY UENU1NE AKTi< LK; ?.h c'\<r? are inilfUioas, or vile and l.T}::r;. .% co.inttr fciU. Shun thcrr 2^ \ou woiiid POISON For sale In Wax^'n^ou by c>ilAS. V InTT street, ?i J. ji. MooiiE, In tue F irst Ward. u^y < m CARTEK'S SPANISH MI2TCE3. THE GREAT PURIFIER orTIlH FLOOD ! NOT A PARTICLE OP JtKJ-CURT IS IT A.N INFALLIBLE REMEDY f.w Srof :., Kind's Evil, Rbeciaati-iii. (.is ticate Cui^t ' ous KrnntloiM, P!:r.p!es - r Pn-t .1: ,>;i ;^e ft.r*, Hlofcbes, Boils. Chnvtk Sore Evi -, K: >?? V --.'R! or Tetter, Scald He^d. lir'-r 3 prin of ttie Bores and Joint*, SiabWra Virf-n. t1--. philitlc Disordern, Li;:ui?,.?o. Sfi;:.U C?>.n piiints. and aii thr disoa:^-^ ar; ,llu. Srvi^ an 1:: Judiciou* tBeef Mercury, lmprudcaoc .i Lt&, or Impurity of the Blood. mriS VALUABLE MEDICINE, t: '-h h-s JL become celebrated fur the r. r c x ;*xtrair cjinar/ cures, eaV;tcd through !?? n rt. w . u ,a. aaced tee prcprirtors, ^ the? . :'e .. .;.. their ?-"iruds, to orTer !t to tbc vvLici tL- d9 tLe coelldenc? in itavi.'u- 5 end *.con prop rtir*. Tt e f- c^?: ctiw, Mri'jctod irom alart,e uumncr,li.?\.\;7er, etronsrer teFtimony tlnn tLe r ? ? wcxd . p-fj prlstors: and are all from s-etti-rar ji w U In their lo-iilKie^, i .d t.f the kii.r; r.-t ir ty, BUjf of tlicm nldiai In ihs Ci*,' c? ).; 1 mond, \ 4. P. B(?YDEN, Esq , cf the Excbi?.s^ Eo:;2. Klchmond. known em>vrhtre. says V h5?v:v?. the Medicine crilsd Cartkr'b s.?a -- ?h }>??? - runt, administered In er.r al i-.d .i zz fa nprly all the disease-for \-hirh it! t. r, . 5. ?d, vrith the irev. a?ton*shtn<;ly ^ r sa>-s it is the most extraordinary liiedlciaii hi? v evcr s-:en. AVIJ? AND FEVKTi?GREAT CVRE-1 hfiieoy certify that for tLres* years I 1 -J a., r- p-.^ reyeruf the most violent de.crinti n. I h.i * er-^i Phyfciclani. tcot Iai>-; rfe^inii.e, JV.ereary. and I believe ali the Tonki t-.dvt rti.Md. ouciill without permanent relief. At L<i 1 ? Carter's Sj^L h Mixture, two t, , i. h of v. L. ?nectuslly cured me. and I am ba.*r y to ? 1 have l?.& neithor chill* <r t>\rr:: 1 c.m eider it the beat Tonic in this woild, ami t- * oc'' medicine that evei reachec! mv cat.-. ? 1A JOH\* LONG DEN. uzavir DiTca, near Itkhuiona, Ya. C. B LUCK, Esq., new In the cKv -f Itirli mond, and f.v many years in the i\r : ^ xre- ; such confides in the astoaiani..* eft acyof C*!r. ter'a Span 1 oh Miaarr, th.t he 1._- L 1 wtrUs of 5~ bottles, wnicit h.* J is ? lv r ? . , the Air. ?xy4 ho b- < r. ?. r \ -t lt to fiiii whea tak^u according to d;.cciioa?. Df. MIMGE.a rn'-tlfir.^ Ph' sirlan f. *? ?. mer^y cf the City flotei, in tee c < .? < r u hii ond *~Yn be has witnrvsed h? a nameer nf . the effects of's jipsLlih Mlitur^.'Vuieh wcie most truly carpri -in,;, lie sav* ? :.a... 0j Coiesu;aptira, dependent oa tho Li..;r iv ,?ei ekc^ty were wouaerftii indeed. SAMUEL II. DR IN KI'R, cf th'. 