Newspaper of Evening Star, September 8, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 8, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. > LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. The Norfolk a*d Portsmouth Suffer y*n?Pt bmc Meetixo ?It is with pleasure that we publish the following invitation frojo the Major of Washington : Mator s Opncb, ) Washington, Sept. 7, 1855. j To ihf PeopU of Washington: The intelligence received to-day from the cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth is of such a melansholy character, that I have deemed it proper to invite you to assemble in town meet Xo the great calamity which ha" been upon the inhabitants of tho--e cities for many weeks the suffering* of famine have been added, and an appeal has been made for further aid Whilst our citizens have generously responded to their former c alls for help, they still have sufficient to spare 14 out of their abundance"' to ?' comfort the sick ' and " feed the hungry. and to stay, as tar as possible, the hand of disease and d<?ath. I tbereforo invite you to meet at the City Iia.ll on Saturday evening, at 4 o'clock, to take such action in the premises as may be consid ered effective and appropriate. I also invite the Pastors of the several Churches to lake up collections in their several pL cs of worship on Sunday next in aid ot this object. John T. Towers. Mayor. It is unnecessary for us especially to recom mend the object of the above invitation to the consideration of our citiien. The sad details which continue to reach U" from the fever-in fee' ?! district appeal, in a manner whith can n >t be di-regnrded, to the sympathies of < ur kind. As relief is needed sow?at osce?we may reasonably anticipate a generous response. Twelfth ok September?Oir own and t e \ i.siting Militarv.?A meeting of the fi Id and st iff, and the company officers, of the 1 strict regiment, commanded by Col. llickey, t is held last night at the City Hall, fur the ?>arjoee of making arrangements to receive lid escort the filtythird regiment of Lalti i. ( re. under the command of Col. James M. Anderson, which will arrive in this city on the morning <4 the 12th of September, in a special train. about 10 o clock, intending to visit Mount VenK-n. the steamer George Washing ton having been chartered to take them to and fr*m that consecrated ground. At the meeting to which we have above re ferred. the fdl wing-named companies of thi* city were represented : Washington Light In fantry, German Yeagers, B'?.ne Rifles Wa.?h ir.^n Highlander*, Montgomery Guards, and Clarion I he arrar cement?, we learn, embrace the^e features, vii : The field. staff, and company officers are to mmml o i the City Hall at y unlock, to es cort rrc Ualtimor* military visitors to the A'!e regiment will be ordered out in the afternoon at an hour to suit the return from Mount; Vernon, to escort them to the Pr>*si lent s Hou-c, and thence to the railroad st.ition. It is supjn'.3ed that all the companies of our city other than which we have E-inc 1. and whu-h have not made different arrangements, will j??in their brethren in the Cfccrt. OiR Advertiser! ?Mr. Z. M. P. King com municates a pleasing piece of information to tea-drinkers, nod to tho lovers of hsms. those delightful magnolias, to be had only at hi; store, so well supplied with a!l the article? on fcscd in an extensive grocery. Mr. . H H trrover is now receiving hi; u-ui il 11 supply < f stoves, grates, ranges, etc , and partiuiariy calls attention to the new style o; Latr b. and F-dnour pattern of stoves foi healing two or more stones. This is a ruiua b!- consideration with housekeepers, both on account tf comfort and tiie preservation ol c.eanline^ in parlors and chambers. J. F. tl;is it forms the public of his having for sale 'me oi those h^u-ehold " institutions ' niano f?rt s, at comparatively cheap prices, from the m->dt approved manufacturers of the ln.-truments. . t'lwin Green, so well known in this citv. invites attention to Li- large and handsome asrortiuent ?f cabinet furniiure. Gait A Bro. have, it appears, just finished a lot wf beautiful silver cups, goblets, kuives. ior*<; and spoon-, -unable for persons entcrin coiieg^s or seminaries. ? G. Francis informs gentlemen who "like u c ?!i,;.?rtal1e shave' ?and who doe- not ?tha* he hiw jnst revived a lot of ?' razors as is r.i *^rs, w;ththe other article* nejessaryto thai proce.-s. Fraii.-is Lamb, whose e.tablishinent. a pel t^L':,Ur-WS1!f 'I-'13 ^'^"f theeom P i in tre Luited States, announces his EE?/?itU 1,1 triufi4Ctur,?- at ?bort notice, parlor and other mirrors, of all tdz-s. " r' :' r ?ur readers to our advertising col US wi're'h^W!i' ?nfta* ?ucktolktor. ??t them ? ad tho branches of trade and bu siness. tht ,M*CHaviIcal Achievement ?Yesterday Z, , c?nden?er for the war steamer Min Z Casl in ,be Washington navy yard, ZZ*tllh T V lnir;y thou-j;:.d poind- Oi JS,*1*1 wfcrc !t "ne beat: iIr- Leonard, t ie master founder of the yard, and his effi ? a>-i.-tant. Mr. Jones deserve great credit tne manner in which they have conducted we operations connected with the production Jf the u, nei.-e pa ces of machinery required f rthec ipletion of the first .lass war steamei u a >ove. 2s..t an untoward circumstance ^urre.] in making these hu-e castings. fn?m <IlJi demonstrates tho in tk*V' u? Gie W ashir.gton mechanics in th- i'nernmeut's employment there. Had ? n one ot th in been inattentive to his duties nere would. 0f cour?-. have been a baulk, re th. ilg,W H L-a.V pecuniary i .?a, if not in ructl'\'{ ?uuoan life?as the work of ng heavy j leces of machinery is n?.t only a-Ucate operation, but at times a veiy dan 5, r ?? ".^deod. Messrs. Leonard and tl? i ti ar 1 corps of workmen, have set lit ;.!VMn7?^iugcan be doneinthi ir d-j el-ewhci ^t?a' Ula^ ^ 10 MoKyi itoes The same heat wliich minis tai f 1 ,e Co*nfort of man iu supplying his tfci\ Wl,ih/? m,!n^ at tlds beason of f-*4, A *rm,"d into life myriads of 1 "4 a, which ??rvo to remind us thut? pleasure hath its polnor. too Ana every >weet a Miare."' The following enigma, by lioileau, if we mu-take not. v?