Newspaper of Evening Star, September 8, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 8, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING star. f a ^ W ASKirvtT01 CITY : ?AltAHAl AFT ft*UOX Sept. H. I Advertise* ?ts should bo banded In fcy IS o'clock. M., otherwise they may not ap pear until the next d-\y. THE WEEXI.Y STAB. Another rich a::d interesting number for the pa t week, containing ell the latest intclli g*i: a of importance at home and abroad. Torrns, -rl.25 a year, and three cents a pintle cumber. SPIRIT OP THE KORFIWO PRFS8. The Intelligmcrr "j oices OT?r tho prospect that the veritable Whig party of Massachu setts will decline fusion with any other party cr faction whatever. The Union call? attention to the proposed Republican National Convention, at Cincin nati. on the 21 s*t of November, which it pro nounces very little m?:re than a Garrison abo litio- gaibcring, under the tcspwesof ex-Gov rrr.or M"ia. F, Johnson, of Pennsylvania. " ' ? ?. *^aSSlir6T0H TTSWS AND GOSSIP. Itilow Fever JLuiferers?Public Meeting *\ e are gratified to perceive that the sugges tion to call a public meeting, to devise nr-ans t jr additional relief for the Norfolk and Ports mouth sufferers?as published in our columns yesterday?has been improved by the Mayor if AV a.-hington His invitation to the citizens to that effect will be found in the local column. A Gallant Knight ?Col. Josiah F. Polk? for since he has turned a vry active politician on the etcmp, as well as in the matter of dis putation with the pen, he has of coarse re ceived the distinguished military title which it afferds us so great happiness to join his po litical friends in according to him?asks a place in the Star, that wo grant with pier*, tare. for the following rejoinder to, or expla nation in connection with our recent criticism on his " vindication'* of Mi;.? A:;na Ella Car rul!, viz: Ml=3 A5SA ELLA C AH BOLL ANt> BlR WARNING* TO AMERICANS. To the k,.htor of the Star.?Sir: You will 1*?rmit me. I suppose, to correct ore or two er ror* in your remarks on my '? vindication" of JMi3s Carroll, which appeared in the American ?Jrcnn on the 5th of the present month. t Yon ?ay thr.t in my vindication I dinarov < t'tt't that C'd'To// i> u rtfatt re of tie C a troll of Carrolto/i family. You are z ishtly mistaken in this remark, as I state tne very reverse. In reference to their being relatives, my language is. that no respectable rersonwill deny it over his own name. The f ict is Miss Carroll's great-graodl'atber and the father of Charles Carrol!, of Carrdton. were first cousins. {ctwsin-germ.tns.} I did V'i -s'ate this in my vindication, knowing very >>-dl thar M?s? Carroll lriys no greater stress on this connection than she'do. son the rest which a reter to. Again: you say that I stated that '? Charier Carroll, of Carrolton, entailed on the Indy's (^lisi Carroll's) srand;>.ther the family "es tate, ?c. Not so, exactly. My lanrru.tge is. the estate was entailed upon Miss Car roll g j;randf?ther throt-sh. not i-v. Charles ^rro!!, of Carrolton. lit the grantee or t cart, with remainder to Mir?o Carroll's grandfather. Your obed.ii.Et scivant, ? w ^ f Polk. : Washington Citv, Sept. 7, 1*55. A? t ' eg the Colonel s pardon for being so thick-skulled a* that we coull not compre hend, from the w >rding of bis vindication,"' much <?. which the lady thinks of so much im portance to hersc'f, whether he (the Colonel) meant to say that she teas a member of the Carroll of Carrollton iamily. in averring that 4i nj respectable person will deny it over his twn signature." The gallant Colonel has proved his case, we checrfuliy admit, and the relationship is not as remote as it mi^ht be. The lady is, according to the Colonel's expia tion, a cousin of the existing Car: lis of Car r "t< i, only ten degrees, exactly, removed; es. t m"-tirgthatthe!attcraregrcatgrar:d-.?hildren rf the original Char'es Carroll of Cancllton. All tli* reminds us that, in our owr section of \ Tjinia, whero ro fondly keep up rcinin Lteucia of family connection?, wc have a shoiter way of jretting at tho explanation o* ?uch degree? of relation-hip, saying: - Oh. his great grandfather a cat ran through icy trust-grandmother's kitch?.n, I suppose." We mu*t thank the gallant Colonel, by-the by for tho pains he has taken in this matter , inure especially, as in so d.?ing, he is barking up our own family iree ; the brother ef onr nether hating wedded a Brent. whose mother was the daughter* f a nephew or grand nephew <>? ihe verituUe Charlea himself, ot Carrollton! That distinguished Know Nothing, E. C. Jud *02?E Carroll JuJson?wc understand, aleo claims identity with the Carrollfon family. JIe is more widely known as'-Ned Buntlinr." So. tho Colonel and ourself had better bring our geneological researches, in this par ioular eii.ection. to a close, least we prove t .mething in>rc than might be perfectly agrcor<ble. We trust that no cne will essay to set up a claim for an enlarged influence for Mr. E. Carroll Judson'a Know Nothing labors, on the ground tl it bis great, grandfather's cat ran through tho k.uhen of tho great grandmother of the ) re-cnt Carrolls of Carroll ton It' they do, wc fo;>r wc ch ill begin to think hard, very hard luJecd, of ?,ur venerable aunt (by murriage) Nelly, who has been many long j-ears under the .? ?d, for bringing iLto our family kith, Buiitiii.e. that distinguished m m and Ivlow Nothing politician. Tho Cale of ths O^au Newspaper.?Least fur piragraph. published h few dsys since, in ati >n if the error into which we fell, through wrong information on the subject, in attributing to the Hon. Bayard Clark, of New orK. the pur-hsse of the (Jrgan newspaper *i'h tho m ney ol George Law may bo mis understood by <**hers, as wc find it has been by a t;iend. we have to say that we have satis fed ourself that our original -taf^mont con cerning the transaction w,w wholly incorrect; neither Mr. Clark nor Mr. Law baring any interest whatever in the purchase, a- we have sia'.e a eertained to uur entire satisfaction. W. aje thus particular in setting this Uiaiter ii0Lr. as we do cot war on the busines" interests ..f rur cotemp?