Newspaper of Evening Star, September 10, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 10, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Tat Pcbli* Mketisg, <>n Saturday ?ftjH* at the City Hal!, wa* organiied by call iDK the Mayor of Wanhiujjton to the Chair, ana the appointment of Colonel W. F. Young . oc wThJ Rer. Mi. GurUy, by invitation, ad dre*sed the Throne ot <?race , when Mr D. Radcliffe. after a few forcible and ei-qucnt rowrk". .submitted the following resolution, which wa adopted : Resole f. That a permanent committee ol one wmii from each ward be appointed by the Chair for the purple of devising some t.ian for the relief of our suffering friend? at Norfolk and Portsmouth ; and that said com mittee have power to appoint sub-committecs to obtain contribution? in money and such other things of our fellow-citiiena a# may be necessary in the premises ; and that the who.c be under the management and direction of eiid permanent committee ; and that said per manent committee shall continue m existence as long as the occasion of its appointment -tiuil iThe chairman appointed the following-named ?>ntleman to compose the general committee: irst Ward, William T. Dove; Second Ward, J. H Riley; Third Ward, Daniel Ratchffe; Fourth Ward, Samuel Bacon; Fifth Ward, John P. Ingle; Sixth Ward, Robert Clarke; Seventh Ward, M. B. Randolph. On motion the Mayor was appointed chairman of th.s committee. Dr Joseph N Seboolfield having been called on to address the meeting, said that his wife and himself had just recovered from the yel low fever, and bad come to her home to re.-t for a few days to recruit their exhausted health and strength; but it was his purpose to return on Tuesday to share the labors and the sor rows of hi? afflicted friends awl neighbors in Portsmouth, lie bas:ily depicted sorrowing rcenes of distress and death to which he had been an eye-witness, and heartily approved the appointment of a j^rmanent relief com mittee ; sayir.g in conclusion, ?' the fuvor now appears to be abating, now that it lacks mate rial to operate upon ; but the end is not vet. Many who have left their homes, deceived by the apparent dcclinc in the disease, or driven into th?* jaws of death by the destitution that they may elsewhere experience, will prema turely return to Portsmouth during the ap proaching forty, or even sixty days and you may then lind mush for the hand of charity to perform" A subscription paper was passed round, and liberal contributions were mado. Alde rman J. P. Pepper offered the following resolution , Rt.uJcea, That it is the decided opinion of this meeting that an appropriation of ??, made by ths corporate authorities of this city out of the general fund, would meet the cor dial approbation of the citizens of this city for the relief of the sufferers at Norfolk and Ports mouth. Mi Jacob Gideon moved to li'.l the blank with the ?um of five thousand dollar.*, whijh was agreed to, and the resolution was adopted; acd. ou motion of Mr. Ratcliff?, a commistee of three was ordered to present the tnbjcct of the foregoing rce-jlutiuu to tUecity authorities, when the following gentlemen were appointed: Messrs. Pepper, Pleas.ints, aud Gideon. The Mayor remarked that he presumed the question would be asked: " Where is the mo ney to como from?" to which Mr. Jacob Gideon promptly responded, " Let tho Coun cils vote the money. and I II guarantee the funds shall be immediately forthcoming.' After further proceeding-", it was resolved that the pastors of the several churches of the city be requested to take up collations iu n?d of this cause; and that the ladie->ol the city be invited tj lend their aid in soliciting money and clothing. Cm Hall, Monday, Sept. Ifi. The general standing committee appointed a', the meeting *f citizens ou Saturday cvenirg !a?t. convened in pur-nance of the Mayor s invitation, met at the City ilall this morning. Present; His Honor the Mayor, W - T. Dove, from the First Ward ; John U. Riley, Second Ward, Daniel Ratcliff. l'binl Ward; Samuel Bacon, Fourth Ward. John P. Inglo, JriUh Ward. Jobr P In^le was appointed treasurer, and John H. Riley secretary. On motion of Wm. T. Dove, it was r??olved that the sum of one huudrcd dollars be placed in the hands of Mrs. Kckhaid. M J. Cows, and Mr-. Kat-'ifle, to procure :uc.i articles of clothing as they m.?y think needed, for the re lief of the sufkring poor of Norfolk and Ports mouth. Geo. T Jones appointed to take charge of and toward such articles as may be received to Norfolk and Portsmouth. On motion, the Secretary authorised to procure twenty one memorandum books for subscriptions, and to prepare and deliver them k? the committees by to-morrow morning. The following named ladies were appointed collecting committees for the several wards, vis : Forth? First Ward?Mr*. Israel, Mrs. Earle. andG. W Riggs. Second?Mrr. Dr. Gurlny, Mrs Dr. Breed, and Mrs. Srephen Hill. Third?Mrs. L. J. Gillcss, Mrs. Charles F. Wood, and Mrs. George II Junes. Fourth? Mr-. George Parker, Mrs G S Gideon, and Mrs. J. F. Callan. Fifth?Mrs. W J. Mc Donald, Mrs Dr. Hanson, and Mrs. M"3her. Sixth?Mrs. Robert Clarke, Mrs. Wm. II *lges! and Mrs. S A. H. Mark?. Seven.h?Mrs. T. K Gray, Mrs. Dr. Morgan, and Mrs. George Garrett. It will be remembered that the pastors of churches and others be requested to pay col lections into the liquids of >Ir. John 1'. Ingl-?, treasurer of the Patriotic Bank. The committee are requested to meet to morrow morning at the Mayor's office, at 12 o'clock. The aicciunt thus l'ar piid in is 512?, al though tthor sums have been subscribed. The IlAi kiik* ?This is the day sot apart by the hack men of Washington for their con tribution to the fund for the relief of the Nor folk and Portsmouth sufferers. The propo sition, voluntarily made by them, Is not only creditable to them as a class, but honorable to them as individuals, especially as they are now passing through the dullest season of the year. It is uot too late, we trust, to urge on our citizzus the luxury of an extra ride, or. if some people have not leisure for mch a recre ation. the handing of the fare to the men who have thus generously stepped forth to aid the afflicted. They will not legreta trifie toward e cause which eloquently appeals to the better feelings of tumauity. The hackmen, doubt less, want a large collection, and wish to set an example which shall be followed by persons engaged in similar bu.