- composed under the imnira i 'c <<f the.-e nocturnal serenade? : J ^bumainn implacable ennemie, j nda "nil*' amaas ?noieu& de mon sort: l>?n j" *sn"- et J** trouve ma vie Ids bras r^mi qui recherche ma mort." fol' ^ d"Iie illto tngli-h after the ? 11)? tasLion. making some sacrifice of J 10 ?Ili'r l" the tense a nearly as practicable : An implacable foe to the * lumber t.f man. ui f niany a lover fain wodld "o where 1 csn ? oodthirsty b> ;?/-ture, 1 m enabled m live ' .MUv*r U Ul> dc*lfaKrral*-' pleasure would DISI5FEC-7ING Agents -Mr. Higgins, State Agr cultural Chemist, in Maryland gives some practical information with regard to various subrtances u-'ed as disinlectai.ts. The follow ing are *in ?ng th? facts mentioned Charcoal, which is strongly recommc^dcd by ^?'lue, w:;i not act as a disiutccting agent alter it has become wet, and on thLs account should not bo reiied on. lis property of absorbing; ga.-es of any kind only cxi<ts whilst i\ remains dry When wet it h&-> no more active agencv in absorption than a piece of rotten wocd. There is no one chtap substance which jdi"u!d be reliei on as a disinfecting agent. There .-h? u! 1 b,. used at the same time either piaster or copperas, lime aul gas tar. Lime should jurt be -c.ittered over all places where a:iimal or veget able matter is decaying, and ?hen plait* r *>r coppera- should be u-ed. after which ga.? t?,r should be applied. These three will effectually irrc^t tr de;troy all poisonous exhalations arising if.m decaying animal or Vvgetabie matt^: lK.-oh. ort for Thieves'?Yesterday alter n?jon the house of Cn.n les- T. Jones, , on Lie vent h street, between G and II was en tered bv a thief, who rtole from a bed-room on the first fl'>or a green silk drcs?. The thief, in his or he/ hurry to depart Lit iu the pa ? sage a . bina vase. t?;y pitcher, and looking g!a*?\ ? .-obuy taken ?i >m -< m; other prt IDise Thf. Hackmen's Contribvtio*.?The public should bear in mind that the hackmen intend appropriating the proceeds of their business on Monday to the relief of the Norfolk and Ports mouth sufferers. We would respectfully sug gest that persons be particular in selecting tho?e vehicles designated by small bills post< d on the sides of them. stating the object of the hackmen. A list of all the hnckmon who, moved by a generous sympathy for the sufferers. have thus proffered relief, will be published. Thiscourse is alike due to themselv :3 and the public. The money, on Tuesday, will be placed in the hands of Kie.hard Wallach. Esq.. in order that he m iy supeiiatend its proper direction. CONFIDENTIAL C'lRR ESPONDENCE.?A gen tleman in Maryland, having a duty for the police to perform, sent a letter to a police firm, giving a full account of the bu*:ness. and in forming them that no one knew of it but tliem selves, and he should be careful to keep it a secret from all other persons. The officers thought they had a " sure thing of it,'' and went to work forthwith to obtain the reward premised- Upon making inquiry relative to the matter, they discovered that confidential letters of the same kind had been sent to half a dozen other officers, who were hard inscarch of the rame party. The President's Mochtcd Guard, wi l leave Washington on Tuesday afternoon on a visit to Baltimore. Intending to return on Thursday?theirobject being to join with their brethren of that city in the celebration of the anniversnrv of the battle of North Point?the twelfth of .September. Upwards of forty mem bers of the Company will participate in the excursion. Prosperi's bana will accompany tiem; the members of which will likewise be mounted. We doubt not they will all. as they truly deserve, meet with a cordial reception in the Monumental City. Relief ?The Department of the Interior has nobly responded to the call for relief of the Norfolk and Portsmouth sufferers, as the fol lowing contributions will show: P.v the Secretary, clerks. Ac $70 00 Commissioner of Patents and assistant?.. 105 50 Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Ac.... 35 00 Commissioner of Lmd Office, ?c 103 2^ Commissioner of Pension Office 161 59 Making a total of $175 26 Rubbers.?A number of burglars have made their appearance in Wa>hington, and com menced operating upon those who place con fidence in them because of their oily tongues and genteel garb. We have heard of one that was accomplished by two fellows who went to a house professedly to obtain lodging rooms. The articles stolen aro a number of shirts, a revolving pistol, a quantity of joweliy and & small amount of mom-y. Mr M\tti:e'v Markland, one of our mo.-t r-speetablo citizens, aged sixty years, left hi boarding house on Sunday last, fince which time no information concerning him An ad vertisement in to day's Siar describes his per son. It may readily be onceived that his rel atives are much interested concerning him. Fifth Pomce District.?The -fficers of th'G district, in making their returns. take pleasure in displaying the proofs of good order in it. One of the most active "ffieers of the depart ment returns the following cases as the re?u'.t of a week's vigilance Harriet Gray and Hen ry Wilson, threat-;, security for peace; (Jew Lemmon. W. II. Mortimer and Sarah J. Nor t-.u. profanity, workhouse sixty days; John Thompson, assault, security for peace. A Hint.?A friend desires us to sugge-t that wo.shippers. to-morrow, provide themselves wii'i money?much as their circumstances wiii permit???