>raries of the press; being fir more in eliuod to do kind things towards them, oil a and all, of whatever party, than to depress their influence or interests by intentional mis Tcpiementations of their aff.tirs. A11 gentlemen in our prolessioy are, at times, liable to make ftet> ments, in partisan warfare, based on er roneous information and misconceptions of faces, much of whieh get info the sanctum of an cait-jr often through very round about cbaT;r;e!s Whenever we thus fall info error8, it is onr pride and sincere pleasure fo correct them fully and frankly, as in this case L'r. ta-riji?3r.?The letter t" this distin jjui i.ed geatlcman, from which *e published Qwutieju jrwterday, ?aux?ijr ? km J from complicity with the eff>rt to use the ex ploded Pope's Nuncio story for political cffect, ted also from having, in any way what ever, sanctioned the Torsion of it thnt was so extensively published not long since by way of making Know Nothing political capi tal. His appwrrnt identity with it was wholly ;he work of thoso who Bought to {rain believers for it by giving him to the pub lic as its author, without previously consulting him ao to the correctness of the version they aimed to palm on the popular mind, which he has so emphatically discredited. In Congress, he bore the reputation of being a man of abiding integrity of purpose in all he did: ?and his conduct in thiaaffairhas provedthatthe leaven of a protracted residence in a European capital, has not been sufficient to disturb the balance of the good old fashioned principles of common honesty which were bred in h'm Pinong the mountains of North Carolina. He is still the Daniel M. Barringer whom all so deeply respected here, because of the never failing senso of justice which characterized his bearing towards all during the six year? he held a seat in th" House of Representa tives of the United State?. The Agricultural Improvers of Ergland have, of late, tuined their attention to the wash of the sewors of the cities, as a fertilizer with astonishing results, increasing the annual value or rent of the lands on which this refuse has been applied from six to fifteen-fold. It is estimated by competent persons, that not iong hence the value of the savings of this refuse, under the system being applied to it. will produce more profitable results than all the guano at present used in England ! Lon don alone is said to yield 150.000,000 gallons of sewer water (slush) daily, e-jual in weight to 500.000 tons, or enough to manure properly in a season ten millions of acres, A contract for the drainings of that city, to be so applied, had been entered into, and the estimated an nual cost of preparing them for application is but about a million ot doiliirs. There can be no doubt of the remarkable fertilizing charac ter of such manures, as every fa rrner knows, who has watched the effect of the drippings oi his half fetid .twill-tab around where it stands We however question much whether the ex tensive use of the article in its usual half fer mented stat?. will not be very sure to breed pestilence. The manufacture of poudrettecan not f til to be very dek terious, indeed. to neigh b .rfcoods where it is prepared, and we do not see how that of the solids or semi-fluids of the sew-rs can to be n.uch more .sj. However, we trust that the experiments in question may progress and result most satisfactorily; as, if so, they will at orscc be adopted here to the great bentfitof cur own country. On Trial.?The public, on " over-hauling their political almanac," will remember that the affair in which Lieut. Beverly Randolph, of the United Stat.s n^vy, s-criligiously pulled lien. Jackson's nose, grew out of the latter* excrci.-e of his authority in striking the sai j Lieutenant'* name from the navy of the United States (somewhere about tho year <f our Lord 1S31) on account of his failure to make good a balance tluimcd fr^m him aj ex officio the successor of Purser Timberlake, who died one day on tho ship of the aforesaid Lieut. Beverly Randolph; the claim be i.ig then male for the United States by Ames Kendall, then bixth Auditor of the Timed ctates Treasury. From the day of tho nose-pulling above re ferred to. down to the advent of tho present Administration, the (Jovernment, some h >w or other, has been unable to go to trial in the original case against Lieut Randolph. How ever, tho present Secretary of the Treasury having insisted on prompt and unflinching ef forts to collect ail old balances due to his de partment of the Government, this case ia now on trial in Richmond, Va , with a fair prospect of a final conclusion in a very few days. We predict a verdict in the Government's favor, froiii our confidence in the care ard forethought of Amos Kendall a< a public officer, which, it will be remembered, male him at the time about the uiort unpopular functionary with tho Treasury outsiders known to the history of the Government. gmall Lak?g ?It i* held by the Genera.1 Lind Office, us a general principle, in referenct to rm->!l iak<- contigu- us to which tho public iands have been s .ld, that where t!i?y have been properly meandered, and treated as nav igable water in the original Eurvcy mado by th? United States, the title h. s t a%std from the Government; but if of a character which did not justify their being surveyed and repre sented on the official plats of survey a- navi gable lakes, the title atili remain* in the Uni ted States, and they may he treated as public lands, and sold after survey. Land Sales.?There were, according to in formation received at the General Land Office, 343 bounty land warrants, located in Du buque, Icwa, in July, 1S55, a- follows, viz: I nder the act of 1802 10 warrants. Do. 1H47 . .