-iness throughout the country We may here say that iu no city of the Union is there a more orderly accommodating and honest ela*s of men employed in hacking, and it is with pride wo thus speak. There fore, ye considerate and generous soul, help on this day to gladden their hearts, while ye in directly contribute to a n>ble cause?that of humanity. R ailp-Oad Accii>k*t ?On Saturday evening, as the last train from Baltimore to Washington was passing H..n->ver ?witch, twelve miles from the first named city the engine struck a ball and threw it from the tra -k. Tho aaiina], stunned by the blow, immediately fell back between the wheels of the baggage cars, and removed it, with another car, entirely from the rails, which were partially torn up by tho force of the displaced wheels. It is due to state that as soon as the cows were perceived on the track, lupwardsof fifty ards ahead) the whistle was blowt and the reak immediately put down, but th i proxim ity of the train to the animals rende red a col lision inevitable. The first news which we received of the oc currence, wa? on Saturday evening, tho loco motive haviug arrived here alone, for a traiu of eats in which to transport the passengers to this eity. They arrived between twelve and one o'clock at night. It aff >rds us pleasure to state that no person was injured, although the conductor made a narrtw escape fiom the baggage car. A Rr.\vaed or Oxk Hi nuked Dollies, it will be seen by an advertisement in to-day's Star, will bo paid by Mr. A H. Maikland for each information as will enable him to find his father, who, a week ago, left his residence in this city, and since which time he has heard pothing concerning him Washington Light Infantry.?Thie steil lag old corps, which, for nearly twenty years, ha* upheld the honor and reputation of the city, and been the nucleus around which the existing regiment bo* been formed, have com pleted their arrangements for the celebration of the twentieth anniversary on the 11th inst., and it is expected will parade with full r;inks on that day to receive from the hands of Jonah D. Hoover, Esq., marshal of the Uniiod (States, a magnificent ting, the gift of a number of our public spirited citizens We have been afforded a view of this flag, and can assure our readers that it is a beauti ful one, exceeding in size any we have yet seen in our city It is a simple American flag, made of rich silk ; tbe polo is of lancewoo.l, surmounted by a sper, and decorated with silver. It is a worthy tribute to the liberality of the donors, as well as a high compliment to the company. The company is now in a flourishing condi tion, and it is hoped that, under the auspices of its present worthy commander, James Y. Davis, it will soon resume its station of being the " crack corps" of this city. This company have a very fine set of tents, which, we learn, they intend to offer to the refugees from Norfolk and Portsmouth, to be used by them in forming the village of canvas recently commenced near Hampton. A Good Example.?A small lad this morn ing called at our offico, and left a twenty-five cent piece, saying he wished it to be adacd to the fund lor the relief of the Norfolk and Portsmouth sufferers. It was all he had, and (though of comparative insignificant value) was, thrs circumstance considered, truly a no ble contribution, and indicated a generous spirit?a heart 41 to feel for otbors' woes.'' Now, as there are mai.y boys and girls simi larly disposed, we shall take great pleasure in receiving what they have to give, no matter what may be the surai?as well as the contri butions of adults?and place the money in proper hands for transmission to the fever-in fected districts. Liberal Response.?Ihe hands employed on the Washington aqueduct contributed, on Friday, the sum of two hundred and fifty dol lars for the Portsmouth and Norfolk "ufferer.. Some who receive but a dollar a day for their honest toil, as laborers, contributed, each, three dollars to that philanthropic object. The mere announcement of this fact cariies with it a commentary in the highest degree eulo gistic of those poor but generous laborers. Mr. Robert J. Lawrenson died on Satur day, from the injuries received on the Stoning ton railroad. The intelligence is well calcu lated to afflict his many friends, who loved him for his manly virtues. He was thirty-two years of age, and has left a widow and four children. His remains arrived in Washington this morning under the charge of his father, Air. James Lawrenson. The funeral will take place from Wesley Chapel this afternoon a*. 4 o'clock. Collections for the Virginia Suffer ers.?Notice W3.-5 givon by the rector of St. John's church. Rev. Smith Pyne, on Sunday, the second of September, that the collections of the month would be devoted to the relief of the sufferers in Norfolk and Portsmouth. On that day, the collections amounted to 530, and, on the r.inth inst int. to $120 03 ; thus far $150 03; which sum has been sent to Balti more to purchase supplies for the above nainod cities. Yesterday the Wesley Chapel congregation contributed a little over two hundred dollars To show what may be done in a small way, Messrs. Thomas O. Hills and W. M. Leishuar started, at nine o'clock this mcrning, a twen ty-five cent subscription, and before jnoon col li ctod thirty dollars. They will rcceive a like amount from any one, at the Washington store, Louisiana avenue, between Eighta and Ninth streets. More Aio ?Messrs. Renter 1 Dubant, the energetic proprietors of the Washington II ill restaurant, who have already contributed lib erally, desiroufcOt' giving further aid to the afflicted pe .pic of Norfolk and Portsmouth; they therefore proj?030 to devote the entiro re ceipts , not nett profits, of the establishment, to-morrow, for that purpose. Their entire force, Lumbering some fit teen persons, have volunteered iheir services for that occasion. Military Visit and Parade Postponed.? We team that in view <?l the death of the mother of Mr John A. Washington, the pro prietor of M >unt Vernon, the fifty-third regi ment cf Maryland volunteers will defer their visit thither t> a future occasion, to far, therefore, as our mili'ary is concerned, there will be no order issued for their parade on the afternoon of the twelfth instant, a - c mteni plated. A Musician Dead.?Raphael R. Friay, for nineteen years leader of the Marine Rund, has departed this life. The obituary notice in to day? paper stata* the timo of his burial, lie was respected a.