<. more than likely, the public meeting to be held this afternoon, will recom mend that collections be taken up in the various chur -hes fir the relief of the Ports mouth and Norfolk sufferers. Benefit of Advertising?A lady adver tised in the Star < f yesterday afternoon the I ss of a gold chain bracelet. In the course of two hours the article was left at our office by the boy who had found it. This is but one among the many instances of the kind which c ime to our know!el,jc, as connected with this establishment It is not surprising, cor ? sidering the very large and constantly increo ing circulation of the Star Rrs Over ?A* the cars wero on their way from this city to Baltimore, on Thursday after noon. they ran over a cow a short distance from the city. Fortunately it resulted in no other injury than the cutting off of the hind hoofs of the poor cow. - Dr. Floi'RNOV. of Arkansas, and Dr. R. B. Berry, of Tennessee, left the Kirkwood House yesterday, to attend the sick with the yellow ftTer in Noifulk and Portsmouth. The answer to the enigma in yesterday's Star id stated by correspondents to be '* E Pluribus Unum.'" An Epistle from an Old Bachelor ?Mr. Editor : I see by yesterday s Star t? at your amiable correspondent ''Clarinda complains of the '-dreadful state of the streets."' 'wh'ch preclude* us,:' she says, "from enjoying our customary nroinenad* s through the eity ; and when we lift our drcs-e? just to avoid the con sequences of drabbling them in filth, a dozen or so of impudent young bucks are always con gregated at the corner making iheir invidious remarks, and staring at what they are pleaded to ft rtu ???ir immodesty." Now, Mr. Editor, I think another remedy in.ght be suggested. If our fair city belles would but uso the scissors ami cut their dresses the proper length, they would have no need to 41 lift" them to keep th-m '? from drabbling in filth " The streets may be filthy at times, and no doubt are; but I wish to say to you privately that I have seen these same city belies ?' lift their dresses at times where the streets were as dry and as clean as a house fl.?or which I cannot but look upon as an act of shameless " immodesty." But you will say that I, oi l bachelor that I am. look uj?on the fair creatures with envious eyes. Pernaps so; but they should bear in mind that th?y pass a thousand just such eyes in the streets wherever they go. An Old Bachelor. Washixgton, Aug. 31, 1355. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, Sept. 3, 1855. The appalling and heart-rending news from Norfolk and Portsmouth, as contained in the Star of yesterday afternoon, has completely aroused the sympathies of our benevolent citi zens, and some of them are actively engaged again this morning soliciting contributions to assist in their relief. The contributions from our city ha? already reached over M.2U0. and we are sati-fiei from the leeling now abroad among our people generally that before the close of the day one or two hundred more will be raised. As imtnediate relief is needed by our gr< atly afflicted and -ufiVring fellow coun trymen, we would lUggest to the pastorsot the various churches in our city the importance of prea.'hing to-morr<'W morning or eveiling a >urmi'U upon the subject and lilting a colleo t on for their benefit. Sonic of our leading citizens arc talking of holding a public town met ting for the same purpose some evening next week. Mr Jam-M W. Dceble was. on Thursday la-t, t-lectcd clerk in the Farmers' and Me chanics' Bank, in place of Mr. Porter, resigned. Up to the close of to-day, about one hun dred boais will havn arrived by the canal s n-.-e navigation was resumed- The ehiet nart o: them was laden with coal from Cumber land About 4.250 barrels of flour have al ready arrived. The brig Ar.d vcr. Atkins, of Messrs. llart l*.ye' line of B .ston packets, laden with flour, s ??!> to-day for Boston The brig Acorn. Chase, oi the Mine line, is hourly expectod to artive. At Drovers Rest yesterday, about 350 head ol beef cattle we e otlered, 260 of which were io.d at >3 i?4 on the hoof, oqual to 56 iS8 net. showing a considerable decline in prices since last week rn-st of the remainder were left over and the i?*-t driven on to Baltimore. Old sh^ep ?2 50a>3 50; Linb-> S2i$3. The flour market, under the northern and European new?, i- much more active and firm, I on! we di not think any advance in prioe. h < c urrcd Sales yesterday of I U00 | baud.- u ^7 ?)U & ?7 ij for common to extra sop-rfine brands. Late in the day. wc learn, S7 74 was refund for a lot of very superior ex tra superfine. Wheat, corn and oats active, hut not quotable above our prices of yester day. Spectator. ? ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria Sept. 8,1355. The friends of the Alexandria, Loudon and Hampshire Railroad Company have called a meeting of .ill those interested in the work, at Sarepta Ilall, on Monday evening next, to ar> 1 oint delegates to the <jren??Tal Convention of the friends of the work. We be?neak a very general attendance of our citizens. The Southern Churchman, a religious news rciper, published in our city, is about to change iani*. Rev. G A. Smith, under *no?c edi torial management the paper has been for the past seven years, retires on the l^t of October, and is succeeded by the Rev. I). Frnnois Sprig. Our river trade is quite brisk. We counted this morning thirty-five sail of Potomac craft in the stream between the coal wharves and Fort Washington The Pioneer Mills are busily at work, tun - ir.g uut over six hundred bbls. cf the finest tl'.ur per day. Our enterprising friends, Fitxpatrick <fc Bonis, nt tbeir n?w cotton works, are making up twin#?, cotton bats, &c., equal to the very b"st Northern goods, and quite as cheap. ?? Southern goods lor Southern people " Flour $7.75a^7 87; wheat, red $1.05;i$1.65; wl.ite & 1.70a^ 1.T2; coin in good demanfl at bO av > ? , rye and oats unchanged; guano SOU per t ,n?an advance of S2 ia the last few days. Ami. Sasta Anna?A letter dated Havana, Au gust 2'J, 1855, to the Charleston Standard, s.iys: ?4 Our beautiful city has f?t last been favored with the presence of his b:te Most Supreme Highness Santa Anna. His arrival was by no means unexpected, it having boen for some time rumored that he wai coming, and it is - iid that; a foreknowledge of it has been con f lcntly