{J ?? Do. Is66 |<*1 ? Do. 1855 1,111 ?? A Oreat Meeting ?The Democrats of Phil adelphia are making preparations for a grand display on the 17th in-tant, having selected that day for a meeting of all the friends of tho Constitution they can get together. Col Win A. Richardson, of Illinois, will bo the bright particular oratorical star of the occasion, we hear. The Current}Operations of tho Treasury Department.?On yesterday, 6th September, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department ? For the Treasury Department.... 522 010 50 For the Interior Department 4,2*7 6y r or the Custons 4 s s4<i oa War Warrants received and en tered 2 251 C5 On account of the Navy 137 450 00 ijf' Our readers are well aware that wo have never advertised patent medicines?but we now publish an advcrtiucmr.t of Aycr's Pills, not because we are paid for it alone, hut because wo honestly believe that Dr. Aver is one of the best physicians and chemists of the age, and because we know from experience that his Cherry Pectoral is tho best medicine for a cough that was ever invented. We have bejn cured by it of a severe bronchitis, and hate giveu it to our family with unfailing success, for colds, coughs, whooping-cough, croup, Ac. Our neighbors who have tried the pills represent them as au extraordinarily good medicine ? Dsmocrat, McArthur, Vinton Co Ohio. I^-Thc ranks of British painters have been thinned by the death of Mr. Charles Brocky whose t.Mezux d? genre?with occasional tl .tits of subjects of a higher order? him agidthly known to our exhibition haunt Th<s Epidemic in Norfolk and Portimouth. Gloomy, indeed, is the latest news from the infected yellow fever district.?our letters from that Quarter teeming with accounts of the dis tresses and wants of the sick, the groans of the dying, the piteous cry of some desolat'd ia?nily?a father, mother, brother, lister, or ehild dead ; in some instances but one left of a large family, and in luany cases an entire family pwopt off. Sickening are the details, and we would Jnot harrow the feelings by *.heir recital. Our people should pray God that such another scourge may not visit the human family ' Among the noble souls in Norfolk down with the fever are Mr. Augustus Cooke, the assistant Mayor, Mr. John A. Kirkpatrick, of the provision Ptore, and our fellow-citi zen Thomas Briggs. The latter, it will be recollected, was among the first to offur his services to nurse the sick, for which purpose he left this city nearly four weeks since. He has nobly adhered to his promise, to alleviate ;;s much suffering as possible; and in the per formance of his duties as nurse has received the blessings of the dying as well as the heart felt thanks of the living. Private letters speak in the highest terms of his valuable services, uid express the ardent hope that he may speedily recover. We have a letter from Petersburg, this morning, announcing the gratifying intelli gence that Capt. Eliaa Guy, of the Norfolk police, has entirely recovered from his long and severe sickness with the fever atJulappi hospital, near Norfolk. Although still quite weak, he is making arrangements to leave for Petersburg, with the view of placing his fami ly (all of whom are convalescent) in the pure air of that healthy locality. The scents through which he passed are represented as unough to chill the blood of any one; and he hopes to live long that ho may extol the heroic conduct of the bisters of Charity, through whose constant nursing and attention he is in debted for his recovery. Dr. N. C. Whitehead, the acting Mayor of Norfolk, has appointed Franklin II. Clack, I>q., captain of police of that city. Mr. Clack is a son oi the late Captain Clack, U. S. N.; he is lately from New Orleans, but was raised i 1 Norfolk The deplorable condition of things ia and around that v.ity (the unburicd bodies, ????.) was the incentive. A Norfolk correspondent of the Richmond dispatch expresses the opinion that the uis cisc is abating in that city, bat not in Ports mouth, where there is great suffering for the want of provisions and necessaries for the sick. The writer reports the arrival of 110 coffins .;om Richmond. 150 from Baltimore, and 40 from Hampton. Goal in, the murderer of Murphy, died in the Norfolk jail on Wednesday. The jail was ihen thrown open and a number of mutineers, ivho were awaiting trial, immediately re paired to the hospital and are now rendering efficient service. To give an idea of the extraordinary ex penses now being incurred by the remaining citizens of Norfolk, a correspondent mentions t iat a gentleman was compelled to pay cue ft red and fifty dollars for a metallic coffin 1 -r his deceased daughter ' Mr. G<)tewood, junior editor of the Norfolk ;-*<toon. is very si:k, but his phys-ioian thinks h3 will recover. The fact of the doath of his putner, Mr Cunningham, had not been com municated to him The whole of the Lricson family, five in number, resiling on Talbot street, have died wiih the fever. A Norlolk letter, written on Thursday, says: '? A p?>or woman wrote a note to my wife yesterday, saying her mother was dying, aud her two sisters sick, and begged us to send her a loat of bread. This wo did of course. I carried it myself. I sent her some again to lay, and shall continue it, for there is not a baker in the city, of course no bread and not a cracker or a lemon. This pestilence is best combated by nursing, and it is for the want of nursing that so many die, but when it attack# virulently, nothing will arrest it. Mrs. Geo. 'V. Camp died yesterday and I p'?