Newspaper of Evening Star, September 8, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 8, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. HEBXLEW BEQUIEM. "Go '.'uou In peace," we would not Lave thee lin ? n the low maze* of thin taint* d earth, ^Vhere every joy 1* touched with sorrow's Bayer, And tenrs sne're^d the brightest hour* of truth. J 'J'nine upward tfiw.e li? tfxedupoa the dwrlling, Where ?la and sorrow n^ver more are known, Ar:d vranh lips the loud H?nin? hwelllnsr, liave caught the ni isle of relr*tlal lore. 'Go thoj la peace!" thy home on earth now leav lag. In the Ior?? chambers of the dead to dwell; Tl'Oii hast m portion in the sorrow heaving, The h-art wvj.?>' aguish tears too feebly tell 5 ^ patb of light n*t?J yiadne^s i* before thee; Tfee hope of Israelii! fruition thine; And thou hast ?azed up>n the l>eams of plcry Aro'ind the throne of Israel's God that shine. ??Go lh?Mi in peacetemptation cannot sever The fie that now unites tb?e to thy <>od : The voice cf sin. of unbelief, can never tinier the mazes of ihy low abode. e le-?ve tL e here, in inia<;led j'?y *nd sadness, O'jT heart* are weak, onr hopes are faint and dim, But t? tee Lord we Mm with cbavtened gladness, And vfeld our friend, our brother, up to Him. Tujj Si i>* vein* Tklegkai-ii ?The steamer J?cie< AJ^rr, which left N ew York on the 7th ?>f Augr.?' Lift, to Jsy the submarine tele graph. belonging U> the London and Ncwfound 1 ? nd Telegraph Company, boiweon Cape ltay and (\ipe North, returned on Wcdne lay about I? o'clock I be New York Courier acd Enquirer, in the ?rot rsii t nn frticle on the subject, says : lii-3 bark had remained at anchor, but 0 Jiertv^ giile fpringisg tip she broke loose ^nd was nearly driving on the rock* when the ??;mios Alger re-cued her. the Victoria being unable against the wiud to tow her to pea During Sunday a ! Monday the e;il>Ie "gain fastened to the gfaoro. ?nd on Tuesday morning with a calm >ea and aurj'icious sky hhe commenced again laving the cable. Evcr}| th'ng went well until ab ut 12o'clock at uight. wben another kirk was made. This caused a ?i? lay of eoiue eight hours. When it was ar T.u.god we again started and continued with promises of good suceesa until uearly sun down. rrhen a henry wind began to blow which t?o??u settled into a Newfoundland gale, when all hopes were nearly banished. Al ready two of the three copper wires of which /he cable wa? made, had tailed to keep up the current of elec tricity. As the sun of Wednes day was about setting aud another kink h id been made, all three of the vessels were lying in the (lu'f, drifting at its mercy, when tho Captain of the hnrk Sarah L Bryant had the wire e.ibic, ,<>i which 40 of tb" ^5.utiles had .!r< aly been laid; that wat to connect New undlaml with tho c r.ited States, cut, in or der to mvc his owe ?hip and the lives of tho : iTsens in her. It was done. All hope vra. * hen gone, and with the wire cable sunk the t.?> fond enH.ctations of the gentlemen who lind sj ??nt a< much money and time in an en tcrpriie whieh was but a prelude to uniting the old world atl the new. From intimations thrown out 011 board the ?lames AJger on her return home, it is posi tively determined to obtain another cable and lay it ?.'own next summer. The year after th: e*Me between Newfoundland and tLe State i 1. :d, will witness a telegraphic conncctloa l-.twcen America and Great Britain. Ir money and enter] rise will be of any avail, the telegraphic cable between Capo llay and Cape Nor?h will yet be laid A .-mart D<>?.?We clip the following from the Lynn News : "There is a little dog in Word Lynn who J :s t-hown & me inetancoaof intelligence wor thy of notice. lie is ;o:.d of caliog hcus' erj-s; and his d^e-3 not let hi? ap ] 1 i?to suffer if it becomes necessary to fcte*l tjKia. 111.- master a few days cince, noticing that no eggs were found in tho neat, watched the dog, aud saw h:in re.ich up and unfasten ti.e d;?or of the hencoop, and enter. Jack iouud an egg in the nc.-t. brought it cut, and '?;it it (.e 'he grass, at son:a di.-tancc from tL j j !:;co of the t.:efi Then Le returned and fas tened th" H-r .is ho fourd it; after which he ?'> parted and devoured the egg nt his leisure, liu was spnrt-d a whipping on account of his itgt-nu?ty : bvit the listening of tho hencoop ?v or has >-een placed higher up. and Jack hr.s t?i seek other plarcs if he continue* his thiev ing propensity." PlOVIMERf 5 Olf UiEAK fcTLAKE.IS. no* IHK OlTIt STATES. Lea vet Pot Day I!erMCinn....,.Nfv Yo?k..So;ithamptcn.i**?p. f e ?:uda Boston Li verpool Sep A?irago New York. .Havre >?ep. 22 FROM ECROPE. Havre IS w York Sep. ] Africa Liverpool... Boston Sep. 1 ? a.-shlijg*t)n.. Southam'n New York ...Sep 12 177* The Cr.lifnmia I'mcm iaevc New Yor> c i tiesth a;:d 2tth cf each rroDth. ARRIVALS AS 1'RIJSflPAL HOTEL*. klla'tl** H?t?l-n k. h. j.c. willas.*. R Means. NH W Benham, Va W C WHters. la R L? Uaran, do A v.irtia h son. NC W W Parker and ladv, l; >'a. k?'d. Mass .Md <? A sht pberd^io Miss i'arker, do 1. Rocd, Ga H \V Lambert, lia H C Weeler. Ky \\ A Harksdale. Pa j\i:>s .M K \\ h'^Ier, do S C Denbv. Va <> W Brown, NY* JH Hartlaiul. NY J Oimsted A latfy, Ct Mis? Haiti and, do J 1> Raymond, do C Mergom b ladv, Ma s S Newrll. Pa J l> Kirt A ladv. Ala ?lis* Call, NC ii B Harrover. Ald C C .Mci.ure, Mo Mi?j A Marry, Pa .1 J Thomas, tia R C Mr; Lane, do M'? L'pwr, do K |. ISotiaghJiit, Va ;.iis h .N Stradwlcb.MC S Bailey h ladv, NC >H?h A*he. do R C Pe:h?-rbridge, SJ T.Be.ird, Ala J C Bradlv, Va V* GritHa. do Hon B C r antmaii, Wi-J l^wA??i.<t, I >4N A Hallftld. NY J L Thompoa, N Y A Merchant, L'SN K D Bach. Mats K J'm'fil .* ladv, NJ A C Barlow, Aid W P llintoa and lad/. M:-* I* Barlow, do Ma*s v? W Ktddiu^. Ma?s K M Ha ton. NC A ti u. uielt, N Y M P Holers A lady, NY S{# C Bower oft, Eug W P Gwynn, Maw ^ P_W hitmoie A lady. H Harrington A lr.dy, do N\ Mtss HarriugtoM. do B It Hr?rber\ Un J lirlnaell A ladv. do It P Burke a. lady, Pa C Mall or v. Va ^ Pa>ue A ton, AJav; A Hudson, do A ii MaJlaU A Udy. DC li N LVai?, do ** Ml!bank aud ladv. s p Barnes A lady. Pa Can Er?v,n' Haul. tV N Keener. Cal A K Stake, Md li Bavis. Va A W H Hoime^ A tv.-o ladies, NC L J Falcon A daughter, do Fla C W (iillette l?r C A Lea*/.Md A C Page, Va X\ Brown. W!