enjoyed in certain quarters for some m mths. Ue that as it may. the Mox'can war s'.oamer Iturbide came to thi-. city on the 25th instant, and tri-.u i* came Santa Anna and his c aipany of refugees. "reat noise was ni.ide <>\er his arrival, for very gooa u~d suffi ci.'iit reasons, I supj?oje. The Guerrero, ttt t't'a^r steamer, also the property of the late republic, was in company with the Iturbide, i.nd previous to the setting out of this steamer f>r t'arthageun, on the 2tith instant, the entire T?rsonal property and effects of his Supieu.S Highness were transferre 1 thereinto, and that i- the last report of him. He wilt doubtless ? mplete his voyage in the Guerrero, nnd in t: e meantime the Iturbido is left to return to tho service ot the 4 triumvirate" as soon as ^ho h.;S taken in a proper supply oi fuel.'' ' ?' ''-nHBHWHMUintnSHHaMHHDIBHMHMnMIHHBai |J7 Important Motive.?But enr solution to ?h?> mysterious office performed by my ELEC TRIC OIL, that ! or any Physiologist can th'<s f r d! rovr. and that is its provable incnrporation ?vOhthe electric or nervous fluid of th? hurna h:?dv. This is more obvious from the sudden clunge of the nerves of sensation (those little mon i i s'of mifteii-'tr.) noticed bv all who use my ( "nuire) Klcctric Oil, from 3'J South Eighth st , n ir Chestnut, Philadelph a It is a most i n p irtant dl.-covery. as the people wi!l soon k:;ow join actual exjierience It relieve# sulferi:.^ as <^o -> no other kaown comb'n&tioa, and sud denly. Pare 50 cents and 81. Prof. C. DeGRATH STOTT Jc CU sep 3?Iw ITT To* ervoas fciuferers.? \ retired Cler ivnaan, restort-d to health in a few days, after iiiaay years of -/teat nervous suffering, is anxious to make known the latatis of cure Will send (free) th? prescriptions used. Dlrcct Rev. JOHN .U. DAGNALL, 59 Fu'.tcn street, Brcojri>n, N.Y. au .7?1 m ?r7*Tlie Marble llnll (.'lathing Enperlnm Hrowns' Hotei Building, offer unusual induce ments to purchasers of Ready-made Clothing for Gentlemen and Boys' wear' In order to present vur customers with a stock of Goods not to be eouilled for the coming c.ur prespi.t ?uor ir c f Coats, Vests and Pa ntaloons will be sold at pri eet that cannot tail to please. Oaahmerett, Drap L?> Eta. Cassim'Tos. Alpaca, Drillings, Linens, Marseilles, Ac . of superlorcutand workmanship, au 9 ' NOAH WALKER & CO. Inhalation for Disrated Lun^s?The in ide of Inhalation, In cases of diseased lungs and throat, recommended by Dr. Curtis in hlsad vcr iscment, strikes us as the true one It is now generally admitted by oir best physicians, that local aitiiciilties can only be successfully treated by local applications This practice has been pursued from the tirst with respect to external in flammation and corrosions, and we see not why diseases of the throat and lungs may not I *? treated in the same manner; we believe they may. in this variable climate of os;rs, where lang and throat complaints have become so prevalent and rife, we earnestly recomrr/nd to the public, and to Me afllicttd (specially, to avail themselves of Dr Curtis's reined.'?f r.e v. to has tried it ] See advertisement in this paper Caution ? Dr. Curtis's Byfcsna Is the original and genuine article. ltn MARRIED. On the 7th instant, by Rev John C Smith .Mr JOHN WILLIAM JENKINS to Miss CYN THIA MILDRED HURT, both of Fairfax co., Va. DIED. In Alexandria co., Va . on the 5ih instant, of congestive fever, in th' tfcJd \?ar of his age, ULO DA LE, Esq. of this city In this city, en the 7th instant, after a brief but sev?-re illness, which sh? hr.r>* with patient re?l? nation, CAROLINA W1LUELMIN A CHRIS Tt AN A, daughter of Ludwig Halln, in the irih year of her a^e. WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVER 1^.4RE, M W. GAI.T tc BRO are constantly receiving lar-je invoices of the above?and c2er every article In ti eir line at the lowest rat?-s GOLD AND MLVER WORK of every de ?"fption mad" to order, such as TJ^STI MO.M ALS, richly embellished with appropriate de signs, SILvER TEA SETS, DINNER SER VICE8, Ac Precious Stones set in the ma-1 rrodt rn styles. ARMS, CRESTS, MOTTOES, &c., cut L*l Stone and Metal. M W. GAI.T tc BRO., 321 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th sts. aa 30?tf i\|ltS. A. C. REDMOND'S MEW OAL Ita lery uf Daguerrean Art.?Havin^engag?*d th" services of an experienced artist, is fully prepared to take pictures equal to any in the city, and at reasonable prices. No. 290 l'a. avenue, northwest corner lith st., over Ford dt Bra's Drug Store, au 6 ? MARY LAND INSTITUTE i:\UIItlTiON HE eight annual exhibition of the ?'Maryland A Institute for the Promotion of the Mechanic Artsr' will l?e opened in Baltimore. Maryland, on Tuesday, 2d of October next. Goods will be re ceived for exhibition and competition at any time prior to Sei?tcmber27th, and for exhibition merely as late as tlrst of Oct<?l>er The co-operation of the manufacturers, mechan ics. artists and the community generally, is re spec'fully invoked in the Immediate preparation of articles for display. Arrangements havp b*-en made bv the lastltete with the various railroad and other transportation companies for the free conveyance over their lines to and from Baltimore of contributions to the ex hibition. All articles deposited mnstli'* of American man ufacture; the only exception to this rule being in favor of rare specimens in the department cf the line arts, owned by parties not holding them as merchandise on ^le Circulars imbodying tho regulations and ar ranjements, and blaiia applkations for space, with allother information, mav be had at any time up. >n applying io the actuary of the Institute, John S. Selby, Esq. Coiomlttee?J. Vansant, Thomas Swann, W. Abiahams,Thomas J (ttare. George II. Rodgers C II. Ber.tfy, W. P. Smith, T. J. Lovegrove, Thomas Trimble Superintendent?John F. .Meredith. sep 3? eo6t NEW OtfODS. i ?OLD AND SILVER WATCHES, JEW x* ELRY, CLOCKS, FANCY ARTI CLES, Ac , just received, and can be bought 25 per cent , cheaper than similar (y^ J. gooos can be bought in Washington ?