5i:d ..f BrI. - *f-r A Moms, Richmond, was cured ,if 1 Complaint of three years standing, by the as ? a. two bottle.* of Carter's Spanish Mfxt isv. GREAT CURE OP SCROFULA ?TL- Fdi tun of ti.e Richmond Republican Le.d a Sir..ct einplcved in their prr-s riM>m, c::red of violent Scrofula, conibmed \ :th rihe;i<?,Uii-;u, wuica ea \T~y ,u'^-u!eU u*su ****?'? wv<. Two b '-.Ut - 1,1 C.uter s Spanish Ailxtxv a jv-.-fe, - rue cl him, a::d tue i.ditors. In a pibiic i.4.uce. ?? .v ?L'v ^cheerfaiW reeoame-ia It to ah whouu aJh^Lu witn >my orsea^ie of the Mc?ed.'? STILL ANOTHER CURT OFSCEOfCl t I had a very \-aluable uv/ enred ?.f Sc rofula ?v Carter's Spanish MIxtum. 1< - i,r valuihtemedicine. JAMES M. T * Vi.??K c ?. doctor oa the R. F.and P. R. R. Co., Richmond^ SALT RHEUM OF TWFNTY Yr ? rr STANDING CUKE.)-Mr. JOHN THO II* ??oVrw!{!lr,? ,n lllchmcad, wase'srod by three bottle i of Carter's S;c.i,i.h ?-ir of Salt Rheuin. which he bad for nc wlr tw-i.ti years, and which all ti e physicians of tue c"tv could not cure. Mr. l'lioui^tkon is a \*e 1 k .?? " /V MATTHKWS. of Richmond, had r ^ SyphjUt^ in tiie w,?. r,-nii h\ Cutti r s Spanish Mixture Ue sa>w ?.r cLeerfailv Iredicl'rr ' considers it a'vary m .ataabie EDWIN BURTON, commissioner of the r?v? nue, Ka^ s he uaa seen the ?cod <4 Oaner'a a paM*h Mixture In a nuiul-fr of 9vpaUiti? tnd says It is a perfect euro for tha; borribio d;s-' ease. VYM. 0. HARWOOU. cf Riohmoni, c.:rM o! old Sorea and Ulcers, which d;sabl?-d iiina f nm Walkinir. Took a few bottles of CarterV s r.a 1 ;h r.l Ixlure, and Wo? enabled to w without a c. uLch in a short time permanently cured. Principal Depots at M Y?TAKD, CLOSE A CO No. 88 Maiden Lar.e. New \ ork. ' T. W DYOTT A SONS,No. 132 N<*~h ?.-c ?treet, Philadelphia. ' BENNETT A UEERS, No. L!4 Ma'n Richmond, Va. ua-c 5kreet? And for sale by CHAR LES STOTT Wrwk ton,D C., HENRV l'EEL Al?,n!iH^ ALnr' Druggists everj'where. ' ^ndria, i^d ?y -gyap bctUe> or ^ bot Jes for K No 330 Pa. ar^ue, betweed &r\ **4 10(4 #ir?r,, P?M?< . WVHII*?T0.1, D. C. to wScJS. ?"* emy klnd^of rejair> Medical. PRIVATE MfcOM AL TKbAIlIC Ol TBI PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW OF YAB&TA9S. ?Y St. D. LA CftOIX, ALBANY. AT r , jrr 250 Pa~es and 13B riw atd LiUiO$rraph* and Plctea. Pries Mily Tww^fl?t C*n?a. Stnl tf r?UAf *? ?** ??"? ?/ '*? I" 1UKAPEST BOOK F.VtR r*BLlBHEI> aad coata'ning nearly double the quantity of read iig mattrr In that of the FIFTY CFNT OR DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS. It treats on Ik* PHYSIOL 06Y OF MAKKIAOK, r.nd the Stvrrt iBflrm'.tle* aid l)l*o-diT of \ot.*th inl^fir-n Ma'rrity, resulting from ea- - c*?v*i. which destroy the (AydmS and mer.rai pew M, with on " ??