^ H It King. Ala I" li iioiu>ty, d j T ?i Born?tf, do i? <? O'-nklin. do II l' W atti, do J li*ckiiison, Te% ? ? A Parker. Pa C W l'.Lt -in, do J IMsturnell, NY 00* 8 Price. Mo A l.erii. Min Mall A inaid. NJ F II Smith. Ala W II Stevens and lady. Mick l>r Wilson, Cula T Starrev. SC J W O.H?rn, do *. 11 Bar. Md M Shaj, NY T. P. & M. UOWN. S Adier, Ala II Stronger, NC W B Blhke. do 8 C Davis, NC C C Magruder and ladv. Md D Store ic lady, do W Turner. SC S Caldwell do M J ?iiinbe'K, tia I' Crawford, do J It Matbews. do T Bcoth, do W K Kichurd?un Ala N B Thonij~on, Ga ?I Stanford A lady, NY Ml*. Sanford, do W Hawkins, Md M;?? Hav.-kimt, do Miss Martin, do J Hall, NJ Mr* Hall, do Mr Greene, KI 5? A tiindman, Pa Miss L Hindman, do Miss s, do T Little A *on. do H Jubnaon A lady, NC TCoxle, Va A G HoppUik. NY T'nited States Hetel?a. c. uat hnet. F. Miller, Md J KoMiiaon. Va s I'arker, DC J B Nixon, SC K 11 ke::d A lady. Va A J Key. do V W Colli nn. do ?? W Wood? If "die. Ky W MicoiiiO. Am ii W i?, jr, Va A I! Handltoa. NY K:r? wcod bttie W Renter, NY ? i R Mau S 11 Aduitoa, do J 11 Keitiirdv . Del A W Kiox. We Mia- k. Kuijt, do ^ ?' BUfcry, Va *' I1 ^ "tdkvaid A m>h, AC ? M F K Foa, TeX XV K Barker. Md H Keller A ? ladle* Mr Atkfnaon A f^wdv. Ala Kev A B Pesper A laiy. C W Berry, Kv L L Browne, Md L 1' Simmon da, Va C N orman, do K Cook, jr, Ut r. u. A a. iiuwooi. Mi"> II Fluuey, NC Mast Finney, do J W111 lam> i * t. A Wheeler, do C B Kavana^h and ladv, M d G II Jwliiiicn, do 1 W W iiliaii.h, V a J Mnkom >i J Miscellaneous. Sale of I'rffk Indian R??rrH Land* in Alabama. DrpABTitiNT or tnh Interior. ^ OrncK or Isdtaji Affair*, . August 3i, 1-55. j PUBLIC NOTICE 1SHEH EHY GIVEN that, I ajreeablv to the provision'* of the flwtsect on of tiir act of the 3d of March. Ie3/. entttl?d Ab act to authorize and sanction the provided for Creek I ndian < in t ae treaty of March twenty-four, eighteen hundred and, i:, ertain cases, ami for other purposes, tue several niereTor parcels of lnnd hereinafter descrilxvi. kin" in the Coosa and Tallapoosa land districts, 'n the Stite of Alabama, will, at the times und i>|"< e* designated, he exposed for sale at public ?Miction to the highest bidder, for cash, in sej ir ate niece# or parcels as described, the same to be itateuled to the respective purchasers upon the l>ayni ?nt oi the purchase money, viz : On WEDNESDAY, fAe ?f.:Ai/J.v c/ Der.tmKtr, 1r.V?, at the land olliee for the Coosa district, in Lebanon, the following-described tracts, wh:ch have l^eii decided as unsold: Those of range six [tij east. The south half of section twenty-live [25.] in township eighteen [H;] ard West hair of section seven [7,] in township twenty-two [22 J Of range seven [7] east The west half of section thirty-one [ 11, J in town ship thirteen [13:] and West half of section twilve [12,] in township fourteen," [11 ] Of range nine [9] cast. The south half of scction ten [10,] in township eighteen 11-:] and South half of section twenty-one [21.] in town : hip twenty ] The north half of section thirteen [13,] in town ship twenty-two [22.] of range ten [ l?>] east. In township sixteen [!<>,] of range eleven [11] oast The west half of section twenty-nine [29,] and west half of section thirty [3u.J And the west talf cf section twenty-two [22.] in township eighteen [1-.] of ranire e even |llj east. Also, at the same time and place, the following described tracts, which have been claimed under aliesred purchases from the reservees, their heir*. : r otherwise, but which purchases have not been (Effected by the payments of the amounts of cori v;d ration respectively allefei, or the production of evidences of such payment to the proper parties in interest, will be ?<Id In the same manner, un a .,s such pavment is made or evidence thereof ad tl :ced. in accordance with the requirements of the government, through the ofliee of Indian Allairs, by or I* fore the 15th day of November, 1*55, viz The east half of section drill [>-;] In township twenty,] of range three [3] east Of range four [Ij east. The east half of section twenty-two [22,] ir. township nineteen [19,] a:.d N oi th half of sec lien eighteen r is,] intownshlp twenty [2H The west half of section thi:ty-two [32] in town hiy seventeen [IT.] of range six f(i] east. Of range seven [7j taU. The south half of section thirty-four [34 j in township fourteen [11;] and South L?'f of section ten [!l>.] In township iwer.ty [2u] . fhe east half of section twenty-sir, [.*>,] in township slxtten [16.J of range eight (SJ east. Ai.'d < i range ten [mj east The we?t hitif tf sec*.ion twenty-seven [27.] in township sls'een [H.] ard ncrth half of section thirty-one [31] in township seventeen [57.] And on W EON ESDAY, lUt 9/A -/? ? of J>m nary. t-3o, at the laud oilice for the Tallapoosa district, in Men joinery, the following described unsold tracts of land, viz The sou?h half tf section eight i-. | in township twenty-three [*.U. j of ran^c [ 10j usst. Ihe north hail of section thirty-me [31,1 in township twenty-two [22.] of range seventeen [i7j east. Of range eighteen [1?] ea-t The we t half of stcuon fourteen [ I IJ in town ship niaet? en [ 19;] West half oi section twenty-four [21,] In town ship nineteen [ l'>;] East half of section six [6 ] In township twenty three [23;] and Noith naif of section seven [7.] in township twenty-four [25.J The west half of section t'-irteen [13] in town ship twenty-three [23.j of range nineteen [19,] cu<9t. lii towiiship twenty-four [21,] of range nineteen [19] ea.-t The south half ? f faction eight [8 ; ] North Uiit of sAction nine [l?;j Nor ill half of section ten [ *0; J Nonh hal' of sec.ion seventeen [17;] South haif cf section seventeen [17 ;] and North half of section twenty-one [it ] The south half of section thirty six [311,] in township eighteen [1^,] of range twenty [2U] east 111 township tighteen [IK] of range twenty-one [21 j east The west half of section thirty- one [31 ;) West half of section thirty-two 132 ;j and East half cf section thirty-two f.fci ] In township twenty [20.] of range twenty-one [21] ejtst. The whole of section thirteen [ 13:] and the South half of section twenty-nine [29. J The west half <-f section thirty-two [32,] in township twenty-one [21,] of range twenty-one [SI J ti*'. The south half of section twenty two [2"-',] in township seventeen [17.] cf range twenty-two [22] east The west half of section thirty-four [31.] in township eighteen [ ir-, j of range twenty two [22] east. The north half of section thirty one [31.] in township seventeen [17,] of range twenty-three [23] east. The west half of ?ertlon twenty-nine [28.] in township eighteen [IK] of range twenty-three [23 J east. The south half of section three [3. j ill township sixteen [16, of range twenty-four [24 | east The north haif of section eleven [ 11. | in town ship eight?