^^ Good Clocks, #1.25; prime jewellfd Silver Watch - i--< arat Gold Watobes, jewelled, 820; Gold lit vers. 1 ? jewels, Jewelry, ail prices and styles; Gold Chains, very cheap and in great va riety; Fancy Articles, such as Loops. Shaving Cream, superior Razor Strops, Razors that can'"t be excelled, Knives, Scissors, Clothes and Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes, and a great many arti cles too numerous to mention. Also, some very high-priced Gold ^nd Silver Watcnes of the best mixers in Lonrton; Silver Watches as high as SiO: Gold do., g!73. Call and examine for yourselves Terms invurlablv cash. .\ B ?Watches and Jewelry at wholesale ? Cash paid for old silver. J ROU1NSOV. Jeweler, *19 Pcuu av., opposite Browns' hotel ?ep j?eoltn WANTS. CARPENTER WANTFD?NONE BUT A competent workman. Apply to J. W. THOMPSON t BRO , sep 9 269 i'er.n. avenue. INFORMATION WANTED.?MY FATHl'R Matthew Marki&nd. lftt his boarding bous e on C "tree!, between 3 ana 4>i. on the morning of the i'd instant, (Sunday ls^t) at about o'clock, since -which time h? has nrt been seen or heurd of He wore away a black cloth dte** coat, black pan taloons, black satla vest, white cravat with purple flower, a new p?.ir calf skin boot* He was sixty yea'B of age, 6 feet 2 inches high, heavy fiarae. and remarkably straight for one of his age Ar.v person hating information cor.e.?-;ning him will neatly oblige his family bv communicating ;he same to bis son. A H. MAR It LAND, sep b?-lw* 460 L st ret north. XT7-ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE French V * Woman a Situation a? a French Cook in a larg^ f imily. Apply at 301 Fourth st , between (j and II. sep 6?3'* WANTED?TO HIRE T\\ O FARM Hands, to whom constant employment will t?e ulv en. Enquire at this office. sep 6?3t* W ANTED AT THE AMERICAN HOTEL a good Seamstress. None need ar ply unless they can produce satisfactory ; ^st'.moniais, of char acter. Also, a good Cook can ilr>d employment at the Fame place. HEFLEBO W1.R & LOVETT. sep S?lw lirANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that Tf they can get a lot 21 feet front bv 130 feet deep, for the low price of *??.'>?payable S3 a month without interest. Anpl> at theLnion L._nd Odice 7th street, above Odu Fellows' HaU. ap'23?f?m JOHN FOX", Sec. FOR SALE AND RENT." ROOMS FOR RENT, furrished or unfur nished. Board can be had if desired. Ap plv at No. 461 11th street. between D and E. sep 8?3t* ? 17*0R RENT.?A LARGE BRICK HOUSE, having fifteen roou : a lar^e garden?one ?ere in cultivation?contusing a vr.riety of tine trait frees, peaches, pears, a pies. &c ; irrape vinev of excellent varieties; a punri of good water fn lli" middle of the yard' n. The house commands a line view of the Poto mac, Washington and Georgetown, and the lo cality is otie of 'he rao.t Le 'l'kv. F??r f rtliT in formation s>pp" *" to JOHN MIEI.ER, Confectioner, No. 08^ i'a. aw, south side, sep 9?St (Intel; a TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE for rent L a. with a 1 Iv.een !*eroi i\ with a half SUiiirf "f ground. on if street, l*> jndand Tli'rd str>:< Itwili be rentM rcs^onabte, au-l leased for four or five j"*rs. 'a!! a: d see ,i. *^p "?co.??,* p?R RENT.?A LARGE IWVSI?, I on 4 '-.j street south, lietween \ and O sf?eeis, wit'i n in room*, b lament, stablo and carriage louse, and a -mall garden vrith trees; In a if althy loi ati?n ; a hue pump of w uler i.i front of tlie house. Applv to JOHN MILLER, Confectioner, sep 6?3t No 270 Pa avenue. |(H)R RENT?A LARGE R'?OM, f rnLhcd e or unfurnished, With l??ard. nulla1 le to- a f :nily, or teveral g.-n?leri)en. The location is pi asan t and n? ai Pa avctv-e Fo* part'cJ-intap j ly at 481 Tenth street, a few doers above the av ti!..e. sep 7?3t MOR SALE?A DESIRABLE NEW TWO ? story Frame Dwelimg, with gooci back t.-iMri Ing. 1? Is situated on 'be most healthy a?l pleas if:t part of High street. Georgetown, and contain* - ooms, kitchen and cellar. To a person in que^t of an excellent private dwelling, a :<iie oj poiiuiij ty is offered Also, the adjoining vacant lot. For terms enquire of W M. KING, at the XVocd ai.d Coal V'ard of Dicison. Gordon, 4: Co . Water ?t eet, OcmsMwr. an SI?TcMv I^'Olt RENT?A desirab'e Dwelling Kcu.-e on * 6th street, b"1 ween 1> and E. being no*r P? tin. a *cr.ue It is lighted by g:o? .m l belted by a f; r i ''.e. Thf houv; is la red order. h i* a bath T) -iti and all th conveniences far '?cmforr IV. * setsion can be had abo t he n ?d<l:e of v ovens n< r. For further particulars apo'v tu THOMAS PARK E R, oppes !e b. o'en ? I f ore) 1* S.?Any person renting If thr-,* p-? ft r. c?n purchase he Furiiitnre ;?t a fair valuation w!:i h is uew r,nd ia g ed order, on'y unit jti the liousu a shert lime. au eo 1 m 1^"R RENT OR LEASE?\ NEW, WELL finished two stery Frirnf l!o with about 1 o!f an acrf of ground a'i t^hed to it. e.iclr.s^d l>v - substantial fence, aV lat'.d on L street, betweeii 3d and X. Island To a responsible tenant the -ent will be modente. App y at the Grocery Stcre of R 1?. C arke. Esq come- of i;a aad M streets or at 241 F street nonh, nefr llth. ^ Of)tf RENT?THE BR ICK DWELLING on 1- the corner of M ss^2chusetts avennearsd Ninth str-e*. 11 contains ten rooms a'id h -s b>-eii reeen' 1'ed throtsghout Attaf hed is a large vard. ii, which is a pump of exte lent water, p. sses slor. give-t on tne 15!h 'f sr. TeriT *. *4;x) p"r ao nurn Apply at No. 7, Fowler s fji'iltl.n/, 7th st. ep i-eotf FOR SALE OR RENT A desirable three #torv Brick Hon^e, wi h passage, ba-k bai'd 'ngs a id go?t yard, suitablj for store and Dwel ling. For furthT information enquire of Mr. Mor ? on thepretsi'ses, between t7:h and ?