* a man j.os?essed of noble, generous traits of character, and deservedly enjoyed a high reputation as a musician. Casip-Mletixg ?Colored folks held acamp xuetiing near Soagg's plu^o, yesterday. Theie was a large attendance of persons, both white and black, from this city and the surroundii g country. Wc learn that a disturbani-s took place on the ground between two individual! one white anil the other colored, and that tie latter was severely cut by the former. Some CoNtemptidlk Vestige of Humanity entire I the Methodist Protestant church, Ninth street, on sSuturday night or Sunday morning, and not only stole the books out of the choir, but left traces of hiacharacter which assimilate him to the lowe.-t order of biutes. The Alarm, last night, causing the ringing of the bells, tho cry of " fire ! tiro !" the haul ing out of the machines, and the confusion su.h as is consequent on such occasions, was occasioned by a bonfire in the First Ward. IIksbt Dunbar, colored, has been cent to jail by Juaticc llollirgshcad, charged with ctssling a watch from Mrs. Letmate. Watch Returns.?Caroline Usht-r, fugitive slave, sent to jail; G. W. Gaines, profanity, fine and costs; Daniel Diggs, drunk and dis orderly, workhouso thirty days; Ann Cah<e and Susan Matticgly, vagrancy, each work house thirty days. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, Sept. 10, 1855. The little cxcitement consequent upon our election on Thursday has nearly died away. The victorious party seem to bear tbe blush ing honors of their brilliant victory with all becoming modesty, and tho defeated with as much patience as could be expected under the trying circumstances. Now and then we hear a laughable and biting joke about the matter which &ecms to be enjoyed by tho moderate Of both parties. Among them, we will notice two. Ou Friday, as we were going along, ono of our functionaries requested us to inform the public that tbe good people of Georgetown had formed such an excellent opinion of "Sam," (over the left,) and knowing him to be a Yankee by birth and raising, they feasted him s:) high on corn bread and molasses on Thursday, as to bring on a violent attack of cholera morbus, and although he had to nt ter.d him, during his illness, skilful doctors of the intellect, of law, and physic, the poor fel low expired, in great agony, about 0 o'clock at ti^ht. Another wag swore he was not dead; that he saw him ubout sunset going at light ning speed in the direction of Rockville, with his boots run down at the heel, coat and hat gone-, covered all over with sweat and dust, ; wearing eternal vengeance against the light of all Stars, annoying bells, (Beall,) Kings, and En<rli.-h. Fare thee well, Sammy ! Aa individual by the name of Kenedy, a laborer at the Washington Aqueduct, was muriered on Thursday la<t. Before he died, he cha-jrt'd two persons with being the perpe trat< >r? of the foul deed. They have been ar rested u*.d lodged in the jail at Rockville, Mi., and will be examined upon the charge before a Magistrate's Court to-lay. The fracas which led to this sad result, originated at one of the many luw gnggeries which have been bleated in the neighborhood of the work. We learn from one of the clerks at the Water Work*: (at the Great Falls,) that the hands employed upon it, contributed on Fridav la.t $2o0 for the reliet ot the Norfolk and Ports iaoath sufferers. Soma of the laborers who r>ceive only $1 per day for their hard ser vice*. contributed tu high as $3 a piece. Our citizens generally will doubtlew l>e pleased to learn that our former highly es teemed fellow citixen. the Rev Thos. Sewall. now atationed in Winchester, Va., will preach in the Dumbarton street Methodist church, on to-morrow, (Tuesday) evening, at 71 o'clock. The flour market closed on Saturday, with a letter feeling than had been visible in it daring the week, and with a slight advance in pricca over our quotations on that day. Small sales at S7.75aS7.87i, as in quality. Buyers offer freely the first named price for standard extra superfine brands, but holders are asking S7.87?, at which price buyer? do not seem anx ious to purchare to any extent. Wheat active and in good demand at $l.55aS1.6U for red, and $1 60a$1.65 for white, of good qualities. No change in ooru or oats. Spectator. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, Sept. 10, 1S55. The bar of Alexandria in public meeting on the afternoon of Saturday passed appropriate resolutions expressing regret for the death of Judge Crnnch, homage to his talents, and re spect to his memory. Yesterday was a lovely day. Most of our churches gathered very large congregations at morning and afternoon services. In the eve ning the revivals in progress at the Methodist Episcopal and Methodist Protestant Churches roctivcd a large addition to the number seek ing religion. The pastors of those churches are laboring assiduously in their ministry. Ami. Wisconsin.?The following arc the nomina tions of the recent Wisconsin Democratic State Convention : For Governor, Wm. A. Barstow, of Waukesha; Lieutenant Governor Arthur MeArthur, of Milwaukic ; Secretary of State, D. W. Jones, of Lnfayctte ; Bank Comptroller. William M. Dennis, of Jefferson; Treasurer, Charles Keuhn, of Mauitouwoc; Attorney General, William R. Smith, of Iowa; Com missioner State Prison, Edward McGarry. of Dodge ; State Superintendent. A. C. Barry, of Racine. The following gentlemen were duly elected to represent the State in the next National Democratic State Convention, at Cincinnati, vir : First Congressional District?li. J. Shul ties. Ozaukee ; M. J. Thomas. Fond du Lie. Second?Samuel Crawford, Iowa ; W. J. Git son, La Crosse. Third?Horace T. Sanders. Racine; Beriah Brown; Waukesha. Dele gates at Large?Nelaon Dewey, (Jrant, and James B. Cross, Milwaukie ; Solomon Juneau, Dodge, and Satierlee Clarke, Marquette. ?