*en [l?,j of range ?wenty-l'oiir [21] tast The south half of action fourteen [14.] in town ship twenty-four [24,] of range twenty-six [2<?] east. The ^outh half cf section thirty-otie [31,] in township fifteen [15,] of range twenty-seven [27j ea.t The uorth half of section thirty-one [31 ] in townshipeighte? n [1^.] of range twenty-seven [27j east. In township tevtnteen [17,] of range twenty-eight [????] east. The sou ih half of section four [1;] and North half of section eight [KJ And the south half cf section five [5 ] in town ship 9'teeri [15 ] of range twenty-nine (29] east. Also, at the -ame time and |>la e, the I'o.lowing descrilwni tracts, Wiich hive been claimed tinder alleged purchases from reservcu-, their heirs, or otherwise, but which purchases have not been perfected by the payments cf the amounts of con sideration respectively alleged; or the production of evidence or such payment to the proper parties in interest, will be ?old In the same manner, un less such payment is made or evidence thereof Rddnctd. in accordance with the requirements of the government, through the otii^ of Indian Af fair*, by or before the 15th cf November, 1?5.3, viz: The soi'th half of section tif.een [15 J iu town ship twenty-two [22,] of range sixteen [10] east In township twenty-two [22,] of rai:ge seventeen [17] east. The east hall of section seven [7;] West half of section seven [7;] and * West h?.lf of section twenty-four [21] In township twenty-four [24,] of range seventeen [17] east. The north half of section twenty-four [21; I South half of section twenty-four [24. j and East half of section thirty-six [ jfi ] Fractional sections si\ (<!] and seven [7,] in township nineteen [19,] of range eighteen [l^j east The west half of section five [5,] in township ?twenty |2'i.J < 1 ii?ii'^e ? ightetfn [1-j tusi The west haif <4 section one [1.] in township twenty-four [24,] of range eighteen [I-] east. The south nail'of section three [3,] in township nineteen [19.] if range nineteen [19] east, The south half of section twenty-live [25,] in township seventeen [17,] of range twenty [2Uj east. The east half of section twenty-nine [59,] in townshship nineteen [19,] of range twenty [20] < ast. In township twenty-one [21,] of range twenty 2t?J east, the south half of tection twenty-two 22.] and the south half ol' section twenty-Itv?^[2o.] In township twenty-two [29,] of range twenty [20j east. The east hail cf scctioa nine [9;] and West half of section nine [9 ] In township twenty-four [21.] of lange twenty [20) east. The north half of section nine [9;] and West half of section twenty.two [22. | The south half of sectien twenty-six [20,J in township twenty-one [21,] of range twenty-one [21] east. The north half of section thirty-live [35,] in township twenty-two [22.] of ran^e twenty-one [2iJ east. The west helf of tection seventeen [17,] in township twenty-four [24,J of range tweuty-one [21 ] east. In township seventy j 17 ] tf ran^e twenty-two The north half of s?*ction thirteen [13;] sua East half of ssction twenty tivejh?a I I he south haif of sectiou three [j.J iu township tifieeu [15,] of range twenty-three [23J east. The ?*a?t half of section twenty-nine [2W.] In township seventeen [17,] of r^nge twenty-three [43J east. The west half of section four [I.] in township eighteen [H,l of range twenty-three [23] east. The north lialt" of sectlcn two [2] in township twenty [20,1 of range twcnty-tbree 1231 east. Tbeeast naif of section fifteen [l.?.] in township twenty-two 1 of range twenty-four [-21] east. The north half of section seventeen f 17,] in township twenty [*2*t,] of range twenty-five [25] ?ia st. The south half of section six [5.] In township 'w nty-two [22.1 of range twenty-tlve [25] east The west hair of sec tion four [4] in township tw? nty-one [21,1 of r.mjje twenty-six [ill] ea.?l The south half of section twenty-two [22,] in township eighteen [IM,] of range twenty-seven f27] east '1 he nortb half of section thirty-three [33,] in township twenty-one [21,] of range twenty-seven (2' ] e^st. "1 he south l alf of se tion twelve [12.] in town ship twenty-two [22. J of range twenty-seven [27] east The west half of section seventeen [17] In town ship eleven [11] of range twenty-eight [28] east The south half of seciion thirty-one [31,] in township eighteen (H.] of range twenty-eight [2*-J east. ity-nine [29] and the south half of section thirty-three [33] In township seventeen 117;J of range twenty-nine [2P1 east. The*e sales wl'l commciioe nt the hour of 12 o'clock in , of each day above des'ynatnd, and continue until all of the lands then subject to -ale under this notice are ofltred CHARLES K. MIX, Acting Commissioner sop 1?Iawt20 Dec Information for Travelers. OHA.^(JC tc ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. OK F i T SO UTH FliS MA IL I. INK ' TWICE dally between WASHINGTON and the SOU I'll, vie ALEXANDRIA, UOH DONSVILLE and RICHMOND?no night line o;i Sunday. I.eave \Va*hli;gtrtn if b'foreG o'clock ? m Leave Alexandria " 7 "am Iavs Washington .< l' 7 " p m Leave Alexandria X " 8 " p m FAEH- };T NIGHT LIN X. From Washington and Alexandria, to Gcr donsville.... ?3 25 From Gcrdonsvllle to Richmond. 2 25 Travelers will tind the morning line the cheap est, most pleasant and expeditious ron?<* to the Greenbrier White Sulphur. Fauquier White Sul phur, Warm, Hot, Alum and Capon Springs, Warren ton, Charlr.Usvill?, Staunton, Strssburg, Winchester, Harrisonburg, Lexington, Weir's Cave.. Natural Bridge. Lnrav, New Market; Mid dlibu'rjT, ftc. Fi-BB1 BT MOKNTNS tINI ! Frr? Alexandria to Warrenton, - - 82 (?? 