>r Camp will soon follow her Mrs. W. White head died last night, as did also Henry Har w.Kid's wife and Thomas Owens, but I cannot enumerate, and must refer you to the corres pondence of the papers. I saw yesterday af t ;rnoon at Ghisein s old shop near the A ea it:my, wagon loads of Coffins from Baltimore. Richmond and Hampton, and even with the e. it is difficult to bury the dead. Mauy b all s Lave been unburicd for 43 hours, and piles of them are kept waiting at the Cemeteries for graves." FROM PORTSMOUTH. The peitilance, which '? walks in darkness, and wajteth at noonday," is still terribly 0 urging the people of this unfortunate town. 1 wenty-three deaths in one day, with its pres eat reduced population, is indeed quite ap palling. On Wednesday theic woro twenty ti.reo deaths, and the impression prevails, that the fever has not at ail abated. 1 Ivo physicians have been sent to the hos pital, but their names have not been ascer tained. Dr. Wm. Collins, the esteemed President of io Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad, is now ill at General Hodges' tarm near Portsmouth. John L. Porter, Ls<i., the master ship builder of the navy yard, has so far recovered from the fever as to be able to attend to the duties of his office ; and is now daily to bo seen at hiS post. ihe wife of Charles Bilisoly, Esq., is dea l, and not Airs. Joseph Bilisoly, as stated in some o: tbo papers. Her son Joseph is also dead. Mayor Fiske is recovering. M.vsjiAcui'sKTTs Democratic Nomixatioss. The Democratic Convention, which met at Worcester on Wednesday nominated Caleb Stetgot), of Braintruc, by acclamation. Mr. B?a<-h was nominated for Governor by :h.? late Anti-Maine Law or Liberal Conven tion. The following were chosen delegates to the National Convention at Cincinnati in May next:?ChadesG. Green of Boston; Benj. ?. Bailer, ol Lowell; Whiting Griswold, of Green field, and Nathaniel J. Lord, of Salem. The resolutions adopted fully endorso tho n iiional administration?denouuee Know No things with much emphasis?compliment Hen ry A. Wise for the bold stand he took against tlio "sceret party" in Virginia?unequivocal ly condemn the Maiuc Law in Massachusetts, at. 1 call upon all Democrats and liberal men to vote for the Democratic nominees. fter the adoption of the resolutions, the following S:aU) ticket was nomiuated by ac clamation: For Secretary of Slate, Jonathan E. Field of Stockbridge; Treasurer. Stedman Buttrick' Cvncord; Auditor, Oliver Stevens, of Boston; Attorney General, Nathaniel J. Lord, of Sa lem. Mr. Lord declined the honor tendered, and in consequence the State Central Committee were empowered to fill all vacancies. A Hard Cask.?Solomon Bumford, of Can terbury, pleaded guilty, on Tuesday morning, to a ch Lige of givuig atcuy a glass of spiritu ous liquor to a woman, who asked it for the use of u sick child. Bumford refused to take payment for the liquor. A fine of fifty dollars anl eo-u of prosecution was awarded this de.- 1 charity, as provided for under tho 18th ?'i ? j'i . the law for the suppression of intern P ?? iuc?. by lac legislature.?iV. II. PERSONAL. ....The Hon. Fayette McMullen ii in town, enjoying remarkably good health, and evi deutly prepared for the discharge of his Con gressional duties as a member of the House of Representative? ... .The Hard Shell Democratic State Com ?uittcc met in New York on Thursday, and nominated John 1>. Fay, of Monroe County, ns the candidate for State Engineer, in the (dace of George Cole, of Buffalo, who declined. ... .Senator Toombs, of Georgia, and Mr?. Iiodisco and daughter, returned to this country in the steamer Atlantic. .... A Northern paper 8tat*> that the suite of the actress Rachel consist? of four servants and Jiftf trunks. ....Senor Escalante, the new Minister to the United States, has left Madrid for Wash ington. ....Hon. Benjamin C. Howard, one of the " Old Defenders" of Baltimore, is to deliver the oration on the occasion of the celebration by them, at the Relay Housu, on the twelfth September. ....Robert J. Lawrenson, United States Mail Agent, formerly of this, city, who had one of his legs fractured by the recent railroad accident, near Kingston, R. I , lies at his res idence in Fouth Boston, we regret to learn, in a critical condition; lie baving. in addition, been ir.ju.#l intornally. ... .Sir Charles Bowcraft, London, Hon. J. S. Wilson, Va. and Hon. B. C. Eastman. Wis , are stopping at Willard's hotel. I'nhearhor Hoxestv.?Yesterday, ayoung man named Edward Gardner, was arrested in the Bowery, on a charge of stealing a doien giver spoons, from Richard Tweed. Jr., who?e place had recently becen burglariously enter ed and robbed of several articles of value. Gardner, on being overhauled by the otficcrs, however, explained the matter, by saving that lie w?:? only trying to raise h small sum on the spoons, in order to advertise them that the owner might be enabled to recover his proper ty. He was taken before Judge Wclcn, who did not feel inclined to believe this story, and committed the prisoner for trial.?_Y. Y. Courier ami Enquirer. 5?