< h sts , Pennsylvania avenue, Jacob Prod beck, Willium Fanning-, A^ent. sep??lw I^OR SALE ?THE SUBSCRIBER will sell the highly valuable and des'rn'-le Farm o:i which he now resides, containing ^ixty a :res and tiD.vards of land, about 3^ miles from the Penlre Market, and one mile east of tLe Anaccstia. or Benning's Bridge, di'Wtiy on the Maribcro' and Washington ren?l. m(!st of which has l?ee:ic!eared in the last tlve or six years,add for aatdeoiug pur poses ii unsurpassed by any in the District, the soil being aliglst loam. There is about 1! or 14 n'-res of meadow land, 1 X acres in :.trawl>err!e-< of fie best variety, 3:t) yourd peach trees in f >11 >scar ing. The improvemei ts are a two story dwelling and kitchen with two room ;, corn hoiue, stable lor four horses, smoke hens". Ac. Persons desirous of purchasing are Invited to cail and "xamire the premises. Ffir fnrthcr parliculart enqr.'re of tha stiljserib^r or -he prcm'.^, or Col.Navor. City Hall. Wash ington, D C ROB'T K: NEV1TT. au '?1?2aw3w* FOR RENT?A LARGE BRICK HOUSE, with stible in rear, a id cistern of water in Hie yard, containing nine wems. on L St., near ftth street nor.h. For sale, several Lo s of promd, in ihe First end Fourth Wards. For terms enquire tf the undersigned, north wing Capitol extension, sep 7? '/ JONES. ]^OR RENT?PHEASANT ROOMS fronting . the Smithsonian Institution. Address ' A l>'' at this olllce sep G? 4t* J^OR SALE?THE STOCK \N D FIXTI'R ES -i of a Millinery Store on Pa. t venue for sale. The Store and Dwelling for rent For further particulars enquire a? this office, sep 4?lw* ^ O R SALE?TWO HUNDRED LOTS ? 1" Price ST.") CwCh. Two years' credit, or 10 per cent discount for cash. Apnlv at the Union Land Oaice, 7th street, abeve Odd fellow-.' Hall. Jy *iS?:1m ^OR RENT?A TWO-STOKY AND Ai IMC Brick House, on II st., between 12th and 13th, containing eight rooms and a cellar, ir, for rent. Apply to J VV. BARKER, on H ^tre?t. next to 1. utberan C hurch. a:i 28?tf Room 8F or rf. nt?a "pa r lor and several very pleasant furnished Chambers for rent, in a new brick house. Apply to E K LUNDY, au 9 No. 4C Louisiana avenue. IO T S FOR S A L E ?TWO OR THREE ^ good Building Lots In a rapidly improving neighborhood for sale on ten fiars' credit Apply to J. H. DRURY. J y *il?tf I^ORR ENT?SEVERALH AN DSOM E PAR Iors and Chambers, with Board. Also, Table and Transient Board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH S, 233 F street. ap a-tf BOARDING. \LADY HAVING TAKEN THE PLEA8 ant and newly repwlrtd dwelling on Tenth j street. No 468, between D aud E, wllF0=* pleased to receive one family, or several gentlemen, on tfrms the most reasonable The rooms ate l^rge and handsoii ely furnished, and a large yard at tached to the house for the exercise of children. Being near the avenue, It Is most convenient for table and transient boarders. au ?3w^" J *?VARD1NG.?MRS. DUVALL,No.3?l Penn ?*-* svlvaniaaveuue, op{>osite Brown's Hotel, has j ?" .? ?ral large Aiid desirable rooms, suitable for j families or single gentlemen, which she will rent with board at moderate prices. She can also ac commodate si* or eight table boarders. Jy ?tr 6 Board, &.c.?m its. bates, on thTTsTw". corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her j with their patronage. ap ?5?tf Memoir of k*.v. sydney smith, edited by Mrs. Austen, 2 vols Panama in 18*, FRANCK TAYLOR *U? AUCTION SALES. H' By A. OR KEN, AucMoneer OFSEHOL1* FIKSITI HE AT A1T lien.?On MONDAY, the lothinstart. at 12 o'clock, I shall sell, at the residence of Jacob SmaU, on south L, near the corner of 7th st east, and near the >'avy Yard, a good lot of Furniture, vli: Ttblfs. Ecd??esds. Chairs. Andirons end Fender*. Looklng-glaM Pictures. S?*oves. kc. Terms cash A GREEN, ?ep 8?I1 A uctloneer_ By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer D EADY-MADECLOTHINO and STORE Fixtnrnat Auction.?On MONDA Y eve ning. the I0ih instant, at ">% n'cloek. 1 will pro ce? d to sell tb?' ent;i* ??or'k of Re*dv-mad* Cloth ngand Furnishing Goods at auction, contained in 'be store on Pennsylvania ivenu<?, 3d dear e?.?t o: ttie Nati'wal Hotel, (tte Ha^ will designate the place) consisting of a !ar/e va. letv of fashionable a d well iiuide Coats. Pantaloons, Ve#t?", Shirts, Drawers, Stocks, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, uio\es Hosiery. &e. T; ? le to be c ->nMnued every evening until the Whel- -'oclr is sold. Sale p^itive. For -ale, two large Pow Windows JAS. C McbUIRE. _rep 8 -3t Auctioneer. By JAS. C McGUIRE. Auctioneer. rpRlSTtfc'S SALE OF WASHINOTO* 1 Turnpike I ompany Stock?On TUES DAY. September llto at I oclock. p. in , at the A vie'ion iiooms, i shnll sej? 2l.i >j shares of the Washington Turnpike Com pany, |?ar value So'J Terms cash Bv order cf the Trustee. JAS. C McGUIRE, sep S?d Auctioneer By JAS C McGUIRE, Auctitn *er. nKKEMPTOKY ?AI.K OF STOKE FIX. I tare*.?On TUESDAY rr.ornintr. Septemlwr 11th. at lU o'clock, at the stor.* formerly occupied by Messrs llall & Bro.. on S??vnth s'reet, 1 shall s?'1 without teserve. the entire fixtures c<'inpris in.T *? i 'l-ing. Oount??rs, Drsk<. <Vc Also, a sirall lot of L/res* Coods retraining un called fin" from former sale. r? ruis : A cr d:t cf n nrty davs for a satisfac torily endorsed not*- bearing i'lt^rest. JAMES'U McGUIRE, s?>p 8?d. Auctioneer. ?iv JAS C. M'GUIKE, Auctioneer. \HTI?!? S.HK OK 1IONM TS French J.X. Ribbon*. Embroidery. 'I iinttiiiu^s and fancy Goods.?On WEDNESDAY morning. ^-I't "ith. at 10 oVIoi lc a' siorv No 13 P? av betweeu : h and 9;h st < e s. I shall sHl a sto k of K;bNon-<. Bunett*. Embroidery, and Fa e ? Coed's, ia lot* to s -it Terms 'a h. JAS. C. McGUiKE. sep S?d Auctioneer. ' CR EEN, Auetb n-er. 1/ALl ARf.E , 0m ru v I111" T (slaud ar Auction?On 1- ?*.. ' , instant, 1 shall sp'.I. in f ont "f rhr pr**ni1s^>. a ii"> lrk p in , l.ots No I ?nd 22, in Square N'o 4'H. l,-?t No. I is IT foet front by 75 feet deep, fr.?n^iri_r <>:i I *, ?t ee!. between I a'id K .st* so tb. Lot is 50 (re fror.'. and -2 feet d?*p on on* .? e ciid ?>7 r !i t'l^ ofh"r. ranniti^ '^a- k to a wide a1!- .. on I street south between 4>j and t>th stre ts v*'i> t. 