^Mr. Charles lugersoll. of Philadelphia, one of the killed by the railroad accident at Burlington. would, it it is stated, have inher ited a fortune of S5ut),()0U h:id he lived until lie arrived at the ngo of twenty one, which would have been the last of tuo present month. A clause in the will provided that in the event of his decease before arriving at age, the for tune would fall to another branch of the faaii ly. It is said that an effort will be made to recover this amount from the railroad Compa iiy. Geo W. Ridgeway, of tho firm of ltid^e way & Diehl, one of the killed, had his life insured for S10.000. DIKE. Or. theflth insl.,at 1 o'clock a. tn., RAPHAEL K. TRI AY. aged oil vckts His funeral will take place at 2 o'dock this af ternoon. from liis lite residenc#- on Eighth street, between G a:id H, Navy Yard, opposite the Ma rine iiarrocks # On the 9th instant. Mr. JAMES C ESSLEN. tn tLe 2tnh year of his age. His funeral will take place on Tuesday, at four o'clock p. in.. at his father's residence, near tLe Columbia College The friends of the family are respectfully requested to attend On the Mh Instant, WILLIAM AUGUSTUS, son of F. B and H J . llilbus, aged I year arid 2 weeksr In Sooth Boston, on the 8th instant, of injuries sustained by the late accident on the New Y ork and *'toning?on Kaiiroad. Rev. KOBT. J. LAU KENSON.U.S Mall Astnt, and eldest son of Jrmes I.aurenson, Esq., of this eifv. His funeral will take place from Wesley Chapel, corner of F'fth and F streets, this afternoon at 4 o'cloek. The friends of t^e frmiily are respect lully invited to attend v ithout further notire. In this city, on the 8th inst.. G. G. GRE1NER, in the GTth y?ar of his age, a native of Saxony, hut fcr the last forty-five years a citizen of the Untied Slates. * Pennsylvania papers please copy On the <jth instant, at the residence of his son in-law, Jas. Roach. Esq., in Alexandria county, Virginia. Dr. JAM.VS CARSON,a native of Ar magh. Ireland, in they'd year of his a-'e. The funeral will take place, on Tue.-ilay morn ing. at 10 o'clock. At Blakely, her residence, in Jeiferson county, Virginia, on the 6th September. Mrs. JANE C WASHINGTON, aged 6!> year:, widow of the late John Augustine Washington, of Mount Ver non, Virginia. i?ua ut 1 FALL COUDS. TH E subscriber would invite the attention of his friend* and the pubiic to his sups rior stock of Goods for gentlemen's wear' for the approaching season just received, which will l e made up to order in the most, approved styles, at t'n#- shor-est notice, and at his usually low prices. Thankful to his patrons for (heir liberd encouragement heretofore he is confi dent that, from th?j facilities he now enjoys to be able tJ give all entire satisfaction. E. CODEY. Merchant Tailor, 8th st., .1 doors north l'a. av sep 6?dim (HIALK CRAYONS for use on the Blackboard, J sold for the makers at Waltham, by the un dersigned. Box of 111 Crayons. 02 cents, sep 1 FRANCH TAYLOR. TU? PIANO FORTE C LASSES op MS. WM. HENRY PALMER ARE now nearly completed, but a few vacan cies yet remain to oe filled, for which early application is desired, as the number being limi ted no additional pupils will be afterwards ad mitted, Mr. Palmer having determined to take no more than he can fully attend to. Due notice will be given to each pupd of the first meeting for in struction, and as an Incentive to improvement he proposes, at the expiration of the first half year to have a general examination of his Classes, to whhh the parents and friends of each pupil will be invited, and prizes will be awarded to those who may have obt.-.ined the greatest proficiency. Application to be made to him in person, at his residence, 233 F street. Terms, $5 per quarter of twenty lesions. sep 4 IITARSIIAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of if I. Furl Facias <:und?r Lien Law," issued from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the Dis trict of Columbia, for the ccunty of Washington, and to me directed, I shall expose to public sale, for cash, on FRIDAY, the 2Sth day of September next, at the front of the Court house door of the said ceunty, at 12 o'clock tn , the following prop erty, viz: all William Durr's interest into the Brick Houses situated on the west half of Lot No. 22, in Square No. 253, in the city of Washington, D C., siezed and levied upon as the property of NVllllam Durr. and will be sold to satisfy Judi cial No. 21 to October, 1^5o, tn favor of Colt manAttmith. J. D. HOOVER, Marshal for Distiict of Columbia, sep 4?tds NEW CLOTHS, CASS I MERES A NEST INGS. THE undersigned begs leave respectfully fo in form the public that he is now receivlng an excellent ttock of Fall and Winter Cloths, Cassi meres and Vesting, and will mak?* to order, Coats Pants and Vests in the neatest and mo?t fashion able style. Having determined to confine him self for the future exclusively to the cask system, Invites his friends and the public desiring any ar ticle in his line for ca*h, to give an early caU when every elfort will be mad.' to please them in every respect WM. PETERSON. 8th street, between Pa. avenue and D st. sep 3?<-olm ? SOUTHERN MANUFACTURES^ FAIBYIBW COTTON WORKS, NEAR CANAL BASIN. ALEXANDRIA, VA FITZPATRICK A HURNS, PSOPS11TORS AND MANUFACTURERS OF COTTON YARNS, SAIL TWINE, CAKPET CHAIN, COTTON BATS, WRAPPING TWINE, COltDAGE, [?7* A good assortment of these articles now on hand and ready for delivery, to which we call the attention of merchants and dealers in these goods which we are selling at Northern prices. sep 7?3t F. A II SAD IKONS, extra polished, the best in the city. Iron Holders, Furnaces, Ac., at 490 Sev eathstreet. [?eP?J U- FRANCIS. WANTS. WANTED?A YOUNG GIRL TO DO TUB work of a ?in ill familv. Enquire at N o. 519 L street, between 9th and 10th. sep 10?It* AlAn'KE W ARD.? information ^1UUWANTKD.