-^^SPECIAL COLLECTION FOR THE Benefit of the Sufferers at Norfolk and Portsmouth, Va?Tlic Rev. Gko. D. CrxxiM, formerly Hector cf Christ Church, Norfolk. Va., will deliver a discourse upon the subject, In Trin ity Church on Sunday evening next, when a col lation for the purpose will be taken up. 1 RED KOONES, S^P 9 Register. ?SIXTH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH corner of Marylan avenue and 6th street, island ?Divine service to-morrow at 11 o'clork 1 m . by Rev Mr. Fekscsox ; and at 4 p m. bv Kev. Mr. Dorrascs. The public are invited to a'tend. sep 8?it* =?UNITARIAN C II U R C II ?THIS Church will be re-cpcncd on Sunday, the Uth Instant, at 11 o'clock a m. The pastor of the Chnrrh, Rev. W. D. Coswiy, will officiate. sep b?It 3f-^5?THE PIC NIC AND TARGET Shcot-. lngoftbe German Yeagers which w*s to take plat e on Monday, the 10th instant, is post poned until further notice. sep 8?3t NATIONAL GUARD, ATTENTION ? Yon are hereby notified to meet at vour ar timorv on TUESDAY MORNING, Septem lilber tlth, ?t T o'clock precisely, in full unl form, with k!iapja' ks, &<?., in complete order for two days camp duty. By order of Capt. TAIT. C. R. B;?hop, O. 8 sep*-?'it* PR ESI DEN T'S MO U N TED GIHRD, Attention ?You are hereby notified to mretat the armory TUESDAY afternoon, Sep tember 11th. at ax o'clock precisely, in full uni form, and all accoutrement* in complete order, preparatory for taking oi.r departure to the city of rlaltimore Every member wishing to go must lie punctual in attendance at the appointtd time to as to cause no delav. as we are compelled to leave the armory at 3 o'clock proclsely B\'order JOS PECK, Capt. W. H. HaywaP!), O. S. N. B.?Adioumed meeting on Monday evening at 7% o'cloc k. st p 8?St* _ ij i| ATTENTION, WASHINGTON H1GI1 ai landers.?You are hereby notified toapp^r rj W at your armory on W EDN ESDA Y, the 12th 41 -ii Instant. at 1)$ o'clock, in full uniform, for the purpose of joining theescort to the 53d Regi ment. of Baltimore. "Every man is requested to be prompt in his attendance. Bv order JOHN BAIN, Capt. Jos. T. K. Plant, O.S. The Company will hold a meeting on Monday night, to make proper arrangements. sepS?3t THE PIC NIC FOR THE BENEFIT of the Norfolk and Portsmouth sufferers, which was to have taken place at 'he "Park:' on (he 3d instant, has been postponed, owing to the inclemency of the weather, until MONDAY, the Itch instant, to commence at 1 o'cloc*. No charge will be made of visiters to the house or grounds; but gentlemen entering the Dancing Salooa will be charged the mode;ate sum of fifty cents Prof. Bergman's Band Is engaged ; it Is hoped that the citizens of Washington will generously re-pond to the call, and aid In relieving the ;uf ftring of our distressed neighbors. Mr Whaley's omnibus will be ?n the corner of 7th street and Pa. avenue during the afternoon and night, to convey pass* ngers out sep 5?It CHAS. SHUSSLER. NOTIC E?THE JACliSON CLUB take pleasure in announcing to their friends and the public generally that they wiil give their first Grand Pic Nic at SPRING GAR DENS, (formerly Favier's) cn Monday, '.h? 10th of September. 1856. WM. DELAWAY, E. MO RAN. J R BROWN, Committee of Arrangements. au -9?eotSeplO COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, NAVY YARD, MONDAY, September 10th. TENDERED TO J. C. GRIFFIN by the WASHINGTON GLEE CLUB, assisted by the .EOLIANS, WASHINGTON HARMONE ONS, and the following talented gentleman : Mr JULIUS KECK, the celebrated Guitarist. Mr. B C. GRENUP, the favorite Ballad Mtiger And Mr. V. CONNER, the unrivalled Tenor singer: \V ho have kindly volunteered their services for the occasion. sep 8?2t* HOW TO GET AND GIVE RELIEF! fO TO DR. VAN PATTFN, have your good V* for-nothing, foul and offensive teeth taken o-jt, and as he gives the mcney to th? relief of the Norfolk sufferers you effect two good ends at one cost. sep -i?3t CAD IRONS, extra polished, the best in the ^ city. Iron Holders,Furnaces. &c.. at 4!(0 Sev enth street. [sep 8] G. FRANCIS. (1AM E TO THE PREMISES of the Subscri ?J b?r. living at the stone house nearp^^jr*^ the Little Falls bridge, somo time about R the 1st of June, a large BU1-' F ALO jXtS-. COW, with a rpd neck, head white from ?yes, two pieces out of the right ear, and her legs red fro n tne knees down. She gave a little milk at the time; and was accompanied by two other cows. ,ep*_3i* JOHN FRISELL. I >1AMIS EOR SALE OR RENT.?New and 1 second hand Pianos from the bestj-^^&M manufactories, at moderate and conve-j I f f?? t.ient terms for sale; secondhand Pianos taken in exchange, and tuning pianos attended to at No 498 Eleventh street, above Pa. avenue. F. C. REICH ENBACII. sep 8?OmeoSTudtTh* IMPORTANT TO GENTLEMEN. f 1 REAT INDUCEMENTS FOR YOU TO VI CALL AM) SEE.?The undersigned gives notice to his friends and the public that he has just received his stock of Fall and Winter Gords, comprising all the latest styles and colors of Cloth, Cashmeres, and Vestings; which goods wili be made up to order in the most elegant ininner. as be has some of the best workmen in the United Mates "at work for him Being agent for Scott, the Reporter of Fashions, you may rely upon get ting the most fashionable Clothing. READY- MA DE CLO THING of his own make; such as Over-garments, Frock, Dress, and Business Coats, Pants, and Vests,from

medium to very superior quality. All the above goods will be sold at very low prices?for Instance, a whole suit, Coat, Pant*, and Vest, for the small sum of ?I5. Overcoats, beautiful style, from 8i0 to ?'20 Pants, do do 3 to 10 Vests, do do 2.50 to 10 He respectfully solicits a call from ail in want of clothing. FURNISHING GOODS, such as Shirts, Drawers, Collars, Stocks, Hand kerchiefs, Scarfs. Umbrellas, &o. P. W. BROWNING, Under United States Hotel, between 3d and 4 K streets. Pa. aveaue ?ep 3-dt LIST OP LETTER* Rtmaining in tkt Pott Ofic*. Washington. DC., Septtmbtr 8, 18J6 [Ordered to be advertised Jn the 4 Mining ?Sfar," agremble to the fallowing section of the Post Ofice Law?it heinjr the newspaper having the largest circulation ui any daily paper pub lished in Washington: Ssc 5. And bt it further rnactid. That the list of letters remaining uncalled for in any post office in anvcitv. town, or village, where news papers shall be printed, shall, hereafter. be pub lished once only In the newspaper which, being Issued weekly, or oftener. thnil hnr? tht largtst Circulation within the range of the delivery of said office, to be decided by the pestmafter at sucB ?yrer*onsarpl>tn? *or letter* la it* foilowin* list,-will pl***e uy tbey ar* Aotkitisch. I. ADIKS' LIST. Ashbjr, Mrs Marrarst R a-ansa, Margaret K vedsraon. Mim Ar.