11 " GordonsvUle, - 3 50 i: 4i Charlottesville, - 4 50 M i( Staunton, - ? 6 on ,s 41 Strasbourg, - - 3 50 " Winchester, ? - 3 50 ? ?* Luray, - - - <J 25 " " New Market, - 5 is> " " Middleburg, - - l? OMNIBUSES and BAGGAGEWAGONS will '?? at tue P.?pot of the Washington Railroad. to '?onvey pa'^-en-'ers ind b"ggag^ to the Steam'tKvat, for A it EX AN DRI A, a distance of 6 miles, allow ing airric Urr.e f.>r meal.: H. W. VANDEGRIFT, jy 1 *- Gen. Srpt. -,Y KAIIHDAD riliECT TO THE WEST. pl w* ^rngs rtws&b IsB? * -*! - 'i<f*T Time between Washington a:i?t Wheeling bat 17 % nonrs ! Hun&in^ Tiiao fcotw.-'en Washington asi Cincinnati "7 hours " TH-00->a TirxtfTS AN I) BA..GAGE CI12CK5 TO Ek HAD IN WASHINOIOJt. rpiiK BALTIMORE AMI OHIO RAIL 1 ROAD havingercatly improved its Western connections, now ofiVrs :he fullest inducements to Travelers lietwcen WASHINGTON, BALTI MOR E, and ail portionsof the WEST, NORTH WEST, a::d the SOUTHWEST. TLeconnec'' -:i between the Trains from W?sh in^to.i and the Trans bound West from IJaltl m?re is;;l\v.;y- ptojs.p'ly ir. .;*e ; * t> - WaNhir.gton Iviiction /lately called the Relay Ifovse) ft nr.les from 12aitlmore. This is the only chnoye of cars ."quired Iftwifn Washington and 'he Ohio river. Bagawvis chrcl id through to Wheeling at the vVashii.'jton Station. an-J rcehecked a?id trans ferred there, (with the passen j? rs) without char^e, * ?r those holding Titrou^h Tickets for [oint.^ be vond. The connecting rrains lea,-e \V arhinghin <l.\liy at G a. m. and p. hi. On Sunday.* at the Litter hour only. At WHKEUNU direct ronanetinn Is made with the trains of tl*> ( FNTRAL OHIO R A! L ROAD. ninning from lieiiaire, cn the Ohio, near Wb'-eling, throu-jh Ombrldue, Zanesville, and Newark, to COLUMBUS. These trains conneet at Newark with thecarscf the New?rk, Mansfield end Sandusky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo, i/etrolt. Chicago. St. Louis, etc. At COLUMBUS the C. O. Railroad trains con nect with the fast t ains of the Little. M-tami /ia.,' rood to Xenia, Cincinnati. Louisville, cte. At XENIA(on Little Miami Railroad) connection \s formed v/jth the trains through Dayton, to Indian apolis. Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Reek Island, St. Louis, etc. VCf Passengers hoidlug Through Tickets for M ir.i-Hn, Virkst/'un;. New Oiltims, etc., which are also sold at Washington?are trans ferred at Cincinnati to the Mall Steamer* on the Ohio, 't ickets for Evansville; Cairo, a:;d St Lcui- ar?? sold bv this route. I |IJ~ For CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to J Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, etc., tickets are sold, | when the Ohio Is navigable lK*'weeti Wheeling and Wellsville (lorly jiiiles) wb^*re a connection win^ the Cleveland and I'itlsburg Rsliroad is made. Travelers are requested to notice that while this Is the only route affording Through rickets .\nd Checks in Wushinzton, It is also the shortest, most fp^edy, and direct to nearly aij the leading ?olnu; in th(? great West. The distorts from *rashi^s?to!? to ttincinnsii is but G5;J miles, bejig I abc-ut 10"? miles shorter than by any other route ! FARE, BY THROUGH TICKET, FilOM WASHING fON To Wheeling, ?9 50: Culani hur, pv: G5; Br.yton, S15 50; Cincinnati, #15 00, Louisville, oy )i.iiroud, Siti tt;>. by s tea me* fiom Clnriunaii, CIS 00; Indianapolis, #17 50; Cie? e land, f 12 50; Toledo, *15 Ho; Detroit. f?!5 20; Chicago, 65 and iH Gw; St I .oui*, ?2S 50 ar:d 825: >'emrhls. M Jn; New Orl?v?n^. U; etc. tVT Ft>K f REDKHICK AND H A H PKR S i PEERV.MARTINSBUHO, CUMBERLAND, j BERKLEY SPRINGS, BEDFORD SPRINGS, I'lliD.MONT, OAKLAND,and FAIRMOUNT, { i?a.-senders ir.i?v Lave Washington at 6 a. m or p. in For the minor wi,y stations ^tw^en Baltimore and Wheeling, 3 a in tr^ln from WaKhlnt^ton. izr F or trains to and from Baltimore Ana|>cii?. etc , see special advertisements. or further Information, Through Tickets, ftc .apply to THOMAS ii. PARSONS, Agent, r.t WftbUinpton Station. JOHN H. DONE, Master of Trans|K>rtatioa, Baltimore aiid Ohio Railroad, Baltimoie. may 3? if CANAL PACKET MNK TO POINT OF KO< KS. r |p 11E Cnnal Packet CONGRESS havinc been * thoroughly repaired aud put in first rate order (the maebin<Tvs^Kr^1.%_a^EiB belnjf removed and horse power substituted) coa tinues making her regular trips between George town and the above place. The Boat will leave the wharf of W. H. A H. G Ritter for Point of Rocks on MONDAYS, WED NESDAYSand FRI DA YS at 7 o'clock a. m; and ?he Point of Rocks for Georgetown on TUES DAYS, THURSDAYS and SATURDAYS at the same hour, stopping at theditTerentlaudingsalonjj the line for the reception and landing of passengers and freight, goins< and returning. The iioat will leave Georgetown at 7 o'clock a. m.. and arrive at the head of the Great Falls at 11, Senera at 1, Edward's Ferry 3%, MonocacyS if, Knowian's Ferry 6, and Point of Rocks at 7 o'cl'k f>. m. Returning, leave Point at 7 a. m., Know an's Ferry at 7^, Monocacy8, Edward's Ferry 11, Seneca 1, Great Falls 3%, and arrive at George town at 7 p m. Passage*through either way f4. M eals "served regularly on board the boat at mod

erate prices. CHARLES MERRILL, Capt. Je25-dtf ALEXANDRIA fe WASHINGTON BOATS. 'piiE Steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON wiL' 1- leave at the following hours. , _ ^ Fare 12U cenU. The THOMAS COLLYER, when not etLer ways engaged, will make tripj on the route at al ternate hours. L^ave Washington at 6,8, ??, 11^, 2j^, and 7. Leave Alexandria at 7, 9,18tf, 1*, and P. S.?The Boat will ieave Alexandria at 1# r. m , or immediately on the arrival of the cars Jy 7?d JOB CORSON Cnptala. STEAMBOATS CONNECTING" WITH EACH TRAIN OF CARS ARRIV lng In Washington a? Alexau- 11 dria.?'t he Sttaii ier? 1H OS. C 01. -, YER or~G EO RGK WAS Hi N GT(?N will male the above cvonnections, leaving Washington at f> a. rn., for the Orange and Alexandria Cars, and con nect with the same train ?n their arrival JC7~ MEALS fornlsbed on the boats Tue Hoats connect with ;:ll the trains from H?.