'IVrins: One-third ? ash; nalanne In G, and lp inontL*; f?r nutes Iceaiiag inlere-t from day of sale. A deed tieen and a dee ? of trust taken. Title indisputable. Sale j o i'.i>e. A CRKE.M, Auctioneer, sep ??d (Organ) By C. w. POTELER, Auctioneer. rPRl'STtE'S SALK OF VAM ABLE It^nl fl E-tatf on thr Island. Dwe'lin? M?n?es astii iiaildiH^ Lots?By virtueofaa^s^dof trust b^arin^ date on the fourth day of A i-r^st, Hi'd recorded In I.ib^r J A S. No ~4. f* Ii*~4 :{92 tb" sub.icr! cr will sell at public sale, on T1M;RSUA\ , the'-th d?y of September, !-55. at Co'clock p ni , on fr.e prem's^s. I.oU "w.^s t><?, 70. 71, T'ij 7i, 73. 7?i. 77. 7- 79 ;ind -? 'n Joe! W. Jonrs's s"bdlvi -inn of ?ej'-sre No W". fronting ear 1< ij f-?-i u:i Van sir<c?. between 3d and 4 sis W and N and M ?tiwt? soth b\ !'ft! fe??t deep to a aft-en fee' pile;.", wiih iu?- aaildln"s and in pi oveir-nts. whb h consist of two wvLt-bullt aud comfortable frr.nrie dwelllnij houses. I ai,s)ve pr?>p?rtv is eligibly situated is a de s!'-.i'j1p p"d rp; idiv Improving fart ?if th*?c'tv. and wili i)e s< :u either u? a hf-le or ir. separate lots, may h??d< s:rt>d and oflVr- h vf iv favorably oppor'rsn.ty to |>ersoi;? derlrfus n obtain a resi dfiice ->r b'f'ld!'^ iots. or investing. The terms of sale will be oie-third cash; and thi- e in >'? a:t?i 22 months. f.?r tiot?-s V^arintr Interest from day of sale, ard seenred by d?-^d of tnis: upon the pru:>ertv; and if not compiled w itb in ?!x da.s after the faie. th?* proi?er v Che tTmi of which are not so cnmpBed w*'h) will be resold uiK?n cw week's notl?*e, at the risk aadcxpen -e oi ,he de'aulthiH purcha-er All ce?*e\lug at ?-xi>^ of p ir'h ??-rs. CHARLES S WALI.ACM. Trustee. C. W. BOTELER, an la?co&ds Auctioneer. J?7*" The aLove sale is postpau^ I to Thnrs d^v, September 13th. a: 5% o clock, at which time it positively t:xc i>la? e* C. S WAL EACH. Trustee. C. W BOTEI Ert. pep 7?-d Auctioneer. By JAS. 0. McGUIRE. Auerloneer. VTfP.Y VALUABLE JOT ON' THE CA ii 11, snilat le for a t oal and Weod Ot put. On WKDN 1>SDAS aft moo -. S ptemtter i2th. at 5H o'clock, on the premi^-, 1 nV_H s?*ll part of I. : No ?>. in S~;.iar" No 147. frort-n-r l on 11' n street wes?, by ??2n leet on uoith B street c^n tiiini*?^ !4,(M? sqtjaie lecl of yi< '?i.d Tt-is lot adjoins and Is within five f?*pt of the Cfcnal, end Is very desirable for a coal or wood de pot. Tertn?: One-'L'rd cash: 'h* r^Tdne In 2. 12. arid IS month?, with interest, secu.-cd uv a deed of tr lit o:, fur. premises. JAS. C. McGUIRE, scd 7?4 A BC1MM. By JAS. C McGLT!WE. /ticiloneer L<>IaLL FRAJIu lltilSs; ANSA LOT ?!* tin- First War;! at Fnblic ^ule.?(?n 'ft,' I .SPA V af>vnoon. pttmb^r 11th. at 5 o'clk. on the premise.-, I siiail -ell the w*?l |? t of I,ot No. Is, In S<p.are 2!6, fron'ln^ 2'i feet on rorth M. between 19th and Vt'th streets w*#t, rennin bark 9: fe;'t to af* e aliev. w;?h the hWMMh, consist ii?j of an ex>"-*>ll?*tit ?>id well b<itlt two sto ry f ame dwHliPir containing four -oj iii" T?'rms : line fourth ? a^h ; <htr resid le infi, 12, at>d I? months, with Interest, secured by a dted of trust on the premises. JAS. C. McGUIRE, pep fi?d Auctioneer. By JAS C. MCGUIRE, Auctioneer. Handsome furniture a house hold L'^ectn, Family Carriage, Mutthed Hocses, B'ickaway. Fanning lt>uilli, Itc. OaTUKSDAY sooridng, September 11th, at ten o'clock, at the country s**t of Thomas Munih?'l, Esq.. near the village of Teunalljtovii on t^e turnpike to Rock/ille, about tw - miles f-oiu Georgetown, i shall sell all his hindsome Furni ture and Ilousekor^iug Effects, consi&tlng in part of? Rosewood carv?? Brocatelle covered Sofk. with curtains. Ac. to matrh Mahogany French Sofa and Chairs, finished ia c tnarv colored brocatelle, curtains to match Mahcgany hair spring-seat Sofa and Chairs Rosewood Arm Chairs Whatnot Superb French Mantel Clock, wiih Candelabras, cost 8 J-'X) Rosewood Secretary and Bookcase Marhle top Centre and othti Tables Elegant gilt frame French plate Mirror, plate CO by 84. with slab and bracket Velvet, Brussels, Tapestry and other .Carpets, with Rugs to match, all new and of excellent quality One pair of elegant gilt clx light gas Chandeliers Dining room, hall and other gas fixtures Bedsteads, Bureaus, W'ashs'ands Cane and wood seat Chairs, Rockers China. Ola^s, Table Cutlery. &?. Co-king, parlor and Chamber Stoves Together with many othtr articles not necessary to enumerate. At tw? *'clock? One handsome Family Carriage, but little used One pal' superior matched iron grey Carriage Horses Handsome lion Sleigh. Rorkaway Wagons, Ploughs, Harrows Harness, Shovels, Forks. Cultivators L' t of Hay and Corn. Potatoes II-Jt bed Sash. Ac. Terms: &>o and under cash; over that ?r ma credit of two and four months for notes satisfacto rily endcrsod, be?ric? interest. JAS C. McGUIRE, au 28?d Auctioneer. BvJ. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneers. flMVO MEAT TWO-STORY FRAME 1 Houses on >1 street, between 14th and 13th streets, at Auction.?On TUESDAY af te.noon, September 11th. at 5% o'clock on the premises, 1 shall sell siilKlivlsion No "k" in square ib'2. fr-nting on north M, between 12th and 13th streets, with the improvements consisting of two nf at and well finished two-story Frame Dwelling Houses. Terms favorable and made knewn at fale. JAS C. McGUIRC, sfp5?d Auciunoer. Pl."L'(' SCHOOLS AMD PRIVATE SE - li^AHIES.?Ail theScbi?ol Hook^ in gen < n. use throughout the District cf Columbia, to gether with an assortment of School Statioi.ery. at very low prices, on sale at TAYLOR Jt MAURY'S, ?