<* Harry, Mrs Haunali His**. Mrs Letfia Butter, Riles Harney, Mrs Maria Hater, MIsLAnn \ Brooke, Mr* RlTJ-r*' Buvce. Mrs Tdo W Hniwn, Mr* Rostno Clark, "X r" H l> Craig Iri lister Cummin*. Mrs M?ry A II C<>nej, Miss Frances Coflac Mi as Carrien, L'jeraot Ckiuwi, Nisa Hr;tD ? O i.U.d, Lettlct* (\)nw?y, Miss C'aioena. Mr* EIlu Ui'lf, Mi*? Siiaaica Dni.n. M>as Ellen [>?-?' ? jr. II!M JnhltDn Dennlaou, Mr* Mary H Edwards, Mr* A Fuller, Mr* Jane K >ster. Mrs Jan* K m'?* y K u.hi;ch, Mr* Kllen French, Mr* I.ucretta 1 Oantt, M tea K Mile 2 Gre-u, Mrs MarT AT G"ddard, Mr* S M Hinted:*, Ml*s Frances ti r?-e:.|K ?r. Mrs Robert t Cibson, Ml** Ann* ( rajwi:, Mi** Monrovia Hy<ie, Mr* M A H-ath. Mrs IIunion H IIu i(1le?l<iu. Mr* Jane ki Houilk'U, Mr* toil L lletzel, Ml*? M tccie Hanson. Mr* Sarah D HeUel. Mr* M J Herbert, Mrs Marls Il-Ii lley. Mim Margarrt, Miss Florence Johnson, Ml?s Julia Krenai. Mrs Baisal.Ul* Mrs t. Leary, Allies Lacsy. Mt-s W Marks, Miss Letia Maber, Msry Moulder, Sarah Jan* Morris, Mi*s Ada J Mi-ffiL, Misa Anna MKartian. Mr* Mary A MrKamara. Mrs M l, >w?ll, MnIL McUarmot, Brlicet Markentlre. Rrld?et Kewcotne, Miss Brld^st Korris, Mr? Kitty Premier, Mrs John Peiei*?o. Mrs Barbara Penderj??t. Miss Margaret Peanre. Miss Alio* R Paluer, Mis* F.ueltne guS'.i, Miss E K Rot'iiaoii, Ml*- Mart Jau* Randtilpb. Miss Betty ') Kotcers, Mlas CatliariuS lloaicr, Mr* Catharis* B- yu lil*. Mr* Ann Shannon. Mr* Sarah A ShMda, Mrs M C flween? y, Sarah Kborter, Catharine R Newell. Mrs Mara htiraiitel. Mrs H k.iaatxiii Seal. Mi* Henry Smith. Miss Mary C Smith, Mis* Amelia fclliea. Mr* Washington, Miss Harriet A Wadaworth, Mrs 8 phla S Waters, Mfs Anna W at-r*, Mr* Ti. mas Wearer, M rs I'sthsrln* WaUnn, Mr< L -ulsa R Wllllani-iii, Mrs w rtlilugtnu. MrsB' betes Wefcb, Mi** Anna Wall, Mary Admnson, Richard Albei t. Mi< liael A raaji M ?-u-:l II Ai-die*t?, J l? Andersen. J II Anson. J no I' Acker, J no F Ariuw, Kev Gm J I'.'ilaitd, Fraacls, W H H,i'-kley. Timothy I: rice , Keiiertjr B ''ley, M T GK.Vrt.KMEVS LIST. Hedln(er, G*o M Kewball, Wm Heath, Mr N*ff. Rev Tetar, jr Huliman, M hael 1 Xugeiit. Tb >? lien* 'i, l/>ii.? Hnirtilui, Jeiea'h Hololitn, Jno Haa^ier, J no J S Healb, J K Ha^?rnia*>, Henry Hall, <#e.? fla .rou, Oenl Herb"'. Guttiib Hall. P H BucbaOan McKeao hoTor, l? Brown, F S Burns, Jn?> T Bonrk. Jsnie.* 15al', Jno Broara. Jno Hrouot^rh. Jco C llarrtlt, J A Pe? I, T C Pariueiee. Rv har 1 Pratt, Oraon Pi ma Parker, J amrs Prieat, Jpo Pa?e. Jas Parker, H T Price, Ja.-ne* P^rt*', David Parker, David Mai! laian, W Pettltt, C W llafl'T. A lifxat, T A Haye*, Lt A J W H Jack*<'D, Mini Ja ka?n. I.t I' N Htldvin. Harvey 3 Jone*. K?v Deo K"'vea, H J H iniaid, II F fe (i B K ?wn, G F Hr.rukt, lieu H B.iv.rn, Dr III arid, Alex Beller, A T B> e l?e?, A F C?w thorn, K W 2 <- ark, P J 2 Ctiiruslde, Peter C ?k, J K Cre.?rer, Jam' * Culliian, Jno Crew*. Jouatliau C :rpe:iter, G H' Csyaia, ?lo> anul Cayt1, Gen <'?*oaa. tiiovaanl D jnaldgon, Thos l??y, S fc I? ivls, Jno Dietrlck, J Davi*. J ao llvurity, Heary llolkiu, Henry Dtv!*, lien T I'-wulf.-. (*?o W liunran. D 11 4 D .nn, iicnnl* D?jltj. MirUael K-l>ey, S C K-t>y, M B K'l -ar, Jno Kley, LtavM W 3 Kuell, U S 2 Kalc>>li?r, Jaoi' t F inite, W A Kiottriiojr. Sam4 Fairall. Jos F Joii-a, Jo* W 1 J >lt. James J J.-linaoo, Jno J ihinil A Haves Joik-s, G A John on. <???? J' nea, KI. ib* J hn, S Jonea, <'ha* C Jonas, Ciitl G Jrilitiaoii, B S JwrdoD. Alex yaiiul y. Tlios R Kobiuaon, JO'1 W Hi'liarilail, Geo W Ki liardaoD, Geo l: "r. A SmlUi, W H Kiii< lair. Win S.inpaoii, W'm ti 8(Sii*ruoiL K bs.-t Sliui'ki'it. r.r P A Smith, l>r rb'.llp sin..;,, j m Pmllli, Jane* Mlillieo, Juo M 1 Siiafer, J oo S- ...irvr, Ja^*>b Klaitriasd, Jacob ?l ??e, J X Siiann >n, J H Kamrnerer. Gottfr'd Sawvrr, Jno G Keian.dy, Martiu Kii.ii, J?me* Kelli:-an Timothy L*o*'li*?! Tn.?a Lea, M K K J?hu Lee, J P Lo< keu. Franri* L?ciu:ir?r, L J Lan . A w Merlin. Michsel a Hail tipoouer, (1 W M Snow.len, K ia arii PdilcltLf, L Saltmarsh, II A Smart. David Sullivan, liaiiiel Tayman. Ueo W Trauyson, J W Tansy, K Tinker, R J M tnnccn. W H, A & Tiniuiea, K bert Ma-kell, Tli ?* Mowhsiae, P K .Mcr-i.ilh, Mi ';*el M ? ?*? ijj Jno <i M sbec, Jituias C Miller, Jno G M'>i Urty, Jai.ies Morse, O-ii J H ?rrltt. Jno N Mai ne, Jco Mo"re, H M Mead Kl*?ri J!.?reli^u??. K P 2 Waaler. B P Mver, C?1 A C MlU heil, Adrian Uaiitt. Pr }or, Jobti- Xlil*. Andrew itoii, Ac (Irfrtct, J no tieary. J Uiinnell, F M lllr.hoiia, i?eo T Ge Incy, Capt Uobt tiemb'c, Arcl th ill liriK'by, tiii?brv^l Ht'Uxuo, W H Halpin, TIhh Holden, TlaoS Hin luiaa, S (I 2 Howes, KL! Stf tenilarr Moore A U McCrae, a M Kennv. Rei' A M. Cloud. Ge.. W M'Clong J M ? H*ai llli> , y r M> v*rr, Peter Mhaky, TMaa McCniibin. Th. 1 M v.oldri' k. Vt m MvBrjde, Wia Neely. Wia Taylor, L K Thompaon. Jamea C Taylor, Jo* M Tlialu, Jno Tlismpmn, Johc Taimao. P C 1 errlll. K Timritot, I! K T.'i >m|reou, Allen White, W M WiiliMiia, W A W i llaiuaaaa. V.'ai Wilson, Tb-s Wi-kt.ani. SSI WriR'.t, Lt K A Wk tdeld, Ceu X B Wilklnsau. Jno K X W: I Hanson. Jn A Walker. J F W l* ili. laaa W iiilams. Jno, Jr Wal Iron, R-v t. S W a biuan. C Wilson, Chas Wtiitrroft, Barton Wilan* A A "heeoii Wiunisar, Le Barvu Ite V. ur-B, A JAMES a. UKKRKT, P. M. XOTIt'E. JOHN MILLLR, Confrctioiier, will close his ? " store on Monday, the instant, in order to repair and renew the preirfla's; where hiu store will be re-opened October 1st, with fresh pre served FRUIT and every variety cf superior CO \ FECTIONKRY?particularly the best Ice Cream and Fruit Cake, tec sepS?3t CHH'KERISG fc SONS* SI FERIOR FI ANOS. SINCE his recent advertisement, the sobKcrtber h^s received from Boston three n.uri'HS^Igi.i Pianos. This stock c?imprlt-es an a* |^Tf|? sortment, in extent and quaJitv, snperior to any in this city, and