|< tluiore SAM'L GEDNEY, Captain. iua> 17?tf Information for Travelers. THE NEW YORK. AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES' MAIL STEAMERS. THE 3H1PS COMPRISING THIS LINK are tbe ATLANTIC, Capta'n Went, PACIFIC, Captain Nye, BALTIC, Captain Com*took, ADRIATIC, Captain Grafton. TLe*e Sfcl ps have been baHt by contract, express ly for Government scrvice; every care ha* been taken in their construction, as in the engines, to insure ctrrngth and speed, and their aceommnda .lons for pessengers are unequalled for elegance and comfort. PaiC* 07 fA?SAfi*. From New York to Liverpool, in first cabla, 9 12t Second cabin, ...... t% Sicla^ive use of extra size state rooms, - :*?> From Liverpool to New York, - ?30 and ?20 An experienced Surgeon attached to each ship. f<i? berth can be secured until paid for. 1 01 freight or passage apply to EDWARD X. COLLINS * CO , 56 Wall street. New Ycrk. DRONVM, irH'PLEY A CO., Liverpool^ E. O. ROBERTS A CO.. 13 King's Arms Yard. London. JOHN MUNROE A CO , 2C Rue Notre Dame des Victolres, Paris. GEORGE H DRAPER, Havre. The owners r.f these ships will not be accounta ble for gold, silver, bullion, specie, iewelry, pre cious stones, or meials. unless bills of lading are signed therefor, and the veiiu? thereof therein ex pressed. dot 16?ly WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. ?sp! /1HANGE OF HOURS.?On and after Mon * ' day, the 23d instant, the Trains will I .eave Washintrton a'. 8 and t-% am, and 3 and \% p. m. On Sunday Rt 4 if p.m. Leave Baltimore at 4 and a ry , and 3 and \>)i p. in. On Sunday at t V a ap2:i?tr T. H PARSONS, Agart. THE POTOMAC RISER STEAMBOAT CO M P A N Y 'S STE AM E R A LI CE C. P R1C E, CAPT. SAMUEL BAKER, WILL LEAVE WASHINGTON AT SIX o'clock a. m.jUiid ALEX AN- _ . ?T DRIA at r o'clock, a m ? On TUESDAY .MORNINGS ? For Matter, Currloman, L. Machodoc, l'lney Point, Kinsale, and Cone. On FRIDAY MORN INGS?For Chapel Point, Wicomico, Leonardtcwr.. Piney Point,St. Mary's, and Cone. On WEDNESDAY, < returning)?Leave Cone at 4 o'clock, a m.. for St Mary's, Piney Point, LeonardUnvn, Wicomico, and Chapel Point. On SATURDAY, {returning)?Leave Coiie at 1 o'clock, a. m . for Kitisale, Pir.ey Point, L. Ma chodoc, Currioman, and Mattox. The A. C. Price will call at the usual lnndingh on the river when signals are made. Dy order of the Board: JAMES P. SMITil, President. Alexandria, Va., June 1, lf55. jc 15?if FOR MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS ?FARE, round trip, ?1; from Alexandria m ?['? " 75 cents ?The steamer TiiuMAS^g^j3nB COLLYER leaves Washington at 9, and Alexan dria at o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for the boat at bjf o'clock Coach fare 10 cents Per sons wishing th- coaches will leave ihelr res-deuce Tfith (ieorge A. 3 homas Parker. Refreshments on the boat. ??t2?-tr SAM L GEDNEY, Ctltaln. TO ALL THAT VALUE TK^IR SIGHT. W 1SH t.S to rail the attention to all that suffer with defective sight, caused by a'"C, sick ar.d particularly from glasses injudiciously selected. Jj his superior SPECTACLES and GLASSES carefully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and brilliant transparency, suited precisely and beneSciallv to the wearer ac cording to tne concavity or convexity of the eve. Very numerous are the ill el'ecis caus*-d to the precio'i" orifan nf <-ight fioin the comniene-emeut of using glass-s Iti not bcin.: precisely suited. by the use of ;mi Optomat*r; a*ul tb?* prac'Leof inaav year-, enables him to measure ?he fo al disease of the eyes, and such glasses that are absolutely re J'.iirc A will be famished with precision and satis faction. J T. acknowledge? the very liireral encourage ment already obtained, and further solicits the pa tronage of those lLat Lave not yet ava:l? a tnem solves of his aid. Persons that canr.ct conveniently call, by send ing the glasses In use, and stating how many inches they can read this print with their specta cles, can be supplied with such that will improve their sight. Innumerable testimonials to be seen ; and jefer ences given to many who h;ivederived the greatest case and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to be Lad gratis, at his office. No. 51*2 Seventh street, three doors from Odd Fellows' Ilall, up stairs. Norfolk, September", 1S51. Sir?The Spectacles you made for rne suit very well, and seem to have improve! my sight more than any other 1 have lately tried. LITT. W. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr. 3'obias, and nnd them of great assistance to my sight, aiid corresponding with his description of the focus. 1 recommcnd him as a skillfui opti cian. HENRY A. W]SE. M r. J T'jS'as : Sir?The pair of Spectacles you furnished me yesterday are j articularly satisfac tory to me. Tney are very decidedly the best 1 possess, and 1 am the owner of eight or nine pair, carefully selected in different places and froai op ticians recommended to me on account cf their frofeesional standing in England, F ran^e and the Inited States. I have been also pleased with your remarks and directions on the treatment of the eyes, for thepurposecf pre.-eivlng and Improv ing the sight. Respectfully, von is, CrfAS. CALDWELL. Professor of M. C., Louisville, Ky. Lynchburg, Nov. 10,1854. | Mr. John Tobias having furai?hed me with Glasses, by which I have bt^?n greatly aided (mv vision having suffered greatlv from readily at night in my earlier life) it affords me the highest pleasure to say that I consider h'rn a -ikilif :i prac tical optician, and well prepared to aid those WuO may need his professional services. WM. B. ROUZIE, Elder of Methodist Conference. WILMISSTON. N. C., Jan. 27, 1<5L Mr. J Tobias: Dear Sir?I am happy to say that th?' Spectacles which 1 obtained from you last week are entirely satisfactory. From an inequal ity in the visual range of my eyes, 1 have hereto fore found great ditHculty in uetting glasses of the proper focal distance. It affords me pleas ire to eiate that, by the aid of your optometer, this diffi culty has been happily obviated so that theglas'se-s vou furnished me are decidedly the best adapted ?? acy eyes of any 1 have ever yet us?l. Very respectfully, yours. K B. DRANE, Rector of St James'Parish. Department of Interior, May 7, lfc55. From natural d-fects and the unequal range of ?T ey sit '??? .>11 compelled to use "laa-nS for several yeurs. 