**'? XankM, its d- ? p -i <"??? aiitnttoM. va their remedies: wi'li LXbOfraph*, lliostmMnjthe Aa*t?ni? era rhysif i<vy. and itiemwof tor H?. prwJ itetive Orrnna of both their strurbue, cees. t :id function*. A popular ud comprehen sive Treatise on tht- Dct.?? t-.nd OttiXlfln of all ele and ma-ried life?happy r.i.d fruitful aulnn'-Hi, rr.odr of ????rirg them?'nfclleltous and lafrriUs "ret?their obviat...u s'-d WOUl,?Uap?H;i> hmt* to those contemplating n* .rin.onr. that wi.i overcome obj^tlous to It; none. however, sbon 4 lake this lu.portrnt step without ?r?t coi:*u.tin.; '.u psges?cemimntari?* < a the disease* and nee!' -J treatment of fem;ilea from Infsacy to ?>td age. r.rse graphically lll'wtra'ed by beautiful llthogn. nhic pl^tet? nervous debility. Its eaear* and cure l?y aprccrs-s at once so simp!*. safe. and etler'iaj that faiiuie Is lu'.pneslble?rule* for dsilv manage, nent?en essay on Sponratorrhata. witLpiac'ire: observations cn a safer ?rd n?ore surre-s-ful n >?de of trratm^al- -precaarttecary hints on the evl ix rr ??dtii:g from empirical rractic?an rssar on all d'*esses arising from ina J arret Ion. with plain and sit..pie rule* by Which all p? rwi a* r ..n cure th?m. selve* without mercury?r<in? dies for 1 h<*o keif, it-Sit ted miseries and d^sappoinud hop?-a so ua f> rtni.ateJy prevalent In the young. It is a truth ful adviser to the married and thosecontemplating marriage. Its perusal is particola.'iy recommend - ed to j*?rwons entertaining eeeret doubts 01 tlx sr ph)**lcal condition, a d who are er iu>iloas of hsv lnjf L?r trd?*d (liehealth, hi>pplnos*.and priviir^-t t? which every tinman 1* !ii^ i* mtitUd. Price TNVKXTY-riVK CI.NTS ler copy,or F:re Cordea for < ine I' liir.r MailM ireo of po?' ap.' to nil 1 artaof the L'rJ ?>d Statf*. N. B ?Fhooe who pirffr ma\ conxuit Dr I.A CROIX upon any of the dl" i.po 1 whit h ?ht? l>.? k treats, either personally or bv mall V< 4? - r;r t ft in to suy j?art c< the l ulor. aiccordin^ :o mi re? safely p.Kkod and carcfiiliy ?<. u!id fron. ail observation Addr^n Dr M H 1.A CROIX. No 11 Maid.t Lare. c r l'ost(>ffl<v box Altwny. N Y. [L/* OHio** of*-? d?itlf from Warn to y p rr . and on svinuav from i until i p. 11 l]Jr "dice RKMOVK!?fton No 56 Beaver it. to 'U Msidfs Lane, Ail-any, N. Y. dec 7?f DUVTOr. tl <1 <1 F I, HU'I CFLF.BR ATI.n GERMAN BITTERS, ?\ : r. X. J \? nsos. Philadelphia, Pa., w lt. srrr< rrji LI7F.R COMPLAINT. DY PTEFS IA, I JftKrnirf, Ckrunir cr Vrte*" l)i\ t+ftf ?/ tk< Kidn'jr*. "? t " I urittme a Oi**r4cr?4 Li ret or St* mark. Sorb as Cor.-tSpatiin. Inward Piles, I'uIlno?s or B'oodtothe ILad. Acidity of the 'ria-fc. > :u ?t i. He&ri'nurn. Disgust for f<?<d, T ??: AYei^ht in tl;c ^ton^ ii. ^?>:sr I'.r.K uttoi*. >* 1 L 5r.^ or Fluttering ut the Pit of tbeSto-u.:t? n, Hvrlnimlngof the Head, H'jrri?tl ^i;d I TI' -ut Brea'hinj. F'tttt-rin^ ot 'be lle^rt t*I k':!^ or S ..iocatint- S^vsatioit' when 'n n <; ' I'o?