equal to any in the North, viz : Su perb Parlor Grand, an iiWrument of new con struction, acknowledged by the first Piani?t* to be fhe rhtj d'auvrt of Chickerini:; MauniCcent Ix>nis XIV. and Centrcl Plants of exquisite beau ty of linish and unsurpassed sweetness and power of tone, from the old and famed factor)* of Chlck erint^ A Sons. Also, 6, ijT'd 7 octave Pianos, of beautiful st lesand workmanship, and excel.ent tone, by liruwn it Allen, Boston, exper.?nccd and approved manufacturers The subscriber alwavs keeps the first Pianos in the United Suites; hl? stock is con stantly replenished ; and he will sell them lower tnaa thevcan be purchased in the Factories and brouaht here. Second-band Pianos taken In pari payment. Just received a full assortment of superior Gui tars, Violins, Flutes. &c. New Music received weekly. RICH'D DAVIS, sep 8?3t Penn. avenue. * I'AKD.?The undersigned would gratefully -*?*- acknowledge the former kindness of the citi zens of the District and the public inReneralin the gift of their patronage, and would inform them that he has located himself at tne corner of 7th and D streets, opposite the Patriotic i>ank. where he intend*, keeping a general assortment of Fur uiture, which ho will sell low fur cash, and will give particular attention to ell Auction ai d Com mission business, and would respectfully solicit th-? continuation of their patronage. Vtry respectfully, A.GREEN, sep 8?eolm 4 ( AIIU.?The attention of the puitlic Is re i*. snectfully called to the sale of a tine Country Seat, liaiidsome Furniture, Carriage Horses, and Farming Implements, Ate., to take place on Tues day. September lith, at 10 o'clock, at the resi de'iee or Thomas Marshall, Esq , uear the village of Tennallytown. on the turnpike to RockvUIe. about two miles from Georgetown For particu lars reference Is made to the advertisement in another column. P. S ?An omnibus will leave the Auction room for the sale at fc o'clock in the mornint; and ietu;n after the sale, J. C. McUUlEE, Auct. sep 8?2t M A DA >1E RS REMOVAL. MADAME R. respectfully informs the public in general, that she will ijive information in all the A It airs relating to Life, Health, Wealth. Marriages, Love, Journeys, Law suits, Difficul ties in business, Absent Friends, Sickness and Death, and In respect to all other subjects. She!* also able to tell the Ages of persons by reading numbers. All those who wish to consult Madame R. will please call soon, as she will remain in the city but a short time. She can be consulted at all hours of the day and evening, iier name Is on the door?at the southeast corner of 13th and D streets. Gentlemen 50 cents and Ladie>25. Sep su-5t FRENCH AND ENGLISH PERFUMERY. WE have just received a fresh lot of F rench and English PERFUMER V, consisting la part of all the varieties of Lubln's Extracts, Scaps, Cosmetics, Ac., Rowland's Macassar Oil, Kayia dor, Ac.; Farina Cologne of tbe very best quality; Hay Rum, warianted pure. Also, Hair and To ith Hrushes real English; and every article requisite for the Toilet. Good articles and reasonable prices may always be relied on. T. GALLIGAN & CO., Importers, and dealers in Fancy Goods and Perfumery, 370 Penn. av., under Browns' hotel, sep 8?eo3t PRESERVING KETTLEsZ-Just received a fresh supply of Clsrke's English Enamelled Kettles, all sizes. Persons wishing the very best crticle manufactured, at a very low price are iu vited to call at the Housekeepers' Furnishing Store, 490 Seventh street. St-P8 Q FRANCIS. 100 ?^rrel8 brown sugar. M.XJXJ 20 hhds. prime New Orleans r o Just received per schooner Fairfax, fiom New York ^ uii d for sale by *ep fr-e*K MURRAY * 8EAlX?iJ. AMUSEMENTS. Grand Firemens* Concert, AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL THE Grand Complimentary Benefit to tbe ME TROPOLITAN HOOK AND LADDLR COMPANY. tendered to them by their Firemen friends. will take place at tbe above-named Hail, t a TUESDAY EVENING, Sept lUh The object of tbe Entertaininei t it to assist the Company In the erection of their Ilook and Lad. dar House For this occasion a most STARTLING ARRAY OF TALE*T IK COMBINATION OF ATTRACTION is offered. The following eminent talent has kindly volun teered their service* THE LASSELL IXSTRFMF.NTAL COM. PANY. Mr B C OK F.N N I P THE WASHINGTON OEEE CLUB ? among whom are: Mr S CROSS, Mr C. GRIFFIN. Mr CLARK. Mr SANDERSON. Mr MeFARLAND Mr. J N KECK. the master pittari*. will per? form a splendid solo on hi* instrument The old favorite*?Tl!E HARMONEONS? will aiu-ar in a choiceco!le? tionof oev* and beau, a ttfl Choruses. Qua tet?. iljLlad*. a.c , among ' which win i?e a Grand Fireman's Cbonis, written e\i>re*sly for the occasion by Mr J \V Pumphry. Professor J. A. L-rde'la will preside at the piano. A MAGNIFICENT AMERICAN FLAG will be presented to the Fire Company selling tne largest number of tickets?ever> Company Is ?* pocted to enter Admission 25 cents. Doors open at 7?performance commence at 9. Tickets to he l ad at the principal h>4el? and mnslc stores, and the iremlter* of the different Fire Companies. 