1 Lave tried different oirdciaBs without obLiining glasses nerfectly ttivd to my eyes. Four months since Air Tobias made two pairs especially fur me, which I have found to serve me perfectly. By the use of his optometer he Is enabled to adapt Glasses minutely to the eye. 1 mof-t cheerfutlv recommend Mr. 'icblas to all having occasion to use glasses, and bear my testi mony as to his skill as an optician. 11 ENIIY E BALDWIN, Assist. 3ec'y tof-lgn Land Warranta. Jy 18?tf YEM BOOKS AT TAYLOR A MAURY'S. Syduey Smith's Memoirs, *2 vols, S2 The Ilisti?ry of Woman and her connexion with Religion, Civilization, and Domestic Manners, from the earliest period, by S. W. Fullom, au thor of the Marvel of Science, SI Panama in 1^55. by Robert Tomes, (JOe. The Horse, by vV in. Youatt, new edition, with observations on breeding cavalry horses, by Cecil, 81. Ballads?Romantic, Fantastical and Humor ous?by W. II. Ainswoith, ?5c The Music Master a love story, by W. Arling ton, with 9 woodcuts, ?5c My Brother's Wife, by Amelia B Edwards, 3Sc Leila, or the Siege of Granada, by Edward B. Lytton, 25c Small Farms and how they ought to be man aged, 25c The Poetical Works of Mark Akensideand Jno Dyer, illustrated, SI The Industry of the United States, 25c Frank Hilton, or the Queen's Own, by James Grant, 50c. Just received at TAYLOR A MAURY'S, *" 24 Bookstore, near 9th st. RAZORS AS IS RAZORS. /^EO. Wostenholm A Son's doubly carbonized b rederick t enny's Tally-ho,and Wade A Butcher's chemically j>erfected Razors, and others, from 20 cents to C2 50. Gentleman who like & comfortable shite should w?curt? one of Razors. Also. Razor Strops, Shaving Cream, Brushes, Soap, Ac.,at the Housekeeper's Furnishing Store 190 Seventh street. U FRANCIS. liU 17? Itl.ANk of all kltidj ,y*??US"i"V'"Tkanch taylok. Medical. INHALATION FOR THE cm* OT ASTHMA AND CONSUMPTION. .VETT AND VERY WONDERFUL ! ! ! EC "3T 0- 33 J?. JV -A. tiroagbt btsit u tb# d**r ?! the niliiia! A WONDERFUL discovery ha* recently been made by Dr Curtis, of this city, In the treat ment of Consumption, Asthma, and all diseases of the Lungs. We refer to Dr CURTIS'S HV GEAN A. or INHALING HYGEAN VArOR AND CHERRY SYRUP. With new ame thod. Dr. C. has restored nnny afllrted ones to health, as au evidence of whicb he has innnmera ble certificates. Speaking of the treatment, a phy ' flclan remarks, "It Is evident that inhaling?con stantly breatl Ing an agreeable, healing vapor?the medicinal pr? p? "Jes must come In direct ccntact with the whole rrrial cavities of the lungs. and thus escape the mrnysnd varied cbam?o*pr(xTiced j upon them when introduced into the stomac h and subject to the proofs of digestion." The Hyge ana is for salt at ah the Drug^is.* throughout the country.?JV. Y. Dutekmmm Jem. 14. The Inhzler S worn en the breast under the lin en, without the least Inconvenience?the heat of the bodv being suifieler.t to evaporate the fl :id Hurdrvds of case* of cures, llkv? the following, aii^ht be named One package of *be U ygpnna bar cured me ?f the Af.hma of ?li ~r*rs standing. J. F. KEESBERRY, P. M. of Duncannon, Pe I am cured of tbt A?th-sa of ten yean' Btandiaf by Dr. Curtis s Hv^ana. MARGARET EAfc>TON, Brooklyn, N Y. MRS PAU L, of No. 5 Hammond street, N. Y., was cured of a aerere Cuae of Bfonchitls by the Eygeanc. My sister h?n been eared rf a dlsiressing cough of several years' standing, and decided to be fu ' C! by the physiclaas. She was cured In cue month bv the Hvgeaaa. J.H GACDKRT, P.M. Richmond. Me The Rev. Dr. CHEEVER. of New York, testi fies of our medicine I . the following language: N'r.w Yoke, Nov. 15, 1*51 Dear Sir: I think highly of Dr. Curtls's Hyye ar.a as a remedy in dof the throat nnd lings. | Having had some opportunity to testify 'ts eifcra ; cy, I am convinced that It is a most excellent rem : edy, both the Sy> jp and the inhaling application to the chest. Prof S. CENTER writes us as follows r Genti-men?I have recently had occasion to test your Cherry Syrup and Hvs;enn Vapor, in a c:?<? of ehrouir sore th roaf. that i-jul refused to yield ?> other forms ef iiratment. and the result has satis fied me that, whatever may Ik- the composition of your preparation, it is no iinpo?;?? an excel lent rem dv I wi>h. f<?r the si bscf *Jk alKicted. ; that it might he brought wltbla Ci?-*?5?> of all. DR JOHNS, one of'he rroe< uirijl#.; Ptysl 1 c?ans in New York writes Dr Crr.T:s?D?ar Sir?Having w<?ne?^Mt the excellent effect* of your Hvgeana or Inhaling Hy i ^eau Vapor and Cherry Svr lp, id cae* of Chrome ( Bronchitis, and being much in 'aforof counter ir ritation iu atlectio;i* of' tie throat, Bror < hial tubr? ai:d lungs, 1 cr.n therefore ?he**rfttHy recommend , xo'ir Medicated A pa rat ;r. as l*-;ng ttie most cor: vejtjent and effectual ino?ie of applying ?nvthtmr of the kind 1 have ever .??u. No d<">ubt thoj^ands of pe.'-ons nnv 1*? reiirved, and mai>y cured, b,r . usiuif your nit-dicin?'!i. 1 must here allowed to confess that I ant op posed to proscribing or using secret comr*?un<T:. out this lit*le neatly contrived article, una its ef fects in th" rase afx:ve alli ded to, Law indj^'d trie to speak in its favor. You a e at lii>crty to use this in ai.y way you ' may tbiak proju-r. Risprttfally. your*. Ac., C. JOHNS, >1. D., Nt?. ?09 Hou-ton t'ti-l N.Y. Price three dollars a package. Sold by cru ris t*v PERKINS and BOYD X PAU L. 1 ii> Chambers ?t., N. Y. . 27r "er.t free to any port of the Un!- i ? ed Slate* p>r ten dollars. ^ ^ ?Br. t'::r.5; "s Hrgeanals?hc()H!c;vi t 1 "4 "N.I.V SnSUINK' AKTl*'?.K; ,!ji itVh.'r. are b?se imitations, or vile and injurious co?r.ier n Vtmj would POISON For sale in Wrf-Llugton by CI1AS STOTT In t4reet? J- 11 MOORE, i ln the F ^Vard. may i CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. THE GREAT PURIFIER OF THE liLOOD! ; N'?T a FARTIf LE OF MEaCCRT IS IT. A* INFALLIBLE REMEDY for Scrofula. I Ms." Ev?lf K?<eum<itisui. Obstiuato Cutan o.? rmptious, Pimples -r p >tules on the r ! i ";? her . Boil<, Chronic Sore Eyes, R in - Worm 1 u 'T.r >rald 11 -id. Enlargement a d Pain u-. . hr,(^ Joints. Stubborn Ulcers, St- ' phiiitic Disorders, Lumbago, Soina: Ct<m- i platnp. and all the disea.-r> arisir-g f.-nm au ia- ! JudieiOiM cf Mcr? ,;ry. Iiaprudc2ce !t L f( or Impurity ci the Bled. ' I ^^IIIS VALUABLE .VKDiCINE. which ha j i become ce -W - d for L- number eitnor- ! ri'Tiarv-cun-?, . J>'rt.