-MY FATHER. MAT TH EW MAR KLAND kit his boarding house on 0 street, between 3 and 4 . on the morning of the ?d ln?tmt, (Sunday last) at about 8)< o clock, since which time he has not been seen of heard of. He wore awav a black cloth drr*s coat, black pan taloons, Mack satin vest, white cravat with purple flower, a new pelr calf skin boots. He was sixty vea-s of aye, 6 feet 2 Inches high, heavy frame, and remarkably straight for one of his age. Any person having information concerning him will greatly oblige his fam'-ly by communicating the sime to me. 1 will chee rfully give a reward of !*UK) to any person who will furnish information by which I will be enabled to lind lblm. A H. MARK LAND, geplO 480 L street north [Country papers please call attention ] WIRE FENCE MAKER WANTED ? Wanted immediately, a min who under stands putting up wire fencing. Apply to vv . D. Wallach, at the Star office sep 10?tf WANTED?AT THE AMERICAN HOTEL

a good Seamstress. None need apply unless they can produce satisfactory testimonials of char acter. Also, a good Cook can And employment at the same place. HEFLEBOWER A LOVETT. ?ep &?lw Salesman wanted ?a young man th?t can come well recommended as s'ricily moral, and having a knowledge of the Dry Goods will find employment, with a liberal salary, fcy ad dressing a letter to "B E II," threigh Ge rgetown Post Office sep 5-eo3t WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that they can get a lot 34 feet front by 130 feet deep, for'the low price of $7.1?payable 83 a month witnout interest. Apply at theUnioa Laud Office 7th street, above Odd F eilows1 Hall. 6di JOHN FOX, Sec. F 11 FOR SALE! AND RENT. For rent?five newly finished three-story Brick Houses on Dth street, west, between D and E sis , south, and opposite Grace Church, containing each saloon parlor, si* cham bers, dining room, and kit-hen, with ample yards Ac. To punctual and careful tenants the rent will be lower than such houses csn b? obtained for in a.iy part of the city. ' CHAS. 8 WALLACH, Opposite Washington City Hall, sep 10?eolw TlOR RENT AND SALE?The House now occupied by Mr. Thomas Lambert as a Tin ning Establishment, rituated on the west side of - h street, 3d door only from the avenue, in full view of the Centre Market, and a few yard* there f-om ; its location being in the centre of the two be?t buMness squares would make one of the best grocery stands iu Washington. Possession given at once of the upper or dwelling part, but not of the Store, whicn will be given i t an early date ? Rent low. This property, with the one adjoining on either side for sale. A irosd bargain may be exp^ ted and very liberal terms, requiring but a small money payment. Apply to Thos. I'ursell. opp. Browns' Hotel, or to the subscriber, No 5 Maine avenue. RICH'D G. BRISCOE, sep It'?3t# flOR RENT?A STORE ROOM WITH fix tures, suitable for a grocery, with a good dry Cellar, on the corner of lvth and L streets north. Tor information euqulre on the premises, sep 10?3t# _ OOMS FOR KENT, furnished or unfur - nished.- Board can be had if desired. Ap ply at No. 191 14th street, between D and K. sep 9?Ut*r RENT.?A LARGE BRICK HOUSE, I having fifteen rooms; a large garden?one acre in cultivation?containing a variety of fcne fruit treo*. pcacbe*. pears, apples. Ac ; grape vines of excellent varieties; a pump of good wu'.er in ?he middle of the garden. The house commands a fine view of the Poto mac, Washington and Georgetown, and the lo ? alitv is one of the most healthy For further in formation apply to JOHN MILLER. Confectioner, No. Fa. av\, south side, seps?3t (Intel) FOll RENT.?A LARGE BRICK HOUSE, on street south, between N and O streets, Willi n lie rooms, basement, stable and carriage house, and a small garden with fruit tree*; in a healthy location ; a line pump ot water in front of the house. Applv to JOllN MILLER. Confectioner. sepS?3t No 279Pa avenue. FOR RENT?a LARGE room, furnished or unfurnished, with board, suitable for a family, or several gentlemen. The location is pleasant and near Fa avenue. For part'culars ap ply at 481 Tenth street, a few doors above the av enue. sep 7?3t FOR RENT?THE LARGE IIIIW:E-S To ry Dwelling o? First street, Georgetown, a: Cre?rtit occupied by Mrs. Raphael Semmes. will h for rent about the 1st of October. It i? in a de lightful neip.h'"?rhoca and is one of the meat comfortable nouses in the town. Apply to B. I. SEMMES, 399 Fa avenue, au :x?eotf FOit RENT OR SALE-A NEW TUREK story brick House in compute order, on =th street, near N, Northern Liberties. Enquire o| W. J . McCOLLlJM, *-lh and K atreets, Northern Liberties. au 151?eotf SMALL BRICK HOUSE FOR RENT, entire ly furnished* in a first rate locatiou. Apply at the office of A SHUCKING, Esq , Pa. avenue, between sth and 9th streets, No. i9. sep 7?FAM* TT'OK RENT?TWO LARGE AND CON A v^nient new Brick Ilourei and Storeroom, ht corncr of i*a. avenue nrd '^'d street, and a good Store, cr an Office or Offices, ou the corner cf H and 18;h streets, will be rented Ijw to <;00d ten ants. Apply to HENRY L. LANSDALE. At George F. Kidwell A Co :s Wood and Coal Yard, 14th st , opp Franklin Engine House, sep #?eo <t OR SALE OR RENT-A desirable threc ? story Brick Hou:;e, with passage, back bul.'d ings and good yard, suitable for store and Dwel ling. For further Information enquire of Mr. Ivlor gau. on the premises, between 11 tli and 19tU sts , Pennsylvania a\enue, Jacob Brodbeck, William Faiming, Agent. sep 7?lw For rent?a large brick house, with stable in rear, and eastern of water in the yard, containing nine rooms, on L St., near 9th street north. For sale, sc.eral Lo's of ground, in the First and Fourth Wards. For terms enquire cf the undersigned, north wlag Capitol extension, gap 7? V'- JONES. FOR RENT?PLEASANT ROOMS fronting the Smithsonian Institution. Address -'A B;' at this office sep (J? 4t# F For sale-the stock and fixtures of a Millinery Store on Pa. avenue for tale. The Store and Dwelling for rent For further particulars enquire at this office, sep 1?lw# __ FIOR SALE-TWO HUNDRED LOTS. Price 875 each. Two years' credit, ot 10 per cent, disco-ant for cash. Apply at the Union Land Office. 