1HOS STONE, sep 4?TuThSMATu Manager PLEASANT HESORT SPRING O A R D E N S. (FORMERLY FAVIERS GARDEN.) On M StTfet,bttV(n Str*ntnntk f- Eigktttntk, OPENED every day in the week. and on Sun day. Nosnlrito'is liquors allowed but Cof fee. Chocolate, Ice Cre.ii). Ac , will be for sale Weber's Brass Band will perform every Mon day and Thursday evening, beginning at about 3 o'clock. Admittance free au It?3m 1 OVT, ON THE Ath instant, in this city a ?J note of ??u. drawn bv J hn Beacbam, la fa vor of Mr Saers. of Westmoreland county. V?.f (the first name of isaer* foreotten.l ard left in my hands for collection If left at this office a suit*, hie reward will be given WILLIAM TILOR. Seventh Ward, near Steamboat Wharf sep 7?3t? SOITHERN MANVWACTCIIES! FAISV1EW COTTON WORKS, XEAH < A\AL BASIN. ALEXANDRIA, XA, FIT/. PATR It K A BI RNB, PBoraiKToas asd MAXfracrracBa or COTTON YARNS. SAIL TWINE, CARPET CHAIN. COTTON BAT**. WRAPPING TWINfi. CORDAGE. A good awcrtm'-nt of ij;ese article* now on I *nd and readv for delivery, to which we call the a tuntlon of merchant* and dealers in these goods walch we are selling at Northern prices sep 7?:Jt F. A B LOST?ON SATt RDAY EVENING in the President's Y*rd, a heavy embroidered cam bric h&ndken hief Any one finding the above will be rewarded by leaving it at ii- Fourteenth street. between D and E streets. Island. sep 6?3t? GEORGETOWN 1EMALE SIM I NARY. VREPORT having l>een industriously clri ula fed to the effect that th? terms for hoarding and tuition in mv Seminary have l?een advanced to firr hvniral dollar! jrr it in on. I deem it my duty to give it an explicit <cutradU tion. I do not know to* the report originated, nor by what agency it has paired Mich Ti.e statemeiit in my ; thR* e<| < atahwueH madewi'k g~eat clearness and can hardly have perverted to ne <r double the amoudt stated. The terms for The last three years b?veb?^n p^r *?~sioa of ten months Thf additional cost of all articles of domestic consumption compelled iue to raise mv terms to ?24* The terms fjr day puplN and for extra ?tudiee are unc imaged. WILLIAM J CLARKE, sep ft?lw Georgetown. D. C. FALL GOODS. THE subscriber would invite the attention of his fr;? .d- and the public to h:s supe-> rior sto'k of Good* for irentlerr.en s wear for the approaching season just received which wlu ha mad>- op to '.i, the mo*t, approved styles. at the shortest no'i'e. and at his u ;:iallv low'price* Tbankf'il to his i>at'on- for their liberal encoorsi;enient heretofore be Is confi dent that, from th? facilities be now enjoy* to be able to give all entire satisfa* tion. E GODEY. Merchant Tailor, eth st . 3 doors north Pa av *epft?dim FOR BOSTON?BEGILAR PACKET LINE. THE BRIG ANDOVER is now loading, and will have cuick dispatch for the above port. For Freight apply to HARTLEY A ItROTHFR. Agta, sep 5?It W ater street. Georgetown 1 A CAUTION 18 neces*arv onlv to tbo?e wto have not >*et used mv superior Black Tea a? fifty cents a pound, agalmt the imposition that is daily attempted by ??>ine persons of elastl-- cons^ lem e to palm off Tea represeutin ? it to be the same a nd a? mine. The way to na!' the deception to the forehead of the parties so attemptir.;*. ;s by a trial, samples of which can be had jiia^'iltously Tie balance of the chop-mark, forty-five Lo^esnf tuu a ticle of the latest im(x>rtatlo'n Is in i.iv store, and by the box famille> can have it reasonably lew* than at re tail. One hundred and ten Macm-lia bams the last to 1* received this season, to b3 had only at my store Green con?*rvc and preserved finger All the condiments necew-ary for Aim rican. French, and English preserving and pick 1: tut Pure cider vin egar. glass and stone jars of all size* for j* llie*, preserves and pkklea, with a variety of f^h gro .eries unsurpassed Z M P KING. Corner of V< rni'.int avenue, I a.:.d U stre* t. r.or*h ea-st of Jackscu Statue septS. BITS OF BLARNEY, by Sh'lton Mackenzie, Lditorof the Life of ? urrian.jr Price #1. Guy Rivers, a tale of Georgia, by W Glimore Sims, Esq. Price SI 25. Just Published ai.d for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S sep 5 lbs-ik-iore n? ir \ inth street. CMI ALK < RAYONS for us*on the Black??oard. J sold for the makers ar Walthain. by the un dcr**cned. Bo* of 114 Cravon*. ?VJ cem? sep4 FRANCK TAYLOR. THE PIANO FORTE < LASSKS OP MR WM HE NET PALMER \RE now nearly co.npleted. b;it a few vacan cies yet remain to Le filled, for wbicb early application is de*lr*d. as the number being limi ted no additional p ip'ls will be afierwaid* ad mitted, M r Palmer having determined to take no more than he can fullv att? ud (o Due notice will be given to each pupil of the first meeting for in struction. and as an incentive to Improvement be roposes. at the eipiration of the first ha f yet r to ?ave a general examination of hi* 1 lasses, to whl'h the parents and friends of each puj 11 will b-? invited and priies will be awarded to those vho may have obtained the greatest proficiency Application to be made to him in persen, at his residence. 233 F street. Terms, S5 per quarter of twenty lessons sep 4 MARSHAL'S SALE.?1 n virtue of a writ of Furl Facias ? under Lien 1-aw," ii-ned from the Cle?k's office of the Circuit Conrt of the Dis trict of Colombia, for the county of Washington, an?l to me directed. 1 oLall exp se to public sale, for cash, on F R I DAY. the 2?Th dsv of September next, at the front of the Court house door of the ?aid ceunty at 12 o'clock m . tie foUowlng prop erty, viz : all William Durr'a interest into the Brick Houses situated on the west h .If of Lot No. v2. In Souare No SS3. in the cltv of Washington, D C., siezed and levied upon as the property of William Durr. and will (>e sold to satisry judi cial No 21 to October. U>', in favor ofColt man k.Smith. J D HOOVER, Marshal for Ui.-tilct of Columbia sep 4?tds A PLAIN FAIT. MAGNIFICENT Rostwood elegantly fin ished full seven oclave Piano Foae imt re cti ved, from a celt brnted mar. ufactor>ywC^ -^frU in N. York, and must be sold wlthlu}7 T f |l ttn day-, at the astonishing lew priee of Two fine rosewood Piano-; from the celebrated e*tablishn?ent of knabe. Gaehlc A Co Baltimore, have been used onlv a few months, the owner* lieintt comptlled to leave 'h? city, ar.d we are an Ihorized to sell them at the l?-w price of #2U> ecb. A sect ud-hand Piano for f 75and one for SP>U Always on hand the largi ;t and mo*t reliable stock of fine Pianos in this city, at orr Music St ire, 3ub Pa. avenfie. b^t 9th end l th sts sep4 joii * I ELLI1 I * >1URELLAS, EA&KETS Engravings, Pe* KJ fuaiery, Ac , at ELLIS'^, Penn avenue, acar l<nfi ?t. ?u21? A