*il thr:e:.'h if; agfacy, ha." in- I f,}''"- , f PTi!i'!^}ors~ the r^r'-t request of tbel* ?' I \Ji- ^ ,v ' r? tb,f Pu,Wic, which the> do i I utmo>t confidence in Its virtues and won- I : curative propty ties. The foiicv.lng certifi, sw* ;:ted frou; a ir.r^e cumber, are, however I | eiroa^-r itMunuy ta..n the m^re ? of the p;o- ! prletorsj and pe til fr^m genUemca well known la their and cf tae t&fshest retp#ctabJ;l- ? tj, many of tfcem reading !n tbc city cf R!*h- I jpond. Va. j k I ^ DLN. Kk,t , of tLe Exchange Hotel. ? everywhere, nays he bar steu ? tne Med. ice called CAHikP*. M:x ^d^^lf'kte-tni In ever a hundttd cast-s in i - ! CT jr seen. . LE:*yD FEVER?GREAT CURE?I ^.ro\ certify tLpt fo* ihretf yt*uir? I bid Airce and mrst v!nll?n! description. I Lad sev eral Physicians, took large qualities of Qoinlue, Aieicury, and i believe ail the Touics advertiswi, oat all without pentu,aeut relit f. At ia?>t 1 tried 14um'i i*-o hotaea of Vhich ?fiectua^ly cure** me, s.!id I ain happ? to see J have had neither chills or fevers sfnee. I con ^r'f 1 ?'"ir ,r* Ib's world, and the only meaicwie that ever rcciitd my ca,A B.??? !>,??, ?=, ^SBOEN _9" i'tCK, 1-sq., a w in the cltv of Kich msay years ;a the Port OJice. uaa c<n?dence ii, the asU-dshlng ettc^cvof Car- , = h^"jskb Mixture, tart Lelas l.ou-ht an ^rds of.* bottie?, which h? La.s given ava- t ' the affiirted. Mr Luck ^v< j;r h^M m kw*- i -i to fau when taken cccord.-ng to dtfectious ** Dr. MINGL. a J-ractl^ing Ph^l^le" anil fo* merly of ihe City tfolei, in the Uty -f Rich mead fw'UHKSf>1 ^ ^ number of lnstan? e4 j -tc eirscts of Carters Spaui?h Mixture wbi-h CWil!^'<U,f^d Mw/p!?KIC4' five la d ^ of Livcr'ihe ^ teMni?1nSh?lillR' of tlc firr- of L'rla CcmrI?*iM. Je'.C ^ c,;rod cf L!^ ?J fcrt* V*-rs standing, bv the as? of two bottles of Carter's Spanish Mlxtaw ^ GREAT CUR EOF Si RO FVL A ?The ^d' P; .-Wm. rvr.d or vloler.l Scrcombined with KbeuinatiFm whirh Urcly disabled him .Tom work T^t.bou?. o, Carter's Spanish Mixture ir^de a STS ?{ Editors, in a public say tt*v ?j/ifil i recommend it to r'.I who art atilcu-i with any disease of the bloc<l." -aicu ,i 1 b?1LL A:"?TH?,R CURf; OFSCROfVl M 1 had a very valuable boy cuit d C Scroll , wj Carter's Sjmnish Mixture, i consider if tS r ^alaable n.edicine. JAMES duem on tbe K r. r. 1: K. Co , K let ioolld* SALT RHEl'hl op rii' v v*?*v v-r.i?c STANDING CURED.-Mr JOHN TSommS SON, residing in the citvof Ki-hiM.?n^ * i by three bottle* of Carter^ < ' of Kw.'ES.T^ri? reconin.^.,lT-u L1 cheerfully medicine co:ihld^>r? ^ a vety invaluable ? BURTON, commissioner of the reve Vri.' f8/8., "a-H seen the good effects of Ca/ter'a ?.Ki Mixture in a numL^r of SypbLiiiie ? and says it la a perfect cure for that buritt.. ?!? UdSf*. .}VM- u- HAR WOOD, of Richmond, cured of old Sores and Ulcers, which disabled Llaa from walking. Took a few bottles of Carter's Span'.>h Mixture, and was enabled ta walk without a craui. In a short time permanently cured Principal Depots atM WARD, CLOSE A fn No. b? Maiden Lane. New York. SOiNS'No 1Si Noiti ?? BKER3' N?- ?? ??., And for sale by CHAR. LES STOTT Wmm. tou,D C.j HENRY PEEL. Druggists every where -nttria, an i by bctUf.? sU holtlc. to, *5. ? JJO Pm Vck amd IMA to1? J^^r?-VeryCklndof renatr. J? i'-lra Medical. rKiTAU nrux AL trc&tiik on THI rHTLOSOPHICAt VIEW OF KAEB1 AftK, *T n. V. LA CHOIR, M. D., AlBAsr. ? r, }^250 Pwr* tuid Fine. PW?. u4 Coiotad Lithographs and Plates. Pric* Hir T*M?r*n** ( X#af Prtt ?/ rottaii 10 ail r*rf ?/ **? ??*? i VKAPfST BOOK EVLR PfBLlfRKD ?nd eont n(t tv--'!-. double tfcc quantity of r*wd atr matter la htf of the KIT TV CENT ??P DOL LAR PL'tf Li CATIONS. It treali. on tho I'l! ^ ;?K'L OOV OK MARRIAGE. *nd the Secret I nflfinlt'e*, uid D'wrderrf r-.d ? - Maliiiltf. irTlil1. ? f-o t? or- ? f ??e?, wblrh de-*ror (be #V V phytic-I did mer'.ai pow " wi.h UO*etv?:l< r? on M -.r-iaire, Its dirtiest and dloqoallftQOttMio, and their reined!*1*; rr?:h Lltbo^iaf Li, lili:?tratln? the Ane'^nnY *r.d Plipand Di-ea*sof tLe He productive Orranx of b< lb r^rm, lh?!r atr-jetst?. t>-ci?.*nd fan? tior* A prf:'.ar rj?d coniprefcen ? ive Tren:l?e en the D'tle^ end CawwltV* of n?n ^leund married lif*>?happy and fruitful alliance?, mode of ..i then.?Irifelh .touf and Infertile ?'aoa?their obviat-in j?jkd monh- Important Lint* U? tbo?e cootrmpl^r'.n;. matrimony, that will overcome objrrtlnns to It; rone. however. nhonld take tbln tr*i|.ortart *t? p wtthout f rut consulting lt? -f rmin. nuiri?<! c'n th?? dV ??a?e? and 'eatment of fe'r.alt * from infancy to old aa'e. each ? ;;*e graphically '.llustmu-d by bewatlful lithogra phic pLi et??a?.'vou.s det-ility, tta raus*** and cure, ??y a t>r<x??c at orcr ?o afe. and effectual I hat fellcrr Is ltrpe^lLl-.'- rile* t"i dally DiMlir ?;.ent?an ?*?y ?m Sp^.-rritcrrbst-a. with practical < iwrvatioi.* oh a isaA r aad more MBCeOMnl mod-* < f treatment?preca itl->nary hint* or the evllsre ? tiling from ?icrltical s.rrc'lct?an <--?v on all (!;**??? arising r?iu malm rctlon, with plain *r?d .-imple rules b) wl.V t: al' p# r?o? s can cure tb?*m t'lvw wlth(?'it m? rrnry?r> <n??d:^ fc.r tho^e M?lf ) ?ll:cie<i mis? lies j:t t1. <1l?appiilnt(d Lopm no U". I ?rt'ionteiy pr?*v?l^iit in tiicvo in^ Itiia truth 1 >1 adviat-r V the iitUT td .md tt,"rccOiit?iiiplatinj; irjirr;u^;? lt-> . is pari ? r?**n in?-nd ? I to p**r?.or' ?. 1? rrilniinr ?.?? ret dorliti <>f the r j hyvtcal rooditScii.; ? d v.*ho ar<-f t.n-cl^u* of ha* ..liT harr.rdetl tl> L? ru'h. b?t|-p;ne>?, prlvilt^jea ' ? which ffrrv b^iau ?" ?*i,,iti^ I'rjce T\VE\TV-FIVE ?*KNTs* nrr cony, or Five ?."o!?je? for tine IVltar M,i ;?-d fu* of po*i i.ST' to JJ i ;.r?sof li.- I ;;i .-d Mate* N li?Tl.o? .*?? <, -Trf, r nuy omMlt Or. l.\ <"R?I|\ ? n v of * ? f - '{ion \vhi> h this I "?ok rre?t-. Hthcr p?T?wu!ljr or by mail M?-d' < in?- wilt to nry p.:r* of the 1 n?on according to di ? reictioas. Mfely packed atsd carefully Kecured from .11 oK-terTif :ou. Addict Dr. M H LA CROIX. No 31 Mald??n i^tie. or Post OX. e U??x 571/. AHsJtv N. fp- offre or-- .1 dail\ from a m. to ^ p rc , nadou ^uikday fr i. ? until 5 p in. trr o*r# ft >'WOVEl> from \o rA Cea*w*t. i-?:tl >lnidea Lii'ir. Hl u.ij, !