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hail Jy S3~3m FUR RENT?a TWO-STORY AND ATTIC Brick House, on II St., between l'Jth and 13th, containing eight rooms and a cellar, Is for rent. Apply to J W. BARKER, ou H street, next to Lutheran Church. au 28?tf Rooms for rent.?a parlor and several very pleasant furnished Chambers for rent, in a new brick house. Applv to e! K. LUNDY, au 8 No. 46 Louisiana avenue^ Lots for sa le ?two or three good Building Lots in a rapidly improving neltrnborbood for sale on ttn pears' crtdit. Apply to J. H. DRUKY. jy i??tf OR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR _ lors and Chambers, with Board Also, Table ar.d Translout Board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 833 F srnwt. ap 9?tf BOARDING. F?i A LADY HAVING TAKEN THE PLEAJ* ant and newly repaired dwelling on Tenth street. No. 4t?3, between D and E, wlli ba pleased to receive one family, or several gentlemen, on term< the most reasonable. The rooms are large and handsomely furnished, and a large yard at tached to the house for the exercise of children. Being near the avenue, It is most convenient for table and transient boa.ders. au 27?3 w* BOARDING.?MRS. DUVALL,No.331 Penn sylvania avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel,has several large and desirable rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, which she will rent with board at moderate prices. She can a^o ac commodate six or eight table boarders Jy3Q tf ? Board, Ac ?MRS. bates,on thes. \V. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every efl'ort will be made to render those comfortable Who may favor Lt i *Tlth their patronage ap ti?tf AUCTION SALES. Uf JAS C. McGUIRK, Auctioneer READY-MADE CLOT HI NO and STORft Fixtarrs at Aaclion.?On MONDAY eve ning, the 10th instant, at 7)f o'clock. I will pro. cced to aell the entire stock of Ready-made Cloth ing and Furnishing Gcuds at auction, contain^ In the store on Pennsylvania avenue, 3d doar ea* of the National Hotel, (tLe flaa will designate th< place) confuting of a large variety of fashionabh and well-made Coat*, Pantaloons, Vests, Shirt* Drawers, Stocks, Cravats, Handkerchief*, blovn Hosiery, Ac. . . The sale to be continued every evening until th< whole stock is sold. Bale positive. For sale, two large Bow Windows JA9. C McGUIRE, sep 8?3t Auctioneer By J AS. C. McGUIKK, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF WASHINGTON Turnpike Company Stock*?On Tt l.S DAY, September 11th. at I o'clock, p. m , at the A' ctlon Rooms. I shall sell? 213)$ shares of the Washington Turnpike Com pany, par value S50. Terms cash. Bv order of the Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRK, Hep 8?d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRK, Auctioneer. PEREMPTORY PALE OF STORE Fix tures.?On TUESDAY morning. September 11th. at 19 o'clock, at the store formerly occupied by Messrs Hall A Bro., on Seventh street, I sball sell, without reserve, the entire fixtures, compris ing Shelving, Counters. Desks. Ac.. Also, a small lot of Dress Goods remaining un called for from former sale. Terms: A credit of ninety days for a satisfac torily endorsed note bearing interest. JAMES C. McGUIRK, sepS?d Auctioneer. By JAS C. McGUIRK, Auctioneer. VUCTION SALE OK BONNET* French Ribbons, Embroidery. Trimmings and Fancy Goods.?On WKDNKSDAY morning, Sept. 12th. at 10 o'clock, at store No. 13 Pa av , between *th and 9?b streets, I shall sell a stock of Ribbons. Honnetts. Kmbroidery, Trimmings and Fa< cv Goods, in lots to suit Terms cash. JAS. C. McGUIRK, sepS?d Auctioneer. Bv A GRKKN, Auetkn-er. VALUARLE Bl ILDING I.OTS ON THE Island at Auction.?On FRIDAY. thel4tu instant, I sball sell, in front of the premises, at 5 u'eiock p. in . Lots No 1 and 22, in Square No. 499. Lot No. 1 i> 47 feet front by 75 f??et deep, fronting on 4J? street, between I and K sts. souta. Lot J2 is 5? fron', and 82 feet deep on one line and 07 on the other, running ba k to a wide alley, on I street south,between 4% and 6th strerts we?t. Terms: One-tbird cash; balance In 6, 1*2 and 18 months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale. All conveyance at the expense of purchaser. A deed given and a dee-1 of trust taken. Title indisputable. Sale positive. A GREEN, Auctioneer, sep??d (Organ) By C. W. BOTKLER, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE Real Estate on the Island, Dwelling House* and Building Lotr.?By virtue of a deed of trust bearing date on the fourth flay of August, 1854, and recorded In Liber J A. S., No 84. rollos 392, Ac., the subscrlrer will sell at public sale, on THURSDAY, th?>0t"a day of September, 1-55. at 6 o'clock p. m., or tae preuii-es, Lots Nos 69, 70, 71, 7*2, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 73, 79 and 80, in Joel \V. Jones's subdivision of fr.uare No &45, fronting each 25 feet on Van street, between 3d and 1 ^ sts. west and N and M streets south, by l lu fee: deep to a fifteen fee^ alley, with the buildings and 1m provements. which eon<l>t of two well-built arid comfortable frame dwelling houses. The above property is eligibly situated in a de slrable and rspidlv improving part of the city, and will be sold either as a whole or In s-parats lots, as may be desired and offers a very favorable opportunity to persons desirous to obtaiu a resi dence or building lots, or investing. The terms of sale will be one-third cash : and the balance in 6 and 12 month.?, fer notes bearing interest from day of sale, and swured by deed of trust upon the property ; and if not complied with In six days aft. r the sale, the prorery ahe term* of which are not so complied with) will )*? resold ui'on oar week's notice, at the risk and expense or the aefviliing purchaser. All ooaveyant lug at expense of purc hasers. CHARLES S. WA LLACH, Trustee. C. W BOTKLKR, an 15?ec&ds Auctioneer, jp" The above sale is postponed to 1 hurt, day, September 13th, at 5,^ o'clock, at which time it will positively take place C. S. WALLACH, Trustee. C. W. BOTKLKR, sep 7?d Auctioneer. By JAS. C McGUIRK. Auctioneer. VERY VALL ABLE LOT ON THE UA 1111. suitaLle for a Coal and Wood he pot. On WEDNESDAN sftcrnoorv September 12th, st 5Jt o'clock, on the premises, 1 snail sell part of Lot No. 2, in Square No. 117, fronting 120 feet on 19.h street weby 120 f^t on north B xtrcet, con taining 14.0U> square feet of gtound This lot adjoins and is within five feat of the caual, and is very desirable for a cur.l or wood de pt.*. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in 2. 12, p.nd lb months, with interest, secured by a died of trust oil the mmbes. JAS C. McGU IRE, sap 7?d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. DMALL FRAMK HOI'S!-: AND LOT IN 13 ihe First W ar.l at iublie Sulf.?On TUKSDAY afternoon.September 11th, atSo'clk, on the premises, 1 shall veil the wt-t part of Lot No. 18, in Square 216, fronting 2* feet on noith M, between IMh audVith streets w^st, runnin* baelr 9; teet to a 29 feel alley, with the improvements, consisting of an excellent und well built two sto ry frame dwelling containing four rooms. Terms: One fourth ca?li; the residue infi, 12, aud Id months, with interest, and secured by a detsl of tiust on the preinW* JAS C. McGUIRK, sep 0?d Auctioneer. Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. HANDSOME FURNITURE A HOUSE hold Eiffels, Family - arria^e, Hatched Horses, Uurkaway, Farming ( tensils, Ac. On TUKSDAY luoralag. September llth, at ten o'clock, at the country seat of Thomas 'iai shall, Fsq., near the village of Tennallytown. on the turnpike to Rockvule, about tw> ralles from Georgetown, I shall cell all his hindsome Furni ture and Housekeeping Effects, consisting In part of? Rosewood carved Brocatelle covered Sola, with curtains, Ac. to match Mahogany French Sofa and Cualrs, tlnlslu d In canary colored brocr.telle, cttrtalns t<> match Mahogany ha'.r srriag-^eat Sofa aud Chairs, Rosewood Ann Chairs Whatnot Superb French Mantel Clock, with Candelabr&s. cost e ;'.?o Rosewood Sec rotary und Bockr hse Marble ton Centre and other Tables Elegantg\lt frame French plate Mirror, pialeCU by 81, with slab and bracket Velvet, Brussels, Tapestry and other Carpets, with Bugs to match, all new anl cf excellent quality One pair of elegant gilt six light gas Chandeliers Dining room, h^ J <! ether gas fixtures Bedsteads. U.ireaus, Washslends Caae and wood seat Chufrs, Rt^ker* China, Glass, Table Cutlery, izc. Cooking, pailo.- and Chc:miM-r Stoves Together with uuny oth> r* not necessary ' to enumerate At two e'elsck? tino handsome Family Carriage, but llttl? u.->ed One pialr superior matched iron gtey Carriage Hcrses Handsome lion Sleith. Ror kaway Wagons, Ploughs, narrows Harness, Shovels, Forks, Cultivators Lot of llay and Com. Polalc^s Hot bed Sash, Ac. Terms: g3u and under cash; over that srrn a credit of two and four months for notes satisfacto rily endorsed, beering interest. JAS C McGUIRK, au 2R?d A uctionecr. By J. C. McGUIRK. Auctioneers. TWO NEAT TWO-STOR Y FRAME Houses ou >1 street, between 1-th acJ 13th streets, at Auction.--On TUESDAY af te;noon, September llth, at 5^ o'clock on the gretiiisf-s, 1 shall seil subdivision No JO in square 52, fr nting on north M, between 12th and llth streets, with the Improvements, consisting of two neat ard well finished two-story Frame Dwelling Houses. Terms favorable and made known at *ale. JAS C McGUIRE, ?p5?d Auctioneer. SYDNEY SMITH'S MEMOIRS, Uy hi* daughter, l^ady Holland, with a selection from his letters, edited by Mrs Austin, 2 volumes cloth, $2 The Jealous Wife, by MU? Pardoe, paper, 50c Confessions of a Pretty Woman, by Miss Par doc, paper, 50 cents. TAYLOR A MAURY, _au 2*? near 9 k st. NEW FALL RIBBONS. Ill A VK just received a fine and choice lot of tbe above Goods, which are the first ofimtd this rewoa.- Among them are some entirely new Myles. The ladies are solicited to examine them. A TATE 314 Pa. avenue, bet. loth and llth sts. | sep 7?eoOt TELEGRAPHIC news. reported?^ the star. Another Railroad Accident Ph.ladkli hia, Sept. 10.?A traia of ears 01 the Reading Railroad ?u thrown off tbs track on S turday, by the displacement of a switch, and seven passenger cart were nVr? cr !<?*? tcjared. The passengers war* uninjured. to the ; resenee of mind of the engineer The passenger* ^bieribed Slim for the pUr c of * **teh a? a present to hi?. Tha Plague Ship. Baltimore. Sep 10 ?The steamship Frath hn, which conveyed theyelLw fe ar in* poH mouth, is in the river below thia city It w supposed that ?he will not be i-ermitted to mm up. ihere it wme excitement on the Poiat; and threats have been made to destroy her i*" she attempts to come up to the city. No beat left Norfolk yesterday; ooasequent ly there is Bo news from there to-day. B&l'iaort Markets. BALTiMoaa, Sept 10 ?Floor is dall. and no sales wen; reported. Upward strrat and Ci ? Mills are held at ?7.5fi per barrel. Wheat \ I considerably higher Sales of ? 000 ba-h?-l? Good to prime white S1.70a?l 87; red SI 60. a- i n "fraD?ed Sale, of white at 8>a'.K?c. yellow u Arm at yOe. Sales of Man* land Oats. 6 000 bushels, at ?>aiOo. New Yark Markets ?*W York. Sept. 10 -Cotton is unchanrnd, With a limited demsnd at previous rate.-. Hour kas advanced 12*c.; sales of 1 000 tbK *tnl!e hither; Southern miied, Com is easier, but not quntably lower. Mess pork has advanced 12* to 40u. per bbl liecf u firm, with an upward tendency Lard is firm. M bisky is heavy. R* AGREEN, Auctioneer rpRLKTKES SALE OF VALt ABLE Real JL Astate ? hv virtue of a decree of the Or P i w tbe of Columbia. ?r jvoved by the Circuit Court of said District. slt Iu-Im?' P?<sed l* ,be r* 1. ? ?? >Utam W hl'mor* and others. children ar.d L^ire-at-law of William W. WhHmre. de ! VJ- ^ WEDNESDAY, the 1Kb day 2^??^'at 5* ?>lork p m ,b frpn' ' rrocW lo tea of erouad numbered seventeen (17) and eighteen firs.) In square numWred five hundred and three fSOS i situate la the city of Washington, D C ' f he above described property i* situate on Cth street w?t, between N and O Street* south Lot IT and tbe north 45 feet front of Ix* 1*. will be sold at tbe ri*k and rmt of the person* who purchased the same ht a former sale made by tb* 1 rustee. and w ho have failed :o comply with the terms of said former sale Term* of sale: One-third cash, ar.d the residue in two equal pavments. at ? and lsi nontha, with in erest, the deferred pavments to be secured by t-ie note* of the pnirh ?er or purchasers, satisfy torily endorsed Upoa the full nevmeat of the purrhaae mone; acd int!