-: .?? , 'iunt.-? of Vision. Dots ?^f \Y?l>? l??*f(?r?- tlo j Fever and iliui I'aiu !a tLe Ii< ^d. l>eL r'-' <?f Perspiration. Yeliov.i?e*s of the *ikin d 1.V-- . IV i iu the Si ir. 'tack. C I ? vt. Limbs f r.} J?udien Fla*Le^ of 110** i*i.ruix. ; '.i tti*' Fieab, Con*taat In:a?lnlnj:s ef Evil, ur-d Kre.-.t Depmsioa of Spin's ! ri?HK PROPR1KTCIR laealJlnj the af ' a of the public to this preparation. doe- so w*'h ! a f.Minp < t the utm<mt conSdence in i* ? v;rt ie* and adaptation of It to the divaM% for vL.i u it is | re< run mr id nd ; It b no aew and untri. d mtU!e, bot one that has s*<??d Uie t? st of a tea years' triil before the Amer . I'*:: ? ntn')'". and its rvp;:tati< - :.#>d ? ? la B - - | VcJ 'tl by any similar p^para'^ons ex'-ant. Ti t . t<*>timony in' It* favor Hi^?u l.y the mo-; p'oanl* ! nent x:d well-l.ny*n PL/*?isa* udind^ di: ??. : in tii parts of the <oun'.n, is immense. 'If j li>Vki:it{ fr?..n Nor.h Ceunlna 1* r* ap#?.tfi:liy s b j niHt d. referriiii; any who in^v stiil d; ^l?t. t.? tn? 1 "Mcluorabil^.'' r.r Pr?ctUal'Brctipt R k<L f?x Tar** -nd Fan.D'ts. tn !:>.* bad cf ail tit i Aith'v fo* th? <?er?utn h.tteff: Pri^"'!?al OAoe and Man't&cSftrr, 1-3 AKt'k BTRELI, i'iilLAL>HLi'illAi ! A. ti:jt;:jc;;? y r::u;i noriu Carolina Cni jlt*t4 c/ Dt. IV,ef Ti*it Hill, fcirt iwii Cftmtp, Af. < P:t;? 'iill, March 4, v ?"?. u-.. C. M. JacK- t, 1*1:1'?. d Dear Sir. I | L.:ve l?oen a scb;? t at l^yrixpiii, la Its wor?. | fonn. for the last tire y an. t ucb war. n.y condi ; l!on for twelve BKedv that the 1 hytlrlsas .'itd u' i who .v.w me said 1 rau-t die. \\ in this e?*?. d;'.' a l_Wd.- ( arrle-i ta the watsrlng places i? Vlr try the t of ?on <? Cifeiv.^u* water in thai | r-irfe. Alx*rtt the larr of th? w-^k 1 wet. 1 ..tot j o' ? K ?>ir.i :? ft. m- t?.r r % ? l:.u ai U ? :r} < li. TL' re were ?-everai of u>e village j ny-i I cij..- la ?Lo More, ui. l or,? of them m>< r.ied "o tjkr ? aome Intemd in my ca>e. a"d. after a>k!r.y in? 1 er??ie que-".- .i?, stia be had beer, a dynpeptic 3*?d | hed I Cfi ^74v.tiv b#ie5tte?l by tie uje ..f tiOOF LN.\i>:S isKK*?i.W BITTERS, prepared by vnu, -ud fc- l?sUt?d lhat I would try th-; Bifm. lie ; calf d thP ue^t ??*?' at tu> roora, and la s' so mu?. h that 1 wolJu try them that 1 a^-ked him to c-t ire oat bottle lie did It, aud I ct t m<?a??i taking it jih dir-ct?-d and 1 wu more b *a eltted by u ILaIi ell the water hnd *u?dl?.iar 1 had ever taken. A for teaching he-air c^e cf tcy Bclghbon U u>- tor a p>**i rijrfk'n tad nedtc4!^, (headv^ i iK-p'.ic,) and I pnve bin nearly all th?- V'.tter* I { bad 1< it, which Hfcctad u.ia a ?<*>& In Lis r.v. . He has often tailed on me fur rroie of tLe j-ai. ? | kiud f f modicine, tayit^{ b?- w?a n.or?' btiefciu-d I b> 1*. than unv oth? r :.<? had taLeu. but I have i?a I L -en Chi. to ^et ea?