*. Y. dec"?y UOCTOli II Oil K L A ? l> ' ? CE1.EUK A f El) GERMAN BITTERS, rkn*Ki "i vr Dr. C. >1. JA: KMI.N, I'hiladelfhia. Pa., wili. rfFixrr' llt rr?r LIVIBCOftFLAtVl, BTIFIPIU, Jaxxh ? >'? - '"?*? Urh.ltf. Oil* tlifts Cf lit' K' :* ? tr?, "*?/ U ?sran?l a'isint: from o Dt<ord-rtd Li'-'t r.r S:ctn*rh. 'Juch ?- Consflrati"'.. Invard Pile*, Fnllifv.flr IJlorxl withe ii;itv<?f the ^'onj^h. Naa H'^rthnrn. >f for f.od Fii!lne<??. ?<r Weight In the stomach. So ?rEra '.at^oii- . Sink 1 n*; ??: Kf ?! ..e I",* of th^Mamacb. Swimming : i. Ii?ad. I! ? --d ard infccnlt lin'i'htnjf. 1' ?tt'?*rifii: c <L<* II rf,r'l: >k'.iii of Stiffoca,'n:- S?'n?st' ">:is i i a lv*.;> Po*tul*"t l);mries!? of V>?i<n. of lwf-?re the Siubt, FW-r ir.<t |>?.ll Pal?i la the Head. I>H|. driicy of Pen pi on. \eli??rne* ??f the Sk'.ft ai d Kv . : a;a iu !Lc Side Back. Chest, l.imlM Ac., Tvidd* n h lukhni of ilcat lhimlm; in thtf EI-**h, ConKtaut lir.'-Uii cf KtU, and great Depr-?-s!oii of Spirit*. rpiIE PR0pRIET0n,tncaUta)r the atuctlon A of-hew b | - parati . do?* ?o with ^ f<^*lin'^ of ?hc ? ? Iti1 in I** virtue* -.?id adaj *..* ,.>n - f * tr? >.c d.? a^? for wtik h it re oam?^?:d;*d It is no B--W ;ind ' *r -*d ar"c>. hut one that haa ?' e tf*Ni of a viurs" trial i?r:'or?~ t?e Aiuer a^^d .. :i a::d Kile l- unrl val!-d by any ??'n ar pri,.--;. iec? extant Th? "?<t;rr:r?nv iits f ??.<?* " ? r. ' v tL" nx*>t promi nent aru! well-known P!' ? - l-r- ?ndlndividnal?, .:i all p^rt- of *l." c.- ? ' . la imii'ensc The fol lowlnti from Nc.^th ? ar?' is is rrsr;"c'.fully sub inittod, rtfcrrln^ any who u?ay k'IU doii*>t, to tha 'MfiuorabUia." or Pr... *sr. F *elpt l'<>ok fof Tarmt 's aiii f t.? t- ). A cf all lu? ^s;en?.- for the G< rm.'rj Bt'f ? Prln^ifRi (tfll* *? en<* ifiir:t''-v', AR^li STREET, PHILADELPHIA. :*A. TESTIMONY UIO^ NORTH CAROLINA. Cirl<*-?'? cf if W Swtt 4. e.* ft+t H%H. Rtri ?a?ai Cv%ntv. & t" F:?*: li ILL. Niarch 4, I'-j*. Ds. C. M. n, k*h'!ifit"lptia?Deai -ir: I have bef "i a i . f i". ? I ? . In It- won4 form, for the 1 s: S r y^r- SrvL whk mv cor?dl tinn tor twelve mvnth- t. A.t the nfcfidrtiii:* :,rd all v-uo mw mr -aid I mvt d'e w Llie in thU con dition j war ca.r.~d to the ?^ternnr placen in Vir ginia. Trnue&xtv, a>id N>rU Caic iiua. but vs? not bctuti'tcd by any vcr'vr u- Wul h I w?ia taken. While on n:y way h*>"?.? ' pr^-d ^ we?-k at Rutn erfordton. a ? viil?,,e In North Carolina, to *ry the effect r! wr,e wr. tr In that pla."^. Aboi:* the la?t of the w> k I w*rt Intc a iit ir- store ui }C'" <r-r.^r n *-?l - i fci mv child and !r;v*elf. PtoKtewrrt vm-iai < f .he vllldj'e plyK'. clans ir. the tUrr.-, ;.i.'it- f ;; ^inwd to take y.srr.c Interest lu ?nv ? ?-e. and. afkiiu; m? for-to qncstioiif. <vl-l be I <*? l?-? a a dy*pentW aad u#d x'estiy >^"i?iiti? d bv t>' ? 'iv of HOOF I.ANU S GEItMAN llil TERS. pv-p d by vou. and he InslMed lhat I w> vld try the Bitter*, lie al>K) called toe next dav at my roi^m. and In elsU-d ?k> much th'.t 1 w r..J try item that i ^ked h.ui to jjel Wffi w.e bntile. He d!l it, a-nd I coin ?MMMlaikla{iin directed,? ?. J war moM beu eft?ed 1?>* It than all the ara'cr .Ticdlclae 1 Lad ever ??k? n After rcarhlni; home oce c.? r?v r:?l^hbor? e-?me liwlwtHwrifdiaaad uwiMae, (beady^ ? ??rpt*.r.) aid 1 ? 1 i. ?..l the btCUr- I Laid left, whkh j*t W n"u -? , ?\?c la hbu?r. lie h?. t;fn .i ? ali-*i *>!?. ? fai mere of tke aaoM kind of medicir.e, s -v?np a- was more oeoedtted by it iVan o-tiy r>thc- h" \ \A taV.-s. h. t I hevr not been a'-V to ^ct any cior- ? - -n* - cr mv-elfsince; will ynu, therefore, rJ?urx ty.n ue a d-?en or in ore u > a a in n>. W?. Respectfully, your*, W. SJBiTH. ii K HOOtkEU. iliper't S.ore. Co., N. C., October i-t, !W5J. :^.ys : Having t ricnc vi ver* : b^nctr firm th* use of HOllFLAND'S l.l.i.'i ?.*. 1U TTERS lo Chronic Dysentery p.nd ft-r .' derateoetd 14 the Lirrr. ai:d I's eoncvrr.i'a.'jt? rib i air. dclrooo of olnalnl:v; a q iactity rfltf r c bcr-.-fit of n.f "vaimunisy. *? vu ? uerel~if. ?iciat ?*ad a lot, Ac , A, ic. CERTIFICATE OF WH J, AT WOOD HcsTrvi^La, Vadk ii Co . N r l Ncv. trber let, l-5-r> f Di. C M. jackfcon?l>"^ar Sir. AUiw m< :?n preus to yoa wy si-r. thaaa* f< r yonr dif very ?jf a meoSklne which, t< ^y ihe : ?t of It, La* e? feetcd aearcthat ail-Mb r h-.? d ? 'v.a' I ha*-i taken, cntlr?'i/ ftiled tooo Ht MlFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERe rave run d i:.e ?f the "t'.ibboiQ and ajfjftuvaled ca;??: of 'i-e pilb^ tha'. tHThaps, ever fel' to tht let cf man My cant i* KOt a stratfe'er in thl ? cc.a:aaity. as 1 am well known In tlih' tht ? 'irr.. .acii:i; ? ? u..t?. * and ran tnilv say that mv rw .werv ! aKtovadi^d all mv friend* and n-iai'.cn*-. a^ ' :r i tried everything . r-* :<mmeaded. ai<d < thl^d .d me any rood t:n I til I was prevailed upon t? try tLe ??iitt^r* Yoa I ; re l'lc rty to m-ikcany n--tnU toma-unka ' ttoa for the benctst of "-od, yoa may thV:k iiroMT. 'fmly^your*, * W*. J. ATWOOV. These bitter* are entfrlf *-'rttzbl*. they Invig orate and Ktrenjrtbe,, the kyutemf never pro?-trato It. and can be i^cd for infants a w-11 a.-- adults. For sale by renpec'.ible cealm evenvbe^1. and by /. 1) G1 IJUa.M, basoiiifior,; ) L. RID WELL, Geor*eu>vu, and J. K TIER PONT, Alexandria. mar 1?ly I REESE * EAGLE PLI MBING AND GAS FITTING DEPOT. 'PHK subsenher r* ?i crrfully a>>r.oune?a to bla A friends and the p?i?l'c la v^ncnil that he ha* received the nrxt lot of tbe c-MiraU'd D< ?1H^ K'S DOUBLE ACTING St CTION AND FORCE I't MP, whkh re?:eiv?*d lue SIL.X LK MKDA L at the late taircf u.-. Sf u.H>??ibJiMei L.mi'-s .i.stl tute, and la now prepared to furalah ail w?c mny favor him with a call. Hia Mock cf GAS 1'IXTVR I .S art ^usuipaj-cd in tbe District With L m - ?* of con i j -Xrart worki?? n h" himself U? nil anv oic'ers la tLe PLUMBING AND GAS>-i'lTTiNG line ii u prouij^Uii -k ead despatch. Ul7* All work done warranted to give ?caaliti Mlwhrtioa. JOHN REESE, may 3?If corner Bth *t and Pa r.uc LETTEliS It) THI! i llOPLE on Healin and UappineM, by CatL> rlat L BtrcLei In pai>cr 37 >t, cloth 50c. History of tbe Council of Tr?nt, fioui the Fi-nck by John McClitttuck, D D . f I Harper * Picture Ib-ok for the N?ir^?Ty. by Ja cob Anbolt, J vols "gcti New vuIiium' of Haii4*r'* Story lio ?k ti TAYLOR a MAll U\ S au 10 ittar irth <vnet