*rest. and i ie ratification of the aa!e br the i-ourt, the trusiee .'ill coavey aaid lots of ernucd ,? ,e Purchaser i r purchasers thereof, at Lis or !' pure:aaer'a) cost and expense. If the termi of sale are not complied with with in to ve days from the day of sale, the trustee re serves the rljht to re-sell aeid lots, or either of them, upon ixasoutble notice, at the riikand co-t of the purchaser. RICHARD 11. LAt'-KKV. Trus'ee v_. , A. GREEN, iep 4-eo2w&ds Auctioneer T _?LiA9- c McGUIRE, Auctioneer KtSTrfc'R S A L t OF SQI AUL Ol Orsnnd.?By virtue of a deed of trust b-ar la*' Jate the 5th dav of May. A. L) ?h52, and duly reco-d^d In Liber J A S , No W. folioa 195, i!*, and l>?,oneef the land records for Waihlwtas comity, in tha Dirtrlrt of Columbia, we will well at public s&Ieln front of th< premises, on WKli iNESOAV, it,e l?th day of September, 1^55. at & o\i hick p ui , all of Square No ?Jr. In thedtv <?f >> ^hln^ton, in said L>istrlct, the said Square be in? unimproved, and one of the mcst desl-able p o-e? of jjroiind in the northeastern part of the citv Term* of sale: One-Lalf in caah, and the re mainder in two"eq -al payment* at all and twelve mouths, with interest, to* be secured by de d of trust ou the premises. The term* of sale to be complied with in five day*, and upon default therein the Truatee re ?enres the ri^Li to re-sell the pr* mises at the cost end risk ?f th? first r Al! conveyancing at puirham r'a cost. M. U EMKRY, > Tnl?t W. H WAKD, \ Tru" J AS. C. McGUIRE, sep 7?SawAAs Auctioneer. Rv J AS C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer ~~ 'HRI STEK'S RALE OF VALI ABLK l!H. A (troieil K?al latste.?|lv virtue of s deed of Tru*t. bearing date the 2Uth dav of Mav. A ll i'!4, and duly rivorded in Liber J A S. No 7*? folios 235, S3ft, 1*3:. and ie< orded in Li?>er J. A s! No 79. folio* -iii, 217 and 236, one of the land raeatds for W ashbu/ton countv. in the District of Columbia, we wul sell, at public sale, In front or the pr. mi-**, on THURSDAY, ItMh dny of Sep temia r. lN&a at 5 o'clock p m , a pari of |,ot* No. iUand 11, lit *<quare No. (rT, In theclty of Wasb ineton, In wii.t LM*trict, and being described as follows : Re^lnmn;/ on the llue of sooth 1) street 5f> fee* and thres inches from the southwest corner of said -ouare, and running thenee cast with sa'd street fret; then, e north U*? fret; thence west So feet; Uieucesojtn :u.feet totheplareof lieyin niiii, with th? '.inpro em-iu. Tlies.idlo; Is wt.l improved with a n? at Cottage House Terms of sale One-third in . ??h, and the re mainder in two equal payment* at t>ix and t welve months, with lnt rest, to te secured by a deed of trust. t The terms of tbe sale (o be complied with in five days, end upon default therein th* Trusts icst-rve the ri:/ht to re-aeil the premises at the cos: iu.<l risk cf ihe first purchaser. Ail conveyancing at the purchaser's coat w.b ward. > T i. Y.DAVIS, i Trustees JAS. C McGUiRK, sep 7?2awAd* Auctioneer MARYLAND INSTITUTE EXIIIDITION 'l> 11E ci^ht exhibition of the ^.Maryland -i- 1 stitute for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts' will I* ojened in Baltimore. Maryland on Tuesday, 2d of October next. Goods m-IU be re ceived for exhibition and competition at any fim? prior to September27th, ai?J for exhibition mert lv us late as first of October. ' The c j-operatir nof the manufai tnrers. luerhaa lc*. artists and the community <renerally, is re snectfully invoked in the immediate nreraration ox articles for display. . Arraiiifejnents ftave been made by the Institute wlLu the various railrc^d and other transportation companies for the free conveyance over their line* to and from Ddltiuio.e of contributions to the fi hibiri^H All articles deposited must be of American man - ufac*nre; th*- only exception to this rule bein* in tavor of rare spccin^na in the department of the aits, owned by parties not holding them as merchandise an sale. Circulars lmbod)ing the regulation* and ar rangements, and blank appilcauous for spa.e with ad other information, may be had at any tine upon applying to the actuary of the Institute. John S. Selby, Esq. Committee?J. Van:ant, Thomas Swann W Abrahams, Thomas J Clare George U dodger,, L ?? ^t, ? ^uiith, T. J. Lcvegrove, Thomas Trimble. Superintendent?John F. Meredith sep 3?eofit PARLOR MlftftORS. rpilE subscriber would respectfully announce ti A the citizens of Washington, and the public generally, that he is prepsred to manufacture at sbort notice, parlor and other MIRRORS of all sizes, and will guarantee that his work wili eaual any manufactured in the country with regard u. style and finish. "Fancy anl Brarkett Tables, Portrait and Pic ture I* rames constantly on hand. n FRANCIS LAMB, avenue, onjx)-ite Gautier's S-^oon All Mirrors sold will be delivered a'?d put us complete, saying thereby risk or dar.^ ex P^nse of boxing and freight when W^tt in other ' sep 1?eo2m Pennsylvania avenue, t. .VP#Ki*irsi.'^^tfully informs the La dies that her MlU.INERV is removed to?P\ the parlors o\?sr the store she recently oreu- JM pied, when* she will be happy to see them, aud where sne can sho tb< m as good an assortment or .Millinery as can lie espect?i at this sea-on of the year, which will l<e sold at reduced prices. She uas fine Straw and Lawn Hats or superior quality. When the fall season arrives she intends to show them au unusually handsome assortment of Fall Millinery, and hopea for a continuance of the liberal patronage hitherto received from them In consequence of this removal Misa M has a quantity of (ilass Canes and Sash which are us less, and will be sold cheap lo get them out of tha ?"ay. Next door t< sep 3?eotf UMIIR ELLAk, BAShFTi Engravings fmnery, Ac., at ELLIS'S, WBPena a? near luth st. au tt? \TtW MChIC ?ersived weekly at 309 Pa ?> nue, near 10th st. J. P. BLL1S, Mil way Next door to EUis's Music Store