- more f.-? hl?u o4 myself kL e, { ^? 11 jot, tb 'ijforc, p'..uic fcil- ioc a Covm * .? rv ; -aan ?s j?>??ibie. ile??jH<tTiil-y, voi;^, YV.S^IIB. D I; it?.*. Ri*rt': otu.v, \\lo , N C., ' *cL lirrSi. 1 ray": ??l av * ?? rijier enoed vpa- < raathea -fit "torn >t use of HOOF LAND'S GKfeXlAN llll TLRs ?? tM.r? r.ic 1)? ucrury and f:.neti?u.dl dsiar-^eaa nt .< 13.e I Iver, uiMt 'Is conccu-iuiiit ev^is. I aui d.> io.? cf obtauung a q.!aLu:v of Ufor the i ...-3*. :?! tr.j ooic.t.unity. \ ua will, therefore, i.tetsew wla lot, U.C., <!iC. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J, ATV. HtjiitviLLB, Yadhla Co., N. C. I rtovembt r bt, 1 55 J Dr. C.W.J srV?rn?Lrtr Alio^r rue to?x priva* to on };?y slscete tbachs f.?r your di-^co?-1* ??f a medicine a hlrh, to say th?- loe*t cf if. Lh- ef Kv'. J a ?-U? U._t aL other i.?edicit.e?. tb*t I biv. tak- u. haveenUrrty l rilcdtodo. ktOOFLAND > CK.?.??AN MTTf.ll Lave t ur* d rue of the m*4 fttubtc.-o and ug -raveled case of the nt.*? taa. jjerbap, evtr leil to the lot of man. Myr? ?*.?? not a stiaBgw in thL: community, rs I am veil kno'ATi lu tuia and ti e snrrotindit g c.* ifiles, and car. tiu.y say tual my recovery b.u a bounded au :uy friends and uiatiort. as 1 Lad tried everything rcc :rr nd -d. and noihUi; did lae any ^*otid ua tft 1 v-r.s prevailed upon ta tr>' the Bitten. Yea are at llbedr to any u-e of lnis eoirmunxj lion tor tae u-m tt of the atUicted, you may thlak pw,? <f?. Truly, >ou?, V?U. J. ATWOOIL These blt.ers are e?t*r?.;f tigttclU, th? y 1 rate r-d strengthen the syaUnif . ever pro ..ate .t. ai.d can be Uhed for infant.- ss will as ad alt:-. For sate by re*p?v -able dealers evtfj-wberc, by / D. OILMAN, V\ashir^U;r; J I KiU \VKLL, beor^c'.uwu, and J.'K. PlKRi'ONT. Aie*6_.dria. mar I?lr HLaili'S EAGLE PLIMIIIMI AND CAh HT1INO DEPOT. 'I'^lIK subscril?er resnortfully an -ounre* tr? hi* A fiiends and the puolic in tenernl that be Las reoeiv?xi the first i<?t cf the celebrule*l Lit >l.?i I.'S DHL BLi: ACTlNti SLCTUIN AND F??Rt K I*I'M F, which received the SILVKK MKDAL -t the late F air of the Metropolitan Met hank -' Insti tute, p id is now prtpaied loiurnish all alio may favor him with a ills stork of OAS FIXTL'KLS are -sod In the District. With his corps of competent woikmen beprides himself to till anjr orders in the FLl'Mnl.Nu AND OAS-FITTING line with promj^noss and despatch. All work done warranted toirive complete satisfut tion. J < ? 11N RbiES 1 . may 3?tf corner 6lh st. and I'a. avetia?* LETT KB ft TO THE PKOPLI: on Heal*h and Happiness, by Catherine L Beet bet In paper 37 X, cloth 60c. History of the Council of Trent, from the French by Johu McCllntoch, Dl)., (>1 'Harper'. Picture Bock for the Nursery, by Ja cob Abbott, ti vols oncb New volume of llnriier's Story Book. ?l TAVLOU a MAURY'S an 19 Bear Vth stmd.