^T v Jiooksciiera, near Wh s;reet. REPORTED FUR THE EVEXIXO STAJU ABRIVAL OF THE NORTHER* LIGHT Two Wrrki Later from California. New Yobk, Sejt. 8.?The Northern Light, fr?ui San Juan de Nicaragua. arrived here ? arly thic morning. She c jnnectcd with the Uncle Sain, which left San Francisco on the 16th of August. The steamer Golden Gal* idso left San Francisco on the sams day with the mail for Panama The Northern Light touched at Key West on her j apcage ?he brings oyer 51.000 000 in specie. CALIFORNIA NEWS. The Sonora, with passengers aud New York dates of the 20th. had arrived. Trade at San Francisco wm dull, and most articles ol merchandize had declined in prioe. The mine coutiuu- d to do well, and the wheat Cup. it was thought, would amount to about 2,000,000 bushels. The Indian war on the northern bonndary of California and the Southern part of Oregon -still razes. Twenty-fire Americans had been murdered on the Kfauiath The Indians had also attacked the minora on the Upper Sacra mento. Seven Auier.cans had been wounded, and fifty Indian? ki"ed. At Ranchorr a party of Mexican robber* had attacked the settlers, killing eighty men, and ? >te woman; inetuJiug a man nam*d A. Fran is, wh<? they rubbed of seven thousand dol lars The robbers were pursued by a party under command of Sheriff Phoenix, and a fi^ht er.sued. in which the sheriff and three of t"ic r-.bbers were killed. Subsequently nine of the outlaws were hung by Lynch Law. The ?nrveyii,g tchconer Active, which went in scarch of the whala ship Nile, ejpposed tj h iFC on board Swan aud Ci.ff *rd, the Hodo !u!u forgers, overhauled that vessel, but the culprits were not onboard. I.C. Wood.*, the late partner of the banking itid expres* house of Adams A Co., haa ab s-onded. on the chip Audubon, to Australia. It appears that he retained over (100,000 of that concern. A Turk anrl Frenchman have been detected in counterfeiting gold dust. They say they xfcxr: employed by a banking and express com pany. The Know Nothing State Convention haa nominated J Merley Johnson for Governor. The sloop-of-war Decatur had arrived at Sao Francisco fr >m Pujct's Sound. A fire at Stockton had destroyed property to the amount of $30,000. SAN FRANCISCO MARKETS. Sav Fkaxcisco, Aug 17 ?Siles, to-lay, of H ixa'l and Gallego flour, in 1 its. at ??c?n (extra) 3fe. Pork (clear) 28c. Sugar (c-usbe<l) 14o. Money is abundant. CENTRAL AMERICA. The w ir still rages in the interior. A battle w.*3 fought, oa th<J ISth of August, near Leon, buwecn the Government forces, commanded bv Gen Gu ird.sla, and the Democratic army under Gen. Muna?. The latter were defeated* and Muuna w.15 killed. Col. Walker arrived at San Juan dol Sud on tae 2y.ii. with a small detachment under his c inmanl. lie was endeavoring to recruit from the California passengers, but with little -uceess. Col. Kinney wa? still at San Juan de Nicar agua. lie had made a contract with Shepard f?r a giant of 35.000 000 acres of land, and hai sent au agent to Grand* to get it confirmed bv the Government. Latest from Norfolk and Portsmouth. LaltiuoBK, Se^t. 8?The boat ha- arrived, end brings udings of a decrease in the num ber of deaths, and that the new cases are ni- rc easily manured. There wore twenty three deaths on Thursday in Norfolkl includ ing Mr Raker [Roberts 7J member elect to the Legislature. P rtsmcuth letters say there are about llf t en deaths in that city daily. Dr. Morris wiites that Ul the physicians from north of Norfolk are down with the fever but two. Six o! these are now very ill in the Naval Ho* Dr. Marshall, of Raltimore, is dying. Habeas Corpus Refused Philadelphia, September 8 ?The Supremo (State) Court have refused the application of Pa^inore Williamson for a writ of habeas corpus, by four to one. Re-Electicn of Senator Atchison. New YuKK. Sept. 8 ?The New York Tri bune announces that the II.?n. David R At* chiton ha- been re-clscted to the United States Senate. New York Markets. New York, Sept. 8 ? Stook are about fc. lower. Money is unchang?d. Flour is a trifle higher; sales of V.1'00 tbls ; State brat da (?C<->i) r-7 7i; gool Ohio f 8 62i; Suth?rn SS 62 Wheat is a tnfle higher; Southern v.t:ite S2; rvi *l.8j. Corn i? a trifle higher; We-tern mixed tflc- Wnisky is unchanged ByJ.*S C. AlctiUlRE, Auctioneer riMTXI E*T A^iD NEARLY 51 tW Far i mtnre and Ifousrhold Effects at Auc* tiaa.-Ot MONDAY morning, September JOih, at ioo'clock, at the residence of Walter Lenox, i- Mj., No 411 F *tr et, betwien Gth and 7th sta., 1 -Liail sell all his Furniture and Housekeeping Effects, consisting of? S.;ite of K<?sewond Parlor Furniture, finished in crimson brocatelle flush ai.d morocco covered Armchairs Iiui.dson>.e carved walnut marble-top centre and scfa Tables Beautiful jjltr frame Oval French plate Mirror I.adies' Writing Cabinet Walnut Workstands Elegant Bro> ze and Parian Marble Ornaments handsome purple brocatelle and Lac? Curtains, Cornice and Fixtures Velvet, Krus-eb and 1 hre*-ply Carpets Bronze Hat tree, hall Oilcloth. Rugs Brussels Malr Carpets. Rods and Eyes ?V*inut Extension Dining Table Do hideboa'd and Plate Stand, Butler Tray Do Dining Chairs, Table Cutlery White Ftench rhlna dinner, de?sert, and tea Sets Stt of Crystal cut and Engraved Glassware S! ver | la led Castors, Coffee Urn Lardsome Enamelled full marble top Cottage suite Siipeti* r mahogany and walnut French Bedstead* .Marbletop Dressing Buteaus, WasLstands Walnut and mahogany Wardrobe*. Tables Morocco cove ed Louti<re Mahogany Dressing Table Graulte and painted Toilet Sets 1 iudow Shades, Crib and Bedding Single Iron Bedsteads rup?'rlor curled Lair Mattr^ses, husk do l eather Bed?, Bolsters ar.d Pillows Excellent MarseiUes t^uilts, Blankets, Ac Chlnt* Curtain , Fire Irons. Fenders Cane and woodseai Chains. R ix ken 'together with a general assortment of Kitchen Ufawslls. Te-mv : (30 end under cash; ever that snm e credit of till and 00 days f;r satisfactorily endorsed n<>t*s. bearing interest. i*. S ?The above Furniture is nearly new and of excellent quality. JAS C McUUlRE. ^op5?d Auctioneer POLICE OFFICK. 1 Llrd District, No. 448 EStreet., near Slk. 'plllS otflce will be oi>en from 7 o'clock A.M. S till ll P M , where all complaint* of a vie iat'on of the lawn of tbd Corporation tud of the l nlted States will meet with Immediate aed I ?oi!ipt attention from the chleX of anc hW i:fi-ers. JoilS S HOLL1NGSHEAD, sep i??o3t? Policc Mtgisuatc. 3d Distinct.

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